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Hello and welcome to Episode 3 19 This time of the piano jazz hands feels he heard it somewhere. Chances are that simmers here, James. You're going so far, but going pretty well, guy just, uh yeah, soaking in the new cycle and everything seems to be getting gayer by the day. You're starting to see some of the same old pages in the playbook trotted out. I mean, am I wrong to say that it seems to be mean? It's, I think it's an election year gay off. First of all, this is something that they had to use to pivot off of Corona virus because something that I've always meant to say. And I was forget the fucking say it. Is that all the time spent on Floyd in armed robbery and all that other shit? These people whose lot these people, these blacks, who led really meaningless lives and in fact may be meaningful in the sense that they caused other people harm, like they weren't just meaningless like that, cause other people arm we But do you remember any sort of public eulogizing of any of the 100 plus 1000 people who have died of Corona virus? They're not trying to talk about Corona virus, but it was something that I always wanted to point out, like with all the attention that they spent on that, and I mean, I get it like there's HIPPA stuff involved or whatever, but they never actually trotted out. I'm not saying this is spooky, either. I'm just saying that they never wanted to spend a moment talking about. Once they decided that the TheStreet at EGY was open up, the government big line must go up. We can't let the economy crash cause, you know, Jews would be the ones to hurt the most if the whole thing came crashing down. That's one reason why I think they never spent a whole lot of time eulogizing any of the people who died because it was a school shooting or if it was some, some sort of a gay up or whatever the fuck it was, you would have seen names and faces and candlelight vigils. And like all this shit and I don't I can't attach a single face. I remember seeing some faces in Italy, Um, some doctors and things that had died and they put their faces on the news. But other than that, I have no, like mental imagery of any sort of faces. But we're gonna burn down the entire country for a couple of blacks who were just in the midst of committing crimes. And they needed something to pivot off of the Corona virus bit. And they did. And they also needed something to tee up that good old anti white sentiment. Um, they have a very boring candidate in the form of Joe Biden. Um, there's nobody exciting. That's running. You didn't have a lot going on. And what they've done is they've teed up this anti white sentiment. They've the The solution to fixing all the things that I guess are bad in our white supremacist society that doesn't exist are police reform bills in tearing down Confederate monuments. James. I mean, we've talked about what black lives matter demands are and why they don't actually articulate those ed because they're just so fucking insane and that their demands essentially air tearing down the entire system like this system can exist is faking. Gaia's. The American founding may have been it was still white men who created a government for themselves, and they let everybody else in But for themselves, and that can't be allowed to stand like this whole image that Patriot tardes rally around implicitly can't be allowed to stand. It all has to be torn down, but in the meantime, this doesn't seem to be moving in that direction. It's just we're gonna tear down some monuments, we're gonna whip up this anti white sentiment. We're gonna get people really excited for next candidate and because I've seen that's that rhetoric coming out, too. It's like, Sit in, don't do violence, But make sure above all else that you vote, you have to vote. You have to to share your voice and tell, you know, make a difference. And it's like Biden is not gonna do anything different for black people like nothing fundamentally about the system is going to change for their benefit. It's all gonna be the same old shit in some of them know about If you've been looking at ice cubes Twitter, have you seen ice cubes Twitter with like the black cube inside of the stars headed, and some of them get it. Some of them understand, and they'll still use. They'll know it's Jews, and they'll still uses an opportunity to attack whites. But it's kind of funny, like they know that there's no political solution in this, but they still do it right. The answer they have. It's just to dump more gasoline on the situation without any really clear direction for where it's going to go. Just a vague note. Acknowledge that it's going to be anti white, right? This is the problem they were having with Corona virus and why they did not want to keep letting that letting that story thread that story arc continue to drag on because they couldn't mean it in an anti white direction. They were trying by saying, Oh, the majority of victims are black and brown Oh, there are not enough resource is and then programs for black and brown patients. But it was falling on deaf ears and nobody was really buying it. So in order to inject, trying to full that into the narrative now, like you know oh, here's another example of white supremacy. People didn't give a shit about black people dying of Corona virus like that's a thing. But like, you're right, nobody gives a shit about it. Nobody cares. It doesn't actually translate into any sort of people, you know, people getting worked up about it, but they had to do this to get people excited. Now I know, you know, maybe people will pooh pooh the idea that Oh, yeah, you know, they they don't get this isn't about bite and well, yeah, it iss they want a puppet, they want a puppet president. Unless barring some sort of a dark horse, there's an election that's gonna take place, and there are votes that are going to be cast. And there is not some big button that someone just pushes Trump or Biden in a back room somewhere to make it to set. Now they can shift the winds in one direction or another. But there are limits outward bounds on what they can do. And so some of this they have to generate on their own. And by getting this, this sentiment whipped up and it's so funny the confirmation bias because every black interview that I've seen conducted where the subject of Trump is brought up, and it doesn't matter whether it's by conservative or a liberal. It's always the same sort of dialectic, but they ask, well, but Trump has done some things for black people and the responses. I don't give a fuck about that. I don't give a fuck about him. I don't give a fuck about this like fuck him. It was never enough. And this is what we've always said. It's like this idea that they would keep the GOP going forever. If you like, somehow made black people supported. It's like if the other party, the Democratic Party, is always slightly going to give them a little bit more. You know, if you're gonna go to a restaurant where the same cheeseburger, well, you're gonna get more cheeseburgers for less money, why would you choose the restaurant? We're going to get fewer cheeseburgers for more money. That's essentially what it boils down to. The way the blacks looking going on in this case, burgers, air wife, nuggets, Yeah, and and the the idea that by giving blacks more freedom and we saw this with Jared Kushner and Trump leading the fight within the GOP to remove the word freedom from any any vestige of the platform because they found that blacks can't understand that concept. But this idea that is sold to conservatives where they put themselves, put their white cells in the shoes of blacks and think, man, if I was, if I was a brother from the hood, I would really like to have freedom and economic zones. And I'm I'm a rand Paul Detroit Republican. Remember that Raised with the chain saw cutting the tax code. Wow, Do you actually cool? And so they trick these whites into thinking that, you know, because if they were black, they would want less regulation and lower taxes. This is really going toe appeal to blacks. But as we know, and as we found for decades, it's never going to Ah, what works for them is giving them things and letting they brother out of jail. But even then when when you do that, you have the Democrats on the other side. So, yeah, we're gonna do that. But like times two times 10. So there's no compelling reason for these people to stay. Hem did Well, they also are never gonna give. They're never gonna pivot back to social conservatism because socially conservative points of view, uh, are things that blacks would get behind. Um, you know, things like if if the GOP still stood for being against gay marriage, for example, that would be something that might interest them, because it's something that disinterest them about the Democratic Party, and they could shift people back and forth. But it's It's just so funny that when you kind of look at this, it's like all all that Trump has tried to do for blacks in in helping the GOP with this attempt to pivot to black people. Um, they just don't give a fuck when the chips are down and when. Unemployment for in the black community, as we pointed out on the weekend show is, is more than half of working age blacks working eligible blacks are not working. More than half are not work, and it's and it's not much better of a picture for whites because they've been pushed out of the work. Felt pushed out the workforce. It's less than half, but they keep doing this and it's and this is how you know that. It's just it's an election. You're gay up and yeah, they'll be in will be somewhat of a quasi new normal, I mean the most. The most difficult aspect of the new normal in all of this after they tee up the anti white sentiment and do all the things that they do is that at least when they did this in 2014 2015 you had someone who was gonna nominally take the other side. You had Trump. You had Republican punditry who took the other side, and they had things like even some said, white lives matter all lives. Matter which is now all lives matter is essentially, um, a racist epithet. Racial epithet. At this point, in most cases, they say, you can't even say all lives matter. And so this is all disappeared. This is all evaporated now. On one hand, I'll say it's a good thing, and I don't think this is a cope it all. I think it's a good thing because there's nothing artificial out there, no fake nationalism that is gonna come along for people to put their hopes in people to put their copes in. Um, people can't put their copes in the various things that people tend to put their copes into now, where they think that there's some part of the system that's salvageable. There's some part of it that that here's what we're saying and believes in what we're saying and wink, nod, nudge, whatever actually is paying attention, and it's only a matter of time before wake people up and I'm not gonna happen. And the more people realize this, I think the better off it is the downside. Of course, all of this is that because there is no loud broadcasting signal of what the take should be on this. And instead what you have in that in place of that is conservatives and others like Rush Limbaugh etcetera the entire punditry, saying the very same things that the left is saying conceding ground on this. It's it's amazing toe watch people who five years ago would have taken the position that we still take today we're now taking the position of, you know, we need police reform and you know blacks didn't do nothin and you know the America's racist and all this other shit and and the Republican solution to this is so we just need more black people in the party, and that's how they think they're going to insulate themselves from from all of this. And it's just not just not gonna work. So it's a political move. It's not translating into things for blacks. They've shaken down the corporations. Ah, for donation money. The A T l color of change black lives matter. Just a myriad of organizations have shaken down these corporations and the corporations. They're gonna cough up that cash. We're not gonna ever cough up that cash in the form of pay raises for their employees or bonuses. You know, they repatriated billions of dollars with Trump's tax bill. Nobody got a raise. They just use that to accelerate outsourcing, accelerate automation. And so this notion that there's gonna be anything transaction on it's like, Oh, you know who got a nice transaction list? They dio they got bailout money. These NGOs got tons of bailout money from this, and then they got more money from corporations and so they're topped off. All the tanks of these NGOs totally topped off to fight this anti white war, and they're going to do this and they're gonna go hard on it and they're gonna count on white allies and demoralized whites to not show up. And they want to get rid of Trump, and that's that's fine, like, I don't have a dog in that fight. But I'm just telling you what the play here is. That's why they're doing this and they'll be a new normal. This is also an escalation. It's an advancement of their interests. But that's why you have this retreat to the same old playbook where you're just going to see this litany of of stories about Confederate names need to come down. It's always like the same thing. It's always the same knee jerk reaction. Blacks don't give a shit about the Confederate names on Army bases. They don't give a fuck about the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond. They don't give a fuck about Confederate flags flying at NASCAR. Jews care about that. Blacks don't give a shit about that. It doesn't matter like it doesn't change that whatever situation that a Black finds himself in, that makes him mad that animates that black to go out and burn shit down. One less Confederate name on a building, a statue of a NA army base a tree of fucking whatever doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. But that's the playbook. Go to because it's demoralizing Dwight's. You cannot have this thing to rally around that represented white interests, whether it's the Confederacy or whatever else, they're gonna tear all that down because it's about demoralizing white people. They don't want white people because white people still represent a danger to them. At this point, we still represent a an issue for them. If we all started to collectivized, if we weren't Deion Seed like Finkelstein had done for four decades, that's what they're most worried about. You got to keep people separate. And that's the way that the system remains immune to subversion by keeping keeping people separated. But there's nothing transactional coming out of this for blacks. This is all about targeting white people. White cop wishes the vehicle for doing so. Yeah, in terms of benefit to blacks, I think four BRAC has actually been a benefit in the billions to blacks over the years. When you look at how many, how many in the army, but yeah, and so they want to demoralize whites and that's another one of the more dangerous elements of this new normal is not only the demoralization but the fake reality. The hyper reality being constructed for whites, where in five years ago, if you had said black lives matter in a company meeting, people would say, Yeah, okay, fine. You know, can we please not try to politicize work? In most cases, that would have been what happened. In most cases, companies just weren't talking about this. There was not the level of corporate mandatory corporate engagement you see now fast forward. Five years later, now to the present and saying black lives matter becomes mandatory talking about your privileges, no mandatory. Saying all lives matter is, is a fireable offense. God forbid, you see, white lives matter. I mean that Zen escalation into into itself. So the the new normal in the new baseline white response. I remember in five years ago it would have been to say, Well, that guy shouldn't have resisted. This is what everybody was saying five years ago. You know, don't really arrest plays, play stupid games with a tradition of behavior. There's no discussion off what what the right thing to do in a situation is there's no discussion of these people are coming crimes, though, and it's resonating with light switch brains and people who have been just indoctrinated into light switch brain, digital dopamine, social media in television. And I'm saying, like people just across the length and breadth. This is why you even see family members who had a good position on this five years ago who have a bad a position on it. Now they're just reflecting. They're just like a repeater. There's the relay for it's not even a light switch. Your just a relay for for whatever, for whatever it is the mainstream media. It's like a relay brain light switch brain, at least your junk. Your junction. Yeah, like relay brain is just like you. Just repeat whatever the media says the lights. Which brain is like You do the opposite of whatever, Whatever someone says and think that that's like the good thing to do. It's like I'm just going to the opposite of this, and then that's gonna land me in the right place. Relay brain is just the people who repeat this stuff, and it's it's amazing, and it's something we talked about before. Is that how the stranglehold that they have on people where if you just switched, it's kind like dog food. If you just switched midstream to something else like these, people would become very based, like have used if you just got the messaging right in the other direction in a matter of days, if you could just control all the notifications that someone saw and controlled every headline that someone consumed and omitted comments that they shouldn't see and showed them things that you want it is that which is exactly what social media does. You could have people believe that you do have people, you know, going in the other direction very easily in a matter of days, and that's sad. It's it's It's interesting from a from a, um, sort physiological perspective. But it's also sad at the same time because people have just lost the ability to think for themselves. And and I even say when I'm talking to people and you just you find yourself in a regular conversation with a Normie and they're just like the first thing that they talk about is did you see what this news headline said, or do you see? Do you? Can you can no like what they're reading Tune. Did you hear about X? Did you hear about why it's like And I like my rebuttal is what nonfiction book have you read in the last 30 days? And they just look at you cross eyed because they haven't read fucking shit. They haven't done anything on their own. They haven't thought about anything on their own. And when they do consume this media, they're not looking up. What's in the article in Discovering Mawr, trying to find the truth about it. Oh, they're letting sales through the fact truck for them. So it's Yeah, it's it's It's very fickle, and how quickly people can be a sort of influenced by this right and another dangerous element to it, too, is they've also convinced people that when they are doing this and when they are repeating when they're acting is relays for narratives. They've seen that they're doing this in rebellion to the fake news. Right? People will pick up these cues from from, ah, conservative milieu, social media sites and YouTubers and Twitter personalities, etcetera. And they will say, Yeah, nobody believes the mainstream media. Nobody believes the legacy media anymore. kind of fucked up with Derek Show. Vin did, though, isn't it? You know, like thes people have convinced themselves that they are are getting, like the rial hard truth from from the media environment they've constructed for themselves through this artificial choice that they, you know, they're convinced that they're impervious to being influenced. That they are are seeking this distilled reality that that's and that's, you know, they're getting only riel information. But they're just as as influence and has affected as anybody, and they want to make it with the with the removal of the Confederate names off of everything is part of the reason for this. It isn't just about removal of, uh, these these sort of imagery of white interests from a not so distant past. It's It's also about creating sort of a new American history, because I the idea that this is that America is just gonna go on and on and on and on forever, it's it's not gonna be acceptable. They eventually want to get to the point where they don't have the encumbrances that air there today. Now you can say you can look at this in a very sort of superficial way and say, Well, they're already getting what they want And, you know, it's sort of hard to qualify that with with with what what that means? I'm not sure, But it's not enough if they're getting what they want. I mean, I understand what it means by saying, Yeah, they're getting what they want It's like Yeah, sure, they're getting a very slow very, um, you know, sort of. I don't know how to even describe it. Very slow advance towards their ultimate goals, but it's not fast enough for them. There are things that stand in their way. The First Amendment is a big one. Second Amendment is another one. They want this stuff gone, and they have no riel way to convene, sort of anything to change these, the best they can hope for our Supreme Court rulings, which they'll get. But they can't go fast enough. They can't go fast enough in the way that they that they want with this. And so I think where they're going ultimately is to wipe out the entire thing. And I know that sounds kind of ah, jarring for some people, but ultimately that's where they want to go. It's where blacks wanna go. They say It's not about the flag, but it is about the flag. They want to erase the founding of the country. They will erase all those things. And we understand those things in a different way than maybe and am that would or a patriot hardwood, where they think that everything was pureness in light in the beginning. And it's just not, and what they want to do is get rid of any sort of memory, scrubbed completely from it so that you don't see like with this Lee statue in Richmond. There's no imagery of a Chad looking guy in a really dapper looking uniform up on a horse for anyone to ask. What did that man do? Why is he honored in that way? No child is gonna ask because no such statue will exist. They want TEM all gone. They want because remember when they started taking down these Confederate statues in 26 soil 2014 2015. Don't you remember James the movement to take down like Thomas Jefferson and never never Alexander Hamilton but, you know, move to take down some of these other monuments in D. C. They want all imagery of all white men, no matter how flawed they may have been to be taken down. They want everything gone so that they can rewrite this because in the way I'm trying to connect, all this is we can all observe how influence people are by the media, people in our lives, people that we know people that should be able to think for themselves but are totally impossible to do so for whatever reason, they want to get that to the point where they can manipulate those people in any way that they want. And they want all of these encumbrances out of the way that represent anything that would damage that narrative. They they have gotten to the point where, like I said, all lives matter is now some sort of a racial epithet. Just let that sink in. You can't even like they have made the tacit admission that this is no longer about equality. This is about fucking over white people and going after white specifically, It's not about blacks, it's about going after whites, and they have convinced people to not even take their own side anymore. And so They don't want any symbols of people taking their own side in any sort of capacity to exist in any way. And so they're collapsing any sort of even a fake and gay defense of of some of these things. So I think on one side it's a good thing because people aren't gonna have these sort of, I don't know, fake avatars to to fall in love with and pretend like, Oh, somebody else is going to do something for me. So therefore, I'm just going to sit here with my dick in my hand. On the other side is that this is definitely an advancement of of the of the system, and it's something that they've done hundreds of times throughout history. I mean, this is kind of it's all predictable when you take a step back and look Yeah, it's in erasing of of your national history in a real time, and they Modern Modern America was founded in 1945. Modern America was founded with the end of this of World War Two and really came into its own, really ratified itself in 1965 with Civil Rights and Immigration Act. And that's when when modern America as we know it came into being. They want to make it so that is where America, where America started full stop, right all of this this history, pre the end of World War two is inconvenient for them because there are a lot of things people can look back to. White people can look back Teoh as being better times as being, you know, something? Ah, something a society. It was Mawr riel that was better for them. A society created for them by people like them, heroes that looked like them heroes they can relate to. They need to smash all of that, and and so, yeah, that's that's why they're doing this. And it's not just, you know, we predicted it would be Jefferson and they've done Jefferson and I saw Columbus. The Columbus statue was beheaded, but they're going after I mean, like people like Cecil Rhodes, right? There was a problematic figure in and of itself from our perspective, who had his problems, you know, they're throwing his statue into the harbor. They're going after and, you know, in the UK I saw they were throwing these statues of guys who were slaveholders or something into the harbour. But do you think the people doing that like, knew who that guy was like? Oh, yeah, this guy from the 16th century, you know, Big slaveholder. Yeah, thrown in the river? No, they saw a white face. They saw a white man as a statue and they knew no matter what he did, no matter who he was because he's white, he gets thrown in the river, He gets round, he's he's done. He's being replaced. So that's why they're doing this. I mean, they're not targeting these people for specific ideological reasons. They want to remove all white symbology. That's always been what this is about, and the more it is allowed to continue, which it's it seems like it's going to be. Hopefully, the more people will be able to see this and see that we were right when we were saying this. It's and it's also part of sort of a natural political cycle, too, and it it leads to a new normal. Yes, so it's it's not that, but this is thesis imbula ated swinging pendulum. Um, right, we used to I think there was a show we did Ah, long time ago called pendulums and machetes, and we talked about how fake and gay the pendulum. Because it's like a thing that boomers say. It's like all the pendulum always swings back on the other direction. Well, it's simulated. It swings, but it's simulated because they can't ever let one side gain too much political power or allow it to get too much of it what it wants. But the system is always advancing in a certain direction, right? So it swings back and forth, you know, for a while it gives. It makes whites feel like they have moral authority and they put all their copes and Donald Trump. And then it's with a swing that door back shut and they swing it back to the other side and you're gonna have anti white shit for a while. This is what they did. They did this. They did. Now George W. Bush was not, um in the way that Trump was at all. Ah, but that was back in the yachts. That was the time when people are deeply invested in defending America, being patriotic and, you know, taking down going after these terrorists and whatever else But then you got a lot of, you know than whites were getting a little bit too big for their britches and you had to have. America is still a very racist country, and it was time for healing. We had to have Barack Obama, Barack Obama's supposed to heal the country. And then you have Donald Trump come back and then it's back and forth and they're just gonna keep doing this. But it's all simulated. The problem is sort of casual observers of the political system that don't understand how it works. Think that that's some sort of natural cycle. But in reality, there have been a lot of people have written about this. That this sort of fake and gay political paradigm, if they can keep it going, is actually a very stable way to govern. Because if you actually give people what they want, If you actually give these tribal factions what they want, then you're eventually just gonna have war after war after war, because you're just gonna have, especially in a country like America, because it's gonna become a racial battle. But instead they just keep everybody divided right in the 19 sixties with Finkelstein. The the strategy was, how are we going to take these two political parties that air? Not all that different know that, you know, they're not all that far away from each other. They're mostly white. And we're going to do all this fucked up shit in 1965 with heart seller and civil rights and all kinds of other things that we talked about on the show. And then how do we keep these people from having a goy lash? Right? How are you gonna have people from from reacting to this? Well, we have to start splitting them apart. We have to divide them into conservatives and into liberals and make those people hate each other. And then we're gonna We're gonna give black civil rights and do all this other shit that they did in the meantime, And this system has just continued on and on and on. And as the country has gotten, Browner and they've pitted people against each other. Now it's capitalism versus socialism, and people fall for those traps over and over and over again. And they have, you know, it's it's ended up in this situation that we're in now. um, but it's just a natural part of the political cycle, like you could almost have predicted that there was going to be a massive demoralization of whites coming very soon. Because while you have a president who isn't going to deliver, what those white people one and you have them being browbeaten on the other side, it's a great way to collapse white support for any sort of candidate because think of a candidate who tried to stand up and run in this kind of, um, in this kind of a cycle, Well, I would immediately assume that that person is some sort of a pied Piper because they want. They want to give people hope again to for somebody running for office, some political office who's saying totally based rhetoric. And then they trot out all these supporters and then they smash them again. So I'd be highly skeptical that, but that's not what they're gonna do. We're gonna give whites no hope for any sort of political solution, and they're going to get they're gonna get blacks very animated, which they have in all of the white allies of blacks. Keep whites divided and they're going to get rid of Donald Trump, and that's that's the plan. And it's like, you know, no skin off our back except that you're just gonna get you're going to get a different flavor of of sort of Zionism, Jewish advancement. It's just not gonna be jig nets. And it's not gonna be anybody appealing go interests, and that's that's done. That's pretty much done. And the lesson learned one more thing, because I know you're trying to get in there. Is there going to say See Donald Trump's nativism that he was never going to deliver on Donald Trump's racism? That wasn't really. He was always a Jewish candidate is a loser. This is not what people want. Donald Trump lost the election and see this is why. Because nobody wants white nationalism. Nobody wants immigration. Nobody wants any of these things that Donald Trump promised but never delivered on. We'll leave that sort of those details to the side, but the story will be that this strategy failed because there's nothing wrong about Trump's strategy. It was a success people liked. It was very popular. He just didn't deliver on it. There are things he could have done better but I think people get my point without getting to sort of autistic about it. It's that they will make this as much about a demoralization of people who supported that ideology, even though it was fake, a swell, and that's that's also the purpose here. That's also why they're doing this. Yeah, and they have the ability to keep that demoralization in place, to run with 48 or whatever years of biting they choose. And then in eight years, they can reevaluate and take stock of where they are. Take stock of how far the demographic clock has ticked, and if they feel they need to do another another, you know, gin up whitey and bring him out into the open so we could smash him again. They have a bench that they're working on right now of candidates. They could run and and come out and have say, Have them say totally based things have them say all lives matter, have them take the right tone on race and crime and immigration, and if they if they feel the need to, they can do this and you rinse, rinse and repeat, do the same that they did in 2016. If they feel they need to, they might. They might not, Um, but, ah, that's in their in their eyes. And they never wanted Trump to be president to. This is something we've talked about before. A swell is he's been sort of a jig Nat. Interruption like this is this is inconvenient for them that they didn't want somebody appealing to white interests. They don't like where this is going. Finkel Finkelstein is dead. He's been dead for 2017. They were already talking about how he had gone too far with the Soros and Orban stuff that was already a bridge too far. They're already getting criticism for that. They didn't want to go any further. Trump took it further just to get in just to give Israel what it wants in. Sure, yeah, that's what they wanted anyway. But this is the argument. This is the argument it's. Do we take what we can now and get us much land in our lifetimes as we can? Because you know that playing into Netanyahu's thinking as well as can I get this stuff done under my legacy? Sure, I can think long term and think Yeah, you know, 300 years from now we have to accomplish what we can for the Jews, right? But he wants to do it for himself. That's what it's A lot of what's driving the jig battery is like, I want this stuff now. This is why they're ghetto Jews. They want it Now let's get all the piece on the board. Let's do it now. Whereas the people that want to do this in a more slow roll manner I think their argument is we need to solve this problem with white people and then we'll get what we want eventually anyway. So you guys air sort of trying to do this and play a dangerous game. While they're still a lot of white people left and a lot of white people who still have a lot of these sentiments, the process is incomplete. It's still half baked, and you guys are trying to do this now so they don't want to do that. It's also an interruption to a lot of the things that they've been trying to do, and it also moralize whites, if if not temporarily. The reason why I buy it in is such a good candidate for them, even though people don't they look at a musical. Why's this befuddled old fool? Lies is a good thing. It's like that's actually the perfect play because people won't take it seriously. They're gonna have somebody else running the show. But on top of that bite in this white and Biden, we told you he was one of the people who voted to give Robert E. Lee citizenship back right in the Senate. But he's also done a lot of other things, including the crime bill and all these other things that he's done. That when when even the Democratic Party had to support law and Order, sort of interests and whatever. He's the perfect guy to be that white guy who has had a change of heart, and it's time to do things much differently. And I was wrong about all these things that I used to believe in, and now we're going to be doing It's It's far more powerful than a non weight who may excite the black bass and come in and you know whatever and whatever blah, blah, blah. But it also wets the appetite for Oh, you know this isn't a white, this is a white candidate. It's not who I wanted, but you have the guy out there is somebody who sort of leading the charge for other whites to do the most cup thing possible. People fall for that. I'm just lunch box Joe, the working class guy. I was wrong about all this law and order. We need to let blacks out of jail. And, you know, I was wrong about, you know, being friends with segregationists. I was wrong about just about everything in, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's a white person is a much better avatar for that. That's why Jews do the fellow white bit. So he's kind of It's kind of an ingenious format in that way, because there aren't other whites out there who can do that. Who once had shitty positions that a lot of people agree with in private. Still, to this day, law and order, segregation, everything. He could be. The guy that says, You know what, I was wrong about all that and save his legacy, being there for one term and be done, and then they put some non white in there and kind of continue the process. And there's never gonna be a pendulum swing back the other way. There wasn't supposed to be a pendulum swing back the other way in 2016. It was supposed to be Hillary and continue on and on and on forever. And I'm not saying Democrats good and Republicans, you know, all this stuff like that people sort of fall for I'm just telling you what they plan to do. Um and so yeah, there you have it. Yeah. One with the pendulum to people See the brutality or see the authoritarianism with which ah, jewelry governs. You know, people who just have a gut reaction to that. They see that and they think All right, well, this is what they do when they're in power. There must be somebody on my side. When my team gets into power, there's gotta be somebody that's going to do this on my behalf, right? Because that's how government works. Right is one side takes power and does their thing. And when we get in office, we'll do our thing. But it's like they just assume that's going to take place, and then they go to sleep for four years or eight years while their team is in power. Wake up from hibernation when other team is back in power. See the horrible things going on and say Yep, Well, they better wait. You know, they don't understand the bear there poking on what? It's gonna come back and get him, and it never comes back and gets, um, nobody ever does happen. And I have always had before and the reason why Finkelstein was so important and what he did. And he wasn't the only guy who did this. But he was anybody who got subsumed into conservative right wing politics since Richard Nixon. You were subjected to Finkel. Think so. You fell for this. This was something. This is an op that was run. It wasn't just run in America was run all over Europe, and so it is very substantial. From that respect, the left had their own counterparts. But anybody who has been on the right wing side of things is typically a white person, for the most part, has fallen for this sort of thing. And so they they had to do that because and this is why Finkelstein was was so deeply invested into studying polls and looking at what people thought. How do we manipulate with these white people? Believe and split them apart and yada, yada, yada? They don't really have to do that anymore, like the only purpose a poll really serves at this point is as an instrument to measure how well the media is doing it. Manipulating people because if they can do it all through the media and look what they've done to white people who would otherwise support white interests. If only the media told them what to do by process of omission by process of telling them what's important versus, you know, memory, holing the things that they don't want people to see. I mean, if you ask your average white person who is on a pure notifications and apple news and ah, you know news feed, face, feet, Facebook, newsfeed, diet. Those people believe whatever is being told in those in those streams of data, that's it. And so whatever they put in that stream of data, they can get people to think and believe in whatever else. And so Finkelstein and Finkelstein's process, though it was important, and people have to understand how that's a version was done. It's now antiquated. It has now been so played or replaced by the media. The media can now manipulate people. And if they can manipulate people in such a total way in the way that they have been able to do with with the advent of the Internet and everything else at first it was just Alex was. Alex is 100% right Meyocks of sexually right about a lot of things, but he's definitely right about this and that the system has this immunity to subversion because it is created and ran by subvert er's so any sort of subversion that comes its way. It takes in turns and turns back on you, right? So it does this. It does this very effectively, and so it will take people sentiments, and it will flip them around to get those people to believe in whatever they want. And so now they don't have to worry about these candidates coming from out of nowhere. Trump was an outsider. They don't like that sort of erase that part of American political history. They're just going to move forward and they're going to field candidates who match the views that they're implanting into people in their news feeds. And I know that sounds kind of crazy, but everybody sees this phenomenon and how it works. So you can simulate a a kosher paradigm in a more perfect way through media control. And then you have an even more stable system because very few people fall outside of this paradigm, except for us and a handful of others who actually see things for what they are. Whereas before 30 40 years ago, you had people sort of all over the place, and they had to be corralled into very, very thoughtful political campaigns, very thoughtful political messaging in the form of commercials. But Willie Horton, ad bro, you're not going to see that shit anymore. Like, what was that during the ah mid terms? Or was the gubernatorial elections in Virginia with You're that guy that ran for governor against Northam and they at the very last minute. They were trying to a shoe doing the white nationalism, but then they did, and I forget what it was. It was like that truck that was like racing through the Virginia countryside or whatever, and it said it scared like nonwhites. I forget what the commercial was. They tried it and they still lost. Um, yeah. No. Yeah, that was an ad. That was an ad by Democratic Committee that showed a truck. Yeah, running down brown troll that they try to do the opposite. And you're going to see more of that to you're going to see commercial the creating white supremacy that does not exist, right? And this is Yeah, exactly. And this is why you see people, the media presenting stories about people who II sauce like six stories like this just today on various various local news sites where you see some guy comes out to, ah blm thing and and, you know, disagrees or some guy says all lives matter or some guy tears down a sign and over on an overpass, and he is that investigated and presented as a white supremacist. So they're scaring up, ah, white supremacy When when there's none to be found. And the other thing is the system, lest you think it does not take into account those outsiders the people that slipped through the cracks, the people that are outside that are disagreeing or dissenting the centers that are outside of their of their controlled a narrative. They do. They take those people into account, and they listen to them and adopt their respective fringes on the left and right to, uh, you know, replicate some of that rhetoric. Which is why, you see, sometimes you'll see things on Fox News that you think, Whoa, You know, this is this is based. Maybe maybe this is trickling up. You know, maybe this is really changing things. And maybe people are being led in this or that direction. And you see it on the left to you know, you have Cornel West on CNN and and people that are no legitimate while these air legitimate Marxist leftists being given a platform, they're forced to do it because of our talking points. They figured out they're coming out. They're out a long time ago that the whole system's fucked to within the Marxism and all that. So it's like they realized a long time ago that this was all kind of a fake and gay up, So, um, yeah, yeah, exactly. Right? Yeah. Well, way well. The 1st 1st 40 44 minutes of the show. Not a single bit of prep was touched. I glanced at it. I was looking at it because I was talking about Robert E. Lee. Well, I mean, it is kind of a white pill. I mean, I do want to talk about this Roberti least, actually, then we'll talk about NASCAR. Um, and I guess the other stuff just fucking put it on ice, bro. Um, the eso Yeah, a little bit of a white pill, because the Commonwealth of Virginia apparently is party to a deed that was recorded in March of 1918 90 when this land on which the Robert E. Lee statue in the big circle down there in Richmond, um sits, was given and part of that land deed that the state was party to said that they had to faithfully guard the statue and affectionately protected. OK, so William C. Gregory, who is the great grandson, I believe, were something like that of one of the two signatories on the deed. So somebody who has very legitimate standing in the courts, um, is suing, and there has been a judge who has weighed in an issued a temporary injunction on Ralph Northam order to tear down the statue based on his being party to this. This ah, this deed that says that they have to safeguard the monument. Now, I could see some legal jewelry coming into this into place where they say, well, will safeguard the statue in a warehouse somewhere. But I think it's gonna be tough to argue that when the land was given for the statue in the place that it is today. And if the agreement on the land deed said that, Yeah, you have to faithfully guard and protect the statue, which I'm sure the state was happy to sign in 18. 90. Um, they probably had a fucking party for the signing ceremony in 18 90. This is probably a really big deal in it as well. It should be, um so a little bit of a white pill because the judge actually had to stop this from happening. Now, of course. You know I can't just stop there and say, Oh, yeah, Well, look, they're stopping this, and this is a win, and this is why you you know, blah, blah, blah. Northam is doing this because he knows that there this was going to come about right. Otherwise, the statue would have been taken down a long time ago. They would have done this in 2016. They want tohave. This political fight. This is a This is the way that they manifest the existence of white supremacy. Look, there's a guy named William C. Gregory that people can go and harass and fuck around with because he's the guy standing in the way of this statue coming tumbling down. And so let's have this fight. Northam declares. He's gonna tear it, tear it down. And he knew that somebody was gonna put up a fight. And the only question is this How much money is? We don't know anything about Williams, Gregory. We don't know what he feel, what he thinks and what he believes and whatever. And maybe he has a price, and they're gonna find out what that price is. Maybe he doesn't have a price. Maybe this guy is somebody not to be fucked with, I don't know, but he's obviously trying to prevent them from tearing it down. Um, so So, yeah, I guess we'll see where this goes. It would be great if Northam loses and this stays right there of everybody's ever been to Richmond. I mean, they've totally desecrated the statue. But it is as you're coming into Richmond and you hit this huge traffic circle and ah, lease right there. I mean, it's a huge when I say huge, it's like a two or three acre traffic circle. Um and ah, yeah, so we'll see. I don't know. But Northern spokeswoman Elena Yaa Rabb, Ski said in a statement of the governor's administration, is still reviewing the order. He remains committed to removing the devices symbol from Virginia's capital city. But yeah, So there we go. Yeah, well, and with without the A T l coffers and SPLC coffers flush with cash, I would not be surprised if he saw some machinations and an attempt made whether we hear about this of being made or not to purchases steed from this guy. And, you know, $10,000,050 million is is what it takes. Uh, maybe. Then again, maybe this guy is is ah, not not to be swayed, not to be bought. Maybe he's he's ideological, but as this is drawn out, you're right. This just provides an an opportunity form or white Supreme asi to be generated and to come out of the woodwork because you'll see demonstrations and people showing up, Not to the extent you didn't 2015 and 2016. But you'll see people going down there to defend the statute because they feel it's the right thing to do. And they're disgusted by their planned removal. And, you know, I I agree with their sentiments. Ah, and this will be just a for another photo up, right? For look at these white supremacists here. These are the people that are responsible for the division. Once they're gone and once the statue is removed, then we can heal, weaken, begin healing together. But but black lives don't matter. All lives don't matter until these people lives don't matter, right? Well, let's Ah, let's pound the pavement here through this NASCAR stuff because because Frontier landed the artwork for for this this week, it's gonna be very spicy. And just I went down the rabbit hole on this and it's it's really fucking funny. So if ah, if you liked our segment on Kobe Bryant and the helicopter Yeah, get ready. Because this is this about where be on this? They're going. Speaking of demoralization of whites, they're going to go for the crown jewels of white sporting events, and NASCAR is on the chopping block. But you know what? When you look at the history of NASCAR, it's been on the chopping block for a while. In case you weren't aware, they do have a black driver, that's at least in the NASCAR level. I mean, for those of you out, Maria Rhineland, I mean, people who follow racing, you know, you have all these different types of tears in the sport, and so there are non whites throughout the sport. But there is only one black NASCAR driver and his name is Bubble Wallace. Um And I guess, you know, in a in a sport that that became popular based on people running from the police, This this is really a good sport for blacks to really get into, right? I mean, you know, for people who don't have you don't know, NASA was created from from booze running right, like this is really how this started. And a lot of the guys that were very famous in the very early days of the sport war guys who literally ran booze during Prohibition. Uh, you know, And so then you know it makes sense, you know, Black suo one of this arrest. It's just people who want to flee the cops. Why not have them come drive in this card? Well, it's especially remarkable. He's able to compete this high level when he has to hotwire the car before each before he treated as well as somebody else. Probably does that for him. But above all, Wallace jam. That screws, right? Exactly. Yeah, well, he has come out as one of the voices to ban the Confederate flag from flying at NASCAR rallies in the infield. It's always been there. It's been there for a long time, and all the guys who leading guys who became very famous early on in the sport. Ah, we're all Southern. I mean, it's been very Southern support. Nothing wrong with that. And, ah, bubble. Wallace is becoming very out spoken in there, telling people that they need to ban the flag. And sure enough, not to be new skunked. But just one hour ago, we record the show late on Wednesday night. Just one hour ago, NASCAR has announced they have banned the Confederate flag from all NASCAR venues permanently, forever. So it's done. So I'm going to give you a little bit of the lead up to this because it's there's some Jews that surprise, surprise. There's some Jews involved. Um, but you have, uh, this bubble Wallace being this black avatar of NASCAR, standing up and saying, You know, we got to get rid of the flag. This is bad. Blah, blah, blah. You had a black NASCAR official who took a knee during Sunday's race in Atlanta, which may have been a Sfar, as we know the first time ever at NASCAR. Um, you had Wallace, who wore a black T shirt with the words I can't breathe at Sunday's race, um, and said that his next step after they interviewed him after the race on Saturday, Sunday was my next step would be to get rid of all Confederate flags, and sure enough they did, he said. There should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events. Except for white people have a good time with their family that feels some type of way about something they have seen an object that they have seen flying the flag. I mean, these black quotes. I mean, it's funny that the media doesn't clean them up. Otherwise, it would just be It would just be like, Sic, sic, sic, sic, sic like throughout the whole thing. But they don't even bother to clean up. He says no one should feel comfortable when they come to a NASCAR race. Yeah, you already said that, Bubba. So it starts with Confederate flags. Where does it end, Bubba? Get them out of here. They have no place for them here. So Wallace says it and it was done just like that. Yeah. And you know you when you look at one of these NASCAR races, this is not, You know, this is not the NFL. This is not the n b A says, you know, they pack 100,000 people into these stadiums. Vast majority, vast majority. These people are white and even the blacks. And not to ah, get too deep into this. They don't really care about black people, but the blacks to go to NASCAR races. They don't give a fuck about Confederate flags. They oftentimes you'll see him flying them right. These are people that that are steeped in these are the people that would do the heritage. Not hate. Yeah, right. And anybody? Any black person that that cares enough to go do a NASCAR race. They're not bothered by this. So who does this really appease? This is really done to appease Chuck. Chuck would make slugs truck happy. Or, in the case of NASCAR, I forget her name. Jill Gregory. Make Joe Gregory happy to Gregory's Jewish. She's also the marketing executive for NASCAR. And so yeah. Oh, yeah. No, this is all this Has all been part of the plan for a long time. Wallace is just, you know, the guy that stands up and says It's time for this to happen and this is my great idea, and we need to do it. Even though Wallace has never run a bubble, Wallace has never won a race in NASCAR. He's like, Oh, for Oh, like this truly is not a sport for black people, and they shoehorn them into it. Um, this is Wallace. Is he came out of this, Um, what is this called the Drive for diversity program. So in 2010 Wallace was just like a rookie NASCAR's K and N Pro Series East. You know those K and n filters that Mexicans will put on their Millie Kahn Pacific 1.6 litre and needed meaning Any need to really go fast and, yeah gets like 15 more hurts. Buyer. Yeah, that's what that's who sponsors NASCAR. Um, regional developmental. Siri's Wallace drove the Rev. Racing is part of blah, blah, blah. So the Drive for Diversity program was something that was stood up in 2004 by NASCAR marketing executives, who was then Kim Brink, replaced by Jill Gregory. And of course, Jill has a bunch of, you know, good old white boys working for her in the NASCAR marketing executive department. But it's very small operation, and for at least the last two decades, it's been run by two fucking female Jews. And so, um, Joe Gibbs Racing, which is one of the racing outfits within NASCAR, along with Reggie White and Magic Johnson, so literally, this is the This is the brain drive for diversity program. How do we black brown up NASCAR? NASCAR's to White. We got to fix this problem. Too many Confederate flags got to fix this problem. Yeah, we're gonna have a female Jew and an AIDS infected gay black basketball player like be the the guiding lights for this for this program to start getting more nonwhites in a NASCAR. And they started with a bunch of Mexicans. Ah, who was Carlos Montoya? There's about there's a couple in there, but what's funny about all this? Is that Kyle Larson? If we remember the guy who, uh, who said the game a word on the I drive Livestream? Yeah, I felt like I was white. Apparently, he's like one slice of something. And Key was one of the people who were a beneficiary of the Drive for diversity program. So the Drive for Diversity program recipient, Kyle Larson, is the guy who's in the game. Word on the stream and he got kicked the fuck out. But it's funny. Bubble Wallace for gives him doesn't forgive anybody else like he apologized above him, But I was like, Oh, it's okay, that's fine call because you're gonna you're gonna be You're gonna be out of a job. And sure enough, Kyle, is Kylie racing anymore? But yeah, so they have it. Above all, it gets the opportunity to express his magnanimity. Mag Magna Newman e. But yeah, it's it's it's just bad. I mean, this goes on and on. Darrelle Wolf, Who's the NASCAR executive vice president and chief sales and operations officers. We want all toe feel welcome at our events in the future. NASCAR has been more open in recent times to the eradication of the Confederate flag. Former chairman Brian France. Oh God, it's like it's like English holds the English Brian France. It's like whenever you see like a last name, I don't know I didn't look at in smash early life on Brian France, but typically, when you see somebody who's last name is the name of the country, it's, ah, not a white person. Brian France, in 2015 tried to ban the Confederate flag at race tracks, but in 2015 and this is our point and how quickly things have changed. That proposal was seen as too broad to enforce, and it actually made Nascar's Southern based fan base very upset. Um, people did not want to upset these fans, and furthermore, what it did was buy, even teasing the idea of banning the Confederate flag. It led to even Mawr Confederate flags, NASCAR historian Dan Pierce said, Well, now it's some kind of a middle finger cause you told him they couldn't do it. And now they're everywhere and they're using these this this fake crisis about black bodies in the streets to strip all of this away from everybody. And you know, I would be hesitant to predict that this is going to lead to some sort of collapse of NASCAR. I think they'll probably be fewer fans. You'll see some downsizing of some of the tracks because some of these stadiums or fields or whatever racetracks, whatever you wanna call, um, are monstrous in terms of their capacity for fans. And I think you're just going to see, especially Cove it. You're going to see some of this Wayne a little bit, Um, but if you're not gonna have blacks doing well in these sports like Bubble Wallace, who's never won a race and in fact he not only hasn't won a race, he places really far back and engages in surprise. Surprise James. Lots of aggressive tactics that lead to a loss of sponsorship and, ah, these outbursts with fans. In fact, he attacked another race car drivers wife and they suspended her and Bubba because if they just suspend Bubba, it's racist, right? So they got a space suspend the other driver's wife because he against. He called her a bitch. Um, and it's just like, wow, real moral, respectable, real nice. You know, this is what they're going to be doing. But yeah, Wallace is. Ah, I don't know how long he's going to stick around. He keeps losing sponsorship, But maybe he did his bit, James, like maybe the whole point of Bubble Wallace was to say, I have a great idea. Let's get rid of the Confederate flag and then, like all right, Goodbye, Baba. Thanks. Thanks for playing. Yeah, and they'll probably follow this with a parade of quotes. Like I saw the NHL is doing the same thing where the NHL came out and did the Black Square post on Instagram. And every day for the last week, they've been posting another photo with a quote from one of their players how horrified they are about racism in America and how terrible white people are so on and so forth, which, which it serves to Dr White's, away from the sport, and NASCAR has had a problem with attendance and attention for a long time, right? This is something that is almost exclusively watched and patronised by whites. There are there are some blacks that go to by virtue of being in the South. But this is something that is largely white. They've had financial troubles, they've been struggling, and I think this will just serve to hasten their decline. Right. You, you black pill whites on NASCAR and Dr White's away from NASCAR while you get fewer people showing up. And it's not very long before the whole thing just folds did. Wallace is gonna be racing in a black Doubt car on Sunday at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia. Which very nice track. Um, he's gonna be racing in a blacked out car with hashtag black lives matter on the hood of the car. Um, it's going to say, Ah, compassion, love and understanding with a black fist clenched with the white fist, you know, the typical the typical mean, um and so yes, like on the first race in NASCAR, in forever in the history of the sport, where they're going to ban Confederate flags, part of the heritage of the sport itself. Even beyond the meaning of the flag, they're gonna have a guy doing a black racer who never wins anything that's gonna be the funny thing is the black lives matter car. Now, here's the dough Raver. The black field. James, do you think they will let Wallace win the race just to make a political point? Do you think this will be the race that Wallace winds in Martinsville on Sunday in number 43? Black lives matter, but what would he be? Even funnier is if, like, this guy has a bunch of problems with his car, or even better, he, you know, catches on fire and just, like, skews off into the infield. And ah, you know who is the guy? Dale Earnhardt man. Just didn't Dale Earnhardt this fucking guy. But, you know, I'm not I'm not wishing anything on him. I hope he has a good race, you know? But I'm just saying, you know, it's gonna be kind of funny if if it goes either way, um, it's going to very black killing if they have this guy win the race. But I think that's in the cards. Don't you know, Confederate flags, black lives matter car and they're gonna fuck the other guys in solidarity for Wallace. They're gonna let him win the race. You know, I And if they if they dare to raise their enough that they had a floor that accelerator in opposition, they might be looking at losing their sponsorships and and they're losing their car entirely. Gonna be a hard sell, though. Jazz. I'm looking at this guy's a NASCAR Cup career. He's run 87 races in the last four years. Now, many wins. He's had none. Not a single win, and ah, his best finish ever in a race 28 place. It's bad now. It's bad. And I would even go as far to argue that any time that this guy has done well, it's been because other members on Joe Gibbs Rica's For those of you out in Rhinelander, it's not just like every car against themselves, like these guys race in teams, and so the teams will help each other out. So any sort of tangible success that this guy has had has been, probably because the rest of the teams like all right, well, just, you know, just let this guy fucking draft and let him do, you know, do a little bit better, I suppose, because he's made some friends with some of the white drivers who are all sort of having his back at this point. But Wallace is a proponent of this. All lives will not matter until black lives matter, which is the answer to all lives matter all lives, matters and ignorant racial, pro white epithet at this point. But now what is the plan of that is all lives will not matter until black lives matter which to me, if you read that right through to what it truly means is that your life doesn't matter until I get what I want. The black person and any violence, anything bad that happens to a white person as a result of anything that we're doing is totally justified because my life doesn't matter by some sliding scale definition. So this is the new normal. All lives will not matter until black lives matter. I don't know if people thought about it in that way. I knew what it meant immediately, but that's exactly what it means. You can't chop that up. Is his meaning. Equality. It doesn't. It just means nothing matters until I get what I want. And it's It's like the credo of blacks, too, because when you boil it all down, blacks just want what they think that white people have. And it's not, you know, we don't have what black people think we have. So that's another part of the trick that they dio Um But I'll tell you one thing, unless they hand Wallace the race, Well, this isn't gonna be winning any races, which is something that white people do have. They do win races. They do really well in racing. It is the historically white sport for reason. Another funny thing about this with regard Toe Wallace. Um, what was I gonna say? There was something else with this. Oh, yea. So in addition to getting suspended for calling Brian Scott's wife a bitch, um, he also raged. Quit in. I race back in April 2020 and lost the sponsors a result of it. But it's that, you know, it's the the Punch and Judy show with This is kind of mildly amusing, but the funny thing is, is during and it's hell tells you. Everything you need to know is when he rage quit, he said. He was in here age quit because someone ran him into a wall like you just got mad, which happens on the track to in real life, like he's always being aggressive as a driver. He's not being very white guy out on the track. And, um, you know how blacks are in the car. I mean, anybody who's been on the highway and is encountered a black person on the highway, it's never a pleasant experience, is it? James? I mean, so to see, like, drive it like when he sees a white person coming up behind him. Do you slow down to, like, 45 slowdown or riding in the left lane, going below the speed limit? And then when you try to go around them and they see that you're white, all of a sudden he speeds up on blocks. You behind a semi? Yeah, just typical shit like that. Yeah, leaving his turn signal on hanging out in the wrong lane. Swerving lane travel. Does he reach for the center console whenever a white driver behind him one of the lights, It's the same old shit or just that looks over at you like slow as molasses with suitcase handle. It just never ends. But he raged, quits the live stream and says, You'll have a good one. That's it. That's why I don't take any of this shit serious. And it's like there's a moment of truth that came out of this. Ah, this Negro here. I don't take any of this shit serious, and it's Yeah, because this is something that he can't achieve anything in, and he doesn't take it seriously. So that's why he shows up two races and gets aggressive with people. That's why he calls other wife's other drivers. Wife's a bitch. That's why he loses sponsors because he is trying to compete in a sport that was not intended for him. It was not rigged for him to compete in. It was not designed for him to win in, and so you will see probably the rules change on NASCAR as well as they've done with the NFL, Um, to to make this more advantageous for blacks to succeed. I don't know whether what they're going to do, whether there will require a black guy on each team or, you know, handicapping or I don't know. Maybe it's a 300 lap race, James. Still, Bill will just have the the black guy get like a 25 lap head start every time. It just like I don't know where this ends. But it's telling when he says I don't take See, this is why don't take this shit serious. It's very telling about what his actual feeling on the whole thing is, because he he got to me. That says, somebody has sat him down and said, Bubble, you need to start taking the ship more seriously And his reaction is like, I don't take this should seriously because, yeah, well, do it. And he knows that as NASCAR's only black driver, there is no team, no sponsor did. No team like there is not a future in which he is not a NASCAR driver, right? Because NASCAR needs to have at least one black driver. So he knows that he can just show up male and in get 28th place in this Siri's every year, you know, and, uh, nothing's gonna happen to him and he becomes a millionaire for doing it. You can act however he wants. Ah, and it's like, why would he, like, Why didn't why would even show up it all. He probably could have not shown up for that consequences would have been the same. Yeah, well, and then then you have sort of flipping back here to Kim Brink. Oh, God. The ah, NASCAR marketing executive. Who? Ah, who is responsible for this? She wanted to attract minority fans and drivers to historically white, male dominated sport. Several factors have attributed to the absence of minorities in stock car racing. One is the costs of auto racing and dependency on sponsorship dollars. This is kind of a white thing. I write, build your own car, you know, get a team together and, ah, you know, maintain sponsorships and relationships of people who want to pay you to fucking win. Wow, Just imagine that so. But that's a bar to minorities from participating in the sport. With many minority individuals and families lacking the capital to enter the inherently in specs, pensive racing world. Others believe that minority youths are more drawn to conventional stick and ball sports such as basketball chicken ball. A key factor is the overt racism in the country that has plagued other sports as well, but was particularly strong in American stock car racing due to its roots in the South. This included the president, presence of Confederate flags and the in fields and many tracks at both regional and national levels. For these reasons, NASCAR has been slower to racially integrate with other major sports in the country, and this had to change. I mean this like they've been trying so hard to do this for so long and there has been resistance actual resistance to it, and they needed an event like this to clean the rest of the shit up. And so this is what I'm talking about when I say they're not getting what they want fast enough. They wanted these fucking Confederate flag's gone from NASCAR 25 or 30 years ago. They wanted this sport browned up 25 or 30 years ago, and whenever they have tried, they have met, been met with resistance, and so they need essentially, the country pushed to the brink of falling apart with every major American city on fire and protests around the world in orderto have the political capital to take away fucking Confederate flags from white fence at race car Like racing events, It's just it's just unbelievable. It gets better. The one last thing. A bubble Wallace. So Bubble Wallace shares his harrowing childhood story of a pool of the police shooting his cousin right? He just has to weigh in, You know when all of this stuff is going on. Apparently Cop shot Ah, Bubba's 23 year old cousin in 2003 when the driver was nine years old. Now, just so people understand anybody who is also black is a cousin of a black person. So whenever a black person talks about they cousin, that's just another fucking hood rat. That's not actually there, cousin, right? That's not somebody who's related by blood. It could be they don't even know. But no cousin is just like this is like my brother, right? It doesn't actually mean anything, but but to, you know, rubes who indulge in this media. They're like, Oh, God, Bubba Bubba lost a family member to this stuff, so apparently, um, I'll skip to the good part. So apparently a white store clerk felt threatened by a group of black teenagers for no reason. I mean, why would White store clerk feel for sure by black teenagers that his cousin was a part of and called the police? As a result, he committed a vile act. This white stork look committed a vile act of white supremacy and called the cops. After the cop told Wallace's cousin named Sean to put his hands up and walk, he walked away. Shawn went to grab his cell phone to call his mom. Sure he did, according Wallace. At that point, the officer shot Sean out of fear because he didn't listen. He reached into his sweatshirt, and many times Scott's cops have been shot. Well, that was something I was gonna say earlier. Like the The new normal allows the Washington Post to put out headlines like 1000 people have been fatally killed by police in the last year. When is this going to stop? And nobody is ever going to question why those people were killed, right? How many? How many cops were killed this year? But they can say, Oh, yeah, it's It's unjustifiably that people are killed by cops. It's like, Well, why are they being killed right they never tell you the whole story. Yeah, well, and I already did this with unarmed black man, right? Unarmed black man, which doesn't really tell you anything about the situation other than he didn't have a firearm. Unarmed black man has Automat has become synonymous with gentle giant, perfect angel who literally didn't do nothin shot in the head for no reason by evil, right? Well, you know, white Races Cup. But in reality, unarmed black man is usually black man reaching into his hoody pocket after threatening cop. It's usually unarmed black men jumping on top of cop to beat him or jumping on top of white person to beat him. Trey von Perfect example. That's when this started. To my knowledge, is with Trey von when when he said, always an unarmed black teen, it's like, yeah, he was an unarmed black teen that jumped on George Zimmerman. It was, like, much bigger than him, by the way, and tried to kill him, so he was unarmed. But yeah, like that doesn't tell you anything about the situation. So they've advanced past that. Yeah, they've advanced past it, and, um, it's kind of funny, and I mean implying that this story ever even happened. But you know, is recently as 2006 Ah, Judge not only cleared the officer of the shooting, but the family also lost its the wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2006. So within 14 years, last 14 years like this in again, I'm saying that this case is probably open and closed, and this is what should have happened. Blacks look at this as this is an unjust outcome, any outcome that isn't in their favor. And Sean could do whatever the hell he wants now that this is where Bubba Bubba gets so worked up in talking about his cousin, he cousin that he says, Here's what's happened to him. You know, I've dealt with my struggles, you know, directly of getting pulled up, it stoplights, having guns drawn, he says, having guns drawn, you know, not pointed at me. But they out the host ready to do something. Yeah, those guns, they came out and they're going to do something. And at that, at that moment, being pulled out in front of and turning on your hazards is a sign that you're slow and then I need to go around you. But when it's undercover cops, you can't do that. When it's tinted windows, they don't know what to expect. It's like, yeah, guy like when your when your windows in your fucking Chevy Caprice on on? Ah, unlike offset rims and all kinds of other shit is like tinted limo black and they can't see through your fucking problem. I'm sorry that somebody's gonna profile that like, yeah, When you cracked the window and the weed smoke pulls out, I ask you, how was the last time you smoked in here like two years ago? So it's like it is like you and in and he says they don't know what to expect. It's like, Well, who would? So they're ready for anything? Well, the cops. So one run, move, and I wouldn't be here talking to you today. Well, the point is not making a wrong move guy, right? It's very easy to make the right move here, which is to roll your window down. And well, the right move is to, you know, register your vehicle, not smoke weed while you're driving, not have bottles of what English spilled. All over the floor. There's plenty and right moves that do in anticipation still want guts, like laying all over your dashboard. It's like, How about how about How about that? How about repairing your blood brake light guy? Like, how about doing that? Like, how about how about keeping your shit straight, right? I mean, there was a time in my life where, ah, you know, we would drive around in the countryside and smoke weed, and ah, never got caught. How is that? How did that happen? Because I'm white because I have white skin. No, I'm not stupid. You just look in the review. You look in the mirror and you start to you learn to recognize what the profile of a Ford Crown Victoria police car looks like. And when you see one, you don't act like an asshole. You stay. You keep it in between the lines, like blacks never look in the rear. Amir they look and they don't look at the windshield. They're not people who have foresight or after thought about anything. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that my eyesight has evolved specifically to be able to pick out Ford Ranger or Ford Expedition Explorer headlight patterns. When that different, it's like you're so lost. I'm still used to like the you know, the certain era Crown Victoria. It's either a Crown Victoria or it's Ah, it's a Chevy. Ah, you know Chevy Impala, like you just know what it is. But now it's like, yeah, sometimes will switch it up on you with the French horse. But then again, you only ever see that in a police s. Oh, yeah. Now I see the Ford Crown Victoria in my head in my rear view mirror, and then it goes around me and it's a cop car, but it's a cop car with like 300,000 miles on. It is driven by some Mexican, and it's got, like, the spotting light because you know that it went to auction after the police. Um, we're done with it. And then, you know, Mexicans buy those cars up cheap. It's always somebody some ghetto motherfucker driving like an old cop car, and they like it cause it's fast and it's cheap and it's got, like, 300,000 miles on it. But yet for a little while, it used to freak me out. I'm like Oh, shit. It's a fucking Crown Victoria. It's a crown vics. But then you're like, Oh, yeah, They use those cars anymore. Yeah, I don't think they run the police interceptors on spare tires and spray painted rims. Oh, man. What else with Bubba? Oh, yeah. And he's like and then the comments after. And this is where we can help so many people. It's the comments that they made. This is where we can help people. James. This is where Yeah, right. Help people. It's the comments they made towards me that pissed me off the most. Can you afford this car? This is a nice car. And I said, Yes, sir, I can. And it's like, Yeah, guy Citation needed. This is always Yeah, that's literally never happened. Like, this is something. It's likely they see this in a movie. Yeah, like a Jew a Jew. Scripted. There's like this. You just go this into a Hollywood script one time, and now it's part of every black person's mantra. When they get pulled over, it's like get it's a nice car. Who bought that for you? Darkie? It's like Oh my God! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's like this guy saw Sam hides officer Maggot and was like, Oh, yeah, this is real life. That's Ah, that's That's how it happens with me. Yeah, I mean, they may have And you know this guy, Probably, you know, he makes a lot of money, But being a NASCAR driver, they probably have said, Yeah, man, that's a nice car, right? When he's driving a Bentley Continental, whatever its internal that you're hearing it, how they want to hear. It's like, Yeah, bro, Nice car. It's like a white person said to me, He suspect he think he think I stole that shit. It's like number I like. I like your car, man. It's kind of cool. It's like funny people have made the point that blacks are the real libertarians. I think that point is especially true in the case of traffic stops, because you remember 10 years ago there was this whole John videos on YouTube of libertarians, like teaching you classes how to how to like, not give your i d to police like oh, just cracked the window and hand your licence through. And like all these different differently tips and tricks, it is like white people like that never really caught on because we don't need to do that. But blacks, like all about that. Yeah, they're all about it. And yes, So he goes on to say, Hey says And I wanted to say is, Yeah, I'll have one here in response to the That's a nice car. Where did you get that? He's like, I wanted to say, Yeah, I'll have one here on Monday for you and I'll have one for your mama here on Tuesday and I'll have one for the rest of your family here on Wednesday because that's how much money I make. But I didn't. I let it go because one wrong move, because I'm black could have had me on the pavement saying, I can't breathe. Yeah, I wish you would. You know, I wish I wish you'd shot his mouth off like that and just got yeah, you know, treated with the treated like you think she's gonna be. It's just so it's like you threw me a car and put the cuffs on my hands too hard and wow like that. This is This is police brutality. It's like, yeah, I mean anything less than the cop writing him a check to go cash at the bank, which, implying that that you would know what to do with it is brutality. It's like an affront to their sensibilities. It's like, why you pulling over like, Oh, you're not giving me money. Oh, then this is that. I'm a victim immediately. So and this is the basic level that I think people understand, but they don't have anyone parroting in telling them sort of re reinforcing this in their head. That that what blacks are demanding is just totally asi nine and unbelievable. And it's it's just simply not reality at all and that they're getting lost in this whole shuffle and ah yeah, Well, congratulations, White, because they're gonna take everything from us. They're gonna take it all away. And I say that I say congratulations. Weighty. Not in Not in a way to us, because we understand, um, but the people who just like blindly go along with this and then sort of every once in a while, take a step back and look it just the progress or the regression that has occurred with these things and how bad it's gotten. And, um, just like, how did that happen? But I didn't somebody stop that from happening. It's like, broke like, why don't you, like, take a break from the media cycle for a minute? And but these people yet I don't know what I don't know what shakes these people out of it. I don't know. Yeah, and the And the way that it happens is is incrementally right. It's like people thinking, Well, I'll just go along to get along This time I'll just go along to get along this time and cause eventually this is going to change. Eventually something's going to happen. And you know, I would be very I will be very interested to see how this race tricks out this first Confederate flag lis race. I wonder if people are going to abide by that or if, you know, once the once the starting Horan is, but I don't know. They start the race once the you know, once people start racing, if you see some season flag, start to get unfurled and see some people showing up with hats and different things to ah, resist this because this is a direct assault on your heritage is a direct assault on you for your race. And I wonder if people are gonna take it lying down and not want to ruffle any feathers or if they will. Well, how long before an Israeli holding company purchases the husk of NASCAR? And then you can't even boycott it because it'll be a felony. Like when we get there. So anyway, I'll leave you with that black pill. We're gonna be back after the break with more fake nationalism. This time we're going to Austria. I am jazz and this is James. And we're here to pump you up full of hot takes on big nationalism will be right back. Grab your easel, your watercolors. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network A little come back with fake nationals racquetball swinging again Last time we were in here in the Philippines were moving continent by continent Now returning to Europe where much of this story has been. Which of these fake nationalist leaders have been, of course. And they're gonna look this time in Austria and the Austrian Chancellor not the Austrian chancellor. We would like to be taking a look at their obviously but the an Austrian chancellor nonetheless, and painting the picture, Moreover, of Austrian nationalism and what's going on over there with the Freedom Party in OVP and current Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz. This is a guy the last many people heard of. Austria was 2016 with Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party. But you know this. Ah, Austria's been back in the news, right? They've saying some totally based on nationalist things about migration. Prime Minister Sir Batter Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz has been really doing something, man, really standing up to the powers that be man, right? He's totally based. Let's go to Austria. But as we're gonna find out today, jazz as we seem to find out every week now, every example of fake nationalism across the world, nothing was as it seems, and it's all being set up to preclude riel nationalists from taking power. Is that about some of it? Yeah, I mean this this use of white nationalist talking points in a triangulated manner to get people excited for something new, something fresh eyes is something that it's time test, something that's been used in a variety of, ah, channels. They use it in the media. It's one of the reasons why a lot of these pundits and politicians, I mean, they do. They do pay attention to what all ends in this political spectrum are saying because they have to take that rhetoric and otherwise I mean, if Rush Limbaugh was, you know, booted up a show from 2000 and six, it's like it's not gonna It's gonna be totally out of orbit with everything else, so they have to sort of keep their finger on the pulse of where things are. The unfortunate side of these things is that they see the direction that things were going and they have crafted, um, painstakingly crafted candidates that they think the most people will buy. I mean, you are being studied. We are all being studied. We are all, you know. This is part of the polling. That's part of everything that's done. And they've come up with these candidates, you know, we're kind of on the far the further far right side of the spectrum. And so most of the candidates that they field seem, um, gayer to to us than what we would prefer. But the ideas air moving to the right and they pitch people that they think the majority of these conservatives will buy or could be sold through simulation in the media. But yeah, this is just another example of something to get excited about. And it's also an example of how they've taken a vehicle for what could have been an authentic right wing movement in Austria, and they've totally castrated. And, um, that's the story that we have today. Yeah, And that's why we're not going to start with Sebastian curses early life. We have to start further back. Start, you know, many decades back. In fact, our fear her back way. Dio Yes, we have two s s start at the beginning. Ah, with the origins of the Austrian Freedom Party, this is the FP Oh, there's the f p l. It's a Freedom Party and the OVP or over a pay for German Ah, which is the Austrian people's Party. So those are the two entities we're talking about here, But we begin a year zero for European and Western history, Of course, the end of World War Two Ah, and you know, we have to understand first what? The OVP in the Freedom Party. Oh, excuse me with the OVP and the People's Party are standing as a bulwark against what they were standing against for a time. So the Freedom Party of Austria was founded in 1956 as a Germanic nationalist liberal party with close associations with former Nazi party officials. In fact, its 1st 2 chairmen were former SS officers Anton right Holler and Friedrich Peter. And they went from being sort of centrists to extreme right back again. And they really came into their own as a far right anti elite, populist nationalist party from the ease onward, and they had some electoral success. As many of these these parties have 1999 they won 27% of the vote, and in early 2000 their leader FPF eo leader York Haider. Actually, they formed a coalition with the Austrian People's Party. This is something that will happen again, happen again just a few years ago, the former coalition government. So there you have it, right. F p o the hard right Nationalists are finally coming into power. Um, that's gonna be gay off. We'll talk about how that happened. So hater. His parents were actually Austrian Nazi party members, and he was a leader of the F p O youth movement in the 19 seventies for 10 years, and he then later become their became their youngest delegate to the Austrian Parliament. And he made a career. His career was in the party, anti immigration, anti you. And this was the first time jazz in 2000 the first time anywhere in Europe that a coalition agreement with a former Nazi party or Nazi aligned party was to set to become part of the European governments since the end of World War Two. So you can imagine, as this is happening as its nationalism is, is making this legitimate nationalism making a resurgence. Yeah, Chuck wasn't too happy about that. Oh, God. Time to do 9 11 right? I mean, that space really reaction. I mean, they probably this was something that they probably saw in all seriousness. They probably saw that this was happening in they just swooped in and slammed that old reset button time to do war with, uh, with Saddam. But in all seriously. Yeah, This shook things up, but there is not too distant past where things were on un. Ironically, whoa! Based And there was a reason taking excited about these things. But the tentacles have continued to make their way through the apparatus, where you just have to come to the conclusion that no one is coming to save us. There's no part of this system that is salvageable. I mean that you have essentially pieces of it that still exist that are suppressed and that are better compromised. But you just go back in this in this actually throws. Uhm the whole notion that quote, they already have what they want. End quote sort of analysis. Where in 2000 do you think they already had what they wanted in 2020? We look at this as you know, this is a new normal that is awful in it is. But in 2040 they have goals that they would have achieved. And so they saw this on the radar, and they we're looking reacting to this in a way that was not good. And they came in and they ah, they castrated this and the things that they do that they've done to the people that were in this pretty incredible. I didn't know what they had done to your Haider. This is incredible what they've done. But, um yeah, go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. So? So your Haider was wasn't perfect, right? But it was a fairly serious guy with good optics, good optics, the best optics. He frequently rankled the Jewish community there in Austria. Ah, he had a common joke for the leader of the the Viennese Jewish community. A guy named Ariel. Music can't Ariel is the name of a like a dish detergent, a laundry detergent in Austria. Haider would frequently remark that he didn't understand how someone named Ariel could have gathered so much filth around him. Pretty interesting. Ah, trace the words I that you're going to tell the joke about the his his description of World War two concentration camps is punishment camps. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And then he said the Waffen SS was part of the very mocked and because of that, they're veterans. That despair of honor and recognition that this guy, you know, you need a shot. And then when that guy music hand complained about receiving hateful letters Oh, God. Hyder said that music and probably fake the anti Semitic hate letters to himself in order to garner sympathy and stir up controversy. So yeah, this guy, he knew he knew how the game was played. He knew it was going Ariel Ariel Music on things like a soapy music merchant and the like, covered in filth. So So it's unfortunate aerial. It's like, Oh, God, aereo. Anyway, yeah, but, uh, mermaid, Yeah, these of these air the the the chips that had to fall. I mean, these were this is what they had to knock down in order to achieve these goals because they saw this. They saw the dissatisfaction with the post World War Two order. They saw that these old familiar apparat political apparatus seems to be coming back into the frame, and they have to shut it down. Um, and this is all part of and this is also around this time, the eighties and the nineties is when a lot of the Holocaust stuff was spinning up because they couldn't just have the same thing. Repeat again. They couldn't just do it all over again. Um, it was it was pretty spectacular. What they were able to pull off in World War Two is a war they almost didn't win. Actually, they don't want to take that risk. So they put something else in place. And that's that's how they got rid of these guys. Because without that narrative, you would have had a much wider latitude for a resurgence of this in Europe. And I think you're well, we'll see. I will go too far. Yeah. And you know, the other thing is, at the time in the nineties and early two thousands. This was when you had the you first becoming introduced talk of a one European currency being introduced, which later came to fruition W t o in the riots against that. So this was this was a time where people were first becoming aware of globalism, right? Globalism as a turban as a new There s a new world order. And, you know, people were were not liking that there was a lot of opposition they were facing to this. And so this is why they had to had to head this off at the past. And it explains why they did what they did to to the f p O and two Haider specifically. Now the FBO did have a problem, and this problem, like so many political movements, came from letting Jews into their midst. And this became a vector for, of course, Israeli surveillance and subterfuge. So throughout Haider's entire career, going back to the seventies, when he was a when I was a young teen, he was watched closely by Massad. He was actually one of the top worldwide. Massad targets his entire life. One of the guys they sent to watch him was an in Peter Sichrovsky, a just son of Hall, a coaster writers who was inexplicably allowed to become the party's secretary general. Yeah, big mistake. Haider Um Sichrovsky kept a record of Haider's conversations. These communications allegedly with Arab dictators, including Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, which were the people that you know, these terrorist financiers were fighting over there, right? Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure this guy was having lengthy conversations with Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. I'm sure that was definitely going on. Another Jew in the party guy named Walter Mice. Berger wrote a pamphlet after he left the party claiming that he was involved in taking illegal donations and laundering money on behalf of the Hussein family, just outlandish allegations about it. And of course, these were being put out there at a time when Europe was being dragged. Kin dragged along on the US Israeli project, the war in the Middle East. So of course, this would be very unpopular. Revelations were they to be true to be coming out. So, yeah, this was total character assassination. And they continued assassinating his character well his entire career after his death, which will get to But they were publishing left. His newspapers were publishing rumors that this guy was married, had two daughters. They were spreading rumors. He was gay. He was soliciting child prostitutes. They said that he was soliciting 15 year olds from Belarus. Wild, disgusting rumors about him. Um, even after his death, they kept doing this. In fact, it got so bad that his widow had to sue these papers in order to prevent them from spreading these things. So you could argue jazz and I This is what I was thinking about doing this research could argue that F. P. O was a gay out from the start because of the Jews that had involved in it. But when you look at the way they attempted to totally discredit it and what they did to your Haider specifically, I don't know. It seems like this is something that they were truly threatened by, and they really felt they had to destroy. Yeah, they had to destroy it. And in the long run, they they in place of this, they put in in something even better, right? Like we're talking about in the first half where and by even better, I mean, even better for them even better, because it's not just they don't want to just play whack a mole with these guys, right? They don't want to just keep having another Haider show up and have to, you know, frame him for being a homosexual. And this is This is where Epstein has come into play a lot, too. It's just like get these guys on something tangible, and then you don't have to play all these games. You just have a stack of videotapes in a safe, and you just remind, you know, have to remind people every once in a while, like where their bread is buttered and and it works out pretty well. But what's what works even better is tohave a something to take all of the energy that's going to come from people who are dissatisfied with the direction their country's going in. And rest assured, every passing moment in every country that is majority white is going to be in a step in the wrong direction, no matter where you are. And it has been for decades, and this is this has been the project, and so it's far better to have some other apparatus in place that they control that prevents people from even climbing the ranks. This is what we're talking about with this system that is totally immune to any sort of subversion. They view Ah Haider as a subversion. Imagine that this guy's a subversion of their system when from our perspective, it looks like we think we have your Austrian Or if you're American, doesn't matter where you are white European country. This is our country. This is ours. This is our political system. We're going to field candidates into our political system in six years. Does it make yours for 50 years? And you're the subversion. They subverted you. It's their system. They own this And so they're going to create their own apparatus, uh, further and further down the line to eliminate any problems that that that appear, Um and Ah, yeah, it's kind of funny how, how Haider, how Haider finally met his end. It's It's It's it's disgusting with these people have done well in its subversion, really is the perfect word because the f p o in these 1999 parliamentary elections they win second place, they get 27% of the vote and they're slated to go into it. Excuse me? No, they get, they win the plurality, right? So they're the most popular party in Austria and they're set to go into a coalition with the People's Party, which is the centre right. Essentially think Republican Party of Austria, or, even better, is Merkel's Christian Democratic Union. That's basically where they're at, so they're set to go into coalition, and York Haider is set to become prime minister. Now, this trigger is an international wave of shit. Sing all the way up to the U. And this causes Portugal, who at the time held the U rotating presidency along with the other 14 you states announced they would refuse to make any bilateral contacts with Austria essentially de platform ing Austria from European diplomacy. Not back any Austrian candidate seeking any position in any international organization and only receive Austrian ambassador's as a formality. If the F p o became part of this governing coalition. The prime minister of Portugal and head of the head of the U and this guy later went on to become head of the U. N. Antonio Gutierrez said Quote. If a party has expressed xenophobic views and which does not abide by the essential values of the European family comes to power. Naturally, we won't be able to continue the same relations as the past, however much we regret it. Yeah, and I'm sure they should really regretted what they did to Austria here. So they had the power you did. No, no regrets. No, no regulates. No. In fact, this guy got a promotion and I get a big fat promotion to become head of the U. N. For what he did. The Austria here they ah, you know, they were met with international pressure campaign. The you had the authority to suspend member states if they were in. If they were determined to be in a serious breach of liberty, democracy and respect for human rights, which really just means giving juice is what they want. So the F p. O was boxed in, and either Austria faced Total de platform ing internationally or they had to bend the knee. And of course, you could say, Well, they could have just, you know, stood up and fight it. But But ah, at what price? Right? At what price for the Austrian people. So Haider stepped down as chief of the F. P O. They gave up the chancellor ship to the Austrian People's Party, the OVP, and that was really the end of that. I mean, they went from being the most popular party in the country to total collapse, like slumming it 10% 17% of the vote. And it was over electorally for them. But just 13 days jazz. After the 2008 elections, the last one's Haider contested. He suspiciously takes his Volkswagen fate on for a cruise in southern Austria and ends up sending it at 90 miles an hour. Down an embankment, rolls over a couple times and is found dead. Police get there and wrap up the investigation. No evidence of foul play just just went off the road over and done. It's a little bit of wild. Driving. Isn't a Volkswagen. Fate on isn't at the V 12. Volkswagen said a made what had for. They're trying real hard tea break into that realm of automobiles, but it's really just an Audi. Let's just be honest, but it was more plastic. Less less. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and and they made it very expensive to So it's, you know, but whatever. But I mean, this guy, this guy, it's like we're expected to believe that, you know, we just he just happened. Uh, and this is why it's like even when the guy steps down, take a stand. I mean, you know, would it have been so bad for the Austrian people if these people are taking a stand? I mean, there's always like when you look back, there's always a point where a certain group of people, a certain generation, could have dunmore, and it seems like in those moments when there there was somebody there who said something that mattered, like we talked about with Henry Ford and we talked about with, um, we've talked about with Who's the general that got hit by a car over in? Yeah, I mean, all of those, all those guys. It seems like in that moment where there could have been a resistance. It's like they kicked enough legs out from underneath the stool that the rest of it couldn't stand. And that's always been the game that's always been the play, right? Well, there's always the thought that will get him next time to write because of thinking that Haider had and that people were saying, I'm always swings right? The other direction it was that was it in, You know, in two or four years or the next parliamentary elections will get an even bigger share, right. We'll get 40% 50% and they'll have no choice, right? They won't be able to force us out this time. We'll show them. But instead it's, you know, the OVI. What happened was the OVP. Just adopt some of their rhetoric on you issues and migration and people say, Well, you know, I won't get disowned by my family. I won't get ah, you know, face social criticism for being an O V B supporter. So and we'll get the same things is the f p. O. If we just do the good optics here with O. V. B. And you basically get Merkel is, um, for the next 20 years. Of course we don't. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes. I mean, we got a glimpse of it with Epstein. You got a very faint glimpse of it with Epstein and I like in what we know about Epstein with the book and the safe and the political black mound and all the things that have seen did would be like if you were in a like 85th floor of a building. Stick with me for this metaphor but 85th floor of a building skyscraper, Almeida Glass. And you have essentially a limitless horizon toe. Look at outside, but it's like someone spray painted over the whole thing. You can't see anything, you know there's something out there, you know there's something lurking out there. It's like Epstein and everything we know about Epstein. It was like somebody scratched a little bit of the pain off the window so you can see just a glimpse of the system that keeps all this stuff in place. But you can't see anything else, and you, like, run around looking to see if there's anything else, because it's like, Wow, I can catch a glimpse of something big out there and I saw what it was and I don't like what it was, but that's that's gotta what Epstein really represented. And we see a lot of the stuff now. I don't like dabbling too much in that because it comes off as excuse making for cooking. But I think that there is a lot more that, but people don't know. And some of these guys I'm not saying that they that they had, ah, kompromat on all of them. I don't think that's possible. But by the time you got to the point that Epstein was firmly in place, I don't know if Epstein had anything to do with these people at all. I'm just saying that that is a system of blackmail that has been replicated for millennia, like they have been doing that for a long time. Maybe not on videotape. Maybe not in quite the same ways, not maybe with Lolita Express, but they have done some of form of that. Some form of political blackmail, Um, all along the way. And sure, there are white people who are just gonna be who they get into this position for them. That's a payday, cause then I'm doing Let's have some guy bend over backward. But when you see a guy die mysteriously in a car crash 13 days after an election, they want to make sure that this guy never comes back. And to me, that says, when you see people die for inexplicable reasons and you see it happen occasionally to me, that means they don't have anything on that guy. Um, because why would they do? Why would they go through the trouble to do this to that guy? Um, if they had something on him to control him, they wanted to make sure that he never came back, that he never saw the simulated pendulum swing the other direction and see things get gayer than they were when he said, I will get him next time, guys, and it's It's an unfortunate phenomenon, but I think when these people are in these positions, they they have to somehow into the feeling of, Well, the next time is boot on the neck. You have to envision that because that's I mean you are now here. Do you think Haider in the year 2000 could have imagined black lives matter protests in Vienna 20 years later like Oh, yeah, it's no, and you make a good point. They probably didn't have anything else on this guy because he was surrounded by Massad. Asians. Massad agents were sent in to to do surveillance on him, and the best they could get is like notes scrolled, alleging money laundering with absolute zero proof, no record of it. And like supposed calls to Moammar Gadhafi, that's the best they dio. Yeah, a man. What you doing? What you doing? Their money launder. It's It's just like, Well, please launder this money. Love Haider. It's so funny that they try to frame frame these people, but But yeah, it's it's been it's been what they've because these air the hot spots where this stuff is most likely to return. These air people who have the most brutalizing experience in recent memory of dealing with Jews. And this is why they shackle these people the hardest. Yeah, poll area. Austria is technically a visit grad country. People think, Oh, it's hungry. Polling. What's up? No, that's the Austria's included in that as well, technically. And yeah, Austria, also being the gateway for migrants into Europe in to Germany. We saw this in the high at the height of the migrant crisis, with migrants coming over from Hungary and coming up through Greece, many of them going through Austria because of the that the topography of the region and the mountain passes that forced them to go through Austria. S so so. This was an important, important part of the path that they needed to clear out and and make safe for these these migrants that plan to set up there, and they've been planning that for for a long time. So the Freedom Party after Haider's death and after it fractured and became politically irrelevant for a few years, they spent the rest of the two thousands and 20 tens becoming kosher, certified under the leadership of Straw ASHA, who is now the leader, former leader of the Freedom Party. We'll talk about why he's the former leader later, Ron. One interesting note was in 2010 their presidential candidate was a woman. He Barbara Rosenkrantz, who I swore based on the name, was probably Jewish. But you look into it and it's like, All right, if this this is a Jew, it's like the weirdest Jewish flex. Well, that's that's the problem, people, People make this mistake, I think, with with the German names a lot Polish names as well. But it's like, Oh, God, Rosenkranz. But you get over there and it just starts toe. There's some easy ways to tell them apart, but then they then they play tricks on you with, like a S k Y versus SK I or um, or in M A n N or versus an M A n. They just, you know, it's like ones, one ones, not the other. But typically it's It's Yeah, but But Horst is kind of a giveaway because I don't think do you get I don't think you get Jews with the first name Horst. And it's definitely not especially especially not people who are former members of the NDP, the neo Nazi party who runs an organization to help, you know, give prison funds to impersonate neo Nazi activist. So yeah, It's like this was this was met with again much spritzing and international concern. And, you know, she had talked about decriminalizing Holocaust denial s so on and so forth. Fact checking as we as we call it now. So, yeah, that was 2010. But since then, dude, it has been all down hill. It has been all violas, m it ism the whole way. So we check in with F p o as of 2016 and they are now doing the migrants of the reality Semites Elect us Elect Nationalists because we're better for Israel bit. Where would they have gotten this idea to start doing? It's it's amazing. Where did this all come from? I mean, it's I don't know. It's kind of funny. And the idea that something based would rise out of this. It's just not just not reality, of course. You know, as casual observers and his mawr interested observers of the political system 57 10 years ago, in a new sort of way. You know, we didn't really understand the whole history. And this is why, when you talk to people in these countries, it's like, yeah, l o l and That's why from afar, people think that in the United States, you know we're based. That's why you know, people think, you know, people. People in other countries think Breitbart is like this hard core, like this hard core, like white nationalist website. It's like not same with Russia today. It's like Russia today is just like, trumpeting, like being. They were the ones pushing all the Finkel stuff. I mean, with with Soros and all that other stuff, they were pushing all that stuff that the people pushing. Um ah, Viktor Orban and everybody else. I mean, so it's just like it's it. It all depends on your perspective. But then, once you realized it all sort of makes sense that they would have the same system set up in the same place in this sort of the same way. And so once you sort of learn to recognize the people pieces on the board, it's sort of looking at the schematic for I don't know, Um, a prison system, right. You have you have a door here you have. You have, ah, bars the area of a window there, and with this whole thing, it's just like you're gonna have release valves here. You're gonna have people who are meant to subvert and turn away any sort of ah attack on the system here. I mean, it's always designed, sort of in the same way, because ultimately these kosher dichotomies always face the same threats, which is white people and others, not just whites. It's because blacks have started to figure this this power structure out as well, which is not good for them. In the long run, they start to see that these air problems So the system has to be erected in a way that stops all of this. This is why BDS um was was all of the legislation against BDs Ah, that was done to stop any sort of reaction to Israel. Right? But the reality is, is that there they come up with BDs while they do white BDs on us, right? Because everything this new normal when you talk about a new normal, that's just white BDs right. They are boycotting divestment and sanctions against white people. That's what the blood they should just rename the black lives matter movement to just white BDs. Because that's what it is. It's the movement to destroy white people and, um, they erected BDS legislation as Thean before to wipe BDs. It wouldn't be a reaction. Yeah, BDs actually is becomes an important part of this and BDs one of the focuses of the new pile of Semitic Austrian Freedom Party 2016 Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hoffer would have been better for Israel, says Jewish F. P. O M. B offer, as Austria's president would have produced a better result for Israel, according to Jewish MP for the Freedom Party David Elise are, he says quote, I think Hoffer would have been the best president for Israel because he knows everything happening in Israel. According to Laze, Our offer last visited Israel in 2014 during the 50 day summer war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Quote. The last time he was there, there were the rockets from Gaza to Sederot and also to Tel Aviv, so he sees the problems, Lazar said. Despite the party's defeat in the election, Lazar also says he hopes the F P O and Israel can work to strengthen their ties. He condemned the BDS movement against Israel and said quote, I hope that we can make a big step forward and that we will work much better together with Israel. My party, Mr Straka, Mr Hoffer and I and we can do much more for Israel and also for to Day and Samaria for the boycott because the boycott is a big problem for Israel. So yeah, 2016. This party, founded by SS guys and talking about Jews being dirty and filthy, is now fully on board with defending Israel. Israel's right to take whatever they want from Gaza and the Gaza Strip and, you know, fight a war against civilians and NBD s. That's a new focus of this this freedom freedom from BTS the new F p 0 2018 Austrian Freedom Party quote fighting tirelessly against 87 ism also claimed by David Lazer This guy has become sort of the f. B O's emissary to the Jewish community. Hey says that his family is sadly not unusual among Austria's community, having lost several members in the Holocaust citation needed. But in one respect, Laser stands out because of his membership in F p o. He says he joined FBO in the nineties because they were the only party close to the people, the employees and the workers. The forgotten man forgotten by the left. Right. Ah, And now he says he's proud to be an FBO because, quote, we are fighting tirelessly against anti Semitism, especially the anti Semitism imported through immigration. There you go. That's one of the biggest tells that you are dealing with a fake nationalist party. Is there the world migrants of the real anti Semites fighting migration? Because of the anti Semitism it brings? They do that everywhere they do in Italy, doing it in Poland. This is a big deal for them. Ah, he says that we're the only party to be fighting against anti sem m anti Semitism, together with our partners in government, referring to OVP who they were in a coalition with at the time, so hedge as we have them also expelling party members for hate. Mihm's for posting. Ah, for glorifying the Third Reich on WhatsApp. Yeah, this is not Ah, this is not a based party that's would infiltrate politics and get things done for you. They're there to site to suck away your time and attention and make you think like something is really going to be done. Yeah, it's It's been pretty bad. I mean, this is this is and then that brings us to occurs to, right? I mean, he is ultimately the product of this. And he's a guy who said at one point, we on the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Oh, good. We have a responsibility to fight for Jews in Israel. In Israel, we have, right, we have, Ah, we have a responsibility to fight for Jews in Israel. I mean, you can sort of expect this kind of rhetoric from somebody in Austria saying, Ah, you know, right wing. It's the sort of right wing or you'd expect them say I we believe we should fight for our Austrian Jews. But Jews in Israel it's kind of crazy. Why why are you going so far with this guy? But but that's what he does. Um, he is, you know, the well molded. Just go ahead. All. Oh, yeah, he's a passionate. He's a passionate defender and not even a defender. The he's a passionate advocate advocate on behalf of the Jewish community. Worldwide occurs. Yeah, and so the FBI on OVP that they were in a coalition government up until up until 2018 when scandal rocked the coalition, Straka was caught attempting to like award government contracts into to a Russian oligarch in exchange for favourable media coverage. Wow! And oh And he also had said that he wanted to base the model for the Austrian media on Viktor Orban in Hungary. So yeah, big fan of the Orban Netanyahu neck axis there. But so they were the coalition partners with OVP and remember as file A Semitic is f p o has become they were the radical far right coalition partner. So how gay and how far the feel of Semitic, the people's party. Well, the first tell is that they're the people's party. Get work, get Wilders McCallum, Ojul common All of these other people's parties we've run across you should know where this going by now. Ovp being conservative, they have been for most of their existence, actually the five themselves, explicitly as a Catholic, anti socialist party, very interesting, and boy, they're doing their best to fight for at least the anti socialism, making sure they get that accomplished. And yeah, I mean, people have outsiders. People look at this and say, Well, you know based young white guy chancellor. They must be cool notes, basically the Austrian equivalent of Merkel's CDU. But why did the based means start? But that's the question. Why would people ascribe this this fake fake nationalism to someone? That's an equivalent of a center right politician? Well, because he was talking the talk. And in in Austria in 2015 the migrant crisis was a big deal. They took in over 1% of their entire population in African migrants. They were one of the countries hardest hit by the migrate crisis, and they were looking for someone to do something about it. Do something, man. So when Sebastian Curse comes along and makes his election program all about order and security deporting illegal migrants, moving refugees to safe third countries, where have we heard that before? Bringing about a new points system for migrants? Wow, you know, this guy's saying the right things must be a serious guy, he said. Quote a situation like 2015. It must never be repeated. Our goal must be to properly protect the EU's external borders and to stop illegal migrants there, Kerr said. So, yeah, I mean, this guy was saying the right things. People were pissed about migration as they should have been. It was a huge deal. But of course, you start to peel layers back, and this is This is the story, for every thinkers does peel the layers back. And why is he upset about Islam? Well, it's because of the effect it will have on young girls who are forced to wear the he job. It's so it's not liberal enough jazz. We need to liberalize his love that it will be cool. Well, they tried to come after him for anti Semitism and what's interesting. And this is this is proof of what I'm talking about with these political fixers, like Arthur Finkelstein is, what you have on the other side was this guy by the name of Towel Silberstein, who is linked to billionaire Beny Steinmetz Oh Golod and has been battling money laundering allegations in Israel and blah, blah, blah, blah blah. He tried to use anti Semitism in the opposite way that Finkelstein did to try to defeat curves in the election. Um, and now he is tied with E who Barach and, um, very closely related to him. But he's he's essentially in Emmett, the nemesis of Arthur Finkelstein. If you're looking for the opposite, the V, the guy on the left who did this kind of shit and who worked for the other three. The other Israeli PM, it's tell Silverstein, and he was the guy that was trotted out to try to stop occurs, and he didn't succeed. In fact, bringing up the anti Semitism gave curves and opportunity to say no. Look, let me tell you how totally not anti Semitic Semetic I am and then go overboard with being Felix Semetic. So it's all. It's always the same game just over and over and over again. And it's the battle. I mean, this is the Jewish dialectic. In essence is you have Finkelstein on one side, Tal Silverstein and friends on the other side, and they're both essentially a tentacle, one each coming from each side of the Jewish dialectic. Whether it's Netanyahu, are you Barack and ah, you know, There you have it. So when you have these people popping up in silver screen still live, Finkelstein is not, um so it's kind of funny to see how this works. But these air the pros These are the guys they bring in, Ah, to fix the hole to rig the whole thing. Yeah, I think this is actually one of the most explicit examples of European and white politics being being converted into our being a Kabuki theater for Israeli interests, because in this case you have the food Barac wing supporting curses, opposition. And on the other hand, you have occurs. Who is Netanyahu's best Bud Rice guy isn't to become like like Netanyahu's lapdog. It's ah, it's pretty incredible how that works. I don't think we've ever seen another one of these European examples be as explicit. Is this well with Israeli adults? That's the battle for the heart of Europe. It's the battle for a state. Most likely, um, it straddles east and west. It was very closely tied with the Nazi regime. It's very white of, you know, these are the type of people who are going to react in the most negative way to Jewish interests, and they have to be controlled. So you see, you see the apparatus in the technical sort of a rise in a way that is sort of unavoidable, um, to conceal eso, that's that's That's why my fear anyway. And why that after, yeah, and so you know, occurs, walks or talks the talk on my creation and has the quotes and the one liners about never allowing the migrant crisis to happen again and closing the borders, shutting it all down. What did you do when he gets in power? And we're looking at some of what curses done in power on immigration. He has, in fact, opened the borders up for a very select category of immigrants. Descendants of victims of Nazis, jazz. Anybody who fled the country fled Austria under the Third Reich. Their descendants will now be eligible for citizenship of Austria, not residency. Full citizenship under a new law voted on Thursday by Austria's parliament, expanding an existing law that allowed anyone claiming to be a Holocaust survivor to get citizenship. So grandchildren, great grandchildren of anybody who claimed to have at one point lived in Austria can now flow freely back into the country. Wow, yeah, closed borders, right, Shutting, shutting everything down. Austria for Austrians, not so much that our welfare reform this is another example where people said, Wow, this guy's talking that he's saying the right things because he had promised to restrict welfare access to pee. Only people in Austria that could speak German that were were not oust Landers and outsiders. What does he do when he gets in power? He does his welfare reforms. That does. These reforms do limit the amount of welfare people can get if they're not Austrian citizens and if they're not German proficient. But where do the bulk of the welfare cuts come from? Yeah, they come from large families. They come from the Austrians. The few Austrians have had three or more kids that they see their monthly benefit cut by 25%. Ah, Austrians with five kids, you see the benefit more like 30%. So, yeah, this guy from this Catholic Catholic free market anti socialist party comes in and the people he targets with his welfare reforms are large Austrian families thing. All right, get the fuck out of here. Of course, every single time. Yeah. And then he gives big business whatever the fuck he wants as well. He comes in with his 12 hour work day, right? Saying and then the pill pool. It's incredible, right? He authorizes workers to work up to 12 hours a day if they want. But don't worry, it's voluntary. Don't have to do this. It's not like companies will now expect this of their workers and and implicitly demand workers do this. He does this, of course, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Industry, overriding the unionists and people that were raising concerns about this. And then we mentioned legitimate nationalists. People in Austria that are are you not a fan that will tell you the same things were telling you about occurs and the Freedom Party in people's party? Yeah. After the Christ church shooting, Kers comes out and leads the charge to investigate and imprison Martin Sellner, because Sellner had received, allegedly received a donation from Britain Terrace, right? And so Curse comes out, instructs his judicial system and his Interior Ministry, his state police to raid sellers home, confiscate his electron ICS, look for any possible record between him and shoot. Of course, there is none, right? Anybody? Congar the nation's do they want Curse comes out and says quote any connection between Christ Church and members of the identity areas in Austria needs to be comprehensively and ruthlessly investigated, adding that he had spoken to his justice minister, Joseph Moser, about the issue. So the idea of throwing the rial dissidents in jail, giving capitalism whatever it wants, All right? You know, I'm starting to see the based of in the air is wearing pretty thin for me. Jazz. Yeah, it is getting pretty tiresome. I mean, this is this is some of the more low hanging fruit, though, with this guy. But, I mean, people still got excited for it. Not as excited as Duterte, Not because you didn't write it. Really? I don't know any memorable Sebastian curves lines. Do you mean most of us can think of things that bull scenario did and whatever, but, um, it was dialed back a little bit more, probably because probably just a theory, but probably because if they go too hard in a place like Austria, they end up with goose steps in the streets. They go a little bit doing, and maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. But it seems like the places where they could have people go overboard and things get out of control is they seem to dial this stuff back. Whereas in in countries where they have things more in control, they're a little bit looser with with some of the rhetoric not always true, not always a 1 to 1 match there. But, um, it is an interesting observation that I that I like to see cause you where is this rhetoric in Germany, right? Like you, it seems to be very, very doubt back, but they seem to go in other places, you know, a little bit harder. So it just depends on where you Yeah, that's Yeah, that's Ah, good observation. And yeah, you saw the in the UK, right? Ah, they were allowed to do much more of the of the racism and the appeals to nativism with Brexit and UKIP in Farraj, which will have to talk about at some point because they knew that, like, they have this, uh, much more so than many of these other European countries. They have a police force that is capable, ready and willing to prosecute people that really get out of line and really become a threat. So, yeah, I mean, he does this stuff for capitalism, but all of that pales in comparison. It does not even compare to what he has done in Israel job. His main job is, ah, reason he's in office, which is to act as a dutiful servant of his royal and right hand man. The is learning from Netanyahu is really Netanyahu's apprentices, Austrian apprentice. So I mean, we could break this down in the anti Semitism stuff. Holocaust stuff. There's a little bit of everything here for a real Jewish potpourri, starting with the anti Semitism stuff. 2017 a potpourri. Oh God, it's something you put on the stove. I believe so. Uh, yeah, There's a rule hurled. Program Marie here move through 2017 curves was foreign minister. He followed Salvi's footsteps. Didn't he Just started his foreign minister. He led the push for Austria's government to adopt the international Holocaust Remembrance Associations definition of anti Semitism. This is, of course, the definition of anti Semitism that interprets any criticism of Jews, any analysis of Jewish group behavior or suggesting Jews are responsible for any social ill as anti Semitism and therefore illegal. He tweeted that the Austrian Council of Ministers had decided to take on the definition, adding that this was a crucial step in order to identify and combat anti Semitism Mawr easily with a universally valid definition. And later in 2019 he bragged to the Times of Israel that Austria has the strictest anti Semitism, anti Nazi laws of any country in Europe. He made this announcement interestingly, calling said, coinciding with Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, which isn't saying much because every day is Holocaust Remembrance Day. But he said that the F P o, led by Vice Chancellor Straw ASHA, has always rejected anti Semitic incidents and is committed to our common fight against anti Semitism, which is proper and important. So, yeah, and there's a good picture of your jazz of him whispering sweet nothings into the ear Holocaust survivor. This guy tops the charts, by the way, in terms of uncompromising or ah, unflattering, weird photos with use curses like right there. Number one, this guy. Yeah. Yeah, and it's kind of funny to going back to the towel. Silverstein stuff a little bit, too. Is that, um, interesting note? Is that George Birnbaum, who we've talked about before who worked for Victor Orban, uh, actually teamed up with Tal Silverstein to work against curse in this election? Um and you had Ah, you've had Silberstein and Ah, end Finkelstein working together, actually with with American Where did this go that I just totally lose what I had in front of me, OK? Eso Israeli consultant Tell Silverstein, together with American consultants James Carville and Stanley Greenberg have worked on a number of political campaigns across Europe. In 2007 Silverstein and a team of Israeli consulting partners, together with well traveled American consultant Arthur Finkelstein, worked on a Romanian campaign for some of the guy blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. American political consultants. Yeah, American, right? We just say Israeli political consultants working abroad frequently switch alliances between leftist and rightist parties. Like they're working with each other. They're working against each other. Um, these consultants have worked for you. Who? Barack. They've worked for Netanyahu. They play both sides. It's it's incredible how they continue to do this again and again and again. And, of course, you know, these are the guys that we've talked about before. That they don't want notoriety. They don't want to be noticed. They would prefer if you didn't know that they existed at all. Um, so yeah, eh. So what about this. This, um, who is this? The Social Democrat who ran in the race, Christian Kern was this in 2017? This is the Social Democrat candidate Christian Kern. I don't know anything about this guy that Kern could be an Irish name. Could be a German name can be in Austria. Named can also be a judge name, but I don't I don't know much else. But according to Haaretz, name calling, anti Semitism, racism, threats, leaks and going underground, the Austrian election will be remembered not just for the young age of the leading candidate for chancellor, but also the Israeli involvement that rattled the entire political system. If Foreign Minister Sebastian Curses elected Austria's chancellor on Sunday, he will be the youngest head of state in the West. At age 31 he leads the center right New People's Party, formally the Austrian People's Party, and is expected to take 33% of the vote and become the largest party in parliament. Chancellor Christian Kern, Social Democrat Party expected to come in third after the far right party Freedom Party hired Israeli political strategist Tal Silverstein toe wage a smear campaign against kers. Silver scenes clients have included Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, E. Who? Barack Andy who'd Olmert Silver scenes in team included Moishe, ACLU chef Shafee, Shake ID, Dahlia Scheindlin and as well as George Birnbaum, an American who worked together with the late Arthur Finkelstein for Avigdor Lieberman. Silverstein was fired from Christian Currents campaign after his arrest last August in connection with an investigation of corrupt allegations against Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz. So very interesting that these charges are brought against how Silver Stream by a jig Nat. And of course they went away to tilt the thing in favor of curse. It's like they just play the game Silver scenes campaign included two Facebook pages that made fun of curves, claiming that he was bankrolled by a Hungarian born Jewish financier and philanthropist. So they, you know, in order to listen to this I mean, the levels of this is just incredible. So people thought Curves was based, or at least some people were fooled into believing that curse was based. And so silver seen knew that that was the play being made by the other side. So what does he do? Is he creates Facebook pages that say this guy was funded by a Jew. So you see how they play this? They know that people that have that that we're going to support curves don't want anti Semitism. So they set up, Ah, thing that says, Oh, yea, like we're gonna pretend like this Israel. It's like maybe he was funded by a Jewish financier. Maybe it's true, but it's like, uh and of course, they're talking about Soros. So Silverstein takes the Soros MIM that Finkelstein set up along with George Birnbaum, and they use it on the other side of things to try to link someone that they want to destroy to sorrows it just again and again and again and again. Yeah, well, that would also have the effect of driving people that were considering making the optical choice. And voting for occurs back to F p. O, which has been completely compromised and subverted as well, right? And so you could see how they were. You know, they were angling here with this coalition that the new was going to become inevitable because the OVP was not going to form another coalition with the Social Democrats, where either way this shook out, they had their I mean, they had their hands in the pot and they stood the benefit. And what's so interesting then, is understanding this and understanding the Israeli apparatchiks that were involved in curses, campaign and election, and and the opposition to him to then see how he reacts to Benjamin Netanyahu. How we interact with Benjamin Netanyahu when he takes office. I mean, just listen to the headlines. Sebastian Kurtz, Benjamin Netanyahu's top European fan three days after election. Austria's Cure's is the only world leader to congratulate Netanyahu on his victory. Netanyahu to Austria's kers. You regret Ludo for Austria like that. That's how he talks, though, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. On a June 2018 visit to Israel, Netanyahu talked about Mr Curtis calling him a true friend of Israel. And the Jewish people like you moved a relationship between Austria and Israel was always very good. It's like, uh I mean, except for the time when it really wasn't back 60 years ago. But you are taking it to greater heights. Netanyahu concluded. Yeah, well, yeah, well, in this this work that Silverstein did for Austria Social Democratic Party, I mean, he was facing charges for violating anti Nazi laws on Facebook for the things that he was doing, um, with with accusing, accusing curves of being linked to Soros. I mean, I really think that they wanted Christian Kern to stay in or at least be kept in place to sort of carry out some of this jig nat stuff. But they got it anyway. It's like, This is this is how they win by always setting up the win win. You don't want to be the guy that sets up the lose lose. That's not That's not That's not good. Um, but they set up the win win, and it's like we occurs. We get Kern, we're gonna get West Bank. We're gonna get Jerusalem like we're going to do whatever we want. We got towel over here. We got Arthur over there. We got George here. I mean, when we say the game is rigged, this is what we mean. Whether they're rigging it here at the ballot box, it's rigged. They've rigged the system. So yeah, in the play, all these games with you know, do you really think Towel Silverstein is gonna be charged with anti Semitic hate crimes in Austria? Fuck no, Do you really think that they're going to charge him with the suspicion of money laundering, obstruction of justice, bribery and other crimes, you know, taken back to Israel in all the students sick? No. They just create an exciting battle for the far right within Austria's political system. And, ah, you know, a lot of people figure this out. People knew what was going on, but a lot of enough people don't. And that's the point, right? We have to make sure that people don't keep getting tricked. And most Austrians probably knew what was going on. But enough people, you know, that the biggest danger is the people that are not in Austria that don't understand Austrian politics, that see this from afar and think they sort of, I don't know, um, extract some sort of comfort from seeing somebody saying in mouthing the right talking points and then sort of just being like, Well, there's some part of this system that Satan salvageable Andi, That's okay. So therefore I don't have to do any. Anything else is doing something. People reacted occurs not with the same excitement that they reacted to Salvi ni or to Brexit or deter today, etcetera. But they heard what he saw on immigration and think about it. How many times does your average They heard what he saw? E. I mean, they saw what he had said. Yeah, they saw what he heard on immigration. It saw and heard about the magnanimity of the equanimity of his stance on immigration. And think about it. How many headlines does your average like Apple News? IPhone news Consumer See. But Austria in a year, right? One, maybe two. Uh, like the Austrian Grand Prix and Curse says no more immigration. All right, cool. We're done right? So people see somebody saying, Yeah, migration is under control. We're not gonna let the migrant crisis happen again and they want their hands. Wouldn't think. Alright, always good in Austria. Move on like let's get selfie. Let's let's let's go get self. Any elected. Let's go on to think next week, Nationalist. And so they think that things are under control and there right things are under control, but they're not under your control there under George Birnbaum's control, and they're under Benjamin Netanyahu's control. And yeah, and you know, these accusations of anti Semitism that air spun up. This is all of course. It's a layup, but this is a layup for them to then slam the ball down, spike through the hoop and say No. In fact, we love Jews. In fact, we are going to be the best for Jews. F P O took this and slammed the ball down. Said were the rial friends of Israel Ovp has done this occurs with, you know, dozens and dozens of quotes about how much he loves Israel, how sad he is for the Holocaust, how the Holocaust is Austria's responsibility. We can never forget. So on and so forth. Yeah, this is all just setting up auditions for them to prove their allegiance, to bend their knees. This is the rial important need. It's being taken in the world is the for Israel. It is in these characters. I mean, what I'm learning about Silverstein as well is that you know, he set up these offices in Vienna with Stan Greenberg and James Carville. So good old boy down home dreams. Carville. Yeah, Clinton guy. Yeah, he's over. I mean, when you hear about Manafort running and working and all these foreign elections, I mean That's what these guys were doing. It's, you know, this is also how they work in eat all year long to is there's always an election somewhere and they just keep going from place to place. But But yeah, I mean, it's almost like these guys are assigned to different countries. That could be problematic And tell Silverstein had Austria. Arthur Finkelstein had hungry and if Mary out of other countries. And it's kind of funny how all this works and ah, you know that the jig is up. I mean, people are starting to figure this out. I'm glad that they are. I mean, look how long we had to be paying attention to this and understanding what was going on in order to finally get down to brass tacks on everything. But it took some time, and we're here. And, uh, there's more to cup on all of this, so Oh, yeah, that's exactly right. Yeah. And the, you know the journeys Journey's not over, right. Gonna fill the bill, the bus up with gas and keep on rolling across Europe with a few more baked nationalists Yet to be yet to be smashed copes yet to be run over the Coke steam roller keep on trucking. So, yeah, more work to do. But, you know, it's good. And it's, uh it's It's freeing to not be keeping, like having to keep tabs on all these different based parties across Europe. Like what? What his leg gonna do? What is Freedom Party gonna do? What is UKIP party gonna do? No, just forget it. Like these people are not were secretly working, pulling the strings, working their way up to do things on your behalf. They're doing things on behalf of Israel, and they're following the instructions more up in the nut of these Jewish consultants from the consultant class that are disciples of Finkelstein. That's who's over in silver scene. Yeah, we have to keep tabs on these people will keep tabs on them. You can keep tabs on them. And the purpose isn't because you're gonna get something transactional out of its to call it a farce because these things don't work when they're called out, right? Like if you if you go out and get excited for next fake nationalism than the trick work like you got excited for that thing. You hear somebody say something that you like that sort of eerily familiar to something that you believe. And then you sort of project onto that person or that politician. All of these things that don't exist, like I've done that. I know what that feels like. I've been there. Never again. We're not doing it anymore. And the point is, is that you got to see how these things develop because they're going. They have There is always a next trick. They always have to come up with something else. They can't just stop. Um and so the point is, calling those things out and when you call those things out and you see the system react to it, that's where I think it really gets down. Um, to the Varity said Brass tacks will say brass tacks again. Why not? That's where it really gets down to brass tacks guy of because then because if you just cheer on the trick, then the trick worked. You have to call the trick out and say, This is a trick. I reject this play that you're trying to make on me, and they're gonna have to come up with something different signal. I don't want that. Thank you. So we'll keep doing that and see what that nets us, but yeah. Anyway, hope everybody has a good rest of the week. We got jazz and Jesse tonight and more to come this weekend. More neat dives. More hot stuff. Reacts in the whole lot more so that you guys."}],"