FTN 060720 - June 7 2020 - FTN 318 The Protocols of Blackwashing

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welcome. Ftn 50 and 3 1903 19 I'm jazz hands fields here but somewhere chips are that somewhere Is here a lot of stuff to talk about today, James, we got a very full deck room talking about black stuff. Gotta dio gotta do that. We have some ESPNU escalations. We're talking about the antifa, um, uncovering revealing docks ing and take down. That's going on right now. We're also gonna talk about ah, some some esoteric shit. Ah, some 115 year old esoteric shit and, ah, you know, some other stuff. So it's gonna be a nice mixed bag. Very nice mixed bag that you guys are gonna enjoy. I think very much so. James, How the hell are you doing, man? What's going on? Doing well doing well? Yeah. We're gonna be doing a little ah, little trip through past, present and future here in terms of what we're talking about today should be good jazz. You know, I was have been taught all my life to be concerned about the rise of the American police state. But this weekend we're getting We're getting a little taste of the American police state, and it turns out it's just overweight. Guards been doing the Macarena on black Lives Matter Plaza. So it turns out, I guess we have nothing to worry about after all. Guess not. Yeah, there's a there's quite a bit going on. I mean, one of the biggest escalations now is that the D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser has renamed 16th Street in D. C. Black Lives Matter Plaza and ah, that's a permanent name change. By the way, it's not just the street sign has been renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest, which you can see there the ST John's Church in the background, literally across the street from the White House. You go across the street from there and you're at the gate and, ah, you know, in the Lafayette Park and then the front of the White House. And so she also painted. She also had city workers paint, um, black lives matter than with the D C flag across the street. So they are marking their territory. This is our city and ah, not your city in Trump, you know, and whoever is just, you know, white people are just guests in the city. For a long time, D C. Has been a black city. I mean, it wasn't always that way. Ah, lot of these cities. Um, right on the Mason Dixon line. You know, it's it's kind of funny. They kicked off the Civil War, and ah, then all of a sudden they got blacked. And, ah, you know, Maryland used to be a really nice place. Baltimore used to be a really nice place. All of these places used to be great. And then, ah, you know, they all got blacked. Um, even California used to be a white milk and honey paradise, and then, ah, you just had had all this happened. And unfortunately it's it's taken on that that that character and even in the 19 seventies and eighties D. C. Was a lot worse. But the gentrification, it just pushed them out into what they call. I believe the Ninth Ward, which is the Ninth Ward, is the joke. I think there's only eight wards in D. C. I forget what it is to either five wards and then There's one Maurin. The one more award is essentially PG County. So all the black people that used to be in the city that caused all the problems in the seventies eighties? Yeah, they're just on PG County, but the crime stats have just shifted. So when they talk about Oh, yeah, I cleaned up D C. Who's a crack smoking mayor. I can't even remember who that is. Mayor Marion. Barry. Marion. Barry, Right? Marion Berry, the crackhead. Ah, guy got caught on video smoking crack in a hotel room. Um, yeah, really cleaning up. They just shifted all of it out into PG County and elsewhere around around the general vicinity. But, yeah, it's their city, and they want to make sure everybody knows it. And Ah, yeah. I mean, what this is This is more of calling Trump's bluff, right? He's not gonna do anything. He did the Bible, the arm flailing appeal to, you know, implicit appeal to White base, which doesn't give a shit about it, ended up being more of a joke. And then, ah, it's just, you know, amplified. Ah, the aggressors even more. And he's not gonna do anything I'm gonna do anything. Nothing about this is gonna be put down. So there you go. No. Yeah, there's there's not gonna be anything on the matter. And I think that's we talked about this before. But this is one of the good takeaways from all of this is people across the country are are looking at this white people are looking at this, rightly horrified at what's going on. The renaming of 16th 16th Street to black lives matter pulls as the sign says, and ah, thinking Okay, who's gonna do something about this? And then you see the National Guard activated and you think Finally, somebody's getting there, getting tough. You better. You Lueders better watch out because the guard is coming. And then you see the videos of the guard in these major cities like dancing, hanging around, working with the protesters, order not to carry arms. And so it's like you're running down the checklist like okay, my local cities. Not gonna saving my state is not going to save me. Trump is not going to save me. What's left for me from the system at all? Do I? Where do I see myself fitting in this? Where do I see myself benefiting from this and the answer is nowhere. And the more people that recognize the answer is no where the better it is because then you can start to grapple with some of the hard truths instead of the copes instead of stepping firmly on another rake. Yeah, it's It's sort of like watching um, Justin Insane asylum on the loose. It's like almost everybody is under the influence of of a mind altering substance. And that substance is, um, Jewish propaganda. I mean, it really is like the idea that you know these guards air out. Then we're gonna talk about, like, just There's just the absolute state of mind for some of these people when we talk about some of these NFL guys in the statements that they have, ah well that they've had written for them. These aren't the words that they've written, but these people are all just totally under the influence of this. And there's no other way to describe because, you know, it's easy to go out on social media and see other white reactions to this. But this is the result, and this is something that that I noticed immediately in the aftermath of Ah, the black lives matter stuff in 2014 2015 2016 was Everybody knows this. Like if you paid even casual attention to the television or media or commercials or whatever is you had blacks shoehorned in two very normal white, these sort of roles, whatever. Whether it's the family grandpa standing at, you know, over in standing in a house that's clearly decorated for white people, professionally decorated. And it's just a black family that seems so out of place. And, you know, I'm sure that there are some talented 10th black middle class, but they, the media, made that seem like the norm. Just like you goy there, just like you, every single one of them, not the people that you see on the streets. Not the people that the cops are encountering on a regular basis because middle class, sweater wearing black guy grandpa, he's not. He's not the guy like resisting arrest. Those people are few and far between, but they made that seem like the norm, whether it's a car commercial, whether it's anything and they've been doing it, you know, since the seven with the Cosbys and everything else, but And in the last four years, it's been every instance you could not go through. I would sit down and just casually watch television. Something happened to be on and every single commercial break in every, let's say they're five commercials in a commercial break, every single one of them, or at least four out of five. No, no less than that will feature all Blacks in some sort of normal situation. Now, psychologically, what does that do to people who consume lots of television? Now we realize that media and TV and social media especially or bad and you know, to the extent that we engage with it, it should be done sparingly. I get people want to indulge in this, but if you are doing more than indulging in it and you're like, literally just bathing in it, you're just hooked up to the television 68 hours a day consuming. And you know this is my guilty pleasure, or even if you're not one of us, and you're just this is great entertainment. This is your outlet for fun. What psychologically is posited in your head over four years of consuming that and that you know there's all the psychological stuff with, you know, people being addicted to glowing screens and everything else. When you see normalized like this, you think that the people the the few and far between instances of police brutality are people who are just like you, middle class, grandpa in the sweater, in the kitchen. You know, just trying to have Thanksgiving just like you, you know, just going out fishing and, you know, flying airplanes or whatever, whether it's like, you know, the just like you. And so that that is the reaction that you see now where and then they create they've erected this boogeyman of white supremacy, which, uh, does not exist, but they try to manifest that white supremacy in various ways. We talked a little bit about on the midweek with these private military contractor looking guys all over the city, and we're going to have a little bit deeper on that. But one of the reasons why they have those guys out there rather than you know, they have the National Guard doing the twerking. But these private military contractors are not doing the twerking. These are the guys. These are the right heavily armored riot police that are in military style uniforms with no insignia, no identifying emblems or name badges. Protesters have been shouting at them to identify themselves. A couple of them have managed to figure out that some of these guys they're part of the Bureau of Prisons. Riot police. Ah, lot of them are different government agencies. In fact, since 9 11 there are 75,000 of these guys employed by the US government that are not FBI. Not DHS, not D a. Not CBP. They're not like name badge, sort of law enforcement guys. They're just like this. And so if you're a protester and you're out on the street and you see one of these guys and you can see pictures of these guys all over the place I mean these guys Aaron, you know, there where it's like where Whatever the fuck you want, bring whatever fucking weapon you want, Where whatever helmet you want, they all look different into a protester. And you see these guys in their 95% white? I don't I haven't seen a non white in any one of these pictures of these guys. What would your impression be these guys air indistinguishable from the larvae militia survivalist guys that were on the steps of the Capitol in Michigan. These guys air totally indistinguishable from three purse. Right? So your impression as a protester in the city seeing these guys around, thousands of these guys stationed around the city not military, not police. What do you think these are? These guys look like white militiamen, right, James? I mean, and it's it's meant to make you know they're there to protect Jewish institutions, but they're there to make the protesters think that this is the manifestation of white supremacy on the streets. No names, no emblems, no badges, thes air, just white guys with weapons who will fuck you up. But these guys are gonna do. I mean, they'll protect, you know, the Department of Justice from damage, of course. But other than that, they're just meant this is just supposed to be something that you think is really scary. And it's not cause white supremacy doesn't exist. Well, that's exactly right. And that's actually what I was going to say about the garden and the police is that you cannot believe you cannot continue to believe there is a white supremacist state, a superstructure needing to be dismantled When you see if you're protest or if you see the videos that are coming out of these protests, where it's protest, it's rioters and riot police hand in hand. In many cases, you know, kneeling together, praying together, white white cops getting down to their knees, bowing to these protesters. You cannot look at that and incredibly say there is a white supremacist structure of these people are a part of and they're enforcing. So like that just it just falls flat. And so you have these PMC guys. I don't know if there even authorized to make arrests or if they're just off. Oh, no sports, No, listen to this, one of the agents said in other some nebulous rules around this, there's some marked their what? Some. You'll see some white Mark Patrol vehicles labeled as United States police like What the fuck is that? It's called the United States Police. Well, this is part of the C. I. A secret Security Protective Services, which provides security of the CIA in the office of D and I. But they're allowed to be deployed in the city and According to one of the agents. It's like, Yeah, I mean, we really can't arrest you, but we can kill you if we have to. So, like they don't have an cuffs, They just have, Ah, 556 And if you fuck with them, it's basically like, you know, shoot first. Ask questions later. I mean, that's That's the reality of what this is. So yeah, no, they do not make arrests. Well, yeah, and these guys can can easily get re station protecting an oil tanker around the Horn of Mozambique or something, because that's where a lot of this PMC work comes from. This when it's when it's not doing stuff like this. So yeah, but I mean eso it's important they have an avatar out there That's right, because you can't tell them can Let's just call them JMC. They're not really private. I was calling the PMC when I didn't know what they were, and I still have like in the prep PMC, but they're really jmc these air Jewish military contractors. They are They're stationed around the city station around the world, um, to protect Jewish interests. And they have been growing 2500 new officers per year since the year 2000. And that is the equivalent of the entirety of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and explosives. Because now the A T F e now, um, every year, 2500 new officers joined these ranks every year. Because these guys can be to blade wherever you don't have to have an insurrection act properly. Proclamation to put them down. Now, this isn't Trump doing this. This is the Jewish apparat apparatus making sure that these air in place big, big, big old Bill bar when or whenever he's out there in the Rose Garden, sweating full covered in slime and just yeah, anyway. Yeah. And you remember when, like 10 years ago, when the left made a big deal about Blackwater And how we need Eric Prince is a terrorist. We need to tear it on Blackwater and its seeing. You're not seeing those costs that cedar. Betsy DeVos, his brother, by the way, You know the Eric Princess? Yeah, I didn't know that until recently. It's like, Wow. All right. Um, yeah, but you notice that there aren't writing articles about these PM PM CEO jmc James C. They're not writing articles about them other than who are these people. And then they tell you who they are, and then they sort of just say like, yeah, they can. They can arrest you, but they can kill you. So it's kind of just like putting it out there. But yeah, when you have the rank and file identifiable National Guardsmen, Guardsmen and ah, the cops out there doing the Macarena and dropping to their knees I mean, they've been ordered to do this. That's not a cope on my part because I don't have a dog in the fight who is far as they're concerned, they will be told to do whatever they want. And in some cases, um, some some of these policemen have just decided to quit, and we'll talk about that as well. But yeah, I mean, this is the way that they mean the white supremacy. They have to keep it going because, you know, they would love to have that neatly folded. Um Ah. Who windmill of bees flag fluttering around in one of these protests to to do that on its own 2.2. But no, I mean, if they could just make it seem like white militia or down there. And it's sanctioned by the government. Sure, Yeah. Blacks just thing. Yeah. What supremacy? Here we go. So we'll just wait till you get until you get some Iron Cross like skateboarder tattoo on one of these guys, his arms or something. And then it's like, Oh, see, see, we told you, there are white supremacist militia. Some guy, some guy just liked independent wheels and trucks and, you know, it was really into boarding. And now he's, Ah, now he just likes out of on Bismarck. That's that's what that is, right? He's second, right? Confuse this. Yeah, well, it's just such a hard sell. I mean, I saw an advertisement this week Coca Cola running a Black Square advertisement on Instagram, saying, We're giving millions upon millions of dollars to you know, so and so black organization. And then there was a list that came out this this week. Of all the companies giving money to varies black groups, Jewish groups as well. The splc, of course, wetting their beaks. You know you have apple. You have just name, name your company. They're all doing the bit So when you have the corporate superstructure on your site clearly on your side, you've read it. We'll talk about Reddit later, changing their there avatar to a black ah, black Reddit. Er, alien dude, It's like this whole corporate superstructure is on your side, and then you have the government, like if you if this was a white supremacist state, these people would be mock arraigning and then, like just opening fire on the crowd. This isn't happening. So where are you from? Where are you deriving your white supremacy? They're running out of options at this or a white supremacist state. I mean, everyone in Charlottesville, uh, there would be no 400 year prison sentences like then none of these things that have these these air inexplicable. And they're they're things that blacks don't pay attention to don't know about. I mean, Daniel Shaver. You know, it's It's like nobody nobody knows about these things unless you're in our thing. Because the media as the apparatus for determining what is, uh, in the veins of the American populace or not by lies of omission, they decide ultimately what it is. I mean, I just reject the premise outright that there is any inequality or discrimination going on at all. I mean, I know it's sort of a basic argument, because thes people want to not be encumbered by any of it. The incumbents of having to obey by the rules of a A society that I guess came out of up from white people is white supremacy. These people want to do whatever they want. But see, it's kind of funny how this works that this that this Ah, these chimp outs have actually been providing more fertile ground for outrage over law enforcement. Right? You have the protests you have because you have got you have cops doing the Macarena and shit like that and getting on one knee. But you also have police, um, actually protecting the city. At least they're trying to they they have not been given orders to do what they're doing. So in Atlanta, you have Half a dozen officers have been criminally charged after bystanders tweeted footage of an arrest of two black teen do nothing's who refused to show identification. Um, you know, they just I've seen the video. I don't think you saw the video. Two of these two blacks in a car. Um, the cops are like just being calm at first. Like give us your license, step outside and then just total resistance from these guys and they got pulled out of the vehicle physically. And now six officers have been criminally charged for pulling these guys out of these just bystanders. It's like, No, they have their car parked in the middle of the street. They're sitting there saying nothing in pretending like the police don't exists. Like, answer the fucking question. But they don't, and they got yanked out There are. So yeah, this idea And this is, I mean, but this is what's with the new Normal is right. This is a criminalisation of any white and non white interaction where you urinate zero win situation. If you're white and you're forced, interact with POC. You're in a zero in situation because if you even make them uncomfortable or if they claim that you've made them uncomfortable, that itself is a micro aggression. And like the opening gambit here is you being filmed and harassed and fired losing your job. It goes all the way up to 400 years in prison execution whatever else these guys that ah, that were involved in the Floyd thing you're gonna get. So there's really just no no good options here, especially if you're a police officer, because in your line of duty, you're going to have to interact with criminal blacks. There's no way around it, no matter where you are, no matter how white your community and you're going to be. And this is why I think you're going to see more and more cops just quit the force because they cannot deal with the mental stress. They can't deal with the risk of knowing that. No. If they even if they do their job by the books, according to the protocols, they can still will not. Not according to the rial protocols, the ones that really matter. But according to their departmental protocols, they can still lose everything. So what's the point for them? Why is it worth the pension? Yeah, well, and because there's so much video on these protests you're gonna have This is sort of a a self fulfilling prophecy, in a sense, so they have. And there's a lot of weird stuff about the Derrick show. Vin, um, George Floyd bit like these two guys working at a nightclub together and you know, the not just the fake $20 bill, but the fact that there was just a stream of, ah, counterfeit currency going on and make maybe through the club. Maybe money laundering, maybe Jewish minor laundering, Usually where there's money laundering, it's a Josh. I mean, that's how it usually goes. But I don't know, I can't speculate. I do know that they work together at the same place. And I think over time we're gonna find out more details. Or maybe not. Like we never really found out more about fucking comped in Las Vegas. I mean, we just never found out. So sometimes, you know, it's like you hang your hat on. Yeah, the truth will eventually come out that really we don't know much about Las Vegas at all, But But this this this is provided fertile ground for more this. So in Austin, you have 20 year old protester shot in the head with a beanbag bullet was left with brain damage, implying that this 20 year old protester didn't already have preexisting brain damage, not a pre existing condition with the protesters lose another loose in California officers sitting in a police car in Vallejo. This is becoming a big deal because the guy that, um the the black lawyer who was representing the Ferguson I don't even remember these black saying Crump. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Killed a 22 year old man who is looting a Walgreens. And they told him to stop. And he reached in the front pocket of his hoodie for what they thought was the gun ended up being a hem or really doesn't matter. He's dead, and that's it. And that should that should just be how that goes. But that's gonna be another thing that's gonna be like, these things are gonna be developments that just carry this thing on forever. Police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, fired pepper spray balls. A journalist fucking based, Um, Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Oh, yeah. Miami Herald reporters filmed officers who were shooting a violent protester in the head with foam rubber bullets, causing her to scream. Wow, she got shot with a Nerf gun. And that's why we have to shut down the entire fucking society. It's like, you know, one of those Nerf guns, like the rotating turrets like the bump the pump screams. It's like it's like, Well, time to shut it all down, Like, you know, 2 3000 years of fucking human history. Medicine, science, aviation, spaceflight, everything. Every white achieve. We gotta shut it all down. Just fucking painted over with black, right? So, fucking Christ, lady, you're supposed to grab it and loaded in your gun and shoot it back out. Doing yeah, right. Exactly, Uh, murdered, like, dive behind a couch or something, but yeah. Then you, Then you put. Then you put this in here. So Sara Grossman, No gold. They have. Ah, they have another show here in Columbus, Ohio. A Jew. Sarah Grossman protester was literally gassed to death. James. Yes. She, uh, yeah. 6,000,001 and counting. Ah, they was in a protest group, and they had tear gas or pepper spray fired upon them and triggered her Esma, which she suffered an Isma attack and died from that, and Ah, yeah, the replies here. Great. Like she was an American hero. Yeah, right. She will. She will probably be movies made about her asses. Some sort of superhero and just Yeah, disgusting. No, man. Yeah, they're gonna they're gonna end up like Mount Rushmore. Just carving that all down. And the Sarah Grossman, Heather higher. Ahmed are very. There's George floor. There's not enough granite for that beak at Mount Rushmore. So do that. I mean, they'll have to bring it in. They're just not gonna work, so they'll try, but yeah, this is Ah, this is this is kind of Ah, I forgot. I was gonna say about about her. There is something I was gonna say. It doesn't matter. Oh, I was. I know, in a just world, the cops would be if this were a white supremacist. Stayed an anti Semitic white supremacist state. They would be crawling through her social media and looking through her mean folder and looking through her private text messages at all the disgusting anti white fuck the goyim bullshit that she's done cause we know she has they all. Do we know it? We know it. We know that she's sometime in the last week. She has done fellow white shit to somebody in some forum, and then on the other side of that, she's done fellow Jew shit, so no, I don't care about this I'm not sad. She should have been out in the streets. She should have been, you know, some with a green eye shade on like ripping somebody off. But I don't know. I mean, that's what they do, so I don't know what So a car should have been to the in the back room of that club at the show and work that doing the money laundering bit. But you know, that's the That's the wild thing about all of this is you Look at the way these blacks are behaving these anti far behaving and just rioting, looting, destroying, attacking with with no thought to the repercussions. No, no consideration for any of that. And then you contrast that with what you have to go through under this system, this white supremacist system in this white supremacist system, if you are someone that doesn't like diversity or doesn't doesn't is critical of Jewish power in any way. You have to be like, you know, that any arrest for any minor infraction is going to involve a total evaluation of you, your politics, whether there was some conspiracy to do something or not like the standard of scrutiny for people like you because of your race and your politics is astronomically higher. We're not even talking the same. Its income is incomparable. It's to what they go. It is polar opposites. It's it's literally black and white, I mean, and such to the point where it's not fit like they wouldn't they wouldn't show you what on her, What's on her Facebook? Her Facebook no longer exists. Her Twitter no longer exists. Like all of these things, they have gone out of their way to make sure that no one will ever be able to point to anything that she's done and make a big deal about it, even if 1000 people know and nobody else does. So yeah, it's it's just totally upside down. And so ah, compilation of videotaped incidents posted on Twitter by a North Carolina lawyer stood at 300 clips as a 500 as of Friday morning. So um yeah, this is like I said, this is gonna be the gift that keeps on giving from now far out into the future. And and, of course, who were the the protesters, right? You're not going to see videotapes. Maybe you'll see videotapes of, ah, cops doing stuff the white protesters, I mean, whatever. And though you use those to show that white people are doing violence and whatever, but a lot of the people that are at thes things are non whites. And so it's just fertile ground for them to do this stuff. And then, you know when you have Ah, what was that? Keith Ellison. Ah, Minnesota put forward. You know, spend was talking about this on Friday where, um, they essentially have d criminal. Well, if you resist the police, the the S. O. P. The standard operating procedure for those of you re ran lander is to just walk away if they start resisting. And so that creates a scenario, whether it's all gonna resist, and that's how they're gonna get a trouble and when you have no arrests and you have no prosecutions because New York in D. C. The prosecutors, the chief priests of the San Hedren in both of those. So those cities have said that they are not going to prosecute any protesters. So if you know you're not gonna get prosecuted, that means you've been given a blank check to do whatever the fuck you want. And if a cop stands in your way, that's it. So in one sense, you can understand why the cops are just like, you know, what path, path of least resistance is to just fucking quit. And, you know, the ones that are out there doing the Macarena. I mean, maybe like that, you know, if they quit, it's like they have wife and kids and, you know, they have financial considerations and whatever. But the chat, the most Chad move, you can make its with this Buffalo emergency response team. Did, um, they, ah, there to cops that were suspended. Who pushed Martin Gugino? Mamma Mia Gugino causing him to stumble backward and hit his head on the ground. It's like, Oh, no, hay was charging at them as they were. They were forcing the crowd back. And this guy runs up and tries to make a scene. Yes, it and a shovel in the ground. So after someone's like charging the police, when they're when they're thwarted by the cops and they fall backwards, it's like they shoved him to the ground. It's like what was he doing right before that in charge? Dude, it's that Mihm of the guy on the bicycle with a stick in the spokes all the time. It's like if you resist in any way, you're the aggressor. That's how this shit works. And so 57 of these emergency response team members have all resigned. And I heard the ah, the I think it was the mayor talking on the news this morning saying, Well, I guess there's nobody to prep Detect the city now. Ah, you know, I don't I don't know. We're gonna dio It's really shame on these guys for a shame on fucking you. Shame on these guys for leaving me on. Pretty fuck you Stand behind the cops, man. If you if that's what you want, Like I mean, that's the thing. It's like I get it like, you know, not everybody wants toe. There's some minutes about about the police and the way that police behave and they're not they're not there to protect us. So you know what I said last weekend still rings true. If they're not there to protect us from these people, then fuck them to and if they're out there to drag us away to prison for doing nothing for defending ourselves, protecting ourselves, having a peaceful protest. Then fuck you. But the guy that's out there like shame on you because these guys quit. I hope they quit. I hope they just see this ground like fuck you because they're going to destroy the police union. This is a continuation of what they've wanted to do for a long time. This is what you know because they didn't expect Trump to win in 2016. So the buildup with these black lives matter protests in 2014 15 16 that was supposed to continue that was supposed to keep on moving forward there. You know, it's starting, Alex yesterday. It's like you're building a house and there are things that you have to do in a certain order, you know, pour the concrete, you know, painting and all the things that have to do in a certain order. And if things were done out of order, or there's an interruption like Trump, which they've worked with, you know, Jig Nats have got what they wanted, but it's still that's not what they want. It's not with the machine one. It's not what Jewish Bolshevism I wanted to keep moving forward, and they're just going back to where it was before. It's like they're flipping back the pages in the playbook and escalating it by 100. And here we are. It's just a continuation. You there's all this stuff would have happened in 17 and 18 but they want to bust the police unions because those are the guys that are paying for these cops whenever they are accused of police brutality. And as Keith Ellison has pointed out, it's very rare for a cop actually to go to prison. They usually get off on this stuff because they get very good lawyers. Uh, the union pays for all of it, and now what? They want us. They don't want white cops on the force. If white cop, white cops on the force because they have the union backing them up and they want to bust the unions of the white cops disappear and then they can run the force, however they want, it's not gonna go away. The idea that the police are gonna be abolished a nice is gonna be but never gonna happen. They just want to brown it up. Yeah, and they want to fill it with people that are not bothered by the state of lawlessness That is going to be the new normal. And this is this is why they're driving whites out of They have been doing this through these police reforms for a long time. These things like implicit bias training which were introduced in the 20 tens, which were basically a litmus test for, you know, if you had a 0.1 second faster reaction to shoot the black suspect versus the white suspect, you'd be fired. They had things like de escalation procedures which are in place in order to and these are things that oftentimes are not actually followed right, these de escalation procedures, but they're in place. So if there is an instance where a white cop makes an arrest ah, of a black person that becomes politically unpopular, they can hold him against that standard and then fire him and drove him out of the force, doing all sorts of things like making making pursuits, making police pursuits illegal, and forcing officers to to terminate pursuits. Because this leads to a disproportionate whatever. Like all of these things making, making policing less of the job. Your job is no longer policing. Your job is to be essentially a an ambassador and a PR ambassador for global Homo and cops. I want to do that. The white, decent cops. They don't do that. So many of them are quitting the force. And this is this is going to lead to more of them leaving. And I saw another video like this, actually, the one from Buffalo from Los Angeles where the, uh I don't think this was supposed to be made public, but it was a city Councilwoman who voted in favor of stripping police funding and giving 250 million to black lives matter. She was being excoriated by the representative from the police union. And the police were where I mean in in, you know, fairly explicit terms. And the police were cheering her on and on, all on the side of the union rep. So, yeah, I mean, this is this is leading to to quite a lot of, ah disillusionment among police ranks across the country. Expect many more cops to quit black lives. Matter is a terrorist organization. I mean, when you read their demands and we talked about this on the midweek show. That's why they don't talk about their demands. When you actually read what they want, it isn't just we need to destroy the system of white supremacy. That's part of it. And and I agree, was offended that they want to destroy every piece of it. I don't think Well, I don't think most black. I think there are some woke blacks who understand that you can't, like, destroy the whole thing cause like we don't exist without this. But most of them don't most of them think it's just what wave magic wand, Wauconda, And it's just not gonna happen. And the demands that they're asking for in their totality, um are pretty in pretty incredible. And like we said in the mid week, I mean, if this is why they don't talk about it, see, white people will post their Bill of rights on everything. And of course, you know, the Bill of Rights was just something chucked at Thea chucked at the ah, the the populist sentiments in early America to to placate them for the thorough financial thuggery of the Constitution. That's a whole nother subject, but at least we like post our bill of rights and say, We want this. We want this. We want this and hear all the reasons why blacks put it on a website. But then, like when you ask them about, you know, you know, when a white person's like Well, what what do you want? Like rush like, What do you want that can make this better? It's like they don't articulate what those things are because the second that they start doing that to the extent that they have the intellectual capacity to articulate anything at all, it people are just gonna be like, Oh, yeah, no, that's not I'm not signing up for that like, I'll sign up for the cops like Not Maybe, you know, maybe you not dying because of an arrest or something like some I don't know, like platitudinous good feel sort of thing. Like I don't want anyone to die. I want everyone to feel good, but this idea that like, oh, we have to destroy everything in order for us to get what we want. Yet nobody, nobody's on board with that. Nobody's going for that. And, um, it's the it's the whole thing with the Ah, with the cops, too. It's like the idea that they're just going abolish all police. It's like it's kind of funny. It's like the second that there's any kind of a problem. I saw this video on Twitter of this this Mexican with the chainsaw. Did you see this? Oh, yeah, that's great. And what's what's the first thing that this white liberal does in that video? Somebody Oh, it's like, Oh, so Mexican with the chainsaw threatening people And what do you do, you little shit? Lib? Oh, somebody call the cops, Call the cops. Yeah, it's like, Well, what you gonna do? What these people gonna really like? Yeah, the the fear response is called the police. Somebody else. Nobody's coming. Nobody's coming to save you And that's that's how this is going to go. And so whether you have feds who look like white militias or white militias who look like feds protests against police brutality that beget more video footage of even more police brutality, it's almost like they planned it all out, isn't it, James? Because now you have the NFL talking about, um, they were wrong, and, uh, everybody is going to take a knee and ah, Roger Goodell. We at the National Football League condemn racism and systemic oppression of white people. We, the National Football League admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all players to speak out and peacefully. Protest CIA Do 2020 NFL season finna be lit, right? Oh, my God. Yeah, that would be interesting. Toc how that'll be different because back when Kaepernick was doing his bit, that was 2015 I think a 2014 maybe. And he hasn't had a job since that when he played for the Niners. It's gonna be interesting now, though, because of the 456 years of propaganda and bombardment and messaging. And you remember when the kneeling protests were getting out of hand. The NFL made the decision just to stop showing national anthem. I wonder if they're gonna double down this time around and show the national anthem with every player being required to kneel, That'll be interesting to see. It'll be interesting to see. I mean, like, we saw that when that was at its apex, though people were tuning out of football games or not being attended in the reason why the NFL owners and the commission took the position that it did wasn't because they support the president. Most of these owners of Josh, it's a very Josh organization. They were losing money, so they were like, Yeah, I don't really see a benefit to that. I mean, they can see the benefit of, you know, black agitation against whites, and certainly they would love all of their fans to to be in solitary. But who knows? Maybe the 2020 NFL season is gonna be filled to the brim with people, not just in support of black bodies in this, like gay sentiment to virtue signal against white supremacy that doesn't exist. But you'll have the Corona virus effect if there's not a second spike, where people are just gonna be like, Listen, I just want to go out and have a beer and I'm here and I'm just going to support black lives matter, too, and they're just gonna be like, Look, you know, now everybody's on board with this shit, so I don't know. There's really hard to say what might happen, But what we do know in the past is that people did not like this, but in the past did people not like it because there weren't black middle class shoehorning on every television programme? Do people not like it in the class? Because they had Ferguson and burning Baltimore in the front of their head and they thought they had a president who was law and Order guy who was like, Yeah, we're not gonna do kneeling shit was that result of that? And now that you have those pressures removed, people are just like fuck it. You know, I love black people now. Yeah, they had cultural cover, Yes, to express that sentiment. And and it was very popular to signal I remember Ah on you know, you drive some of these rural highways and you would see signs Farmers who put a big, big, massive signs in their fields saying like, Yeah, we don't kneel here. Stand for the flag like this was a big cultural high water mark for white America a few years back and ah, yeah, with the president now leading the charge on black lives matter, Um, I don't know, maybe Trump will give a little speech and say that George Floyd is smiling down upon the NFL season. It's great. Well, so this is This has taken a definite turn for the worst and and let let's just set the stage for this. So in 2016 2015 2017 because a lot of this happened while Trump was president. It was about disrespecting the American flag, right? That was the way that that was Trump's way of taking the right side of the argument and making it about Don't disrespect the country. And you're not gonna disrespect the flag because, you know, week, you know, and I don't think Trump said this, but others did say it. Conservatives said it Koucky conservatives would say, Oh, yeah, you know, we understand that there's oppression and things like that, but you're not gonna disrespect the flag. And so what they're trying to do now, which is totally disingenuous, is tryto separate this from the flag when it has everything to do with the flag because the flag is this the representation of the system of white supremacy. Blacks themselves will tell you this. Remember the whole Betsy Ross bullshit where they boycotted the shoe and, you know, the conservatives had all kind of cocky positions on this, but to them the flags, white supremacy. And they're kneeling because they don't want to What they think. Now we understand what the flag represents in a different way. Um, because we're white. We've done the research, and we get it. But these people think that that flag is tantamount to Nazism, and they want the whole because it says so in their demands. They want to destroy all of it. It is about the flag. And so Trump took this position of, you know, I'm gonna be about the flag. Whatever. So Drew Brees is the white quarterback implying there are not white quarterback. Are there non white quarterbacks? I don't think really happens much does a few. Yeah, like Russell Wilson and like Dak Prescott. But that doesn't really happen very much because, you know, it's like, Why would that happen? So you gotta be a field general. Guys gotta be a field general. I love the euphemisms they used for white football players like, Oh, he's a real intelligent player, you know? He's ah, he's a real feel jealous that he really field tactician is a football technocrat. Yes. Oh, Drew Brees issued a statement Thursday. Now he was a guy in 2016 2017. Who said, Yeah, we're not gonna kneel. I'm I believe in America. I'm not gonna, you know, disrespect the flag like this. He apologized for that on Thursday, saying I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of America of the United States, our country. He said that on Wednesday on Thursday, he apologized for it. He says how sorry I am for the comments I made yesterday, the years and years of social injustice, police brutality and the need for so much reform and change in regard to legislation like what legislation? Faggot and so many other things to bring a quality to our black communities. I'm sorry, and I will do better. I will be part of the solution. I am your ally, says Drew Brees. So Trump Trump attacked him on Twitter late late night last night, you know, and did the whole American flag bid. And you know, I'm a big fan of Drew Brees. I think he's a great quarterback, but old Glory has to be revered, cherished, flown high, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so, Drew Brees, listen to this this is the new. This is the new level of the ship. Now operates white guy Dear Donald Trump, through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates and leaders of the black community as well as the 80 Ellen the Splc improbable announcing my Jewish in my Jewish agent cause he didn't fucking right this because when you see when these guys talk and then they then they have, like statements like this, it's just so perfect. So on the nose, I realized that this issue is not about the American flag. That's a lie. That's a lie, because the white for the American flag represents white supremacy, and that's what blacks are using as a rallying point. It never has been about the American flag. We can no longer use the flag to turn people away or distract them from the real issues that face our black communities. We did this back in 2017 and regretfully, I brought it back with my comments this week. We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality in judicial and prison revotes. Wow, it's just the whole It's the whole menu, right? It's the whole Jewish menu. We're at a critical juncture in our nation's history. If not now, then win. We, as a white community need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities. That's the only time that whites are allowed to be collectivist, By the way, when it's in the interests of self destruction, we must acknowledge the problems, identify the solutions and then put this into action. The black community cannot do it alone. This will require all of us. So after all of that cooking, after Drew Brees just bends over and just, you know, takes it all from them, his teammate Michael Thomas. And who's the other fucking black guy, Jamal Adams? Malcolm Jenkins is, Well, if you don't know no better, we don't care if you don't agree. And whoever else know about that? That was kind of like I don't know what that means, but let's let's to go with one that but look, that's literally what he said. You and Drew aren't really sorry. Save the bullshit Apologies. The truth came out and you two aren't the only ones, so yeah, it never just time and time again. It's like true breezes 41 Drew Brees. I don't know if, like it's his last season or last couple seasons wetter, but it's It's like I you just chop your balls off in public in front of the entire fucking world in your fuckin pussy and you're a bitch. And we know that this is under duress. We get it. But it's not like you're the rookie Jake from which we're going to talk about here is Well, you could have You could have said, You know what? Fuck this shit, but they won't because he knows these people know the reason why you don't see somebody stand up and just be like fuck this shit and tell it like it is. It's because, well, part of them they don't know the full story. They're just, like, confused and realize that they're surrounded on all sides. Um, but also they're afraid. And they don't that they know that if they do that, they will be destroyed. And I think that has been said to them like you would. It won't just be newspaper article after newspaper article like you may have to worry about financial de platform ing. You may have to worry about the Tucker Carlson treatment of your house, Um, and that all of those things are on the table. I'm not saying it's an excuse for these guys, but that's the That's the proposition. It's either this or you get that. So, yeah, well, these these former quarterbacks, the the pathway for them the pipeline is to get a sports commentary gig afterwards. I mean, this is what? Whatever, almost almost all of them end up doing this, they take your commentator job, and you know that the Jewish owned media company is not going to whether it's Fox or ESPN, which is ABC. They're not going to give you a commentary gig if you don't do the bit. If you're this this avatar of white racism and this bygone era, that's not gonna happen to you. So that's your legacy. Their you know he's gonna be up for a Hall of Fame bid that might be in question if he is legacies tarnished by racism. And, fundamentally, you don't want your offensive guard to just take a dive and let you get blindsided and concussed. I mean, you're 41 years old. You know, your ah, you don't want to be catching hell from your teammates, which this is, actually, you know, ah, thing that has been ramped up in recent years. Is these black teammates immediately being called for comment in question and piling on and really being pretty vicious towards their their white teammates? But it's the new normal. It's the new normal. And then Jake from who's instagram handle is Jake from State Farm. It's like, Wow, so original, bro, uh, he did like boomer racism in some private text messages saying that, Ah, that guns were good. But the suppressors should be made very expensive, so only white, elite white people can get them. Ha, ha! And then later in the conversation, I guess he implied that he is one of these elite white people now. Jake from is a rookie. Um, first year, for those of you out in Rio, around my ovary around, there's no one rookie means, you know, that's how it goes, he says. I am extremely sorry that I chose to use the words elite white people in a text message conversation, although I never meant to imply that I am an elite white person, as stated later in the conversation. There's no excuse for that word. Choice and sentiment. While it was poor, my heart is not more now more than ever, it is time to support and togetherness. And now this. He probably wrote himself with the way this is written now more than ever is the time for support and togetherness, and I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to be part of the solution in this country. Now that is the same thing that Drew Brees said. I will be part of the solution. I addressed my teammates and coaches in a meeting today, and I hope they see this incident is not represented. The person I am again, I'm truly sorry for my words and actions and humbly ask for forgiveness. Jake From is probably gonna lose everything from this because what he did is farm or, um, far more damaging to them than what breezed. It breathes. That basically just was doing the trump. I love America bit. This guy was talking about like only white people should own guns, so he's and he's a rookie, and so they're probably just gonna cut that guy loose. But, I mean, you know, the immediate response from the teammates the black teammates was you and Drew aren't really sorry. Save the bullshit ass. Apologies. The truth just came out. And you two aren't the only ones. So the implication is that all white football players are racist. All white people, all white cops, always football players, a white people, even the allies bureau Racists. And you have to go. You just have to shut the fuck up. And that's the apologies. Never get you anywhere. It's not gonna turn you anything. Now it may earn breeze something if he becomes the avatar for the Jewish anti white propaganda which he seems in his statement to be fully on board with, or at least allowed to on his bath. And this was late last night. This is like at midnight last night that he did the whole we is the white community. Need to listen. It's amazing. Yeah, well, and these Ah, these Jake from text messages were released by some girl who he was talking to back in 2019 and, yeah, I'm getting a feeling of a bit of ah spurned, Spurned lover situation from all of this. Ah, where? Yeah, These air over a year old now. And yeah, I mean this. It just shows that no matter what, how old something is, no matter the context, who said publicly or privately? No matter the intent, if you show any type of racial preference at all, if you you think of yourself as a white person and and advocate in any way, even indirectly because I don't think Jake Frahm is like some ideological proponent of pearl white politics or anything. But, you know, expressing that sentiment at all, we'll put you on the enemies list. And from that there is no coming back. Yeah, no coming back. And ah, it's never enough. De Blasio, um, has been told by June Main J u m a N e Jemaine Williams, um, to stop hiding behind his black wife. So even if you're married to a black woman and have mulatto antifa Children like de Blasio does you? And even if you go out of your way to protect the Jewish communities of New York, they're not going to start like it's too delectable. Oven aggression toe. Let this go right. They won't stop this. They won't stand in the way of this. And even if you're married to a black woman, you have anti for Children who are mill Otto. Ah, this black eye at a press conference says, this is me talking like you can no longer hide behind your black wife and Children. Not anymore. You're exposed now. Um, and apparently when he tried to do a press conference or no, is a George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn, Um, he attempted to tell the crowd black lives matter in New York, and, uh, he got booed and a bunch of people like not you. So de Blasi was hated. I mean, everybody knows that this is going on, but even if you have a black wife and mulatto Children, it doesn't save you like the apologies will not save you. None of this stuff is going to save you from anything. Alexis Ohanian. It's just trying. You know, the guy from Reddit is just trying to get out ahead of this stuff. Anybody who's doing these things? These companies that air donating 5 10 $15 million to terrorist organization, black lives matter. There's these air just ransom payments that's all this is. They're trying to get out ahead of this, but there's not. The only thing that's gonna stop it is for you to actually provide meaningful opposition. And these people are just greasing the skids for more of it. Well, and this is another way we talk about there being a no win situation in terms of adversarial relations with POC. But really, that extends even to trying to placate them like we're seeing with Bill de Blasio. I mean, Phil de Blasio. He almost would have been better off if he had done the Jacob Frey bit from Minneapolis, right? And just get on his knees and sob. But the gasket Ah, which is what the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis did. But after de Blasio, If you're if you're one of these NFL guys, any interaction you're gonna have you're going to be the aggressor in. And a story about Ohanian is is kind of wild. I mean, this guy Can you imagine the CEO of Reddit married to Serena Williams? I like to picture picture that couple. ITT's very odd, but yeah, he, uh, he resigned from his position, is co founder and co CEO Ah, he founded along with Steve Huffman and has requested and that he be replay and Aryan. Hillel Swartz was another co founder to He's listed in Bob Sour Berg. It's like, yeah, all these. Ah, these white board members that he sits on the board with, right? Think all white dude, I guess I guess Read it really is gonna be kun town now. It might be, Yeah, this guy, actually, Ohanian, though, is is white. I mean, he's Armenia, but ah, yeah, I mean, he has just gone full bore of this Mary Serena Williams see steps down from Reddit and has actually demanded that his seat be filled with a black candidate. Just like I want this to be cleaved to a black person like Here's my legacy. I'm gonna burn it up like it's like his legacy is gonna be black anyway. But now he wants to make sure this professional legacy is black and you know the rest of that board it's going to stay just like it is. They're not going to replace everybody else that's involved with that because he makes note of the fact that there are what four other white board members, one woman and four white men Will. They're all Jews. Um, I think there's one boy on the board, but he's next to I wouldn't be surprised if you see Ah, some demands for and Jews will use this to their advantage, right? So you'll never see demands for Jewish CEOs to step down unless it's by accident. And then it'll be funny and will make hay of it. But that'll be stopped very quickly. But you will see this is this is the way of clearing the rest of the whites out of positions of leadership. Is any white CEO in the country is no matter how blacked up the executive board is, they will make demands for those people to step down. So what Ohanian is doing is he is setting the precedent for others to follow. He is coming out and saying, I'm stepping down and I should be replaced with a black. And now he is wetting the appetite for others to make demands of these CEO because thes CEOs across these major corporations are all holding these, you know. Ah, this is going on across corporate America too. By the way, these these big like corporate hug fest to talk about white supremacy. And, um, it's been going on. And so it's only a matter of time before people start in those sessions sort of noticing that their CEO is white and somebody's gonna ask the question. Well, if this is such an important issue to you, then why don't you step down? Um, and I think that would be hilarious to see, because I think a lot of these CEOs are paying these exorbitant amount of months the amount of money extortion really to black lives matter as a ransom, right? They're paying that off so that they don't have to be asked to set down. But as we've seen with these apologies by these blacks, what you think's gonna happen, we're gonna extract all this capital from these corporations, and these guys are gonna have to step down. I think you're going to see that. Um, now, of course, you know, the the A lot of the people on the board, like the control of the apparatus, it's just like anything else, right? The presidency is just a puppet supposed to be just a puppet, and CEOs will just be puppets. Um like Sergey Brin and, uh, the other. You know, it's like some pridget that runs Google now. But do you think that guys like, really in charge of everything going on? Fuck no, No way. Sundar Ph Sure, Well, and the other the other move involved here and the Jews on these boards were more than happy to facilitate this because the other move and I saw this starting with uber uber is going to be giving special deals to black customers and special deals to black businesses is their plan will be charging a separate rate for ah, Whoever eats will be charging will be waving the delivery fee for black businesses is a move. And so, if you're black owned or black lead business, you qualify for a special rate scale this is going to be catching on with in corporate America. And there will they now be an incentive for these further incentive, as if there was no one already for these Jewish boards to replace their CEO with a black person, the Jews still retaining control and ownership of the company to say yes, this is a black just like that law firm, right? That law firm that we're talking about. Where it was like the black lawyers and then, like in the background is through four Jews. That's gonna be a trend that kicks off across corporate America because they will then get to say, this is a black lead. Black run business reality is Jewish, owned a Jewish lead, and the blacks were just there to to warm the chairs and to qualify for them for social credit and and, uh, special rates in that. But yes, I think that's gonna be something. We'll see more of Steve Huffman. By the way, Reddit, co founder, is on the board of advisers for the A T. L. So, of course, Yeah, of course. Yeah. No, this is This is how this works. And they're they're, you know, this is how they want to run this thing. I mean, we understand how the media works. We understand how corporations work. And we understand how, at the very top you have Larry Fink, which who owns the controlling stake in many of these major companies, the CEO is just It's just like a joke position now, which is kind of funny. It's like the moment that they feel comfortable Handing these important positions off to non whites is when the position doesn't matter. Like that's the kind of that's the most the biggest aspect of the Jewish supremacy. It's like, Yeah, you could be CEO now when it doesn't matter, like you're gonna do what we want and then you're not gonna be CEO. So, yeah, this is all this is all part of that whole show I saw, um, as if you're not Negro. Fatigued enough. I saw there was this article from the wire or Wired magazine entitled All This Chaos Might Be giving you Crisis fatigue. I picked a couple select paragraphs and supplanted the word crisis with Negro fatigue. And it really fits. Well, um, because I think everybody's at this point, it's just gotten to this this level. So, uh, because we're just about done with talking about the black stuff to, uh, you might it this point feel lost or numb? And that's perfectly natural. Psychologists call it Negro Fatigue. Your body is well adapted to handle temporary stresses, but it can go it. Overwhelmed by the constant, unrelenting pressures of this horrible year. Negro fatigue manifests itself on two levels on a societal level, it contempt people to collectively throw up our hands and give up on civic engagement. Why not? If we're going to hell in a hand cart, let's just enjoy tomorrow, Matthew Flinders says from the public understanding of Negro fatigue at the University of Sheffield. Our bodies can't sustain that level of nervous load, said Adrian Heinz Ah, who she psychologists at the National Center for PT Nd Post Traumatic Negro Disorder, which is part of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs. Things start to burn in, the wheels fall off. We experience a whole host of consequences. And right now we're seeing an uptick in looting and you start to see Stockholm syndrome and civilisational suicide. It's a wholly different type of Negro crisis, and it's just fatigues us in ways that we're not used to says hide. So I saw that article is like they're hitting the nail on the head. Of course, they're talking about crisis, and you know how awful it is and how much pain we're all going through. But it's like, No, I'm gonna twist this entire thing around to, like, fit me and fit. You know what we're saying we're tired of this shit. Oh, definitely. Well, And I think they do make a good point here, though, about this constant state of stress that people are in. And this was this goes back to predating Corona virus, predating predating these black riots that we're seeing now people in America at least, are in this constant state of of 24 hour news cycle. Something is always happening. Some crisis is always breaking news, and it does. It does have the effect of burning people out, and I do. I have to think a lot of that is by design because it allows them to make moves. Uh, while people are burned down and not paying attention and don't have the energy to to pay the type of attention they should to things that are really important. Well, here's here's a hot take on that as well, and it's we're gonna sort of segue you into some other things here is that the chipping mitigates complaints about white economic hardship. Right, because as thes cities are burning down, as you have all of this going on, and as you have these just outward, very explicit attacks on white supremacy that does not exist if in the absence of actual white supremacy, who pays the price? The normal white people in the normal white people are the ones who have lost their jobs. The people who the government did not help. Ah, the people that have been left by the wayside to fend for themselves that fall deeper into, ah financial, uh, calamity people who fall into the heroin epidemic that is not being solved. And so you can't imagine being a white person who has lost their income. Say your family for $60,000 a year, which is right in the middle there, where it's above the poverty line. But you still pay all the taxes and pay for the ever increasing costs of living and everything else. You lose everything. Now you go complain about not a me a job. Fuck you, Whitey. Look at me. I'm the one with the with the knee on my neck by the police. So they this is so perfect. It's so perfectly timed because if in the absence of the chimp outs, what would we have right now? Instead, two or three million more jobless claims every week, people not getting help from the government. You might have a tinderbox in a whole different way, but instead now they have everybody focussing on the plight of black people. Um, and it's become this this pretty, pretty awful scenario, because you have, according to Jim Cramer, the Jar Jar Binks of Finance Capital on CNBC, the pandemic led to one of the greatest wealth transfers in history, he said on Friday. It's like, Well, we predicted that he doesn't mention BlackRock, but we have and we know why. And he says the stock market is rising is big business rebounds from state ordered stoppage of nonessential activity while small businesses drop like flies. The bigger the business, the more it moves. The major averages in that matters because this is the first recession where big business is coming through virtually unscathed. I think we're looking at a V shaped recovery in the stock market and that has almost nothing to do with the V shaped recovery in the economy and this is what we've been saying. The stock market roars. You have the NASDAQ 100 has recovered all of its losses and is back to not just back to pre Corona virus, but it's set a brand new record you have Dow Big Line is back up to 26,000 and probably on its way, Way back up and ah, yeah, stock market source, job losses roar and ah, yeah, they don't give a fuck about you and go ahead, try to complain about it. You're just part of the system, Whites Prem C. James. If you do, how dare you? How absolutely dare you, sir, complain about your job loss and we've actually seen people saying this. I think I saw something on Twitter where the Roths trial David Rothschild was X creating some white business owner for complaining about is he said, Yeah, my business was looted and burned and like, What am I going to do? And David Rothschild was on Twitter saying, How can you be so greedy in a time like this, when black lives are suffering, property can be replaced, black lives get. So yeah, I mean, that's that's the line. That is what Ah, the line they're gonna take on this. Absolutely. This is a total. It's a perfect distraction from from the pain that millions and millions of white people are feeling right now and when you back it up even further now, I won't go this far to say that Corona virus and everything with it was entirely fake. I think it was a real pandemic and 100,000 and more people have died in the United States and a lot more around the world. But what we've set along is that they've used this and they're always gonna use the crisis to their advantage. Right? We said this even going back to January and February when we first started talking about it. And they've done that with the stock market. That's why you've had this, these unprecedented bailouts. You've had liquidity pumping, credit, market pumping, everything to make it so that when things did go back to quote unquote normal, back to work, chump, that they came out of this unscathed as is. Jim Cramer says this is the first recession where they've come out of this with no problems at all. In fact, they've come out of it even stronger. And the big back stores with ones that were deemed to central business is a lot of these mom and pop shops are gonna be closed and May may not come back and, um, backing into this even further. It's It's well, how do you get the chimp outs? Well, Jack, that black unemployment rate up to 17%. That certainly helps things, doesn't it, James? I mean, white unemployment was 14%. It says it ticked down to 12.4. But I mean, when you look at the actual numbers and see that barely half of, ah working eligible white people are actually in a job and what is it for blacks? It's like less than half of all over 50%. Less than half of all working age black Americans, um, are active in the labour force. So 17%. It's like not let's talk about the real numbers. It's like only at best if you're talking about white people. Half of the eligible white people are working in the country, and that's because they've been pushed out of the job market. Black people. It's like more than half, and so you have a recipe for this this shit to get very bad, and they want to make it about black people because if they don't make it about black people, it becomes about the white plight and it becomes about white people in dire economic straits. And now they can drown out those complaints and they can pretend like, Oh, it's look at what this recession has done to black people. You know their unemployment rate is 16%. Whites is 14%. I mean, this is insane. It's absolutely insane. I mean, yes. So the Corona virus doesn't have to be fake for them to use this for these meetings, right? They use real events all the time for their S, and so so it doesn't have to be. It's not a light switch pandemic, right? It's all fake, all riel. It's absolutely being used, however, and this is perfect timing for something like this to take off because not only are you seeing a push to replace black CEOs and and give black special rates and deals and privileges, but you'll see this reflected in hiring as well these companies will be pursuing, and they've already announced this again. Uber was one of these companies, and many others are doing this where they're announcing a concerted effort to hire black to hire brown at a time when more whites are out of work in this country then then ever before, I think I think it is than ever before. I mean, this is this is the worst, the worst spike in unemployment. I believe we've ever seen Seven Rock. And there's a lot of raw numbers to you. Go back to the Great Depression. There were quantifiable e this many people without a job in the country. Exactly. Yeah, that's what I meant. Yeah. Yeah. So as they rebuild as this thing comes back together, they're going to rebuild black. They're gonna rebuild black. And it's also on top of that. You have that the I think that they're going to because they've had the ability to manipulate the unemployment rate by going with the U six number going with this going with that, I think they will try to Mim like they are now. Where? Oh, yeah, White Americans. You know, unemployment went down for them last month. It's like, Yeah, show me that in real terms. Show me that in terms of a drop in jobless claims, show me. Show me that in terms of nonfarm payrolls actually going up because it's yes. Shall we show me that in terms of LP fr not dropping to 60.2 from 64. Labor force participation rate falling by 4%. Yeah, so you can You can make all your claims that you want about higher unemployment numbers. But when the labor force has shrunk because people have checked out because they know they can't find a job, it's not a viable statistic. It's not really no, it's not riel. And this is this is weighing on, um on. Ah, let's see. Minority employment is also less likely to buy. Oh yeah, yes. So that's the other aspect of this, um, is that the? And this is true and this is something we've talked about before is that layoffs related to Corona virus have hit low wage job earners that require interacting with customers that can't be done remotely the hardest. These air positions that are more likely to be held by per people of color, According to Department of Labor, this is retail leisure, hospitality, temporary employment, doctor's office, receptionist and food service. These are all the people that you like we're interacting with in the time before, like go through the drive thru fast food, and you just get the suitcase lips and you just immediately think like, all right, So was this really a good idea? Like, what's my food going to be like here? Um, and a lot of those people are gone. And so when they have this complete wipe out of the service economy in the pandemic, and then the rehires are brown people, the white people are sitting at home. They basically just with the pandemic. By using the pandemic, they essentially did what they could not have done under normal circumstances, which is walk into a workplace and be like white people. You're gone and then re hire black right? That's what they've done effectively. That's what they've done in the matter of six months. It's like it's like flushing a radiator with the with. But instead of putting in the clean, pure water, you're putting in the filling up with brown sludge, it says Ah, minority employment is also less likely to bounce back his restrictions. He's said Daniel Alpert, managing partner at Westwood Capital Oakwood and senior fellow and Financial Macro Economics, a corner law school. Ah. He estimates that his restrictions lift around 8 to 12 million jobs will never return. With losses largely in the leisure, hospitality and retail sectors, the pandemics racially disparate impact on the job market has laid bare decades of failing government policy. Yeah, right. It's decades of failing government policy. It right, Yeah, that's the problem. Well, in a way is not wrong. He's talking about it in the sense of, well, the government failed black people. The government's been failing whites and by extension, its just failing people at the bottom strata. And they're happy to do that because it makes blacks angry and white people. It causes pain, right? So it works out really well for them not to hand out checks. This is why they didn't do more stimulus. This is why Lindsey Graham and company wanted to take away the extra $600 in unemployment because if you give people too much money, it has a dampening effect on protests. It has a dampening effect on ah, anger. And if white people go out and do that well, they have a solution for that. FBI comes in cracks down on you, but they want the brown people out there doing it because they can use it as a bludgeon. So that's the real reason they gave people $1200 so that they could, you know, go to the grocery store or whatever. But they wanted those people really angry when May came around, cause time to open back up and have a chimp out, which is what they've done. Yeah, well, of course, you can't forget that the blacks got the added stimulus of whatever the eBay value of the Nike sneakers they made off with Valve alluding. Yeah, yeah, eBay try to go in eBay these days. Just like crash. It's like a five gang is, uh is going hard core. Dude, I don't know if you wanna get really spooky about it. EBay's offering. Ah, free listings for anybody who signs up right now. I don't know, man. Maybe that's ah, it's all part of this spooky plot. Wow, Is that true? That's kind of funny. Yeah, because eBay has been doing really well, so they don't They won't really have a reason to do financial incentives. It's not like there. Their company that's been hurting eBay has been going like gangbusters because, um, you know, Amazon couldn't deliver things for a while. EBay was faster delivering product than than Amazon in the midst of the crisis because everybody hit Amazon so hard. So yeah, it's kind of funny that they're offering incentives for people just to sell their shit. It's a man. Um, Why GOP cope comparisons to 1968 and Richard Nixon are wrong. Ah, this is a cope that people are doing this law and order stuff, right? Like, you know, Trump is Trump is going to rain all this stuff, And so the fast I'll theory goes something like this. America is polarized today, just like in 1968 cities, air burning from coast to coast, just like in 1968. Trump should project toughness like Nixon did in 1968 and Republicans will win like they did in 1968. Well, there is a lot wrong with this analysis. This is the copes that GOP air doing on this. But, um, the problem with this today is that the political parties, um, fully reflect cultural divisions at this point, they didn't Back then, it was The Democrats were very much split opposition. The Nixon had not been president before. Um, you know, he only won with 43% of the popular vote. But that was only because, you know, Robert F. Kennedy is shot. LBJ is unpopular because of Vietnam. Um, and you know, you had George Wallace, you know, wanting, wanting to take a large portion of the South. And so, in 2020 Trump is the chaos and little little phenomenon that's missing from all this. James, have you heard anyone chanting four more years of Trump? Nobody is not. Not anything. I mean, maybe if there are rallies, you'd see the four more years stuff starting to pipe up. But I haven't seen that at all. There's no their thirst for this. No, There's no fervent support for Trump. And that's a good point. Two with rallies. If they are able to get those going again after Corona virus restrictions begin the lift. What are they gonna be like? What is you remember Chicago? How that went with Trump in 2015 2016. You remember Los Angeles, and you know, Santa Cruz And these other rallies they tried to do that ended up being devolving into race riots. Yeah, I think, uh, you know, expect to see more of the same, if they ever do get the rallies going again. But the other thing here, too, is, as we've come to understand, Finkel thinking, are the role of Arthur Finkelstein and this being a strategy and Nixon's Southern Nixon's strategy to appeal to whites being a work. We also understand that in the context of Donald Trump, they don't want to spin that up again. They don't want to reactivate that white base again. And yes, so you know the similarities. Maybe are there in terms of conditions somewhat, but in terms of what, ah, what the jury writ large is comfortable with Not not gonna. Here's the black pill. America is so far gone demographically in the advancement of the last four years with people who should not be eligible to vote, who are succeeding in being registered and just the Ford march of this whole thing. Even if Trump did come out and go ham. Yes, you would see a lot of white people sort of return home, um, in support him again. But then the question is, is how much damage has he done already to the base? Would people believe him? It would be the orange bloviating retard who cried white nationalism, right? It's Ah, it's like, you know, he comes back and says, You know, I'm gonna do all this stuff even if there is tangential or 10 tangible results from this where he starts cracking down, he declares The insurrection act he, you know, starts deporting half a 1,000,000 people between now and Election Day. How many people would just see that as election Chinna election year shenanigans and not take it seriously now if he had done this all along and done all the things that you know he needed to do, you know, from the Kris Kobach Voting Commission to clean up the voter rolls, um, to deport people, to fix a lot of the problems. Then, yeah, you maybe would have had a fighting chance in 2020. But even we said in 2016 that if if all of this stuff doesn't happen in rapid succession very quickly, it can't be half measured otherwise, otherwise 2020 is gone and what it's been, instead of zero measures and full measures for Zionism, zero measures for you, and so you don't have that in. Besides Nixon in 1968 represented change, right? Um, he was a guy who was talking about taking things back to the 19 fifties for a calmer, quieter, more competent time. Um, people, you know, that's what Trump tried to do with boomers in 2016. But why would you? He's already got a track record now. And as we've been pointing out, you know, Trump's approval sunk to 38% on Friday. Ah, and then the other aspect of these polls which we haven't talked about yet, is when you dive down into the details on the polls is that people don't really like the way that he governs. This has been a consistent theme that people that begrudgingly do support him. They don't like the way that he governs, but they may like certain results like they're they're happy with their service economy job. Or, you know, there it's better than the Democrat or whatever it is. But he's not even giving them those results. So it's like, That's the thing is that none of these promises were kept in the last four years, and now the entire country is on fire. 42 million people are out of work, and this guy's trying the same bullshit tactics of, like, Bible flailing and, you know, ah, you know, we were going to stand behind old Glory And like all this other stuff that that he's trying to do and it's not working and the black pill is even if they tried something serious, Um, I don't know that that would be enough. I mean, you know, it's it's like Who cares at this point, right? But, I mean, just from a spectator's point of view from political analysis like looking at this is, could they even save the ship if they wanted to? And I would say that there is already too much water in the hole. Too much of the whole has been breached. And as we've have predicted, when the approval level gets down into the thirties, you're going to start to see some mutiny, some signs of mutiny. And you've seen that Chuck Grassley, Um, who is one of, ah, while he's one of our things, a product of Arthur's kids. But he's also ah, Chuck singer phenomenon. Lisa Murkowski, R. Now publicly attacking Trump, Murkowski came out. She's a senator from Alaska coming out and, um, amplifying Mattis is big game meltdown that he had Jim raw Zaugg. Mattis. Um And then you have John Kelly coming out and saying, Trump is nasty and confused over attack on Jim Mattis while these guys air bunkmates in more ways than one, I'm sure, but it's you're going to start to see this happening because it's it's like, Yeah, Trump Trump had a choice, and now it's, you know, I was stuck in a Jesse about this son on Thursday. It's, uh, you know, if you had told me in 2016 that in, you know, June or July of 2020 that Trump's approval would sink down into the thirties and then he would just ultimately resign, which is direly possible at this point. Um, I wouldn't have believed you, but you are now here, right? I mean, that is possible. I'm sure there are people hearing what I'm saying right now and and laughing and be like L o l ha ha. That's not yet not gonna happen, man. It's like, bro, wake up. Drop the rock, the shits, the ships off the rails. So for even the people who are trusting Trump. But the good news is And as you've seen James, I mean, even the M nets are kind of like realizing that what the cards are, what the hand is, what the shot is at this point it So it's over. Yeah, when you when you hit yourself to the lame horse and ah, you start to recognize that you got one of two choices, either ride it out or for your own self preservation jump off, pick something else. But yeah, I mean, it's desperate times over the Trump camp, right? We have the story. Last night they were bringing back Jason Miller. The guy knocked hoodie. Who did he knock? Uh, A. J. Delgado. Um oh, yeah, she retweeted me, by the way, in 2016 you know when when they were trying to, Ah, When they try and see, it's it's kind of funny when you look back it on it. Now it's It's like Ann Coulter retweeted me. And you know it's not just retweeted, but quote tweeted. Um and you know, I don't know what the story is with an but but when we got a lot of attention from the GOP and we thought, Oh, wow, we're, you know, we're going mainstream now. What? That really Waas as we look at it in hindsight with the Finkel, think is you know, they have no problem using anti Semitism counter Semitism, um, to their advantage because then they can stoke it. They can say, Oh, look. Oh, go Look at all this. Look at all these problems after they have achieved their goal. But in the meantime, they don't give a shit. And Jason Miller? Yeah, Jason Miller is Ah, yeah, he knocked up a J. Delgado and then there was a big There is a big problem with that. He was he, they say, former Trump administration official. But he wasn't even in the Trump administration for a very long and that he's kind of been out in the political wilderness for a while until he started that podcast with Bannon called the War Room. That was supposed to be about impeachment. And then it became about Corona virus. And now I don't know what the fuck it's about. It's just about Well, for a while it was Ben and just like communists, trying these party like that's all. The podcast was, um but now I don't know what it's about. But now you have Bannon's proxy back in the White House and Ah, yeah, I don't know. I don't know where that's gonna go. Who's Jason gonna knock up this time? You know, maybe. Ah, maybe maybe Kylie McEnany? I don't know. We'll see. Brave New world. Yeah, hopefully, yeah, I don't hopefully not. Yeah. Um but that's the other thing is like, who can they get, right? The ship is sinking so fast. What wrath can you get to jump on? Not very many, because people, people Aaron, this consultancy milieu are looking beyond the Zion Don. They're looking to you know, who is gonna pay their necks? Hey, the next meal ticket and it's ah, probably not gonna be somebody from the Trump Jig net Netanyahu milieu because it's it's run into the ground, It's collect. The faint nationalism is is kind of, uh, collapsing all around. And I don't We don't know enough whether whether that's a good or a bad thing or an indifferent thing, because it's either again, it's either Zionism or Bolshevism. You're either going to get jig Nats or J Left, and J jig mats have been ascendant for most of 2014 through, I don't know last year or so, but the upper hand seems to be trending toward the J left and ah, you know that's coming in the form of the chimp outs. Of course, it benefits Jews, no matter how you cut it. But they don't want Trump to be president. I mean that you have to, unlike, switch your brain on this stuff. I mean, if he ends up being president, they'll use whatever means necessary to get what they want out of it. But make no mistake, they want the guy gone like it's pretty obvious at this point that they want the guy gone. Now that's not again. Some people will look at that. It's nickel. Jews don't want him in the White House. So that means I like Donald. It's like, No, it's this is this is not your game. If you take one side or the other side, you're just do pure. You're becoming a mean puppet. Don't be a mean puppet, Um, and and that's, you know, we were all mean puppets in 2016. Don't be a mean puppet. It's a bad thing so but when you look at this you can't just say like, Oh, well, they want Trump or they don't want to have It's like, No, they want this guy gone because they look at We have explained this in a couple episodes, but they look at the jig Nat prescription for getting things done as a thing that creates more anti Semitism, creates more strife, creates more problems, and, ah, causes the masks to slip a little bit. Too much end in the methodology that was employed by Trump and Orban and others is that it gave it, gave white people something to feel good about, even if it was fake. They still don't like that. And so they want to go back to the thing that is more shadowy, more behind the scenes mawr slow The continuation would be the chimp outs and things like that and getting whites to go out and create thes ridiculous scripts like Drew Brees and others have said that was the shot from the J left Jig Nats weren't interruption to that. Now I would say that it's easier to call out jig battery because it's so much more obvious you don't have to, you know, you know, describe this elaborate scheme. It's just like, Look, there's the scheme. Um but I think you know is we're gonna find out here in the second half that there is a point where they don't really have to hide it anymore, and I think we're getting very close to that. So in the second half, we're gonna talk about antifa and what we actually think about what's gonna go on there with with some of the things there's good stuff going on. Then there is, I think, pressure relief valve stuff going on. I was gonna talk about protocols and ah, some interesting stuff with those Haven't talked about that much on this program. But we're going Teoh. And then, ah, few other interesting things. Including what, James? Is it? 68 pieces of legislation that have been passed benefiting Israel since Corona virus started by Congress 60 68 68 in this Congress that have been proposed benefiting Israel and counting. Wow. Yeah, right. Just Tauron. Right from the Protocols, isn't it? It's just amazing out of this work, So we'll be right back right here on ftn You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation mash the nation reading through all of the news and hot takes on social media can feel like cracking open a fire hydrant and sticking your head in front of it. You're missing the grain and getting a whole lot of chaffing. Instead of wandering out into the information wilderness unequipped and leaving uninformed, check out truth to power news dot com. They featured carefully selected articles from the best authors on the left, right and center, Bringing you Hot takes You don't have to hunt around for. And unlike other sites, there's no click bait or filler pieces. 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If you enjoyed that break come back talking about and and how this factors into this national tinderbox we're building here in the U. S. And James O. Keefe on Project Veritas. They did another one of these exposes. You know, they've done the Google expose going, but it's funny to think about their first bit was acorn, wasn't it? Back in 2007 tubes in eighth with the Obama campaign with, like, Hannah Giles and who I believe is Jewish, Um and ah, Andrew Breitbart, also Jewish, Doing this little bit. Yeah, it was a culture dialectic back then. I remember, um, what's his name? Ah, Max. Max Blumenthal, uh, going after Hannah Giles and Andrew Breitbart's. And, um, just being this ah, being that's just big. Just make like a Jewish dialect conservatives or liberals like now it's ju versus Jew. But, you know, they that sort Kate keep goes back to a corn. And I think that was the thing that made him famous at that point. And, uh he's never lost the lawsuit. So he claims. Interesting. Yeah, and if they've been able to keep this going for for a long time now every every year or so, dropping another one of these exposes other new one they released this week is this expose they claim of Of Antifa is Antifa Cell in Portland, Oregon, Rose City Antifa, which, depending on how acquainted you are with with these kind of politics and street movements, you've probably heard of them. They're one of the more notorious. Portland is known as one of the hotbeds of Antifa action, and you know, the FBI is keeping us safe from National Guard's been ranting on Facebook and all the while is really violent conspiracy. Playing out right here is in the jazz riel, actual violent conspiracy that's worthy of putting people in jail for years and denying them bond and arresting them. But But yeah, you know, we can't can't take any action against this. Law enforcement has no interest in taking action against Antifa when they on camera, admit to engaging in a conspiracy to commit crimes. But, hey, if you tape your knuckles, you better watch out tape your knuckles and go to a rally, you're in trouble. So this video they took of Rose City Antifa Ah, the guy admits on camera that they train like a business with regular meetings to practice weapons to train tactics, how to engage in violence without getting caught. And this is one of the first videos from inside an antifa group Antifa cell. There's some misconceptions in conservative media that Antifa is like like a membership organization or in LoC or some kind of corporation with official membership. Antifa is a tactic right? And there are these different cells that engage in interaction. But they do coordinate. And so this is one of the ways they try to escape. They think they're they're escaping like Rico. Culpability. Um, of course, they're never going to get Rico. They're never going to be wound up, but they don't have official organizations. In most cases, sometimes they do, in the case of Rose City Antifa. But ah yeah, this guy is funny jazz. This these guys interested in smashing capitalism, smashing the state. What do they meet up for recruitment? Rose City Antifa and they meet up with local Starbucks. It's great. Well, it's the Jewish coffee shop. So uh, yeah, not not really surprised is that Howard Howie Schwartz or what is his name? Ran for president for a little while his shoulder disappeared. Short. Schultz Schwartz, Who gives a fuck? Oh, by the way, I looked this up because you know Chuck's and Finks and keeps this totally a non sequitur. But not really we're talking about. Do the Jewish foot Soldiers minutes. We'll talk about some of the guys the top not knowing what Finkel, Stone or Finkelstein Finkelstein means. It's it's sparkle. Finkel means sparkle. So in Sparkle Stone, I didn't realize that it's like the gayest of all Jewish names, like some of them. Some of them are like, you know, stonemason or, you know, gemstone, or like whatever the different ones. But it's like it's just the think think it's just like sparkle. It's like a shiny sparkle stone. But anyway, just say the shiny stone guy at the top of the black rock as all of their companies air posting the black cubes on social media. I don't know, man. Pretty, uh, pretty spooky. Pretty esoteric if if you ask me. But this antifa stuff let me just zoom out to the 40,000 foot view hero Quick cause it's all of this culminating sort of narrative that we've been talking about in the mid week and now as well, Um, and when you have trumps approval of 38% and the GOP being unwilling to do what is necessary to deal with the black violence in the black burning and anti foes is responsible for it, too. But if Onley to lend credence to the argument that white people are the ones doing the violence and blacks are the ones who are not, um, as a distraction from the abject unemployment numbers 42 million unemployed, everything else I think Antifa was something that they had loaded up. It was one of those bazooka rounds. We talked about all the bazooka rounds that the Fed had, and they fired them all. And then at a certain point, they said, Fuck it. We all have to get back to work or else this thing's going off the rails. It could not have sustained it for any longer. And Trump's campaign Trump's ability to be re elected the GOP conservative um, ideologies ability to be relevant. They have a limited number of bazooka rounds that they can fire off. And they're very Jewish Bazooka rounds to write because antifa expose, it's like, Yes, this is great. I believe this is a good move, but I can't say that completely because I know that it's also going to be used by the GOP as a look at white people doing bad stuff, right? Because, as we've heard Rush Limbaugh go out on his program many times saying that the greatest threat to this nation is the white liberals with white entry far and that's that whole holla. And so that's the joking. Swallowing sounds always hilarious with lemma, but that is that is what they're going for. That's their angle now. They fired this bazooka round off early. I think this is something that they were going to keep because I think somebody made the remark that yeah, O Keefe has probably been sitting on this. This isn't just something this is not like elbow grease from the past seven days or something. He's been working on this for a while, and it's gonna be It was always the GOP play to trop this stuff out. They're trotting it out now because the chips are down and that's a good thing that they're they're exposing this. But I think it's a pressure release release valve. He is docks ing their methods and the way that they go about these things. While Eric Striker is actually naming the anti for themselves, that is the most effective thing. I think what O Keefe is done is effective. And I would say that the strategies like this, when employed by a desperate GOP, should be something that you can piggyback on and use that as an opportunity when the most eyeballs air focusing on Antifa to do what Striker is doing the national dress. International hyphen justice. I think that's fantastic thing. It's great. But make no mistake about what the attend of the GOP here is. I'm not trying to rain on the parade. I'm not saying that people shouldn't agree and amplify with this stuff. They should, but this is the end goal of why they're doing this. It also confirmation bias on the chips, being down and then being desperate, and them having to do this the way that they're doing it. But if James O Keefe starts doxy anti foot. Did he docks anti foes this or did he just do the methods, sources and methods? Sort of bit. I think they did sources and methods, and they had one contact that they exposed his identity. That's good. That's a start. Yeah, that's a start. But well, so this is good. You know, this is an effective strategy when you have a state apparatus interested in exacting punishment for the violation of the law here, Right? Because this is this is effective at exposing criminal activity. But there needs to be a state apparatus that will then come and punish the people who are engaging the criminal activity. And yet, and And the question is, would they do this? If there were a state apparatus, who would prosecute them? If you had prosecutors in New York and in D. C. The chief priests of the San Hedren, If they said we're gonna prosecute pro protesters and actually throw people in jail, would the GOP do this great question? I don't know. They're doing it because they know that nothing is going to be done about it. I mean, call me when there's actually, you know, other than Trump fundraising emails. I haven't seen anybody declared a terrorist organization, right. I know they can't technically cannot do that, But there's a lot of things that they technically cannot do. But in in in practice, they do behind the scenes. In theory, they can't do it. But behind the scenes, they dio. But would they do this if they were gonna be judges? That we're gonna come out and start, you know, banning these people? I don't know, maybe O'Keefe would be talking about Ah, I don't know. Peter Struck's, like sex, life and text messages or something. I don't know. Well, it's a misdirect and and yeah, it's ah, it's designed to make people feel as if something is about to be done because that is the point of all of this stuff. Is that Look how violent and is It's time we do something about it, right? Well, who is going to do something about it if not for the state? You need a state willing to do something here to charge these guys under criminal conspiracy, which this is This is a felony conspiring to commit Ah, serious physical injury to another person is a felony in Oregon. This is very cut and dry, and it's all, admitted Teoh. But you're not going to see any action on that because these people are as we're increasingly finding out. Thanks to reporting by Eric Striker Hardly over it National hyphen These people are not just the foot soldiers of the elites. These people are the elites themselves. They are hand in hand with the elites. This one guy who Striker exposed this week is a guy who is cited in The New York Times as a criminal justice expert. He's written multiple articles for The New York Times, Washington Post City Lab, WGN. Radio New York Books etcetera. Um, what's this guy's name? Yeah, he's just Professor Jared Shanahan, 34 year old Chicago based PhD, is a criminal justice professor of Governor State University who has been convicted, actually, of being a part of a particularly brutal assault on a New York City police officer where they learned him away and beat this guy. But yeah, I mean, he say, Well, who's gonna do something about it? Where the elites doing something about this? The elites are the ones masked up. This is not a revolutionary group to the extent they think they are, they have been tricked. These are the foot soldiers of academia, of global capitalism, of the U. S. Government. It's all the same. It's all the same. And you know Tom Fitton. Ah, he's the guy from Judicial Judicial Watch San Hedren Watch, Um who, like focuses on the Peter Struck stuff in the Rosenstein testimony and all the stuff is still doing this bit. He talked. I just looked to see if he's talking about Antifa at all because judicial Watch, you would think, would talk about the specific judges and the aspects of the legal system who are not picking up James O Keefe's ball and running with it. Right? Um, and I see one tweet from him in the last 18 hours where, you know, he talks about how he's focused on Rosenstein and Obama Gate and all this other shit, and he says that antifa Israel, they sued us. It's like Well, Tom, why didn't you sue them if they consume you? Cause Tom Fitton goes on this whole thing about Oh, they have lawyers and they have this whole apparatus around the pool. So do you got like, It's not what you do. Like what? Are you suing them? Why is it why aren't there lawsuits against Antifa? Why isn't there? You know why Isn't there a declaration? Why are these people getting fan? Why aren't their arrests in the bank even if the Fed, even if the federal government isn't going to do anything about it, we know about this legal strategy. We see it being used against people who are defendants in the Charlottesville case of finding those that were arrested, tying them together with websites that are involved in in promoting an event or inaction or something. You could very easily making legal case and initiate discovery proceedings. Most importantly, initiating those discovery proceedings against Unicorn Riot. It's going down Rose City Antifa. The people that find out where these servers are hosted find out who owns the websites who registered these things. These air, all processes that could be could be initiated, especially if you have a well funded a legal organisation like judicial watch. This is something they should absolutely be doing because the limitation and their people, I'm sure there are people across the country who would love to start this process but they don't have the money. Resource is illegal acumen. What have you but judicial watch does. And in the meantime, what are they doing about this? Nothing. Not much. Other than saying they suit us. It's riel. We've confirmed that anti foes riel, in case anyone was wondering where we're letting everyone know we have. We now have confirmation that ah, that Antifa is is a really thing. But we're not going to do anything about it. And, of course, everybody knows. I mean all of the things that O. Keefe is uncovered, which which hasn't been put out there before. I mean, it is good in that sense that people are seeing that the focus of Antifa is it's not just violence because they end up out in public. And then, you know, one thing leads to another. This is premeditated. It is part of a training camp. These are terrorist cells. In actuality, I mean, I know they they use, they use that they try to use that language on other types of nationalism, but it never works out. Um, it's it's so funny that you know, people that try to infiltrate nationalist movements. Um, find out very quickly that, like nobody is interested in doing violence. Everybody's kind of chill people just talking about like, you know, doing home gardening and like that. And it's like they must be so dismayed. The only home they can dio to destroy those people. It's like docks them and ruin their lively hoods and ruin them financially. But they must be really dismayed. But if you infiltrated Antifa, it's like the 1st 1st moment. It's like practice, things like an eye gouge. It takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes. It's like they they know that they're doing violent stuff. I mean, in this video says, Don't be that fucking guy with the goddamn Spike brass knuckles getting photos taken of you. Police are gonna be, like, perfect. We can prosecute these fuckers. Actually, not, really. Um, look how violent they are. And not that were not. But we're going to fucking hide that shit. So Anti was very concerned about brass knuckle optics. James, Brass knuckle optics are something that you do not want to do. Just, you know, don't be a brother. How about have a camera tripod that doubles as a pipe that you can smash over someone's head, I suppose, is, is a tactic that they want to dio, right? It's ah, it's something that the but but the whole premise of anti foes violence like there's no point in them getting together for any other reason other than to commit acts of violence. Um, you know, these people are not there even to form a community. Their community is about violence there. The glue that holds them together is the violence they commit in that they get away with it. In a sense, that's that. Say hi for them. They they love it, then they think that they are achieving, I suppose, their ideological goals. But the reality is is that they're just they're just foot soldiers for an establishment who, if they ever became inconvenient, and at some point you know when you have JMC rolling around ah d C. If they have jmc these thes military contractors, why do they need antifa right? And at a certain point, anti foot can just be rolled up and put away. But right now it's it's a necessary tool and ah, it works really well for conservatives because by these thes things being uncovered very sensational. I saw O'Keefe had, ah, some little landing page on his website where you could send your ad. Enter your email address here too, will notify you in this expose on an If it comes out, it's it's This is all just about generating excitement. Ah, for 2020 and leading people down this dead end road of thinking that Trump is actually going to do something about Antifa. But here, give me $20 you'll find out November what we're gonna do, which is precisely nothing. So might as well just take that $20 bill and light it on fire. Um, you know, then just don't, you know, try to spend it anywhere in the vicinity of ah, Derrick show Vin. He might put his me on your neck or something scary like that, but yeah, they're doing this too late to, right? I mean, this is this is there trying to re enter reanimate the corpse of ah, of conservative anger against Antifa. The time to do this was 27 August 2017. Yet James, where was that? I mean now saying, Look, I know the work that O Keefe is doing is is not easy. It's not something that's that. It takes a lot of time, takes a lot of, you know, And you know, James for putting together videos and all the stuff. And this is like undercover investigation, which is which is pretty intense, implying that I mean, I guess they could say, Oh, well, we didn't have the these details then. Well, why didn't you? You've been in the political scene for decades or decade and 1\/2 2 decades, and you didn't know about Antifa? You didn't think about infiltrating them. It's like, But why wait until now? This is like what I was talking about before. How can anyone views this is anything other than an election year today? It's confirmed they had this since at least 2018 because that's when one of the bookstores they met at closed in Portland. So this they've had the footage since at least 2018 a mid 2018 by the way. So, yeah, they've been sitting on this and this is this is election hearing. But people were mad at anti for conservatives there. Fever pitch for anti antifa anger was 2017. This was after the summer of free speech events that were shut down by antifa horrible optics for them. This was after Charlottesville, which actually made you know people like to to retroactively change the narrative on this. But that made anti for very unpopular. People were not angry conservatives that people were not angry. They're not blaming the demonstrators in Charlottesville for the violence. They were blaming Antifa because that's who you're right to blame. They're the ones that are responsible for them in the police. But yes, So the high water mark for conservative anger was three years ago, and they missed their chance. And I suppose there was some two summers ago with Andy no go no go getting milkshakes throwing him in, Whatever. But But no, they really missed the shot with this and it's again. It's another like, uh, tribute band. It's This is tribute, man politics it is. And they they think that you're gonna you're gonna get really excited about this stuff and and ah, you know. But hasn't he done this one more thing? Has he done this before? Though Trump and threatening to declare them a terror organization. I get the feeling that every summer there has been the threat to declare them a terror organization in 2017 2018 20 days and it has never happened. So now we have it coming around again in 2020 and it's being promised yet again. It's it's just unbelievable at this point. I mean, you cannot believe it. Well, I seem to recall that they didn't Didn't Trump called black lives matter a terrorist organization? I know that that was part of the rhetoric. I don't know if he actually did it, but there were pundits who did. Um, I don't I don't recall if he did I because I know that I didn't just make that up. Um, and it's kind of an easy, easy, low hanging fruit to grab, but ah, you know, it's it's something that they've departed from, and it's it's you know what? Will Antifa go that way too? It's like, well, criticizing Ah Antifa be seen as some sort of, you know, a front, I suppose. But But Striker has has done a really good job on this, hasn't he? On the Expos saying of Antifa. This is This is where the real work comes in and he's been doing this for a while, but, I mean, the most recent one was the money shot, wasn't it? Yeah, I know. He got this guy. The professor. He previously had identified one of their photographer, An AP photographer. Guy who sells photographs to Getty is a convicted pedophile who goes by the name Corey Vernon Clark. Birth name? Yehuda Kalman. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Yeah. He runs a company called Wallace Media with his wife Danny Finger and convicted pedophile molested a 13 year old. So yeah, he's and he's done others. He got, ah, One of these vice journalists in the UK was caught as the registrar on its website. Who he then covered that eight of the group. Wow, These guys are great. Yeah, he owns the website, so yeah, check out national hyphen justice for more of that, it's Ah, that's the rial expose work that needs to be done on anti things. Guys, aerial dish bug men to I mean the And when you look at the police report with the missus, a tattoo on left arm, non specific miscellaneous human forms, tattoo arm, right, non specific animal dragons, tattoo arm, non specific. Ah, human skulls like Okay, guy? Ah, yeah. So yeah. Alias Yahoo account. So So antifa is the pressure release valve. It gives you something it gives whites something to feel excited about. While law and Order is not being restored right you can be. This is something for people to be distracted by, as Trump isn't doing anything. So that's why it's another sort of perfect kosher bazooka round that they fired off here. And, ah, you know, this will carry on for a while and and and I hope that that some of the work that Eric is doing makes it into, ah, these threads that where this is being discussed, cause it's the it's the best opportunity to do that. But we'll see. We'll see how long the GOP allows this to be discussed and then, at some point that will turn it off. And and by turning it off, they just pivot to something else, right? It'll be as though Trump never declared or never said that he was going to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. It'll just be forgotten about. It would be like remember when Trump said this and then never did anything, and it's the same old same old shit. And so you have this tinderbox and we've talked about this in dribs and drabs, various aspects of it. You have people locked up in their houses. It's almost like a perfect storm, in a way. People locked up in their houses for 45 months. You have 42 million people out of work. You have the government bailing out Jewish NGOs, big business leaves, working class, high and dry. You have total removal of some pressure release valves like sports for Normie, sports concerts, bars, theaters, going out to lunch with friends, dinner with friends. You just I mean, it's just like you can't even do that. No, like the guys were talking about, I don't know. There's prepping the car like that Chinese restaurant near Ah, near spends that built like a fucking airlock to go and get the food. It's like, you know, stick timber and, ah, you know, vinyl siding and you go in and you know, they it's literally an airlock for your general. So's, I mean you're not going in there and hanging out with your friends. It's just not happening. And so people could go outside, but it's all social distancing. You have churches which are closed, which, you know, whatever you want to say about churches. A lot of people go there and it's just a form of community. You don't have that anymore. Ah, and then you have the country on fire. Everybody is blaming it on white people. And then you have the ostensible president white guy who does nothing. But there's some theories on these types of parameters. Ah, for this tinderbox that are kind of interesting. I find this theory Ah, somewhat, somewhat interesting. This is from two Toqueville. So this is talking about how revolutions themselves don't necessarily arena. And I even hate we're using the word revolution because it's such a the visceral react to that and collapses like it's never have. It's not gonna happen. It's like, OK, well, they take on different forms and, you know, we're at war right now. It's just a different type of war, its fourth generation warfare. It's not like people in the streets like called duty. So it's the war. They're still casualties. It is not the same as it was 100 years ago, and people have to like into update the firmware and realized, like, what? What we're in the middle of right now? And so the way that to dope Phil talks about it. Maybe an archaic terms. But he says, revolutions do not necessarily erupt at the moment when people are the most depressed, instead, that sometimes. And this makes a lot of sense when you think about it and said this sometimes results when rising expectations air smashed I e. Periods of progress are followed by crushed hopes, which then lead to rage and violence, crush hopes and crushed copes. This is especially true today, when someone society has become exceedingly infantilized and most people are dependent on media and social media for this digital dopamine rush. And so do Toqueville was one of the first political theorists to highlight what he viewed as a curious paradox with the French Revolution, which, of course, we know, was funded by Jews and perpetrated by Jews. Ah, for overthrow of the established order. The French revolution erupted not when the nation was in the throes of decline, but at a time when there was relative prosperity in France into Tocqueville's words. A study of comparative statistics makes it clear that in none of the decades immediately following the revolution did our national prosperity make such rapid forward strides as the two preceding it? Some revolutions a response to a downturn in the economy after a significant period of growth gives giving people a sense of a more promising future. Now we just got off of the longest run the longest bull market, you know, if you use that, is the index in in American history, a East since they were keeping records, and in 18th century France, the prosperity was much more riel. Today we have hyper reality right where you think things are going well, but they're actually not. And so when the whole thing crashes, it's a lot worse from everybody was bearable enough to get by, right? We talk about this all the time. Dow Jones Industrial averages at 30,000 but a lot of people are living near the poverty line, and the working class is being crushed. You have the opioid epidemic, all these problems that the media chooses not to talk about because they're inconvenient. They go ignored and they fester and they become infected and you have problems, and the problems eventually boil over And so as life in real or simulated hyper reality seems to improve a sudden reversal of that fortune, consume, unbearable and trigger the activity that we're seeing today. And that applies doubly to black and brown people because you have the civil rights movement, which made it seem like racial equality was within reach and that racial equality was always a carrot and stick or who remember James. Remember? In the run up to the election of Barack Obama, Veer was a very riel, palpable feeling from whites and blacks who would come out and tell you that this was going to usher in the end of racism in America to remember this. Remember when they said this? Yeah, I know. And people whites, you know, there's a common refrain you'll get even in these politics. Whites posing the hypothetical question. What if we could just do a payment? What would what would the payment have to be in order for these concerns about? And this is what Russia was even alluding to when he did the interview on the Breakfast Club with a sway in the morning. And Charlemagne was asking, What would it take for you people to feel like you were no longer being aggrieved, like you're no longer being oppressed and people say OK, $100,000 every black person, $200,000 every black person. The reality is there is no amount of money. There is no amount of legislation. There is nothing you can do when you have a mixed society. Nothing you can give to to blacks to to bread nothing. No amount of wealth transfer is going to make them feel like they are like they are being taken care of like their equal, because there is a fundamental feeling that is unavoidable, that they're different, that these people are different than existing in a mixed society. They will always as a group, not be a smart. They will always not be successful if things are being, you know, if all things being equal on their not being artificially promoted in that so there's no amount of money you can, you can give no amount of black politicians a lot of black bodies. You can put in prominent roles to fix this. There's nothing you can do and the artificial promotion, um, through affirmative action and in a myriad of other programs and funding and giving people. I mean, we've spent trillions of dollars on this over the course of five or six decades end. It's not much has really changed. And if you ask them, you know, these thes dollar amounts, like keep upping the bidding. It's like, just, you know, wipe out all white people. Give all wealth to blacks. In 100 years, the planets destroyed, all of its gone, and they'll just turn there. They'll just turn on each other. At that point, I mean, it's just a problem that can never be solved. The only solution of the problem is living apart. But the reason why we're not apart is because this is way too useful of a Gollum in the last 500 years for them to to allow that to happen. And so you have this always being just within reach of some nonsensical vision of equality. I mean, they have equality. It's never been about equality at this point, when they're when you actually look at what they're demanding, they already have everything that they could possibly want. I mean, whites are the ones who are discriminated against in the current regime structure. Try applying to an Ivy League schools a white person with, ah, you know, top percentile grades if there are, if there are, but you're just gonna be lever it out of that thing, and that's that's how it is, like on on every level, on every level letters. It's the hiring process or education or whatever. They have been given every opportunity to move forward. And they got the black president. They got an entire black cabinet. They've gotten everything that they've ever wanted. And nothing has changed. And it doesn't matter like it doesn't matter. Like it ultimately doesn't matter. These people are still gonna be be making these demands, and it creates these conditions that are almost perfect, where they feed off of each other, like we talked about with, You know, you, you have outrage over police brutality, so you get more police brutality, right? You have outrage over whatever, and it's just it's a self fulfilling prophecy, and I have this audio from Cornell West. He was on CNN. It's a it's a little bit long, but every minute of it is worth it. Um, it really sets. It really sets the tone for all of this. And he complains about the things that we're talking about here with with, uh, it never being enough. And, um, get here. He is alone, George, where it is so clear. It is a lynching at the highest level. Nobody can deny it. And I thank God that we have people in the streets. Can you imagine this kind of lynching taking place? And people are in different people don't care. People are callous. You have just a few people out there with signs. I recall the moments in which doing the Reagan years there was a view of us out there in the sixties. You had masses out dead. Now you've got a younger generation of all of these different colors and genders and such orientation thing. We won't take it any longer. But you know what's sad about it, though, brother, at the deepest level, it looks a ziff. The system cannot reform itself. We've tried black faces in high places. Too often are black politicians. Professional class, middle class become to accommodated to the capitalist economy to accommodate it to the militarized nation state to accommodate it too. The market driven culture tie with celebrity status, power, fame, all of that superficial stuff that means so much to so many fellow citizens. And what happens? What happens is we gotta Neil Fashions gangster in the White House who really doesn't care for the most part. You gotta Neil's herbal wing of the Democratic Party that is now in the driver's seat with the collapse of brother burning, and they don't really know what to do, cause all they want is show more. Black faces show more black faces. But oftentimes these black faces are losing legitimacy to because the black lives matter movement. He emerged under ah, black president, black attorney general and black Homeland Security. And they couldn't deliver, you see, so that when you talk about the masses of black people, the precious, poor and working class black people, poor working class, brown bread, yellow, whatever color, they're the ones who are left out and they feel so thoroughly powerless, helpless, hopeless. Then you get rebellion and we've reached the point. Now it's a choice between non violent revolution and by revolution. What I mean is the democratic sharing of power. Resource is wealth and respect. If we don't get that kind of sharing. You're gonna get more violent explosions. Now, The sad thing is, in his neo fascist moment in the White House, you got some neo fascist bubbling sisters out there who already armed. They show up there the U. S. Capitol, and they don't get arrested. They don't get put down. Well, that that president, that's the extraordinary thing. I mean, you have, Yes, he he's talking about those jm sees those of the neo Fascist New Yang, thanks to brothers. But but yeah, he I mean, he it's it's you almost feel a little bit empathetic with what he's saying because he's talking about He definitely is talking about the kosher sandwich there for a minute. He's talking about on the right Neo fascists, which is just Zionism. And on the left is neo liberalism, which is just Bolshevism. And it's the two components of the kosher sandwich. And he says, you know, we got a black president. You had black lives matter arising from a black president with a black Attorney general, Eric Holder and a black Homeland security secretary jeh Johnson, and nothing changed. And that was the biggest thing. I mean, I remember not not just the lead up to Barack Obama's election, where this is going to heal the nation and cure racism, and people really bought into this whites and blacks, a lot of Republicans. It's how Obama won was a lot of these red state Republicans who bought into this. And, um, it ended up. I remember in the middle of the administration, black starting to get very dismayed because the expectations that are set by the demands that have been penned by black lives matter are never going to be fulfilled by anybody. Not even Jews are going to in a village. Like we said in the mid, we show there are some things in there that will be cherry picked as things that they can accomplish, but in a very kosher way, it won't be. It won't be something it won't. But if that ends up being the outcome, then these people are never going to be satisfied, and it just goes on and on forever. That's the purpose of the Gollum, right? The purpose of the government so that these people don't get what they want because they don't they don't benefit from a large population of placated blacks. They benefit from a very angry population of blacks who go out in the streets and do this kind of stuff. And that could be agreed. An amplified by Antifa and then used, used to just bludgeon whites over the head to the point where you get statements like Eric Priests or Drew Brees, whatever his name is and looking at Eric struggles Twitter right now. But Drew Brees, you just get that. That's the end result. That's the purpose of this, Um and you know Cornel West. I don't know if he knows that he is one of the more sort me. He's obviously aware enough to see some of what's going on, and I definitely fully on board with the anti capitalist sentiment. He's just directing this at the wrong, obviously at the wrong thing. So it's just like it's like Keith Ellison. It's like you're not actually going to achieve anything. If you're awoke black and you believe in in destroying this, the Jewish supremacy, some of them realized what it is, then you're This is going about it in the wrong way, and Cornel West is just a cook. He's saying the right things. He's like he's like, based black guy saying all the right things. But you know, he's on their, you know, being a puppet for ah Jeffries upchuck sucker. You know CNN's Jeff Chucker jugar. Yeah, And if the redirect is back to Whitey or back to the white man system White men, this, you know, you're never gonna get anywhere. And it's also, you know, this is another like, from Cornell West. Perspective like this is alienating to I mean, he obviously, he's not trying to reach out to whites. But this is why you see people like this who are who are so deeply anti white now they're promoted and their focus is on the anti whiteness. You know, he talks about neoliberalism and addresses some of the problems accurately, but he's still steeped in a few whiteness. It's why you see people like that promoted because as they try to keep the left and white, left and white, you know, sides from, ah, populist sides from meeting and recognizing, um, you know, recognizing that is not a left versus right issue. It is. It is elites. It is Jewish power. They also a few of them there are of these these political blacks that could come to the same realization that they are not getting what they want. They are suffering because of a Jewish system that is forcing them to to remain, uh, you know, to remain together to not be allowed to separate, which would be truly toe look after their own communities to police their own communities. Some of them have called for that they've been executed or who are silenced or censored or what have you. So yeah, I mean, they let you do critiques of the system as long as that system, uh, you presented as a white system always right? Yeah. And they'll let you go pretty far with it too, as long as it never solves the problem in. There are some people who are surprised that they let Cornel West go on for that long. That was I think that was Ah, an interview with John King. Um, from May 29th of people are looking toe. Listen, Teoh all of it, but yeah, I mean, they let the let them go a little bit further, just like they've let the right go a little bit further. They're letting this loose a little bit more, but they want to do. You don't want to go too far because they want it always directed at whites. And this has been something that has been gone. This is something that has gone on for quite a while. And, ah, you know, the thing that they are angry about now and going back to this sort of bit that I was doing with the toqueville in the the the ah, the ingredients for rage and violence is this phenomenon of rising expectations that are often imagined. It's part of It's part of the propaganda that air smashed on purpose in order to lead to the rage and violence. Right, So you get what, what? It was it Van Jones calling the election of Donald Trump a white lash. It was a response to Obama, and it was also a response to the black Lives matter movement. And it was also a response to a feckless GOP because Trump was finally saying things that people wanted to hear. And then you fast forward four years and you have the pandemic the economy. 42 million unemployed Shemp outs triggered by the media, and it's kind of looking pretty rough because these people thought that after Obama it was gonna be a continuation. A lot of them were disheartened because they didn't get what they want, but they were still kind of on board of moving forward. And they thought for a while that in many of them still think this that Trump is a white supremacist that he is in neo Fascist. Now, a lot of the corner was stuff. It's just window dressing. I don't know if Corn OS actually believes that, but he does that to animate the base. Um, they believe that this guy was a white supremacist and so they thought that this was going to be, Ah, a reaction. Um, they saw the reaction to that with white people and they thought, Oh, no, like everything that we worked for, everything that the choose did for us in reality has been undone. And of course, that's on purpose. As I have said, they want these people angry. They want them on the brink of of blowing up, and they want them to believe that the reason why they feel this way is because of conditions set by way people and I think it's an important time, James, that we revisit an infamous document of which the source material predates not just the French Revolution, but the American Revolution is well and English, Civil War and probably a lot further back than that. It it's something that spans the centuries. It's been a strategy that has gone on for a while now. When I first came around this thing that we're in there were a lot of people. We're still under the impression that the Protocols The Protocols of the Elders of Zion learned Elders of Zion while at best were amusing, were fake and had been thoroughly debunked. But, hey, wouldn't it be nice if they were really heavy? But did you see the dank name of Trump in Mexican rapists? You know, this is kind of the thing. This has gotta the temperature of five years ago, but over time it has ever had a lot more and perhaps more importantly, experienced a lot more. I've become convinced that there really and this may be sort of, um, a pre or I sort of knowledge at this point, But, you know, for anybody who still is on this Oh, they're fake, They're forgeries, like whatever not know the rial. And I think it's important to revisit them. Um, from time to time, as you get new escalations to see how fucking right they are about so many things. And there's another reasons why I'm convinced the rial. And it's due to a number of factors, the two most important of which are the most contemporary form that they take on that we're familiar with now, which is 115 years ago they were published first in Russia in 1905 and then in 1920 they were translated into English and published in America is the fact that what they say in 1905 And remember, they came from a much older document. You can trace the you know, the sources go back a long ways, and it's only 11 portion of a larger tome. We think, Um, but what we do have is kind of interesting. And when you think about what people must have known in 1905 and what you've seen play out not just over 100 years ago, but 40 years ago, um, and even today, these air still shaping events, and it's just it's it's it's incredible. And then on top of that, the reaction to them when they were published in English. A lot of things that I was not aware of. Um, there was almost no reaction to them when they were published in Russian in 1905 Like, just did move the needle at all. But the moment they were published in English, it's it became this reaction unlike any that we've ever seen. Except when you're talking about the Holocaust, which came later, right? The reaction to this was insane. We're gonna we're going to get into them. But, I mean, what was your take James on the protocols, like as you started to become red pills. I mean, when did you do you remember when you first heard about them? Yeah, I think I first heard about these in my like, early teen years, and they were akin to, you know, lost texts of ancient Egypt. And like like the Dead Sea Scrolls. And and that's how they were always presented to me. And what I would read is that these were, you know, maybe an interesting relic of history, But not something that's relevant anymore, not something that's verifiable. I certainly did not understand the history. What I find to be one of the most fascinating parts about this is the history and the immediate backlash and a attempt to control information unlike anything that had been seen before before in America in the early 20th century. When we get to that point, I think that is very interesting and just how an understanding all we know now, you you look at the public publication of these in English and you gotta think just how worried they are, how intense the schwitz in must have been that this jig they were working on in America going back to the foundation of the country might have been up if they hadn't reacted in the way they did. Because, yeah, this was not something that was only being taken up by low class peasant rubes and farmers and and illiterates and and things like they may have predicted it would. This was This was information that was echoing across the halls of power in America. Very bright people, very powerful people calling attention to this. Yes, so let's let's go into some of the the just some quotes from the protocols and see if these ring any bells. Remember, this is written in 1905 So a lot of these ideas back then would have been extremely alien to a largely agricultural Europe. Ah, and America, um, you know, just on the precipice of modernity, but 1905 Still a lot of people, um, this this would have been new and alien. And today it seems just commonplace, right? So used the idea of freedom to bring about class wars. The power of our resource is must remain invisible until the very moment and has gained the strength that no cunning or force can undermine it. So that's why you see a slip of the mass come time. Now here's a big one advocate advocation of mob psychology to control the masses. It's like, what? Look a turn on the TV right now. What do you think that is? Right. But in 1905 What kind of mob psychology was there? Not much. There were mobs, of course. I mean, that's something that has been around for a long time, But to the extent that they do it now, look at this mob psychology to control the masses. Use alcohol, drugs, corruption and all forms of ice to systemically corrupt the youth of the nation. Seize property by any means use slogans such as equity Liberty, fraternity delivered into the mouths of the masses and psychological warfare. War should be directed so that nations on both sides are placed either further in debt and peace. Sorry, place further in debt and peace. Can conferences conducted so that neither combatant obtains territory writes The only people that get territory writes in the new paradigm in the 20th century. Our juice. Those are the only, you know sound. That sort of changed that dynamic sort of change to the turn of the century. Like these wars. All these words that we fought, it's the it's resulted in European countries giving up territory, returning territory, right. But it has not resulted in territorial gains only for one very specific place. Yeah, you don't even get resource is anymore. I mean, this is and this is very historically abnormal. Throughout almost the whole entirety of history, wars would be fought over resource is or land. And that's really you know, those were the two main motivations. But you don't see that happen anymore. Yep. No, no, you don't. And Ah, So just in here, I want to make this point too, because this is this is also important to understand. So when these came out and the reaction to this, which we're going to talk about in detail, was just apoplectic from juice. I mean, just the reaction was almost virtual insanity in in the way that they treated people, people ended up dead. They have the death penalty in place in Russia for anybody in possession of these after the revolution. I mean, it was it got pretty insane because they did not have the Holocaust in place to control people. Yet it's, ah, tedious has been doing a lot of great work on the Holocaust. And, um, it's it's fantastic effort, and I just want to add this context here, which is that they had to get that in place in order to make all of the tenets of this plan, which they have very dutifully executed of. Of the last 115 years in 1905 people kind of knew that there was a plot. People kind of knew that something wasn't quite right, but they couldn't put their finger on it. And then this came out. It got published in English 15 years later and was spread all over the globe by A number of people are gonna talk about them in detail. But you had 20 or 30 years of people, sort of. The jig is up. It's like naming this thing that people always felt on their gut. Something was wrong. You had programs going on in Russia. You had rising anti Semitism in America and in Europe and people starting to see, especially in why Marr and other places where this is manifesting this. This is confirming what we always what we always knew. And the funny thing is, is that people did the relative understanding on the time when this was published in 1920 they realized that this was written in 1905 And they were like by 1920 World War One and the Russian Revolution had already occurred. And they were like, Holy fuck, this is these air prescient like we understand this now, and so the Holocaust narrative had to be put into place in order to justify the continued strategy, right? Just because the cat got let out of the bag didn't mean that they were going to stop doing this strategy up. Jig's up. Guess we have to stop this 2000 year. Um ah, you know, quest for global domination, doctrine of destruction and in, you know, achieving our Zionist ideals. Right? They weren't just going to stop, but they had something that they had to put in place. Where you flip any one of these around. And the answer is the Holocaust, right? So if somebody complains about class wars, if somebody complains about mob psychology to control the masses of somebody complains that alcohol, drugs and pornography and corruption are too pervasive in the nation. If people complain about corporate monopolies, people complain about control. Press? Yeah, the control of the press. Neoconservatism, you know, destroying Israel's enemies, everything else. If you stand in the way of any of those things and you say I want, you know, I want a white country, I want to control my own destiny. I even just don't want the press telling me what to do. Well, you're on the runway to Nazism. You're on the runway to another Holocaust. But in the interim between when these were published in 1920 and then when you started have the Holocaust narrative starting to gin up in it while World War two really put a put a whole end cap on that whole thing. Um, they didn't have a where they were panicking for a couple decades because people knew what the jig was. They saw that in the ensuing 15 years that a lot of these things had already started to play out and they had to cement something in the way. Some argument, some thunder striking argument that cuts all this bear. So if you even mention this, you're a problem urine issue and they started very rapidly deploying this. This is why 1965 in America was the year where a lot of this stuff started to kick off and and it's it's really kind of amazing what some of these other ones James Yeah, establishing the huge monopolies it would lean towards world government control, buildup, arms and police forces and soldiers to protect us and protect our needs. Members and leaders of our international order should be appointed by directors like all of these things. And so imagine having a conversation about these problems. Absent the context of the Holocaust, it's almost impossible. But because the typical route for a conversation like this is somebody saying, Well, I don't like the fact that the press is controlled by Jews. I don't like the fact that that people are being that media is being used in controlled too corrupt to act as a corrupting influence on our youth. The immediate response nine times out of 10 is going to be what? So you want to gas them like Hitler did or you would not see it? Just imagine having them being on the defensive without being able to pull the Holocaust card. It would be impossible. So, yeah, when they when people are exposed to the protocols, they begin to get a better understanding of world jewelry and their plan and how they're using their power, uh, to enact their agenda as they start. Especially now, people start to see like as you run this clot, like, 200 years from now, all of this is still gonna be relevant. I mean, listen to number 15 talking about what's going on today, create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food and use this to control the masses or mob and then use the mob to wipe out all those who stand in the way. What do you call black lives matter, right? Yeah. I mean, it s so this is this is why to cope with this, they're reduced the labeling the protocols as conspiracy theory. And they had to censor anyone who tried to publish it. At the time, the power was not totally absolute, as it is was not as as advanced and complex as it is now. So they had, ah, more difficult time of censorship. But ah yeah, This is why they now regard this is just a baseless conspiracy theory. And you're crazy for talking about it. Well, it's It's more than that. We'll get into that in a second, but I want to I want to do some of these other ones that are in here to tie them today, infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fuel fooling bemusing and corrupting youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false. That's like tricks. National and international law should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control the people. Let's say true. Yeah, of course. That's what they're doing now. And they've advanced well beyond this. And again, imagine this in 1905 in a 95% white country. Ah, that is America or Europe, which was probably even whiter than that, I mean, and it's seeing just the outer edges of this and thinking. Wow. Yeah, a lot of that. Some of this has come true, but some of this is so insane. I just don't see how it could be happening. But there's still some truth to this, whereas we're looking at this now, from the perspective of 85% of this is basically done at this point. Um, use agent's advisers behind the scenes after wars and use secret diplomacy to gain control. We see that with puppet governments details. Oh, here's another one pertinent to the trip outs. Detailed plans for resolutions discussed the art of street fighting, which is necessary to bring the population into speedy's subjection. That's a street fight. That's what the chimp outs are. It's an Antifa street fight and they're bringing people into speedy subjection. Go read. Drew Brees is apology a. I mean, yeah, it's, ah, any any white shop owner that there they even think about defending his shop. Um, he's in subjection because he knows that he will not be allowed to defend himself and he could be beaten to death by this mob, and there would be no repercussions for that. It will. Here's Donald Trump, 2016 Number 17. Expound the value of systemic deception. Use high sounding slogans and phrases. An advocate lavish promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept. You know, it's it's the it's this is just me. Back then, in 1905 people actually expected something out of their politicians. Um, people there was There was a second We said this before. They're in America. Anyway, People felt like voting was transactional. They'd get something out of it. Now it wasn't Don't light switch brain. This where 1905 Everybody was getting everything of what they wanted. And today nobody's getting nothing of what they wanted. It's this just sort of extremities, sort of absolutist sort of language because you go back to you know, as we talked about with the American Revolution and a large swath of the yeoman farmers were not getting anything that they wanted. They were being suppressed in The Bill of Rights was something that they were given, sort of to placate them. But just talking about how these things were were censored. And I saw this interview with Deborah Lipstadt. Mike was talking about her the other day. She's one of these holic Odd. I think she's like a modern Jewish history professor at Emory University. Um, she would did this interview with Chris Hayes and, ah, he says, there seems to be this connection between conspiracy and anti Semitism looting. So, Chris, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is a czarist intelligence forgery of the 19th century. I think I'm if I'm not mistaken. Yes, that's correct. And within two sentences she goes from you know, Chris A says the idea behind it is Secret control, pulling the strings, secret puppet masters. Is that the sort of thing from the beginning, or is it something that and she's like? Yeah, of course. They've been doing this since the Roman times, you know. Ah, but the whole coast is really what we need to talk about here, Chris. And it's like four paragraphs of of this this I don't know. Like she has this make believe conversation with a Holocaust denier on an airplane so that she can, like, stand up these arguments that sheikhoun straw man the arguments by the Holocaust denier on the airplane and then, like, bat them down. It's like, But what about the protocols? You don't talk about that. You just don't talk about the holiday. Oh, I see. Because you Yeah, yeah, I see what you're doing there, Debra. Okay. And note the use of the word forgery by Hayes. He doesn't dispute the document itself in the use of the word forgery is actually kind of interesting, because it is something that you will hear used all the time In regard to these documents, A forgery doesn't mean that the substance itself is is not legitimate, right? Um, it doesn't dispute the document itself. A forgery is just a copy of something else that was really right. It's a replica of something else that they say. Okay, well, somebody else must have copied this from somewhere and called it the protocols of the Elders of Zion. But the rial thing, you know, we we have claimed to that this is a forgery, right? So it's an interesting choice of words. The A T L calls them a hoax of hate. And according to Wikipedia, they are fabricated anti Semitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for Joe Global domination. According to the claims made by some of its publishers, the protocols air the minutes of 24 sessions of a meeting of the 12 tribes of Israel. Now, this is the thing that some publishers did Josh publishers did to make them seem ridiculous because I don't actually believe that these are minutes from some session of some secret meeting. I just think that this is something that has been the source. Material has been passed down over a long period of time because, as Douglas read fucked up Deborah Lipstadt in the media outlets suit, Douglas Reed has to say about these things. What he talks about is, and what makes them very interesting is that they are this fundamental truth about human society in human cultures, in human behavior that represents cumulative knowledge over a very long period of time, right? So it's not something that somebody could have just done. Like the claim with Chris Hayes saying that this is a czarist intelligence service forgery. The claim by Jews is that if you get him down pinned down right on it, they say that the czar's did this to create more anti Semitism in support for programs in Russia. Okay, well, then why wasn't there anything said about in 19? 05 Why was it when it was translated to English that people could really got upset? Why was that? Yeah, and they will. They will try to claim that unless this is the strawman they set up Is that unless this is a leaked document from the Jewish halls of power than it's totally meaningless and irrelevant? Because because it's, ah, it has no basis. And it has no bearing on what is going on in the world. The counter argument to this is to say, it doesn't matter where this came from. I'm inclined to believe this is intergenerational knowledge that has been passed down by Europeans for thousands of years since, as Deborah Lipstadt says, since Rome, if not before this is intergenerational knowledge that is being passed down in a very concise manner to Europeans. And it doesn't matter who wrote this necessarily. What matters is if it's bearing out, if it's true, is this what's actually going on? And when you run and the and the reaction to it, those two things together, it's like, OK, well, what if What if people just published this? What if this just turned up somewhere and Jews were like L. A. Well, right? What if just what if this had been like like, ah, list in mind, like Hitler? Hadley written by himself, right? Would that make it irrelevant? Would that make it Not matter? No, this would you? They would be reacting in a similar way, Which is to say, the fact that there's no author attached to it is the thing that they hate the most about it because they can't do the politics of personal destruction on a piece that is totally anonymous. They hit that the most, and then that's where they say, like, Oh, go there they go after the publishers, right? And so So let's re this is from Reed Reed. Is he highly recommend people read, Douglas read Controversy Design. It's very good book, but there's a chapter on the protocols, and I read this a long time ago. I mean, the idea that I just found out about the protocols is kind of silly. If anybody thinks that it like I said at the beginning, it's It's something that I've been wanting to talk about for a while, and it just seems too perfect to talk about it now because, uh, talking to Alex and Alex was saying that you're starting to feel that feeling in your stomach where you're going over the hill, your cresting over the hill on a roller coaster. And things are starting to move very quickly. Kind of scary times in our country. And it's always nice at that point to do. Go check in, see what the protocols have to say, right? And, ah, it's It's a good opportunity to talk about them because, you know, trying to find the actual text of them online is is assist me in tax task. You have to go buy a book. Maybe there are some easy to find full text of them, but it's not an easy thing that's been disseminated. And as time has gone on, it becomes something that, um that that is proven more true as time goes on. And so they just double down on the notion that this is that this is a forgery and so on and so forth. But ah, read goes on to say says in many passages the protocols appear at first sight to recommend destruction as a thing virtuous in itself. This is the doctrine of destruction. It's been around for thousands of years and consequently justifying all methods explicitly recommended to promoted bribery, blackmail, corruption, subversion, sedition, mob incitement, terror and violence which thus become virtuous to now. Reid wrote his book in 1956. So keep that in mind too. The argument presented begins at the end world power and goes backward through the means which are advocated simply is the best ones. To that end, the final aim is the destruction of all religion and nationhood in the establishment of the superstate ruling the world by ruthless terror. Now I know that there are some people who think that well, where are they already have that and whatever that is, I'm not sure, but if you go back 20 years and you go back 20 years before that, they had less power and even less power. And so it's only rational to conclude that they're not done yet and they have not arrived and that I do actually think that they want the United States government. While it was useful to be kind of the bully in the room once they've shored a lot of these things up. This is why Larry Fink is leveraging China and the Philippines and all these other places. The superstate is not going to be some world Congress with a world president. That's the cartoonish sort of boomer narrative on this. It's It's going to be something that you can't point to. That's the purpose of it. That's what they say in the protocols. It's gonna be something like financial control. It's gonna be a system that is run by these financial organizations, and you could say, Yeah, in some ways they are almost there. They almost have the autonomy to do whatever the fuck they want. They're not quite there yet, though, because they don't have complete control over these things. Otherwise, they wouldn't be doing gay ups in these countries, they wouldn't be trying to leverage places like Venezuela. They wouldn't be trying to fuck over China. They wouldn't be trying to go ham on these places. And we know that some of these places are somewhat compromised anyway, right? Like Larry Fink is already working with the Bank of China. Um, and there they've changed Chinese law to allow foreign control over some of these specific industries and Philippines. It's happened, even morts. Why do 30 is there in the first place? Um, but there is always more to be had there. Not done yet. They're not even close. But we're getting there. We're getting to the point where they have so much autonomy that they can do what they're doing now with the black lives matter protests and get white people to to react that way, they have the financial power, the leverage to get them to do that. Because the alternative is as we said, Drew Brees, life is destroyed. Anybody who doesn't do the bit that they want them to do now is going to be destroyed. And they they're gonna be flexing on this even more. I mean, the police just taking a knee and doing the Macarena. Just a flex. And it's part of this part and parcel of this whole thing. Yeah, that's exactly right. But it's interesting, actually, when you look back at what it Ah, The interpretation of the protocols was in Nazi Germany by the Nazis themselves. Hitler actually wrote about the protocols in mind Cough, and he says that the protocols are based on a forgery. The Frankfurter Zeitung moans every week, which is the best proof that their authentic. But here's the Here's the key, he says. The important thing is that with positively terrifying certainty, they reveal the nature and activity of the Jewish people and expose their inner context as well as their ultimate final aims. So it was taking the position here that it doesn't matter where these came from is a matter if they're authentic or forgery or not. What matters is, how accurate are they and how, at with what certainty could you use the protocols to predict the next move or to predict what's happening tomorrow? And as it turns out, and as we were looking in and doing the the carbon paper analysis like putting these up to what we're seeing right now in the U. S. It Ah, they're lining up pretty well Well on, Reid says. This is well, he says, When the protocols appeared in English, the minor point who was the author of this particular document was given a false semblance of major importance by the enraged Jewish attack on the document itself. In this case, the allegation about a specific meeting of Jewish leaders of the conspiracy was UN supported and could have been ignored. The response of official jury in 1920 afterwards was different. It was aimed with fury at the entire substance of the protocols. It did not stop it denying a Jewish plot, but denied that there was any plot which was demonstrably untrue. The existence now here is great because we've uncovered a lot of this stuff already. The existence of the conspiracy had been recognized and affirmed by a long chain of high authorities from Edmund Burke, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton to Disraeli and backing in and others. Moreover, when the protocols appeared in English, conclusive proof that had been given by the event in Russia, Thus the nature of the Jewish attack could only strengthen public doubts. It protested much too much. Um, and that that's this is this is where he talks about the unprecedented attack. This attack was the repetition of one which silence those earlier leaders of the public demand for investigation Remedy Robison, Barrow Well, and Morse. But on this occasion, it was a Jewish attack. Those three men made no imputation of Jewish leadership, and they were defamed solely because they drew public attention to the continuing nature of the conspiracy into the fact that the French Revolution was clearly but its first eruption. I would argue that the American Revolution Waas the attack on the Protocols in the 19 twenties, proved, above all else the truth of their contention. It showed that the standing organization for suppressing public discussion of the conspiracy had been perfected in the intervening 120 years. Probably so much money and energy were never before in history, expended on the effort to suppress a single document. It was brought to England by one of two leading British correspondents of the day in Moscow, Viktor Marston, who's done the translation of the morning post. Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He was the guy that brought it in yada yada yada. And he died soon after completing this translation. So if he got the old ah, he got the old, uh, you know, choke him and make him disappear. Treatment? Now, this is this is the funny part. Publication in English aroused worldwide interest. That period 1920 in onward marks the end of the time when Jewish questions could be impartially discussed in public. The initial debate was free and vigorous. But in the following years, theater tax succeeded in imposing the law of laissez majesty on this matter. Today, hardly any public man or print ventures to mention the protocols unless to declare them Forge Dorine famous. An act of submission also foretold in them the Jewish attack has on them was bent not on exculpate ing jewelry, but on stopping the publication on the plea that it was Quote No, listen to this Tom Landry agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. Reason? Read your agitating people. Yeah. You know, hundreds of thousands of your your men just died fighting a war. And but ah, no reason for this. What do you want? You so upset? What? What? Who hurts you sweaty? Ah, the arguments advanced. Yeah, the arguments advanced were bogus. They were that the protocols closely resembled several earlier publications and thus were plagiarize or forgeries. Whereas what this, in truth showed, was the obvious thing that they were in part, they were part of a continuing literature of the conspiracy. So, yes, and of course, ah, Henry Ford, um, is known for publishing them. He had the Dearborn Independent, which is the newspaper that he owned and controlled, published a series of articles on the protocols which a 1,000,000 1\/2 reprints were sold. Oh, go. I mean, just yes, they were massively popular. No, they had to. They would print a run of them and think they were done, and then they would all be sold, and then they would do another one, and they would all be so they could not keep up. This was a small local paper, and they were selling these across the country through four dealerships. Actually, you could buy your model t and you could get the protocols all you need, and ah, And yet and then Henry Ford, of course, went on to write the International Jew, which they also distributed through through four dealerships. And they used to deny this right. They used to try to deny this and say, Well, no, Henry Ford didn't really write that. This isn't how he felt. But you could look at the Henry Ford Official Museum and his foundation and that, and they now admit to it. And they now say, I mean, the evidence is so overwhelming that this Ah, this American hero, that's what they were trying to do, right? Was was for a while, denied this great American could ever have these horrible, terrible beliefs. But the proof is just so overwhelming. They now have to admit to it. Yeah, this is almost a pre aura in that area. I mean, just in the paper. And this is what this is what people understood. People knew that something was wrong for a long time. Like I've been saying in this confirmed that and then But then they only had about 10 or 15 years of track record. But imagine where this went from that point onward. Um, it went into World War Two. It went into the Holocaust. It went into the foundation of the formation of of, Ah, Zionism in in a way, I mean, it existed long before that, but it became such a big thing. I mean, just imagine where this went from there. And so they made Ford Cook, Of course, within two years, the proprietor of The Times, which was another paper that it published this was certified insane by an unnamed doctor in a foreign land. Um, let's see, where did this go in 1927 Mr. Henry A Ford published in apology address to a well known Jew of America. Yeah, Erin disappear. Oh, that guy. When When Reed was in the United States in later years, I was told by credible informants that he was persuaded to do this in a moment when the new model Ford Automobile was going to be marketed by hostile threats from delis. So it's the same, the same tactics. It's like, What do you think? The tactics that are employed today? Oh, yeah, it's There's nothing Jewish about that at all. Just normal, right? No de platform ing and financially. Ah, threats and leverage. This is nothing new. This is how they've operated in America the entire time. And Henry for you think? Well, how could they intimidate forward? He was a juggernaut. There's a lot of competition in the industry at the time, and he could have easily been broken if he lost these dealership contracts. And if people refused to do business with him and and that so, yeah, this was this was how they how they broke him and the 19 twenties. We talked about this when we talked about Proper on 87 in the history of direct democracy. 19 twenties was a time in America where people were looking not only for answers but for representation. And people were discovering themselves and beginning to think about themselves as a populace that could actually exert power over their elected officials and deserved better than serfdom that they deserved an American identity. And they deserve the government that would work for them and to to pursue, through governmental policy, pursue something better, pursue building aerial civilization And one of the problems that that people were increasingly recognizing that needed to be moved out of the way. First was Jewish power. You had Teoh overthrow and dethrone Jewish power before you could ever do anything for yourselves and build a civilization. Um, where that could, you know, develop anything worth anything new and worthwhile. And so this is you know, they were looking at the looking at the chucks and thinking, All right, you know, here we go. Let's let's get this going Finally. Well, this is what they This is what led to the cessation of immigration for almost 40 years ago. Almost total cessation of immigration for 40 years in the country in the 19 twenties. That was a reaction to that. And we talked a lot about that in the prep 27 deep dive. But but yeah, this continued, they the suppression continued after the war. Ah, the sort of talking about the campaign against the Protocols has never ceased at least since 1956 is when Reid wrote this in commune ized Russia, all copies discoverable had been destroyed at the revolution, and possession of the book became a capital crime. Under the law against anti Semitism. In the direct sequence to that, the 25 years later, the American and British authorities in occupied Germany after the Second World War constrained the Western German government to at enact laws ing and Santy Semitism on the Bolshevik model in 1955 in Munich. Printer who reproduced the protocols had his entire business confiscated in England at the time of the publication, the sale of the book was temporarily stopped by authority under the pressure described in the course of the years, theater tack on it continued so violent that publishers feared it, and only small local firms ever venture to print it. In Switzerland between the wars, a Jewish suit was brought against the book as improper literature. The case was one but the Swiss courts, the higher court, set aside the verdict based, um, more, more quotes from the protocols. Through the press, we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade. The principal factor of success in the political field is the secrecy of its undertaking. The word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat. Well, indeed, they don't we know that to be true, 100% we must compel the governments to take action in the direction favored by are widely conceived plan already approaching the desired consummation by what we shall represent. His public opinion secretly prompted by us through the means of that so called great power. The press, which with few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands. We shall deal with the press in the following way. We shall saddle and bridle it with the type curb, which she'll do the same also with all productions of the printing press, for where would be the sense of getting rid of the attacks of the press. If we remain targets for pamphlets and books, no one shall with impunity lay a finger on the area. Ole of our government infallibility. That pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind. Without occasion or justification, we shall have a sure triumph over our opponents since they will not have, at their disposition, organs of the press in which they can give full and final expression to their views owing to the A four said methods of dealing with the press. And this is why the Internet, in alternative media and everything else that have that has developed in the last 2030 years has become such a problem for them. In 1985 they controlled fucking everything in 1995. And in 2000 and five, things started to change. And it's become a much bigger problem that read talks about, You know, this will continue unless a counter force develops. I mean, to the extent that you want to sink too much white pill sentiment into that, I don't know. But things don't always go their way. And they thought that they had all this stuff locked up. And a lot of this stuff has come true in the ensuing 120 years. But there have been some hurdles, and they're desperately in, especially right now, trying to dial that back in. And that's why you have the deep platform ing and the Control and Bill Bar winning backdoor encryption. That's all reaction to this getting out of their hands. Yeah, and the undergirding theme, whether we're talking about 1905 or 2005 for 2015 or today, is that this stuff is popular, the protocols are popular. What we're saying is popular this this ah, answering these questions that people have had that Europeans have had and will continue to have as long as as long as our civilization exists about why things don't ever seem to work for us. Why? There always seems to be a hidden hand pulling the strings in directions that that are unfavorable to us. It's very popular to answer these questions, especially when you're answering them truthfully. I mean, there is a popularity to conspiracy content in that because that that he scratches that itch for people, they feel like they're getting an answer. But they're not getting the truth. And this is why the this type of content was massively popular. I mean, over a 1,000,000 copies move between the International Jew and the Protocols in 1905 When when hacking, you know what, 80%? 70% of the country was only literate. So, yeah. I mean, this is this is remarkable how popular this was and how how much of a hunger there was for this. And there still is today. And now the challenge is, of course, bringing that message and bringing these answers to people on a wide scale. But if there is a white pill to be extracted from this, I suppose that would be it. Well, and that's why you're saying this before we started recording about how you know, conservatives and been pretty familiar. People are with the Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals, of course, Salt Lake City's Jewish But the Alinsky rules for Radicals is like one subheading of a sub bullet of one page of one chapter in the protocols that is devoid of any context about what the end goals are. Like the rules for radicals. This, like, Here's how we're gonna you know, cause we're here's how we're going to deal with the enemy. But they don't tell you what the ultimate goal is it just in people. As you said, people think that the ultimate goal is like liberalism. Liberalism is part of it. I mean, the gang up of society and destroy. I mean, that's just a means to an end, and then they make you think that Oh, liberalism is the end. It's like Noto. It's much worse than that, but that's why they want the protocols to be something that is like, Oh, that's just a forgery. That's just an anti Semitic trope. But, you know, pay its and get really hyper focused on Alinsky's rules. For radicals like that's where you need to turn your attention and that's the most conservatives don't even know about that. The ones who think they're woke do. And then that's just kind of a dead end. So, yeah, Zelinsky is only going to tell you how, but they're only going to tell you, have a not going to tell you why or for what greater purpose protocols will. Protocols will go read. Um, yeah, go read. Um, I mean, it's something. It's something you definitely should just familiarize yourself with and and then just do you know check ins from time to time. See, see if these things have come true and it's funny. It's like looking at it from the other perspective. It's one of these things hasn't come true. One of these things that were written 120 years ago, at least for the first time in English while 100 years ago for the first time in English. One of these things is outrageous streams. What are these things? It's just like, Oh, that was a stupid like some of no ST Thomas is predictions. It's like OK, bro like, and then you have to consider the conspirator. It's kind of like trying to interpret what he must have meant by that and then, you know, drawing conclusions from current events. It's like you don't the reason why these air so insidious just to spell it out very clearly is you don't have to do any of that with these. It's just like any normal person without any other knowledge can read one sentence from this and think of a dozen examples in their everyday lives of Oh, yeah, that's the thing that I don't like. But I didn't know what it waas and that's that's why this is so bad. And it's not like it's not like you where you're constantly having to tease about something happening right around the corner. You can already look and be like, Yeah, we're already 1\/4 of the way there after the way there and the rest are in progress. Yeah, yeah, why don't you? Ah, Broca's Q. And on I'm down with P and on through the anonymous Protocols of Zion cuticles of the Elders of Zion. Yeah, it's It's funny, though, um, and yet so that this this notion that it's a forgery in the notion that it's fake and gay and not really it's just a misdirection Let's just call kosher. So if you're if you've heard that from somebody, don't don't make you know it's not that that person's bad or whatever, but it's just it's just something that somebody has repeated and they're just repeating a trophy. And I think these things bear a second look, given how prescient that they have been. So I think we're out of time. The James Thes 86 68 Whatever It'll be 86 by the mid week, I'm sure 86 pieces of legislation benefiting Israel. Yeah, we had some other stuff. We're gonna talk about two, but that's fine. It's very full show. Um, yeah, What else? Read, read. Read the protocols. The lobster three. So I hope everybody enjoys the rest of the weekend, and I mean, you know, like I like it. It's good. It's enjoyable to do the analysis. We're doing American history. We're doing a lot of the stuff. We take nationalism. All of that's gonna continue. But you know, the black stuff. I'm Negro black. Everybody blacked out all right. And hoping Rudy has a good weekend and we'll talk to you, Theo. Way Chin booth. I close my eyes were grew in strong suddenly smile. I know the cat is good boy way, way Keep those do nothings off the streets in our God kids used to do. Nothing's off the streets in town I do way."}],"