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Welcome to CNN. Jazz hands make feels brought to you by the network. That doesn't hold a lot of shit. We're gonna talk a lot about black looting today, but just remind everybody Jews have been looting planet for 3000 years. Right, James, that in looting, looting and more looting your sexy stuff burning and windows broken. But they've been looting you, uh, for thousands of years. Have you heard it somewhere? Chances are that someone's here. James has that looting watching. Going good. Well, end it. Speaking of watching and looting, if you're still plugged into their entertainment system and their narratives, what they're really looting is your mind could be careful. Watch out for that. Yeah, don't Don't let your mind get looted, but we're gonna talk a little bit about this city. I know. Um, you know, there's there's people want us to talk about this. I do also want to talk about this. I'm not gonna have. I have good takes, though, about it. And I also we have some things that you know. Perhaps others have not discussed that. Of course, if you're not here to watch the looting or to talk about the looting or talk about the political ramifications of it and what's gonna come of it, um, we have the second half, which is gonna be good old FTN wrecking ball smashing through ISAT Rodrigue. Oh, I don't even know his first name. Rodrigo Duterte? Yeah, Roa Rodrigo's Would you turn to? Yeah, turning the wrecking ball down Teoh the jungles. South Southeast Asia. Yeah, it's stuff that I had no idea about. And you have to go look at and then you see, it's like, Oh, yeah, I see what they're doing there. And it's in piano in before the people who think that Oh, it's just gonna be like, Oh, this guy like is close to Israel or something. No, this guy Netanyahu's hand. Yeah, he wants Israel touch the Wailing Wall. There is a reason he's a fake national signal. Actually, every one of these has been extremely informative there. None of these have actually turned out to be like Oh, yeah, he's just, you know, ah guy who, like says nice stuff about Israel and like, you know, things that may be planned Thrusters could argue. Well, he has to say that in order to like bottom no wave magic wand and give us what it's like. No, actually, the entire design of him being there at all, as was the case with Bolsa Narrow, as was the case with Victor Orban, as is the case with Donald Trump. Um, it's it's an up and we'll tell you just and it's worse than you expected, right, James, like when you dug into do 30 it's It's worse than you expected. Oh, yeah, And when you start doing more research about situation like in Brazil, for example, when you look at the ah, you know the industry that is untapped natural resource is that our untapped and who was clawing their way in to start tapping these resource is or take control of markets, as in the case of China, and you start to put these pieces altogether and then see what Ah, the moves being planned internationally are Yeah, I do. The things become, it becomes unavoidable. The conclusions become unavoidable. So a lot of research in the second hour and very informative I was very informed, and we hope you will be, too. And with and with 32 it's it's, you know, people are like, well, but it's like a brown, you know, partner Greedo looking guy from the Philippines, like this isn't the same league is Bolson Arrow or Viktor Orban or whatever. It's not a white country. It's not a white guy like Weide because they have their fingers in in many different pots. And this is This is a way of affecting another yet another strategy that people need to understand. It's not just war on whites, it's it's and it's not. This is not an argument. Oh, they're warring on the Filipinos to and we have to have solid And no, that's not that. So it is, is about global financial control and manipulation of literally everything. And speaking of global control, I see that these protests, I mean, we've had a lot of new normals with these protests. Thes have gone on. I thought on Saturday they were going to start winding these things down. But now I see what the strategy is and why these aren't gonna wind down any time soon. Um, this is and and also its you've broken the barrier of Now it's it's international violence. It's happening in France. It's happening in Australia. It's happening in, Ah, what was the other country in this fucking mess? Here? It's happening all over the world now, And, um, some people I've talked to, uh, who are not in this country, um, who are in another country are saying that this has now broken through their usual news cycle. This would be in a place that in areas where you wouldn't you might see some United States news but Onley when it's a very big deal. And now this has broken through wall the wall, international media coverage of this stuff. And so, you know, you know, talked a lot with Alex and and how the media, you know, Mike says, This is a media run state. That's exactly what it is, and it's about what they show you. It's about what they don't show you. It's very much a Plato's Cave allegory in many ways, And so when you start to have people in foreign countries who don't usually see our news getting just plaster wall wall, black black faces, black bodies, things burning and I don't know. I didn't ask enough in detail if they're running with the white people are doing the violence, and the black people are peaceful narrative. But I'm sure they are. I've been in foreign countries, and I've seen the news and how it's very funny, like even if it's not in English and you see the captions and you read the captions, it's still Jude the Fuck up, like the information that they tell you the information that they don't tell you and so that even people in a foreign country who don't really have ah much, much interest in what's going on in American politics there take away will be the Jewish narrative every time, Every single gram, Yeah, well, and it's this happening in France, and actually Germany was one of the very first adopters of this. I believe it was over the weekend where they had a few 1000 people in the streets of Berlin protesting for George, chanting George Floyd injured out Deutsche. So, uh, yeah, this is this has gone internationally. They had a protest in Tel Aviv. The protest was was orderly, though in Tel Aviv, though, what are they? What are they protesting in Tel Aviv. I guess this is these air leftist Jews who are okay with they don't really mind Palestinians. And this is the violence that's being committed by against Palestinians, I suppose. But yeah, I could. It's a totally different dynamic when you're talking about, uh, protests in Israel about literally, anything. So many different things that play. It's like there's actually an interest by that state to protect its people from things getting out of control. And ah, yeah, these others, you know, they don't care off Australia Burns. They don't care of Germany. Burns. They don't care if Oh, the hoeg in the Netherlands. Also, there were of violent demonstrations, and these these have turned violent. You had? Ah, apparently, in Paris, there's an A dhamma. Tre was a French Blackmon who died in police custody. Ah, and they burned their burning shit in France. Um, there was a aboriginal who I guess, died in police custody years ago. That's the funny thing. All these the in Paris and in Australia. I mean, these were Ah, these were all people who died fucking years ago. Um, s o v these instances, I mean, going all the way back to this premise of this of, you know, they're talking about racial inequality. It's like, Well, where's the inequality? Everybody knows that this isn't about inequality. It's like the guy died while he was high on drugs while he was in police custody. And this is the only example that you confined because the big difference and I agree was spent on this. And it's something that I did not get to say on the weekend and when wanted to say I've had at the top of my mind and I was, Forget it. It's like purged from jazz hands. Ram at the front of my brain is that I remember the common thing that we always saw with Ferguson and everything throughout 2014 and so on. There was no sympathy for blacks because anybody could go look at what actually happened in the story like Oh, yeah, of course. I mean, there's the copped into anything. This is another didn't do nothing and nothing to see here. This they have named this into without question. The black eye committed the violence. I'm sorry. I wish they would mean without question that the black I committed the violence that the white guy that the white cop must have planted something I didn't do nothin. Yes, so that's what he did. And now they're gonna charge that guy with second degree murder. This is prepped that I was going to save for the weekend. But Keith Ellison, a Muslim convert from Catholicism's Keith Ellison, who was a congressman. I had the pleasure of being blocked by him on Twitter. But when I was still on Twitter, he But he blocked me. I definitely got under Keith Skin, and ah said a lot of stuff that that made Keith romance. It was really just prodding at him because he used to have some anti Semitic tendencies. You know, 20 years ago, usedto, I used to stand on the street corners in Minneapolis and hand out flyers. Um, he's got screwed connections to Louis Farrakhan, and I would poke it him on Twitter about like how he's cooked and how he's just He's just like a shill for the machine. He's just like a little Jewish puppet, eventually got blocked by by Keith. But I must enter nerve, right tends to mean you get under sure. Yeah, so, um Yeah, Ellison Ellison is a guy who wasn't he posing with, like the Antifa handbook back in 2017. Like giving his full throated endorsement to that. That seminal text. Now that's his came out. That's democratic establishment but politics now. I mean, you know what revolutionary act is there about that today? I mean, that seems so mundane, but back then it was like, Oh, wow, look at this. But no, Keith Keith comes out of that. That milieu of of, ah woke blacks who you know, apparently are aware of Jews. But he's just a puppet. He just a piece of the system. But he has escalated this charge against Derrick. Show Vin, um, from third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. Two. Now Murder two. Now the reason why that's important. And there's two. There's two key aspects of this number. 1\/3 degree murder does not. It does not include intent or premeditation. Just means that a guy died and, you know, you were the guy who did it. Basically, it's almost a manslaughter charge. Second degree murder implies that you meant to kill, but it wasn't premeditated. And so that's gonna be an interesting church because Keith Ellison has escalated this charge up from the lower charges. Now I saw blacks in various op EDS in Washington, Washington Post and New York Times saying that, Look, I know third degree murder and secondary manslaughter doesn't sound like much, but this is something that we have to take their black saying. This this is something that we have to take because it's very it's impossible to get a cop of murder hasn't happened in very many cases. It did happen in Hennepin County. So they have had experience with getting a cop of murder before, which is where all this was for. There's a gathering around that many Minneapolis's Hennepin County. So, um, I think ST Paul is Ramsey County. If I recall correctly. So they they, um they're gonna charge this guy more now. White Pillars Air going to say, Maybe that Oh, they're overcharging him so that he can get off what I think they're actually going to do because And by putting Keith Ellison in charge of this prosecution, Um, he is a critical race theorist. He is going to Ah, they're going to make this. They're gonna paint. Derek Sherman is a racist. And they're going to say that because he's a racist. He meant to kill this guy. Case closed. You don't need any other information. And the way that they're going to do it is his wife has divorced him. His wife announced that she is going to divorce him this week. Now, if they're married, a wife cannot be compelled to testify against her husband. But now the privilege now that they're divorced and ex wife condemn finitely, be, um, brought in to testify against her ex husband and she is gonna know him. Ah, you know, the presumption by people who witnessed this is that she's gonna know him very well. Now the question is, who has gotten to her? Who convinced her to file for divorce? She's she is a some Asian. Ah, she was like Miss Minnesota or something. But dobro like I don't know what's what's up with these Minnesotans and picking picking these contests. But this is not I mean, it's bad enough when they put like the very, very dark, ebony skinned like jaundiced. I'd like black woman up for a Miss America or Miss State or something. It's like, Come on! But this. This this Asian woman is not not that attractive. And she she's probably among I mean, there's a lot among that have been transplanted in Minnesota, I think in the seventies, the eighties, anyway, they have driven a wedge between Derek and his wife, and they're going to use her knowledge of him to paint a story that probably does not exist. Any tendency that this guy has ever had that they can conserve. But remember, everything is white supremacy, right? James, If you believe in law and order, you believe that if if your family deserves to be safe and that no one should cause you harm, you're already a racist, you're already a white supremacist. And so they're gonna plant these thoughts. I mean, you know, the guys mean Folder is going to be the thing that unjust him. I don't know if he has a mean folder, but if this guy's on social media, which most people are, most people don't a shoe social media, for whatever reason, he's probably said edgy things or shared edgy Mihm's, and especially if he's a cop, comes home from work dealing with bullshit day after day. He's probably said some stuff that that should not have any impact on him carrying out his role as a police officer. But it will in the new normal in the new paradigm. Remember, they try to get Trump on this. You can't do these laws that are totally constitutional because you said Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and whatever else, you can't do that because you had racist intent. They're trying to codify this into law. And so, yeah, I don't think that they're gonna The overcharge stuff doesn't apply here. I don't think well, And people have the same theory when it came to James Fields charging him with first degree murder, which is, of course, intent and premeditation. And there was no evidence, absolutely zero evidence for this being for that being a premeditated attack or even for there being intent to kill. But as we saw, that didn't matter. He was charged with it anyways and got 400 something years. They have already introduced this concept of of a white person being racist and that racism motivating their violence even when that violence is in self defense or is by the book as this Ah, this restraint maneuver was even though this wasn't really his cause of death, which we know he was high on on fentanyl and other drugs. They did this with Jeremy Lloyd and I mentioned this case a few times and this happened actually last summer. I believe this was, of course, the 18 year old white guy who was leaving the pool with his girlfriend and he was attacked by a pack of 12 or so blacks. And he fought back with a pocket knife in the In his defence. He No, he won the fight, actually fought them all off with his knife. He stabbed one of them and then he was later accused of saying the N word while defending himself. Now, whether he said that or not, it doesn't it shouldn't matter. It shouldn't matter what he says. Well, he's defending him, so he could. He should be entitled to say whatever he wants. This is a case of self defense, but instead what happened to Jeremy Lloyd was he was arrested and charged with a hate crime because, like, malicious, you know, intent to maliciously wound these these boys, these youths or something, you have to go back and review the actual case. But they've done this in sort of low level cases and, you know, test the waters to try this out. Introduced this into the into the prevailing legal theory. And now, when you have a high profile case, perhaps one could argue the highest profile. Ah, police killing of a black person ever in American history and the incitement that has been done at the hands of the media and and and others. Yeah, you're and Keith Ellison at the helm of the prosecution, it's gonna be unavoidable. This is absolutely where they're going to go with this and his wife being a racial other look, she's not going to be, you know, she divorced him. Day one. After this happened, she is going to have no allegiance to the truth. When it comes to testifying against this guy. She could just make shit up wholesale and get away with it and say that, Yeah, he came home every day and and, ah, you know, put on American history Action started screaming the n word every day. I was married to him and it was so horrible. So yeah, I mean, really, it's it's ah whatever strategy they want to try here, they will be. They'll be allowed to do it and the difference being that with the with the case of like Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman of these others, there was a There was a sizable amount of people that were willing and did step out and defend him and say, This guy is innocent. He did nothing wrong. He is really the victim here. If anything, that has been totally changed through the control of social media through the general control of the narrative conservatism, you know, doing what they are now. So there will be very few people aside from aside from us Ah, and not defending him as a cop. It But, you know, speaking the truth about this case and ah, taking the other side here, I think it's going to be very tough for Derek Trovan to get a fair trial or two muster anybody to come to his defense. Well, in the collapse of white support for police is also an insidious part of the Jewish dialectic. It doesn't mean that you should just support police, but under normal circumstances, if these guys did what they were supposed to, and in most cases, in most cases they do. Ah, then then then there would be no reason not to take their side but by having them kneel down by having them do all these kinds of gay antics and hanging their pension over their heads and, you know, just following orders and whatever else I mean, it's never one single reason why they are doing what they're doing, but in an insidious way. They're collapsing the support for the police, and you're seeing this bear out in polling data that shows that most Americans are sympathetic to to the protesters and disapprove of Trump's response. Now we're gonna get into Trump's response. Talk about that in a little bit. But this is a survey conducted Monday, and Tease D found that 64% of American adults were quote sympathetic to people who are out protesting. Right now, 27% were not 9% were unsure. Now again, it's It's a lot of been a lot of the way that they ask these questions in what they do. Reuters obsesses is notorious for flooding these things in that in that direction, and if you ask questions in the right way. Like, do you believe in law and Order? Do you Do you believe that black people should be able to burn down American cities and destroy property? Um, because for any reason that they want And at what point is to my liking, nobody's gonna ask that pole. That's like jazz hands, like white nationalist pulling when it one they're never gonna they're gonna ask those questions that way because you would get thes responses that would would confirm a lot of bias. And the last thing they want to do. Any pollster, they're they're out from the outset. Their goal is not to confirm bias, but sometimes they told us to manufacture consensus, not to confirm concerns us, right? And so if they're going to ask the question, do you support the right of Americans to peacefully protest or do you support those that are peacefully protest as And when you ask that question, Yeah, you might get 65% support because there are many people that air that air in the soft middle that that think well, you know, sure, they can peacefully protest. I mean this people are having this reaction to because they're conditioned to have that reaction because they're being told that is that is the right wing extremist reaction is to say, Yeah, I support the protesters and, yeah, the cot messed up, but the looting is just too far. That's being presented to you as as, like, the right wing and one the oath keepers and other groups like that are are stepping in to, ah, make that true right? These groups that are coming out and packing their guns in Hawaiian shirts and saying, Yeah, we support, That's all, Put it It's all pretty up t to get. This is about erosion of white support for these types of things and erosion of white support for Trump, which they succeeded in doing, and that that is why they're really allowing the protests. It's one of the many reasons, but it's one of the bigger reasons that they're allowing the protests to go on. Now people want to say, But wait, I thought you said that Trump has been a Jewish president from the beginning, and mrs all end up in that, uh, it's like there's still a disagreement between these people and if they if they wanted if they wanted these. Now there's disagreement between whether the riot should continue or not, too. That's another aspect of this. But they want thes riots to go on because they thought there calling Trump's bluff because they know he's not gonna do the insurrection act. They know that he can't do anything. He's filling up Washington, D. C. With active duty military because as president, he can do that. D. C is not a state. He can take over for the D. C. Government and fill it up with active duty. But he's not doing it anywhere else because he doesn't have the ball. He's doesn't have the balls to do insurrection. And it's also not in his interest to do the insurrection act. It's the proper use of the Insurrection act. This is an insurrection. What else do you call this so any any of these buffoonish veterans? And like Jim Jim, raw dog homosexual, Mattis is coming out and saying that, Oh, that you can't use this for against the citizens who are. That's exactly what it's four faggot. That's what it's for. So shut your faggot mouth. You're not and you're not in the military anymore. Jim, These people, these people are not. Yeah, I'm just not gonna hold short right there. But you sure? Yeah. Insurrection, by definition, is from within. This is not enough to designed to be used on enemies from without, right. That's Ah, that's entirely not the point. Yeah, And I'm sure Jim Mattis would be raising notes up to such objections if the military were being dispatched to, I don't know, tamp down on white protests or down on white people or tamp down on people who are getting in Israel's way. Hominy, Hominy, innocents, women and Children, men, women and Children are dead because of orders given by Jim Faggot. Mattis. How many? How many are there? I wonder, right? And oh, all of a sudden, these people who are not innocent who were out committing crimes out, destroying the country out over upending the rule of law that doesn't exist. Um, and I do agree with the narrative that that this in the world of fourth generational warfare, this is enforcement. This is enforcement of their regime. So if you call the Insurrection XY, that's the thing. It's like the constitutional right says, Oh, well, that's it's in the Constitution could do the the Insurrection Act. It's perfectly fine. It's like, Well, you're if you did that. Let's say Trump doesn't existence to say some president who had the will to do it wasn't controlled by Jews. What would the response from the opposing regime be? Well, the Insurrection Act is meant to put down an enemy. But these people out in the streets are not their enemy there, the tool of enforcement. And so that is just not gonna work. And so that's why you have people coming out and saying No, you can't do the insurrection act against these people. These air the tool of repression. These are the tools of of disruption. We're gonna let this go on as long as possible. And they're happy with the two. Because, look, Trump's approval rating is 39 now. What have we said for a very long time? You get that approval rating down into the thirties and this guy's fucking gone. They're going to get rid of this guy if they can keep pushing this down because you start to see the same old voices coming out now. During 2016 you had opposition to Trump that was really, but you all said opposition to Trump. That was meant for all of us to believe that Oh wow, he must be based. Look at all these Jews who are a non opposition to him. But now you have people coming out who are not Jews who are in opposition to Trump. Who are saying that, Yeah, he's gotta go. He's gotta listen to these protesters. This guy is not fit for office, blah, blah. It's all the same bad stuff again, and they're going to try to get this guy out. That's why they're letting this go on and they'll let stuff burn because they know that he's not going to do anything about it. He's not going to shut this down. And if he does, let's cease. Let's say he does do the insurrection act. He's finished. They're going to go after him like that's it. He can't do any things. He's boxed in their calling, his bluff, and they're watching. His numbers go down and down and down, and ah, you know, it's it's He's flailing his arms, surroundings out there like trying to do photo ops with the Bible. And yeah, we'll get into all that I don't want. I don't want to pivot off of the riots stuff yet, but there's a reason why he's going out and doing Bible stuff cause he's act. We actually have tangible proof that he has shed 12 15 points off of his white base. I mean, they're just they're like, Yeah, no, And they're not running toe blacks. Contrary to popular belief, these people are like, Fuck this guy. I'm done, like all right in somebody. But it's not gonna be This guy is the guy that said he was gonna end American carnage, and instead he is causing more of it, Um, by letting this go unchecked. His if trump crackdown. If Trump did the insurrection act, you would see his approval rating bouts overnight. He would get a 10 point bump from that, right? That's exactly what I had that thought. I said that to somebody a few nights ago watching these riots. I had the thought that the any police chief in the country, any governor that just instructed their department instructed the National Guard they have called up to change out the rubber bullets. Just, you know, switch to live ammunition just do this seriously. Instill law and order and use the proper force. Use the force required to suppress what is essentially lawlessness and insurrection in your city. They would be an American hero. They would be the most popular figure in American government overnight because people are are craving someone to do that. People are craving a show of force against against the rebel hordes. Right. This is what people want to see. And you know, you you kind of see how this timeline shakes out. Right where the first night, 1st 2 nights, you know, it's it's ramping up, and then it really reaches a fever pitch early in the week. And then what do you say? You see people across the country and white communities from Pennsylvania to Western Washington coming out and saying, You know what? If the government, if the state is not going to show force, we will we're going to take to the streets with bats or guns or whatever it may be to defend our city, to defend our town, to defend our people in our neighborhoods against this, because somebody's got to do it and you know these people. Let's just say these people in Snohomish These people in in Pennsylvania they weren't using rubber ammunition, right? They were ready to defend their community by any means necessary. People want that. Yucaipa, California. I saw that you had a rooftop Yu chi pins upon the roofs with anti folk trying to come into the town of this. These people should fuck you. You Kippers down ah, south of Los Angeles down there on the on the 10 55 Well, and like everything else literally indecision is what makes it worse to because And we've talked about this before, the rank and file cops. Sure, some of them probably are lib tard, shit bag, black lives, matter, supporters, but a lot of the interested in promotion. But a lot of them are disgusted with what they're having to do in the restraint they're having to show. And they're sickened by the fact that their job and they know they will lose their job if they do not comply that they have to sit by and lose their job. If they just do their job, they're getting a second degree murder charge, right? Like it's not just like, Oh God, my pension Oh, God, my hours. Oh, God. My cruiser that I like in my partner. It's like, how about your fucking freedom? These four other cops will. The three other cops to whom Narn even white are are being charged with with aiding and abetting, and they each can get a maximum of 40 year prison sentence for standing there and watching. And in the article, they're saying, Yeah, like, one guy pointed his gun. And then he supposed to put his gun. He's making an arrest. Yeah, What you're supposed today even pointed his gun at him for a few seconds before telling Derek. Show Vin to roll him over on his side and it's like he's supposed to point the gun. And then the other guy there, like an officer Chang sat there and stared. It's like, Yeah, it's like, Well, I mean 40 year maximum prison sentence because he didn't interrupt like the S o p of an arrest. Like get the fuck out of here. Hey, you know what? Let's Ah, let's while we're at it, let's do the paramedics to paramedics each get 40 years for not saving Floyd's life. Let's do the dispatcher. 40 years for them for facilitating the dispatch. Right. So this is the thing Is these a rank and file officers rank and file People in the system know that the consequences for them range from, at the very least, being fired, being docks, being harassed and facing that down the rest of their life, or just outright going to prison, you know, being executed, whatever it may be, whatever the system decides is the next the next punishment for a white person or even an Asian guy. In the case of Officer Chang who, I don't know, how could they tell him if he was standing mind staring or if he was not enough to sleep? You know, who knows? But like these people know, the consequences will be extremely severe. And they're being subjected to this. I mean, these were the same cops having to go out there and watch these riots day after day after day. And so you see them starting to act out, right? You're seeing some of them just like shooting people in the head with tier guys. We're seeing some of them, you know, do do some beatings that Ah, you know, they're not instructed. or authorized to do. But the thing is, you would quell all of this much quicker if that's what you just had all of them do. If you had all of them use the force necessary and not hamstrung them depart mentally, they just do their job to do what What regular white Americans expect a police force to do as a police force in a serious country would do as police in our country used to dio to restore order. Yeah, it would be very simple and very simple. And I see here, too, that they It's not just an upgrade of the murder charges for Derrick Show Vin. They they have. In addition, it's in addition to the third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. So you know how this is gonna go. They're gonna shoot for the shoot for the six pointed star and get this guy on second degree murder. But if that doesn't work, then they'll go for the third degree murder and second degree manslaughter and totally, totally improper, totally unprecedented to I mean, this is I don't I've never heard of a case like this where they charged multiple degrees of the same charge. Yeah, it's It's gonna be It's gonna be bad, and they're going to drag this out as long as possible. They even said, I think Ellison said, Look, no rush. We got plenty of time. And what that really means in what that really means is that they're going to wait for very good opportunities to to make this go hard. And then they want plenty of time to build their case in an air tight way and pick a jury and everything because they want this guy to burn for this, Um, and and again, like, you know, I'm not gonna I will I will take up this guy's take up this guy side on this. I will take this guy side. Um, and I don't you know, if you know. Yeah, You find out that Ah, I don't know. He voted for Jeb Bush. Oh, God will fuck him. Let him burn. And gentle. It's like OK, yeah. Light switch, brain. Let's just really a had an Asian wife. I mean, whatever. I don't care. The reason they're doing this to this guy is because he was White Top. Yes. Yeah. He's a white guy. Yep. Yeah, and and yet they have a month suicide watch, too. By the way, after what happened with his wife, I mean, just, you know, put yourself in this guy shoes for a second and think what? Well, he's just going about his normal job. And the next day he finds out that he's lost his wife and probably has lost his life for the rest of his life. And he's just sitting in prison and and there's nobody out there that is, is imagine being in prison. Ah, and being the Cup or being George Zimmerman or being the cop that with all the cops that were involved with, like Ferguson and everything else and feeling like that would be enough to like, get you through. I think seeing that there was support for you and for police and just in general, like if you don't want to support police, at least support for that guy cause he just did his job and we can't allow this to happen, Whatever. But imagine being this guy and looking at the media if you have access to any media at all, implying he's not in solitary confinement in the Hennepin County detention center. What? You know, what would you see? Like literally. Not a single person is sticking up, even though 30% of the country If you if you take that poll at face value thinks that this is bad, there's nobody in the media taking that position. Nobody, nobody and divorce part is you. See your president? The President? Who? You're a white car. I don't know. Maybe Here come that president coming out and and, you know, if you get the newspaper or something, if you're allowed to read and the headline is the president of the United States condemning you? Ah, insinuating that you're a murderer. Saying what you did was terrible, that you killed an innocent. You killed a hero, a great man, Pink George, Both the East. Great. And, you know, from your perspective, you just went to work that day and you got the call on the radio of a six foot 5 £250 black man high on drugs, trying to pass a fake check or passive, take $100 bill or whatever. And you had to fight this guy to the ground, which is what happened. And you're holding him in restraining because he's I on fentanyl on PCP and whatever else you just did your job, you were trying to to ensure law and order. You are making the best of a very rough situation, a situation that, ideally, you would not have to be in because you wouldn't have to be policing these people. And for that for that crime for defending. And by the way, not only defending yourself, but defending these other officers, right? You're keeping your your fellow officers. Your brothers say, if you're keeping the community safe so this guy doesn't get in his car and drive and hit people, whatever you're doing, your job and you are being lynched for this is this is a lynching. This is a really lynching. They talked about lynchings. This is a real lynching. What's going on with this guy? This is a Jewish lynching, and they're flipping, flipping the script on everybody, and they've been they going to do this, they're gonna keep on doing this and they're gonna find more examples that they can trot out and run with because the Georgia one wasn't air tight enough they needed. They needed the picture of the guy with the knee on the neck and then make the connection. And then they get the Jeffrey Epstein medical examiner who wasn't even physically present for the re examination to say, Oh, yeah, the guy died of asphyxiation. Yeah, he died of asphyxiation because that's what happens when you're on fentanyl. You just stop breathing. That's asphyxiation. That's what happened. What did this get do like a zoom exam? Yeah, probably as you know. My good. Exactly. Yeah, Well, by the way, that it sauce Reuters poll that talks about Americans sympathizing with the protests. Yeah, they don't publish the pole. It's not there like you can't go look at the cross tabs. I'm sure I could find it somewhere, but it's not in the fucking article. It's just here's our Thompson Reuters trust principles, but not a single link to the pole itself. And then because, of course, you start looking at those cross tabs, and then you you see how they how they did it. And so yeah, going, going back to to this whole thing. So I think we covered Insurrection Act. It's not gonna happen. Um, they Ah, it has been They have Ah, Let's see US president has not invoked the authorities to employ active duty military forces against US citizens since the L. A rights, which was perfectly legitimate active duty troops and not policed the streets of Washington, D. C. Since 1968 following the assassination of philandering Ah, FBI op Martin Luther King, um, other presidents, including Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, used the law to enforce desegregation. So there you go. There's there's it being used to force white people to do things against their will. Reconstruction? Yeah, you know, it didn't just end. Didn't just end in the 18 nineties to reconstruct this. His reconstruction. This is just another phase. All of this is just another phase of reconstruction. Trump's pledge on Monday has raised alarm among senior leaders who believe the president has begun unravelling the Siris of laws and statutes, including Posse Comitatus, Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Insurrection Act requires a formal proclamation is not gonna do it. He's going to do. And then you have Esper, just the the ship that's happened today, Asper going out in calling American cities the battle space. It's like alright based. Then you have Ju James and Miller resigns from the Defense Science Board in The New York Times, writes his resignation letter publishes it. I cannot believe that you said the United States is a battle place that you believe our citizens must be dominated. Such a language sends an extremely dangerous signal, like dangerous precedent. Yeah, but if they were white people out there defending the Robert E. Lee statue that Governor Northam is now saying is gonna come down on that big circle in Richmond of you ever been a Richmond on monument row? There's a huge traffic circle, huge traffic service circle. Um, and it's a really beautiful statue. Statute of lead. Yeah, that's coming down. They just announced that about an hour ago. And, um, I saw, by the way, James Fun fact, uh, Joe Biden voted to give Robert E. Lee his U S. Citizenship. Um, back in 1975 he joined. Imagine to just just, you know, a few short decades ago, 1975 Biden joined a unanimous Senate vote to restore the citizenship of Robert E. Lee 110 years after Virginia surrendered his army after the Virginian surrendered his army of Northern Virginia to Ulises Grant their 10 dissenters in the entire the House of Representatives. Among them John Conyers, black Democrat from Michigan Who's scoffed at this resolution was bicentennial fluff. So, yeah, didn't even couldn't even say that. Do anti white bit back then. 1975 would have been too much for people for him. It just the bicentennial stuff. Yeah, this has been a pork barrel legislation. Yeah, yeah. Eso riding with Biden now? Yes. Oh, dude, definitely. Well, and that's the thing. Yeah, we are riding with Biden. And, uh, that's not to say that you have any comments I'm gonna get now, you know, people are going to show up being like you guys say that you're supporting Biden now. I don't understand jazz. What happened? What happened to shoeing the two parties? Just a man. Yeah, Yeah, right. But, you know, they know they can do. And they wanted to do all of this years ago. Remember the live stream video? I think everybody remembers this of the Monument Park in New Orleans that they had to do with 3 a.m. And they still were pro tested when they were doing this. Three in the morning because they knew if they did this during the day, they would just be shut down with protesters. But they have been, I mean, through Charlottesville, being the linchpin in this and what we're seeing now, they know they know that you know that if you go out there, if you go out in protest on day, even if you want to do the bit that some people did, all those goes the insurrection act, you you better believe it and you'll see how leads the very next day saying, Oh, I can't believe that they won't come out and dominate these white nationalists like they would use literally. This is a battle space, like they would use the same language that they're condemning today. They would ah celebrate tomorrow. It's right yet, Yeah, there would be Schmidt saying that the US government isn't just drone striking the least at you with the protesters there. I mean, this is this is like what they would do. But they know that if they know that, you know that if you were to go out there and protests, not only would you be facing the police, which would be hostile to you instructed to be hostile to you and federal law enforcement, etcetera. But also there will be swarms and swarms of thousands and thousands of agitated blacks and and anarchists and antifa and God knows who else out there to do violence against you. And you would face no support from the system. You would have no repercussions for that. You could be killed protesting for the least at you, and it would be your fault and there would be no trial. There would be nothing for the people that did it to you. So, people, you know, I would again, I would bet. And we know, in fact, that Ah, removing Confederate statues is not popular. This is not what people want, especially white people not popular, but they're going to try to take him down in places that they can. But remember, there's that whole host of laws that have been passed where they can't be removed, so they're gonna you're gonna see removal in places that they haven't. They haven't yet remove them that they can remove them, but otherwise there eventually. And this is why they've been doing this slowly because they removed them all at once. Then they're gonna be up against this wall where it's like, Well, we can't remove the hundreds of others that are out there because with legally, we can't do it. So remand we did it, we did a deep dive on This is the thing that they're doing now is they post a plaque next to the statue that they're not allowed to remove that blacks planes like shit that nobody cares about. Nobody's ever gonna read, but that's what they dio they like they like in real life in meat space. Fact check the ah, the Confederate Strat statues with a plaque, um, anti white plaque. So there you go. That's what they're gonna do. But Army, our Army veterans Io shill Tom Cotton eyes actually out there being a vocal proponent. The other kosher dialect. It works. He's calling for activating military units to quote protesters tweeting. Let's see how these how tough these antifa terrorists are when they're facing off with 101st Airborne Division. It's like guy, you're not going to do any of this. Nobody believes you're going to do any of this. I would love to see the military come out and crack some antifa skulls, but they're not. They're just not They're not gonna be declared terrorists. And you know how many emails dude, I've gotten in the last 48 hours of from the Trump Campaign that air like, Ah, you know, they're like so and so the time to take on anti foes now they're terrorists was another subject line. Terrorists. It's like you up the all caps terrorist in the subject line for its This is just in campaign politics. They call this like a money bomb. They're trying to get these, like, end of the quarter donation, like gay. Just keep like, going and going and going and seeing what what comes in and and that's it. It's it's We're sending the president a list of supporters that agree tomorrow. Will your name beyond Yeah, exactly. It's just garbage. And people, a lot of people of have not fallen for this anymore. People still do. They just they they know what the deal is that just a gale. Alright, final donate. Um, right. But what they're doing, instead of the Insurrection Act, is you have PMC, which are private military contractors or private military companies for those of you, Andrea Rhinelander, down in front of the Department of Justice. Um, down there in Pennsylvania, then they have Ah, they have them lined up on the Lincoln Memorial. And so there are active duty militia paid for by the government, uh, down there. But this is this is just to protect themselves, just like in New York. The police on behalf of De Blasio are are defending Josh neighborhoods from insurrection. You have PMC down in Washington, D. C defending Josh institutions from insurrection. So what's left over is protecting you. So there's no fucking way. Why would Donald Trump to declare insurrection when he can call in federal troops into the city to protect all of the Jewish institutions in apparatus of the federal government? Why does he need to do insurrection act on you? So when you see people like the both sides of the dialectic of Tom Cotton calling for insurrection against anti fun, never gonna happen you have people shit sing in the page. Op Ed page is The Washington Post, New York Times saying like, Oh, he can't do this. And Elvis is this is so bad. And George W. Bush is saying, Oh, this is this is horrible and we need to listen to what these black people have to say. Um, we have Evan McMullin saying Who remember Evan McMuffin While he's back, Trump gassed Americans for a photo op. What would he be willing to do to hold onto power? General Michael Hayden? That is very true is the reply guy reply Guy. General Michael Aiden. That is very true. So, yeah, but ah, but of course it's it's it's part of the It's part of this thesis, right? Evan McMuffin uses the word gassed Americans because it invokes memories of the Holocaust. George Will wrote this very long op ed about how Donald Trump is at the end of his ropes and he's gonna hit rock bottom and he's, you know, and that's true. It's got at the end of his ropes. His approval is very low. Um, and George Will says it will get much worse. But in the article throughout the article, every fucking paragraph is some reference. Some context Toe World War two. It's like it literally is the religion of the United States. These people cannot stop it. It's just they can't they can't bring them because they know how powerful it is. Trump gassed Americans. You know, Trump is like, Ah, the Vichy. I don't even know if I'm saying it right. Might as well be Vicky. Yeah, yeah. So it and the George will article. He said he makes the comparison to any Republican who is allying themselves to trump the Senate, who isn't standing up the three or four senators that aren't standing up in making demands of Trump. You know, moving as faras impeachment, doing all kinds of things, calling him out, um, holding up his judicial confirmation appointments and whatever we all benefit that side of the kosher sandwich. He said that they're making a V Shea like, um, collaboration with them. And of course, Vichea was the B portion of France that were collaborative with with the Nazis in World War Two. And it's just like every paragraph. It's like reference to World War Two, like one after another after another, and ah, it just it just never ends. And so yeah, that like, yeah, I'm gonna pivot into the whole stuff with the trumps losing his white base. This is why this is why they're playing this game with the Insurrection Act, and they're playing the game with the Bible, clearing the way for Trump to go to ST John's Church there, which is the president's churches where they do the national prayer breakfast. It's like an Episcopal church that, as's far as I know most of the time, is just full of black people. It's not where the president goes to church. Um, it's where I'm sure some presidents have gone to church, but, um, yeah, I mean, this whole thing with the Bible in the photo up and everything else part of it was to make people think that yeah, like things are under control. Look at me. I can walk across the street, go to this church. But it was also about this outreach to mobilizing his conservative voters of faith because he has shed them in large numbers. And so this is, you know, why is Trump doing and saying all these things Well, because this president is presidencies actually dropping like a rock 5 to 10 points underwater in key battleground states. We talked about that a lot, but but the biggest kicker is that his white support is just evaporating um, the ah in 2016. He won 81% of the white evangelical Protestant voters in the election. Trump's 2020 election effort Ah has already created at least two campaign advisor reports specifically aimed at shoring up support among Christians. Evangelicals for Trump launched January 3rd Catholics for Trump on April 2nd. A series of recent polls show the president losing ground among Christian voters that have triggered alarm bells within the Trump 2020 campaign. Christians have long been a pillar of Trump's base blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, they make up a large slice of the U. S. Electric, but roughly 1\/4 of all voters in 2016 are white evangelical Christians. Jesus Christ, dude. But the plague of zio shills in this country is just unreal. It's out. Bolson Arrow got in, but, like 1\/4 of the country are just like printed on their forehands, stamped on their forehead. I'm a Shabbos. I still be what it says. I mean, I understand that there are people that are evangelical Christians who aren't on board with the Zionism stuff. But what is the percentage, James? What do you think it is? 95%. And then you have. Ah, then you have true news. That's it. Like, yeah. I mean, well, yeah, it's likely t be to remain high as well, because young people and that has been showing this for a long time. Young people are leaving the church's young people. The data, the data that that when you look at the data and see what you find, it's young people are leaving the so young people that might be might not be on board with Zionism or Israel and that in and are more in line with us politically, most of them. And this is what we've heard anecdotally as well. Most of them have left the church a lot of times because of the gay politics that go along with the evangelical church scene was going to say, Oh, yes. Oh, well, let's get down into the guts of this. The other reason why this is a problem is that Trump, um you know, Yeah, he's delivered things for Israel, and it's gonna be a thing that keeps a lot of these people around, if for no other reason, which is important. Um, these people will say, Well, you know, at least, and they'll also do the bed. It will. At least it's not Biden, but it's much easier to do. It's much harder to do the at least it's not Biden for these people than it was to do the at least it's not Hillary because, in their view, at least according to polls, Biden is Ah is a better candidate. And he's more popular with white working class voters, Um, people who have reliably voted Republican like evangelical Christians. So you may have some because you do have a liberal wing of evangelical Christianity who do call out the president for a lot of this stuff to make it seem like, um, he's lost all support with evangelicals when in reality it split and Trump can't afford to have this group split like he can't afford to lose a single white vote. Um, and again, this is coming from this perspective of this is a guy who wants to win so that he can do more Zionism. They can't just press a button and make it happen like the guy actually has to have support. You know, if if they ran somebody with 5% approval, they can't just like swing the election for that person. They have to have some tangible level of support, and he's losing it with white people. Um, and so here Here are the stats. And so this is, according to some recent polling, let's see the polls plant paint a bleak picture for Trump, who is counted on broadening his religious support by at least a few percentage points. I would argue that's like the high water mark was 2016. The only way that you made that high water mark even higher was brown removal from the country. Build a wall, deport them all, shut down the border and then that Then you have a better hope of winning in 2020 you're not gonna expand your base into other realms. The white people who were gonna vote for you voted for you, and that was the moment that mattered. And so one GOP official said the dip in president's in the president's evangelical support also appeared in internal party polling, but disputed the notion that it had caused panic. Sure, Another person close to the campaign described in April survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, P R R I. You probably seen that acronym with a poll which showed a double digit decline. Double digit decline in Trump's favorability among white evangelicals minus 11 white Catholics minus 12 white mainline pot Protestants minus 18 from the previous month. So from March, that's not from 2016 to 2020. That's from March to April and then into May. And so that the same Republican said that it's pretty concerning, Yeah, I would think so, Yeah, having like just having people run out the door, I mean, because white evangelicals have held on the strongest. But even minus 11 is insane. Why Catholics minus 12 white mainline Protestants, 30 minutes Basically like white people. These air just like white Christians. People who say I'm Christian minus 18 people are just a gaffe up this guy. That's 18% points of Yeah, fuck this guy. Yeah, and this is not a population that is intensely motivated by getting things for Israel. Nor will they be satisfied with. Like the move to Jerusalem is being the crowning achievement. These are people that that for them, like their faith, is important. But often times it's It takes a back seat to economic conditions and immigration. Another in order like how about just were not on fire like that's That's a political platform like I one fires put out. That's all I care about. So, yeah, well, and they're not getting their Definitely not getting that now, are they? Everything's on fire. The world is burning and it's burning because Jews wanted to burn. It's hot and as long as possible. Ah, and so yellows. Disapproval of any president at this point in the first term. No other approval. Lowest disapproval. Oh, sorry. Most disapproval. Yes, Highest disapproval. Lowest approval. Disapproving out. 54% approval at what, 42. That's been the lives of April. It's been a long day. Highest disapproval. Lowest approval. 39% approval. So he's down into the thirties. 54% disapproval. Um, and so that's across the board. So people are like, Oh, herder, You believe bowls Now is hip sauce YouGov Morning, Consul, He's There is an average of all polls. Pick your number. 39 42. 43 were down into the thirties for approval and disapproval. 56 55. 54 guys underwater by 12 points. Just do it. I think the days Remember the days of, ah, like two things that have been dropped since Corona virus one the big, like the lowest black unemployment graphs. And to the big graphs the Trump campaign would put out not even graphs. The image of him at a rally is like 1\/3 of the image. And then the other 2\/3 is a black background with, like, a big Reuters 50% approval, like, yeah, we're not seeing that anymore. You know, you're not going to see that anymore. And in Look, you know, this guy, he if he wanted to win So that's how you know that that a lot of this is faking gay because that it's that it's an op that he can't do the things they boxed him in, right? Like he delivered the tax cuts for them. He delivered the Zionism for them, but he didn't deliver anything tangible for his base. So the basis saying fuck you. Steve King lost his primary yesterday. Ah, Jeff Sessions is not going to be another U. S. Senator. I hope maybe he pulls it out, but I don't see that that's happening. They don't want thes people in anymore. If Donald Trump came out like he's flailing his arms around and having Mark Esper, um, you know, clear the streets so that he could go to a photo op with a fucking Bible when when that actually made his presidency even more of a mockery like that was so bad. I mean, imagine being boxed in in this way where you're in its boxed in in some ways by your own policies, in your own sort of political beliefs, in your own alliances, in your own Zionism that Trump espouses because he could easily go out and do the insurrection act and be at 50% approval. He could put this stuff down very easily. And if you got actual numbers, not Reuters obsess, they would say, Oh, yeah, now he's a 27% Does insurrection act. Meanwhile, most of the countries like, Yeah, this is great, Thank God. Finally, what took it so long? And eso? But if he came out and defended Steve King, if he came out and defended Jeff Sessions, all these things would be very, um, very positive developments for white people. It would give white something to feel positive about in some eyes. I'm glad he isn't because it makes our job easier. And I don't care if my job's hard or my job's easy. We're still going to my job. I'm still gonna tell people what, that what? That what? I think the truth is about this stuff, but it's it's a lot easier when he just abandons all of the's battle stations. He always is. This is constantly abandoning the field of battle. He, you know, is as many have said, he's the guy who picks the bar fight and then goes out the back door. I mean, that's exactly what he's doing. I mean, he he got Steve King excited for, um, you know, ah, for fighting for Western civilization or something and just abandoned him. Jeff Sessions made made him the A G, his dream job and then just shadow over the guy. So it's it's Yeah, it's even worse than starting the bar fight and then running at the back door. He's starting the bar fight. And then, while you're fighting the guy he started the fight with, he's grabbing the barstool on cracking over the back of the head with Yeah, let's see what that's what he's done this sessions and King. That's an even better one. Now, I will say, because of Kings involvement in, uh, you know, with what's his name? Geert Wilders. And you know his the time that he spent in Eastern Europe and, you know, shoring up the international populism scene. King is just I mean, these Jewish groups that came out against him supported him two or three years ago, like the Republican Jewish Coalition. All these groups that said, Oh, God, we're gonna primary Steamed King now. And they did, and they won. Ah, we're going to destroy Steve King. There was one article in The Times of Israel called Ah, just imagine this. You want order. You wonder how much these people hate you. Jewish Republicans ask, how do you solve a problem like Steve King? What are we gonna do about this fucking white guy? That was May 22nd um, this they had to get rid of this guy because this guy was Ah, First of all, he was still doing the bit when the time to put all that rhetoric away was had long since passed. Steve King is still doing this stuff in 2018 2019. But he's just, you know, don't feel too bad about Steve King because he is just another component of that fake and gay nationalism that they've been doing. That's why he is connected to Geert Wilders. It's why he spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe. It's all part of the same thing. He just didn't want to stop doing the bit. You know, it's timeto time to go home was in 2018 with all that rhetoric, and Steve King was still saying, Well, what's wrong with white supremacy? What's wrong with white nationalism? There's another wrong with those things like Guy did. Did we not tell you what the shot is here, guy? It's like, All right, well, Republican Jewish Coalition is gonna tell you what the shot is. You lose, you're done. You're finished your 100 this year. But as you say, this is a good lesson to that that no matter how, like the Republican immune system, is so strong that even if you're a guy who what I mean, this guy was was pretty ensconced in GOP leadership Before he started making the moves, he was making a few years ago. Um, what was he like, Number four in the house or something? Like just a few seats behind Scalise? Like in terms of house leadership. This was Ah, this wasn't established there, I say, serious guy. And no matter, like all of those connections, you didn't didn't get him anything, right? And so the idea that there is a prospect to be an upstart to to win a house seat. And, you know, people had this thinking and it was well founded at the time because the thought was and we've talked about this before, The thought was that Trump would be leading this reformation of the party. No, I mean, there's there's no opening. Whether you're talking about a house seat or a PCO slot like the Republican immune system is so strong that people who are agitating or or ah you know, make even talking to talk in the right direction, much less actually doing anything that would be beneficial for whites. You will be found out and drummed out of the party like Steve King just wants. Yeah, you'll be finished and the entire GOP will rally to remove you. I mean, you had Bob Vander Platts. Who is this GOP political kingmaker in western Iowa? Um, who is a social conservative? He's against gay marriage. He's against abortion. Um, and look how that guy flipped. He backed finesse tra in fence tre and actually went out and did commercials on his behalf. He he endorsed Steve King for a long time. Uh, he believes he's one of King's staunchest allies and you know, he Ah, he said the king's no longer effective in Washington. And, ah, you know, this is one of the weak points that that we said that was that they were going to use against him that would have called the shot. Yeah, that would allow social conservatives to to go against King. It's like, Well, you lost his committee appointments and you know he can't really do anything. And now clean. King claimed at a candidate forum that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised his time for exoneration would come. But see, that's the other thing with King. It's like he if you read articles about the primary itself and you followed it all. He was notoriously quiet throughout the whole thing. So when you factor all this this stuff in and you look at? Yeah, He was part of this whole, like, fake nationalism. Garbage. And he didn't defend himself. Just like sessions doesn't defend himself. I really don't feel that bad. And the idea that Kevin McCarthy promised time for exoneration know Kevin come bright. Told him that. But there's not gonna be any exoneration. Kevin knew what the shot is. Kevin knew that this guy was going down, and there's really nothing he could do about it. There were. I mean, King had, uh, just $300,000 millions of dollars poured into that race. I mean, it was just over just never gonna happen. Um, and they used the excuse like, Well, King had such a close race last time, so we don't want to lose this seat to a demon rat. So we got to put somebody in there who can win. And, of course, all the people in Kings District to up until recently, King won by 70 points. I mean, these people supported him. Look, they just they just blew the other way. These people, you know, they just got screwed, and ah, yeah, it's pretty much that's pretty much the end of King, but I don't I don't really feel that bad about it because the guy was part of an up, um, whether fully wittingly part of it or not. But he was very pro Israel. He had a lot of support from these groups. And I don't I'm not shedding that many tears. It's like, this is what happens, guy. Yeah, So you know, we're not ah, not emotionally invested in King at all. And this is just this is just what happens. I mean, you thought you could play with this fire and then he didn't want to put the matches away. And so you got soaked. So here's some more confirmation bias. So Ah, Zuk is the one friend that Trump seems to still have Mark Zuckerberg. This is something that we've been saying for a long time. It's point ah that Mark Zuckerberg and the Trump Administration are very much on the same page with one another. There's this headline. Civil rights leaders say they're disappointed and stunned. After a call with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, civil rights leaders said Zuckerberg gave incomprehensible explanations for not taking action against President Trump's looting and shooting post. They said they spoke with Zucker. Bergen were shocked, but the CEOs refusal to take action, um, or apply a warning label in the way that Twitter had done. You had three civil rights groups, Color of Change, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights in the N double. Lucy released the statement from a Monday night zoom call with Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were very disappointed and stunned by Marx. Incomprehensible explanations for allowing the Trump Post to remain up, said Rashad Robinson of Color of Change. Blah, blah, blah. He did not demonstrate understanding of historic or modern day voter suppression, and he refuses to acknowledge how Facebook is facilitating Trump's call for violence against protests or rallies. A Jew, Gupta Vanita Gupta in Rashad Robinson is a Jew. So the idea that he is going to commiserates with you on the historic or modern day voter suppression yet maybe you might have some Jews who do that, but this guy has another interest in this guy is in support of Jig Nat politics, and he wants Trump to stay there. He doesn't have a problem with the things that Trump says, and he's not going to take this stuff down. And so you had a big walk out at Facebook? Um, a virtual walk out at Facebook because nobody's in the office. I guess they just, like, stood up out of their chairs and, like, wet in another room a month or video on like, I'm totally during the Webcams around on the zoom call. Yeah, I'm totally not here anymore right now, like, uh but but yeah, um, this is the funny thing is this was Monday, but friday, Trump and Zuckerberg had a productive call. People on both sides of the matter told Axios very productive call for both. CNBC confirmed the call in a Facebook post later that day. Zuckerberg said he personally has a visceral, negative reaction to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, but defended the decision to maintain the post. So it bothers him deeply. But it's just going to stay up because this guy is going to do ah, West Bank annexation, and that's all there's a shit about, and whether or not it really bothers him deeply or not, it doesn't matter because Mark knows it's not about him. It's about greater Israel. Just bother him. It doesn't bother him because of those people were shooting and looting Silicon Valley. But I like I said, if these people were shooting and looming Jewish neighborhoods in New York City, if they were shooting and looting Tel Aviv, I mean, the idea that rubber. But it's like rubber bullets like L O l like these people would just smoked all of them probably wouldn't even find the bodies. And they'd be like marks like a review. Like what? Protesters? What you talking about? There any protesters? They're all gone. Just disappeared. So you have never Trump is back. We talked about that a little bit. This is supposed to be the lead in for some stuff, though, that I want to close this first half with. So you had, um Well, first of all, there's this new Republican Super Act call Super Pac called Lincoln Project. Who was put out this? Ah, this ad calling the Confederate symbol a symbol of races. Confederate flag, symbol of racism and treason against the United States, taking aim at Trump and those in his base who fly the flag, blah, blah, blah. No patriotic Americans should brandish or proudly celebrate the iconography of a rebellion that resulted in tremendous devastation, the loss of 620,000 American lives and the continued subjugation of black America. Now, if I changed two words in that sentence, and that is the just remove black from the sentence at all, and the iconography they're talking about is the American flag, not the Confederate flag. No to patriotic American should brandish or proudly celebrate the iconography of the American flag that resulted in the tremendous devastation, loss of 620,000 lives and the continued subject Gatien of America. Because that's what it did. That's what Lincoln actually did. Um, so yeah, let's just be perfectly honest about that. But you know who Ah, you know who is the founder and the thunder of this little group here. This this Lincoln project, is Ah Jeong. Jennifer Horn is a Republican operative Jewish operative. Former chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, is the co founder and an adviser of the group. And then you have George Conway, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, Rick Wilson. So you have the you have the Jew and then the guy Oy the goi front man. Yeah, that's funny. Because whenever I hear about Lincoln Project, all they show you is like fat schlubby dog Jowell, George Conway and tentacle porn Rick Wilson. I had no idea Jennifer Horn was involved in this. Jennifer Horan is the ringleader of it. Um, the six pointed ringleader. Always eso Yeah. Then you have George W. Bush comes out and saying racial injustices Ah, and celebrates the protesters who marched for a better future. Okay, listen to this. So Bush addressed the nation wide protests in a solemn yet hopeful statement on Tuesday. This is from The Washington Post commending the Americans demonstrating against racial injustice. Okay, racial injustice that does not exist, white supremacy that does not exist and criticizing those who try to silence them. He closed a statement pointing to quote a better way. There is a better way, the way of empathy and shared commitment and bold action and peace rooted in justice. I'm confident that together Americans will choose the better way, he said. These anguished by the death of George Floyd and oh yeah, anguished anguish. And he is Ah, he says that white Americans, he says white Americans need to seek ways to support Listen and understand black Americans who face disturbing bigotry and exploitation. And so Okay, I will listen to anyone who, where that is actually a thing. But it doesn't exist. So therefore, I don't have to listen. Case closed. Alright, Some good W Because I'm not gonna listen anything. And who remember when you face protests and black lashes, Black lashes? Exactly what I meant to say. It is a black lash. Remember the white lash. This is a black lash for you being a racist for the Hurricane Katrina, Like wrecking black communities like that, remember? Or the racist George Bush Peco job. George Bush don't care about black people. It's like real funny, though. Is that just part of the dialectic? Just some. You went out went along with dubs. It's like, now that here he is again. But this this is these people all believe that there is some racial injustice, that there is something horrible that happened that we all have to shut up and listen. Um, shortly after Bush released a statement, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, also who has not been critical of Trump, ever decried Trump's response to the protests special specifically specifically his desire to militarize it in use, aggressive force. Mullen, like Bush, stressed that people need to understand what the root of these protests is in the persistent racism that African Americans face. Well, first of all, people are starting to get Negro fatigue. This is something that happened before these polling results that we talked about in the beginning. The first half are gonna be much harder and harder manipulate because people get Negro fatigue. They get very tired of this happening and nothing, nothing, Nothing really benefiting them in any way. And they want to go back with, go on about their lives. And they can't because they're fucking cities air on fire. I guess it's more opportune that they do this while there are still somewhat social distancing and offices really aren't closed. And schools aren't open because people can see all of this happening and then not be really directly affected by unless it ends up in their neighborhood. But I remember at the time that they don't really ever talk about what their demands are right. That's that's always like, well, what these people want. Okay, I'll listen. What are you saying to me, and when you go read what they want I don't know how any sane person could because I think everybody call these people who post the Black Square in the blackout Tuesday and all that shit they think, Oh, I'm just gonna dumb in a virtue signal. And I'm gonna do this to feel good and not have any other commitments to it. But if they actually sat down and read and understood, the things that these people are demanding has nothing to do with rates. Racism is something to do with white supremacy. They don't even mention it. Well, they sort of do. But there instead their demands on black lives matter, website and in other places. But this is predominately where this comes from. This is what these people want. We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on black people must be abolished. So no prisons, no police, no institutions, just nothing should be abolished and replaced by institutions that value in affirm the flourishing of black lives. We believe in transformation and a radical realignment of power. The current systems we live in inside of needed. This just horrible black writing the current systems we live inside of need to be radically transformed, which includes a realignment of global power. Oh, yeah. Blacks wrote this. Yeah. Blacks want a realignment of global power, right? Yeah, that is what they really somebody else wants. A realignment of global our we're creating a proactive movement based vision instead of a reactionary one. And then they say we're anti capitalist. It's like, Oh, really? Do you really think then that blacks don't want to be anti capitalism? Blacks love no excell of capitalism. Yeah, like black consumerism has been one of the biggest boons to black culture ever. Yeah. Can you really? I don't know, man. I can't see the black guy sitting down and condemning Reaction hurt leg. Yeah, we're not reactionary. And, yeah, I'm not buying. It's like a oh, I get to have the same shit is you do, man, that's whack. I don't want that shit. It's like, No, they don't the same things. But that's that's what this has been dressed up. And now the these demands have have, you know, gotten gayed up over time. And by gate up, I mean, really gate up. Ah, this is under end of the war on black bodies. Ah, an end to the war on black, trans queer and gender non conforming people, including their addition to anti discrimination civil rights protections to ensure they have full access to employment, health, housing and education. Like just literally everything like these. See, that's the thing. This is not about equality. This is not about being treated the same as you and me are in society. And that is like in a make believe world where we all have the same rights. Because we know if we went out and did these things, we would be van 400 year prison sentence, probably electric chair. They bring the electric chair back just to handle the white people who go out and do what black people are doing today. They would bring back hanging, they would bring back all those things. In fact, was it a bill bar that was working on bringing back the death penalty in some of these cases? I don't remember the exact the precise. You remember this, James? Yeah, for federal hate crime. Yeah, that's right. Of course. Yeah, right. See, I'm right. I knew I knew it was right. But they want an immediate end to criminalization and dehumanization of black youth across all areas of society. Actually, says black youth, Um, but our nation's justice and education systems bubble Ebola. They don't want bail money. They don't want fines. They don't want court charges. It's like, Oh, good, uh, end to capital punishment. They want to end the use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for housing, education licenses, voting loans, employment and other services and meat. Uh, an end to the war on black immigrants, including the repeal of the 1996 crime and immigration bills, an end to all deportations, immigrant detention, immigration, ice raids and mandated legal representation in immigration court. Now, why the fuck would blacks care about this if there aren't Jews writing this on their behalf, blacks are gonna on their own black trans queer gender and oh, yeah, we got it. We got to shore up those immigrants to like the same people competing for jobs against you. It's like, OK, yeah, no, you get you get a group of like 10 20 blacks in a room that are interested in this kind of thing is not in and not ah, in the kind of Jewish academia type of way. And it's gonna be things like more money for programs, more money for for jobs, more money like shovel ready jobs and things like that. It's and yet, like decriminalization of weed, it's not gonna be an end to the war in black fam Trans. You know, that's that's like at the very most of what you're going to get in, like the idea that that would even be implemented in a full, serious way. But the things that these people want, like no, like under no circumstances will they accept anything less is they want all of their needs, taking care of housing, just everything they want. A they want, Ah, livable wage. They don't say anything about jobs in here at all. It's just like I want to be paid by the government to exist and I want I want free healthcare. I want free housing. I want no police. I want Well, they go back to fucking Africa if you want all this shit. I mean, I know it sounds so like basic or to go back to Africa. It's like if you don't want to live under this, then go somewhere else. But the idea that you're gonna get get, you're gonna get absolved. There's gonna be a complete absolution of any criminal criminal justice or law enforcement or any of this stuff. I mean, it's just not reality for yeah, yeah, They want the lack of responsibility that comes with slavery, but also the feeling of power and being in control of a civilization. Right, Right. So they want to be coddled and their needs met in a patriarchal way as a slave would be. But they also want your housed and fed. Yeah, but they also want to be in charge. I mean, they say, and one of these, where does this say? Uh oh, yeah, we demand independent. And this is the thing that, like, I don't think the vast majority of Americans would be like weights. You're asking for segregation. We demand independent black political power and black self determination in all areas of society. We envision a remaking of the current U. S. Political system in order to create a real democracy where black people and all marginalized people can effectively exercise full political power, and they want all political prisoners released from prison Election protection, full access to technology. Like I mean, some of this stuff is just bullshit, But like, what? You want to set up your own political system? I mean, you're fine to do that. Like we would like to have our own political system. It's kids, Mitt. We both want the same thing. Like it's amazing, but yeah. Um, let's see, I like I like number seven an end to the mass surveillance of black communities, including Body Cam. Yeah, that Yeah. Wow, what a pivot. Over the last five years, the once you realize this body cam footage is actually exonerating all of these white cops and totally blowing out of the water. Your didn't do nothing. Ah, fantasies. Then all of a sudden, it's timeto turn those cameras right back on U. S. So this is it's not about treatment by black officer. Sorry, it's not treatment from police. Because even if police handled blacks with the most soft, velvety set of kid gloves that you could possibly imagine, they just don't want to ever have to account for any of the things that they do. That's why the answer is always I didn't do nothing. I know this is very basic rhetoric, but it's true. They don't want to have to account for anything. And so the body cameras. No, we don't want that surveillance. No, we don't want prisons at all. We know one finds at all. We don't want anything. We want the right to do whatever we want to. And we want to run your society because fuck you, Whitey and Jews, they're gonna use them as a tool to destroy white interests and to suppress white people as much as possible. But the idea that there's a white supremacy to dismantle now it's Jewish supremacy, and they're never going to allow that to be compromised. And so blacks from the very beginning, starting with these demands, you're never going to get what you want. And I don't give a fuck like I'm not your ally. I'm just saying, You look at this and you see what you're asking for. You're never going to get any of this because you're barking up the wrong tree. Jews have you like on a little dancing, a little puppet strings burning down the country, burning down property that they don't give a fuck about your not your not there's no revolution. There's nothing is gonna change for you. Um, there's gonna be You might get a few more, Gibbs, but you've, you know, is Mike has said you've been given every single right that there possibly is. And the only way that you get anything mawr like these demands that you're asking for just insane. Like nobody's gonna go along with this. And when you realize that this is what these people want reparations, they want their own political system. They don't want any accountability. Um, and I don't even just mean accountability. Like go get a job and bootstrap yourself Black. I I mean, like, accountability. Like they could just rape you abuse your retarded child and there's just no consequences for any of that. You can do whatever they want and there are no consequences, and you have to pay them. And God knows how long a system like this would be able to sustain itself. Even if money printer went burr, I think Jews would even get sick of this for after a while. So they're never gonna get anything. And Keith Ellison, it's like I like I know that you're old now And, like, you know, the the animus to do revolution and, like, you know, fight against the man and you realize that it was Jews all along. I know that died a long way away, but like what your legacy gonna be like. Look at you. You're a puppet. Well, I guess I guess Ellison's legacy is gonna be securing a conviction against a white guy who didn't do anything in creating a new precedent for putting cops in jail for murder when they didn't do anything. That's gonna be Keith Ellison's legacy. And for them, for that, I guess it's worth it. This is why I think some blacks up to be the big black bioweapon Gollum of the Jews is because they get something transactional out of it. Um, I get to fuck Ally, get to fuck over a white guy's life for the rest of his life, and it benefits benefits Jews and blacks. That's why they've always been allies because they both hate white people. But the idea that any of this stuff is gonna happen, I mean, who remember October 2016? Uh, remember, black lives matter in the sit ins at Boston University and some of these others, and they published the list of demands. You know, we want a formal statement indicating solidarity with black lives matter. Will they get that all the time now from every corporate company? America. It's like, you know, Will you tell him a ball park, hot dogs or, I don't know, Maytag washing machines. They're like, you know, this is he's weird, odd, like e mails. I got an email from some company that I've subscribed to cause I bought something from them. It's just like this unsolicited email of like, we'd love black people. We're just letting you know how much we care about black people. Please buy our stuff. Um, yeah, I I saw a post blackout post yesterday from a a page that post like vintage classic British sports cars, and they're like, doing the bit Yeah, and I'm like, I don't think a single black person has have reviewed this page. There you go. What's funny about this, though, is if you actually read black Twitter and and this this goes for ah, the LGBT Q P community. It goes for climate change proponents. Is that There is definitely a feeling amongst these groups that the corporate America comes out and says thes things, But nothing ever changes. And so, yeah, While it may seem like a new normal on them, this is not a cope. I'm just explaining how this stuff actually works in the reaction that these people have to it. Um is that Yeah, Hot dog company comes out and say how much they love black people that the hot dog company is not gonna make the next CEO black. I was gonna happen. You get up into Facebook into the senior echelons of Silicon Valley, 85% white, 15% Jewish or no 12% Jewish, like 1% black. And that's it, like projects are starting to leak in to those places. But you go to any of those places just not gonna happen. And the demands that they made a Boston University, I mean, just to point out how ridiculous senses they wanted a task force to continue this conversation. After we stop doing the sit in that this task force this university paid for mandated task force equal composition of students, faculty and staff must be at least 75% nonwhite. It's like that task force did ever come coming for you, like all these these separate buildings in communities. And we want to be in charge of this stuff. And, uh, you know, we want your staff and faculty to be at least x percentage black, Let inks indigenous Muslim. Whatever, Um, that never happened is not gonna happen. And so when they see these places talking about how green we are or, you know, put up a rainbow flag like even the all of these different pieces of the progressive stack, Just look at that. It's like these people don't mean anything and, yeah, they've made carve outs within these institutions to make these people feel like they're welcome. But they're not like, let me know when White CEO steps down as a symbol of solidarity and just gives the job to a black eye. And I think what would be funny? Cause I just don't give a fuck. This thing's burning so hot, just let it burn the next time there is some sort of like corporate gathering or some sort of Ah, you know, let's talk about this or whatever. I think it would be kind of funny if a black employees said, Well, you're white in your a male and you're sitting up there white splaining to us about how we should feel about these events that are going on. Um, maybe it's time you step aside if you have the balls to do that. That would be fucking hilarious if if a non why would love to see that happen? Because I want these people to call, like just do it. If you're gonna make the demand demand. Don't be a puppet or even a white, even though even a white guy, you know, if this if this meeting has off like all right, well, I refuse to work, You know, I believe so strongly, University. I will only work not trans black fans Gotta be a brown guy. I don't like I doing it because that white guy, if they do that, it has that additive effect of other white seeing that guy do that and then it makes them Cukier. I wanted to be a brown guy challenging the white Shabbos. Um, it's like OK, bro, Then why don't you step down from your position? You're already rich. Look Why don't you step down like don't you go do that. So what? I want to see why people doing is recognizing that this entire, like, mental trap that you're in this societal trap. We fall into its avoidable, but it's only avoidable with separate societies. There's there's no way you can, like, piece this together. Rubik's Cube Twist this in a way that is going to be equitable for everyone, and everyone's needs will be met. By definition, a diversified mixed society like this can never work for everyone involved in it. The only answer is they're They're right. The answer is separation. But the answer is not separation at the university level, at the departmental level, in totality governing structure level, it is to talk. It is societal. Yeah, it is in totality. We just have to separate. So I support them on all of those things. I mean, ah, anti capitalism go for it, but you're not gonna because your entire platform has been written by Jews. It's not actually opposing capitalism. So it's not riel. And the things that you are going to get are all gonna be kosher. They're gonna be things that they that they will accept that damage whites but don't actually cause any damage for them. And then that's the thing in whites, the Shabbos will happily go along with this over and over. And it is true that if you get off like the first step to not being tricked is ceasing to be involved in the media cycle until you understand what the tricks are because you're just going to keep getting tricked. I mean, even see people like our own guys like getting tricked by this stuff because they saturated it. Um, and it's It's like, Well, I want Trump to do the insurrection act. You're not gonna do it. Guy is gonna happen. This is all this is all gay like, Oh, I'm sad about Steve King. It's a get well, Steve King was part of an up. So you don't have to be said they're done. Feel better. Good. So anyway, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, is going to say it's anti capitalist. Only to the extent that you're not paying for the Nikes you're taking from the Nike store, right? Exactly. So we'll see how this will see how this keep keeps going, but I think this is going to keep going. Ah, the more it hurts Trump, the more that they can use it to advance their agenda on the Confederate statue front. Ah, the more that they can use it to advance their agenda on the anti white front. And mainly they want to keep it going because they want public support for the conviction of these, uh, these innocent white men who are being strung up in a modern day Jewish lynching, and that's exactly what that is. So while they're looting the country, their lynching you the Jew Ah, the Jew Lynch's out as he loots you is what they're doing now. So anyway, gonna take a break and then we're gonna smash old Rodrigo Uh, ready for this? You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the Nation and now back to Fashion Nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network A little back your next on as we alluded to first hour will be spending this hour talking about another one of these fake nationalists fake populace heroes that many of us fell for back in 2015 2016 and so on. And, uh, yeah, the sacred cow smashing company swinging the ball again down towards the Philippines. But ah, one of the things people liked about do terror today was, of course, his rhetoric is fighting words towards drug dealers and criminals, etcetera. I think we have some other fighting words that we didn't plan the first hour jazz that. Ah, pretty good stuff. Pretty, uh, pretty spicy comments. Yeah, I meant to play this David Santa Carla, our guy ah sent me this and, uh, leave it to Philly. Leave it. The guy's an old Philly to tell you. Tell you, hat iss how it be one of us the fuck out we owe. Yeah. And take that black energy, that black snoop dog energy somewhere else, too. I mean, I get it. It's the mean. But now take that faggot energies somewhere else Faces, pick one of us is it will go around the corner over there by the water. We're gonna fight. She is, uh, is fucking funny, but yeah, you get guys like this and you guys look down and you keep in these various places nice to see so heartening to see. And ah, that is happening to them. Which is good that we know of. So I'm not saying go out and do it. But there is a slight glimmer of hope here and there. Um, they're not gonna fuck with this guy, but anyway, yes. So Duterte in, just to say just say is Well, I'm saying this is beginning The first half is that, you know, he isn't necessarily Ah, he's not somebody that we were supporting. But he was part of this rising, strong hman nationalism that was going on. And my feeling at the time was, Hey, look, they got drugs, they got crime. They got a lot of problems in Puerto Rico in this guy's gonna come in and mainly his, mainly the things that he said were entertaining. But he was just another guy that was like, part of that whole contingent that came out of that place in time. And, you know, it was kind of like, you know, you're going to cheer him on because you want someone like this in your own country. It's like, wouldn't it be great if we had a guy that would come in and handle a lot of the problems that we have as well so a little bit different than than in Orban. Horrible scenario where you could say, well, if if I were a guy in that country, I would support it if I were a Filipino, which I am not, I would have been supportive of a do terror take. It would be writing a new smash. It's a shit hole. Yeah, it's an absolute shit hole over there, but, um but yeah, do 30 though ah is not, as it turns out, good for Filipinos and Filipino interests in getting rid of, ah, getting rid of the problems. Maybe he gets rid of some of the problems, but he the whole purpose of this cleaning up the streets is just to make it even worse. I mean, if you could fast forward if you're Filipino, fast forward to four or 500 years from now, you probably would trade whatever crime and drug problems and everything that you have right now, you probably want all that back in exchange for what you're going to get. And this guy is just one stepping stone for getting to that Ah, very dystopian future that's coming to a Filipino island near you very soon. Yeah, from Mindanao Toe. Seibu. This is This is what's coming. Yeah, The expectation was for a lot of people, people in the West and people in the Philippines was that this was going to be a guy who was a thug dictator. It is going to be a thug dictator. But he was going to use that thug energy in that dictatorial control, to do good things for the people of his country. That's how he spoke. He presented as a nationalist populist reality were seeing, and that has emerged in the first, as as opposed to a nationalist globalist. Forever or trump. I'm a nationalist and a globalist. It's like I don't think even the fake nationalists in these other countries would have gone that far. No, but give Trump give trouble little credit. He was telling the truth. People thought it was weird. It's like, Oh, he's mocking the globalists, right? It's like, No, he's not my going the globalists. He is a globalist, right? Anyway, Well, and that's one of the parallels we're going to see emerged with do 32 where one of the things he ran against ah and things he spoke most about was the international order railing against us meddling in his country, Chinese meddling in the country, the United Nations, these these pearl clutching liberals that were condemning him for Oh, God, horrible abuses of human rights. But the reality is, as we're coming to find is actually presided over an unprecedented welcoming in of that very same international order to ravages country while telling his people that he's standing up for them. So the thesis here is, and we're gonna explain this point by point and prove the case definitively that Duterte is really just a useful puzzle piece for international jury cleaning up the Philippines, basically clearing out of the LZ to pave the way for foreign investment in control. Let me take it one step further, like so many of these guys like Bolson Arrow. Um, well, both scenarios on his way there may be even more definitively than Orban and Bolson. Arrow Key is international jury duty 30 is international jury. I mean, Orban names his daughter Raquel. In both scenarios, kids put on the ah, put on the old Mossad T shirts and whatever, and they're probably going to end up with Josh wives. But Duterte A actually has one, and he's got three Jewish kids. So this guy is part of international jury, right? This is the biggest Red Bull about this. Well, it's not as big as the red pill that you you found with with the finance in the arms sales and stuff like that. But the fact that this guy is married to a Jew in his Children or Jewish, she's just like Donald Trump. What is the lineage of Rodrigo Duterte in a generation? Two generations, three generations, Jewish kids, Jewish. Yeah, of course. There's corruption there that he is protecting as well, because just kids, of course, are involved intimately involved in his political apparatus. But we'll get Teoh. That'll likely pounds. Oh, yeah, they're that they're the Jewish heirs of international Filipino jury. Like, yeah, yeah, on that. And that's just the icing on this. Ah, on this cake that we've uncovered here, so ah, little bit about his background. He grew up actually deter. Today, people have the impression that this guy was a no a bootstrapped Filipino guy that worked his way up from nothing. He was actually born into the elite born into the he was the son of the governor of Gavel Province. He went to Catholic schools, American Catholic schools, was molested by a Catholic priest, which then, he later said, turned him gay for a time. But he recovered from being gay when he met his Jewish wife. But this *** gate to he's gay and Jew. So, yeah, that's funny, because I found a story last night in the Times of Israel. Um, Philippines President claims he sexually assaulted a maid as a teenager. So now this all makes sense, because I read this story and I was like, Damn, this dude is weird as fuck like, I mean, he's kind of a fucking weird guy. Says, um, this is Sunday. December. Oh, of course. This This article is published on New Year's Eve 2018. Of course, nobody's fucking paying attention to this. Um, yeah. Apparently he recounted a confession he had with a priest in high school, so I guess I didn't read that part, But then he does that. Then it would have made a lot since I skipped right to the meat, which is there was a maid sleeping in a room of his house, and he's like I lifted the blanket. I tried to touch what was inside the panty. Duterte said in a speech I was touching. She wake up and I left the room. So apparently this pissed a lot of people off, but, uh oh, he was telling the priests that he he had then returned to the maid's room again and tried to molest her. Jesus Christ, Um, that's fucking somebody's doing the raping. Like, who knew that it's the international Jew. Strong men. Duterte? Yeah, like, yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah, This, you know, his background really is really is wild, right? And so he was this privilege, son. He was given a lot of special privilege that other other kids would not have had. But for some, for some people touching the panty James, though, that's a really serious guy touching the panty. I mean, that means he's a simp, right? So detector is actually a cringe. He's probably a witness. No, it's not. A witness is the opposite of a witness is a jig. Nick. Yeah, Priest, The priest who molested him was a very serious guy. Oh, yeah, probably. Yes, yes. So do charity was a groper. He was an original groper setting dangerous precedents since his teenage years. Oh, God, I don't know if this guy's just a couple steps away from writing for NewsMax and headlining af Pak. I mean, perfect fit, right? So anyways, international groper strong men. Yes, the groper strongman. So in his teenagers is sort of weird, right? Because he's, ah, privilege son born into the elite. But he basically has no interest at the time in doing elite things or going to school or anything. Hey says. And a lot of this stuff is unverifiable. So this feeds into his image is a tough not a serious guy. Well, a serious and tough guy. Seriously tough guy. He says that he hung out with the toughest kids, got into fights. Ah, was carrying a gun by 15. There's an incident with him taking a solo flying lesson. I mean, hey, had fates been different, this guy could have been flying the Kobe Calabasas Black Mamba Chopper, where on his solo flight, he actually hit his family home and then a treetop with the wheel of his piper cub, which then it was turned out to be an accident. He got in a car accident put him in a coma. So he was probably trying to molest the pilot. I mean, eso Was it a solo flooding molesting himself? Then I suppose, Well, if it's first flight was is this a solo flight, or was he like flying with somebody? That's his first solo flight. Okay, so maybe he was molesting the pilot at the time of the accident. He may have been doing that. Yeah, who knows? There's a lot of any number of things have been happening in the that Piper Cub, but he says we'll leave. We'll leave that to another W NTSB to figure that. Well, actually, we don't have jurisdiction over Filipino air disasters. Www. NTSB doesn't care what he was doing up there. I mean, if they it somehow involves the piper cub in some way that that they start maligning Piper than yeah, I mean, we might step in, but otherwise yeah, like if he's up there at it's not really my thing. No. Yeah. Do you take up there? Possibly on drugs will come to find. Okay. Groping, groping strongman up there groping, groping the stick. He thought it was the stick and ah, you know that's how he flew to the treetops in the roof of the house. I don't want your in the wrong sick and sent here the wrong stick. He pulled back on the round stick, doing some Jochen and Yon up there in the skies above Dave O. Big, big problems could come from that. But then he claims, and he makes this claim. He's made this claim as of a few years ago that he killed a man in a drunken beach brawl at the age of 17 saying Maybe I stabbed somebody to death. He told an interviewer, however, let's stick again. Stabbing somebody. Yeah, this guy, this, you know, he's strapped on James. He took your advice and he strapped on. He did well during his his like 30 year gay phase. He probably did gay phase, implying, Yeah, E. I mean, the guy hit the quote is he was gay, like he used to be gay, but he was cured when he met his first Jewish wife. He said, This you look this up So weird stuff. I mean, of all the backgrounds have gotten into this is probably probably the weirdest. Ah, but his mother was was involved in politics in the 19 eighties, she would lead marches against President Marcos, who was a U. S puppet that the U. S. Dropped from being a puppet. He was a temporary shit puppet. But Reagan dropped him, is a shit puppet. And the new president, because of her of her revolutionary action, offered her the opportunity to become Davos vice mayor. Um, she did not take that opportunity and asked instead for her son Rodrigo to be appointed. And so he began his political career in 1988 when he ran for the mayor of Davao City, which is the biggest city on Mindanao, the southernmost island in the Philippines. And since then, he's don't bother. Don't bother keeping them straight. There's like 7461 Filipino island. So I was just amazed at how it's again. It's an archipelago right there. Ah, but yeah, yeah, yes, So I mean, he took office at a tumultuous time. A lot of dangerous precedents being set in Davao. It's basically a war zone. You have the Marcos regime falling. You have communist rebels holding parts of the city of Islamic rebels, active people were killing cops. It was it was a war zone. And so he made his name in politics, and he made his mission as mayor of Davao City, You know, personal in Richmond being one of them, but also to make the city safe. He wanted to stake out this identity, his political identity as being a law and order. Serious guy. And this is from where you get the Davao death squads. You heard rumors of this. These have been denied and then later confirmed. But basically, in the eighties and nineties, the consensus is that there was a wing of the Davos City Police Department led by this guy, Edgar Matobato, who is now 57 years old. That would conduct extra digits, extrajudicial killings of suspects and corrupt officials. No, I'm etcetera. And this is something that people pointed to as as evidence of this guy. You know, Look, this is just what you do when you're a second world country like the Philippines is kind of what you have to do to clean up. Yeah. I mean, this is just the run that this is the way of the world in places like that. So, um All in all, it's generally generally confirmed that there's about 1400 people that this Davao death squad killed and the they were drug dealers. They were murderers, rapists, etcetera. And this is what ah, first put him on the radar of international human rights groups and activists in the U. N. Etcetera. They've been condemning him and the death squad since the eighties and nineties. But this is also what made him immensely popular among Filipinos that wanted something other than than the liberal government's they had had at the time that weren't doing anything that were us puppets. Essentially, that did not care about law and order in the country. And yes, so this is how he made his name, how he made his identity. And he was mayor for a long time. But he was mayor of Davao from 88 up until until 2014 2015 when he when he ran for the presidency and took office. So he's a long history of this, and and this is why I think just I don't know about you, but this is one of the things I looked at at the time, and I thought, Yeah, maybe this guy will clean up the streets. Maybe he will be a strong man in a way, that is Ah, is beneficial. Yeah, I honestly I mean, I'm not even saying this to sound like a loof and like, I don't care. And the things, no matter. But I I didn't even look that much into him. I saw the rhetoric. I saw the things that were said, and this is not a wreck on because not even somebody that was supported or not supported. But I was kind of just like, I'm glad that there there seems to be the sentiment around the world that law and order is not holding, and it doesn't matter what country it's in. And you finally have people coming to power or rising in popularity because this is happening simultaneously in Europe to who are actually going to handle problems that we're seeing in many other places. And in some places it's worse, like Philippines is much worse. But if you had a strong hman that came into power in Mexico and just started eradicating cartels Bilic All right, let's do this cause I we we know what that means. We know if that means that means also Jewish money launderers. That means a lot of the Jewish organized crime that are in heavily involved in the cartels. And that's why you will never see a strawman come to power in Mexico any time soon. Who will do those things? And that's why in the Philippines, it's like, Yeah, this guy's gonna go and clean of all these criminal gangs, it's like, Well, he may clean up the guys that are the enemies of the guys in the country that are operating organized crime. I mean, I was doing some reading. What's his name? The couple interesting things. Not not too much of a tangent. But I didn't realize that Manila is not the largest city in the Philippines. I assumed that it was, but apparently it's Quezon City, which is just part of Manila. It's part of the same littleneck on this island, and I'm like, That's an interesting name. Who the fuck is quays on? And so I look up Manuel L. Quezon, who is a Filipino statesman. Ah, he was the second president of Ah, the Philippines, and, ah, he's got a huge memorial in Israel to himself, us. Um for the what it is called the Open Doors is a Holocaust memorial in Re Sean La's Ion Israel. It's a 23 foot high sculpture designed by Filipino artist Louise Lee Jr in erected in honor and thanks to President Manuel Caison and the Filipinos who saved the Jews from Nazi Germany. And so, yeah, they have flooded their country with Jews, just like a lot of other countries. Did you open the doors? Come on in. Come on down. Yes. Is the set of year set appear organized? Crime here, please. The Americans air absconding and they're not gonna be Ah, you know, controlling these islands anymore. So it's the Wild West. Come on in, guys. And that's exactly what happened. Yeah, they actually made an offer at the time. During the war, if you take in 10,000 Jewish refugees, which was was unprecedented for Asia at the time, they only ended up taking 1300 of them. And then quiz on would be, for the record, probably probably cause Jews did what they wanted to go somewhere else. Yeah, like a jungle like, Are you kidding me? No, thanks. Yeah, but I think he also has ah, special recognition in Israel because under his leadership, the Philippines in 1947 were the only country to vote in favor of the creation of Israel in the United Nations, only Asian country to do so. And ah yes, this homely Asian because Brazil, remember, was one of the ice. It's funny. It's like obvious places that were very supportive of Israel. Early on seemed to be the places where these strawman nationalists fake nationalists keep popping up. It's just amazing how that happens. Yeah, what? I was gonna do this at the end, but But I'll do it now because it fits right in its ah kind of Ah, spooky right. Looking at the history of Jews in the Philippines, you know the country. Now there's only 100 Jews or so in the Philippines. And this is according to the World Jewish Congress. Many of them are are businessmen are U S servicemen in the area, but there, for these 100 Jews or so in the country, have one synagogue. Beth, you coverages 100 Jews in Duterte marries one of them. That's one of the more amaze. A lot of the yeah and foot four of which 22. So what? What is that? Like 2.252 point 5% of the country's Jews are the desert a family. Excellent. Four of the 100 much so they have one synagogue in the country. Beth You cove in Mikati City. As is the country's primary Chabad house. And for a country with 100 Jews, jazz therefore Chabad centers in the country, four centers is highly. But this *** this *** is like Chabad. Yeah, like it. Shibata edge just like a ciabatta. Anyways, though, four of the centers for the 100 use one for each of the start. A Jewish family members. Yeah, well, this is the synagogue. But he went to apologize at when he said that he was going to kill all of the drug dealers in the country like the three million Jews that Hitler killed. And I think the Jews were more upset that he got the number wrong and said, It's half, then Ah, or maybe the Maybe the whole coast. Propaganda was not updated. His firmware is his Holocaust. From where was not up to date. He said three million Jews, so he had to apologize. And he there's a photo op of him in that synagogue apologizing. Now I know that it's the only one I know that that's the one that I saw him in. The picture s Oh, yeah, Speaking of that, that Hitler comparison that's actually that's actually very relevant because these are the kinds of things he was saying in 2016 that made their way into American media and caught people's attention and maybe made people think maybe there is something to this guy, right? He was comparing himself to Hitler. He did this on multiple occasions. Ah, he was telling the pope to to freak off, basically telling him, Go home. Don't business again. Ah, he was doing Philippines first, right? Real serious, Guy says, Uh, who does he think he is, referring to Barack Obama? I'm no American puppet on the president of a sovereign country, and I'm not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people. He then went on to call it the U. S and U for their criticism over extrajudicial killings and one of the key pieces that I remember from 2016 that I misinterpreted. Most of us misinterpreted at the time as being a piece of based rhetoric, but it was actually the opposite. Here's what he said. He said. You the U. S you you can call me anything but I was never into or I am never into hypocrisy like you close your doors and when there's time there are migrants escaping from Middle East to 30 said Now people read this at the time as being a rebuke of US and EU migration policy. This was on the tail end of the peak of the migrant crisis. But when you actually read this in contacts with a full translation with with an accurate translation, it turns out he's not. He's not making a base statement here. He's saying, Quote, You allowed the migrants to rot and you're worried about the deaths of 6000 drug dealers in the Philippines. So what he was actually doing was calling it the you and us for not being sufficiently globalist. So yeah, it's like, you know, and here's where the pieces start to fall, right? This guy committed nationalists. He has. He has to do that right, James. He has to do that so that he can then become ultimately secret Filipino Hitler. He's like a secret flip Hitler that eventually flips. I thought that was Hitler. Maybe you, maybe you to have you here. The secret. Flip it. Look, nobody has to flip. He starts office, the globalists, and then he flips and becomes Hitler. That's how that works. So he has to show support for the migrants used to show support for gay issues. He has toe, you know, not like Karen's. And then eventually it will become Basie just flips and becomes based. Yeah, that's the Philippines to 11 glaring hole in our research was deter today's state stance on Harvey Weinstein. I think I don't know. I don't think he's defended Weinstein, but a that his pub met his public and private position on Harvey. Chuck Weinstein are probably exactly the same. Yeah, so, yeah, but he has. He has this tendency to say funny things to um and he does this in the way that keeps you entertained because he mocked this. It's rather robust. Uh um, Senator named Dick Gordon. Apparently, there's a senator in the Filipino Senate named Dick Board and just, you know, just regular old Dick Gordon Um, he says, Ah, he walks like a penguin, cannot fit into an ambulance and is one far away from disaster. And outside. It's fucking hilarious. I mean, you know, he makes some comments about his his pants and what would happen. Um, you know, one far away from disaster is just funny. But then you just remember it's like he does this because, you know, I think it's funny. Filipinos must think it's great. It's just such a funny guys. He keeps me laughing, you know, while he sells out the entire country, the world jewelry. So it's it's just the same old. It's the same old routine. That's why it's kind of funny, though, like Trump hasn't even said anything funny or based. It's not even about saying things that are based like immigration or whatever it's he doesn't even say funny jokes about people personally. Like those jokes came a people's expense back then. But in others, air expensive jokes can't be mocking part of the regime. And so all of these quotes from Duterte, they seem to be a couple years old now, don't they? James said, sort of. They just have solved subsided. He doesn't have to do the bit as much anymore. Yeah, he got people on the side and and he's immensely. But he's still immensely popular in the Philippines. He has the support of like their national hero, Manny Pacquiao, who, I suppose for our American listeners, is basically like getting the endorsement of a Marvel comic hero, its eyes, his level of importance to Filipino people. He's he's their guy. Eso, yeah, selling out the country to international interests, the Philippines A lot of people don't know anything about the Philippines. I knew relatively little about the Philippines until I did the research for this for this deep dive. But the Philippines is actually one of the world's richest in terms of natural resource is one of the richest countries in the world. They have fertile arable lands. It's ah, it's an equatorial country. Extensive coastlines, plenty of opportunities for fishing rich mineral deposits. They are actually the fifth most mineralized country in the world, with the third largest deposits of gold. Fourth largest copper deposits, fifth for nickel and 64 chroma. Their total resource assets are valued at approximately 1.32 trillion. Ah, but those air largely untapped because governments previous to do dirty. I have a very strict policies about mining, about logging. The total my noble land in the Philippines is about 30% of the land could be mined, but there's only mining permits active for around 3% of the land. So yeah, they're not tapping. These resource is nearly fast enough for the taste of those that are involved in the international metals trade, international gold trade, etcetera and this pesky flips or just holding it up right. Despite the rich natural resource is of the Philippines, the government is restricting its exploitation. A logging ban is imposed on many areas of the country, and only in select areas are sustainable. Logging operations allowed. There's some. Yeah, just imagine that having sustainable logging laws on a fucking island, right? I mean, it's one thing with the bull scenario, like blowing down. What is it? How many acres of Brazilian rainforest today? Something insane. It's like when you when you read the stat, I was just like, holy shit, because you start thinking about it and it's like, wow, put on an island. Yeah, like maybe maybe we can keep some forests here or something. But, you know, you gotta gonna mind the whole thing, cause I'm sure there's some tropical precious wood that they want And just like in Brazil, that's what they want. That for us, The very expensive precious wood reminding, um to to harvest and sell in their products. And you know, they'll they'll mash that stuff up and sell that to some wealthy cat lady, you know, $7000 for ah for an end table, a console table for the end of their couch. And this is what they got to keep the to keep thesis IDs of capitalism creases James with the with the ah Ri sources of emerging markets. And that's exactly what they're doing. They want to have control over this, and they're going to make a lot of the people who control. These. Resource is very rich. Those are going to be the people little puppets that run the country. But ultimately, who's gonna control those puppets? Those puppets are gonna be leverage. Those puppets are going to understand that if they don't do what they want, if they don't do, international jury wants, well, they could end up just like one of the drug dealers. I mean, it makes it a lot easier to manage in a country like that, like we've seen in Russia. When when there's somebody who doesn't like ah, you know, a particular person and what they're doing, it's It's like, Yeah, they just end up buried in an oil drum somewhere and it's all over And it's not done on behalf of ethnic Russian interest, it's done on behalf of the state. And so in the same in the same way that in the Philippines they wanted dispense with their political enemies. It's like, Yeah, I don't have to go through a fucking court system It's just like, yeah, that guy's a drug dealer Kaboom. Done well in This isn't thing. One of the stories that's come out of the theater today administration in this war on drugs is there was a case of a senator that was whistleblowing on some corruption and look in a country like the Philippines, it's like corruption is just the way the way it be down there. But the story was that Ah, this this senator was driving along. He was stopped by the federal police. Federal police got out of their vehicles and shot like just, you know, unloaded on. The guy tossed a bag of cocaine on the passenger seat and said this was a drug bust. So this is you know, it puts puts Abramovich Is aluminum wars in the killing of foundry presidents etcetera in Yeah, it's like That's much easier, like the Phillipines, Phillipines and corruption, you know, happy in the United States, spent corrupt from the very beginning. I mean, you know, like I I have a hard time finding a place that's that's not corrupt. Um, today it's like literally, everything is corrupt. Everything and some of these places, the corruptions easier to perpetrate because you could just fucking kill somebody And ah yeah, yes. So these are all some of the problems that big, gay international Jewish capital has with the Philippines. It's a very wealthy resource resource laid in country, but they're not developing it fast enough. It's a country with millions of potential consumers with product to be sold to, but they have 110 million people in the Philippines fastest growing, fastest growing region in the fastest growing region. Fastest growing country in the region is what I should say about half of the population is middle class, right? You think of the Philippines is being all people like in jungles and living in stick huts. But now it's actually Ah relatively, ah, middle class country for the region and their total spending power for that middle class is set to exceed the spending power of Italy's middle class by 2030 which is pretty wild to think about the Philippines superseding Italy and you mentioned forests, right I. Kia is bringing its flat packed world of self assembly furniture to Manila, building what will be the world's largest ikey outlet. There's a demand for pulpwood demand for Ah lot of wood to be would shift in, mixed with paste and turned in a prefab cheap furniture. So consumption by the middle class is 1\/3 of global demand. That's worldwide, and Asia is generally a growing region, Philippines being a part of that. But the thing is jazz. They have been able in the Philippines to improve their quality of life. To turn this from a country that was almost entirely people living in jungles, very primitive way of life into a relatively middle class country, while being fairly resistant to foreign asset ownership and foreign direct investment. Foreigners cannot buy land in the Philippines. They can only own condominium units, and even then, 60% of any condo development must be Filipinos. Now that's that becomes easy to juke when you know people are going over there and getting Filipina wives has a way to, uh, do you put some weight on one side of the scale there, but they have been pretty serious, and this is common in Asian countries. To limit foreign investment, the 1991 Foreign Investment Act established this framework still used today by the government to determine how much of different classes of business can be foreign owned. And as of 2015 right before detected took office, foreign investors were 100% prohibited from owning any stake in things like mass media, Internet business, retail trade, mining, securities agencies, pyrotechnics, nationalized professions and banking. Um, so yeah, this is a country that they had a fairly strong immune system to to foreign capital, because for a long time they knew what would happen if you open those doors. They knew that your wealth would be sucked right out extracted. Yeah, so it's really about opening up, forcing open the market. And they want a counterbalance in in Asia to some, some other places that they don't want to do. I mean, a lot of this is about getting Philippines online in the in the sense that they can move factories there. I mean, very cheap place to live, I mean, relatively low cost. And so they want to open. They want to force open this market. And, ah, at the same time, have this guy doing the bit for, uh, Jews is well, yeah, and don't take our word for it because you do the digging and you'll find that in 2014 BlackRock named the Philippines as one of their top two investment targets in Southeast Asia. According to BlackRock, Andrew Swan. This was in 2016 he says. The Philippines give us a slightly different angle. Once the sick man of Asia, the good governance of the Aquino administration has helped transform the 7000 island nation into one of the region's rising stars. However, a challenge awaits due to term limits. President and Quino is unable to stand in this May's election and a new leader will be required to continue his impressive work. This was before do thirties election. So you see, the eyes of international jury were firmly on the dirty election. They were very keen to have someone who could help facilitate this market liberalisation get elected. That's what they got, exactly what they got. So yeah, that is all the problems in the Philippines, right? The violence. The corruption homicide rate of 6.46 per 100,000 making it the second most dangerous country in Southeast Asia. Ecuador is actually safer. Constant civil unrest, whether it be Communist groups, Islamic groups, kidnappings, beheadings. Isis was actually active in the region. Imagine that. Imagine Isis being active in the region and being quelled by Detroit. That hell weird. That's how coincidental that Isis was active in in the Philippines and do 30 quelled them using Israeli arms. Yeah, using Israeli arms in an American arms to the United States is Israel have both been selling $2 billion worth of weapons. But the biggest thing is is a lot of the most of the guns that are on the streets in and in the hands of the government personnel and military are all Israeli manufactured weapons glial. And then and then you have Duterte doing anti terror bills. Um, it's almost like let's have Isis appear in this country just so that we can stop it out and then have these people against Muslims. I mean, all of this is it's just all all gay up everywhere you go, no matter where you go, why would buy with Philippines have promised terrorism. Philippines isn't. You know, the stated reason that that terrorism happens is because so these countries over there meddling it's like, Oh, well, they're gonna metal more. So we have more terrorism and more reasons to do things to these Muslim countries. But I haven't done that in the Philippines. So they just had to get up this shit a little bit and then have an anti terror bill and crack down on people. And of course, the anti terror bill that they did in the Philippines is also used to crackdown on dissidents in dissenters within the country. Because the why would they crack down on their own people, right? Why would they crack down on their own k up? They're gonna have the gay up have a crackdown on the people that are standing into territories way, which means you're standing the way of weapons sales, which means you're standing the way of Zionism. Ah, which means you're a major problem. And so, yeah, of course, this guy gets gives Israel whatever the fuck it wants. Well, they've had issues with Islamic different various Islamic groups in the southern Philippines for a long time, actually in Manila as well. But it was so such perfect timing for deter Tate to come into power for Isis and Abu Sayef and others to become activated, thus providing the impetus for that 2017 weapons deal. First of many, actually between the Philippines on Israel. And so this is how you know you see these, these ah alliances start to be forged. So while regular Filipinos have an interest in cleaning up their country, obviously no one's denying this the drugs and the violence that's these air problems for them. But international jury has an interesting cleaning of the Philippines too, but not to make life better for people there. It's to pave the way for Jewish capital to swoop in, conquer this new market and bring Filipinos under the yoke of debt slavery. So this is all predating do terror today or the early stages of the trajectory administration. So let's circle back now, three years later, three years of dirty and see how his crowning achievement, this drug war is shaping out and, as it turns out, jazz not well. And this is another similarity between Salvini Trump Duterte, their crowning achievement, the thing they run on the centerpiece of their campaign. The trump in the case of trumpets. Immigration make a lot of noise, but, ah, you need a lot less talk and a lot more action here. They've claimed they've killed 5500 drug personalities in operations between personalities. Yeah, dealers, users, Whoever that estimate ranges anywhere from 5500 to 10,000. Um, do 30 however, has recently said in speeches that the anti drug campaign has fallen short, blaming endemic corruption for undermining enforcement and the absence of a death penalty for failing to deter crime. It's a swamp jazz getting in his way down there in the Philippines. They have found actually that according to figures provided by the Philippines to the United Nations, crystal meth seizures have climbed in the past year, and we're on track to more than double in 2019. But at the same time, the retail price, the street price for meth, has fallen by about 30% since 2016 which means that actually availability for the drug has increased. So drugs, you know, it's It's unclear the exact statistical picture here, But the hard data we're getting out of the Philippines indicates that this war on drugs isn't actually even working to make things safer for people, it's a stalemate, total stalemate. It's making it worse. It's increasing the supplies that air there. And I guess they call meth Sha'ab. Ooh, I didn't know that. It's like a local local thing. The flips really love their shabby, I guess. But it's the same old story. I mean, the guy promises all this, all this effort on fixing a problem. But he can't fix the problem because the problem is the solution. If that makes sense, right, like the problem of the drugs and the crime and the disorder that is the enforcement. They Filipinos having a nice free society where the all the bad people are regulated and well, the turkey wouldn't even be in charge. But it's no, it's no mistake. Then, in poll after poll, the wealthiest Filipinos love Duterte and the middle class and the poor are like, What the fuck is with this guy, Right? Man of the people becomes man of the 1% and that's that's where Trump is finding himself to. I'm sure Jews give him very top ratings. Um, but but yeah, like everybody else, it's like another walking away, you know, in the hat. We're done well. And so the other aspect to this, too, with the failure of the Duterte administration to seriously prosecute the drug war. A good example of this is due to his own son, who was actually busted smuggling, smuggling drugs that I was taking payoffs from drug smugglers. His son is involved in the desert. A government is Jewish, son. We should we should note Ah, yeah, he was. He was given between 170 million and 210 million Philippine dollars, um, in separate payouts from drug smugglers sent to an international bank account. But of course, he's faced no punishment, right? He's faced no repercussions for this, so yeah, I mean, this is running against corruption. It's It's a similar theme we see across the world where you know it's It's just pointing the finger at corruption over here to in order to protect and distract from corruption over there, right? It's it's also common. So 2017 is a pivotal year, the Duterte administration, because it hasn't all been a failure for duty today. He's had many successes, and one of his main successes, Prime success, is establishing closer ties with Israel. 2017 the in K $16 million deal for radar and anti tank equipment with Israel. That's a deal they signed right off the bat. And then in 2018 he does the bit. Yes, he takes like the Keystone Pipeline for Roman Abramovich. Like four days in office. Executive order done boom by American Middle, More like by Jewish boom here and 2018. I think this is the same year where we have Orban, Bolson Roo, all these guys visiting Israel the same summer, the summer of 18 18. All these guys visiting Israel Wilson Arrow Excuse me Dessert makes the first ever visit to Israel by a leader of the Philippines, where they announced they have signed another deal for Khalil assault rifles and pistols to equip all of their 120,000 strong national police force. It's a lot of guns. A lot of guns going into the Philippines from Israel. Do 30 announces. He wants to improve security coordination and cooperation with Israel to purchase more armored vehicles. They already purchased 100 aircraft as well at a later date. Exports to the Philippines from Israel, $143 million. And um yes. So this I mean these arms, right? These arms gonna be used to clear out this LZ for international Jewish capital. But some interesting things happened on this deal. Ah, the detective government promoted this as an opportunity for him to meet some of the thousands of Filipino guest workers that work as carers. It Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu's own father, by the way, cared for by a Filipino maid and to celebrate the current status is a safe haven for the 100 Jews in the Philippines celebrating their status. Hey, to already had the Schemm, of course, he visited the Holocaust Memorial, of course, and he met with Reuven Rivlin, who has, of course, yeah, this is the guy who did not want to meet with who was it both arrow? Because he thought bull scenario is too, too out of control and well, that was the claim. Well, it's like, Oh, he realities. You just didn't have time in his schedule. But they made it seem like, Oh, wow, bull scenario is going a step too far. But to Turkey, No way, in fact, that the Jews love Duterte because I was reading the going back to the Holocaust, Um, comments that he made. I was reading the Jewish responses to this after he apologized, you know, because he apologized at Thea at the whatever this this one synagogue in all of Filipino. And he says, Look, my wife, Zimmerman, she's a descendant of an American Jew. You guys, you know, you have to love me. I'm so sorry. Ah, you know, I did not read my prepared speech because I wanted to show my emotion and tell you about my wife. Um but ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, etc. He says, quote, I would like to make it here and now. There was never an intention on my part. Teoh be derogatory to the memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Germans. Why would I defile the memory of the Jews? What would I get if I insult the Jewish people? Well, this he goes on to say in this apology. He says, in the matters I set of arms, I said, Do not buy from anyone except from Israel. Why? Because we have excellent relations. And if you send us this gadget, they will not include a bug there that for them to listen also to what we're saying. Of course, this is translated. If we get it from America, you are talking in secret. Blah, blah, blah. And they're listening before you buy it. Detector, you stupid flip this fucking guy on. They're not gonna bug me. They're not gonna bug me. It's a come. We're married to Joe. Yeah, of course. You know they're gonna bug you. And then he says you have President Netanyahu. He does not even allow himself to be corrected in public. He says, Ah, you know, he's like, Will they ever chastise Netanyahu? No. He will never allow it. Me? I will not. But then then you have the Jews who react to the speech, Paul Rosenberg, Oh Golod Jewish Association of the Philippines, said he found Duterte apology very sincere. I think it was quite I think it was quite clear that I think it was sincere, Rosenberg said after he left the synagogue as to be found the apology sufficient, he said. What more can he do? You can't do more than apologize. It's like, Oh, my God, But if you're a white person who says this, you can do a lot more to apologize. You can lose your job, your livelihood, your financial, um, you know, sustenance. You conspire, endure the rest of your life. In a whole, you conserve four consecutive life sentences in a row. I mean, what could work any? Did I Look, you know, he said, he's sorry. The the the Shazza Mary to the Julies against his Nitish farts. All kind of he is sort of a shards, he says Schwartz Ito, because he's like half no Greedo or whatever the hell very are looking. Yeah, very oddly. Moshe al Kobe, the cantor who leads the Jewish prayer, said he also believed in do Tartus apology. That apology. It came from the heart. You don't need a speech. It was talking emotionally in it touched my heart. I believed it. 100% Asked if he thought do thirties. Apology was enough. He said yes because he did not mean something bad. We believe in our friendship, So I believe it was enough. Then you have one more. Itamar Garrow, who is an Israeli Jew and a member of these Red Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, thinks deter takes remarks about Hitler. May have been due to fatigue from his demanding schedule. I think to begin with L Cord, he didn't mean to offend. I think you know, you can just imagine the schedule of the president flying around. The conference is different countries, and then people just asking your questions, you have to answer. You're not always at the top of your thoughts. Yeah, Garrow. What a great at the top, three million Jews died, and I'm gonna kill on these drug dealers. Just like Hitler killed the Jews. Like you know, you're not always at the top of your thoughts, you know, just, uh And then sometimes you get sleepy, and you just Ah, yes. Say you're gonna do another holocaust. it happened. You just drift in anti Semitism. You know you're not sure. What's that Snickers commercial? You're not yourself any Snickers. It is your your Hitler without a good night's sleep. I mean, every one of us can just drift into Hitlerism without without a full eight hours. James never have less than eight hours of sleep. You might wake up in the morning wanting to holic. Well, that's what they're concerned with, right? That's what they That's what they believe about white people. Actually, that's the biggest shot heard around the world. If there ever was a shot to be heard or listened to or had. But yeah, what about Chuck the Schemm, woodchuck? Fish em? What did he do any? What? The Chuck gem. You see some Chuck's and some other Chuck's and pictures of Chuck's. They say that died that didn't really die. Somebody did. You know he did some of the most aggressive chuck pandering that any of these leaders have done. When he went to Yad Vashem, he went alongside his daughter, Sarah, whom he fathered with Elizabeth Bianna. Zimmerman is Jewish first wife, which I try just I just got to say the fina type of a Filipino mixed with a German Jew. It is not a pretty picture. It is unsettling. Yeah, it is very unsettling. This is not this is Yeah, just go right at especially like died or in chair. It's like the worst thing you could imagine. GNC? Yeah, and see where the guy doesn't want to be with this bitch. Yeah, he's stuck in the marriage. But now this was his first of three wives. Any dumped her for some beauty queen, like 25 years is younger. So yeah, I mean, the trump similarities. Just, like keep on coming. But yeah. Elizabeth Zimmerman's father was a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany. Obtained a visa to the Philippines along with the other 1300 European juice. And they have three Children Paolo, Sarah and Sebastian. All of them. Josh. So he does. He goes the ever sham, and there's actually a bit in his speech there where he calls Hitler and idiot. He says he Hitler was an idiot. Why would ever want to respect Hitler? He's crazy. Stupid. Um and yeah, this is This is I mean it. Shut the fuck up GOOG thing. This is Ah, where you know it's funny because that fake faux external debate they did for Bolson Arrow they did it for do 32 for a time. But it's really been wound down, right? You'll see. It's very I mean to do to keep up these very dramatic sort of, ah, Plato's cave sort of productions. It's not an easy thing to do is retire Cem. After a while, I might imagine if your job was to was to do a podcast, to write articles every single day that we're just fucking fake, that we're just about erecting this false dichotomy. And you just had to keep doing it and doing it and doing it. I mean, it just gets old after a while to, and then you also see people catch on. I mean, the trick. See, tricks don't have to work forever. Tricks only have to work to, you know, make make the shot go through, and then it's done. Then the trick is just like all right, we're done. Circus packs up at it. Down. That's it. So yeah, that's why you don't. That's why you don't see these articles. Sorry to interrupt you. They don't see these articles anymore. Of these deep machinations within the White House and 16 anonymous sources talking about Jared fighting with Stephen Miller, fighting with this and find it, they don't need to do that shit anymore, so they don't It's over, right? Yeah. And in a place like the Philippines, where, you know, let's be honest, you're not dealing with the most educated or intelligent electorate. Uh, you know, you can you can do more base tricks that don't, ah be sustained or as convoluted. And so the trick that that deter today is still doing is this drug war which he is saying is going well if it were not for essentially the Filipino deep state, essentially the corrupt officials. And this is this is enough to placate people, right? He still has 80 something percent approval ratings that 86% of people approve of the drug war as it is currently being prosecuted. So the idea that some somebody is doing something man is enough for for many people 80% of the A public approved what? What they were told by the media. They approve of what they were told by the media. They approve of the notifications that they got in the order, that they got them on their phone. And that's basically it. I mean, that's what this is. Yeah, like what do you What do you think about what we told you yesterday? Do you love it? Do you hate it? That's what all Poles are. Basically, it's just like their their reviews of the the mind fuck media movie that you watch every day. It's just a review. What do you think of this? What do you think of this shape that we made with the smoke while you were in the cave? Did you love it or did you hate it? It's an exit. It's an exit survey. It's a Howard. How we do in check in should. Yes. So you have the alignment with Israel. You have the purchasing Israeli arms. You have the drug war being prosecuted in a way that is not making the Philippines any safer for regular people. You have the corruption that is being allowed to stand as long as it is Do thirties guys doing it. You have the killing of of ah, opposition political figures. You have all of this, But you could think? Wow. You know, this is just just kind of what you get, man. It's kind of what you get in a country like that, man. But he's still I'm sure he still wants to do the right thing, man, for the people. Well, no, because as all of that has been happening plan trusting flips. I'm sure it's a thing. I'm sure if you dove into Filipino social media and looked around, you probably see a lot of the very same copes because it's the same tricks. It's the same things that are being implanted in these in these people's heads, you probably have people who are trusting the plan. You probably have, um, you know, slightly less sophisticated. I'm having the same tricks. But I'm sure it would just be a fun experiment to go look at what people are saying to do with Hungry could do with full. So narrow. Um, you know, with the ability to translate on the fly with a lot of this stuff, I'm sure you probably see a lot of the same similarities. Did you say that the same trick, but a Filipino married to a Jew, saying fake based things. I don't know guy. I think that is the same trick. Yeah, it is. Yeah, it's identical. It's identical in in so many ways. Where who's Who's Duterte is swinging Jared Kushner chicken that he gets to blame all this stuff on. Oh, he just blames the Deep State. It doesn't have to be that sophisticated, I guess. No, it's just It's just like, yeah, these bad guys, you know, They said that this other stuff, they don't let me do the stuff I want to do for you. And people are like, OK, well, it's it's credible to because it's more credible than it is here. I mean, between 2020 is crazy. Between 2010 and 2015 623 government officials were arrested for drug possession, according to the Philippine D A. Of these, 45% were government employees, 30% were elected officials and 25% were police. So you condone there's a much more nebulous like corrupt thing. You can point to that. Yeah, you know, it's it's ah believable in a different way in the Philippines. But as all of this is going on as things are not getting safer, for people. The territory's actually been overseeing the most aggressive market liberalisation in the shortest period of time, of any time in history for the Philippines. Any time, and I'm sure it's totally a coincidence. I'm sure you know this is this is what you have to do. Ah, to prepare fourth. When things get really based, he's going to go ham in his second term, right? Just mark that down, right? These are the incremental reforms that he's been making. Yes, and it began with reforming the foreign business ownership requirements that we mentioned earlier into these 100% threshold. Two months after his visit to Israel, the Duterte administration announced via executive order and later, through legislative action, they were relaxing rules for foreign industry ownership. The 11th regular foreign investment negative list is only slightly shorter than the previous list approved in 2015. It now allows up to 100% foreign ownership in five new investment areas and activities, including Internet business. The and you know he's gonna bring in, they're gonna set up flip pub and ah, go to town. Yeah, yeah, well, and actually, the funny thing is, they don't have to hire any Filipinos to do it because they relax. They got rid of that rule to You don't have to hire Filipinos anymore. You can bring in your own four and cheaper Indian or African workforce is great. But the five investment areas and activities that can now be 100% owned by foreigners are Internet business teaching at higher education levels, training centers that are engaged in short term high skill levels, wellness centers but most importantly now eligible to be 100% foreign owned are adjustment companies lending companies, finance companies and investment houses. So what? Well, the funny thing about the teaching and higher education levels to it stipulates, Oh, subject being taught is not a professional subject. It's like, OK, so all of the deep philosophical, cultural social justice stuff can be taught by. But, you know, don't worry. Like the foreigners, they're not gonna teach you how to spot weld. But I'm gonna teach you electricity, you know, sod hard sciences. It's just gonna teach you nonprofessional subjects. Why does that matter? Well, because they're gonna gay and traning up your classrooms and, um, you know, make sure that everybody understands that it's six million, not three million, and by that time it'll probably be 12 million. So, yeah, it just never ends the Habad Higher learning house, you know, open for business. All right, so this is great. So 2018 he opens the litter, opens the floodgates for 100% foreign investment and foreign ownership of lending companies. Hello, micro finance, finance companies, investment houses all of the above. Now 2019. It's incremental that this happens year by year. This is when we get House Bill 300 which further amends before an investment act. Ah, with amendments designed to attract greater foreign investment, which had been declining in 2019 compared to 2018 they removed some professions from the the banned list. Essentially, there were some professions you could not practice in the Philippines. They removed many of those and reduced the number of mandatory direct local hires by foreign investors from 50 to 15. This is similar to what's been happening in America with the Eby fives, right where there used to be the requirement Teoh higher X amount of Americans, and they've been attempting to lower that. Lindsey Graham, attempting to lower that hire American provisioned. Well, they did it in the Philippines. So yeah, this happened as FBI had been declining. Oh, God, that's a crisis. Need to keep our FBI numbers high. Get that foreign capital flowing in. These changes were, of course, well received by foreign invested companies in the Philippines as well as international finance. Considering investment, they made further changes to the retail trade Liberals Liberalization Act, proposing to reduce the proportion of locally manufactured products. So you don't You don't even have to stock Filipino products that this is paving the way for companies to come in, set up shop, not hire Filipinos, bring their own foreign workforce and bring their own Chinese or Taiwanese or wherever else made goods with them. Fuck you. Local economy. Full speed ahead on globalism. Yeah, yeah, I mean, that's what I'm saying. That's what I said at the beginning of second half. You know, fast forward 200 years, these people would happily trade all of the bad corruption and drug dealers and all the things that are advertised. His problems today, which are really problems very serious, for they would gladly have all of that back for what they're going to get even 50 years from now. 100 years from now, Um, it's it's going to get it's gonna get bad. We've had a deep dive that we wanted to do for a while, and we're going to do it soon. I didn't want to do in the middle of Corona virus because it doesn't. It didn't really make sense, um, to do it at that point. But there there is some interesting interested in audio that we're gonna dio Ah, that talks about what their plans are so that we kind of connect all of this together because they don't really tell you very often what the with long view of the future is going to be. You sort of have to guess. You have to sort of connect the dots they don't like to do. But, um, they connect dots for you in this thing. We're gonna talk about a some point very soon, have been sitting on it for a while, and ah, they talk about what the plan is, and and it's it's funny because as we do, each one of these deep dives and you see what they're doing in in Brazil and your see what they're doing in Eastern Europe and you see what they're doing in the Philippines and you see there even continuing in the United States, you see that it's all all of those pieces are falling perfectly into place with what has been outlined by them years ago, not too long ago, at about a decade ago. But we're gonna We're gonna deep dive on that. And when we're all done with the fake nationalism bit and connect all these things together because the important thing is and I want a hammer, this home is so that you recognize it so that you understand what it is it does. It's not gonna help the people in the Philippines. We're not trying to do outreach to Filipino nationalists who are going to recognize what the tricks are. But when you see all this stuff and it's pushed in your face, it's they want you two to get high off of the headlines. It is a dopamine hit to get high off of this stuff. That's what that's really what I remember the most about do terror. Tha is the is the feeling of the things that they were said in conjunction with feelings that you were getting from other things is why the media is so insidious. Um, and then you realize that it was all it was all a fucking game. And so that's just the thing. It's like, you wanna almost get the, uh, you know, I I don't know. You touch a hot stove and you'll retract your hand. It's like instinctual, right? You don't get to the point where because you could have found out that detector is married to Ju. Could I just look this up immediately? Like, you see somebody say something outlandish and wild that everybody you know has, like a has a very viral moment that seems based Just smashed the early life immediately. Do not move on to next tweet. Next thing next. Exciting. Whatever. Look right then and then unravel it. Just they pull the thread and unravel it because all this stuff is just a trick. Um and yeah, let me know when the trick, when that's not a trick. And i'll, uh, I'll be very shocked. You know what we found so far? Very trick. Very tricky ish. Yes, And they were playing off each other too. I remember Ah, after Duterte was elected, I believe in 2016. This was either during the campaign or after he had won, but before inauguration. Or maybe it was even after inauguration. But Trump played off do 30 and he praised what he was doing with drug dealers and made a comment about how it would be great if we could kill drug dealers here in in America would know. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, exactly. Oh, if only we could do what this other fake nationalist says he wants to do in his country. Would that be great, folks? Ah, you gotta love it anyway, saying, Hey, look, look, it's my son in law, Jared. Everyone say low. It's going to do great things on immigration and everything else for criminal justice. Woman. And it turns out, instead of killing the drug, dealers were letting them out back out of jail, back into your community. Yeah, yeah, Wait, wait until they flood the Philippines with. We'll wait until they start doing well because there are no agree toes in the Philippines. Wait until they start doing with the new Greek toes. What they've done in the United States and Filipinos air like the bad guy in their own country. It's coming. You flips. Just wait. Yes, wait well and that's the thing to you made an important note there about the foreign ownership of higher education centers in non professional fields. There's your social justice industry right there. There's your critical race theory, right there is going to be 100% 4 and owned, and I'm sure that and I'm sure those teaching slots are going to be filled. And then a make sure that the only people that they hire are people who adopt. I mean, the whole the whole, the whole system, I'm sure going to school. They're, I'm sure, in the Philippines and last 20 or 30 years, with all these rules in place about hiring Filipino and the fact that Jews want to change. This means that this system is great for Filipinos right now. Yeah, sure, you could clean up a lot about the Philippines, but some of why the Philippines has the problems that it does is because of foreign divestment now that they have Duterte and they can do foreign investment to bring the capital back in. But There's been a you mentioned there was actually a decrease in capital flows for a period of time because they don't they intentionally cut these countries out of the market. And as the global financial market gains strength, they won't have to do all these tricks. They'll just go in and full chur capital, whoever they want. Whoever's left, they don't have to play that game. But yeah, for a little bit, they It's like, yeah, you know, we love to invest in your country, but, you know, you don't know You don't know allow fags to read your Children that your libraries. So we're just not gonna You're not gonna do that. I don't say that explicitly, but that's why the investments don't come in. But the moment all of those floodgates open Oh, yeah, it's good. Just gonna come right in. And with each new you know, round of investments in these in the in the new Philippines, it's just gonna be people are gonna like it. They're going to see new roads being built. They're going to see factories. They're going to see jobs coming into their country that have been leaving other countries. They don't give a fuck if they if a new factory gets stood up with 10,000 new employees. And those were jobs that had previously been in America, their national I mean in their at their court, their nationals, they don't give a fuck. We're gonna be happy about that. But at the same time, look at what else is happening in the country. And that's what that's what so awful about it is people. People fall for the tricks. They love the tricks. And then they get excited for next trick until you get to the end stage, which is where we are well and that actually leads right into the last piece of incrementalism here. What they've done this year in voting to allow 100% foreign ownership, they already did banking and education. But foreign ownership in power, transport and communications seconds literally handing over the power grid to foreign investors. And this is something thats greater push this liberalization push. There are are Filipinos who are not in new centrist party who are fighting against. This was a labour group called defend jobs Philippines, and they are sounding the alarm that all of this allowing of increased foreign ownership is going to lead to cheaper wages, docile labour and slash benefits in favor of greater profits for foreign investors. It'll be more difficult to set up for workers set of bargaining agreements for workers. Hours are going to become longer. Benefits are going lower. Job security is going to be an issue among with many other workers concerned. So, yeah, in the short term, this is something that may be good because, you know, Filipinos canal work at the Kia factory, but they're going to be brought under the yoke of thistles. The country that doesn't have the labor protections that even you know as pours productions in the US are they don't have US labour productions. They certainly don't have European labor protections. And these people are going to be effectively enslave by international capital and then become debt slaves for international capital because you'll be hooked into that consumer matrix. So, yeah, I mean, there are Filipinos that are warning about this and good on them, I suppose. But when you see FBI increasing 12% year over year January 2020 Philippines FBI largest and 19 months, 14.6% year over year increase in November. Like you know, you see what's coming. You see the flow happening. You see, black rock. 10% of the international holdings are tied up in the Philippines. You see what you see? What the plan is here And it does not involve making life better for people like you, it involves extracting resource is and turning you into effectively slaves. Yes, indeed it does. Well, that's about all we've got on this episode. I hope you guys have a good rest of your week. No, J and J. This week, I think Mike Tidwell and, uh, we'll be back this weekend with even more."}],"