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hello and welcome to CNN. You heard it somewhere. Chances are that somewheres here, jazz hands it feels joined by James. Got a lot of exciting content. Eight. And I'm angry. I'm angry for a lot of other pre since, but I think I'm gonna channel all of that rage into a lot of the things that we're gonna talk about today, which includes the ooga booga loo that is going on all over the United States. And we're gonna talk about that. We're going to talk about the e o masquerading as a back door way to gain leverage for backdoor encryption. We're gonna talk about that, and it's a lot worse than you think. It's not just it's it's one neat little trick. It's actually something very similar to other things that we've seen. And then we're also gonna go back down the old rabbit hole on some news that has come out of this transcript between Michael Flynn and Sergei Kislyak confirming a lot of our biases. Talk about Jared Kushner's bag of dirt from Belarus. We're gonna talk about bad optics. I want to talk about Wilbur Ross and, ah, some of the leverage and more details about Abramovich and some of the steel that has been used for the Keystone Pipeline and the Wall and a lot of other things. All the things that you thought were really bad. Yeah, they're about as bad as they can possibly get. And we'll go all the way back to the beginning of the administration and point out how Ah, you know, these these CEOs that Donald's been doing at the beginning? Yeah, they were just as fucked in Jewish and trick filled as as they are today. So we'll talk about that, too, especially with one dealing with the Buy American, which is always fun. That was just a stunt. Who would have thought so? Memorial Day James is the soft kickoff for Trump's reelection campaign. Um, Labor Day will be the official mortar more hard kick off. But these Kickoffs matter even Mawr, because they kind of skipped over a lot of the campaigning and videos and attacks and things that they wanted to do at the very beginning of ah of the year which is when you know, these election cycles have gotten drawn long, long out in a very long way. And so now it's all compressed. And so, yeah, we got a lot of stuff to talk about, but you a lot of distractions going on. And while the city's air burning a lot of things are going on in the background. So we're gonna get all of that today, but ah, yeah, This is the kickoff, isn't it? The beginning of summer 20 20.5 America's on Fire. It's not even fucking June yet. Do it. America's on fire. People are out of work. The campaign the Yeah, this artificially inflated campaign season has been re condensed because of Corona virus and attention not being paid to it. I mean, this has been like we used to talk about the news being a fire hose and, you know, it is sort of a low during during winter and the early part of spring. But, man, they're spend so much happening in this last week on every single front and hearing that synopsis and the preview of what we're gonna talk about today, it's like the question isn't what we are going to talk about. It's what are we not going to get to? Because not only are we getting into all these different topics but explaining how many of these things are related more related than you may think. The election, the chimp outs, the riots, the election hemming Jared Kushner, like all this stuff is related. Jazz, isn't it? You can't understand these things without understanding how they interplay. So yeah, because, you know, a lot of the hindsight is 2020 on all this stuff and what we're also doing here is we've spent a lot of a significant portion of the last 68 weeks, uh, sort of discovering some things that, uh, have come out of this Hindsight is 2020 and boy, is it 2020. Very Chris hindsight. It's gonna be applying a lot of the things that we've been learning together last six day weeks. I mean, it's like this stuff we knew all along the things that we've been talking about ah, past several episodes. You guys learned we learned at the same time, So we re applying a lot of those narratives to this, and it just makes the Corona virus. That's sort of the Corona virus. Jesus Christ. The confirmation bias that much more, uh, delectable. Because then you understand things. You immediately know what it is. You don't really have to sort of Pete, pick it apart and figure out you just look, you know what it is. And so they have to rely on different types of X factors. Or maybe what we should call J factors. Aziz, we get into this a little bit further because campaigns usually have rallies that Trump has been asking for. Ah, demanding from different states that he goes back to his rallies with no limitations on capacity. He's been making these demands. Um, you can't go out and knock doors with the social distancing stuff. Maybe they will. I don't know, But you can't have meeting Crete's fundraising events. Maybe they will, I don't know, but it's all gonna be based on in a very you know, if you try to go to a dining restaurant right now, is that an enjoyable experience? No. So if you try to do any of the things that they've done the past, I mean they're even talking about potentially making both of the conventions virtual. I think the Democrat Convention already will be. The question is, is whether or not Trump's will be. And that's a problem, because if you run everything through the television, yeah, you can use social media and very tightly controlled, uh, narrowly narrowly offered information about what's going on with the election and and and pull off a lot of the strategies that Trump has done in the past with the disruption. But you can't you can't build the excitement without the rallies. You can't in the in person events are sort of the thing that really gets things going, and it's without those. Trump can't point to support other than on a piece of paper. And that's just not, you know, it doesn't build momentum. McPaper doesn't build momentum right now and go Oh, I was going to say And that's so key. Especially to trump, because to to make the argument to not only himself but to his advisers and to to others that he is popular. He has always pointed to the rallies and always pointed toe event attendance instead, pointed to them, lied about the numbers, that air there, you know? Sure, whatever Yeah, but But, I mean, he could get a poll showing him down down 10 points to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. But then Turner and this has happened before and then turn around and say, But look, we had six hours when people show up. It was grade. Do a rally in Harrisburg and get, you know, Phil Phil, a Philly 5000 seat stadium. Billy were jam packed. The best is when the event is already started and they're standing where there's still room in the back of the event. And then Trump gets up and says, Look, they're telling me this people around the block still trying to get in, and I was actually at an event like that one of these rallies where it was recorded capacity and he said, People are still clawing to get in. It's great, you know? That was back the rally. And yeah, that was the trick. I mean, in 2015 and 2016 I've been to a few rallies when when he was doing the bit when his rhetoric was great and it was difficult to get into these things, they did have to pick the largest venue in a city, and it was full and people could not get in. But as Trump pivoted throughout the course of his presidency, to just being a very pro Zionist to shoeing all of the other rhetoric that made him popular in 2016 and, you know, promoting blacks and whatever, then the play Waas We're going to get a stadium with 5000 knowing that 7000 or 8000 are gonna want to attend instead of getting a stadium built for 50,000 and still having people around the block. Because if they go back to the 50,000 stadium and you only have 8000 people who want to show up now, what's that look like? You know what? How's that? How's that play out? And so that was always the play. But in the beginning, I'll give him credit because the rhetoric drove people who for the first time in their lives, uh, were voting in an election because he was saying something different. They were filling these things, but as time went on, they had to start playing this game and so pay very close attention to the types of places that that they will choose for these venues. And on top of that, the limited capacity of these places because of Corona virus actually benefits Trump. Now he'll say, Oh, you know, I I want you guys to sort of give me an exception on these rules, but they probably won't. And he probably wouldn't take one anyway, because it only benefits him. Oh, we have a stadium for 10,000 but because of Corona virus, we only have to have 5000 people in here. And then Trump can say, Oh, yeah, we would have had a lot more people here. But you know this, Governor, this Democrat, this demon rat governor is putting all these restrictions in place that prevent my people from coming out to see me. It's like, No, those people just don't exist. Those air ghosts, those air people like you, those air people like me that would have been there at the rally but aren't gonna be there now. And why would you? You have no reason to be. Yeah, And so I mean, we're seeing this. Ah, emerge in the polling, right? We have ah him showing down in swing states being warned by people like Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie both warning the trump campaign banging on those doors drags licking the window. Not really, cause they're not doing the same bit, but ah, yeah, they're they're warning Trump privately that he is down in every swing state. Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia. I mean, these are all places where that that Trump was counting on to win that he won in 2016 was counting on the wind in 2020. And they're showing very poorly in. You have people close to the campaign asking Trump and asking his advisers, Why are you not burying beytin yet? This delayed, delayed kickoff to the campaign, um, you know, is some excuse, but they're wondering, with all this money, they've raised millions upon millions of dollars. Why is he not smothering this guy? And the answer comes with lack of enthusiasm. Like we've talked about couple things on that first of all, I mean, we've been talking about the swing state polling here for a while, and so I have to end before the ou goes. Believe in polls. No, it's we're not talking about the national election polls. Three national election polls that show Trump like 11 points behind bite And that's very similar to what we saw in 2016. And those are those air polls that I would kind of disregard and not because we have a dog in the fight just because it's like, Don't don't make that your weathervane But this repeated this over a long period of time, showing of places that Trump won easily like. Just ask Borzoi about what Trump's chances are. Michigan just not happening. This idea that Trump is gonna win Pennsylvania and win Michigan without cheating. Win Michigan win Pennsylvania, win Wisconsin. Get into Minnesota like reach gold. Minnesota Just not gonna happen. Not gonna happen at all. And the other thing I'll mention two is loomed out, so we haven't talked about him much. But I remember when, uh, you know, we like we liked Lewandowski because he, you know, for a lot of different reasons. Women. Yeah, while blob. Um, but Lewandowski is another Indian agent with Israel. Um and we'll talk about that at some point, But people just we have toe, take Cory and look what he is. And just think of him in the same way that you think Roger, Roger, Flynn, Michael Flynn and you'll you'll figure this out. And he's He's not not a good guy, not the best. But these guys were called off of the campaign trail, Ah, to fly in from Arizona and Florida to meet with the president about these polls. So these these polls have been showing five months before the election, 12 months before the election in 18 months have shown that he is not doing well now before you hand wave and say, Oh, well, they're just gonna hand it to Trump. Or I just have a crystal ball that I rub and I know it's gonna happen. The fact is that nobody knows other than they will probably depends on what they want, right. I think it's pretty clear that Joe Biden is just a sacrificial lamb and that they're going to do whatever they can to make Trump Ah, the victor in 2020 because it's much easier for the Democrats to run against Trump turned him into the second term of George W. Bush. Then it is to have to stand behind a guy like Joe Biden, Um and and I think, actually, because the Senate is in danger and there's no chance that the GOP is going to take back the House, and who cares if they did? But I'm glad if they don't That doesn't mean that I love Democrats. Lights, which brains? But just saying the lay of the political landscape is going to be such that you will have Democrats controlling the House, potentially Democrats controlling the Senate and then Trump delivers to Israel. Whatever Israel wants. All of that could be done by executive Fiat, and they can get together on a bipartisan basis, James, to give them everything else. But there is no hope of any legislative changes. There will be no immigrate, none and energies things that the base can hope for. So they will. I think they will calculate on that, and then the whole time. While Trump is giving Israel whatever he wants, Democrats can field a much better candidate. Biden, Hillary, Bernie aren't going to be around in 2024. Let's be let's be serious and it's always better to be the party in the opposition, even though they'll control both the House and the Senate and what they'll do during this time is they will pass. They'll do it. The Republicans have done the other side of Finkel think they will run all kinds of bills to say, Oh, we want to give everyone universal health care. We want to give you know we want toe, you know, crackdown on white supremacy and, you know, black people getting shot like whatever but up. We just can't get what we want Now. Maybe some of those Trump would actually sign with the black people getting shot. This we'll find out, but but that's that's the play like that's That's ultimately what they're going to do unless there is some other plan which we don't know. There could be a dark horse that's going to come in on the Democratic side and steal this thing. But I think all things considered it's much easier if Trump wins. But they still like this idea that there's just like one big button that someone sits in a control booth and pushes and says, Trump, win election and button push and it's all done. No, they still have to go out and try to get the votes like they can twist they can. It's like a sailboat. You can't steer sailboat like a trillion miles an hour across the ocean. But you can get it generally in the direction that you want to go and you still have factors in play. And we're going to talk about all of those factors today. Yeah, that's it. Well, that's exactly right. And the other benefit to them, having the Democrats control Congress and Trump in the White House would be they get to do to the Republican side of the Kush certified dialectic what they did to Democrats for, you know, the over the past. You know, three or four years, which is to ramp them up, incite them really hard against these evil demon rats that are holding Trump back. And and, you know, if only if only we could take back the house, take back the Senate, then you would be able to get what you want. And Trump would be able to get what he wants. And it's on Lee the You know, the only problem here is these white liberals that are holding us back and and to reinvest people in the fate of red team, which would be another benefit for them for those that want to keep people hemmed in. Do this dialectic, and they really need to electrify their base as well. Because if anybody remembers, the early yachts 2000 to 2000 for Democrats were not as electrified as they were in, 05 through eight. Um, and then Then they got very excited for first black president and all that, and we all remember what that was like. But they made Bush the bad guy. But Bush was delivering a lot of the things that the kosher party, the ah, you know, party wanted the whole time. I hate using unit party, cause that's like a Steve Bannon word, but Steve Bannon's conveniently dropped using una party. Now he's moved on other things, like the Chinese Communist Party, so I'll happily pick it up because it zapped a kosher party. But yet you'll see that happen. But one reason why they might want to try to reserve the Senate for themselves. Because, as we'll find out later, they don't have one way of getting you excited for next election is judicial appointments and Supreme Court nominations. And if Democrats control the Senate than Trump loses the ability to try to get you excited for that. So, yeah, that's one of the things that they probably don't want to give away totally. But they could end up letting it be tied. Letting it be close makes Season two of American politics all that much more interesting. Season 2020 inch American politics all that much more interesting. So soc But there are a lot of X factors. Oh well, one at one other thing before we get to the X Factors, it's kind of an X factor, sort of a J factor. But the economy was something I've said in private, probably even centered on a show. But the economy? They have done a lot on the J side of the economy to shore things up. Tons of liquidity unprecedented, um, controlled by BlackRock over the Federal Reserve. They are the Federal Reserve. Now, Larry, think it for all intents and purposes, is the Fed chairman. At this point. Drone pilots just like, ah, coffee boy. And so they've done all of these things to ensure that their side of the economy, the J side of the economy, can recover. It will be a V shaped recovery for them for everybody else for the 42 growing 1,000,000 people who have lost their jobs. It is gonna be a very long, slow slog through getting back if ever getting back to parody. And by parody, I mean not made whole. I mean back to where things were before, because I don't think they're going to go back. And on top of that you have. And this is something I have said before, which is that if you're one of the first people unemployed, you're going to get the most amount of help. And by that I mean you're gonna get the benefit of the 600 extra dollars for unemployment. But their GOP has set its sights on phasing all of that out. And so if you're one of the people who gets unemployed later in the crisis as this goes on, the play is going to be the same play as it was for Corona virus, where yet people are still dying. This is a a pandemic. It's a problem. But we're just gonna pretend it doesn't exist and move on with our lives and go back to normal. They're going to do the same thing with those 42 growing unemployed. 42 million and growing unemployed people. They're going to look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, which I electric say is an index of how well or how much they've succeeded at enslaving everybody. So with the Dow is up, they have you and maximum indentured servitude mode. If it's down than then, they're losing their grip on things, and it's not good. So by all of their measures, by all of their index, is there going to be able to say the economy has recovered and Donald Trump did that? That is going to be the play. That is what they're going to say, and it's it's It's gonna be difficult for them to argue. Democrats argue against that. In 0.2 42 million unemployment, they'll say, Yeah, sure, and they'll try to explain gross job recovery instead of net job recovery, and it will be kind of a shit show. But one of the things that we thought early on is that maybe they don't have this under control as as well as under control, as we thought. And there won't be a V shaped recovery for J Street, and it's just gonna be a U shaped recovery for everybody. But the reality is, I think what they're gonna do is like I said, they're gonna pretend like everything's back to normal and forget about the 42 million people that are unemployed and not give a shit. And as we've seen as we had a couple callers on jazz and Jesse, they're gonna just surreptitiously male debit card $500 debit cards. I think they did this in in Florida. Ah, just to sort of pad things over so people don't scream. But just gonna You're just gonna get to debit card in the mail from your state. Just shut up. Here's your 500 bucks. That's what they're gonna dio. And for a lot of people, that's gonna be enough. Yeah, and the other. You know, another aspect of this is that as social media has been cracked down, as people don't have the gathering spaces that they used to an ability to communicate about things like this as they used to as they would have 50 or 60 years ago to a different degree, then people are not going to be able to check their experience against the experience of others. So, like on that call you on tracks. And Jesse. When the Ron De Santis came out and said that 99.9% of everyone who filled the form out is getting there getting there, check. Well, you don't have any other basis of reality to check that claim against. And so people may believe that it is, in fact, true. And people may think Well, yeah, You know, these unemployment numbers are one thing, but I don't know, I It introduces a degree of uncertainty. And the other thing, it's like saying for everyone who paid their mortgage last month, they're not gonna lose their house. Right? Okay. Yeah. That was approved by our department. Got approved by the department. Exactly. Right. Yeah. If you filled out this form and you are able to access our website, then you're good. But what happens if 95% of the people who are part of F five gang for unemployment benefits don't get through like, Okay, So the 5% that got through all got paid, So we're good. Next question. That's essentially what dissenters did. Yeah, and the same is true for easy ideal grants which we've talked about where people fill that out correctly and didn't get them. But you know, the pivot that I saw this week happen from the federal government is they are touting, not unemployment. They can't do that anymore, not record low block and employment, because they definitely can't do that anymore. But there's outing. I forget the exact metric, but it's something to do with household income in which there, including these stimulus payments and the and the unemployment payments. And then they're saying, Well, look, we we beat the projections for the decline. So this is proof positive that the Trump Administration and black rock and all of us together here. Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, etcetera. We have saved the economy for you go am. Things are on the upswing, and there's nothing to worry about. So this is one of the new metrics they'll be looking at, which is, of course, ironic because they're trying to remove the very programs that air padding that metric. But yes, so they're trying to desperately pivot off of unemployment, desperately pivot off of income inequality in these other metrics that you know have been have been worsening for workers for a long time, and, yeah, they're just trying to misdirect you and lied to you about the state of the actual economy. Well, it's also robbed them of this argument that they wanted to make this election about which was going to be capitalism versus socialism, which is really just masquerading as Zionism versus Bolshevism. That's like, always the thing that they're doing. And so that argument has been robbed because imagine going out. And because we proven this with polling data, right, as we've seen 80% of the American public, regardless of race, age, sex, whatever, just 80% straight cut, everybody out there wants universal health care. They saw the problem with the health care system in the face of Corona virus. They want better health care. They want ah, better stimulus checks. They want the borders closed. Like so going out there and saying I mean Donald Kinsale, we close the borders when you really didn't but imagine going out there in the face of 42 million and growing unemployed in saying, Yeah, socialism is dumb. Capitalism is great. We're gonna we're gonna We can't get to greatness by handing you a check as the like. That is gonna seem so tone deaf, they could have done that. Maybe with Dow 30,000 unemployment, 5% and still angered a lot of people cause it's it's still tone deaf then, because we know even if the Dow is up, the economy doesn't is. Everybody is still living paycheck to paycheck like that doesn't change. But now you have a lot of people out of work. And as I think we have a caller point out on J and J's, you're gonna have that they've done some moderate extensions of the moratoria on eviction and foreclosure. But how long is that gonna go on? Right, if you have those sitting on your docket and say, Massachusetts, where the 40,000 people that are gonna come by up those properties coming from like they don't want to kick off another bubble. And so, yeah, I mean, they really they can't go on forever with this stuff, but anyway, the point that I'm trying to make is a lot of people are hurting in this argument that, like socialism, bad when 80% of the country thinks it's great or if they if you describe to them the tenants of what you would get, I mean, because I think it's a little over embellished about like what? What they claim is socialism. And but on the other side, capitalism is just like, absolutely, it's just everything is vulture capitalism at this point. Like good luck, Good luck trying to start a business jump. You're just not gonna do it. Yeah, I think people are Are this is wearing thin, right? This veneer of socialism being about handouts like, you know, people will will go along with that in good times, but eventually and people can still maintain like they have some ideological opposition to that. But when times get bad enough, as times have and people are realizing, Hey, look, the only option to keep my business afloat or two to balance my personal check book is the check from the government, and there's no shame in that. Then people are going this. When you hear people talking about the, you know, moral repulsion, they have towards handouts that's gonna be falling on deaf ears, and it will actually be politically in untenable position. So and this is why you've seen them totally wrap up all of that socialism capitalism rhetoric, which was coming in. This was gonna be the basis of their of their 2020 prospects, not only for Trump, but also for all of these congressional races and and, ah, you know, Senate races. But now I don't know jazz. What's the thrust gonna be? We love black people more than the racist EMS. Yeah. I mean, I would love to be in the position of being accused of being a socialist in in conditions like this. I mean, you could just have people up on the stage that that formerly worked at the Lordstown plant in Ohio or formerly worked at carrier air conditioning plant or whatever. I mean, take your pick. Trump cannot hold a rally and have people very many people up on the stage with him that can say that. Yeah, the factory that I worked at it stayed open. And there are 1000 more people with jobs in my community. Now, you you're hard pressed to find a factory that that has remained open in some capacity, and it might have just sent them over the edge, So yeah, I mean, these are all these air, all sort of the X and J factors But But then, instead of having to talk about that, riel issues which Trump could do in 2015 2016 had the luxury of doing because he's the new guy untested, never heard of before. Nobody's ever talked like this before. The last thing that he wants to do is actually talk about these factories and talk about manufacturing and talk about all the things that he did. He's just gonna pretend that the things that have been done already knew NAFTA, etcetera, have all been wins, and you just have to like it. And so instead, what you're gonna get is a more controlled form of disruption like 2016 except that it will be totally castrated of all implicit white nationalist rhetoric, all nativism, all nationalism. All of that is going to go away now. You may see in the last two weeks of the campaign, Donald Trump calling himself in at an American nationalist or or something like that. But you're not going to see Ah, Mexicans are rapists in and things like that you're just not going to see it because they have pivoted off of this. They have realized that well, they they used the the stoking of nativism, nationalism, anti Semitism to get trump into office. Mission accomplished. And they did a slow pivot off of that. I think they wanted Trump to pivot off of that a lot more quickly than he actually did. But a lot of a lot of people on the opposing side, the ostensible up, is in the ostensible opposition. They did not. They don't think that using anti Semitism is a good is a good move because anti Semitism cannot be co opted. They can co opt almost everything else, they with nativism. They co opt it in a way that benefits them right. They make you not like Muslims. Ah, they move you away from, You know, we don't want 1 to 3 million people coming into the country. We just want you to be happy that you got a Muslim ban a mission accomplished, but they can't co opt anti Semitism. It's like the one forbidden fruit. And so when Trump trotted that out and when he had, um, guy in charge of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre do remember everybody. Remember that speech? Everybody started Socialists, Everybody reading from the same sheet of music this globalism. All the things that all the Finkel think that was trotted out. You know, calling naming Soros in making the focus on him. They've dropped all of that. They're not going to bring that back up because there is clean up involved with that. What they realized in 2016 after decades of propagandizing the American public through academia, through media, mass media, television movies, um, that when they went back to the well on European style socialism and globalists and the bankers and just getting very close to that line. Everybody knows even Trump was retweeting, um, anti Semitic names. Remember when all the the the the sheriff's star? Yeah. I mean, so when you when they saw the reaction from the public to this, it was bad. Remember Jared Kushner just being up on stage at a rally for the first time in being it in off how many actual white people there on the country? First and foremost. But it scares the fuck out of them how quickly and how easily these people can go right to that. Because it's all it's all done through the pundit class, right? Saying this to Jesse. Ah, I think in a private conversation where if if they like what we're seeing with black, the black, the chimp out stuff that we're seeing now, um, it all it would take is 20 or 30 major pundits and the president to start basically saying the same things that were saying on our shows and all of the ah lemmings, the general public, the maga, whatever those people would be so quickly, just like that flip of a switch flip of a light switch brain. And they would be right into all of the things we're talking about. And they got very close and it scared the fuck out of them because I think in some ways, you know, they don't like employing the strategy. They don't like doing what Orban and Trump and bolster narrow and all these guys, all these fake nationalists that we've been uncovering and pointing out in talking about how it's all fake and gay from the very beginning. They don't like when they do this because they have to go clean up these people afterwards. They have to go back, and they have to fix all of the people that got excited for this because it's far better to do the Finkelstein strategy of 10 years ago, where you just attack liberals and you get people excited for law and order the Nixonian strategy and things like that. But don't talk about Jews. Don't talk about the elite power structure. Don't talk about how we're going to get rid of that elite power structure because you start wedding people's appetite, the's carnal instincts that we all have. And I would even say it's carnal instincts. They they act like it's just like some genetic anomaly. It's no, it's three or 4000 years form or of living with fucking you. That's why we react this way to this because we don't like to have this put on top of us. If we're left her own devices, we wouldn't even need any of these things like, Yeah, so anyone. If I get too far, it's a natural instinct to not only take your own side as the writer it goes, but also just to have have a society that works for you and if you like, you have a place in your society. This is the reason why they also aren't totally comfortable with agitating along racial lines like Trump did in 2015 and 2016 with Mexicans rapists with black lives. Matter is a terrorist organization and and these people you know, the rhetoric he was using towards BLM, which will get into in a second if they don't like that stuff either. Because not only does that does that, it's kind of sort of spoil, you know, there what they have going on. But it empowers whites. It makes whites feel like not only is there someone standing up for them, but that it's right for them to stand up for themselves, that they have a place at the table, and they have a right to demand a society that they want. They have a right to demand society that's safe for them, that functions for them, that they have a place in. And and this is why all of these people that were spun up and and to be critical of elite power structures and to think that there is some kind of conspiracy going on, and in 2015 2016 you know, they were being directed by Trump taking Soros and people like that. You'll remember the ad that Trump ran with the three Jewish figures of Soros and a few others just a week before the election. Now they're being directed to think, Yes, there is an elite conspiracy going on, but it's to launch these these protests right there. That's Ah, it's so right living, yes, white liberals paying rioters to go in and destroy these cities. So, yeah, they don't They are uncomfortable with the race stuff, either. And that's why that is being totally turned down and as well outline. The Trump campaign is totally pivoted and totally, Ah, totally dropped any racialized rhetoric from 2015 and to be, ah, to be its racialized still, but it's anti white now. It's gone back to that well, because so there's a version of the Finkelstein firmware that you can run that won't empower whites that will get people you know, sort of wet people's appetite for a little bit of the race stuff, with promises of raining and law and order, but equal justice for all, treating everybody the same. But we're not going to exempt in, treat some groups of people special in a special way, but it doesn't really, you know, seeing to the you know we're gonna make this white lives matter and things like that. But there is. You start to get into what they call political dark arts with the Finkelstein rhetoric where if you go too far because Finkelstein wasn't afraid to use gay issues and even though he was a homosexual himself, this is what really got the left, Um, very upset. Like his his ah, his sparring partners on the other side of the kosher sandwich would get upset because it's like, guy, you're a fag. So why are you supporting these, like social conservative candidates and using traditional marriage, same sex marriage or one header heterosexual marriage as a bludgeon against your Democratic opponents when you're a fag, but so he wasn't immune to to doing this sort of thing. But Trump wanted to be in power. And, you know, Hillary Clinton was you know, as much as we make fun of her, she had a lot of the apparatus here, the benefit of Barack Obama being in their for eight years, and she benefited from potentially being able to get in there very easily. And so what was required in 2015 2016 to get a jig Nat President required going very deep into the political dark arts and stoking the anti Semitism. And, you know, again, there was disagreement about whether or not to do that because there's a lot of cleanup involved. They've spent decades trying to dial that back. I think you know, Zionism considers anti Semitism is basically something that's just part of the human condition. Well, I said, Why? It's part of the human condition. We've been dealing with it for so long, but they have been trying to mitigate that in trying to silence it, and they thought that what they were doing was working. But, you know, there's some arguments to be made that it really wasn't people weren't interested in buying into another Jeb Bush. Justus. They're not interested on the Democratic side in signing up for a Joe Biden. What people really want is somebody like Bernie who is actually going to deliver, Um, maybe even somebody more modernized than Bernie. But yeah, the whole system is not working. And so, in the absence of an actual plan to pivot into some evolved strategy, Trump was just like, Yeah, fuck it. I'm gonna name the Jew. I'm gonna you know, in tongue in cheek, name the Jews to get in, and you know everybody who's in the know everybody who knows what the shot is on this, it's just gonna be quiet. And we're gonna have people out there pretending not to like me, who are Jews to add. Give gravitas to my movement like never Trump did. And, ah, you know, that was enough. But they're not gonna play that record again. Um, And as we see with these trim paths that are happening now, the chip outs, Yes, these things seem to have happened. This is season two of American ooga booga loo, and these things seem to have happened. I mean, the one in Georgia happened a while ago, and it was trotted out. But Minneapolis's is blowing up in a very significant way. And I think, you know, these have reached a state now where this is I haven't actually looked at the block by block damage in Minneapolis. But Baltimore Baltimore was already a shit hole. Minneapolis's you know, it is shit hole ish in some areas, but it's it's a much nicer city. ST Paul. Too much nicer cities. The twin cities than Baltimore. And I don't know. Are we at the point? James, Where more of Minneapolis ST Paul have been destroyed? That was done in Baltimore, you know. Yeah, this is This is absolutely worse than either Baltimore or Ferguson. I think in Ferguson. If I recall, there were one or two buildings that were burned. Ah, like I think it was like a quick trip that went up in Ferguson. But in Minneapolis, we've had an entire police precinct, and if you're following this stuff live, you would see up. There goes the Arby's. There goes that? Yeah, there goes all the bags of, ah, of liquid ized beef, right burning up in the Gladys smoke. I was vindicated on that. It is liquid beef, by the way, Alex said it wasn't, but I've had multiple people say now I worked at RBC at his liquid beef. You like, spray that shit onto a pan and bake it and then slice it. It's disgusting, but you have the destruction is something unlike we've seen before. And remember back to 2015 when you were seeing this level of destruction in Ferguson or in in Los Angeles, I was actually in Los Angeles during the riots over Michael Brown. Hands up, don't shoot and And saw this for happening firsthand. I couldn't go to the L A auto show because of the riots. And you know all of this stuff happening at the time, the reaction from conservatism very differently than what it was and what we're seeing now. And the reaction from Trump himself, in fact, very different than what you're seeing now. I mean, one quick trip goes up in in Ferguson and Ah, and you know, cops were shot in Dallas and things escalate as they did during season 1 2013 to 2015. And you got a much different reaction from Trump as you're getting now. And I think you hit on something. Ah, very good phrasing for this. An evolution of the strategy because they use these politics. They use this strategy to get trump in office, to promise to whites who were non voters who were a political that your country, you're going to get your country back. We're going to put boots on the ground. We're going to do something in a law and order way to put down these riots these uppity rioters. Something's gotta be done about them. And now, as over the last three years of the trump presidency, that sentiment that our country needs to be taken back, that something needs to be done has been evolved and has been channelled into into something needs to be done. But something needs to be done for these blacks. And that has been Ah, that has been the evolution of this, this Trumpian strategy. But yeah. I mean, these rights are bad, right? The Minnesota Governor activated the National Guard people in L A saying this is worse than Rodney King. Two federal police officers actually shot in Oakland. One of them dead people get run over this Gulf of peace here. Great photo from Portland is cutting the Volkswagen golf mowing over protester, which I mean, look, this is just what I get. Looks like dudes. Neck is about to get broken there. Yeah, I also saw Ah, that on Friday night, I guess a leftist protester, they don't really give much better description than that. Um was dragged, killed and dragged by a FedEx truck in downtown ST Louis. Um, after mob shuts down highway, an attack his truck. They were literally trying to loot a moving ups truck. Um, yeah. So do this happen to 1\/2 dozen, like does, actually dozens of vehicles, Amazon prime vehicles, FedEx vehicles that were going after, in this case, a semi which Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Probably left Gates already pretty off the ground in most of the time. Those things air locked. But, I mean, just imagine, And then this is, you know, this is it's it's kind of funny. I mean, I don't know people people want to look for, you know, people want to look for white pills. They want to hear me come up with Waple. I have a really good white pill for people on this, and I think it I think it kind of hits home because we've seen we've seen what we could have gotten in 2015 2016 and all the lead up to that. And we've had a lot of people come our way as a result. I mean, when you talk to people who are in our thing, and they've been in this thing a while, and you ask them, you know? How did you How did you end up here? Ah, well, a lot of us started off on Kun town on Reddit. That's where I was before. TRS. Yeah, rest in peace. And so a lot of people were and that that was a great place because that's a place where we would congregate to react to a lot of a lot of these events. And so I think that that process is going to continue because psychologic there's a reason why the Arthur Finkelstein, um, strategy works. They spent decades studying polling of the psychological feelings of white Americans because they wanted to figure out How do we divide and conquer white Americans? And what they've done is they have focused on race and crime and drugs, and a lot of that stuff is intertwined. Drugs really isn't. They don't really focus much on that as they did in the eighties. But race and crime is something that they focus on heavily. Which is why you saw this was a prominent feature of something that Trump did, um in 2015 2016 was making appeals to these things. But I think and this is the white pill, I think, and we experienced this by virtue of the people that came in and then this this feeling for at least two or three years of everybody expecting Trump to do everything for people now not make I'm not Straw manning and saying that Oh, there are people that thought Trump was gonna bring us Nazism overnight. I don't think anybody expected that. But even the people who today are still saying he's like the first step. He's the shoe in the door. Yeah, we've already We've already skewered that whole narrative. That's not happening either. But regardless of what side of the spectrum you you fell into, there was someone who had arrived, who had been elected to the office of the president. Hu, unlike anybody else before him, promised changes. Maybe unlike anyone since Richard Nixon promised changes on race issues, we're gonna bring law and order. We're going to clean up this town, right? Like that's the rhetoric you got. And so the expectation from people is like, All right, here's somebody coming to save the day and make sure that this system that has been broken and fucked up for so long is gonna start working for us and that to me creates an attitude and a feeling of somebody else is gonna do that. And I'm not saying that we have to go out and do that. What I'm saying is somebody else is going to do that. And the reality is, nobody's coming to save you. So the fact that nobody is doing the rhetoric that they were doing in 2015 2016 does not give whites this false sense of security anymore. When you hear somebody come out and say in a white lives matter, I'm gonna clean up this town or we're gonna bring this back are, as Trump said at his inauguration speech, speech, end American carnage. Then that gives a false sense of comfort, false sense of security to the people that are listening. And that's part of the Finkel. Think I'm going to support this guy because he's going to make things better, But now there's nobody doing that. And so the white pill to me is that I think people cause the idea that nobody's gonna get red pilled from this. I just don't by that I think people are going to see this have a very natural psychological reaction to it. That is negative because nobody likes this. Nobody likes to see these cities burned down. That's why you're starting to see them. You know them moving toward shutting this down because it's starting to trend in a direction that it's no longer beneficial to seem supportive of black people. When half the fucking countries on fire and people are dying, they're going to try to shut this down. But the idea that nobody is going to react to this in a negative way, I think it's actually worse for us. If people react to something like this in a negative way and then hang their hat on some political candidate who's going to say they're going to make it all better, trust that for two or three years find out that that's not true and then be back to square one, I think it's actually better for most people to say these this shit is on fire. Nobody's fucking gonna come and stop that. The cops aren't even doing their job, and that's everything with the cops, cause I'm not going to say fuck the police. But I will say Fuck the police. In this sense, the only real reason we have police is to deal with blacks because they don't defend me, James. They don't defend you. They don't. They don't do anything. But, ah, fuck us. They'll throw you in jail, They'll fuck you harder than anybody else. And if they're not going to deal with the blacks, which is what they're supposed to do, that's why we have them. That's really why we have them. Because if you're a white person who follows the rules, what's going on? What your encounter with the cops gonna be like, James? Broken turn signal. Ah, speeding ticket 55 35 maybe something like that. But you're not gonna be, like, thrown to the ground because you you somebody thought you had a gun or something like that doesn't have you. So if these people aren't gonna do that job, then fuck them. Why do we even need to have them around? No, no rule reason. So, anyway, that's that's That's my take on it. I understand conservatives were gonna be like, Whoa, it's stand with the thin blue line and all that Should they're not gonna be there for you, guy. Well, I would have a different reaction to the police generally if we weren't seeing what we are from every police chief across the country coming out and taking the side of boy George Floyd Mayweather, whatever. The guy's name is like every single police you've no matter how white your district, no matter how Republican how rock ribbed and conservative you place you live, it is every single police chief Central Pennsylvania, white, Nebraska, rural parts of every single state. All of these police chiefs air coming out. The guy from Lincoln, Nebraska, is coming out and condemning. The cops think it's horrible because because they reside in the system where there is going to immediate be immediate action retribution against them. If they come out and say the right things about these situations, they might as well come out with their resignation letter of stapled to the speech because it's over now. I'm not saying that's an excuse, but that's the reality that these guys were living. Now, if this guy, if he's got if somebody wants to stand up and do the right thing, they should. But they know that person. Maybe you would have a lot more to lose than their job Well, that's just saying and that's the thing is we have these reports. I think it was 65 or six years ago where they would go through. These leftist organizations would go through and mine police officers, Facebook pages for comments they had made about race and and look, there are a lot of police officers out there that that have the right idea about who was doing the crime and what is going on here. But the thing is, when you're in a structure that is by definition, hierarchical and you don't have the it's not like a place where, as a police officer, you can express your into that individuality. In your interpretation of the law, you're getting directions, and you're getting orders from individual from people that are part of the political system. Their concern is not law enforcement. They're concerned. Or if it is, it's being colored by by politicization and the demands of of, Ah, the political system. So, you know. Yeah, you could be the most red pilled police officer, But you're still gonna be taking orders from some guy that is going to tell you to not engage with the blacks. Let the blacks do their thing. Don't pull over a black person. Don't arrest a black person for anything short of capital murder. But, hey, we still need the arrests. And we still need justification to, ah maintain our massive budget and our bear cats and things that were buying. So, yeah, arrest some white people because, you know, if if if people see a 90% drop in arrests overnight, they're not going to think there's much justification for keeping us around. So they're easy. Those air easy convictions, too, because they have their entire justice system that is constructed to fuck white people anyway. So if you just get that person in front of the prosecutor, it's over. What judge is going to throw that case out that's done? That's one on the books, right? So, yeah, this is this is the whole thing. And so I look at this is kind of in the middle to, um, the notes to take because I think the people that look at this and think that when they see blacks burning down American cities and they think that Well, guys, this is That's that's what does it. James. This is the end international jury right here, it's all getting thrown out the door. No, that's not happening. But the other side of that that nothing is nobody is going to. There's going to be any new person coming in as a result of this. I think a lot more people will come in because they won't have somebody to hang their hat on. Now that's debatable, cause if you do have pundits out there all saying that, hey, white lives matter, we care about our cities. We need law and order That does actually get people riled up, but I think it gets again. It gets people riled up and excited for somebody, somebody else to do something for them. And then they put all their support in their excitement behind a empty suit who isn't going to deliver anything for them. And an empty suit wouldn't be so bad. But what we get instead is a Zion filled suit that is going to say they're going to do all these things and then do everything else. It is actually getting much worse for use. We'll find out in the ah, in the segment on the EOE, but yeah, I mean you thought, James, that you were getting working class populism, but instead what you got was television populism like everybody see at all the blacks you see in the Jaguar commercials and all of the, ah, you know, just the television shows and movies and how everything's arranged. Those that is the populist pool that Donald is pulling from. These are the people that he's trying to lift up, not the people in the Midwest. It's everybody that's on TV. It's multicultural populism. So Donald Trump is a populist. In that sense, he's like a populist for everybody else but but us. So we'll see that unfold here. Well, yeah, and he's going so far as to and I think it's I think you're right, that it's good that Trump isn't doing what he did in 2015 because if he was doing what he did in 2015 which we can flashback to September 2015 he does this interview with Bill O Reilly. Talking about black lives matter, he says. Uh, I think they're looking for trouble. I think they're looking for trouble. You might as well talk about and call them uppity. Uh, he says, Oh, and he says I was. He says, Yeah, thugs, right? He says we have people demon rats that are afraid to even say that they're apologizing because they say white lives matter and all lives matter. These are people that are unfit to run for office. So Trump, 2015 was saying that if you don't believe white lives matter and all lives matter, you are unfit to run for office. I mean, this guy, you can see why people you could see why we you know, this is why we were excited about this guy. Nobody had ever said anything like this before. Ah, in our modern political lifetime, you had this. You had law and order, President. You had American carnage. All of this happening against the backdrop of two straight summers of looting, rioting, cities, burning, cop killing. So people were picking up on this right where white people were picking up on what this meant. The signal was being received. Implication. He's gonna put these people back in line. But, dude, run the clock out. Four years of Trump presidency record low black unemployment, diamond silk at the White House. Look at my African American over here black rapists and drug dealers and killers and Chuck back on the streets with the first fact you first, its first chuck out the door first. Exactly Chuck Chuck leading the way of, ah, Chuck leading the parade out of the jail with everyone else behind him, You're now here. Headline from the a P. Trump tries a new response After George Floyd's death, it was a very different tone for President. Donald Trump, who has been silent in the face of white on black violence, has a long history of defending police. I feel very, very badly, Trump said on Thursday of George Floyd's death. That's a very shocking sight. Once likely to say Blue Lives matter, Trump and his allies are questioning the officers conduct and calling for justice for Floyd. So do this is part of a grand pivot, your often often silent in the face of white on black violence. How about total silence on the fit in the face of black on white violence? You never hear anybody say anything about that. I mean, how many? How many of these examples have we seen? Like I think somebody shared the other day, I forget where This was but some black that came into some little mom and pop shop gas station. It tied these two women up and then set them on fire like, Where's that, Donald? Not a fucking word about that. Two white women out of work. Nothing but they're trying. They're trying the amazing just the breathless amazement that I have about this, and it's anger. It's enraging to that. They're not only abandoning all of the rhetoric from 2015 2016 and running in the complete opposite direction. But they are, as I saw in the photographs of Minneapolis and some of these other places where there, preaching white protesters prominently in all of these photographs, white protesters with their hands up white protesters doing looting, you have. Who is it? Walls? Governor Walls of, Ah, of Minnesota. I mean, without evidence. And there is no evidence but white supremacist groups suspected at Minneapolis riots. But and he says. But these reports are unconfirmed, but I'm just gonna go ahead and seed that narrative so that the notification on everybody's phone walls, coal and white supremacist groups do violence. And then that's it. That's all you see. And so you get you get How many millions of people start repeating that narrative? You have Van Jones out there saying, Forget the KKK. It's the white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter we should worry about, right, So And that. And then you have classic Donald Trump, right? How many times have we hear Trump say? Oh, yeah, My Harley Davidson, Rolling Thunder Guys, they're gonna come out there and go toe to toe with these and even the streets. You know Donald Trump did this morning. Well, he's calling for Magen night at the White House after demonstrators in front of the White House are clashing with secret service. So there, Donald Trump is again calling. Maybe people like Adam Smith, Right? Adam Smith, where are you from? Reopen and see. Why don't you head on up to the White House and get your little megaphone out there? No, don't do that. Cause even though that was a fucking moron, I would not encourage any white person to show up for Magen night at the White House. Because what what's Trump? Trying to dio You got angry demonstrators at their clashing with Secret Service and Trump says, yeah, here. Ah, ma Tonight at the White House tonight. Outfront, Come on down. White people, you know, show us show because if you get killed or you get into a scuffle or anything, have a seat and even this guy's gonna have your back. Fuck, no, He's gonna say you started it and you're going to be the guy that disrupted Magen night when you just were the guy that was trying to show up to support Trump. And that's that's the same thing over and over again. But you're probably a white supremacist. Yeah, but blame it on antifa. Blame it. On the radical left I saw, Trump was tweeting about Jacob Frey. Jacob Frey is the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis and, ah, he trump, said the radical leftist Jacob Frey. He's Jewish. Donald. I know Trump is going to say the truth, but it's just funny how the language has changed. He could, you know, in 2016 would he would have called Jacob Frey and evil, an evil, ruthless, cosmopolitan, globalist friend of George Soros, goes to synagogue with George Soros, but instead he's just a radical leftist. He's ah IHS socialist demon rat. So you blame it on all these groups that they're going to do nothing about. It's a it's a great scapegoat. Exactly. And there's that. And you have this guy Walls, the governor of Minnesota coming out and just laying this fresh bait for the Macaws and for others saying that 80% of the people that they suspect 80% of the rioters are from out of state again. No evidence for that. But yeah, 80% that probably out of state, which just is like you're flipping the switch on for the Soros busing protesters in theory. And this is being done to frame the black community. This is what you had. Ah, police commissioner in Portland, who is a woman who looks appears to be straight out of Africa. She come out and said that these riots have nothing to do with the black community. Nothing at all to do with black people. These riots, it's It's just ah, you know, some criminal elements in our broader community that are doing this Trump coming out and saying It's Antifa and the radical left the out lights saying that the rial perpetrators here are white leftists. It's also perfect, and the the context for this is, of course, Trump making this pivot to black voters, right? This guy over three years has been making a concerted effort. The White House concerted effort to win over black voters. All the pundits have been doing this, too. I mean, Rush Limbaugh. I remember 12 months ago was saying the biggest threat we face in America Day today 10 years ago would have been radical Islamic extremism. Well, 12 months ago, it's evil. White, leftist liberals, people who have just have their skulls full of mush in American education system. They just don't understand what bootstraps even look like. I kid you not. It was just that it's that they don't understand the Constitution. They're the most dangerous group in America's leftists, will it? White leftists? Yeah, you know L rush beaus Take on four for Georgia's I I saw. This is so fucking he says it was unjustified and he's so mad, folks. And then he says, George Floyd, death makes me so mad that I can't even see straight tweeted by Ted Cruz with powerful I can't even see throat rush. You should have let the years of opiates doing that to you guy. This is the dangerous aspect of um, this is the dangerous aspect of somebody going on too long because Rush Limbaugh could have retired before Trump came around and could have commented from the sidelines and said What? Everyone had a plan to retire. I'm not saying that Rush Limbaugh is a good guy, but instead what he's going to do as he heads toward probably what will be a very unpleasant death is he is going to atone. Feel the need to atone for all of the political dark art Finkel think that he did throughout his career, right? The Democrats running the black plantation, and you know a lot of the things that he said in the past, cause you can dig up Rush Limbaugh's I mean, dude he had he had during during Barack Obama's I think election campaign. He had Barack the Magic Negro was was one of his theme songs on the show. I mean, it's like it's you know, he used to have ah, Barney Frank. He had a song called Banking Queen where it was just somebody singing Ah, dancing to the song Dancing queen from the seventies. It was banking queen and it's somebody singing banking queen is you owe down financing, and it's just like it's so it's so fucking funny. But they wouldn't dare do the shit today. And ah, you know, this is what you know, conservatives. This is what they thought it was. Just implying, You know, the implication is we don't like we don't like homosexuals. They don't never mentioned that Barney Frank is a Jew, But we don't like homosexuals. We don't like, um, you know, we don't like blacks in, you know, Russia limb A, you know? What did he say? What did he say in 20? 15? 2016 right? Like, we gotta we gotta shut this stuff down on the But now the firmware that these guys are all running is fuck white people. The XY, and that's it. Yeah. And it's such as Rush, Kevin McCarthy, Sean Hannity, all of these people. This guy Bernie Kerik that trump hard in the New York Police Commissioner, it defies common sense. It defies training. There was no resistance like, yeah, I call bullshit on that one. Uh, no resistance. Um, yeah. So but this is part of this broader pivot that they've been doing and since since, Really, since Trump took office. I mean, since I guess the turning point was the inauguration speech, right with American carnage, that was the high water mark. And it's been all downhill from there because you have first act back. You have all of these, all of these different things. He's done. You have. And, dude, just this month, um, and actually just yesterday in this tweet about sending, when they start looting, we start shooting. He does it in the context of these people dishonoring Floyd's memory. You think he would not have done this with dishonoring Trayvon's memory or dishonoring what's the other one, Michael Brown? It would have been this guy was a thug, and these people are thugs and white lives matter. But, you know, men we got, we got, we got multicultural TV populism, which got ending. American carnage just meant that blacks weren't gonna be dying anymore, even regardless of foot situations, they put them in. But you, that doesn't matter. But that Who cares? Because the American carnage people could read into it, whatever they they wanted. Teoh. And you know these this tricky language. I mean, everyone thought that this is what he meant because he you know, he said in certain contexts and the media would oy they about it. And so it's like, Well, they must mean this. But in reality, look what it has actually turned out to mean. Amina, you know the idea that Trump was very upset when he saw the video in Georgia? According to Kayleigh McEnany And he was justice to be served. I mean, the notion that look and this this goes for the Democrats to nobody likes black people. Okay, Nobody likes them. This is what Mike is saying. You know, when blacks know that nobody likes them, blacks know that. Nobody wants to be around them blacks and instinctively understand that. They're just not Nobody wants to have them around. So the idea that Trump has suddenly loved black people or ever had a problem with, um both of those things are false. He has always been playing the political game. They're just gonna use They're gonna use thes people, no matter what. They'll let people burn down the city's two for their political ends to further the jig net agenda. That's what this is all about. Because they had to stand white people up in 2015 and 2016 in order to knock them down. And that's what they're doing now. Um, and that's Yeah, that's the plan. I mean, and even with this Ah, this Jared Kushner has been working on rewriting the GOP platform. I mean that this stuff is this. Some of this is boomer bait because people think that it's gonna be Jared doing this against Trump's will. It's like no Jared has been assigned to this because Jared is the most Jewish part of the administration and he's the one that Donald Trump can. You know, Like Jesse said, He's Thea. He's the chicken that you can't blame, right? Well, that's that's exactly right. And that's what we've seen time and time again. Now to with Jared is he has run out there to do something bad or to be involved in something bad. And there's an uproar. People warning Donald for the plant thrusters and cat boys warning Donald that if you don't do something about him, your administration is going to go off the rails, and it's like time and time again, just like both feet jumping off the highest perch. You confined to step on both rakes at once with Jared. And this is this is one of the variations of the Jared Trick. This is what I call trick Variation three for the Jared Trick, where Trump is leading something gay and the cope is Jared made him do it. There's some other variations where Trump can say something based that doesn't happen, chick. And then it doesn't happen. And Kushner takes the fall or Kushner lead something gay and people say, Oh, he's stuck it past Donald. But no, this is the variation where Kushner is assigned. Jared is assigned by Trump to do something gay, and Kushner alone sucks up the blame. So, yeah, you have Jared trying. Teoh rewrite the GOP platform to eliminate alienating language. And, ah, with the goal of attracting more diverse voters. It's actually kind of funny. There are there, trying to rebrand school choice a Z education, freeze, freedom scholarships. But Trump and Jared are imposed that because they say blacks to understand what the word freedom means and in fact Jared saying they should stop using the word freedom altogether because polling shows, blacks can't conceptualize that. Yes, So let me Yeah, let me explain this a little bit. So this is the This is the GOP political platform, right? 58 pages. It was something that was constructed and in the way conservatives within the GOP Look at this is a way that they can hold their elected officials to account or something. And they look at getting different bits of language in this platform as a win because it think they look at it is like Contract with America like they did with Newt Gingrich in 1994. This sort of agreement that we're going to follow these rules now, what's in the platform? It is different, obviously from what is actually carried out in practice, because these people are still trusting the plan. But they don't Jared and Trump and everybody else that the remaking and reshaping the Republican Party is to flush out a lot of the so called alienating language that has been in there for a long time. Things like that are still in there today, Uh, things like public restrooms. Things like issuing same sex marriage. Ah, things that are like against abortion. They have to clear all the shit out because that's not what the Republican Party is going to be standing for going forward. They want to narrow this down to a one pager. And you have conservatives very upset that that they're going to neuter this and it's so dumb. It's like thes thes. People are so, so stupid. It's like, Do you really believe that if you succeed in getting this language into your platform that that means it's going to take place? Why don't you review what languages there and then do a side by side comparison of the actual outcomes of the people that you've elected and then decide if you need to change something about how you're making an approach in general to politics, because this isn't how you're going to do it right. But Jared and Trump want to neuter this so that there there are no more illusions about what the Republican Party stands for. And more importantly, as you pointed out, James is, they want to make it so that this is more attractive for black, so they're gonna make it attractive for gays, make it attractive for blacks. This is the multicultural television Ah, populism that nobody asked for, but you're definitely fucking getting numb, so yeah. Yeah, well, and the idea again that this is Jared doing this is just false. I mean, you look at the trump campaign and the Trump campaign is dumping millions upon millions of dollars into black outreach. Trump himself now putting forward and advancing this messaging, actually, on the leading edge of this conservative messaging, that pro black, anti white Jared is doing it. But the idea that Jared is doing it against anybody's with everybody's will, and it's just like, Well, oh, yes, it just shrug. You know, he and and the the word I was looking for, by the way, is Cap Ferrat its thesis swinging of the chicken or money over somebody's head and then slaughtering it. Um, so Jared is the swinging chicken? Um, that, you know, it's like I'm just gonna I'm gonna blame it on this guy and keep swinging it over and over again. But it's Trump. It's Trump that wants to do. This is what they've always wanted. Yeah, but But the assigned dare to do these things because he becomes a lightning rod for attention. And people blame Jared and conspicuously. As we've noted, Jared is it a funny Jerry's the guy that's never fired him from the administration, despite scandals despite embarrassment. No, because he's there on purpose to to take the blame from factions of the Trump movement that doesn't want that. Doesn't like what what it's actually all about. So, yeah, hoping done on purpose. I'm glad to see, though, that there some some people out there that are they're still there, sort of on their knees, begging for Trump to change at this point. But it is the very beginning of this grieving process, and people will eventually get there. I don't know where they'll jump off to, but they're getting to the point where they're seeing these things happen over and over again, where the pattern is totally undeniable. Um, of this continuing to happen, you screaming and shouting about it isn't gonna change anything. You tryingto warn Donald Trump about demographic change or anything. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, and they're eventually going to get to the point where they're going to see that wig nets were right all along. And, you know, we we we've joined the wig nightclub a little bit later, but that's okay. We're here and ah, you know, we're not only pointing out that that Trump is a fraud today. We're pointing out that Trump has been a fraud along and not just Trump, but everybody. Every fake nationalists that was erected with Benjamin Netanyahu at the center of all of it, Um, in how they how they pulled this trick off. And then the idea is not to keep getting tricked, stepping, tricked. I mean, I get it like people, you know, we appropriately named a recent episode the sunk Cope fallacy and you just double in triple and quadruple down on on this because it's like going to the casino. One more poll on that slot machine and that's gonna be the $20,000 jackpot, right? The jackpots never coming. There's not gonna be a let's go moment anymore. You're not even again and get the rhetoric because they don't want to whet your appetite for that. So and, yeah, you any wedding of appetites that goes on will be heavily, heavily metered from where it was in 2015 and 2016. And there's just no reason to expect that that rhetoric will be backed up by anything substantive. So if you if your interest in politics of your interest in this country is to the same extent, is your interest in a television show or a soap opera or something where the drama is really cool and hearing things? It's whoa, I can't believe he said that man, that's crazy. He said that to him, Man, it's like American Idol or Survivor is basically how you interpret this. Then maybe you'll be content with just the rhetoric. But if your interest in this is in, getting something isn't having a country that works for you is in having a society where you and your Children and your wife can call 911 on a black person doing a crime against you and not be thrown in jail for it. If you're interested in anything substantive, you cannot keep getting tricked because the trick, like if you view rhetoric as the victory, then you'll be content, perhaps less and less so. I want a country where I can call 911 when I have a problem and like pizza deliver, used to be. If it's not taking care of in under 90 minutes, it's it's free. I like I want to see tangible results in under 90 minutes. I don't want to just be able to call them and have the cops, Okay? Because at one point, they used suggesting Bill to just ignore you, right? They'll be all okay. Sure. Guy. Right. Like, you think that you're gonna help? No, I want I want the problem taken care of. But I see this this You know, this sort of this mentality to is like, if I give up on plan trusting what do I have? I need to have some hope, Some something to get me through these dark times, right, James? And it's like you don't understand how freeing it is to let go of all that shit. I understand why. It's why you're afraid that it's like holding onto the side of the holding on the ladder in the pool. Just let go and swim. It's gonna be great. Gonna enjoy it. You're gonna feel so freed from all of this. And, um, you know, once we sort of drop in smash all these Chambliss, you can move on these things air designed to keep you restrained and handicapped and disabled, stopping disabled, you know, take off, take off the downy helmet and move on. It's good. Feels good. So take a break. We'll be back. Get a lot more. We're back on it. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The Nation Reading through all of the news and hot takes on social media can feel like cracking open a fire hydrant and sticking your head in front of it. You're missing the grain and getting a whole lot of chap. Instead of wandering out into the information wilderness unequipped and leaving uninformed, check out truth to power news dot com. 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Coaster question dot com And now back to fashion A nation heard Onley in the TRS radio network a little crack. And as American burned as we had riots in every major city riots in Minneapolis, cops being shot, people being run over by trucks, all of the above. Just trump, he went and he took some action, right? He did something, man. Some incrementalism, right? We're, ah, finally breaking ground on censorship. Or at least that's what we're told by the White House. As a result of this e O that is being presented as finally, something being done on tech censorship but as well come to find not exactly the case, is it? Yeah. In Minneapolis ST Louis, you're getting run over by trucks and in the White House, you're getting run over by Chuck's. And so this is what they've been doing. And I notice I notice. And I love that fucking love. The new paradigm where we apply a lot of the things that we've learned, and we see that they bear fruit. I have not seen a single legal challenge to this executive order as predicted. They did not challenge the EO on immigration that actually expanded immigration and expanded E B five visas instead of curtailing immigration. And there have been no legal challenges to that. And there will be no legal challenges to this. Now, put a huge ass tricks there. But what we've seen in the past is that you get one immediately, right, James? I mean that you get a couple articles that said, Ah, that many people were were freaking out about this and the legal Ah, you know, the viability of this executive order from a legal standpoint, But there have been no legal challenges, and I understand yellow, Yeah, it takes time jazz hands to put those together. It's like, Oh, yeah, I know. And they have them prepared because they see this shit coming a mile away. And then when you had actual e O's on immigration, um, they were shut down immediately. You had the A. C l u. You had all these different NGOs coming out with their suits immediately in the ninth Circuit, but no such thing here because the devil, as always, is in the details. So you have this e o Wednesday. We get Trump will regulate or close down social media platforms before they silence conservatives. According to the neoconservative Washington Times, President promised big action on Wednesday as he railed against Twitter's decision to fact check his tweets about mail in ballots and a perceived bias by the company's against conservatives. That's always the thing right. That's always the little the bait that they dangle there for the boomers that you know this the silencing of conservative voices has to come to an end, and Donald Trump is gonna do it. Thursday. Donald Trump to sign on to sign on the social media executive order Washington Times again on Thursday, he signalled that he would be signing the order that same day. This will be a big day for social media. In fairness, in all capital letters, the president tweeted Thursday evening. Trump signs executive order targeting protections for social media platforms there. What they're doing here, though, and so this is this is the thing they want you to think that Trump is coming out and they're gonna remove because on its face, you would think that they're going to use this threat of removal of the legal shield Section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act, which prevents social media companies from being sued the moment that they start editorializing, meaning censoring certain parts of their platforms. They become a publisher, Um, and they can. They can be sued for the things that they post or other things that they host that other people are saying. But there are legal protections in place is part of section 2 30 that allow ah allows them certain discretion over things that are deemed harmful. That's why in all of the terms of service that you see it talks about, this is a violation of our rules because we don't want people to be harmed. And they've used this town Modry, to to do whatever they want. Now the biggest problem that Trump and namely Bill Bag Bipin Bill Bar have with all of this is that in the last 45 years, really, maybe closer to 10 but really in the last four or five encryption and an encryption has become very popular, and it's it's been implemented in on almost every one of these platforms. And that is not something that Bill Bar and Donald Trump and dig Nats in anyone who was worried about the general public noticing that has come with the advent of the Internet. In the rapid sharing of information. They want to see what people are saying. They want to see what everybody is saying about them and ah G. James. They take these things very personally, right? Like, could you imagine this is like this, like a jilted lover who has to read his his his woman's phone or even a what a crazy woman. Let's let's do it that way. It's a crazy woman who, like, reads all your text messages. That's like Bill Bar, but they're worried about you basically becoming a Nazi. You're talking about the wrong things, and that's really what this is aimed at. This is about getting that back door access. Now we've talked about this a lot On Ghost Protocol is one of the first episodes we really talked about. This is where we discovered for the first time. Bill bars Josh very just heritage, but he's converted a Catholicism's all religions and has taken up the bagpipes. So you just think he's just a regular old serious guy, right? James? Doing the bagpipes and, ah, you know, going to Catholic Church, kneeling down and Bob about know his father is a Jew. His father. In fact, his father was a headmaster at a Manhattan school that higher Jeffrey Epstein to teach. Ah, really high level math and science there without any college degree at all, which is kind of funny. It's like, Why are these people so closely related all the time? I don't know what it is. It's because they're all fucking juice, that's why so, yeah, Jewish track. I mean, this guy seems like he fits right in with with Donald Trump. America First, that old milieu, right? This is kind of what you do there if you're gonna be part of that, But yet it's what the Patriot Act. It's just what you do. If you're a serious guy. The Patriot Act only got them so far, people will say, Well, why do they need this? Because they already have Patriot Act eso like, What's the point? Well, as you mentioned encryption and encryption is so important because it's not something that any used to be, something you would have to really seek out to find. You would have to intently, you know, set up a terminally on your computer or something and and be really ah, you know, be really tax savvy to use encrypted chats. But that's not the case anymore. Now you're what Snapchat WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the world, and it's encrypted and people they're using signal people used telegram and others. And and yes, so so now. These conversations that they used to be able to very easily surveil through text message surveillance, email, surveillance, phone calls, all of that. It's moved into a new realm, and they have have not yet been able to crack into that room. They can in in specialized instances by relying on Israeli spy tech software when they have special specific targets they need to look at. They'll use software like Pegasus from NSO Group, but what this would do and what they're attempting to force open through this EO And through these other efforts, these fake anti trust investigations they have attempted to leverage against Silicon Valley. They're attempting to get widespread universal backdoor access into these these private communications, and it's because they failed at doing it through the Legislature, and maybe they could have succeeded. But it was gonna cause a lot of problems for a lot of people, cause A So you can imagine if the Patriot Act was unpopular. This is even more unpopular because people feel better about encrypted messaging, even if you're just a normal part. Nobody likes having the government spying on you, and most people don't understand why they just think, Well, why does the government have to spy on everybody? I'm not a terrorist. I wouldn't, you know, be part of a terrorist cell. It sick. If you're a white person, who could, you know, wander off the reservation of kosher sandwich Finkel think Ah, yes, you are. If you step outside of those lines, yeah, you're a terrorist. You're somebody who is on the precipice of ah, you know, Reichstag fire and everything else. It's like you could be there very quickly, and that's what they're always word about. This is always like Nazi insurance, and so you write one thing and they know too, that the censorship on social media has not turned People's has not changed people's minds, right? They have moved, the people cause people. As we mentioned in the first half, people had these feelings, and these feelings were illicit, it in people. And they were made aware of these sentiments. They had towards international jury for lack of a better term in 2015 2016 and they got frustrated with it. And many of them were wacka mold over the last few years off of social media. But they know that those people's minds have not been changed. So they're concerned. And we've talked about people getting unplug from social media, stepping away from the Panopticon to the extent you can and channeling energies into Mawr more fruitful and Evers. But they know that these people still have these feelings, and they don't have any way to keep tabs on them anymore. Now they're off of Facebook or Twitter. So this is attempting to remedy that. Yeah, they're very concerned about people who and they they say this specifically that their biggest concern is for people who have finally realized what the jig is like. I said on the midweek show. The jig's up, the jig is definitely up, and people are realizing that social media is not just unhealthy, but it really is a hamster wheel. It really is. I mean, if you do it like whatever, fine. But just realize what you're getting into. And they realize that people, a lot of people are checking out of that. Um and they don't like that. They don't like the fact that people have gone off the grid because they assume that, well, why wouldn't everyone want to participate in the public square? Well, everybody wanted to participate in the public square until you made it gay. And they the reaction to the USA Patriot Act was encrypted chats. And now they're trying to get a backdoor into reading everything that everybody says. And so if you suspected Trump's eo on social media censorship of conservatives was going to become exceedingly fake and gay, you'd be right. And if you have slightly a larger than usual galaxy brain and you thought it would be used for something even more sinister, you definitely be right. And if you thought that it was gonna be forcing tech companies to hand over backdoor encryption. You're definitely over the target, but it's a lot worse than even that. So if you read the EOE itself, you can see if you understand things from our perspective that it is designed for the casual mid wit to consume the content in that e o and think that everything's golden, that this is Donald Trump standing up for freedom of speech and our liberties, and that he is merely going to remove the legal protections that have been afforded to these social media companies through Section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act. If they don't stop silencing conservative voices carrying about black issues and Bubba Bubba. But they're never going to silence those people, those people aren't being silenced. It's the people who are telling you the truth about what's going on or even people, as we've seen, bear out people who even come tangentially close to telling you what the truth is. Even those people, even if they still do a lot of misdirection if they get too close to the target. Those people get shut down, too, So only the very best Jewish shills get to stay on these platforms, and those people are anything to worry about. So if you're if you're promoting Trump and you love black people and your you know your you that the death of Ah Rose Floyd or Floyd Rosen or whatever the heck Spin was saying, um, if that made you so mad, you can't even see straight. So you have nothing to worry about. It's only the people that are going to say, Hey, what about these white guys that didn't do nothing? I thought the laws on the books say that they they can defend them. So yet you're off the platform. Goodbye, um, so to 30 acts as a liability shield for websites. Yes, this is true. And when that shield is in place, they're not held responsible for what is posted on their sites by third parties. This section, which has been hailed as quote one of the most valuable tools for protecting freedom of expression and innovation on the Internet, of course, has become a target for lawmakers in recent months, but not for the reasons you might think. Now they'll tell you people like Ron Wyden, Jew from, ah, where's the Washington or Oregon? I never remember. I think It's Oregon, isn't it? Ron White is organization Reid wanted. Yeah, he'll tell you that. You know he's against this, and he you know, D doesn't think people should be spied on, but he's just about, you know, he's one of these, like J left optics Jews who is against all of this warrantless wiretapping. He just wants to go about it in a different way in a way that you won't notice. But the order also aims to send complaints about alleged bias against conservatives by social media companies to the F. T. C, the Federal Trade Commission, and rains in how much federal agencies sign spend on advertising on social media. It argues social media giants or public squares. We've heard this argument said before, and so this this argument, um, has lost in the courts when they've when they've tried to do it. And so it's just it's not gonna work anyway. But like forget all of that stuff, right? The whole purpose of this is to remove this liability shield if they don't adhere to best practices. And those best practices are silencing the voices who were actually telling the truth because they don't feel like they're doing a good enough job when you hear the left side of the kosher sandwich complain about Section 2 30 When Nancy Pelosi wanted it removed from new NAFTA, Um, and Trump, the Trump administration fought to keep it in there so that they could use it as leverage later, Nancy wanted to get rid of it right away, not because she is trying to protect your speech or something like that, or she's trying toe. You know, make sure that they don't suppress voices. It's so that they can start using this as leverage right away. And so how do we know this? Well, this is in the urn it act, which is the eliminating abuse and rampant negligee neglect of Interactive technologies Act Um, which is a bill that has been around for a while ever since superstrong encrypted communication systems became more common. But it's it's a bill that has become more popular in recent years. In fact, it was something that was discussed in front community in front of committee in March. This is a bill that was sponsored by Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal and Dianne Feinstein, plus eight other sponsors and co sponsors. Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, Joni Ernst, John Kennedy, Doug Jones, Bob Casey, Sheldon White House. Dick Durbin. What a crowd! Of course, Blumenthal says. This bill says nothing about encryption. Have you found a word in this bill about encryption? He asked. One of the witnesses. Is one of these witnesses was concerned about what we're concerned about. And you know, Blumenthal in its typical Josh manner, there's, Ah, builders and say anything about encryption. What do you got? We gotta worry about believe it's nothing Indian about that. That's not what we're after here. So of course, every time, Right? Yeah, I mean, and the idea that because he's right, it doesn't say the word encryption, and they're sure. But when you have Bill Bar agitating for over a year now against these big tech companies and specifically in laying this out in no uncertain terms, why they're doing it, I mean, the day they announced the antitrust investigation into Facebook, Aaron Google and the big the Silicon Valley Tech companies was the same day that Bill Bar gave a speech attacking these tech companies for being complicity in allowing terrorism and complicit in child trafficking, and all of the worst things you could imagine because they will not handle hand over these encryption backdoors to DOJ. So the intent is stated very clearly by those who will actually hold the power under this earning back. Well, this is the most insidious part about it. Because what they say in this urn it act, and what they mean by that is you have to earn this liability shield, right? You have to show us that you're worthy of this section 2 30 because Section 2 30 was created by a Congress who wasn't is kosher is the one is today. It gave them too much, um, leeway to allow people on their platform to say things that the government may not like that Jews don't like that Zionism doesn't like. And so now they're saying, Well, we're gonna create some some legislation here where you have to prove to us that you're worthy of getting these legal protections by adhering to best practice is now. The most Jewish thing about this is that they make it all about child pornography, right? So anybody who would complain about this act would somehow be defending child porn or child sex trafficking or whatever. That's what they make it all about. That's why Blumenthal sits on the encryption. What are you talking about? Is about child porn, But that's the problem is that Section 2 30 has no impact on federal criminal law. Child pornography and child trafficking and everything else that Jews participate in on a regular basis is all protected under federal criminal law. It's already a production. Distribution of this is already a crime, which already requires thes online entities to tell law enforcement about the existence of any such material they find in their networks. And so subjecting online providers, two new civil suits, state laws unless they comply with the urn it act currently undefined best practices is a poor substitute for strengthening existing federal criminal laws. So child porn is already covered. It has already done. So this Tom agree about like, Oh, God, we care about the child point in the child sex trafficking. Look what we got to do something about it. You have to earn your, uh, your act. Well, the best practices that they're talking about deal with you, and anybody who gets in the way of this is gonna be like, Oh, what you you like, child, but you can see how this is gonna go, right? So you have a lot of First Amendment issues you have. The bill would allow the government to go much further and regulate how online service providers operate their platforms and manage user generated content, which is the very definition of editorial activity. So justice Congress cannot pass a law, or you would think that they can't pass a law. But here we are in piss Earth 2020 demanding news media, cover specific stories or present the news in a certain way. Technically, on paper, it cannot direct how and whether online platforms must coast certain types of user generated content. So this is a major First Amendment issue, but they don't give a shit about that. They're going to do it by executive fiat. And if nobody challenges it, it just becomes law. That's how the cry turkey works. The cry turkey weighs in in situations where it's perfectly constitutional to block anybody you want from your country and they say, Oh, no, you can't do that cause Donald Trump had a racist animus about it. But in cases like this, where we're saying, Yeah, we got a We're gonna have this law out here that really runs roughshod over the first and Fourth Amendment and, you know, ah, we're gonna say it's about child pornography so you can't say no to it, But it's really about just shutting white people to fuck up. And so there's no legal challenges to this at all. But that's the thing this is deeply unpopular to pass through the Legislature. It never made it out of committee, and that was back in March. So isn't it funny when you go look at the Earn It, Act James and compare the earn it act side by side to Donald Trump's executive order on D Plat, forming and silencing conservatives. It's basically the bill has been transposed into the executive order, so Donald Trump gets to be the one to implement it. Without it ever going up for a vote, there will be no legal challenges to it, and it will be implemented and part of what they're doing. Part of what's in the EO is they want to create a committee that Bill bar overseas that is comprised the Department of Justice, runs the show, but with a little help from Homeland Security and some other government organizations, um, to decide what the best practices would be like. The commission will be a vehicle for creating a law enforcement wish list. Is you said Bar has made it clear, over and over again that breaking encryption is at the top of the wish list, so it would require them to adhere to these best practices. And Oh, by the way, Bill bar would have veto power over everybody on the committee. So even if other commission members air like, yeah, that's a little bit too far, their guy Bill Bars is going to give a loud blow of his bagpipes and say, Yeah, nah, fucking vetoed. So 19 person commission, people who aren't elected people who just get to decide what the fuck gets said, what it's not. And we know what what ultimately is going to be. Ah, the plan here. But the Fourth Amendment issue is that people that it would require these online platforms to ah, search the user accounts without a warrant or probable cause. So where they were talking about client side scanning is you know, the client make sure that they do this well, now the government would. They could scan user accounts. They could look at how people are linked, all the stuff in the EO that they make it sound as though they want to make sure that social media companies aren't doing this. They want to make sure the government is doing this. So when they're talking about looking at user accounts, looking at people's offline activity, who they're connected to on the Internet, the big Web, the Panopticon, like the government, just wants to do that now because they don't trust the social media companies. They're doing a good enough job. It's stamping out all the anti Semitism that Donald Trump started in 2015 and 2016. Well, yeah, and one of the ways that they're going to try to work around this of these companies Will is by saying, All right, well, we'll still have encryption, but there will be end to end survey or not, and then, But there will be on either side of the message. There will be no scanning, and so so it's still encrypted, right? But it's Ah, it's just looked at on what it sent. Then it's looked at when it's received. And so, yeah, but it was still safe and encrypted, man. And yet and so my understanding of this, too, is that these the federal government, the DOJ will now be allowed to instruct websites what their terms of service should be when it comes to objectionable material and sites that do not comply with these best practices as prescribed by normal and security. And DOJ will then be subject to having their Section 2 30 immunity stripped. That's that's kind of what's going on here, right? So these alternative platforms that you've seen sprung up just build your own Facebook. Just build your own Twitter. Yes, all these alternative media platforms. They will now be subject at the behest of the federal government to terms of service that require them to tiu engaged in censorship. That is, at the whim of DOJ and billboard. Well, if they don't, though, that's the thing is they don't instance needed to make the best practices voluntary like, Yeah, you should. You should adhere to these great rules that we have over here. We're going to remove the shield, and then removal of the shield means that every Jewish lawyer in America can then target that company for lawsuits over what is being hosted on their platform as publisher content, not three content under section 2 30 And most of these smaller companies remember these up from nothing boot strappy companies that they stood upto to compete with the big guys. So they're just gonna be suit to death and then go out of business. And that's that's the plan is ultimately Twitter and Facebook. Yeah, they're going to adhere to the best practices. They're gonna follow the rules and nothing's gonna you know, that's that's how that's gonna work. Yeah, it's even worse than that, too, because when you have your publisher are when you have your your protection removed and you're treated as a publisher, E. I mean, who's gonna be surprised when your upstart video sharing company or your upstart blogging company is inundated with millions of posts of child porn every day and then you because you're now being interpreted like a publisher? You were then put in jail and your companies shut down. I mean, that's that's what that protection served in terms of pornography, right? It's so if somebody posted that kind of thing on Facebook or Twitter. The Facebook and Twitter are not held liable. That poster the individual poster is. But if you're interpreted as a publisher and you run a small video sharing side or a small blogging site or something, then well, you become treated. You become responsible for what? That comment or posts. So, yeah. I mean, this is this is not only can they be sued into into irrelevance and shut down, but there's also a potential criminal aspect to this as well. Exactly. And so this is This is nothing more than the earn it act codified in Donald Trump, Eo that has so far not gotten any legal challenges. And why would it? This is what they want. Who? Who would challenge this? Except maybe white people who don't want to, cause that's the target of this, right? Um, like I said, child porn and child trafficking can all be done through the criminal system. These these platforms have a duty to report it, and this is all about. So if you remove that from the equation, what could this possibly be about? Well, not a single quote unquote conservative voice will be saved in all of this, um, they will. It will be a problem that they can animate the right wing Donald Trump's shrinking atrophying white right base, right wing base to the point where it's like, Oh, wow, they keep they keep doing this to us, you know, give us another election and will, you know, see, they've pivoted to things like this instead of give us another election and will close up the border and make all these Mexicans go away. It's yeah, these thes evil white liberal Silicon Valley tech executives are censoring your speech, and we need to fix this for you so you can have a voice. But even if you had well, even when you have the voice, they still ignored you. So why would you see how this See how this becomes such a toothless thing? But all this is just they want to know exactly what you're saying. Um, to other people, this is this is not see insurance. And so that's where we are. And more Nazi insurance. You have GOP gate keeping. Um, this is ah. Who is this guy? James? This guy house. Mr. House, Um, tell you ahead. How's this? This this shows you that this is the acid test. So if you are still hanging on Donald Trump's every word waiting for the come down the escalator moment to reappear again, it's just not gonna happen. Look at what they're doing to the people who try it. People who people in the GOP, these GOP congressional candidates who rise up and, ah, decide toe to say a few based things politico uncovered dozens of derogatory social media posts from this guy's accounts. And, ah, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is rescinding that endorsement in light of Mr House. Disappointing comments. McCarthy. His truth drawn. His endorsement is the leaders previously stated. Hateful rhetoric has no place within the Republican Party. Drew Florio of McCarthy spokesman said on Monday. They didn't throw this guy a way for doing like bad racism's. They didn't he wasn't doing yours and posting like end towers and and, ah, you know, friendship windmills. He was just doing Finkelstein tear Coast certified racism's. He was doing posts about Islamic prophet Mohammed being a rapist, pedophile and see they're mocking David there, even done with that. Like I told you, like all of this stuff is finished, they're not even going to do the radical Islamic terrorists like it's all finished because they can give Israel whatever the fuck it once just by executive fiat and then silence all of the opposition, uh, who is opposed to it and make it illegal for anyone to oppose Israel. See how this works the jiu jitsu that they've done. So, yeah, this if you're looking for if people not that we need it. But if you're looking for evidence of is Donald Trump going to return to based stuff, it's like he might. He might if he's in a very desperate situation. But that's not what the plan is. And they don't even want anybody coming up in trying to to do the, ah play of the play the old vinyl albums from 2016 even. Well, actually, this is like a vinyl album from 2012 right? Um, why won't Barack Obama say radical Islamic terrorism? That's all I want him to say. Why won't he say it, Huh? It's like implying It's like, OK, but no, they're just shutting this down, and I love the copes to I mean the copes. There's no limit to the level of copes that these these guys in the GOP Dukan do. Because if you read the article from about Ted Houses, he's telling his constituents that Ah, he's saying, Well, Kevin McCarthy didn't really cut off my funding because the wavy ah, what is the NRCC works is they don't really give any money to anybody until September. So he's really just restating the fact that, you know, nobody's getting any money until September. He's not actually cutting us off, but it's a guy like the sun Cope fallacy here. It's like you have been disbanded from the party. You have been other rised immediately for just merely going out and saying theism. Tomic Prophet Mohammed was a rapist in a pedophile like you're done for that. And that's a thing that, like in some ways benefits Jews. And they're just finished with all of it. Yeah, no, the jig batteries being rolled up. And these are things like the model Mohammed stuff and David Hogg stuff. This is stuff that Trump did do. So this guy was essentially following the Trumpian line and, ah, that's being all rolled up. I mean, God forbid, if this guy had said white lives matter or black lives, matter or thugs or something to that effect, like Trump did in 2015 he would be. He would probably be getting a more forceful condemnation from Kevin McCarthy as well. And this? I think this also pretends poorly for the GOP in 2020 of their House races because they had had this stretch goal of sweeping a turning California red and like taking back these nasty if they lost in 2018. But it's like, Dude, that is so far from when When you're defending Arizona and Georgia like California, it's Ah, it's a temporary expectations A little bit. Yeah, it's kind of funny. Um, this Ah, I remember the member of the Paul Ryan audio from way back classic FTN. When when Trump said something that poor I didn't like, it's like I don't like those comments that he made, and it's just like Paul Ryan's voice cracks. And we all thought that was It was funny, but we didn't know at the time. We thought that in the comments that Trump made weren't at the time that Paul Ryan was upset about wasn't even ah, the Prophet Muhammed. I think it was just I think it was blood or something coming out of Ah, I can't even remember her name. That blonde. Fox News. Um uh, no. Kelly. Megan Kelly blackened blood coming out of her. Whatever. Yeah, I like these comments that he made. It's just like I mean, but that was part of the that was part of the whole game, right? I mean, you know, dude, it works so well because they picked is such eminently hate able people to come out and oppose Trump. You had Paul Ryan, Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, Romney. Like all of the Emmett Romney, all of these, the who's who of people that that there was something that made Republicans uneasy about them, if not outright hating them for failure. Kurt Eichenwald. I mean, just the list goes on and on. Um, but yeah, I mean, it was it was great toe have that sort of Ah, intra intra conservative kosher dialectic going on and they use it. They use it to make you think that there's something something better stay in the party, goi like, look, it's changing right before your very eyes. They did on the left to did with AOC in the insurgent social Ah, your justice, Democrats, Social Democrats, Justice, Democrats. So so you. So you might see something so there might be some immigration tricks. They might try to do some legislative tricks. Of course, those are the ones that these this is. See, this is the thing. And this is one of the one of the one aspect of the analysis that some of these analysts have pointed out that the problem with Donald Trump doing water down disruptive rhetoric again. So disruption rhetoric that is toothless, that isn't based in nativism or nationalism or white nationalism, or calling out Jews or whatever it is. The problem with doing that, if there's not something new to offer, is that everybody already understands what that strategy is all about. They can come up with ways to counter it. It's not exciting. It doesn't get people, doesn't turn people out to rallies. And my thing is, if they find out early enough on that, that isn't working. Um, what will they dio? And so you might have legislative tricks like I was saying, with ah, with corn in and crews putting together immigration bills that have no chance of passing. That's the benefit of having the divided government. The GOP and the Democrats are always really good at coming up with legislation that will never pass when the government is divided and when they have complete control, it never really works out in their favor. Um, administration tricks, you know, potentially changing. Ah changes the sanctuary cities as part of a future stimulus deal. All this all this like bullshit. What's happening, guys? Oh, it's happening. Trust Trump is eyeing it. It's going to have humor bait hanging in front of people's eyes. Departmental tricks. You have ice doing different things, but nothing, really nothing that actually matters. And you'll get more Eos that seem based but in reality only expand programming that they want now. Some other J factors that might come up well, you might see DACA come up in the middle of the summer. That's something that they've been talking about. I think we know what way that's going to go. At this point, I don't think there's any question on what's going on. You know this idea of using his leverage? I think what's in it going to end up happening is all of those people are gonna get amnesty and it's gonna be Donald Trump who gives it to them. It's gonna be crystal clear that it's another thing they're going to do with the Supreme Court is this is more clean up that they have to dio, because recently you've had the balance of the court in Federalist Society. Justices shift dramatically to the right, but in terms of its rhetoric in terms of the rulings, in terms of the beliefs of the people on that court, the court has gotten more liberal. It's very easy to make that argument. Except for one guy, Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas is the guy who always writes. It's funny, the black, the black, the black guy on the court is the guy that writes the most conservative based opinions. And I'll just say it like some of Clarence Thomas's opinions. I wish if you had every justice on that court writing these opinions and it wasn't some fake and gay Kabuki theater, uh, we'd probably have some really great rulings coming out of the court, but they can't have a guy like that there any more. And so there is speculation now swirling about a next Supreme Court vacancy. So if, um what's her name? The Jew? I can't remember her name. The cancer is Ginsburg. If Ginsburg held alive encryption, if Ginsburg isn't gonna fuckin croak, okay? She's not gonna die of natural causes anytime soon. They have to create a fight that you have to get invested in in the way that we all got invested in or many of us got invested in. Ah Cavanagh, right? And so it's It's a good swap. Get rid of Clarence Thomas. Then you don't have guy who is writing these based conservative like very, very right wing opinions. Conservative call. Call it whatever you want. There are probably things you could find fault with with what he writes, the opinions that he writes some of it's by design. Have the black guy be the most conservative guy. Yada, yada, yada we get. We get the whole narrative, but time to get rid of that guy. So Trump can appoint a woman like that woman with all the black Children. I can't remember her name doesn't really matter, but that they're going to make it a big fight about that. And that's actually, um, you. Whatever Amy Amy Black. Mom, Um, she is really the perfect fight for them. Conservatives toe have because this woman with black Children is is the archetype. That's what they want, right? And have conservative defending her and defending her because she's not a racist. And then you get her on the court and she if she federalist society, um Pilyeon big time. His whole list was federal society, of course. And as we pointed out in a d. A recent deep dive, we did. Federal society is just a rubber stamp by Jews for Jews on making sure that any justice is the matriculated up on the right that could be nominees for the Supreme Court are going to be the type of people that will make the right decisions. And so that's what they want. They want to have a big, fake fight. It's gonna be about instead of waiting around for Ginsburg to die, they can voluntarily give Trump a Supreme Court nomination while he still has the Senate and then make it about that. And that will be one of the big distractions that they do. And it actually, you know, not that the Supreme Court could get much worse than it already is, but it will. I'll just say, Yeah, we have a Supreme Court full of conservative justices who are expanding gay rights and riding roughshod over abortion. And, you know, just all kinds of stuff. It's gonna be great. Oh, and and probably saying that DACA is perfectly constitutional too, right? That'll be the thing. Oh, yeah, this is This is a This is an elaborate scheme, but it's a perfect trick because then you would also be able to trick some people into thinking we're gonna replace Clarence Thomas, who? If it is Clarence Thomas, we're gonna replace Black Clarence Thomas with someone who's with a white person. This is gonna be great guys, isn't it? Yeah, but it's not because Thomas, for all of his flaws and far from a perfect justice, he has been actually the most. Ah, how to say it can. Conservative, I guess, is one way to describe it. But he's been fairly ideologically consistent, um, and fairly good in terms of the rulings he's issued, and they would love to make the fight now the most hard core right wing justice on the court. They would love to remove that designation from Thomas. It used to be Scalia. Now it's Thomas. Now it'll be John who John Roberts or Cavanagh are, or what's the other one? Gorsuch Igor. So they'd love to do that and, in effect, moving the court leftward as every justice on the court nominated by a Republican that is a federal society member has done over their careers, have shifted left. So the easiest way to understand Clarence Thomas and like, Why people? Why what? Why would even say that he is good? It's because many people have said this. If you just enforce the laws that are on the books today, as they were intended and as they're written, you would clean up 90% of the bullshit in this country overnight if you just enforce them as they're written. The biggest problem is, is the the the Cry Turkey deciding not to enforce certain things or enforcing things in a way that they shouldn't be enforced? Clarence Thomas is good because he's he's the guy who saying, You know, that should actually be done this way and here's why. And they want to get rid of the well, actually black guy from the Supreme Court. That's going to say, you know, like that Law means this and because Clarence Thomas is the kind of guy who would say, Yeah, Trump has the right to kick anybody out of the country who he wants to It says so right here in the i N A. In paragraph, B, C, D and E. They want that guy got like they don't want that guy there. And so you know, part of that again it is he's doing He's doing that bit because he could be the black. I don't want a white guy doing that, but they don't even want a black guy doing that. But anymore, that strategy is done now. Maybe Trump will nominate a black guy to be a Supreme Court justice to replace Clarence Thomas. That could be a key to this is, Well, it's like, Well, we have a black guy that we have to replace so he should be replaced with another black guy. That could be the wild card to Trump puts a black eye in the Supreme Court on top of everything else that he's doing with the chimp out stuff that would you like black I like, I don't know, Like, Tim Solar, black woman or a black woman. Yeah. I mean, Jesus Christ. Get me outta here. Justice, Justice, silk. You know, my God. Jesus. Yeah. And this is what I was talking about before I mentioned this before. And somebody asked me for the sauce. Well, here's the sauce. So the GOP remember? I said on a recent show, that one thing and I, we did this the very beginning. 2015. We said, Well, even if all of the promises that Trump is making don't come true, at least we'll get right wing justices. Right? That was the cope. Well, as I was pointed out recently, and this is in Roll Call magazine last august? Uh, you have judicial nominees that could not get a confirmation vote in the final years of Barack Obama's administration. Right? They were blocked by Mitch McConnell and other Republicans while Obama was in the White House. Have gotten a second chance under Trump. So that's right. I said it. You have judicial nominees that were being blocked by Mitch McConnell that were appointed by Barack Obama that have been reappointed by Donald Trump and are being approved by Mitch McConnell. So if you didn't believe in the kosher sandwich before, there it is and you go look this up. It's not all of the justices, it's some of them. But the fact that it's even one single one that would have been somebody that Obama wanted and was being blocked by McConnell and now is being sailed through nomination by by McConnell under Trump and that Trump would even go along with this. It's like you think this guy say, Totally, Baby Trump. So I was talking about you know, when? When? It's kind of funny that that what's his name? Justice Roberts is right for the wrong reasons. When he excoriated Trump for saying Trump, Justices and Obama just there really are no such thing as any of those thes air, just Jewish justices. These air, the cry turkey picks. Um, so yeah, yeah, these are guys that couldn't even get a confirmation vote, not from the Republican Senate when Obama was president. And now here they are being rammed through under Trump. And there are several more of these Obama nominees that Trump has renominated but just haven't been confirmed yet. We're still awaiting the Senate vote. So yeah. What? What does it matter? Like, what did you even vote for? What was the point? I don't know. But anyway, this is This is a gonna be a hard pivot into some other things. But this is dealing with some things that have come up before. And so one of these things and this is, you know, this is the same story, arc, and we're gonna keep hammering this and keep making people cry. Some people cry about this, and that's fine. You keep crying about it and eventually get over, but always have to do the preamble so that people don't think we're coming out of left field with this. But as some of you understand in many of you probably do understand that some of your new So we have to sort of say it. I've been down this road before. We've talked about Roman Abramovich. She's the richest Jew in Israel, man. Putin is considered a son in something new here. Abramovich's wealth has increased tenfold since he was close to Putin's. And he's the guy that selected members from Putin's cabinet. Yada, yada, yada. Putin has surrounded himself by Habad Lubavitch, Jews and Jewish oligarchs. We've said Putin planned thrusters will point out the few Jews that he's kicked out. But as we've pointed out many, many times and in very great detail on FTN 3 13 it was a small number of pro Western J left optics Jews who were removed from Russia because they weren't on board with what Putin was doing. And their purpose was to undermine the existing umbrella of Russia's Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress led by Vladimir Gusinsky. This is a guy that one of the people like to point to and say, See, he kicked the Jews out. Look at Brzezinski. Look at Cora Rudovsky. Look at all these guys. And it's like, Okay, so then why were the two people that were appointed to kick out all of those Jews Roman Abramovich in live live like Why? Why would Why would that be the case? Right? And where would Barrel of got to know your enemy, man? Just keeping him close. He controls them, right? They don't control him? Sure. Where were where have we ever seen that happen before? In any political liberation in the last three millennia, when is that ever happened? Doesn't happen. So you have all these immigration problems we've talked about with Russia, where you have 500,000 immigrants coming in while 440,000 people are leaving Russia every year. That's awful in a country half the size of America that you have the same throughput of immigrants coming in. Not a pretty trend. And the stat that all point out I'll keep pointing out until I'm blue in the face is that there are now more Muslims living in the city of Moscow than the entire population of Paris. Go look it up and I'll in before siding with Palestinians and Muslims targeted by Jews and wanting 2.5 1,000,000 of them living in your capital city. These are not the same things, like all side with the Palestinians. I'll side with anybody who's being targeted by Jews, but that doesn't mean that I want 2.5 1,000,000 of them living in my fucking capital city. OK, so hopefully light switch brains consults that one out. So we've given a lot of information to you guys before about this so far, and we're revisiting a lot of these story arcs from 2017 and 2018 because of the time were on the train, we ignored a lot of this stuff. Didn't dive too much in the details. And honestly, dude, putting this latest stuff together, I had a headache by the time I was done. So this is really is a pain in the ass, like yours. Truly. Jazz hands me. Feels like I am going through physical pain to put this together, but it's worth it. So whenever you heard Russia, Russia, Russia, what they really meant was Israel, Israel, Israel, Jews, Jews, Jews. But they couldn't say it. And more confirmation bias here. Hot off the presses from Friday night where you have d and I, Chief John Rat Face. So we talked about on the midweek show. The new the guy that replaced Richard Grumble. Remember? A guy worked for ah, Viktor Orban and, you know, good friend getting paid by Arthur Finkelstein. Yeah, he couldn't stay is deny, chief, cause he's not gonna get the votes. Well, they have John Rat face in there. And first thing John Rat Face does on Friday night, James. Perfect timing to release things when everybody's paying attention are the transcripts. Phone transcripts between Israel's Indian agent, Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and the phone transcripts are about what we said they were there, heavily redacted. But the parts that are unredacted show that Kislyak was pressured by Flynn to abstain or postpone from the U. N vote on condemnation of Israeli settlements. And as we talked about before, this was done at the behest of Jared Kushner, Flynn didn't just call Russia. He called everybody, but they made it about Russia. And then, on behalf of Jared Kushner, Chuck Kushner, BB Netanyahu, Habad, Lubavitcher Worldwide Jury The purpose was to abstain or postpone this U N vote, and it didn't get abstained or postponed. It went. It went forward. But they tried anyway. But what? The transcripts also confirm which is new information. Get your action from this is that Russia wanted to cooperate with us in Syria in order to unite a in fighting a common cause in the Middle East. They don't mention Israel, but it's obvious what they're discussing in the phone call. They talk about terrorism being the biggest threat. Syria must be stabilized. We have to work as a team. Let's get our partners together on the ground As soon as Donald is elected. G. James sure doesn't sound like these two countries are at loggerheads over what to do about Syria, huh? Yeah, well, when we talk about terrorism in the Middle East and stabilizing Syria against, ah, against these rebellions that the U. S. Had been arming it against Isis, which, as we know, was it was an Israeli project and Israeli led project to destabilize the region. Yeah. I mean, you can't. It's like one of these one of these things asked if All right, you can't. You can't be fighting terrorism in the Middle East and doing the be doing whatever Israel wants. It's not a relationship that it ends up making much sense. Yeah. Can't. Can't do both. So get there. Goes another cope, right? Well, Russia's Russia protected Assad from being the They wanted Assad right where he is. They want Syria stabilized and they'll take that land when they want to. There isn't gonna be a war. There isn't gonna be regime change. Assad is cooperating. They're doing whatever they want. If there were really a big problem, these guys and what they thought was a private conversation wouldn't be talking about this in the manner that they are. And that's that. Like, there's nothing else to say about it. And you can watch this unfold. I mean, you can see how this is happening. I mean, did they have to fire a single shot to get the Golan Heights to the West Bank or anything? No. It was about getting everybody on the board. Getting as many pieces on the board is possible. Who's about getting enough void in the in Europe, where you need unanimous votes to deny or condemn a move like this where they've done in the past? Now you have a few countries like Victor Orban and Poland and Matteo Salvini where they can say, Yeah, you know what? We support this move by Israel, so you're not gonna do the vote, and that's all they needed. And now they're there. Don't need to be wars right when they talk about, you know, in the past when they would talk about the Iraq war and whatever it's like, we need an international coalition. Well, now there's an international jig Nat coalition to just make sure that Israel get gets what it wants, and nobody's going to say anything about it. If you do, it's been criminalised with BDS. So that's what that that's what they're doing now. And so Assad's just a placeholder, and, you know, people can think he's based or whatever he's doing. I mean, that's fine. They'll get to him when they need to. But there's not. If there was gonna be regime change where where is this strife between these countries that I guess are ostensibly opposed to each other? It's not there. They're talking about dealing with terrorism and stabilizing Syria and working together on the ground. So there you go. Yeah, I think you could. You could also interpret this as, ah, as the Donald Trump the Trump administration, focusing not wanting to focus on Syria and doing regime changing story in Syria. Instead, they wanted Iran because Syria was sort of a stepping stone minor league project, and Iran has always been viewed as as the big get right that was always the stretch school. So instead of stirring things up in Syria and continuing to make a bigger mess out of that, the Trump administration wanted to to take the fight directly to Iran, you know? OK, cut the top head off the hydra instead of, you know, playing well with Syria eventually gonna want all that territory. But the three, the costs, the political cost of going to war and doing regimes. I mean, if they had actually engaged in a hot war in Syria and follow through on that like all these strikes and whatever, all of that was just intended to be like, Yeah, you're not gonna try anything stupid. Just making sure, Like we're gonna have all this unlocked and it's stabilized. And by stabilized, boxed in is a better way to put it. But going back to all this. So that phone call that took place was in December of 2016. So if you rewind the tapes 30 days before that, I was reading this story about this bag of dirt that was given to Jared Kushner, which I thought was funny. So November 2016 Donald Trump is elected. You have Sergei Kislyak, same guy who was on the phone with Indian agent Michael Flynn, uh, requested a meeting with Kushner and Kushner. Agreed in two weeks later, met with Kislyak and Flynn was in the in the meeting as well, and they ah, in the meeting, Kushner said he wanted to have a fresh start with us Habad Lubovitch relations Basically what that means and asked Kislyak for a contact close closer to Putin. And so in a second meeting, Kislyak asked for a second meeting. But this time, Kushner wasn't is eager. We'll find out why in here in a second, but instead of instead saying one of his assistants, Abbvie Berkowitz, would attend instead. During that meeting, Kislyak told Berkowitz he had another contact in mind for Kushner. Sergei Gorkov, the chairman of the Russian government owned Ah Vaness Chicana Bank or whatever doesn't really matter. But L m a o planned economy. Am I right? So Kushner met with Gorkov the next day, and Gorkov brought to gifts with him. For Kushner, one was a painting. We don't know what it is. The other was a bag of soil from the town and Belarus, where Kushner's family came from. And though the report does not elaborate on the gifts or how they were received by Kushner, the dirt more than likely was from a town called Nava Rude AC, which is where his paternal grandparents, Richelle and Joseph Kushner, lived course during World War Two. The town was occupied by the Soviet Union and then Nazi Germany, which turned it into a ghetto as though it wasn't a ghetto before. Because thes people self get a wise conditions were bad and the Nazis would come in. It will and kill people, says the article. Just came in and killed people for no reason. Kushner's credibly. Kushner's grandmother escaped through a tunnel dug by Jews and lived in the woods for nine months with her brother, sister and father. So if somebody brings you like beach sand from your favorite vacation spots like Oh, yeah, nice, that's cool. It's a cool, nice thing Like, you know, it's a place I've been or whatever something some something that some people do but you can immediately see. This isn't just dirt from the town. This isn't just ah, bag of soil that reminds Jared of where his family came from. It's to symbolize this tunnel that was alleged to have been dug by Kushner's grandmother. Just use a regular old tunnel boring machine, apparently tunneling miles under the woods and out of out and into safety to escape the evil Nazis who are coming to do them harm. But the funny thing about this is to is Gorkov in a way, because the thing about gifts like this, what they would call diplomatic gifts is they're supposed to be something meaningful. It's supposed to be something that conveys some sort of solidarity between nations. Um, and some people are very good gift giving in this history of gift giving through diplomatic means goes back a long way. Um goes back hundreds of years, maybe even longer than that goes back thousands of years, potentially. If you want to go back that far. Um, some people are really good at it. Some people are really bad at it. As we remember, Barack Obama gave Ah, the Queen of England iPods with his speeches on them, like, Why would a special what a special gift? And it's it's, you know, I know that it's like low hanging fruit, low hanging jungle fruit mocking Barack Obama. But I mean, that is I'm just sorry. That is a great example of a really bad self centered, like black I gift. It's like here Ah, here's something that you can remember me by. It's just me talking on an iPod, which you probably have never seen before and could not get on your own. It's like, Hey, oh, black people like this kind of tech. It's kind of funny. That's how that goes. But this gift symbolizes the relationship because the two weeks before Jared wants to have a fresh start with US Russian relations. Well, what was Belarus at this time when Jared Kushner's parents lived there? It was part of the Soviet Union, was part of Russia. And this is Gorkov giving this gift toe Kushner in a symbolic gesture of this is where you came from. You are Russian, your Russian Jew, that you we were in the middle of a revolution at this time. This is the dirt from that town. And ah, you are closer to us than you are is in America Now he doesn't have to be told that, but this is obviously what this gift gift represented. And it's funny that, you know, unless you go digging to find this information out like a normal person is going to read this and like, yeah, I give a bag of dirt and next it's like, No, there's a much deeper, much deeper meeting being conveyed here that the there is some solidarity on a very tribal level. Yeah, I mean, contrast This gift that was given by this this guy with you know, how Israel treated the prime minister of Japan. Right? The symbolism there. Pretty striking as well. Making the meat from a shoe. It's like these people know what they're doing. Squeeze People know exactly what they're doing with the with the gift messaging. So yeah, this is a very important it is. Yeah. And so then the bad optics. So you have Russian Jew, Dmitry Seems Symes, whatever you want to fucking call him, um, they don't. You have to dig to find out that this guy's a Jew, but you can find it if you look. He is Warren's Jared Kushner in April 2016 about bad optics. So April 2016 before the election, Kushner was in contact with this guy named Dmitri Simes, who's the Russian born CEO of the Washington D. C based think tank Center for the National Interest, whose national interests I wonder Symes, who advised Kushner on foreign policy warned him about making sure Russia did not become an issue that could hurt Trump's campaign. Interesting advice seems Symes whatever raised the issue of Russian contacts with Kushner and advised that it was bad optics for the campaign to develop hidden Russian contacts and told Kushner both that the campaign should not highlight Russia as an issue. Um, the report also describes a meeting between the two men, during which Symes provided Kushner with Clinton related information that he had promised. So this is more of this Israeli meddling that's going on. And so how do you know that this guy is is just well, Dmitri Simes left Moscow in 1973 at the age of 25 because he felt constrained. Oh, God, I felt constrained working at the Moscow equivalent of Washington's Brookings Institution, so I don't think Moscow would have wanted a Brookings institution there. But, you know, this Jew felt constrained Oakwood in the Soviet Union, you can be an honest bricklayer. Perhaps you could be an honest attorney, but I had a difficult being difficult time being an honest international observer. He felt he could not make accurate foreign relations assessments without conflicting with his country's official view of the world. As a Jew, he was granted permission to emigrate. There it is. There's the money shot right in the Washington Post. And so, yeah, this guy is the guy who, um, who has organized a lot of a lot of these meetings. He organized the meeting with Maria Butina. Remember the whole Honore scandal with this gun totin Russian? Ah, woman who, uh, who was like, very pro Second Amendment and all this stuff. And at the time we thought a men, you know, Look, look, these the J left in the media is trying to claim that they're using the n r. A. Is a vehicle for Russian funding. This is ingenious on their part because they're trying to take down the NRA. And the reality is, is that the Jewish Israeli contingent of the meddling arm was trying to use the NRA to launder money into Donald Trump's campaign. And they actually didn't care ultimately, if they got caught, because that's something that they want to have destroyed in the long run anyway, So looking at this stuff, they're a different lens is kind of funny. And when you start looking at the people. The Jewish contacts who were told everybody was told, was Russia, Russia. Russia is really Jewish, Jewish, Jewish, Israel, Israel, Israel. And it's kind of funny how all this stuff sort of comes together at James because we remember Maria Yudina. Remember talking about this stuff? It's like, Oh, that was a gay up to of course. Yeah, well, And this inter information, it didn't stop with Kushner. Either. Write these memos that he was given by Symes. He forward this on to the rest of the campaign and said, Oh, it's so It's suggestion only. But I mean, if you want to talk about the flow of Russian intelligence, read Jewish intelligence into the Trump campaign here, it ISS. And of course, they would like to Mr Acted Toe Big, scary white supremacist Russia. Well, given what we know about the extent of involvement between Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner and Israel and and these quote Russian oligarchs that are much more than just Russian Yeah, the full picture, really. It's almost like Russia. Um, yeah. Russia is not doing this for Russian interest. This is This is ah much more transnational. Interesting Africa and I don't have an axe to grind here. Look, I used to be one of the people who thought that Oh, yeah, This is the one place where this is Things are going really well, right? And it's another thing to hang my hat on. It's another cope to sink and ah, double down on and quadruple down on. And so I don't have an axe to grind. I'm just pointing this stuff out. And when you start to uncover this stuff and you start to say, Okay, look, this thing that I used to think was true is not really true. And when you when you sort of dislodge that shibboleth or you dislodge that assumption, then a lot of this stuff starts to make a lot more sense than it did before. Whereas, like I just explained, um, you know, with with the NRA, it's like, Oh, wow, the left is setting this up to destroy the NRA. It's like no Jews are using the Onorato launder cash into Trump's campaign and they don't care if the NRA dies. Another thing that they did cause people will say like Okay, well, if if Symes is actually wanting to cause damage. Why would he give this memo to Kushner With all of these connections that Bill Clinton and Hillary have to the Russian government, what they mean by the Russian government is here. Look, trot this out. These air, all our political enemies that we have in Russia that we don't like. And they're connected to Bill Clinton and Hillary and you can use this against him. This is the list of people that are okay to attack because those are the people that we don't like. Just like the people that Roman Abramovich and level of ive kicked out. These are they? Some of them are Jewish. Some of them are not. They're just people that are associated with the Clintons and people that way don't really want to have around in. You can use this. Whenever you're accused of being too close to Russian Jews in Russian Israelis, you can say no. Look, actually, it's Bill Clinton and Hillary, and it's the here, all the connections to people we don't like, see how this whole thing works. It's just it's just too perfect. It's too on the nose. And then when you start talking about cause you mentioned, you know, have you noticed that Jared Kushner has been there since the very beginning and he's never gonna get fired? Well, you know, Steve Mnuchin has been there from the beginning, and he's never gonna get fired. And, Ah, who's the other one? Stephen Miller is been there from Beginning is never going it fired. Well, Wilbur Ross has been there from the beginning. It is never going to get fired. And, ah, Wilbur Ross is kind of an interesting character. We're gonna give you sort of the whirlwind tour here of Wilbur Ross. But he's known as Thekla of bankruptcy. Of course he was. Ah, one of Trump's originals. Appointed his commerce secretary on November 30th 2016 confirmed by the Senate 72 to 27 G. James, just ah, you know, really little resistance to Wilbur Ross. He's known as they really had really had a fight. Hard to get this guy over those demon rats. Huge nomination battle over this guy. You know, in this and just, you know, for people who might still be trusting the plan and whatever when we talk about Oh, yeah, drain that swamp. It's, you know, look at this. What's this guy? I mean, any one of the people that he picked on a lot of people said, Oh, well, Trump would have been so great if he just hadn't surrounded himself with all of these really bad people. It's like, Well, why did he make that decision? Why would you do that? If if you had good intent, why would you do that? Well, now we know why Ross's noticed the king of bankruptcy. In the investment world, he's a vulture capitalist. He's like Peter is a Chuck singer, just another Chuck. Although he's Irish. Um, as far as we know, he's an Irish guy and have no reason to believe that he himself is Josh. Although he's married a couple of women who are questionable and who have married Jews, so is an investment. Were world for acquiring and restructuring failed companies and industries such a steel, coal, telecom, textiles and later selling them for a profit after the operations have improved. This is a Mitt Romney special. This is what these guys do course. Ross has been a Democrat until he registered as a Republican in November 2016 in order work for Trump, Um, so that, you know, Ma guitars like that didn't raise any eyebrows. It's like, Oh, he's just bringing coalition to people to gather right, James. It's like Michael Flynn. Just the demagogy of bringing Democrats onboard, making them bend the knee. I suppose so. The way wanted to believe. Yeah, So it some people did. Yes, some people did. Age 39 Ross began his 24 year career Rothchild and Companies New York office running their bankruptcy and restructuring practice. It has been best buds with Donald Trump throughout the entire time. Ah, in 19 eighties, when Trump built the three casinos in Atlantic City and then were under threat of foreclosure from lenders Ross, who was then the senior manager. AH, senior managing director of Rothschild's company of bankruptcy and restructuring representative investors in the casino, along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal that allowed Trump to keep control of his casinos. So he believed in the Trump brand and kept the thing going and given Trump and his father, who would have been alive at that time, the rank feel a Semitism espoused by these guys. It's no surprise that they build them out and we're going to see more of that. That's Ah, that's another pattern that continues. So you know Wilbur Ross put in charge of Donald Trump's Commerce right Commerce Department, going to make America great again. Bring manufacturing home and out so fast. In 2002 Rust bought bankrupt American steelmaker LTV just before miraculously, just in the nick of time for President George W. Bush to slap steel tariffs on Foreign Steel, which would act as a shield of sorts for US producers and may cross a very rich guy. But just a serious guy. He's a rich guy. He bought a handful of struggling steel firms in 2000 to Bethlehem Steel Weird and steal Acme Steel household names, and he formed a company called the International Steel Group. This is a calling card of Hiss. He forms thes conglomerates, the International Steel Group, the international Coal Group, and then does the bit with these companies. Um turns them around, slashes costs. He cut retirement benefits for more than 190,000 steel workers and retirees by moving private pensions to the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp at one Acme site in the Midwest. He cut the number of salaried personnel from 200 to 25 at Bethlehem Steel. He got rid of 3000 jobs through buyouts and voluntary departures. A year later, he took the company public and sold it for $4.5 billion. Do Pridget Lakshmi Mittal in 2004? And he made personally personally off this deal $260 million profit on his last $3 million investment at the cost of 48,000 steel jobs, according to the U. S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, where the number of steel jobs that were lost since Ross dove into that sector. Wow, what a serious guy in need. That's remarkable, and I remember one of the lines at the time, and it's funny to look back and just realized how hard the coping had to have been. And, you know, I was guilty of this to an extent at the time, But people were saying that Look, if you want a guy to take on this bankruptcy industry and this exporting of American industry, what what better guy to get than a guy that has experience in it, right? He's going to know the INS announce he's gonna know how these people abuse the system so he can hold them accountable and he'll, you know, turn it around on them. And yeah, I mean, we've seen how that's played out, right? I mean, what is that? I wonder what the job loss in the steel sector has been since Trump took out. Took office with the job losses banning manufacturing. I mean, these are things that ah, that at the time you people would have thought Okay, well, like yes, but right, yes, this is bad, but this is how it's actually going to be good. But now we see that good never materialized. Well, he greased the skids for people like Roman Abramovich to control a sizable portion of the U. S. Steel markets and ensure that the Keystone XL pipeline was sourced with steel from Abramovich and the wall was sourced with steel from Abramovich. This was to gobble up all these companies and sell them out to some international non white person who's just not gonna give a fuck about even less about the employees on the ground end. You know, it's about collapsing these industries in a way that makes the most sense conglomerate ing them and then putting them in the hands of ah of certain people, certain individuals. And ah, you know, Ross gets to clean up. He gets to make money along the way, but he ultimately doesn't end up controlling them. He just manages them. Ah, toward toward ah, you know, people like Abramovich and others. And so he did the same thing with coal. Ah, he founded the Internet. So this is in 2000 to 2004. So as soon as he's finished fucking over the steel industry, he founds the International Coal Group in 2004. It's like move from steel right on the coal. After acquiring the assets of several bankrupt coal companies, the United Mine Workers of America pro tested the reorganization as it lead to changes in health care and pensions for existing ploys. You notice a pattern here, yet it's like buy up all these bankrupt companies, fuck over the people who have given their lives to these industries, who told who were told that these jobs would be there for them and screw white people because these are white people working in these jobs. You have the Sago Mine disaster in 2006 that was likely caused by a lightning strike. 12 12 workers died. The roof collapsed in 2005. Yada yada yada. Um, there were 208 citations for safety violations during this period, including 21 times for a build up of toxic gases. This is Ross. This is Wilbur Ross, who's who's managing this company. I remember the disaster. I just don't. Of course, even if I did remember, you have to go looking for this back then to see who is really to blame. And of course, then in 2011 ah, he sold them out to a conglomerate named Arch Coal. So, yeah, does it to steal? Doesn't the coal? If you've been wondering what's happening to manufacturing and think, Oh, this is just a phenomenon, James, that we can't stop. This is the steady march of globalization. It's like, No, it it had a very steady helping hand in. That was Wilbur Ross. Um you know, sending this stuff in the direction of his buddies, right? And that guy has now been put in charge of the U. S. Treasury Department or use Commerce Department to make sure that this this pipeline doesn't stop, that this process can continue unabated. So, yeah. Yeah, What a great development. Eso That's the thing, it's like, All right, So this guy has done some some bad stuff, right? Like he's your typical American corporate vulture capitalists. Right? This is bad. But what is really knew about this? Well, what is Rossman doing other than working at being a restructuring and bankruptcy guy at Rothschild and Company? What has he been doing? Well, and he was the biggest investor in Navigator Gay s, um, which is, according to leaked documents known as the Paradise. Papers show that during his confirmation hearings, he failed to disclose a financial interest in Navigator CASS. He told you the truth about a lot of these places, but didn't want to tell you about Navigator, which is a petrochemicals company. Um, that transports chemicals for a company called Seeber. It's a Russian company. Ah, that was once owned by Karol Shammalah of Google Pictures of Carol Shamil of, um, I don't even need to smash that early life. I just need to smash that Google image search like my God That's fucking guy. Well, it's sort of carries on this trend that is more so familiar with this point. James's Carol Shamel Love is married to Katarina Patina, who is one of Putin's daughters. I don't even know he had a daughter. In fact, he does a lot. Makes a lot of effort to make sure you don't know that he has done it. Just got two of them. One of them. The older one is not that bad looking in all honesty. But Katarina My God, Look at that fucking beak. Her and Schama lover like Shalom. A love we should say, I don't really know. I mean, we don't really know what her background is, but I mean, look, I mean, I I understand some people's logic. People have these unfortunate issues with the nose. But, dude, I don't even know what to say. Me. There's a really significantly uglier Jared and Ivanka. Yeah, like I mean, I don't know what to tell you about this, but, you know, you look at this and it's just like, yeah, maybe maybe there's a reason why they want to keep this quiet, but But that's not that's not all. There is. So you know, people are like Oh, well, why you? Why are you talking about him in navigator gas? It's like, Well, why don't we talk about the Cypriot bank when I talk about the Bank of Cyprus, this clearing house for a lot of money? Ah, Roman Abramovich Money. Paul Manafort Money. Victor Vek Allsburg Money. I mean, just look at this thing. Ross served as the co chair of the Bank of Cyprus from 2014 to 2017. I mean, why does a guy who is basically a competitors to us steel at one point a one of the largest co owner of one of the largest coal conglomerates needed states Huge investor in navigation navigator gas. Why is this guy the chairman of just some little bank on something a little shit island in the Mediterranean? Well, until you understand what they're doing, it's a conduit for money for money laundering, predominantly by Jewish oligarchs to Israel through Russia. Um, it's the largest bank in the country, and it's got a whole bunch of deceptive financial practices of Vladimir star. Levski Jewish served as Ross's first co chair of the bank until 2015 His second co chair was Maxim Goldman, who is the director of strategic projects at Victor Vek Allsburg's Renova Group. Viktor Vekselberg, of course, is the largest shareholder in the Bank of Cyprus. This is a guy who collects Faberge eggs and, like, brings them back to Russia. They're like, all over the world. It brings them back to Russia. This guy originally made his money in metals and energy companies now worth $10 billion. Um, he was appointed to head the skull ovo skulk ovo project, which is supposed to be this international tech hub. And Moscow sounds great for Russians. Right? Except that this whole thing was another one of these venture capital funds for organizing tech companies in Moscow, New York City in Tel Aviv. So we're gonna set up this tech hub in Russia that's gonna benefit Russians and give great tech jobs. But what it's really about is, you know, sending the jobs to Israel and probably setting up. I mean, the H one B system has worked so well in importing budgets into America. Why not do it here? Right. That's the shot. Sure. Well, and setting up further dependency on Israel for those tech jobs that do spring up in Russia and for acne is a conduit of Israeli tech to come into Russia to get a foothold in Russia. I mean, any any jobs they are forced to set up in Russia. That's it's, ah, you know, just a price. They have to pay for the real benefit here, which is strengthening the ties and strengthening direction, strengthening the chokehold really, of Israeli spy tech around the world. Yeah, that's what this is about you. And so it's like All right, well, why single out the Bank of Cyprus? Well, because it's the conduit through which a lot of the same familiar faces a lot of the same people, uh, seems to flow. It's also a lot of juice. It's very high concentration of Jews. One of them is not a Jew. Josef Ackermann, um, is a Swiss guy. Maybe he's Jewish. I couldn't find any information, but he is the co chair of the Bank of Cyprus with Maxim Goldman course. He is the former CEO of Deutsche Bank, which is the bank that loans Donald Trump. Basically, all of his money loaned Epstein all of his money. It loaned Kushner all of his money because other financial institutions won't loan to these guys because they have a habit of not paying the loans back. They have a habit of doing a lot of illegal shit with the money, and they're very well protected, of course, Um and part of the reason that part of the way that they get away with so much of this and it's one of the reasons why the impeachment and all the Mueller report and all that stuff it wasn't ever gonna go anywhere was to make you think that Donald Trump is in bed with Putin. And it's all this white nationalist Nazi stuff going on. It's like, No, do you think they're really gonna prosecute Israelis? Do you think they're really gonna prosecute Israeli money laundering and Israeli organized crime? No. Why would they touch that? I'm gonna touch that. They can't touch that. They're part of it. They have to make it seem like it's something serious, something else. But you know, they did that very well until people got sick of hearing about it. And one of the features of this phenomenon, as I have said before, is if you spend the last two or three years here in Russia, Russia, Russia and colluding and foreign meddling whatever, you're gonna be worn out and you're not gonna be that interested in hearing about what really went on when it's like No, no, actually, all of that stuff was happening. It just wasn't that country. It was this country wasn't that ethnicity. It was this ethnicity. And then most people are like their eyes were glazed over. But if you were told from the beginning that I was actually this I mean, you know it would feed into a lot of the anti Semitism is that people sure start to have well, and that's why they'll they'll release what they did with, uh, Radcliffe released this transcript on the night when every American is watching Minneapolis burn and every American is thinking, Oh my God, I hope they don't come to my city and burn my suburb down. So people's eyes definitely focused elsewhere when this information dropped. Yeah, yeah, So as we've talked in other deep dives, of course, the Bank of Cyprus. That's what got Paul metaphor put in jail because Oleg Deripaska, who is also Jewish, another Jewish Russian oligarch. He was the guy paying Manafort $10 million a year through the Bank of Cyprus. No idea where that money came from. But Finkelstein is the one who introduced Manafort to Dare Paskah, so it's kind of funny, very incestuous pit. And so, if Roman Abramovich is Putin's number one guy, Deripaska is the number two. Ju Deripaska married the daughter of Boris Yeltsin in 2001. Course, Yeltsin is the one who handpicked Um Ah, who and pick Putin to take over after, Ah, he bowed out of being president. And of course, you know, if said this before to is every Russian nationalist, every meaningful Russian nationalists who believes in an ethnic Russia have all been opposed to Boris Yeltsin. If you see somebody opposed to our favoring Putin and favoring Yeltsin, it's like seeing Charlie Kirk out there favoring Donald Trump. It's not real. So all all of the meaningful nationalisms that have cropped up in Russia, none of them are supporting these guys. And there's a reason for that, and that's a deep dive. We're going to do a TsUM 0.2. So I'm not just saying that I have the goods there in there. Ah, they're stacked. The prep is stacked in my life for that already. So I mentioned Roussel before Dare Paska is the founder and majority shareholder in Rusal, which is the second largest aluminum company in the world. Len Blavatnik holds a stake in Rousse. Ella's well, and as we said in the previous deep dives, why am I mentioning all these guys? Why am I mentioning all these Russian Jews? Because these are guys that figured out how toe inject Thanh of money into the GOP and a ton of money into Donald Trump in 2015 2016. And these guys are all associated with about Lubavitch, which is all associated with BB Netanyahu. And this is about getting all of the pieces on the board. So I have to, like, zoom out to the 40,000 foot level every once in a while. So people kind of see the big picture and don't get lost in the The interconnectedness is of all this because these people are all connected. Most of them are Jewish, and most of them have a very narrowly defined scope in mind for what they want done. And that is making sure that their guys in office that Benjamin Netanyahu has as many pieces on the board as possible to get this stuff done in another Another one of those people is I'm probably gonna butcher this name. But Dimitri Rye Bo love live. Yeah, There we go. Dmitry Rye, bull of live. Who is Russian? Russia's Jewish fertilizer king. So this guy is a literal shit puppet. Uh, owns 3.3% stake in the Bank of Cyprus. This is the guy who bought Trump's Palm Beach mansion in 2008 in the midst of the financial crisis for $95 million even though the mansion was valued at $60 million. So what's 95 million? Minus 60 million melts. $35 million. Give or take, right? It wasn't funny that that was when Trump was facing this $40 million personal loan guarantee that he had made to Deutsche Bank. Remember, we talked about this where he actually sued Deutsche Bank, saying that charging them with the responsibility for the financial crisis, he said, You're the one who caused this bubble to burst so I don't have to pay my loan back. Hey, eventually got ruled against. It's like the creativity of Donald Trump, right? It's like suing the bank over a $40 million loan that he doesn't want to pay back, cause no, man. I wish she well, she had that determination and show that legal creativity on our behalf would map the great. Yeah, well, it's kind of nice that somebody is there to make sure that, you know, here's the money. Here's some illicit capital laundered through the real estate business to make sure that you get your loan paid back. And then he sold the property for a loss. This ride, ball of left. And he's a Jew, Of course. Of course I said that already. I think. Shit puppet, Right? Um, so, yeah. Ah! And of course, torture Bank has been fined $10 billion for money laundering. A lot of money has flowed through there. It's the Epstein Kushner everybody else. And so, um, rai boy of levs yacht and planes have been spotted next to Trump's dozens of times, especially during the presidential campaign. Ra boy of Levis, friends with Kushner. He's also tight with Putin and moisture. Candler Moshe. Oh, good. Um whose Akron group is a world leader and fertilizers. What's with all these? Like ship dealers, man, like these Jewish ship dealers Moshe Kantor and then Lev Leviev, of course, is Ah, diamond mogul. He's like, literally the blood diamond guy who was tasked with Abramovich to kick out all of the Jews that they didn't want that we're getting in those two combines. Yeah, it's like the number two diamond industry perfect. It really is. It really is. They got. They've got every end of the process covered fully. Incidents Amazing. Um, Cantor was twice re elected president of the European Josh Congress, an umbrella organization of European Jewry and love. It is the chairman of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of the Confederation of Independent States. There it is, a Russia dominated loose conglomeration of Josh communities in most of the former Soviet Republics. It's wow this organization across sovereign country lie. It's just amazing, James. It's almost like they have loyalties somewhere else. Um, no. Yeah, so complete, almost like a complete list of juices in this tight knit group, which we're going to get to it some point, some of whom we've talked about before. Some of whom we haven't talked about yet, but we will talk about all of them. Alexander Abramov, Ola Dare Pasqua, Mikhail Prokhorov, Alisher Usmanov, German Khan, Leonid Michaelson, Vagit Alekperov, McKell Friedman, Vladimir Potente in Peter Raven in vitality. Malik These are all Russian Josh oligarchs who are all interconnected, own various industries and everything else. And so talking about Roman Abramovich and talking about Wilbur, US Commerce Secretary well as commerce secretary. What can Wilbur Ross really do? What is his power? Well, for one, he has complete and total discretion over how to enforce tariffs. Interesting. So flash back to March 2018. Reuters, Russian metals and mining companies face relatively little harm from any introduction of U. S tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, analysts and company representatives said. Trump said the duties 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum. Remember this would be formally announced next week. Russia shares Europe's concern about the decision, but Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday, adding that Moscow is carefully analyzing the situation, which is forming in trade relations, blah blah, blah, blah, blah well, Roussel, who I mentioned before that's Oleg Deripaska's company, Big old Jew. They're gonna have zero issue because their business won't be impacted by these tariffs, which is by design. They can sell their material helps elsewhere. At virtually no cost. Russian steelmakers was sizable. Exports to the United States would also be protected from the impact of tariffs by their U. S assets, according to analysts. Steel producer Ever as co owned by Roman Abramovich, which exports half a 1,000,000 tons of steel slabs to the United States and its North American assets, country companies that are controlled by Roman Abramovich in North America sell 2.2 million tons of steel a year to the U. S. Market. And so yeah, they're shares went up when Trump announced the steel tariffs because he was basically. If you think about this, not too hard to figure out cutting out all of the other steel production so that these guys, Jewish guys that control steel imports would get even more business, they would get a bigger share of the market amazing well and the American steel that was being benefited here, Sure, us steel and others. But But Evra's is counted technically, and Roman Abramovich is investments in the US allow him to be treated by these tariffs as a U S producer as a US manufacturer, I mean, he has given the same treatment that a legitimate American business would get. So he's a He's a rock ribbed conservative, James waving that red, white and blue. Um, so yeah, and this is this is something we talked about, sort of, um, at a distance because we didn't have a whole lot of details and just it's a lot of the lack of details is just having the fucking time to sit down and find all this stuff and piece it together. Hence the headache. But But here we go. So if you have thought that the Eos that Donald Trump has done on immigration and on the platform ing and they've gotten gayer as they've gone along, well, some of them have been gay from the very beginning to, and this is a big one. This is one that I don't remember anybody talking about at the time is one of the first things out of the gate. So four days after he was inaugurated, Trump signed a handful of executive memos, one of which was to advance the Keystone XL pipeline and revive the U. S steel industry. He invited Builder Trans Canada Corp to re apply for a permit denied by Barack Obama and ordered up fast track rules forcing Keystone but also other new U. S pipelines to be made from American Steel. From now on, we're going to be making pipeline in United States who remembers this right? Made in America, Keystone was all a stunt based on the caveat language and Donald Trump Steel Order and noted that it appears designed to preserve lots of wiggle room, of course, because most of the pipes had already been manufactured and they were manufactured by Roman Abramovich. Some of the pipes were made in the US, but at least 40% came from Russian Steel Company, whose biggest shareholder is an oligarch in Trump family friend Roman Abramovich. The company, ever as North America, supplied Keystone from its steel plants in Canada. Alvarez describes itself as among the top steel producers in the world. Based on crude steel production. They own three steel mills in the U. S. But the company chose to manufacture the pipe for Excel in its Regina Mill in Saskatchewan by 2015 that, uh that mill had produced 550 miles of steel pipe. So he just signed them up for that, right? I mean, that was that was all he had to do. So it allowed them to say that basically, pipe must be manufactured, like the pipe was sold to the United States. So it's American pipe, right? That's how this was, right? Yeah. Or or it could be that it could be manufactured by a company in Canada. That company also has a North American division, I suppose, based in America. So therefore, it's American, right? Right by some, by some means of Abramovich's investment. He has money in America, therefore American. Right. And this is why you saw the hard pivot on the wall to when Donald said one of the things with Wallace after all of the, uh what were those called the prototypes? Prototypes? Yeah, in California And the big cement prototypes were just torn down and they decided to go with wall. You have to see through it, right? Trump said. In other words, if you can't see through the wall so it could be a steel wall with openings, but you have to have the openings because you have to see what's on the other side, and I don't remember this. But, he said, It's horrible as it sounds when they throw large sacks of drugs over. Yeah, they just they just throw a sack of drugs are if you have someone standing on the other side of the wall, just, I don't know, hanging out smoking a cigarette. I don't know, just chillin. Whatever. You might hit them in the head with the £60 of drugs, right? So people need to be able to see through so that they don't get hit in the head with the sack of drugs. Do you remember him saying this? I don't remember. I don't dislike the most ludicrous example possible, but yeah, yeah, it's your Rio Grande lifeboats scenario where people are just tucking, hooking these sacks of, you know, as you dio as you. Of course. And you know, if it's for us fittest facilitating smuggling, right, I'm sure that having the big open slat for them to just pass the £60 hypothetical £60 bag of drugs through sure, that doesn't make anything easier for them, right? That doesn't assist the smuggling at all, you know? And like we said, I mean the purpose. The stated purpose of the wall is so you can see through it and steel slats we can build a faster, blah, blah blah, blah blah. But the actual intent of doing it this way, as we've seen that you can cut through it with a cutter from Harbor freight in like 30 seconds is that what's the point of building in immutable concrete wall that really doesn't need much maintenance, can't be penetrated and looks great when you can have, which is what they built in Israel, which here you can just have a wall that can be cut through, um, knocked down like whatever, and it has to be replaced. It needs continuous maintenance. It's who is this good for? Well, it's good for the steel producer, and you need a lot more steel to build it this way. And you know who's steel plants roll this kind of steel while it's Roman Abramovich. So every as is getting it all while tariffs air in place on other companies so they won't even think about trying to sell their steel in America. They won't even be bidders on the project. It's all gonna go to good old Roman, right? So funny. Funny story from the Paradise Papers, which have been kind of looking through, um, about Abramovich and this. This is back to some of the stuff we talked about before, but I didn't know about this. So the Paradise Papers is this leak of this law firm come called Appleby, which does a lot of this offshore financial stuff. They set up these companies, they manage it for people and all that stuff got leaked in these paradise papers. And if you know what to look for, you're gonna find some interesting things. Don't just pay attention to what the media has said. Oh, look at this. Look at this thing that you should really care about when there's other stuff to look at. So apparently, um, they were trying to set up this company called Russia Forest Products in Bermuda, which controlled the largest timber holding of the Far East. Roman Abramovich tried to buy 1\/3 of it for $168 million back in 1992. That's why it's such a low dollar amount. But he was filling out a questionnaire for the transaction. Ah, he, he responded negatively, meaning no to the question of whether or not he had ever been the object or subject of a judicial or other official investigation, he says No, of course. He's a lying Jew. Why would he say yes? At the same time? In 1992 he was involved in a criminal case, and the criminal case that he was involved in was when he used forged documents, as we talked about in another deep dive to redirect an entire train. That's right. That's what I said. An entire train filled with diesel fuel from one destination to another destination for the purposes of stealing the fuel. Ah, he did this in the midst of, you know, when when Russia was in the process of the Soviet Union was collapsing and he did it like this. And, of course, because of who his friends were, he never was charged. Nothing ever happened to him in this criminal case. But he answered no on this questionnaire and was denied, actually. Oh, good. These you still know by Bermuda, And so Appleby basically made him fill out the form correctly on the Virgin Islands. And there was a company that popped up there, you know, not too long. Later called Russia Forest Products in the virgin eyes. It's like when you fail over here, you know, do well over there and just make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly. It's like I just I know you're accustomed the lying Roman. But, you know, just say yes, and they're still going to approve the form. What do you think they're going to say no to you? So yeah. Yeah, It's like, this is the kind of bureaucrat gang that is trying to assist you in the creation of your illegal enterprise. So, I mean, the least you could do is humor them and not lie straight to their face. Yeah, exactly. Um, so anyway and yeah, I mean, one more thing on Wilbur Ross, of course. We've talked about him in the context of the 2020 citizenship question, and this is one of these arguments that have gotten into with Norm ease when they when they want to point out that welease Donald's trying, he's trying his best. Like we'll take the citizenship question, for example, where the Supreme Court themselves. Theosophy Sensible conservative justices on the Supreme Court said. Look, there's nothing wrong with adding a citizenship question of the census. It's been done before it was removed by the Obama administration. It was on there for decades. You guys were just presenting, really. The Trump administration is you guys. You guys are presenting really shitty arguments, tow us that are making this very difficult for us to say, Yeah, this is fine. And if you would just come to us and there are even some lawyers through writing op EDS. It's it. Here's all the administration has to say to win this case, and it's like they just had an allergy to giving the right arguments, and they purposely bungled it. So and then they ran out the clock so that the citizenship question I would never make it on the census. And, you know, people. Some people were saying, Oh, it's because Wilbur Ross is 79 years old and he's just an old man who fall sleeps in, falls asleep in meetings like no guy like this was done on purpose. This is the hallmark of the Trump administration, say in do based things and then surrender the field of battle when it's necessary. And some of these things, this is the cleanup I'm talking about. This is really uncomfortable for them. Toe have to pull off because there they have to deal with answering these uneasy questions about why won't you just give a legitimate argument to this? You know, so part of this is like getting Trump to stop promising things like citizenship question on the census. It's like Guy, we removed that. We're not going back in time for that. So stop promising things that are totally legal under every federal statute. And there's no problem in doing and that we have to sort of strike down all part, right? Yeah, And you remember. Actually, that's the argument. Clarence Thomas made this directive. Clarence Thomas is the guy saying, Well, like, there's nothing stopping them from doing this, So I don't see what the problem is here. And of course, that's ah, line of argument that the Trump Administration could have. They could have done this so differently, right? If they had actually had any intention of getting the citizenship question on the census, they could have done it. But you look at what Ross has done. And it's the same the same motivations as this guy being, you know, a vulture capitalist presider over loss of American jobs and got into American industry. Like, what incentive would this guy have to do the right thing to do to do the base thing? None. So this is the same guy that during the wall shut down, said, You know, you furloughed employees and contractors that don't have any money, and the shutdown is gonna keep going on yet. You know, these credit unions, Uh, you could just take out a personal loan. You don't have to. I don't understand why P literally said this. I don't understand why people are going to the food bank to feed themselves. You just take out a loan. And when you look like when you look at what the Commerce Department Federal Credit Union was offering furloughed employees yeah, personal loans at 9% interest starting at 9% interest, it's like it's like Wilbur us like I don't know why people don't take out a loan since pretty open and shut for May. So yeah, such a such I mean, you'll take out that loan for $3 you'll turn it into $260 right? Yeah. Great. That's kind of what we dio. I don't understand why more people aren't feeding. Slo mo is what Ross meant to say. It's like, Why would you go to the food bank? It's not benefiting anybody for you to just get food free, borrow them, then no more. Yeah, money with no strings attached. What you're talking about here the American way. So it really is. Indeed, it really is the American way. So Hey, that's all there is. So, uh, hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend Got more coming at you. More fake nationalism. Chablis to fall in the week show this week. So that's a James getting else. I don't I don't have fun. Uh, stay safe, knock. I'm not gonna end this show with a gap. You don't know guys that you know nothing about straps. Definitely not, but definitely stay safe. And, uh, if you encounter a black person in the wild, just run away as fast as you can while you really only just run away. Just cover your face, run away and don't way. And the chimp bouts Fires burning in So you good. I close My eyes were grew in strong softly smile. I know the cat is good boy way, way Keep those do nothings off the streets in our town. Got kids used to do nothing's off the streets in town I do."}],"