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Well, welcome back to fbn Brought to you by the network Worry drug Our reports news, power truths Dasher Hooks Smash your sacred single pole Quadruple polls. Whatever you say it however you want now never gonna get it right. If you've heard it somewhere, chances are that summer's here Jazz Enes feels joined by James Well, rested after a nice, long just chillin grill weekend. James, How are you? Good. Yeah, a lot of chilling. What a grilling going on. A lot of lawn mowing, I think. I try. I made an effort to start up every single small engine. Ah, small engine yard maintenance tool that I have over the weekend. And I think I got about 3\/4 of the way there. So very productive weekend for me. Nice. Yeah. I have one of those one of those engines that you can attach all these different attachments to it. So I really don't have that many engines to start up. I am almost at a guess, though I did use that it have consumed a lot of gasoline for these various things. So I do need to go and take all these cans and fill them up again. So, uh, you know, and Philip, all the underground storage tanks that I have here and everything else I'm just kidding. No. Yeah. I gotta power the elevator. You got. Ah, You gotta what? Make sure you drop the gas in through the top and then seal it back up so you don't off gas yourself. Very important. Yeah. No, no. Off gassing at all. But yeah, a lot of outside work was very nice. Furnace weather. So hopefully everybody enjoyed their holiday. And, more importantly, hope you enjoyed awesome time off. And, ah, sometime of fan, if possible outside, if possible. And also our a deep dive on the Israeli panopticon. We did three parts that we released from out from behind the pay wall of the very first time. A lot of people liked it. And so hopefully you enjoyed that in one in one shot. If you Ah, in case you caught it over the course of several episodes because it was only pay Well, so so very good job with the research. Um from James on that. There's been a lot of updates with that as well, even even coming up in the last couple weeks. So all of the bias has been confirmed over and over again, where you may confirm bias again today. We're very exciting show for you guys today. Um, the wrecking ball will be swinging again. This time it's gonna be a wrecking wrecking ball that is gonna be smashing. Ah, Meatball. Um, Matteo Salvini is on the chopping block today and there There've been a couple of projects that we've been undertaking here at FTN and more broadly, a terrace. I know. Ah, the tedious guys have been talking a lot about the Holocaust and talking about that and we have been talking about Ah, the the American history is something we've been working on working on with boars away in the background as well on the next big deep dive, which is going to be coming up here in the next few weeks, and I can tell you what it is you can. You guys can have some suspense, but it's gonna be it's going to be, I would say, James, I didn't think it was gonna be as is huge, is the Hamilton one. But as things are shaping up, it may very well be bigger. And that's not type the thing. The research that we're finding is is pretty interesting. So a lot of projects going on and then this smashing the fake nationalism shibboleth. This is a project that has been started for a while and in going back into this American history and looking at these things because these things need to be addressed just like the Holocaust narrative needs to be addressed. The American history narrative needs to be addressed. The fake nationalism narrative needs to be addressed. The kosher sandwich narrative look, I mean, Finkelstein. If you asked any of us 12 months ago, who's Arthur Finkelstein will be like Who? So the fact that you know we're constantly updating our firmware are white nationalists firmware, and that leads me to another thing, which is Ted. I've been pissing a lot of people off because the rhetoric is getting honed. Um, it is much you don't have to come up with all these elaborate arguments for these things anymore. You can just point to look. This is not riel. It has never been riel. There's no question about this. And here, here in here, all these examples of how this is faking gay, and I don't know why you would drag yourself out and double down on on Trump in 2020. That was the common theme. And when you start pointing these things out, which are immutable facts that they can't come back from, people get really mad because they've cling to these things so hard. All of these air are Norma's, but they just get very pissed. And then when you go even harder and say, Well, Israel's getting what it wants, why should I have to accept a choice, a false choice between Zionism and Bolshevism? And that's the way that I framed it for this, this one normally in the stair, that I got the anger that welled up inside of this person because they know that it's true. They know that it's true. It's like, look, everything about the Trump administration has been this big drum beating triumphalism, only to surrender the field of battle battle unless it's for Israel. And every time they get what they want in every time you don't get what you want, and it's been that over and over and over again. So are you saying that you support reelection because of Zionism? Because that's what you're gonna get. You're not gonna get anything for you. And if so, what's the point? And, you know, especially on a day like Memorial Day, where a lot of these Normie Zehr welled up in the just dead end American patriotism feel good. Yadi Yadi at it. Look, I say that with a huge Astra's because there is feeling good about who you are as an American and us as a people is is different in my mind from what you've been told it represents. And that is not riel. It has never been riel, and we're slowly chipping away at that narrative as we go. But a lot of people still, you know, they think a memorial day. They think of those red, white and blue banners that hang on the bandstand, and everybody is remembering the people who gave their lives for your freedoms and your liberties. And it's just it's not in. People get really upset. If you say well, what's the point of even participating in this election? Because people think they're gonna They're gonna get acceleration is, um if they vote for Biden and yea these air, not normals who think this. But it's like, No, that's not gonna happen. You're just ricochet lights. Which brain? Under the other side of coaches sandwich. You're not getting anything out of that. And it's like with the best. The best move sometimes is not to play the game at all. And that really pisses off Norm ease, especially Boomer Maga nor Mees, who think that this is your duty to vote for Trump. Some of them look at it that this is a war against the leftists and it's they've really bought into this, like, just like the diseases, faking gay and like, all the other, all the other things that they do. Um, and it's and it's sad how controlled people are. And the thing that I say that usually is a, uh, end to the conversation. It's like, when was the last what was the last nonfiction book you've read? And then I just like, fold my hands and I look at them and it usually that is the thing that just sends people into a rage and I love it because it's like it's so true. You didn't read a fucking book. And when you qualify it, they say nonfiction it just like drives the knife and even deeper you're not reading. You watch television and you read notifications on your fucking phone, and that's what your life has become. And that's sad. It's sad. You're not educated. You're not intelligent. You might be intelligent, your potential for intelligence. But you've squandered it because of ah, digital dopamine hits. And so you end of my rant. But this is yet this this newfound sort of position. It's like, Yes, I don't have to be on. And the common refrain that you get from people took So your proponent of socialism Now it's like, Jesus Christ, It's like, No, I'm just I want something else besides Zionism or Bolshevism. We can talk about how we take care of people in a different sort of future. But, you know, the socialism garbage. It's just you're you're not. You're talking bullshit at me. Here. So you So you think Biden would be better, huh, Man, You think we should all vote for Joe, man? Is that what you're saying now? I think this is actually is actually a good form or update. And it's actually something that answers a feeling and gives a framework to a feeling that many people have had people who who have been somewhat political, maybe not not that political for out throughout their lives who have always had this feeling that this two party system is never has never been set up for them. And I've talked to people who were around in the time of, you know, Reagan, right? They were really into Reagan and they saw a wreck and get elected and then realized that all of these things Reagan was promising people in what Reagan represented. Moreover, as a departure in a break from from from Democrat Republican politics at the time that they weren't getting it and the things that he was supposed to be delivering to them outside of that framework, he was not going to deliver, he was going to deliver on on Mawr immigration going to deliver on essentially status quo, and every as we've explained in our deep dive, he was actually going to advance and ah you know, put the foot, put the pedal to the metal with the financial ization of the economy. And at that point, there are many people in in generations past that just tuned out. And they recognize from that point on that that this two party dichotomy that being involved in in, you know, partisanship every two years, as you're supposed to do, as is your good American duty, it's a dead end game, and many of these people who were re energized by Trump in 2016. It's almost like taking them back to where they were in 2014 and giving them an actual substantive way to explain this and understand it. So I think there are a lot of people who, when you do explain this to them, and you really do make the case that that you know, the baiting and the base tweets and the rhetoric. And these are all this is all part of a grand strategy, a an explicit strategy, in fact, that they roll out on you every 2 to 4 years to get you re engaged. People can. People are given permission almost to disengage, to re disengage, and that's what a lot of people are looking for because they do think of it as a battle. It is conceptualized as a battle which again is a derivative of Finkel think and and that milieu. And they need to feel like they're not derelict in their duty. So explaining to them that the battle is is an illusion is actually, I think, very, very important. And so I'm glad that we've been able to uncover this and been able to update our understanding of American politics to reflect it. Yeah, that's the other aspect of it is special on holidays like this, and you'll get this a lot around the Fourth of July, which is why we've timed a lot of our deconstruction of American history on those holidays, because that's when people are most likely to be thinking about these things. And also then it's an opportunity to pillory a lot of this stuff because you know the reaction. A lot of the reactions that that I've been getting a swell have to do with, you know, feeling like the country is always slipping away, right? This is always the narrative that you get from Norma's. It's like if this is the election that we this is the turning point we have to say this. And if we don't do this, this will be the This is this is where it all falls apart. And if you've been around for a while, these are the things that you were told in 20 10. It was the things that you were told in 2008. It was the thing that you were told in 2012 literally every election. You're told this this is the turning point for America and they believe this stuff and they get really emotional about it. And the thing that you have to say And I said this was you have to understand that not only is that gone, it never existed. It never really existed. You'd have to go back. You'd have to go back to the Arcadian past of America prior to the American Revolution, or maybe prior to the ratification of the US Constitution to find a period in time like that, you can go back in times between then and now in fine points snapshots where you think things were better, and that's probably true. But to go back to a point where it was unmolested because 50 years from now, somebody is gonna look back at us and say, Well, I didn't know the way that we look at boomers, perhaps and say, Well, you guys had the majority white country Why didn't you just do something? It's like, Well, maybe that's maybe that's maybe when you look look at it. What What were people up against 30 years ago? Well, you know, maybe they had incrementally less power today is gonna look like a cakewalk compared to 20 or 30 years from now. I'm sorry if people are like, Oh, God, it's It's so black build. I just can't That's fuckin reality, man. That's reality. And you have to engage with that reality or check out, check out and a lot of boomers check out. Now this is did not mean to be in a defensive boomers by any stretch of the imagination, because more people now more people now are aware of the schemes the 11 it schemes than were ever aware before. So there's a lot of white. There are a lot of white pilled things to to think about as well. We're at a a much different time than we were back then, but just just to keep in mind. And so because I know like people say, Oh, back to the 19 fifties or back to the 19 twenties or back to the whatever but all of those eras there. The trend at that time, if you only look at snapshots, everything's a rosy fucking picture. But if you look at trends, it's a different. It's a different story, and that's that's the thing. So anyway, yeah, I think you could actually even look at the time when when people who are boomers now people in their sixties seventies eighties would have been at their, you know, political the peak of their political power and look at the conditions then and ask, Well, what were they supposed to do? And things were certainly better in many ways than they are now. But at the same time, Kennedy, they shot Kennedy. Somebody tried to do something right, and they got him so right. So it's like it's I get the feeling sometimes that being being viscerally upset and blaming the boomer is similar to blaming Karen. It's getting mad at a rat from an older trap you're not looking at at who was setting the trap and who was pulling the strings of the time. This is not to say that there was not a time, maybe form. It was much easier to trick people back then. Teoh again. I'm not trying to do MTA. This was not intended to mount a sweeping defensive of boomers, but, um e I do. I do hear your point, and it is true. Like I do think it's true. They should be given a pass on some things, but not on everything. But that's the newts. I think that we're looking for, perhaps, yeah, well. And you can't begrudge people for not having information that there was literally no way of obtaining to at the time, which for many of them was. But then again, you know, many people chose to be marveled by by the new technology of television and movies. And, you know, just rampant consumerism get sucked down that rabbit hole. So yeah, the idea that any any generation is perfectly it's again, not a question of being lights, which all good, all bad people were facing different circumstances. People are now facing different circumstances, but now there's really no excuse. Now we have the access to the information. Now we have the backdrop of history to look at and and to analyse these trends and to to expose this structure, this trap for what it ISS. And so now I think there is absolutely zero excuse to meet to remain tricked and and to remain a part of this. And if you're a younger person, especially to remain deeply invested in this system and thinking that you're going to eat something out of it on the periphery by by tricking the trickster by sneaking something passed, the beach is just not going to happen. Yeah, because things were becoming normalized as well. I mean, you don't have the rapid advance in technology, Aziz. You did in the last 100 years. You're not going. I don't think I mean, it could be wrong. You're gonna have and see this is where light switch brains get hung up. You're going tohave in advance in technology in the next 100 years. So that's not what I'm saying. You won't have the relative advance that you had in the previous 100 years in the next 100 years, because in the previous 100 years it was a lot of white people, if not all white people, all Europeans contributing to the advancements in the sciences. And you don't have that now. It's not gonna be the same in nor is it to their advantage, because the Internet has been bad for these people. The ah, the proliferation of digital information. They've twisted it to make it beneficial for them with with pornography and, uh, everything else all the rot that they've done with the social media. But the the just the general proliferation of the media about everybody figuring out who is doing the tricks, that is something that they have not wanted. And so they don't want this. They sort of want to have a lot more control over this and things air going through a period of normalization. And as that progresses, it's it's it's our job to bring people the truth. And part of that normalization means tearing down these things that maybe you don't even notice keep you comfortable. And, you know, one of the one of those things for me for a long time was in. This thing is, you know, it's Eric. Striker likes to say, you know, we're not just conservatism, with racism and anti Semitism stapled on to the page. That's not what we are. It's a perfect description. That's not what we are. That's what at one point that is a phase that some people go through. I'll raise my hand and say, I went through that phase. I know what it's like to go through that phase where, you know, the founders were were white nationalists who got everything right except for keeping out the Jews. And that's it's a good start. It's a good start, so I'm not gonna attack somebody for having a good start. You're on the way there, but it's something that you have to evolve past and look, I'm going to evolve and James will evolve past the positions that we have today. It's natural. If you're not moving forward in advancing your knowledge, then you're stuck, you become stagnant. And so we're all updating our firmware and we're moving forward together, and it makes the fun part about that for me, is that when I go through headlines now, it just was like, Yep, check the box. I know what that means and what that means and what that means so I'm going to share that stuff with you because, you know, I hope that people can be brought along. So Justice Department, who could have predicted that the Justice Department is going to close the stock investigation stunk investigations into Kelly, La Flor, James and Huff and Dianne Feinstein, who thought that this DOJ the Trump DOJ would close down any sort of investigation into insider trading in the midst of the Corona Piras Corona virus pandemic. Jeez, I just bungled that. So who thought, James, did you think Did you think this was gonna happen? You know, man, I I can imagine Trump was right there just burning the midnight oil, trying to get this investigation done, and dirty old Jared Kushner's foiled him again, right? If, well, if only we could get Jared out of the way that this wouldn't have happened. The sad thing is that most people just aren't going to pay attention to this. If they do, they will look at this is a victory for Kelly La Flor and James Inhofe. The ghoulish cheering on of Jewish corruption in Congress could because Kelly la Flor, as we've pointed out her husband, is the president of the New York Stock Exchange. She had, ah, lot of trades. She had millions and millions of dollars in trades that were favorable to her Is the stock market. Ah. Started to tank in March. And so her husband is president. The N Y s E ah. He is somebody who has been heated. A cash deal with a ah derivatives trading platform called Super derivatives in Tel Aviv. Paid millions of dollars in cash for that. And of course, all the jobs are still over there. So yeah, your stock market that you think is the bastion of the American free enterprise system. Most of those trades were done electronically in Israel. Yeah, that's right. And Kelly la Flor made a bunch of money off of it. And now Ah, bagpipe inju Bill bars saying she didn't do nothing. She's fine. And James enough. And we gotta let Dianne Feinstein off the hook because it's all part of the same sandwich, right? Of course. And you know, this investigation is this is the bill Bar M O. Now right is to announce the investigation, do the investigation run the investigation, actually to get bored of it or until you realize the political pressure, the backlash will be minimal when you wind it down and then you wind it down with not so much as a whimper, and it's all over, right? We've seen the White Town. You wind it down on Friday night on the precipice of a three day Memorial Day holiday weekend. That's exactly what you dio right, right? Exactly. And now, as you have people, you know, people have been tricked into being really animated, not being animated about this. I remember in the midst of the lock down when people found out that lawful er and in half and and Feinstein had executed these trades after going to a confidential briefing but before the contents of the briefing were made public, because that's when they did these trades. I remember people were pissed for about six hours, and then the bruise came along where, no, instead of being mad at these people, go grab the school mask in the ER and and I'm not saying this is what people were told and go protest in the state capital, right? So ah, so people were distracted, and so they felt like that to do the investigation. Investigation goes nowhere. Wound down while people aren't paying attention. It's all so typical. Except for Bill Burr. Is it Bill Burr? William Burr? I don't even know. It's a dumb Republican from North Carolina. Um, he'll Berlin. Is he married? He's married to a black lady. The comedian? I don't know Richard for Richard Burr. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dick Burr, Dickie Bird. Dickie Bird still under investigation that DOJ investigation has not stopped. Right? And that must be because this guy did something wrong. He did something that he was not supposed to dio. Ah, the stocks were sold in early February. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Federal investigators seized burst cellphone. So when this starts happening to you, when Bill bars Justice Department seizes your cell phone and you're a member of built bars party, you got problems. You're getting the good old white nationalist treatment, except that, like they haven't put this guy in solitary confinement. But if you're experiencing any sort of legal consequences at all, you've done something wrong and burst. Stepped down, actually, as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, pending the outcome of the FBI's investigation, that chair is now Vankin vacant So the vacancy of that chair is going to probably be filled with somebody that they, ah, that they think is gonna do the bit on the Intelligence Committee better than Burr has. And that's what this is all about. The idea that this is the two tier justice system, but the two tiers also apply laterally. Sometimes when you have a guy who's not doing what he needs to do and that's what's been done here, we'll find out more, is gonna come out about this, and you will see that we are correct on that. So this paves the way for Tom Cotton for Josh Holly, one of these other guys who's been really agitating the anti China front to step into this role. So, yeah, this makes perfect sense. Clearing the deck. Yep. So then you have federal judge. This is another example of ah, typical GOP Finkel think sort of narrative here. So you have federal judge guts Florida law requiring felons to pay fines before they can vote. Right. So you have based Rhonda Santis Ah, and several Republican lawmakers pushing this measure after voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in 2018 to expand voting rights to felons who have completed all terms of their sentence, including probation and parole. So very based Republicans dis Santis. Um, And who else? I think the Who's that? Who's the L A. P. Sh ahead, Senator, that one. Rick Scott. Rick Scott. Yes. Rick Scott and Rhonda Santa's both push pushing the Caesar guys that the GOP is gonna run for president 2024. Mark my words, They're not gonna go anywhere, but they are going to be run for president. And so they came up with this law that said that you have to pay all of your finds, um, and you have to register to. And so they did this. Now, people, you know, people that are still on the trump train and still plan trusting in Republicans, they're like, Well, at least they're trying. At least they've done something. They could have done a lot to kill this in its tracks before it ever became a constitutional amendment. They just sat back and let it happen. And then what they did was they put forward a law, and this is this is this is almost beyond Finkel think this is This is Trump classic Trump is. You write a law that seems based that, you know, is gonna and then let the courts strike it down. And they knew that U. S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle would agree that their law, in the way that it was crafted, would be viewed as a poll tax and that it would not be constitutional. And that's exactly what happened. And you will not hear another word from the GOP on this. And look what happened now. Felons can't vote in Florida. There will be no push back. Other than symbolically in the form of this law, the courts will strike it down, and then they get to pretend like, but they're not gonna attack that judge. Do you ever see Trump attacking the judge by name? Never. Do you ever see these people attack the judge by name? Never. They will get you riled up to go out into the streets and say that you're gonna die for your liberties. Like we're gonna find out with this tactic. Cool guy. Later on in the first half here. But they will not go out and target these judges. They will not say a single word because it's they're all part of the system. This is all Kabuki theater, and people fall for this. And you had Julie Ed Bernstein, senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, who litigated the case. Of course, the court recognized the conditioning. A person's right to vote on their ability to pay is unconstitutional. Thanks for setting up that low hanging fruit. Rhonda Santis. That's what she should have said. I mean, this keeps all these people employed. This ruling means that hundreds of thousands of Floridians will be able to rejoin the electorate and participate in upcoming elections. She's is. Hundreds of thousands of Florida felons are able to vote for the first time. My God, Florida man really is more than just a Mim, isn't it? Oh, it ISS. And actually, I remember when this was being pushed in 2018 and I don't recall if De Santis himself supported this, but I know that a significant portion of the Florida Republican Party and national Republicans all supported this. Ah, this voter, this felon voter initiative. And Kushner actually, Jared Kushner was was someone who was promoting this as well, saying that this is great. All these felons will be able to vote because they will vote for Trump because they will see what Trump has done for blacks and what Trump has done for felons and and so on and so forth. And so because he wants, he wants his rat face Chuck father to be able to vote in the election. His father is a fucking felon, so that's what he wants. Probably his property in Florida to know again, probably does. He's probably gonna vote in Jersey and in Florida knowing them. That's what they dio. Um, Supreme Court blocks release of Moeller report material. Of course they did, because given what we know, remember, we go from carrying about the Mueller report because it's going to exonerate Trump to not caring about the Mueller report because who gives a shit to carrying about the Mueller report and anything that is related to it? Because it like preventing this information from coming out essentially is protecting Israel at this point, like now what we know. So the Supreme Court Wednesday blocked House Democrats from viewing secret material from former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump, siding with the administration for now. So remember Chief Justice John G. Roberts excoriating Trump for saying that there's no such thing as a GOP or a Trump justice or an Obama justice, which he's not wrong. They're all just Zionist justices. I mean, that's the truth. He issued the injunction, which temporarily blocks the release of redacted information from Muellers report, including grand jury information, after a federal appeals court had ruled the redacted material could be handed over to the House Judiciary Committee. Now they complain This game all day long, you can have Adam Schiff out there demand, because I know people are gonna ask. Well, if if the Moeller report sensitive Mueller report material relates to Israel, why would Adam Schiff be advocating for its release? Because Adam Schiff knows that it's not. He knows what the dare I say. He knows what the shot is. He knows that they're never going to release the fucking material. He knows that they're gonna have the courts in there. And if he can play against the Supreme Court, well, the Supreme Court plays against the Trump administration while Trump plays against evil. Ah, pencil neck Adam Shift, and they know that it's never gonna go anywhere because they everybody knows that there is no like If if, if redacted information about Israel's involvement in the 2016 election became unredacted as a result of this process, somebody fucked it up. Somebody didn't do what they were supposed to dio. The game is to play this as long as possible. Adam Schiff sucks. He wants to screw the president, Donald Trump. It's like they spied on me. The Obama yada, yada yada. It's like this is all to protect Israel. All of this. The declassification of the Robert Mueller report will not happen. It will not be leaked. It will not be leaked by Wikileaks because they're part of the whole thing, too. So that's all there is to know about this. But when you see this stuff, that's what you have to understand. But people get caught up and thinking with the Q tarred shit that this is eventually going to come out and there's gonna be an exoneration of low. It's No, it's not gonna happen. We're telling you who is involved in this thing, and we're connecting the dots. Those are the dots that you connect. There are no other dots to connect on this where somehow the FBI all goes to jail. Wouldn't that be great? Look, I agree. This is a great opportunity to say, disband the FBI. They acted illegally like whatever blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But this is about protecting Israel. That's what it's about. And it's a sideshow to be like, Yeah, let's put James Comey and yell Never gonna happen. I would love for a tap in, but it's never gonna happen. Yeah, yeah, they've already been damaged enough by releasing what they did about Flynn and who he was colluding with. And can you imagine them just adding more fuel to that fire? It wouldn't make sense from their perspective, too, Teoh, you know, continue unraveling the Israeli conspiracy. Which was, of course, the rial collusion. Which is why, by the way, Trump never faced any meaningful. I mean, yeah, they did the implications. Why? This is why impeachment became like an open and shut thing. It became the juku, and then it was just like All right, we're done here. Nothing to see Goodbye. Like nobody's pushing for this. Not Adam Schiff. Not Nancy Pelosi. It's all done. I can't talk about it. Israel got what they wanted. They don't want to oppose Jake Nats. So you know, that's where does FBI Director Ray orders Internal review of Flynn case. This isn't gonna go anywhere. People. People who think this is gonna go somewhere. Ma guitars. I think this is gonna go somewhere like Christopher Wray has finally been forced over a barrel to look into the bureau's handling of the case against Michael Flynn. You know, we're gonna get to the bottom of this and review whether any current FBI employees engaged in misconduct are gonna be disciplined. But here's the thing over and above the fact that nothing is gonna come from this deep, deep, deep into the article, the divisions authority to discipline is limited to current employees. Many of the key players in the case, the people that cute tardes and ma guitars really care about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Struck. And by the way, they they, for whatever reason, kept the investigation going to keep monitoring these interactions with trump Russian Jews and Israeli Jews. So I mean, yeah, Peter Struck looks like a faggot when he's testifying and looks all weird. And I'm not gonna side with these people because they're part of They're part of a different set of, ah, of Jews who were trying to get what they want advocating for a different set of interests just in a different way. Um, but yeah, like these guys, they kept the investigation going for longer than it then because they were talking with these foreign entities. I don't know what they're trying to do. This is all part of Kabuki theater, But they're all gone. So there's not gonna be any disciplinary action done against any of these people. For the people who believe that, that is a realistic outcome, it's never gonna happen. So, like, Yeah, well, yeah, unless they were willing to go and file criminal charges against these people, find some statute they had violated and charge him criminally. There's nothing to be done here, and and the idea that this is this is going to be grand justice, right? This is going to be This is going to be finally, the deep state hoaxers getting their due. It's coming, guys. It's just No, it's just not gonna happen. And even if it did, this would not be a victory for you, right? we talked about this with the Michael Flynn thing. People living vicariously because people know that they are also victimized by the system there, victimized by the system in a real way. And they have been for decades. And they are being led to to seek satisfaction or a feeling of justice, a feeling of resolution by by seeing these deep state apparatchiks being punished, they think this is going to, you know, feel good for them. And I might feel good to see some FBI toady or something get in trouble. But it's a distraction. It's just a placebo effect to make you feel better while your condition, it continues to deteriorate. And while you continue not to get anything you want from this system, yeah, it's never I mean, none of that stuff is ever gonna happen in on top of that. What this is done. When Bar came out and said that, Yeah, Flynn do note didn't do nothing. We're gonna vacate his conviction and all that's over with. What they did was they released the pressure that was on the FBI because the claim from Q Tardes and McGeough, Pedes and everybody else is that the FBI kept secret the evidence that would have exonerated Flynn. Well, Flynn's exonerated now. Bar did that. Now they can't like What is there gonna be? What secret evidence is gonna come forward from the FBI? That pressure is gone. And then you have, like, these with last arguments that you're going to hear on this. You have Lindsey Graham. I think the FBI needs to show more energy in terms of solving these internal problems. And I don't know why it took so long to get the information out in the Flynn case. And it's it's a Why did it take so long to get it out in the Flynn case? It's like he's exonerated. Now. There's nothing. There's nothing to come forward with this, like nothing's ever gonna come out because you're all protecting Israel. And then you have Trump doing a little bit of Kabuki theater with the Yeah, the jury is still out on the Director, Ray. It's like these guys all probably left on the private calls at how fuckin stupid you are for believing in all this shit. They're like sitting there on the conference call, plotting of what we're going to do next. to make this, Make this thing carry out. And you know how all this goes away in a very slow way and how none of you get what you want. I know that sounds conspiratorial, but that's what's happening. You think Donald Trump is like yelling into the phone it ray and tell bossing him around like Red Face like, Oh, no. Yeah. Do you think Bill Bar was actually deeply offended when Trump was tweeting? And and, uh, he did that interview saying, I wish Trump would just get out of my away so I could do my job? Yeah, Yeah, Highly doubtful. It's not gonna happen. And they're still this This Flynn case is still moving around because remember, Judge Emmet Sullivan is thes judge who said that the ah, there's an appeal to what the Justice Department did. So the Justice Department tried to exonerate Flynn. There's an appeal to that. And, um, he's saying that he will not grant the Justice Department's dismissal request. And so he has lawyered up, and Emmet Sullivan lawyered up with the same lawyer who represented Brett Brett Kavanaugh. So the judge that once the Flynn case to continue and isn't allowing the Department of Justice dismissal requests to go forties denied it is being represented by the trial attorney who represented Brett Kavanaugh. And, yeah, she's also the person who pursued the death penalty against Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. So, yeah, like this is this'd is when the swamp, when you talk about the swamp that was supposed to get drained, this is it. This is, Thean said, because everybody's supposed to hate Judge Emmet Sullivan. They're supposed to love Brett Kavanaugh, but But, like, look it, look at the interplay with these people, and that's worse. It gets worse. Good. Oh, no, I just I'm just gonna say it's if you really believe that These people were at each other's throats and the Swamp was really angry at the Trump Ian's and Trump stores were really taken into the swamp. Why would there be attorneys on attorneys on attorneys playing both sides representing both sides? It's if this were really the adversarial relationship you're led to believe that it is. It's just about the money, James. It's the free market inside the Beltway economy, and these people are just, you know, they're just doing their job. A lawyer can work for whoever lawyer wants right again? No, they're just It's kind of funny. It's just a handful. Law firms, they all know each other, and they're all colluding together on on this whole scheme, and they are getting very rich, Um, getting very rich with your money. So that's that's sort of how that works. And so, yeah, this is just going to continue for a while with with Flynn, But they want to milk this they want to make. They want to make it seem like the system is still trying to come after Flynn after after bar set him free. And they will keep milking this without having any danger of people getting too worked up about demands for releasing any Muller. Report redacted details because too many dots that can it get connected there another dot that we've connected is Richard Gruntal. Otherwise, it is. Richard Grenell is the homosexual, uh, who was the US ambassador to Germany and is now well at least four time was the acting director of National Intelligence to replace Joseph Maguire, who is also serving in temporary role at US intelligence. Gretel worked for Arthur Finkelstein. Grenell worked deeply deeply involved in Eastern Europe, working with Victor Orban, Arthur Finkelstein. He's very, very much involved in all of that now. He probably would not get confirmed to permanent D and I. And there's reason for that because he had a lot of unreported income. Um, including $100,000 that he received from a group funded by Hungary in his work for Victor Orban. He just didn't report the income at all. And they found out about this. And this is likely the reason why he can't get confirmed. So But the guy that's gonna take this place, John Ratcliffe, John Rat Face who? As far as I can tell, this is a gentile as far as we know, Um, he is, according to the Heritage Foundation, the most conservative member of Congress ever. James. Oh, boy. Sounds spicy, right? It sounds like, uh, sounds like just a really serious guy, right? Very conservative guy conservative. How conservative is this guy, James? What's this? What it is guys conservative bona fetus. How rocked or his ribs? Yeah, well, he you know, he's got some friends in Washington, you know, some people. He was ah, best buds with the Bush, 43 Attorney General John Ashcroft and, ah, you know he's and this guy also comes certified with the big he comes coach, certified with the big Federalist Society stamp of approval to So the double whammy, right Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society. And that's another firmware update that we've done as well. Which is, you can now call out that anybody who is Federalist Society approved. Remember this used to being that this person is an original text president. Yeah, he's going to interpret the Constitution. Is the founders originally intended what, as Jew Alexander Hamilton originally intended as I o shill James Madison originally intended? I mean, what does that even mean? The Federalist Society. But what we found out in our deep dives that that is just a rubber stamp by Jews set up by Jews for Jews to make sure that justice is that matriculated up from the right wing, are not Nazis and not harbor any anti Zionist opinions? Yeah, it's a stamp of approval from Communist turned a radical conservative intellectual. Eugene B. Mayer. Yeah, There you go. He's very that guy. He's got the look of Chuck written all over him in 1999. Listen, listen to John Ashcroft. So Ratcliffe is gonna be the new head of U. S intelligence. Okay, they say that he's the most conservative member of Congress ever. Like ever since the Heritage Foundation. He's a tea party guy. He ran for Congress in 2014 and he's run unopposed. So the sandwich won't even run anyone against him. Because why do that? Why bother? We want this guy in there. It's what they say. And so he is best buds with Bush, 43 Attorney General John Ashcroft. And for those of us who were around during this time and remember this well, we all remember John Ashcroft very well. And these guys were partners in a law firm, Um, for for quite a while before this guy decided run for Congress. It's his time, right? So in 1999 is chair of the Senate subcommittee on patents. Ashcroft extended patents for several drugs, most significantly, the allergy medication Claritin, to prevent the marketing of less expensive generics. Of course, he did. On March 30th 2000 with Senator Russ Feingold, Ashcroft convened the only Senate hearing ever on racial profiling. He said the practice was unconstitutional and that he supported legislation requiring police to keep statistics on their actions. Very, very conservative James before it became attorney general of the United States. In fact, this was a hearing that was convened in the summer that the Bush 43 campaign first time around, was being run March 30th 2000. I don't even know if Bush had announced that elections were a lot shorter back then. Um, after September 11th 2011 Ashcroft was a key administration supporter of the passage of the USA Patriot Act. One of its provisions, Section 2 15 allows the FBI sound familiar to apply for an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to acquire production of any tangible thing for an investigation. So the FISA courts This is all born from John Ashcroft, USA Patriot Act Born from John Ashcroft, His protege, John Radcliffe, is now the head of US intelligence. So drained the swamp, very conservative tea party outside or no, it's all part of the same big buck in sloppy kosher sandwich. Ashcroft proposed a draft of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 legislation to expand the powers of the U s government to fight crime and terrorism while simultaneously eliminating or curtailing judicial review of these powers for incidents related to domestic terrorism. So it's basically the fuck white People act of 2003. That's what this was, um, under the guy under the guise of cracking down on those a RAB. And if we don't fight him here, have to find him their way. Don't smoke him out here. We're going to smoke him out, you know, smoke amount in both places. Just stop like 2004. Ashcroft holds a news conference at which he said that intelligence from multiple sources indicated that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda Al Qaeda intended to attack the United States in the coming months. So which sources? Job? Which sources were those? Yes, So 16 years ago yesterday, in the run up to the re election campaign for George W. Bush, Ashcroft has convenes the news conference and tells everybody he's got intelligence saying out God is going to attack America. Got to make sure ah, you know this same old fucking shit over and over again. So back to rat face guys endorsed by the Tea party runs unopposed in Texas almost made a G under Trump. Almost now he's the head of D and I. So I remember people saying like, Oh, Ratcliffe wouldn't have recused himself, although the recusal was part of the show so they wouldn't have wanted Ratcliffe in this position. Ratcliffe is in this position now right where he needs to be. But the funny thing is is, yeah, he worked with John Ashcroft, but that's like the full length and breadth of his national security or national intelligence experience. He has none. He's never worked in that capacity, not in private life or as a congressman. So the guy is the head of the National Intelligence of the United States, and he has no background in this, which is perfect because all yesterday's followers, the little puppet writes, pull the strings, yank in whichever way he goes. And he does whatever they say. Yeah, I'm getting I'm getting some very Mike Pompeo vibes from this. Yeah, and most conservative is just disarming. Finkel. Think rich rhetoric. He's not an ultra social, is liberal. He's not a rhino. He's somebody you can trust. James. All the Boomer Maga tardes contro just the most conservative member of That's why they give out these ratings. This is usually the reddest, well, the bluest and white ist flag that there is, um, and that's usually how it goes. So Trump's intent to nominate Ratcliffe became controversial when he was found to have misrepresented his role in prosecuting toe. That's right, this is the guy who this the guy who, because he has no background in national security or national intelligence, just like made shit up about prosecuting terrorists and, ah, going ham on immigration. He's never done any of those things. When you look up his bio to sort of like, Well, how conservative is this guy? Well, he's got a hawkish position on Iran. Well, that checks that box. The only thing it says about immigration is that he supported Trump's executive order to ban Muslims. That's it. That's like based, you know, immigration box checked. Done. Yeah, and he wants, like, put a Mexican in jail for robbing a convenience store. So it's like, yeah, immigration, Border hawk for five for five minutes and then the A sale. You probably sue that guy and are sorry. Sued the cops and the store, and you know how that goes like putting a Mexican in jail for a conservative just like doing them a favor. It's just like put your hands behind your back. You're gonna be a fucking millionaire. That's basically what that is. Israel Israel On December 16th 2016 Barack Obama that evil Muslim not born in America Signed Rat Cliffs HR this is the lame duck session for those of you in Iran. Letter Obama Science Radcliffe's H R. 5877 United States Israel Advanced Research Partnership Act of 2016 and a good look. Law. Excellent, please. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder how many how many cyber tech firms were invited into ah into the in the underbelly of U. S. Intelligence with that one? Yeah. What about having a based Obama, right? I'm gonna vote for Obama. I'm gonna vote for the other side of the coach for sandwich to teach the conservatives less yet now single work on November. That doesn't mean we vote for Republicans should have to explain that to people by now. The on November 2nd 2017. A year later, Trump signed Rat Cliffs H R. 16 16 strengthening state and local Cyber Crime Fighting Act of 2017. That just means Jewish Israeli panopticon spies on you. Act of $20 million for car buying a our car by 911 Right? Right on Jeffrey Epstein's back account. Eso 2016 Lame duck session. You have advanced research partnership with Israel set up between the US and Israel. And then you have We're gonna strengthen state and local cybercrime a year later, which means just like installing all the apse and using it to spy on people. So beat Very cool. Uh, yet Radcliffe has staunchly supported Trump's criticism of the investigations into Russian interference. Of course he did. Because Israeli interference, we know what it is. So why is Grendel stepping down, James? Well, the jig Nat is up, and that's gonna be my new thing. Just gonna roll that out right here. Jig's up. Jig is up, right? You know how the me too movement did. Time's up. We're gonna do Jig's up. The jig is up. We know what is happening. The time is up, the jig is up and jig's up. So yeah, they found out that this guy, like I said, donated or no, he got paid $100,000 from Viktor Orban and didn't tell anybody, and Ah, yeah. Oh, this is This is funny, by the way, to Grenelle. Also did not register is a foreign lobbyist. Nobody ever does this. Why would they make an exception? Um, but so Grenell doesn't register as a foreign lobbyist, right? It's doing all this work for Victor Orban. Well, that's the same law that put Paul Manafort in the hole. Right? And Rick Gates? This is what they were convicted of violating Reynold us. The same thing doesn't get convicted. See, Elvis, see how this system works? It's like you know you're gonna be the fall guy. You didn't do something right. You're gonna go down for this. Another guy does the exact same thing. He sucks enough Cox to get up to the top. And nothing happens to him while he loses his deny job. But if the votes were there for Grendel, they would do it. They would do in a heartbeat, but they edited from plan. Oh, and Grenell get rewarded anyways because he just got a top spot earlier today on Trump's reelection campaign. So yeah, they they made this guy hole where Bush probably wrong expression used for this guy. But yeah, that took care of this guy. And, ah, and it just goes to show again, a point we've illustrated many times that these process crimes are just they're in place to use as pitfalls to imprison or punish people for doing other things or when they need to put them away for a time. Exactly. Well, speaking of the jig, being up for jig nats on it is it is. You know, not everything is going the way that they want Brazil's government now again. Before you here, lights were trained. If you hear me say not everything is going the way that they want. That doesn't mean everything's going the way that you want. It's not. It's not like inversely proportional doesn't work like that. But not everything is going swimmingly for these guys. And, um, there, you know, you're getting a lot of pushback, A lot of things. They're not going well for Bolson Aro, which is good. Glad to see that this is happening. It's not going well for him on a lot of fronts. Conservatives in Brazil are turning away from him. Surprise, surprise is we laid out on the last midweek show. He's becoming unpopular. It's kind of funny when you run as a populist who is going to make all these promises for your white constituents, and then you renege on those promises and do Zionism, you become unpopular. It's funny how that trick only works one time, and it's happening with Trump. It's happening with bull so narrow it's happening with a lot of these guys. And the government is sensing is we talked about with Trump? They're sensing the other side of the kosher sandwich is sensing the weakness, and they're trying to pounce now. Both scenarios. Poll numbers have fallen into the range where we said that they would make a move on Trump into the low thirties and they keep falling because Corona virus, I think. As of today, Brazil had a new record death count, um, fifth day in a row of a new record. So it's not going well there because he's done just the flu, bro. They've all done just the flu, bro, and he's trying hard to do that in a multicultural cess pool that is Brazil, and it's not going well. And so the story with this, and the reason I bring this up is they they want to seize his cell phone because they were doing the same shit that they did to Trump, like the other side is trying to take him down legally. They want to impeach him. They want to get rid of him. There's a lot of you can't project American politics onto them, though, because, as we pointed out last week, there's the military is involved there. The military could very easily take over, even though they say they might not. And his number two, um, could easily just people, I think would be fine with that guy taking over. And so they want to seize bull scenario cell phone, and this is the funny. This is the funny bit. So the Brazilian government warned that national security would be a risk if investigators granted a request to seize the cellphone of yarbles and narrow. Why do you think that would be? Maybe because for the same reason that national security would be at risk if we saw the unredacted details of the Miller Report, right, James, I mean the same thing. Same thing you can't risk letting some Indio that works in the in the Brazilian. Ah, you know, investigations department or wherever this would go releasing this data or accidentally, you know, releasing the contents of bowl scenarios. Conversations. Who is communicating with who is doing the pulling of the strings there? Ah, in Brazil, On behalf of whom? Yeah. Not a good time if you did that. Well, the top military general there is half Ah, probably European add make sure. But they make a very significant point of him being ah, half Misty's. Oh, um or half native whatever. And somebody like that would be very popular. Um, white guy on Lee was popular because evangelicals and, you know, other people who, like the MCI's MO came out voter form. But that support is evaporating. Um, that that support is evaporating precipitously. And you have this video that was leaked. The video of the Cabinet meeting have been released by the Supreme Court justice in which Brazilian president was seen using profane words to express his frustration at his inability to extract information from the police. In the video, bull scenario could be heard vowing to change his Cabinet ministers if it is needed to protect his family from this farce. Now, if Bolson Arrow were a true populist who was fighting for white Brazilians and was not a zio shill, I would agree that this is a farce. But right now I'm looking at this as these people are fighting each other in the biggest gig, not in the room as the most to lose the video was the latest blow table scenarios popularity, which is nosedive blah, blah, blah. We already said this yet I've tried to change our security people in Rio officially, and I wasn't able to, said Bolson Arrow, That's over. I won't wait for my family or my friends to get screwed. If you can't change the official change the boss you can't change the boss. Change the minister End of story. We're not kidding around, he added. Writing on Facebook after the release of the video bull scenario, said there was no indication of interference in the federal beliefs. It's like this guy, this guy's back up against the wall and you know, I I'm even seen stories about this guy probably not serving out the rest of his term because of some military takeover, or he just resigns or whatever it is, But the jig is up. I mean, in the jig. Being up starts from people seeing that this is a trick and enough support has evaporated from bull scenario, which is a direct result of people seeing that it's a trick, whether they know exactly what the trick is or like. It's a simple is this guy isn't doing what he said he was going to do. I don't I don't care anymore. That's good enough. And it's made him weak and they're taking amount. Yeah, and And he has also done so. And we talked about this on the deep dive. He and his son Eduardo, have done so much to Americanize. Ah, there touch style of politics. I mean, Eduardo, with the with the curio cabinet full of, you know, Boomer to your knickknacks and that. But this just the flu, bro. He was getting this directly from American conservative media and and this is the rhetoric and everything and ah, yeah, when you when you do that and when you do the rallies like he's been doing and you go out without a mask like he's been doing and flaunting that telling people not to wear masks. And then you end up with with number two in the world for Corona virus deaths and infections. Yeah, that's gonna make you pretty unpopular. Especially when your popularity was already on the edge before this happened. Yeah, exactly. And I mean, Brazil is largely in equatorial country, but you are heading in a winner there. So it is colder Rainier months, and this is not, you know, this is not good. Good for that. But it some of it has to do with the Corona virus. A lot of it has to do with his promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem. And as we pointed out last week, that is gonna be a major problem for a lot of people in Brazil. Who for whom Brazil is what? The number number two, exporter of halal beef to Arab countries in the Middle East. So if he followed through on the move to Jerusalem, yeah, he'd make Netanyahu happy. He'd make those evangelicals really happy. But it's not the same political structure that is in the United States. You actually would piss off. It's the it's. It's a huge export from that country. And if those Arab countries were like, Yeah, we're gonna get this from somewhere else like that. They're already facing recession due to the Corona virus. And if they're if they can't sell their beef to anybody now, we speculated that Trump would be there in the lurch, and then we start buying all the Brazilian beef that the Arab countries don't. They could be his like, you know, this part of the whole operation of like, oh, are meatpacking industry is sucking now. It's like, Well, yeah, because Brazil needs someplace to sell their meat so they could move the embassy. I mean, see how this all works in? You know, we didn't really understand. This is, Well, a year ago, two years ago, now we see it crystal fucking clear. And yeah, it's it's that's that's what this is all about. And so a lot of this ah, angling to get writable so narrow it may not be about these. These people like people. They're Nazis that are trying to get rid of bull scenario. Unfortunately, these are people who don't want to disrupt their economy any further than it already has been. And that's pretty much how you have to look at it. I mean, sure, I'm sure there is some anti Zionism in there. That's great. But anyway, yeah, well, And they've also had a few years now to rebuild the opposition to Bolzano has had a few years to rebuild. I mean, they bolster narrow, came in the power at a very rough time for the Brazil. I guess you call the Brazilian left their former president was was going to jail, actually, is what was happening. So it kind of took them by surprise. And he was planning Luna. I think the guy's name was and he was planning on running and and so bull scenario, actually, you could argue, was almost an accident of history. And now they've had two years to to recover from that. And, yeah, I think you'll see this get very interesting. And the military being the big wild card there, what they choose to do in whose side they choose to take. I could make this very interesting as we go into the next, uh, cycle. Yeah, all this crying about Oh, you know, Brazil has evolved beyond its military junta and you know they're there. Strictures of democracy in place to present some prevent something like this from the military is just going to do it over the fucking And these people are not going to stop them. Um, which is fine. It's like jig Nat Jig not goes down, and that's good. Um, so I'm saving some of this bias cause it's really good. But this is This is one that I saved two more stories and then we go to break and then come back and talk about Sydney. But this one's big. This one's significant because, um, one of our most viral videos that we've put up is about BlackRock controlling the U. S. Economy. And it's a story that is easy to tell two people. It's something that you can easily point to and say, Look, here is one of the biggest companies in the world that controls $7.4 trillion worth of American companies. They're the number 12 or three shareholder and most American companies. And the guy at the very top of that thing Yeah, he's his name is Larry. Think is a Jew, and he's been doing this for a while. And the easier story that you can tell on top of that is they had a significant role to play in the 2008 crisis. They were tasked by the Federal Reserve to dispose of toxic mortgage securities where they go just flushing down the toilet. I guess James, this time it will help the Fed prop up the entire corporate bond market by purchasing on the central bank's behalf. What could become a $750 billion portfolio of debt. And they're gonna make tons and tons and tons of money office. And we talked about this the moment that it happened, and it became became very big news. And this Larry think I, uh, he's become one of the industry's most important government whisperers. In contrast to other influential financiers who have built ties to Donald Trump, think possesses a power that's more technocratic. Black, white, Black Rock, which is the world's largest money manager, conduce the things governments need right now. Um, and that's that's exactly what they've done. There was a an opinion poll online, 884 100 responses, Um, 18% agree that the Federal Reserve, with the Federal Reserve's choice to work with Black Rock 34% disagree, and 50% of the country has no fucking opinion. So got a lot of work to do. But one part of the Fed's plan is to buy bond exchange traded funds. BlackRock itself runs on et ETFs and could end up buying funds that it manages. This is one aspect of the moral hazard, so the arrangement is bringing new attention to this company's scale. In ubiquity. Quote. It is impossible to think that black rock I think of BlackRock without thinking of them as 1\/4 branch of government, says William Byrd Fissile, a professor at the Chicago Kent College of Law, which studies the fund industry, that the last time we're gonna hear from Old Bird Thistle on this. But think was on the short list in 2012 to replacing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner. Now he's widely believed to be a contender for that post in the Joe Biden administration. You're going to see Larry think in some major government role at some point. Sure, whether it's Treasury secretary or Fed chairman, he's gonna be there. Oh, you mean like you mean, like right now? Like use already? Basically, yeah, you got it. Is I mean, you thought Remember when we thought like Jerome Powell? I mean, it was quite the achievement toe have the very first goi Fed chairman in decades in charge of the Fed. But he really has just been a beating rag for Trump. And he beat on him and he beat on him for not lowering interest rates, lowering interest rates. Come on, come on, juice up my economy. We got to get the Dow 30,000 and he's just been a beating rag. Like Jeff Sessions. It's exceed what happened. So we put a goy in charge like That's really the message that gets delivered now a Jew. Larry Fink has to come in and save the day. And even Jerome Powell says that Black Rock was hired for its expertise and it was done very quickly due to the urgency. What does that mean? Done very quickly due to the urgency? Well, it was a no bid contract. James was basically like, You're the guy and we want you to be the guy because you have this cool data center that has the software platform called Aladdin that we talked about, which is more of this Elektronik trading. And basically they want to run all that through Aladdin. Thes air Jewish algorithms in a genie bottle called Aladdin in a data center somewhere out in Utah. And you know, it's the same data center where the other $20 trillion in assets are managed, Um, and run through and decisions are made. And it's it's all the computer doing the work going. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to be concerned about, you know? Yeah, your accounts could go to zero momentarily, but that's just a just a bug in the system. We're working it out. That's just the freedom of the market. You know, you don't know. You don't know what's causing these stunk line to go up or down. But we dio and trust us to manage your account for you, and we'll do the best we can. Yeah, Oh, yeah. So here's where the confirmation bias comes in because none of that is really new information. It's just, ah, just sort of setting this up for understanding. So they put the kosher kosher sandwich. BlackRock is built on a powerful advocacy arm. Its sphere of influence reaches beyond the central bank of lawmakers. Presidents in government agency heads from both political parties. Of course, through its hiring, leans Democratic. Bloomberg found only a handful of current BlackRock executives who came from the George W. Bush administration but more than a dozen from Barack Obama's alum nous. Those include Obama's national security adviser, senior adviser for climate policy, the former Federal Reserve vice chairman he appointed in numerous White House Treasury and Fed economists. It's like It's amazing. That was like they just went right to Black Rock, right? Trump administration just goes straight to BlackRock. Very, very conservative. I mean, that put this up for vote. It's like it's like That's the point. These parties are just it's just window dressing. They don't matter, right? Yeah. I wonder what this is gonna look like in in four or eight years when you look at the hiring practices of BlackRock, then to see how many Trump administration alumni find their way into Black Rock and ah well guarantee you you're gonna find quite a few. Well, it's not just the United States, either. The Bank of Canada tapped BlackRock in March as an adviser for its purchases of commercial paper see a black rock in charge of commercial paper in Canada in charge of bonds and et efs in America mean it is. It is. I mean, this is beyond, like, the government has just become archaic and an almost meaningless it is. The financial system that Hamilton built and founded has grown into this love. I think that is what this waas Yeah. The European Union hired BlackRock to advise them and dictate how to incorporate environmental, social and governance practices into the way you banks manage risk. So you hear people talk about about the climate policy and and these massive reforms being effectively a wealth transfer. Well, here you go. Black rock is being made in the U at least being put in charge of integrating that into you. Policy. Yeah. And then you have the no bid contract. Um, they In 2008 they tapped Pacific Investment Management Company to buy commercial paper. And then, after evaluating responses to requests for proposals they chose State Street, which I think is like the number three asset firm after BlackRock and Vanguard Toe Act, is the administrator and keeper of securities for some of the emergency programs in 2008. BlackRock, however, was handed three Fed assignments without any competitive process. Like in 2008. They at least had to have the appearance of there being a bidding process and are FPs and everything else. But no. 2020 embryos should secure the guy. Larry, Come on down, Larry. You're the winner. The Fed plant. Of course, the Fed plans to Rebid the contracts, though, once the programs air in full swing. Well, when you're the biggest asset manager in the fucking world, who's your competitors? How can you Rebid this to some? It's like anybody that you stack up against bat BlackRock. It's a stacked deck. It's like, What can you do? What we dio? Okay, you can't All right? Then we wouldn't. We win the contract again, and it's just gonna be this way forever, and it's permanent. This isn't temporary. This is permanent. BlackRock now runs the Fed. That's what this is. And it's gonna be Rebid. And they're admitting that it's gonna be Rebid because they say it's gonna be Rebid. It's not like this is a sunset. It's gonna be over. It never ends. Why would it end? Well? Yeah, And that re bidding process is going to look like Ah, you going to say OK, on the one hand, Aiken I could buy from Amazon. I can I can make Amazon my full service product delivery company Or I can go to I don't know, RadioShack. Oh, well, Amazon is this global monopoly already. All right. Looks like that was an easy bidding process. Consider it done. And ah, yeah, that's how it'll go. So the Big three are BlackRock Vanguard in State Street, and they control 80% of all indexed money, 80% of all indexed money. So here's some more potential conflicts that these guys have. So you have one arm of BlackRock knowing what the Fed is going to be buying while the other parts of the business are participating in credit markets could benefit from that knowledge. But don't worry James to avoid conflicts. Quote. There are stringent information barriers in place, said the BlackRock spokesman. BlackRock. Employees working on the Fed programs must segregate their operations from all of the units, including trading, brokerage and sales. The fee waiver on E. T. F. S helps avoid the appearance of self dealing, right, This is what we're told. We're not gonna take any fees on all of this. It says That's not what the point is. It's not about making the fees at this point. May have been at one point not anymore about controlling the system, but Black Rocks contract with The Fed also acknowledges that senior executives quote may sit atop this information barrier and quote, have access to confidential information on one side of the wall while carrying out duties on the other side. So we'll just have to trust Larry Think and all of his Jewish subordinates to play play by the rules, right? James, They're going to sit on top of this information barrier and hear things in both years and totally make sound decisions that are in no way a conflict of interest. No way. Oh yeah, I know I on their honor. I'm assuming that the scouts law right, they'll be they'll be doing their best. Uh, yeah, can you believe that? It's it's ridiculous, but ah, yeah, I mean, the fact that we have are our Federal Reserve being run in the buying and selling of these bonds being managed by people who stand to profit from it on an honor system It's ridiculous, and there's no way that should have you should have ever been allowed. And if this had been put through a real and rigorous bidding process, it wouldn't have been because this is a glaring conflict of interest. But, I mean, this is why they had to ram this through as part of this Corona virus relief. Right? Because if you if we waited, people would have suffered so and people actually would have suffered more. But ah, so they had to had to do this under the cover of darkness. Yeah, in the in. The thing about this is, is there there many, many more rewards that are worth more than gold? Or however the saying goes, I'm sure there's a good saying for it, But just imagine the cost, the price on having this information right, being able to control the entire apparatus, they're like, Yeah, well, we'll give you the fees for free. The problem. But even if they get caught, if they get caught red handed doing something nefarious, you're gonna be accused of being anti Semite. Nobody's gonna prosecute these guys. It had to be done. It was necessary to keep everything going if it weren't for BlackRock, born for Larry Fink, the United States would have fallen to tatters. Sure, we can't just do that so more from Old Bird fissile birth thistle. There just is raging anti Semite. Birth Thistle suggests that the Fed could have made its process more competitive by allocating some of its funds for buying corporate credit to a group of asset managers from the outset. Instead of just one quote, it raises the question. Why did all the money go toe? One company I get why BlackRock would be on the list, but it understand why it would be the only one on the list for this gets? Um, I got some news for you, bro. Jig's up and you gotta got to get on board and stop asking stuff asking these. I'm just asking honest questions. It's like the real question is this. Why is Larry Fink a rat face Jew? That's the question. Why is this guy everywhere you don't want him to be? And if that was the shot, here's some chasers, Boogaloo clowns, husband, and this is something we called to Boogaloo Clans. Husband of Reopen N. C. Says that he's willing to kill people. Toe fight for government control. This is one of these 3% lar per guys. He's even named Adam Smith, right? Okay, good old Adam Smith. And, uh, you know, are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes, Adam Smith said in a Facebook live video posted on Friday. Later, in the 17 many of 17 minute video, he said, If you bring force, we're gonna bring force if you bring guns or gonna bring guns. If you're armed with this, we're going to be armed with this. And then after the video got posted, you know this guy talking all big? We're going to stand up for what the founders really believed in. And Yata bullshit, blah, blah, blah. Here's how big of a pussy Adam Smith is, and you can see this coming from a mile away. Raw story Does one article on this video and the video was removed from the Facebook page, so he was ready to bring it all down by force and willing to lay our lives down. These colors don't run. One little Jewish website does a story about it and says, Hey, look, this guy says thes colors don't run in those colors They fuckin ran. It ran away passed. That video came down and his wife is out there doing PR for this guy saying, Yeah, maybe Adam could have chosen his words different. But he's an ex Marine who remains willing to die for all of you to just so funny. And of course you know what this is all about, Right? When you see this rhetoric, this guy's gonna do anything. This guy is a boogaloo clown. He doesn't mean anything. He's not riel. He wants you to be the guy to go out and do this shit, and they hope that somebody does. That's why getting caught up in these conservative narratives like this, this is where this was always going to lead. When I saw these guys out on the steps of the Capitol with their guns and nothing was happening to them. Like I said, this is spending and I think I said this on the show. It's like whenever you see this being allowed to go forward, it's sanctioned by the state. They want these guys out there. They are their wholehearted endorsement of this And this guy can even go out in talk and say, Are we gonna lay our lives down? Are we willing to kill people? We have to say yes. Many things get having this guy Absolutely nothing, because he's doing the bit. They want people to dio well, and and they want to condition people to think that this kind of language is is allowed and okay, so that people will say I mean, this guy will say, you know, it helps. Adam Smith will come out and say that he's willing to fight and die in L. A. His life on the line for gay sacks in Israel. But if you were to come out and say, or someone else, someone hypothetical were to come out and say those same things But, you know, to ah, to stop mass migration to revert yet to do any number of things that are actually in convening that are not a reinforcement of liberalism, then, yeah, that van is going to be at the front door immediately. And you see this, too, on social media, people like you know, you'll wade into pages on Instagram or something, and you'll get people typing, writing the most egregious, like threats of violence. And then you look at the profile and it's like like gay, libertarian game or furry. And you're like, OK, no wonder this person is being allowed to do this. Um, yeah. Did you see the tactical photo here that I put food prep looking his sunglasses? Did you look very closely at the sunglasses? Eso If you if you guys google this article for reopen NC leader Adam Smith, you will find this image on Google image of him in the tactical U S Marine Corps hat with a T shirt tied around his face. And he's got the tactical glasses on and look very closely, but that your left his right lens of his glasses and tell me what you see. You're going to see a good old snake. No step E. Gadsden flag. That is a fag flag, and somebody is holding that in front of him. And in the other lens, it's the person taking his picture. It's like you can't make this stuff up. And that's another reason why they're not touching these guys because for them protecting your freedom and liberties and I'm simply stating this to protect my family and taking up arms like our forefathers did. Taking up arms, cutting off penises, you know, all kinds of shit that our forefathers did, you know? So that's what that's what this is all about. And so I'll find out after the wealth of nations. Yeah, I will fight and die for the gay op of nations, which is what this is, and it really is. It's a test run to see, he says. It's a test run to see how much liberty were willing to give up without a fight. Boy, you know what I say. Not an inch. Not an inch. Mr Cooper. Of course, he's referring to the governor. He says that wearing masks and practising social distance distancing is part of an indoctrination test. So, yeah, this is See, this is a cheap little thing. Um, a cheap little thing that they can get conservatives riled up about because they don't want conservatives riled up about illegal immigration. Definitely not. They don't want conservatives riled up about, um, wars that nobody wants to fight. That's a little bit of a harder thing to get conservatives into about, but kids in cages, Invasion of the border. They definitely won't Don't want people taking up because if this guy was down on the southern border when the caravans were showing up, you would never see this guy again. This guy would be wiped off the face of the burning. The guys that did that got arrested, the people that did show up to defend their life and liberty. And you know, I don't even want to be part of those guys because because at least they were. I mean, at least they did show up to defend our borders. Their heart was in the right place, right? Was in the right place and then the bit they got arrested. But now those guys, I don't think we're out there doing this, which is basically do nothing yourself and then say it's gonna be time to kill people, and we're gonna have to be okay with that. I mean, the disguising, they weren't shooting their mouths off. They just went and did the bit. They just went in, like, actually did something they weren't like dealing Facebook live streams. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That's that's this guy. And so when you see somebody doing this? This is a huge warning to you. And so, like, his Facebook group was called Blue Igloo, which is a play on the word boogaloo Blue Blue, which the Anti Defamation League describes is a slang term for the coming war. Yeah, it's ah, coming gay up is what what it is for And these guys were falling for they But it's a safe thing for people to get excited about and then do stupid shit. And then they hope somebody pops off. They hope they have another guy. What was that guy says under sock the guy that sent all those pipe bombs to different people in the run up to the midterms. Remember that. Remember that, dude? Oh, yeah, with, like, the Dodge van Like emblazoned like Trump Que Yeah. Yeah, the bombs, By the way, that I will make mention Didn't have any postmarks on them. Kind of weird, but yeah, whatever, whatever that ended up being, but yeah, I mean, that's that's what they want people to dio. That's the engineer response with the desired response Here. Trust, trust the gay up. It's a que glue, I think is what this is it is a que glue. And with that, we're going to go to break and get the old meatball wrecking ball swinging and talk about old Salvi ni. Sorry, another one's gotta fall today. We'll be right back in again. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation Heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Welcome back Wrecking ball Sweet again Look out Sacred cows Shiva Let's all of the above. This time we're adding the Italy with Don Bull Cynara We've done Viktor Orban. We've done trump repeatedly and uncover the origins of this kosher sandwich Fake nationalism. And this time we're looking at Italy. We're looking at Matteo Salvini, of course, the former Italian Deputy Prime Minister, the former Interior Minister. This is a guy who has been held up by many as as one of the good ones, right? Where people Yeah, you know, Putin has issues and nor Bond has issues. And but Salvini at least he's genuine, right? Well, as we come to find out not not so much. Not so Yeah Matteo, not so much which we're gonna uncover today. and it's important to restate this to, um, these guys didn't come up out of nothing like Victor Orban in Salvini and Trump. Um, Bolson are Oh, they're not. They didn't just materialize out of thin air. Now they themselves are not not really, it's not. It's not anything meaningful, but the the reason why they were possible is because there have been sentiments longstanding about the state of Europe, about the state of the United States and about really, the bottom line of the standard issue. Kosher sandwich of liberal versus conservative was not working anymore, the Finkel think had to evolve. And now it's capitalism versus socialism, and it gives the left the opportunity to attack these guys as neo fascists and populists and strong hman and everything else. And it just it's just a continuation of that game. But we're not gonna cheapen the sentiments that put these guys in power now. They had some help, but the sentiments are riel, but it's important to recognize the people that are still. For whatever reason, cheerleading people like Trump, it should be pretty obvious. It could be excused if you sort of understand this, But people have pointed this phenomenon out before is that people in America think multi. Matteo Salvini from afar is great because they're not consuming Italian media a day in and day out. People in Italy think Donald Trump today is great, aren't you guys? So it's almost like the somebody got knocked into a coma on, you know, the third week of November 2016. And then they were woke woken up in Italy, and they're like Deborah, Donald Trump's great is any good. It's like, This is awesome And Matteo is the same way where we sort of see this in in this study on purpose, I mean, there is. Sometimes you'll probably notice this, if you consume enough media, is that you'll get glimpses of what's going on in European politics. The rest you have to go look for. But at certain points, it's like there's a the floodgates open in the media, um, sort of cross pollinates so that you see what's going on over there more clearly, which is really just for the plebs who don't have to work to find this stuff. But then they closed the portal back to the way it was where they assume you're not gonna go consume this content, even though it's much easier than it ever has been before. You can go read Italian media, and it would translate the page for you, and you can pick up a lot of this stuff on your own. But it's this funny phenomenon where they think that our guys based and we think there guys based. But you actually talked to them about their guy and us about our guys. And it's like in ah, it's it's all bullshit. And that's the note comparing. That's why there is such a huge importance placed on, um, you know, colluding internationally. They really want to make that. I mean, because you're you're interfering with another person's government. The second you're a white person collaborating with other white people who are advocating for white interests, then you're like an international criminal, right? So that's that's That's very Botin. They do not want that to happen. And so we're just gonna call this stuff out. We're gonna tell you what Italian nationalists themselves will tell you about Matteo Salvini in the league and why to stop falling for this. It's easy to get caught up in it. We all did right. We all shared Rodrigo Duterte, Tamim at some point, right? You know, we all we all got excited for self Any. We all get excited, you know? But it's over. We just have to learn to recognize thes things and they're going to take advantage of these popular sentiments. They've been doing it for thousands of years and they have plans in place to do it again and again. And and we see the plans being put in place now, which will is actually how will conclude this deep dive. The plans being put in place now to reactivate the sentiments come the next election cycle when they need to activate them. But you make a good point that these people are not coming out of nowhere and they have background. And that is the case for cell Viennese Party league Lega suppose in Italian. A lot of Americans think that this is Sal Viennese movement. This is the thing Selvin he created. But that's actually not the case. The llegan Nord, The League of the North Party is actually the oldest political party in Italy. This is not Salvi's movement in the same way that that National Front in France is not Marine Le Pen's movement. This is something that's existed for decades now. Now it's rebranded, undersell Vinny, and that's an important point in their history. But Lega Nord was founded in the late 18 year season, the late 19 eighties and is one of the few Italian political parties to survive the turmoil in the early nineties. Now it is simply known as League Liga, which was an important rebranding, was founded by a guy named Umberto Bossi, and it was actually founded as a regionalist party, not a national party. They didn't even field candidates in the central or south of Italy, founded as a northern regionalist party in response to the loss of manufacturing, income stagnation, government austerity measures. This was a Northern Workers Party is how it was founded and they were successful in the in their initial years at forcing two issues to the top of the national agenda. One is the issue of northern sovereignty and what should be done with the north of Italy because their cultural differences, economic differences between the north and south, um, and this growing sense of national discontent and hostility in many cases towards political elites, institutions where we heard this before, Right? This draining of the Italian swamp with something that they were talking about back in the nineties. And what legal nor did at the start, was to create this juxtaposition between Northern workers on one side, hardworking salt of the earth people, traditional people and Rome on the other side, Rome being the haven for elites and culturally leads people that were subverting and ruining the country. Um, now he's okay. Well, you know, where is the problem with this? That sounds great. Lega Nord has always been an anti fascist party as well. These are the Italian nationalists and party boss Umberto Bossi once said that we must hunt down these rascals, the neo Fascists. And if they take votes from us, let's comb the area home by home because we kicked the fascists out of here once before and we'll do it again. So yeah, Alien Ord was a regionally, regionally based party. And until Salvini came into the mix and took over the party, they sort of dwelled in relative obscurity up there in the north. They were able to get some ministry positions in a few Berlusconi governments, but were largely ineffectual until Salvini came along. But how about that dress? These guys, you know, if you listen to the American media, you think these guys air roll radicals but turns out, have a history of anti fascism? Yeah, They want you to think that. I mean, I remember reading a lot of articles in the economists talking about What are we going to do about the rise of populism? And I'll have to look that one up that I read about a year to three years ago. It was very early in Trump's first term. Well, the only term, as far as we know, it was very early in the first term beginning of his term, and they talked about Are we going to create nationalists who sound good to these people? But ultimately don't deliver anything? And I know that sounds like it's a puzzle piece that fits too perfectly, but it's what the article said, and I thought to myself, Wow, so this is what they're This is what they're planning to do. But the funny thing is, is at the time I would have read, that article was already in motion. It was already the Economist was already saying, What are we going to do about this problem that we're totally already doing something about? Because they were already wrangling and making sure that this was not going to go anywhere in anybody who came up in these ranks and became, uh, became powerful, they made sure it was the right guy. And as we've seen happened before, they have done this, um, in ways that has screwed over actual seriously. People who wanted to do something in these parties. They did it in hungry. They've done it. Um, I'm sure in Italy it has happened a number of times, and this is this is something that they do over and over again. So they people psychologically will just sort of cling to whatever choice they're given. And so if your choices, capitalism or socialism and you get this guy that sort of base, do you think that that's the best there is to offer? You think that Salvini is the best in bolster Nara is the best, and Trump is the best cause he's the one saying these things right, but it's really it's really like Plato's Cave. That's the smoke that they want you to see and people fall for that over and over and over again. And, you know, I I was less invested in Salvini than I was perhaps in say, Ah, you know, some of these other nationalists early on, To the extent that you get really invested, it's it's kind of hard to do that, but you sort of like, Whoa, this is cool. There's a phenomenon of this going on. It looks like people are really reacting this way in a positive way to the negative inputs of, um, the European migration crisis and everything else. And this is a positive development. But it's really not just dig nats co opting this for their own interests as we're gonna find out. Yeah, I remember back in 2013 2014 actually doing some research into European politics. And that was the first time I had ever heard of llegan or it and Matteo Salvini and thinking, Wow, you know, I was a libertarian at the time, right? I thought, Wow, these guys are great. You know, the talking about regionalism and secession and sovereignty. This is so cool. And ah and yeah, and this is you know, this is the long process they had to go through with Salvi any and Lega Nord to make it into what it is today. Now Salvini has been involved in labour politics his entire life, like literally his entire political life. He started out as a party journalist, became a party broadcast radio broadcaster. Maybe if you'd come along 20 years later, he could have been a podcaster. Ah, he was a Milan city counselor from 1983 to 2012 and then in 2000 for he became a European M e p. A member of the European Parliament. He was elected to that position and lost it and got reelected multiple times. But he emerged out of a series of financial scandals and party discontent and frustration because legal had been just this regional party only ever running candidates in the North for going on 30 years at this 300.2030 years at this point, and Bossi resigned in 2012 there were some shake ups in 2013 and Salvini was seen as this young rising star, this promising serious guy for the future of legal. And so he ran for leadership in 2013 and he easily won. He wiped the floor with Bossy was the only other candidate. You got 86% of the vote. Now he's the president of League Nord, but he has visions beyond being essentially segregated to northern Italy. A few days later, right after becoming party leader, he goes on to apologize for the insults he had directed southerners throughout his political career and claimed to have been persuaded that either Italy save itself as a nation or else all of its regions would face ruin. Sounds good. So far right, he says, that even if they could go alone, even if Italy could a go its own way, the north or the North could go its own way. All of Italy would still be a victim of regulations imposed by the totalitarian you and be foresees a currency set up to advantage the German economy that is the euro. And in this way, in this framing, he took the original frame that Leah had of us versus the elites, but changed the elites from Rome to the U to Germany to France. So he's playing up. Italian versus European, Italian versus German, Italian versus French sentiments. And then in 2014 he goes and hints at what is to come when he says that the party is going to change direction. Um, saying that there will be more movements arising throat Italy that will ally themselves with legal not our party necessarily, but allied themselves with Lega in the fight against then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. So he's kind of greasing the skids here for this transition from being an anti Rome party to being the anti EU party. And this is happening at the same time visited Jazzes as other parties all across Europe. Doing this 2013 2014. This is a very pivotal time in ah, in European politics. Well, it was two years after you have the Arab green revolutions taking place, the Arab spring which of course led to by design, led to the migrant invasion. And so you had the follow on of couple years later of the reaction to the flood of migrants, and that's that's a lot of what we're seeing at this time. And that's what what allowed these guys toe to rise to prominence. And that's what I was talking about thes air genuine emotions of people in these countries feeling like they're being invaded. And then those emotions air taken advantage of. And of course, it's perfecto. Have the invasion be Muslims? Right? Um, in predominantly Muslims, but a lot of blacks and it's it's it's It's constant theme, right? Blacks have always been used, is the bioweapon by Jews against white people. And they've been doing this for a long time. And here they've done this again where they get these people gassed up for, ah, next populist and then next populists gives them tons of Zionism because we're gonna find out with Salvini and not much a little bit, not much in the way of actual politics that are meaningful for that. Yeah, that's exactly right. And so 2014. This was before the migrant crisis really kicked off in earnest. Strike that happened 2015 or so You're still getting ah, trickle there. But most of the discontent in European countries towards the EU was not about migration. At this point, it was more to do with your euro policy and trade and things. But 2014 is when you see the emergence of this Ah, this Condrey of these based far right anti EU anti migrant leaders, Right because legal was still with domestically 1\/3 to your party. They were getting like four or 5% of the vote, but they were making their big play just like you kept it in the UK They were making their big play at these m e p European Parliament elections alongside people like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Austrian Freedom Party, UKIP these parties that that were again relatively obscure in domestic politics but dominated NDP elections because they they said very popular things about leaving the EU that kind of thing. So you had a little Pen's National Front party. This is 2014 Le Pen's National Front party, the Austrian People's Party and various other Emmy peas from Hungary, Estonia and elsewhere. Comprising this block in the European Parliament, they call themselves the European Alliance for Freedom, which was a eurosceptic you party. This is the origin of ah much of this nexus between all of these controlled fake nationalists. So then ahead of the 2014 European Parliament election, these E F members decided, Well, we're gonna make a new block and this block was going to include the French National Front, the Dutch Freedom Party, Reading Pasta Freedom Party of Austria, Sweden Democrats and the Slovak National Party and Italian Northern League Lega Nord Based Right this is this is the hard core serious guys taken on taking on international control. Well, except as part of these negotiations, they agreed to restrict nationalist parties like NPD in Germany, the British National Party, Greek Golden Dawn Jobbik from Hungary. Yeah, they were all kicked out, right? They were all band. So the people that we're talking about Ah, Zionism and, um, similar issues, they were all PNG persona non grata. Now there was another block and this is important for reasons we'll find later. Nigel Farage's UKIP and Sweden Democrats, They said, Yeah, even Freedom Party in National front there too extreme for us. So they formed a different block called the Europe of Freedom and direct Democracy. Also included was a tiny but important Belgian party, the Belgian Parti Populaire, whose leader, Michelle Modry Kamen, became vice president of the block. So remember Michelle Motor common because this guy is a is a linchpin in this entire thing. So this Farraj Wilder Salvini group went on to evolve and become the European nations of freedom. And in 2019 the identity in Democracy Coalition and again as part of these coalitions you see, is part of the coalition negotiations. You see, every few years another concession is made. But it's not a concession to you. It's not a concession to the rial nationalists. It's a concession to Chuck, because as part of these negotiations, Marine Le Pen kicked her own father, John Marie Le Pen, out of the party he had founded because he held a position as an M, E P and others would not go along with them. But yeah, I suggest will look up, John Marie Le Pen. This dude is the real deal. He's got some pretty interesting floats. Speaking of looking things up, I knew I was right about this. Drop the hammer little bit. Micro crisis did start in 2013. Okay, actually, there was a Lampedusa migrant shipwreck that occurred when a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the coast of Lampedusa. And there are a whole bunch of people who died and it became this whole thing. This was like the culminating kickoff event of all this. You had Pope Francis tweeting out that we have to pray to God for the victims of the shipwreck off Lampedusa. You had Enrico Letta, who's the Italian prime minister at the time, calling this an immense tragedy. And so you had this immediate sort of reaction from the you talking about how we must, you know, spend a bunch of money's money. 30 million euros must be announced for a state funeral. For the migrants who died, it's like people in southern Italy. You're facing routine 15 to 20% unemployment all the time. And Italy can cough up a funeral for a bunch of a retreat and blacks whose fucking raft tipped over. So, yeah, this was this is bad. And then this this shoehorned the whole notion of Maren nostrum, which was part of its It's a thing that it's a term that goes back to Roman times. I'm talking about our see, of course, the Mediterranean Sea. And it is it is something that they rejuvenated in 2012 through University of CAG, Larry CAG. Aly area. No, I said that right. Um so they brought this up that we have to embrace the diversity of Mediterranean cultures. So they took this notion of our C. Our Roman see of our Roman Empire is also used, um, by Benito Mussolini as well, um, in a similar way to Hitler's Libyans from. But they took a term that was a rallying cry for white people and turned it into our C means all the black people at the bottom of it that we don't want coming up north. And so they turned it into that. And they of a the Italian government created Operation Maron Ostrum, which is a military and humanitarian operation to rescue migrants and arrest traffickers of immigrants which they sort of just stopped arresting the traffickers and then rescued the migrants. You know how that that whole thing goes? So yeah, it was in 2013 that the numbers started rising in Europe and then 2015 is when we were all it was like, everybody's activated and we see all this going on. But I remember the Lampedusa bit because of what the pope was doing. It's like, Why is the pope you know? But it's it's a that point. It's like, Oh, yeah, Berg olio Sure got it. Yeah, I mean, they use they do use to a certain extent. You know what the EU is doing to us a bit, but I think the most powerful rhetoric the as Larry Finkelstein. No, it's not Larry Finkelstein. Arthur Finkelstein. Well, there is a Larry Finkelstein to he's just in charge of black round. I'm talking about Arthur Finkelstein. Arthur Finkelstein is the guy who who said that? Identity politics of the opiate of the masses, You know, it's sort of like, you know, the tea party. It's like, you know, you talk to these white people and you say, Oh, yeah, you really got to start caring about that $20 trillion debt And people are like, you know, maybe, you know, they're like, Oh, all right, sure, yeah, the debts bad. But you know, you say really started caring about these 20 million illegals who were coming in, and then that really gets people animated. And this was finally the thing that brought these people out, and they knew that this was coming. I mean, these people have been waiting all along for this is why Salvini had to apologize for attacking southern Italians because they're very they're very, um, far more fractured than we are here in that country has only been unified for 100 years. I mean, if anybody's gonna talk about secession and do so in a way that isn't laughable, it would be in Italy. Um, really uphill battle that these people had would have to fight to get there, but much easier. Teoh, explain toe. Have someone from Tuscany tell somebody from collaborator like, Yeah, I don't like sometimes these guys like when they get mad, you can't even understand each other because the dialects just go in two different directions. You can't even know what they're saying. So yeah, I mean, anyway, they they had to figure out a way to unite these guys for Zionism. And that's what Salvini deter. I'm sorry for attacking you Southern Italians that I have no interest in helping and don't give a fuck about and and probably more racist toward than I ever would be a Jew. But we're gonna pretend that we all like each other so that we can do the bit for Israel. Basically What? This was well, yeah, and he knew that they would not be able to to achieve any meaningful power if they were still get allies essentially in the north and if they didn't have any appeal in central and southern Italy. So that was part of part of the play and you're right. The migrant crisis was a necessary condition to give rise to this. Now this is why Brexit had been talked about in Mulled over for years. But it didn't succeed until 2016 the height of the migrant crisis. It's why the National Front, you know, they had been in relative obscurity and hadn't made a second round presidential election since Jean Marie Le Pen in 2000 until 2016 with with the Marine Le Pen and the Austrian Freedom Party. Same thing. The People's Party in ah, in in, ah, space in the country. But all of these different nationalist countries, nationalist parties, right? This is why you saw them rise to prominence and become a thing in that time between 2013 and 2016. Because the migrant crisis was animating people to begin taking their own side, and these parties that existed that were were presented to them as viable options, they flock to them. Of course, these parties like Lega Nord was were punching, you know, punching down the real nationalists and punching fit the real people that we're addressing the root of these issues in a more than superficial way. But that's that's ah was the shot at the time, so to speak. So yeah, the migrant crisis is the background. 2013 to 2015 2016 really intense On dso Lega Nord begins gaining popularity. They began moving from a regional party to a national party. This culminates in the elections in 2018. They had been doing sort of what? Ah, what? Ah, the Sweden Democrats and and what S P. D has been doing winning regional elections and they built up a regional base. But their moment of glory came in 2018 when they placed second in national elections and became coalition partners with five star movement. This was their first time in a government since Ah, since Bossi was the leader of the party decades ago, Hey served in a Berlusconi government now when they did this, when they got this position, Salvi Ni became the deputy prime minister and the interior minister, and Sal Viennese time is Interior Minister is the time period. People like to look to to say Well, sure, the meetings in Israel. Well, sure. The Netanyahu stuff. Well, which we're gonna get to. Well, yeah, Yeah, all of that. I get it. But look what he did, bro. He stopped immigration. He ended immigration. Mamma mia, Let's go. No, aided. So I I s so close yourself. Yeah, and eso We look at what he actually did. And let's do that. I mean, to be honest, if we're being totally honest, which we are, you can say yes. Migrant crossings into Italy. Word down during Salvi's 10 year as interior minister, largely this was a continuation of a trend that had already been taking place since 2015. Trump Trump did that, too. I mean, it's such low hanging fruit. They look at refugees which are the most grotesque manifestation of immigration, and they know that that triggers people more than anything else. More than anything else, they know that that dumping these people in these places in the United States, they think that that is the thing that is the catalyst that made people the most upset and in Italy to, and so it's like, yeah, we're gonna turn this down. But did it? Did the change Chinese immigration in Italy know? Did they change any other kind of immigration in Italy? No. Did any other immigration change in the United States? No, not really. Just Muslims and refugees. And sometimes there's a lot of overlap with those two, but well, we want Ah, what was what was the word we we have Toe was trump with the the immigration where we picked the winners or whatever. I forget what that's called. I don't even think I forget what it's called. Yes, Merit. Yeah, we get to say That's right. Yeah, Well, the thing is, they in Italy. And when you get into the specifics here of how they did this, the net influx of migrants to Europe was actually unchanged by Salvi because the way he was able to to get approval to ah, make these deals these great deals was not to turn the vessels away entirely. These vessels that were coming up to Italy, he would say, Sure, you can't dock here, but you can dock in Spain or we won't take the migrants, but well, we'll load them into Italy and then we'll send them to Germany will send them to France. And I've used this talking point with with some guy on on Ah, I don't remember where it was, but he was. He was balking at our analysis of Viktor Orban and I was like, He's like but he stopped the refugees coming into hungry and I was like, So you're you're You're okay with that? As long as refugees get dumped on some other European country, that's cool with you. And that guy eventually capitulated because he knew he knew that I was right. It's like So you're proud of your nationalism as long as it means shitting on somebody else's national right, because you're not leading to a net decrease in the total overall number, you're just taking your trash and dumping it somewhere else. Yea, let's go Just stupid. Yeah, and this has been, and this is something that we missed, of course, because we weren't looking into these reports as hard of the time. But this has always been a key part of cell Viennese quote. Nationalism is attacking Germany and attacking France and exactly the Germans and attacking the French right, so he's able to do this, and you know, we're not just making things up. August 2019 he makes a deal with the governing governments of Germany, France, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland to take in migrants from an Italian coast Guard vessel and send them to those countries. So the net result here for refugees and migration into into Europe is negligible. It's not even a decrease. And these migrants, also, by the way, they have the ability to go to Italy if they so choose, because of the use transit policies once they're in Europe, their home free to go where they want. So this is like nationalism epic closing the ports and sending them to Germany and France like doesn't Yeah, it's it's nationalism at other Europeans expense. It's totally think he's just a gatekeeper for letting refugees in to you. And then that's it. It's okay. We saved Italy. Fuck everybody else, though, right? Yeah, and then they play on. They play on there being national disunity like everybody's got a deal with EU. But the last thing that they wanted these people to be filling united against a really common enemy against shot to keep them divided or Mohammed sure you know what I mean? Let's let them unify against Mohammed. But not if it's Ah with the end result of unifying against truck, Right? But you mentioned the Trump administration, and that's actually very apt. Parallel, because that's another factor. Here is the changes Salvi made while he was deputy PM and Interior Minister. These were all administrative changes. These were not legislative. These were not rules that have to be carried over from one administration, one government to the next. These were entirely administrative wranglings. So when he's replaced, when he does his his ah throws his fit and ends about of power out of government, which we'll talk about later. And he's replaced by Luciano Lamb. Or he's the new interior minister. She says in 2019 that there is no migrant invasion. It's not really I don't have that information. We're not facing any invasion, says the lamb orgies, who is a coalition partner with five star. She's a member of the centre left Democratic Party, and it paved the way for the Italian government to do things like this. In 2020 Italy has allowed for tens of thousands. Actually, the estimates are more like hundreds of thousands. 560,000 is the number I saw of undocumented migrants to become legal residents by applying for work permits. It's part of a 5 $59.6 billion stimulus package approved on Wednesday by the Italian government. So yeah, I mean all of Salvi knees bloviating and rhetoric For what? What result? Half a 1,000,000 migrants being given citizenship, being given permanent residency in Italy just a year after he leaves the government. It was all for not masquerade masquerading as a stimulus package aimed at helping the sagging Italian economy because of Corona virus. So we're going to help everybody who has been locked inside because Italy locked their shit down very hard and we're gonna help everybody out by making all these undocumented migrants undocumented migrants, they use the same language. All these people who don't belong there. All these Africans were just gonna legalize them. So there's like, no questions about them and whether or not they're here and it's like, this is a stimulus for you. Yeah, fellow Italians, just like most of it introduced by the Italian equivalent of Lindsay Ramp snuck. You know what's ready? Get these. Where would you get these ideas? Of course. Well, he's been Israel a bunch of times. He was there in 2018. He was there in 2016. He's been there several times in in many times. He's, he's he's done a number of things calling. Ah, he's got. He's got Netanyahu calling Salvini a great friend of Israel despite the Italian Jewish communities. Outcry over his right wing policies, an anti migration views. Well, they just don't understand what the play is here. And there are Jews that are upset about this. But in Netanyahu has has, ah, salve Any go to yet that Gadd bash em, um, was part of his two day trip. This is what they did with Bolson Aro as well, and arriving at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum ins, Jerusalem's of any told journalists he discussed cooperation with Israel in Italy, in the field of anti terrorism, illegal migration as well. Eso he's gonna help Israel not take on any migrants, and Italy will take the migrants that Israel doesn't want is that Italy will make sure that they get sent to Germany instead of Israel, right, or Italy instead of it legally on a work permit under a government stimulus for Corona virus instead of its right here, so we'll just do whatever they want. But then he says that he promised to take it upon himself to fight an alleged anti Israel bias in the U. The main topic, however, was fostering economic cooperation between the two countries, said Salvini, who praised Netanyahu is someone who has really clear ideas and knows what he is doing. The two leaders also discussed developing a gas pipeline running from Israel all the way up to southern Italy. That is the shot, and we're going to talk about that later in some of the real politik versus principles closer when I when we sort of close this up. But yet I mean this'll picture of him smiling with the flag where he visited the tunnel. Um, they do the same stuff. This is what bull scenario did, too. Takes a tour, looks at all the bad things that Hezbollah has done or is alleged to have done. And then he says, the growing anti Semitism goes together with Islamic extremism, to which no one is paying any attention at all. We need to start paying attention to this. Please pay attention to the anti Semitism. But yeah, he calls Hezbollah terrorists. And in all kinds of other garbage. Oh, yeah, the whole It's the same thing. It's the same thing. No. Anywhere of Fedor. Did he wear a fedora, though, when he was at the Wailing Wall? I don't I don't think he did. Maybe he did. Oh, he were Yamaguchi. I don't know about the fedora, but look at the pictures of him with the big old Tamika on his head. Nice. Yeah, And it is the same playbook or very similar playbook with bull. So narrow, similar playbook with Orban and just like a balls to the wall. Egregious playbook here with with with Salvi, me and this guy, he actually took it upon himself to defy you practice, if not official policy, by not meeting with the Palestinian representative. That is something that European representatives have always done when they go to Israel. But ah, not Salvini that would be engaging in dangerous anti Semitism. He was actually rebuked by his defense minister at the time. Who, like called the guy out like, What are you doing? Um, because he called Hezbollah Islamic terrorists, which, you know, for an American for pump Heo to go do that. No big deal. But the Italians they're a part of this impartial broker committee on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon that they serve as peacekeepers. And if Italians are major portion of that and so Italian deputy PM to go and that's clearly stake out one side is not good practice. Yeah, I just found a picture of ah Matteo Salvini shaking hands with none other than Putin's rabbi Barrel Lazar. Same fedora, same big hook nose and nasty nasty beard and is in Israel. So we have confirmation that Barrel Lazar was in Israel a same time. That's Alvin Iwas. But of course, barrels are, as we recall, has Italian citizenship. He has Israeli citizenship, and very soon he's going to have Russian citizenship because, you know, for all you people still doubting the narratives that we've been putting out there about Putin. Yeah, you know the bill he signed? Um I think last week or the week before. Yeah. Dual citizenship in Russia now. Legal. Thanks flat. Good job there. What you need? What do you need? Dual citizenship. For what do you need to turn that over for? Oh, I know why. Yeah. Oh, it's because of all the diaspora Russians wanna have both citizenship. Shore. Imagine me doing the jerk off hand. That's exactly what that is. Not about. So yeah, very cool. You know, it's like wherever juegos dual citizenship follows. That seems to be seems to be the bit. Jig's up, though, because we're noticing right is most definitely up, right? And that's and that takes us to a good point is, is solving these meetings. This guy, he likes to have a lot of meetings. He likes to go and do a lot of talking with people and meeting some important figures. So you know you are here. We have Salvini broadening his nationalist base by aligning with Zionist like Geert Wilders. Market liberals like Marine Le Pen routing migrants into Europe through the back door, making fake reforms that sound good but evaporate when he leaves office palling around with Netanyahu being a friend of Israel, etcetera. All right, maybe you can excuse all of that is just doing what he has to do. We're going along to get along if you are still clinging desperately to a cope when you see what happens next, who he does, where what he does and who does it for. Yeah, your ability to make excuses for this guy quickly run out. So we go to September 2018 just a few months after he becomes deputy prime minister. Selling his government installs a guy named Marcello Pfoa who looks very swore. The when you look at this guy doesn't look entirely Italian. Who is this eurosceptic journalist? As the chairman of the Italian state broadcaster? Our AI follows formerly employed by Jornal, which was owned by Berlusconi, and he has expressed admiration for Steve Bannon. But not only admiration. This guy was a prominent feature at the meetings. He introduced Steve Bannon to Matteo Salvini Four Ways. A close ally of Silvina himself, for his son, works on social media projects for Salvini. But this guy is the connection the initial connection between Bannon and Salvi Ni But then you have also in September 2018 you have Salvini meeting with Steve Bannon, posing for this picture, um, and announcing that he has joined the movement. He's a serious guy that has joined the movement, which is Steve Bannon's European populist thing, posing this picture, shaking hands in this picture tweeted out by missile motor common. We mentioned him before the Belgian politician and co founder of the Belgian People's Party, who is a member, but not only a member who is the original founder of Bannon's group, which unites, never, never trust, a man named Michelle. We'll just say that I'm just do that. I know that's probably gonna rustle some Jimmy's. That's all right. This guy's name Michelle, and he looks like a Michelle Just don't know. What was it about Steve Bannon. He just got He just got his jet I training camp upheld. Stamp of approval. So yeah, the courts, the courts air against you on every front, whether it's immigration or whatever you're trying to get done in Europe or the United States. But Steve Bannon wants to build his little jet I training camp. His movement training camp. Yeah, it was. The news court has ah has upheld that. He can move forward with that for now. I think so. Yep. There have there. What's the point, though? Steve, the jig's up. We all know what's going on. I mean, you can keep trying to fool people. But these things were all built on such razor thin margins, and it's not happening. So good luck. Yeah, they're trying to keep it afloat as best they can. And this guy, Michelle Motor Common. He is again like he's a linchpin for this. And he is, is the leader, actually of this Italian on Italian of this European movement. Ah, he founded it. He found it before Bannon did. He bought brought Bannon on board, but he's Bannon's top European emissary. This guy, Yeah, he's a real populist, right? He founded the Belgian People's Party. Belgian Chuck's party, more like Michelle, is a son of Marcel Motor Common, a Jewish immigrant from Poland who fled anti Semitism. Marcel was arrested by the Gestapo as a member of the Belgian Resistance during World War Two. He became a Jewish political leader and trade unionist after the war, and Michelle has his own track record of Judaism. In 2001 he represented the Belgian Jewish community in their lawsuit with the banking and insurance sector for eluded assets during World War Two, securing a 110 million euro settlement yet real populist This guy bilking the Belgian government on behalf of Belgian Jury November 2002. Michelle. Much of common vocal critic of Islamism. Seeing it is a threat to democracy and the West seeing the situation as equivalent to appeasement of the Nazis in the 19 thirties. So let's just make make just make Michelle like Karen. So Karen's gay, right? That whole thing that bit that people do. We were talking about this when the whole Weinstein thing blew up. But just call people who don't use awful Don't use carriage issues, Michelle, because you're referring to a Jew who is Ah, he's being a Michelle like this guy who's invading your political space and teaming up with Steve Bannon and his father is is getting all this money back from the Nazis, So Yeah, great. Oh, is that cool? Was that great jazz? That wasn't Marcel getting money back from the Nazis. That was missile himself. This this populist, this populist hero was was suing. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, the his father, you have come descended from the father, right? Yeah. So he himself was doing Yes, of course. You saluted assets. Wow. So 2001. Yeah, he gets this huge settlement. Wonder what happened with all that money? Well, it's funding this. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. And, Ah, And this guy, you know, no direct relation to Finkelstein that I came up with. I'm sure I'm sure one could be found. But this guy is a is an emissary for Finkel. Think in Europe, he was doing the totally based rhetoric against Muslims and immigrants before Le Pen before these others, this guy back in 2010 saying that a zero tolerance policy on crime was efficient at decreased crime in some Belgian regions by 30%. 2011. He reacted to riots in England by saying the situation was a premise of a civil war led by minorities. While based also in 2011 he declared on the radio that Islam, as a private religion, causes no particular problems but that Islamism could be a form of fascism and that these immigrants refused the values, presumably Judeo Christian values on which Europe was built. So this guy was doing the bit inciting, you know, And this way we're not like Muslim apologists here. But this guy was was leading the incitement of the identity politics of the racial strife back in 2010 2011 paving the way for these other fake European nationalist to do so. Of course, in 2016 this guy takes a trip to Israel, was one of the guest speakers at the International Leadership Summit in Jerusalem. In 2016 he brought his support to Israel and particularly Judea and Samaria, when he was welcomed with his delegation by the head of the Chama Rahm Council and then at the Knesset Israeli Parliament. So this guy, after working with these fake nationalists, is getting accolades from the Israeli Knesset. Very interesting. Yeah, yes. So this Michelle, another thing about this guy is he is the guy who is promoting this Mim. Then a lot of people buy into It's something that I am Nats buy into. Ah, wholesale. And that is that Israel should be a model for what we want to achieve. This is Jewish. This is a very Jewish narrative so that you end up just supporting Zionism and not getting anything on your end. People will fall for this and they expect people to fall for this, and then they find a new group of people to fall for it and tricks keep flowing. But this is Michelle, Um, who said There are those in Europe who look at Israel as an aberration, But there are those who look at Israel as a model and a value. Israel is the example for Europe because it is a nation state concept that fights for its values and concentrates on the future. This is the model we want a sovereign tests. It affirms exactly what we are and where we're heading. But Steve Bannon doesn't give a fuck about any of that. They don't because why isn't Steve Bannon here? It's like the circus packed up in left town after Trump got elected. The circus isn't here calling Trump out for his bullshit. Where's your movement, Steve? Oh yeah, the Kabuki theater. That's right. You guys had a falling out. These two are talking anymore. They had a falling out just paper that over and move on. It's like, of course, the guy. The guy that gets everybody excited for this. The the white community organizer Steve Bannon, of course, leaves town circus leaves. You know you're not getting your money back, chump, and he's gonna go to do this in Europe, and eventually Steve is gonna run out of places to go and people to see in, you know, palms to grease. But you know this this. Ah, Michelle. He also says the populist wave in us and Europe is great for Israel. He told our roots shava that the wave of populism sweeping across the West is a boon for Israel. Um, he says, there is a clear distinction between the right wing neo Nazi fascist movements. And they are, if you look at the Greek party Golden dawn or the job IQ party and hungry there Fascist, racist, anti Semitic, said Michelle. But then you have all these movements that are combating the mainstream media and the mainstream parties that are made up of your citizens that are intending to do the right but not consider themselves right wing or extremists and so on. They're rising in Europe, yet fags or rising, and they are for many reasons sympathetic to Israel. Because you see an example. Israel is an example. If I may quote a religious word, a kind of light unto nations what Israel is doing up on its feet, fighting radical Islam, controlling its border and being strong on its values in history and so on is kind of example. Israel. So this is this is the model that you're supposed to, you know, this this whole because it's a great troll point, right? Why does this really get a wall? And we don't. Why does Israel get all this stuff? And we don't. Why're they like to kick out blacks? And we're not? It's a great question. Nothing about that should ever change. But when you say yeah, why don't we have the same thing? Let's work toward that together, Israel. Israel's gonna get everything at once. It's gonna milk you to death for 10 years. And on the other side of this thing, we're gonna be once and said, Yeah, you fell for that. You did that to yourself. We felt for a two. But we're not doing that anymore. We have been doing it for a while. So people that want to keep falling for this it's ah, especially the people. Like I said this before, the people who doubled down people who doubled down on a trick again. It's the people who just love stomping on that rake. Just step on that rig bus that knows the heels backup stop on it again. Yeah, man, Love that. Shouldn't you do it enough times? And it's like stuff to start asking. And what's the motive of a person like that? Is that person a serious guy? I don't know. I don't think so. Well, when you see the leader of the European Movement of the Year being nationalist movement, getting a hero's welcome in Israel by the Knesset in December 2016 and then not one month later registering the movement, the rally European nationalists, you gotta wonder, you gotta ask you at least ask yourself that question and ah, maybe it would be a little bit suspicious would be helpful. Do not get tricked again, if that's your interest. And then, of course, this is registered in 2017. Bannon brought on board in 2018 and we know the history from there. But I mean, it's so funny that most common is going to these these Jewish papers and reassuring them that no guys, look, we know there's the Nazis, there's a fascist. There's the people that that we should actually be concerned about. But that's not what we are we're different work were kosher, were co certified because they also sent Marcello Foe. What to do that, Um, the guy again. The link. One of the other links between Sylvain Ian Bannen, Sal Viennese media minister goes and doesn't interview with Haaretz assuring world Xuri that there's nothing Do we be worried about? Quote. Don't be scared of Europe's new populists. Italy's media, Zare tells Haaretz. So they knew. Yeah, because people have looked at thes things. Maybe you look at it is yes, this there is a phenomenon of rising populism, right? And then populists crop up from that populism. That sentiment, right? And the proper way to look at this is that it has been all one big act, one big strategy from the very beginning. And you can draw the connection now with Bannon leaving the Trump administration in a huff and then going off and doing, you know, other bit. You remember Goi by in the newspaper. I mean, it's all it's all. It's all intended to make you believe that there they may be. Some Jews were full for fooled by this or they played along, I think. More likely they played along. But obviously enough of them. They were concerned about them not knowing what the correct move was, because they had to go out and actually tell them in their own publications what they were doing. But of course, that's why you had Steve Bannon going to Europe. You had bull scenario showing up and starting to run. It was all timed because, well, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself because we have, in the words of Jews themselves, they tell you what the purpose of all this was. And they make the connections so that we don't have to. We don't have to be the ones to do this will do it in their own words. But anyway, um, I'll let you continue and oh, no, that's I think what we're getting to here with the with the J left not knowing what the what the maneuver waas there than being unaware. And that's why that's why multiple reassurances had to be made in Haaretz. Ah, and other and other Jewish papers and and you know, Salvini doing this bit now as well. But ah yeah, you want toe mentioned what they said. So this is part of it. Yeah, this this is part of it. So the strident ideology behind Netanyahu's agenda alarms more liberal supporters of Israel in the United States. Quote. It's extremely disturbing that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government are embracing right wing leaders with their xenophobic ideologies and authoritarian leanings and providing cover for those leaders anti Semitic dog whistles and affiliations, said Jeremy Ben Ami, president of the left leaning Jewish American group J Street. In their zeal to maintain the occupation and reject all criticism of its policies towards Palestinians, the Israeli right clearly feels kinship with other Altra nationals re leaders who are demonizing ethnic minorities, civil society groups and democratic institutions. Ben Ammi continued by standing up by standing with the likes of Orban and salve a need. The Israeli government is ignoring the deep concerns of Europe. So European Julie Jewish leaders and forgetting the historical lesson, that government that any government which targets minorities and undermines liberal democracies ultimately a threat to the Jewish people. So yeah, um, of course. Oh, you go. Yeah. This is where they dust off the old the ghost they trot out the old ghosts. This is good to Salvini, Orban and others in their cohort angrily Shug off shrug off charges of anti Semitism, in part by pointing to their support for the Israeli state. We've see this all the time. Trump loves if Israel every time he gets accused of this. So it's about how about how much I love Israel and all of that has stopped. Have you noticed that virtually all of the articles written about how Trump is an anti Semite have stopped? It's all disappeared that maybe music to the ears of Netanyahu. But it disturbs others in Israel who see the ghosts of the past circling once more. There's distress here and even anger, staff member at Yad Vashem told Friedman, because many of us see a collision between what we believe with lessons of the whole coast and what we see is our job in between the way Yeah, Dvor M is being abused for political purposes. Yeah, yeah. I mean, this is this is out. You know, they say this and I know we picked up on some of the stuff of the time and and you can look to some of this and say, See, look, they really are concerned about these guys. This this is a sign that they're legitimate. But no, it's not. This is This is another. It's Plato's cave. It was meant for you to see. Yep, that's you saw it. It was for you. Yeah. Yeah, and Ah, that's exactly right. And speaking of seeing things, we're seeing this bull. So Naro Orban, Salvini and Trump, Axis of which Salvini isn't remember. And he's receiving similar treatment in the US, as he received as Excuse me as bolsa narrow received as well. So April 2019 two weeks before the Israeli election, trump signs of proclamation with Netanyahu at his side recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in the 1967 6 days war. Now the Trump Heights, right? Well, right there is Italy's prime minister, Deputy Prime Minister Salvi Ni tweeting his own congratulations to his best friend. Netanyahu, 70 also sent a quote big hug to the Israeli people, any comments accompanied by a photograph of Salvini and Netanyahu shaking hands and smiling Look at this grainy, shitty low rez image. In front of that, it's a bad Twitter image. Yahoun una Bracho L popolo hug of the people for Netanyahu hug of the Italian people. I'm sure they all wanted to give Netanyahu a hug at once. Yeah, and this is the one that this is the point that's been made before, too. But, like you can't project American these American conceptions of Israel onto European people. European people, by and large either don't care or are anti Israel. And so it's very suspicious when you see people in in Europe coming out and talking ardently and making a lot of noise. But their support for Israel, because that's not you can't make the argument like you can. Ah, which is an exaggerated argument. We would argue in the US that people on the right really want you to support Israel because people on the right in Europe don't want that right. That's not something. They're clam. No, no, they don't want that. And what they what they really want to dio and what they've succeeded at doing in in America to a very astonishing decree. They've been working on it. Mr. Bits has been a decades old project now, but using evangelical Christianity to be a Zionist faction, and they have done that in Brazil is, well, very easily cause it's the same group of religious people. But they also want to take these other traditional religious groups and make them kosher and support Zionists interests. Because if you can align, you don't want toe align people around race. That's not something you want to do. You don't want to get white people excited for white interests. And so you get them excited about traditional Catholicism's or traditional this or traditional that or Orthodox this or Baba. And it becomes just another faction like evangelical Christianity, where you know you can larb as one of these things, and then you just get called up. Your told what to do because that's what your church is doing. And you know that's that's how that's going to go. And they use people like Pope Bergoglio. Another says, as something Let's not real Catholicism's. This is the real, so they're using that as well. Nothing has been a successful is evangelical Christianity. I will give them that they have the Scofield Bible and a number of other things were going to do a podcast with Borzoi on that At some point, um, they have managed to wield religion as as ah is a way of organizing a voting bloc in a way that is superficial and not based on your ethnicity, right? So and they're and they're trying that in Italy as well. I mean, they're appealing to this discontent that there is within, ah, the Catholic community, their cat Catholicism, obviously the top religion in Italy and they're using that Salvini himself has has used that to, ah, attack the pope to a gender support for himself. But again, it's It's the rhetoric, the right rhetoric on some things on migration, right? He'll he'll hit the pope for being weak on migrants. And people think, Yeah, that sounds good. Great. But then, along with the Salvi Ni Lane, you get Zionism and you get the you get everything else right? So June 2019 Salvini goes to D. C. He meets with top US officials in Washington and spoke about his closeness to President Donald Trump's administration and other countries ruled by right wing populists, including, as he noted, Israel Salvini met with Pompeo and my fence. Oh, men, yeah, really real contest for who loves Israel? More in that room, Pence tweeted. The two had a great meeting and discussing the U. S and Italy relationship and our shared priorities. I wonder where those priorities lie. The transatlantic alliance is stronger than ever, vice president Pence wrote, and that takes us to December 2019 where Salvi Knees plan He's out of power at this point, planning his return as prime minister wanting an alliance with Donald Trump. But not only Donald Trump alliance with Trump and Alliance with Boris Johnson and the leaders is Bo Jo. But, yeah, leaders of Israel scenarios even still there, even if they're still there. But yet it's the it's the same old story. I mean, they're doing the same bit over and over again. And he's in, of course, just like the GOP. You have Silvina saying, I'm using this time in the opposition to forge new alliances and expand my network, see their learning what Steve Bannon has taught them, which is you go in power for a little bit. You don't want to be in there too long because then God forbid somebody is gonna want you to start accomplishing something that you promised. It's far better to go out of power and being the opposition for a while and build up your bona fetus and then come back. And I think in the long run, depending on how this plays out in Brazil, because, you know, we could only know so much of what's going on. Um Bolson Aro become this out of power opposition guy who is striking back. You know, it's it's Episode two. You have to get excited for the Zionist empire to strike back, and that's what this is. A lot of this is about they've gotten a lot of pieces on the board, and some of those pieces were gonna fall down because there's dissatisfaction, and then they'll work to get them back in and the will swing to left for a while. Swing to the right. The trick is going to be, though I'm already seeing this tendency, and I you know, we we were not the first back in 2016 or 2015 to say Trump is a gap. I wish we were. I wish we knew we didn't know. But what we do know now about the structure of this thing is that there is going to be a tendency now as people realize how Facon gave this nationalism is to run to the other side light switch, single poll single throw to the other side and just ricochet to the other thing, which is what they want you to do. They anticipate you doing that because they want these people to be out of power for a while. So put the other guy in power, and then we'll run against the people in power and then get back him. So the trick is not to play. Don't play their trick, which is not just, you know, if you think that you're a shoeing the trick by saying all right, we'll fuck Trump, I'm gonna do the opposite. That's not the truth that you're also playing the game. You're playing the game that they want you to play. So just just pointing that out there, that people are going to see that how Facon gave this nationalism is and they're gonna wonder, run to another thing. And that's not that's not This is the thing. What we're trying to do is the thing pointing out that this is a trick and that we have to move past. This is a thing in demanding something different, not just demanding the alternative and then bouncing back to the other alternative over and over and over again. Listening here, Jack, is not the move. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And and again like that, that could be construed. I don't even want to really even take because I've been trying not to take a position cause I don't want to take a position. And because people are like, Oh, well, I've got the neat trick where I'm just gonna vote for the opposite side and that's gonna be acceleration is there's the wind. It's like the easy lights. Which answer? It's like No, but I'm not gonna take a position on these things because I don't want to be in this in this locked into this thing where it's like what you're advocating against Biden. Therefore, it's four Trump like No, I'm just gonna tell you how the thing is structured. You make your own decisions. But I would say the best thing you can Dio is not to fucking play the game. That's the best thing you can dio. So I'm gonna stick to that And I will say along that that people that run to the other side thinking that it has something else to offer. You're just gonna find out that it's the same old thing over and over and over again, and I refuse to keep repeating the same old shit. So anyway, you mentioned building bone a few days, and that is exactly what Selvin used doing. And he's doing it among the typical suspect is doing among those you would expect. He gave this interview with Israel Hayom, which is a aging that publication in Israel, and rebates and pledges to Israel to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, obviously, to criminalize BDS in Europe and to adopt the international Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti Semitism and, of course, to make the EU more pro Israel. But ah, he said that European institutions, let alone institutions within the U. N. Are no friends of Israel, he claimed Yes, absolutely, he would make Jerusalem Israel's capital and most importantly, here he's pledged to support for this I h. R. A definition of anti Semitism. Now this is the definition of anti Semitism that outlaws makes illegal things like accusing juices of people, or Israel is a state of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust, accusing Jewish citizens of you know, suggesting that there may be dual loyalties at play for a specific Jew or for any Jew, in fact, to make stereotypical or group statements about Jews or to, ah, to ascribe the wrongdoing of one individual Jew as being connected in any way to the fact that they are Jewish. So this is what Salvini wants to make illegal in Italy. This these air his legislative priority, I mean, won't make won't make any legislative changes on the immigration front. But yeah, this top of the list top of the docket for when Lega comes back in power. And we mentioned, of course, the connection with anti fascism at the beginning, lest you think this is something that has died out in the last 40 years of of leg of being around. In this interview with Israel home Salvi, he goes full frustration here. He refers to Israel. Hate is a dangerous crime, and then he says in reference to any political organization that is anti Semitic, he says, quote, we lida have no relations whatsoever with such organizations. In the elections, parties like forts nuova, Cassa, pound Fiamma are running against us, so we have no contacts with them. Those who believe in neo Nazi and neo fascist anti Semitism are our enemies as those who believe in anti Semitism of the radical left and radical Islam. It's our obligation to fight all of those. So if you go out there and you think that you're gonna get Salvini in power and he's going to you know, he's tricking them, he's gonna own them. This is a guy who, in his own words, this is not being made up in his own words. He hates you as much as the Muslims. He thinks of you as being less as being more criminal as being a worse person than the refugees that he is talking about keeping out of Italy. So, yeah, there is that the only one being tricked is you? Yeah, the only one being tricked is you. And you know, this is a This is a good thing that I've heard Striker say, at least at least in private. He has said this some sure, he said it elsewhere. But the notion that whenever you know in AM Net or a Normie or anybody that you interact with, says that you're talking about Jews too much. We're talking about Zionism too much or talking about Israel too much. They talk about Israel the time, right? Like they anyone ever accuses you of talking about these things too much or focusing on it too much. They focus on it too much. They spend all their time being Philo Semites. So what's the difference? What difference does it make? They probably spend more time on it. Then we do believe it or not. I mean, look at all these quotes. Look at all the things that are said because anything of substance that is said after they've achieved power has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. And this is all part of the planet. Meaning calls Hezbollah terrorists. He goes on and on and on. But this is the big close. This is from, You know, you can listen to me if you want. You listen to James if you want or or right a lot of the time. But let's just listen to what the Jews themselves tell you about their strategy. This is from a Jewish policy paper, the visit of a towel, Italy's Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, to Israel has been criticized by those who accuse his leg A party of having fascist roots. Peretz ran an editorial asking the government to government to declare Salvi Ni persona non grata. President Reuven Rivlin's office announced earlier this week he would not be meeting with Cell veiny because of a busy schedule. This announcement was widely interpreted as a rebuke of Salvi Ni, and it was praised as such by the Moretz party. Then why did Rivlin meet with Victor Orban? Sebastian Kurtz, Rodrigo Duterte? President Trump had much harsher words and deeds toward illegal immigrants than Matteo Salvini. Yet boycotting the US president would not have even crossed Rivlin's mind. Nor would Rivlin boycott Putin, despite the fact that he eliminates his opponents and expands its borders and blah, blah, blah, blah blah, including, um, supporting populist parties like seventies. But this Jew was wrong. Shortly after questioning Rivlin's judgment in an op ed, I was contacted by his spokesman, who explained that the president had no intention of boycotting Sal Vinny. And in the announcement on Rivlin's busy schedule, yeah, that was genuine. So this guy's accusation turned to be turned out to be totally unfounded. So you'll see this bandied about is Jews were really upset with Salvi Ni, and the Rivlin is just gonna check out of this meeting all together. It's like, No, he actually had a scheduling issue, and he meets with every single other one of the fake nationalists that there are. OK, so that's one part of this. Then he tells you where the rubber meets the road riel, politik versus principles, he says. The controversy around Salvini is a typical foreign policy dilemma between real politik and principles typical thousands of years old. We've been doing this all along the Israeli left, which just taking his stronger stance against Selvin. He has a peculiar way of addressing this dilemma. When, in 2016 Netanyahu signed a reconciliation agreement with Turkey, Peretz columnists praised Netanyahu for making the choice of political realism. The fact that Turkish President Recip Erdogan is an autocrat and an anti Semite was not mentioned as an issue. Well, there might be more to it than that, but we'll let this guy just have it for what it is. Yet when it comes to Italy, the rules of realpolitik no longer apply for some strange reason. No country in the world would sacrifice its national interest for the sake of moral values except everyone except for Israel, I guess does that on behalf of Israel even says this. Accepting Israel and only Israel to do so is absurd. The question is not whether Israel is entitled to play by the rules of realpolitik. Of course, it is that chutzpah. But whether its policy of reproachment with Europe's populist government serves the national interest, the answer is yes, the only to a point. So he's like, We will use you. We will do whatever we can to use you to our interest, but only up to a point right 2008 financial crash in the 2011 Arab spring plagued Europe with the economic crisis, mass migration and Isis claimed terrorist attacks. Many Europeans have accused their elites in the European Union for the loss of jobs and border controls, hence the rise of governments that want to reclaim full sovereignty over economic in immigration policies in places like Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Greece. Hence the rise of parties like a F D Marine, Le Pen's National Rally and Brexit. But under Netanyahu's watch, Israel has amassed a conspicuous crop of illiberal allies. Some, like Salvi Ni and Orban, represent political movements with histories of neo fascism and anti Semitism. Others, like Rodrigo Duterte and President Yar Bozano, are bolsa narrow. ISS espoused the agenda and rhetoric of would be strong. Hman, promising the destruction of their enemies will scoffing at Pearl, clutching human rights activists both for what it's worth, seem intent on moving their nation's embassies to Israel are in Israel to Jerusalem. So this guy's like telling you everything there is to know. I mean, he just confirming, like everything that we've been saying And I just read this last night, Yeah, so this is pretty incredible. And this is, I mean, they have to do these reassurance. They have to make these reassurances because there are some among them that that get uncomfortable, right? For for good reason. Because again there's this disconnect. It's worth pointing out between what people want and what they're getting, what they're getting from these parties. And there are many in, you know, many in Israel, many Jews that sense that if this ah sentiment is allowed to be stoked and gets out of control, this might not end well because these people are mad about riel, things that people are mad about more than just migration into the country. These people are mad about what is being done to them and if they are allowed to to gain confidence in themselves and assert themselves as a legitimate nationalist movement. I mean, it only ends one way, doesn't it? It does. Yeah. And they continue to go down this road. I mean, he even talks about the little love for Israel. These European governments and parties happen to admire Israel for what it represents. Ah, proud nation state that is both economically successful and socially conservative, and that has no qualms about defending its borders, about defeating terrorists and about aggravating Eurocrats. Thanks to its strong ties with Europe's rebels, Israel has been able to break the Brussels consensus. This is exactly what I'm fucking talking about. This is what we said on multiple shows now is that this was about breaking that consensus right, because it's a unanimous vote in the U. But now they have Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania have blocked in EU decision meant to condemn the transfer of the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem. So on the issue of Iran, the Visit Grad group, which is Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, are making it harder for the European Commission to bypass the renewed US sanctions on Iran. Recently, Israel signed a memorandum of understanding with Cyprus, Greece and Italy to build a pipeline that will enable Israel to export its natural gas to Europe. So Israel special ties with Europe's rebels do serve the national interest because they enable Israel to use divide and rule tactics in the U on issues of Jerusalem and Iran, and because they help Israel to promote its natural gas exports to Europe. Despite the projects, many opponents such as Spain, for example, so this is basically just DNC for giving Israel whatever the fuck it wants in Europe while preventing at the same time Europeans from getting what they want out of their policy makers. It just again and again and again. It never stops because, as we've said, the net immigration into Europe has not changed at all to juice. It's just everybody's a eurocrats. Everybody's a shit bag white person on the European continent. We don't care where the people go. Well, dial it back for some of the countries they're going to do the things that we want, and that's pretty much the relationship. It doesn't get much more complicated than that. There are no well, actually is to be found. There are no copes left. It's over like this was always fake and gay. It's always been a Zionist project, and it's actually been that way for thousands of years in recent history, since they were ejected from Spain for several 100 years. It's all been part of the plan, including America, which we're gonna get to at some point a lot to unload their. But I mean James in his own words. I can't hold all this confirmation bias. No, no, and that's the thing. And we've said this before. We'll say it again. You don't have to trust us. I mean, you should, But you can look at what they're saying about this themselves because they're laying it out for you. All you need to do is look and and the truth will be right there. And the truth is right here. And when you couple this with all of the evidence we've laid out here with all of the circumstances surrounding cell Viennese rise. What he's done when he is banned in the position of power, his connections with with the European movement with motor common with with, ah, jewelry writ large, it's pretty undeniable. And there's only one conclusion that could be drawn here if you are approaching this honestly. And if you're seeking the honest truth, if you still believe that these guys are just doing its right, they have to appease Israel. They have to appease Netanyahu. They have to. They can't be openly counter Semitic, because that would be the end. They have to sneak on the sneak up on the beaks, right? James? Well, the beaks tell you themselves. Israel has no interest in the dislocation of the U and in the proliferation of populist governments because these governments oppose free trade in the U. Is Israel's first trade part. Israel has a free trade agreement with the U, and it is part of its flagship research and development program. Horizon 2020 is amazing. Is that what we just talked about Ratcliffe and Obama passing four years ago? We have Horizon 2016 Horizon 2020 but this juices but ad hoc and calculated links with specific governments in Eastern Europe, End of Italy do serve for the time being. Israel's national interest, therefore, and he's talking to leftists. Jews. Therefore, snubbing Matteo Salvini, who just happens to be the strongman of Italy's government for now, makes no sense. So stop doing it. It's like you guys don't know what the shot is. Please tell me. Let me tell you what the shot is. And the shot is never for any of these governments to succeed Orban, Matteo. Whoever it is, they're never going to succeed. Israel knows this and you know, but we can have calculated links with them, but they're not Nazis. Guys, just relax. Play along. So there you go. Yeah, it shows you how interchangeable the leaders are, right? Matteo Salvini, who happens to be the strongman If Italy's government doesn't matter what Salvini doesn't matter if it's the next guy with totally based rhetoric with totally based promises, they just happen to be the leader and they will be brought under under the yoke in the same way, and they won't have to keep doing this. They won't have to keep explaining to their own people what what the change in strategy is there pivoting from conservative conservatism versus liberalism to basically capitalism versus socialism. And in this case, it's gonna be a We're gonna have populism for a while, but we're gonna be going back to doing the other thing for and this is just this is just it's all about draining sand out of the hourglass, right? Like this is another 10 year investment of time investment of your time and investment of your patients in getting engrossed in Facon gay directions in politics. And they just, you know, run the clock out of demographics just a little bit more. And that's what it's all about to stop. Stop, stop! So that's it. That's the end. And everybody enjoyed the show. Way will be back this weekend with even more Ride never ends. Strap on. We're going. Strike vanished. Jesus Christ. Uh, yeah. You know that note? Yeah. See you guys later. Strap on TV."}],"