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welcome to empty and focus Die in world history and geopolitics. Red pills command three. War war. The first time we actually talked about this was at CNN to 36. Ghost Protocol, back on August 3rd of 2019 a snark and I took down the whole the whole narrative that bar was putting out there not only about the big tech, pro but 300 demand for backdoor encryption. And so with what we're about to tell you about Pegasus and some other very interesting things that you may have heard before but probably hadn't heard before. Ah, go check out goes protocol eyes sort of a precursor to all this where this history really started and where it's ended up today. Yeah, yeah. This anti TRO antitrust investigation was never intended to be anything more than a threat. It was never intended to be anything more than then a another yet another sort of damage, please. And people had, you know, those in the industry knew this from the start about this antitrust probe. They had seen DOJ already oversee record large mergers in health care and communications of overseeing Aetna and CVS T Mobile and Sprint Disney and Fox, to name a few. Some of this will be a refresh for people who remember who listened to the episode. We did where we discussed antitrust division chief Makhan del Rahim, the assistant attorney general for the antitrust division of DOJ. Who this guy, he's the chief regulator in charge of of antitrust in the country, the chief investigator. And he is an ideological proponent of monopolies, and he believes they lead to more cost efficiency and are ultimately better for consumers. So this is the guy that was going to be spearheading this antitrust investigation under Bill Bar Steen now court records. Court records eventually revealed Del Rahim, the chief antitrust regulator, coordinating pro merger lobbying with regards to Sprint and T Mobile with Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen via Bloomberg quote. The revelation in Manhattan federal court came from the disclosure of text messages between Del Rahim and Dish Network Corp Chairman Charlie Ergen, who was on the witness dead. The satellite TV providers plan to buy assets from T Mobile, and Sprint is a crucial element of the merger agreement. Quote. Today would be a good day to have your senator friends contact FCC Chairman Ajit Pai del Rahim said in the text to a Reagan on June 10th 1 day before the states sued to block the deal. So this was the guy that was going to be overseeing this hard hitting investigation of Silicon Valley. DOJ has also intervened in the FTC antitrust InVision investigations on behalf of Qualcomm when they were accused by cellphone manufacturers of gouging prices on their chips and the Mkanell Rahim, his previous employers. He has previously been an attorney for Google. He previously served as an attorney for Apple as an attorney for Qualcomm, the very company who on whose behalf he's intervening. It was an antitrust investigations. So those in the industry from the start they never took this antitrust probe seriously. And all of this Ah, this apparently steadfast investigative work pretty exhausting. And within five short months, DOJ was ready to wrap it up 66 months later and they're ready to wrap it up in December 2019 bar coming out and staying. Stating he wants the antitrust probe to be over by early 2020 he told the journal The Wall Street Journal. There was a complete consensus among DOJ and state attorneys general. That the investigation could lead to an opportunity for legislative proposals could lead to opportunities for legislative proposals that he wants antitrust officials. MAWR involved. Big TECH ISn't necessarily bad All of these conditional statements This is how big this is, how Bill Bar discusses antitrust with regard to big tech. And we noted in passing on FTN to 79 bars lax attitude, not FTN to 79. Excuse me On the episode where we discussed the wrapping up of this antitrust probe, we discussed his lax attitude towards tech censorship and an antitrust contrast ID with his passionate fight, he speaks very passionately against big tax on data encryption, all of bars. Public statements regarding anti trust are similar to what he said during his confirmation hearings and his statement about wrapping up the probe. It's conditional statements implying potential of future legal action, nothing definite and certainly nothing ideological about it. By contrast, taking tech companies to task over encrypted data is one of the only times Bar speaks with passion and authority. He sets down the bagpipes, walks up to the lectern and tears in to these big tech companies that allow for encrypted transmission of communications on their platforms. In July, 22nd same day that the announcement comes down about this antitrust investigation into big tech that very same day, Bill Bar gives a speech at Fordham University's International Conference on Cybersecurity, where he lays into these tech companies that allow for encrypted transmission of data he describes. It is dangerous and unacceptable for tech companies to encrypt user data. Encryption creates a Quote law free zone quote by enabling dangerous criminals to cloak their communications and activities behind an essentially Impenetrable digital shield. The deployment of warrant proof encryption is already imposing huge costs on society, Bar said. In some cases, despite having warrants, agencies are simply technologically unable to access encrypted communications. Bar described this encryption as seriously degrading the ability of law enforcement to detect and prevent crime before it occurs. You really mucking up our A creep pre crime efforts here, Apple and Facebook and and other companies that allow for encrypted chat he effectively accused at companies that allow encrypted communication of aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists, and this is more of an issue now, then it was five or six years ago because the encryption has become a much more commonly adopted technology. Five years ago, you would have had to have sought out very specifically sought out an encrypted chat app if that's what you wanted to do. But now it is whats app and even I message I was reading all use varying degrees of encryption to protect user data and make it impossible for the companies that provide these services badly so, they say, to access transmissions that occur on their on their services. So whats app? Typically as they claim? And I I'm not defending Facebook or speaking with authority that this is actually what they dio, but they state that they cannot access what you send other people. Three only way that can be accessed by law enforcement, for example, would be with physical possession of the device or if the device were to be compromised in some other means. Now, this is a problem for Bar who wants who insists that the FBI that that DOJ that the federal government more generally must be given back door access to user encrypted user data tech firms can and must put back doors in encryption, said Bar. We think our tech sector has the ingenuity to develop effective ways to provide security encryption while also providing legal access, Barr said. Oxymoronic Lee Former FBI director James Comey had made similar statements, but never in this bloviating threatening fashion. That bar did. More bloviation coming from the Trump administration. What's our bloviation? Count this episode? Five or six Now it's quite a few. It's good for you. I mean, I went 00 episodes of FTN where bloviation or bloviate has not been used in some some way should perform. There's just a lot of it. I mean, I don't know. But you know what? What better word is there to describe his attitude here It it really does fit perfectly. So you know, this happens on the very same day this antitrust investigation was launched and this is not being done. Coincidentally, there's absolutely no way this was coincidental. This WAAS this big tech investigation was the sort of damage please jazz hands you stole, my pun, the sort of tell Aviv that bar was dangling above Silicon Valley. But the purpose was never to put an end to censorship, to anti competitive practices to de platform ing to collusion to mismanagement and unauthorized selling in retransmission of data and generally corporate tyranny that was never bars intent. Bar was using the threat of antitrust investigation to try to force tech companies to grant him what he's wanted from the start a permanent backdoor into user's private information and data. Maybe it's more apt to call it the financial instrument of Tel Aviv, then really do swords. It's just like financial financial instrumentation. It's like the usury of Tel Aviv. It's a little whatever, right? Like the they're not actually gonna cut your head off. They're just gonna cut your balls off financially, economically, which is what they did was right. That's in the trust. Thing was all about was we're gonna We're gonna wreck your company's financially unless you give us whatever the hell we want, which is access to everything. And it's like levels of paranoid chutzpah that shouldn't even be possible. Um, with these people and it's it's it's an amazing sight to behold when they do this sort of thing. Maybe with all of the bug man working for Google and elsewhere, this could be the light saber of Buenavista. I don't know, plenty of plenty of fitting metaphors could be used here, but yeah, and they didn't even try to hide. It is the shocking thing. I I had to double and triple check when I saw these two announcements came down on the same day. It doesn't get much more transparent than this. And with this ive this strategy, the bar is pursuing it then seems odd, doesn't it? That bar just a few weeks ago in December 2019 announces he's ready to wrap up the probe. He's tired of it, seemingly doing so with no, no backdoor forthcoming. Yeah, just like we're yet we're all done here. Nothing to see everybody just, you know, go home. And by the way, this is These sorts of policies are not popular with anybody. You could probably find some drug brain magus out there saying that Moses, how we protect prevent terrorism from being committed a darker It's like, No, the way that you prevent terrorism from being committed in your countries is go back to the 1920 immigration policies that were designed to keep out people who were going to perpetuate terrorism in your countries. And you let the terrorists in and they came in in droves, and they have rooted themselves into your country. And they're now committing acts off financial terrorism on a global scale. And that's that's what this is. I mean, you know, the idea that terrorism just has to be committed with an active violence is idiotic. I mean, terrorism can be simply threatening to kick someone out of the swift system. For example, if they don't do what you want, tell me that that's not because what's more damaging to a country, right? Like kicking them off the swift system or having some kebab blow up their subway, right? Like which one is going to have more deleterious consequences on a society? I'm not minimizing a kebab, you know, doing something to a subway in Moscow. But, um, which they actually did dio at one point. But But what happens when it is financial? Um, and the effects are in this way. I mean, and then at the same time, you have, like Mark Zuckerberg and so on. It's if we're coming to the White House to have dinner with Donald Trump and it's it's it all starts to make sense. And, of course, Bar wants to wrap up the probe and be done with this. Nothing to see here, but these things air not very popular of people. The Patriot Act was not popular of people, Of course. Like I said, you could find some people who might sign on to the whole like, Well, we have to protect your freedoms and our liberties, And the only way that we can do that is to build one trillion square foot data centers in the middle of nowhere to collect all of this information in real time, put literally everything you say do touch, talk about think about or whatever into the cloud. And if there's ever a problem, it's like the levels of paranoia with it, Like every you know, you said this on many, many, many podcasts. But almost all of the activities that shaped the 20th century and many of the ones that have shaped the 21st century have been about preventing like Nazi stuff from ever happening again, like at literally everything. That's like the biggest fear that these people have is that someone is going to take Israel away from them. Someone is going to kick them out for the 110th time they are. They're so afraid of this in so paranoid about it and like, so paranoid about it that they really like. I'm not exaggerating when I say trillion square foot like trillions of maybe not. One data centre is a trail in square feet that's a little bit insane, but I mean, who knows 2030 years from now? But that's actually as the words commitment on my mouth because of the improvements in technology. They don't need to the square footage space anymore to store all this data, but they want to track everything. They want to have everything. And then you run it through algorithms and see if there's anybody saying anything about their regime that they don't like. And then the regime gets more insane and they have to crack down, and they've silenced virtually all opposition to their program. And what gives them the most amount of paranoia is this process of quote unquote going dark. They don't like the fact that thes Silicon Valley companies have given people, ah, the ability to talk to each other about just everyday things, you know, from apple pie recipes to, you know, dogs riding skateboards to, I don't know, like Jewish financial control and power in the United States, like they just don't want people to be talking about certain things they don't want people to. You know, if there's more than like two white people getting together to talk about those who rule over them like you have a Nazi party like that's how these people look at it right and anybody who starts to notice that you don't want people to communicate. And if people start to communicate, it's like it would be like if you had a system that would identify a single cancer cell in the body. It, like a pre warning system like that's what they want. They want the ability to know if there's any sort of resistance to what they're doing and the fact that millions of conversations are going on every single day that they don't know about. They just note people are talking to each other and they don't know about what and things are getting bad and people are disconnecting from a lot of this stuff. They are very, very concerned about what people are saying behind closed doors. Um, they're not really that concerned about, you know, some kebab. I mean, maybe they are, I don't know, but a lot of those acts, it's kind of like, Where's the false flag, though? So this is why you'll be shocked to find who was contract ID to assist the n s A and developing sets a railing Software I spoiler. I bet it was Amish from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Is it? Am I right? Just you're just about right. Yeah, that's your pretty close. Umm it is a It is. They are followers of a reclusive religious sect, but ah yeah, maybe a few 1000 miles off from where there were their home bases. But the other thing to hear is that in order to gin up support for the establishment and increases in power of the surveillance regime, they will rely on incidents of brown Muslim terror in order to to engender popular support. That's that's their That's their greatest amount of utility is to you. And they have used those successfully. I mean, look at 9 11 right? I mean, nine 11 and then in 2015 with the pet with the shooting in San Bernardino, where you you then had, and this is the reaction at the time I remember this was the 2016 election was beginning to play out. You had Ope, the Obama administration, attempting to get Apple to decrypt these shooters phones. And this is this is a major keen we're going to be talking about. And you had conservatives like frothing at the mouth. I remember at the time I was a regular listener of the Ben Shapiro show, and and just every day while this was playing out in in in the new cycle, you would have, ah, you know, Shapiro and others. And this was the take across the spectrum of conservative commentary. It was that Apple are assisting terrorists and their aiding these these people that shot Americans, and they're not doing this because they're not loyal to America. And this was the for lack of a better term shit test that was being put forward in order to whip up conservative frenzy to either one a. This this ah, whip up this this sentence anti apple sentiment that could somehow punish them we're not going on with, but but mainly to to engender popular support for the government to devise some means by which they could decrypt the shooter's phone because we need to know who they were talking about. This is absolutely not an apology for any any of this stuff. I think you'd have to be acting very bad faith to interpret this way. Interpret that this way. But the push for decryption is presented to people as a means for fighting terrorism. As we see and as we know, it's anything but so that this fight between DOJ and Silicon Valley that that bar is seemingly in the public, putting an end to buy ending this antitrust investigation. It's been brewing for years, and he's really not putting it into this because just recently, after this shooting in Pensacola, Florida, just last week, he's been giving much the same speech about encryption and again demanding his back door. But what's uncanny right is that he's doing this weeks after seemingly having lost his antitrust leverage. So what's going on? How does this all make sense? Well, I guess that this fight between DOJ and Silicon Valley flared up again in December, and the shooting was the shooting was obviously terrorist motivated. We we know, like what happened here. Saudi Airman goes postal on American base like it's pretty cut and dry. What happened here. But Bar is seizing on this. No, I already know the terrorist motive. They're seizing on this as an opportunity to get his long desired backdoor into encrypted messaging. APS And just this past Monday, Bar reiterated his position. Apple and other tech companies must hand over all data to the feds and assist in decryption of private messages. Or else. Here's some headlines A G. Barr calls on Apple to give access to tear to terrorist cell phone. Bar says Apple not providing substantive assistance. Unlocked iPhone. What do they do? They care more about terrorists than saving the lives of great Americans, he says. Quote, we have asked Apple for their help in unlocking the shooter's iPhones. So far, Apple has not given us any substantive assistance, Barr said. Next to a poster with a picture of iPhones. Thes situation perfectly illustrates why it's critical that investigators be able to get access to digital evidence, wants to have obtained a court order based on probable cause, and what that means is E. That may seem, um, like that doesn't make sense because they have the court order, So why wouldn't these companies give them the data? Well, if the data is encrypted, the companies can't give it to the investigators. Is the point there? He says. Quote. We call on Apple and other technology companies to help us find a solution that can better protect the lives of Americans that prevent future and attacks, he said. And then right on cue, jazz hands orange Man bumbles around like stumbling the like, put his pants on with this Twitter phone in his hand, fires off this gem of a tweet, bloviating his way in the situation. We're healthy Apple all of the time on trade and so many other issues. Yet they refused to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. And then this is where it gets good. This is where the the caps lock comes into play. They will have to step up to the plate and help our great country. Now all caps and then all caps make America great again like dude like Oh my God! Put the helmet back on Donald and and go back to sleep. Yeah, there. I mean, there was some utility like, from the perspective of of, you know, people trying Teoh perpetrate these subversion on on us with the encryption and getting back door access and everything. Um, there was some utility in having broad support from the base of Trump because Trump could go out there in, say, tweets like this, and there would be enough dumb people who be like e m e n. We gotta We gotta get these, get these phones out of the hands of killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements and make sure our countries safe and protect our freedoms. This is how we maga, right? It's like, No, this is not how we McGeough This is absolutely insane. And and of course, you know, this guy just pipe pumps this stuff out and bar has been Yeah, like you said, Bar has been doing this for a while and actually bar showing up on the scene, reluctantly wanting, you know, reluctantly, you know, he's but he has to be asked multiple times to help out with the with the Mueller probe. And then finally, he gives in and you know, magically, Jeff Sessions has shown the door and bill bar waltzes into the room and, you know, confirmed by the Senate. No problems. Democrats, you know, pretend they don't like bar, but they love. They love what he's doing in this regard because they want access to the to the back door. They went back to our description, accesses well, and bipartisan bar showed up in kind of frustrated that they hadn't sealed the deal on getting the back to her encryption before. Now, because you've been doing this for a while, he's one of this for a very long time and, ah, you know, getting getting rid of the Mueller probe. You know, it's like to the extent that that was even even had anything to do with him. It's like the probe was going away at the time that it was not politically viable for them to do it anymore. And then they switched to impeachment like we've been over that so many times. So bars real purpose in being there is to get this stuff done because exactly right, like Jeff Sessions was in there not doing this stuff. Jeff Sessions was in there actually doing legitimate things on immigration, and I think that's all Jeff Sessions was doing what they really needed was a big, boxy, Russian Jew descended political operative in the form of Bill Bar. Um, to come in and start wrangling this stuff, and that is exactly what it is. Yeah, And remember, the discussion about him is a lifetime DOJ guy and thistles. What was gonna help him navigate his way? Our own the swamp early stick to the Democrats? Yeah. How's that working out thistles? Bipartisan. I mean, James Comey did this in 2015 and and he led a similar push on encryption after the San Bernadino shooting, telling Apple that they must provide decryption software to allow FBI to obtain access to Syed Farook's phone so it could be accessed without wiping his data. Yeah, of course. Aziz, You Aziz, You aptly noted the best way to prevent people like this and not have to do these investigations in the first place is keep these people out of the country. Then they don't have access to any problems at all. But we can't have. We can't have big multicultural consumerism or without these people here. And, of course, without the's people here, it means Jews aren't allowed here either. And then we get a nice, happy country without any problems at all. Like we can actually have political debates about meaningful, substantive issues that are not, you know, full of this kind of bullshit that really have no bearing on the in factor just means by which you get suppressed. So but but people Yeah, people have, like, heard a lot of this this stuff before. The really big thing in the important thing is, is what you're about to unfold, which I was not aware of. And this is really the key part of what we're setting the stage for with with bar and pushing for backdoor encryption, right? Right. So if you think back to 2015 and try to remember, I know it's difficult to even put yourself in a new cycle from two weeks ago, let alone back from 2015 and 2016 the feds demanded Apple grant access to the shooter's iPhone. In fact, a judge ruled that Apple must must abide by the FBI's request and decrypt the phone without without wiping the data from the device. Of course, Apple responded and said, they literally cannot do that. It's It was technologically impossible for them to do, and Trump weighed in at the time, lambasting Apple's decision. Conservatives universally took the FBI side in this, and then all of a sudden this story died. Apple refused to comply. The shooting itself was memory hold as being inconvenient and fitting into a broader narrative on race and immigration that they did not want being discussed at the time. And that seemed to be the end of it. The last most people heard was that Apple refused to comply in, and it was over. But later, as we found out, the federal government was able to access the iPhone using software from a private company, The End America saved apples bad. You're a great American problem solved. Not quite. This is where the problems begin, and this is where we we depart from the mainstream media trail and take this, take this beaten, dirty trailhead path and and and find some really damning, damning information. So the FBI in 2016 they turned to a private company that was able to grant them access to the shooter's phone. With that, you didn't hear about this again. That private company was never disclosed, many believe based on the forensics. They were capable. Over the time the company involved here was a company called CELEBRATE, which is an Israeli hacking company that, as of last week, claims that can hack any iPhone in the world. Even with the latest IOS, they contract with governments and provide hacking hardware that could be used to provide a quote full file system extraction on any IOS device, obtained passcodes and circumvent encryption using technology they call universal forensic extraction and devices. They could do it with android bones to now they claim to only contract with governments, and that is the only way that anybody could come into possession of their technology. However, an investigation by Forbes, as found, celebrate Israeli technology for sale on eBay for as little as $100 so highly secure system were propagating here. Celebrate provides services for governments in possession of the device they want to crack. That is a key distinction. The entity wishing to obtain access to the device. They have to be in possession of the device. Now that's cool. If if it's something cool for the government, if this is something the in the case of the San Bernadino shooting where the people are dead and they have their phones. But what about remote surveillance? What about remote surveillance? Enter the NSO group and their flagship product, Pegasus, we discussed at Big Is is indeed we discussed. Ennis own Pegasus briefly on FTN to 79 but their role in this story is much more significant than we knew at the time. Again, I all I had read at the time was this one article from Wall Street Journal and a couple trade publications. But there's a lot more here. NSO Group, for those in Real Rhineland is an Israeli cybersecurity company that operates under the direction of the Israeli Defense Ministry. Every time they sell their software, they seek approval from the Israeli Defense Ministry, was founded in 2010 by Neve Carmi, Omri Levi and Shell A. Julio. Hence, NSO Levy also founded Kimera, a company that creates quote secure phones for government officials. I'm sure there's no back doors in those secure phones, and their offices are located literally next door to one another. How convenient it's such a short commute to work we have to do is walk down the block. All three founders are allegedly former officers of the Israeli Intelligence Corps, where they specialized in collecting signals. Intelligence. The technology is only licensed to state actors. But as we're going to see time and time again with this Israeli technology, where there's an opportunity to, AH, profit and on the top and the Makesem tertiary gains here, it'll be undertaken in 2018 1 Israeli was indicted for stealing a copy of Pegasus is software of the Pegasus software and trying to sell it for $50 million in Bitcoin. Now what is beggars is its malware basically that could intercept all phone communications and interfere with software. This isn't traditional what you think of like like U S A room or switchboard operators with old style old timey phones cup to their ears, listening in to your phone calls. This is much more what you saw on the wire with what's the guys name? The black guy makes a doll furniture down there listening in, uh, with the Barksdale's were talking about. This is much more detailed. This grants the user, which is, in theory, a state actor access to the victims. I message mm s SMS Whats app. Every app on the device, even encrypted ones they can remotely turn on. Cameras and microphones recording, transmit data. It, of course, as a given tracks the GPS functionality, our tracks and GPS to track the subjects movement. It bypasses the service provider. In fact, mobile network operators aren't aware when the software is installed. It monitors the hardware, which defeats the old tactic switching SIM cards. So this is not attached to the phone number. It's attached to the device itself. It collects passwords, and what makes it especially dangerous is that it doesn't target vulnerabilities. Found natively in the operating system, which can easily be patched Bye bye over the air updates This targets third party at vulnerabilities and as we know, there are her plenty more Third party APS out there, and these third party APS are not get oftentimes are not well maintained. Their they don't. They're often made by small entities that don't have the security screening ability that a large company like Apple or Google has. And so the what makes practices dangerous is that it targets these third party vulnerabilities. For example, their latest vector of attack was exploiting security vulnerabilities found in whats app and FBI. The FBI has not confirmed that they use Pegasus software. However, as came out in a recent lawsuit involving WhatsApp, this is created. This has created very bad PR for U. S intelligence agencies and the U. S. Turning to celebrate in 2016 created a security headache for Apple in these tax circles. Many of these tech tech ah journalists were immediately demanding Apple come up with an update that could defeat celebrates hacking technology. And they did. And it's been a back in the game of back and forth between Apple and celebrate in these localities. Wow, talk about Ah, is that Is that considered like a violation of anti BDS legislation, though like creating? I mean, wouldn't it? I mean, you know, if it's software that is produced in Israel, wouldn't creating essentially software Teoh block it from getting access? Wouldn't that be I mean, kind of wells, like the employees of eso well, as well later find, they allege there. They're basically one keystroke short of alleging anti Semitism against Facebook and WhatsApp for for suing NSO as well come to find it's It's I was temporarily thunderstruck. But then my better judgment got ahold of me when I when I read some of this stuff. So how is Pegasus used and by whom? Well, governments can buy licenses to Pegasus and use it for their surveillance. Most of esos clients are Western European governments, and even recent reporting off you skates the fact that the United States is one of an eso eso groups, clients and this was this is not reporting Goto en esos website. They don't state this. It's very difficult to find unless you look at the court filings and the this recent lawsuit. Now the piece that I had stumbled upon which kicked off this trail of discovery was this piece from Wall Street Journal that outlined the case of a Western European country, an unnamed country using Pegasus to surveil a subject they allege was quote planning, a terror attack. The country was authorized by its courts to get access to the subjects phone at all costs. The country already had a contract with eso and they used their license of Pegasus to access the subjects phone and in late October and years at WhatsApp made a discovery a vulnerability in their v o i. P call system had been hacked by what they described as an advanced cyber actor, later revealed to be NSO Group, and they sent out a notification to the 1400 users affected by this hack, including the subject this country was monitoring that their phones had been hacked. They alerted the those that have been victimized here and the phone subsequently. Obviously, when dark in this, this western European country lost contact with their subject. Now this subject never went and did a terrorist attack. Which, of course, calls into question the claims of this country that they were on the precipice, just like Sulamani on the precipice of a major terror attack. Days later, whats APP sued NSO Group for hacking the exploiting their software and exposing thousands of their users personal data without their consent. What's up suit? Israel's NSO for allegedly helping spies hack phones around the world, and the suit was the first of its kind to be filed in US federal court several times previously, NSO Group has been sued. They've been sued before, but they've been sued in Israel and every case against them has been dismissed. Of course, throughout standing eso the 1400 hacking victims here included journalists, diplomats, dissidents and government officials from 20 countries, people from Pakistan, India, Bahrain, you a Mexico and buried deep in these articles. The United States dissidents from the United States were among those hacked by this Israeli spy tech company at the behest of the United States government. This became a huge scandal in India. Contrast. I mean, credit dress credit where it's due to our Indian friends. I mean innovations in in turf. Toilets are not the only thing they have. Ah, feather in their cap. Government officials in India demanded what's up, explained the breach and explain what it is doing to safeguard the privacy of millions of Indian citizens in the US, though total media blackout unless you look at obscure like hacker websites and other places. Amen. Judge. It just wants to, you know, post on WhatsApp while squatting in the street in peace. I mean, it's the favorite pastime, and he just wants to be able to do that unfettered. Ah, Barkley. I think I think he has a right to to demand bobs and Gene and ask for money from from what he believes to be women around the world, unmolested by in Israeli spy intelligence agencies. I will un, ironically, take judge eats side in this. Yeah, he should be able to do that in the comfort of his own street squad, no matter where he is and what he's doing at any point. Ah, and not have US government intelligence agencies and Israeli phone hacking companies distinction without a difference. Probably. Um, looking into what He's doing this Yeah, yeah, I know the distinction without a difference. That's an important point. Because, as you will later find these companies, these Israeli companies, they work hand in glove with the Israeli government. In fact, hand in gloves head in Yar Melouk I mean, you know, Yeah, yeah, body And those big weird coats they wear that smell bad and the seeds where Yeah, it's all. It's all roped together here at all. Ah, very intimate relationships now and in fact, the the reason that Israel Israeli one of the reasons that Israeli spy tech companies have become proliferated across the world and have become essentially the gold standard of silver standard the standard for Latin. Yeah. Ah, this across the world is because of this initiative undertaken by the Israeli government in 2012 to advance Israeli spike that companies to be widely adopted across the world. And we'll talk about that in a minute now in the U. S. Total media blackout One would think that the revelation that the American government is contracting with a foreign, essentially state aided company to surveil its own citizens would have been, I don't know, reported on anywhere. But now eso we know and we know who developed and sold this technology. But remember, it's important This was commissioned by US government intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. Now, as a follow up to this, a fun little addendum to that story. NSO employees, all of them Jews, sued Facebook in a Tel Aviv court after Facebook deleted their Facebook and Instagram accounts. It's okay, Facebook went through, and anybody who listed their employment at NSO Group permanently banned session has expired for you. Follow me. Wow, that sucks. I I can't imagine what it feels like to lose your Facebook and Instagram account for off line behavior it's in. It's a novel concept. They allege that they're being collectively punished. Oh my Oh my God, It's really a crisis. They're crying out as they strike, crying out as they serve you with a lawsuit quote. The blocking of our private accounts is a harmful and unjust step by Facebook towards us, the employees argue. Additionally, the knowledge that private data about us was searched and used troubles us deeply. The huts were required to lamb bass, Facebook for accessing and utilizing your personal data when you literally work for a spy tech company that develops software that illicitly hacks people's cameras and GPS and microphones and personal encrypted messages across the world in beggars belief like a few things thunder strike me jazz. But this got pretty darn close. Well, they I mean, they look at you have toe. I think people have to understand the the frame of mind from which these Israelis air coming from and their counterparts in the U. S. Government is that you are entitled to nothing. Goi, you don't get toe, have private conversations. You don't get to have the privacy of your own home. That is a figment of the past. Not only do you not going to have free speech, you don't get to have private speech. There's no such thing is free public speech. There is no such thing is free private speech, and this is eroding all of it from end to end. And so they look at this as you having a private conversation as the potential for things to go off the rails. For them, this is merely a matter of Israeli national security to know and have complete understanding of everything everybody around them is saying, because if they don't do that, if they don't take that from their perspective, a prudent measure, it's It's about to be 1 10 time and they could loot. They could essentially lose everything because they've been through this before, right, like they go through the cycle and people get angry and then bad things happen and they get kicked out of a country. And now, you know, as we mentioned many, many times before, is we're on a global scale now, right? Like there's global control. There's nowhere else for them to be. I mean, it could be kicked out of the United States. You could have a rendition of that here, but where do they go, like where do they escape to and set up shop where nobody is aware of this anymore, so they no longer have this ability. You get kicked out of one European country, go to next European, they they they've lost that, Um and so it's It's incumbent on them understanding every aspect of every conversation that everybody has, um, or or the It's a huge security risk for them, and so they are entitled to your private conversations in this encryption. It's It's an inconvenient thing for them because baked into the American psyche is this idea, this notion of privacy, this notion of free speech and they haven't done a very good job in, you know, arguably it's It's a impossible task that they'd have to accomplish of getting people to hand this over. And they so you know, as we pointed out, they've used terrorism as the precursor to getting rid of some of these protections that people have. You know, it's it's like the sun comes up in the East and sets in the West. That's is that's his, as in stone as it is to have private conversations and free speech in this country, and they want to completely erode that, and so they're just gonna go ahead and do it anyway. And you know who's gonna who's going to stop them right? At this point, who is going to stop them? Nobody. Nobody, exactly. And they've done such such an effective job of suppressing public speech and suppressing people's ability to resist them and their political power in any public way to foment any popular movement through censorship in D platform, etcetera. That now, as they advance into this next stage which they've been advancing towards since 2012 if not before. But they've been explicitly advancing towards it for about 10 years now. As a move move towards that. It's like that old adage. Did they they like to beat into your head When you're in high school, It's like, Whoa, man like totalitarians and bad, like, Who's gonna Who's gonna speak up at this point, who can speak up if, as people want to who can speak up, you're left with? With released like civil libertarians as being one of the last remaining voice civil libertarians and us frankly, being some of the last voices or first voices, I should say discussing this and they are already strategizing. I was reading one of these policy papers. I'll have to bring it up and be able to cite it later. But by one of these guys who is involved in this sort of university defense intelligence complex war gaming essentially, how they could move forward with censorship of private encrypted messages. And his proposed idea was that thes these chat at providers, the WhatsApp and I message, even etcetera, would build censorship in on the user end because you can't you can't censoring encrypted transmission in theory, right, it's it's garbled and encrypted. But you can if someone is running the what's app, app on their phone and they say the n word or they say, you know something If they, like, say, ho, isn't it weird that 1% anything inconvenient? These air offer leads are awfully high interest rates. They're charging on these credit cards? Yeah, and here immediately locked out. Yeah, well, well, isn't it funny how ah log indicates It's like I'm getting screwed on my taxes, But Amazon is not paying anything. Session has been terminated. Eso that is his his theory. And I'll bring this up and find this again so we can make explicit reference to it. But that is that is one of their cope. That is not a coat, but that is one of the strategies they're being forced to consider is. And that would be, I mean, talk about explicit boot on your neck tyranny if you were to just be band a band from banned from the built in iPhone messaging app. If you were to say, Is these ah, quote objectionable things? Other strategies they're they're they're devising are early reporting, for example, where when you type your complaint about having to pay 25% a p r on your credit card interest rates, that that message is then copied in plain taxed and sent to one of these monitoring agencies. So they with them without you even sending it like you're just in the process of typing it, and it sees that you're headed down a path that is not so nice like they start searching your draft folder. I suppose it'll be. It'll be like when when you were in school and you're in the computer lab and you type in like a bunch of f words to be really edgy on the Microsoft word, and suddenly, without you moving your cursor all of it gets gets deleted. And, uh, bye bye. That, like the hall monitor that's watching all of the computers at the same time. That stroke longer. Yeah. So, I mean, I guess the question, though then becomes like, What about, like, audio encrypted audio? Um, today, I don't know how they did. I mean, I can see how they can do it with keystrokes and in a written word and and things like that. But, I mean, they're gonna have a very hard time. I mean, text to speech is getting much better. Each and every day s o. They could maybe do some of that. But, um, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Maybe they get to the point where it just takes everything that is recorded and transfers it into text and then sensors it based on that. And they probably would just if there's any component of a like, I don't know, 20 minute segment of audio. That is bad. The whole thing just goes in the trash potentially. Well, if yes, that's I think how that would go if you were talking about recorded audio audio that you record and then send that would be the screening mechanism for that would work in the same way as the text screening mechanism where the APP itself would analyze, would do the text to speech, analyze it. And if it found something objectionable in the content of that audio file that would then be be sent off for further analysis and talking about encrypted conversation in real time. Well, they're just going to swat you, I suppose what they would do. I don't know how they stop that from happening of the app. Yeah, the software would have the ability to analyze. They can already analyze Texas speech in real time. I mean, this is how how television, like close captioning, works things is how the YouTube censorship elevator algorithm works. So they already have this technology. But they're they. They are still concerned, though, that this would be such an egregious intrusion and people's privacy that you would there still afraid that people would rise up and simply resist that, which is why they're pursuing the technology avenues as ah NSO Group is making available to them, which is U S government can simply buy a license of this software and without, I mean technically my understanding of the law, is it? Technically, the government or an intelligence agency is required to have a warrant before they engage in this kind of surveillance. I have my doubts that the U. S government fulfills their legal obligations to seek a warrant before engaging in surveillance of subjects they desire. And you don't need to say much more than that, right? Like they have. They have this technology that they have the license to it. Who knows what they're doing with it. And that's the problem is that there is absolutely zero oversight. There's nobody, let alone, that knows. But very few people even know about this, let alone are implementing any kind of oversight over the utilization well, and when there is oversight and I and I hate that this has to be the example. But it's such an apt example when there is oversight, such as with the FISA courts in Donald Trump in 2016 and the the ability to have obtained warrants in an illegitimate in an illegal way. When there is oversight and investigations conducted about the election of the president of United States it nothing happens to anybody, nothing. So at the very highest levels in the most egregious examples of them running roughshod over what are supposed to be checks and balances on the federal government, um, just doesn't matter. Doesn't matter at all. So the idea of it like that would matter at a in a more micro level with, like, individuals that they're worried about just totally. There's throw that out the window like that. You should Yeah. Oh, yeah. And this if this weren't damning enough, all what we we've stumbled upon here. The fact that the U. S. Federal government is contracting with Israeli spy tech companies to engage in 100% 360 degrees surveillance of everything American cell phones air doing or they have the capability of doing this to their selected targets. This is simply the introduction to this plot that involves international financial institutions, a usurpation of confidential US military information, planned terror plots against the U. S. And intelligence gathering on levels previously unknown and previously un conceived of in all but the most dystopian of science, Uh, SciFi futures. So we've talked about celebrated NSO group. There are dozens more of these Israeli spy tech companies. One of them. One more that will discuss today is a company called Cyber Reason and funny I I was typing that earlier, and it auto corrected to cyber treason and, well, Freudian slip there from the from the keyboard. It's another player in this Israeli intelligence system. They act as many of one of the many linchpins for this burgeoning Israeli spy tech industry and its operation to sink its teeth into every aspect of US technology, military, civilian and government. And it doesn't just stop with the U. S. This really is a global imperative. They have to to know everything that is going on across the world at all times. Cyber reason. And this is a trend you'll see as we look at the foundation of these of these companies. Was founded in 2012 by Lior Div. Yosi NAR and Yonathan Stree. M am it all officers in the Amish army. Excuse me, Israeli Army's Cyber Intelligence unit, Unit 8200. Same place that the guys who found it, NSO Group came from How weird. You know, 8200 Leo. Dave, in fact, is a former commander within Unit 8200. Cyber reason is nominally an anti virus, anti malware, anti ransomware company. Just like, yeah, it's basically Norton, basically, McAfee right. All they're doing is protecting you and your your security. No, as we come to find their involved in much more than that, Lior Div has actually described his work with cyber reason as quote a continuation of his service to the Israeli military. That's weird. You don't see many Americans saying, Yeah, my my work at Microsoft is a continuation of my work with with the American military. Maybe you do. Actually, for some of these similar surveillance platforms, also in 2012 2012 proves to be a seminal year for all of this. In 2012 Netanyahu announces the National Cyber Bureau work plan, which would kick off partnerships with Israeli based private security firms and the Israeli government and military. Netanyahu stressed the importance of cooperation between security companies and Israelis. National say we're bureau. Thus began Israel's push to position itself as the number one global exporter of spy tech and cybersecurity quote unquote products. Also in 2012 Paul Singer establishes the startup Nation Central Fund, which has funneled millions of dollars into these Israeli spike that companies L E or Div. The founder of Cyber Reason. After leaving the Israeli military, he worked as a development group leader at Amdocs. You may remember Amdocs. They were one of the companies found to be engaged in extensive surveillance of U. S. Officials immediately before and after 9 11 Have docks. Also wiretap US phones in the 19 nineties and came into possession of call logs between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, which were allegedly used by the Israeli government as a leverage over allegedly used. Yeah, right. I mean, I think we I think we know pretty clear. And yet 2012 is important because this is also around the same time that Israel started to sort of move in this direction of creating a presence for tech and in tech and getting involved in that and realizing that that's where it's going to be important, that they are involved in the, you know, for its all. For all the things that they say about the Chinese and worried about the Chinese being involved in in our commerce and our intellectual property and everything, nothing about the Israelis yet they're the real threat. They're the ones who are doing this and getting involved in this. And of course they're helping of the U. S. Government tried to figure out, like, who are the people that are going to be a problem and in, you know, Paul Singer, of course, is involved in this. The startup nation Central Like the idea, The idea that is Startup Nation. It sounds so Sounds so innocent sound. So just ah, you know, like it's gonna be strapping, right? Yeah, yeah, It's just just somebody who's gonna come out and where we're we're gonna foster these. Ah, these individuals thes women in tech and things like that You were gonna create thes cool cos where you know you can send pictures and videos to each other. It's like, No, we want to see the pictures and videos and text messages and oh, yeah, the only people who are going to get money from start up Nation Central are Jews and Israelis and people in America, people in Israel and everything else. And of course, now you have all these companies, and I can't seem to find a single one of them that is not involved in some sort of nefarious issue like right, like anti virus. So we just want to keep viruses off your computer and anti malware and anti ransomware. It's like, Okay, sure, right. That's really that's really what your job is. That's really right. The product that you're working on, right? This, this cyber reason this their anti virus software is found on US government computers. In many intelligence agencies, it's used by the C I A. It's used by several branches of the U. S. Military. Sybil Reasons anti virus, anti malware software is it's used by several divisions of Lockheed Martin. In fact, Lockheed Martin is one of cyber reasons primary investors and all of this sensitive data. I mean, talk about the the hive of confidential defense data of confidential of of intelligence U. S. Military intelligence, and it's being being secured, being guarded by cyber Rees and software. Yeah, this is this is this is this is this big shift in 2012. This is also around the same time that Jeffrey Epstein, um, started branding himself is a tech investor. Isn't that fun? Like Jeff Epstein starts branding also to Yeah, just Jeff. Scene starts branding himself is a tech investor. I think he solicited donations or donated money himself. To a lot of these companies, you got Paul Singer involved. You got the Kushner's involved. You got Josh Kushner and remember the whole health care technology app. It's like, Tell me, please tell me that that is not actually about spying in some way to, um, the whole thing. It's just from start to finish. It's like it's like you open up a door and then you see six million rabbit holes, and that's kind of like what? We're what we're looking at right now, gazing out into the abyss of rabbit holes. It really is amazing to see all of the different avenues they're going down, and you think about every aspect of of control of not only private data and what you're saying to one another, but also basic pieces of infrastructure in the United States. Cyber reason, for example, is advised by a guy named P Jostle Lucas, who is on the board of a company called Carbine and 911 alongside a hoot. Barac, former Israeli prime minister. Car, by 9 11 is this company that is seeking to control all US 9 11 dispatch operations, a centralized system for all 99 11 dispatch in the United States. And if that system goes down or its hacked as well as well, ah, we'll discuss in a future generation along this of this story that we're laying out here a hacking the 911 system and shutting it down even temporarily, even for an hour in a major city, you would be looking at a significant loss of life at significant crime you'd be looking at at a ton of problems and car by 911 again, the company that wants to control all night on dispatches funded with a $1,000,000 from Jeffrey Epstein. Funny how all of these people are are tying into this now. Another one of cyber reasons Partners is a company called Canny A I Can t. Ai was featured on Paul Singer Startup Nation website. It's regarded as the deleting industry expert in the creation of deep fake videos. They possess the technology to create not only visual deep fix but audio as well. They've created them of world leaders. They have created this video you may have seen of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn seeming to agree with all of each other's policies and they're linked to cyber reason by Israeli startup Incubator Accelerator X Accelerator, which is funded both companies. Funny enough, accelerator. This start of incubator is also funded by Startup. Nation. Accelerator is a literal project of the Israeli government via their startup nation description. Quote Accelerator is Tao Ventures and the Shabak Israeli Security Agencies Accelerator program that fosters early stage projects. He startups participating in the program benefit from close mentoring from content and technology experts from the Shabak experts from Tel Aviv University and industry leaders. Look at this. It just as as a constitutional conservative free marketeer. I'm frankly shocked that our greatest ally Israel is engaging in this corporatism. But between the government and academia and these corporations Oh my. This is like again the thunder striking. I should I should be better than this by now. But I continue to be thunderstruck by the amount of collusion between the Israeli government, their security agencies thes private quota Cool cos they're universities, they all work together. They are all working together of course for the betterment and for the security and to advance the position of Israel. The state of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. That is why they're colluding here. Is it Is it really colluding, though with the U. S. Government? I mean, can you really even call it collusion? I mean, you know, the things that they accuse Trump of with with Russia and everything. I mean, from their perspective, that is collusion because Russia's an enemy state and enemy. But but But I mean Israel, it's like, Is that by the way, the U. S jewelries Israel. Is that really collusion? There is no snow, no from from their position. This is just This is just what you do. This is not collusion. Collusion implies, like nefarious nights. Writer. Nefarious. This is like an FBI agent going out toe lunch with a DHS agent. Like you call that collusion? No, it's like tiu to government employees, just like going out for lunch and shooting the birds. Interagency cooperation of the greater agency. Greater Israel? Yeah, exactly. Really standing eso cyber reason. And again, like I said, we are. We're looking like over one. It's like we're in the desert. Well, there in the desert to, but it's like we're in the desert looking over one sand dune and you get to the top and then you see miles and miles of further sand dunes. So this is a story, Ah, thread that we will continue to pull here. But one last note on cyber reason and what they're doing domestically in the United States. They are one of the leading companies that is public, partnering with local law enforcement agencies and with federal law enforcement agencies to conduct these doomsday scenarios. And you may have seen something about this in your local news. These air being conducted across the country with, with increasingly regular basis, these interagency cooperation, the simulations between also between federal and state and local authorities, how they would respond to an emergency now. Cyber reason. These guys, these guys air great philanthropic minds there. It's just so generous. I'm blown away by their generosity. They are providing their services and providing their simulation technology to these agencies for free no consultation fee. They are teaching, teaching these local these agencies how to deal with with a potential intrusion or potential doomsday scenario centered around Election Day that has been the focus of many of their simulations, and they're they're trying to suss out, and the story that presenting the public is local authorities are learning how to respond to cyber attacks and other attacks on election day. Of course, this is mutually beneficial. This is a learning experience for both parties. Cyber reason is learning how to at the most effective ways to undermine local authorities, not only on it on Election Day but at any given moment how to totally disrupt life and cause maximum loss of life in American cities. One of the things they've simulated in these scenarios is the hacking of Internet of things, chips to cause chaos and Internet. Of things I have always thought was a very gay phrase. But Internet of things, that is, is your very gay. That phrase is that this is like for those of you out Maria Ryan letter Internet of things is essentially any device that's Elektronik can have a WiFi chip in connect to the Internet, and then it is an Internet of things. You see how gave this is and so you can turn your oven on with your phone, or you can monitor your green egg while it's, you know, roasting your ribs low and slow for five hours. Ah, these things are all connected to the Internet and thus are all vulnerability. So whereas 10 or 15 years ago, the only vulnerability might have been your WiFi router and the laptops and desktop computers and no, you wouldn't have had a television way back then connected maybe by, like, hardline, um, you know, cable. But now it's it's everything is vulnerable. And, ah, a lot of these devices are pretty cheap. And they are, you know, when you when you get concerned about Alexa and having Alexa in your house, which I know most people will never have. Like I don't have one. I know most normal is that I interact with are like Fuck no, Am I ever getting one of these things? But those are the things that they want to interact with and get into, and they're they're all vulnerability. So where there's a will, there's a way. And if they can't get into your iPhone and they can't get into your laptop, they're going to get into your Alexa or whatever it is. Whatever mark devices you have, what they could do is one of the things they simulated was hacking self driving cars. Yes, taking, taking control of test laws and some other vehicles that can that self driving capability one of the other things they can do. And I've seen this hack actually already be exploited is simply open up. Everybody's smart, not smart doorbells, but the smart walks such a idiosyncratic name. These I can lock my my home with my my Google phone. Isn't this cool? No, idiot, because anybody that can hack that device can unlock your home. And so, if you were one of these nefarious players and you wanted to say maximize crime and distract everyone on Election Day, well, just unlock everybody in a certain zip codes home. Maybe, maybe, ah, maybe a certain zip code that, like borders on a really rough black neighborhood or something, and just like like it, let the burglaries commence or, like, turn everybody's disable. Everybody's smart thermostat because people have those now or send everybody again with the deep and this is not conspiratorial is the crazy thing here. Everybody with a ring doorbell, just gonna say manipulated. I was just have somebody breaking in their home. The ring doorbell is like the thing that I'm seeing on a lot of people's homes now and you go like ring the doorbell and it's the duty to do like tone. And it's like, Oh my God, I can't believe somebody has one of these This is like, so gay and it looks so stupid attached to like a nice brick house like you walked up to somebody's door And you know, you expect to see like, a nice old school doorbell there, and it's like now it's a fucking big plastic black ring doorbell in there. You know they don't see you, and then most of the time it doesn't even work. I don't even think I've encountered one where anybody answers or I talk to anybody on video. It's just like it functions is a normal doorbell, except that now you have a spy device essentially attached to your front door that can see everybody who comes to your door, um, at any point at any time. And really just look at who's at your front door. It's like essentially just a Web can attached to the front of your house that somebody can look at at any time. It's great, it's all right well and there's, I mean, there's more in terms of cameras like these. The new thing is these WiFi baby monitors. People have that with video to monitor their baby at night. And people have been these air like some of the easiest, the hack And this has been done multiple times. So you you introduce this surveillance capitalism apparatus that people have willingly brought into their homes willingly brought into their lives. And then you introduce the close partnership between the company that is hacking these Internet of things chips this company a r M arm, which is partnered with Cyber Reason, which is partnered with candy. I seeing the links between the defeat companies and the inter Internet of things hacking companies. $400 million has been invested in cyber is and by Softbank. So that makes Softbank one of the major equity holding partners. In cyber reason. Softbank outright owns Io ti chip manufacturer arm. So the company that makes these chips for for the doorbells for the monitors for the smart, uh, smart what? What is it? The wall switch. Recon like dim your lights with your smartphone. I o t. These Iraqi chips are made by arm co owned, basically partnered with cyber reason. And according Teoh industry experts, Cyber reasons security services are being natively incorporated into the arm platform. This suite of Web based tools that helps businesses manage their Iot devices there connectivity check their statuses and their data. Cyber reason is going to be the native built in security suite for these enterprise products for the East Adam of these arm UH, I o. T data management products. And they have also acquired California based data management company Treasure Data for an undisclosed sum and check this out. Dipesh Patel, president of Arms Internet of Things Services Group, said cyber reason adds a dimension to the Pelly on platform Pelley on Is their Their trips at our customers will have a central visibility into communication patterns, behaviors and activities of I O. T connected devices. And what he's not saying is their users, enabling them to stop malicious activity at its inception. You know who else has that essential visibility into everything being done at any time with or proximal to these Iot devices? Cyber reason and, by extension, the Israeli Defense Ministry. So congratulations that that that Google home that you had to have for $15 which you never stopped to think about. Why that device is so cheap at the Wal Mart. Why it's being offered to you for next to nothing as a loss leader. Congratulations. The Israeli Defense Ministry has essentially access. Not essentially. They have access to these products into these chip sets across the world. Yeah, it's incredible. I mean, it's your thunderstruck, and you think it's like you start to think about how how could all this be possible? But nada. And that's not that's crazy. That's insane. Like if you told a normal person that this was going on, they would just be like, OK, right. I feel like I feel like Charlie Day like it's always sunny in Philadelphia, like outlining the Pepe Silvia conspiracy. Like all frazzled being up for three days standing at the white board. It sort of feels like that at first. But then you look at what is going on. You look at the very clear track record. You look at these indisputable reports that these companies themselves are putting out. They are announcing proudly these new partnerships, they're forming, and you look at what these companies do. And you look at the all of what we're seeing through NSO group through through ah celeb right through the U. S. Government having contracts with these companies and then as we will lay out for you in the in the next next episode where we will be further into this Israeli intelligence conspiracy. And it's not a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy. What they're doing is a conspiracy. They're conspiring to take control of all U. S. Data, whether it's military, private, civilian, whatever, as you get into this, it it really will shock you to the extent this has taken place right under our right under our noses and to people's credit, A lot of people do have these these nascent concerns about privacy, and they realize that there's something up here with all of this I, o t. And and all of these different camera enabled services like the What's that security service you can bring into your home simply safe. That takes ah constant 360 degree camera view inside your home. Yeah, people realize there's something up here, but as we're going to as we've outlined today and as we're going to continue to outline. There is so many. There are so many players that you're already familiar with involved here, essential to implementing this on a national on really? On a worldwide basis. Yeah, they're all involved. I mean, Jared Kushner, Jeffrey Epstein, Paul Singer. I mean, all the same people that are lobbying members of Congress for more open, unchecked immigration. Ah, checked or unchecked? Doesn't matter. They just want more of it, Like the very same people that are doing that are essentially installing the cancer. Where because that's the only thing that you can use to describe. This is just like cancer, Israeli cancer, where into everything that you do. And I don't I don't really like having. Like I said, I don't have an Alexa. I don't have a lot of these things, and I don't really like the concept of that. And this goes back to sort of a more old school. Take that I had long ago, which is, you know, I rarely use navigation because I grew up in an era where you memorized the directions to get to a place you read a fucking roadmap and then you graduated to like Microsoft streets and trips in who remembers printing out directions on paper. Ah, and then there's navigation. But the problem in the thing that I noticed with navigation is that, like if you rely on that all the time and and you don't ever learn what's around you, you sort of start to lose this essential sort of sense of direction that you just get lost. You don't know what you're doing. You don't know where you're going, whereas before you used to have much more stronger ability for understanding where you are and what direction you're heading in and able to, you know, find where you're going, etcetera. Um, and so I carry this into some of this sort of thing where it's like, I feel like a lot of these things just make you retarded anyway. Like they it makes your life. It makes your life a lot easier, which is which is totally fine, like whatever. Like, you know, if there's something you know, don't you don't go out and cut your grass with a pair of scissors, right? Like there's there's a limit to to sort of how, how much of these things you're willing to do yourself. So I don't like these things generally, but then when they're become such an essential part of somebody's life and they serve this dual purpose where they are literally a cancer, like you can't stop them like you have the Alexa in your house. You have the Google home, Um, you have, I don't know, a So no sound system like Well, I mean all these things, some of them are sort of innocuous and whatnot, but it's it just never It just never stops And like getting people to cut out parts of their life that they consider so essential is really part of the strategy here. It's like, once you sort of tear apart the facade in the front of your house to install a ring doorbell, you're not gonna go back to a normal doorbell. Um, unless there's a big reason to do it, you're not gonna, like throw the elects in the trash. Um, once it's there, it's there. And it's part of your home, and people aren't going to part with this and and it's, you know, I don't know what it's gonna take for people to understand this. They know that something's wrong, but because nothing direct. There's no been been no direct consequences for them. Specifically, it's it's sort of difficult for them to sort of see the bigger picture. Ah, that we dio. But yeah, and that's why I think the the powers that be as it were in these U. S. Intelligence agencies there reticent to use any of this data that they're collecting four criminal prosecutions or for even giving to to other entities to engage in civil prosecutions. For example, I think they're very hesitant to break that seal because there's a belief that once they do, people will become aware more generally and more. Actually, people will become more specifically aware of ago. They give away their give away their permission, right, thes air, the methods, ah, sources and methods that they always talk about protecting because they want to be able to collect as much as they can without people being aware. So, yeah, and this is why you see cases like the one is a couple very famous cases that were that are in the courts now about Alexa devices that apparently recorded like murders happening, and Amazon has been attempting to defy the courts at every stage in these cases because they do not want it to come out that this device is not only recording you when it's being spoken, Dio. It's being it's recording at all times. And anyone, anyone, anyone that thinks critically about this knows this right obviously needs to be listening in recording for it to be able to hear you when you speak to it. Otherwise, how would it recognize your speaking to it? Right. But Amazon's been been fighting pretty hard against these These efforts to get them to hand over these these election recordings because they recognize that if that is to come out, there's a belief. Anyways on their part, this may cause some unease among consumers. The sad thing is, I think while that will cause some unease and cause some people, perhaps to throw the election in the trash and stop using it, how long is it before Alexa V. Two, or, like the successor to Alexa, is announced that promises it's not going to do that, and people forget about their visceral react to their privacy, being invaded and once again embrace the surveillance capitalism Panopticon back into their lives. Yeah, I saw the other day that there was some article talking about how they're gonna have, you know, rather than wear a piece of glad like where it rather than where Google glass or glasses or whatever the fuck those air called, Where has the screen embedded in the glasses? It's like now we have something better than that going. We're just gonna project the screen under your eyeball, and I'm just like I see this and I'm just like, Can I just lick it off this ride now? But can I just be totally done with the soul thing? Because this is fucking insane. I mean, we mentioned Amish jokingly earlier, but like becoming Amish is starting to sound like very, very enticing at this point, it's I wouldn't do that. I'm not gonna do that. But oh, my God. Like who? I can't draw the line at electricity like they do, but I don't know. I'm gonna draw the line somewhere else, and it's gonna be along ethnic lines rather than on electrical lines. How about that? I'll just say I'd rather be out there where in the overalls covered in Would ships operating that pedal powered leave? But I would be sitting inside consuming product from an Alexa device. Straw hat. Nationalism. All right, well, we had a We had a very full show before. We tip over the edge of the three hour mark, Um, and you'll hear autistics reaching from me. We're gonna go now, but we're gonna be back on the mid week, Um, with more to come, especially on this subject. Lot lots to uncover lots here. So thank you. James is always good to be back from the timeshare. And, uh, I'm here to stay for quite a while. So you guys in midweek, you're listening ftn bogus on the TRS radio that works. Uh, reading through all of the news and hot takes on social media can feel like cracking open a fire hydrant and sticking your head in front of it. You're missing the grain and getting a whole lot of chap. Instead of wandering out into the information wilderness unequipped and leaving uninformed, check out truth to power news dot com. They feature carefully selected articles from the best authors on the left, right and center, bringing you hot takes. You don't have to hunt around for. And unlike other sites, there's no click bait or filler pieces. It's all valuable information, and you're basically guaranteed toe. Learn something. You'll find pieces from Pat Buchanan, Matt Tidy, Philip Giraldi, Eric Striker, Greg Conte and many more, including us. So stop wasting your time trying to drink from the firehose and check out truth to power news dot com. You're listening to focus on the TRS radio that works. It seems like just a few days ago, it seems very recently that we were talking about Iowa being four months away. Yet here we are now on the precipice of the first caucuses and then primaries the week after that, we don't know who the Democrat nominee is or if the media is going to attack a fully converged trump the same way they did in 2016 with that same ferocity. One thing is guaranteed, though no matter the outcome. The Russian hacking trope home with the newer Iranian hacking trope, as is being pursued by many conservatives, will be used as copes or pretenses for a congressional investigation and social media censorship. We've already seen this happen specifically with regard to supposed Iranian hackers. Several months ago, people, many people lost their their pages and accounts on the same day that Facebook announced supposed action against quote Iranians roles. The rial threat of foreign election interference doesn't come, obviously, from the Iranians with Russians, it comes from the country whose spy tech companies are, as we speak, conducting simulations, devising ways to shut down American infrastructure project technology and kill people with the goal of preventing an election from taking place and jazz you don't need. You don't even need one opportunity to guess which country that is. It should be evident by now. This is a second part in our series on Israeli spy tech in Part one featured on FTN to anyone Cyber treason We introduced celebrate in the NSO Group and their involvement with the FBI and Department of Justice and the back door into encrypted chat technology that William Bar Bill Bar Steen is pursuing over at the Department of Justice celebrated an S O. R. Two Israeli spy tech firms. The U. S government already works with do breaching, corrected encrypted shots and hack civilians cell phones. But the list the laundry list of spy tech companies goes well beyond to there are many more companies. Ah, war, that war in discussion specifically with regard to Israeli spy tech. And we briefly introduced another one of these players. One of these companies. Cyber reason. Cyber reasons. Operations in connections within the U. S. Will be the primary focus of this installment, the second part in the Siri's Now We touched on Cyber Reason Before, but a quick review founded in 2012 by Lior Div. CEO Yeosan Are and Yonathan Stream omit, all of whom were officers in the Israeli army's cyber intelligence unit that is unit 8200. You'll hear that come up many times in today's in today's look at some of these other companies have actually, or Div is a former commander within Unit 8200. Cyber Reason presents themselves, and they sell their software as a suite of anti virus, anti malware, anti ransomware protection, but as well come to find there are involved in much more than that. And Leo Def has actually described his work with cyber reason as a quote continuation of his service to the Israeli military. Weird, very weird thing to say. You don't hear about guys who leave US intelligence forces describing their careers with I don't know IBM or or Cisco as a continuation of service to the U. S. Military. Very odd descriptor there. Well, he views all of what he's doing. Is service to Greater Israel home? Yes. America. America to him is nothing more than Josh Colony. And ah, these air thes air. Not even international overseas operations thes air domestic affairs. From his perspective, he's He's working just in a in an occupied zone occupied by him. Ah, with people who don't know it. But even if they did know it, it's like, What are they gonna dio? And so, yeah, all this is this is this is a military operation and we should see it that way. We look at it that way, but, um, people, people around have no idea any of this stuff is going on right underneath their noses. Yes, underneath all of the nose is in fact, yeah, the way he phrases it. Actually, I I appreciate his phrasing as a continuation of service to the Israeli military because there is actually, as you'll come to see, no distinction or very minor distinctions are drawn between Israeli military, Israeli private sector, the nominally private sector Israeli intelligence, community and education community, all of them working together very symbiotically in a way that Americans who are are not familiar with this relationship would probably be shocked by how streamlined that effective this Ah, this well oiled machine can work for as an American who sees, you know, the government and industry and and, ah, these other nexus is of power as being in an adversarial relationship the way that the Israelis are able to have everything whip everything into shape for the same purpose. Pretty astounding. So Cyber Reason has also also has several advisers that hold top positions at powerful U. S. Companies that are also US government contractors. So they're a cyber reason is advised by the VP of security and privacy engineering at Google, the deputy chief information security officer at Lockheed Martin and the chief information security officer at Motorola. Wow! Ah, a lot of ah lot of talent pool their deep talent pool, their drawing from to advise them. Both Motorola and Lockheed Martin used Cyber reason software, and Lockheed Martin is a major investor. In cyber reason. Lockheed has used its privileged position as he top private contractor to the U S. Government to promote the widespread use of cyber Reason software amongst US government agencies, including the Pentagon, which will discuss later on. Is it a great what? The Pentagon using going? But, bro, But, bro, Big old Bagpipe and Bill Bar is Ah, just standing on the precipice of breaking up all these companies and, ah, wielding antitrust and knocking them down and making sure they allow you toe put your crime thought on the Internet and say whatever you want. And he's got your back. And oh, he's also getting Donald Trump out impeachment and everything else. It's all part of the plan, man. You just have toe sit tight and trusted, and everything's gonna be fine. Uh, you know, the reality is, is that all of these none of these companies are going to be broken up. None of them are. Nothing bad is going to happen to them. Ah, so long as they provide backdoor encryption to bagpipe in Bill Bar and, ah, all the other members of the federal government who want to have access to all encrypted platforms. So, yeah, there's nothing going to be happening to these people. In fact, it's sort of impossible for the federal government. It's like shooting itself in the foot at a certain point, right? I mean, these are all so deeply embedded, deeply interwoven within Washington. Um, it surprises me that they haven't started to put headquarters up there instead. Now, Lockheed Martin, of course, already has some. But, um, just Google. I'm sure a lot of these buildings some of these nondescript buildings that you see around D. C have no idea what's in them. Um are probably the home for a lot of these companies just don't know it. And it seems that one company having all of these government contracts for for anti virus for anti malware and anti ransomware it seems like that would be a perfect factor to pursue for an anti trust investigation. Yet we haven't heard anything about that. We've heard even even less about that. That is, to say nothing for it, even less there than we have about the supposed big tech antitrust investigation that is currently being wound down. So cyber reasons. Defense platform includes what they call endpoint prevention, which is protection against ransomware and malware, security services, analytics detection and response software, threat finders, forensics live response. Basically, it is their all encompassing suite of security services. Their users include Motorola, Softbank, Flow Serve and Lockheed Martin. Cyber Reason. In addition to providing this software to government agencies, irregularly host exercises in conjunction with state, local and federal law enforcement to simulate cyberattacks. They describe these training exercises, offering their industry expertise to localities for no charge so that they may be better equipped to respond to cyber threats in the future. How kind of them to open up their open up their hearts, open up their wallets to put on these exercises, to train small localities. How to respond to cyber threats. Of course, this is not a purely altruistic endeavor. In exchange for conducting the exercises, Cyber Reason learns how authorities are likely to respond to a variety of threats and attack in sci fi terms. I don't know if there's a Star Trek analogy in here having watched the Siri's, but it's like sparring with an AI to teach it how to defeat you. That's essentially what these localities air doing when they train with cyber reason, and they've been doing this for many years. In July, they hosted an exercise called Operation Blackout 2020 which was an election hacking simulation blackout. Yeah, this was not simulating how to successfully maneuver a helicopter in the Calabasas Hills. Now this was a an election hacking simulation, which they hosted alongside US state and federal law enforcement. The red team playing the part of the hackers, and this is conducted sort of like a tabletop game. The Red team was consistent of Cyber Reason employees Boston and Harvard University students, nickel college staff and private sector security personnel. The black team, those playing defense word staffed by DHS, U S Secret Service, Massachusetts State Police, Rhode Island State Police and Boston Police. I thought that said Nicholas Cage, staff was on the red team. Um, but yeah, they. So it's like a turn based simulation, um, tabletop style simulation. It is as well, but it's like a turn based. So any of these teams, and like one team, makes a move than the other team reacts. And that what? There are three teams. I thought there only to for some reason. Well, there were two and then the white team were the judges and they were the ones officiating the contest. Basically I guess the dungeon master would be the analogy There on that was Sam Curry, the cyber reason chief security officer and other cyber reason staff. The focus of simulation was to examine what they described as advanced preparedness ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and the simulation took place in a fictional city called Adverse Area. And instead of A instead of literally hacking the election right going in and erasing voter rules, de registering thousands of voters or manipulating the hacking, the electronic voting machines themselves, he simulation focused on what they called less obvious but equally effective methods such as disrupting electricity supplies, creating gridlock on roadways to suppress votes and spreading fake news through social media and running out of unlimited pancakes at IHOP and unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden. And ah, I don't know what are some of the other boomer activities that go on that that would disrupt election days, I suppose. Um, But yeah, there were some. There's some woman saying I forget who this was was saying if there was a power outage or if there was some sort of minor disruption, her boomer grandparent's like would just not go vote I mean, some of this stuff is not is sort of catastrophic, as one might think when you hear disrupting electricity supplies or creating gridlock, I mean creating gridlock sort of is the somewhat of it. But, like what if you just had a power outage in an area? Um, and people are preoccupied with, but I don't know their power back on or, I don't know, fire alarm going off at their child's school or like whatever the hell it is. I mean, voting is going to be the last thing for For these people who still think voting matters, it's going to be the last thing on their minds. And thus you can suppress votes in an entire city county jurisdiction simply by messing around with the some of these creature comforts that people have. And they will prioritize getting those back back onboard like shut off the water in somebody's neighborhood or have a have a fire hydrant. You know, start shooting water into the air in blocking a road. I mean, you know, that's that's just enough, enough chaos and and only a conspiracy theorist would sit there and say, this is all being done. A purpose when there's like No guy that's just the waters out in the whole city for just totally random reason on the on the What is it the second Tuesday in November? I mean, it's just just happens to be that way that this happened like this, right? Yeah. I mean, that truck just happened to run over that fire hydrant and and create ah, necessitate an emergency response in the on the block where that polling station is, it's all coincidental. And it's not as if this is being planned, right? Of course not. Well, it turns out this actually is being planned. And there are very powerful entities corporations involved in in planning how to suppress voter turnout in determining what the most effective strategies would be. Now, in November 2019 they hosted another drill, also part of the Operation Blackout Siri's, featuring the FBI and DHS, among others. This time they were on the blue team playing defense alongside some cyber reason employees and the red team was comprised of cyp reason employees. The white team, I suppose, fellow white team for this exercise. I don't think he was given it given a team designation, he was just the judge was Ari Schwartz, former senior director of cyber security at the National Security Council under Obama. He also has former employers include the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Center for Democracy and Technology. Now this exercise played out very interestingly, with UH, circumstances became a little more dire than they did in the July 2019 exercise. The first stage involved the creation and proliferation of a sexually scandalous, deep fake video shortly before voters went to the polls, a matter of of, I believe, 12 hours before voters took to the polls. This was the chosen is the perfect time frame because it was long enough for it to reach targeted voters. But it was also too short a time frame for the video to be definitively proven to be fake. Now stage to red team deployed roaming stingray devices near party campaign headquarters and other places to intercept nearby cell phones and, ah, and essentially ah, derail communications Now. In response to this, the blue team set up what are called FEM to sell stations famine to sell stations around cell towers. Now these are traditionally used to disrupt cell service in the surrounding area, but they can also be used to boost cell phone signals. And so they that was how they responded to to red team, taking some communications off line Now. This also led to Blue Team the defense, insisting that law enforcement switched to encrypted radio communication with the rest of the day instead of publicly accessible communications. Now, instead of completely shutting down communications, Red Team chose to use their stingray devices to intercept them and used audio intercepted audio of poll workers, election officials and campaign officials to create deep fake audio. Poll workers would then receive phone calls from what they thought was their supervisor, telling them that paperless voting machines have been hacked, that they needed to reset them, which in turn would wipe out thousands of recorded votes with no audit trail. And if even if even a fraction of poll workers fell for the trick, that would undermine overall results. Red Team that and this is this is all this had been done in previous exercises. Now what Red team did what cyber reason did that was unprecedented was. Then they hacked 50 self driving cars and five self driving Busses blue team intercepted this and and they became aware of this. And they view this as an effort to block traffic and inhibit people from going to the polls. And this at the time was something they didn't choose to respond. Teoh. Now, as the exercise entered into its final hours, members of Blue Team were satisfied. They thought they had done pretty well. They thought they had deployed. The resource is effectively and mitigated the effects of red teams. Um uh, Red team's subversion of the election. Now The mood changed when they received word in the simulation that some of these self driving buses had been rammed into lines of civilians at three different polling stations, leaving 200 injured, 30 dead. And the result then was that Mawr people became concerned with the prospect of more mass casualty events. And they heard about that and decided, Yeah, I'm not going to risk it and decided not to go to the polls. They decided to stay home, blue team. Then you know, they were on the precipice of victory. They then conceded in stated they had failed to protect the sanctity of the election, and they had lost no, that was unprecedented, right to use the self driving technology in the simulation to to take control, to hijack the self driving technology to then cause mass civilian casualties. Ari Schwartz decided that instead of granting Red Team the win, he decided that Red Team's bus attack had been too brazen and displayed too much chutzpah. And the point of this subversion hacking the election is to be covert, not to be found out. Sam Curry, chief technology officer Cyber Reason, said he hoped the true winners of the exercise get this were the American electorate. The rial victory, of course, is if the participants leave here and it means something or makes a difference, he said. Or we just know how law law enforcement is going to react. Ah, when we do different things and then this is just we play these games of chess over and over again with law enforcement in the room, uh, telling you that we're here to, you know, work with you and help you practice for these things when in reality they're just getting you ready to ah, snow, you essentially is we're gonna go on and into the extent that that lower enforcement isn't partnered with them in some capacity anyway, but they're still exploitations going on. The The partnership with law enforcement is only part of the story. And that, of course, is is, you know, somewhat of a diversion diversionary element as well, because then they I can learn and do go around doing end run around them, which is part of what this is designed to do. But it's it's strange to me, James like that. They seem to be preparing in spending a lot of time and effort like Cyber Reason doesn't benefit from this. They're not selling anything to the government for this, right? Like they're not. They're not offering the government some solution to protect the quote unquote sanctity of the election, right? They have nothing in this at all. So why would the FBI and DHS and other lure enforcement choose to participate? Like you think that they would be participating in these with these teams if they were selling them something? If they were responding to an RFP, um or whatever. But they're not right. Like this is This seems to just be like all right, thanks. That was great. Good time, guys. love to do that again sometime, right? That's how cyber reason advertises this to local law enforcement and to two other agency to the federal government, etcetera. They advertise this as a training exercise where you can lean on our expertise, learn from us. We're the industry experts, and we'll teach you will teach you what to do If this were to happen, if you were to start seeing these things happen. Of course, cyber reason is not collecting a fee for this. What amounts to consultation? Right? Thes The Massachusetts State Police didn't have to pay cyber reason ever. Anything but cyber reason is getting something out of this. They're learning how they're learning. Not only is law enforcement learning how to respond in in cases like this, but cyber reason is learning how law enforcement will respond. And one could argue this is a far fetched strategy that only matters in a possible science fiction future. That thes thes potential vectors of attack like hacking, self driving cars and big audio and deep video. None of this is possible, right? So why does this matter? This is like a sci fi future thing that we shouldn't be concerned with one could make that argument. But one could be wrong. Cyber reason and their partners in Israeli spy tech and the Israeli spy tech community. More broadly, they have the ability to implement most of these strategies right now, and those that they don't act have right now they are actively working to develop at this very minute cyber reason is the entry point to do diving into this broader Israeli spy tech community, and we can start by looking at some of the companies they themselves are explicitly affiliated with now D fake audio and Defect video. You've heard about this in the media. Several U. S states have attempted to preempt this election manipulation through the use of defect videos. They have passed legislation in Virginia taxes, California and New York banning or restricting the dissemination of deep fake videos. The California law makes it illegal to disseminate defect videos of politicians within 60 days of an election. Of course, none of that matters. That doesn't matter, because cyber reason they demonstrated the effectiveness of releasing this damaging video less than a day before votes were cast. That's enough time for it to make a difference in people's minds change people's minds, but it's not long enough to be debunked or investigated or to have any potential law enforcement response. So, Katie, all of these laws being passed to two ah manage defect video it's not going to matter. In the case of election manipulation and cyber reasons, decision to used a deep, thick video and defect audio did not come out of the blue. They just happen. By coincidence, it just happened to be partnered with the industry leading Deep Fake video production company, a company called Canny AI, based in Israel. We briefly mentioned them on FTM to 81 but as a refresher, they're based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They specialize in video dialogue replacement, which they called DDR, and video lip sinking in any language they can operate globally. Their creations have been widely shared, but you probably haven't heard their name because the media has usually refused to report on who actually created these famous videos. They have gotten Public City for creating the video off Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, supposedly agreeing and policy that was reported to have been produced by a group called Future Advocacy. It was actually can T AI. That created those videos for that group, and they also created a fake Nixon speech reported on by several outlets as having been created solely by M. I T. Center for Advanced Virtuality. But any eyes. But none of this is a I. This is not artificial intelligence. This is manipulation. This is lies thes, aren't these, aren't you're not creating something that is capable of intellectual thought on its own. You are essentially reconstructing a narrative, reconstructing a scene in the way that you wanted it to play out and to be perceived by your audience. There's no intelligence there. There's nothing behind that that is acting on its own. There's no algorithm that's driving that. That's just very advanced graphics, very advanced audio. Ah, in editing. I mean, there's something there's no number ai about it. So it's once again it's this to make it seem like they're they're doing like there's no what? What is the market for this except for political subterfuge? What is the market for doing something like this other than deception in lying? I think you know, in these these states, passing these laws about yeah, you better not do any of that lying in deceptive 60 days before an election. How about just how much is bad It right? Oh, can't do free speech. Well, I mean, isn't isn't taking someone's likeness isn't taking someone's image and making it so convincing that peop most people 95% 99% of people think that what they're viewing is actually the person, um, saying it and doing those things. I mean, that's you almost have to carve out a whole brand new set of legislation for just that. But no, it's funny how they land on the free speech question which side they land on when it's them perpetrating the speech. Right. Um, if if somebody else had come up with this and, um had been pursuing this in using this and it was Jews on the other side saying, No, absolutely not. We would never do anything this would get. This would get struck down. This would be like, Oh, this isn't free speech. This isn't You can't do this, But in a way, it's not really free speech because what you're doing is synthesis like what would be the difference between making a video of somebody that's so convincing that everybody who sees it believes it and drugging the person who is the subject of the video and through like mental control manipulation, just making them say those things. Which ones illegal? Because they both have the same outcome to the end user, to the viewer, to the to the person, seeing it happen on the screen, hearing the words come out of somebody's mouth. It's the same thing. They don't know the difference, but yet Oh, yeah, we're just gonna do this But just and I'm not to Not not to two months before an election. But what happens when somebody does? James, what do you think's gonna happen when somebody does do one of these two months before an election? And ah, you think anybody's gonna do anything? You know, this legislation using and it's gonna matter at that point, I know and and even if something were to be pursued, it would be too late. And that's why they in the simulation they chose to launch this defect video about 12 hours before the election took place because they knew that is just about the sweet spot in terms of when people would see it but before it could be debunked or action could be taken and with how these Israeli tech companies pop up and disappear as we'll get into with with his company, What is Sabra? In just a few minutes, they frequently are formed and then dissolve and then reform again. And of course, there's nothing that could be done to them because these companies are based in Israel. And even if U. S law enforcement somehow got to the point where they wanted to touch them, nothing could be done. And that's part of the problem. And, um, this defect video technology really only has two uses. One is for political manipulation and the other is pornography, and we know who is going to be involved in that industry as well. But the argument that would be made against legislating this would be that, Oh, if you restrict this type of face mapping technology, which is what you would have do then, has all of these great consumer technologies would be punished? These great things that consumers have access to, like the ability to use face mapping technology on their iPhone to do a bit emoji would be gone because because we couldn't map and synthesize and draw the three D maps of the face. And so you would see would seem this argued against with appeals to to consumerism and two technologies that nobody really needs. Access Dio and I agree. This is something that should be definitely be pursued with MAWR legislative vigour, but it's not going to be now. Accelerate this Kenny Ai is it alumni of an Israeli startup incubation program called Accelerator, which is a joint venture between Tel Aviv University and the Israeli intelligence agency. Shin Bet, also referred to as Shabak Accelerator, is described as a quote unique incubation program for early stage ventures with groundbreaking technology. Participating companies get access to a three month program where they receive office space in Tel Aviv, connections to the market and potential customers. Business mentoring tech validation from industry experts, assistance with getting start up loans, of course, and a $50,000 cash grant. Cyber Reason. CEO Lior Div spoke at Tel Aviv University's Startup Day on June 24th 2019. Amazing how all of these people and players and companies, they all work together symbiotically. Here are some of the other companies that have participated in this accelerator program again, a US very say US Israeli intelligence operation. One of these companies is Sabra, a company that offers fake news protection for governments and brands by detecting bought networks on social media. SecuritEs Sequences, a company using deep AI to extract behavioral insights from encrypted traffic in real time without decryption key sequence, Solution offers profiling, suspect detection and fake news tracking in messaging. APS While Sequence B I offers detailed market and consumer analytics for profiling and ad targeting. This is Ah, this is the perfect Israeli tech company here. One. They'll sell you things and they'll also profile. He would track you ever the government. This is great. Another is Globe Keeper. Globe Keeper introduces a secure, real time field collaboration platform for security personnel that improves officers response time by 60% and helps them save lives. Good. It's Ah, this is just what we need In emergency response is Israeli owned technology Ah, white rave in Isn't I ai based virtual positioning software that can use the signals that receiving the image that receiving from a user's camera, location, camera, what they're seeing with their phone camera, the direction they're devices pointed to synthesize and determined where they're located. Well, so point your point your camera at a building it look, and based on the GPS heading, it'll determine where, exactly in the world you are. Our Kiss team is an automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in any Internet of things for him, where, um, and they the Internet of things. Of course. These air, your doorbells, your thermostats, your smart fridges, etcetera. They also engage in reverse engineering, uh, to determine vulnerability in these devices. Now, these are all projects that have been launched by the Israeli intelligence services and the tele in Tel Aviv University. Through this accelerator program, the Israeli government is developing technology to manipulate new cycles, predict behavior based on encrypted traffic, manage emergency personnel, determined individuals location based on camera data and breach Internet of things devices. At the same time that all of this is happening, the head of a company headed by a former intelligence intelligence chief is probing the US for security vulnerabilities that could be exploited to derail elections, cause mass chaos and kill people. And that guy, the former official with Unit 8200 is speaking at the university where all of this is being launched from. This is Ah, quite quite the mess. Quit the web, the tangled web of companies and government and intelligence services that we have to tangle here, isn't it? Yeah. And if the media the so called what, fourth or fifth pillar, I always forget with the with the catchphrases. Um, we're doing its job and we're out there telling the truth about these things. These will be the stories that people would be talking about every night, but they're in on it. And that's not some tinfoil hat conspiracy. I mean, the's air important subjects that nobody's talking about. Um, because it reporting on this would be akin to reporting on the A T. F um, you know, looking in reviewing their gun regulations or ah, the D A, um, you know, deciding that this new, very this new form of, ah, the drug is illegal or just doing practicing ah, dealing with the cartels. But they totally wouldn't be dealing with the cartels because they are fine with the cartels operating in the way that they dio. But, I mean, it's Teoh underscore in highlight the example. It's what what difference? Well, I mean, who are these people operating here? These air people just conducting normal business. But to the average American, if they had heard about all of these things that were actually going on and we're told the truth about them and not given some twisted story, cause you could see how this story would be told and that how it was all, I don't know, potentially related to, ah, particular political enemy. Whether this was Donald Trump doing this, whether this was, ah, some other political candidate, whoever it was was in on this or something. And then they would tell the story. But this benefits the neoliberal kosher sandwich. This is what they are supporting, supportive, and so they're perfectly fine with this. Ah, this is ensuring this is all the termites in the woodwork that are ensuring power for these people, right way out into the future. Right? Permanent in Gemini is what is being built here. Correct. And that is why this is not going to be reported on. And you're very hard pressed to fight any reporting on this. There are some some, uh, brave reporters who deserve a lot of credit for or discussing this? No, I'm not referring to us, but ah, overrun UNMIN press news. A Whitney Web has compiled much of this information and has a good series of articles over there. But, you know, it goes beyond just like this Red Team Blue team dichotomy, which is of course, part of it's not going to be reported on by US media because, I mean, this is this is this is something, though that should be interesting to people and that when people are made aware of it, it interests them. I mean, like, you can't not be interested in this and this war gaming that is going on against your own country by foreign intelligence operatives that I have that have ingratiated themselves, not ingratiated, but have have worked their way in to our own defense system. And that is, I think, one of the most astounding things about this eso we'll and we'll get to that point when we discuss their involvement with US defence and U. S intelligence. Now, Sabra, I mentioned that company earlier as one of these companies, that is A is also an alumni of the accelerator program. So in addition to being funded by Tel Aviv University and the Israeli intelligence agency. Sabra is staffed by former Mossad operatives, implying one can ever be a former Mossad operative. And that is not a mission that sticks with you for the course of your entire life. Rami Ben Barac is Sybers senior adviser. He is also the former director general of the Ministry of Intelligence Services in the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, a Sabra. Their stated purpose is to use a I to identify bots, and it put bots in very heavy air quotes. Cyber technology works by searching for several factors that are characteristic of fake profiles, according to chief marketing officer Cindy Franchi. The first is the date the profile was set up. They find that fake ones are usually created a little before the launch of what they call a disinformation campaign. They also look at profile history, the amount of friends and account has. The third factor they look at is whether the profile has a wider digital fingerprint that is characteristic of how real people use the Internet. Quote anyone who is active online leaves traces that could be identified be the A Google plus profile, a Blawg, an email account, Mr Franchi explained. A real person that is active online will be in spaces other than their Facebook profile. So this AI system that they nominally is used to detect bots. It finds who you are, then looks for all traces of a person online to determine whether they're authentic or not, but beyond determining simply whether they're authentic or not effectively what this does, this method of verification it could be used, and I have to assume it is used to streamline the collection of private data for the sake of building dossiers on political targets. If you're looking to dock someone or to build an intelligence dossier and someone looking at all of their online activities, is is the start of that obviously Right? So this you know, and again you could say, This is your speculation. Well, no. Sybers executives have some experience in docks in their enemies. Two of Scios Brous co founders previously found that a company told side Group P S I hyphen group, which was caught testing fake news, disinformation strategies and close down operations after they were caught up in the Mueller investigation. Actually, they funny enough they attempted to make contact with the Trump campaign through Newt Gingrich. Gingrich then pitched their proposal to Kushner, who pitched it to Bride Par Scale, who eventually rejected it, and in 2017 side Group was paid $230,000 by your eye Bens e V to manipulate a local health care district board election in two lar California to Laurie to Layer UH, not nowhere near Texan by a bases. Its two lari. Definitely, um, and it right Joe, according to Business Insider Quote Side group, owned by the wealthy, well connected Israeli son of a mining magnet. Tone down the dog whistling dug up information on the opposition candidate Synovial Gutierrez and smeared her on a Siris of newly created websites, including to Larry Speaks dot com to lari. Leaks dot com and Drain Tool are a swamp dot com, according to The New Yorker, according to Gutierrez, in person operations were conducted as well. She said that one day a stranger knocked on her door and handed her an envelope while someone standing next to an SUV across the street was taking pictures. The pictures ended up online, accompanied with accusations of bribery. The day before the election, Gutierrez son's house burned down. He suspected foul play. What authorities said. There wasn't enough evidence to support that, The New Yorker reports said. I'm sure it's just, I mean, old houses, wiring. Just just ah, you know, just jumped that day, right? Purely coincidental. So Side group was being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by your I have been Zeevi to manipulate this healthcare board. Election side group also went there. I got some experience. Was it? What to cut their teeth? Is the expression by Doc's ing Palestinian rights activists in the US They engaged in doctrine campaigns against specific activists and professors in which their agents would find unsavory online information about specific activists and professors and distributed some campuses were targeted because side groups clients were parents of students there. The report said that the campaigns architects were Rahm Ben Barac, previously the deputy director of Assad and Yakov, amid Roar, the former national security adviser to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So, and this is the company that was that is, was incubated at the accelerator program by Israeli intelligence that was attempting to work with the Trump campaign that Kushner vouched for who pitched. It's Brad Part scale, of course. Of course. Imagine my shock. You know, the bad guy, the bad guy that is involved politically. The political bad guy is Donald Trump. Of course. Right, Anchorage. And everybody is involved with this. Yeah, I love it. And this is the only only one of these companies that has been covered in what you could regard as the mainstream press business insider and the New Yorker here because of the I have to assume, because it can be in their mind tied to Trump died the Kushner and Gingrich. And look at these Republicans using this this intelligence company toe harass poor brown Hospital officials in DeLara, California. These were the two. They won't go too hard on that, though, because of the connections. But they do a little bit. Just the tip, right? Just Oh, yeah. I mean, you start, you start rooting, you start pushing on that wall, and this whole thing caves in now. Ah, you know, Sabra, of course, is one of these companies incubated at accelerator. We've pitching pivoting back to cyber reason here to directly kill people in this operation. Blackout simulation, cyber isn't had to rely on hacking autonomous vehicles, and you ask, well, the Cyprus and have any connection with a company that is involved in autonomous vehicle security that leads you then to upstream security. Upstream Security is a company responsible for protecting. Many autonomous vehicles were also referred to his A V's Upstream Security was founded by two former I. D. F soldiers. You love Levy Yonathan Apple. Their clients include manufacturers rental car, donathan, Apple, Jesus Christ. Yeah, just like Jonathan with a y and then Apple a PPE l like Johnny. It's like the Jewish Johnny Appleseed, I suppose, Or the Jewish Steve Apple, like Trump referred to the one time Yeah, yeah. Their clients include manufacturers, car rental companies, commercial fleets, insurance companies, car sharing companies. They find themselves worked into every every vector year of the the automotive industry. The founders met while working at Checkpoint Technologies, another company founded by former Unit 8200 personnel. The company's initial investors were Charles River Ventures, also one of cyber reasons, first investors and the Israeli venture capital firm Glee. Low Capital. Li Lo was founded by two former I D F Intel official officers and is heavily invested in the cyber sector specifically, and companies headed by former unit 8200 personnel in 2019 upstream issued a report warning that car hacking could be used to undermine the upcoming US election. This report predicted that by 2020 connected cars will become the majority. Most cars driving off the lot will be connected to the Internet in some way. Additionally, they claim that hacks of regular non autonomous vehicles have exploded since 2016. Looking wow, who was who was hacking all of these? Ah, Xavi's who's hacking these cars and drawing swastikas on the satin up? I don't know who is doing right. What's she doing? Yonathan. Most Internet connected cars, they claim, are vulnerable because 80% of hacks occur remotely. And this report was issued to incite panic as consumer demand for a V and non 80 manufacturers to turn to upstream for car security services so consumers could have the peace of mind that their new car they were purchasing at 23.9% NPR was secured by upstream. Now, uh, the investors and partners upstream already include the Renno Nissan Mitsubishi group, which, of course, Moreno Yeah, that's how it's pronounced. Run! Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, I mean, look, I watch a lot of top gear and that's how they that's what they pronounce it, Inning, they say, you know, like Renno. Well, they should say Rhino, but not like Renno. Like renovate. Okay, look, I gave you I gave you the commandment, I think stressing the enunciator the which syllable is stressed, which sellable was dressed pushing a kind of foreigner guy Renno. Okay, Can we can we get to the one after Nissan? How do we want to attack that one? Oh, yeah, Yeah, I think there one is. Ah, Might Super might. Super shy is how you pronounce that, right? That's Ah, yeah. Super shy. Yeah, it's a mountain in Korea or something. Amount Super shy. Yep. Pretty cool. And then vulva. Is that like a vaginal truck group? Vulva? Oh, yeah, the voltages like, yeah, heavy beef, drapes, buses, construction equipment and penetrable. I mean, you smash that Well, yeah, You could smash something to that 50 miles an hour. Not going anymore. Automated cock carousel technology. Well group. Yeah, but seriously, the Volvo Group, this is Volvo is important being one of their there. It's important Volvos, one of their clients, because Volvo Group this is separate from Volvo consumer cars that people that make yeah Zoomer cars, Volvo Group. They manufacture the heavy trucks, buses, construction equipment, automation technology. And, as you'll recall, part of cyber reason strategy was hacking into self driving Busses. And and, of course, before you, I mean you. You look driving on the interstate and you will see Ah, quite a few of the big big trucks you're looking at will be of although drugs. Obviously, there's Kenworth and others involved there. But Volvo is one of the leading heavy truck manufacturers now Hyundai I and Hyundai Auto ever, which is their their I T services. These are also partners with upstream nationwide insurance and Fujitsu, all of them partnered or the clients off upstream. Security nationwide is on your side, right? And then Fujitsu Nationwide, I haven't seen their commercials in a while, but they must be very busy getting ready to hack automated because, you know, you see a lot of ah Geico and Liberty Mutual like very Josh, very like multicultural commercials, but I haven't seen the Nationwide is on your side commercial in a while. Maybe there are on our side. Maybe they're on Tel Aviv side. Maybe that's what they're doing. They're doing commercials in Hebrew now. Yeah, might as well be well. And the insurance. The insurance industry Israeli is involved here, too, because as you'll see many of these views, innovations and I know progressive insurance has done this. And other insurer car insurers are moving into this field as well. But these these connected devices that you plug in to your cigarette lighter or your your I believe it actually plugs into your O. B to code reader that it'll over your rates. If you just plug in this tracking device that tracks how heavy your breaking is in your acceleration. And if you're a safe driver, you deserve to be rewarded. Of course, who is securing these? These devices that are transmitting at all times to the to the insurance company service? Odds are it's going to be upstream now. Fujitsu is relative as well are related because there a long time partner of Japanese investment bank Softbank Cyber Reasons, largest single investor. Softbank has also invested in Argus cybersecurity. Argus Cybersecurity is a company founded again by Unit 8200 alumni. I feel like I should have a drop that just just says that every time. During a live demonstration to TechCrunch journalists, Argus demonstrated how easy would be to have a car remotely while someone was driving. Initiating brake failure. The engine cutting out speedometer showing the wrong speed door is being remotely locked so people can't get out. Argus CEO Offer Ben and Noon, a former captain and you 2 82 100 told Forbes in 2014 that quote. Everything will be hacked in every single car. It will take time. It might be weeks, months or a couple of years, but eventually it will happen. You didn't also state that they will be integral in this transformation, and we'll be resented for their role in it, which I suppose he should have. Argus is Corporates. Partners include major carmakers Oh, am component manufacturers and all of this. Again, this is not far fetched. SciFi stuff. Wikileaks Documents from 2017 revealed that the C I A was capable and exploring further methods to hack vehicles and use hacked vehicles to commit undetectable assassinations. Mm. Sounds like it's ah, that's a Jewell. Cool. Does indeed. Speak of America is in the throes of a political coup led by Jews. I mean, so is your Scott. Although heavy truck, so is your Renno, I guess. Not yours, because if you're in America, you can't buy one. But so is your your nissen or you Mitsubishi? Yeah. Everything all encompassing. It is all encompassing. And Argus, right? Artist, cybersecurity They are involved with with this this cyber remote automotive security as well, right? So if not upstream, you get Argus, both of which funded by founded and funded by former Israeli defense personnel. Now, another key element in cyber reasons. Operation Blackout. This is where it gets really interesting, right? This is just like heading levels of just termite infestation. That shouldn't even be possible. But it is because it's a true coup. Yes, sir. Just to circle the circle back here. I mean, what do we have so far? We have these Israeli spy tech companies being able to hack your encrypted chats, being able to create and disseminate fake news, probing us police and defense agencies for vulnerabilities, how to disrupt elections, hacking automated vehicles, hacking even non automated vehicle not non self driving vehicles to cut power and to lock people in them. Now, another key element in cyber reasons. Operation Blackout Scenarios was disabling or tampering with 911 communications. These disruptions could include preventing callers from connecting with 9 11 dispatchers, disabling the dispatch software itself. Much of what goes on with 900 dispatches automated, not automated. But it is. It's no longer write the person on the switchboard, talking directly to the to the officer they transmit by, ah, basically text communication, falsifying data and dispatch software, changing addresses and dispatches, taking digital communications offline entirely. Or, in the case of analog shortwave transmissions, it's transmitting dead air, just opening inch setting, sending a dead air transmission because there are especially in rural areas. Still, agencies that don't use digitized medications Now car by 911 is an Israeli security company looking to take control of 9 11 dispatching in the US there. Software's already used by several countries across the world and in several U. S counties. A manufacturer, an all encompassing suite of call handling and data gathering software. This gathered data, including two carbine, can include device based location video from a caller's phone caller profile data information from a smart city sensor or an i o T. Device in and out of things device anything that can help enhance situational awareness. Carbines Goal is to control 9 11 dispatch across the United States, and this gives new perspective to a few months back when the Trump administration, in response to the mass shooting in a paso, was discussing pursuing this this Harper plan. This this use of, ah, civilian biometric data to predict mass shootings and to integrate that with red flag laws. So if you, if your Apple watch detected increased heart rate, as well as a flurry of communications that you could be intercepted and arrested in your firearms could be taken to prevent mass shootings based on that, that indication well, this gives a whole holding perspective to that. This company Carbide actually utilizing this data to to assist night, in their words, to assist 19 1 dispatch. Naturally, Carlin was founded in 2014 by veterans of Unit 8200. They have offices in the US, Mexico, Ukraine and Israel. They're they're software's marketed as a tool to solve mass shootings without additional legislation, carbine could quote improve intelligence that armed emergency responders receive before entering an armed shooter situation by providing video streaming and acoustic input from civilian smartphones and other devices connected to the car by network, basically to triangulate the position they claim of a mass shooter. Now the carbine app is one thing that people in localities where carbine ah has been integrated with local 911 They can installed a carbine app to assist in this data gathering. And of course, the data carbine collects is all encompassing location, life story video and an audio feed that carbine can enable at any time. Carbon claims. The same information can also be obtained from any smartphone, even if if it does not have carbines app installed. If that phone calls a 911 call center that uses carbine or merely any other number connected to carbines network. So they claim that even if you are calling from, you know you haven't installed carbine on your phone. But if you call 911 and your local agency has the software insult, they can then access the video feed from your from your smartphone. I don't know how that would work technologically. I am far from an expert on on that on how that would work. But this is what carbine is claiming now, Even if Carmine is not used by all 911 call centres using this next generation 9 11 platform, carbon will ostensibly have access to the data used by all emergency service providers and devices connected to those networks. In the hands of this Israeli, that company eso the undergirding of all this is of course, five g right To make all this possible, they need five g to do a lot of these things. And with five g all of the faults of it that have been Excuse me, Jesus have been mentioned before. Um, five g is is going to throw open the door to things that were totally impossible today. Um, in this stuff is just the beginning the interception of Livestream video and in that sort of thing, full 24 by seven. Monitoring of everything you do in high definition is what's coming soon, and they're just gonna have to keep on building data centers in the middle of fucking nowhere to store all this stuff in the cloud, bro. her rent in the cloud. James put everything in the cloud. Yeah, yeah, in the cloud. Indeed, and this is the prime opportunity for as you state it all encompassing surveillance. According to narrative dot com quote in May, Human Rights Watch revealed that Chinese authorities use a platform not unlike carbine to surveil wingers. You Gers China's integrated joint operations platform. Well, this will be used to surveil lingers as well. It will be used to surveil everybody. Trying is integrated joint Operations platform. It brings in a much bigger data set and sources of video, which includes an app on people's phones like Carbine You Platform was designed to report emergencies. Chinese authorities have turned it into a tool of mass surveillance. The APP monitors every aspect of a user's life, including personal conversations and power usage, and tracks a user's movement because jazz. If if you're calling 911 to, uh to report an emergency, you want them to know exactly where you are, right? You want them to see what you're seeing to provide the best possible information to law enforcement. They need this information. How did we ever solve emergencies before that? God, I mean people would have to know which street there are. People have to know which direction they're facing. That's that's a Herculean task for the modern American Teoh know which direction they're facing or their streets in which they live if they can even read the street signs. So this is just going to us solve all of these problems, right? Not unlike carbon in all of these. The characteristics of these this Chinese software, pretty similar to carbine carbine says that a quote enables decision makers. Is that a euphemism to accurately analyze the past and present behavior of their callers? React accordingly and in time, predict future patterns so you can be profiled. A supposed by carbines ai. Now several U. S counties already use carbine in their market share is slated to expand thanks to federal grants counties can receive if they digitize their 911 dispatch using a service like carbine. So the federal government will actually pay these the A little Podunk counties in the middle of nowhere to adopt carbines technology Very convenient. Very convenient working relationship carbine has with the federal government carbine. I'm sure they small rural communities are just gonna love getting an injection of cash, um, to install stuff like carbine because those are the areas where people need to be watched the most right people out in rural communities yet so here will give you $100 million grant for your little town there that's struggling and worried about raising property taxes and is having experiencing boomer death and industrial death and globalization. Oh, look, we have a We have a grant for you to keep things afloat for a while. You just have to let us install our systems in your your little boomer operators working. They're gonna love it. They're gonna think it's great. Ever since carbine came to town, made everything so easy and streamlined. Ah, they're just ponds in the process, right? Just allowing this to walk right in the door. Yeah, In return for this cash injection, however large you, all you have to do is install this one simple piece of Israeli malware and effectively ransomware to and allow total surveillance of everyone in your community and the and centralized control of your 9 11 dispatch. It's just a small price to pay for the whatever that cash grant is now carbine is connected to the Trump administration through Trae Stephens, chair of Trump's D. O. D. Transition team, who's on the board of carbon carbine. Elliott Tawi, a real estate developer and major trump donor, is an adviser to the company and none other than Peter Feel based Peter Field, whose founders Fund is a major investor in carbon You'll co founded and controls Palin. Tear, which was initially funded with a $2 million See a Grant Palin Tear has completed contracts for the CIA, FBI, D. I. A. N S, a DHS, etcetera and Volunteers. Big Project is, of course, pre crime predictive tech. The most glaring connection between carbine and Israeli intelligence is through its its chairman, the chairman of Car, by revolutionizing 911 calls across America Jared by Ehud Barack, the former Israeli prime. In addition to being former Israeli Preeti PM, Barack is also the former minister of defense and former head of Israeli military intelligence is a Massad guy. No, Barack has has operated domestically in the U. S. Before. When Harvey Weinstein wanted to intimidate his rape victims, he turned to Barack Close, personal friend who referred him to Israeli Intel company Black Cube. Black Cube was lead by former Mossad director Meyer Day gin until he died in 2016. Lee out Lor Excuse me, little lash em a car being co founder is Black Cubes, former marketing director. Weinstein used Black Cube to target dozens of his victims and create psychological profiles based on their personal and sexual histories. Weinstein monitor these investigations personally and used his former employees from the film industry to collect names and gather information. No Weinstein, if that were not bad enough. Another major Carby investor is none other than Jeffrey Epstein. Investing in Carbon was actually a key part of Epstein's mission to rebrand himself in the press as a tech investor. Of course, Epstein Andy, who rocks relationship runs deep, Abstain and Barack were also close. Personal friends, introduced in 2002 by former Israeli PM Shimon Perez in 2000 for Barack received 2.5 $1,000,000 from less wax ners Wexner Foundation. Notable, of course, considering Epstein supposedly built his fortune by managing Wexler's money, Rock visited Epstein's New York properties so frequently have been routinely identified by my neighbors. Dozens of times he spent the night, several times as well, including in 2016 and add the distinction of being a visitor to the pedophile island in 2015. Barac started and L. C. And he then used millions to invest in car, being, effectively buying the company and becoming its public face and chairman of the board. $1 million of the seed money into that loc Barack started and used to buy Carbon came from the Southern Trust Company, Epstein's company. And this is the project that is being pursued. This is the company that seeks to control all 9 11 dispatch across the United States. Which again, almost You almost sort of have to wonder if Jeffrey Epstein it didn't. It wasn't that the heat got too hot on him from the women. It was that something ran afoul in these business discussions him and Wexner versus everybody else. Because those are the guys who are losing everything right in. Epstein lost his life. Um, so, yeah, you almost wonder if it had nothing. The ramen was a way of, like getting him back in jail, in off the street and out of out of this out of the way of this and they maybe thought that they were going to get caught. I think, Yeah, it sort of goes into the blackmail and everything that has already been talked about ad infinitum on EP Epstein. Um, that whatever we think the story is is probably true. But then it's just the tip of the iceberg. And this is 1\/16 of an inch of the iceberg that's below the surface of the water. And we have no idea what the rest looks like. And this is an incredible amount of information and could verify all that. I mean, go ahead. Go ahead, write another article about ah, you know, professional mulatto. I bet you're not gonna write an article about this, are you? Didn't think so. Oh, no. And we're and yeah, yeah, this is all verifiable. This is not because it not conjecture. None of this conjecture. All of this is demonstrably. And there are publication that they often times are we'll discuss. Their often has are discussing this in their own words, right. Much of this information that that I have compiled here was derived directly from the accelerator website at the startup incubator came directly from cyber reasons. website came directly from from these lauding paper stories is letting press releases about what side of reason is doing in this this pro bono consulting they're providing to law enforcement officials across the country. And it's important to remember that Cyber isn't is doing this to learn they are. They are conducting the simulations to learn from the United States police from United States from localities from from civil administrators how they would respond in case of a crisis. At the same time, they are working closely. They're working intimately, and they're intimately involved with the very companies pioneering strategies and ways and means to cause that chaos to cause those disruptions to hack those American cars. There's American Internet of things devices. We mentioned that on the previous installation in this nascent Siri's, they are working with the companies that are capable of doing these things. Do you think this intelligence is not being shared back to them? Course, of course. And so as they are as their teaching and learning, teaching in quotes as they're learning from American police and American civil officials, they are at the same time developing the ways in developing the strategies to incite mass chaos in the US and to hijack session essentially an American election. Derail in American election and kill people. That's what they're devising and controlling. 911 Dispatch. This was, of course, a key part in their operation. Blackout scenarios of simulations. If you control 911 dispatch that is so debilitating, especially to a small town. But but even to a big city, two in in terms of them responding to the additional chaos is being manufactured when you have people being hit by buses and you have people being hit by cars and they're they're a V is being how you act and steered into student Ah, you know, highway barricades and things mass chaos going on and 911 is unavailable. You are totally in the dark. You have no way to respond to it. You're listening FTN bogus on the TRS radio that were, If you have ever purchased a car from a dealership, you know how this scam goes. You and the salesman agree on a price. Then you get inside to do the paperwork, and all of a sudden he's asking you to fork over 20% more than what you agreed on taxes, documentation, fees, transport fees and dozens of line items later, and you leave the lot with a few $1000 less than you expected to spend. That same markup scam is being worked on you at the grocery store to accept. It doesn't happen at the register. Tens of thousands of food and home goods manufacturers pay to have their products certified the religious intermediaries. If buying, eating and keeping kosher is important to you, then that's great. But if it's not, why pay extra for what you don't need? And why subsidise these religious intermediaries with revenue that ultimately flows to programs and institutions that probably oppose your values? Over one million products are caught up in the kosher racket, and the cost of certification is passed on to you. Unless, of course, you're consuming product that is NK see that is not kosher certified. How do you tell what isn't kosher certified? Easy answer. Go to the kosher question dot com the kosher question dot com To find easy to use convenient tools to help inform your normal shopping routine, plus information and education on the kosher industry, you be the judge of whether your next sandwich is kosher or not. Coaster question dot com You're listening ftn bogus on the TRS radio that were and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Welcome back to U Turn FTN And as alluded to in the previous hour, we're going to be finishing up the third part of our series we've been doing over the last few months focusing on Israeli spied technology. The Israeli cybersecurity, heavy air quotes on the security industry and how they all relate Have these businesses relate to US security, US elections, U. S. Military and international finance. And we bringing everything to a nice conclusion here in this third installment will be talking about the Kushner's will be getting into more cyber reason news guard, election guard, all the above, its all good stuff. And it all fits together really nicely when you when you are able to see the full puzzle completed, which we hope to be bringing for you today in this installment so well. And at some point we will take the because this is part three of the Israeli spy tech Siri's. And so we're gonna take these Ah, at some point and spend them up and do an FDN focus and ah, yeah, it will be. It will be in one nice place for people to listen to, um and this is good evergreen content. I mean, it's it's content that that can be built upon as as updates come. But we really encapsulated a lot of this and you've done the yeoman's work here with this. So, um, it's it's really a fantastic effort, and it's it's stuff that people need to know. So if you're thing isn't like us politics or, you know, whatever we usually talk about and we actually straight quite a bit from that, um, considerably. But this is this is something that everybody should be aware of. I mean, most people are practicing good opsec and good general Internet security. But you really have to understand just how deeply intertwined the tentacle porn has become Israeli, the sucking Josh and Israeli technical born. It's pretty bad. So yeah knows goes I mean, it's like, yeah, one of the two. Yeah, it's like something Kurt Eichenwald could have never envisioned is how about this has become and we touched on the consumer side quite a bit. With with part one discussing how the NSO group and celebrate and others have the capability and are being hired being contacted by the US government to break into civilian technology. This segment is going to focus more so on military technology and how these same Israeli companies have found themselves through partnership and sponsorship. And and ah, just you know, various corporate maneuverings have found themselves to be come the leading cyber security providers for the U. S. Government. But before we get to that, we have to talk about news guard and, as you noted, just knows car to perhaps a more appropriate ah moniker for this piece of software news. Garden is a browser extension that you probably have heard of but have never used because it's not for you. If you see it, it's not for you. Actually, it was released in 2018. The gist was that this would be a plug in to help people fight fake news, sort of like the coincidence detector except the total opposite. And it would be flagging as untrustworthy things that actually probably have some degree of truth to them. So news guard is presented as as unbiased. They present themselves as unbiased, nonpartisan fact checkers that simply look at the news publishing sites and make note of their different conflicts of interest. Make note of their ownership and and who? Ah, you know how their editorial line may be skewed by other interests that they have. And with chrome, firefox and safari, you actually have to go choose to download this plug in. However, it's included faux free with every copy of Microsoft Edge, Which means really nobody on the consumer side is actually using this thing. And I did my you know, I'm a journalist. Were journalists here, right? Just so I went and I did my journalist duty and went to go download this thing and actually try it out and test to see, you know, whether it would, you know, come up on the national hyphen. How would you rate that or or Ah, you know some of these other sites. But it asked me to pay $3 on a credit card and ah, I was like, Yeah, nah, not going to do that. So my journalistic journalistic passion knows its limits. Is that encryption feed that their charges. What is you never own this software? Well, no, I'm saying Is it is it $3 a month or what? What's the Yes. OK, so you're not like buying the app for three bucks and no, do they? They don't do that anymore. So they're charging you a subscription for their product. That is 100% subversive. Interesting. Yeah. It's like, Oh, yeah. Well, of course, they would do it this way, right? Like they sell it to you as something that you need to protect yourself. Like if you don't have nose guard, you're not gonna be aware of how you're being subverted by, like, white supremacy or the white patriarchy or I don't know, but like they would make you. Of course, they're not just out there like looking out for you in some sort of Ah, uh what would the world look? Altruist. Ultra Wish? Yeah. Jesus. Yeah. They're gonna charge you for it, right? Like And if you just download the software, you don't get to signal about how you paid. And you care that much about the purity and sanctity of your information in news consumption that you went out of your way to go and buy and download this. But of course, you are not the target. You are not their target audience. They're not depending on you buying this piece of of Israeli malware in order for their business or their mission to succeed. They're targeting institutional customers. So while you are not purchasing this, there's a very good chance that your child's school or your public library or your university is purchasing this at an institutional rape. And they're putting it and forcing it on all of the department computers. And we've seen this happen. Ah, at hundreds, actually, hundreds of school districts and universities across the country. That's their target market for this piece of software now, Yeah, well, it's it's It's not surprising, either, with what they're doing to with this, a swell with the they're basically they're wrangling. The problem of the Internet, right, like the Internet, is something that has diluted the message from the mainstream media. It's diluted the people who are giving you quote unquote the truth, and they are diluting. Its been diluted by alternative media, right, like alternative media, and they make this claim that they're subverting their narrative like the mainstream media narrative and that the media narrative is the only truth that needs to be heard. And we we all get. We'll get how this works. But they want people they want to mainstream, some sort of verification, like a USDA stamp on a package of meat or or something like that. And, ah, this is essentially, ah, kosher certification from the media, right? It is. It is. It is, Yeah, over that's and that's exactly the terminology they use will not the kosher certification part. But they refer to their scores either a green ah, good score or a red bad score as the quote. Nutrition facts. That's the nutrition label for the site. Now, I'm sure would have been blessed by Rabbi to I mean, they added together. Yeah, and for the sites to be certified, they have to feel pain while they're being slaughtered. It's a whole It's the whole thing, right? And so who were the ones doing the certifying? Who were the guys that air evaluating news sites based on their their veracity and their integrity? The two co founders One is a guy named Steven Brill, and when you smashed that early life you find he was born to a Jewish family in Queens, is the founder of Tru TV and the American Lawyer magazine. Vaunted journalist, publisher and the second co founder is a guy named Gordon Crovitz, who he smashed the early life, and it doesn't say it explicitly. But if he is not Jewish, I will eat my hat. This guy's the former publisher of Wall Street Journal. Executive VP of Dow Jones is edited books for the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, of course, is a real rock ribbed conservative. Yeah, oh, yeah, 100% Yeah, he's on the board of Business Insider, which has received over $30 million from The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. Of course, that conflict of interest is not noted in The Washington Post's Nutrition Facts section. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has repeatedly accused him of quote repeatedly getting his facts wrong. Wow, this seems, in our credential ist society to be exactly the guy we want in charge of determining the truth telling capabilities of publications. And as a journalist, he's been busted multiple times by his own sources for making what they described as quote fantastically false claims arbiter of the truth, Gordon Crovitz. Also, you know his ties in with the American Enterprise Institute? Of course, we all know if you don't know Paul Singer eyes a primary funder of the American Enterprise Institute. And so these air, all this is all part of the same circle A matter, I mean, in case you needed somebody to point that out. But there is a connection there, Very strong connection. So sure, Yeah. These are the guys who are running the piece of software that is being universally adopted across the board as the independent verifier of whether it us a site is true or not, whether the contents of that site are reliable or not. And I guess I was leaving the education system at around the last point in time where you could cite a source that is, that was outside of the mainstream or or non traditional academic, as long as what they were saying was factually verifiable. But that is exactly what what nose guard is aiming to prevent. Is the alternative academics or or non system approved sources from finding their way into academic research so you can't refer to to these sites in school papers or or in ah, writing that may be done that is presented to a journal or an academy for review. So that's those are the two founders. And now we look at the board and it only gets better. We have Tom Ridge, former DHS secretary. We have General Michael Hayden, former CIA director. If Richard Stengel, the distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council at a self admitted chief, propagandist his words, not mine for the U. S. Government while he served at the State Department. And we have Jessica Lesson, former editor in chief of the information, married to Samuel Lesson, a former VP at Facebook. And this is the nice cab, all of nonpartisan, independent experts that are determining truth in media. Yeah, they're going to teach you a lesson, all right, I'm what's what's interesting about nose guard as well, and it's not even instance interesting like fuck it. It's just incident. It's insidious is that they did this to true news, and I'm sure they've done it to others to is when they get the negative rating from news nose guard. Ah, one of the things that nose guard does is is it it basically does this this shakedown move of your organization. Ah, where you can file an appeal for getting this red thing. Remove this like red, like not kosher. Ah, certification removed. And they, uh they will actually demand to know who is funding you. And they did this to true news where they demanded Who is funding your organization. I mean, that's one of the things we have to understand before we even consider removing this. Read this red exclamation mark from everywhere your site is posted. So if you only tell us about who is proper Mott providing the primary funding for your organization, then we could potentially consider it's not even, like a sure thing, guaranteed. If you shared your donor list, it's like we in order to consider this further, we're going to need this information like a driver's license or something, and they do this to everybody. So it's basically like anybody that they don't. It's not just about the narrative of the rhetoric or anything. It's like anybody that they don't know who is part of the network, the good old non going network, which is really what it is. Ah, they will just automatically by default Have you read exclamation mark and say that your untrustworthy And they have all these, You know, these these different ratings, like does not what is it does not repeatedly public or does repeatedly for published false content is one of the things that they dio, gathers and presents information irresponsibly is like one of the things that they can do. They have transparency, all that stuff. So they basically hold that over your head unless you share your donor list. And you really think, like true news is gonna hand over their fucking donor list? Why would anyone do that? Do I get the donor list for all your organizations? Know? But this is This is the the Orwellian nature of where we are at this point with this. Yeah, well, thankfully, we do have the ability to to look into some of their donor list. If we want to phrase it that way, who is behind this? This ah piece of software and with you know, their their key investors. And we can look at the top investor is a group of French conglomerate called publicists group publicist gripe, I think, is ah, grip. Ooh, I don't know. I pronounced that not being French. I know Tedious has run into issues with friends. French pennant pronunciation. It's group Pubic. Group A is what we're gonna go with today. Theseus Advisory Board of the the Pubis Group A, which is a group of Jews, so Oh, yes, Yes, it is. It's a group of pubis is apparently yes. Uh, called me this Kadre. I can't believe this caption from the A. P says a Kadre in this picture appears with Kadre of high level politicians and corporate execs. It's like, Oh, my good. It's like, what? What? Ah, cannot That the throwing out there? Oh, yeah. This we have Maurice Levy Levy, the chairman of the supervisory board for pubic groupie, appears with this cadre of high level politicians and corporate executives at an event for Rabbi Arthur Schneier IRS Appeal of Conscience Foundation in 2018. And right there in the middle jest. Ah, either my eyes betray me or that Steven Mnuchin, that IHS right smack dab in the middle 100% receiving this award from the appeal of Conference Foundation s. So I mean these guys, they're the third largest communications company in the world. 80,000 employees, 100 countries, truly ruthless multinational cosmopolitans and an annual revenue of $11 billion. Now they one of their companies. And we're not catching a break tonight and pronunciations. I think this is Corvis que o R v i s They were involved with one of their contracts with the Saudi government to publicize a more rosy picture of their human rights record and their involvement in the war in Yemen. They were paid $6 million by the Saudi kingdom to ah use, um, run some interference for them in the international press along with other top. Let me take a crack at the top clients. Do you mind? Cause I go for have these pronunciations down to have Elli Lilly Ah Merrick. Murky, murky. You have put Fizer bear ma Monsanto. Oh, it is Monsanto. Okay, Starbucks. Ah, prostate and gamble A Mac Donald's Craft Heights Burger King in the governments of straw ia in Saudi Arabia, right? That's right. It sounds about right. Take it all there. That's about right. Yes. So that was Elli Lilly. And how the hell did she make it into this list? I don't fucking know, man, I don't know anything. It goes without saying these this Ah, this public relations through If they do PR for some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, biggest food producers, biggest government, Saudi Arabia. I mean, it is a is a key client of theirs. And they are the top investor in the nose Guard group, the news guard company. And you mentioned what news guard does to extort these these alternative media sources or small media companies. And it goes beyond simply like demanding a donor lists for for removal or for consideration to maybe remove their red rating. That's one thing. They also will go and work with their other company, which is Brand Guard, which is an affiliate of news guard. In order to essentially de platform companies that have been determined by news guard to be untrustworthy de platform them from working with advertisers, and they will go and communicate with advertisers and tell them this website is untrustworthy and you shouldn't advertise with them. And they've done this with with zero hedge. They've done this with several other uh, Russia Insider R t uh, due to cut them off financial. This is their goal is to cut them off financially and dissuade advertisers from working with them. They use, of course, this brand guard software. Now the interesting thing here is you would think, Well, maybe they are just Oh, you know, exposing state funded propaganda. Well, you head on over to Voice of America and check out the View's Got rating from them and wow jazz this Voice of America funded by the U. S. Government. Imagine my shock when they get a eight for eight. Clean Bill of Health. All green Jack's good to go. No potential conflict of interest. Then you tavon over to Artie and Wow, look at that. They fail four out of a checks. Proceed with caution. Big shield with an exclamation point. All read, this website fails to maintain basic standards of credibility. They are funded by the Russian government. Yeah, website discloses ownership and financing like that's one of the That's one of the boxes that they want checked. Like If you don't disclose who the owner is in the financing, then you're just reveals who's in charge, including any possible conflicts of interest. Wow, is that is that revealed by CNN would have CNN get the CNN get a green check mark for reveals who's in charge, including any possible conflicts of interest yet, right? Sure, no. And funny enough, they don't apply the same scrutiny to Washington Post, whose parent company, Amazon, recently inked a $600 million cloud computing deal with E. C. I. A. And Washington Post has defended this as, ah, not worthy of reporting. This is not something they need to disclose. CNN, you know, of course, one of these parameters is whether or not they are a credible news site, whether they repeatedly published Wallace content, CNN. I mean, we could do a whole deep dive on their instances of publishing, of false reports claiming in 2016 that it was illegal for Americans to read. Wikileaks releases colluding with the DNC in favor of the Clinton campaign, publishing fake stories for years about Trump Russia. Right, this is all. But this is all just fine, right? This is all warns them a big green kosher certification check, Mark. And so Okay, so a bunch of bunch of Jews made this fake news app. Why do I care? Well, a recent study that was funded by news Guard and the Knight Foundation, which is another a major investor in news guard. They found that a green rating, a blessing from news guard well actually result in people reading and sharing the content at a much higher rate. They found that 63% of people in the survey would be less likely to share news stories from a site that's labeled fake news, and 56% of these 56 percenters Americans would be more likely to share news from green rated websites. So they already know that this this green or red designation is going to impact how people share not only share but also consume content. People are less likely to trust content that is branded with the red label. So this is a very effective tool they can use to know they don't have to censor necessarily dissident media, alternative media. They can simply label it untrustworthy and get people to stop trusting. Yeah, and this is something that they that they well, they we've always talked about than the motive for them to want to dial everything back like the Internet may well be one of the worst things that has happened to world Jewry since World War Two. Um, I mean, really has of event meat to which me to has been one of the things that is removed more Jews from positions of power since World War two. And they are not happy about that. And it actually me, too, is is a function of of the Internet. But I don't know that nose guard solves that problem necessarily other than they could maintain control over how those stories get leaked. But as long as they have sort of, um, you know, pross up prosecutors and lower not prosecutors, but lawyers and well and prosecutors. But lawyers like Bloom and others who are willing to take those cases and go very public with them. Um, and they have to sort of resolve their own problems. But you have The Internet is something that they have tried to dial back, and they have largest succeeded with the help of Donald Trump and end Ah, the leftist well, but Donald Trump is a big component of it. We've talked about this before in silencing all of the political problems that plague both the left and the right. They've done it to both sides. It's a narrow down so that the only people that have a right to free speech or people who are gonna parrot thes narratives and they're now dealing with the supply side is Well, they've dealt with the demand side. Now they're dealing with supply side, and they're going to control that rangel it and make it basically impossible. I mean that the goal over a longer period of time longer, five years, six years, maybe 10 years is too. Get this to the point where nobody can have any sort of a news site that offers a different differing opinion and survive. They're going to kill you on the demand side. They're going to kill you on the supply side, and you're gonna be basically shouting into the ether ether at the end of the day or your unless you're gonna pair of the narratives. And that's basically the choice. And and people will have nowhere to turn to write. Like the thing that alternative media What made it such a big deal 10 years ago in 15 years ago when it started to blossom was it was a thing for people to turn to, to turn away from the mainstream media, but I don't know. I don't know that this is going to be successful, right? Like they have a complete monopoly over movies and people have just stopped going to see movies, right? I mean, you know, they come down these articles in a way where there but Mexicans and non whites, they typically don't consume media consuming media. And reading the paper on a Sunday is a very white activity, like and is it is. And that's why they're investing so heavily in news. Guard and other apparatus is like that, with the goal of controlling that flow of information for the fewer and fewer dwindling population that still chooses to learn and read and consume news and information about current events. They want to make sure that all of that information available for consumption is heavily controlled and they want to train the next generation, which is why they're implementing this at school systems. Libraries and universities train people to be able to assess the trustworthiness from their perspective, but really adherence to the establishment narrative to assess that without using news card, right, So e mean you'll be able to to learn through years of public school education. This is what a trustworthy site looks like. This is what this is, the kind of value set, a quote trustworthy site that I am allowed to site in my papers and art and and research projects. This is the kind of thing they they say. So this is what I'm going to read, and that's why they're there. Ah, instilling this at a at a very low level at the primary school system, there are now millions of kids across the country and schools who are only allowed to use as references sites that news guard has determined as legitimate. But they also anticipate rolling this out on to not only your school computers, but on to mobile platforms onto mobile search engines. Brill CEO, As stated that news guard is planning to licence their technology, the rating system to Facebook and Twitter for a price, of course, so that any article you see shared on Facebook or Twitter will have a rating right there to either incentivize or dissuade you from reading it. And news guard is also planning on they're not planning on releasing the standalone app to mobile platforms for IOS and Android because instead they're planning on having their technology implemented in further iterations of mobile browsers. Right? So the next iteration of Google chrome or next iteration of Safari is where they're planning on having this come as a built in prepackaged piece of software. And this is something they're planning now they're discussing now. And it's something that will anticipate being being implemented here in the next few years, either news guard itself or another, another version thereof. Maybe there'll be an apple or Google version of it, but this is what's coming, and this is what their next step is. And they're not pushing this in a vacuum, either. They're partnering with Microsoft to push this out. Ah, to Microsoft's network of institutional clients, their schools, their libraries, their universities to market this news guard software, um, and make this. Ah, making Microsoft is making this a key part of what they're calling their defending democracy initiative. So this is coming to schools across the country very quickly to mobile browsers. Andro devices, all of that, and to every edge, move Microsoft Windows Edge device very soon. Yeah, that and and this is a way to think about this, too, because sometimes you have to sort of wrap this perspective on it is, you know, we grew up seeing the PG PG 13 are. Was there something in between PG 13 NC 17 the whole rating system for movies? And then, you know, Then there was the, you know, in video you have the parental advisory sticker on on CDs that you would buy. Um, you would have the then video games had the rating system as well. And this is this is a rating system that ISMM or more accurate, right? Like it's it's It was actually, it's it's very an anti. It's actually a very ah, a gentile rating system because you're actually putting labels on things to prevent people of certain ages. Ah, from seeing things before they should write, like a rare an R rating is is intended to because I wasn't allowed to see R rated movies until I was a certain age. So, um, you know that some of that's good parenting, but it was It was the thing that was recognized, and it was part of the movie going experiences part of buying a CD or part of getting a video game. It's like, uh, these were things that were on the package. And if you had parents who were, um, you know, maybe a little bit more strict, they would not allow you to purchase these things. And it was something that you grew up with and for an entirely new generation of students who are going to be subjected to the public education system if they don't have, um, blacks jumping up and down on their desks or they're not being, you know, broken into a gang an M s 13 or being, you know, enticed into prostitution rings in northern Virginia. Ah, you're gonna be subjected to probably a computer in the classroom, probably an iPad in every person's hand. And this rating system that they're rolling out to the schools is going to be as institutionalised as PG PG 13 are and whatever, even though it's doing exactly the opposite, it is sanctioning. It would be like it would be like if they flipped if they could short circuit the rating system and X rated objects. They're X rated items, got raided, a G rating, and all of a sudden like thing, things were seen that we're not supposed to be seen. This is essentially this generation of students will grow up with a system that they will think, and that will seem as though it is some sort of mandated government system, because it's something that they were shown in school. It's something that they grew up with. They don't know anything different, and green is good, Red is bad, and that will always be a thing. Now that could create a problem for them, where people will seek out the things that have been approved by the system. And then it's like it's like the opposite has the opposite intended effect, which is fine, like Jews like to overreach and create things like nose guard, and then people reject them. And that's part of the fun of this whole thing that we do. Um was watching them overreach and overreact in, you know, yada, yada, yada. But yeah, that's that's sort of my take on it is that you're gonna you're gonna have it be sort of this main function of of the education system, and people are just gonna get used to it. Being there, um, is common is a license plate is on a car If you're gonna have a nutrition label for for media that you consume, um, and will be the will be the old, uh, the old boomers telling people like I remember when they didn't even have when they used to You could just published an article in It's like Yeah, right, right? Yeah, back in back in my day, I remember we would load counter strike on the school computers, and, uh, and into that back in the good old days, we would run Grand Theft Auto off of a CD, Um, like because you couldn't install anything in the computer lab in school. So I just a grand theft auto loaded onto a CD, and it would just play right from the CD, which is great. I mean, you knew, like, you knew who was playing the game because you'd hear that that CD rahm, like spinning like the 5000 rpm like running this game. But it was great, Um, and it was a lot of fun, but but yeah, that this the other aspect of this too, is like the way that they're overreaching a little bit with this, which I think is funny. is building on what I was just saying about how it could have the opposite effect is that they are in effect. It is in some ways kind of like it were. It functions as a coincidence detector because they're telling you what is approved and all you have to do is is look for the things that have all four of these green green box is checked and it's like, All right, cool. I don't need toe like I know that I'm being fucked in this story like, I know that I'm being taken for a ride and I can I can ignore this and it will. Actually, I think if it hasn't become this way already amongst people in, you know, I did not even our thing. People who just realized that the news is bullshit and they don't understand that it's controlled by Jews, but they understand that it's bullshit, and they're being lied to. They'll just automatically pick this up and be like, Yeah, news guard says to steer clear this. So I'm going to consume Um, and it could work out that way. Yeah, that's the by product of the anti authoritarian streak that they they instilled in kids and they made it. Ah, I mean, it's always existed in to some degree and teenagers, but especially in American teachers, air teenagers in this sense of rebellion against the school rebellion against the authority figures as its student. You're going to see the news guard certification and you will start taking up. You know, I wonder if I could find a site that has all of this is exactly what I would have done is gone. It's think they can. I find a site that has all of them read. Let's go see what I can find and then you end up on RT or you end up wherever else of the Internet and you start reading things. They yeah, they didn't want you to read, but I mean, there's there's, there's a variety of different like in Lex, and personality will respond differently to this, right? Dude, I would I would put it at the top of my website. I would say, um critically, Critically acclaimed with eight. Red X is from nose guard. I mean, it's like it's like a badge of honor. It's like you're a four star five star eight. It's like X is many exes. Do you have how many excesses your site have? And Ah, yeah, Then people will seek out, whereas before they may not go on an expedition to try to find something that is disapproved. Whereas before, where is now? They may go seek those things out and be like, All right, what's so bad about this? Why doesn't the media want me to see what what this is all about? Why, Why am I being told that this bad? And then they're like, Wait a minute. Um, oven capacity. What's this like? Wait a minute. Eso down the rabbit is the Is the preloaded calculator app going to come with eight. Red X is not allowed to use the calculator on your computer. Yeah, yeah, uh, through six million in that for sure, but yeah, you know, the ah. So this piece of software news guard, it is one of many pieces of software that is being foisted upon institutional clients by Microsoft. They've made it the mandatory feature on the edge browser, but they're also working with a company called Election Guard. And they are pushing this election guard enterprise software to voting machine manufacturers and some state governments ahead of the 2020 general election. Now Election Guard. The their clients for this include democracy, live election systems and software. These are all the big names in voter machine manufacturing. Heart Inter Civic. Be pro micro vote voting works, etcetera. Now election Guard is free. Open source software. It's sdk. It's Anybody can get in there and look at the code jazz. This is This is going to make voting more secure and more accessible and more efficient than on in buzzwords and buzzwords. And yeah, and, uh, it's all great. Nothing to see here. Third party organisation Validation on and on and on. Well, that all sounds great. If you don't know what's going on here and you don't want you don't look at who is backing Election Garden to you. Don't look at the proposed security measures that Election Guard is offering now. The first aspect of security they claimed offer is voter tracking, where each vote you make each of each voter profile essentially gets their own tracking. Dude, if you didn't if you didn't have a good reason not to vote before now, like my God, I'm just hearing like voter tracking and checking people. It's like Who? Mike? Yeah, we want people toe. I want the government to check who's voting. I don't want the voting. I don't the voters themselves to be tracked. I want the votes to be tracked, but this whole thing flips it totally upside down. We need to figure out who the voters are, who had the bright voting and funny enough, you know, isn't it? Isn't it great that the votes themselves actually aren't able to be tracked because of the type of encryption they're using? Where you know you enter your the vote, the tabulation of your votes into this encryption? It's ah type of encryption called Homo more FIC encryption, which, according to this security expert, enables mathematical procedures like counting to be done with fully encrypted data. And it combines the voting vote inputs to form this encrypted tabulation of all the votes, which can then be decrypted, supposedly by the election authority by the Secretary of state. Whomever to produce the final tally. And this protects voter privacy. They argue this is the only free. It sounds like you're gonna be on the verge of becoming gay like the numbers. We're gonna get very gay. Homo more FIC. Yeah, okay, Yeah. No, it's very fake, and it is also very gay. And this is described by cybersecurity experts as a type of encryption known as malleable encryption. And they give the example where with this type of encryption, one per one party can enter. Ah, very variable A. And that gets encrypted. But if there's a hacker or someone who has access to the flow of information they can use, essentially clone that same encryption and enter variable B encrypted in the same way. And then the end receiver will see where they won't know that it's been intercepted essentially so it's very vulnerable to hacking attempts. And there are plenty of write ups on this that explain this in great technical detail, and I'm sure there will be comments regarding this. But that's the basic premise of how this works. So bottom line is, there's nothing that would stop a hacker or the DHS or Israel from changing a vote or changing the encryption of all the votes. It sounds like this is pretty vulnerable to manipulation and introduction of bad data, which, and there would be no way of ascertaining that by the final people doing the voter tabulation because it would all be encrypted in the same way that it's supposed to be. It would look like it came from a legitimate voter. Imagine my shock and you combine. You combine this with nose guard, election guard and then the thing that I apparently lied about during one of the deep dives where what was it uncanny? A. I am I saying the name right on candy. A candy? I It's totally uncanny. They actually do use a I figure this a good a good time, you know, during the show for jazz hands toe to fess up to his many fibs that he's been telling. But yeah, I lied about that. The it is actually a I because the video editing that they need to do, um, that they make those fake videos with the deep fakes that only a Aiken do that only a I can make the edits that are being made so that it looks that riel So all of these things tied together in this basically like hyper real world that you're going to be living in Ah, where you think like this is the new World is the new frontier of democracy, where literally nothing about it. Israel. It's all it's all fake like when we say fake and gay like this is like they have guy like they've named the process Homo morph IQ. It's definitely taken. Get. There's nothing not fake and gay about. This is all faking gay, like the candidates that will be farmed to run in these elections will be fake and gay, and the ones that are not will be made fake and gay by the by the deep fake videos and whatever else and those deep fake videos will be unquestioned, right like they will be. How maney deep. Just imagine a mind fuck world like this where there will be deep take videos that go out there will be accusations that their deep fake videos the person themselves will say that this never happened and that it was a deep fake. And you will have the media calling into question this sanity of the person that they don't like, who has been deep fakes saying that they didn't do it like that. They're going to be E and then the publication debunking that will get a red flag from Rikers guard Gasol and then gaslighting the public into Oh yeah, the the the Acceptable candidate said what I wanted them to say. And there's no there's no to that that the there's a deep fake that's done about that person. They'll be like, Oh, yeah, now that there's no way that happened and you have the media saying this is unfair This is the steep fix stuff can't happen. But if it happens to another, like, you know, some some insurgent candidate who gets in where they don't want TEM Yeah, they're gonna do deep fakes about that personal day. And Gasol eight everybody into thinking that no, those aerial in the person who is saying that they're not really is a fucking liar and you do this is coming. I mean this. I'm not painting a picture here that is beyond the pale like this is this is literally what their plan, and it's designed to make sure that there can be no insurgency like it is making insurgency from any place impossible. And you're probably sitting there saying, Yeah, that's already true today. Well, it is, except when it isn't and they want to eliminate the except when it isn't stuff like that is too much of a risk, and they have to fully mitigate it. And there mitigating like this because, remember, this is part of a larger, huge meta narrative of, like, literally everything that's being done that you don't like about the society that you live in the country that you live in, wherever that is. Whether it's you're not getting what you want out of government, you're not getting what you want out of politics, like voting is faking gay like everything sucks in the whole kosher sandwich where it's like on one side you have Bernie Sanders, who's offering everything that we want from a populist perspective, but nothing you want from immigration perspective. And it's all anti white, and it's homosexual and everything else On the Republican side, it's basically like homosexual and nothing that you want from the populist side of things, and it's the kosher. Everybody understands the kosher narrative. These things like they want to codify this. They don't want to like it so much effort for them to have to do that. They want a much more simpler streamline system where they can just ensure that you condemn and whatever you want. But but you're just not going to get it and you're not going to get anything in The whole meta narrative is that, like all of the bad things that you don't like, all the things that I feel bad, they don't have to be that way. It's only that way because they don't want to have another Nazi. Germany, like all of it, is designed to prevent another situation like that because they almost lost it all like they almost lost everything. And yes, they won that fight. But they are deathly afraid of something like that happening, and because it's happened so many times, to them, like this always happens. And so now they have more power, then they ever have before. And they are putting the pieces into place bit by bit to make sure that nothing like that can ever happens again. And Donald Trump for a moment scared the shit out of them, and they have wrangled that guy. But they this is the reason this is the fundamental reason why I say like Donald Trump is doing a lot of stuff for them in Israel and everything else in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But he's a fucking goy, and beyond that, he is getting in the way of of this, which is the risk mitigation team of World Jury to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again. In all of these things, they are taking the risk on it being draconian and Orwellian an absolutely overreach because they can't The risk on the other side of that equation is is basically 1 10 and they cannot stomach that for a minute. And ah, yeah, that's that's yeah. I mean, that's kind of the big star to go meta there for a minute. But I mean, like, just thinking about all this and putting all these pieces together, that's exactly what it is, Um, and and yet it's it's literally to prevent not a single chance of any any sort of rejection because they want to make sure that even when more people wake up to this, even when, um, more people than just white people start waking up to the Senate, there are some non whites that have sort of figured this stuff out. They I think They're counting on the fact that, like the entire planet at some point is gonna be like, Yo, um and they wanna have literally everything in place where there's, like, what and what you gonna do about it? You got nothing. What you gonna do? Vote And that's the thing is is they took control of the media and that didn't work because people started turning to alternative media, started asking questions, they took control of academia. People started to tune out of that and stop listening and looking for their answers elsewhere. They three generations breeding it out of you. And it's not working in the way that they wanted. It's working, sort of. In some ways, um, you know, rela related to the takes from from tedious and and I don't think they were claiming it's working totally. But I think it is true that it's being bred out with somebody talked about unkept in McDonald on Kevin MacDonald when Kevin MacDonald came on our show. It's like the Kevin MacDonald show. You should have a show like that, but, um, it's it's another aspect of this is that they're trying to change every component. Every variable in the equation, uh, to suit their interests and in the human condition is part of that. And they've tried all of these other from their perspective solutions. But they still haven't completely one. People are still waking out. People are still not buying, it's there. It's actually it's actually worse than it has been for them in a very long time way. Forget. I think we forget that sometimes because you're still like I think a lot of people are waiting for that one seminal moment when it's gonna be like, All right, we've arrived, we're here and that's just that's not gonna happen. But at the same time, like the scenario from their perspective, is not good like it's not. Not a good situation at all. And it does because that they're having to send, like plutocrat Michael Bloomberg Lake into the race to save the Democratic Party from themselves. And some might argue it's time for Bloomberg. Others might argue that like it's too soon for him, but like they they've had, they had to pull the rip court on that because of how bad things have gotten for them, right and they haven't been able to get people to vote for the neo liberalism there so intently trying to foist upon us. Which is why, yes, which is why you see Bloomberg entering the race himself as sort of the ah new liberal Acceleration is candidate. But it's also why you see them targeting elections and in part parts one. In two of this series, we discussed their alternative plans, their doomsday scenarios to manipulate elections without touching the ballots. Now we see with election Guard. This is how, if all else fails, if the hijacking of the cars, if shutting down the power grid, if the deep fake videos, if all else fails, and that insurgent candidate, that guy who they really do believe is a threat to their power structure and his election will result in a loss of power, no matter how small for them here we have them developing the ability through election guard to invalidate the results, to literally funnel the ballots in one side and funnel out the vote tally they want out of the other side. If all else fails, they are developing the ability to simply erase, erase the elected electoral electoral will of the people and listen to this for Microsoft quote. Once a vote is cast, neither the tracker nor any data provided through the Web portal can be used to reveal the contents of the vote, meaning that while a person contract, whether they're their vote was counted, they cannot verify whether the contents of their vote who they voted for is counted correctly or not. So, yeah, you basically throw your ballot into this big stewing pot at Microsoft Election Guard and hope that it comes out on the other side resembling what you wanted it to say, Of course, Yeah, you know, the whole thing evolving is being synthesized right before your very eyes. And it includes, I mean, literally everything, including meat like Impossible Burger. It's just like another. It's a nuts. Another front in this war. Um, because it the kosher sandwiches too expensive to maintain the neo liberal, sort of hack job that they've been trying to do doesn't work anymore. And ah yeah, like the They're even trying to synthesise the goi feed and get people toe on. But But they're not buying that, either. People are rejecting that, too, I'm sure. I'm sure public iss, whatever is the reason why every Burger King you drive past has the sign like the little letterbox sign saying Impossible. Whopper is here and it said that for, like, eight months. And so clearly, actually, I lied again. I saw a new one today that said Impossible Whopper two for six. So they're clearly trying to move these things, and clearly nobody wants them, but yeah, it's all synthetic. And so you think. OK, well, Microsoft develops selection software. Why does it matter? Well, if you recall back to 2016 THS was caught multiple times trying to hack into state electoral systems, It happened in Georgia. It happened in Indiana. It happened in Idaho and they were accused of trying this in Kentucky and West Virginia as well. And I forgot about this jazz. But DHS busted attempting to hack into the Indiana voter registration system 15,000 times over a 46 day period, and they later clay of these were this was legitimate business. They were attempting to verify professional license. Yeah, they were doing so by attempting to gain access through the state voter rules. They're interesting, and Microsoft has colluded with the n s A before to bypass its own encryption to assist the NSA in looking at Outlook Hotmail and Skype messages thes air encrypted communications. This is what Apple notably refused to do with the San Bernadino iPhone, which led DOJ to turn to celebrate the Israeli Intel company. And in 2009 an official from the NSA told Congress that Microsoft and the N S A actually collaborated in developing the Windows seven operating system. Wow! Ah, Microsoft in the U. S. Intelligence communities guys have actually only deepened since then, and the U. S is not the only country they have been deepening their ties with. And he want to guess what other international player in cyber Tech they've been closely aligning themselves with dress. I have no idea. Yeah, you probably dio, because it is, of course, Israel. It's the theme of this entire Siri's. Now Microsoft has been present in Israel since 1989. They go way back, but in recent years, really, in the past five years or so, they have made substantial new investments in the Israeli spy tech industry. In 2015 they acquired Israeli cloud security company ADT Alarm for 320 million Deylam blew their founder is a guy named a soft Rapoport. He's a veteran of Israeli military intelligence, and he served. You'll never guess in Unit 8200. Now you know, a few 100 is essentially the Israeli. An essay We've talked about them before in episodes. One in two of the Siri's. This guy now heads Microsoft's R and D Center in Tel Aviv. That's great. Ah, they also have purchased illusive networks have invested in them. Microsoft did and the i. D F purchases Microsoft Hollow Lens technology for VR battlefield training. So, yeah, they've got friends in a friends in high places over there in Israel. Great. This is, you know, these are the guys that I would want securing my elections guarding my elections. Microsoft. It's this asset Rappaport any relation to Ah, Michael Rapaport, the preeminent Jewish asshole? Uh, he's If there's anybody that you can dislike more than Michael Rapaport, you let me know. I can't think of Yeah, well, he's also a terrible actor. I mean, he played Phoebe's boyfriend on friends. Huge digression, and he it looks like the same character that he plays in every show like the guy can't act. He just is not him. No talent, no tell you got nothing? Yeah. Um well, his co ethnics in Israel, Uh, and also founded a company called Team Eight, founded by Zip Nada. Visit Freer. Who is the former leader of the Israeli? It s a unit 8200. And this team A now employs Microsoft or excuse me for whatever. They're all the same former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers now. Ah. So why does all of this matter? Well, cyber reasons experiments with manipulating elections without touching votes, you know that fall short. In some cases, they don't always win in these simulations. Now they're developing the ability to go straight for the heart of the matter, manipulating the ballots themselves. And that brings us to securing these elections. How is the United States going to secure itself against foreign intrusions? Foreign interference? And how is the U. S. Military going to secure themselves against foreign actors trying to gain access to critical systems? The answer as can you guess who? Which countries? Intelligence. They're going to turn to to secure themselves. Are they going to use Bengalis intelligence? I was gonna actually guess Bangladesh, but well, they might be using finger dishy call center employees. That's a possibility. And I would be shocked if U. S military weren't bringing in Bangladeshi recruits. But, no, they're going to be using cyber reason. The U. S military has adopted cyber reason as their number one cyber threat platform. Now, if you're not familiar with cyber reason, which is, of course, this Israeli anti malware company, we're not gonna do the full review. We don't have time for that, but you can. You can find our deep dive into them in the 1st 2 installments of the series That's FTN to 81 titled Cyber Treason and FTN to 84 in the second half. Impossible Kobe Rain episode. Now we've talked about their biggest investors Softbank Spark Capital, Charles River's Venturers and Lockheed Martin. But for our purposes, the two most interesting and rabbit hole inspiring our Softbank and Lockheed Martin, Softbank, announced in 2015 2015 is another one of these pivotal years for Israeli spy tech. As we're coming to find they invested $50 million in cyber reason. Their total investment, in cyber reason as of press time is now 350 million. They own 3\/4 of Cyprus reason. Basically there. 3\/4 of type of cyber reasons. Total investment. Now, this is how cyber reason became connected to a R. M. U K based company that manufactures Internet of things, devices and security protocols. You'll remember Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son visiting Trump Tower immediately after the 2016 election and announcing his intention he was gonna invest billions in the U. S. Bring back 50,000 American jobs and this was This was like the first big win for Trump. And he wasn't even president at the time, right? That's how this was treated in the media. That's how I seem to remember this. Anyways, this was like Trump. Wow, he's a rebuilding our country, not even in office yet $50 billion.50,000 jobs. And that money, interestingly, would come from a $100 billion partnership he had forged with Saudis Sovereign Wealth Fund, which I don't think we look too far into at the time. But yeah, that's where that 50 billion came from now. Softbank controlled Fortress Investment Group, this is ah, investment group. They own let $57 million to Kushner companies in October 2017. Wow, Imagine that money to the Kushner's and, ah, I didn't know this either. But this $57 million Softbank lent to the Kushner companies was actually sort of an emergency cash injection. And the Kushner's had been trying to use the five visa program to bring in foreign investment. But they were denied and investigated by the SEC. We're trying to do so, but never fear, for it'll Josh and Jared. Yes, really? And we did. The whole we hit did the whole deep dive on the five Visa and the Kushner's on, uh, the whole serie did three part series on Kushner Inc Ah, one of them with with Mike, which is very good. And, yeah, the Holy Be five program was something that they were pushing very, very hard. And it's funny, Um, the SEC, it's like, Well, what's going on over there? Sec cool with the anti Semitic shutdowns. But apparently they still have running up against a wall there. Um, yeah, so that's gonna be kind of interesting. It's funny how cyber reason is tied in with all this. Yeah, yeah, and and softbank to Ah, these have been I mean, softbank. These are some of the Kushner's preferred lenders, some of Trump's preferred lenders. Actually, now there is a whole, like gaping rabbit holes to go down with soft bag. But we that's not really the main focus. Oh, we're and Deutsche Bank Softbank into a tanker. Very. This isn't just the Kushner's, it's it's Epstein and it's everything. I like the idea. Oh, go on. What are you talking about? Ah, joy and Jewish conspiracy. It's like, What are you talking about? Like look at this. I mean, look at this. Look at this Web, not just look at this graph. Look at this Web. I mean, you're the ones connecting the dots for us. It's like we're just We're just like giving you, giving you what the schematic looks like. And it's very tightly interwoven. Yeah, how long will it be before linked in comes under scrutiny for a being, ah, cesspit of anti Semitic Cunard's? Because that's basically all we're doing here is just looking at the where you guys work and where you're investing your money and you come to your own conclusions. But for purposes of ah, this deep type, we want to look more at military intelligence and And how cyber reason has come to become the number one cybersecurity threat avoidance platform for the U. S. Military. And that happened by way of Lockheed Martin. Of course. Lockheed Martin, one of the world's biggest if not the biggest, defense contractors. They do. Obviously they're known for their aerospace, But they do weapons technology all basically everything you can imagine as far as military. And I t goes actually well, in 2014 you'll never guess to the senior vice president of Lockheed Martin and general Counsel Waas at that time in 2014. No ideas. Uh, James Comey. Really? Yeah. Funny, huh? Wow, that works. I am not at all shocked. So 2014. I guess Comey as chief counsel, would have been involved in the permitting process and the negotiations with the Israeli government to get their office and Beersheba, Israel opened up. Gov would have been there, flying the flight over and hammer it out of the fine details with the I. D f. Beer shape. Of course. The same city where the I d efs cyber hub Central Command is located. It's nice, you know, being able to ah essentially work from home like that and, uh, you know, just commute from one office to the other. Very nice and lucky Martin CEO had an interesting, interesting thing to say about opening up in Israel. He said Quote, by locating our new office in the capital of the Negev, the Negev Desert, we're well positioned to work closely with our Israeli partners and stand ready to accelerate project execution, reduce program, risk reducing program risk and share our technical expertise by training and developing in country Palin. So this was a huge investment they made in Israel. This this was not just ah you know, some other satellite office actually opened up this Israeli office with the express intent of focusing on networking with the other the burgeoning Israeli cyber tech and security industry, but also to build up their presence as one as a major major player in this field, and they they'd wanted to strengthen their ties with the I D. F. This is what Lockheed Martin's VP said at the time. This new division was specifically created to further their ties with Israeli government I d. F. And they planned this launch by meeting regularly with IVF officials has as a start conservative. This is the type of corporate government interference that were supposed to hate, right? This is corporatism going wrong. Not Israel, though. It's, Ah, protocol over there. It seems Lockheed Martin, of course. You know, no conflict of interest with Lockheed Martin being this this key contractor with the U. S. Government and them coordinating their business operations in Israel. Not an issue, not something to be concerned about. Lockheed Martin. Shortly after opening their office in Israel in 2014 they became partnered with cyber reason in 2015. And it's a partnership that makes a lot of sense. Lockheed got to add cybersecurity to their portfolio, and cyber reason gets a ready made sales network developed by Lockheed's presence is one of the U. S s largest military contractors. Cyber Reason was recently founded looking to expand, and Lockheed already sells to just about every US military department there is, and not only the US all around the world, So this made a lot of sense. Now Cyber is, and not only becoming a partner. They became part of Lockheed's portfolio and their internal software stack, So Lockheed sold their software externally and used it internally to secure all of their computers and networks. And, according to Cyber Reason, CEO Your Div, who, of course, has referred to his work with cyber reason as a quote, continuation of his service, the Israeli military quote Lockheed was so impressed with the results they got from side reason, they began offering it to their own customers, among them most of the top Fortune 100 companies and the U. S federal government. Cyber is is now the security system recommended by Lockheed Martin to its customers for protection from a wide range of malware and hack attacks. Dude, this company, this Israeli spite that company got essentially get to hit the turbo button and found themselves on just about every single U. S. Defense computer, private end public. This is insane. It's kind of the oldest trick in the book, though, like you poses the security guard to, like, get Intel and re kon on on a particular place like basically the same principle. But they've managed to push this out on just in absolute massive scale. Yeah, so Lockheed Martin's I T division was the main conduit for this, right, because they were already handling I t for so many government agencies. Just like, you know, click the up to click the windows update button and ah, restart your computer and the next day going to work And everything you do is being monitored by this Israeli government spyware company. Right now, um, Lockheed Martin's I T department was the number one I t provider for the U. S. Federal government. It was spun off in 2015 and merge with a company called Les Does Holdings. And then later holdings became the number one government I t provider. Les does also directly parted with cyber reason. Wow. And to this day, Lockheed Martin owns a stake of Cyber Reason and continues to use and sell its software. Now, this is important because e like name your critical infrastructure agency and they're running cyber reason software. This includes all of the Pentagon, including all military telecommunications for the Defense Information Systems Agency. That's D I s A Worldwide technologies is another company that cyber reason is partnered with, and they do cybersecurity for the U. S. Army D. I s a firewalls, data storage, nasa, US Navy Air Force biometric, I D systems. So every department of every D o d computer now is running this essentially Israeli malware that Ah, yeah, And these were the one. This is the These are the guys in charge of security for all of us. D o d. Information. And of course, there was some competition to secure this lucrative contract. The U. S government used to use Kaspersky anti virus for some departments and then 2017 came along, and the Wall Street Journal reported that hackers quote hackers had found a back door for Russian intelligence. In this report they released in 2017 with the headline Russian Hackers stole an essay Data on U. S. Cyber defense and you won't believe who you know through their kindness in their heart of hearts, found the time to perform this probe of US government computers. It was, of course, Israel's Unit 8200. They found this breach and, ah, Israeli hackers implanted multiple backdoors into Kaspersky systems, stole passwords, took screenshots of sensitive information and gathered up hundreds if not thousands of emails and sensitive documents which this lead then the U. S. Government in 2018 to terminate their agreement with Kaspersky Scoff software. They're no longer using Ca Persky anti virus, and they are solely in the arms of cyber reason. Securing all the OT information. Wow, it's almost Aziz, though Kaspersky was designed to push them into the hands of Sabah reason, it's funny how that worked out. Yeah, funny how all of it works out. So, yeah, I mean, I think this this ties it. Ah, fairly, all together. And, you know, if you had any doubts as to the motives of these people and how these people feel about you and your nation and your family's, I caught this almost by accident. I was watching the news last summer, and there's this woman who came on CNN to give this little speech about about immigration. And this was in the wake of something that happened in summer 2019. This woman, Juliette Kayyem, CNN's national security adviser, came on and stated quote, The majority of babies born in this country are non white, and most of us view that as a good thing. Now I thought of the time CNN's national security adviser, whatever, just another liberal. And then you smash that linked in button and come to find she at the time was an employee of cyber reason. And, wow, that's what these people are up to. And that's how they feel about you. Yeah, Yeah, this is there are so many rabbit holes to go down with this and Ah, yeah, the funding is one of them. The means is one of them. I mean, Lockheed in all of these Come because, I mean, they had to pivot to something like the war making machine that is Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and the military industrial complex. They're not doing wars anymore. Like that's not a thing like they built the government. Of course, for the the the F 38 I think, um, engine, like developing two of them in Is that the F 38? Because the F 30 fight 0 35 of the Joint Strike Fighter. Oh, I'm sorry. I realized that I've traveled back in time here. The F 30 it comes later. We'll get to that. That's way down the road in the future. But no at 35 verify. Yeah, developing these two engines, like simultaneously and like bilking the government for lots of money, like those days of doing that kind of shit are kind of over. Um, it's it's used to see that a lot. 30 40 years ago, it had its heyday, and now it's done. And now the war making enterprises of these companies, a lot of them have moved to Israel because they're prepping. They're prepping for war making against you and me and everybody in the country who doesn't want to go along with the program. Um, because part of the reasons that they have had to do this and they've had to accelerate this so quickly is because people are resisting. Um, they're resisting in ways that maybe you don't think they're not resisting necessarily in the way that ah lot of us have resisted their resisting in the ways of they're not going to movies. They're not buying this shitty food that they're selling their tuning out of the broadcasts and and they are trying to make this so that you kind of don't have a choice. But I try toe look at some of the Senate optimistic way, which is that the amount of overreach, the draconian overreach that's required for them to pull this off always gives them away like this is always the thing that leads to their undoing, and now they're doing it on a global scale and there's really nowhere else for them to go. Um, if this doesn't work out, But before it was like, I will just go to the United States and will build a hive there. It's like there's the hive is basically a global network now. And if everybody sort of is like, Wait a second, it's Yeah, not good. Not good. Not fun for anyone. And ah, yeah, we're the ones Were the ones that sort of have to live through this hell, Unfortunately, um, I people are gonna you know, we sort of look back. We looked back 10 years ago or so and tried to imagine what it would be like to live in. Why Marr Germany and, uh, 10 15 20 years from now people are gonna be like, Wow, those people, really this could still all be going on and maybe 10 times worse by then, 100 times worse by them, we don't know. But there I think people will look back on this and be like Holy fuck. Those people were under the gun, and it's it's like more so now than in any point in human history what's being done, you know? And then you go back and you think about that Ron White and article And when he and he knows about all he knows about all this. And he has the chutzpah to say that his prescription for amplifying speech from the most oppressed and, you know he stands up for the little guy and it's like, No, you can't You can't possibly say that when this is what I mean. But you have to be that duplicitous. I believe something. So Yep, yep. And that's, uh, that's about all she wrote. Yeah, well, for now, and that's the thing is is I think we provided here a good foundation or these stories because all of these stories are going to develop. And this story with NSO Group is going to develop and celebrate and and cyber reason candy I news guarding. You're going to hear all of these things mentioned, and they might be mentioned in isolated contacts. And you might get someone who doesn't understand, especially in the tech press. You'll get people talking about these companies is saying, Wow, this is really messed up what they're doing here with the surveillance or with this election manipulation or with this vulnerable election guard encryption technology. This is really messed up and treat it as an isolated incident and not see the bigger picture for what it is. And so what you are now equipped to do and what we would encourage people to do, of course, is to conduct further research and find areas where you can look mawr into this and do more research on these companies and what they're up to and and continue to trace these links. And it seems like you are looking at a ah whiteboard or chalkboard with strands of twine flying every which way, and you're not wrong. You're not wrong to see all these companies for interview as interconnected and these entities and government agencies and nefarious players as interconnected. And that's because they are. So if you're ever gas lighted, or someone tries to tell you that you're crazy for seeing these connections, and it's this is only something conspiracy theorists believe in that wrong and you're right. And here you have the roadmap to definitively prove that, and to pursue these, pursue these facts and these happenings to their logical conclusions. Yes, that's exactly right. So we're gonna leave it right there. Um, actually have ah of other things that we wanted to do. But we're gonna be hitting that on the weekend show and hope everybody has a good Thursday and Friday we got the Jazz and Jesse to Morrow. Well, tonight jazz and Jesse. And tomorrow night from our afternoon you have, ah, tedious And then us again on the weekend. So we'll see you guys later.