FTN 052120 - May 21 2020 - FTN 314 Sunk Cope Fallacy

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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous e CNN brought to you by the network where we drug our reports news to power our troops dash your hopes and smash your sacred single throw quadruple poles. You've heard it somewhere. Chances are that summer is here. My God, I didn't fuck that up on jazz hands. Make feels. James is here. Hello, James. Destroyer of all Maada takes. How's it going, Border? Good man, I have a mug, but unfortunately nothing against the clank it with. Maybe my bank can I can clank this pen against it is that you do it for you way Have a very, very pragmatic show plan today only the utmost pragmatism. Most incremental advancement of our narratives will be presented on this show because that's ah, that's what we told you we were gonna do, right? Pragmatism and incrementalist. Very pragmatic in talking a lot about Israel in a lot about fake nationalism. The good old FTN wrecking ball is swinging again today and we're gonna be smashing more Shiva lefts and we're gonna not stop until it's just crumbled. fake nationalism, like shards of fake nationalism laying all over the ground. But yeah, great job on the debate. I caught it alive. Um, my only complaint is that d live. The volume control doesn't work really well. A swell as other platforms on a phone. So I had to have it close to my ear. I can't put I can't connect fucking headphones to the phone. Because if you do, then you can't turn off the screen and listen to d live like that while I'm walking around after, like, hold the phone. And Oh, yes, the worst. But otherwise, it was fantastic. And ah, yeah, that the tedious actually spent, you know, what would we're movie, James if we had to do our own post debate coverage tedious and for us. And they did a fantastic job. It was like a solid hour discussing it, so yeah, very good. Very good Reacts to that. The only thing that I would add, um, is one thing about the incrementalism, which is really funny. And it's it's that when sticks is talking about these incremental changes that occur and he listed a couple of examples, one of them was the CEO on immigration that Trump did. He closed the border. It was the first thing that he did. Um, and Sticks is a good guy. I'm just I got to do the voice perfect. There's the first thing that he did when Corona viruses, like, actually know the first thing that he did with current virus was just the flu, bro for, like, two months. And then eventually he will have to be serious about this. Oh, we can use This is the thought president. Oh, we have to be serious about this. Well, then I'll be really serious about coming out with an E o which will electrify my base but not actually do anything. And as we pointed out in FTN with the EO on immigration that Trump did with the border, he didn't close anything down. He pointed out that many times before he actually expanded immigration sticks said that there were all these. Yes, sure, there are these exceptions Install. If it's like no, actually, the exceptions were an actual expansion of VB fives because they tried to sneak it in. Remember who does the sneaking the biggest speaks to the sneaks, right? They tried to sneak it in to the stimulus bill and it failed. Lindsey Graham tried to sneak it in the expansion TV five program, and then they're like, I will do a neo that looks like something really based. So our base will go glitz go. And then it wasn't that. Then it wasn't that, and they got owned in a big way on the whole thing. It was actually an expansion. And then he mentioned the What else did he mention there? A couple. He the antitrust, He said. When you brought up the the D d plat forming and censorship, he said, Well about But Bill bars doing something about that he's doing this anti try. If I support this antitrust bill, I you know it could go a lot further. They could do something totally different that would actually get the job done. He mentioned that, and the thing is, and the thing I was like screaming at the phone, it was like, No, listen, this sticks these incremental things that you think are substantive advances of your agenda. Maybe they're small, right? What do you say? The ah, the We voted for a moderate reformer, right? These air modern reforms. It's like no sticks. Actually, the things that you think are great advances of the agenda, maybe they're not everything everybody wants, which is the thing he's trying to hang you with. But there their little their little steps in the right direction is like actually no guy. Those are steps in the wrong direction that are disguised as things that are based. Whether you're talking about immigration, it's an expansion of immigration sold to you as immigration reduction. It is antitrust legislation sold to you as shaking down big tech. You're never going to get a single person who has been removed from these platforms. Added back on, who has meaningful things to say, the only people that get added back on, or the people that are supporting Trump's agenda, as we pointed out, and the antitrust legislation isn't gonna do anything. It's not even gonna do anything. It's going to What is Bill borrowing to do with that he wants? He wants backdoor encryption. It's a shakedown of tech companies to get backdoor encryption. So all of these things, it's like it's not just incremental. It's like this guy just wants to keep step stepping on the rake in getting hit in the face over and over again. Step on the rake it in the face over and over and over, and I guess he doesn't get tired of this. I would have everybody's tired out from this now, but it's not like you're not even. I just want to put that into very clear terms. You're not even getting small pieces of what you want. You're supporting things that you think you're going your way. That or not, they're going the opposite direction. So there it is right now. And there's the There's argument to that that was presented, that anything he has tried to do that has been good has been stopped by the courts, and I brought up the example of the very plain US code that allows Trump to suspend immigration if he so chose. Todo chose to do so and he hasn't done that, and so this is something that they cannot answer for anyone that is still playing, trusting simply cannot answer, for there are several provisions whether it's bringing troops out of the Middle East, which as commander in chief, he has the right to dio and know the courts do not get a say so over where the president moves troops. That is simply This is not how that works as a commander in chief. Yeah, he can order these troops back. If he was serious about being anti war like he campaigned to be, he could suspend immigration if you were serious about doing that. Which is another thing he campaigned on, and the idea as well that that, Ah, people, we're just really excited for moderate GOP reforms. This isn't true. People came out of the woodwork. Apple, who had been politically agnostic for their lifetimes, came out to support Trump because he promised to be something different. Someone who would take this system that only allowed for substantive reforms and smash it to pieces. That's what people wanted. That's what people thought they were getting. And to read Con otherwise is simply not true. So that a lie That's the Finkel think right. The Finkelstein four decades has studied what Americans want, what they believe in race crime. They want these things improve. The things have gotten precipitously worse with policies that have been promoted by ah, fellow tribesmen of Arthur Finkelstein, and things have gotten worse, and they know that that's what people thirst for it. They know that that's what people wanted. It's for the very first time. That's what was so seductive about it. Ast Finkelstein himself says identity politics is the opioid of the masses. They brought out the OAP opioids in 2016. They trotted that out. They they hinted at it around the edges here and there to make you know, wink, wink, nod, nod. You know, we're we got your back, you know, Republicans, always white nationalists, right? Two weeks before an election. And they didn't that would trump, and they got everybody excited. And then they did a huge bait and switch. Now, how many times can they do that? Well, apparently, for again, Sticks is a good guy. I hope he comes around. But apparently it's an up that they can reuse. They're very excited about the fact that it can be reused. The trick is not to get tricked, but if you get tricked once the Nokia tricked again. And so yeah, that's the funny thing. It's like all of these promises, and it's like sure, we all got tricked. We were all there. I'm not going to say that I knew all along. Most people don't know well, didn't know all along there a few people out there that say that. But the idea that you would continue to fall for this, knowing what the evidence is. And Mike said, Mike said something today, which was important. It's like if you're going to defend something or attack something. But he, his point was defend in for this in this in the in this context, it sticks, then understand the system that you're defending, understand how it's constructed, Understand what? Who makes it up, who is in it, what they're doing, what they're saying. Don't ignore certain pieces of information just to support your thesis and move forward, and you have to stop and to sort of take a stepped out and not be so emotionally involved. Now it's very hard thing to do. It's an impossible thing to do. Um, and sometimes all of the information isn't there where you wanted to be in. Now it's here. We have a lot of information. It's why we in the last several weeks, 56 weeks or so have been going down this path of re examining a lot of these issues, and it's amazing when you look at some of these things in a different light in hindsight and it with new information, how much comes up, and I and I hope because I don't want we don't want you to be the guy that keep stepping on the rake and getting smacked in the face. Well, least Trump's not Biden, right? Rake in the face like you know, it's like, you know, it's just like over and over and over again, smack in the face and, uh, yeah, when that's That's how Republicans have have operate. And this is a point that I made as well is that this is how the Republican Party has kept people hemmed in and on the plantation for decades. Right is, that is the idea. Every two years you were forced to make the decision, or you're told you need to get really animated about that, your guy quote unquote, because at least he's not the other guy. And this is the Finkelstein. Strategy right is to demonize the opposition and make it all about it. You're the opponent all personally liberals, filthy Ribble, liberals, limousine liberals and Now it's socialism now. It's socialism they have. They have attempted to pivot to socialism. But good luck trying to frame this election around capitalism versus socialism. We have some have some interesting stats here. Um, so welcome to America, James. With a government is kosher. The op Sergei. The borders are always open. I gotta hand it to Corona virus. Though it's turned five out of every six Americans into closed borders native this who also want socialism. So it's really regardless of what you think about Corona virus and whatever. Um, I think we've all moved past that. Now. We can still call out, you know, conservatives for falling for tricks and liberals for falling for tricks as well. But the result of this, if you're Donald Trump and your jig Nat ascendancy and you thought you were gonna ride to re election on Dow 30,000 which I thought it is by the by the way, big line is nothing more than a index on how hard they're fucking you. So when they say the economy is in recovery, that just means they're recovering. The ability to put you back into debt, slavery and debt, indentured servitude So that's that's all that really is. And when it was before, they were saying, Well, Dow 30,000 they have all these people believing that that means it's good for them. So it's capitalism versus socialism, but it's kind of funny. Corona virus has turned all that upside down, where 20% of Americans air like give me more capitalism in 80% of them are like, No, I want socialism. I want free healthcare. I want more stimulus checks. I want the borders closed. This kind of a nightmare for Finkel. Think who is like, No, no, you can actually give them something where they are believing these things. We've worked so hard to push people to the edges, and now you have 82% of Americans, regardless of race, age or sex, Um, or region of the country where they live in all want more stimulus checks. All want universal healthcare, all want the borders closed and it's pretty incredible, Like this is not what was in the cards for jig Nats in December of 2019. No, and this is especially alarming if you are one of the one of the ones at the top of this pile, and you are desperately trying to keep these two disparate sides apart. And you can go out there and talk about how you know, largely without limitation, how you want to shutter the borders and immigration now America first and that will be allowed. That'll be allowed on any platform. And you can also talk about providing stimulus tracks to citizens and you be I and these things are all allowed. But lest you combined the two ideas jazz. If you start combining these two ideas and mixing your nationalism with a dab just a hint of socialism, then you find yourself Ah, big, big trouble, big trouble. And I mean, this is overwhelming that people want this. Another 63% say that student loan company should freeze interest rates in payments. 55% believe that mortgage and rent payments should be frozen during this time. And I would say they're gonna like that too much, and you're gonna see people saying, yeah, does freeze it for good. I mean, this thing so lopsided at this point, they can afford to take this stuff on. Here's the Black Bill, though unfortunately, is that they all think that federal officials could do a better job. But the majority of people gave positive marks to their local leaders, which makes sense. All in all, 64% of respondents believe that the government has handled Cove in 19. Well, well, it's, you know, 36% who don't. And about half of those say the government has responded very well. Interestingly, 36% think that their state governments handled the situation best, compared to 26% who felt the federal government has been better than individual states. So 84% think that their state did it better than the federal govern. Not surprised. I mean, you know, but this this is he's gonna have, you know, all the audio that we talked about, just the flu, bro. Stuff as deaths mount that are gonna be run against him is B roll that's coming in the fall. I mean, Trump probably hasn't Maybe hasn't thought through that already. I don't know. What sort of defense do you have when you when you play some of that audio that we were playing, I don't know. 90 days ago, where he was just like we have 12 cases. We're gonna very soon get that back down to one case. Very few deaths. And it's like 100 and 50,000 wherever it's means they're crack 100 here a tsum point. But yeah, I mean, it's kind of dismaying that this is the problem, right? People want all these things. They want stimulus checks. They want free health care. They want mortgage payments frozen student loan payments frozen. Ah, what else did they ask? Our voter borders closed, But yet they're you know, I'm mostly satisfied with the job that the people who control all of those things that I'm not getting I'm happy with what they're doing, right, right? Yeah. And that's why. And that's what you have people that are mad. And you have these near you anonymity on issues like immigration and and border security or immigration and stimulus tracks. But you're not seeing that anger directed at the right people. And this is what we've been warning about. Talking about now for several months is that this anger is there and that is a good thing and that your right to be angry, but it needs to be aimed at the people that are that are not making you hold during this That are not not looking out for you that are looking out for their interests and and ignoring you and just sending you back to work unprepared, unsafe for the benefit of the greater economy. So, yeah, I mean, when we have what, 62% saying Trump has handled the crisis well overall. But then 80% wanted closed borders. An 80% winning stimulus checks that they're not. How how is he handling the crisis? Well, if he's not delivering on these very basic requests that you have, I don't see how you can. You can justify that to yourself unless you use a huge dose of motivated reasoning to convince yourself everything is okay. Well, in a lot of these polls are constructed, of course, in a way that they get, they get answers that they that they want. And it's kind of funny, though, that these air probably closed borders and socialism or not answers that they want, but they're still get 80% of respondents. But I'm sure if you asked these questions in a very specie fic way, you would get much better responses. But These are popular ideas made even more popular in crisis. But what's our what our governments leaders actually doing well, you have Pelosi. Donald is morbidly obese. Trump Nancy's a sick woman. Pelosi. Donald's words weigh a ton, which I thought was actually pretty pretty funny. Um Biden President Tweedy Don Jr. Biden's pedophile Biden These guys air just sick. So, you know, this is what this is the Punch and Judy show, right? I mean, anybody who actually believes that Pelosi is serious and Trump is serious, and all of this is serious. I mean, this is just this is just distraction. Nation is all the way. Men. Are you telling me that we shouldn't do like an hour special program on President Trump's based tweet and ah, really dive into that and dedicate our energy to that? Or are you kidding? I think really serious and important is a real serious guy. Yeah, uh, more. He's a real morbidly obese, serious guy, but but yeah, do Donald's words weigh a ton as a response toe? He's She's a sick woman. That's a good one. Pretty good. Pretty good. Um, but meanwhile, while you're getting caught up in you know, Don Jr is out there calling, buying a pet bile and Nancy, Colin, Donald fat and, you know, then the right attacking Nancy. And you know, Nancy Pelosi is a very, ah easily disliked woman. I don't like anything about her. Nobody likes listening to our. Nobody likes hearing those dentures rattle around in that old skull of hers, but she is just an awful she. I mean, they're all but they're all part of the same thing. That's the thing. It's like this is that the Finkel think is you hating Nancy and loving Donald Trump, right? It's the light, Finkel think is basically a firmware installation of light switch brain on people. That's what that IHS Finkel think it takes. It takes advantage of people's natural feelings and then forces you into two different directions so that you don't actually focus on the thing. That's the problem. It's a classic, classic diversion. Yeah, it forces you to blame. The Democrats rated you get really mad that the Democratic Party and the Democratic Communists for for the lockdowns and what you can't work and you'll get people saying this is this is Donald Trump's five D strategy, letting the Democrats show people what they really want and is just yeah, this investment people have in constructing, like lifeboat scenarios in their brain, where in, like everything will come to an end. It just is the way the plan predicted. It's such a waste of time. It's such a waste of your mental energy, but that's exactly why they do it because it distracts you from seeing behind the curtain. Well, here's another. Here's another black pill and unfortunately, I think this is also true is that while people want universal healthcare, 80% of them want universal health care. They want payment suspended. They want stimulus checks. They want the borders closed. If you told them that that was socialism, they would probably not agree. They would say, Oh, no, but I'm not a socialist like they're there. They don't like the label. But if you explain to them, it's like the old Ah, I can't remember his name. And I'm sorry that I can't remember his name because it's a great quote. It's like, you know, call me. Ah, you know, if you tell me that I believe in Ah, socialism and whatever else and and I I disagree with the elite and corporate overlords and, you know, think that we should do X, y and Z You'd call me a liberal. But if I told you who those people were, you'd call me a Nazi like that. That sort of thing. Um, I can't remember. I can't remember who who did that, but it doesn't It maybe I'll think of it. In any case, you're not getting a stimulus check, right? These people that they're not getting these things that they want. There are no plans to even discuss another stimulus check because the GOP has barred any further discussion of it. I think there may be some economic pain that's going to get to the point where they don't have another choice. But then it's gonna b'more incrementalism And what we really mean. What sticks really needs to understand about incrementalism is that Yeah, there might be another cheque that comes and I don't know what his stance. What was the stance on the check, James? Did he met? Did you wrong about the check? It all we didn't. But I would guess I would guess it would be opposed. What if he got one I don't know. Um uh, yeah, he was happy about the taxes. You think that people would be happy about the truck, But anyway, the, uh they may do something. But what's gonna be packaged up in that bill, right? I mean, if Lindsey Graham is getting caught sneaking in e B five expansion, what? Didn't get caught? But we know it was all this bailout money that got gobbled up by Jewish NGOs. Huge corporations, companies that took money from the small business funds simply to pay down there already egregiously ballooned lines of credit. And then, of course, over the next year, you're gonna have tens of thousands of small businesses, America. They're gonna go bankrupt if they haven't already. But whatever remains of their market caps will be bought up by the Jewish corporate leviathan. BlackRock runs the Fed. Goldman Sachs and Vanguard run the rest of world jury with the U. S. Treasury. And I mean, then you have Jamie Diamond saying Corona virus is a wake up call for a more inclusive economy. James. Very inclusive, Jamie. Well, you had your heart attack and we're in the hospital. There were I looked at who the next in line is at J. P. Morgan Chase beds. Three juice. I mean that one of them is this a partick and then it's to women's, but they're all juice in there, all next in line for his job. Very inclusive, Jamie. Very inclusive, no man. The three of them snouts breathing down his neck. Unenviable position, I'm sure. Yeah, well, the reason why he said this, though, is because the JP Morgan Chase Institute, this PDF document that got released a couple months ago, uses your administrative banking data to study racial gaps in liquid assets, take home income and families consumption. Response to income volatility from the vantage point of a novel de identified data source. In other words, they're scrubbing your data to see ah, what you how you spend your money based on a correlation with self reported race information from Rohde registration files. Amazing that they admit this big data in my right guys, we find large racial gaps in take home income in liquid assets, which persist across age, income, gender and geographic segments. Additionally, we find racial differences in consumption smoothing compared toa white families. Black and Hispanic families exhibit sharper drops and spending after involuntary Laura job loss and larger increases in expenditures After the arrival of the tax refund, however, these racial differences and consumption smoothing are explained by racial gaps in liquid and financial asset buffers. Taken together, a result shed light on the distributional impacts and importance of efforts to reduce financial volatility and increased liquid assets for low income families and address the structural factors that contribute to racial gaps in income and assets. So, yeah, J. P. Morgan Chase is just studying everything about you. If you bank with them and, um, using that information, then in their trillions of dollars to advocate and lobby for structural changes that will screw you over even more. What a great bank. Let's just seems way outside the scope of what a bank should do, doesn't it, James? Yeah, well, hey, I guess so. In exchange for the what 0.1 interest rate you earn on your savings account there that this is just the price you pay. This is the contract you you entered into. It's interesting that they conclude this by talking about ways to increase liquid assets for low income families when right above there. They're really talking about black and browns. And so, you know, even even in this literature there, they don't want to want to come right out and say it. But that's what this is about. And this goes to the research we've talked about before, what people have been talking about for years, that has shown the consumption gap between blacks, whites, Hispanics, etcetera and these people they the money just But the peso's burn a hole in the pocket, and as soon as they get the money, they spend it on credit cards. And And what have you take out new debt that Teoh add on to debt they can't already pay for? And this is, you know, they make great consumer cattle class. For people like JP Morgan Chase. They do. And this is also talking about increasing liquid assets just means like increasing credit and changing the way that credit works so that they can. They're you know, some of this is about just giving them money. Make money, printer growth burr for black and Hispanic families. So they go spend money and there's a reduction and financial volatility. But it's also about increasing their credit limits and not, you know, having penalties for them not paying. Just keep giving the money to keep the system going because they spend the most amount of money and we need to figure out how to change things. So whites have less money. What they're saying ultimately. So because they're good spenders, they buy, they buy stupid stuff. I mean, this is old. This is old textbook stuff. But there there will be no universal health care, either, right? They're not doing that. We talked about this before in California, when they had the governorship and complete control of both chambers in the California House and Senate. They put universal healthcare for Californians on the table, and it got shelved because they saw how expensive it would be but also that, you know, California has a reputation, but there's still I don't know how many white people are out there. It's 30 30,000,030 whatever it is. I mean, I don't know. I don't know what the population the state is at all, but it's a significant number of white people, and that's always the problem with universe health care. They don't want to do it in a way that will benefit whites. But, you know, politically speaking, though sick will but GOP vanquished Democrat in charge now and they stuck universal health care on the shelf because they don't want to actually give it to anybody. Well, and this is the funny thing to you'll get people worried if we elect bite and we'll have a socialist. Ah, Utopia. Overnight, man, it will be terrible. It's like, No, you know, look at these. The single party states on the West Coast and on the east Coast, Washington, Oregon, California where you don't have a chance of Yeah, I mean, these air, like single Democratic Party states, for the most part. And what do they do in those states And what they do in California? They don't do the socialist utopia that you're that you're terrified of. Ah, they don't give all the that these, you know, these sort of boomer caricatures might be terrified of They don't do that. They do the neo liberalism just as well. And and yeah, they still don't give people what they want on the left, either. And that's the thing that people need to realize. Right and left. Is that neither neither unit party control is going to bring you what you really want. Not Republicans and Democrats. No. But then you have Alan Dershowitz out there saying that the state has the right to plunge a needle into your arm. And of course, they're doing this. Alan Dershowitz is very central to the Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Trump a ball of jig gnats and see Jewish. Is he Jewish? Said, I don't know. Is Alan Dershowitz Jewish? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, he absolutely is. Very Zionists, Ultra Zionist. And this is part of this. This is again inject. Like they Dershowitz, Watts. A reaction from the right. They're throwing gasoline on this fire of people who think that masks or mind control and everything else This is why you saw. And this is I'm connecting these dots here because they should be connected. Just last week, you had net Benjamin Netanyahu saying that we need to microchip kids and then Alan Dershowitz saying, Under the 10th Amendment, state has the right to plunge needle into your arm. We're not gonna do any of those things, but they want the right wing base to be riled up. That's the only way that jig Nats get ascendant. So you have to understand, like the moment that I saw this headline hours ago, I know exactly why he's doing this. You just take it to the point where it's like it's like they live glasses. But when you're reading stuff in the media and you just get there and and then you realize what's going on. But a lot of people are going to read this and it's gonna be, 00 no, you're gonna stick a needle in my arm. I'm gonna wherever out in the street they got over my dead body Gadsden flag unfurled on day 3% tattoo on the arm and right out into the street and gonna knew that. May it's just like no guy. And then you, all of a sudden you're out there. We gotta vote Trump because otherwise you re about it. I mean, I'm sorry to make from the Southern accent, but what do you want me to do? That's what I see when I see those guys out there and I just need to stop. It's like and it's the same, you know, it's like with sticks. It's like I don't have any animus toward these people, these air potential fellow travellers. They could be where we are. Many of them were in that place at one point. And ah, you know, are are here now and you just have to You just have to cross cross on over to the other side, bro. It's much more comfy. That's one of the things it's hard to remember. And I was one of, like, make myself remember this to point this out because you remember how cathartic it was just to drop the bullshit, Drop the rock as it were, and he realized, Oh, wow, there's actually there's actually some truth going on here and these things are all connected. And here's how it makes sense. And he realized that the further away you get from that you realize how much of a live that was. And you see the people continuing to live out that lie and whatever and they're stuck there. Tricked. It sucks. But I hope I hope you make it here. Someday you gotta step, stop stepping on the rake and getting hit in the fucking knows. Um, yeah. People like to do that. Really? If this have looking for rakes with which to get yourself to Because you get it. We're next, rake. Yeah, Yeah. You're on a rake hunt. Yeah. You know what they're looking for? Looking for ways in which you can trick yourself and, you know, it's sort of like, uh, you know, they've been talking a lot on TT's about Holocaust stuff where people will, like, invented their own version of things. Think they're like, Oh, yeah, like, uh, you know, they did the thing where they like, loaded him up on a cliff and, like, drove a train over it. And yeah, it's like that happened, right? It's like people just make up fanciful situations in their own mind that actually have no basis in reality. And they also haven't heard from anywhere else. People do that with, like, what Trump is doing. It's like, yeah, yeah, man. Like he's Ah, he's really trying hard, but it's ah you know, And he did the thing, but they got in the way and they stopped him like, No, it's like no agree and amplify Finkel. Think it's like, Wow, that's great. Just talk about a real circle jerk there. Yeah, exactly. People do that with with Holocaust stuff. They do that with ah lot of different stories. And this is another reason why the conspiracy theories that aren't based in any sort of reality are also somewhat insidious because it takes people down wrong paths, people that believe, like, for example, a sticks saying that you know the VA has been reformed. That was the that was the That was the moderate reform that was done. And it really it really wasn't. If you go back and look at the history and in a lot of the corruption that was going on, the swamp was not drained, It did not get trained. And nothing has really changed with the V A. And if Trump really cared about veterans, well, then you wouldn't see headlines like this. Apparently, 40,000 National Guardsmen are all getting their deployments cut the ones that were deployed for Corona virus just one day before they would qualify for education and retirement benefits. That's that's by design one day. That means that thousands of members who first deployed in late March will find themselves with only 89 days of duty credit, one short of the 90 day threshold for qualifying for early retirement and education benefits under the post 9 11 g I. Bill. So yeah, there's got all those people those you know. People were saying they should get hazard pay. Well, there's in grocery store employees should get hazard pay, which I agree with. I actually when Chuck Shoma all even though nothing that Chuck Shoma says is actually going to happen. He's part of this dialectic as well. When Shoma came out and said after the dust had settled and it was too late to do anything that all of the grocery store employees and all these people that are have to go to work and are on the front line and whatever. Ah, those people should all get a nice big fat bonus check. Nice, big, huge check, bonus or hazard pay. Whatever. I I agree with that. I think that's more than reasonable. Why not just give them a raise? Why just not mandate that they get X amount of dollars per year? There's not. There's not going to do that, but he's National Guardsmen. I mean these air people who would be deployed in certain situations. These are part of the military, it's it's This is if you're going to reform the V A. We're going to do these things for these people. Why would you? Why would you construct a 40 chess where you're like, Yeah, I care a lot about the military, but we're going to cut their deployment by one that let him serve for an extra day. What skin off of your back? Oh, I know why. Because if they have to pay out these benefits and early retirement for all these people, then that's money that can be spent on worse with suck and gay ops. Assad They're not really doing worse anymore. But fourth, generational warfare was SOG for Zog, Not with SOG for stock. So yeah, this is This is like a multifaceted Jewish slap in the face, too, because many of these people had been deployed. National Guardsmen had been deployed in these urban centers in New York, like New Rochelle, where they were having to wrangle his seeds and like getting the seeds to take basic precautions and, you know, handing out water and masks and being being coughed on and spit on by these people. And then yeah, a day before they qualified for benefits, they get their duty cut. I mean, this is this should be a scandal in and of itself. Concede him. But I don't believe him. Um, but, look, you know, you're not gonna get custom. There may be another stimulus check, but it's not what people actually want. Well, do it. Even if you get another stimulus check. I mean, again, this might be anecdotal, but I've spoken to business owners and no business owners. Uh, who, You know, I'm doing my Tony Robbins bit again. And, you know, this whole e i d l grant, right? That was supposed to be available to employers. Yeah. People are just now getting emailed about that. Oh, and by the way, it's no longer a grant. It's alone that you have to pay back at 4% interest. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. I mean, you talk about the impact on small businesses, do you think? You think Jonathan greenblatt was there? Just like, like, dick in his hand, waiting to, ah to talk to somebody at the I R. S to get his stimulus trick? Now that I don't think so. They got the first round that nobody has to pay back the second round. That was getting to all the people that didn't get in on the trough the first time. Yeah, those are loans now. You gotta pay back. So yeah, it's dude, it's It's all garbage. I mean, the reason why I go back to the stimulus check from the National Guardsmen. Those to sort of set up this this next picture, which is that you're not gonna get stimulus check. You're not gonna get the monthly $2000 check that that Democrats are proposing that they know isn't reality. They're not going to replenish the small business bailout because they want these businesses to die so they can gobble them up. BlackRock runs the Fed. Jamie Diamond says that banking is racist and we need to change. We need to have structural changes. You're not gonna get universal health care and, ah, you know, but Israel, they're going to get the West Bank. They're going to get the Jordan Valley. They're gonna get a parade of embassy relocations and a lot more than that, because I will go out on a limb and say this, given what we know, given what we've sort of dissected in unpacked in the last six weeks. Summer 2020 is gonna be fucking lit in the Middle East. And the reason for that is because of the state of the jig Nat ascendancy. Now we've been talking a lot about fake nationalism and all the pieces on the board that they have, and they do have more pieces on the board than they have had. An any time really in in history in recent history. In last 150 years, where you have all these fake nationalists leaders in various countries Donald Trump, Boris Johnson Ah, you have Matteo salving. You have, ah, matters more Ueki. The Piss party. You have Victor Orban. Yarbles! So narrow you have Vladimir Putin is part of the whole thing. You have all these people pieces on the board, signet pieces on the board that are all doing the bit for about Lubovitch and that ascendancy in 2016. These people were riding high, 2017 2018. Bolt Br gets in everything. They have a lot of pieces on the board. But Donald Trump's election is in jeopardy unless they can totally cheat on the election. And it's always it's always somewhere in the middle. It's not either one of the other. It depends on the circumstances and what they can pull off and how everything goes. But the economy is not doing well. It's profits. It's not gonna be a V shaped recovery. It's gonna be a very long, slow recovery, I think. And so they have a difficult time. This thing that they thought was a sure fire win for Trump in 2020 and he can't go back and start having to readdress redress some of the promises that he made in 2016. It's out of the question, Finkel think, mandates that you don't actually deliver on the sentiments that you're stoking, right? Those air a part of the bait and switch should you then pivot to something else. But the pivot has fallen out from under this thing. Benjamin Netanyahu is in a sharing agreement with Benny Gantz, and Donald Trump's election is in question. And as we're gonna find out in the second half, bull scenario might not even finish out his first term. But there's a reason why, because people are rejecting this stuff, they are not liking the jig, not ascendancy. And so the reason why I'm saying that summer is gonna be potentially lit is July 1st is when Israel can do the bit on the West Bank, Jordan Valley. And, um, this may be their shot. This may be their last shot in the next election cycle for a while, maybe for hopefully a long while before they get all the pieces on the board again. Right, Because they're not. You know, people can say like, Well, it doesn't matter who is gonna be the president. They'll get what they want anyway. Well, we have a long track record of these things not happening, the world being against it. And that's one of the reasons why they work so hard to put these people who are going toe rubber stamp a lot of these jig, Nat ah, goals and strategies and run them through. So now you have a situation where some of the major pieces on the board Donald Trump and the 5000 appointees that comprised the U. S. Federal government under Donald Trump, you know, bull scenario. You have all these people who are in danger now, and maybe Netanyahu doesn't. What if he falls out of power? He's kind of the center of the whole thing. What continues it? And so what you're going to see is a lot of action on the ground in the Middle East to get these things done as quickly as possible because they don't want a wager. What happens with the next president? What happens with the next set of appointees? Who do we have to bribe in Greece and blackmail we got? We got what we want right where we want it. So I think they will do everything that they can to tip the election for Trump in 2020. Um, but you know, there's only there's only so much you can do to two metal and collude in the election like they did. But you'll see a lot of of the same set of characters popping back up again that we've been talking about. But yeah, I mean, this is why Pompeo's in Israel on Friday and then all of a sudden, the Chinese ambassador winds up dead home dreams. Kind of funny How that happens Only pretty, pretty spooky, right? Yeah. No signs of no signs of violence. No, no, no. Forced entry. Just dead. Wow. From a dead dead of apparent cardiac arrest in the middle of the night. But given what we know about what Massad is capable of, we just talked about this two weeks ago, right when they were when they had that failed assassination attempt on Ah, the Palestinian leader, um, where they tried to shoot him with fentanyl and it didn't succeed, you know, they have weapon it. Israelis Massad, they have weaponized fentanyl, um, in in their various tactical strike operations. In other words, assassinations of people that they don't like. And this is a quote from 1998. Israeli officials have indicated that Massad has used fentanyl in other tactical strike operations, which they declined to describe, noting that it has a 100% success rate except in the case of Meshaal, where they didn't succeed at doing that. But, you know, you just shoot a guy with sentinel and you do it with highly concentrated dose, and that guy's knocked the fuck out and no questions asked, and you don't even know no shots fired, you know, because it's not a gun that you're shooting them with, right? No shots fired. And for the longest time, it was something they didn't even think to to try to identify, right? And I think now they can. They can still do it in a manner which is which is hard to distinguish unless you have a reason to to go under the forensics and actually look for you know, what compounds are found in their body in that. But in the case of this, this trainees Ambassador China had indicated initially they were going to send a Chinese team into Israel to probe his death and conduct their own autopsy. But ah, they've back tracked on that. Haven't they abandoned that plan? According to Y net news, Um, not gonna happen anymore. And his aides found him in his bed, not breathing. They said, Yep, cardiac arrest and case closed currently, if if you had a guy as an ambassador on the ground in Israel, in your sovereign country, like China and your guy just goes up in smoke and you know a lot more than the public knows about what Israel is capable of, I mean, one of the reasons Well, we'll get to that in a second. But this you know what's going on? So what's the point of sending a team to stoke perhaps an international sort of, ah, rub them the wrong way and then lose more people because, you know, if there if you have a team going into Israel to try to find out what the truth is, it's like you're going into the devil's then and ah, you know what you want your other people in your seem to get shot with sentinel and then wind up like, Oh, we don't know what happened. I mean, this is right and this is the point that we made about China, people saying Well, you know. But China is not co signing every Israeli action in the Middle East. They must be based, right? Well, no. You know, China has has not, you know, gone along with every US Israeli. A decree in the United Nations. Sure, but they also haven't put up any meaningful resistance to that. And this is another example of that of China, sort of going along to get along. And if you were to be an advocate of the of the position that China is really based on their working against Jewish and Israeli power, well, then they're not gonna investigate what is a very likely what is very likely to be an assassination of their own ambassador in Israel. Why were they not its costs of doing business charged to the game? And we already talked in depth on a deep dive on a recent show about the Jewish history in China and and basically the the whole thing could be summarized is this is basically Mao's inner circle Were Jews the only people, the only Westerners that were allowed in the country after 1949 were Jews? You can look all this up and the purpose of those Jews around now. And they were the only Westerners who were ever given citizen CCP citizenship either. Like it's like, Wow, it's amazing that they're the ones to get citizenship. Their purpose was to make sure that Chinese communism didn't trend in a direction that was gonna be bad for Jews, and they made sure that China would eventually become compatible with with capitalism. And sure enough, that's the direction that it's been trending. I mean, it's it's that's what happened with Russia. It's what happened with China. It's like magically these thes countries air trending toward capitalism, to make it so that there plug and play with BlackRock. Because Larry Fink said, over the next decade, 50% of our business is going to be done in China. And Larry Fink is now sitting on top of, ah, the Federal Reserve. So yeah, this this, this idea China is just is just on its way, right? You can look at China relative to us, and you could look Russia relative to us and say, Well, they're better than we are, So I'm gonna hang my hat on that Go Well, if they are really as you point out, James, that the really anti Israel there really anti Israeli sentiment in their objectives in the Middle East, Then why were they ah, operating the Haifa port in Israel? Why is Pompeo flying there not just to work on the West Bank annexation and make sure that it happens in 2020 when it benefits trump the most. The other point of his visit was Teoh. Try to dissuade the Israelis from continuing to trade and invest with China, and then, 48 hours later, the Chinese ambassador Israel's found dead in his home and you have China Ah they? They have been doing a lot of things for Israel. They have a $1.5 billion deal to build a desalinate desalinization plant in Israel that would produce 1\/4 of the water that Israel consumes. And they're trying that you, the U. S. Is in there trying to stop Israel from from doing this. But it's like who allies China there in the first place. If they're really against these things, it's like no China, China is, is trying to ah, deep in its relationship with Israel. Justus Israel is trying to deep in its relationship with China, just as American Jews air trying to sink their financial leverage into China. And they already have. We talked about the Construction bank in China, working a deal with BlackRock and, amazingly, China. The thing that people will point to is, is China doesn't allow foreigners to have controlling stakes in their businesses. Well, not with banks. They're sliding those rules to the side so that they can partner with these big, massive financial services industries in America. And ah, they're not even in America, just these international jury organizations, and they're gonna let him in and let them have controlling stakes. It's like Kiss of death China. But look with all that So and you and you look at the business is isolated to expand the most of the quote American businesses that are destined for the most expansion in China. And they are all you know, 12 or three shareholder. BlackRock and Vanguard Friends of these are thes other people next in line to profit the most from Chinese economic expansion and also this desalination plant. This is especially in cities, when you, when you understand the situation with water rights and water access in Israel and Palestine, this is definitely this desalination plant. The purpose of this is to facilitate increased Israeli expansion in Gaza, and the West Man is, that is, that is one of their biggest struggles when they're when they're building settlements and you know, one of the areas one of the ways they're able to choke Palestinians out of their own land. It's by damming up rivers and springs and making you know, essentially Palestinians, forcing them to move because there's no more water. And that's the purpose of this plant. So China is not only aiding and participating in assisting Israel economically there, assisting them with with the creation of Greater Israel and the displacement of Palestinians. Yeah. I can't build that third temple without lots of water and Ah, yeah, It's like if there was any ideological sort of opposition to that from the Chinese, then they would be like, Yeah, we're not leaving the Chinese A really desperate for $1.5 billion a Come on. I mean, it's like, you know, they're building this desalination. They're just doing out of the goodness of their heart. But it's it's really based, right? So the Chinese can control the water supplied Israel. Yeah, and ma'am. And they're gonna shut it off one day, and and then, yeah, they're gonna starve Tel Aviv, bro. Trust the plan. But but listen to this chutzpah from Pompeo warned during his visit we do not want This is when the U. S. Gets up on the high horses. What Mike talks about, like when the U. S. Gets up on its high horse about China, and it just looks so fucking stupid. Pompeo during the visit, we do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure. Israeli communication systems, all of the things that put Israeli citizens at risk and in turn put the capacity for America toe work alongside Israel on important projects at risk as well. And that's not even I don't even know I'm doing that impression that was, like way too masculine oven impression of Mike Pompeo. Um, but yeah, it's like the chutzpah of this. We don't want the CCP to be having access to all this infrastructure and all these systems that we're all like, really deeply intertwined with, because it's really no difference. You know, China having access to Israel is like China having access to America. And we don't want that also just yeah, so you can imagine who can imagine a relationship between two countries that consists of one country having a parasitic relationship, owning all of the other countries, sensitive communications and encryption technology? Yeah, yeah, it's unfathomable. It's amazing all the things coming out of this trip that Pompeo is just there for a couple hours and look at this. Israel backs international push for independent probe of Cove in 19 origin So Chinese ambassador dead. Now they're pushing for the probe of covert Nineteens origin which is basically like, where are the weapons of mass destruction? We will create them if they do not exist. And it was China who did it, right? China in the ballroom with the purple Darren Jer, I don't even know clue the game. I don't even remember the characters and all the fucking things in it. But, bro, I can't wait for this like satellite. The grainy satellite truck images of the of the truck, the semi truck driving from North Korea to China, to Iran just to like to square the circle and look the axis of evil. Yeah, they must all be declared war upon. Boomers were doing this in the early days of Cove in 19 when they're like, Did you notice how fast Corona virus spread from China to Israel? Earned t Iran? They were like, What does that tell you about the relationship between the Iranians and the Chinese? Just tells me that people are traveling two different places. So what does that tell you about Italy? Because it's like, as bad as Iran is there, like a Is there, like a deep conspiracy between the Northern Italians and the Chinese and the Iranians do that we should be concerned about. It's like Bear don't know what they're talking about, but yeah, it's like Pompeo goes. He raises a big stink about this desalination desalinization, desalination, desalination plant. That's what it is. Um, yeah. Jesus. It's like, Well, so what is the u s gonna build it for them? I mean, you know why not? If this is gonna expand the expand, the settlements, why doesn't the U. S do this? Probably because if the U. S. Offered to do this, it would cost, I don't know, $10 trillion or something. But it's our money anyway, right? Like we're paying for this desalinization plant. Um, yeah, the Israelis air probably like, Look, America, we appreciate the gesture. We really don't have time for you to send over your like, 1\/4 black, 1\/4 transgender, 1\/4 gay architecture team to build this thing. Get this, Get this turned on by July. So yeah, let's let the Chinese take this one. Yeah, we need the pipes flowing. And then, of course, back in the United States, you have what happened on Friday night. Trump fired the I G. Lynn IQ Irish who had been investigating Pompeo. Ah, for Pompeo approving this arms deal with Saudi Arabia and that I guess Pompeo must be nice to be in government, right? Like Pompeo had one of his staff members like walking his dog in, like doing laundry for him and his wife. And, you know, whatever it's like, Yeah, it's like I don't know, like, Mike. Mike Pompeo is, like, shirts that he wears air. Probably like the size of a fucking parachute. But, I mean, it's like that laundry could be probably pretty difficult to. Did you see him with the fucking American flag mask on the ground in Israel? Oh, yeah. It just Yeah, it's like, Yeah, that thing is probably about 15 sizes too small for Mike. But should he should have just gone, you know, gone whole hog and just put on the Israeli flag mask and just left it on. I mean, boomers want to talk about masks being symbolic. That's one case where I would agree with you. The star of David Star David Respirator. There on Mike Pompeo. Great image. These colors here don't run. Except when it's the blue and white. Right. Then they run. Um, so Yeah, this is so it's It's kind of funny. Trump fires this I g very late was, like 11 or midnight on Friday night when this guy got fired for investigating Pompeo. And you know some of the shit that Pompeii's sing well, it's like, Well, they in Pompeo cannot be endangered. Pompeo is the go between with Israel, like Pompeo was there, he flew there first travel that he's had in two months, and he goes there for a couple hours. Chinese ambassador's dead All of a sudden, Israel's onboard with pinpointing the origin of Cove in 19 and ah, yeah, it's ah, it's all kind of funny how all this works out and, you know, there they pushed it all on Pompeo. Even though Trump is the one that fired him. They tried to say that, you know, the White House's had nothing to do with this, but it was Trump who did it. So yeah, it's kind of funny. I mean, normally it's funny how the shoes on the other foot now, like before I've you like good Trump. There's Trump. Let's go. Trump is draining the swamp, but it's like, No, he's firing the I G who's investigating those io She'll go between who is facilitating West Bank annexation and, uh, aggression against China. So he's desalinating the swamp. He is desalinating the swamp. But ah, but yeah, this is this is the kicker. And we're close part one with the steer E. But we do not, you know that going back to what Pompeii was saying we do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communication systems. It's like, you know, sort of like that Israelis were doing to us guy. So to bury two very big stories this week, um, that have been making well past past few weeks, have been making the rounds. One of them we already talked about which is Michael Flynn being the Indian agent and ah, in the transition in 2016 essentially trying to facilitate a veto of this. This U N resolution, um, that would would have been critical of Israel. And it was done through Netanyahu and Kushner and everything else in the media, of course, talks about it like Flynn was stalking the Russians. It's like, No, he's talking to Russian Jews, and he was doing it on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu and Russia was only part of the story and they don't talk about any of this. And this is a story that we talked about at length another story. And this is a big hat tip to Dr Philip M Giraldi over it. Un's, uh, because he compiled both of these. First half is something we already talked about second half of something we haven't talked about but will fit in very nicely with a ah previously unreleased deep dive that we're gonna be dropping this weekend on that James put a hell of a lot of elbow grease into on Israel and how Israeli Israel is spying on you and how they have been in all the different ways that they're doing that in facilitating that. But the second story which we haven't talked about and this is new Facebook accuses NSO Group, which is one of the companies that I believe we talked about in the deep dive, um of using US servers for spying. Say this for spying. The revelation that Israel was again using its telecommunications skills to spy on foreigners US came from an Oakland, California, federal court lawsuit initiated by Facebook against the Israeli Surveillance Technology Company and ESO group. Facebook claimed that NSO had been using servers located in the United States to infect spyware on hundreds of smartphones by use used by attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, critics of Israel and even government officials. People think, Oh, it's just 100 couple phones, these air phones of people and very important places. But oftentimes you'll see this reported and the really focus on the Saudi people, you Jordanian journalists and with the intent of making you not care about it. But when you really dig into it and you come to find that this was not only happening to people overseas and in the Middle East, this was being done to Americans in the United States to and apparently it's still being done. It's still being done. And, uh, NSO used what's app, which is a Facebook app that they have acquired um, toe hack into phones and install malware that would enable the company to monitor what was going on with the devices. It did so by employing networks of remote. Save is located in California to enter the accounts, and so has inevitably claimed that they do indeed provide spyware, but that it is sold to clients who themselves operated sure, with quote the advice and technical support to assist customers and setting it up. This sounds like just another modern rendition of Crypto A G. James, where we talked about this before Where you have you know, this this crypto G is this cover company in Switzerland that was really controlled by the C i A. That was selling all these encryption APs to people around the world. Encryption devices, actually, people around the world and they had the encryption keys, so they were just spying on everybody, right? All these countries were buying these devices, and then they're just the government has the ability through Israel, of course, to spy on everybody. Whereas this is like, yeah, we're selling esos like, but we're just selling people are spyware so that they can use it in spy on other people. And guys were using it to stop terrorism and stop violent crime and save lives. How dare you? How dare you? Yeah, How absolutely dare you And the idea too that there is this is just just like any other product somebody would purchase and use And what do you mean, holding the manufacturer liable. Now, NSO Group emerged out of an Israeli government effort to become a world leader in technology back in 2012 information technology and one of their clients is the Israeli government. So even if you're going to say, we only contract out our services due to governments, All right. Well, if Israel and the United States are both clients, then this this doesn't prove anything. This doesn't prove your innocence. Not that you know them. Not being clients would either. But you having the ability to, in fact, any any phone, By the way, apple Android doesn't matter. Any phone in the world with this software is should be alarming. And the fact that the U. S. Government has basically has been confirmed to be a customer that should be especially alarming for Americans. It should be in. And so people understand, too, because I think people get caught in the trap of believing that it's all of something or not of anything. So, like the the idea that Israel Israel has significant control over over a lot of the things in our country. They have this control through lobbyists they have this control through financial leverage with banking, and everybody understands a lot of how this goes on. But don't misconstrue that as complete control. They don't have complete control over everybody, and they have to worry about people who could disrupt what they're trying to do. And in fact, I would even argue that they have a lot less control than people probably think. That doesn't mean that you should underestimate them or whatever, but it just means that you shouldn't just assume that everything that happens in every person who speaks is somehow like, get lost in that it's probably not probably not. Let's talk about connections that we can actually make. And so one of the reasons why they're spying. One of the reasons why this goes on, and one of the things that I think I was talking about on J and J recently is that behind closed doors, if you read intelligence agency documents, they talk about Israel being one of the big four countries that spy on the United States, and they're spying because they want to know well in advance of anything that's going on so that they can counteracted, and this spying allows them to have the illusion of complete control of the country because they're able to get out in front of this stuff and thwarted. Now they do have lots of control over over government, everything else with with the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail, all this stuff. But all these pieces are in place to make sure that they can most of the time, make sure things go their way in one way or another. And because they want thes things done very quickly. That's part of the whole jig, not philosophy. The third Temple has to be built. We have to do this now. We can't wait. It's the end of end of times and so on and so forth. So all of this, all of this spying that has been going on, this is to further that and make sure that that there aren't any, uh, loose ends, any problems that they have. And they know that they have opposition. They know that there are people out there who do the song and dance and say, You know, I love Israel is our greatest ally and so on and so forth, but maybe are tired of being under that thumb right under that knows. And they maybe they want to deal with people they want to know is the guy who says they love Israel and, ah, you know, they come to the Wailing Wall Is that one of the photo op countries? Is every person who comes to our country from a photo op country? Is that somebody that What are they saying behind closed doors? Is that somebody who's going to say I love Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu behind closed doors? Or is that a person that says, Yeah, we gotta get rid of that guy and get somebody else So that's the purpose of this So sure that that is absolutely, you know, one of the key purposes. And also blackmail, gathering, right intelligence gathering. And because they're not only listening to, like, secure government phones, they're listening to everything. And as we know and as you'll hear in the Israeli spy tech, keep dive. We talk of extensively about their intrusion into Internet of things devices, right, your your Alexa smart speaker, which you should not have. You know, if you have one Google Smart Speaker, all of these smart home devices that have microphones in them. Well, those those chips are being built by a RM , which is an Israeli company, and they're being hacked by by other Israeli companies. Right, So So the idea that, ah, that you're safe and secure in your own home and it's only your devices listening. That's absolutely not the case. So not only do they do they get tabs on what people in government are doing, but they also have the ability to build dossiers on just about anybody who, especially people who embrace this surveillance tech and bring it into their homes. Yeah, and this is why you know Mark Zuckerberg is preeminent Dignidad. This is why he's going to have dinner at the White House with Donald Trump. This is why you have Ah, good old George Soros going out there and criticising Mark Zuckerberg for bad optics. Because Zuckerberg is participating in this in being part of the Panopticon and mining people's data to use it for very advanced Finkel think Finkelstein would pour over paper polling, you know, $50,000 a pop for these polls that would be conducted. That would not be very accurate, that you have to get somebody on a fucking phone to talk to them. Why do all that when you can just gather people's data like J. P. Morgan Chase has or like Facebook has, or like any of these companies have to just pick through that data? And you basically, like, have instant polling results based on people's activities, online activities? You don't need to ask them questions. You just look at what they're doing. And then you can really exact fourth generation warfare psychological warfare in in weaponizing rhetoric during elections to get people to vote the way that you want, either for this side of the kosher sandwich or that set of kosher sandwich. That's what Cambridge Analytical was all about. And so a lot of this stuff is covering the gaps is all right? Well, what about people that aren't on Facebook? What about people who have who have smartly a shoot? Social media? How do we get their information? Well, you hacked the phones, you get into whatever device they're using unless you're using a ah, you know. Ah, what is it? 1999 Star tack phone. Probably not hackable, but who knows? Maybe you can hack a star attack at this point, but smartphones definitely hackable. And this is something that these these people have been doing. And yet, like liberty, other suitors going to say one closing thought in part one. Libertarians, when they're out there, worried about Big Brother getting your information? Truly, Biggs. I on getting your information. It's not big Brother. It's not the government whose, you know, it's like, yeah, those fears irrational. Those fears are definitely rational. But what? They're using it for their not coming to use it to van you there or do a violate your Fifth Amendment rights. Fourth Amendment rights don't remember. Um, illegal search and seizure. Which one is that? James? This is how much I care forth. This that much care about the Constitution. Um and so, yeah, this is that they're not gonna do that, just like the lockdowns were not about, like putting you in a FEMA camp. It's It's just the FEMA camp is your online activity. So it's, you know, that's ah, that's what you have to know and do what you can to protect yourself and and ah, yeah, I mean, this is this is Israel. It's not. It's, you know, deep state apparatus. It's just that's all, like, one big thing. So, um yeah, What else? Yeah, there's a cyber attack that Israel Ah did on an Iranian port facility on May 9. So, Yeah, I told you things are going to start heating up like you're gonna start seeing things like this and you rarely see, like I thought, Wow. Did they get the headline backwards that this was Iran doing a cyber attack on an Israeli port facility? No, it was Israel doing it. It's kind of funny when they admit these things, but but yeah, they hacked a port to see if they could cause a bunch of shipping problems in middle of Corona virus. Very cool, Massad, But yeah, very cool when these people are already under the yoke of sanctions and the country is essentially being starved by by us aggression to Yeah, just ah, tinker around and mess things up a little bit more. That's great. Please do. Well, let's let's cause a container ship, truck and goods and services traffic jam in the middle of a ah, health crisis. That's cool. Very cool, Massad. Yeah, well, and this wouldn't be the first time they've done this, right? They've done this with stuxnet, which was a an international scandal about 10 years ago, right? Ah, that was, like 2010. Wow. How time flies? Um yeah, they've done. This was stuxnet. They will do this again. And, you know, at least these leases containers weren't carrying any PPE being sent to the country. Right jazz? Because, thankfully, the US and Zionist banded together to prevent that from being sent in as aiding and abetting an enemy regime. What's what sticks net? Is that where you get hair brushes and leather jackets online? I'm just kidding. I believe so. I'm just joking. It's just bats. It's just friendly time. And I'd love to have sticks part of the club. Great, great. But anyway, we'll get there. Gotta work on people. So part to be right back, wrecking balls swinging Be right back in it Yet you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the radio network Hello. Welcome back. Our two here in FTN like we mentioned in the first hour taking the shooter left wrecking ball heading down south heading down to the Amazon rainforest for this one. We already talked about Putin at length and his connections with Roman Abramovich and the rebbe, etcetera. And, uh, we've done Trump, obviously ad nauseam. We don't Orban. And now you know, to get a little bit of geographical diversity on the ticket, we're taking a look at the IRB. Also narrow down in Brazil. This is a guy who you'll remember back in 2018 was celebrated by many as, ah, as a champion figure as a nationalist, as some called him Trump of the Tropics, which was always kind of an obnoxious name. But, you know, at the time of my understanding of him and jazz, you may have had a different take was all right. This guy is friendly with Trump. Cool. This guy's going to crack down on crime in Brazil. Great. You know, that'll be awesome. That's probably what they need is a white dude, blue eyed Brazilian guy. Alright, how bad could it really be? And as we've come to find out through research, extensive research we've done for this presentation here, the truth was much more intertwined with global Zionism and jig battery than we had predicted. Well, it's all in the name to Yar is of course, a Hebrew, for he will illuminate in yarbles so narrow. I did not realize his middle name is Messiah. So is the Messiah of Brazil, who is illuminating the evangelical Brazilians, Um, with ah jig battery. I suppose he would not be an offi a You know, when you guys talked about that with sticks and tedious as well. I mean, sticks is not wrong about the evangelicals Mean without evangelical support in Brazil. ER would never be in office because Jews alone cannot make these jig. Nat. It's happened like they can't make their favored fake nationalist candidates happen in the United States. It's true, too, if you did not have evangelicals, um, supporting Trump or even supporting these Zionist positions, which they worked very long time over time with these televangelists, pastors and everything else to make happen. They've gotten this aligned in this way. And of course you are Bolson Arrow in 2016. So, you know, this is always the question that we answer with these guys to is, was it an op from the very beginning, or was this a totally based guy who got co opted right? It's a question that we've answered on Trump. It's a question that we've answered on Viktor Orban and with Bolson are Oh, my take Essentially is based on. What we see is that from the very beginning, what does that mean? Well, in 2016 Yarbrough scenario donned a white robe and was baptized in the Jordan River on a visit to Israel by a prominent evangelical pastor. And when you look back at his history, yeah, he's got some base quotes. We're going talk about here, which is always the tempting thing, but he's got a 27 year history in Brazilian politics before he ran for president day. So where are all those based quotes? 10 15 20 years ago? They don't exist. It's Onley In the last two years, just like we saw with Trump, 2012 Donald Trump is teasing this run for president and starting to say it goes in deeply into Obama. Birtherism right? And then it's like, Whoa! But before that, Donald Trump was a a gun control fag and was, you know, in really supporting a lot of other a lot of other issues now, I can't say that about Yar. But these based quotes from you, our only recent and you know we said, Well, when is he gone? Israel. Well, the answer to that is two years before he ran for the election, he got baptized in a river cause he's Catholic to become an evangelical, and his wife is evangelical. And, ah, you know this is him. In Eduardo and his brothers with their father, Ah, and a few other members of the Social Liberal Party came on this little notice parliamentary visit to Israel, and it was that moment that he became a fan, he recalled. And so for a whole week he was shown around the country by a Brazilian Israeli tour guide who effectively conveyed Israeli government talking points, which turned him from a casual supporter of Israel, just a casual Zionist James into a hot blooded activist. And er would not announce his run for office until two years later in 2018. And this is where this photo of Eduardo and the other brother, who doesn't matter, could his water. Eduardo is going to be carrying on the mental of bull scenario politics. Ah, the brothers walking in Israel with the Israeli Defense Force T shirt and the Massad T shirt. And this is people pointed this stuff out while the campaign was going on. We knew about this, that this was thief a kissed of fake assed fake nationalists. But our purpose today is to tell you just how fake it really was along. And it it's pretty thick. Isn't James? Yeah, that's exactly right. And Bolson r, I mean, is his track record of rhetoric. You can you can, you know, people could split hairs about when the based rhetoric took place when it didn't take place. But the fact is that at no point in the political history, because he does have a long track record, he was a a deputy, which is the equivalent of the U. S. Senator for over a decade. And at no point did he address these these issues. And this is so typical right with Republicans in the US We see this with Democrats. We see this where they will will talk a great deal. It's a very popular things that people really like to hear, yet they never take action or never seem to take action and actually do things are do anything about those issues when they have the ability to do so, but understandable, so narrow. We have to look back way back in Brazilian history, back to the sixties, and you see that Ah, somewhat ironically, both scenarios, political career emerged out of resistance to the result of US meddling CIA meddling in Brazil in the sixties and seventies, there was a coup and 64 where the C i A. The Catholic Church, Brazilian elites and others held a military coup through the president, Joel Google, are out of power. This was later admitted by the U. S. Ambassador Lincoln Gordon. The US even went so far as to have the USS Forestall off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in case Brazilian troops required assistance. Jazz. Do you think, uh, it wasn't that the ship that John McCain was on that he almost burned down that one time? I think so far. The wet, wet I don't know what rev Wet start. Let's start. It's starting. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, down there with John McCain wet starting on the day. But ah, this CIA coup then sent Brazil down this path. Multi decade path of military rule and the U. S. Military leaders general is being selected for president. Where these people, you know, this was military rule. People would be imprisoned. No trials, no habeas corpus crackdowns on citizens, etcetera. And all the while liberalizing the economy as seems to be the model for South American. See a intrusions, right? We get our guy in charge and all of a sudden market reforms and opening up the outsiders. Now it's not a light switch crackdown, right? Some of these crackdowns were good Jewish revolutionaries, often thrown in jail, tortured, executed At the same time, they were often punished alongside regular Brazilians that were seeking reasonable standard of living in wage reforms. Right, So this was this was, you know, if you want to talk about dark times is the fairly dark times in Brazil, and they started holding elections again in 1970. Now, these elections were heavily controlled in influence, and the first winner of one of these new free and fair elections was a guy named Ernesto Geisel. Elected in 1974 is an army general. He was a corporate bureaucrat, and the 19 seventies became a time of great revival of Brazil's relationship not only with the United States but a revival of their relationship with jewelry and Israel Brazil. We would cast these anti Zionist votes much like China does, sometimes in the U. N. And every time after they did that, the government would send people to explain to the Brazilian Jewish community that this wasn't really about their stance on Israel and Zionism, and they really did support all that stuff. But they were just concerned about the petro dollar and wanted to encourage era petrodollar investments. So we've heard this before, too, right? Jazz. It's all about the petrodollar, bro. That's what that's what's going on here. But ah, you know, if you read what people from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society were saying at the time, H. I s representatives were cordially received by foreign minister as a radio to Sylvie era and Justice Minister Armando Falco, the ministers expressed high regard for the constructive accomplishments of the Jewish community. They were guided on their tour by Fred Weinstein, H. I. As director of Latin American operations. So seventies were a real inflection point in in Brazilian politics and opening of the door of this new Brazil to US investment and two is rightly international investment and generally, more broadly, just chucks every where you look, no matter where you turn, there's a Chuck there, Chuck it. Rivera Chuck in? Yeah, of course. This is going on. And in Brazil, then this kicked off a this dictatorship, right? I mean, for for a long time. And, ah strengthened the Brazilian military to the point where it's gonna make a lot of sense to and what we talk about today because the military nothing, not much, has changed. They say it's a democracy there, but it's really just bull scenario is essentially back stopped by the military. Um, and then the question becomes is who does the military support now? Some people say it's not possible for them to go back to a military dictatorship, and what we're gonna find out is whether or not this military supports you are also narrow or are they support getting rid of him? And that's the big question. I mean, he attended the Brazilian Army's elite prep school. He was in the military, Um, and there's some pictures of him with the FAM back then and so you know he's not. It's it's It's different when you have a guy who has no veteran background whatsoever, but he does have some some solidarity with them, So that will be a big question As things unfold. Yeah, and that's how his political career began. Right? And this is where bull scenario fits into this. This story is his political career began, Ah, as he was a captain, actually in the Brazilian military of paratrooper and artillery units. And he wrote this op ed for a magazine or gave an interview where he discussed this liberalizing government in the eighties and their efforts to cut troop pay to cut troop benefits, some misconduct with with firing commanders. They were accused of deviant conduct, but really it was all about budget cuts imposed by the shifting new liberal government. And so this he was drummed out of the military for this, but he became a hero for rank and file officers. So hey, used this as the launching point for his political career, going on to become a city councillor in Rio and and eventually later on a deputy. But you're right, his political career. It originated. He was he was born in the military, molded by it, right thing is where he came from. So yeah, this this relationship hugely important and a defining characteristic of who he is and what his political career is. But of course, the great irony here is that Boston arose new political career or new presidency, I should say, which was born in directly out of frustration with the result of a U. S. Psyop is now being used to further Bible so narrow being used to further an advanced modern psyops to control these nationalist movements across the world. He's ah, he's fitting right in. Yeah, he fits right in and they cherry pick these guys. I mean, he's a he's a white Brazilian. Um, he is. There is a sizable white population in Brazil. The believe it's majority non white down there. Um, and then you have a whole sort of ah group of people who are mixed race. And so, you know, he's a law and order guy. He's part of the military junta, and whether it's you know, they said it's under the thin veil of democracy down there because that's what you have to dio. Look when you have majority nonwhite countries, you can't actually leave a lot of power and decision in their hand. They the white whites are really running the show. And often in these places it's juice. Who, running the show, and then you have a larger white. Then you see this a lot of Latin American countries. But, um, you know, he had this based rhetoric back then he and this was this was some of the stuff. So we're going to sort of take a step back and think about you know, the pieces that were in place when the sky Iran, you know, like you said, it's beginning used Trump of Brazil. Ah, he says based stuff. And really, the first time I heard about him was when he was stabbed. That's when it first came to my attention. Frexit actually, old friend brought this to my attention and say, You got to see what this guy what's going on with this guy down in Brazil? And I remember seeing the names with the quotes, Um, and one of them, you know, again, this was all these were all things that didn't happen, you know, in the 19 nineties, 19 eighties. These were things that happened in 2011. Like when he said in an interview with Play Billy Ah, that he would be incapable of loving a gay son and added that he would prefer any gay son of his to die in an accident. Jesus. But, um, this is always This is always the thing that they do right These when they don't like, because it's that both senator like these quotes sweet unfurl them. These air, not quotes about, um, you know, we need to have a Brazil for Brazilians. We need to, uh, shore up the white white ah ruling class in Brazil. We need to do various things. It's just, you know, it's it's stuff that that I I would agree with, but it's all social like Larry think it's all this social cause. Larry Fink was promoting candidates who are very based on social conservatism, but that's what the party then moved away from. And they didn't really have to deliver on and let the cry turkey basically run it over and run it over again and back up and run over it 1\/3 time, where it's like, Yeah, I mean, he can feel this way about these things, but he's not gonna stop that. Would it be done tangibly in the Legislature to to stop the advancement of homosexual? Now, the in before, of course, in these Latin American countries that they don't put up with that as much in in America. Well, you know, why don't you go down to, ah, good old Carney Vaulx sometime and tell me that they don't put up with homosexuality down in Brazil? Let me tell you, Yeah, well, and that's that's exactly the point. And they were actually doing the idea. They don't put up with it as much. Some of these quotes came out of this effort in Brazil to introduce what he referred to as a gay kid into the Brazilian schools that would educate kids about about gender and sexual identity. And this was back in 2012. A 20 are filled with dildos into the schools. A gay kit? Yes, the gay kit. And so, yeah, you know, he would come out and say things like, If I see two men kissing in the street, I will beat them. Ah, he said, no fathers ever proud of having a gay son. Many Children adopted by gay couples will be abused by these couples. These things are all true, but then we look at the action he undertook, because again, he has been a deputy the equivalent of a U. S. Senator now for decades. And you look at his legislative history. When he first came into power, his focus in the nineties was almost exclusively on legislation dealing with military interests. And then over time he shifted to doing more things regarding crime and public safety. But he's only for ever proposed three economic pieces of legislation. 10 pieces of health legislation. One of them is an expansion of abortion prohibitions. But these are not issues that this guy was passionate enough about, apparently to introduce legislation on you would run his mouth. But that's it. This is why they had to start pivoting to outsiders with Finkel. Think and the Finkel think strategy is because the problem that they had, you know in the 19 sixties, they could have people saying and doing things, and there's not much of a track record, right. They are replacing the old guard and then they they know they have a track record right in Bolson Arrow had to switch parties and then have no party because he got elected by not being a member of any party. So that's how they sort of synthesised based outsider. But for the most part, they have a lot of trouble with this stuff, pulling from within their own ranks because they typically don't have a good track record. They don't have tangible things that they can point to where they've gotten anything done because it's the same old play. It's the same old thing that they've always done. You know Ted Cruz. As soon as the GOP loses the House, all of a sudden Ted Cruz is publishing all these bill based bills on immigration. The same old thing you look at back of Boston are and what he's done and what he's actually put forward its very little its It's hardly anything at all. And, um, it's kind of telling when he comes forward and, ah, start saying this stuff about gays because thes air, the types of this is the bait. This is the bait for conservative whites in Brazil, evangelical whites to talk about. This is why this was the focus this is why there was a very concentrated focus on this type of rhetoric about men kissing in the street and the gay kid in the schools. They knew that this is what was gonna animate thes people. And they were right. Great. Yeah. And not only those evangelicals, but many of these sort of mystery meat pasties. Oh, Mr Rezo types that Ah, that you have a gut reaction to disliking this stuff. This is very popular in Brazil. And in a country like Brazil, where Brazil is such a weird place, it really is actually very unique, even amongst Latin American South American countries. In that you have in English a largely partially English speaking population. I mean, the majority is Portuguese, obviously. Ah, parts Portuguese, part Spanish, part English. And you're operating this government that is, on its face, a democratic republic, to a degree, but also like, you need to appeal to people's bait, very base instincts. And so Brazil becomes a place that is the perfect ground zero for Finkel. Think for animating people along racial lines for talking about crime and drugs. I mean, these were the things that Finkelstein talked about in the seventies. as being the key vectors to get people riled up. And so what? What do you imagine Bull scenario does when he runs his campaign? He obviously has his military, but a few days. But the focus of his campaign was on. Crime was on drugs, and he repeatedly would, ah, make comments and insinuations that would rile up some of these racial tensions against specifically against black people in Brazil. And you look into his legislative track record. It's literally before and after the trip to Israel. He's doing all military stuff before, After the trip to Israel, it's all public security legislation building up a track record as a guy that is serious, serious guy about public safety and then the race stuff. I mean, you just look at the boxes for Finkel think, and he's meeting every standard 2017. He goes to a Jewish club in Rio de Janeiro and describes visiting an African neighborhood. And he says, Quote, the lightest African descendant weighed £220. They don't do anything. They don't even serve to procreate anymore, which which on the one hand, you're like whoa based, But on the other hand, it's like, Why is he saying this? It's to incite the people he needs incited and get them excited for his candidacy. I love how the Jewish club is called, huh? Brega? Yeah, and another parallel between Ballston Aro Trump. You know that that moniker Trump of the Tropics, it really is just so accurate. And that's the thing is, at the time we would look at that You like Well, you know, maybe, maybe not. But ah, now, with everything we're learning, it's absolutely true. But even like Trump, once they become fully operational, Finkel think agents. It drops the based rhetoric. He drops the based rhetoric about gays that that made him popular. That bought him this credibility amongst, ah, Brazil's social conservative right in 2016 coinciding perfectly with that shift Israel it against a moderate, his discourse on gays and post a little video on his YouTube channel, saying that what people do in the privacy of their own home, you know, go on, be happy. Ah, it's ah, the privacy of their own bedroom kind of thing. And then, in 2017 he goes on and says that each person, after a certain age, will take care of their life for kids. You know, for six year old Children, they can't be gay. But anybody else that wants to any adult, you know, that's their right. And homosexuals will be very happy if I become president. That sounds really needed to do. Was like hug the hug, the rainbow flag jazz. We haven't good old Trump of the tropics right here. Yeah, it sounds exactly like Donald Trump, and there's a lot of very dearly familiar parallels that will run through it with this stuff is well, and it's it's it's funny how it's all part and when you realize that it's all part of the same strategy because we used to just, you know, we've sort of pivoted off of focusing on just hyper focus on American politics. We need to really look at, uh, how this stuff is being orchestrated internationally and what they're doing in multiple countries at the same time, because when you start connecting those dots, then you really start to see this stuff coming through. Now, Like I said, um, you want you want to talk about this being shot part now? Yeah, let's do the shooting. Yeah, because this is the part where it really boosted him to prominence because I remember people like Trump of the Tropics. God isn't like fags, and he's running for office in Brazil and blah, blah, blah. It's a white guy running for office in Brazil, although it's crazy. And they tried to keep his much of the Israeli stuff to the side, although that photo of the brothers eventually surfaced and you started to figure this stuff out. But this happened at a time when you know most people were still on the Trump train and you saw like, Wow, there's this rising populism you have meto Salvi ni and you have the piss party and you have all these things going on in Europe and it's like, Wow, we're populism, nationalism rising. And we're realizing now that this is all the part and parcel to the same, the same set of people, same set of interest, same set of circumstances, and, ah, who have the same goals. And And I thought people were saying like, Well, how can a white guy win in Brazil? How can this guy when in a country that's majority nonwhite and you know, Then there were some things that were said about like, Oh, well, you know, even these thes you know, half black, half white, like whatever. Remember the Negri Toe and La Luz Extinguish Odo and the different the different shades. Um, a lot trust Adadi America. Yeah, all those different. 56% face, um Mihm's they Some of those people have like they want law and Order and they want MCI's mo and they don't like gays and that that was also part of the design with the speech because he can't go nativist because what's a native Brazilian like, I mean, you know, you can't go, um, ethno state or whatever it iss, even if it's implicit or whatever. He can't say a Brazil for Brazilians. What does that even mean? It doesn't even mean anything. You just have ah, color palette of, ah, Peter Griffin getting arrested color palette. It's like, Well, who knows what this even fucking means? And so one of the reasons one of the ways that they had to bolster his sort of outsider raise his status was you have him getting stabbed in the streets and they say that it was a left, an anti Semitic leftist who dressed up as one of his supporters and stabbed him with a five inch night. And even let's say that you take that story at face value or you think it's a gay up. I don't really know. Whatever it was, it, I think, was what may pushed him over the top. It made him. It was like it was similar to the never trump up that was run to benefit Trump. And with Bull so narrow it's like it. Have an assassination attempt on this guy, haven't go to the hospital and then, you know, 24 hours later he's fine. Everything's cool. But one story that I did not realize about this at the time, and it really so's the whole thing together rather nicely is the connection to the rebbe and yarbles. A narrow actually flows right through this little stabbing incident, and we talked about this on the weekend show with the rebbe, um, in in who he is in his prominence within Habad, Lubavitch and everything else. And so there's just a story about the rebbe and ah, the Brazilian president, of course, ready has been dead for a long time, but the rebbe has this thing that he does, where he gives out dollar bills that are blessed by the rebbe and, ah, these dollar bills make their way around and so on and so forth. So a little known story spanning several decades reveals the hidden connection between Brazil's new president in Israel's prime minister and how together the two leaders maybe designated to usher in the Messiah. The following story was told to breaking Israel. News by Rehfeld Rabinovich, a member of the Habad Lubavitch sect of Hasidic Judaism, lives in Brooklyn were about Remember Richard, this story directly from the emissary who made the connection between Habad, Rebbie and Yarbles a narrow, the newly inaugurated Brazilian president. The story concerns Rabbi Schneerson, which we talked about blah, blah, blah, blah. 36 years ago, a young man who was a member of the Habad sect went to visit the rebbe at his headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of the rebels methods for connecting with people was to give them a dollar accompanied by a blessing. The intention was that the person would give charity and retain the actual dollar bills to keepsake from the rebbe and probably also said the Rev. Beacon never be confused. Ah, accused of being a money grubber because he's giving dollars away. This particular young man waited in line when it was his turn to talk to the rebbe and asked a few questions about him. Young man mentioned that he was on his way back home to Brazil. The Rev. You gave him a dollar with a blessing and then asked him to wait for a moment. Rebbe gave him a second dollar how very generous from his secretary and handed it to the young man. This is for Brazil, said the ready the man. The man took the dollar. It's another country that we have to eventually commandeer and take control of. The young man took the dollar and clipped a note to the bill with the message. The rebbe said, This is for Brazil. Upon his arrival, he gave money to charity. Upon his arrival back in Brazil, he gave money to charity and stored away the second dollar bill from the rebbe, with the note attached. Oddly enough, though, he carries the first dollar bill with him at all times. He forgot about the bill with a note attached years passed in. The young man was ordained as a rabbi and got married. Young man became a Habad emissary in South Follow as part of his duties to fulfill the mitzvah Tora commandment of visiting the ill. He made regular visits to the patients at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. In the year 2018 Brazil was in the midst of a hotly contested presidential election. Among the candidates was conservative Yar, Bolson, Arrow, um, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. In September, a member of a left wing grantee Semitic group disguised himself as a supporter and stabbed bull scenario the five inch knife. When Bolsa Narrow board of the ambulance, he was barely conscious, but he demanded to be transported to Albert Einstein Hospital. The paramedics preferred to take him to a hospital that was closer. The hospital Serial Lebanese, a Syrian Lebanese hospital. Ochola, a privately owned Arab hospital commonly chosen by the country's most senior politicians. But the wounded, both so narrow, insisted that the ambulance take him toe Albert Einstein Hospital, believing that a Jewish hospital was the only place he would be truly safe. He did not want to risk another anti Semitic attack. It was later revealed that the attacker was affiliated with Brazil's far left piratey. That hello Lola bull scenario lost a lot of blood and the wound was very deep. Initially, the doctors told the bull scenario Children that their father is not likely to recover. For several days. His life hung in the balance. A few days after Bull scenario was admitted to the hospital, the Habad emissary is preparing for his regular visit to the hospital. By chance, he came across the dollar bill with a note attached. 36 years had passed since he received it from the rebbe. He tucked the bill in his pocket and went to the hospital. When he arrived, he was surprised the numerous security guards around the halls when he was informed of the reason of the heightened security. He understood that this had been the intention of the rebbe so many years ago that the dollar bill would make its way into the hands of the man who is soon to be president of Brazil. Thus, that dollar bill would be for all of Brazil and not just for one person. As one of the rabbis affiliated with the hospital, he was able to get a security clearance and visit the presidential candidate. Yeah, give slo mo What? Every once. For the first time since the attack, both scenario is alert and sitting up. He was weak but insisted on making a video, thanking the doctors and hospital personnel for helping him. Through this, he received the visiting rabbi and accepted the dollar from the rebbe. And there is a picture of Bolson Arrow smiling, holding the dollar bill. Shortly thereafter, the patient took a definite turn for the better. Thanks ready. And, ah, while he was recuperating at home, Bull Scenario won the first round. Israeli prime minister attended the inauguration. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yah, yeah, we get it, We get it, we get it. So Ah, let's see. How does this go? Later the red bike, the Rebbie confided in Rabbi David Nock, shown a close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu. It really pains me as a friend as a brother is a close friend to see how many people consider constantly spill Netanyahu's blood, Robbie Schneerson told Noxon. But I have a surprise for you. He's coming out of it. He'll stand tall on God's side and he has a promise from the rebbe. He's going to make it through this. We've seen it happen up to now, and that's how it's going to be now as well. He'll make it through this. He will continue and he will hand his keys over to Messiah. And we'll have the complete in true redemption. Ah, yeah. So yeah, one of the disciples of Ah of the mosaic, I suppose, is what Yar Messiah also Naro is. Yeah. Wow. I mean, even from the grave, the rebbe rearing his head and beak to to extend his blessing to Ah, yeah, so one of these guys who would later go on to become one of the most rabid and fervent Zionists on the world stage. That's remarkable. And this is, you know, this is the kind of thing that you're not going to find in any reporting. You're not going to hear this story anywhere else unless you really, really look for it. And you really seek out these connections and I wonder whether it is. I wonder why this is not something that is being being broadcast everywhere. This is a very odd, very odd thing to have happen by chance. Why wouldn't they celebrate this? You would think that this would be something to tell the world, James. But maybe you just don't want to tell everybody about these connections until guys already in power and then does nothing and make sure that nothing happens in even says that let gays be gay, Right? Funny you mention that because this story was not actually published until January of 2019. Um, almost a full year after this stabbing took place. So yeah, that's Ah, it's a little nice little hidden that PC hidden history that was not made of what made available to Brazilians at the time. And, yeah, you could look at the picture here. Well, scenario, there was little armband on and his knowledge is on. And you sitting there smiling Dollar bill stretch side to side one Who knew what one thinking dollar really was all about? Yeah. Yeah, and so I mean, that's that's pretty remarkable. But, you know, you should talk about the relationship between Brazil and the U. S. As well. And how this makes sense not only from the jig net perspective, but from well, I guess, but from the jig net perspective within both of these countries because the U. S. So Brazilians in choosing a president, they are looking for legitimacy, right? US legitimacy and the U. S. Is the one in their eyes that confers legitimacy. They don't want to be another one of these Third World countries that is on the outs internationally and can't get what it wants from I mean, global U S U N Zionist power. So they want to be close to the US This was a very important consideration. Brazil also wanted to get us support to join the O. E. C. D. In May 2019 Brazil wanted US support to join NATO, which they got in March 2019. And as a result of this closer relationship between Brazil in the US, this works. I mean, this works out to be a 360 degree win for jig, knots and all sites doesn't because the U. S. Gets a new puppet state. Jews get new and expanded access to natural resource is and markets to exploit. Thanks to bolster narrows continued liberalization of the economy. This all this all falls into place as to why this makes sense beyond just ah, you know, the jig net perspective. And then, you know, we have more interesting stories about Bolson Roo and figures he's affiliated with. At his inauguration, he received a procession of foreign dignitaries, and as they stepped up to pay their respects, the crowd redid them with cheers. Uh, the one of guests who walked up first on stage there, Jazz. None other than Viktor Orban walked up in applause. And that's important, too, because there were the only people who came were Netanyahu in Orban. It wasn't, you know, there wasn't this Trump didn't go to the inauguration. Um, and there are probably some people who were like, Yeah, I don't want toe Brazil inauguration of a white guy who, you know, there was violence committed. I mean, I'm sure that factored in, too. But there were just people who didn't go because it's just like, you know what I mean. If you know what, If you know what is really going on, you know what the play is going to be with these fake nationalists all over the world. It's like, Yeah, I mean, maybe you go do the photo op or whatever but it is kind of funny. It's like the two key figures Viktor Orban and Netanyahu were there. And Finkelstein, of course, was dead by this point. Thea, Good old, Uh, good old pause, I think, is what finally did him in. But he died in 2017 I believe. But anyway, yeah, I know he was dead by this point. And the one leader unaffiliated with this coalition was the guy from Ecuador, the like Brown, leader of Ecuador. And when he came up to shake bolson arrows hand, he got booed and yelled at, and apparently multiple people started chanting Fucking Indio at him. So yeah, that guy did not not get a great reception. But Netanyahu got a riotous cheer from Ballston Arrows, inner circle and key supporters. So in a funny how that works. And then, in his inaugural ceremony, he gave a little speech, vowing to quote, rescue the family, respect religions and our Judeo Christian tradition to conserve our values. These parallels coming in hot and heavy, Arthur. Yeah, it's almost like they're written by the same. The same. Ah, Rebbie is writing all of these things. It's perfect. It's fits really well. So Yeah. I mean, good. I was just gonna say that. Yeah, you're right. Donald Trump didn't come to the inauguration, but he did tweet President Tweedy tribes in saying the U. S A. Is with you and then I mean, this is just like opening the can of worms on Zionist rhetoric and statements. This guy's given which you can look up and find Bolson r o Israel is a very fun search term and Google to find all these these quotes and this just slave ish eyes file of Semitism. I love Israel, Belson Aro said in Hebrew at a welcoming ceremony at Ben Gurion Airport. He's talked about Palestine not being a country. How you don't negotiate with terrorists praising Winston Churchill. His victory was praised by John Bolton, So on and so forth. I mean, there's a lot there, but it's beyond the rhetoric, just like it is with what he hasn't done on social issues. We're looking at his career is a deputy. It's beyond the rhetoric of Also, Nara has now become one of the most hardcore jig nats on the world stage, and part of that has been his support for the Venezuelan coup and CIA efforts in his neighboring country. He went as far as to admit in April 2019 that he's working with the U. S government to sow dissent in the Venezuelan army. Um, he says we cannot allow Venezuela to become a new Cuba or North Korea, he said. And then, in March of 2020 President Trump hosted Bull Scenario for dinner at Mara Lago, where the two leaders discussed the U. S led effort to oust Maduro and Wilson, or his press secretary said that quote President Trump and bolster Narrow reiterated their country support for democracy in the region, including interim president, CIA puppet one Giorgio. So, yeah, this guy's playing right along. Yeah, and we also talked about them joining NATO. Um, and the fact that bricks will become Ricks right? The bricks, of course, is Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa. But now it's just gonna be Ricks and ah, they're hoping to just make it RCs And maybe even more than that, because Modi is another one of these puppets that they have propped up and funded and made sure you know, it's it's what? Why, why is it that that Modi is making sure that Israel gets whatever Ah, hydrochloric e queen that it wants and masks and whatever else. Um, but nobody else, right? They banned all exportation of it, but Israel gets what it wants. And then you have MODY, um, in Netanyahu and Trump are very cozy and so yeah, it's it's kind of funny. And then yet Modi going to war with the Pakistanis and the based immigration stuff. And we did that bit on world toilet day and everything, but, you know, they're trying to break Ah, what is this alliance of countries that are not part of NATO and Brazil, Russia, India, China in South Africa are part of these brics nations and they're trying to chop some letters off of this. And so, yeah, I mean, do you want to talk about the Yeah, Yeah, and why? This is important for financial reasons to because bricks, they are also not only this this alliance, but they're trying to stand up a parallel ah financial system. And we've talked about this before, Ah, parallel system to the swift system which would allow countries to bypass US sanctions. And this is this is a another one of these very key levers of US power. They're concerned about losing, and they're concerned about a system popping up outside of their control. So you see them trying to break break bricks up and you see them. You see Bolson R O and his sons coming along and doing the anti China bit as well. Um, which is sowing discord within Brexit, which, of course, is only serving us Israel interests because it would make sense for these countries to have their own standalone financial system right outside of US control. The only reason for them to do this is to serve someone else's interest. And that appears to be what they're doing. Breaking this up, Yeah, to the extent that much is that Israel given no, given what we know about Ah, Russia in India and all the focus is on China, it's like I mean, like I said, they've got more pieces on the board than they've had at any point. And so going back to this 2019 visit to Israel, um, both sorrow was on a four day visit to Israel in April of 2019 just four days before Netanyahu's election. It was payback for Netanyahu's visit to Brazil during the presidential campaign in 2018 where we're talking about this and Netanyahu greeted Bolson Arrow there by in Israel when he arrived in 2019 my friend the president were making history together. Brazil has opened a trade mission in Jerusalem and is seeking increased cooperation on security and technology. Which means basically just offshoring is much of its own tech sector to Israel as it possibly can, including the purchase of advanced drones equipped of facial recognition technology for police to use against political opponents. Oh, great. The main driver of this visit is the close alignment of bull scenario with Trump in his evangelical base, said I RE Kasowitz, a professor of international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Netanyahu accompanied both scenario to the Western Wall in the Old City of East Jerusalem as the first official visit by a head of state to the wall, together with an Israeli leader, did not know that I didn't realize that they usually just go by themselves. This apparently merited when you have yar messiah yet rebbe dollar carrion, bolson arrow coming into town. Then I guess you gotta have Ah, Netanyahu go with him. It gave tacit recognition to Israeli sovereignty over territory illegally annexed after the 1967 war. By far the most disgusting aspect of bull scenarios trip was his visit to Israeli Israel's Yad Vashem International Holocaust memorial and museum, after which, he declared, in a filthy effort to slander Socialists is anti Semites. This bolt from a leftist rag that the Nazis were the leftists. There is no doubt sitting bull scenario that Nazism was a leftist movement, he maintained, is the full name. See, now look here Nazi party that stands from the National Socialist Party of Germany, which includes the word socialist. That's our new enemy. Yeah! Whoa! Through this guys. Like we said earlier, he's checking every box. Everybody for these conservative means. Yeah, every box right down the line. Now some things that he says are interesting, right? He goes on to say, same visit to Yad Vashem. He says that we could forgive but not forget the crimes of the Holocaust. Now that is a big taboo. You cannot say that anyone will be forgiven for the crimes of the Holocaust. That never really happened. But the unforgiveness, the fact that you shall be guilty forever is part of that play. And the 64 year old made the comments while addressing a group of Evangel who Christians on Thursday. This was actually last Thursday. We can forgive, but we can't forget that's my phrase, the president said at the event. Those who forget their past are condemned not to have a future now, of course, now he's talking about If you don't if you go back to being a Nazi, you're not going to have a future. That's really what that means. There is no immediate response to bolster Narrows comments from Netanyahu. Um, and there won't be because Bulls Netanyahu counts. As we pointed out numerous times, he counts on stoking things like this. This is why Poland was allowed to do what it did because they want to make it at least seem plausible that something based might be afoot. Following a backlash bull scenario issued a statement from through Yosi Shelley, Israelis um, Basseterre to Brazil to the people of Israel, I wrote in the guest book of the Advocacy Museum in Jerusalem. Those who forget their past are doomed not to have a future therefore, any interpretation is only in the interest of those who want to push me away from my Josh friends and what friends you have. Oh, yeah. Friends that give you the Friends of Zion Award. Right, James? The photo that accompanies this is just great, Doctor. Yea, Donald Trump got one of these. That photo of Trump surrounded by Habad in the Oval Office. Yeah, he was getting one of these. Um, I don't even think this is any valuable metal at all, but it's it's a it's a, um I don't remember. I don't even what these air called. What the fuck is this called candelabra? I forget these air called. What is this called James The menorah? A Right There we go, the menorah. But it's like it's made to look like it's encrusted in gold and precious metals, but it's probably just like recycled brass. Yeah, this'd like scrap from the shell casings for the rockets. Even shooting at Palestinians smelted down repurposed. Actually, that would be a very fitting use. It was medals. I wouldn't be surprised if they did that. You're a friend of Zion, and here is ah, the recycled metal that we used to kill a bunch of the enemies that don't belong in this land. That was There's long before it was so, yeah, he gets the Friends of Zion Award, And this has given the world leaders who have gone above and beyond for the state of Israel. Um, the Friends of Zion Museum presents this award. In December 2017 President Trump received the Friends of Zion Award from the founder of Foz Friends of Science Museum. Ah, funny, it was the father's Jewish, too. It's no fun. Yeah, Father's finds. Whatever. Yeah, he's just show. Hey, was the original guy who jumped the shark before before we did. That's right. Yeah. Um, Mike Evans, who serves on the Trump Faith Initiative. Upon his arrival, President Yarbrough scenario met with Benjamin Netanyahu in the father's Museum. Netanyahu was quoted saying, I don't believe the Jewish state in modern Zionism would be possible without Christian Zionism. President Bolson Aro, in Brazil's friendship with State of Israel, speaks to the Friends of Zion message, saying that his government is quote determined to strengthen the partnership between Israel and Brazil course. Brazil also played a role in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1947 Brazil voted in favor of the U. N. Partition plan supporting the creation of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. Ambassador Osvaldo Iran Ha, head of the Brazilian delegation, was a key supporter of the plan in Israel. Brazil relationship has spanned decades. Brazil, in fact, was one of the first countries to recognize the state of Israel in 1949. Wild based dreams. Totally based. Yeah, they pioneered Third World support for Israel. They real innovation coming there out of Brazil. Fiallo, Sadiq pioneers. They are down there. So yeah, well. And as we see the ball so Naro parallels with Trump continuing right into his presidency. Not only the fervent Zionism, not only the proximity to Netanyahu but the Brazilian swamp I don't know jazz. Is it drained? What's going on down there now? You know, you abandon core campaign principles and become a zio shill. Imagine my shock Bolson Arrows. Popularity has been in free fall with his right wing base, and he is now turning to the military. It's funny, the parallels just never stop. Well, boomers are out there protesting the masks or mind control and open up in just the flu, bro. The same exact thing is going on in Brazil. It's also Facon gay protests going on in Europe to they're doing the same bit. And Yarbrough so narrow, unlike Trump, is actually going out in the streets and calling for a military coup. Um, to take over, because the government will not allow him to back toe work, chump the Brazilian population. And there it's Corona viruses actually exploding there as well. It's kind of funny in these countries where they claimed they had done something serious like Russia. It's like blowing blowing up in their face. And, ah, you know, he bolson Aro, as we've been pointing out here in this deep dive is that he ascended to Brazil's presidency with a sweeping set of promises like cutting the rot of corruption, firing up the economy, doing away with the country's notorious pork barrel politics. Despite his early vows to clean up politics, he has become a highly dependent guy on career politicians, including several marred by corruption allegations who are eager to extract favors from flounder A from a floundering leader that could give them control over billions of dollars in public spending as the country enters a severe recession. That's key. When you're talking about a place like Brazil, you got to keep those taps flowing. Mr. Morrow, a former federal judge who we could just call Mr Sessions in this case, became the most visible figure of a national crackdown on corruption. Back in 2014 says he no longer believes the government is commit committed to rooting out the graft. At least Mr Morrow is honest, whereas Jeff Sessions is like I still believe in Trumpism and Ma Ba Baba la It's a guy. Let's get let's get the firmware updated. Mr Sessions, listen to Mr Morrow, he says. I agreed to join the bull scenario government to strengthen the fight against corruption, he said to The New York Times. I gave up when I concluded I would not have the ability to make headway in that area. What we're gonna do nominate a prominent Brazilian soccer coach to replace this guy? Probably something like that. I don't know, Um, But according to a recent poll that was done, 33% of respondents say they continue to support Bolson Arrow, suggesting that his overall approval rate has remained relatively steady. Considering where things are, however, when you talk about the people who disapprove, those numbers have gone up substantially. Of course, his base that appears to be steadfastly still in his camp are evangelical Christians. James, who are the people in the United States who, no matter what, Trump says, no matter what Trump does, because they fervently believe he's bringing about the end times and the construction of the Third Temple and fulfilling the prophecy to make the return of the Messiah come. Ah, yeah, it's Trump to write evangelical Christians, just that immutable floor of trump space. And for both scenario, the same thing is true, I guess. Yeah, and that's the interesting thing about Brazil, I guess, with fewer people who are, Ah, mid wits, I suppose, in that like 100 i q range, fewer people are conjuring up ways to stay tricked on their own right, And so you have fewer people like tricking themselves into staying tricked, and that's why bolsa narrows down there. 33% because you're missing that, like the core contingent of people that are are slavishly devoted to the cult of personality. But you're absolutely right. I mean he's cratering. The evangelicals are are the base. And that's why just like Trump, you know, as the clock ticks towards election time, it's time to start throwing out the red meat and making the promises that you know are never going to be acted upon. And this is one of the reasons why they don't give Shalom. Oh, whatever the fuck slo mo wants all at once and right away because thes people still have to maintain power, they stuff to get elected. In these countries, they stuff to convince enough mid wits to vote for them and continue stepping on the rake and getting smacked in the face. And if they just do all this stuff all at once, then it it you then were they going to do right now? This was the the reasoning used. Um, and I even used it. Why Trump didn't start doing the immigration stuff right away. It's like, Well, he has to run for re election. He has the midterm story about, you know, these were all copes in hindsight, but it is true when they're talking about things that they need to give to Israel because Israel is going to get those things transactional. E. Israel has done very well under Trump's presidency, done very well under Brazil's, and it's just a matter of having the support. Their Netanyahu just looks at the world map with Jared Kushner over his shoulder, and they look at all the little countries that they've lit up in favor of Jig Nats. But there are things. There are fireworks that have to go off at certain times to make the proper display in the finale, making sure that everybody gets what they want. Is this embassy move Now? Brazil has some other considerations that maybe the United States doesn't. One of those is the fact that in inordinate, very large amount of Brazilian beef, uh, goes halal beef goes to Arab countries, and if they move the embassy at the wrong time, all of a sudden, all this Brazilian beef that is one of the major components of the Brazil economy, you know Brazil doesn't have the luxury. A lot of these other countries don't have the luxury of making money. Printer Gober. They actually have to rely on the sale of their products, oil and beef to to survive. And so they started doing test balloons on moving the embassy. That's part of what the red meat was about. You had, Ah, Edward Herbal so narrow saying it's not a question of if, but when we're going to move the embassy, repeating this in, you know, just teasing it. Right. Um, but this problem of the beef and the reaction from these Arab countries is is something that they they have to take into consideration as well. And so that is one of the things you'll see here is there. They're gonna Brazil is going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. It's just a matter of timing, and it's actually a matter of transitioning the meat. Um, and maybe that I'm just thinking out loud here, James. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Ah, you know, they want to collapse potentially the U. S. Meat market. Maybe so. The United States is now the ah, biggest purchaser of Brazilian beef. Um, and they don't have to rely on these whole all countries to do that anymore. And then they're free to make the embassy move. Just a thought. No confirmation? No, it's totally. It's definitely possible. And actually, if if we are not already. We are in in the upper tier there of purchasers of British beef. And I think the number two source of American beef is from Brazil. So yeah, I mean, the cattle industry is huge there. Um and this is Yeah. I mean, these pieces all fit together. And who's to say that is not going to only increase as these American ranchers continue to go out of business and our or put under so certainly a possibility. And that's what ah lot of the offshoring of American industry is also about. It's about controlling these other countries. It's not just about screwing white working class Americans out of their jobs. It's about making these other countries dependent on purchase of goods and manufacturing by the United States and therefore alleviating the need to have these considerations like they do with the Arab countries. But then going back to this these problems, that bull scenario is having conservative bull scenario. Backer sees him with a 50% chance of not finishing the term. He's let conservatives down in Brazil, key senator says Sergio Olimpio Gomez, leader of Bolson Arrows PSL party, former PSL party in Brazil's Senate said the president is stirring so much political tension during the pandemic. He risks becoming the target of street protests when the surge subsides. Not street protests for back to work, jump or, uh, just the flu, bro, or any of the things that are going on now, the pro gun, all the similar stuff going on down there. These are gonna be protests that crop up due to economic recession, that Bolson Aro can't do anything about again. They don't have money, Printer go birth. They can't just stroke $12 trillion. Um, you know, a weaken in liquidity pumping. I mean, they can get some help from central banking, but not like the United States can. And so they have other considerations. Yeah, and so they're in. Actually this, like, uncanny position in between. We talked about Africa a few months back there in a position in between as a second world developing country in between the U. S. Where many of their people have expectations of their government, like a modern, liberal Western government. But also the resource is of of 1\/3 World government in many cases, so they don't have the ability like you said just just a print money. But there people expect something better than just throwing up their hands and driving away and the in the gold Humvee like would happen in Africa. So, yeah, this is a very tenuous situation for bull sorrow and telling people to simply go back to work And, you know, doing this whole bit that he himself is doing, by the way, about how masks No masks, actually, Probably more dangerous than ah, not wearing one. And and the China virus And the Wuffli just like what Trump has done. Um, yeah, this is This is not going to make him popular in Brazil. No. And the other thing Olympio has done he played a key role in the 2018 campaign that got you are elected under this law and Order platform. They joined forces together. This is another Sessions type figure. Um, and this senator criticized Bolson arrows rapport with centrist parties, many of which are the target of the corruption probes, saying that the president betrayed his base with this alliance. Just wow. It's like 11 parallel after another. And I haven't even bigger one, because remember the speech writers who have been fired unceremoniously from Trump's administration and people that were trying to base it up and then they get kicked the fuck out. Well, that happened last week to outrage has rained on Brazil's government from across the political spectrum after the culture secretary used language similar to that of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in launching an arts initiative focused on nationalism and religion. Not sure that Goebbels did one on religion, but you get the idea, forcing yarbles an arrow to fire him on Friday. The parallels between Thursday's remarks by River Toe album, who held the culture posts since November and those of Goebbels in 1930 drew irate reactions from Jewish organizations, key legislators, political parties, yada yada, yada. This guy's a born again Christian who found renewed faith while recovering from cancer and, ah, here some quotes from his speech. He says the Brazilian art of the next decade will be Harare heroic, and it will be national. It will yield a great capacity of emotional involvement, and it will be equally imperative, as it will be deeply committed to the urgent aspirations of our people or it will be nothing. Global's 1933 speech the German art of the next decade will be heroic. It will be steely, romantic. It will be factual and completely free of sentimentality. Will be natural with great pathos and committed. Or it will be nothing. Album Who has disavowed Nazism total to Savella, gets you nothing. Bro acknowledged the similarity but said it was merely a rhetorical coincidence. After his firing, Brazil's culture secretary removed the video of the speech, so they fired this cancer survivor over a quote that really doesn't even sound the same. But, you know, probably this is where it was sourced from. Let's be honest, have fired him. Remove the video and ah, you know both So narrow says, Ah, I know he apologized. I know he disavowed Nazism, but I'm just unsustainable for this guy to stick around. Sorry. So, yeah, and I mean the similarities there. You really have to be looking for them. Um, but even that, like it wasn't like this was ah was a message. I don't know. Even if you want to say, even if he did draw this inspiration. Fine. So what? Who cares? Yes, right. Like, yes, it's a matter. It's a great bit. You got a problem with that bit, apparently because the Nazi said it, you know? Yeah, Bull Center, But you better watch out. But I don't talk about patients having limits. Otherwise, you'll be in some real deep trouble. But of course, that won't happen yet that Ah, a lot. A lot of these things are by design, right? So you have the arbol so narrow and then potentially handing the mantle of his presidency to his son. And the same parallel is true in the United States, where you have Donald Trump, um, getting up there in age, um, words weighing a ton as he carries along. And, ah, you know, he's got Jared Kushner and Ivanka and Don Jr carrying the mantle. Eric, not so much, but they are all there. Potentially. People have floated this idea that they will be the ones who carry on their father's legacy. Oh, God, like how How horrible could you possibly have? Um, with Jared Kushner essentially in power for 16 years? Um, I mean that that is not outside of the realm of possibility. I'm not saying Jared would become president of uncle would run, but Jared would in effect be president. And, um, you know, Netanyahu manages to strangle hold on to power mange ignite ascendancy could come right back. And so the one phenomenon here is that you can have the child inheriting the legacy of the parent, and they can then say that they will improve upon that. They have evolved, they've moved forward. You know, they have a nice way of saying these things. But Eduardo can be even gayer than his father. Just like Ivanka can be even gayer than her father On a lot of these issues, because the her different person, they're their own person, right, James? But in the campaigns that they will run, they will go back to I'm going to carry on the legacy of my father in bubble of a lot. But then what they will do when they get in office, it'll be even gayer. And you can see just how gay it's going to be by things that Eduardo Belson Arrow has been saying. Yeah, and and actually, their campaigns, like we're going to see with with Eduardo will actually be more based, right? Oftentimes their rhetoric. We more based because they're young. They're in tune with what young people care about and and they're totally third position. It's bro. They're not. They're not like the typical party. They're not like the typical social liberals. Ah, they're part of something new and nationalistic. And this is what inaudible scenario has. Has ah made himself. He's become He's entered himself into this fray. I mean, he joined Steve Bannon's international movement, right? The Bannon Jedi Training Academy there in Italy, where they were trying to bring these other nationalistic, fake nationalist parties together and at affordable scenario, was a part of that. He was there training with Bannon and and people from AH, lead in Italy and elsewhere and his quotes. I mean, this guy, Yeah, his middle name might not be messiah, but he's definitely looking to carry on his his his legacy, he says. I get really angry at skewed media reports about Israel and horrible scenario said, noting he spends his time uploading videos to his social media accounts, advocating on the Jewish state's behalf. Well, bro, you really doing ah valuable service there. Not enough people advocating for Israel. An app on his phone shows him every time a rocket is shot at Israel from Gaza. I would never support anyone who uses human shields trying to attack civilians of another country. I get really angry, he said. He says he has nothing against Palestinians. He just believes that they should be trodden underfoot and massacred by the Israeli army. And, ah, you know he does. He adopts the crying out as Israel strikes the Palestinians for them. So this guy, he's this is like his audition, right for for his future position and and his place in this Ah, in this organization, going forward and probably doing pretty well is really impressing the right people. As far as he's concerned. Yeah, there's nothing. I mean, there's really nothing based about this guy. I mean, he doesn't know, doesn't have any of the things that his father said, and this is so the point that I was making, too, is that, and I've said this before and I'm going to keep saying it because I do. I desperately want credit for this when the time comes. But immigration in the in the vein of American politics and European politics, immigration is going to become the new Jim Crow, being opposed to illegal immigration and even being opposed to, well, sorry. Being opposed to legal immigration and even being opposed to illegal immigration will become the new segregation New Jim Crow. It'll be the thing that you have to atone for in future politics. And it will be one of the things that Ivanka Jared, if they have a run or any future GOP member is going to have to atone for its gonna become that bad, like all the things that they threw it Biden over segregation and so on and so forth. So Edward Herbal, so narrow, will also have to answer now. Immigration's not a thing in Brazil, because it's like Loughridge, even carrots, just like melting Pot City down there. But I know that there is segregation in their unspoken in. People will sort of try to in before that, but it's not an issue because it's like what's gonna show what's really gonna change about this picture here? Um, but the gay stuff and a lot of the things that the elder Bolson Arrow has said that he never even followed through on it will be something that the Eduardo Bolson arrow can improve on and his his rhetoric on Israel is actually more cogent in, um from from what a Netanyahu would want. One of the things that he says is he says he has nothing against Palestinians, but he fails to understand how anyone could be critical of the Israeli army, which, you know, they're just said. This is such a high, mighty thing that the Israeli army does. James makes efforts to warn civilians in Gaza before they attack the building that they're staying in. At least they do them the courtesy of letting them know they're going to bomb the fuck out of their town before they do it, you know? But it's incredible how I'm attacked for saying things like this. And he said, also, what did he say about using human shields? I would never support anyone who uses human shields trying to attack civilians in another country. That's what Israel does. That's what Israel does. This guy, um, so it's really I mean, his rhetoric is pretty hard core. He's very supportive of unlimited Israeli settlements. Um, he said he views very favorably. Mike Pompeo statement about Israeli's settlements I love that statement says, is weirdo. Brazil still follows the United Nations resolutions of course. So this must come from the president, not from me. I'm from the legislative power. But there's always a possibility that Brasilia will follow Washington's lead on Jerusalem and other items. And we talked about the beef and in everything else, the pro Israel policy shift. Um, and that's, you know, this is this is oh, he also wants to blacklist Hezbollah. That's another thing that they want to dio. They're picking up United States in international sort of rhetoric on terror to, um he wants them to be declared ah, terrorist organization and to completely blacklist them. And he goes back to saying that Iran attacked Buenos Aires in the early nineties and this is unacceptable and we must do something now. And so, yeah, that's That's Eduardo, right? And this is wild just to see so many parallels again, you look at the U. S. And you look at the Hungary, but especially the U S. And Brazil and the way this playbook is deployed. Sure, there are some adaptions, and there are things that have to do do do differently in different places. But the premise and the basic fundamentals of how they engender and stir up these these natives sentiments, they stir up the nativist less so in the case of Brazil, because what is a native? But ah, these these insecurities around race and crime and and the national security and then weaponize those 22 direct that energy behind someone they know they can control and use for their ends. Meanwhile, the issues that people actually wanted resolved they're not made better there. Never resolved. And they're constantly left wanting. Mawr. You're left wanting Mawr every single time while the people that are putting these putting these pallets in front of you, they're getting incrementally what they want a little bit at a time, sometimes a lot at a time. Which is why, ah, why, as the stars align here as the six pointed stars align over Washington, Brasilia, Krakow, etcetera They're making this this solidified jig net push all at once. But Eduardo, do this, guys, the next evolution and ah oh man, You know, not only does he parrot the American lines on these things, he engages in the good old tried and true American tradition of trinket collection partisan trinket collection. Take us on a tour of ah boomer bottles these air The boomer bobble. See, It's like a whole office full of these things. It's all cheap, chintzy. Just crap. It's They have the the Reagan bobblehead Trump bobblehead George Washington bobblehead. Ah! What else you got here? You gotta embroider Trump hat. Um, the Margaret Thatcher mug. What else? We It looks like a whole bunch of, ah, gold limited edition gold coins that you must get now some 556 ammo framed. I mean, yeah, what else we got here, James? Oh, it's so cheesy to me. And, you know, I was looking at this earlier, and these are the kind of trinkets you would find at, like a gas station deep in Trump Country. And the hat the icing on the cake here is the hat is not an official trump campaign hat. It's one of the ones you find. Like for 99 on eBay. Yeah, just so perfect. Ah, made in made in china. I don't know where it's got. Oh, I recognize that logo on the one glass C i a. He's got a c i a highball glass there, Um, and then on the door of the office, I mean, I have never seen, like the combination of boomer bobbles that they have here now, this is something I've never seen before, and I hope that I never dio. But it is a crucifix that says United States Air Force up the center of the crucifix with the John McCain style, like Navistar's on each Ah, you know, corner of the crucifix and then the United States Air Force Eagle with the ah, you know, the American flag with stars. You know, grasping the arrows gold. I mean, I have never seen um, like a Christian symbol combined with, like, a United States military symbol. But this is just this is, like cargo cult boomer bobbles for Brazilians, um, Fanboys of like those io she'll administration the United States has. The other thing I can say is that a lot of the things that they test in these different countries, you know, part of part of Arthur Finkelstein, scientific process, scientific method, because polling is a scientific process. I mean, you remember Frank wants to say, is a protege of Arthur Finkelstein. They have to test these strategies in different places. And what better way to test these things out is in white countries all over the world, not just the United States. So the things that they know worked in the US the tricks that Donald Trump has pulled in the US they can now roll out in a Brazilian with a little bit of a Brazilian flair. And it's kind of funny how all of the boomer bobbles air popping up he's got to sign. This is gun safety. Rule number one carry one. And it says, Oh, yeah, in the background, Second Amendment. It's Meyer, right? Um, of course. And so you know, again, you put the whole disclaimer. We support the Second Amendment. We think that, you know, we have a lot of ah, you know, there's deep philosophical reasons why we would support the Second Amendment and why it was included in the first place. But, you know it is, we point out, many times it's like these people. This is just a joke. Like, this is all this is all a joke. And, ah, you know some of the other things with Steve Bannon. This is kind of funny how you adopt this rhetoric. Um, let's see. So Eduardo is a former former federal policemen he says that the main goal of the movement is do the opposite of the socialist. So I told you, dude, this is Finkle. Think is installation of light switch grain firmware on the masses. My goal is to do the opposite of the Socialists. Just do the opposite of whatever the other person is doing. That is you being the bouncy ball in the kosher sandwich. It's like pong right back and forth. Just pong. I'm gonna do the opposite of whatever building he says is he and Bannon want to work together to empower Western culture. James, you near Western culture is you know, you hit me with it. We respect women's. You have other parts of the world where they I guess, you know, the wine nets need to get this message across. Apparently, we respect the women. We have other parts of the world where they didn't grow up with the Jewish Christian mentality, so they don't respect that much. The women so. But I thought why Nets grew up with the Jewish Christian mentality. I thought that's what they stand for this You guys better start respecting women. Oh, unless it comes to me to entirely Chuck Weinstein, and then it's, you know, then you don't respect the women, then you and the Jewish. That Jewish Christian mentality, I think, outweighs the respect of the women. But of course what they're saying here with this respecting women thing, this is another another one of these vectors, just like gay stuff, has been in Europe, especially Sweden, to own the Muslims, right? He said. That's what he's alluding to when he's saying the other parts of the world that didn't have the Jewish Christian mentality. This is another way to own Muslims because L. A. Well, they wear burqas. They don't let their women, you know, Twerk on the subway and go to Carnival ball and and, you know, get 16 abortions and and have unlimited freedom, like like we do here, you know, in the great Western Jewish Christian West. This is great. Be more like us. And so and so we need to nuke them basically. And so we're justified in, you know, genocide ing them and starting wars with them in order to liberate their women's and bring them under the yoke of true freedom in the West. I'm just gonna go way out on a speculative limb here and say that carnival, probably at one point in the not too distant past, was a religious nationalist. Ah ah! What is the word I was looking for, um, expression of Brazilian nationalism and Brazilian culture and whatever else, and that is one of the reasons why it was a prime target for getting gayed up and drugged up in whatever. You probably have to go back pretty far to have it devoid of drugs. But, um, I'm sure that's one of the reasons why it is what it is now, which is it's basically like, um, Latin American. I be the where people are just going to get fucked up and gaze and, you know, gay parades and everything else. But at one point, that was, you know, it's got like Mardi Gras At one point, thes were, um, deeply culture when they, you know, when when juice A whites have no culture. American has no culture. These were These were the aspects of that culture. Remember, Brazil's is. I mean, I think Yar is actually German in Italian. I mean, it's it's That's typically what you find the stock that you find in in these countries. Um, and you know, they didn't There really wasn't a whole lot of inter mixing with Thea to make the a color palette, um, as it were, but yeah, this this Judeo Christian West is about not just owning Islam, but it's also about declaring that Western culture wink, wink, nudge, nudge. You know, um, trying to say white here is what they want you to think. It's what they want voters to think when they say Western culture, it's what they want people to get excited about in getting excited about zio shill is what it really is. And Western culture supports Israel. Western culture supports Ah, West Bank settlements. Western culture supports killing brown Muslims in Palestine. That is what that is so brutally, the manifestation of what Western culture is supposed to be about, which is why they keep repeating it and boomers buy into it. And there are both unlimited, unlimited capitalism to is integral to Western identity. Yeah, unlimited capitalism and, you know, take Eduardo at his word. I just want to do the opposite of what the socialist want. And, ah, the movement also aims to champion free market economics As you pointed out, um, although Bolson Arrow says with some reservations, Brazil's biggest trading partner is China, accounting for 26.8% of Brazil's exports, more than double that of the U. S. Well, that's because Brazil is still actually producing stuff. Um, America really isn't so. Bolsa Narrow says that he doesn't really have such warm relations with China as it does with the U. S. Um, Eduardo says he hopes that he worries that the China financial investment could lead to political influence. So this is what you're concerned about, Eduardo, is that the financial investment from China is going to lead to an undue political influence. But you have no problem with any other country, just China, he says. You don't have the freedom to do whatever you want. This is like a fucking caricature of of somebody, like with the brain, right? This is, you know, maybe seriously. These are the things you just replace China with Israel and this guy's based. You removed Israel and you put in China and this guy is just a shell. You don't have the power to do what you want. If you do something China doesn't like they can take out all the investment, all the money they put in your country. Though he welcomes trade with China, Bowl Scenario says he plans to project protect certain areas such a security intelligence from international investment. We want to keep our sovereignty, he says. It's like it's like bro Yeah, that sovereignty and independence that comes along with the the pseudo gilded minera that you've got hanging to the office. Well, that's a Pompeo says We have to get China out of Israel because we have to protect Israeli intelligence and Israeli security. We have to get shine out of Brazil to protect Brazilian intelligence. Brazilian security because it's all the same security and intelligence apparatus. It's all one big thing. So yeah, yeah. Do you want another Pompeo parallel, Eduardo Bolson Aro goes on Twitter and says its China's fault. He tweets the blame for the global Corona virus. Pandemic, has a name and surname. The Chinese Communist Party. Oh yeah, it's ice. I think I said this the other day, but I saw, um, Bannon on television, and he forgot his Chinese Communist Party line, and he just was back to, like 2016 rhetoric of China, China, China, China and he had to double back and repeat half of his sentence just so he could say Shine Eze, Communist Party. It's just like these people are. I mean, I don't know how people, maybe people are this dumb. I mean, part of the part of the problem here is that people's attention spans have been diminished to such a great extent by social media and 100 40 characters in the television even before that, where a thinking person who consumes other, whether it's books or whatever, would remember and see Bolson Arrows transition and be like this guy is a fucking show. This guy is not for real. This is not a serious guy, but they are able to do this because mid wits don't give a shit about 24 hours ago or 24 hours from now so they can sell a person who lives in that sort of a timeframe. Whatever the fuck you want. And that's what you have. That's why we notice. And most people don't so right, and people who are invested in the outcome they're invested in Trump or Bolson Arrow or Orban or Putin or even paying, or whoever d being that guy deeply invested in stepping on the rake and breaking your fucking nose over. Yeah, they're like rates seeking missiles. These people, they're just going out there looking for a rake on which to step and and you know, they'll give them just enough that they think something is coming. They think that they'll be. They'll be stepping over the rake this time with the rhetoric, though, they'll be the based rhetoric of the base tweet. Or they'll be just enough thrown out there for them to take in and and building to their own internal calculation to devise a mean and a pathway by which these people are not lying to them. And something is going to get done this time for Riel. No, I promise for real this time, and you know when that thing never materializes. Then there's another little bread crumb thrown out. There's another scrap of red meat throwing up for people to hang on just a little bit further down the line. You got to just let go. Yeah, I got just let go, and people like stomping on the rake to they want to show you how hard they can stomp on that rig it. It's like I found a rake. I got excited for this. Reagan. I'm gonna stomp on it because I don't like socialism. And that's just, you know, that's the That's the thing that people do. It's, I don't know, it's It's almost like in experiment with rats or something in a lab. Or you're just watching creatures, human beings who would normally do other things. It's like somebody who just walks out into traffic on purpose, people doing nonsensical things, voting against their own interests over and over again, and they think that it is somehow benefiting them. And then they become comfortable with just very minimal results in there. Okay, like in the case of your debate, with the illusion of getting what they want and, you know, it's just I almost wonder if people even see that it's just a delusion, and then they still double down for a while. I would hope that Sticks is a smart guy. I hope he doesn't do that. But, um but yeah, this is This is why this stuff works. This is why this stuff sells now, The one upside, no close with this. Who white pill is that? One of the reasons that they're so concerned. One of the reasons they're they're frustrated. One of the reasons that jig Nats have the ascendancy has been stopped. Um, or at least I wouldn't say Stopped, Stopped is a little bit too far. It has been attenuated. Um, they it's too obvious what they're doing. And that's why we illustrated with both scenarios collapse and support Trump's collapse and support. The only way that these guys win reelection is by virtue of some crisis or by cheating in the election. They can't get you. And this is one of the reasons there's one of the arguments for thieves, the optics Jews sort of way of doing things is because it's more reliable. This is too on the nose. Everybody sees what you did. Everybody, you know, you rip the band aid off and now it's like this is like a one time use flair. You're stuck out in the boat, James out in the the ocean, shoot this flare. But you only get one. And they shot the flare they got, they got all the pieces on the board. But now everybody just like, all right. Now, where's my Where's all the stuff you promised, though? I'm not getting that. Yeah, I'm gonna check back out now like I did before, so Yeah, well, yeah, that's the thing. Is people the people who and it's sort of a double edged sword, right? Because people are checking out, people are dropping off. People are leaving the yard, you know, leaving the rates out there walking away. But those that are still out there looking for the rakes to step on and looking to stay tricked, are becoming increasingly motivated in their reasoning before is why they have to be right. People are becoming increasingly desperate and hopes some are becoming more and more ridiculous. Copes are becoming on their face more and more implausible. And, uh and so this is this is what you get when you have promised people so much. You've given people a taste of what it would be like to have leaders that talk like someone they would want leading them that give them things they would want to get. And then you yank it all away. You know, there's some people who realize that that it's a game and and off down. But those that stay invested and keep arguing that no guys, it is for real. And there is a plan. They will become increasingly desperate as it goes along. Well, I was gonna be calling the CEPA's it Brazilian boomer bobbles, but I think it's gonna be called the sunk cost fallacy because that's exactly what this is. I mean, that's what it is. These people have beat his people, have coped and coped and coped. And now they're you know, it's just a mild. He's just a mild reformer, James. So you know, it's just some cope fallacy. There's no no better way to describe it. So that's all we got. I hope everybody has a good Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy time of family. Enjoy. Time outside. We're gonna be dropping some neat dives and we'll be back if you think this is the end of this thing with where we're going on this rather whole journey, James. Well, I know you know, it's not yet, but then we got I got stabbed stacks breath, way have so much stuff about. So anyway, catch you guys later.