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hello and welcome to TNS So 3 13 Brought to you by the network When we brush our mulch pile dash your hopes and smashers Sacred soliloquies He heard it somewhere before somewhere Jetstar that somewhere was here. Let's put that up. That's all right. I'm Jazz Hands Fields joined by James. How are you doing, sir? Doing well. Doing well? Yeah, we've, uh we've been We've been having a good time here building this narrative that we're going to continue to unfurl for you in the the first hour. I just you know, our podcast is sort of like a triathlon where there's some jogging, There's some biking and this, um diving, swimming. So you get all three when you listen to FTN. Yeah, we keep We're going to keep going back to the well on this narrative for a while now, and there's just there's just so much more to talk about with with a lot of this stuff, and we're gonna be going back to the very beginning on some of it today, and people have asked us to define some of these narratives, but first we have ah, guy on the forum got to give a little shout out to he Ah said that I'm like the gentile version of Bill Maher. Oh, he like your ah ma hats. DEA Want to do a revolution, Bernie, bro. Okay, listen here, guy. New rule. Either a Nazi or you're gay. Okay, you people think it's comfy inside your little kosher Kabuki theater Hug box guy New rule juice suck and should have all their assets liquidated to pay for joggers to go back to Africa. Gay. We got a couple winners here, James. We got winners all around us. The drug report truth, the power news. Big shout outs to those guys. Seriously, though, the bits over very, very big shadows. So there's a lot of losers, though by the losers. You know that you're over the target when you're taking flak in brand new podcasts keep popping up everywhere. That can't seem to get off the ground. And there's another new one. There's another new one by Congressman Matt Gates called Hot Takes, and ah, it's been up since Wednesday. It has 914 listens on a YouTube channel that has tends how many tens of thousands of subscribers verify Channel, verify their congressional channel? Yeah, and they're using the same stinger as Giessen, Jazz and Jesse. You called this to my attention, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. It's like, you know, they're not only ripping off the pot like where the pot were, the popular podcast network, right terraces, The boost the king and everything flows from here. And these guys air standing up their own because they don't like what we're saying. They want to dilute what people are listening to, and the overwhelming response has been Anna, listen that once or twice and then, you know, that's like, I don't know, 1 1\/1000 of the people. Go and listen to these podcasts and then they don't Duinen. And it's like the Scott Career Half life where week after week after we click, the listens just decreased by half and 1\/2 again in half again, and they keep trying. James. I mean, you gotta give him credit for trying like Hot takes jazz and Jesse Stinger. 23 minutes of Matt Gates like lying to you. It's You know, the reason why we're popular you guys is because we're telling you the fucking truth. And these guys can't compete with that. They're not gonna be able to do it. It's all subversion. So, yeah, I don't know what you're gonna do, right? They're gonna have to crack the code and just put Matt Gates down in the basement, painting Warhammer figurines and smoking cigars. And maybe that maybe then they'll be ableto crack four digits. But yeah, the funny thing, too, about hot takes, is you cannot actually find it in a number of different places. It's only on YouTube and ah, not doing so well. They're Matt. Maybe time to ah, move into it in a different line of work. I was a May. I mean, I was amazed, like nine. Like, could least break 1000 You know, 900. Your congressman, Totally based Congressman. You're getting nine. I mean, I tell you, man, this this Ah, this whole like fake. And that stuff is fake and real, like whatever, whatever it is is not working out very well. It's sort of Ah, that table at that patient is lying on the table, and it's just like so. So and we'll tell you why. Because we have an explanation. We we've been talking about this for a couple weeks and we're going to start with what's actually happening right now in the world. And that is Pompeo, who has not travelled anywhere in two months. Ah flew to Israel for a couple of hours to prep for West Bank annexation. Now some people think that he did this to make sure that the timing was correct and everything was going on and like, whatever. And there are some people, you know, some of the more reform Jews side saying he's trying to talk. You know, Netanyahu out of doing this, only doing a symbolic annexation. Oh, but that's not what actually is going on. Pompeo went over there to make sure that Netanyahu is actually going to follow through on this, because what a lot of people don't know is that Netanyahu, in a very kind of eerily familiar way, has dangled the prospect of West Bank annexation in front of and people in Israel on the campaign trail, then gets in power and doesn't do it. Now. It's a totally different can't project our politics under their politics cause a totally different situation. But they are waiting for the right moment, and they've been waiting for the right moment for a very long time. We're gonna be talking a lot about that today. But it's imperative that this happens now for Trump because an excess annexation of the West Bank is boomer bait and evangelical bait, and they want to make sure that Netanyahu, not Netanyahu, is actually gonna follow through on it. This time, they wanted to happen. Now, maybe there's some deliberation between Netanyahu when he actually wants to do it, they're going to do it. Make no mistake, there's no question of whether or not they're going to do it. But it matters the most to trump right now that it happens because you know, when you think that Trump should be delivering you a wall or a neo on birthright citizenship or whatever. Just rest assured, James Pompeo and Ah Donald Trump are working very hard to make sure that they deliver for Jews and for Jerusalem and for Israelis and for Netanyahu and four Jews in the United States and evangelicals and everybody else. Yeah, and you see this being kicked back up. And this was this was going to happen around this time probably anyways. But you see and renewed focus on it now as all of these other pathways to victory for Trump in 2020 have been closed and immigration has been closed since the start, as we pointed out on the mid week and the economy now is no longer a A card, he can play. And what are we left with now, right? Were re restarting the, you know, us versus the swamp, the people versus the deep state stuff from 2016 and 2017 with this rallying around Michael Flynn, the Indian Israeli agent, and with the Israel stuff and in the West Bank and annexation, which is really a throwback to gosh what 2000 for 2005. It was the last time this was was ah, big deal like it is now. So, yeah, they're trying everything that they can. And they recognise, too, that this is going to win them favor and, ah, you know, inspire a lot of confidence and donations and and support from the jig net contingent not only in Israel, but also in the U S. Well, yeah, and so there's this power sharing agreement. We talked a lot about this on the midweek show, but we didn't talk about were using it as a jumping off point into some other subjects today. But there's this power sharing deal between Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, right? In the Israelis, new government was sworn in on Thursday. The Onley non Corona virus legislation that they're allowed to discuss under this new power sharing deal annexation of West Bank, of course. And ah, he can. But he cannot bring it up until July 1st. But this gives enough time to declare sovereignty over this territory before the US presidential election, which which is what Trump wants. And so you know, and they're some of the jig Nats are are saying things that, um, like in 100 years known, will remember what happened to achieve the annexation. We know the Palestinians do not want us to be in this land, but Netanyahu must not be deterred in he's that wrong. Nobody's gonna remember how and why and what happened. I mean, Donald Trump wants them to remember 100 years from now that he was the guy who did this and made this possible. That's what Trump cares about. But gymnasts just care about getting the job done, and they want it done now. And Netanyahu is dragging his feet a little bit. And for Netanyahu, he also does not want to leave power, as we mentioned. So for him, the play here is to to do this annexation. Get this process started in July or August, or whenever before the power sharing agreement is set to come into effect. And then they make the argument that because this is such a tumultuous time for Israel because of the conflict, or however he wants to argue it, that this is not the right time to change hands and we need to delay this deal or they can also call new elections right. And if the annexation proves to be as popular as it will be in Israel than Netanyahu can win another term and not fear Ah, enough, you're having to hand over power. And also Trump is firmly in support of this, right? The this is this is U. S policy that eggs ation should go forward. And if Netanyahu could make the argument that he is going to have the better relationship with with the U. S. And Trump and Pompeo and others. Then that's another feather in his cap, so to speak. Yeah, this is Jared Kushner's Middle East peace plan. I mean, ultimately. And this and this is how this this works out really well for Israel is they let the United States be the one to make the policy, and then they get to go along with it so that they don't become the the center point of international scrutiny in the U. N. I mean, they're going to be to a certain extent anyway. But if it's us making the policy and saying, Here's the peace plan and the plan is that you're going to annex the West Bank and we will backstop you that it isn't Israel making the move, and then the United States reacting, it's It's trump and dig nets leading the charging. People have to remember that there are ultranationalists, even to the right of Netanyahu pulling him in this direction to because they're waiting for the right moment to do this. We're going to get into some of that intra Judaic debate today a little bit in trying to understand what that is and the the fact that this has been a 100 year struggle. But Daniel Shapiro, former U. S. Ambassador to Israel, said the hurry around Pompeo's high speed mid pandemic trip was to coordinate the annexation, which he said Trump seizes an electoral Boone if it can be pulled off before the US election in November. Like we said, he says, quote for Trump's evangelical right wing Jewish base, Israel annexation and the last rites it will administer to the dying two state solution is wildly popular. Shapiro, I told her, It's of course. There is also mounting opposition to this. Potentially obstacles growing in France, Ireland and Belgium are considering threatening punitive economic measures of Israel breaks international law. They're not going to do anything, but they're going to scream about it, potentially of you. Foreign ministers meeting on Friday, and Joseph Borrell, the U foreign policy chief, said annexation would be the most important issue on the agenda. He added, however, the the unanimity that was needed to impose sanctions and the subject was divisive among member states. So there's another Jewish trick, right, like in the U U can only impose sanctions on Israel if there is unanimity, meaning everyone is on board with it. For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, so there aren't gonna be sanctioned. So it allows places like France and Ireland and Belgium. So you know, Hammond Hall and make threats. But ultimately no bite, no teeth in that bite. And even if they wanted to, even if they really did want to in these representatives of the you were interested in sanctioning Israel. The other the elephant in the room is the big drug cave Man country America walking around waiting to hammer down any European partner that does not play 100% along with the US Israeli foreign policy agenda. We've seen them do this to Germany in the last few months with the Nord Stream two pipeline. They've done it to some Russia. You know, there's been been actually gets Russia as well. Um, and so so Yet, like the US, this is another element to this right? Not only is the timing in this immediate sense in the next few months extremely important. It's also in the arc of history. They recognize the U. S. As an empire in decline as a an empire with falling global power and inability to project power in places that it was able to just a decade ago, just two decades ago. So, you know, while they have this big, uh, big empire at their disposal, they want to get their money's worth out of it. Empire in decline. I mean, empires are always in decline because they're having the life sucked out of them by a certain country in the Middle East. It's always the same old story over and over and over again, and we've seen it all before. The two major objectives for Israel after becoming a state were international recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, gobbling up territory in the annexation of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley. And so this is something that goes all the way back to the Balfour declaration. Of course, everybody's should be familiar with that by now. We're not going to rehash that here. We assume that you have some a pre or i knowledge about that, but it was issued by the British government in 1917 and long before there was this intro Judeo Dispute Over Optics, which has always raged. You have Zionists Hi m Wiseman, outmaneuvering the establishment optics juice led by Lucious Wolf to get the British government to publish the Balfour Declaration Optics. Jews were worried at the time that by declaring the Jewish people in nation, they could no longer hide behind the MIM, that Judaism is just a religion and that they do not host any don't dual loyalties. They were also deeply guns earned that if Israel was established that most Western countries would inevitably deprive them of their rights and deport them to Israel, which didn't sit well with Jews that had integrated themselves with the British elites and elites of other countries. And so this is why most of the jig Nats in Britain were like Wiseman, recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia. Of course, that is the extremely abbreviated version of this history. But this should serve as a primer for those who are not familiar, so we can add greater context in this episode into the rest of the material that we want to cover here today, right? James mean jig Nats one and Jews got their state. Yeah, so, yeah, and part of the European consideration of course, was the terrorism and havoc the Jews were raking in the region and threatened to wreak in these European states if they did not get their way. And yes, this is jig. Net strategy was was ascendant at the time and very importantly in this case, prevailed. It did. It did. And of course you know this is people. It's important not to project our own dialectic, which is fake and gay, between left and right onto them. It's they At the end of the day, the the optics Jews are going to go along with this no matter what I mean, they're going to backstop. Whatever the jig Nats do, they may not like it. They may disagree with it. They may have their sort of intra Judeo debates on these subjects, and they may see risk with certain plans, put forward both the jig Nazi risks with what the optics troops air doing that it might be too slow that it might be too drawn out that they might be risking. Maybe the plan right. The long term agenda and the likewise is true for for jig nets as well. But fast forward through 75 years of wars, millions of dead Europeans, land grabs, a dead presidents, stolen nuclear weapons, fake genocides and trillions in financial aid and weapons. And two very jig, not objectives that are trying to be carried out. Our annexation, the West Bank of Jordan Valley and international recognition of Jerusalem as the capital. Now, both of these things air illegal according to international law. But this is something these air goals, that they had to work where they had their state has to expand. And now they have to take back Jerusalem. They have to fully kick out the Palestinians off their land. And so there's glow. There's been global opposition to Jerusalem in the early 19 eighties, where our story begins today. You had liberal reform Jews where this growing dominant force in US and European politics and thus there was not much of an appetite for either objective. The G 20 and 140 other countries all had varying statements on the issue of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel its violation of international law, you know, and we recognize Tel Aviv is the capital, right? It's like the most water down were totally not against you guys, You can't even accuse us of being anti Semitic. Were just stating the facts here. It's a violation of international. Ah, and Tel Aviv is the capital like this is the pushback that these countries give. Um, but it's they they're not. They're not down with it right. They're not giving them what they want. And so you have the 1948 Arab Israeli rule war to the Six Day War in 67 the status of Jerusalem has been hotly contested. It was declared its eternal capital of Israel in 1949 in 1980 The ness it past the Jerusalem Jerusalem law which declared Jerusalem the unified capital of Israel. Then you had jig nats, Yitzhak Rabin, Netanyahu Aerial Schroen E. Who'd Old Mart all give full throated support to a unified Jerusalem? So whenever you hear a politician come out and say I believe in an undivided Jerusalem, they have picked up the jig Nat rhetoric, right? Even Obama said, I believe in an undivided Jerusalem. So based Obama, right? Of course. He was surrounded by juice to so But then you had optics Ju e, who Barac became the first Israeli Prime minister in history to allow for a possible division of Jerusalem, despite his campaign promises. So he, in order to get elected in order to be popular in Israel, he had to be four a unified Jerusalem, cause that's what Jews in Israel one. Why wouldn't you? Right. And but you know, then he gets into office and he says that I'm okay with maybe dividing the city off, and that's caused a lot of problems. Yeah, And even if you're not, if you're in Israel, even if you're not a hardline right wing ultra Zionist, the Jerusalem problem is, in their calculation, just more headache than it's worth, right. Trying to manage this holy city that's holy for three different religions and keeping the peace there. These 81 could argue to themselves a Jew could argue to themselves, even if they're not a an ardent right wing Zionist, that the easy and and quickest solution would just be to annex the whole thing. And ah, do it painlessly and quick, Leslie, and just get it over with, right? So, yeah, this is something that much more so than annexation of the West Bank and Jordan Valley has a lot of support in Israel. Yeah, because if they had done this immediately, I mean, why else would these wars have been fought? Obviously, they could not have achieved these goals in 1948. They tried. It could not achieve the goals that they wanted in the Six Day War in 1967. Although incrementally they have achieved these goals slowly over time. They have achieved the goals. But it's not fast enough, right? Jig Nats want mawr. And then there are ultranationalists to the right of Netanyahu that want even more than what the official GIC that narrative is through Trump. I mean, imagine. I know this is hard to imagine because you're not Jewish, but imagine being a Jew in Israel and thinking that Netanyahu was a cook and Trump is a cup to like. But there are a lot of them who feel that way because not enough is happening quickly. Right? And so you have global opposition to annexation as well. The West Bank is internationally recognized for now, for now, as held under military occupation by Israel. Israel disputes this, of course, and has created 200 Israeli settlements there in the West bank now with over 400,000 Israelis living in that region on somebody else's land. So in Israeli annexation would likely be opposed internationally because the plan would violate multiple principles. Number one, the principle of territorial integrity. That the territory should not be acquired by war, which they have been, um, as stated in this U N resolution to 42. Not gonna more people with this, but it would be a violation of the Oslo Accords and the permanent day to day control of the civilian population by a foreign power. Right? So these are all these tenants where this would be a violation, but Israel's done it anyway. Nobody's really stopped them, and it's kind of continued apace, and they play this game. Where in the United States comes in is the bad guy, the big asshole in the room, the Gollum of Israel that gets trotted out every time there's a problem. But nobody's actually stopping this. But you have sort of, you know, I guess token objection in these various countries to this prospect, but run the time out long enough. James, right? Like drag the decades out long enough. Who is gaining ground and who is losing ground? Oh, absolutely. Israel's wedding Palestinians, air losing and this Middle East peace plan. But Jared Kushner it basically says, like, yeah, we're going to do this and you don't even get toe. Have a seat at the table. I mean, normally we would have invited you in the room, but you're not welcome. We're just gonna do this now and you're not gonna do anything about it. Yeah, that's exactly right. And they have, you know, generally in the Israeli community in the Israeli press have come to the conclusion that this is going to happen. It's simply it, like it's a matter of. It's almost like when you have to fire someone who's an employee, right? They know that this decision has been made, but now they're coming to terms with how they tell that person. Yeah, Palestinians, like we're taking all of your territory. What's the what's the most diplomatic way we can put this? And the other element here, too, is that even if the European powers again wanted to stop this, even if Belgium was really upset, or France or Sweden were really upset about this, what are they going to do right? Even back in the back in the nineties, in the two thousands, What are they gonna dio? Um, and does this matter as much to them? And this is this is the what you get with the U. S. As this massive Israeli Gollum is, they are going to be calculating he's sabotaging our relationship and incurring the wrath of the U. S. Worth standing up against Israel. And because there was never an ability of these European countries or world powers generally to put up a united front against the U. S. And Israel, it's Ah, it's continued unabated, relatively unabated until we're at where we are today. Yeah, I mean, they would have given leaders of France leaders of Belgium the same choice that they gave John F. Kennedy. You can have silver or you can have led. You get one or the other, and most people take silver and some people take lead. And when you try to get in the way of Israel getting nuclear weapons, you get lead. And that's what happened. I mean, that's I mean pretty much. There's no reason to spend all this time on these conspiracy theories that boomers have for decades, but pretty simple to understand in hindsight. And so it's 1984. You're Benjamin Netanyahu, and you've been made ambassador to the US for Israel. How do you get from their 1984 and where he was then, to today where you're on the precipice of annexation of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley and you have gotten the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital and move the embassy there. I mean, you're Benjamin Netanyahu over the course of 30 years has just been racking up those winds 135 years, Really? Just just going ham on this stuff. But how does he get there, right? Because it doesn't just you don't just wave a magic wand and make it happen. Um, and and we know because we've talked about this, that when BB was ambassador to the US for Israel, he was already friends with Fred Trump, 1984 here he knew Donald Trump. Uh, he also knew the rebbe and the rebbe is very interesting guy, and we're gonna talk about the ready. We're gonna talk about Habad Lubavitch, and we're gonna talk about Netanyahu and in how all of this got started because you don't get from where things were in 1984 to where things are today, and it's not just with annexation. It's not just with the embassy move, because those things they've been wanting to do those things for a while. And previous American presidents kept signing the waiver, and they weren't allowing it to move forward. They kept signing the waiver every six months. We'll talk about that, too, but they weren't getting what they want. But now, all of a sudden you have all these nationalist populist leaders all over Europe, in America and Latin America with bull scenario. I mean, you know, you have all these chips on the board now. How do you make that happen? How do you transform politics in all of these white countries? What we talked about that a little bit with Arthur Finkelstein and how that's worked in all of his proteges and how that has evolved. But we have to go back to the beginning to understand the goals that these people had that they wanted to accomplish, and they needed to accomplish accomplish them quickly per the the Jig Nat sort of, ah doctrine, but we've got a lot of questions about these subjects. What's a jig? Nat? What's an optics? Do what Sahaba, What's Khabab? Lubavitch? What's the rebbe? So hopefully we can clear up some of that today. So we've already mentioned Dignidad versus Optics. Jew is really just Zionism versus Bolshevism. It's centered on the dispute over how to achieve what is ultimately the same goal. Global hegemony and so optics. Jews are comprised mainly of liberal reform. Jews who chose to integrate with gentiles discouraged, discarding much of the trappings of religious Jewish life. They want to be just like you, right in appearance only, just like you Goy a fellow white. They would have you believe that they've assimilated into Western life and that Judy is a mistress. Religion, They're just like you. Reality is this. That could not be further from the truth. They just believe in a slower, more methodical good optics pursuit of the same goals. Subverting and destroying while taking the greatest care not to be found out and having plenty of insurance if they are so. The reason why American nationalism tries to do the same thing but fails is because they're not in power, you can't sneak up on them. Jews can sneak up on you because they're in power, right? So these optics shoes can keep doing this. And it's worked out kind of pretty good for them in the 20th century. Yeah, well. And they And that's the other thing is, is that if you're trying to sneak up on us, if you're trying to sneak up on the system that writes the sneaks and has perfected the art of sneaking and knows how it will be snuck up on, you're faced with two options. One is to be crushed or two is to be co opted. And that's why the sneaking approach doesn't work unless you're the one doing this sneaking on an unsuspecting populace. Exactly. And then you have jig Nats, on the other hand, who are often right wing, often religious Jews, sometimes not sometimes in appearance, only that believe that Israel is essential to successful subversion and control and will take far greater risks in achieving their political goals Now, that's not to say that optics Jews don't believe that Israel's essential. They just think there's a different way to go about it and Maybe it's part of the plan. In some cases, they debate all these things. But Gygax blew the Jewish conspiracy wide open in the service of their own selfish ambitions with the Balfour Declaration, and they've been dragging everyone along ever since. This is why the 20th century may have been one of the bloodiest centuries in the history of mankind, and the 21st century is turning out to be one of the gayest in the fake ist centuries in the history of mankind. But it's true in the debate, you know, case in point with a hood. Brock. This is a quote from a Who. Barack on in. He's an optics Jew on Finkelstein, Barach said. Netanyahu transformed Israel through the black magic of the late Arthur Finkelstein, the US Zionist political consultant who died in 2017. The right wing educated the Israeli public to judge its political identity through two feet filters. I call it the late Arthur Finkelstein. Questions. Question number one. Inward looking question Number two. Outward looking, inward looking Are you first of all, Israeli, then Jew? If your first Israeli, then you are left. If you're first Jew than you are right second is at working at We're looking. Question. Do you love Arabs or do you hate Arabs? If you love Arabs, you are left. If you hate Arabs, you are right. It's like he was. Installing. Finkelstein was like installing lights. Which brain temporarily? Uh, it's like a zoo, long as we agree in there something so you have to be light switch sprained about very black and white, very gentile or Jew. And as long as we agree that these are the filters that should be used, the right wing will be forever in power. This is Barack's chief concern with Finkelstein in Israel about Israeli politics not deep concerned about how he's managing us political races or Viktor Orban or anything else. This is how he is handling this in Israel, because it is. He looks at this as empowering, deeply empowering jig battery and potentially that spilling over into the international stage, which had already has to lay a who'd Yeah, and that's the thing. He even describes these as filters that should be used for the conversation. And that's a good way to put this and this. You can adapt this slightly and you'll see the same thing in the U. S. These fake dichotomies that that keep people trapped. People who have more in common than they may think trapped and kept apart and hating each other when there's no reason to for a good example, would be workers rights, for example, in the U. S. If you're concerned about if you use rhetoric discussing working people, you know this is automatically filtered by most as O you're left wing, you're socialist, you're a communist. You're crazy, Far left person when in reality that's an area where there should be a great deal of common ground in the U. S. So he's absolutely right. These air filters and and ah, and they're very powerful at controlling uh when used by those in power. They're very powerful to control how people think about things. Well, a quote from Finkelstein. One quote that I dug up and we haven't. We talked about a lot of his quotes, and most of his quotes deal with him remaining out of public view because he doesn't want people to figure out, especially in gentile countries, what is actually going on. And one a quote from him is that identity politics is the opioid of the masses, and he will employ that wherever he goes. Now they have to be a little bit more careful. They have to be a lot more careful, actually, when they're going into European countries in doing this, because if you do too much of it, then people end up. You know, if it's it ends up being Nazism, they're worried about that. But in Israel, we talked about that. We're gonna talk about we're going to review some of an add some to add some more meat on the bone today on on ah Netanyahu's first race in 1995. But the race that Finkelstein ran for Netanyahu back then, just imagine if that type of a race were run in America. I mean, that's the funny thing is you observe how Arthur Finkelstein worked in Israel for Israelis, and then you observe how he worked in America for Americans, and it's a totally different strategy. He creates similar dialectics. But in Israel, imagine if you just slip some words around on this, are you first of all, Israeli, then Jew? If your first Israeli, then you are left if you're a Jew than you are right. But if you just ask people, Are you first white or you first American, Right? So it I mean, they would Finkelstein would never do that. They would never do that because it's too. It's too close. It's to on the nose and, um, too much risk to do something like that. No. Yeah, yeah, and they recognize that it's ineffective. That's again. They recognized the effectiveness of this strategy and dividing people along that line. And, ah, that's something that, effectively, I mean, not direct Nutter directly. But what Trump did in 2016 had a very similar effect. Separating whites from from from this meaningless distinction of American, Of course, you know, Trump trafficked in the civic nationalism, etcetera. But But, ah, they did sort of skirt around the edges of using this strategy in the US, and it's something they have been using in Israel for many decades because they knew how effective it waas. And they don't like it. I think, in some ways to be used in Israel because the argument that he who brought puts forward is that it robs them of their moral high ground. Um, that's one of the arguments he puts forward and that you run the risk of Americans noticing or Europeans noticing that there is a two tier strategy for politics and political consulting and that people would be like mole. If Israel is allowed to be proud of being Jewish and an ethno state, why can't we? Because you're you're white and you'll turn into a Nazi. That's the answer, but they can't give it that. So Netanyahu, um, this is he who Brock again. Netanyahu has set in motion a dangerous trend, gaining a reputation for obstinacy and therefore is losing the moral high ground with advanced Western societies and with Jewish communities in particular, meaning optics, juice. Forget about this is he who broke. Forget about the 160 photo op countries, those air photo up countries and by photo op countries. He means all the Shabbos goy, um who put on their little fedora like like Victor Orban did and go touch the Wailing Wall. I mean that those of the photo ops that is So he's talking about these countries that come into Israel and take the photo and say how much they love Jews and then they go back to their country like these were just photo op countries like you're just a photo up country Brown like That's it. Yeah. Yeah, you have the two real real players, us and Israel. Everybody else's Ah, it's kind of swimming in their milieu. Yeah, and this is part of their inner dialectic, he says. What I see is a major problem for Israel's that we lost this instinct that Zionism had from day one to always hold the moral ground in the minds of your own people in order to hold them united in the minds of the Jewish communities in the world. In the minds of friends in the advanced world, you have to hold this higher moral ground. And that is the basis for a lot of the disagreement because he thinks that Jig Nats are losing the moral ground when they start to dabble in the identity politics. When they stoke anti Semitism to take power in pursuit of their own interests, it's like, Yes, you get your goal goal accomplished at the end of the day. Yes, you'll get annexation of the West Bank. Yes, you'll get Jerusalem and the embassy move and everything else but How do you deal with the aftermath of that train? Is it just crackdown on whites? Just lock him up thrown in the hole Because this Teoh who broke this was going along Fine. We're doing this slowly. Everybody loves Jews. They come here for photo ops. They do, you know, do the bit for us. Everybody's nice. They send they give slo mo whatever the fuck he wants, And you're going to keep your gonna take advantage of that relationship and demand things. And then what happens when the people in these countries start finding out? Because we've been through this 100 9 times BB. And that's that's the argument. Yeah. No, that's exactly right. It's It's ah, it's about preference, right? Time preference and wanting everything. Now, thinking things are going faster is because the you mentioned earlier there's a risk that the jig Nazi in this more liberal and slow roll approach And that is that if we don't consolidate power now and extinguish our enemies now, then they may wake up one day and recognize this parasitic relationship between the optics Jews in these these white European countries. And they might do 1 10 tomorrow if we don't crack down now and that's and so that's the risk of a C is that sort of slower approach might actually just be be found out one day, and it will end well for them if they keep feeding these base er instincts of white people. Sooner or later, those people are going to get tired of being fooled in tricked right, because 2016 was a gay up. It was a gay up. We know that now. We didn't know that. Then we got tricked and a lot of people got tricked. I know there are people who will be there always be a forever growing number of people from now forward who say they were not tricked and they knew all along. But people got tricked, and the trick is now not to get tricked again. And that's one of the reasons why we're calling all this stuff out. It's not just to go out and destroy the sacred cows, it's not just to go out and smash all the Chablis because we like to smash things. It's to take away all of these, but I just want to feel good in these dark times. kind of copes and shut them down, because without that, you don't have freedom to move forward. And so and what is it? I think it's Ah, Commander Rockwell, who said, Your ship isn't and I'm just paraphrasing, probably bungling the quote. But your ship isn't going anywhere if you have wrong maps and the trick is not having wrong maps. And this is getting the right maps. And so more Ani who broke, he says. After all, Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand. That's our reference group. The rest of the 160 nations where we do a lot of mileage. We make visit, they make visit. And it's great for photo ops. The rial core of our identity are those countries, and that we should make sure that we hold the moral high ground. Their Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, right, he's telling you everything. And then, he says, this has created a crisis among Israel's supporters. When you look at the crisis that we now have with Americans, especially young generation, with many people who were devoted supporters of Israel for decades in their own nations, you see that the rial underlying cause that we lost this instinct. The instinct is to for always find a way to make sure that if something is rejected, it will be genuinely understood by objective observers and friends all around the world is being rejected because of the insistence insistent, obstinate ation or whatever on the other side, not because Israel was kind of framing it in a way that does not allow you to fly a lot to unpack there. But yeah, he's saying about Bob T. L D are essentially with that is the problem that we're having with people not being loyal to Israel anymore is because we've lost the moral high ground and we're losing it. And these people don't see us for what? This is why they're doubling down on Holocaust propaganda. They're doubling down on all of this stuff. And the funny thing is, the funny Catch 22 about that is, the more they double down on it, the more people reject it. You know that they're true believers and people that still like buy into this. But I mean 1984 when BB was coming of age and, you know, making speeches at the U. N. Most of these people were totally under the yoke of this thing. And most people are not. Yeah, what Barack is saying here, too, is that this jig, not stuff It gives people a reason to disagree with Israel or to hate Israel or to want to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth. Whereas before they have the ability to frame any criticism of Israel as just nasty anti Semitism rearing its ugly head on it on it, Uh, and as an unexplained base hatred that had no basis in reality but because of what Israel had had he started doing and was the path Israel was was taking, that there were a lot of people who could not be hand waved a ways as just, you know, like like stupid people that hate Jews for no reason at all. A lot of reasonable people started to see what's going on. A lot of reasonable, normal, uh, people starting to see what's going on and not liking it, and that this is going to play very poorly, especially for a moral public like you'll find in the U. S. Or or Western Europe that recognize that you know will go down and get into Palestinian advocacy and things like that because they see the naked mistreatment of ah, what's happening at the hands of the Israelis in the West Bank and elsewhere. Yeah, well, why wouldn't Why wouldn't you reject someone like E? Who'd Barac anyway? Who Barack is like the John Kasich of Israel mean? He's out there saying, You know, we can't We have to have a divided Ah, we got to give some of Jerusalem to the Palestinians with He's saying in so many words I mean, we have to hold the moral high ground. We have to. We have to. We can't demand all these things. I mean, it's the same thing as somebody saying We have to let you know all you know, he's not advocating for immigration into Israel necessarily. But, you know, just it's cooking. It's from their perspective. It's cooking, and this guy is one of the few out there that saying it. Meanwhile, the jig Nats are are actually delivering for their people. The people who say they're Jews first in Israel. Second, um, so yeah, it's it's kind of funny that, you know, he's fighting an uphill battle within his own thing because he's being a cook. He But he thinks, you know, he wants people to understand. It's like, yeah, but by cooking will eventually get to our end goal anyway and dig naturally. Yeah, Now though, we're not doing that. And so that's another difference to write is that people pick up on this. People pick up white people pick up on this and this cocking strategy Think well, if I make play cations, this is you know, this will ultimately will be on the right path and ultimately will win. But no, The difference is that these are the people that hold the power. So whether they cuhk or whether they go ham with if they start going hard, it ah, it may exacerbate the power acquisition process for them, but they're still in power. But if you're the white guy who goes out in Coxon equivocates and hems and haws, you're you're you're not getting anything right. There's nobody coming behind you. There's no momentum on your so well, you know, there is some popular momentum now, but the point being that your allies do not control the rest of the system that's a very important distinction. And this dialectic this this debate between Jews goes back a very long time. I mean, going back way before the Balfour declaration and we're not gonna go into the whole history here, but I'll give you sort of the the 40,000 foot view. There was always this debate about integration or remaining apart, and there were movements to 300 years ago, um, to integrate, to move in. You had Napoleon making the question of the san he'd written about whether to are you going? Are you going to integrate with French society or you not? And this is a question that was always opposed to them. This a lot of the stuff is discussed in and read, But this you had movements that that spun out as a reaction to the move to integrate and a lot of them looked at is if we integrate, we die. We end up, you know, be becoming lost and we lose who we are, and we lose that we lose the plot essentially. And so you had Habad. Lubavitch is now one of the most popular Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movements in the world. Started in Russia, one year before Good old 17 76 started in 17 75 moved to Poland and then the United States after World War two. Of course, when they say moved, it didn't really move. It just spread. But it is a small It started off as a small, relatively small ah community. But it is one that grew out of this. This notion of either integrate or remain like this hardcore Orthodox, his seed. And it was something that was they wanted to keep it in the middle, where you don't have to follow maybe all these traditional Jewish religious practices. But we're still gonna be traditional traditional Jews in every other aspect of this, which is jig Nats basically, and it has grown into one of the most sprawling Jewish institutions in the world. They have a presence in over 1000 cities. Um, the movement is known for these outposts called Habad houses, which functions community centres and are open to all Jews. Part of their part of their ah game that they do is is reaching out to Jews who have strayed into integration, Um, and try to bring them back in and say, Look, it isn't a choice. It isn't a light switch choice between a smelly his seed in a sterile or, you know, some guy, um, you know, some guy in a suit and tie in New York who's like You can't even tell these Jewish. You don't have to make that choice. There's there's a middle ground. And to get people back on board, they're going out into the diaspora and making sure people, if they're not, if they don't want to get down with kosher eating and all the other garbage. And following all these holidays, and it's such a rigorous way, they can at least get on board with the the Jewish cause in terms of Greater Israel. And that's that's what the bottom line of all this is about. The one thing I thought was really funny is that, um, one way that they've departed from traditional Hasidic Jews is, ah, there numerous smoke points of custom. But one of the tendencies for Habad men is to wear fedoras instead of fur hats. So tip of the old fedora, and that's why that's why Viktor Orban was wearing a fedora at the Wailing Wall because that is the game so No. Interesting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is what you know. Shmuley Boteach, a good old friend and friend of Cory Booker. Mentor Spurned Mentor. Ah, he puts it this way. He offer. He says that Charvat offers Jews 1\/3 way of relating to their religious identity. You have three choices as it's you. So I guess this is what would this be? Jazz. Not a single throw. This would be a double double post lights which sink? Single pole, single throw? Yeah. Three choices. You can assimilate and not be very affiliated. Oh, no, that would be a single pull double throw. Yes, we're just gonna bungle it forever. Either way, it's not. It's definitely not one of those dimmer switches right where there's an infinite amount of choices. Boot Boteach says You have three choices. You can assimilate, not be very affiliated. You could be religious and orthodox, or they're sort of 1\/3 possibility that Chabad offers people who don't want to go the full Orthodox route, but do want to stay on the traditional spectrum. So it Yes, it's an amalgam of of living with the conveniences of ah, of an unaffiliated more or gentile life but still retaining the the morals and still retaining the goal. The goal of furtherance of greater Israeli power that you would find in a more traditional, hard core Orthodox community. Well, yeah, And this is part of the very old, very long standing debate where if you are a Hasidic Jew and you have Teoh here to all these customs and you see the rest of the world modernizing around you and you want those things instead of that that the choices, either you leave and lose most of who you are or you stay and you just remain is this thing. They're offering people another option because they realize that the most important aspect of their what they're doing is is to achieve the ultimate goal. Greater Israel in essentially control over everything and that that's what they've always wanted to do. But today, of course, about is the most influential movement in religious world jury, with an international network of over 3000 educational and social centres and, of course, the rebbe manage em. Mendel Schneerson, um, is also known as the Lubavitcher. Rebbe was a Russian Empire born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, most recent rebbe of Lubavitcher Hasidic dynasty. I don't think he named a successor, so I don't know if there is actually a successor now, but he's considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century. His public teachings film more than 300 volumes and is noted for his contributions to the Jewish continuity and religious thought is considered a pioneer of Jewish average it right. This whole thing is his plan, right? He sees the two diverging options, and he's seeing that neither of them are working out and they need to come up with 1\/3 position. This is like third position Judaism, essentially, um, during his lifetime. Many of his adherents believe that he was the Messiah. Schneerson own attitude toward to this subject and whether he explicitly encouraged this belief is debated among his followers and researchers alike. Many followers refused to accept the fact of his death in 1994. Since his death, Habad has been Tauron between the messy Onyx who openly declare he is alive and those who accept the fact of his death. Some are still trusting the plan. I think 1978 US Congress asked. Jimmy Carter twos, designates near Sons Birthday is the National Education Day USA. Holy shit. It has been since commemorated as education and sharing day. In 1994 he was post humorously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal Gold Medal. James. Outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality and acts of charity sneer sins. Resting place attracts Jews and non Jews for prayer. I didn't know this, James, but Jared Ivanka went to the Rabies grave in Brooklyn three days before the US presidential election in 2016 to pray for Trump's victory. But it's not the only time that Trump or Jared have been to that grave site. We'll talk about that later. Is now. They were. They were frequent flyers on the Reavie on Rebbe Airlines and Rebbie. Third position isn't airlines. Yeah, it's kind of funny, but what's 20 about the Rev is he's never at least two stars. You know, never been to Israel, but that's because most of Israel's top leadership come to him in Brooklyn. Um, you have Israel prep Israeli President Salmin. She's our would visit Schneerson and correspond extensively with him, as would prime minister manage him, Begin, who became who came to visit him before going to Washington to meet Carter. Um, this is probably when they wanted to designate Guy's birthday while the guys still alive, He's gonna be alive for another like 20 years. And you have Jews Lobbying President Carter to designate this guy's birthday is a national holiday. Man Lay Education Day. What a great day! We could all get together and read Dr Seuss books to your kids. It never ends. Ariel Sharon close relationship with Schneerson often quoted his views on military matters. Wow, Schneerson! The rebbe is just a regular old like military expert. Probably read a lot of Robert E. Lee and, Ah, Napoleon Bonaparte, stroke upon those military matters, saw his vice when he considered retiring from the military. Schneerson advised the general to remain at his post. Regular oracle of Tel Aviv here, isn't he? Is yes, Oracle Jerusalem Guy uh, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Perez and Benjamin Netanyahu also visited in such near sins advice Israeli politicians and military experts came to consult with him were by surprised by his detailed knowledge of their country's local affairs, an international situation on strategic and diplomatic fronts. Shearson publicly expressed his view that the safety, instability of Israel were in the best interests of the United States. Calling Israel the front line against those who want the anti Western nations to succeed. He was opposed to land for peace, which he called an illusion of peace, saying that would not save lives but harm lives. So two state solution sharing land. Yeah, that's gonna cost more lives. It's not going to save lives sneers and stated that his position is not based on any nationalistic or other religious reason. Of course not. Ready but purely have concerned for human life. James. He only cared about the lives of the Palestinians. This'll philanthropist, right? I mean, what a philanthropic argument you could make for global Jewish Gemini. Nobody would die jazz. We would minimize the total number of deaths if the rest of the world were just wiped out or just became a Jewish colony. So, yeah, right Doing this, we're doing this for your own good. We care deeply about human life. The human rights campaign itself is probably just why genocide. But we care about everybody's life, right? Benjamin Netanyahu said that while serving is Israelis, ambassador to the U. N. In 1984 Schneerson told him, You will be so good. This is going back to the question that I asked, What if you're Benjamin Netanyahu, your ambassador, the United Nations? It's 1984. Your buddy is the rebbe. How are you gonna accomplish these goals? And Schneerson tells him in 1984 you will be serving in a house of darkness. But remember that even in the darkest place, the light of a single candle can be seen far and wide. Netanyahu later retold this episode in a speech to the General Assembly on September 23rd 2011 Um, he, uh, took many of the member delegations to task for a quote, systemic assault on the truth embodied in their castigating the Jewish people and consistently condemning Israel for defending its citizens against terrorism. Immediately following the speech, the prime minister said that its spirit of defensive is people was inspired by the rebbe of righteous memory, who urged him during this 1984 discussion at Habad Lubavitch headquarters Toe light, a candle of truth in his dealings with the U. N. In its 29 minute address before the General Assembly widely reported the media, Netanyahu asserted that anti Semitism harms not only the Jewish people in Israel but the entire world that the extreme fundamentalism fueling it quote has swept the globe with a murderous violence and cold blooded impartiality in its choice of victims, going so far as to unfurl. The original blueprints signed by Hitler deputy Heinrich Himmler of the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp were one million Jews are alleged to have a perished in World War Two. Netanyahu pointed pointedly charged contingents of the family of nations with undermining the UN's own chapter by granting a forum to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But just days before his own Wednesday address at the General Assembly once again denied the Holocaust. Is this to Ally? Asked Netanyahu. I say on behalf of my people, the Jewish people, a decent people everywhere and decent people everywhere. Have you no shame? He finished his address by quoting the biblical leader, Joshua. Let us be strong and good and of good courage. Let us confront this peril. So yeah, yeah, When he's describing this extreme Islamic fundamentalism that has swept the globe, it's almost as if he's describing his own operation. His country's own operation to. Yeah, I mean, these air, all these were all groups that were funded or or received aid or in the case of Isis, now has ah, you receive medical treatment and supplies from Israel. And when you when you said he was going to unfurl the rid of the original blueprints, I thought I thought you gonna say it's gonna unfurl the original blueprints for Islamic terrorism that originated in Israel. Right. That too. Well, there's There's also that as well. Um, yeah. So this is you know, this is this speech was given. Ah, 15 years after he became PM for Israel for the first time. Now, we talked a lot about that in, ah, the episode last weekend. So we're not gonna rehash all of that here. But one thing that we did not cover and they're gonna be dribs and drabs of new information that creep in is the research sort of proceeds on this stuff. But the guy who introduced Finkelstein and Burn bomb to Netanyahu was a guy named Ron Louder, who has known Donald Trump since he was very, very young. He's the heir. Tost louder. He's a Zionist billionaire. He spends a good portion of his time defending Donald Trump against accusations of anti Semitism. It's amazing how that happens. He's also president of the World Jewish Congress, chairman of the Jewish Heritage Council and chairman of the World Jewish Restitution Organization. He's got to get He's got to get that restitution louder his friends with Sheldon Adelson and also several Russian Jewish billionaires, including Mikhail Friedman, Len Blavatnik, Roman Abramovich and Tamir Sapir. More on that later, as of December 2019 Louder is setting aside $25 million of his own money to start a new organization devoted to rooting out what he sees as the growing tide of anti Semitism in American politics. Right, they have to do, Finkel think, clean up, which is what this is. Mr Louder is a longtime Republican donor. But he said he planned to use the organization to go after Democrats and Republicans, while would bipartisan effort who traffic in anti Semitic language and tropes. The effort to be called the Anti Semitism Accountability Project, or else known as a sap, who will consist of both nonprofit and Super Pac money with Mr Louder, is the final arbiter of which politicians would be targeted for defeat. It's my money and what I stand for, Mr Louder said from the 42nd floor of his building, looking overlooking Central Park. Yeah, great. Oh, and that building, that office that he's standing in yet decorated with art and pictures of himself with prominent Americans and Israelis and covered in American Israeli flags. Yeah, this is gonna be, you know, Finkelstein is dead. Mr Louder is they're going to do the Finkel think sort of strategy, and then louder is gonna be the guy, you know, targeting anybody that comes out of that who might get the wrong idea about what they've been opt into. Yeah. And this idea of them as a resistance right is just these poor, scrappy underdog Jews resisting this booted of anti Semitism being thrust down upon their neck. And this guy's just throwing 25 million, 50 million. And he's one of one of thousands of these people that have the money to throw at things like this. What is the A T. L endowment is is up and up in the millions, if not in the billions. You know, the amount of money that they have to throw with this problem is pretty remarkable from what they see is a problem pretty remarkable. And it, ah, it reveals how concerned they are about the narrative slipping through their fingers and people emerging from either side of the Finkelstein ideological vice and ah, meeting in the middle and rejecting the entire framing. And of course, Netanyahu won the prime minister. Ah, seat in tow in 1995. Thanks to Finkelstein. Finkelstein, Um, you know, we talked about this last weekend with Shimon Perez and, um, Netanyahu's running against him. And that's when Finkelstein injected the Are you an Israeli first or a Jew first into this and then set a trap for Perez and and made him walk right into it, um, over the subject of Jerusalem. And so you know this this this one Netanyahu this seat by half of 1% 10.50 point 49 to 49.51 And, of course, this made Arthur Finkelstein a household name in America, Israel in soon Eastern Europe. So it's the mid nineties Now. There are zero nationalist governments, not even proto nationalist ones, not even fake and gay nationalist populist governments, world leaders air decidedly neoconservative or neoliberal liberal reform optics. Jews run the show Habad. A small, scrappy Jew, Finkelstein has gone from Netanyahu campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv directly to become the principal pollster for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Facing how that works, James E. He wraps up his campaign with Netanyahu in 1995 and goes directly to become the head pollster at the NRSC in 1996 just in time for, ah, presidential election. It's amazing how that works. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is on his rise to prominence in Russia. Yeah, I got some bad news for people dreams. That's more bad news. A word of caution on this. Before we flood the ballast tanks and go a little deeper. The sector the ocean of, ah, white nationalist idolatry, you can get a little bit treacherous. You've got electric light switch brains floating around all over the place, trying to suck you in. So if you find yourself being Strawman James, chances are it's probably too late. You've already been bit by one of these and all seriously, no. Though we've been down this road before, talking about Roman Abramovich, richest Jew in Israel, in a man Putin considers a son. Brockovich even gave Putin a $30 million yacht. We've talked about this extensively. Also talked about the rapidly changing demographics in Russia. Putin White savior in Russia Not in a country with a population of 145 million. You have 500,000 immigrants coming in, which, interestingly enough, is the same on paper relative to the United States, where we have a 1,000,000 coming in legally every year. So, they say, to a country of 350 million. Russia also has 440,000 people leaving every year. Now America doesn't have that. There are 440,000 people who left Russia in 2018 up from 186,000 who emigrated in 2013. Not a pretty trend, and no, no, it's not. And then you look at the you look at the greater picture of migration in Europe, in the US right, because these people are going somewhere, these are almost entirely whites that are going somewhere and they're going off into the UK They're going off into the U. S. But the net ah, immigration into both of those countries is still brown rights of these people. These white people are leaving Russia leaving Eastern Europe because this trend happens. You see this in Poland and Estonia and just about everywhere. These people are leaving and then being, ah, you know, becoming part of a of a net brown migration into other Western countries. So the net effect everywhere actually is extremely damaging it issue. And I mean, this is a stat that we've tried it out before and I know it. Russell Cem. Awesome. Jim Jams. That's all right. But there are now more Muslims living in the city of Moscow than the entire population of Paris. Go look it up years ago looking up because you'll find that sure, there are 300,000 permanent residents in Moscow as of 2010 who were Muslim. But when you add up the 2.5 1,000,000 migrant temporary workers that air there, it is more than the entire population of Paris, which is 2.1 million. I believe so, Yeah, I never the whole stick on like, you know, herder brown, Muslim bad and like whatever. But if Russia is supposed to be this bastion for white people, and Putin is the guy who is keeping Russia white or something. Then why would you? Philip, the capital city with 2.5 1,000,000 temporary workers who are not like you and are not like you at all? And you cannot square the circle of, well, they don't like Jews, so that's a good thing. It's like, what part of what part of living around these people in having these people in your country. It's like, What is this like Insulation? It's like we don't need to do that. And so yeah, before people get hung up on that question because I can see the the copes come hot and heavy and that's fine. Look, I mean, I'm not going to slam the door on anybody, but the reality is that this is these are the facts. We're gonna lay them out, and there's a lot more stuff that we're gonna lay out today. I'm just greasing the skids for that and so a common cope for people that still want a plan. Trust will say things like Abramovich hasn't been around for a while, man, and that Putin kicked out all the Jewish oligarchs, man, But we're going to disprove those statements today and then when you do the final back up against the Wall Outpost is Yeah, well, optics and stuff. And you know, Putin controls them. They definitely don't control him. So you know. So what if he talks to Habad? Lubavitch? Sometimes it's like if you're already in that position, it's not. It's not working out, friend. And to understand Putin, we have to. We have to look at how he got his start in politics beyond saying, Oh, KGB agent, you know, Magic Russian wand and then KGB to president. Done. Now he based great like this a lot more to it than that. We're gonna look into that and also, I mean, this is why it's important to not have an investment on either side When you're when you're trying to honestly understand history, we're trying to understand Ah, current political situation is because if you're invested in saying well, Putin is actually a great guy, and he's perfect, right? He's a perfect nationalist leader. You will excuse or wave away or minimize certain developments that we're going to uncover here because they are not, uh, convenient for the image you're trying to put forward. You know, we looked at this from a nun invested perspective, looking to find the truth and boy buying the truth. We have? Yeah. And then there are the strawman to that will get tried it out where people say, Well, I'm not I'm not someone who thinks Putin is gonna be a white savior. Like everybody knows that Putin's not a white savior. Everybody knows that Russia is not a white nationalist and then they do the But it's relatively better than America. It's like, Well, yeah, it's true, But they're not as far along as we are. And you have to say that ignoring trends, you know, from one point in time to another point in time, it's not just a snapshot. And you're also ignoring who Putin has surrounded himself with and who he he was meant ord by and who he is mentor ring, which we're going to talk about today and blow up this whole spot that he kicked out all the oligarchs, which is just stupid. But then who remember we did this on FTN to 95. We talked about this when it was, I think, earlier this year, January 30th or something like that when they had that whole bit, where Putin was gonna be able to extend his ability to run and essentially maintain power for life. The lawmaker who stood up in the Duma, Alexander Qin Xin, Do I have to tell you have to smash early life on this guy? He was the guy promoting this. He was the guy greasing the skids for this, he said. But the possibility of Putin running again in 2024 must exist for the head of state in order to maintain stability in society. Xueju standing up and saying this So it's kind of funny, but people do The relativism, like at least Russia can say fag on the radio I saw somebody doing after the after we dropped, um, the sacred cow of Ah, Viktor Orban. People were like, Yeah, but we can still talk about you know, this fascist history in the school textbooks and so could okay, but our statue we have outside it's going great. Yeah, and it's it's kind of just like Well, if that's if that if you're happy with that and you're okay with Zaugg being in charge, well, then that's fine. And then they pivot to that. It's like, Well, what are we supposed to do? It's like, Well, you're just you're just supposed to know. You're just supposed to stop being tricked, Stop doing copes, and that's where we want to get in. So and that's always the thing right when somebody says, at least they can say fag on the radio in Russia. And that's always the tell, isn't it? They not we Not us day. Russian nationalists themselves will tell you what we're telling you, and I remember a time when they were telling us these things and we weren't listening. But there seems to be this direct relationship between those who do Putin plan, trusting the hardest and those who do not live in and who have not ever been to Russia. So let's talk about what we know. Let's talk about what Russian nationalists in Russia, who are Russians themselves, tell us themselves, beginning with the rise of Putin and Russia as a hive for Habad Lubavitch. So you have Putin is starting off. We're going to skip all the KGB stuff cause it's it's a pre or I you can go look it up yourself like whatever. We're just gonna tell you the new information. Some people say some people say that his mother had Jewish blood. I have not found anything that confirms that one way or another, and I won't speculate. But it's possible. We just don't know for sure. Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not true in light of other information that we're gonna tell you today that is true in verifiable. It almost doesn't even matter. But maybe somebody can prove it. Maybe it will come to light. I don't know. Putin met his former friend and mentor, Anatoly Sobchak, while at Leningrad State University, now called Sant Petersburg University, where Putin studied law. Anatoly, also curiously, was Dmitry Medvedev's friend and mentor. He was also the co author of The Russian Constitution. After 15 years of practicing law, KGB training and working undercover in East Germany, Putin returns to ST Petersburg in 1990 reconnects with his old friend Anatoly. It was soon to be the mayor of ST Petersburg, just in time for the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin is appointed as an adviser for international affairs to the mayor. Anatoly Sob check need fact about Putin's mentor and Italy subject. Yeah, he's a Jew subjects not his real name, and it's his daughter who spilled the beans. We've gone from smash that early life, James to smash that Google translate to get the pertinent ethnic details on FTN. I come through a lot of Russian articles to get to this but Sena Anatoly Aetna, which is a patron. Emmick for those of you out in real around lander, meaning daughter of Anatoly Sob Jack, born 1981 is a Russian politician, TV anchor, journalist, socialite, an actress. She actually ran against Putin in 2018. That's another co people do, but she's against him. It's like while her father was his mentor and she said that at one time she voted for Putin. Oh, there we go and will not criticize him because of his relationship with her father. So Sonia claims that she has faced anti Semitism. Yes, paradox Lee as it sounds, Sena, Anatolia, VNA, it turns out, more than once faced the manifestation of anti Semitism in relation to herself in her family. She stated this directly in the synagogue where she was giving the speech, and there she admitted that For some reason, many Jews have always associated jury with her father, famous ST Petersburg, and journalist Alexander Nevzorov claimed that Anatoly SAB Jack took his wife's, made a name to hide his own Finkelstein. Now I am not going to say that this Finkelstein is related to Arthur Finkelstein or any other Finkelstein. Um, I don't know. It is said something Stone. I don't really care. Doesn't really matter. Um, it's a pretty common name. Um, some Jews drop the ankle. Steen and ah, just go Think like very Larry Fink. Larry Fink Is Larry Finkelstein to? But is it true, or is this notion false? No one will know, except they say it now on Twitter. Send You has repeatedly stated that in Russia, anti Semitism is a very common thing. Is customary to associate all the bad things with the Jews. For some reason, very often, even on Twitter, I'll get curses. So Russians themselves seem to think she's Jewish. She claims that she is Jewish. She claims that her father took her. His wife's made a name, so her mother's not Jewish. No. What does that mean for Anatoly Finkelstein? While he was Putin's mentor and Ah, his daughter seems to have picked up on a lot of these. Ah, a lot of very interesting ideological views that Anatoly had, right? I mean, maybe she's just running away from her dad, right? James? Is that the cope doing the opposite of what Dad wants? Yeah, this is her big rebellion, right? But no. I mean, you look into this. And on multiple occasions she has stated that the she's of Jewish ancestry stated that she personally experienced anti Semitism. And, I mean, what is she lying? Is she Is this a big lies of some big trick that's being like? I don't think so. It's pretty clear. Yeah, it is pretty clear exactly what her background, what her father's background are, which is, which is why their relation. Yeah. What is why their affiliation with Putin is so important? Yeah, it just optics. She's just doing optics because this is how we win, right? I suppose subject is a supporter of free market capitalism and privatisation. She she thinks that Russia should be privatised completely. And basically, I'm not gonna go through the whole ideology, but you can read it for yourself per her deep dive on what free market capitalism and privatization means is like low taxes, private entrepreneurship, small and medium size businesses, technology and innovation. Should a Republican, she's a Republican. That's what she is. Subject describes herself as a feminist, yes, even more of a Republican. Already in her manifesto, she derives the lack of women's representation in industry and politics, her views on patriotism and nationalism. Oh, this is rich. Saab Shack describes herself as a patriot and a nationalist. However, she believes that much of the patriot has been Russia Today is artificial, she writes, contrasting patriotism unfavourably with the situation in Israel. Israel, in my opinion, is a hymn to the power of the human spirit, patriotism not imposed from above, but born within a person. And that's another amazing thing. This sense of the importance of your life for the State of Israel is created by Mawr Small as if imperceptible actions. Oh yeah, She also married a Jew to force him and married a second juice. Oh, yeah, That's the daughter of an Italy subject, the mentor of Putin and ah, the guy that brought him into power, made him ah made him well started off his international affairs guy adviser and all the way to deputy chairman of the government of ST Petersburg and then very quickly, uh, somehow just wave magic wand. Between the early nineties in 1999 uh, he becomes the acting prime minister of Russia by Boris Yeltsin. And you know who convinced him to do that? James. You know who was in Boris's ear telling Boris to make Putin the prime minister? I'm gonna guess someone Hello? Owns Chelsea FC and donates millions of dollars to fighting global anti Semitism and has been expelled from several countries for financial fraud. Kingmaker Roman Abramovich. That's right. So, yeah, you got a flashback to FTN to 95 to understand this, too. And Boris Yeltsin is the guy who immediately in 1991 established full diplomatic relations with Israel, and he began during this time to start thinking about privatizing the former state enterprises in the early nineties. Anatoly True Base, whose Yeltsin's deputy for economic policy. If you smash that early life, of course, he's a Russian politician businessman of Jewish origin. He was the guy who was put in charge of privatisation in Russia, and they launched this program of free vouchers. Basically, you give everyone in the country of Voucher and because people were so poor, most Russian citizens sold their vouchers, which were worth about 10,000 rubles. And of course, the Jews were ready because they knew that the voucher system was gonna work out this way. They went around and bought up all the vouchers from people who had nothing and who would get a little something from the sale of these vouchers. And this is how you had certain people in charge of all of these industries. Now, at that time, it's a mass of Jews, right? Who want to take control of these things. Not every person who gets control of an industry is going to be somebody that they want to keep around forever. Some of them, they do, some of them rise to the top. Roman Abramovich is one. There's a huge long list. Berezovsky Gusinsky, So Molinski, Khodorovsky Friedman, Valerie Malkin. These were people that rose to prominence Jews who rose to prominence of the seven oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia's economy during the nineties. Six of these guys, the inside just neighbor Jewish. Now, a lot of those guys got kicked out, but a lot of them stayed and it was about loyalty. It was a question of who was going to remain loyal. Abramovich was one of the guys that remain loyal. Some of these others did not. Gusinsky is a guy that they had to physically remove. Um, because not all of them were going to be on on board with this. And of course, the aluminum wars in the 19 nineties were something that Abramovich was involved in. A swell. We talked about that on FTM to 95 this process of taking over the aluminum industry, which is what made Abramovich rich. But he had to spend any testified in court. He had to pay billions of dollars in bribes to government officials and to obtain protection to acquire all of these assets. And in this process, 100 people, including smelting plant managers, metals traders and others, were murdered on the sites of these plants as he was taking the stuff over. And so, yeah, I mean this this take off of all of this and how all of this wraps together. I mean, you have Abramovich as Putin's the guy who Putin called treats him like a son. He's the guy who convinces Yeltsin to make Putin prime minister, and you have all this swirling around with privatisation people set to become very, very rich. And, of course, Abramovich and Putin mentor Boris Yeltsin died in 2007. Ah, he says, Netanyahu says of Yeltsin. Yeltsin will be remembered for that singular act of courage, that decisive moment when he saved freedom and enabled a new Russia. Had he not acted, history would have moved differently. He proceeded to open Russia to Western markets, Western ideas, economic freedoms and other freedoms. As for Israelis, he will be remembered for the kindness and open policy that he showed them and towards Jewish culture in Russia. A very bass strait. James Boris Yeltsin, defender of the Jewish way of life there, according to Binyamin Netanyahu. And yeah, this is the thing. I mean, you look at Putin's origins and people don't talk very much about Putin's origins beyond just KGB, and that itself, I think, is Ah is another ah diversion meant to remind you of the horrors of totalitarianism or something. And I think the real interesting story about Putin's origins or who made him the king makers that made him king This Yeltsin, Abramovich and some of his earliest ah earliest mentors and people that made him into the political animal he is now. And these people, more often than not, were Jewish. They were, and in subject was eventually killed. Now I don't I didn't spend enough time looking into this or not. But subject was eventually killed during the 2000 presidential election. Putin sent him out to some province to campaign for him. And, ah, you know, he died and there was a criminal investigation and and whatever. And so it could have been Putin was eliminating the potential for someone his mentor who had been exiled from Russia for a period of time. Um, and Putin stopped the prosecution's and allowed the guy back in. So, you know, allow the guy back in. I guess so you can. You can murder him potentially. That's all speculation. We don't know, uh, what happened, But we know that the guy didn't die of natural causes and he was sent out to campaign for Putin and then ended up dying in the year 2000 and so subject was was cleaned up one way or another, but it could have easily just been, um, somebody who did not like this guy and who is not in favor of. But we don't know. Maybe somebody else will know better. But it's really it's kind of in material to the discussion, especially as we get into some of the immediate actions that Putin took, um, with Roman Abramovich and Lev Leviev to clean house as soon as he became president. And it's not the way that you think, but we're gonna take a little break. We have two breaks today instead of just one, so we'll take a break and we'll be right back on the other side of it to talk more about this and take us all the way up to the present day where we are today. So we'll be right back right after this. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. 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Jazz and starts, uh, started to drag in these Jews out of power by force. Or so we're told programming B commences immediately and of course, programming and then back filling. And then when you pick Roman Abramovich and Lev Leviev too, be the programmers Wow! Sounds really based, right? So by the time Putin became president in 2000 course, we all know and we talked about this n f T and to 95 that Abramovich played a key role in shaping the new government. Be selected members of Putin's Cabinet had the power to open and shut criminal cases into initiate investigations and arrests. Wow, just the guy that you want toe have lead your white ethnic estate, right? Putin biographer described The ex KGB spy relationship with Abramovich is being similar to that of a father and favorite son. Fact. Putin himself has called in this and that Abramovich had very good relations and privileged access to Putin. Quote where Putin needed a shadowy forced to act against his enemies. Behind the scenes, it was Abramovich whom he could rely on to prove a willing coconspirator or so. Yeah, James, when you need the job done, just go send a Jew to do it. Is that the pollutants living? It's like, Yeah, but he's in connection thing. I mean, this guy had had such good luck with the hiring mobsters and having plant foreman killed aluminum factories. Just the guy, you know, proven track record of success will resume. Builder. Yeah, and you know, the Copus that Abramovich is is not He's gone or something. Well, yeah, he lives in Israel. He lives in Russia and, ah, he's the richest guy in Israel. And yeah, there's there's recent photos of these guys together. She's not gone, and there's no falling out between the two. I mean, it just doesn't exist. And so, starting in 1997 um, before he was even named acting prime minister, right? He is still just government guy in ST Petersburg. He and lists two of his closest confidants, Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, both of whom are Jewish. I shouldn't have to tell you that, but I will. Who would go on to become how bad's biggest patrons worldwide? We talked a lot about Roman Abramovich and Habad on FTM to 95 to create the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia. Under the leadership of Habad Rabbi Barrel Lazar, who would become known as Putin's rabbi, Putin has a rabbi. Its purpose was to undermine the existing umbrella for Jewish civil society, the Russian Jewish Congress, which was led by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, a potential threat to Putin. We talked about this before. This is one of the guys that had been in a position to make himself wealthy under the new government, didn't want to play ball, and so he was a threat to Yeltsin. He was a threat to Putin, and he had to go in a year later Gusinsky was arrested by Putin's government and forced into exile. This is one of the ones that people trot out a succeed, See, he kicked out the Jews. Oligarchs. It's like but Roman Abramovich and live Leviev kicked out a Jewish oligarch that he didn't like. And thats me, meet the new juice aims The old yes, exactly. Um, and at the time, Russia already had a chief rabbi that was recognized by this Russian Jewish Congress that they were trying to stamp out called Adolf Shayevich. But Abramovich in Lviv installed Habad Rabbi Lazar at the head of their rival organization. The Kremlin removed Shayevich from its Religious Affairs Council, and ever since, it has instead recognized Lazar as Russia's chief rabbi, leaving the country with two rival claimants to that title. Of course, Adolf has no claim over that whatsoever. So yeah, totally based James. It's like just switching out one rabbi for the other. And these were people that they control, and Bouton's and judge, and they're not sure the the Putin Habad alliance has reaped benefits for both sides. Of course, it always does. Toe win win win under Putin, anti Semitism has been officially discouraged a break from centuries of discrimination and programs. Now people will say Oh, but you're allowed to do X, Y and Z But it's not like it used to be. And the government has come to embrace a state sanctioned version of Jewish identity as a welcome part of the nation, Putin has consolidated his control of Russia. Lazar has become known derisively, is Putin's rabbi, but is Putin's rabbi. He is escorted the Russian leader to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall. One of these photo op countries moments and attended the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, Putin's pet project on Jewish Sabbath. Putin returned that favor by arranging for Lazar to enter the stadium without submitting to any security checks that have would have broken the rules for observing Shabbat. In 2013 a $50 million Jewish Museum intolerance center opened in Moscow under the auspices of Habad. With funding from Abramovich, I thought a prominent was gone, man, I thought all the stuff James have been in the nineties, the early yachts and he's gone now right now. 2013 2014 2018 2019 keeps going. Well, not only not only was Avramovic funding this, he and Putin. We're actually equity partners, right? Putin donated a month of his salary to the project and the KGB. Ah, pitching in as well. So yeah. Wow. Great month of his salary. And, you know, just for optics, though, right, James? And so then, with the annexation of Crimea, not only were the Kushner's in the country at that time in Russia with dashes Cova, who was the wife of Roman Abramovich. But Lazar was the only Jewish leader present when Putin announced that he was going to annex Crimea. And so who is barrel was are you might ask while he is Rabbi Shalom. Oh, Dover pinches Lazar. He's Italian, and he's a Habad. Lubavitch. Hasidic Rabbi. Mamma Mia. Week vault. How did this guy Who is Italian? Slo mo Doberman Pinscher? Lazar. It is kind of like that. Yeah. Oh, my God. That we rarely come up with episode titles here, but slo mo doberman pincher. Lazar is a winning ticket today. Um, he began his service in Russia in 1990 and he's the father of 13 Children. Native of Milan, Italy. Lazar was born in 1964 to parents who were among the first emissaries of Rabbi men Asham, Mendel Schneerson, a k a. The Ready. So, yeah, that's why this guy is top of the stack in Russia. That's why this guy who was born in Italy and spends most of his life in Russia, has U S citizenship. How is this Jigga, born in Italy, spends most of his tribe in Russia, and he's a US and Russian citizen. Big think James, 1992 Laser Lazar became acquainted with Israeli Diem and Terry Lev Leviev, who introduced him to Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. The latter became the major benefactor of the synagogue in Marina Rush DNA. Who was Roman Abramovich? He's the guy who did that. March 20th 2001 Under the instruction of Putin, Lazar was included in the Presidential Council Council for interaction with religious organizations and unions simultaneously Chief Rabbi of Russia. And this is where they excluded the other guy from the council. Now just a very high level view of the awards. Putin basically gives this guy an award every year and sometimes two awards per year. 2004 he gives Barrels are the order of friendship. This award was printed and presented for the contribution made by Lazar to develop culture and strengthen friendship between nations within Russia. The hell is that me and I don't I don't supply. I don't suppose that metal is shaped like a windmill. A friendship neither. No, it's not. Um, it's probably a giant gold star. So 2000 for he's honored with the National Public Award called Mennen and PAHs, are ski order for quote, his great contribution to strengthening the moral and cultural fabric of the Russian state and for reviving spiritually life and religious freedom in the country. Yet call me up when ah, Putin's giving wards to white Russian nationalists who want to revive the ethnic and cultural life of ethnic Russians and white Russian. When no one happened because the rabbit remove, remove Western influence, remove Western media influence and, ah, restore Yeah, now it's sure I don't know, hard pressed to find that happening, but yes, so that's two awards in 2004 Right gets order of friendship and the men in Pose our Ski Order 2005. He gets the medal for 60 years of the victory of the Great Patriotic War 1941 1945. He received the medal during the 19 session of the Russian Padova Victory Organization Committee n A couple months later, he receives the Peter the Great first class order the diploma attached. The order explains that the chief rabbi was honored with this award for quote considering his activities in advancing inter ethnic and inter religious relations and his great contribution to the spiritual rebirth of Russia's Jewish community and strengthening the Russian state just never ends 60th anniversary commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. Putin gives a speech. His speech was followed by Lazar awarding Putin the So It's Your turn Vlad. The so called Salvation metal is a symbol of the Jewish people's gratitude to Russia for liberating the camp. In summer of 2016 Lazar met with the Trump Administration special representative for international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, then a lawyer for the Trump organization. The men characterized the meeting is a normal part of Greenblatt's campaign outreach to Jewish leaders and said it included general discussion. You know, just tertiary secondary level discussion about Russian society and anti Semitism. You know nothing. Nothing else in summer of 2016 so no, no Definitely not. And this is Yeah. This funny how so much is made about Flynn talking. Thio was what was the ambassador's name, but he had the Russian ambassador's name. Sergei Kislyak. Kiss lick. That's right. But you're, you know, the collusion collusion story typically doesn't include the ah, meetings between Mr Greenblatt and Mr Lazar. Yeah, all of the Russian collusion. You know, the media when they were doing Russia, Russia, Russia should have just said ju ju ju like because that's the people that they were talking about. The people, some of some of it was misdirection, of course, to protect the names and the faces of the people who fighting fighting in the trenches for jig nats from Z. But they a lot of the things that they called out. Um, a lot of those a lot of those you know where they're saying there was smoke, you had to make the connections. You had two point these things out. And so a lot of people, we weren't willing to do that because they thought Russians. But Putin wanted this guy in office. They wanted this guy to be elected. They want, you know, Donald Trump is saying is gonna build a wall and deport all these Mexicans and make our country white again. I mean, he didn't say that, but we think that that's what he means. And it's gonna be a big change from all these things. Then you have to think back. It's like, Well, why would Putin one of would have won if we know Donald Trump was a gay up from the beginning? And we know that all of the political consultants that have worked on these campaigns since the 19 seventies to create these fake kosher dialectics and then they have started to dabble in identity politics to get their guy in office, and they've been doing this for a very long time, and they succeeded in getting Donald Trump in. And we didn't get what we want on immigration and said Israel got everything that it once. Well, then why the hell would Putin want Trump to be president? Why would all the people that Putin has put around himself, including his rabbi, including his mentor, including Live, live in Roman Abramovich and all these people, their rents of the Kushner's? Why would these people want this guy in office Oh, because they have the same fucking goals. That's the outcomes, Razor. They have the same goals. Because if Putin was really guy who is who is Loki like, pro wide and four for pro Russians and, like whatever else, then why wouldn't he a shoe? Donald Trump? Why wouldn't he want run away from that? So why cause Hillary's worse? He's playing the game, James. I mean, it just none of it makes sense. The only thing that makes sense is the simplest explanation, which is that the same people who are trying to change the culture in Russia are the same people, the same organization, the same groups that want to change the culture in America and the end result for everybody is baker and gayer less fewer whites. It's in true in Russia. It's true in here. They're just not as far along as we are, and they have a lot longer have a lot more experience with Jews. America really doesn't and so they have to take different postures. This notion that Jews have to be doing the same thing, the same strategy in every country at the same time is just silly. They're not have to do different things, and that's the different times. Go ahead. Sorry. And that's the advantage they have of having diaspora. That they've been building for centuries is experience with different ways of being in different places and an ability to adapt the strategy to fit whatever market they're operating in Russia and the U. S. E mean taken. The goals are the same rights, a version control of the of the levers of power, etcetera. But the means by which they achieve that goal is different. And you're absolutely right. People who say there's a long con you're absolutely right. But the long con isn't on them. It's not a long con being being perpetrated by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on them. The long con is them using Putin using Trump, using Orban using Bolson Arrow on you. That's the the con here. You're just a photo op country. Just remember that. That's what you are. You're a photo op. Country level of you, Roman Abramovich, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner. In 2007 Trump hosted the wedding of Tamir Sapir, another Jewish Russian guy. His daughter married live live eaves, right hand man at Mara Lago, so Live, Live, Live the guy who is tasked with Roman Abramovich to clean out all of the bad Jews from Russian from Putin's perspective and install the Habad Lubavitch class. This guy's right hand man has a wedding at Mara Lago with Tamir, superiors, daughter. And then, a few months after that cement ceremony, love ive meets Trump to discuss potential deals in Moscow and then hosts a proceed you so forget the deals in Moscow. Who cares if Trump does deals in Moscow? This is the media was fixated on. Let's Talk about the fact that Trump hosted a bris for the new couple son, and he hosted the bris the Rabies grave in Brooklyn. So love it, love. It had become the single largest funder of Habad worldwide at this point, and he is the guy who personally arranged for the bris to take place such near since Grave, which is a bods most holy site. Trump attended the bris along with Jared Kushner and, of course, Jared Kushner, what his connections told this and Habad in general, he's modern Orthodox. We've talked about that with the Chuck the Chuck Kushner saga, but, um, he's been highly engaged in philanthropy across the Jewish world, including Habad entities. And during his undergraduate years at Harvard, Kushner was active in the universities Habad House. So there you go, And then Kushner would go on to buy a $300 million building from Lviv and Mary Ivanka Trump, who would form a close relationship with Abramovich. His wife, Dash Zuko Vozuca over, would host the power couple in Russia in 2014. This when I was talking about before and they attended Trump's inauguration as their guest. And ah, there are a lot of there's a lot of overlap here. In fact, you know, we talked about the fact that, um because Abramovich controls so much of the steel production in the world that one of the reasons that we saw the great big gold concrete wall, big 80 foot wall become thin steel Bullard slats is because Abramovich was going to get the contracts to produce that steel. In fact, he got the contracts for the Keystone XL pipeline. 40% of the steel for the Keystone XL pipeline will be provided by Roman Abramovich, which was approved by Trump in March after years of delay. So yeah, there you go. No, You look at what else Abramovich does with his business dealings. And this is the guy that when he owns Chelsea FC and they spent millions of dollars to to create this new initiative and European soccer to tamp down on anti Semitism and racism amongst Ah, European soccer hooligans, they launched a club for gay fans. CFC This guy was actually Abramovich was the was the lead donor. Ah, the lead sponsor and funder of an 80 l report from a few years back on. Ah, you know, targeting and destroying anti Semitism worldwide. This guy was You Look at the report. His name is top of the list in terms of ah, special thanks from viewers like you. So yeah, I mean this guy, you know, Name your name. Your interest. Name your Jewish interest. Gay interest, Anti white interest. This guy is up in it all over Europe. Isn't Abramovich to? We talked about the sun ftn to 95. Abramovich put put up the So what was it? Some memorial he means donated all this money The A T l and anti Semitism. But he built some memorial to Ah, her Sorry British Jews who fought in World War Two in front of the Chelsea Soccer Club. Like that's Ah, it's like a mural that he did like, you know, fuck the actual ethnic Brits that fought for Jewish wars. But let's let's do a shrine to Jews who fought for Jewish wars, right? Sure, yeah, the real victims, the real victims and the real heroes. Yeah. And so Zuko, Va. Who is Theis ex wife, now of of, Ah, of Abramovich? She's been in the same social circles, is Kushner and Ivanka for a long time. She's a friend and business partner of Rupert, Modern Murdoch's ex wife, Wendi Dang, who again, this is speculation. We're gonna distinguish between speculation. In fact, there's very little speculation, but we'll tell you when it happens. There is speculation that Wendy Deng has been, ah, a fuck toy of Putin for a while, but we don't know. We don't know if that is necessarily true, but it's been speculated on, and she is the ex wife of Rupert Murdoch. And as I recall, I believe she's the one who introduced Jared and Ivanka, right? They met, and if you try to look that up, you see, he used to say this, and it does say this in the Kushner in book. Um, but she they say they met through mutual friends, business associates or whatever, but Wendi Dang Yeah, closest friends. And she's also a friend of Karlie Kloss, who was the longtime girlfriend of Jared Kushner's brother, Josh. And isn't that interesting how that works out? You have Josh Kushner marrying a blonde. Ah, I believe she's gentile. And then you have Ah, sorry. Josh Kushner marrying the gentile and then Jared Mailer marrying the blonde. Um, Ivanka is well, eso funny how that works, James. Just, you know, getting into these circles of people how they do that. Yeah. This whole, I mean, in this whole high fashion circle is very, you know, Jewish dominated. Obviously, uh, this Well, I mean, so many rabbit holes here to go down This high fashion was one of truck Weinstein, stop recruiting grounds. Right? There's this documentary out there on ah, Dior, right? And how Ralph Simmons was in charge of Dior and, you know, they show the runway walks and guess who's right there sitting front seat for all these runway walks salivating over these these ghoulish models. None other than Chuck Weinstein seated next to you. Next. A good old Jennifer Lawrence. A man. Yeah, Yeah. Oh, yeah. Every time. Yeah, General poor Jennifer Lawrence. But, um, yes. So then you So you have this connection, right? This very distinct clear connection. Um, between these guys and, you know, again, it's It's when you were thinking of Trump as even just the beginning of may be a nationalist movement. That was four white people in America. Maybe not explicitly, maybe implicitly. And you thought of Well, Putin seems okay with that. So he must want the same things I do. You have to flip the whole thing and realize that neither of those things were working in your interests. And so when you had Donald Trump showing up in the U. S. Political scene for the very first time in a in a meaningful way in 2016 you also had a lot of these very same Jews who were donating lots of money to trump and lots of money to the GOP. I didn't know this either. See, the media is going to say Russian. This Russian oligarch did this in the Russian oligarch did that. It's like, No, it's Len Blavatnik. And he's a Jew in O Oleg Deripaska, whose Putin's number two behind Abramovich is a Jew, and these guys donated a ton of money. Now you could make the argument that Oh yeah, these guys are always donating money and, you know, collusion goes on all the time. Yeah, that's true as well. And there are people donating in politics all the time. And all of a sudden this became a big problem in 2016 was like, Well, let's talk about the Israeli collusion. Oh, no, we're not gonna do that. We're just going to say that this it's this one country. That's the problem because they're coming in and meddling in our election, too. I don't know, Elect Ah, Orange. Nazi is the president who's not really, though it's like, Come on. Um, so Len Blavatnik Jewish. He is the richest, richest man in the United Kingdom, Richer and the royal family. He is a dual U. S. U K citizen and is one of the lowest. It's not even meddling. This guy can donate if he why he shouldn't, in my opinion. But he's a US citizen so it's not even meddling. He is one of the largest donors to GOP political action committees in the 2015 2016 cycle. Boulevard Nick's family emigrated to the U. S. In the late seventies from the USSR and returned to Russia when the Soviet Union began to collapse in the eighties. 20 How These guys are all on the scene. The gang gets back together, right? James? It's like Putin comes home from ST Petersburg. Blavatnik goes back to Russia. It's like, Oh, yeah, there, Right, right. At the right moment, I know that it's Ah, it's an amazing you know, this is the real 40 chest moving these pieces X Y Z right in the right places at the right time. It's it's Ah, Russian people. Looting time was 1991. That's what that was. Data from the F E sheet, F E C. Show that boulevard Next campaign contributions dating back to 9 2020 10 We're fairly balanced across party lines, but relatively model. Of course, they were both sides, both sides. Yeah, I gotta get to pick the winners, whereas Ron louder just comes out and says, Yeah, I'm gonna be donating Ah, against anyone who is an anti Semite, just like I'm just going right right to it instead of just promoting the side. That isn't, um s o his His ah, contributions were for a billionaire were like 50 grand here, 100 grand there, you know, in these previous elections playing both sides. But in 2016 he dropped $6 million in do GOP political action committees with millions of dollars. Not just going to Donald Trump, but Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. Wow, It's almost as though never Trump also was a gay up. Always trump America first and never Trump. It was all gay because when you look at the money and you look where the money was going, you can see that it's just going to all the same people. I mean, Dude, Blavatnik gave money to John Kasich. He gave money to John McCain. He gave $800,000 to Lindsey Graham. Quarter $1,000,000 to McCain quarter $1,000,000 to Kasich, $1 million to Scott Walker. He gave 1.5 $1,000,000 to Marco Rubio and 1.5 $1,000,000 to all these packs in Florida. which you've seen being short up as sort of another hub for this sort of ah jig nat GOP ah, politics. He gave all this money, dude. Just 3.5 $1,000,000 to the Pac associated with Mitch McConnell, who is basically the guy that says, whether these bills go or don't go, he's here. He's he's the stimulus check to the A t l kingmaker in Congress is Mitch McConnell. Do you mean to tell me jazz that maybe Marco Rubio's Catholic nationalist America first and that flip pivot that he's done in the last few months might not be genuine? That this guy might actually be a controlled arm of Ah, Len Blavatnik Six Jewish political power? Do you mean to tell me that I thought he was for real? Yeah. I thought he was a riel American nationalist fighting for us, that he was an okay guy. You mean to tell me it's not an okay guy? Oh, yeah, it's a serious. I thought Marco Rubio was highly respected, but it turns out not so much. These are all very serious guys, James. There just about They're very serious about fucking you over and ah, Yeah, it's like kind of like, All right, so you have one. And this is This is a business thing that I was going to say as well. It's like, All right, given what we've talked about today, given what we talked about before, deny any one of the things that we've told you that's easy to go. Verify. Easy to figure out for yourself and then explain with one thing away. You can't do it and you can't deny all the things. Try denying any of it. I mean, go ahead and do it. I mean, it's just it's just over. And so it isn't to become this Ah, this zealous anti Putin guy, but it's to just steer people away from being tricked. It's like if you saw your friend was about to walk out in front of a moving car, would you yank him and pull him back? Or would you laugh at him and mock Asi like walks into the trap again and again and again and again? It's like you're gonna grab your friend and make sure that he doesn't keep doing it. That's that's the point of this. And so Lendl, Vlad Nick Well, Did you know that he co owned a Hollywood finance company called Ratpac Dune with Steve Mnuchin rat? Yeah, ratpac dune. And he sold his stake so that there were no no illusions of conflict of interest, James eso that Mnuchin could cleanly become Secretary of the Treasury so that he could cleanly author all of the stimulus bills so that he could cleanly put Larry think in charge of the U. S. Treasury and the Fed and, ah, you know, just no conflict of interest at all. His interest isn't fighting for, you know, his interest is in It is in America s O Oleg Deripaska. So if Roman Abramovich is Putin's number one guy Oh, look there Pask is the number two ju there. Pasqua married the daughter of an adviser to Boris Yeltsin in 2001. I mean, these guys air one big, happy family, and more than way than one. Deripaska is the founder and majority stakeholder of Russia's Rusal, which is the second largest aluminum company in the world. Reason why Deripaska in Abramovich are such good friends, because thes the guys that teamed up with the Jewish Mafia in Russia to murder all the plant managers and metals traders in take over the aluminum industry. Ah, he holds a stake in Roussel with a business partner. Well, yes, Sudar Pasqua was paying $10 million a year to through the Bank of Cyprus. Ah, to advance Chabad Chabad, Habad Lubavitchers interests in the United States and in Eastern Europe. Oh, yeah, the guy that spent ah, you know, a bunch of time in solitary confinement and just got let out last week. Paul Manafort. Very cool. Paul Manafort. This is like this is all the money when they were howling about this. And, of course, the only people that go to jail are like Manafort and Flynn, and they're eventually going to get off. But did a single one of thes Jude like, where are these people? All the other Jews? No, nobody. And they don't mention that they're Jews. They don't mention that they know each other. They don't mention the history. They don't talk about any of it. They just act as it is. It's a shadowy figure that is doing stuff that's bad. But they don't give you enough information for people actually to really digest this stuff in a way where they put it all together. And then they realized like, Oh, wow, this whole thing wasn't up. They want you to think that Donald Trump is a Nazi, that he's a white nationalist, that he's all these things. And so is Putin and Putin got into our elections and did all this stuff. But don't pay attention that it was Israel or dig Nats or whatever. It's just no and especially with so many of these people holding dual citizenship. And I know dual citizenship is kind of a trope, No, but the argument that well they're overseas is that there's nothing we can do. Like, how many stories have we had now of these people coming to the US to meet with people coming to the U. S. To do their dealings, many of them being U S citizens? I don't know, man. It seems like there's plenty of standing. If this were a serious issue, that the system wanted to take care of this collusion, these people could be arrested tomorrow. If that was really what ah, fighting collusion was really in their interest. Oh, yeah, And one of these emails that was intercepted just two weeks before Trump. Remember hand over the delegates Donald at the GOP convention in 2016 will. Two weeks before that, Manafort sent a message through an intermediary to Deripaska. Quote. If Deripaska needs private briefings, tell him we can accommodate. So it's like, Oh, yeah, it's These guys aren't doing Putin's bidding. They're doing a Bob Lubavitch is bidding there. They're doing jig, Matt bidding. That's what this is all about. So Yuri Milner, Jewish Russian billionaire, lives in Silicon Valley Key befriended Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 and became one of the company's largest investors. So remember when we talked about how Soros published that op ed in the I don't remember what maybe was Yahoo Finance? Er, God knows where it was, and he was attacking Zuckerberg for getting in bed with the devil in so many words and doing whatever Zuckerberg is a jig Nat. This is why Zuckerberg, in the midst of all the, you know, descends de platform ing and central censorship on Facebook. Zuckerberg's having dinner with Trump of the White House, and at the time before we knew any of all this that we're talking about today, we said Look, you got source over here attacking Zuckerberg and saying that he is basically doing bad optics. Then you have Zuckerberg at the White House with Trump. You have the fact that one of the things that came out of the Russia gate stuff was Facebook being blamed for promoting these ads when they should have known better. I would actually argue that they let them go by because And this this fits in with the thesis broader thesis with interes is that if you're out there being pro Trump and you're out there carrying water for the president and doing all of his bits and doing me mad Rick rockin it like it's 2016 you're not gonna get the platform. You're not gonna get taken down, You're not gonna get suppressed. There may be some, um, you know, to to make it seem like that we've seen that happen before. Somebody will get an account suspension and then meet immediately restored and whatever who are under attack. The censorship must end and things like that, but you're not gonna. But the second you start like with you, the second you started going negative on Trump was when your your YouTube channel basically got turned down to like 0.5, right? Oh, yeah. I mean, yeah, like when you were doing when people were doing the trump stuff, the deeply invested It's funny talking about the i G report a few days ago, and I remember like painstakingly doing a video about how the I G report is great for Trump. You can do that all you want and the censorship you will face, like the examples they hold up. Or people that Candace Owens, who will tweet out, like doing a bit right, tweet something out about, like Jewish power to really prove that these people are anti white or something like little stunts like that. And then they'll get yes, six hour suspension, 12 hour suspension. After that, the accounts back to normal. Trump supporters. Funny enough, and, you know, this is sort of outdated rhetoric. People were saying Trump supporters being censored online. That wasn't necessarily true people that did support Trump in 2016 but we're now turning on Trump, turning on the administration, turning on the GOP. Those have always been the people that face censorship and ah and yes, and the same goes for Facebook to write. Where Facebook Zuckerberg Ah treats trump differently than Twitter does Twitter and YouTube coming out and saying they will not run any political ads Facebook, you'll remember, was criticized for saying, Yeah, actually, we will allow the Trump campaign to keep spending money on ads. We will allow political campaigns to keep advertising on Facebook, and that was a distinction that that I think a lot of people glossed over at the time. But now, as we understand Zuckerberg's connection to Yuri Milner and to this milieu, it makes a lot more sense. Well, it's It's even more than that. Milner invested $850,000 of his own money into real estate startup Kadre, who remember which Jared Kushner cones with his brother Josh. Kushner failed to disclose his association with Kadre when he joined the Trump White House. So it's like Milner is the largest investor of Facebook. He's also a huge investor at Kadre. He's friends with the Kushner's. Zuk is at the White House, and Zuk is doing bad optics and saying we believe in freedom of speech, and everybody at the time was like L o l, yeah, sure Zuk. But what he really meant was freedom to promote Jig Nat narratives of Donald Trump. You're free to do that. You are not free to criticize it. You're not free to call it out for being faking gay. And if you dio here to platform immediately cause you're getting platform for anti Semitism. But even if you do perfect optics and just do criticism of the sandwich, you are going to get to Platform two because they don't want that. So Alexander Shoe Store. Oh vich Russian American chief executive of I M G Artists. He's an American and he's Jewish contributed $1,000,000 to Trump's inauguration camp. It Campaign Committee, um, gave almost no money to anybody. In fact, he tried to give 1\/4 $1,000,000 to George W. Bush in 2000 and was rejected because of his ties to the Russian government. So yeah, $1,000,000. Yeah, sure, no problem. Victor Vek Allsburg, his American cousin Andrew in Trotter, also Jewish, tell you if it's otherwise, he had no significant donor history prior to 2016. Then he donated 1\/4 $1,000,000 to Trump's inaugural committee, 35,000 to Trump's Victory Fund, $29,000 to the RNC and the max $2700 to Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign. Any of Simon Kukes. What an unfortunate Jewish name. K U K s Simon Kukes. Just one letter. Russian American oil magnets Simon Kukes worked for vehicles Berg and Blavatnik from 1998 to 2003 contributed 1\/4 of a $1,000,000 all of it to Trump's victory fund. No significant donor history until 2016. It's almost as though James, how about Ludovic was called to swarm on this campaign and make sure it happened and make sure that they were successful because of two very important objectives that they wanted to achieve that they did not achieve in 2012 which we're gonna talk about as well, right? Yeah, And you see the mobilization here of people who had been a political are not a political but had not been significant donors who recognized that this trump campaign in 2016 was going to be there. They're in to holding the reins of power in the United States, which is something they have been looking for for a very long time. Well, this is what they talked about it shool. They were told. This is This is the ticket. This is the win. This is where you're going. This is what you're gonna dio Everybody get on board with this guy. There was no question right from the very beginning. Why would there be? And they had that they were, I'm sure, Also, toe. Look, you're going to see a lot of the same rhetoric that you've seen before. They probably don't even need to be told this, but I'm just acting this out. So people understand that you're going to see the rhetoric that you've seen before. Finkelstein, you're going to see you're going to see a Viktor Orban type campaign here. You're going to see Donald Trump make Ah, you know, he's gonna make a lot of references to globalists. A lot of rest references to nationalism. He's really going to stoke these people up to get into power. You're gonna put up with that, and you're probably OK with that already, cause you're you know, you know, you know where this thing is going and ah, you're gonna get what you want out of that. And sure enough they have. And so, um Yeah, there are a couple things here, some clean up to that I want to do with Finkelstein before we talk about 2012 as something that that has a lot to do with this. A lot more than we ever thought. But, um, this relationship, when we were talking about Trump and Orban and Finkelstein, I had completely forgotten about Sebastian Gorka Sebastian Gorka. This very, very follow Semetic Hungarian that was part of Trump's administration served as deputy assistant to Trump until August 2017 also was an advisor to Victor Orban. So you have that he is the contributor to Breitbart. News is which Don't forget another factoid that we have to try it out. Another puzzle piece we gotta put on the table. Breitbart News was conceived in Israel, so it's like Aereo and David Horowitz. Front page mag is another place that Gorka rights Ah, pushing pro Israel pro Russia pro trump narratives. And when we say again, when you hear Russia, I know that like, you know, that might rustle some Jimmy's just think pro Jewish, because I always say this. The Russian people themselves are being held captive like we are Russia. The country deserves a better future. Russian nationalists would agree, but they are being held hostage by foreign interests, just like we are. So when people hear pro Russia, there's nothing wrong with being pro Russia. Being pro Russia is great. Being pro American is a great thing. But it being pro American means that I'm like pro Sheldon Adelson and pro Roger Ailes and pro Chuck and everything else that that's not what that means. That's not what that means. I want my country back Russia's and want their country back in. The path that were each on in parallel is is not going to get us there, no matter how hard we cope, no matter how hard we try, just not going to get there. But, um, it just some of this cleanup. So one thing I didn't realize this hungry has thes Impenetrable banking laws that actually helps to protect a lot of the assets of these guys. And they also use the passport system to funnel Jewish agents into the U, where they can move freely and travel back and forth to the United States without a visa. If they come from Russia, because if they come directly from Russia. They have to have a visa and thus have a lot of scrutiny if they come through hungry. But they don't. They just come through. They get a Hungarian passport and they come into the United States, No questions asked. Stamp in out. Goodbye done. That's how it's done. Another thing I didn't know. Richard Grendel. You know, the big gay What was his job before was see ambassador to Germany? Richard Grumble. Grumble S so Yeah, he, uh he was a consultant for Arthur Finkelstein. According to his public financial disclosures, Finkelstein hired Grenell. It's so funny cause Finkelstein's gay. If you didn't, you know you didn't listen to last weekend show and shame on you if he didn't Finkelstein's gay. So he's hiring another gay to act as his media consultant for a Moldovan oligarch, which is a high for Jews in the region. And Romania. Former head of Moldova's Democratic Party and Vlad Plotnick, adrenals public relations firm, was paid to do work for a U. S nonprofit funded almost entirely by the Hungarian government led by Viktor Orban. So, in a series of 2016 op EDS, Grandal went out and defended this guy, the head of Moldova's Democratic Party, because he was being accused of corruption and bank fraud and everything else. Of course, when he fled Moldova in 2018 the government fell. Pompeo announced last month that this guy's barred from entering the United States do to his corrupt actions and what this guy did. He just didn't want to support the embassy move to Jerusalem. So this guy gets accused of corruption. They defend him for a while. He doesn't want to play ball. And then eventually he gets taken out and they stand up a new puppet in Moldova. And then all of a sudden, Moldova announces it's moving. It's embassy to Jerusalem. So every time it's like every single time. But, um, yeah, but Gretel, like so Grenell is a guy who worked for Finkelstein. He's a guy who worked in this world, right? Israeli politics, Eastern European politics, Russian politics, whatever. It's all Jewish politics. These aren't the none of the politics that these guys are working in or benefitting us. And Grenell is now in. Grenell is now Trump's director of national intelligence. So yeah, and this is, of course, his newest post. After leaving the ambassadorship to Germany, where he led the fight for sanctions on countries that weren't willing to pay play ball with with US foreign policy and the lead, the global fight, the global effort to, ah, force homosexuality into every country that still put up resistance to it. So, yep, that's That's our d and I. Oh, yeah, absolutely. So never Trump was a gay up. Always. Trump was a gay up, going back to 2012. This is an interesting subplot here of the 2012 U. S. Presidential election, because there is so much psychological warfare undertaken on on the the American public in 2016. This rhetoric of Trump's was weaponized. Got people to believe in things that didn't really exist. And one of the things that we believed in where we at least took it face value was that Mitt Romney and Donald Trump were not on the same team. And so, uh, Finkelstein was a Romney. Of course, he's a Romney consultant who wasn't who didn't Finkelstein work for right? Reagan, Nixon, Bush, Romney trumpets just never ends, Um, but Romney was supposed to win in 2012 against Obama. In fact, the jig Nats counted on it. They didn't see it coming with loss. And it seems much of their misplaced optimism was do to this super secret vote monitoring system dubbed Project Orca, who remember from 2012 which, incidentally, failed miserably, which was also kind of funny. Just the laughing stock of Mitt Romney. But this was something that was supposed to succeed. It was supposed to make Mitt win so that Mitt could carry out these jig nat objectives earlier than they needed Teoh Well earlier than they have been, I should say the astonishment that seized Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisers is Barack Obama crossed the threshold of 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House was as absolute as it was authentic. Netanyahu had been utterly convinced that the presidency was in the pocket of the candidate of his choice, his old buddy Mitt Romney. In private conversations, Netanyahu ridiculed anyone who advised him not to rule out a scenario in which any other candidate was the winner. No, what made Netanyahu and his political adviser, American born Ron Dermer, who went on to work at the Trump campaign, He's one of these Israeli American operatives ignore the various polling analyses, such as Nate Silver's Fivethirtyeight New York Times, and that almost universally predicted this Obama victory. Ah, the question to this has a two word answer. Arthur Finkelstein. Finkelstein until the end. Legendary strategic advisor and pulling expert who is working with Netanyahu in his running mate in the upcoming election. Israel Brett NEWS Avigdor Lieberman hammered it into their heads that Mitt Romney would be the next president of the United States. Finkelstein predicted a 4% win for Romney in the popular vote. Romney lost by 2% in victories in all of the swing states. Romney lost all of them. But one the day after the election, Netanyahu went into battle mode. Cabinet ministers were instructed not to talk to Obama. Members of the prime minister's close circle mobilized to rebuff allegations that their boss had intervened in the American elections. Back then. Right? So yeah, yeah, and this is I mean, this is the same or similar to how the war room played out when Finkelstein was first getting Netanyahu into power, right? The polls had been universally against Netanyahu, and yet he was able to to ah ah emerge with slim victory. So, yeah, this was This was Finkelstein. Chutzpah, hubris, Perhaps that, Ah, that his guy couldn't lose. And sure enough, he did. He did in Trump, prepped to run soon after Romney's loss. Now Trump has run for office a bunch of times. In 2000 of course, he was considering running or ran very briefly, and that's when he called Pat Buchanan and Neo Nazi. Um, so yeah, based, right? Ah, and he also considered. I remember him thinking about getting in and running in 2012 and maybe before that I don't really recall exactly, but they thought that Romney maybe was the surer bet. And see this is when they switch strategies, it's it's they thought. OK, Romney cannot win. This style of Republican politics cannot win. It cannot succeed. We cannot do this new. If you recall, you could do an entire deep dive on this. But I remember very vividly the moments in Romney's election campaign when he attempted certain little pieces of the Finkel think sort of thing he made. He made ah, implicit sort of rhetoric that was supposed to gin up white support. He talked about immigration in a certain way, but he wasn't willing to go full bore, whereas Finkel scenes in the background, saying, No, you got to do it This way in this way was what got Viktor Orban in office this way is what you saw in 2016 with Donald Trump. And so I know it's uncomfortable to think about. But when you heard Trump going out and saying Romney choked like a dog, remember when Trump would always say that? We thought it was so funny? That was for Benjamin Netanyahu's benefit. That wasn't for your benefit. That was for B. That was for BB because Romney choked like a dog he was supposed to win. This isn't see. People interpreted that statement as Yeah, Romney choked like a dog. That guy sucks, and it's true. He does suck. He couldn't finish the job. He couldn't get the job, done the job. Waas get elected, annex the West Bank and move the embassy to Jerusalem like that's it. That's all you had to do. So just never ends. What? Couldn't get it? Don't know, couldn't get it on one red pill that I forgot last week, and I know you probably remember I told you I had a red pill that I was saving. And and Ah, I didn't I forgot to say it, but I have this written down that I'm gonna do it this time. So, um, you know, one of the copes that people have done and we've done it too, and I and did this very early on in 2016 I think, where we said even if Trump only compete only follows through on half of his promises, at least the court appointments will be something that lasts beyond his administration. Even if he only does minute administrative changes within the government. He doesn't pass legislation or only passes half the things or it's watered down or whatever in course. And now, in hindsight, we've got nothing. But it was only still get the coin appointments. The Supreme Court, federal judges, whatever are of you know this or not, James. But ah, the federal judges that Mitch McConnell would reject that Obama would propose Most of them are the very same judges that McConnell is approving now that have been reappointed by Trump. So when McConnell was in charge of the Senate and was preventing these judges from going through under Obama and rejecting them and saying these air liberal and we're not doing this. And these Air Obama justices and yada yada yada well, one of those very same justices that were rejected by McConnell are now being approved. Um, they've just been reappointed by Trump, but they're the same guys. That's interesting, because jazz I was under the impression that there was this this rock ribbed organization in charge of the judicial appointments. The Federalist Society was really looking out for constitutional originalism and protecting America from from crazy liberal tyranny. You're telling me that this Ah, Federalist Society, which was founded by Eugene Meyer, the son of a Communist agitator, wasn't actually isn't actually standing up for Americans. They're just letting this happen. That's so weird. Well, that's so we're who knew who knew that Chief Justice Roberts is not wrong. There are no Donald Trump justices. There are no Barack Obama justices. There just justices, and he's not wrong there, just the same guys. So, yeah, that's what I forgot last week. So yeah, let that let that one sink in for a minute and look, I'll say we were wrong. We didn't know what we know Now we know what we know now, and we learn from it and we move on. But, yeah, there's this idea that there is going to be any intrinsic value from this at all. No, no Copes left behind. Two more things, actually. A handful more things on Think eso. He's the close, personal friend of Roger Ailes. Didn't know that. And I told you this before the show started. Orban used to call Finkelstein Finke that was nicknamed Pinky. Hey, thank you. Get in here. Um, yeah, we did that. We did that. Yeah, I think we did all that. Oh, yeah. And you know, when Israel Netanyahu is running for PM in Israel, you know who The only two Americans who did television ads for Netanyahu in Israel, where Donald tried noise of Donald Trump and Chuck Norris. I did not know Chuck Norris did that, but Trump did. It must have been a big hit over the worst. Yeah, must get. So you go down the line and you sort of zoom back out to 40,000 feet and you look at the whole history going back to the beginning of the 20th century and you look at where they were in 1984 and where Bebe Waas and you had Finkelstein working in American politics. Israeli politics, Eastern European politics to start putting these pieces into place. Get the pieces on the board. This is the rial 40 chess. They got Putin. They got Habad Lubavitch spread into all of these areas. Get as many Jews who may have strayed who have gone astray to come back on board. There's a serious project that we're working on. Everybody get Get into it now Then you get Donald Trump. Check Viktor Orban, Check Matteo Salvini Check matters more A wiki of the piss party Check. Yarbles! A narrow check. Boris Johnson check. Can't win em all. Marine Le Pen flop Geert Wilders flop Um Geert Wilders who remember Geert Wilders. But now what? You have the United States, which is all that really matters. You just have these other sort of puppets in these other governments who are doing things that they're people like sometimes you know, in varying degrees and varying relative degrees to keep people happy. But ultimately aren't making any significant changes in the trajectory of those countries and More importantly, there's no opposition in those countries from Ah, Neil, liberals and optics Jews who don't like what ignites are doing. And you have the embassy moving to Jerusalem. You have Ah, all of this stuff going really well. You have the an excision by Fourth of July. Potentially cause July 1st is when they can first do it. And so and meanwhile, I think this is on Friday. James, you have the holy Jewish site of Esther and Mordechai set on fire in Iran. Um, and Jonathan Greenblatt weighing in about this act of anti Semitism. So in the midst of you know, when you think about this in the context of BB Netanyahu getting ready to do annexation in Israel, you're going to start to see gay ops like the Jewish side of extra Mordechai being set on fire what you do in their rabbi because they want to stoke this anti Arab sentiment there in those places to push support for annexation, they're going to start whipping these people up for that. The remember when Trump is gonna go ham in 2020. Yeah, it's gonna be very ham. James, this is ah, People need to think about this in terms of this is a very long centuries long campaign and everything is on the line, right? They want these objectives accomplished. They want them accomplish now. They don't want to wait two decades. They don't wanna wait, They wouldn't remove the opposition and they want to get it done. And they've never had any. They've never had a many pieces on the board as they do right now. Have a I mean, even go back 35 years, and these people have actually achieved quite a remarkable victory, and they have Finkelstein to thank for it. And they have all of the Arthur's kids who have carried this on and Cambridge Analytica and a lot of the things that we're going to get to it. Some other point, um, to make this happen. It's about taking the temperature of a society, white people figuring out what they want, figuring out what they believe in figuring out what their dreams are, figuring out what they how they view themselves and how they view their country, and then manipulating it in a way in the political system in a way so that you get the outcomes that you want, and we've seen it happen all over Europe. We've seen it happen. The United States. We've even seen it happen in Latin America and ah there. There hasn't been a lot of pushback. People are starting to reject it. It's one of the reasons why America first is starting to sputter out and flameout, because the fakeness in the gayness can only go on for so long until people start noticing what's going on. And this thing is so obvious now. I mean, I don't know how you could listen to what we've just said, whether it's FTN in 2 95 whether it's FTN 3 11 whoever, whether it's ftn 309 where we've talked about this stuff 3 12 as well, and come away with the conclusion that any of these people are good actors who have your best interests in mind and the best thing that you can do, it's not say tricked is to reject it. Don't play into it, even if it's tempting, cause you can do the rhetoric on it, it's to reject it. This is an up not gonna participate. Now look, the psychological warfare that they did the Cointelpro and everything that they did in 2016. If you look back on it, you realize how potent that waas you there are. There are very few people that that resisted being swept up in that because we had never heard this before. This was never something that is something that had never been done. And it was It was pervasive. And it was, you know, identity politics is Theo opiate of the masses. When you start tapping into those very popular ideas, people listen, people perk up. The trick is to realize that they're just, you know, they're just trying to take you for a ride for another election cycle and another election cycle and eventually bigger what they want. And before you know it, it's like, Wow, how did that happen? 50 years go by and you're like, Wow, what happened? So yeah, yeah, I'd be surprised if you didn't see them turning up the pressure in Europe as well, especially with with the amount of migrants and migrants, kids and Muslims and Africans they have in Europe now because, you know, it's the arrangement they have with these European nationalist parties, very beneficial for for Israel. I mean Geert Wilders is someone who campaigns ardently against Muslims. He's very vitriolically anti Islam. Then you look at that guy and what his His key policies are what he actually wants to do, what really gets him passionate. I mean, this guy lived for two years in Israel when he was young. Um he said that he nowhere on Earth gives him the special feeling of solidarity that he gets when he lands at Ben Gurion International Airport. And then he gave this speech saying quote if Jerusalem falls into the hands of the Muslims, Athens and Rome will be next. Thus Jerusalem is the main front protecting the West. And so I mean this guy like if you know, if the heat has turned up in Europe and people turn to these these nationalist parties, they think are going to be protecting them because again they're being tricked. What are they going to get? One of these nationalist government's going to dio much like what are nationalist government did in the US when we got trump elected, begin working for Israel, begin working for the interests of Israel and whatever they want, so and yeah, it's a trick and it's a trap. And this is not to begrudge the people that fall for it because it's very appealing. And we've talked about before how people have a psychological need to be a participant in the electoral process, but the choice you're being given what seems like the best choice is a choice that is, is being presented to you by them to further their interest. Yet we need to re program the psychological need to be involved in the electoral process into a psychological need to call out this bullshit wherever it is seen, wherever it arises, wherever rears its ugly head and you know they always. The other thing I was going to say is they always have the luxury of collapsing. This too, right? Like all these leaders that I just listed off Bull scenario Johnson, Salvini, Muriqui, Borbon Trump. If they decide that they have put their plans in danger, they will just, ah synthesize a backlash against this. And let's Soros and friends take the reins for a while and drive this back into neo liberalism. Oh wow, this is ah! People didn't like the nativism of Donald. They didn't really like all these things that he was saying we need. We need some more anti racism need to mix this back in and so that they dial it back down on and then tile it up when they need when they need ah to get what they want. And so it's it's ah, the best way that you can at least have some hope in a system like that is to not play the game. You don't play either side. You're not gonna win on either side. You're not gonna be doing the up there doing the up the best way to defeat the office. Call it enough to call it for what it is not participate. So exactly right anyway, lot, huge load of ah, of information there. Hope you guys enjoy it, but don't go away. We have a part three and the white Nationalist Transportation Safety Board. You know how he did The Kobe Copter way Got vindicated on that. Lots of indication will be right back right after this. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation. Uh, you've done the housework. 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NTSB, which, by the way, is the only agency around here with a 100% success track record inaccuracy in our findings and unlike the regular NTSB, which I mean, you watch some of these airline disasters and, like research airline disasters there, the NTSB takes seven years, 10 years, 15 years to do a report. We got our original report on the Kobe Bryant Calabasas helicopter crash. We got that out the door just a few days after the fact. January 30th FTN to 84 seven days or your money back. Exactly. Right. Got the caps on and got on the scene quickly. And Ah, you sure enough? You know the findings we came up with at the time? They are now being born out in court documents and actual NTSB filings and looks like we got this. Ah, 100% right from the get go. Just a summary for those who've forgotten by now, our findings at the time about this Kobe helicopter crash which took two, took out what nine people total, including the pilot Arzo be on. We argued that the aircraft is carrying more people than it was likely configured for based on the configuration of this very same Sikorsky seven b, the pilot, Ariz Oh, beyond didn't have sufficient experience flying an inkling inclement conditions and should have never taken off, but was likely overruled by demanding passengers chirping from the back seat. And Mr Zero Beyond didn't know how to fly on instruments and had to rely solely on following the one Awan highway. My missing anything from that key abstracted findings. Their chest. No, I don't I don't think so. It was probably Oh, and because of the configuration, it was probably also overweight. And so you have this whole combination of Ah, well, you have carrying more people than it was configured for, BL said. People sitting in different configurations as well, because there was nobody in the front, I don't think. And we figured that there were two more people in the back then than should have had seats. And so, yeah, that's pretty much it in this guy, essentially doing this all the time, flying whenever. Give Kobe whatever the fuck Kobe wants. And, ah, most of the time you know there are aviation is a decidedly white industry, still overwhelmingly so, especially within the FAA. It's like 85% white, Um, and they have. They build in significant tolerances to the rules and to the regulations that they put into place. And so then that's intended so that you can squeak by so that you'll live so that you'll survive. But when you get a Kobe, a testosterone fueled Kobe who doesn't like traffic, has his back, my neck and my back riding in whatever sports car he drives, actually, that we saw the sports cars their ugliest fuck. No wonder this guy doesn't want to drive to tone Pontiac Parisian. That is like purple and yellow and white leather. Just typical black. Just total of jogger car, actually, is the Bentley Continental with the with the pearlescent purple. It's like, Yeah, but this guy didn't want Dr. He's an impatient black guy who gets a lot of money access to cash wants what? You know. It's that that's the thing. It's like these people, above all else, will be the least likely to follow the rules. And they think that money is the only barrier to following the rules, whereas within the FAA in aviation, it's like know the rules were there, no matter how much money you have, because if you don't follow the rules, you die. And that's the game. And these people didn't follow the rules. Kobe pushed them to fly in inclement conditions because he doesn't want to fucking drive, and the pilot was willing to go along with it because he's probably getting paid a lot of money, which there shouldn't be a financial incentive to break the rules, but there is in certain situations, and that's where you have it. 184 knots into the side of a Calabasas mountain and flames bodies burned beyond recognition. Boo hoo! Cry me river. It will be a day of mourning. The national hero gone out and smoke. Yeah, that's a thing. Is that Arzo be in this guy as a as a pilot. It was his responsibility to make the final decision on this day when, you know, he saw the eight people being loaded up into the back of this helicopter more than had seat belts for So, of course, you have people just walking around, you know, rolling around. And they're affecting the weight of this thing while it's in the air. You have inclement conditions that had grounded up most other helicopters in that region. And you have all of these factors. The responsible decision for job Ian would have been to say No, we're not gonna fly today. I'm not going to risk your life, my life ever what? The eight passengers and other aircraft and people on the ground not going to risk all of these other lives to meet your whims. So sorry, Kobe. You're going to be late to the mom of Sports Academy. Go rent. Ah, rent a transit van or something like you're gonna have to do something else today or you're not going at all. I mean, the idea that he is gonna set up a schedule around, you know, set up a schedule where he plans on being able to get from his home to the Black Mama Institute in 11.2 minutes. That's not the weather's problem. That's not flight conditions. Problem. That's not the pilots problem. It's your problem, Kobe. Build your fucking house closer to the Black Mamba Institute. Oh, yeah, that's right. You had to build black Mom instituting some, uh, not not as, ah, you know, not as what's the word wealthy part of town. Because you wanted to have whatever. So you fly there. It's fine, whatever. But you know these this is Kobe. This is Kobe Black Mamba up in smoke. Yeah, and so what? We theorize that the time was that it was possible that so be in may have put up some token resistance or may have suggested they do something else and was likely overruled. And as this helicopter was flying in circles and attempting to find it get its bearings. More than likely, there was some pressure from the peanut gallery on the pilot to Ah, hurry up, hurry up, Meow, Foge, I'm gonna be late And turns out, according to filings from Ariz. Obeans lawyers, this is becoming a clearer and clearer possibility. A representative of Zoabi on ah claims that What did you say here? He's answering Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit because, of course, Vanessa Bryant, the widow suing for wrongful death, attempting to get all the money and prestige in sympathy and up votes out of this that she can. But she is she suing this island charter company and Zambians Wrapped responded to the lawsuit. Island Express Island Express is owned by two white guys, too, by the way, right? So, of course, a shakedown. Yeah, of course. And so the Reps. Friso Vienne responded, saying quote any injuries or damages to play natives and or their decedent were directly caused in full or in part by the negligence or fault of plaintiffs and or their deceit it, including their knowing and voluntary encounter with the risks involved, and that this negligence was a substantial factor in causing their purported damages for which this answering defendant bears no responsibility. In other words, the risk And the decision to fly on that day was made by Kobe. This was this was a decision that was taken out of Zo bian's hands. And Coby was was there telling this guy, Look, era, no matter what you do, I'm getting to Mama Institute. So make it happen. Or else, Yeah. And ultimately, I mean, the pilot does really have the final say so in this situation, well, in most situations, but in a situation where you're having to act under duress and essentially you're being held hostage by by a Kobe Bryant, you have no other choice. And so, of course, this is always the usual bit right? You know, Black guy does, does a crime, essentially gets a bunch of people killed, and then who has to pay the price for this? Somebody has to pay for this. Well, it's gonna be Island Express and the guys who own this helicopter charter company who probably having their contract like, you know, we it's there's heavy amounts of insurance that go into this I mean the idea that the that the helicopter company can be sued for damages for somebody who is not properly, it's like it's like allowing gun companies to be sued because somebody wants to go out and do a school shooting. Now the NRA is on the hook now. Remington is on the hook now. The helicopter company is on the hook because they were forced to allow a black guy to hire their services again and again and again. And a I think Zo Vion was a relatively new pilot. Remember, other pilots that had been Kobe's pilot before had quit because they didn't want to do this anymore. Ultimately, the pilot can say, No, we're not flying today, But I mean, you know, who knows what kind of threats, who knows what sorts of things. I'm sure we can only imagine, right? I'm sure Kobe to his pilot in a very low soft boy, said, Can we please just go to the Black Mama Institute? Are I'm just asking you nicely? Please, Can we just do it is like, No, this guy was flipping out, veins pulsing out of his neck and, ah, pretty much what you can expect in any situation where you interact with a Kobe Bryant or a Ahmad Jaggery or whatever his name. Yes, they were just flying to check out the construction sites in the Calabasas area. That is just what guys do. Just doing guy stuff. Yeah, yeah, forcing pilots to fly in inclement weather so that you can go be a basketball American somewhere else. Yeah, it's just guys do. It's a guy thing. It's a guy thing to overload a helicopter and get upset. An impatient tapping your foot in the back seat when the totally racist obstructionist air traffic controllers are making you stay in a holding pattern over the 101 because you're holding up other fucking traffic. And there the problem. They're the ones causing you toe weight, causing you to be late because you know, the whole world turns on basketball Americans and their Proclivities. So, yeah, of course, it's everybody's fault. Yeah, and now Island Express, you know, pay millions of dollars to Ah, the the already wealthy because it's not just Vanessa Bryant. It's all of the people that were flying on the helicopter with Kobe. These air all you know, very well, well off people. And they, you know, want how much money, How much money are they asking for? Oh, they're asking for millions upon millions and they're asking for it from everybody involved with this and the point you made earlier about about the the way this works is to cover up for brown misdeeds or around mistakes or around malice. These white institutions that function very, extremely well, I mean, think about thousands and thousands of aircraft taking off and landing and and being managed all across the country every single day, ranging from from small civilian aircraft to two massive jetliners. All of this going on and the rate of air accidents in the U. S. Is actually extremely low. You know, you'll hear about about horrible accidents, But when you look at how many planes are in the air on the ground or flying around or being managed at any given time, it's actually remarkable how few accidents there are. So these air systems that that tend to work very well. But of course, in this case, they need to be torn down. They need to be blamed. They need to be be held responsible for being derelict in their duty to protect this brown man. And they did it probably because they're white and racist. And Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa Bryant, she's suing everybody. She and the Ulta belly and Mauser families. What are unfortunate situation? Fall in the last name. Mauser fallen with people like this suing Island Express. And Vanessa Bryant is now suing the L. A County Sheriff's Department because apparently deputies took pictures of the scene and she objects to this. A Z being negligent, intentional infliction of emotional distress. A lot of other block, whatever right thing is the Bryant family worth about $600 million. So they don't need this money. They don't need to bankrupt. What I'm sure especially right now is a company in Island Express not exactly raking in the dough, right? I mean, you, your claim to fame nationally is being is your pilot being involved in the Kobe crash and then coated? And so, yeah, I can imagine business very well for them, but what they're trying to do here, what Vanessa Bryant and her legal team are doing is shifting blame away from Kobe and more generally onto white man systems that failed to protect them. But the truth is that none of the white Americans involved here are any fault at all. This in this case, it is a light switch situation, right? Air traffic control did their job and gave Zo be in the best guidance they could under the circumstances. The 90% plus white NTSB found no mechanical issue with the helicopter. This is something they were very mad about. Hey, people were upset. The NTSB came out and said, Yeah, engine failure. Yeah. No, not uh, not a cause for this accident. And the white passengers, Maybe they should have known better. They should have known not to be bowing around with basketball American Kobe Bryant. But ultimately they were along for the ride here. So the blame falls on genetic amalgam. Arzo be in Kobe Bryant, who was known to be demanding customer and flip out and start making demands and be a diva when he didn't get his way. It's not the white man's fault here. Just no. Now they didn't do anything. And it's just another opportunity to shake down the system. Writeth e. The Sheriff, the L. A County Sheriff's Department, who put no helicopters in the air that day. Remember, that was the other thing. This is the only helicopter up in the air, The rest the rest of the aircraft that were flying. We're all under I fr flight rules. And they were trying to land I Afar at Burbank Airport and, ah, Kobe's helicopter kept getting in the way because they weren't supposed to be up in the ceiling of the clouds. I think was like something like 800 feet. And so they're flying well below the established minimums for a populated urban area. I think there are like 2 300 feet above the ground. It's like you have a problem. Yours going down into somebody's are. But of course, they don't give a shit about that. I think they're lucky that this went down on a mountainside. I mean, think of knowing what you saw from the crash site. Imagine if that had gone into somebody's home or under a neighborhood or into a school. I mean, that's that's the reality of this is in. Why would Kobe and they probably they'd probably sue the school? They would probably sue Whoever's house was in the way of the helicopter, You know, why not sue that there wasn't a soft field for them to land in, right? I mean, it's just that it never ends. And of course, they're the involvement of of the legal system and this is is encouraging. This, this is this is another aspect of this is that Vanessa Bryant should not have these options. Your husband got out of control. He took other people's lives into his own hands. He killed nine people and crashed a very expensive helicopter that he shouldn't have been in in the first place into the ground at 184 knots, you get nothing in effect. In a just world, Vanessa Bryant would have to pay restitution to all of the victims who were on that flight. That that would be an amazing court system in America. If you stepped up to the plate and said, I want to get mine. I want to get paid time for me to get paid. He did that. They did that. Who did? O and the judge is just like you know what? You're gonna pay $600 million wealth. Yeah, Cough it up, bitch. 300,000,400 million you're gonna be paying all these people you're gonna be paying. Ah Fyvie, California department of ah, whatever wildlife for destroying the habitat of this father fuzzy squirrel that lives on that hillside that Kobe destroyed. Yeah, I would just come up with a whole list of things. So to discourage any type of person until all of these people have been flushed out of this system the Vanessa Bryant's all the trash Just shake them down until there's nothing left. Oh, yeah, You want to sue, you're gonna pay. You're gonna pay. You're going to be the one that gets the fine. You want to show up and complain about this, you're gonna be charged with the crime. And I think that's the only way to discourage this in a system like this. Because otherwise what would you have? Because she's gonna get paid probably by somebody. And it's gonna happen again and again and again, cause lawyers make money, every news how the system or yeah, that's exactly right. And this company will be destroyed. This island express company, they're gonna go out of business from this almost assuredly even without the lawsuit, I mean the bad press surrounding this that is actually being unfairly heaped upon. The company has been out of control, and I in to weaken craft are like dreamworld legal systems. What Bryant is doing here, Vanessa Bryant. This is defamatory, I think, towards towards everyone who she's blaming for for their they're controls, their standards, their systems. Not doing enough to protect my man's my man's. He did nothing wrong. My man's flying, my man. Sikorsky did this. Your payment, your right. And so, yeah, she should absolutely, absolutely be held to account. But because of the way our legal system, our legal system, does not function based on right and wrong and any sort of of legitimate, grounded moral principle. It's a Tom UNIX system that is based on pill pull based on who can make the best, most novel, most convincing, a priori argument. And, you know, you mentioned them suing like it would not be a stretch under this legal system for them to sue and say, Well, you know, California Department of Wildlife. You leaving this hillside here? It actually created these cross winds that brought the helicopter down. So you need to pay or the slope of your rough did this and and you need to pay. And, you know, the way this has been presented in the media has actually been remarkable by people who like TMZ, for example, which has been one of the outlets hot on this story. TMZ, of course, news for drugs and black people presented by this TMZ. They have a TV show that runs like on the border of Maury Povich on daytime TV. So you get like, Dr Phil, you get ah, Maury Povich. Then you get TMZ news. And so when you're sitting at home, this is your doctor swimming pool deaths. Phil? Yeah, that guy. Oh, yeah, Yeah, that guy's great. Um, yes. So they come out and they're saying that Ah, their take on this. Their legal expert opinion, they say quote, we had to read this legal doc several times because it was so shocking. Island Express, the company that owned the helicopter that sent eight innocent passengers to their death Arzo be in barely unp. Ersin claims Kobe and 13 year old G new flying could result in an accident. And therefore Vanessa Bryant has no case. It's true. Island Express filed an answer to Vanessa's wrongful death lawsuit, and they threw in every argument in the book, including an act of God or like an active TNB. Island Express says Kobe Bryant and G B had actual knowledge of all the circumstances, particular dangers and an appreciation of the risks involved and the magnitude thereof, and proceeded to encounter a known risk and voluntarily assumed the risk of an accident injury there by barring or reducing witnesses claim for damages. Now this is not what Zo Bian's rep is saying. This is This is what I, the Island Express attorney is saying, but jazz again. I mean, you want to talk? Vindication? W NTSB seems to have been right on the money here because not only do we have Zo Bian's rep stating this was a known issue with the Bryants, but Island Express knew that that Kobe was a demanding customer and that he would do this right. He would repeatedly encounter these known risks, would repeatedly forced their pilots to embark on on risky ventures. And at that point, what do you want the company to do? Right? At that point, it's on you, Kobe, isn't it? Yeah, I mean in these waivers that they asked them to sign. I mean, this is under normal circumstances. The pilot is Thebe piloting command. The P I. C. He can say it any time. We're not flying because conditions don't warrant it. But the way that they get around this, of course, with A with a luxury charter company like this, this applies to fishing in a deep sea fishing or deep seas of marine diving into, uh, into Jewish tropes. Decades of Jewish drugs. You have to sign a waiver saying that you know, at your own risk, right? I mean, this is why you see you when you park a car and like a parking garage, it says this parking garage. This facility bears no responsibility for the contents of the vehicle that you leave right. If your car gets robbed if your organs jacks it, it's not our fault if somebody smashes a window and takes your stuff a special If you leave your gold iPhone or something on the passenger seat or whatever and tempt fate. I mean, this is tempting fate. Let's go up in thick fog conditions and fly around because I had no place in basketball. It's like, Well, you were the guy that assumed the risk, Mama, you're the one who signed the paper that says you assume the risk. So it's not our fault. You It's basically your helicopter, your pilot, your ass at this point, and your ass went in down in a ball of flames 184 knots into a Calabasas hillside. So fuck the fuck right up your ass. Is grass, Corey literally on fire? Yep. Yes. So that's that's about the state of it. And, you know, this is, of course, what we've predicted at the time. And, you know, one can only imagine how this lawsuit is going to play out, right? And that's the other thing is that in this legal system you're rewarded not for identifying wrongs that were done against you and suing those that have wronged you. But you're rewarded for using this like, scattershot approach that Brian is using, right, cause she's not only suing Island Express, she's suing. Now the l A Police Department l A county sheriff. And how long will it be before they sue the air traffic controllers before they sue the FAA before they sue everybody for the Sioux. Sikorsky, right. That was something that was talked about at the time. Was this this helicopter should have never been allowed to take off without a terrain warning system works. We're going to sue the trust of Wilbur and Orville Wright for inventing flying in making this possible. I mean, it's that's the level of And, of course, a system that profits from this and benefits from, ah, black victory over white. They're gonna let this go. They're gonna let this run rampant. Good. But it's just APs. It's just so insane. It's Yeah, this is stuff I don't even know. I don't even know what to say about it. But I just love being vindicated because we came to these conclusions immediately and we didn't come to the conclusion by just seeing like saying, Oh, black I crash and helicopter must be black guy fault. Like we actually did a very in depth analysis of this. The helicopter, the pilot, the conditions, We listen to the radio. He played the radio transmissions on the show and we came to a pretty crisp, clear conclusion. And ah, you know, I'm glad that the I'm actually glad that the Island Express is coming out and saying, you know what? You assume these risks you assigned the waiver Fuck off instead of being like we regretfully were so regretful about the death of of this black hero basketball American who blah, blah, blah and then just shit the bed. I mean, you know, I don't know. We'll see how this goes, but yeah, I hope I hope that I hope this gets tossed out. But, I mean, if I were Island Express, I would just be like, broad, just like close up shop and move on. But if they sign the forums, I don't. You know, I I know that people feel like it seems like an uphill battle with the legal system, but unless they try to do technicalities on signatures or something, but it sounds like this pilot's been working with them for a while. This is the helicopter they've been doing for a while. I'm sure that there will be a a stack of waivers that have been signed each and every time. And hopefully this Island Express company will get some nice witnesses to come to the stand who have flown with Kobe Bryant in the past who are still alive, who would like to tell their story of what it's like. Because remember when we did the original analysis, that coach that flew with Kobe one time and said, I'm never flying with this fucking guy again because Kobe was, like, high. Now you do. Ah, do the loop. The loop. I, you know, go out over there over the 10 and to make it, you know, cut off the engine and let it auto, rotate Otto dry rate down to the, you know, make it work down to the earth. And, uh, that guy was just like, Yeah, I'm not doing this anymore like this. That's scared the fucking shit out of me. So, yeah, if we could get more people like that to show up in court and just testify to the Jigga boo nature of of what it's like to fly in an aircraft with Kobe Bryant, that would be just great. And then at that moment, the moment that those witnesses start to come forward, you're going to see Vanessa Bryant pull that lawsuit really fucking fast. Faster than Kobe Bryant went down in flames at 184 knots into a hillside, and that'll be about that, and that'll be the end of that. So, yeah, speaking to the end of that, I think, uh, that's inaccurate. Uh, pretty succinct. Good. Retelling an update on our W NTSB investigation. I don't know. Just keep this thing strung out for seven years like the real NTSB does. Yeah, and then come to a conclusion. It's like the long game, right? We don't want to have any bad optics. We don't come out right away and said, Yeah, it was a black guy acting like an ape in that helicopter that brought it down, you know, done. So it's like, Yeah, I mean, we talked about two about how the NTSB and the FAA are there, trying to brown it up. But it's it's, you know, you start putting nonwhites in those classrooms to start learning about aviation, and she it and they're just like, Oh, wow, there's more to this than like a up, down left right game controller. But it's on a console. It's actually some serious show. There's maps involved in this. You mean I gotta calculate the wind speed in the direction and how much my fuel way. She sheer warning that my baby mama. I want talk about that. Yeah. The man is like, I can't put I can't have spinners and rims on my landing gear. It's like No, no guy. So I can't do that. And, you know, why doesn't And you can't use quick inflate if you get a flat tire on your landing care either. You know, this helicopter should have just had hydraulics, though, so it could bounce. Well, didn't they do a movie like that soul plane? Then they have. I remember seeing the cover of Soul Plane like it just like a movie for like when they were doing the, like, fancy airplanes, like living rooms and shit. I don't even remember what is about. Why would I watched that trash? I don't know, but we're out of here. Enjoy this. Probably an episode you'll have to listen to more than once because it's good. And I hope you share it with people because we got to get as many people untracked as possible here. So well, that really enjoys the rest of the weekend. And we'll see you, uh, on the midweek