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welcome to end jazz head feels frosting on the network where we had our eat. Dash your hopes single, throw your double poles and smash your sacred salamanders drawn by James. If you've heard it somewhere, chances are that summer's here. We have a lot to talk about today, James. What's happening, guy? Nothing much, my dude. I'm currently riding the tiger of that kick into spring weather here. It's been great. You know, One day it'll be 75 80 degrees. You're out. The sunshine they go, man, you know, I'll go and get some charcoal on a grill tomorrow. And then tomorrow's around and it's 45 Windstorms and downpour and wild turkeys coming through, eating up the garden, just planted. And yeah, but a kind of a wild spring. I know some people have had had a little bit of a drought. I know we sort of have here, but the rain's coming back. It's good. Don't have to go out and water. All the plants is nice, but ready for summer. My dude got to say I love that I love winter Don't get me wrong I love winter but I'm always always ready for summer to come back Yeah, I think where everybody's kind of ready for that And there used to be a time where turkey's come rolling through your property I mean, Thanksgiving just came early and you're eating You're walking in intel turkey sandwiches for ah for quite a while, But no, not anymore. You you go, Peg one of those birds probably gonna be ah, d n r. Somebody showing up at your house and even you Ah, giving you a hard time. Can't have any of that. You know, these birds that multiply and end up all over the place shooting up the place. But you know turkey. No turkey hunting, James for you? Yeah. Where I used to live in Maurin. Ah, you know, inside of a city. And we had a wild cats. And so I would, you know, go and trapped the Wildcats and go and get him spayed and neutered in that. No, that was my little, you know, hot My my boomer hobby. Todo Here you are. You're You're the original cat boy This is where this came from. I was putting cat boys and cages, actually, and I'm keeping the blocked in my bathroom and making sure that they could not reproduce, right? No, no. And they didn't have access to the Internet. They were not flown in from Australia. No, they were taken to the shelter. And then the released where they call that trap treat released something like that. Yeah. I can't do that with Turkey's. You know, if you haven't, if you're a city dweller and you've never heard a Tom Turkey like start gobbling at you and the sound they daily Wow, that was You just have a turkey call sitting on your desk of their guy like that noise that could ruffle their feathers to intimidate you. Pretty Ah, pretty wild. Yeah, yeah, they're they're pretty Well, I mean, they're pretty crazy. A definitely definitely don't want to get yourself in trouble and they'll attack you to even attacked by turkey. I almost was yesterday I was outside and I didn't know this. Tom was there with his head. Right, So there I am like walking to my car and ah, this turkey fluffed himself up and I'm like, All right. Like, what's going on here That I looked to my right, and I see Oh, there is, like, his turkey bride, like, four feet from me. He probably thinks I'm going to ah, steal his woman or something. So I shuffled on out of there, but yeah, pretty cool. Pretty cool stuff. See, out here in the in the wild country? Yeah, I have, ah, have a mallard duck and his mate for the spring that have decided to make a nest in this brush pile that I have from last year. And they've laid eggs. I don't I haven't checked on him lately, but yeah, I mean, kind of cool. I didn't think that I was creating a nice habitat for them to come there and build their mallard duck ethno state in my brush pile. But they did. And I hope those eggs are intact. At least we'll see. What? What? And then So that's the worst. The right, because then you have this brush. I'm the same situation. I have rushed pile after brush pile of things I've had to cut down over the last year, and but I haven't gotten around to shredding them yet because, you know, there's still more to cut. And then I go out and I think l Yeah, this weekend they'll rent the chipper shredder, but then you go in the brush pile, and it's like, Oh, this is now like like, a thriving colony of, like, birds and stuff. Yeah. So it's like, What do I do now? I mean again, Yeah, yeah. Been looking a wood chippers to It's something I'm definitely I have to do. There's just a nun controllable amount of brush and leaves and all kinds of bullshit. There's nowhere to put it all. So the only the only solution is you just chip that shit, and then you got your own mulch and whatever, you're good to go. So anyway, show starts at, what, five minutes here? Um, speaking of wood shippers, though, Yeah. Speaking of wood chippers Ah, we've talked a lot about this. We're gonna be going back to the well on this because this is this whole trump Israel collusion and all of the basic. All the all these points from which you can go off and look into other things is it's such a very rich Richfield Um and we've got a lot more. There's more this weekend. I mean, I'm gonna keep going back to this because it just needs to be talked about. It needs to be talked about. Now it's It's the middle of May. We don't know what the election is gonna be like. We don't really give a fuck what the election looks like. I mean, you know, weaken talk, maybe about the outcomes and how that will portend for us. But, I mean, talking about this now makes sense. I mean, we have all the data in front of us. We have a lot of information that we did not have before. And like, I've always said, I'm glad that we actually went through this, that I'm glad that this happened. And for a lot of reasons, which we don't have toe belabor here. But one of the biggest ones is if Trump had lost in 2016 and then we would been playing this game with Republicans out of power this entire time in America for I mean, we're just four more years of pretending not knowing, really until you saw the transactions take place. And now we know where we are. And so if you haven't listened to our deep dives on the Trump Israel collusion so far, they're going to be many of them, and people have been cataloguing them. I know Pat Little has been putting ah, memory hole together, which is like a Wikipedia of the things that we've talked about. And actually, it's not just things we talked about. It's things that a lot of people have been talking about. Our stuff has been reposted on the drug report. Shout out to the drug report. Also Shadow Truth, Truth, the power news dot com has been posting pretty much everything that we put up because we're posting clips out there basically of the of all the takes that we've done as well, and so that's a good place to go to get them, and then you can reference them. You don't have to just be like here, take this three hour podcast and tell me what you think of it. It's like, No, here's this subject specific content that deals with a particular subject, and it's it's pretty good. So but you gotta you gotta get up to date on this, right? You got to get up to date because this is this is FTN 309 from 50 minutes on word we talk about really the ground zero of the Trump Israel collusion and then FTN and 11 which was last weekend, show It was a smorgasbord of joggers and bikes, with the entire second half devoted to a Tour de France, of new details on Israel's involvement with Trump in 2016. So you can go down the rabbit hole on that he of the homosexual Jewish architect of the modern American kosher sandwich, Arthur Finkelstein, which also happens to be Larry Fink's full name before he dropped the Holstein from that. So would not be surprised if those guys, Aaron, somewhere related, you gotta update your firmware, James, right? If your firm ways firm wears not up to date, then you know the things start to get stale. That could kind of buggy ship breaks down. If you're running previous firmware versions, I mean got update your firmware. James, you don't wanna have these sort of, ah, archaic takes because it was fun. Like we all went through it like we You know, a lot of us got fooled by this thes thes. People are smart and they know what they're doing, and the purpose is not to get fooled again. And so you have to realize that a lot of this stuff that's out there is not really, especially if it's in the realm of electoral politics. If it's on that stage, probably faking gay, and there's probably no nothing in it for you either. And this transcends us electoral politics. I know people will, will focus and maybe dishonestly, but yeah, you know, it's just the U. S. Two party system. But look at these other great systems that allow people true nationalists to rise to power. But then you start looking at at who those people are and the origins of their movements. And this is again not to say that that everyone involved in this is a bad actor. That's another lights, which takes what you're telling me that everyone who believed in Boris Johnson or both so narrow is a shill. You're crazy that it's not. That's definitely not the people like the people are the ones getting taken advantage of. But if you see an individual who has risen to the top and that the media is promoting. That's usually a big red flag, and you now have the tools to find out. Well, who are their consultants? Where did this person come from? What was the origin of this person? Don't you have to look like if somebody comes out and says We have to close our borders in in make America a white country again? Even if they don't say White will be implicit, that feels good. We know what that feels like. We've been there. That was like Trump coming out of nowhere and saying what no American politician was willing to say, and the media was promoting him. And the excuse the media gave was, Well, we're gonna promote him because he's so bad that that people will reject him. But it's like, No, the media knew that this is gonna be a popular message. And that's actually one of the things is, you know, the Finkelstein kosher sandwich recipe to pit Republicans against Democrats and liberals versus conservatives and Nazis versus Socialists and all this, you know, the typical kosher sandwich Trump and Netanyahu and well, especially Netanyahu. But Orban and these guys were allowed to break frame a little bit right, Trump became popular. Orban became popular because they were allowed to break the Finkelstein frame for a second and and talk about the problems in the country. Like right. Trump made the media the enemy of the people right, he said. The media is the enemy of the people. He didn't. He didn't necessarily attack liberals. He didn't use the Ronald Reagan rhetoric. He started to adopt the Socialists, the socialist rhetoric. But that's a Finkel think thing. But Trump was allowed to break frame a little bit. And remember some of the more based rhetoric in the speeches about globalists and financial interests and the American people. America first like he was allowed to imbibe somewhat in those themes, to to grease the skids, to get people going. And that's sort of what they followed with Orban to its it's Let's stoke thes sentiments. And then when you have anti Semitism and whatever else growing out of it, then they can say they dio could say, Oh God, we have this horrible problem with anti Semite. It just works. No matter what they do, you stack up these liberal taboos and then you knock them down and then you stack them up and then you knock them down. Then you stack up the Nazis and you knock them now. I mean, they play the game over and over again, and people have to stop being played like a fiddle. At the end of the day, the goal is not to keep getting tricked, right? The best thing that you can dio people are always wanting What? What are we gonna do? How are we gonna fight back and push back? Don't play the fucking game, Don't get tricked. And I know it's easy to say because we all got tricked and other is gonna be one guy. That's and I didn't get tricked. I knew all along. And there's always the guy that right Cons. We get that guy we know we love that guy. We know that guy. Everybody does that sort of thing. It's a guy said from the very beginning. Okay, sure, but this is the thing that people have to do. They have to not get tricked. And we wouldn't be telling you this if we didn't get tripped. We know what it's like to feel like this. And so you got to put this stuff out there so that when somebody gets excited for next rising populist nationalist candidate, you could be like, No, this is the birth of Arthur Finkelstein in his kosher sandwich recipe here. Look of the consultants on his campaign. Those guys trained with this guy. They know what they're doing. This is the connection. Where's the first place that they visited? Right? Both scenario. First place, he goes, is Israel right? It's like in first international trip Israel. Okay, yeah, there's no shame in getting getting tricked here. There a shame is a middle are tricked and then you recognize you've been tricked and then you to protect vanity self image brand on the Internet or something than you insist that you weren't actually tricked. Everything is not a trick this Israel Ah, and and weaken weakened win. If we just do it a little bit differently next time, that's the you know. That's how your kept on the plantation, so to speak. And they know what's popular. Not just in America, right? People in the US have a sort of America centric look at politics, much more so than people in Europe and elsewhere. But when you look at all so narrow. Boris Johnson, Orban all across the world, you can see that these people all rose to power or became popular by responding to something going on in their country that that no one else had addressed. Up until then, with Trump and Orban, it was immigration of also narrow. It was crime. To a large degree. This guy was going to be tough on crime and start start putting drug dealers and in jail and imprisoned and killing them. And during about helicopters, etcetera. So they know what people want, right? This Ah, this Finkelstein and his disciples, they understand what people want. And they're willing to use those impulses to get their guys into power and then not deliver on those things. People want none of these people, Orban bullshit. I mean, yeah, like they're not. They're not living upto what their what their supporters have asked them for their doing the bidding of those that put them in power. The consultants, the Finkelstein is the burn bombs. And people have to understand that this is not the strategy that will be here forever. People have to understand that these things evolve over time this evolved starting in the 19 sixties, um, when WASP power in the United States was fully subverted in being dismantled. You had Arthur Finkelstein, 20 year old Arthur Finkelstein, pioneering this new political method of how to pit right against left, and then on the left you had people playing the same game. This isn't just people need to understand. This isn't just Arthur Finkelstein and his disciples running an op on the Republican Party. That is what it waas. But you have to have someone else to tango, right? It takes two to tango, sea of people in the left, playing the game of calling people on the right. The Nazis Thea, anti Semites, the the women haters, the misogynists, the bigots, all of these things to get the left electrified and excited for next candidate. And so, ah, lot of this, you know, starving the American worker and destroying manufacturing is about getting left wing of supporter base of support, working class, excited about destroying the Republican Party cause they're the big business. They play the game on both sides and it's gone on. It's gone on for a very long time, and so you have Finkelstein. We talked about this on the weekend. You have this. It's the gourmet kosher sandwich recipe, and he had been studying big political trends for a long time. Um, he was a pollster. This was his thing, looking at data, and he realized that things came down to a few key concerns that people care about the most usually the things that are not getting solved. In fact, they're the problems that get worse. It's like here the typical Jewish trick of, Ah, we've identified a problem with the heroin epidemic. Let's throw fentanyl into the mix. So we have the perfect people to make sure that this happens down there in Mexico to produce the product. And we'll blame it all on China and act like China is killing these white Americans that we want to die anyway. And so this is the same game over and over again. And so even back then in the sixties, Finkelstein notice that it was drugs, crime and race, and you can think of all the games that they play with those issues and then never solve anything in stoke these divisions. And he said that these issues are designed to create the most political division to separate these parties is far apart as possible because you know how you'll hear conservatives talk about. Well, Ronald Reagan used to go in the back room with these Democrats, and we're a skip Tip O Neill and work out deals with them in America was a much better place back then because I remember I had my babble about Well, because the Finkel think hadn't really taken fully hold yet. People think this didn't just start with Orban, right? This didn't just start, you know, in the 19 eighties 19 nineties, this'll goes all the way back. Teoh William F. Buckley, The remaking of the Republican Party Nixon, Reagan all through up to the current day. And so they play this game all the time, and it's it's been something that they've done no going back to. What I was saying before is, this is this is an evolutionary strategy, right? Jews themselves are an evolutionary strategy. They've evolved over time to survive. This is a political strategy that will evolve over time to survive. That's why you see people like Orban, people like both so narrow people like Trump starting to break the Finkel think frame because it's evidence that it's not working anymore, right? You can't just keep going out election after election and saying, Oh, it's an ultra liberal versus a Nazi again. They can't keep doing this. People have gotten tired, right? What's the thing, James? You say? Well, everybody's a Nazi. At the end of the day, you keep calling white people along Nazis long enough. It's like she's Nazis proudly Nazi. Welcome. Here we are like everybody is a white supremacist at the end of the day, who is white? So the Finkel think thing is starting to wear pretty thin, and they're having to test out new strategies. Where will this go? We don't know. But it seems to be evolving, doesn't it? A little bit sure. Well, and it also becomes, you know, this pendulum swinging back and forth. People have the belief that, well, you know people that liberals will go to crazy than people want. Conservatives and conservative will go crazy and back and forth. And that's not really how that pendulum functions, but people. There is a radicalization tendency, right, and people will become increasingly desperate when they're presented the same choice over and over when they get, you know, another Bush when they get another Clinton so on and so forth people will start demanding something that feels more genuine. And this is part of why Trump was able to eviscerate Jeb Bush like he did in the primaries. Was not only was he featured in the media, but he seemed legitimate and he seemed like a reprieve. And someone who would take a hammer to conservatism take a hammer to businesses. Usual politics. And this is also why you what you saw. Ah, Bernie, with with a great deal of appeal and AOC and Justice and EMS because people on the left were seeking out something that was more real and more genuine. And sure enough, as we talked about a few episodes back when we went through justice stems and and how they have their operating, Uh, this is a This is an organization at a movement that does not have a place for whites that has been essentially just another arm of of ah Brown Democrat politics, neoliberalism and the A T. L literally So, yeah, I mean, you'll be given the pretense of what you want from time and again in order to keep things interesting and to keep people keep people, you know, engage. This is why I, like Coca Cola, will change their label every few years. Or why name your or why a car company will redesign their their model every few years to keep people thinking, Wow, this is new and interesting, and I need to get this same thing happens with electoral politics. Same thing happens with real conservatives and riel, hard core leftists on the left. The new nose is the same as the old nose, and the bigger the beak, the bigger the sneak every time and it just goes. It goes on and on like this. And and the what you pointed out to is that they've gone from pitting just one monolithic right wing party and one mostly monolithic in other divisions. But they're not visible to most people. It's let's do the new moons That way. They pit those two seemingly monolithic chunks against each other, especially when the country was mostly white. But now, as the country is becoming more more multicultural, they can throw different ingredients, different racial ingredients into the mix on both sides and create adversity within the parties themselves. And so what you've done, in essence, has had a sub division within the party to have these miniature kosher dialectics going on because there's no danger now for insurgency. They don't have taken do a sub division within the party and have these kosher dialect. It's going on within the Democratic Party and within the Republican Party because they don't have to worry about someone coming in and rising to the top and breaking that whole frame that can play out. Look at look at how many people ran in the Democratic primary this time around. A lot of that was to fuck Bernie, but a lot of it is just to throw all these choices at people and have their eyes cross and it be kind of all the same. It gives the illusion of choice, but there's not really a choice. It's all in the cards. Everybody knows what what's gonna happen in the end, and that's pretty much where we are. And so, you know, like I said, you have all the way back to Buckley, Nixon, Reagan, Bush is Trump Orban. It's not just that, like people have to understand this is this. This current runs very deep within the Republican Party. Finkelstein was responsible for getting 50 members of the House and Senate elected dozens of private clients, including the Trump organization and perhaps his crowning achievement. Getting Benjamin Netanyahu elected in 1995 who in effect has been in power for 25 years. Quarter of a century, This guy and so this. This methodology that he put into place if Finkelstein died in 2017 but his methodology did not die. Lee Atwater, Alex Castellanos, George Birnbaum, Beth Myers, John Lerner, Ari Fleischer, John and Jim McLachlan. The pollsters. Frank Lunts, Larry Weitzner, Charlie Black, Roger Stone All of these people are disciples of Finkelstein and all of the people who got elected into off like he is. Respond thousands of GOP consultants across across the spectrum to make sure that this is not see insurance. This is Holocaust insurance, making sure that this happens because, yeah, I think you put yourself in Finkelstein shoes in the early 19 sixties, right? They got they got to resolve the immigration issue, which they succeeded in doing in 1965. They have to resolve the segregation issue, which they also did, um, ato that time as well. You have all these probably have to guarantee college because they had already invaded the academic institutions with the guarantee student loans. And they resolve that in 1965. And then we ought to solve this problem of white people being allowed to be racist. And we have to slowly turn this thing over the course of several decades to pit thes people against each other so that they don't notice this alien force that has come in. It's like while we sent you all to go defeat Hitler and then all of a sudden, your country starting to get shitty. It's like it's almost a ziff. There's been an infection and what could possibly happening? Oh, yeah, Just focus on the liberal over there. Yeah, your country is getting really awful, but just, you know, focus on the liberal that ultra liberal, that embarrassing liberal too liberal for too long. So it's just rent well and these people to I mean these consultants, it's not just people that are working on campaigns. These people then go and and they will ah, start and advised these you know youth leadership training programs, places like the Leadership Institute and elsewhere. More training in Morton Blackwell, right, that train the next generation of conservative leaders. And so this this type of thinking in the strategy in this framing doesn't just happen at the top upper levels. It trickles down, and it becomes infectious to to anybody that wants to get involved in this system that wants to work in politics that wants to be even, even, you know, an orbiter sort of swimming in that current, this type of thinking just becomes the norm, has become the norm, and it's unavoidable. It's absolutely unavoidable if you want to have any involvement in this system. And so it's important to note that it's not just the people at the top doing this. It, Ah, it becomes pervasive. It becomes pervasive, and you know that there's a whole set of rules that follow along with this. But politics in America at one point mattered. It did. Believe it or not, it wasn't just interesting. It wasn't just something that people engaged in and were thinking about. It was exhilarating. Outcomes actually mattered at a certain point in American history. But as Jews became so deeply entrenched in our country after World War Two. Political outcomes left to the whims of the white American electorate meant the very existence of Israel hung in the balance. Right? That's why J. F. Kennedy could not stand. You can't allow Israel toe hang in the balance. And within four years of his death, you had the last remaining institutions and legal strictures of what was an unapologetically white America dismantled in the country soon began to change in an irreversible way. And that process continues today. The notion that they have already have what they want and are content with leaving things in sort of a static state that they're in today is the things Never. I mean, just look back at 2010. Look back at 1990. Look back at the year 2000 and how much things have changed. I mean, they they are on a trajectory. This is going to evolve. And the trick is understanding. Trying to understand, cause we didn't understand this four years ago. Very few people understood this. Four years ago. Very few people understood this two years ago were learning were evolving. We're figuring out what has been done to us and understand what is being done to us today in a more lucid way. So when you look at the news and you see what's going on, you know immediately what to think, right? We're gonna talk about Michael Flynn today so that when you hear Michael Flynn being talked about in the news tomorrow or today, or whenever you listen to the show to immediately No, what is going on with that? It's not. It's not this Punch and Judy show, which most people get sucked in. You listen to the news. You hear this headline, you get a notification on your phone and you think, Oh, yeah, And immediately take immediately. Psychologically, take one side. In that equation you have tow. You have to see it clearly for what it is because this process is going to continue. And this is the only way this deep understanding of this stuff is the only way that we have a chance. It's sort of understanding where they're going next, and so that you can at least hedge in some way. If you think you're powerless, you can At least the knowledge itself is in effect power. So there are hundreds of millions of us spread across the United States and in dozens of political systems in countries that require an enormous amount of hyper micromanagement, payoff, skid, greasing, mask, slipping, course correcting. And sometimes these people make very egregious errors, and they have to fix stuff. And so if you take a casual look at history and step out of whatever like new cycle, your and the Oculus razor is that there's always more for them to take. There's always more for them to grab. And there's no abatement in the agenda and the trump the entirety of the Trump presidency as we understand it today and as we're going to keep uncovering even Mawr it was. This is a new level of I mean, especially when you read about the Flynn stuff. I mean, isn't it James? I mean, this is stuff that I mean, the bush the Bushes planted evidence on the Iraqi so they go take out Saddam evidence it didn't exist. They put that put that eight ball of coke on Saddam so they could take him out. They did like a really old basic basic bitch trick. But the levels of trickery have gotten very complex. And look how long it's taken Untangle out of this stuff, right? I mean, yeah, I wish I knew what we're about to tell you about Flynn when it was going on, because now we're sitting here. It's like, Oh, of course, that all makes sense, but very little. This was was out there. Sorry. Good. Oh, no. Yeah, this is these are all things That and like we said before, there are things that you will see things that will happen that at the time when you are invested in an outcome ah, invested in something going a certain way, you will willingly look past them because you because you're invested in that outcome, you think well, you know this this thing, it might be true. It might not be true. Doesn't matter. But, you know, in order to make sure that we get what we want out of this, we need to just look past it. But as we're learning now, these are things you can't look past. These air things that ah, that you should that should raise red flags when they happen and should alert you that there is something more going on here, but you can't downplay, Ignore? You can't downplay and ignore these red flags because these are very important indicators. And this is what we're seeing now with with Bill bar to right. This is just another example of a kosher dialectic being put forward for you to get invested in. Fewer and fewer people are invested in this now. I mean, you know, this is not the first time, right with, like with these Ah, these thousands of prosecutors telling Bill Bar he needs to resign. And the reaction you're supposed to have if you're someone who has invested in the Trump administration and presidency is, well, who are these deep state swamp creatures coming in and telling our president and our DOJ how toe how to do this? And this is just something you're supposed to be angry about. You're supposed to take aside when, as we're going to lay out here, there's really no side for here for you to take. Because if you take the side defending Bill Bar, you're taking the side of the guy that is paving the way and and taking unprecedented steps to open up America. Two more Israeli surveillance. We talked about that with Israeli spy tech and and sure enough, that is the development happening in the background. Now with this this big, big drama with bar with bagpipe and Bill Bar, they're doing it again, right? 2000 MAWR, former prosecutors and DOJ officials calling on Bill Bar to Resign They did this in February. You remember this? Where? Where Ah, you had this laundry list of prosecutors come out and and saying that because of the handling of the Roger Stone case on beer was drama between Trump and Bar that this was improper and bar had to go. But, ah, they're doing it again. But of course, this is also hide what's really going on with Bar and DOJ, isn't it? Yeah, this is all a big distraction. And so when you see headlines like Grinnell, the homosexual ambassador to Germany has declassified list of Obama officials who unmasked Flynn. Frank figures Julie Jesus Christ, Trump's Obama Gate comments and bars. Flynn meddling suggests a troubling new pivot. Trump says Chuck Todd should be fired over edited clip of Bill bar. Former Justice Department official says Bill Bar twisted her words and you see these 2000 former prosecutors and other DOJ officials have all penned this letter demanding that BAR resigned end. They want you to get invested in this and take one side or the other. And, of course, these Justice Department officials have all put pen their name to this letter That probably doesn't exist. Or maybe it does. Who knows? Doesn't really matter. But be upheaval about. This is over the withdrawal of charges against Michael Flynn by the Justice Department and you even have bar taking shots at Trump. Because Trump has been publicly commenting on the investigations, Inbar said, I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me, which is kind of funny. But it's all but people who think that, you know, Trump is going too far, and I wish Trump would get off Twitter, says the boomer. And whatever it's this is, do people really think that bars upset that Trump is doing this? That people really think that bars on the verge of quitting and storming out. And Trump is upset, you know, throwing, throwing this phone across the Oval Office. I mean that all of this is just It's all Kabuki theater, and it's all done in the service of you not noticing why. Michael Flynn What? What did Michael Flynn do? What was going on? When when Michael Flynn Ah, glide to the feds. What was he lying about? What did he do? And instead you're talking about Obama Gate. You talking about GOP versus Democrats? You're trying about Trump versus Obama cause Obama weighed in on this, that Obama had prop up his bun of the codes or sandwich and have something. There are no like this. This Ah, in violation of justice that bars doing. I can't even do good. Obama used to be able to do go in. But you have Bar versus Trump Demas versus Bar and seven talking about what Michael Flynn really did. So Michael Flynn is out of this legal limbo and back into the Trump administration's good graces. This is what we said two weeks ago. The Indian agent, the liaison between Israel and the Trump administration, is being let out, freed from his legal predicament just in time for the 2020 campaign. And he was somebody who got caught lying to the FBI, and he lied over really stupid shit. But the I mean, he knows that he's this stuff is going to be under surveillance. And so here's what Flynn did, and this is what they're not telling what you hear when you hear the media talk about this. They say that Flynn talked to the ambassador to Russia, Sergei Kiss Kislyak, about sanctions that the Obama administration had put on Russia for its interference in the 2016 election and Donald Trump through. Michael Flynn was trying to get those sanctions removed so that he could be, Ah, good Putin puppet, right? This is the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative. Russia, Russia, Russia and I said at the time. And I definitely said this at the time. I know I did that. The reason that it's Russia, Russia, Russia all the time is so that when you find out who is really doing the colluding people be like, I'm tired of hearing about this collusion right years and years and years of collusion, collusion, collusion, foreign collusion, Russian collusion, foreign interference. So when you get tired out, it's the same reason why they seed bad conspiracy theories, right? So so you eventually get most people mid wits just get to the point where they're like I don't know what to believe anymore. Arrow James. And so when you're like No look, Israel colluded with Russia and here's what actually happened there, just like Cairo. I don't even know I've heard this so many times. I don't know what to believe. I know who to believe. It's just then then people, you know, it's It's a way of when you know that something is eventually going to come out getting out in front of it. And just Jan signal jamming is what it is is well poisoning, right? It is, well poisoning. That's poisoning the idea that that any collusion, any meaningful collusion could ever take place. And it works so well for both sides again because on the right, with Russian collusion, narrative people get spun up and all in a thrown into a fit. So why why was this improper right? He's the incoming defense. Ah dee and I guy or whatever, he This is his job. He's supposed to talk to foreign ambassadors. He did nothing wrong, and then people get invested in it emotionally, which is part of why I think they're doing this now is to to, you know, bring bring the band back together and get people back in the spirit of early 2017 when they were really invested in this and on and on the left. It's like, Oh, yes, there was communication with Russia. Therefore, because I've been conditioned to believe that Russia is evil white supremacist country that wants to turn us into into a place where racism's air done and hates brown people. And this is like a deep assault on our democracy. And and you need to be really incensed about it. Yeah, meanwhile, the collusion you're not talking about, it's like all of this is going on. I remember all of this going on like while a pack was being held and people pointing this out. But of course, that gets that gets lost. Lost in the in the spin of ah, red versus blue, left versus right, we'll meet mainstream media stuff. That's another element to is. Then you have people and were guilty of this. We did this to where you then you become well, I am the Putin puppet. I'll be a Putin buffet. You know, my next paychecks coming from the Kremlin, and it's like, No, that's not what you want to dio way slaughter the sacred cow, too. And it's it's and it's getting It's gonna get slaughtered a lot more because the denial on this is is very strong. It's I mean, look, it's just something that you're gonna have to get over and move forward. And once you get over this stuff and move forward and and you see this for what it is, then we can all think clearly together about what's gonna be better for all of us instead of arguing about the bullshit. But you just need to make it so that it's like Edison a pre or I argument. At this point, it's like, Yes, look, this this is an up We know it's an up here. The fax, You know, it's an up like the sky is blue. Yes, the sky's blue. All right, let's move on. Anybody who says the sky's purple when we all know it's blue is full of shit and they're trying to suck you back in, so don't get second. So what? Well, God, Oh, yeah, once. One thing to is the framing with Flynn and how they're sort of tipping their hand. Here is you're seeing this talked about by many conservatives old light types as a victory for you. Flynn's freaking victory for you. Because if they could do this to Michael Flynn, this power general know that they were doing that. Jesus, of course, yeah, Yeah. You see this around People saying that Well, if they could do this to Flynn, they could do it to anybody in Look here. We have a dangerous expression. It Yes, it iss dangerous precedent, interfering with pedophilia and female rape of Jews. And then it's also a dangerous precedent to interfere with an Indian agent Lee a zoning with Israelis to tip in election in favor of, Ah, big Orange Jewish president. I mean, it's just like I don't know where. I don't know where this end, but what's really going on here, right, Because yet Okay, there may have been Flynn may have been trying to also talk to Kislyak about sanctions. Sure, but the thing that they cared about far more than petty sanctions that they could just work around and do whatever they need to do is about the vote in the United Nations Security Council on settlements in Israel. Now how many times in all of the Russia, Russia, Russia, hand wringing and running around with their hair on fire? Did you ever hear that Michael Flynn and the the communications with not just Kislyak but like every major nation that sits on the Security Council? When did you hear that? That's what he lied to the FBI. But you didn't. They don't talk about it. They will like in most major publications, and I've read a lot about this. They will say this is the one sentence that they'll put in there. Flynn also lied to the FBI about his efforts to influence the outcome of a vote at the U. N. Security Council period. Paragraph probably End of story, right? A vote, James Just a vote at the Security Council. Not probably song about probably some bullshit vote about, like how many Humvees to send to the Congo are like vaccines for African water supplies, water rollers, AIDS, AIDS, money, AIDS, aid for Haiti or something like that. AIDS aid tryto try to say that too quickly, but, uh, so here it is December 2016. The United Nations Security Council was debating a draft revolution. Think draft draft resolution tickets to 336 or 2436 Something like that. The condemned Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied territories as a quote flag writ violation under international war that was dangerously imperiling the viability of an independent Palestinian state. The Obama administration had made it clear that the U. S. Is planning to abstain on the resolution. That means not vote on it for those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, while noting that the settlements have no legal validity in observing how quote the settlement problem has gotten so much worse that it is now putting at risk the two state solution. These air the optics juice, right? This is all optics juice? No, but Obama was not based on Israel. This is just optics juice. Obama's Obama's presidency was full of juice, so don't get caught up in that either. Like well, Obama at least isn't Donald Trump Putin Maju puppet. But you know it's like then you run to the other side and you just find out it's just run back and forth, back and forth. Just don't rhetorically. At least U. S opposition do Israeli settlements has been a long standing and bipartisan position for decades. Ronald Reagan called for riel settlement freeze in 1982. Well, Jordan Gov. Bush tried to curb it Israeli settlement building plans by briefly cutting off US loan guarantees to the Jewish state in 1991. He was subsequently not elected, though after he said all those those Jewish Israeli lobbyists running all over Capitol Hill, right? I mean, that was a women H w sounding like Mel Gibson. Yeah, I know. Um, so yeah, At the time, the Security Council resolution was the subject of bitter debate among the Obama administration, the incoming trump team. Because remember this happened during the transition, and Israeli officials right, they have a seat at the table to its its the incoming American government, the outgoing American government and the colonial power Israel. They all have a say. So so. The United States traditionally had vetoed similar resolutions, but the Obama administration had said it was going to abstain, which it ultimately did, allowing the resolution to pass Wow based Obama, right? It's that the outcome is still the same. So all while all this is going on Jared Kushner called Michael Flynn in December of 2016 and told him to call members of the U. N. Security Council in an effort to stop a vote on the resolution until Trump was president so that he could veto it. The United States has veto power on this council. Flynn then called Cicely AC and asked for assistance in later lied to the FBI about having done so. Jared called Flynn and told him, You need to get on the phone to every member of the Security Council and tell them to delay the vote. This is when they were. This is Trump was not president yet it had been sworn in. Transition was going on. This with Logan. Act stuff really comes into play. It's not something that's used that often, but if there was ever a fucking use for it, this would be the time. But of course it didn't happen because it's a kosher sandwich. Kushner told Flynn during the call that this was a top priority for the president. Tiptop Michael tipped up. After hanging up, Flynn told the entire room that they had would have to start pushing to lobby against the U N vote saying that the President wants done once this done a sap Sounds like a big priority for Jared, Donald, Jared and Donald. Really? Just everybody. Why does it matter at this point? Do you think Donald was screaming at the top of the ah, the the White House? Ah, executive private residence and telling Jared no. And Jared convinced everyone and Donald Trump sulked away into a corner. It's a come on. Yeah, come on, Jack. Jared! What? What have you done? What have you done? This is a terrible Yeah, over and over again. Yeah, I have a hard time believing that. Especially when this is another one of those things. We talk about things that we heard of the time that we're sort of in one year at the other again, Trump had committed to two. Ah, art and science is, um, Trump had committed to the expansion of Israel during the campaign. So I mean, this is this is promises made promises kept right. The first upfront before he's even president already keeping promises. Do Israel brought the very first tip top priority, not draft executive orders on immigration. In fact, the very first executive order on immigration was on the Muslim ban, which is what Israel wanted, not what you want. I mean, maybe you could say, I want this to, but this is the only thing that's gotten enacted on immigration is the thing that Israel wanted and ultimately doesn't really benefit you. Anyway. Let's see if you have fewer. Muzi is now. Yeah, it's like OK, well, it's not even being like, Yeah, this is not even addressing the main issues with immigration because these are not the immigrants that are taking your jobs. Yeah, it's a It's a foreign policy position. It's not an immigration position, anyway. So one reason the Flynn conversation is is very important, and I did not know about this is because apparently, there were comments made to CNN from an anonymous Israeli official official on December 23rd 2 days before Christmas 2016 the day after Flynn spoke to Kislyak, the official admitted that Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu himself had contacted Trump to seek assistance and killing the resolution. The official said that Israel had quote implored the Obama White House not to go ahead with the vote and told them that if they did, they would have no choice but to reach out to President elect Trump. But not a word from Obama or anybody saying that Israel said that this is what they wanted and they were going to go to the Trump administration no matter what. And then they did reach out to Donald Trump And, ah, the official added, were deeply appreciative that he weighed in, which is not a simple thing to do. Trump, at the prodding of Israeli officials, lobbied hard against the abstention and then denounced it after it took place. Remember, this is this is the thing that Trump did right in the middle of the transition, denouncing this vote. Whoa, dude base taking on the U. N right out of the gate. This is awesome. Yeah, I remember thinking, I remember thinking that this was gay because it's like sticking his neck out there for Israel, just like let's just let it go, guy. But no, it was, is starting to become very clear at that time. And so Obama administration officials viewed the Trump team's interventions is an egregious bleach bleach breach, and Obama could use some more bleach breach of diplomatic protocol and a shameless attempt to boost their pro Israel bona fie days. Despite long standing U. S. Policy it dude, long standing U S policy optics optics Jew policy on Israel was just gonna go straight out the fucking window. And this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning you had in the run up to the vote. Flynn and Kushner called everybody, including Uruguay and Malaysia. But you don't hear about that. It's just Russia. That's the scapegoat, right? So ultimately, the episode represented the first foray by Trump's inner circle into foreign policy dealmaking, and it's one that actually fell flat on its face. The goal was either to block the resolution or delay it until Trump could enter the White House and deliver a veto. Of course, none of those things happened, however, shortly after the vote, didn't know about this either. Kushner had some success in pressuring British Prime Minister Theresa May to align Britain's policies closer to the incoming administrations. In a late December speech may criticize John Kerry's rebuke of the Israeli settlement policies, an unusual remark in a transparent gift to the Trump team. Given Brit Britain's vote in support of the U N resolution. So Wow. Yeah. I mean, when we're finding here that Kushner is actually much more wrapped up in this than then previously thought I mean, or these air, at least the fax being laid bare. We had always had the idea that Kushner was involved in in this process. But to see this coming out now transparently, this is coming out in court documents being revealed that this guy had a hand in this yet again. The Kushner part, Yeah, that was all revealed is part of the investigation into Flynn. Um, right. So which is kind of interesting? Yeah, you'd never It's kind of funny to think about, but if they had never pushed forward with this cause they in 2017. January 2017 the FBI had determined this that this counterintelligence investigation into Flynn could be closed until they got the wiretap on that phone call with Flynn and Kislyak, and they decided to keep it open longer. That's why one of the Peter Struck texts to Lisa Page was our utter and confidence actually helped us because they just they're about to hang up the phone in case closed. If we're if you believe at face value. That was what was going on. And then they Then they he over here, this call with Kislyak and they're like, Oh, what's going on here? What's what's Ah, what's happening? And so they decided to keep it open longer and bring Flynn in for an interview. Um, and this is all to say that you take this at face value. It could all be Kabuki theater where Flynn has brought in and they sit there and have coffee and, like, chat for a little bit And then, you know, whatever. I mean, you really have to start getting into some pretty wild, wild thinking. But why not? I mean, why why wouldn't they? Because the guys free now, right? And you have this deep state versus bar and freedom and whatever. I mean, it's this is all part of who, if they're doing a kosher sandwich at the electoral politics level, if they're doing this playing one off the other, why wouldn't they do? Why wouldn't the intelligence optics extend to the intelligence agencies? Right. So they accused Flynn of lying. Flynn lies to them, But I mean, these guys spent real time in jail as far as we know. I mean, you know, it's like if you go too far of the Kabuki theater, it's like, did Paul Manafort really want to start having health issues and spending time and fucking solitary confinement, you know? And then you start getting into the like will show me the bodies from Sandy Hook and, you know, did did well Manafort actually spend time in solitary. It's like, Okay, I got released from jail today because of Corona virus infections in the jail, and he looks like fucking shit. So I would assume that he was in solitary confinement. I don't know. Could be makeup. Maybe, maybe. Ah, Chuck Weinstein did his makeup for him when he got out. Yeah, and ah, this could also be the the dichotomy playing out between like, we mentioned the optics Jews and the jig nets, right? These people that Peter Struck and the rest of these people in the FBI not comfortable with the direction with the like, naked Arctic Zionism that the Trump Administration and Kushner and Flynn are pursuing and and ah, maybe it's partisanship that they did this to him, who knows? Or maybe it's they're not comfortable. Well, yes, that's a good way to describe it. It's that they're not comfortable with cause jig nats Air ascending right now on a worldwide scale. That's what all of this all is all about. And the argument we think is or we know is that it's you're not moving quickly enough with the Zionism. You're not getting closer enough to this plan. We have to. We have to declare more sovereignty over. More lands in Israel have to doom orm orm or more quickly. We don't have time to sit here and prattle on about a two state solution and pretend this is that in the they both want to get to the same place. It's an argument of strategy and speed, and you know they'll support each other when it comes down to it, right, like they're always gonna take each other's side when it when it comes down to it if they face an external enemy. But in the meantime, it's the argument is, well, does going to get into jiggy with this, like going too hard with the Jig Nat routine? Is that going to result in a bad outcome? Are people going to be like Ah, yeah, This is too much naked Zionism in your face juice stuff like I've had enough. And do you radicalize people very quickly, or do you take a slower out? And maybe going slower means more people are gonna find out. They constantly have this battle over which strategy is going to be worse. They both have risks. They both have potential upside, and they put a lot of work into this time. James, you know, this is this is 100 year effort. This is more than 100 year efforts, starting with the Russian Revolution. They got kicked out of Spain and they've been building up this for for almost 1\/2 a millennia here. And it's a big is a lot at stake. You know, a lot of people think like, oh, the next four year election is I got a lot on the line. GOP. What about Biden? These people who think about like what's at stake in the next 500 years cycle? Sure, that's why the other. The other element here, too, is that for the Russian collusion narrative to keep working on the left, they needed a body and they needed someone they could they could actually. Pain, as as a prime example, is a really proven example of a conclusion. A soldier and for Israel. Yes. Yeah. Soldier of Fortune for Israel. And And Flynn fit the bill and Flynn also like, this guy was really dumb, right? And so if you're Peter Stroke and you're these other people in the FBI, you're looking at this guy who will get one call from from Jig Net and Chief Jared Kushner. Well, Signet, second in command behind Donald Trump. Get one call, and then go and start flipping through the role of X and calling up Malaysia and Uruguay and everybody else. And and just like laying it all on the laying, It all bear. Yeah. You're like, OK, this guy, this guy is gonna be a problem. Things guys going to give too much away too quickly. And so it served their interest both in maintaining the left and in reining in sort of the out of control runaway freight train Zionism. Ah, to to put him away. I thought you're going to say, out of control. Runaway liberal spending and death, debt and deficit. Just getting, um yeah, that's The thing is, is they had to come up with a way to string these guys up without saying like, Yeah, they were trying to interfere with this vote that was going to allow Israel to have more settlements like there was a condemnation vote wasn't allowing them or disallowing Israel's slo mo is going to do whatever the fuck he wants. U N is just going to sit there and either applaud or throw tomatoes, throw Mozza balls and, ah, you know, it's It's all it's all a show. And so Flynn Flynn, of course, lied about this stuff. He knows from his counterintelligence background that he's being recorded in everything that he does. And so, you know, he knew in advance that he would be recorded. And so he he lied in this interview and denied making a number of statements to Kislyak that a transcript showed that he did, in fact, make. It's a guy they're listening to everything you say. Like, do you think you're off limits from this? And so then he was fired, um, from the White House, because apparently he lied to Pence. But this is all this is all like Kabuki theater anyway, Fast forward. Um oh, yeah, I know this is one more thing. This is This is spicy stuff, too, because I didn't I don't remember this either, but well, I remember his ire over Kushner's appearance on the Saban Forum, but you have to have all the puzzle pieces together on the same table to be able to see this now. So on December 1st 2017 Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Okay, two days later, two fucking days later, on December 3rd, Jared Kushner goes out and makes a public appearance very rare, cause you didn't see Kushner talk that much and went once. You do see him talk, you're like, Yeah, I just this really uncomfortable for me to watch this guy talk? It's just not This is not a human being talking. This is something else. I don't know what this is, but fucking I don't want to see this anymore. Jared Kushner goes out, makes a public appearance at the Saban Forum in Washington, D. C. To discuss the Trump administration's plans for the Middle East. Right, so they don't succeed in getting the vote, but who cares? Like they're still gonna get the settlement and was welcomed by the forum sponsor, the Israeli American 1,000,000,000 billionaire Haim Saban. Aim Saban. Whatever he wouldn't say who said he personally wanted to thank. Chaired Kushner for quote taking steps to try to get the United Nations Security Council not to go along with what ended up being an abstention by the U. S. Kushner's response for sudden loss smiled, nodded and mouth. Thank you. Two Saban on the stage. Thank you. Yeah, It's like, Wow, you need to know what this was about at the time. Had no idea you would have just thought like, Oh Kushner, like, this is he's been doing Israel stuff for a long time. Whatever. Ah, big fat Mexican billionaire, you say? Israeli 1,000,000. That isn't this the guy that owns, um, Telemundo or one of the one of the Spanish language networks And pretty sure that that's Carlos Slim. Well, high time someone owns one of them. It doesn't matter, Senator. Jew in charge. I thought he coached coach The Alabama Crimson Tide. Wait, that's Nick. Yeah. Um, so, yeah, the Israelis have been pretty forthcoming about their own role in this To of course, we talked about Ron Dermer. We talked about him this weekend. And last weekend Israel's ambassador to the U. S. And close friend and ally of Netanyahu told political Susan Glasser that in December 2016 obviously, we reached out to the Trump transition team to prevent this vote from happening. Obviously, in the midst of Logan Act being flung around and everybody looking with the with the microscope for collusion, Ron's Yeah, yeah, given the game away. So then the Telemadrid only continues, right? So January 2020 started the New year pre Corona virus Trump gearing up for his 2020 election as his sentencing approached. All of a sudden, Flynn has this grand epiphany and decides that he's not guilty. He's innocent, right? Cause he pleaded guilty. That's what makes this DOJ move. To drop the charges against Flynn after he already pled guilty is like just the most highly unusual thing that you'll you'll ever see. But this is the new normal right? He asked to withdraw his guilty plea, and then the Justice Department drops the charges. Wow, it's that amazing, James. How quickly that happens. Lying to the FBI is not a crime, they say, arguing in the filing. Unless the statements air material that is harmful to in investigations. You can lie to us about whatever you want, just as long as it isn't about what we think is material or not, Miller report. The Mueller report states that Flynn's lives materially impaired the investigation of Russian election interference. But the department contends that Flynn was not interviewed by the FBI in the context of any viable counterintelligence investigation. So, yeah, if you're doing the bidding for Israel, it's just non viable counterintelligence if anything happen to get picked up in that. So if you lie about doing that, there's non viable James your charges or non viable dead on arrival. I wonder. I wonder if the same standard applies when the FBI shows up on somebody's doorstep for means they've posted on the Internet. And if someone made the foolish decision to talk to them and they, like, got a fact wrong or said they didn't know somebody who they had maybe talked to once in the Internet chat room where they didn't remember. Now I wonder if this standard of ah material impairment would ah would apply there now that right there that is a viable counterintelligence investigation that you wouldn't be impeding and they would throw you in the hole forever for that. Just for lying. Not for anything else but B Michael Flynn. Be Indian agent helping out the Israelis. Ah, secure a an even greater stranglehold in the U. S. Government because Jig Nats weren't getting what they want. That's why they had an interest in getting rid of Obama. That's why they have an interest in Trump being reelected in keeping him there. And then you have to ask the question Well, why's Putin doing that? Wise, wise Putin in favor of that I thought Putin is like based guy running this Slav empire that we, you know, big white ethno state for slot. I mean, who wouldn't? Wouldn't Putin be opposed? Everything that Trump is doing? Wouldn't there be some negative outcomes that No, it just seems to be all kosher and hunky Dorey, doesn't it, James? It just seems to be going swimmingly. People who say it's a long con. You're right. But it's a long con on you. Yeah. Yeah. Putin controls those Jewish oligarchs. They don't control him. He just has toe, you know, do lots of feel of Semitic things to make sure that to keep him in line. Right wing quid pro. You see that picture of Bolson Aro like squirming at the Wailing Wall? Yeah, that's a signal man. He's owning them. Owned owned eso. Where does this go? So the Justice Department filing takes Flynn at his word in his original interview by the FBI that the many calls he made to foreign governments were just a battle drill. Just a battle drill. Just a prank, bro. Yeah, just a prank by the Trump campaign just to make sure that all the buttons were working on the phones, right? See how quickly it could get to foreign leaders in case of an emergency. Israel, Senegal, Britain, France, Egypt, Russia and Flynn was just trying to suss out the Russians, not pressure them to block the resolution. Oh, my God. Three. Government has concluded that the continued prosecution of Mr Flynn just doesn't serve the interests of Justice Department of San Hedren. Motion to dismiss. Yeah, but, you know, it's it could be tough getting Israel on the phone, right? I mean, it's not like it's very difficult. Some days there's no communication between Israel and right and U. S. Intelligence. You know, it's it's RK technology. Every time Saturday comes around, you just can't seem to get shit done. I don't know what it is, but, ah, there's been pushback on this the other side of the ah, the kosher narrative course. Legal experts note that the Justice Department does not argue that Flynn was coerced or had his rights violated, which is more common on something like this when charges were dropped. Trump, meanwhile, is pushing the theory that Obama knew in 2017 that the investigation into Flynn was baseless but directed the FBI to carry on anyway. This is where Obama Gate comes into play, his way of grim Grenell out their unmasking names and whatever else it's, it's from my perspective, even even if Obama didn't have the right intentions, there is nothing un toward being done there. I know that maybe to some people who are still in the train, um, who don't see this in the proper light. Think that that Oh my God, jazz interested Obama. He just took Obama's side. It's no. Obama's motives were wrong. He had bad motives, but to keep to investigate Flynn. You taking it at face value again. Huge Astra's. If if you knew that Flynn was colluding with Israel and your optics Jew handlers didn't want you to have this going, they have to play this game right. But again, the idea that Flynn literally didn't do nothing. And this is just the Obama administration wanting to screw Trump from, I don't know, building a wall on deporting them all. That's not what went on here. This is the Obama administration using actual collusion with Israel, coming up with some narrative on how to scapegoat Russia. So they don't it cause any harm to Israel because Jews playing both sides, they don't want toe. They don't wanna spoil the goal here. But the bottom line is that Bar acknowledged that his move would be debated for some time. Right, he says, history is written by the winners, so largely depends on who's writing the history. The whole purpose of this exoneration is so that people argue about it and keep talking about it. This, this is like this is like a massive acquisition of I don't know, dozens and dozens of news cycles. James Wednesday, US judge puts Justice Department's move to drop charges against Michael Flynn on hold. You have Emmet Sullivan coming out there, and basically he's not even really doing anything. He just is putting Ah, marker on this to say that. Yeah, we're gonna listen to what other legal experts have to say about this at a time that I think makes sense. So it's just gonna go on forever. This is gonna be the new thing. This is going to be the fight about Michael Flynn and Bob Barker. Gotta talk about what actually happened. So please keep us submitting those amicus briefs and please keep sending out those op EDS to new sites. The more the merrier, the more people that publish these different perspectives on the Justice Department's unprecedented move and Trump doj slammed for a decision to go on and so on and so forth. Yeah, just keep keep writing those because we want people to keep paying attention to that. And now it's actually going on here and not what Michael Flynn actually did. And that's the other thing. If people want to say, Oh, are you taking? Are you taking Obama side? You use with flipping switch from orange to brown. That somebody that somebody who loves staying tricked because they can't get out of that. And I'm not gonna shame somebody who wants to keep doing that less Unless you should know better. You've had enough time for these. These, uh, these your firmware to get updated and you refuse to get the update. It's like, All right, we're in the old computer Recycle bin now because, right? Yeah. And what I was going to say, though, is that the Obama admin didn't charge Flynn for the actual collusion, right? He was not. Charges were not brought related to what he actually did with Israel. And? And so this is not to say that the Obama admin is based. They are. They definitely try to screw him for the for the Russia thing. But the Israel collusion is much, much more substantial. Much were evidence for it, and much more insidious. Well, and then anything done with Russia, then there doesn't have to be any analysis done on the charges about collusion, right? Not the who and the why. It's just like Russian bots and just, you know, varied, vague and whatever sort of language they by not charging him for the collusion. Then there's no analysis for anyone to do about the legal back and forth that could ensue. Who's involved? Who are the parties? It's like, No, this guy we ask this guy about, you know, his conversation with Cicely, act big, bad Russians and he lied to us. So that's the thing. That's that's what they're doing. So and then you have on the other side of this U S attorney John Durham que tardes. This is cute art bait. Here. John Durham is conducting a sweeping investigation. How many investigations have there been? Right? We have I, g. Horowitz. You have all this stuff going in the this this report, the I G report is about to drop. And look, we followed along with this stuff for a while, but it it gets old and then you realize that it's all a sham. You realize that this is all a joke. I have no idea what John Durham even looks like. I don't know what he's doing. All I know is that he's doing an investigation that cute tardes are planned. Trusting on that is going to somehow result in Obama era intelligence officials like Comey and John Brennan going to jail. Hillary's going to jail, um, that they're going to be indictments dropping in time for the November election. And if they dio, if there are indictments that drop of these people, they're going to disappear just as quickly as they dropped. Um, just right before the election, because this is the thing that they want to get people excited about. They don't want to use white nationalist rhetoric. They don't want to talk about nativism and closing borders and building walls, because it's much easier to make people get. Except this is back to think will think you are going to get excited about politics of personal destruction and get really amped up for sending Hillary to jail. And then we're just gonna make Oh, it just didn't happen. And, oh, we're going to focus on the next thing. But they don't have to get you excited about based instincts, right? It's just getting excited about putting a liberal in jail. It's not getting excited about building a wall to keep Mexicans out, right, And surely this is a I mean the timing of this right as the trump economy implodes and that because they were going to run on the economy, right there were fully prepared to not touch immigration again, uh, in any substantive way before the 2020 Election. And they were planning on running on the economy now that they don't have the economy and the don't have immigration, have nothing, really nothing to show for four years of, ah, 34 years of this presidency now. So it is going back to the well, trying the old tricks again and trying to get the band back together and get people to be back in that 2016 2017 us versus the swamp mindset. And and I can't see it working. Yeah, in a good way. Good metaphor. You ever drop something down between your seats in the car like a phone usually goes down in between the seats, and it's stuck down in between the rail and the seatbelt or whatever, and you can't You can't get your hand down there to grab the phone, but instead, what you do is you get something else sometimes, or you get a finger down there and slide the phone in a direction where you can grab more of it or you have to get a tool or whatever. That is what they're doing, right. The whole purpose here is this. This annexation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. It's what it's what they've been trying to do from the beginning. It's what Flynn was trying to stop a vote on in the U. N. Security Council, and it's what they're doing now. And so they use these Nationalists candidates. This is the new thing that they're doing before they used Bush before they use Reagan to get what they wanted out of the financial system in the various, the various policy goals that they have at that time. But rather than just that's why Bloomberg was going to be such a bad set of optics for them because they don't want to actually put the Jew in power, right? They can't just let you grab the phone from in between your seat. They have to, like, kick it and touch it, move it in different directions until they can finally get what they want. But each election, each cycle each back and forth with the Punch and Judy show, they always get something accomplished. You never get what you want, right? Isn't that funny how that works? At the moment Trump takes office and he hasn't even taken office yet. They're working behind the scenes with Israelis to start getting things done on this stuff. They have Jared Kushner working on the Middle East peace plan. They have all of the in Thomas. The entirety of the Trump administration is about accomplishing definitive policy objectives for Israel. It's not putting Israel in any greater danger by any of the Arab countries they're around. They're also not gonna goto war and build up ah, animus to anti war and thus raise anti Israel sentiments. As a result, they don't want to have any of these things happening. So it's just sort of pushing and nudging to get the policies that they want without just coming in doing direct control. It's It's a much more passive way, which over the long run, if you look at this in a decades long set of parameters, they're getting everything they want. It's just on a slower or faster time scale, and then that's the jig net optics Jew argument that they have. But here you have. This is an article dated from Tuesday. Israel's Netanyahu, armed with a new mandate, set sights on the West Bank annexation. His new government, which is gonna be sworn in on Thursday, will now pivot to Netanyahu's proposed annexation of dozens of Jewish settlements built in the West Bank over recent decades. With Israel's long serving premier having secured his fifth term 25 years, the Middle East is bracing for an explosive turning point in the Israeli Palestinian conflict if Netanyahu makes good on his campaign promise. So what they're talking about here is whether or not um, whether or not Netanyahu decides to go with something that is symbolic or whether he decides to take a lot more significant risk and do something more serious. And my thing is, this Jigga isn't going with symbolism. He is going to go with something serious he had. Why would you? Why would you go half measures if you're Netanyahu on these Israeli settlements? He has all of these European puppet states and Putin and Trump and everything bull scenario. They have all the pieces on the board to get this support moving in to make this happen, something that they've wanted for a very long time something that they they had. If you're a jig Nat, you were up against resistance from Obama to get done. Why won't the United States jump in in abstain or vote against this or vote for this? Whatever they want in the U. N. Security Council, they are finally the closest that they've ever been to getting what they want. That I don't see any reason why he goes with something symbolic now. Symbolic means a symbolic annexation. But not for real, though. It's like they want that land, they want those settlements and they're not going to stop like they're not gonna wait. Maybe what if what if right now is when everything is aligned in such a way where this is the best time in 50 years to do something like this? Do you think they're gonna kick it down the road and wait to see what happens after 2020? I don't think so. I mean, there's no guarantee that Trump is gonna be reelected. They're gonna try to make sure that it happens so that they can continue with this, but they're gonna act as though it isn't happening, and they're gonna try to take as much as they can. And this is that this is their Ah, this is their opportunity to do it. Yeah, Netanyahu's clock is ticking internationally. They know this is a very good time, but it's also taking domestically because he is set to come nominally, at least out of power in I believe 18 months is when, ah, when the government is going to revolve and he will take a back seat, will no longer be prime minister basically and it fresher Netanyahu. You don't want that to happen. Ah, he wants to delay that or or possibly make that not happen. And what better way than to have Israel just find itself in the middle of some turmoil? Right? Some facing a threat as he would present it. And it's just not the right time to turn over the reins of power to this guy, Benny Gantz, who is set to become the next PM and so it Netanyahu is looking out not only for for Israel and their 500 year 1000 your plan, but also for his own political survival. He knows that that delivering these settlements will be will not only be very popular for his wing of Israeli politics, Likud and and some of the more ultra nationalist groups in in the Israeli Parliament, but also because it will give him a pretense to not have to share power, which is something he does not want to have to dio. No, he doesn't have to do that. It's kind of funny, too, because this this coalition government that they've put together, uh, it prevents them from How does this work? Yea, eso. The swearing in of the new coalition government starts the clock ticking toward a summer showdown of some kind of annexation, one of the only non Corona virus initiatives allowed to proceed. Of course, it's one of the only non Corona virus initiatives allowed to proceed under a complex Chapare, a power sharing agreement to Netanyahu, and gets under that deal. Netanyahu cannot bring up an annexation proposal until July 1st. That would still allow time to declare sovereignty over the disputed territory before the US presidential election in November and the prospect of a new president. Trump's Middle East plan, released in January, endorsed Israeli sovereignty on 30% of the West Bank in yet another departure from longstanding US policy quote what people mean by the term. Annexation is so wide and ambiguous this could end up taking 30% of the West Bank. Or it could be a symbolic extension of sovereignty over just one or two set settlements. This guy, pleasanter said, it isn't possible to make a serious estimate of what they're going to try and make an estimate. Like what I just said, They're going to go hard for this because you have Naftali Bennett, the defense minister and chairman of the ultra nationalist. You mean a party made it clear he will pressure the prime minister not to compromise regardless of threats from Europe or the risk of violence. Quote. In 100 years, no one will remember what happened to achieve annexation. We know that Palestinians do not want us to be in this land. But Netanyahu must not be deterred, right? Nobody's going to remember what happened in the back and forth of who fucked to. All they're going to remember is, Did we get the land or not? And that is what Netanyahu's considering, especially when he's got all of these governments around the world essentially that are going to agree and amplify whatever he does. Bolson, Aro, Boudreau. You have Orban Trump. I mean, in Trump is the big one. That was the big one that they wanted to have in place. They did not want any resistance when this was gonna happen. So July 1st? Yeah, that's that's coming down the tracks pretty quickly, huh? Less than two months away. Neftali Bennett echoing, echoing in many ways but echoing Bill Bar that history is written by the winners and he wants to be the winner. Sort of funny how no one will remember how we got annexation. No one will remember thousands hundreds of thousands of German civilians killed in World War I. World War Two People just remember that that Nazis bad, right? And then we won the big war and it's all good. Yeah, and ah, this is I mean, there's no reason for them not to do this right. Like, find an argument. Give me an argument for why this wouldn't be happening now for White. Netanyahu would not want to do this now and why he would not want to be making hay while the iron is hot. Yeah, so to speak. And you're seeing. I mean, make your other irons exactly. And, of course, where some of the most ardent readers of the Jewish press on and I was reading Herat's a few nights ago when you're starting to see these articles seeding this idea for a Jewish audience that now is the right time for annexation, that there is no other alternative besides annexation. Yep, that the two state solution is like, Come on, let's be honest. It's It's a fantasy. It's never going to happen. We need to do the one state solution. We need to do it now. If Ben Shapiro was 20 years ahead of its time. Ah, when he wrote that piece in town hall many years ago, in 2004 or so, saying that the these people should basically just be exterminated and transfer is not a dirty word. And sure enough, you have Herat's and, you know Jewish Telegraphic Agency and others echoing that sentiment now. So the ground is being laid for this. The ideological ground, the political ground, the geopolitical ground. It's all being laid for this expansion. This is what's going on. Well, well, people are talking about stupid stuff, really. People are talking about Russian collusion. People are talking about Netanyahu. Microchipping kids, like all of these things are distractions. Boom. Resigned to it? Yeah, well beyond just boomer bait. Maga bait. I am not bait like these are all things people. Whole light, baby thes, totally based, bait based bro bait. Everybody's falling to this. Yeah, no, that's exactly right. So we want to talk about the Netanyahu microchipping kids Crazy ideas, land by experts. It's another thing that when you see it, you know what it is and it's it's he comes out and he says this from a couple days ago, he says, suggests he suggests microchipping kids. And of course, he's slammed by the experts that just slammed body slammed into the Wailing Wall by the experts. Well, and it's the kind of thing where people I was seeing this sharing around people like, just of course. Of course, the screenshot is just the headline. I bro, did you see this? This is happening, man. They're going to do it, man. It's like read the article and clearly this is being put out there like you can you can pick up just on the on the full quote that he say It's just just Teoh rile people up, basically. I mean, the idea was that kids will be microchipped with, like, proximity sensors that would go off when when they get too close to one another. Like, really, you actually believe this is like it's serious idea That's being no, this is This is stupid. But of course, this becomes, like that piece of piece of catnip, the bone thrown for a dog people pick up on and run with because, all man, it's totally Orwellian, man, this is Ah, this is what's happening, man. And what you're not talking about is Mike Pompeo, who in his first trip during the Corona virus Quarantine like Pompeo, touched down a few days and a few days ago, and sunny Tel Aviv wearing a red, white and blue facemask to but to oversee these Israeli annexation. Flynn's all right, Yeah, wow, yeah, and it's It's funny toe. Listen to these boomers to, because you'll hear them say how you know whether it's Ohio or Michigan, you know, saying that someone needs to wear a mask to stay safe for whatever. I can't tell him to do that. That's totalitarianism. we can't Palestine as a Marana. And then you see them say, Well, we're gonna support increased surveillance and skip tracing and everything else that they sleep boomer sleep no matter what. And then they get all upset about a microchip in quantum dots and ah, quantum dots and ah, six pointed stars. And, um, Bill Gates and everything else like these are all this is all boomer bait to get people excited. Of course, we know that Netanyahu, especially his son, has participated in. They know like they know what is going to get these boomers excited. They know what's a great distraction. And so when you see Netanyahu and it's like they're just one step away from sharing que Mihm's maybe they've already done that I don't know. I know that you are has done this stuff, um, isn't yet. So wait Yarbrough so narrow and yard Netanyahu. It's funny. It's really funny when you realize you interesting bear Interesting. So yeah, different. A little bit different spelling. But yet and you are the one in Israel. Well, I mean, they've been in Israel quite a bit, but you are Netanyahu. Israel is really on the new likes Israel. The one who's close to Netanyahu with is the same guy I was with the menorah on his fireplace. Oh, wait. Yeah, that's both of, um yeah. So he was actually recently featured by, like, a f d politician alternative for Deutschland. This guy, like, fell for it hard right where he takes Or is it on it? Whatever. But he, like, made a campaign graphic. Like featuring here. Netanyahu is like, Yes, this guy gets it like we stand with Netanyahu. And so you have some in the Jewish press like like shred sing about this, right that it's worrying that Yair Netanyahu is so close to far right figures in Europe. And in this new European, of course, they then go on to explain that like, well, this this new European populism, it goes out of its way to avoid anti Semitism and and it goes out of its way to to express its admiration and respect for the Jewish people and Zionism and looks to Zionism is a model. It's like, all right? Yeah, and like we've been saying this for a while. True, but yes. Oh, so Netanyahu, he knows, like, what's going to rile people up, which is why Hill we'll share the things about whether it's Bill Gates or Muslim immigrants or or whatever because they know like that is touching a nerve that people have this nerve for conspiracy, this nerve for for ah, you know, Zito, xenophobia for nationalism. Whatever 30 minutes managed, they're even saying things like We believe in a Christian Europe and Netanyahu's air saying this like we believe in a Christian Europe. I mean, it's going that far. And then when they get people riled up in stoking this kind of stuff, and that turns into invariably anti Semitism Oh God, then they can say again, they can play the other side. It's like stacking these things up, knocking them down. They just play the game over and over again. Yeah, well, and that's the other flank that you'll see in this. Like intra Jewish debate, right is the people that come out and say, Well, you know, no matter how pro Israel and pro Zionist these people are, we can never rely on ourselves with the forces of xenophobia and racism. But that's sort of the like, the drug take or or you know it's the liberal that doesn't really know what's going on, doesn't see how this game is being played. And they don't understand that that these parties, they're not like one step away from being a threat. The people, the people are right. The people want to solve these problems in a real tangible way. But these parties, their disciples of the Finkelstein's, their disciples of the burn bombs and they're never going to its not in their nature. They're set up specifically to manage these national sentiments and prevent them from ever being directed in an anti Zionist or anti Jewish direction. Finkel Spahn is what they are. They have been spawned by the Think yes, there, Finkel, Spahn, Um, and they keep spawning over and over and over again. And, of course, while they're doing this while they're talking to you about virus tracing in microchipping and quantum dots and yada yada yada, you have House resolution 6666 which is basically an amendment to the Patriot Act J. Oh, no, there's a Senate bill that is gonna expand bars surveillance powers, while there's also a covert 19 testing, researching and contacting everyone act, which is $100 billion in give aways essentially to monitor everybody. And then you have expansion in an amendment to the Patriot Act under McConnell, which would give the FBI the ability to warrant Lee warrantless Lee collect records on your Web browsing and search history. I mean, implying that they don't do that already, but this is basically just codifying it into legislation. Eso yeah, while they're not giving you another check for $1200 while they're not while they're thinking up ways to cancel the uninsured or the unemployment insurance for $600 it's gonna go until July. They want to cancel that, cause you know, they don't want to incentivize you to stay at home and what not and run away from a minimum wage job that should be paying you a hell of a lot more. Now they're doing ah, Patriot Act extensions. And this is all the stuff that we talked about right there. Never let a good crisis go to waste and they are going to do this stuff hard core, um, and this time enlisting the help of ah, lot of these Israeli spy tech companies that we've talked about many times before. It's just ah further further encroachment in a further ah marriage of these two entities into into just one thing. It's like, Why don't you just why don't just build FBI headquarters in Tel Aviv? Might as well just, Well, all these other tech companies have Tel Aviv offices. Might as well. He might as well just established, like Essay East and ah, do it over there in Israel. And that's the other thing here. Is that the old surveillance technology, I mean, implying they ever actually wound that down like they claimed to in 2015. But that program, the wolf, what was that called the blanket surveillance that was being done by the NSA? This would be done by the FBI under this amendment that McConnell actually proposed for the Patriot Act. And the FBI, as we know, already has contracts with NSO Group in the Pegasus software celebrate these other companies that they have been using to to war and Leslie surveil on ah, people's cell phones gain communications. But as we pointed out on the Israeli spy tech deep dive, this goes beyond just the bulk metadata collection because the bulk metadata collection could not collect encrypted data or it could, but it couldn't decrypt it right. This was one of the limitations that Bar has been trying to to ram through and force companies to to adapt to. But with the FBI doing this in conjunction with their private Israeli partners, they'll be able to get total root access effectively to people's phones. Encryption be damned, Which is is another escalation what they want. And then with the HR 666 Yeah, this is the one that will do the testing and contact tracing. And, you know, this is not a light switch brain question. I mean, we're seeing some people saying, Well, like this is this is great and I I love the idea of contacting in tracing everybody And what's the problem, Man Got to do everything you can. No. And there's also the people saying like, this is literally Orwell literally mark of the beast. 666 like look at the triangle arrangement of the text in this in this bill, and it's proof of Satan and pentagrams. It's not that either, right? The problem here is that this data that they would be collecting and and ah formulating is part of this piece of legislation would be building social networks like social Ah, mapping, network mapping, Um, for people on or off grid, because this isn't based around your social media connections. And we've seen, by the way, we all know how they have very effectively used social network identification and and then mass deletion of, ah, of profiles and networks on on sites like Facebook. That's essentially what they would be building here in the i r l sphere, right in the non social media. Just they know that people have for various reasons, gotten off of social media and they realize that. Yeah, well, if we want to censor people who have bad thoughts, um, that we can't know the Panopticon doesn't cover their activities anymore, and we want to know what these people are up to. And it's more people figure out that social media is just a mind fuck. More and more people are gonna be tuning out of this. I mean, people that want to stay on it's like, yeah, you just do their job for them. But, um, if you're if you're not doing that, then yeah, they have to come up with a way to figure out what everybody is doing, and I love how they have a solution for this. Like, the government is clearly working really hard and devoting a lot of time, talent and treasure to figuring out how to trace you. But they can't manufacturer and 95 masks and fixed supply chain and worry about medical care for people like that's all secondary, because that would actually benefit somebody. Whereas this benefits them. And, ah, you know, this is all Nazi insurance, right? We have to make sure that nobody is going to put any of their 500 year plants into jeopardy. And that's what the name of the game is. So don't play it. Don't get tricked. Take a break on FTN. We'll be right back after this to talk about much more. Two guys in you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the Nation and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Look back, and when I move in to talk about the economy now in the second, now are lots still going on with the economy more than just stocks, stocks, oil, all of that wrapped up in here. Stimulus h one B's. We got it all to talk about it. Don't we just Yeah, we're going to talk about the light switch economy, sort of like the light switch brain either goes off or on, or Red team or blue team or up or down, or black or white or well, you got to just stick with white. That's actually a bad, bad example. That one is just You're always if White is on and black is often years always on that kids. But the economy is not a light switch. And we said before that this is something that they were very worried about, which is why, you know, in hindsight and at the time, I'll just go out and say that we're not even gonna make these takes. In hindsight, because we also said them at the time as well is that you saw just the flu, bro becoming a narrative because they knew that any any sort of pause in any sort of economic activity makes the whole thing come crashing down. And then they had to take it seriously because it wasn't just the flu, bro. And then when they saw the shit really hitting the fan with the economy, They said All right, we gotta turn everything back on and go back to normal, right? That's that's been pretty much the at 40,000 foot trajectory. But I would argue and I argued at the time that the moment this thing stops for any reason, especially in such a way caused by a pandemic that you start to have a lot of problems because the modern global financial system was not meant, it was not shocked, tested. It was not intended to deal with these kinds of events and you would think, well, maybe they would've planned for them. But why plan for them when you can use them to your advantage to get what you want, and so there's no real reason to make any plans. But we said at the time that you had Dow 30,000 almost 30,000 you had the longest period of of no financial issues whatsoever. You have the longest period of well, you had record low unemployment. You had all these metrics that Trump pointed to, and that's one of the greatest. You want to try to pull a victory out of the ashes here of 35 million job losses. Um, African American unemployment has doubled, so you will never hear Donald Trump again. Se record low black unemployment. You'll never hear that again. Now maybe you will hear him say how much we have toe rebuild what we did for the black people and all that. But this is This is something that was coming anyway. Maybe it wouldn't have been a pandemic that did it in such a thorough way. But the idea that all of these jobs that had been, um, putting people back to work and all of the people that were participating in the economy and taking out credit cards and taking out 97 month car loans and paying 99% interest because Donald Trump built an economy that's herder built to last. All of that was gonna come to a stop. There were never going to be enough seats for everyone to sit down when the music did finally stop and it did stop. And now they're figuring out ways that they can turn this to their advantage while there are dealing with all of the fallout. And so this is not a light switch economy, there is no turning it back on. So this notion that they're just going to go back to normal in turn it up to 11 again, they can't do that. And they have not yet solved for the issue of many of these people do not have jobs to go back to right. And who would have believed me if a year ago I had said that unemployment would go up to 20% probably gonna go even higher than that. Interest rates would go to zero, and negative gold would be up by 1\/3. Volatility in stocks would be triple oil would be down by 70% eventually going negative. And yet, over the last 12 months, stocks are still up. Big line is fine, but the American worker is not. 10% of U. S mortgages entered for Barents plans in April, with roughly $841 billion in unpaid principal balance. There's up 12% from a week earlier. You have a budding cancel rent movement that's trying to get off the ground, but activists Oeiras Black are black build because there's no interest in this. In fact, AOC. Remember, we're talking about justice stems James, you aoc. This is her ringing endorsement of the cancel rent movement. You would think that this would be her bread and butter, right? Totally based AOC, she says. It's not possible that it's impossible to do, and it's not that we can't do it. It's like But you know, guys, you know, it's Ah eso No, There's really, really firebrand there. Of course, the mark of ah ideological leader is market hemming and Hying and no equivocating and conditional statements, right? Yeah, Well, AOC doesn't have the heart to say it, but her handlers do Big, Big Linus, Fine. It's time to go back to work and we're going to send you back to work in conditions that maybe are not optimal. And this is this is this issue lomis plan Shallow me knows that the global system, it doesn't work well when the debt slaves air all sitting at home, they don't want to pay for those debt slaves to sit at home. And so everybody's gonna go back to work and keep contributing. The thing that they haven't figured out, though, is that a lot of this instability was baked in already. And as we've been pointing out, we were talking about them pumping liquidity before even anybody even knew what a Corona virus was. They in effect back in October, back in October, they've been They've been keeping this economy on steroids to keep it alive, really, To get to get jig. Nat Don elected in 2020. That was the plan. And, you know, we we knew that there was going to be some sort of right, like they tried to impeach the guy they've tried, you know, implying that it's not Kabuki theater. But they let's say for a moment that the optics Jews want to get rid of him because he's unpredictable. He's, he's they don't like how this is going. They want somebody else in and they want to do it, go back to the way that things were before. They don't want the wild, uncontrolled sort of, ah, moves that that Netanyahu and so on are doing. But they'll support them in the long run. When they make them right. That's how it goes. It's the new it's so, But what if I wanted to get rid of this guy and the plan was to wreck the economy, take the one thing away from him that would have caused him damage. Right? Because now all of a sudden economy goes, goes bad. A lot of people are out of work and all of a sudden Donald Trump very temporarily has to return to his immigration rhetoric and then blows that up in front of everybody. And so they have to go back to the economy because it's like Donald, you're not going to do the white nationalist rhetoric anymore and he doesn't even have to be told to do that. He knows that it's part of the plan. They did this. We now know that they stoked thes sentiments on purpose to build the excitement. And then they achieved hegemony, and now they don't need to do those things anymore. So the way to keep people in check or occupied is is everybody back to work? But big line may be fine, but 35 million jobs James there, they're not doing so well. And this is why this is not a light switch economy, right? So just look at China. China ended its locked down in February. You had factories in streets that are no longer empty over there, um, lockdowns over right, but rides on their trains and domestic flights air down by 1\/3. Discretionary consumer spending on things such as restaurants has fallen by 40% in hotels or at 1\/3 of their normal occupation. People are weighed down by financial hardship, and they fear a second wave bankruptcies, air rising. So is unemployment. And in America, the story is not much different. You have the potential for 20% unemployment plunge in GDP and you have minus 2012.5. And then you have Mnuchin coming out there and saying like, Yeah, it's gonna be fine and in a couple quarters, don't worry about it. But let me just illustrate this because you and I were talking about this before we started recording back to normal. Right? Restaurants are open. Boomers can go back and get their olive garden or whatever we use. Olive garden is the example. You're olive garden on a Saturday night pre Corona virus, the lobby, and everybody knows what I'm going to describe here because you've probably been there. You sit in the lobby for 45 minutes, waiting to your table and it's crowded and you have to put your name on the list and it's it's a pain in the ass in the capacity of that restaurant is full to capacity. They are not going to do that like these. The even the most, um, even the most big line must go up. Plans for going back to normal have these restaurants at what, like 25% capacity Plexi glass in between each person and everyone six feet apart. No more crowded lobbies like, If there's not a table for you, you wait in the fucking car and this is the new normal. And if you're a restaurant that doesn't have the ability to seat people in a social distance format, you cannot open, they're not going to let those people open Now. I would wager that if they the economy is always gonna win out over the precautions, right? And so if they try to do this soft open of the economy with all of these protections in place and find out that half the businesses can't comply with it and the other half nobody's going to, they're going to try and they don't get a second spike, they're going to try to just do Alright, fuck it. We're done like, tear this thing. Rip the band Aid off and let's go. And I don't know, I don't know how that's going to bear out in the long run. On top of it is these jobs have evaporated. All of this froth that was at the top of the market. I mean, how long is it gonna be before people are going to just be at 90% hotel capacity? How long is he gonna be before James? You're gonna be sandwiched on an airplane in that middle seat anytime soon. Unlike a Canada Air Regional jet, which is like the worst, your head is even, like, smashed into the ceiling on one of those things. It's like many, many flights in the old Q bomb. Bardia Q 400. I know what you mean. Yeah, and it's like china. Even in China, people aren't flying, people aren't staying at hotels and people aren't doing those things, not just because they don't have money because they don't want to go in public. And maybe it maybe you say Okay, well, the Copas it takes time and people will eventually forget, and they'll be comfortable again and then whatever. But what if there's a 2nd 2nd wave of cove in? I don't know. Maybe there will be. Maybe there won't be. But even if even if like, Cove, it wasn't a pandemic, and you didn't have concerns about getting infected or whatever, it was some other catalyst for an economic, um, collapse, which is what we've seen. It's gonna take a decade to rebuild this thing and 35 million people. Were you gonna plug those people back in these most of those jobs, our service economy, jobs they are not. You know, they're not people that make a lot of money, and they're working in the service of people going out in purchasing things and taking services and what not, Just not. Yeah, and there they're largely non essential services. I mean, not only in the sense that they closed down during a pandemic, but they're things that are not vital for the continuation of society. Right there, nice things, like it's, you know, believe me, it's nice to be able to go to the bar and, ah, you know, get get six gin and tonics deep and throw on 20 bucks of limp biscuit on the jukebox. Look, we all love doing that, right, But, like, this is no idea is not a function. Well, okay, maybe I'm speaking for myself here, but definitely not speaking from experience, but the point being that that, like, life can go on if that dive bar is closed, life can go on. If you can't go to Applebee's now for some people, you know, that is life going to the Applebee's. But life can go on without these these jobs. So you're not going to Not for the people that do them, though, is the thing, right? And so and so you know, the opening back up of the economy it's going to be subject to Well, you know, regulation is one thing, and you look at the state plans for reopening. Many of them do require, like, 25% capacity, 50% capacity for months. These air, like the four stage reopening plans. Yeah, that that, uh, you know, assumes 50% seating capacity for three or four months. And then you also have the problem which we fact about before of people just not necessarily wanting to go out. Maybe not having the money to go out. Maybe they didn't. They weren't earning enough during this time to be able to afford to participate back in the economy as they were before. And this is not an economy that is built to survive on 90% participation. We we know how over leveraged people's personal finances are, but that applies to business finances. Well, so many of these companies that were over extended and in order to keep going, they they had predicated their budget on continued demand. And when you have a disruption to demand, even a return to 90% demand is not going to be sufficient for you to keep this going. So yeah, we're only at the at the entry point For what? This is gonna look like it on top of that. I mean, the credit card debt at the consumer level was already hitting record highs of over a trillion dollars in credit card debt. And on top of that, so you had Americans over leverage, and you can say I mean yeah, like we all we all subscribe to MMT and we understand how that works. But for the person who is not doesn't have access to MMT, the person who took out the credit card loan that is really money for them. And so the danger isn't in their inability to pay of. It's not like it's gonna hurt slo mo. They just take out more loans. But all these businesses that have lived in the way that consumers have lived taking out 50 $60,000 in credit card debt these businesses have taken out massive corporate debt is insane. We've talked about the corporate debt bubble, and a lot of them have lived on the edge, so to speak. They have taken out loans they have because there's there's to some degree in some sectors there. In a lot of these are the small businesses trying to compete with the big box. Stores have taken out more debt and more loans to try to get ahead, even though they're swimming upstream there. Fighting This is hard as they can, and they are coming out in a way that isn't good. And so now you look, we've illustrated with the oil industry. All of these places have lived a lot of these bigger companies and smaller companies have have lived as though Dow 40,000 was coming and Dow 50,000 was coming in. It was just going to keep coming. The times have been so good. We're we're hitting all these emerging markets and you know, things are gonna be so great a brighter tomorrow and it's no, it was going to come to an end end. It's it's not. It's not turning out well, And so when they try to go back to this, try to go back to normal. So you have examples here in some states that have these social distancing 40% of Americans say that they would be uncomfortable visiting them all. I think 40% of Americans are uncomfortable visiting malls anyway, for all the obvious reasons going any mall in America now that is not in a very extremely wealthy suburb of a major American city, and you're encountering blacks in your encountering black issues. And that's one of the reasons why they don't go to a mall throwing a virus and nobody's going to the big box brick and mortars. Why would you, um, Germany, one of these places where they tried not to do his hardcore of a lock down. They allowed small show shops open last week, and nobody went. Danes, under lock down, cut household spending on services such as travel and entertainment by 80%. People in Sweden who didn't really locked down still cut spending by 80% as well. Businesses will emerge from lock down short of money with strained balance sheets in facing weak demand. And that's on top of them thinking that they were going to get bailed out by the government and that money went to the A, T L and Jewish NGOs. Instead, 65% of American small business owners said that their cash would run out in three months. In Britain, the share of commercial tenants who have fallen behind on the rent has risen by 30%. 35% of Americans told Pew Research that if they lost their main source of income, their savings, new borrowings or the sale of assets would sustain them for no more than three months. And that's if they could find someone to sell their stuff. To try taking your stuff to a pawnshop who already has 50,000 led televisions, right? Like what? I mean, it's they're not, and it's it's kind of a worthless thing anyway. Use. You spent three grand for that thing a year ago, and they the pawn shop is like give you, ah, 200 bucks for that and you're probably still paying ah errands every every month for, ah, for that red red to say, Yeah, I'm not making fun of the people who end up in that situation. They've gotten screwed and everybody's making money. Errands, the television company, the pawnshop. Everybody's making money off of it and they'll make. They'll sell your house for profit when they take the house. So why would they? Why would they give you a stimulus check to make sure that they don't make money on your pain? Financial pain? Because the hardest hit industries employee a lot of low wage people, this sort of thing for joblessness will be high and casual work will be hard to come by. Even now, in Europe's five largest economies, over 30 million workers, 1\/5 of their labor force, are in special schemes where the state pays their wages, which is great. This is a solution that we have said would be great if they employed in America. But these people in the economists, they say these could be generous, but nobody knows how long they'll last. Well, they could go on forever. I mean, that's a start. They could start them here. But if people mixed less after lockdowns lift or their idle for months end, they will become detached from networks and might lose skills. Unemployment could face the last decade. What they're really saying here is joy the ah, the condition Sierra in the markets are ripe for ah, automation. This is Ah, this is great. People are losing the skills and business is over leveraged and they don't want to hire people. And there's no more wage competition. I mean, remember when we hit ah, full employment and they work of etching about wages going up because that meant they had to pay more to attract talent. I got that problem anymore. They're gonna be there gonna be, you know, not providing PPE and counting on a white guy, maybe with pre existing conditions and a family of four deciding not to go back to work because it's not safe. And if he does go back to work, he risks leaving his wife with nothing. And whether Goddio got hire Mexicans speaking his Mexican. So give a shit they have low or yeah, Good. Well, yeah, and they qualify for all these state programs that whites don't qualify for which they're actually making an effort. Now, with state level to two. Ah, you know, bring an end of these many of these programs and this argument to that people are going to lose their skills while they're out of work. That may be true in some fields, but for a lot of the fields where they're going to apply this argument to things like I t things like programming, computer design, engineering. Many of these workers are able to work from home still. But what they're going to do is, they're going to say, because their seeding this argument Now they're going to say that in this lock down these these engineered these American engineers have lost their cutting edge, right? And and well, this company, it's in such dire financial straits that, you know, we're gonna have to hire some h one B just temporarily. Don't worry. Bring in some foreign workers because, you know, uh, New Delhi University didn't lock down. So these guys have been been honing their skills over the last six months. What you lazy Americans were at home collecting welfare, you socialists and, yeah, their prime in the pump for for greater labour replacement, which they're going to do. By the way, they're already doing this Trump with his executive order restarting Visa migrants. They're going to do this in the midst of 15 20% unemployment, which is which is almost incomprehensible. But again, the chutzpah knows no bounds. Yeah, and then there's the Jewish paranoia, right, because they're very concerned. Of course, all of these tales that they tell about economic strife aren't about solving the actual problem. It's about kvetching about the potential for populist angst. They go on to say The longer the world has to endure such an economy, the less likely it is to snap back after the pandemic. After the Spanish flu a century ago and stars almost two decades ago, the overwhelming desire was for life to return to normal. But neither had such a large economic impact is Cove in 19 and citizens expectations of government were far more modest in 1918 than they are today. a deep, long recession will stoke anger because the pandemic has held up in unflattering, mere too rich societies. While it's also held open, unflattering mere too, the expectations of government, Which is that Yeah. If she gets bad, they're not gonna be there for you. It's gonna be back toward jump ill will run care homes for elderly, high rates of death among minorities. Yeah, that's the people are really upset. That's really grinds my gears. Maybe the bike boomers are upset about that. The extra demands holding back working women and especially in America, healthcare that is hard to reach for many will all leads to lead to calls for reform. So might the realization that an unfair burden has fallen on ordinary people. Or Yeah, you want to hear what an ordinary person is, James? Well, Oh, yeah, yeah. Lost jobs tend to pay badly and were more likely to be performed by the young. The women the Emmy grants then. But this is actually they blend this in with things that actually hit home, which is that Oxford University finds that an American who normally earns less than $20,000 a year is likely to have lost their job due to the pandemic. Sorry is twice asl likely to have lost their job due to the pandemic as one person earning 80,000 or more. Many of those unlucky people do not have the skills nor the technology that would enable them to work from home or obtained for other retrained for the jobs or more than likely, they have the boot on their neck and they have had the boot on their neck for 60 years. How about that? Why don't we talk about that? And it is kind of funny that they blend women and immigrants and minorities and everything else in here because it almost feels like they're afraid of the mob There. There they have the A t l. In the FBI to put the boot on the neck of white people, but they're actually afraid of it. Seems like they didn't expect it to fall so far and so quickly. And it's 35 million people. How many of those people aren't going to give a shit about all of these other structures that have been placed on whites? Right, That's what they worry out. Oh, yeah, that's definitely part of it, but I think it's also they phrase it and frame it this way so that a a white, working class person reading it is automatically turned off to the idea of of systemic reform or a structural upheaval, because they implicitly associate it with something that you know poor brown immigrant workers want. And I can't want that because that would be socialism and it. It dissuades people from from having that line of thinking. But you know, this framing of people earning less than $20,000 a year, young women and immigrants. All right, let's talk about the people again. The yeoman worker, right that we always talk about between 45 75 $80,000 a year that earns just enough to not qualify for a single assistance program. But earns ah earns too much to qualify for assistance, but not enough to live a comfortable life where they don't have to work 60 hour weeks, or that where they're not afraid of losing their job, where they can get state health care and don't have to worry about about even a month of unemployment, because they know that if they do, then their kid can get sick in that month and and they're left with nothing, right? These are the people that have been getting hammered for long before Corona virus. These people that have been at the boot on their neck in this economy for decades and they're going totally unmentioned here because I think they don't want to give people the sense they don't want to let on in the reporting on this, that there are other people like you, right? That because I mean, who's gonna be reading this, right? If it's if it's someone who's middle class, they don't want other people like that thinking like that, right? They don't want you to think that I am one of tens of hundreds of millions of people like me who also have an issue with this system. And if we got together and exerted our political will, we could do something to change it. That's what they're afraid of. Yeah, they're afraid of that. And they say the popular demand for change could radicalize politics faster than it did after the financial crisis in 7 4009 So they're very worried about the reaction to this especially if it goes on for too long that I read another analysis and I don't remember where this was. But they said the people who lose their jobs in the beginning of the economy Colak a gnomic collapse, like right at the beginning. These bees, four million in three million are actually going to be more lucky than the people who lose their jobs later because the people that lost their jobs first are gonna be when the impact was fresh in people's minds, when people cared the most win when the government sort of had to lift half of a pinky finger to give a little bit of a check in a little bit of unemployment insurance. But in the long run, the people that aren't employed after six months or have lost their jobs and sort of forgot about this becomes the new normal. They run the risk of you start to get thes conservative tropes that air trope trotted out, such as, Well, maybe these people wanna work. Maybe these people don't wanna have a job. Maybe these people are getting paid to stay at home. Maybe these people don't have the initiative to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Maybe they just don't like any of this stuff. They just want socialism. When a lot of these people maybe do wanna work, they just want to be able to have a decent life. And they're not gonna get that from a job. And plus, the jobs probably aren't gonna be available, for we don't know how long. And so they say, Well, this festers. And while people get angry and while people were staying at home and not being taken care of by the government during this time, the task for those who believe in open markets and limited government conservatives is to ensure that this energy is channeled toward the right sort of change. Now they're not talking about liberals here. They're talking directly toward Republican Party officials who preside over a largely white party. People who believe in open markets and limited government make sure that that energy that comes out of your party is channeled in the right direction. Make sure it doesn't end up directed at us. We don't want blowback. Here is what they really mean. And if the pandemic lowers the barrier to reform, it will offer a rare chance to recast the social contract to favor those who have been shut out and to peg back those who today enjoy entrench political privileges through the tax system. Education rate, regulation O Gold. So that's a That's a great say that because I mean looking depending on your perspective, when you read that sentence, like like AOC or I guess someone who was like a brown radical socialist, anti White could read that and think, Yeah, they're talking about whites. But we read this accurately, and yet they're talking about Jews that enjoy these entrenched privileges. Yeah, and they want to recast the social contract in a way where the people that were benefiting from the tax system from education and regulation are still going to benefit from those things. Well, these people with lower end of the spectrum get the illusion that someone has done something for them, but not actually. And they're still going to get screwed because these people want automation. They want more brown immigrants in the country replacing these jobs. And one of the good examples. Why would you you know, why would you keep employing somebody who is who is may be concerned about the conditions where they're working or maybe doesn't want to come back because they don't get paid enough. Why would you? Why would you hire somebody else like that when you could just hire somebody illegal under the table? Who's going to stop you? Not Donald Trump. And in fact, they're making sure that you don't even have to go under the table. You could just do it with some temporary temporary visa program expansion. They just want to keep that going and going. Everybody's got a wet their beak, Right, James? So they're well, they're building a bigger table or a taller table. So going under it is is not as big of a deal. Yeah, And And we've seen this with Amazon, right? In this current climate, where they were identifying the people that were most likely to cause issues for them, people that were were, you know, saying hey, maybe we should get more peopIe. Hey, maybe we should only be shipping essential goods right now. Any of those people were getting fired and they've been doing significant research to identify and target and track places that are more likely to unionize. Of course, those air places with with race, racial homogeneity, and I mean, let's face it, white workplaces largely. And this is part of what they want to break up. The view All of this demand, whether your corporation, whether you're the government or the A t l. Whomever you view this unrest and this demand to be treated better by the system as a problem to be managed and mitigated. And that's their perspective. When when they look at things like this because they know that the consequences for them could ah, could go could swing pretty far the other way if it weren't managed. There was this paper that the New York Fed wrote. They did a little research, and ah made an argument that the pandemic of 1918 Spanish flu helped fuel the Nazi rise in in Germany. Yeah, this is this is another thing, is there. They want to make sure that people are very concerned because, you know, look, I understand the argument that Jews make money whether the market is up or down, like we all get that argument. But if you try to apply that toe everything, so if you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail. And so if you think that they are going to try to resolve this in some way, that is Yeah, they're just gonna They're gonna let this economic strife go on forever because they're making money too. So what does it matter? Doesn't matter one way or the other will actually does matter. Because when the Dow is up, you have people at work. You have people paying their bills, people paying their credit cards, people buying more things, people consuming product, people out in public, people going to games, people getting drunk, people doing drugs, people, fucking prostitutes. Just imbibing on life, man. Just enjoying what the best life has to offer. They don't like it when people are stuck at home. Can't pay the bills. Things are going bad. 35 million people 35 million people are out of work. They know that they can't just give government programs to help those people because that's gonna cause a problem for them to They don't want to have that either. And so it's Yeah, they'll make money off of the market. I suppose that this time there will be winners. There will be small businesses that go out of business that get bought up at a low price. But they don't like it when people are are thinking about the problems in their life, and they have a lot of idle time on their hands. They definitely don't like that. And so that's why they've rushed people back to work. So the calculation there is so that there are as few vacancies as possible. The sooner they push for this, the faster that people can maybe get back into a job. If they're lucky and they won't have to deal with as large of a population and then then we can. Then they can manage, because if it's 15 or 20 million people, it's like they can taken sort of ignore these things. The other thing that they have to do. And it's been something that they have been trying to do for a while, as they do a lot with the international migration right? We gotta shake up these European countries thes white countries with with brown invasions. It's happening all over the world. Another thing that they have to do is they need to shake up these strongholds of whites within the United States. So, like in the first half where we talked about they've done a subdivision within the Republican Party in a sub division within the Democratic Party to start doing kosher many kosher dialectics and keep spinning these things off, making it ever more elaborate. Each scheme becomes more elaborate. One of the schemes that they want to make more elaborate is the fact that you ca NRA unto a white red state and find like minded people. Now I know people are gonna say, Yeah, boomer boomer conservatives in these red seats. But they don't want to have these large populations of white people in places like Montana and Arkansas and Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah. Why am and go on and on and on. They don't like this and they need. They love their big blue coastal strongholds, but they want to start shifting these things around. And how do you get people to migrate voluntarily? Right? You make the conditions in these blue states for people who have the ability and the means to move. Especially as Theo economy becomes more digitized, people can work from home work from anywhere they want to spurn the movement of people from blue states into red states and start making it more difficult, even at the local political level, for there to be any sort of political change. And they also want to eliminate the risk that there could be. You know, we all sort of scoffed at the idea of secession, and it's just not reality. And we love that. That could happen. But it's not reality. They want to make sure that there is no splintering of anything. There are no white cities left. There are no white counties left. There are no nothing. It is all going to be homogenized goop or heterogeneous ized goop. And it'll just be like that. And that's what they want to do. And this is why you see the McConnell saying, Let them go bankrupt, right? Let them go bankrupt. Let thes states who lived beyond their means go bankrupt. Let them crash. This is Finkle. Think let these stupid liberals in these coastal states who lived beyond their means. James, you racked up those detonate is its and did their open borders and their sanctuary states and whatever. Just let them go bankrupt because we want people to leave those states. We want those states to be leverage by bailouts from the federal government. And we control the whole thing. Yeah, lovers, right bailouts. And with the other thing they're doing here, too, with thes thes states, because many states that were running, you know, uh, a budget that wasn't running a huge surplus but was kind of on the precipice. Ah, these are red states. Many of them read a agrarian states. These are states now that are I mean, they don't have a ton of revenue. And so, with their state run response. Because, of course, the response was left to the States because FEMA, the federal government dropped the ball, which we've gone over. So the states had to pick up the slack places like Iowa places like places like Montana. Other places were sort of left to their own devices. Idaho and elsewhere left to their own devices, and they had to assume much of the cost of managing a pandemic response, which should be the job of the federal government. But now they find themselves in a position where they are even states that had well run budgets. States like Ohio, which was not known as a state that ran up, you know, Mass. It was it wasn't Illinois, right? Even Ohio now having to turn to the federal government and asking for assistance. And what McConnell and the GOP is proposing not only to allow individual workers and Americans to go bankrupt and you know, bootstrap yourself and you know you're not getting another stimulus check for us. But for the states to force them to take these loans from the federal government, not bailouts of IT loans and the GOP plan here is more austerity, more wealth transfer, more screwing over workers, more screwing over these red states. And you see Trump coming out and and, ah, proposing this idea saying, Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states all Democrat running, managed when the other states are not looking for bailout help? Trump tweeted. Um, of course, this isn't true, right? I mean, this would have been true maybe four years ago, but with Corona virus, a lot of these states that need assistance now are actually red, working class white states, and you have McConnell and others saying, Yeah, these places to just go bankrupt. City State should go bankrupt, but is part of the deal to get these loans from the federal government. What these cities and states will be forced to do is to retool their state budgets in a way that federal regulators approve off to make cuts and changes and slash programs in a way that federal regulators will say. Okay, this is a well balanced budget. So what you see happening now is states like Ohio, which is one of the states having to consider this the programs they're going to cut our programs that actually benefit working whites programs like Medicaid programs like the K 12 foundation, higher education, other state agencies. It is their programs that you know. Sure, some of the benefit does go to people to blacks and browns. What have you But in many cases, these air programs that working class whites depend on, And so what the federal government here is doing and McConnell through this austerity measure and trump, they are essentially putting the states over the barrel and and forcing them to screw over there people it because because that's that's the plan here, right? The plan is that you cannot get anything out of this. And the states have been refugees, right for white people who who want to, ah, to escape some of what's going on the coast and that. And, yeah, they're not going to let that stand at his port. That is an essential part of this plan. It's almost like they're creating conditions for unrest. And you, on one hand, might think, Well, this is great. It's like Germany 1933 right? I mean, we're getting into, Ah, sometimes where you got people that are hungry people, that air wanting change. And you have the Economist warning about radicalism, and they seem to be creating the conditions for this right? Why don't they just give people $4000 a month or even $2000 a month? Imagine if they all came together in passed a bipartisan bill in the same way that they passed that bipartisan bill to strip the D A of its ability to seize illegal drugs drug shipments from pharmaceutical companies within the United States matter. You know, unanimous consent, not a single person opposed, gives everybody $2000 a month, no questions asked. There wouldn't that would mean that wouldn't be enough to keep people make people whole, but it would ameliorate a lot of the pain. Would would make things a lot better, and people would look at the government and feel like how they're at least doing something like that. Check that keeps coming. And I'm OK for now if they'll be all right. Like, maybe I'll find a job, do some stuff on the side, and it sort of goes away, given $4000 a month and you've solved a lot of people's problems, but they seem to be doing the opposite. That while they're not putting the stimulus is out there that people need to survive while cutting all these programs that people definitely need. Now more than ever. They're leaving people in this position where it's like, Yeah, why don't you go do some unrests and then we'll not get down forgetting, forgetting big right? It's almost like they're encouraging these these protests. To go back to work is on one hand, they're not gonna come out and do those do anything to those people. As we said, if you ever see a protest going on, the United States America, and nobody is coming into two gay off it, then it is sanctioned by the government, and they want it to be that way. But it's almost feels like they're getting these people worked up there making these conditions bad. And then, you know, like Stoke some old ah Stoke some old ah, you know, protests here. And then we'll smack these people down when they get when they get too out of control. I mean, it's almost like they're creating the conditions where they have a boogeyman to fight again. So these white people are getting upset. No. Why don't they just go back to work, right? We opened up the economy Well, that bootstrapped themselves. Yeah, bootstrapping. It's just they're gonna put their boot on your neck. There's no strap involved. So, yeah, I mean, that's that's where it's gonna go and they and that's one scenario, right? I'm not saying that that it could be something that they're doing, but what they're definitely doing is wanting people to flee these blue states as well. They want people to go. Anybody who's who's nominally right wing, they white people, generally speaking, and they want democrats who are in these blue states. Who? Yeah, maybe they like the policies there or whatever, but they're not getting what they want either. Remember, Democrats aren't getting all of what they want, either. And these people don't want to have to pay the the extra property taxes because of the lack of salt deductions. And it just keeps going and going and going and you incentivize people to migrate. And pretty soon, before you know it, you have people taking they're shitty policies into these red states and voting for other side of kosher sandwich and destroying even places like Kansas who might be not that bad, but getting worse. They just want them to get worse more quickly. Yeah, and you have to wonder if, for all of Trump's talk about going after sanctuary cities, this was clearly aimed at California, right? California and New York and to a lesser extent yet in New York and others. But it was often brought up in the context of California. And yet, you know, we've seen generations and drafts and proposals and prognostication, and nothing has happened, and you have to wonder if that is a situation that they know is repelling whites from this area. And they just want to allow that to continue. Because if you know people from California, you almost certainly know someone who has also left California in the last 10 15 5 years. There. You know the amount of people leaving the state and the numbers are out there like a what? It's here one way u Haul truck out of California's, like $8000.1 way U haul truck into California. They pay. It wasn't like 80 bucks. Didn't you say it was like dude number? Where you on the country? It's like they might as well just pay you to drive the truck back there. Yeah, they basically I mean, they basically are the thirties, like 36 foot like big box. Move your seven bedroom house U Haul truck. Ah, that's the special rate to Seattle is like $89 because they can't get them out of rural America fast enough because of all the people moving, moving out, fleeing these rural area, fleeing. Excuse me, fleeing these urban areas and suburban areas to move to the rural areas. This has happened multiple times in the last few decades. This happened with Californians leaving to Seattle and Portland. Happened with those people now leaving two to Idaho. And the new thing is for people to leave to Montana and and the Dakotas. And this is I mean, this is part of what, uh, what was part of the calculation when they were doing this? Ah, this new salt deal they did with the Trump tax cuts. You remember back to the Trump tax reform. One of the provisions in that was too severely reduce the amount of state and local taxes that could be deducted. Now, this would you remember interpreted That doesn't remember Cuomo. He was like, You're gonna create a some war pitting the blue States and the Rat States's. It's just so ridiculous. Yeah, more like create a great migration because that's that's part of the calculation here. I mean, people were able to deduct I forget the number. What was it just like a like up to a $1,000,000 or $100,000 like 7 50 mean And you get into some of these major suburban areas and that's a midweek house, right? Like 7 50 I mean to the hinterland. 7 $50,000 like, goddamn, it's an entire fucking farm. Or that is that is half a town. But in some of these suburbs, in in a place like L a San Francisco or New York, 17 $50,000 is an apartment with no windows like, and it's just a shit hole. So yeah, I mean, And if you can't deduct over a certain amount over the size of a certain loan or whatever it is, you can only deduct up to $10,000. And so if you're making the amount of money that you need to make to afford a place like that in suburbia or in the city, you're just gonna want to get the fuck out. You don't give a shit how How many gay parades Bill de Blasio does? You just want out of there because you're you're on the hook for, ah pretty significant tax bill in these places, air increasing their property taxes, right? Like the property taxes just keep going up and up and up because while the corporations were going into debt while consumers air going into debt, thes cities air, going into debt states or going into debt, they're all being leveraged by the financial system. It's like everybody. It's like you're a debt slave. You're a debt slave, debt, slavery for everybody. And they just go right down the line until everybody is just on the hook. You're just totally in control. And I mean, it's a large. It would be great if some people were just like, you know, with the gets, um, cancel rent spirit in their in their brains. And we're just like, you know what? Fuck these creditors fuck all of these people. But, you know, that's not That's not what's gonna happen because the people that are presiding over the government's in places that could do that have no interest in doing that. They're like, G. It sucks that we're gonna have to declare bankruptcy here. Man really sucks. James got out the file. Chapter 11. I got it. I don't know how the bankruptcy laws work. Excuse me in states, but it's gonna be really suck. It's just gonna be sucky to be leveraged. Buy these people in Tel Aviv and I got a day having Larry haven't Larry Fink presiding over our state economy. Like, what are we gonna dio? And it's just all part of that. They're just actors up on the stage saying their lines, right? That's how it is. Yeah. So all the world is a stage with merely players? Yep. Yeah, well, the thing about about salt to is you here. Oh, wow. $750,000 like basement. Ah, room. Or, you know, these massive homes people people were not even massive homes, tiny homes people have to live in for a massive price. In many of these urban and suburban areas, these air often times people that are not making exorbitant amounts of money. Oftentimes, these are two income households, right? And if you have a two income household at, let's say, $70,000 each doing some engineering or something and this is a if you if you you have experience in Seattle or or or ah, you know, Los Angeles. This is a story you've definitely heard before. People who live in the 500,000 or $600,000.2 bedroom house. Um, they are the ones going to be hurt the most by this right, by suddenly not being able to deduct this this ah part of their taxes. But the guy that owns 30 of those houses. The guy that owns the apartment complex like this might be a minor inconvenience for him because the supplies racism persists, raises the fucking rent. It's always got Just raise the rent and that's what they will do. They're going to raise the rent anyway. And I remember. I mean, I remember at the time and I'll and I'll fully do this because I'm I want to a shoe red conning, red conning Just not gonna do it. I remember at the time, thinking, and it was a logical plot, somewhat plausible, given what we knew at the time line of thinking where the salt, because of the cost of living and because of the expense of housing in these blue states relative to the cost of living in the cost of housing in red states, this salt deduction, which is limited at $10,000 per year in 750,000 that automatically eliminates virtually every red state American in the country. Now, I'm sure you can cherry pick some metro areas in red states where there is, ah, real estate inventory that is more than that or something. I'm sure you could do that. I'm sure there's in before out there that somebody can do. But by and large, overwhelmingly, that is not true for a majority of the people living in those places, and thus they would not be impacted by that tax and people in blue states would be. I did say at the time, though, that one unintended consequence of this would be people fleeing these places. Now what we know it was very intended consequence. It was done on purpose. And, yes, the people in these blue states are going to be hurt a little bit. The people that don't leave are just gonna cough up more shekels into the system, which they're fine with. Um, but the people who do leave are going to take their shitty policies and politics and behaviors and multiculturalism with, um and dump him down in in Iowa. And that's why you're starting to see some of these places thes quote unquote GOP's rock ribbed strongholds falling apart. They're falling down. They're gonna come tumbling down because they want to get to a place where they don't have to play this game anymore. They don't want to do the hyper micromanagement of every little bit. That's why you know, if they had the interest in keeping these things going, then they would. They would try to do more gerrymandering. They would make a deal in Jerry Mander. No, they're getting rid of it. They just want it gone. They just want to eliminate and remove any barriers. They have, um, to total control of the system. And they'll keep it going for a while with fixed elections, you know, they'll keep the punch and Judy show on. That'll will do reruns of that. Just like I love Lucy still in television Punch. And Judy will still be on the political primetime network with Sean Hannity and everybody else for probably a few more decades. But, um, they I don't know. We don't know what the future holds. That's why we can't really predict what's gonna happen. But what we do know is what they're doing today, and it's It's not. It's not a pretty picture. And so yeah, that's that's what that is. So yeah, running around like the salt deductions Air based and Trump is screwing blue states. Yeah, that was That was interesting. That was a hot take at one point, but we know now what they're doing. It's not hot. Take anymore. Not one aspect of this tax bill that he did is in the long run going to help any of you or us. Sure, everybody's getting screened. One final? Yeah, exactly right. And one final note on on salt, especially when compared, or when taking in consideration with what states like Ohio and now Rhode Island are having to do and others, I mean, Rhode Island and Ohio. This is just the beginning of the States that are going to have to turn to federal loans and federal restructuring agreements is when you have these red states eliminating programs that, uh, you know, for a lot of people are the stopgap that helps them make ends meet. This is the bridge that helps them, helps them make ends meet. You are going to have people when these programs were taken away that are no longer able to afford homeownership, no longer able to afford a mortgage, and they'll have to downsize. And when you have that effect going on, combined with an exodus of people coming from from the blue states and selling their $750,000 to bed one bath in Kirkland, Washington, and moving out to Montana or moving out to Kansas or Iowa, Or what have you. They're coming into that market with a lot of money, comparatively speaking, and they will then have the ability to buy up this real estate that you know, these air. Many of these places in these rural areas have been in families for generations. Many of these places are not the only home that people could afford to buy these cheap homes for under $100,000. And what you're going to see that is a is a transfer in terms of property ownership amongst people that used to be just clinging on, barely able to afford home ownership or property ownership, no longer able to do said, and that property bottom by people coming in. If you told people in like the early 19 eighties or the late 19 seventies, that $100,000 home was a cheap home, that probably faint. I mean, it's just the amount of inflation and the things that they've done is just incredible. And back then it was like 13 or 14% interest too. So people are a lot more scrutinizing in terms of what they bought. But yeah, I mean, it's just like today and then the other thing on top of this is is that there's gonna be all this boomer real estate inventory that's sitting out there. That's that's another bubble that we've never really tried it out here. But there's the boomer real estate bubble. All these big, you know, 4\/4. Uh, not even McMansions. Things that were built in the seventies, the eighties, The McMansions air in there, too. Uh, empty nesters. And they there aren't big families that are backfilling but right when people have not had as many Children, if our having Children at all. And so there's all this boomer inventory on the that's gonna be coming on. The market is thes. People downsize and, uh, purchase a ranch Hidden Valley Ranch home. And, uh, you know, that's and then that's a new home that's built right, or they because they don't want to move into the ranches that were popular in the 19 fifties and 19 sixties. That's too. It's too passe. So, um yeah, that's another. But that's another bubble like What? What do you do with all this inflated real estate value in homes that people don't need or want? Um, these ostentatious like faux marble looking homes. I mean, I won't even I won't even go into it. But like, you see a lot of these McMansions where the front is brick and they have, you know, sort of fake looking keystone effects over the over the windows and whatever you are on the side and it's lake vinyl siding and the backers like vinyl. And at the front of it, though, is it's made to look like I know you know. We're talking about sopranos the other day. It's like the home that Christopher Moltisanti lived in for a while. It's like one of those, and it's like these. It's not even really well, like. Stick Belt is a nice method of doing construction. But that's not even like these homes were not built like the ones like the night the bungalows of the 19 twenties. The nice brick bungalows that Aaron water. Now, I guess inner city, urban areas if they survive, um, those are homes that were built the last. These other ones were just slapped together. Builder makes a bunch of money, gets the fuck out. You pay three times what it cost to build it. Bank makes 17 times what it cost to buy it, and that's that's the game. There it is. Bigger beak. Yeah, bigger sneak waves upon waves of split level three and twos out there. Just Ah, all those split like a glut. Yeah, split levels. Yeah, it's full of those kind of cool. It's like it's not quite a basement because, like, half of it's not underground because the full basement gets very, very cold and very, very damp in the in the winter time. But yeah, I mean, the split level. That was a popular thing for a while. And then they're gonna be all these boomer ranches that people are building now after they vacate their McMansion, that it's gonna be this another inventory of houses that maybe people aren't going to really want. It's like the boom. Yeah, the boomer house. That doesn't have you seen them on the market because some of these, like boomers, they don't even sleep in the same bedroom. It's basically two master suites in a home with a kitchen in an area to entertain and, I don't know, have boomer swinger clubs or whatever the fuck these people do. And yet it's not even a home that, like a family, can live in because in that all the fixtures and everything inside our are ridiculously expensive. It's basically like a a Four Seasons hotel suite on 1\/4 acre property that is mode by some Mexican. That's like the boomer lifestyle that's like the wealthy boomer lifestyle. Spend all your child's inheritance lifestyle. It's great, isn't it, James? Yeah, well, yeah, and nobody's gonna want that is The thing is, there's gonna be no demand for that because somebody who let's say a small family are, you know, for four person family. That's not gonna be a solution for them. And so there's going to be away for person battling out. What about four persons like seven person family with three different dads? Abu Layla and you know everybody else that's gotta live the I mean, that's the That's what the new Homebuyer is all about. And then then you know, unless you take the unless you add all those credit scores together, you're just like a racist, right? You add all their credit scores together, and then they qualify for the loan. Just add simple addition. You know, right, It's it's arithmetic. It's easy. Well, there's gonna be those, but there's also going to be. I think the worst trend is where they take. You know, there are these people out in farm country that are boomers themselves. But you don't have kids or kids or our shit bags or whatever. And so they're selling their 40 acre lots. And what developers are doing is coming in and buying up these 48 acre lots and then dividing them into 10 or 20 parcels and penalties went home 20 mean, Dude, they're doing down to like, a thumb an acre now with some of its with with some of them, right, But, I mean the ones that are way out in the countryside. We're seeing a lot of these that have these, what what people think of because when you're coming from the urban area, where you have ah, third of an acre like Wow, I have four acres, that's huge. But the thing is, you're living in the middle of nowhere, and these are people these air, like white boomers that are running exits and exits down the highway. They want to be away from everything but anybody who really wants to live out in the country to, you know, a younger person, say, or someone who wants that lifestyle, they're not gonna want four acres, right? That's not gonna be enough. So you've built this this like stucco, stone and log McMansion on 24 acres with trees all around it. So they think I'm out in the wilderness. But it's actually just, like packed in next to the neighbors, those air going to be the least desirable, I think. Yeah, well, maybe depending on the trend. Because if we read the fallout from the Corona virus, people are rejecting urban living, which which is a double edged sword. It plays into the great Interstate migration that they're trying Teoh incentivize here with salt deductions and making the economic condition shitty in blue states of people flee them. It's like what they did with the city's right. It's very similar. It's like almost like a macrocosm of what they do with the inner city. It's like, Oh, good, we have all this valuable real estate here, but these fucking people just live in hell. Oh, well, I have a great solution for getting these people toe toe leave. It's just inject them full of blacks. And then the Kushner's build apartments, the Kushner's and the trumps build apartments out in the suburbs for people to vacate the city. And they're doing the same thing. It's like now they they have all these new homes that they have to build in these red states, and they have increasing property values that they can. They can drive up and inflate, and that will. That makes people in these some some people in these red states happy because you're seeing economic activity in towns that haven't had it in a while. And some of that is even self input will not self imposed but imposed by the vacation of manufacturing from a lot of explains. So a lot of these places welcome the invasion of people from the city. Well, they don't welcome it, but they don't. They don't get too upset about it because it's like, well, you know, my house that stayed stagnant at $55,000 for the last two decades is now worth 95 And for somebody like that, that's a big deal. And they're willing to look the other way. They're willing to look the other way. Mexicans in their town It might even look the other way when John Bud comes calling and starts murdering little girls and your GOP chairman in charge of the Araby Farms is just like, yeah, they're all my property on a trailer. That's a fine. That's right, GOP Though we're gonna make America great again. So yeah, there it is. There it iss lots of black hills. Load him up, though. Lots of black pills out there. But now it's these air. Very. These are very realistic, and I mean a lot of hard truth. So they are Because look, and I've said this before, too. We're checking ourselves as well. We're thinking. Well, what? What? What? We already did the positive bit on these things. And so there is no the upside has been eradicated. The upside is gone. The dashes have been hoped. And that is the best way that you can look at. It is just in the honest way. And and, uh, yeah. So more schemes to uncover this weekend, James Blackmore scheme, stone cover and we have some vindication. There's that. I mean, what's better than uncovering elaborate Jewish schemes and being I can't think of anything. So, yeah, and, uh, getting off your bike. Going for a jog, Flying the helicopter around. We're doing the trains, planes and automobiles. What's right? That's right. Get yourself some meal. Page four wheels, dots and Toyota. Four wheels and seat kind of give a shit what it is. It's a great movie, too, by the way. Anyway, we're out of time. Who will catch you guys later?