FTN 051020 - May 9 2020 - FTN 311 Gettin the Old Noggin Joggin

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hello and welcome to after 3 11 of jazz hands Feels brought to you by the network where we dot our teas Cross our i's dash your hopes and smash your sacred salamanders, Man. James, you got two guys rested down in Georgia. Really gets the old noggin jogging in more ways than 10 yeah. Dude, I was, uh I was thinking this week, you know, Sun's coming out. It's It's, like, 70 high seventies now, big. It's time for spend to remix The old Dirty Black Summer. We need a dirty Black Jogger edition. Yeah, I know. Well, actually, I'm always waiting for a non opportunity to play Din do vibrations. We're gonna be playing that today for sure. Gonna dust that off. It's been, you know, a couple years, but, um, our buddy White Hot takes really worked on the vocals on that, and it's really, I think, one of his best songs in terms of production quality. But we got a very full show today. If you've heard it somewhere, chances are that somewhere was here. Gonna hear a lot of things here today for the very first time. The jogger. We're going to talk a lot about that. But in the second half, we're actually we got right down. I was doing more research on the Trump Israeli confusion or collusion, confusion, whatever. And we actually have the guy who architected the kosher sandwich and he's given us his recipe. And we're gonna tell you what that recipe is pretty interesting stuff. We're gonna smash amore shibboleth today, aren't we, James? There's gonna be a lot of fun. So But jogger hammer go jog crab, that civil s shiv less along the way. Exactly. All this talk about joggers makes you sort of remember that it's really all about the bikes, isn't it? We're gonna be talking about bikes in the second half and joggers in the first half. So that's how it works. Wow. It's like the Alex McNabb Dream show bikes and joggers just not $50,000 pickup trucks with the hydraulic lift bez lift bed lift gate. I wouldn't know cause I wouldn't buy canopy. Know what? What? Ah, what? Alexi's on pickup trucks. Much to his chagrin, are the bed canopies, which which people use. I mean, look, you know, I have sort of a new ones position on the back of bed canopy because that canopies, that's what I thought he had an issue with the hydraulic lift that people attached boomers attached to their big truck and then, you know, so they don't have to lift anything into the bed. It's just like that hydraulic lift on the back. I didn't know he had a problem with canopies. Jeez, Alex. Yeah? Yeah, This guy talking. And that's, you know, that's one Shiva less we're not gonna go after is Ah, is the bed canopy Look, it's practical, right? You live somewhere where you get a lot of rain and a lot of inclement weather. You want to carry things in the bed, but don't want him to get wet. Look, what you gonna do? It's like that or a tarp and the tarp isn't even gonna work. It's gonna blow off or tano cover. Some people do that, but that's if you only need, you know, half of the height, right? This is the aluminum frame with snaps, the little snaps. Remember, a friend had an s 10 Chevy s 10 pickup truck with the old Tom who cover on the back. It's got a cool, but eventually those little snaps rusts and they get shitty and they either don't income. They banned up, not coming on buttons or they just don't re button and just like, flapping in the breeze You're going on the highway. It's just looking looking kind of Shia. Yeah, You roll that up for a season, don't dry it out. And it small, moldy and gross. And and the fake leather starts ah, starts disintegrating and, yeah, throw it right in the trash. And then there's the sort of, ah, Mexican version, the fiberglass cover with the with the hydraulics. So it goes up. It's like a trunk. Have you seen those? It's, like, totally watertight, but and then they'll put the airfoil on the back of it. Really, really could. Nothing like a Chevy s 10 with ground effects in an airfoil and in fiber glass lid over the bed, it's gotta be Oh, not like a hockey hockey stick spoiler. That really completes the look. Jesus Christ. So that wasn't the kind of pickup truck our guys down in Georgia were driving was that they were It looks like they were having a big Ford F 2 50 or something like that. Yeah. No, no bed coverings. They're sort of, ah, impedes your ability to go make citizen's arrests in a totally legal, totally proper variety. Which is what they were up. Teoh. Yes. So what the So the actual story of this was? Well, no. We're gonna start with the official narrative that we've been told when this happened in February, right? I mean, I first got wind of this. Maybe, I don't know, 45 days ago when I saw Talcum X talking about it, and I thought this'll this happened a while ago. Are these really these people are really searching and grabbing for something? I mean, you think these people would be on the ball the moment this happened? Is it that the video, the edited video didn't come out until a couple days ago? Or I mean, you think that these guys would set up Google alerts? Well, you know, talcum X is talcum X is white, though, like you think he'd set up, he'd have the capacity to set up Google alerts on any sort of ah white on black crime at all and it would be top of the stack on any given day. But not it's like 60 days go by. 90 days go by and then it finally comes out. What, the video Just get delayed or they they're like, Oh, we can edit this video and make this work. I mean, this is how desperate these people are toe to switch off of Corona virus and, you know, big line and all that stuff that got to do one of these, right? Right, Our good old buddy Alan David Tugger, and on their in Georgia is the attorney that that ended up releasing this and we'll talk about him as we as we move into this. But yes, so this this shooting happened back in February, believe February 23rd and it was reported at the time, as well as what it waas as two white men that drove and had seen someone burglarizing a home that was under construction in the neighborhood. They drive and go to make a citizen's arrest, and they called 911 And as they go to stop this guy, he assaults them and they using their legal right to self defense, shoot him. And that's what it was at the time. And it did not. It was not a national story. I mean, we are fairly on top of things like this, and I hadn't seen this back in February. I didn't see this until four or five days ago like you. So this was for ah, while just another run of the mill in a black assaults white and white shoots, black and self defense and no news at 10 situation. But with the release of this video, this edited video, it has been presented in such a way. And this this hysteria has been generated totally, totally asked reserved through the press to do something about this. And this is why we have the response that we have now. It makes you sort of wonder why they even attempt to this sort of thing. Because given what we know and given, what more about to unfold here on this program today is that this is really loose, really, really loose. And so the question becomes is, Are they going to try to rig this? That's the plan, like from the beginning with David Duggars video. I mean, because it's really Lou. I mean, you'd think that they would look at this and look at a preponderance of the evidence and just say, Nah, we're not doing this and sort of quiet it down. But it seems like they're so desperate to just do this. And I have some theories why they will do something like this, even if they know that it's going to eventually flop. But we'll get there. So that's the official narrative, and it's garnered a lot of overreaction. I think. In fact, I would even say I mean, people have compared this to Trey von. They've compared it to Ah, the I can't breathe guy who fucking cares what his name is. Um, but I think the reaction to this what used to be the exception in the form of reactions is now the rule, especially when you see what various mainstream in politicians and pundits and members of the media and talking heads, whatever everybody saying. I mean, it's it's all but just calling for lynching these whites. If they could have their way, that's what they want. I mean, if if there were no government standing in the way of these people, to the extent that it even would stand in the way if they took vigilante justice into their own hands. That's what these people want. And, um, you know, that used to be more of an exception. I would say in 2012 now, you could cherry pick and say, Oh, well, this person said that in this person that said this, it's like I don't see anybody having any sort of measured response to this at all, except maybe white people who are the ones being blamed. And, you know, bye. By virtue of the fact that these two guys are white, we're taking the reasonable position on this everybody else's fed posting on these guys. Yeah. No, they definitely are. And I remember back in 2012 with Trey Von and 2014 with Ah, Who was that? Michael Brown. Like all of these, all of these cases run to get yet Michael Brand Darren Wilson. That was Ferguson, right? And so, yeah. I mean, you saw the reaction intensifying over that period really coming to a head there in 2014 2015. And yeah, what what used to be something new and unprecedented, right? I remember back in 2014 2015 we would see these posts on Twitter. We would see these these blacks coming out and and, ah, you know, back then they weren't even bringing guns toe riots. Now there was this protest and in Michigan, where where a few dozen black showed up with with, like, a arts and got and pistols and stuff and to, ah, you know, do a little protest and things definitely have become more. You know, things were on a hair trigger. No, it is much more than they were. It's because BLM has effectively been disbanded right now. They want to sort of They would have been smart if they had kept that in the background, because the purpose of BLM was to make sure that things didn't get uncivil right They don't want It's not good optics to have all of Baltimore on fire. I remember in 2015 watching that happen, and it was just like I mean that Grab your popcorn. I mean, when when? When mog a bots are out there on Twitter like, Oh, wow, Look at this FBI transcript that got released on Russia. Grab your popcorn, man. It's like no guy like I want a Baltimore Burning is what I grabbed popcorn for, right? Like watching that happen. But the whole purpose of BLM was to keep things civil, because that's bad optics. They don't want to do that. And so I remember, I think one of the reasons why back with Trey Von and in some of these earlier iterations of this now I think Trey von predated blm blm formed out of all that, it was to make sure that it didn't go down the road of getting out of control. And because BLM has largely been cast aside, they have gone back to being that it's all reverted to the mean right saw going back to being uncivil like LeBron James were literally hunted every day. Every time we step foot outside, the comfort of our homes can't even go for a damn jog, man. Like what the fuck, man? Are you fucking kidding me? No, man, for really You fucking kidding me? I'm sorry, Ahmad. Rest in paradise in my prayers and blessings sent to the and then this picture of this guy like these you know this is You can see he's like getting angry while he's composing this tweet. And if these people are let left to their own devices, blacks and their white white knight allies are, would would happily lynch every white person in America. And that's not hyperbole. They absolutely would. This whole thing is about destroying white America mobs for murder and torch cities over fake hate crimes. I mean, because look, well, but advocates Stein Lee, right, Put up a ah, put up a nice memorial there at the end of the pier, and then it was torn down by the city the next day. You gotta be fucking kidding me. But, you know, in this case in the and they sided with the murder and called whites extremists for demanding actual prosecution. But here it's It's like every time, every day we go out of our homes, were hunted, were hunted. That's really that's really the language that you're using, because I mean, setting up that sort of like paradigm is that Oh, yeah, like every time this black person goes out and does anything, so a black person could do whatever the fuck they want to white person. Exactly. Yeah, that's the That's the gist of this right is they are attempting to create a situation where and they're succeeding in many ways where white people are both uneasy around lax. But no, they have to be subservient. And that you're aware implicitly that whatever you do, if you do something wrong, if you say the wrong thing, look at them the wrong way that this black has a license to. Well, name your reaction ranging from taking a video of you getting fired from your job or over up to attacking. You're murdering you, right? There was that case a few years ago at the Dunkin Donuts in Florida, where this white grandfather was what he these do a vertical vertical cell phone video of you in line of historic cause. You got Maddie like, cutting front or something. It's like, Oh, my God. Like grainy look. Vertical video. Yeah, these guys are just ready to do violence like just knock you the fuck out. I mean, they might actually videotaped them beating you up, and then, you know, that gets selectively edited. But it's so funny, right? And the legal climate is such that if they do, they will not face consequences for that. Nothing. There was the case. There's a case in Florida where literally all this old guy did was was say, the game or word with, you know, he used the hard are he said, jogger with a hard R and ah, yeah, this this black teens black youth chokes him, kills him and yet no charges because of insufficient evidence. And he said, a racist words. So it's OK. And we have, like, these cases of the knockout game, right? This Ah, which has been talked about out of, you know, ad infinitum. And then there's the case of Jeremy Lloyd. This took place last summer where this kid this I think he was 18 17 or 18 and he was walking away and a crowd of blacks like 10 blacks, 12 blacks come up and start sucker punching in and running up in taking shots at him. He pulls out a knife to defend himself and because he said, Jogger with hard are during this eso during fighting off this assault while he was being beaten. Yeah, he got hate crime charges. So if you're white, what they're doing here is effectively criminalising any interaction you have with the POC against you. Well, and you know that whatever you dio like, you are going to be blamed. You're going to be punished for it. Remember when those blacks kidnapped that mentally disabled white kid in Chicago and tortured him on in live streamed on Facebook? I mean that nothing happened to them. Nothing. Not a single thing, I mean, and that's what they would do left to their own devices. They don't want to just commit violence against you. They will torture a disabled child and poke him and cut his head. And I don't mean that video is just awful to watch. But yeah, I mean, and then the claim that, yeah, this would never happen to like Bernie Sanders. He says there's no doubt in my mind that Ahmad would be alive today if he were white. Well, yeah, he would be alive today if he were white, because he wouldn't be doing what Ahmad did. We're gonna talk about that here in a second, but yeah, that's always the thing. Like he would be alive today if he were white to get because he wouldn't be doing what that guy was doing. You know, nobody would be that stupid. So it's yet the whole thing, the whole thing is stupid in. Yeah, like you would never hear if somebody did do this. If somebody did do If a white person did do what Ahmad did with the hammer and everything else and breaking into people's homes and becoming a problem and grabbing some guy's gun, I have no doubt that they would be shot. That white person would be shot. So All right. Yeah, it's like, yeah, yeah, if you live or have ever lived in an area that has a lot of junkies or has a lot of of white sort of low, you know, low life criminals, which there are places like that. If you lived in an area like that and you have talked to people from there like that is a common sentiment, right? People are not saying. Well, I'm not gonna I would I'm going to spare this junkie because he's white. I'm going to spare this guy breaking into my house. No, like, thes are facts that I'm gonna consider if I'm awoken in the awoken. Awakened whatever awoken in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. And I hear smashing a bank. I'm not gonna go downstairs and be like, Hey, guy, have you have you had a difficult time with Jews in your life for you? Oh, you're white. Like Oh, man G. Who? Ah, better better draw down and not do anything about this guy. But now it's like I'm not gonna if I'm in a situation where my life or the people that I love their life is on the line like I'm not. I'm gonna defend myself. And I think that's eggs Nable. That's a reasonable reaction from anybody. And they want to criminalize that reasonable reaction because they want to tilt the balance in away from you. They may not necessarily want tilted in favor of blacks. If that's the outcome, fine. But they want to tilt it away from you. This is the whole purpose of this thing. Even if this is even if they try to rig this, even if this doesn't even if this does blow up in court and it doesn't end up resulting in in all the black, the black people get let down and talcum X gets let down and so on and so forth. It doesn't matter. The whole purpose is to scare the fuck out of white people from acting within their rights in any situation, so that they're always thinking twice about. Well, I can't do that. That's Ah. That has to be a different set of rules for interacting with different people instead of one set of rules. And yeah, that's the thing. It's Yeah, yeah, but and it's not even not even just in situations where you might have to defend yourself or even necessarily criminal situations. It's in everyday life, and it is molding your psychology, molding white psychology in a way that is constantly paranoid about offending or micro aggressing upon the whims of a black person. And you're right. It's not pro black because they'll they'll still like. They'll still throw blacks in jail for killing each other, killing Mexicans, whatever. But it's it's they're using these different groups against whites. Whites are the target here, the primary target. They don't care about the blacks, necessarily. They at all, they only care about them in so much as they could be used as a bludgeon against whites. And you know this comparisons being drawn to a modern day lynching. I think the the referencing that kidnapping in Chicago and torturing of that that boy is actually is actually good comparison. Because in a lynching, right? A traditional lynching in American history. This was something done to punish criminals, punished cattle rustlers, murderers, rapists. Ah, you name it. And it wasn't a process of torture, right? They weren't like cutting off your limbs one by one or forcing you to drink toilet bowl water. Like happened to that boy. It was just an execution. It was It was a public execution. And if you look at the cases of of Trayvon Martin of, ah, what's his name? Any of these people? These people weren't tortured at these blacks thes black boys. They weren't being tortured. They weren't being being held hostage and brutalized. They were being shot for committing crimes and hurting people. And yeah, yeah, it's a sense. Get this jogger the fuck out of my area like that's That's really the end goal of anyone who has an interaction with a black person. Is this is a uncomfortable situation that I want out of now and the black in every situation that we see where there's video and even when there's not, we see the evidence born out in the wounds like with Zimmer. George Zimmerman is that there is always, like, even if the white wants to get out of that situation, they cannot, because there is a There is a testosterone fueled black, usually beating them down or multiple blacks beating them down and pushing and pushing. And so, yeah, they just they want out of that situation. If whites like black people that all of the things that they say here, it's like it's like blacks or whites wake up in the morning and go outside and like, look for a black person to hunt No whites wake up in the morning and try to avoid blacks as much as possible throughout the day. It's the problem where they're forced to be in neighborhoods that they don't belong in. They are forced to be in close proximity to them by virtue of the fact that they may have to go there for work or for whatever reason, and they don't want to be around them. It's this forced integration that has led to these problems That's why segregation worked out so well because we weren't meant to be side by side. It wasn't intended toe work that way. And you know, we've been voiced. We've had this problem foisted on us for 400 years now. I saw this project 16. 19. It's like, Yeah, why don't we talk about the Jewish merchants that brought them here and forced this hemming? This is a problem. This is the poison pill that was packed in America from the beginning. I think are the outcome of our country would have been much better if that had not been the leverage that they used this this, uh, you know, abolition movement and everything else. And it's gotten to the point where people don't want to be around this and we're gonna find out later. I mean, people are even cutting the cord on this stuff because they've had enough. They've had enough after after almost a decade of having this stuff shoved in their face. And they just want to be left alone and the state of America 20 twenties. You shall not be left alone. You you are You like these two guys, like just doing neighborhood watch in their neighborhood. And because why is that? Well, that's the Ferguson effect. That's the fact that the cops in that community aren't willing to do the things that need to be done so that these guys retired cop in his son have to be out there doing the jobs that the cops won't do or we aren't permitted to do by that jurisdiction. So this is the result. And then there's this outrage of why are these guys behaving like cops? Well, first of all, they're allowed lead totally legal within Georgia law, especially dealing with this black. And on top of that, it's like, what else do you expect them to do? They're trying to keep their neighborhood safe. None of these things would be problems if we were allowed to operate our country the way that it needs to be operated and run and managed. Wouldn't you wouldn't even need a neighborhood watch. It would just be like you're not allowed to be in this fucking county. Get out. So yeah, Anyway, um, and you could have police enforce the laws that people want enforced, but because of things like equal protection and civil rights and creative litigation spearheaded by Jewish lawyers on behalf of criminals and people like this. You, your police in many cases are hamstrung, and they do have rules placed on them by departments and states. And and federal rules that limit the type of enforcement taken do limit their ability to engage with suspects a limit the force they can use. And in several of these jurisdictions, right where, Ah, where police have been ordered to to exhaust all nonviolent means before down. And I know it's like OK, like in a vacuum, maybe absent any context. Sure, that sounds fine, But But what? That has the result Thean packed of that is these police realized like, Oh, fuck, I am going to get fired. I am going to be tried if I act in self defense. So yeah, maybe I'll just ah, you know, maybe I'll take this code call at 20 miles an hour and get there hopefully after this suspect is left, because I don't want to have a confrontation with them, because I know up until the point, that suspect is aiming a gun at my head and eight dividends from pulling the trigger. I can't do anything defending myself. Otherwise I'll go to jail. So that's what Look this That's why all these corporate, um, you know, like Best Buy and Target and whatever they have rules corporate policies on their books. Where if they see someone in the midst of a shoplifting exercise, they won't stop them. The policy for those stores is to let them leave the store. Do not intervene, do not confront them. Just let them leave. And it's because of blacks. This is why we used to confront people enough. You're a shop proprietor of a shop. You would confront that person. But the risk posed by this imposed by the black lives matter movement in all of the the Jewish support for the this sort of ah system, where blacks are ultimate, the ultimate authority over over how whites conduct their lives in public. I mean, they really are. Blacks don't realize that as I said this, I think five years ago that it's going to be, and maybe it's already happening now where when blacks realize that they can operate with impunity, you're going to see mawr and more of these things. And as they put the boot down on Whitey's neck even further. You're going to see more white homicides, Ato hands of blacks. And that's borne out by the numbers. I mean, why blacks are getting all, like, all of all, upset about being hunted. But if you look at interracial killings, whites killed by blacks is six times lower than blacks. I'm sorry. Whites, whites killed by blacks is six times higher than blacks killed by whites. So this idea that this is even a phenomenon. But you never hear about the whites who were killed by blacks, do you? Never nothing. Well, what we do for about five seconds, like the was like two weeks ago, one week ago at this point that that 45 year old postal worker got shot by some black in Indianapolis because she wasn't allowed to go to that guy's property because he had a ah aggressive pit bull. And this guy wanted his Donald J. Trump stimulus check and he just fucking shot her. So it's like no outrage over that. Nothing. No nothing. No, no. And And he will do that over $1200 it's Yeah, it's a disaster, And the other misrepresentation I know people like to talk about the disproportionate homicide rates. Even those are a misrepresentation. There are six times mawr black on white homicides than white on black. But within those homicides because of homicide, this is not a criminal charge, right? This is just a cause of death. Many of those white on black homicides are actually in self defense. They're actually justified, and much more so than the black on white. So good. So if you look at look at the manslaughter, you look at murder, right, these rates will actually be be 10 times higher. Uh, if not any with murder. It's over 10 times a ratio. So yeah, even even that six times figure is a low representation. True imbalance. Let's just chuck those stats in the trash and just say that 100% of the time whites are not in the wrong. Let's just do that because thes people don't belong here. The people who run the country and control our lives are putting them in position like it's it's almost it's on. It's an act of terrorism the way that they're governing the country because they're putting these people in these situations where they know the end result is going to be black on white violence, right? They know that that's gonna be the outcome. And then they rigged the judicial system so that the white person in that equation is guilty and the black person is not. And that is terrorism. That is injustice. That's the height of injustice right there. And they're laughing whenever this happens. They love this. They have no concern. And they've reached this level of chutzpah with this where you have not just shit Libs, not just blacks. You have conservatives out there like Drudge. What is it? 23 years ago, four years ago with the Dallas shooting. And, you know, Suspect wanted to kill white people. The end is coming. And now you know he's got white supremacists. He's got guy in KKK Hood in the grocery store, repositioned over the course of four or five days just to get get traffic on that and you have Nikki Haley saying it's beyond heartbreaking. And then Dana Lash one of these Second Amendment Constance, malignant fucking country says she's a year ago, she says, Never been to need to the rage mob ever. That was January 1st 2019 today. Have the trial give due process. But if two dudes chased me in a truck before blocking my way, getting out and drawing down on me, they'd leave in bags. Now they wouldn't. You fucking cunt! What a stupid bitch, she said. And look a look at her Twitter. Dana last. She's one of these people who? She's one of these tea parties celebrities Dana Lash, who came out of this movement and, ah, you know, she cheats on her husband. She's just she's a She's a malignant piece of fucking trash. And, you know, this is this is what she thinks she's like, Yeah, I would I would leave them in bags. It's like, Would you be jogging in Timberlands with cargo shorts and a hammer through a neighborhood robbing people? Dana. Okay, then shut the fuck up. But just remember, remember, guys never been to needed the rage Mob ever. Right, Dana, that's what you're supposed to do. Rule number one. But right, it's almost as edgy and transgressive this, Ah, fantasizing about killing these two white men. It's almost as edgy and transgressive as just fantasizing about how much you hate Karen's and an office carrots, carrots and awful zehr Really holding the strings of power. They are those behind the curtain and Ah, yeah. So somebody you're really brave, You brave, tough. Somebody was saying to add a Utah Fels and ah Scott Career said that that was too on the nose, just like yeah, that's a little bit too much guy like we That's a little bit too over over the edge. But if we did do that, it would stand for urban just fucking. But here's another. This is this is a conservative right here. This is a ah, the Twitter account is Trife. I thought I didn't have audio today. I do have audio. This is Trad Zumer. Sorry, James, but this is traditional Zumer God Speed with a big old ah GOP Elefant in the background with a bunch of maga hats and yada yada and green led lights around the ceiling. Really cool guy. This is what he thinks about the shooting. This comment was on my video about the unjust killing of Ahmad Opry. Okay, this literally really pisses me off because it was not cops that killed this guy, Okay? It was too white. Super misses that were literally lynching him. The fact that you have to try and push a political agenda and a time when the entire country should be weeping and mourning this loss is just disgusting to me. Just absolutely pathetic. Weeping and mourning the loss. Yeah, Yeah, that's ah, white supremacists, white supreme. And that's the other. That's the other element of this, too. And this is something this goes back to a very old jazz hens ism, which is that everything is white supremacy, right? I mean, everyone and everything. If you're white and you have done anything cause you have that you have that John O'Reilly on Twitter saying question for white folks on my timeline, What are you doing to make sure that you're raising your Children who won't kill mine? And that's something that we've said for a while is if you're a white person, it's not enough to just be silent. In fact, someone responded to her with silence, is violence and gave instructions on what he does to like cook his Children in their future is that if you're not a passionate defender of black interests, black spaces and black bodies like just everywhere, suitcase handle lips Fucking just in your face. 24 7 then your white supremacist. You are a K K K Klan Hood adorned and look. It's born out in the rhetoric with Trad Zoomer and other conservatives. I mean, they they have managed now. Some of those people are ops, but other others of them are just. They have agreed and amplified this rhetoric because they have gotten a cookie and a pat on the head for that, and it just it just never ends. They don't think for themselves. There's no ability to think critically about any of this. And the whole third rail is just totally electrified. So if you touch it, you're just gonna get blown the fuck out like they will. They will show up. Trad Zoomer had even even a lukewarm take on this. They would show up at that guy's house and probably drag him out kicking and screaming, and nobody would do anything about it. You had Taylor Swift calling for execution. Right now. She did this. Now this is my speculation on Taylor Swift. Doing this bit is because a couple days earlier, she happened to call out Alex Soros, George Soros's son because I guess she wanted the six original or seven original master copies of her recordings, which I don't you know, spend probably knows more about this than than than I do. But apparently she wanted those. She wanted the rights to them. She wanted to purchase them. She wanted the original recording master recordings that she had done of her albums. And I guess Alexander Soros owns the rights to them, and he didn't want to give them to her. And so he she called him greedy and ah, agree greedy and something else on Twitter, which became this huge backlash about her with anti Semitic nards and yada, yada yada. And so now to make up for that after she pissed off all the Jews on Twitter for calling Alexander sores greedy. She is now calling for the execution of the Georgia guys down there. So, yes, And it isn't a great remain Taylor Swift. The MIM from 2015 years. It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it? So yeah, yeah, I know. It's ah, it's It's dead. It's gone. But yeah, this is going Oh, you know, I was gonna pivot from reactions into the technicalities of what really happened with this. Still, because this is a story that's gonna come out, and I think these guys are going to get exonerated. I agree with Alex that, uh, that they're going to get exonerated unless this system is really hell bent on rigging this and we'll see how that plays out. But the reality is that nobody wants to dive on this grenade, Right, James? I mean, nobody wants to be the guy that that that saved the white supremacist, because the other element to this before we get into this, the reason why they do this. This is if if I don't say this now, forget it later. So the reason why they do this is so that, like this Attorney Davis released the video that they know is bullshit. They know that there's a bigger video. They know that that what we're what really happened is eventually gonna come out. The reason why they do this is it can get caught up in this minutia of the news cycle and then being able to contort the story and whatever the way that they want and the gift that they hand blacks and black allies is that at the end of this, if and when these guys in Georgia, the white guys get off and they should get off with nothing. In fact, they should be treated as heroes. In my opinion, they will hand the gift to blacks and black allies that they can now say that the system is rigged right When if they had just given the actual video from the very beginning and told the story straight up and said yet, nah, like, you know, just have a press conference with whoever's in charge down there now we didn't arrest these guys because here's the video here. Click Watch the video. This is what happened. This guy's a piece of shit. He's a shit bag, has been terrorizing his community. This is totally justified. The end. Now, those guys don't want to be in that position. But if they had done that, the whole thing would have gone away, probably in a day or two. But in this case, they can draw it out over a long period of time. And then, as we've always said, the further away you get from ground zero. This is a SPEN ism to the further away you get from the event that happened, the more conspiracy theories conspire out off of the branches, right? And so it gives blacks and black allies the opportunity to say like, Oh, never mind the fax. This whole thing was rigged from the beginning, when in fact, it wasn't as we're gonna find out right now, right? Yeah, and the the sense of fear and the psychological terrorism that's been conducted against regular people. It's been it's taken its effect on the judicial system as well. And so these people in the judicial system like this guy Barnhill, who wrote this, the district attorney actually, who had the opportunity to come forward with charges and declined to do so and actually recused himself from the case. Nobody wants to be the guy because they know that just like anyone who comes out and is in the media, making a passionate defense of these people will be brigade ID online. Maybe they're homebrew gated to like Tucker Carlson was some time ago. They know that their career is then jeopardized if they get targeted with outside money and they get targeted with protesters coming to their house and Barnhill. This guy's a d a. Right. He is probably aware of the efforts that have been going on, led by people such a Soros and others to flip these d A elections in in red white counties across the country to get people that will not charge blacks and will charge whites overcharge whites with crimes. And so this guy, I mean, it's ah Utkan impute his motives or wonder whether he's doing the right thing or or what have you. But he's definitely oh aware that there are consequences for him stepping out and being the guy that gets these guys off. So we have this report from George Barnhill, district attorney, and, I believe Glynn County, where he published this initial report Ah, a few weeks ago, actually talking about the case and what the evidence was and and the rationale for declining to prosecute, and this was leaked to the media and it became public, and this is not making its way into any of these reports you have. This is again one of those things where you have to search for this if you want to find it. If you want to find anything beyond Malcolm X video and Hysteria and Lynching in Black Boy Unarmed. So on and so forth. And the question of him being unarmed. Actually, that's up for debate. But, ah, he begins here on the second page by relating the fact that Travis Michael, Greg McMichael and Bryan William will come back to Brian William. In a minute. We're following quote in hot pursuit of a burglary suspect with solid, firsthand, probable cause in their neighborhood and asking and telling him to stop their intent was to stop and hold this criminal suspect until law enforcement arrived. And under Georgia law, this is perfectly legal. If you see a crime being committed, you have the right to detain someone until law enforcement arrives. So, yeah, Uh, not a crime what these guys were up to. No, not at all. And you're allowed to do this. Uh, this is something that you're totally permitted to do, and it's actually something that you're allowed to do. Ah, in a lot of different states. But, um, yeah, let's Let's this is perfectly legal. Ah, let's see here. So according to this, um, did you read this part already? If the offense is a felony and the offenders escaping or attempting to escape a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable probable grounds of suspicion, Right? Yeah, right. And so so, like, if you catch somebody, for example, shoplifting, right, if you see somebody slip, slip, you know, back of chips in their pocket or candy bar in their pocket. Um, in most states and in Georgia, it is the case where you can't detain that person. However, if you see somebody punched somebody or shoot someone or or ah you know is drunk driving. And they crashed their car and are attempting to flee. That is grounds for for detention. And this is something that, like you mentioned, is is more or less the case. Again, we're not giving legal advice, but this is more or less the case in many states. So this is not at all unusual there. People are trying to say, Oh, this is a relic. Jazz hands off of KKK laws in the South and how they could hunt. This is slave hunting in the modern era. It's like, No, this is This is the case pretty much everywhere? No, Actually, the the origins of these laws were because of black people dealing with blacks was the problem. Because do you think in a white agrarian, um, 18 hundreds, absent of blacks society, you would have problems with people fleeing? Probably not, And you wouldn't even need tohave a code on the books to determine what is and is not permissible. It would just be shocking if someone did something and then tried to flee because it just wouldn't Emmy wouldn't happen. I'm not saying that would be It would have been absolute perfection in paradise. Certainly human frailty. There are always problems, but there would be so few of them. It would be such a rare occurrence that they don't need a code on the books to do this. And the reason why they're trying to push for this is a relic and claim that it's some you know, some relic that that has to be gone. It's because again they knew that the Ferguson effect would be riel, and the result of Ferguson effect would be people using these laws that are on the books to defend themselves and keep their families safe and they want to remove. That is an option to and claim that yet this this has to go the way. But yet this is because of blacks. And then when it's odes because of white supremacist sick? No, we wouldn't even need these laws. Do you have any idea what the law books would be like If if we didn't have these problems of or juice writing laws and doing torts and everything else and we wouldn't need all this could be all very simple, because I think everybody is pretty much on the same page. Um, anyway, I mean, you know, within our thing, like, do you have to have? Do you have to have, like, a 4000 page legal document to go out to have beers with people? No, you don't even need a thing. You just need a fucking handshake. That's that's that's all. It should take one that's the other thing is that is in a right in a society that was led by us and was made up of people like us, there would be an understanding right. There's an implicit understanding about about why it would be right, and it would be acceptable to detain someone who's fling. You wouldn't even need to have a conversation about this. It seems so. Second nature to us, to us and to you, listening like you're probably nodding your head like, Yeah, Why is this even on the books? Well, it has to be on the books, because if it weren't if it were not on the books and codified in law, you would then get ah, you know, someone like like Ahmad. Someone like armed robbery here, going over and knocking over convenience store and killing and raping and running away. And you would get people in the community detaining him like guy. What are you doing? And then you would have, you know, shekel. Bergstein Blatt, Esquire coming in and saying, Well, you know, your rights were infringed. You were unlawfully imprisoned, You know, here, lawsuits against the city and these people that did this to you, and it just becomes a mess because of outsiders. You don't need these provisions when you have when you don't have the outsiders. No, you don't. So there are a couple more things in this letter so forth. Travis McMichael and Greg McMichael had firearms being carried in unopened fashion. Investigation shows neither of them to be convicted felons or under felony suspicion or supervision. Other words. Probation. They were in a motor vehicle owned by Travis McMichael. Under Georgia law, this is legal. Open carry, period. End of story. Very simple. This video, made by William Bryan, clearly shows the shooting in real time. From said video. It appears Ahmad are very was running along the right side of the McMichael truck, then abruptly turns 90 degrees to the left in attacks. Travis McMichael, who was standing at the front left corner the truck. A brief skirmish ensues in which, it appears, are very strikes McMichael and appears to grab the shotgun and pull it from Michael. The first shot is through our Berries right hand palm, which is consistent with him grabbing and pulling the shotgun at the barrel tip. The second and third wounds are consistent with the struggle for the shotgun depicted in the video. The angle of the second shot with your blood lead level block. This is from the beginning or almost immediately became a fight over the shotgun. Given the fact that are very initiated, the fight at the point are very grabbed. The shotgun Under Georgia law, McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself. Now, lawyers air going to say that now there's one carve out of this Georgia law, right? You can't set up a situation. This is where they're gonna hang their hat. And this may be where the trial ends up hanging its hat, prosecutors and everything else. You cannot set up a situation where this is the outcome, right? You can't just be rolling around in the truck with shotguns and, you know, have a confrontation that ends up in a skirmish in than Oh, I had to defend myself and kill the guy. But that didn't happen at all. Now that's gonna be the thing that they say occurred. These guys are cops. Why are they acting like cops? Why did they put themselves in this situation? No, no, no. And thats why this partial video that was released this edited, heavily edited video was shown conveniently from the perspective, as though that is what occurred with both MK Michaels and are very that they created the situation where the only outcome would be for them to shoot this guy. And that's not at all what happened. Ah, they're allowed to use deadly force to protect themselves. And, ah, armories, mental health and in his records and prior convictions explain his apparent aggressive nature. It is possible thought pattern to attack an armed man. It's like, Wow, it's so rare for a black person. Just while out on attack unharmed man and unarmed unarmed man, a woman child, a mentally retarded kid who isn't off limits from this dives, Animals, cats, not another thing on the planet is free from abuse from a black person gone wild. Yeah, What was the thought pattern? How did he What mental heuristics did he used to determine that? Ah, yes. My best course of action is to yank this man shotgun towards me and blow my hand off and 11 thing that they will be arguing. The prosecution will be arguing it, like you said, is this stop was not was not lawfully originated. Of course, Georgia's law, which allows people to detain felony suspects, are to detain people they've witnessed commit felonies which Amman apparently just had renders that inaccurate right. This stop was lawfully derived. It was lawfully originated. They were trying to detain him in the commission of a felony And if you are in the commission of a felony, you you do not then, like you are responsible for the outcome of that situation, which is what we saw we saw here. And yeah, I mean, Barnhill, even he does the forensics, right? It does. The forensics and and demonstrates that are very would have only had to pull the shotgun 1\/16 toe, 1\/8 of an inch to fire the weapon at himself. Um, by grabbing the barrel of the shotgun. And so it's like you have a first shot? Actually. Might have been. This guy might have not even fired intentionally until until he was. Yeah, that's grab. That's the thing. It's like people have to realize in in shit Libs and retards and morons that don't know how to handle a farm if he had his hand finger on the trigger. Think about the physics of this. You have your hand on the trigger and someone pulls on the barrel away from you. What direction is your finger resting on? The trigger going in at that point, that is 1\/16 or 1\/8 of an inch. I hate to have to explain this because I mean, I think most of our guys get it. But that's the black shot himself, right? That's that's actually the argument that I would take. The guy committed suicide that he did. It was so you know how they do. They have the the law on the books, suicide by cup. This is just suicide by society, Like the guy the guy couldn't behave himself, the guy who put himself in a situation that he should not have been in. And this is somebody who never should have been a part of society to begin with. He killed himself. And yeah, and And because these guys had a reasonable fear for their lives, they finish the fucking job. They put him out of his misery. They did him a favor, actually, In Georgia's no duty to retreat law, Yeah, there's no duty to treat retreat in individual is not required to back away from or submit to an attack, right? So he can do this. And they can use whatever force is reasonably necessary to prevent the commission of a forcible felony like someone trying to grab a gun so they don't even have to fear for the lives they could just stop a felony and bigot that they did that. They stopped it and they stopped. Probably, I don't know. How many felonies did this guy commit before this? I mean, we're gonna talk about that. But this guy not only stopped one felony, he probably stopped generations of felonies. Given how many Children this this guy would probably father legitimate was the What was that? Buck V. Bell? Habitual criminals? Yeah. I think Mr Armed Robbery was well on his way to becoming habitual criminal. Actually, he was a habitual criminal already. And one last thing on the on the stand. Your ground provision. This is why it's so important for them to frame him as a jogger with a hard R. He's a jogger. He was just a man going for a jog. He didn't do nothing. He was not doing felonies. He was not doing robberies or burglaries. Just dragging. Because if they concede the point, that yes, he had just burglarized this home, which apparently there's video and eyewitness evidence of him doing then that is what opens the door to this train of events. Totally legal, totally legally proper chain of events that occurred here, and it's these guys following him and attempting to stop and him shooting himself in being shot. And even if people don't understand the minutia of Georgia law or no duty to retreat or whatever that is, if he's not anything but a totally just minding his own business like he was in school, he in school and she said he out Dre out for a jaw. He got better him sell. Unless if he's doing anything less than some totally innocent minding his own business sort of activity, public sentiment in public opinion sour so quickly on blacks being involved in these sorts of situations. Everybody knows what really happened. The moment it was, he just got done. I don't give a shit what it was like. He just got done pissing in someone's front bushes in front of their house. I mean, you could get some people who were like, Well, he should have killed him, but like the guy was literally breaking and entering doing be Annie's on people's houses in the neighborhood. While Ferguson effect cops aren't doing their job, that's what he's supposed to do. So from The New York Times, I mean it says this right in the New York Times for people. People are just going ignore the facts on this. But you know, there's no we're not sitting around waiting for a smoking gun. The smoking gun is here. A separate document, Mr Barnhill stated that video exists of Mr Barbary. This isn't just a rumor. So if you see this on Twitter on social media that there's a rumor of a video existing, it's in a document, Mr Barnhill said. That video exists of Mr Armory burglarizing a home immediately preceding the chase and confrontation. In the letter to the police, he cites a separate video of the shooting filmed by Third Pursuer. Mr Barnhill said this video, which has not been made public yet shows are very attacking Travis McMichael after he and his father pulled up to him in their truck. The video shows Mr are very trying to grab the shotgun from Travis Moen Michael's hands and then, he argued, amounts to self defense under Georgia law yada yada yada. He noted that it was possible that Mr are very had caused the gun to go off by pulling it, and pointed to Mr Robberies mental health records and prior convictions, which he said help explain his apparent aggressive nature. Yeah, we already were to read all that. So yeah, that's that's the thing. And in 2013 he brought a gun to school in 2012. So he graduated in 2012 from some Georgia High school and then was arrested. So he's back at the school after he graduated. He's like, shows up on the campus with a weapon and obstructing a law enforcement officer and gets off on five years of probation. Maybe you should have got a fuckin jail, right? Maybe that should have been the case, but and Oh, by the way, if since Bernie Sanders and so many others when he used this, if that had been a white guy showing up on campus with a gun when he's not student there anymore, that guy would have been in fucking jail, and they probably would have just shot him because given what we know about school shootings thes days, and you have armed officers in many of these red states, armed security guards and everything else be a white guy showing up on a school campus with a gun, right you're dead. You're not getting probation, you're dead. At the very least you're seeing, you're seeing prison time, and the investigation will probably turn up the fact that you don't know Listen to the wrong podcast or listen. We're subscribe to the wrong YouTube channels and so you'll have Ah, you have your friends from federal intelligence agencies constructing, constructing, ah, case about why you were really like a terrorist or something. And yeah, you'll never see the light of day again. But know this guy, he brings the gun to school. It's a 3 80 the school cop sees this guy, sees he's on a student season with a gun, tries to stop him, but he runs right. He goes jogging. He goes for a little jog away from the school resource officer and yet probation, probation for that. So just probation. Nothing. And then he was. He had a shoplifting conviction in 2018. I mean, all of this is it's just like we know what they're saying is bullshit. And the whole thing is gonna fall apart, and it's it's gonna be It's gonna it's gonna fall apart. Unless the system is so far gone. They're going to read the whole thing. I just don't I just don't see that happening. I just see that they don't want It's sort of a Mexican standoff right now where nobody no prosecution or lawyer or or just, you know, whatever local politician has jurisdiction over. This wants to be the guy that that makes it all go up in smoke. They want to drag it on the first long as possible so that the outcome is Whitey, don't you dare even think about acting within your rights. This isn't your country anymore. You don't have any legal rights to do Jack shit. And yeah, but you're not gonna go to jail, though, so yeah, this is all rigged and then they can play in. It actually bolsters the argument. Like I was saying before, if they allow this to fall apart in a way that lets blacks and black allies walk away from this with the gift of being able to say, Oh, the system's rigged, it just bolsters the well. There's white supremacists who shot this black guy. They got let off the hook, even though what they did was totally fine. And there's nothing wrong with it. Now the entire community is working in their interest because the whole thing got rigged and they got let off the hook. It's like, No, there's just a video showing that what they did is fine. That's not rigging. There's nothing rigged about that. It's people being told the truth. But I don't think a lot of people are interested in the truth. They just want to claim the entire state of George. Every white that lives there is the white supremacists. And here's my thing. They might as well be this might as well be You're gonna get called that any way you want to go out. Have a nice date with your wife on the town at night, not get hassled. You wanna be able to defend yourself yet your white supremacist managers just be one. Just be one gonna be that. Anyway, they're gonna ruin your life just like these guys. Number What? Yeah, And even if these guys don't end up going to jail, good luck finding a job again. Good luck finding a, you know, employment in their fields. Right? I believe both of them were somehow involved with with law enforcement. Neither were cops, but they were investigators or or p eyes or something. But yeah, and so the other. The other thing here about the result, whatever the result is if they do get exonerated, if the charges are dropped from the perspective of the elites from the was that the Wall Street financiers that are really that are running the show here, that's actually you could argue better for them because, sure, these guys don't go to prison. But whites still get the message that, like, Holy cow, if I do anything to defend myself, this is what I have to go through. My life is upended. Anyways, it's not juice. Juice here is not worth the squeeze, but also blacks get incensed. Blacks air riled up and they will respond by thinking by, you know, thinking man whole system be against me, though, and they will go and do extra judicial killings. They will go and kill people in the name of Fergus. How many murders have we seen? Right that have been been done in the name of specifically Michael Brown, Black on Trayvon, Martin black on white hate crimes in every every crime committed by a black person against a white person is a hate crime. It is. I mean, do you think that they did that out of love? Do you think that they were doing that in self defense? You try to find name, name a scenario where a white person has, uh, done something to a black. And then the black killed the white person. Justifiably in self defense. Nobody does that. Nobody wants a confrontation with these people. Nobody wants to deal with this at all. They just want it out of the way. And they hope that the cops would manage this so that they could just go on about their lives, but Nope. Not gonna have that. So what about Tucker? What about this guy? Tucker? He's got kind of an interesting background, doesn't he? Oh, yeah. Did. What's his name? David. Alan Tucker. Who is the lawyer who? You know his his first admitted his first a middle name or switched around, but he's still a jogger lover. This guy David at like, you know, David Allan Coe. But now this guy is Get the mullet. This is I mean, this guy. You have to look a look up. Images of this guy and actually not even just this guy but his entire law practice. It's like him with the mullet and then, like the bimbo like other attorney and then his bare illegals and they're all tatted up like the whole thing is, is yeah, it's a pretty interesting. And so I did a little research on this guy and and he put out this statement where he said that he released this video. He somehow got the video that came out this edited video that doesn't show the initial attack That doesn't show where this hammer in the road comes from. That doesn't show the burglary, right? He didn't put out the video of the burglary taking place, which we now know exists on this surveillance system. He puts out this very selectively edited version of events. That's still that's still exonerates the guys, Really? But he comes out and says this whole like, like 1000 words statement about how he believes in justice and representation in the community and promise and hope and blood about a blonde. Yeah. All right. Whatever. So you look into this guy and he is a criminal defense attorney by trade. He also he does ambulance tracing, you know, as you do, right, fighting for the injured and the accused. So you look at the cases he's represented? Yes. Ah, you know, child molesters and ambulance chasers and worker's comp and so on and so forth. What is more than just a shady lawyer? He's more than just like the backwoods Georgia. Better call Saul. He's also the top attorney for opioid distributor's in rural Georgia. He's representing this case. Yeah, he has all of these clients. This ah company, A GAAP A prescriptions are us just like Newt. If you gotta run an opioid mill, don't call it prescriptions for us. It's a little bit too fine a point on it, But he's serving his counsel for the company. For Janice Ann Coulter. Ah, different. Ann Coulter and Christopher Gray May, who were the pharmacists and and agents wrapped up in this? Ah, he was accused of misconduct by opposing counsel in order to get the case, jurisdiction transferred under dubious circumstances. But this company a got a prescriptions otherwise known as dairy and pharmacy. They were accused in a criminal information document by the US attorney of knowingly and willfully making materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements in connection with the operation of a pharmacy that dispensed controlled substances. And according to the charging document, this pharmacy filled prescriptions from more than 1100 medical professionals, including no less than one million doses of opioids and only three doctors. Initials. F B F P NHL accounted for more than 30% of the oxycodone and hydrocodone. So that is what 633,000 doses of opioids that were, you know, surreptitiously over prescribed by these people. Of course, David Alan Tucker finds herself right there in the midst of it. Yeah, David Alan Tucker with two adopted Brown Children, too. So this guy, you know, you know what happened to this guy? You know what would happen? This guy in 1910 1920 Georgia. Probably probably a whole lot of justice. And that would be if he wasn't already disbarred. Because the other thing that he did here was he's not representing anybody in this case. He just I just released the video, man. What are you talking about? My I just do it. You know, I'm just putting this out there. I'm just putting you know, let it speak for itself, you know, 1,000,000. But this guy is clearly causing inish Now. If he were representing one side or the other, he probably would have, Ah, major problem, but who surprised that this guy is out there? Um what? While he is out there trying to string up these white guys who didn't do nothing? He's out there, you know, defending people who are killing white people every day with these drugs and in a place where this is, uh, very hot territory for for this kind of thing. So, yeah, we sort of ran through some of the scenarios here already with what might happen. But there's another aspect of this, too, is maybe they overcharge, right? I mean, what were these guys charged with where they charged with the first degree? Murder or aggravated? Remember? What was it? Yeah, they were charged with first degree murder, which is in most states, including Georgia. Very difficult to prove very stringent criteria for this. And according to Georgia law, felony murder requires what's known as malice aforethought either expressed or implied. And malice is implied where no considerable provocation appears. And we're all the circumstances of the killing show and abandoned and malignant heart. Basically, this needs to be premeditated. This needs to be intentional. This needs to be There can be no Noah, you know, you know, room on the periphery for this to be interpreted any other way. So you add in getting its act with a hammer, detaining the guy in the commission of a felony, getting rushed while holding a gun. Yeah, that first degree murder charge becomes very difficult, if not impossible to prove. I think legal in a fair trial. This would be impossible to prove well. And even Barnhill says, decency grounds to arrest any of these guys and that their intent, the end, that their intent was to stop and hold the guy until law enforcement arrived. Which is true. I mean, you know, it's not Gregory in Travis MK Michael's problem. That armed robbery didn't want to sit still, and that armed robbery wanted to shoot himself in the hand and then the rest of his body. I mean, that's not their problem. They were just trying toe hold him until justice was able to be served. But that's not what armed robbery wanted. Armed robbery apparently wanted to kill himself, and he killed himself Minutes. That's ultimately what happened even if he didn't, you know, there's no malice of forethought. I mean, what's the malice of forethought? That these guys wanted to live in a safe community, that they didn't want their homes burglarized and terrorized, that they They wanted their wives and their daughters and their sisters to be not raped by this dude? They just don't want this guy in their neighborhood. What's so hard about that? Oh, that's right. Jews don't want that to happen. They want these people living side by side. So we have no choice but to deal with these kinds of issues. So, yeah, I mean, getting attacked with a hammer rush from holding a gun. Yeah. Yeah, totally not murder. But maybe, Ah, maybe it's time to start dealing with this black problem down there so well. And the other thing about armed robbery is that because ah, this guy, not the charge itself. Because of the state of society in the state of race relations, he probably interpreted these two good old good old boys as guys who weren't gonna do anything like, Yeah, they had guns, but But they white and everybody know white people, like, are supposed to just let us do whatever. So bucket like, Aiken, go charge this guy and go beat the shit out of this guy. Nothing is gonna happen to me. And you know what? Even if I do get arrested, probably get out on probation again. Because I'm a good boy, right? And I went to college and there are no consequences, but yeah, he thought wrong. And the law is if he thought if he thought it all, I saw a video of something else that I'm surprised that this won't be glommed onto by talcum X. But I think in Indianapolis ah, week ago, there was some black dude who is live streaming on Ah, on some with some app who gives a fuck what it is he's doing. He's like, wrapping while he's driving and like, you see him like looking up into the rear view mirror. And it's a black dude with with green eyes or blue bluish eyes, Really kind of freaky looking. Look to him. And somebody in the in the live stream was just like a Oh, they're going to get you with them green eyes guy like or whatever they said, boy, like whatever. I don't even know what it said and ah, you keep seeing glancing up in the rear view mirror and I sort of scrubbed for it on the video and he's like, Oh, shit, you ain't gonna catch me today. He's in your thinking cap three today and you see, like, the video, like flip up to the to the fuckin stained, um, headliner of the vehicle and then the guy getting out of the car and, like, you see skylight on grass and shoes and like whatever else, and he's like yelling in the cop, and then you just hear like, he's like, Oh, no, dude fucking got shot because he led the police on a high speech like guys just out, you know, live stream and wrapping. You know, whatever leads them on a high speed chase. And then there was some confrontation after he got out of the vehicle and they fucking killed him. It's like, what did you expect to fucking happen? And it's like it's like this guy who all you have to do is pull over. Now blacks make the excuse that yeah, he can't have a normal thought process like you would, Whitey, because these people are being hunted all the time, no matter what they do. But yet every situation, it's like, Well, why are they always doing the thing that would get anybody killed? Why is it why is that? Because there I don't know how many apprehensions there are on any given day in the United States. But they're people that follow their black people that follow the rules all the time and have good interactions with cops and probably still sit there and tell themselves because they've had so much fear propagandized into them by the Jewish media that every interaction with a cop could be your last breath that you take. And it's like now you just have to not act like but see, the problem is it's like how many of them are doing something illegal. How many of them have just done something illegal the moment that they're gonna be in Iraq? Yeah, just like we have a warrant. Or have, like, an open, open can of old English on the open bottle of Olde English on the floor. Yeah, like name your violation. Yeah, so yeah, and that's the thing is is that Ah, right is that it's not that difficult, right? You pull over, have the insurance and the driver's license ready, and and you're good. And and yet And so one more point I want to make is about this guy Brian Williams or William Brian. Brian Williams. He was following a helicopter drives and got shot at my terrorist. But know this guy, this guy being there and taking the video. This guy alone, his presence in my mind discredits on its own. All of the other facts aside discredits this allegation. First re murder. Because if you are going to go, if you let's say you believe the media narrative, you're on the hunt. You know you're on game here out doing what? You normally dio day in rural Georgia out on a hunt for a for a black person to go string up. Um and you know you're doing this, OK, why are you going to bring a guy recording on video, right? If you're going to go start this confrontation in the wrong with some random jog or for no reason, what is the purpose for a video being taken of this and the initial thinking Waas from some people was that this video that was shared was taken by an uninvolved party was taken by an uninvolved motorists or something. Somebody who's just following behind these guys in a truck and didn't know it was going on. But that's not the case. As we learned from the Barnhill report. It was taken by this guy, William Brian, who had been with I believe he was a neighbor of MK Michaels who was assisting in this pursuit and was taking the video for the purpose of showing that they didn't do anything wrong of documenting what happened because they knew the litigious nature of this system and how they would have to do everything specifically by the book correct. Otherwise, the book would be thrown at them. So that was the purpose of the video. It was to show them doing the right thing. You based they did. You basically have to have a go pro on your person at all times. If you're even gonna interact with anybody who is not your family, not your blood, not your race, because you know it's gonna happen. I mean, this is why they have dad dash cams or so prevalent in foreign countries because even getting into a car accident with somebody in a foreign country can become it's just a life s, like who can lime or who can see this. Everybody's got camera. Just put it. I mean, it's like you know, they And that's the funny thing is after in the wake of Travon and all these other situations, they're like, Yeah, we're gonna mandate all police departments wear videos on them. We'll just have cop cams on that. We're not gonna do that. No way. We don't want to do that, But that's the That's the easy solution here. It's like, Yeah, we're gonna have a surveillance state on all white people's phone calls and anybody who, uh, maybe has a problem with Jews or whatever, but, you know, having videos on cops at all times again, we can't do that. I mean, it's too expensive. It's like, What are you talking about? You could get a little cumulus camera now for like, 20 bucks memories. Cheapo Can't do that on. Ah, it's ah, civil rights violated. Ah, we can't do that right when they realized that they were not going to be gifted with a treasure trove of cops throwing on Klan hoods and doing like lynchings and cross burnings. And they realized like, Oh, shit, this video actually shows the blacks of doing exactly what the cops said they did not. Yeah, let's ah, let me fire back up that Civil Liberty machine and, ah, you know, do some like libertarian critiques of why this is an infringement of people's rights, please. And it's not even just that. It's It's beyond that. It's that every like, they This narrative works so well for them because of all the black on white crime that gets memory hold and suppressed. And so if they had video on every single interaction, every single altercation they want to support, they don't want situations to pop up all the time. And once people would see wow, all I see, you just get inundated with video of blacks acting black and acting out and causing problems. It just reinforces what everybody already knows to be true. And so the last thing that they want is hours and hours and hours of footage of that stuff happening that's invariably gonna get released. I mean, I know that they were going to try to do this with cops and then have the videos only released under certain situations. But they knew that she was gonna get leaked because these cups are under the gun thes days with this kind of stuff, So yeah. Anyway, well, dude, I don't know how they like I know Life PD is hosted by a Jew, but I don't know, man, how do they keep that show on the air? Because that is just like confirmation bias after confirmation bias. It's like, Yeah, you always know you're in for a good one on that show when they flip to flipped like Charleston, South Carolina, like, ah shit or something's gonna go down Now, I don't know if you've if you've seen that or not, but no. So, Well, yeah, what's what's that? So what's the scenario where they get screwed? Um, what's the what's eso? We think they're going to get off unless the whole thing is rigged. And what's the situation here that you've sort of outlined where they could get screwed? Yeah, So what? They we've seen this happen before. right and various other trials where the there isn't over there overcharged. Basically, as they are here, first degree murder is going to be impossible to prove. In a fair trial. A manslaughter will be again difficult to prove, considering the preponderance of evidence as laid out by Barnhill. But of course, there's a chance that they just do it anyways. Right? And so this case was referred to this was not charged by the Glynn County Ah, Glynn County D a. Who recused himself This. Their charges on the arrest actually came after good old Republican governor. Remember this guy? His campaign ads with him in the pickup truck like building the wall and talking about deporting Mexicans pick up driving illegal deport in Republican Brian Kemp. Yeah, the G b I. Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Lee got involved in the case at the specific personal request. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. He gave a little speech at his press conference. He called the video horrific. He was shocked and appalled, and he said that he's in, you know, instructed g b i to follow the facts to administer justice. So on and so forth. Um, yeah, so basically saying like I'm too much of a Cocteau, actually defend white people. But come election time, I'll be back hand and hat asking for your vote because it would be very easy for him to say, Look, this D A already investigated this. The findings. Aaron, what do you want? There's nothing we can do. Here is the full visions. Over here is the full fuckin video, right? Like implying that this guy doesn't know that this is an edited video. I don't know how these people could. That's why these people are acting in a malicious way. They know that they know that it's unedited video. So for him to go out there and say that he's shocked by this partial footage, it's disingenuous. It's malicious, he knows better and he's gonna take these guys for a ride, and so that's why I mean it. We're starting to see it taking that path. We have statements from Trump and and elsewhere, but I think most importantly, is what you're seeing with the way that Brian Kemp is handling this, because that is an indication of where this state criminal investigation is going to go, and you're exactly right. It would be very easy for them to say. All right, this this video was leaked. Yeah. You know, let's you know a source in the police department or in the state G B. I will leak the burglary footage, will leak the full full attack video footage and show exactly what's going on here. But that's not happening. They seem to be taking these very spurious allegations. Seriously, they are bringing charges. A Republican governor specifically requested these charges to be filed and yeah, that that does not portend well, so again, the question is all it's all going to come down to whether or not these guys were able to get a fair trial. Because if they are, there is no way they see prison time for this yet. No, no. And I just want to pivot to one more thing here before we go to break and get into some other stuff. But, um, this has been eight years since Trayvon Martin. Five years since Baltimore burned, and there has been a massive shoehorning of black bodies into everything. You sent me the picture of the new Gerber baby. I don't know if that was an old photo Or if that got post, was that from yesterday that get announced yesterday that the new Gerber baby is black? Yeah, they see they were sitting on that. They were There was something that they wanted to put out there. You have James Bond is going to be replaced by what? A black woman? Um, I think so. Um, but I owe The funny thing is about James Bond being replaced by a black woman is I think the Bond movie got canceled because of Cove it. So it's delayed. So there's a little bit more time, But it's gonna be this awkward thing where James Bond, the current James Bond Daniel Craig, transitions his role to the black. So they're gonna be on the city in the same film, I guess. And then that's it. Then it's just the black. Yeah, yeah. Instead of like, an Aston Martin Vantage will be driving like a Chrysler 300 like a dented quarter panel. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, with with, like missing hubcaps because they couldn't afford the rims. But it's it's It's every show. It's every commercial. I mean, literally every commercial. I never I hardly ever watch TV. I couldn't tell you what the in fact, the last the last episode of anything on television that I watch was fucking Star Trek. Um, because I just watched a few of the ones that the guys were talking about in tedious because I watch TV. But the second you dip your toe in the water, it'll happen to walk past the television and see something on every show. Every commercial is the suitcase handle lips. It's the I mean spend was talking about that I Kia commercial where it's it's like four thunderstruck black standing there, smacking their lips in front of like a Nike, a storage salivating over the white Swedish furniture and, you know, blah blah because they were. It's like the aspirational lifestyle I think we talked about on this show. The jag, the JAG, you, uh, commercials that were playing, um, you know, And at the height, at the third Dow 30,000 you know, get your seven year car loan by this jag. You, uh, that they were advertising, and it was a black person doing like a testimonial about how they love their black about a They love their ah, jaguar in every, um, commercial It was like three of them in the commercial, and one of them was like a gay black florist, too, who liked his Jaguar or whatever. But I saw commercial the other day for Sonic, and it was they've dispensed with the two white guys in the Sonic commercial. I think that's done. Any. Any commercial you see with those two white dudes is like probably a rerun, because what they're doing now is with blacks. And it was a co vid specific sonic commercial specific commercial with black sitting in the car at Sonic cause for those of you artery Ryan, later, Sonic is where you like pull up and do the order through the You know that's not a drive thru. It's like a park park and eat whatever like they used to do in the fifties. So blacks there like more Time Cove, it is giving us more time to spend with our family, and you can come to Sonic, and it does this B roll of these blacks like eating burgers in this car, and it's the most disgusting thing that I've ever seen in my life. Like they're eating these bacon cheeseburgers from sonic chewing with their mouth open, smacking their lips. And they have one girls say, Oh, my God, this cheaper. So go, Oh, my God! And she's got, like, crumbles of burger bun on her fucking lips is you see the food being masticated or mouth like You've got to be fucking kidding me right now. So you go to any corporate website. The first image of a human being is a black person. It's not just shutter stock of multiculturalism. Remember that used to be the joke about, you know, here's, like corporate, uh, you know, photo imagery on the website, and it's like Black guy, white woman. Now, good luck finding a white guy in that multicultural photo if it's not just a photo of a black person, and so it has been non stop like that. That, I guess, has been the solution of the strategy. We're just gonna ram it down people's throats. Whether you like it or not, you're gonna get it, no matter what I mean, everybody can think of a 1,000,000 instances of this, and it's gotten so bad where it's just like buy me the white person by I remember Christmas and Thanksgiving. Find me, the white person find me an intact white family in a commercial doing anything. It's either multi. It's either miscegenation, multiculturalism or only black people. And what I've been seeing more, more often than not lately is commercials where it's just a black family. It's black people, everyone in the commercials black. And it's for some white products or whatever. And I, you know, the analysis of Yeah, they're trying to sell these people product and whatever else. Well, the economy is dead now, so good luck. Yeah, And this, actually I think belie it shows the lie that is, thats profit motive. Right, Because this is not good advertisement. This is not going to sell people product, and it's actually going to lead the people, stop consuming this content like we're gonna get into here. But yeah, I mean, a few days ago, I fired up the Amazon streaming to go watch. Probably the whitest show you can get on Amazon Prime, which is a show about airline disasters where they do like like reconstruction of area. And I was like, Oh, my God, this is awesome. But then you turn on the episode and advertisement one is I think I saw three advertisements in my entire time watching this advertisement. One is for hunters, about a multi racial gas of people killing whites. Advertisement to is about this new show upload, which is like the white like Chad looking Aryan dude who, like, dies and comes back and he had a white girlfriend. But now, in the after life, he has, you know, like a mystery meat spouse. And then the 3rd 1 was about this, like Cove It heroes documentary They're making where I kid you not There are 12 people featured as heroes and not a single one of them is weight. Every single one of them is some variety of brown, and it's like, Okay, so as a white guy who they know, I mean, Amazon knows who you are. They know that your race based in your product purchases as a white person going to watch a show about aviation. I should be like seeing ads for, like, IBM and like computers and stuff. But now, like here, these these Ah yeah, these diversified product things for you. It's it's bad and so will end the first half here on an up, up note a white pill, Um, in an unvarnished white pill. So, um, because they've been pushing the suitcase, handle lips on everybody and because the programming in general has just been so bad. I mean, there have been some even go out there and wait out into all the stories about how media is doing layoffs and everything else. One of the reasons that they're doing that is because the cord cutting phenomenon has exploded in Q one and is likely going to get even worse in Q two as pay TV sector Delivers worst ever losses Traditional cable and satellite TV providers posted their most massive quarterly subscriber losses in the 1st 3 months of 2020 as the cove it tornado started to hit the U. S economy in March. So they're blaming this on the economy. But you would think that people sitting at home now 30 million people have lost their job. 35 million people have lost their jobs. But you would think that people sitting at home who didn't watch that much TV would actually be signing up for it if they had it. You actually think that there would be subscriber increases, but No, it's actually precipitous losses, and you did not see this happen in the 8 4009 crisis. They're trying to mask this by saying the Cove it economic tornado. That's not what it is. What's more, Internet delivered virtual TV providers registered a net loss in that period to So, if you think Oh yeah, people are cutting cable and satellite and they're going to these, you know, special, um, streaming platforms. No, that's not happening either. And so court cutting bleeding is only gonna get worse in Q two is the economic fallout from the Corona virus takes a bigger bite, analysts predict, and that probably there is some truth to some of that. But this is a trend that was already in the carts, the combination of high prices in the backdrop of record unemployment. It's like now it's just black people all over the fucking screen. Who would have thought that people would get turned off by this? Fueled an overall drop of 1.8 million pay TV subscribers in Q one per estimates by Wall Street analyst Moffett Neth Nathan Seuin through. This translates into an annual rate of decline of 8% the fasting fastest shrinkage of the sector on record at 63% of occupied households. Traditional pay TV penetration has reached a level not previously seen since roughly 1995. There are now as many non subscribing households as there are pay households in 1988. So where back to 90 88 subscription levels here, where I don't think we had cable TV in 1988. I don't not probably not that many people had it. People are just like, You know what? I'm out. Maybe some of its due to the economy. I think a lot of it's doing due to just Hollywood isn't putting out movies that people wanna watch. And their same is true for television. In fact, they're just propagandizing you. And yeah, there's also they also say, like, yes, sports aren't happening right now, so that's leading to some of it. Yeah, maybe I'm just gonna hang my hat on the fact that it's garbage and these air white people and they don't want to see black and brown bodies pushed in their face, and they're just like I'm not paying $200 a month for this goodbye. Yeah, no. Especially when Yeah, the rates haven't really come down to a place where they haven't adopted in the business model to away where you know, if there's a show where you want, watch one show, maybe you'll say, Okay, I'll pay 10 bucks for this, but But, ah, that's not even happening. So it's the business, but I think it is just the content and there aren't any shows people would want to see. And this has been happening in good economic times. I know we talked about this several months ago before, before the Cove it impact, and it's going to happen at an increasing pace coming out of it. And there's nothing they can do to stem this bleeding except, you know, maybe bring people back onto the TV who look like the people. You're trying to sell TV, too, but I don't want him to do that. I want them to keep running this into the ground. I don't want people to be sucked back into the the television milieu and and waste their time on things like that. It's This is a good thing. This is actually a very good development, a T and T TV Now dish Sling TV. Who? Lou and Live t The YouTube TV in Fu Bo TV Whatever the fuck that is. All lost. All lost subscribers in Q one. Um, quarter No. 341,000 subscribers lost in Q 1 18 t shed a whopping one million TV subscribers. Direct TV lost 413,000 and the change from AH Q 1 2019 to today is just for a T and T. That's 3.6 million people who cut the cord in one year. Um, in whether it's charter or Comcast or dish arising, Fi owes. They're all down. There's only 70.3 million people. It Oh my God, this this is hilarious. So Q. 1 2019 76.4 million people had subscriptions in one of those groups, and in 2020 70.43 million have subscriptions in those groups. So that's a net loss of 5.97 million subscribers. James. Right round up and you're right. It that six million that magic number of people doing a literal show on cable television. So that's great. Yeah, I think I think they've instead of been watching TV. They have been devising ways to take boat trips to Madagascar when six million went. Yeah, well, we've been talking a lot about joggers. Now it's time to talk about. Bikes were going to be right back after a short message from a couple of our sponsors, and we'll be right back on it. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation mash the nation You've done the housework, you've done the yard work and Amazon isn't delivering the product you want until May, all of those things you ordered to pass the time have been deemed non essential. So you're spending more time online. A lot more video games reading, watching content. Maybe you're even so bored you're forcing yourself to watch that show about the homosexual that likes cats on weeknights on the live. The point is, with all of the online shopping and browsing you're doing these days, you need a VPN, not some random free VPN that will steal your data. 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Last week we introduced these Roger Stone court documents and made the case well researched case and mountains amounts of evidence that ah, the rial collusion that took place in the 2016 election was not collusion with the Trump campaign on behalf of Russia but was, in fact, collusion with the Trump campaign and Israel. And boy, that was just the tip of the old iceberg. Wasn't a jazz with a lot more to to get to that only furthers this theory? Yeah, a lot more has come to light on this, but that's that's we're just going to summarize and and put those things out there and then actually go down the rabbit hole on something I found pretty interesting when I was researching this a little bit more. And, ah, have to say thank you to our Ah, okay. Thanks, Mud guy. Um, a little porch. My little Portuguese friend who has been, ah, giving me some good tips. Good tips on this stuff. So it's pretty good. I mean, in by now, like, we were one of the first people to talk about the Roger Stone stuff. But others have now as well, Which is it's nice seeing that this stuff is getting out there and and, ah, you know, it's kind of it's it's it's a thing that man and Nets are gonna have to confront a certain point. Like what? What team are you playing for? And so the Roger Stone Court docks established that somebody closely connected to Benjamin Netanyahu person who lives in Jerusalem, went to meet directly with Trump to discuss Intel that had been passed. And so the Trump presidency, as we all know now, was paid for by American Jews and then Israeli, Russian and Ukrainian Jews intervened when they were worried he was going to lose. This is new information coming out of these documents. One entry dated on or about August 12th. 2016. Name. Redacted Message. Roger Stone. Roger. Hello from Jerusalem. Any progress? He's going to be defeated unless we intervene. We have critical intel. The key is in your hands, Roger. So there's that and earlier. How earlier in that that summer On or about June 28th. 2016. Name. Redacted message. Roger Stone returning to D. C after urgent consult Ations with the P M in Rome must meet with you Wednesday evening and with D. J. Trump Thursday in N Y C. That's Donald. Obviously not a new d J hitting the hitting the streets. Um, you know who is in Italy? In Rome in June 2016 churches to coincidence that it was Netanyahu. So yeah, this is thesis stuff. It's all coming out now, missus. Ah, you know who's shocked by this? First of all, but it's nice to have the confirmation bias because it's one thing to say, like a juicer. Ah, intervening in helping trump in the election. This stuff happens all the time, and indeed it does. But when you have it spelled out for people and you have the hand wringing that was done over Russia. That's the thing. It would be one thing if they had looked the other way a few Russian bots getting involved in the election that they didn't like pushing narratives that they didn't like against Hillary. But they could have just shut up. But now what they've done is they have established this precedent where any foreign collusion whatsoever which is Where do you draw the line with that? I guess, whenever politically convenient. I mean, they know that this stuff goes on all the time with Israel, especially jig gnats. And, ah, you know, now it's just so obvious. It's like No, look, look what they were actually doing. This wasn't bots. These were intelligence assets put in place by Benjamin Netanyahu on behalf of Donald Trump, um, to help him when the election win. When I don't remember. And I didn't go this far back in the forensics, but I don't actually recall what was happening in August of 2016. That would have been the time of the convention. Ah, hand over the delegates to Donald from L Rad. Oh, I don't really remember what I was going on at that point. It was right when Steve Bannon was being installed to lead the campaign. Yeah, which, uh, of course, being in hand, it was handed over from it was the guy that did the convention. And then and then it goes Toe Bannon as a new campaign share. And this makes total sense. And, you know, several things now make more sense, right? I always thought it was unusual this this passionate defense of Roger Stone you were getting from from some and out light or McGaw circles like, you know, this guy? Sure, he was a trump adviser. But it's like, you know, I don't think this is the issue of the era, but many of these people were, ah, very animated in their defenses of stone. And this now makes more sense, right? They did not want this guy to be pinched like this, and ah, and for this to come to light because this, this again is just connecting so many different puzzle pieces. And, you know, you mentioned the the misdirecting and we'll get to this and misdirecting people who are mad at one thing. Having that anger re diverted a lot of people that some of the Russia collusion anger was amongst people searching for a reason because they hated. They hated the Orange president and they watched Rachel Maddow so on and so forth. But there is an idea that that most people have, that it's improper for four and entities to be exerting influence on our country. Now that's sort of a raw impulses not perfected or targeted. But they were able to use that impulse which they know, exists and redirected towards Russia towards towards you know, Trump for being white as if this were a white supremacist conspiracy. When the rial conspiracy and the rial scandal the rial foreign influence was, of course, coming from Israel on to the Trump campaign, it was, yeah, in these four Israelis that we talked about last week were working through intermediaries Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Flynn Keep saying Roger Flynn, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn, who used Intel to swing the election in favor of Trump. You had Joel Zamel George Birnbaum, who we're gonna talk a lot about today, Ron Dermer and Eli Groner. We talked about them last week and then Of course, you have Netanyahu, Kushner, Mnuchin, Cone, all the Jews actually on the Trump campaign. But you have these Indian agents. Ah, Roger Stone's The Paul Manafort's The Rick Gates is the Michael Flynn's of the world who were the intermediaries for working in that way, and they've got taken out. I mean, Roger Stone was kicked off of the campaign because he could quote doom or for Trump on the outside than on the inside. That same also happened for Bannon as well. Um, you know that this this Kabuki theater that Trump and Bannon had a falling out? It's like though Bannon was going around the world to shore up the rest of the rising populist nationalism that was that was starting to rear its head and making sure that it got channeled in directions that was not going to be a threat. This is you'll see how much of a global campaign this really was, But we talked about groaner last week, Former I. D F. Director of Netanyahu's AH PM office. He served as the ambassador to the U. S. For economic affairs, groaner, of course, befriended pop Adala Papadopoulos and became one of the first of these Indian agents. And then after this, this op succeeded. He went to go work for the Coke brothers, and then Ron Dermer was also an Israeli ambassador. All these guys were either ambassadors or top advisers to Netanyahu at one point or another. Um, and you know, George Birnbaum we're gonna talk about today was a top adviser to Netanyahu before being asked by Ben Carson to serve as his chief policy adviser for Israel and the Middle East during the 2016 primaries. I didn't know that, either until this week. Which is kind of funny, because what was Ben Carson than other than just a token black to be in the running who wasn't really see like Sleepy Ben? He's not really serious about running for president, but then he becomes part of the Trump administration. It's just it's kind of funny that there was a black placeholder out there to Saif potentially siphon votes away from, uh, Jeb Bush or any number of of the lackluster whatever candidates from the people who had bought into this. It's time for a black men in Republican politics mean right, like that's obviously what this was about right and what we're going to talk about later with Birnbaum, that makes total sense why they would prop up a and give credits. Credibility should say to a black guy who? Yeah, I mean Ben Carson, totally unqualified. But they were putting him out there to keep people who couldn't have a reason for saying, Look, I'm not a racist, I'm a Ben Carson supporter. Look, I agree. Racism is terrible, and it's done by those evil Democrats. And this is how anti racist we the Republicans, can be. A You know what? Ben Carson, 20. You don't want to get boomers too excited, right? If you put a Candice Owens or whatever her name is out there, you might have a lot of boomers like getting really, you know, excited about something like that or the are in Allen West or something. They had to have a sleepy black candidate who they knew wasn't gonna win. But that would just be out. There is a place holder. And so after Carson dropped from the race, Birnbaum directed Trump's campaign toe work with the Israeli government. Um, and that was with Joe Well, so he didn't direct them. Maybe that's worded awkwardly or inadequately. He just was the go between with Joel Zamel. I mean, they were going to be working with them anyway. These are the guys that make it happen, the connectors, right? And so this is an effort to pull all this together. And then in July of 2017 once everything had been complete, like mission accomplished, we got the guy in. We got the people on the Cabinet that we want. Like everything's good. Birnbaum went back to Israel to keep helping Avigdor Lieberman, who has ties to the Israeli Mafia, and Israel better never seen. Yeah, and and Epstein and Israel better new, um, to help with national elections in Israel. Birnbaum As we'll find out those back and forth between America, Israel, Eastern Europe, America, Eastern Europe, Israel just making sure that you know everything is going the way that Israel wants right getting of slow mo whatever he wants. And so all of this, of course, was immediately memory hold by the media. These documents thes U. S District Court documents came out on for 28. They were in politico. They were in, like a handful of other sites and we and a handful of others of the only people talking about this stuff and because Werth one's talking about this stuff are e mails and comments have been getting blown the fuck up by Jewish bad actors, which is funny. And I'm gonna put one of them on blast because, you know, I don't really think this is important, that people kind of recognize this when you see this stuff going on in, This one was so bad, it was kind of funny. But he says, See, you clowns think Russian Jews hacked the 2016 election to get Donald Trump elected. How preposterous. You were really special, kind of stupid. This show is obviously run by clowns in America. It's like, Oh, my God! And so this guy says, Why did so This guy says, Why did President Trump deny Israel $1 billion for the embassy move? As per their request, he only gave them 250,000. You didn't prove anything, Shalom. Oh, this guy s o his premise that Donald Trump is based on that we shouldn't pay attention to Jewish an election like the Jews aren't getting what they want. Therefore, there was no collusion is because Israel wanted a $1,000,000,000 for the embassy move in. Donald Trump totally owned them by giving them $250,000 right? Like that's That's the argument like This is so bad. And so this guy goes on a sick. It's a good deal. He's like Donald Trump gave them a good deal. BB had no idea he was going to do that. He embarrassed BB on national television. He broke it to be bi in Davos on international TV. He also said, Right to BVs face that Israel has been ripping off America for a long time, and that's not going to happen anymore. I'd say that's a pretty good sign that he ain't controlled by no dirty Jews. Slick. Oh, my God, this fuckin guy. Yeah, It's, like, so bad, because look, if you're Ahmadabad like I did, you just you just don't have a whole lot of it's like, Come on, guy like I It's not like I'm gonna hate on you. But you just gotta You gotta come overboard unless you're a bad actor. But if you're like no, no McGeough baht. No, Boomer McGeough baht would take this sort of rhetoric. And so I love when I get this sort of pushback I love when we get this sort of push back because it shows that you're right over the target, right? If you're taking flack, you're right over the target. And if you have people going out there trying to convince, I don't know. But please hold on. Because this kind of a dangerous time for these guys, right? We're, what, five months, six months out from Election Day, Trump's reelection, and you're starting to see people getting very worn thin by this. And it's one of the reasons, I think, one of the only reasons why the right wing the dissident right wing, has been silenced. His opposition to Trump. If you're a Trump supporter, you're not being silence, right, James? Like if you're out there saying Donald Trump is building the wall or if you're going out there and saying there's no way that Donald Trump colluded with Israel, do you think that that's gonna get removed from Twitter? Well, like edgy post bro like no and proud. No. And we made it. You probably won't. We've made the point. You probably won't even get Shadow Band like you'll be promoted. They'll actually take your tweets and put them to the top. And we made the point. Before that. The censorship was happening towards people who had been Trump's biggest supporters in 2016 and that was a rhetorical turn of phrase that I think people took too seriously and didn't read the context of, like, yes, we were. We were supporters in 2016 But what has changed since then? We have. We have not turned on him. He has turned on us. He's turned on white America. Trump has revealed what he was, what he was going to do all along, and that is to facilitate the further destruction while pacifying white America. And so we've called him out for that. And if it people will say Yeah, wow, man Trump supporters Air censored man, How could he be part of the system? No, Trump supporters are not censored. Now. Charlie Kirk is not censored. No one who supports Donald Trump is censored. Some of these people that claim to be dissidents that then say they really like it. When Trump throws his weight around man, it's really sees a serious guy you don't get censored, they face nothing. And so But if you are critical of Trump, I mean, it's amazing. You can go and support Trump and and attack Nazis and and ah, yeah, it's like Alright promoted tweet. Here we go owned, by the way. Yeah, yeah, it's it's It's an old saying. It's an old mean, but it definitely checks out The war on noticing continues. And if you're noticing that Donald Trump is not acting in your interests, your a problem. Now, every once in a while, they'll come out and they will, I don't know, kick Tulsi Gabbard off of Google AdSense or they will do things where it's like, Yeah, we're gonna We're gonna temporarily suspend James Woods or what's I don't even know Just just named Katie. Katie. So wins gets like a six hour ban. And then, like boomers air like posting pictures of themselves, grabbing guns like like we're gonna show those Twitter liberal. Yes, Yeah, Laura Laura Loomer chaining herself to the front of Twitter. I mean, yeah, it's it's all just Kabuki theater and nothing, nothing permanent ever happens for those people. They don't lose pay, pal. They don't lose access to anything. They're just they're just done. Bernie Marcus strokes in the $2600 check, and they're allowed to continue using this campaign fundraising infrastructure. Absolutely. I mean, they're allowed, they're allowed to do whatever they want. So, um, as this sort of continues, I mean, you have Indian agent Michael Flynn. Here's how this story from last week it's updated in real time this week. And so the Israelis used one of their most prominent Indian agents, and I explain what Indian agent was last week. I'll do it again just for courtesy for the rear run lenders. People may be tuning in for the first time. Is somebody that used to be the lays on between, um, English colonists, French colonists, anybody in white European in the New World with Indians, you or somebody that went interacted with those people. And in this case, the Israelis are the colonists, right? They're the ones who have colonized America s. So they send, they send, they have an Indian agent that they go send to interact with the natives us, the people that they're trying to exterminate and get rid of. And so these air Indian agents And so Glenn shows up in the Stone documents, is the Lieutenant General and, of course, reform Jews in the FBI set Flynn up in jig Net i g. Horowitz build bailed him out. And then this week you have big, boxy bagpipe in Russian Jew Bill bar out there totally exonerating Michael Flynn. And I said this last week on the program. They're going to let this guy off the hook because he all he didn't do any like he didn't do anything wrong in their eyes. And in fact, Bar goes on to say that he says Michael Flynn did not commit a crime. You know, you're going to take a lot of incoming for this decision bar. You prepare for that. I am prepared for that. I also think it's sad that nowadays these partisan feelings were so strong that people have lost any sense of justice. What should Americans take away from your actions in the Flynn case today? Bill Bar. I was concerned people were feeling there were two standards of justice in this country. I wanted to make sure that we're all on the same page so that we can restore confidence in the system. There's only one standard of justice in America. Meanwhile, our friends and people we know are rotting away in prison in the hands of an in just system. And what he means by a standard of justice is one standard of justice for them and not for you, Right? Michael Flynn did nothing more than interact with Israel to make sure that Donald Trump get elected, got elected to carry out Israel's wants and needs the Jewish donors in America who wanted Trump elected president. He's making sure that you don't get what you want, right? So Michael Flynn didn't do anything wrong, didn't commit a crime at all, according to Bill Bar. So I wanted to make that they wanted to make that very clear to everybody. Tsunamis out, he's free. And so maca bots are gonna celebrate this. As you see, the FBI tried to screw Flynn, and he didn't do anything wrong. It's like, No, they didn't arrest him for the thing that he should have been arrested for. And, you know, that's that's, you know, it's kind of funny to tear justices in, indeed. Yeah, and all right. Michael Flynn goes free. Excellent. How does this improve anything for you know, how does this improve anything for your family? Like what? What does this? What is this change? Hashtag right. Okay, Winning. Yeah. Let's go get Michael Flynn out of jail, all right? Yeah, right. Yeah. We gotta have all intermediaries working. All the middle men have to be ready for 2020 so that Israel can keep getting what it wants, right? So who remember who? Remember Bill bars? Jewish father Donald bar higher Jeffrey Epstein to teach physics and calculus at the elite Dalton School in Manhattan When Epstein was just 20 years old and had no college degree or teaching background was the same year that Don Bar left this headmaster, it's almost like he jumpstarted Jeff Epstein and got the fuck out of Dodge, right? Yeah. Good old, good old Jeff. And you look at the photos of him and man, the guy looks Ah, wow. Very unusual with his with his big for the Jew from curly hairdo for Oh, yeah, it's pretty bad it. And they call him Jeff Epstein of this little smug smirk on his face because he knows that this guy is, you know, coming of age in in America, where Jews are ascendant. You just look at that fucking face and you know, and this is this is kind of funny to you Have Kayleigh, McEnany, mca, Nani, McEneaney, whatever her name is that Ah, that blonde girl that is now the press secretary for Trump. She explodes on the FBI at the press conference over Michael Flynn's treatment. Hard to believe this happened to a Jewish intermediary in America. Said Kayleigh. McEnany. I mean, this is just see, you have to look at it from this perspective because if you don't especially, you know, because there's the broke is hashtag winning. Let's go. Woke is I don't care about this and be spoke is look at the level of jewelry that is being perpetrated right now, because if you don't know about the Israeli collusion and all the Indian agents and everything else that was going on, you don't know how to understand what was going on with Michael Flynn. You might just be like, Oh, well, Donald Trump guys got out of jail. Yea, but no, it's it's it's far more sinister than that, and ah, they don't want you to know about it. In fact, Jews are very upset that people are talking about this at all. They, if they could have chosen not to have a single article published about those court documents they wouldn't have, they wouldn't have so sure, Yeah, there's There's probably a reason this was timed to be released when people are preoccupied with just about everybody in America is preoccupied with something else. People are not plugged into two political machinations. Oh, you know, like they may Blake at a different beating or getting a job or living hand to mouth. You mean that that kind of, ah, focus that 35 million people don't have a job and don't have income because of the government's handling of this? I was. We're not gonna talk about Corona virus today. We're particular in particular, showing it, but far more interesting things to talk about. I saw that they were saying the U. S death toll would have been have that it if it had acted four days sooner, you know? So if we hadn't, like, bloviating around with just the flu, bro for I don't know how long that was 60 days of Donald Trump doing his shtick. You know, maybe the death toll would have been mitigated. And maybe, maybe if they had given people if they guaranteed people's employment like they done in Europe, a point that we've made dozens of times on this show. You wouldn't have any of that going on right now. But you gotta have people distracted for when they drop stuff like this, like Jeff Epstein. And, of course, what is it Keith Ellis, Kirkland Ellis or whatever law firm Bar was involved in was the one. I mean, you know, it's just like this idea that it's the relationship between the bars and the Epstein started and ended with his father. It's like, No, this has this. This whole thing is decades long, and it goes back a long way in. Actually, speaking of good old George Burn bomb. Ah, special thanks to Kay. Thanks, Bud. Guy who sent this to us? You've probably never heard of this guy. Um and maybe if you are paying attention to politics, you know who burn bomb is in his whole history and if so, good for you. Ah, but in addition to his work with other Israelis on Trump's campaign in 2016. He's a political consultant who has worked in the US, Israel hungry and across the Balkans. Very important, though, is his mentor and friend Arthur Finkelstein. Where me talking a lot about both of these characters today? Um, he is the mastermind behind painting George Soros as the loan globalist boogeyman to take attention on the right away from Jewish power and influence on the right and direct it firmly at one guy on the left, seeding the narrative that Soros was a Nazi collaborator. Soros is pure evil, a drug smuggler, a profiteer and extremists, the conspiracists, a Nazi. This is where it all comes from. This guy, Art Finkelstein and George Birnbaum in our Finkelstein is we're gonna be talking about here he is the guy who did the recipe for at least this integration of the kosher sandwich. The claim that this guy invented it is it's like, you know, Jews always talk about anti Semitism being comprised of ancient themes that keep getting trotted back out again and again. These old tropes thes canards that keep getting brought up again and again. Well, you know, it's an ancient theme. The notion of the kosher sandwich. They've done this over and over and over again in Arthur. Finkelstein was not the inventor of this. He certainly wasn't the pioneer of this strategy. That's the way that they frame him as as that. But he's the guy who started instituting it in modern America in the 19 sixties, right at the perfect time for this sort of thing to start working because Finkelstein couldn't have started doing this in the 19 tens or twenties, it would have failed. He would have been found out right and people were very upset. Yeah, and it's very convenient for them as America's going undergoing this forced transformation that was taking place. Ah, you could say beginning in the in the 19 twenties was really when this started to ramp up the opposition. These people add to the progressive movement and then just, you know, gasoline thrown on the fire after World War Two and the importation of these millions of Jews from Eastern Europe and you're coming to a head in the 19 sixties as this transformation is taking place, you can't have the people looking and finding and devising and figuring out basically who was responsible for it, Why is this happening to us? And you have to have the people turned against one another to to be consumed with this passionate hatred towards other people towards like their fellow man towards people that are like them, but disagree with them? And we were talking about this Ah, privately a while ago. Where does this come from? This this hatred people feel for stupid idiot liberals and dumb people and and redneck dumb ass conservative like Where does this come from? Well comes largely from people like Birnbaum and Fiqh Finkelstein, who devised this as as a strategy for them to help them consolidate their power. And it's really a symphony of Jews, right? It's done by Norman Lear on television. It's done in movies, all of the all of the anti white tropes and anti white canards that have been erected by Jews for millennia. The things that they say we do to them when reality it's just a reaction to what they've done to us. They've been doing this for thousands of years, and they work in concert in this way. And so Arthur Finkelstein, in the midst of the 1965 Immigration Act in the midst of the Civil Rights Act. In the midst of he's very divisive policies that nobody wanted in a post World War Two America, he found fertile ground for division, um, and pushing people to hate one another. Now you will see some cover for this by saying what? Politics has always been dirty and an awful in America. And it goes all the way back until bubble butt. Well, that Yeah, it waas. But at the end of the day, these people were on the same team. They were the same race, and ultimately they wanted the same things. That doesn't mean that there wasn't strife. There doesn't mean that that wasn't, ah, adversity or what not? But ah, this has gotten to a place where it's not even a workable proposition. I mean, people are now, you know, you get boomers and three percenters and all these people talking about civil war. It's like guys similar is not coming. But that's how people feel. They don't even feel like they can live with these people anymore. And a lot of that is because of what people like Arthur Finkelstein have done. Um, and he is the guy who really did it in American politics. Now going back to George Eli Birnbaum here for a second. He was born in 1970 in L. A. His family moved after fleeing from Nazi Germany. And just so people understand why it is pivoted to Burma. Birnbaum is Arthur Finkelstein protege. Finkelstein has a number of proteges. They're called Arthur's Kids in Barren. Birnbaum is one of his shining students. This guy was born in 1970. He's gonna be around for a long time. He's not that old. Finkelstein is dead. I think he died in 2017 actually, um, And so, of course, burn bomb. You know his family fleed Nazi Germany. His grandfather was shot by the Nazis in front of his son. Citation needed. Birnbaum's father was survived Auschwitz, and yet another person who survived ash with the anti Semitism followed the family as they moved to Atlanta, where Birnbaum grew up, where the Jewish school he attended was often defaced with anti Semitic slurs. That left a mark. What you do in their burn bomb, J left a mark on his fingers from the spray over spray from the spray nozzle. Yeah, he didn't clean up that now, so I gotta flip it upside down. Birnbaum and then, ah, use some, ah, where they call that Turpin dine, Get that, Get that paint off your hands. And in an era where American Jews drifted away from their specific identity, Birnbaum wasn't allowed to forget it. Every weekend, his father handed him The Jerusalem Post. Quote. First you learn what's going on with the Jewish people in the world, then you can carry. Then you can worry about the rest of the world. Burn Bomb remembered his father saying he grew up believing that only a strong nation state of Israel protect Jews from a second Holocaust. That says, That's saying a whole lot right here if you unpack all of this just a little bit. First of all, this is what every white person should be doing with their child. If there were a paper called The White People Post or some, oh, wait, we have that. It's called TRS, so that's that's the first thing you need to learn what is happening, how white people are being persecuted in the world. Then you can worry about the rest of the world That's actually a good mantra more and still had from them. But on top of that, he was imparting into his son that Onley only Zionism was a way to protect Jews from the second coming of something that never happened in the first place. So this is something that has been instilled in these people from a very young age, and it tells you a lot about what burn bums, motives, air going to be as he carries himself out. Because it's not just strong nation state of Israel. It's about destruction of white people to protect Jews from a second Holocaust. And that is really the credo of Birnbaum and his father. Yeah, exactly. I don't think his dad was it. Maybe he was who knows telling him that either. Either you do this or, you know, the cattle cars were coming around the corner. But the implication here is that only one group can be victorious. One group, either. It's it's either us. From his perspective, it's either us, the Jews or it's the goyim, and someone needs to come out ahead here. Only only one can hold power, and it needs to be us. And that is that's what he was instilled with as a child. And that's the mission he has tried to fulfill his entire active political life. It is, yeah, and so he's done a lot of work around the world. Burn bomb. And Finkelstein's idea, um, was done in the service of Viktor Orban, reviled around the world for his far right views. The men took all the arguments against Soros from East and West, from left and right, infused them together. We're gonna talk about that Ah, little bit more later. But after Birnbaum finished working on near Bar Cots Jerusalem mayoral race, Birnbaum and Finkelstein worked in secret to get Orban elected. Their victory and hungry away from the intense political scrutiny of Western Europe showed that constructing an external enemy could bring electoral success in the modern era, it allowed hungry to give birth to Trump before Trump is. Steve Bannon himself has said burn Bomb and Finkelstein's work was provided has provided a new model for attack politics in this era of global division. Well, it's really a new old ancient model. They're just modernizing it. They designed a master plan for exploiting these divisions that has worked in many countries and contexts and help create a Jewish enemy that the far right has exploited to devastating effect. In 2016 when Trump ran his final TV ad ahead of the election, it came as no surprise that Soros was featured as a member of quote global special interests who don't have your good in mind. Remember when Trump was doing this in the final days of the election? And I mean this whole Soros MIM that has been concocted. It goes way back to 2013 and before it was just set up as the thing that you focus on so that you don't notice what's actually going on. And we're all finding out what actually went on right here and now. Yeah, and knowing what we know now about Trump of the Indian agents and being involved with with Israeli intelligence and and that ah, it's again another example of projection, right? Talking about the global special interests who don't have your good in mind. That's them telling you exactly what they are doing. But using again. And this is so common. We find this Ah, in so many different things we talk about people, have a good instinct. And they have. They have devised ways and figured out how to exploit that instinct for their and goal. So the guy can go out there and say, yes, we're going to crush these global special interests that hate you. But the guy saying that in this case was a puppet of global special interests that don't have your good in mind. So yeah, it's ah, just time and time again. This is how we find them. Operate eso going back to the early days of burn bomb. You have to start to look backwards. Um, and you go all the way back to the 19 sixties. But you also look through the lens of Israeli politics in the 19 nineties. So they got involved in these elections in Israel after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. And there is this new profession known as a political consultancy, which was devising a fresh set of tools for bringing people to power. And there you find Birnbaum spiritually. Father Finkelstein. Starting in the 19 sixties, Finkelstein was one of a handful of men reinventing the industry of political consulting in New York. He would go on to help presidents and senators to pioneer a slashing style of television advertising and to build a generation of pro digit see, that's what I mean when it's a symphony. It's from all working together in a perfect chorus of Judaism to screw you over. Finkelstein isn't This Famous is his contemporary Roger Ailes, but he is a hidden link that runs through the contemporary Republican Party, leading from the libertarian icon Ayn Rand to the cynicism of Richard Nixon and finally under Donald Trump. They sort of skip Netanyahu, but he's in there, too. While a student at Columbia University, Finkelstein interviewed and helped produce radio programs for an Rand and was Ayn Rand and Rand Whatever and was a volunteer of the New York headquarters of the draft Goldwater Committee in 1963 through 1964. The famous sweet 35 05 Finkelstein's first electoral success came at age 25 in 1970 with the independent conservative campaign of James L. Buckley, from senator of for Senator of New York, who is the brother of William F. Buckley Jr. So you already have sort of foundation of the modern conservative era swirling around this guy, Finkelstein, that most people have never even heard off. Yeah, and this was happening against 19 sixties and seventies, when this new style of campaigning was being devised and conservatism itself was being invented. This was the period where conservatism, as we know today, was being invented by the Irving Kristol's and and the like and with the help of William of Buckley. And they were trying to wrangle this this Ah, what I guess would be the right with white people. If it was the who had found was the old right that was being pushed away and those they became paleo cons and yeah, yeah, but of course, you know, not a surprise. We find Finkelstein, uh, embedded with this and and Irving's and the rest of them, So yeah, this is, ah, new link to this. This It completes the puzzle that we've been looking at for quite some time. It does, especially with with the kosher sandwich. Making is a political strategy. And, you know, we say Hidden link. I mean, Finkelstein himself says that he wants to remain out of sight, in fact, of a number of quotes from him where he says that's like his m o for his entire life is not to be noticed. Please do not notice that I am in the middle of everything. And he does. And bar That was because he was a fag. Meaning got found out later in life that he was a fag. And that's the interesting thing is that they're at his political career. You know, he was helping. You know what? We're mentioning the mate. We're hitting the high notes here with Nixon and Trump and in Reagan. But this guy was involved in hundreds of House races, Senate races throughout his life, primary races. And he frequently was part of campaigns. This is where Jews will hold their nose in order to play both sides. He was involved in in Senate races, in House races, in primaries, with people who, especially in the 19 sixties and seventies, who are very out spoken against gays in gay rights, which woo what's wrong with that, Right? But Finkelstein was involved in a lot of these campaigns because he played this, played this game, and we're gonna tell you how that works here in a second. But later in his life, I guess somebody outed him. Um, this is back when you could be outed as a fag like in the media, because they saw a a contradiction between what he was doing to help these social conservatives win elections in him also being gay. I don't know where the article is, but that's kind of how that happened. Um, but in any case, that may be one reason for his secrecy. But I think the real reason is because of the ah, the elaborate schemes that were taking shape in that he was really the author of In the Modern Political Sense. And so it was back in the 19 sixties that Finkelstein started developing a political method that now reads like a how to guide for modern right wing populism. Not really. It's just a how to guide to how to fuck white people. So this is Finkelstein's gourmet kosher sandwich recipe. It has five components. Very few number one very few elections are won by convincing supporters of other parties or candidates to support your candidates. There. May their minds are made up by the time the election begins. The trick is instead to discourage supporters of your opponents to vote at all. Number two to achieve this. You run highly personalized negative campaigning against your opponent. Don't demonize the party. Demonize the candidate. You can't destroy the other side of the coaches. Sandwich, Go. You have to destroy the person. They're in it. Not the Democrats, right? You attack that particular person. People can be made to hate individuals more easily than institutions. Number three. Your base must be charged up to an emotional level of fear and hatred of the opponent. Old hatreds grow stale is motivators. So new enemies must be discovered and if necessary, invented number four. Make the opponent play on your territory by setting the agenda. Five facts matter. Little in the emotional landscape of an election. So just lie, right? Just tell big lies. Yeah. Now that point about demonizing individuals instead of the party. That is interesting because ah, remembering back to 2016 and even up through now when you look at how Donald Trump attacks his enemies, it is highly personalized to a level that we haven't seen before. And when the Democrats are attacked, you know, there may be some instances where he has attacked them for on other grounds, but they're not attacked for being anti wife. They're not attacked for being whatever. They're attacked us do nothing, right? This is the line is the do nothing Democrats. And it's not just because that that's a nice alliteration. It's because, yeah, you need to protect, as Birnbaum is probably. Ah, considering you need to protect the sanctity of of this opposite party. You cannot destroy the other bun. Yeah, you have to. You have to let it live to fight another day because it's it's inherently a key in fundamental part of this fake engage dichotomy that they have set up and so in. One thing about Trump to is, even when he's personalizing, he does personalizing politics of personal destruction. That also is a strategy, because he's done this against Schumer and Pelosi and Clinton. But the's air, all his muds like these are people who are were very have fine with him being elected as long as he did what he needed to do. And I mean the whole Kabuki theater, that they're in the opposite. It's like, Come on. I mean, look at all the bipartisan bills that have been passed, and we talked about this on the midweek show. Um that have gone off without a hitch. Even 2016 with Thea. With that that bill that forbade the D A from ah rating and seizing drug shipments. Um, that was a bipartisan voice vote, right. You think there's any problem there? So, yeah, it's kind of funny. You can't destroy the other party because you don't want people to start not liking institutions. We getting to steer people away from institutions and keep them focused on individuals because everyone, it's it's an individualized society, James. Everyone's an individual. There are no overarching nefarious organizations here that are running the whole show. It's only individual actors that are bad, but the system itself is good and we have to keep it intact. That's really the goal here. So Finkelstein had been studying political trends for a long time. He was a pollster, Uh, and he studied this and came up through, you know, sort of paying attention to polls and trying to understand what people thought and basically doing deep psycho analysis of the American people in deciding how best to exploit the divisions in America. And in the end, he noticed that it always comes down to the same issues, drugs, crime and race, and these are the issues that create the most political division. And that's what he wrote in a memo to Nixon in the White House in 1970. Finkelstein's goal was to polarize the electorate as much as possible to pitch each side against the other. The fuel fear quote. The danger has to be presented is coming from the left, a 25 year old Finkelstein advised Nixon. It's like, Yes, the danger has to be presented is coming from the other side of the sandwich. It cannot be from anything else, because the moment we let off the gas, the moment we stop demonizing the other side, the moment that we even allow them to be humanized for a second, then the moment that people start to see that Hey, maybe we actually have more in common with those people than we have. Um, you know, an adversity. Maybe the adversity is all fake, and the issues really aren't real, because somebody else has created this dichotomy. The moment you take your foot off that gas, people start looking around the room as the smoke clears and they're like, Oh, there's somebody else in here with us. That's actually causing all of this. And that's the last thing Finkelstein wanted. I mean, they saw they knew that in the post World War Two America that when they brought the boatloads of refugees from Europe, they started streaming in and taking even more of a substantial role in institutions like the media and academia that eventually, especially when they start passing legislation like the 1965 Hartsell, Erbil and civil rights and everything else that they did in that era, that it was going to lead to people getting angry and upset. And they had to make sure that those people stayed angry and upset at each other. Not the people doing the fucking yeah, yeah, and it's the same premise like we talked about when we discussed dressed stems to keep the two sides to keep. What they would see is the fringes from finding common ground and recognizing an enemy that is greater than partisan division, which is what would happen if it were not for for this Ah, this intentional division that is being sown by Finkelstein in Burma, home, etcetera, people what people would recognize like Hey, you know maybe I don't have to hate to this person because they're Republican because they're Democrat. Maybe if we can actually discuss things in a in a reasonable manner, maybe we can. We can work things out. Maybe we as good European Americans, good white people can work things out and find a solution that's amicable for both of us. But now you have to hate the other side and and want to Ah, fantasized about killing them in a civil war, right? Yeah, and it's and it's kind of funny because this is again, this is not something that Finkelstein invented. It's only something. It's a Jewish very ancient Jewish theme that has been adopted for a modern era, and it's nothing new. And it's their up to their same old tricks, right? I mean, and people love staying tricked. People love being caught in this stuff and doubling down on it, and it's not necessarily because people are stupid. It's because these these sorts of schemes are designed to keep you trapped, and the trick is getting out of them, said quitting smoking or I don't know. But in the put in the old blood in the drug or whatever it is that you do to get rid of a vice. I mean, this is nothing more than a vice. And so Finkelstein goes on. Whoever doesn't attack first will be beaten, he argued, and Finkelstein made things personal. Every campaign needs an enemy to defeat. He developed negative campaigning into a tink, a technique he called rejectionist voting to demonize the enemy so much that even the laziest of voters would want to get out and vote just to reject them. This is a phenomenon we saw in 2016. Finkelstein would also advise his clients not to talk about themselves, but instead to focus their campaigning on destroying their opponents. He became notorious for turning liberal into a dirty word in TV campaigns. No American could avoid opponents who are branded as ultra liberal, crazy, liberal, embarrassing, liberal or too liberal for too long. Many times have we heard all this before, right? Oh, yeah, yeah, this is I mean, this is happening at the same time that talk radio is springing up and, you know, the the eighties and nineties when it really has his heyday. And this is what they are pumping into people. You know their target audience for this Finkelstein's target audience being white, working people like, yeah, when you're on the job side or in the truck or doing whatever you do for for work and you're getting three hours of rush or three hours of whomever you're hearing on the radio and they're talking like this all the time, this is what this is an inculcation process, and this is how they're they're reprogramming. Your mind is teaching you how to think differently about these things and teaching you to you know, it sounds like Is this the right guy just Here we go like Rush Limbaugh doing Rachel Maddow, but with Rush Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, right, like you're taught to hate liberals. This is why any given day that you tune into Rush Limbaugh, he's out there saying that white liberals air the biggest danger in America, right? And so it's not that he has studied Finkelstein. I'm sure that Rush knows exactly who Finkelstein is. It was called Finkel think, actually, like this whole process was called Finkel thing. Oh yeah, No, dude, it's crazy. And all of the kids, all of Arthur's kids, I mean this became this became the mantra. This is what they do. And, um, you know, you almost wonder if some of them are just, you know, and this isn't holding out hope. But if some people just get caught up in this and it's they just don't know any better But I think a lot of them just know that this is this is part of the Zionist plan. Like if you the moment you the moment you let off the gas of any sort of strategy like this, people revert to the mean, which is Yeah, Like what? Let's talk about the problems that are actually going on. And the biggest issue here for them now is reason why this becomes such a catch 22 is because their schemes have to keep getting more and more elaborate in order to cover this stuff up while there do while they're fucking you even harder. So the things that they were trying to distract you from in the 19 sixties and seventies wouldn't seem all that bad compared to what's really going on today. Right? When we talked about Trump's immigration eo that he put out that conservatives were running around and am Nets are running around, you know, saying Trump has to expand this and tweeting out. How you know Steve Daines is is based. Steve Daines is demanding an expansion of the EOE and blah, blah blah. It's like no, that the EOE the purpose was to expand db five uses. It wasn't to curtail immigration. It was using executive authority to expand it. That's why there have been no, there have been no successful legal attempts to strike it down. And these people just get caught up in this and it's like, No, Donald Trump needs to expand it even mawr and sick as Why aren't liberals even getting mad about this? Cause it's a joke to total joke. So to containment pen, it is s o 1976. Now, this is where this gets really interesting. This was like there's a whole bunch of things in here that are just if your mind isn't blown already, buckle up cause there's Oh my God, dude, there's some And this isn't height like the red pills here with how they construct this, the how and the why of how they construct this and what has been done It's just incredible. So 1976 presidential primaries. Finkelstein was working for Reagan's insurgent campaign, right? So he's running a concerted surgeon, right? He's running against Gerald Ford in 1976. Remember, Reagan didn't become president till 80. He had to lose ah, couple times before this happened. So at Finkelstein's urging, Reagan made a major issue of the impending Panama Canal treaties, which Gerald Ford was negotiating in, which had infuriated conservative voters. Right, Reagan's based and Ford is part of the establishment. So goes the narrative. This proved to be Reagan's signature issue throughout the late 19 seventies. As Jules Witcover later reported, tens of thousands of George Wallace voters were gradually cut adrift during his slide in the primaries. So just pause there for a second. Of course, George Wallace was a guy who was pro segregation. This was leftovers like, You know, I've said this before two on FTN. But today the issue is illegal. Immigration right? And keep kicking out illegal immigrants, building the wall on deporting them all and so on and so forth. And I said sometime in our lifetimes, in 15 or 20 years, being against immigration, being against illegal immigration will be viewed in the same way that it is viewed the way segregation is viewed today, right? The way that conservatives look on that today, like there's nobody out there who is publicly four segregation anymore, right? And at some point in the future and you're seeing them already trying to trend and pivot away from the issue of illegal immigration and legal immigration. You see, AH, college Republican groups out there saying they were shooing America first as a racist trope. We love legal immigration. We love what immigrants have done in this country. Hispanics air great. Everyone from the world is great. We love having them in. They want to make this issue eventually become like segregation. But in the 19 seventies, after civil rights happened, which was not popular with anybody, um, they still were sort of nursing people. On the right were people not necessarily Republicans, but just conservative voters. Whether those were people who supported George Wallace, who didn't succeed in getting the nomination in 1976 or those were people on the right who were supporting Reagan because they didn't like Gerald Ford, they wanted to play into this notion that Reagan was maybe going to be the guy that would carry forward George Wallace's agenda. And so they picked up tens of thousands of these Wallace voters. And Arthur Finkelstein even hired a Wallace site from Fort Worth to radio and television spots for Reagan. Quote. It was dynamite at the AP. Mike Robinson wrote that Finkelstein was viewed by many as an instrumental playing an instrumental role in Reagan's 1976 primary successes in North Carolina in Texas because he played into these hopes and dreams that white people had at this time and it wasn't ever gonna go anywhere. Do you think Reagan did? Would Reagan do on that front? We did the whole deep dive on Reagan. It was It was just just like Trump's presidency. It is used to advance their agenda. It's not used to advance years. It's used to crush yours. Yeah, in the Reagan was viewed. It's funny to go back in time and maybe to ah, you know, talk to people who were involved in the Reagan campaign or were are politically active during that time because reckon was viewed in a similar way to Trump as this guy is coming in he is is a relative political outsider. He's going to shake up this system. He's going to do things that people have wanted done for years. But no one has had the toughness in the grit to get it done, and he's not going to be beholden to maybe what his party wants him to do. He'll take good ideas from both sides. Hey, maybe he'll nominate a Democrat secretary of war like like Donald was rumored to do. Right? And what do you get eight years later, like dementia, you get, ah, more immigration. You get, ah, liberalizing divorce, destruction of the family. You get the whole shebang and they play that card a little bit with you know, they did that with Bush and McCain and Trump. You know, I'm a Trump Democrat, right? So they'll play a little bit. They won't do total politics of division. They'll allow a little bit, but only if you've converted from one side to the other. It's not. I'm still this, but I support that it's I was this. You should now hate this, too, because I do the convert right, But I wasn't ultra liberal and now on the conservative, so they played both sides of this stuff. But another thing that Finkelstein did here, and this explains a lot is that he believed in the usefulness of third forces to help conservatives win elections. Their forces like Ben Carson or Tulsi Gabbard or whatever, but not a conservative third party, a much discussed option in the mid 19 seventies. At a February 1977 conference, he told activists, The development of 1\/3 party may well hurt conservative options in the future by diluting them. Definitely don't want to do that. Warning the traditional and emotional ties to party labels will help keep many conservatives in their present parties. You know, it's like where you go and go. You want to go somewhere else in statue own thing, definitely don't want to do that. Finkelstein also counseled against 1\/3 party option for those on the right, saying this would succeed in Onley, drawing conservatives out of both parties, creating a week satellite party and leaving major Liberal leave major major parties with more liberals. It's like, Yeah, that's that's what it would dio right? That's definitely what it would do. It wouldn't be this this institution that is temporarily at least outside of our control, where people who may be mawr in line with the Democrats, idea of a social welfare state and Republican base. Ideas of ah, on race and immigration. Yeah, I wouldn't do that and just render these two sandwich buns obsolete. Yeah, definitely. The last thing that Finkelstein wants lesson that good old Chuckie Finkelstein wants is people who have nationalist tendencies aligning with people who have socialist tendencies and starting their own political partner, part parties, that they might even call the Nationalist Socialist Party of the United States. That's definitely something that Finkel's, he's like. Guys like this isn't gonna work. Don't even try it. We're not going to do this experiment because, look, look, I just know it's not gonna work. You're just gonna have to take my word for it. Just don't do it. The liberals, the liberals would win If you do. Yes, yeah, I can hear Rush Limbaugh saying that. And so this guy is quite literally the key to everything fake and gay in modern GOP politics. And it's funny, too, because in his final years, and they all do this right in his final years, he increasingly distanced himself personally from social conservative elements within the Republican Party. Of course, you know he's got a he's got to make right, you know, with the tribe and have a good legacies. Gotta walk away very, very slowly back away from from these people who may be who thought abortion is a bad thing. By the time of his death in 2017 Finkelstein left an indelible mark on national politics, having worked for Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan while working as a central campaign member for Reagan in 1980. He's the guy behind Let's Make America great Again, right? This is the guy who came up with that phrase, and he also he also left a market, the site of potentially one of the biggest gay ops in America. Finkelstein is the author of the words inscribed on the corner Stone of One World Trade Center, otherwise called Freedom Tower, completed in 2014 the 2004 dedication Governor Pataki read aloud the inscription to honor and remember those who lost their lives in September 11th 2001 is a tribute to the enduring spirit of freedom. July 4th, 2004 Other think quotes A crook always beats a fool variant of the above. When you allow people to choose between the corrupt and stupid, they will always go for the corrupt. This was used in a 2003 Israeli campaign. Um, the most overwhelming fact of politics is what voters do not know. This is apparently a frequent saying, Finkelstein's, I think I'm the playwright or the director, but I'm not the actor. The actors need to be on stage, not the director. And I think it's absurd that people who do what I do becomes important is celebrated as the ones who are running in 2011. Yeah, it's like Please keep the cut and close. Yeah, don't turn your direction and turn your attention away from the shit puppets on the stage. Don't don't start looking. Yeah, whatever. You know, the director is not this style of the play. He okay, it's 1 2011 This is kind of telling, and this is this sort of speaks to some of the inner mental turmoil of Jews, sometimes in 2011. In one of his last public speeches, he said, I wanted to change the world and yet I did this. I made it worse. So it's a little moment of, ah, well, a moment of truth creeping through because he knew, Ah, he knew that this Ah, this is probably, you know, that's the thing. It's like they do divisive politics. They create a kosher dialectic because they're trying to extract something from a society and take it over and basically subvert all of its institutions. But the thing is that that's usually something that they do, because they don't have a better option. And if they go too hard with it, as they've done now and then you have given rise to populism and in everything else, like, you know, the look. When we talk about Bannon and all these characters taking advantage of these movements, the movements themselves, air not faking gay that is not a gay up like this is genuine feeling that people have, knowing that they're getting fucked and knowing that they're getting taken advantage of, and those genuine feelings always get steered in bad directions. And what Finkelstein is reacting in one of his last public speeches is he's realizing that if you go too hard on this politics of division. It's sort of ironic, but you end up creating the thing that you were trying to prevent and you spend more time trying to suppress it. Then maybe what you could have been doing otherwise, which is just staying the fuck out of these countries. Sure, and you set up this radicalization spiral that guarantees that you will end up with people who who, after being screwed over so many times by the different sides of the sandwich dialectic you've created, will end up with no other choice. And we'll begin to see this for what it is. What he also does by saying this, too, is he provides and out for people that would like to reduce him to nothing more than just an evil Republican, a white Republican strategist, that greatest division look. He felt so bad about about Republican lying that he apologized for it and see this is, you know, he apologized, and it's over, and this is just a bad guy, and it it allows people to, like, stop the train of thinking here by So he's he's sorry. So he it's over, It's OK, but in reality it's not over, and his legacy carries on, and we're feeling the effects of that today. Yeah, and you're feeling the effects of it today. And so, you know, we talked about Finkelstein and his involvement with Reagan and Nixon and William F. Buckley and Donald Trump, and and so on and so forth. But he took a little hiatus in the mid nineties, took a little break after a good old Ronnie Reagan and, ah, before Donald Trump got teed up. And ah, about a year after Birnbaum first met Finkelstein, he bumped into him again in an anonymous hallway of the NRSC Wow that both these guys were working at the Chuck Singer organization, the NRSC. It's really a powerhouse. Amazing how everything seems to transit through that organization. He told him that he wanted to work for him to do polling for him, and he said, I speak Hebrew to it would be great if we could ever do a project in Israel. Well, the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin couldn't have come to a moment too soon. Was the turning point for Israel and for Finkelstein and Burn bomb. When elections for his successor were hastily arranged, a newcomer threw his hat into the ring. Netanyahu. So I wonder if this is around the same time that Netanyahu met Fred Trump in New York City was getting a lot of support from the Trump family. And, ah, you know all these people, Charlie, Ah, Charlie Kushner truck. Kushner seemed to know Netanyahu. They all were very friends with this good friends with this guy. It's like, Wow, it's like, You know, I'm not saying that they're responsible for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, But it is kind of funny that Netanyahu comes out of nowhere and is challenging Shimon Perez, who was a social Democrat, and, ah, you know, he was one of the guys who wanted to continue Rabin's peace process. It's like all of a sudden it's like Jig Matt Uprising and their Finkelstein and Birnbaum are to make sure that Netanyahu wins the race. Israelis initially sneered at Netanyahu's ambitions, and polls put him 20% behind. But seemingly out of nowhere, Netanyahu's Likud party started carpeting the country with sinister, adds Perez will divide Jerusalem, went the slogan, even though Perez apparently had no such intention. Similar attacks targeting Perez appeared on TV on the radio and in the press. In the final TV debate, Press stepped into the trap laid by Finkelstein. The first thing he did was try to clarify that he had no desire to divide Jerusalem, the exact topic that Finkelstein wanted him to raise. Netanyahu went on to own the debate. Netanyahu's campaign back then, from which he has never wavered, was imagine. Imagine, I think. Imagine if Netanyahu is white for a second and imagine if this were a white country and you had a white president who had a campaign that focused around what Netanyahu's did. So his campaign slogan was that your either for him or you're an enemy of the people, which is kind of funny. That's what Trump said. But that's not what Trump delivered his campaign slogan at the time. Netanyahu is good for the Jews by implication. If you're not for Netanyahu, then you're not good for the Jews and therefore an enemy, right? Could you imagine if we had a president running for office? Who said, If you're not for white people, you're an enemy of the people and if you're not for white people, you're in enemy, right? I mean that How great with that, and not only and not only said it, but then when had they had access to the reins of power actually implemented an agenda that reflected that sentiment. And Trump didn't even do that. It was I'm I am for you. If you're against me, you're the enemy of the people and me. The implication was, so it's a white guy, right? But not really. Just Yeah, and and the enemy are the media are the enemy of the people, not because they're anti white and they hate you and want to destroy you. But the and and the media are the enemy of the people because they don't like Trump. They're too hard on Trump. Yeah, eso On Election Day, the race between present Netanyahu was too close to call around 10 p.m. The TV stations reported a close win for Perez. Based on early projections. Netanyahu grabs the phone, calls Arthur, his secret campaign manager. Finkelstein was in New York, of course, but answered immediately until yet Netanyahu. He shouldn't be worried always when the close ones, when the final count came in, Netanyahu is the new president. Prime Minister, 50.49% to 49.51% less than a 1% margin. And, ah, yeah, a six pointed star was born, wasn't it, James? Yeah, that's a you know, a foundational point in history. The 16 19 Project 1995 project. Seminal points in world history. Absolutely so, yes, and Netanyahu became hit. The wind made Finkelstein a star, right? He was already popular in American politics, but this gave him a ah, large serving of international panache. He changed campaigning forever. According to a the Haaretz newspaper, he had learned to that his formula could work outside North America. Pickle steins expertise became much sought after, and in 1998 bourbon received a call. It was Finkelstein asking whether he would like to work for the Likud Party in Israel. A dream come true for George Bergman. It was here that the two became a team. Finkelstein is captain and burn bomb as his bottom, probably. Ah. While Finkelstein traveled between New York and Israel, Birnbaum kept watching Israel. Yes, he stood guard in Israel, where he became the chief of staff for Netanyahu, organizing his appearances, representing him in front of the press, sometimes baby sitting his kids. But Birnbaum wasn't the only acolyte of Finkelstein's. He was, but he was probably the most prominent. You need to understand these Arthur kids, these Republican consultants, operatives and managers that includes Alex Castellanos, George Birnbaum, Beth Myers, Match Bainwol, Ari Fleischer, Jon Lerner, Rick Reed, Patrick Hillmann, The Pollster Brothers John and Jim McLachlan. Frank Lunts, Larry Weitzner, Charlie Black. Roger Stone. Should I go on? I mean, the list is just endless thes these proteges of Finkelstein. Yeah. I mean, there's no degrees of separation between him and any of these who's who prominent figures. And even if these people didn't work directly for him, I mean, there are some that are not on this list, and that didn't work directly for him. They were affected by this change that had occurred and had been occurring since the seventies and and the changing culture in in campaigning. Right? And this was the way things were done. Now, campaigning had been redefined, turn on its head, fundamentally changed by Arthur and his proteges. And so even if you weren't, if you weren't working directly for him, you were still swimming in his milieu. You're still playing by his rules. You were still doing his strategy, maybe in a different, slightly different way. But this was the rule book. And if you were a player in this game of the time you were playing by his rules, well, they didn't even really have to be convinced to do this because one thing about Finkelstein strategy is that it was very successful. It is. It is a very successful strategy to pit people against each other, especially in a very fertile ground. Right? People are angry because blacks have been unleashed on their community. I mean, we have, we still have. We're still living with that today will be living with it until a time when that problem has been resolved. But they were dealing with this problem in the 19 sixties. They felt powerless against it. They had all these things happening to their country. I mean, America was being invaded, America is being colonized, America was being taken over, and nobody had any idea what was going on. And it's like, Well, let's just blame the liberals. It's their policies that are creating these things that you don't like, And so it became a very successful strategy, and it made them popular made. It's like here I'm a political consultant. It's this new type of career path that somebody can be on. If if you're Jewish, you're Jewish or you have connections to Jews or you just like playing this game. Here's the little rulebook pit thes people against each other. You're gonna win elections time and time again, and it's and it's evolved to the point where now they just take turns. It's like, Well, we're always just gonna be in power will just hand it off to the to the red team and then to the blue team and in the Red Team again. But no matter who's in charge, you know, we're always gonna make progress and move along and whatever. But in the meantime, people like Ari Fleischer, who worked for George W. Bush, all these people could just profit from this. And of course, you know, think did some work for the Trump organization in the mid two thousands, and he later spoke of the mind boggling power of Trump's personality. He probably sensed that this guy was the perfect next big bet early on. And, of course, Trump's campaign was stuffed full of Arthur's kids Larry Weitzner, Tony Fabrizio and Roger Stone and George Birnbaum. Just It's kind of funny how they all just pop up there, and these are the people who, ah, these are the apostles of Of Finkelstein is right. Go out and do Finkelstein's work around the world, and that's what they did. Yeah, and and of course, Netanyahu, who had been put into power by by Finkelstein and Burn Bomb, is now sending his. It's like they're multiplying, right. He's sending his adversaries into, ah, to get involved in in the Trump campaign, and ah and yeah, it's funny how this, you know, the downstream effects of what Finkelstein and Berman did in the nineties are really being felt. Ah, exponentially now, well, and that's the thing, too is is part of the colonization of America and wresting control of the American government. They had to make sure that they had jig Nats in charge in in Israel as well. And so Netanyahu is part of that strategy, and from there they can control and manage of the the apparatus in these various countries, whether it's the United States or places like hungry Ah, this. This was a new era for Fink in bomb in Israel and ah, that's when they decided to return to Europe and get into even closer collaboration with burn bomb. And they worked in campaigns in the Balkans, in Romania, Bulgaria and then in Hungary in 2008 in fact, or been decided to seek re election. His old friend, Old Bud Bebe, as Netanyahu's known, introduced him to the two people who would guide him to success before working with or been he checked in. This is Finkelstein, by the way he checked in with informed circles in Israel. So the intelligence community, I'm sure to see how or been felt about Jews he didn't hear a thing that would put him off. On the contrary, he said, Orban had fought against anti Semitism and had even named his first daughter the Jewish name or a hell. Before long, Finkelstein and Burn Bomb were applying their old formula toe Orban's election campaign and then turbocharging it. Enemies were easy to find in Hungary. The country was an economic basket case and had to be bailed out in 2008. Austerity measures blah, blah, blah that basically decided that they needed tohave, an enemy they wanted to target bureaucrats and foreign capital. Orban won the 2010 election with the 2\/3 majority. Is the country shifted to the right. Birnbaum is still amazed at how easy it all waas. We blew the Socialist Party off the table even before the election burn bomb and Finkelstein, now part of Orban's inner circle, found themselves with a problem. While the satisfied winner of the election started rewriting the Constitution, they were now lacking an opponent. No riel enemy anymore. There's no one we have to fight with, Birnbaum remembered. The ultra right job IQ party and the Socialist Party were beaten the rest in splinters. We had an incumbent with historical majority, something that had never happened in hungry before, to maintain that they needed a higher energy level, said Burn Bum. You need to keep the base energized, make sure that on Election Day they have a reason to go out and vote. They need something powerful, like Trump's build the wall. So it's just incredible. Eso it's you know, it's easy. You think in the U. S. Where you have to viable, you know, permanently viable parties, it seems, and the Republicans and the Democrats, they're just flip back and forth, turned one against the other and and have this constant enemy. But what do you do when that falls apart, or when your parties are in more of a state of flux, like they are in Europe? Well, and we saw a taste of this with the Trump campaign as well Trump, as we mentioned targeting Soros and these other these other international financiers or however they were described in that final ad. But this was a strategy that they, as we're coming to find here they pioneered this with Orban by turning him against George Soros and turning Soros into this this transnational enemy that defied partisan labels and defied borders, right? Yeah, they wanted to make him the enemy and see, that's the thing. And this is something that Jews will do as well. Although you get some disagreement within within the Jewish diaspora about this kind of a strategy, because it's risky, right? And that's what some of this blame has been laid at the feet of Finkelstein and burn bomb for doing this because by using Soros and making Soros a MIM in effect, in some ways, it's it's bad or it's good for Jews because it takes It's bad for us, but good for Jews because it takes the focus off of all of the other bad actors in that that are contributing to making the system unlivable. The bad news for Jews and the good news for everybody else is that by calling out sorrow, since you're getting a little bit closer to diagnosing the actual problem, even though sources and responsible for all of it, that's the that's the part of the MIM. It's like you can't just because you see boomers doing something the proper. The proper response is not to just do the opposite because Soros is. Soros is actually doing things that are damaging. Is that you? He's a very wealthy Jew. He's just he's just not a jig Nat. He's like part of part of the other side. And so he is a guy that that if so, when boomers get caught up in Soros and so is this, the problem becomes when there's misdirection when you call sorrows and Nazi or a Nazi collaborator or a drug dealer or something, it's like then No. Let's talk. Let's talk about the finance stuff. Um, and it becomes this problem. And so there's a lot of consternation about how how to wrangle this. Um, but this this notion that these guys were the ones that picked Soros out. I mean, Fox News had been doing this bit for years. I mean, this is a Rupert Murdoch special. This is something that Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck would do, but they didn't. They didn't weaponize Soros in the way that fink and Bomb would eventually, and they did it in a way that was transnational, James, right? They knew that this would resonate in places like Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Albania. Because Soros is involved in so many of these places. Um, and it caused a lot of problems on DSO. It didn't take them much, too, to get Orban on board with this. He's perfectly fine with it. But, you know, this is something that resonated with a lot of people. I mean, it pleased Russia. Putin was afraid of these color revolutions that had been done in Ukraine in the Arab spring. And so this also served the interests of people who are on the side of Chabad Lubavitch and supportive of Jig Nats in Israel. Netanyahu, because they don't want to have their their, ah, their country's disrupted by Soros. So there's also that part of it to um, But the two men's work for Orban is now part of Hungary's political legend. Finkelstein is almost a mythical figure, not least because Orban has barely mentioned his role in public his two spokes. His spokespeople did not reply to requests for comment about Finkelstein and Birnbaum, and Birnbaum has similarly has been similarly unforthcoming about the exact details of the work that they did for Orban. He didn't want to discuss it, whether they had drafted slogans or just simple concepts. Nor would he say how much control they had over the campaign itself. It's kind of funny, man. It's like they don't even want to be the director. They just want to be like best boy key grip. They don't even want to be mentioned in the credits. Yeah, it will exactly, and you have bury me somewhere down the credits and the thing is to the you'll see people say and cope with this like well, but what about all these countries were doing to. So, Ros, they're going after? Yeah, like No, they're not. I mean, you'll have cases here and there where so, like his society foundation, like, was kicked out or something. It's like, All right, What does that do? Let's look at this. On the whole Look at the problem. On the whole, Like does. Do you think that bar bothers George Soros? Does that threaten his his billions upon billions of dollars? Like what is this, dude? Yeah, this is this is done to placate people who are mad about Soros, but it doesn't really change anything. Nothing is being changed. Yeah, this is thes air. The hard copes that people dio and look, you know, we're seeing this now. In hindsight, I used to think Orban was based. I used to thought think that he was the best part of Visegrad, and he's really fighting for these people. But he's not. And people that want to do the cope I'm sorry, but like, if you still want to do that now, I'm not gonna do the thing where you slam the door. Shut on what I thought five minutes ago. But if you're still doing a cope, knowing what you know about how they've transacted Orban's election again and again and again. And you haven't really gotten anything out of it. Now, people, maybe you want to argue, just like they've argued in favour of Putin. Well, relative to the United States, we're getting X, y and Z out of this. It's a gamble. Look at all the look at the overall trend, right? What's the plan here in the Hungarian people are different than Americans, just like Russians or different than Americans. They have different expectations. They have different cultures, they have different expectations. And, um, they are. They have to be dealt with in different relative strategies. I mean, the idea that Jews are doing the same thing in the same country is the same time around the world know they have different strategies that they're employing at different times, and the goal here is to make sure I mean what he would do, whatever they just say. Burn bomb. In Orban, we're sorry. Birnbaum and Finkelstein were celebrating the defeat of job, IQ and socialist, so they're celebrating the defeat of the the far right and the far left parties. But I thought Orban was supposed to be the far right and guy is any, but they're celebrating the defeat of the far right to elect the guy in the middle. Who because of what people want in Hungary, the popular sentiments. They have to suppose this guy is that right? Just like they had to pose Trump as a you know, as a as a in America first or build a wall, deport them all evil play, cater of white nationalists and Nazis. That's not what Trump is at all. That's not what Orban some ways, right? In some ways, you could say that they're actually ahead of where we are, because what Soros Air not source with the What Orban is presented as is a triumph of the rial right of the nationalist right over the moderates in the center right party and forgetting the name of Freedom Party writer door whatever his party is. But he's presented as the guy who came in and and whipped them into shape and turned this party into some made this party great without being a what I guess job would be weakness, right? He's e g is crushing the witness, but in reality, no, like this is just that party and burn bomb and Finkelstein helping this party adapt to to placate people. This is a play cation. This is not a real concession. It's a concession, maybe in terms of appearances and and in terms of, ah, in terms of rhetoric. But in terms of action, where's the ACA? Where where is, you know, the promises being delivered on? It's not, It's not happening. And there's the other cope that people do is like, Oh, you're just projecting your American mentality of American politics onto them. And I guess the the underlying theme there is like you don't see how they're actually winning. And it's like, No, I just see that Finkelstein and Burn Bomb went directly. Did not pass. Go did not collect 200 shekels, went directly from Israel to hungry to help Orban maintain power. And that is what they did like. I don't need I don't I can just look at the facts. I don't need to actually believe. Like people who were upset about taking coconut mommy away. It's like No, it was always faking gay. The sooner the sooner you get to understanding that these things aren't riel, that Orban isn't in it for the Hungarian people. He's in it for himself. He's in it to have a legacy. And he's more than willing to be used by Finkelstein and Birnbaum to wrestle this into place and have a place for Chabad Lubavitch to be very happy with. And Netanyahu happy to have a satellite country to do his bidding in Eastern Europe to make sure that there are no people who actually might challenge the stranglehold of Jewish power. And people say, Oh, yeah, but hungry is only about 100,000 Jews. It's like, Yeah, wait, just wait, Just wait. It's Ah, you know this idea that this is that this is all based on again. You can't light switch brain this you can't just be like, Well, it's At least it's better than here. It's like, Yeah, I'm sure that's true. But what is your argument then? That it's going to keep getting even Mawr better than here because that's not that's not happening. That's not happening. So, yeah, this is this is something that they've done for a while and you know this this This happened with the they used the European refugee crisis, which again this was, you know, the refugee crisis was caused by wars that never should have happened. And then it was used as an excuse. Think these wars were used. It is an excuse to flood Europe, right? And you had Soros going out there and saying that the U needed to develop a common plan for the treatment of refugees and prepare for a 1,000,000 asylum seekers per year, and he became a welcome target for Orban's team. So I will go as far as to say that that Soros and Burn Bum and Finkelstein or playing off of one another, but it sure would be very convenient if they were right on one side. You have Soros threatening the continent of Europe with a 1,000,000 refugees a year. We have to come up with a common plan of dealing with them, and then you can have this fake opposition come up and say, We're going to stop the flood of refugees from coming in and, you know, it's just we're gonna play off. The angst and the frustration of people in Europe were gonna make sure that nothing actually changes. Yeah, we'll build a fence will stop this for a little while. We'll send these people to other places in Europe. But yeah, it's just it's just a a silly game, like the whole thing is just fucked. And we saw that even in Italy, where Salvini who was doing some things that were good But But, uh, you know, his strategy for dealing with the migrant boats was to send them to Spain, I'd push them off somewhere else in Europe, make them some other European countries problem. And yeah, this is again. Just what we see time and time don't make half meant like people want to make. One of the copes is like making half measures evidence of progress. If they're doing half measures, it's because they have to do that in order to get away with it. And I've said for a while that half measures probably would have extended the longevity of Donald Trump in America. If they've given people some of what they wanted, it would be much harder to argue that the entire thing is a sham, right? If Trump had done an EEO on birthright citizenship or had gotten some sort of legislation that had tangible, meaningful benefits for people who are anti immigration would be much harder to argue that his motives weren't pure. But it's I'm actually glad that that's not the case, because you know that some that's where it's ended up, you know, we've we've sort of seen seen it for what it is, and we don't have to question it anymore. Well, and with the again speaking to what Finkelstein has said about destroying parties, if Trump had, because you could envision a scenario right where Trump comes out and he does the end immigration eo a legitimate one or he does the no birthright citizenship. Yo, if he were to go down swinging on that, let's say and to to make that his cause and risk his presidency and risk removal from office by the Republicans and the Democrats, that would extend the life of him as enough. But that would be massively discrediting for those parties that would be sacrificing these institutions for the sake of an individual. And as we know, that is not what is advised by this Finkelstein rule book. You burn the individual, you don't burn the institutions. So for all of those two years where Trump had Congress and had this with Senate, had the house. Where was the coming two heads between Trump and the Congress? Where was the the clashes? There weren't any because they would have needed at that point either to dispense with Trump or dispense with Congress. And they would have had to, you know, the the op would have run out of gas too early if they had done that. So yeah, this. I mean, this makes total sense as to why things have been conducted in the way then the to the extent that the war with the media was any more than Kabuki theater, it was done because they were getting in the way of what Jig Nats wanted. And that's how Trump viewed it. I mean, he wasn't fighting the media for you use fighting it for Netanyahu is fighting it so that he could make sure that settlements get built so that through the embassy gets moved. That was what that was. Four. I wasn't for building a wall. It wasn't for deporting anybody. In fact, it was for letting even more people in that. So that was done on behalf of but you know, this is just some or just some or red pills on this. And so the Soros thing become a work became a worldwide mean It became something that they use all the time. I mean, Trump even claimed that the demonstrations again against Brett Kavanaugh were sponsored by Soros, and we've seen how Brett Kavanaugh has turned out. And so, uh, this This work has sort of echoed all over the world, so to speak. And it's something that they continue to turn to. Anti sores, materials globalised. It's freely available and adaptable, and it's something that they use all over the place because you know, whether it's bright bar to Russia today or whoever and again it's not. I'm not saying that Sora sources a boomer MIM, but there is some truth to Soros, right? But you have to look beyond Soros. He is. He's really when you stack them up against Larry Fink and some of these other sources kind of a benign character, and he's certainly not a jig, Nat. Um, I mean, they're all at the end of the day when it all comes down to brass tacks, they're all jig nets. But here's some more things that happened in 2016 that now make a whole lot more sense, given what we know. So if you search today for Soros, you'll immediately find images of his head with octopus tentacles. Another classic anti semi Semitic motif, one of my favorites, but even Netanyahu's son year posted in anti Semitic MIM in 2017 showing Soros and repped aliens controlling the world. He did it again in 29. Teen. You even had Pamela Geller George tweeting in 2019 actually, January 22nd 2019. George Soros funded groups leading BDS. War on Jewish state Nazi collaborator George Soros, who described his work confiscating property from the Jews is the happiest day of my life. Is a hero of the anti Semitic left. So Nur Netanyahu retweeted that, And so this is all part of something that they're doing. This is something that you see over and over and over again. And so that's why I understand the mentality of yeah, like you just have to a shoe. Anybody posting about Soros because it's a distraction, It's like, No, you just have to use it as a shoe in the door to tell the whole story. And that's the difference. Yeah, yeah, right. Soros is a bad guy. Soros is doing destructive things. Soros is intending to flood Europe in the United States with refugees from the world over. But he's not doing that as part of a grand Nazi scheme. He's been waiting to bring the fruition since he was like an eight year old, collecting like necklaces and pennies or whatever the story is. That's not why he's doing this. So you think sources a bad guy? I agree. Now, let me tell you why. And it's not the reason you think Yes, so just to close a lot of this out here So I guess because of the anti Semitism, you know, they blame the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. They blame everything on this, this ah, anti Semitic conard that was trotted out against Soros. They're trying to, um, you know this. The strategy they used to control white people is now being trotted out as something that they can blame on them as well. It's funny how that works. But Birnbaum was asked if the Soros campaign and Hungary helped stoke all this anti Semitism, and he said Yeah and hide site. It does look really bad, but it was the right decision to target sorrows. And then he goes on and says anti Semitism is something eternal, indelible. Our campaign did not make anyone anti Semitic who wasn't anti Semitic before. Maybe we were just drawing a new target, but not more targets. And I would definitely do it again. Yeah, well, the real target there isn't. Ah, it's like they are putting a new target on Soros. But there are also drawing targets on all of the people they draw out of the woodwork by making them think it's now acceptable to be anti Soros and to be anti Semitic and to criticize, not anti Semitic. You know that phrasing whatever, but to criticize jokes. Howard B. T. Nazi. That's what it's okay to be. You just have to make this guy into a Nazi, and then that's OK. But don't be anti Semitic, right? Like the second that you go beyond thinking that anything about George Soros other, then the institute, all the institutions that he controls her bad and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Anything you go beyond that is bad. Just don't do that that's the moment that you become a Nazi yourself. It's like, Yeah, that's why you see boomers, if you if you're like, Wow, did you know that sources a Jew? It's like I love Israel, though it's just like the immediate reaction from it is fucking too funny. He's He's a Jew that hates Israel, right? He's No, he's a self hating Jew. That's the That's the Michael Savage routine. Yeah, so, Fred Savage Chuck Savage doesn't really matter, but, um, yes. So this this is this is some interesting stuff here. So the cherry on top was that the person behind the political marriage of two Jewish consultants was, of course, Benjamin Netanyahu, in short to Jewish consultants, were paid to disseminate a blood libel against Soros under the protection of the prime minister of the Jewish state. For Netanyahu, it is a true market manipulation key benefits. This is the other side of this. He benefits politically from the rise of anti Semitism, even as he works to exacerbate it. In his 2015 speech to Congress, his support of anti liberal regimes and indirectly his refusal to denounce the witch hunt against Soros, which his son Yar has also helped to spread. So now we know why Netanyahu may have been the target of some of these criminal investigations that didn't go anywhere but over and above that they benefit from the anti Semitism theater tax on Soros. There, really, they won't come out and say this, but they're like, Yes, so what if we're stoking anti Semitic, anti Semitism? Why do we have to go paint the swastika on the Ah on the synagogue when we can get them to do it themselves? We just get them really worked up and make them think that it's It's, it's coming, let's go and it's no, it's it's This is a in gay Exactly, and it's drawing them out, and they can then use this because the control of the levers of power hasn't changed, right? So as more people come out and say, Yeah, maybe there is something to this whole Jewish power thing. Then you have the media coming out and saying this is a crisis that needs to be stopped. You have intelligence agencies coming out and and devoting all of their resources to stopping this. You have 24 7 push law enforcement entertainment to to crush these people. It's it's like sending out trace arounds to identify the targets and then blowing him away. And that's that's exactly how they use this. And meanwhile, they get to do the crying out as their as their striking you because they say, Oh, look how terrible things are for us all of these anti Semites that are out there. Wow, this is terrible. We need to do something about this and and it tricks sort of low info people into thinking they're being victimized and something needs to be done. And it all works perfectly to that. And it does, because they control every aspect of that, right? Like if this if this were genuine, if this were something that could easily get out of control. Now that's one of the arguments that Jews have amongst themselves is that they worry that, Yeah, like this strategy is risky because if you stoke this too much, you could lose. It's like playing with fire and gasoline. It's like this could get out of control very quickly, like let's not burn down the whole thing. Let's taken easier, slower path where we'll still get to our goal. It may take a little bit longer, but we'll still get their whereas jig nats air like now we're going to get there anyway possible. We have to do this now if we don't do this now And if we wait too long and go to slow like you say that we should we may never get what we want. And so we have to do this and they maintain and they can. They can rely on the people who disagree with them at the end of the day to line behind the tribe and deal with any fallout that comes from this, right? Like if they stoke anti Semitism too much, even if they're having an inner debate with other members of the tribe, Bacon rely on those people to tamp it down with them and stand in solidarity with them. And so when it gets too much, of course, they can always just say, Well, you know what? The A t. L is gonna need another $100 billion this year, and, uh, Israel is going to need to triple and quadruple its aid money and bob by we we have this room this big problem with white terror. Now I mean it, really. It really benefits them in so many ways and even even the the debate that they may have among themselves. To the extent that that spills out, even that may just be for show that shows that they're not aligned. They're not unified. But I genuinely think that that is part of it, too. It's a disagreement about ultimate goals. But where is hungry today, right? Well, hungry has a brand new Holocaust museum brand new um, huge and ah, you know it's become a home for ah Chabad Lubavitch. A senior Hungarian official in close ally Viktor Orban and his premier and Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, belonged to the same political family, he said in a speech lauding Budapest efforts to combat anti Semitism. Quote. Relations between our countries are quite strong. Israeli government knows very well that hungry is doing its very most to protect Hungarian jewelry. State Secretary Vince I'm not even going to try to pronounce that, said at a conference on anti Semitism, echoing the words of State Department special envoy against anti Semitism from earlier the conference, this guy called President Donald Trump quote the most file Oh, Semitic President in Orban sees eye to eye with Trump on this issue. No disagreement us know so slow. Mo Cove S. Who heads the Trib odd affiliated, Unified Hungarian Jewish congregation and created the action and protection lead lead to combat anti Semitism in Europe, pointed out that the situation for Jews and hungry is better than any other European country, with just 35 anti Semitic incidents in the past year. Co vase, Who should to say Shalom Oh credited Orban's immigration policy for the relatively low numbers, saying that he was keeping out Muslim extremists that have been responsible for some of the more violent attacks on Jews in other European countries in recent years. So it's kind of like when you look at where Orban's immigration policy is working really well and where Trump's immigration policy is working really well just to keep out Muslims. So if that's your thing, if that's your pet issue, would mean great. But we've told you and Tedious is still Jew and everybody's told you that it's kind of dumb because you're not. It's not benefiting you in any way. It's I mean, yeah, sure, like nobody wants Muslims in their country. But what are they doing about Mexicans? What are they doing about anybody else? And most importantly, what are they doing about the people who have control over the reins of power and financial capital to make sure that your country keeps getting a 1,000,002,000,004 million new immigrants a year? And you keep getting displaced politically about that? And what's hungry going to look like when they decided to pivot off of the Orban strategy? Right, So probably not good, Yeah, And also this is another situation where even in Hungary, I don't think I don't know what the reaction would be if you were to say that Hungary is safe for Hungarians because we've kept out Muslim extremists. Would they ever call them out by name to to say that this is the These are the people that are coming to hurt you. They're coming to hurt, hurt. Ah, Hungarian. It's like you can talk about these out groups in this same is true of the U. S. It's especially true in the US, where you're allowed to talk about out groups and how you don't want them in as long as you were talking about them. And this is framed in the sense that you're seeking to protect jewelry as long as the focuses on protecting jewelry and the decision you make is whatever is best to protect Jews, then you know, cool. Make whatever decision you want to make. But if it's done to protect the actual people of the country, it's like, Yeah, well, but also, you know, diversity. And you can't really be exclusionary. And we're all Hungarians. So what are you even talking about? Yeah, yeah, well, enclosing here, this is another thing. This is This is how these countries air being used just like the United States is being used to advance Israeli interests in Israel. So is hungry. Ah, this was from just a month ago. Hungry blocks joint you statement on US reversal on West Bank Israeli settlements. So Donald Trump reversed the official U S. Stance on these settlements in the West Bank. The US made it clear that it did not consider the Jewish settlements in the West Bank of violation of international law. Who remember all this? Well, guess who stood up in in buck the you on that. The stand in solidarity with the United States and Israel. Those Viktor Orban was that great James Wonderful base. Wow, this guy's He's really taking it to globalism by standing up against the U Yeah, it's on. It's unfair to single out Israel. According Teoh, this guy named Rabbi Munnetra Margolin, who thanked Prime Minister Viktor Orban for the Hungarian government's position on Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Yeah, thanks. Thanks, Victor. Appreciate that. So yeah, it's I mean, that's where we are. I mean, it's there. So money I had to close off. So money. It's always with these deep dives, like had to close off so many different rabbit holes. You could have gone down like Finkelstein's whole political trajectory in the United States and in Europe. I mean, we had to pick out Orban because that's a That's a thing that people, some people, that really not that many people anymore like to cling to, um, and and just look at, really, how the kosher sandwich was created and modernized for use in the United States and how they have taken a strategy that has worked really well and taking it worldwide. Now you understand why Bannon is this Loeb Troughton guide trying to set up his Jet I temple in Italy. What do you think he was doing? That was a think think think tank. That's what that was for like that was to make sure that it was a copy of this, this sort of thing over and over and over again. And that's why you see polls. Now. I forget where I saw this posted, but showing that white people think that they're winning. Like when you ask, when you ask the question. It's been a significant increase in Pete White people saying that they're winning and it's it. It's kind of like Oh, right, sure, because it's they've given them that illusion and it's really just more such refused and subversion. In the end, they've given you a new enemy, which is otherwise, yes, and so when you think that you're winning with the question is, who are you winning over? Are you winning back a country for you and your kids and people like you, a country in Europe like, are you winning back your European nation? Or are you winning the fight over the grand crazy radical socialists or or whatever, which is Of course, one of the focuses of that Bannon off was to turn these right wing nationalist parties to inject them, grab him by the grab him by the leg and shove that EpiPen full of libertarian, libertarian and I and Randy in the capitalism free marketeering. Inject that into their into their rhetoric. And is that who you're winning for your winning? For international finance? It's bad enough for white people to get caught up in fake paradigms in which they think they're winning. But when they're getting caught up in fake paradigms in which they think they're winning against other whites, I think that maybe the worst possible. How come nobody's went well, the only people that winning that are winning, or people like Finkelstein Birnbaum, who are going to going to bed with the night with going to bed the night with a smile on their face. Just a bunch of Chuck's. So yeah, uh, all right, chucks all the way up, chucks all the way down. So all right, well, hopefully people enjoy the program today, Aziz always. And we hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have a good start to your week we'll catch you all later. 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