FTN 050720 - May 7 2020 - FTN 310 Filthy Lying Chucks

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Welcome to FTN Episode three A one of jazz hands MK feels brought to you by the network where we dot our teas Cross our i's dash your hopes Smasher Sacred salamanders We've heard it somewhere. Chances are that summer is here. James, What's happening? Doing well doing well, I'm on the hunt now for either a new set of clippers or the ability Teoh find some other way to cut my own hair because, you know, if I forgave the mullet, gave up the bullet, I should say in the last summer. But things stay locked down, man. I think I'm gonna be right back there with the bullet in the pit vipers and yeah, that's gonna be back in action this summer. Yeah, I usually rock the sort of dialed down Richard Spencer haircut, but that's what I've always. That's what I've always had. I mean, it's like a one on the sides low fade with 23 inches of length on the top, and, um, that the last time I got my hair cut like that was, I don't know, February because I didn't see this shit coming. And so it just grown and grown and grown. And it's like where it should have been like a one clipper on the side. It's It's now out it. Well, it waas until about 45 minutes ago, it was like 2 to 3 inches long on the sides, dude, like hanging over the ears and trying to do, like the upkeep, trimming the edges and shit. And I just was just like, you know what, man like, Not like you go outside in the wind, like, blows it over. It's like bro like enough. So I went full. I'm just telling you, before we start recording, I went full rag in our loft. Brooke have no other choice. I don't wanna lose the length of the top and I can't do a fade. And I'm not gonna mess around with, like trying to figure out how to do that. So it's just like, you know, didn't even put a guard on, just went fucking straight. And besides, straight up the back, and that's what it's just gonna be that's having me how it do for right now. Yeah, I don't We're not going to do Corona virus shit at all today, but I don't I just don't see the salons or any. I don't go to a salon anyway, I go to get, like, a $10 haircut, but I don't see that shit opening anytime soon. In any state, no matter how like hard, they're going to trust the line. So and I'm not gonna do, like the black market Craigslist bullshit. So, yeah, like here we are. Yeah. Ao dude pulls up in a Chrysler 300 gets the tool bag full of the hair cutting supplies out to Ah, you give fresh fade. It's never gonna be a dude I like. I just I will reject getting a hair cut by a guy, cause I just don't like no, like, fat chicks and dudes like, I don't want him to cut my hair, um, button, but you and that's that's the other problem of Craigslist is like, You can't be discerning. It's like, um, you know, just imagine if you have somebody a I'm gonna get my hair cut. It's like the person that you just described that shows up. It's like yet No. Yeah, there's a really And there's a reason that they're selling the haircuts on Craigslist. Oh, no. It's if that's a thing guy like, that's a thing. Now, all these salon people are, like, doing because they don't, like, have work. So I think that is like a place that you can actually go to get a haircut. Um, You know, I probably if this haircut had turned out if this had gone wrong, that probably would have been where I ended up. But you're not pretty good. Yeah, pretty good. Even when they do open back up? I don't know. I don't know, man. I don't know if I'm gonna have the confidence to stroll back into the great clips and have, you know, like I've been to some hand roll in there. You don't roll in there in a glow worm suit. Have them in a glow worm suit. Well, they like, remove your helmet and yeah, cut the head with, like, bubble arms and shit. Yeah, you know, you go to some places and ah, halfway through the haircut, you notice that there is no jar of that like they don't have the blue jar of the bar beside or whatever it is that, uh oh, they dip, the comes in and it was supposed to write. They're supposed to soak it in there and then and then take it out to use it, because that's what kills the lice and in the germs. And then, like your live uncut Zyklon Zyklon bar beside in a blue, the blue jar, right. They closed the wooden door on it and fire up the wood gas generator to ah de Laos. The comb and then But they like, spin you out of the chair and you notice your like You're scanning side to side. You notice they don't have one of those and they're pulling like clippers and attachments and guards just out of the drawer where you destroy that many follicles in just one afternoon. Like where the six million follicles. I want to see the law. I don't I don't see him swept them up. You're telling me you swept him up and buried him? Come on. It just swept him up and put him in a trash can. Show me the follicles. I want to see where they don't leave. You would put him on a boat sent into Madagascar. I mean, let's be honest here and they keep growing back. Like I four weeks later, I come and there's six million more follicles like I don't know where these where these came from. They just keep coming back, no matter how it's like, Yeah, so yeah, it's like I feel like most of our audience is probably dealing with far too many follicles right now. Like everybody. Unless you did your home haircut that, like you just urine follicle like fallout mode cause it's bad. It's like if you do the short life of your long hair, it's like not a big deal. But if you're used to short hair like the moment that that shit touches the tops of your ears in it, you're not used to that. And you're like working outside. It's blowing around, and it's just like a guy like, just get rid, Get miss me with this shit right now, you're gonna were gonna go do full, full genocide of six million follicles right now in the bathroom. So if you have the short cut or the fade and like you have maybe two weeks three weeks where that looks fresh and then depending how fast your hair grows. And then after that, you're in the territory of It's like slovenly and four weeks. Four weeks is about the limit, and then it starts being like, Yeah, we're ready for another one. But you no $10 haircut. It's like, OK, no problem. Right? But behind, then in like, four months after it was like after four months of letting it grow, it's like, Okay, now, this looks intentional. Right now, it's like you're doing a look. But in that 45 month period, Yeah, you're pretty much bone, but just a bush after, like, four months, it just turns into, like, this big like Bush. And it's like, no matter, no matter what style hair you have. Um and I and I've you know, my my hair is not abnormal, believe it at that, but, ah, but it just turns into a bush. But yeah, I did the regular because I don't want I don't want to lose the top Might. So my hedge, the hedge of the hedge, cutting the hedge and my hedge on the hedges that we're gonna have salons at some point this summer, or whatever. I mean, they're referring to that new I go to a barber shop like they referred to is a lot like salons. It's like, Yeah, but when's the barber shop will be open. Just don't give me the ah, some of that one of these places they tried to do the hard part. It's like, Yo, I think already told this story like, I'm not a lot of fucking black guy. Like I part my hair and I don't need I don't need assistance from the Clippers to see where the part is because my hair is not fucked up. But anyway, Ugo don't believe this Afro Komen here so you could just look fly with it. Yeah. Please. Speaking of Afros and you know, people in Congress, it's like, please don't like I don't look like uh, yeah, yeah, I'm not gonna look like what's his name? Chuck Farrakhan. Right. So, Miss Mood Chuck. Yeah, I'm not part of the CBC and Ah, yes, CBC finding themselves at odds with the justice Demings lately. And we've talked a lot about about ops on the right and fake insurgencies on the right, and you know less. Do you think the left is immune from this Or lest you think the the insurgencies that you've heard about on the left, our rial, such as the justice dens. We did some digging on justice Demas and CBC, and this was this was launched this rabbit hole. We found this rabbit hole based on some of these these recent Ah yeah, recent skirmishes between the CBC and Justice dams and did some research on the justice dams and, as it turns out, which may be a surprise to some or may not be surprised to some justice stems totally 100% a controlled opposition effort and yet another kosher pressure release valve to to turn people who are on the left and who are upset with the status quo and maybe more critical of capitalism and and the new liberal institutions to divert them down a path that is safe, that is manageable and does not pose any threat to the system. So we'll be looking at down today. The question, though, is, and it's a question that we answered this weekend about Donald Trump in 2016 and in what turned out to be Israeli election meddling instead of Russian election meddling. The question to be asked here is pretty obvious. This was just a stems and up all along. Or was it something like the tea party or occupy Wall Street? That started off as something that was genuine, something that was born out of honest and, ah, you know, verifiable populist angst. I'm left and it turned into something that was twisted and turned into something else. Or was this by design? Because we've seen these things start up as by design. I mean, Trump was by design, as we've we've rendered for the truth this weekend. But some of these things, like the Tea Party and occupy, start off. It's genuine, and then they become something else. And so it seems like based on the based on a preponderance of the evidence Ah, the justice stem started off as something that was somewhat genuine because you had threats, legal threats to ah AOC in the Puget. I forget his name. Now maybe you know what it is. I don't, um that that was really the guy behind justice stems and in getting them fundraising and running 11 races and coming out of the middle of nowhere because that was a surprise attack. That was something that was really caught them off guard. So it feels genuine to me. But until we have more detail because I don't think there have been any Jews involved with it at all and until well, until ah lately. But But, yeah, it's it's become controlled opposition because we've said this before. I mean, do you see boomers raging about AOC anymore? No, she's been dialed in. She does what Pelosi once she doesn't step out of line. In fact, you hardly ever see her at all. I think the direction given to her was Keep a low profile and you'll have a nice, long, illustrious career up here on Capitol Hill. You could be the token Hispanic and, ah, we'll make you rich and you just need to shut your fucking mouth and ah, look pretty for the camera. And that's about all you got to do. And then that was enough. Was enough for, I guess. Yeah, yes, unless she was never genuine mean. I don't know. Time will tell. I always leave that out there because when our guy Spam Houston told us many times that I was not from the beginning. He was right. So maybe she was Maybe she was bullshit on. Yeah, she could have been at the same time. Like there could be people who become true believers in the out very early on who are genuine and they're genuine. Sentiments can be, can be used to mask the truth of what the Opitz. Right. And that was certainly the case with some of the people that got involved early on and in the Trump movement, etcetera. But yes. Oh, it's sorry if I If I didn't say this, I would totally I would. It would bother me for the rest of the show because it's like two shows now that I've forgotten this guy's name Saikat Chakrabarti, right? Try remembering that after two or three weeks shot Saikat is a real inroads. So I want to say like Chae Kat Chocolate? Yeah, Yeah, that's the guy. Chobani, Mom. Yeah, and they came after them for campaign finance violations and they went pretty hard, but nothing ever came of it. Um and that's basically how they reined them in. And they got Saikat to step step aside because he's really the brains behind the op, so well, he could be the up. He could be the guy that they pushed aside because he was a threat. I don't know, but anyway, yeah, he was. He was one of their early organizer's. And, of course, Justice Thames was something that was promoted early on by people like like Chunk Walker and Kyle Kalinsky and each other for years. Undeserving is not deserving of Chuck. Know, Chuck is a name that we have to refer to a chosen few. These filthy lying Chuck's. You know, call them, Called him a thief, called him a liar. Call them. Oh, how's that saying go. But call them a chuck and watch how they recoil in. Ah, uh, I mean, you can't give that guy that name because he's not a Chuck. He's a chunk, so yeah, yeah, and so looking. I mean, these are the people that were involved in early on, But what we know now is that as of now we look at what they're doing. Look at who they're supporting and look at the positions they have adopted and the positions they advocate the most ardently four. And it's it's very revealing as to what what's really going on? A justice. Dams. But what put them back in our field of view? And what reminded me they even existed, frankly, was this recent dustup they had with the CBC, where they and they've been running candidates against CBC Congressional Black Caucus candidates in many of these Democratic primaries. They were doing it in 2018 doing it again in 2020. And this has been met with with people you know, Cummings and others. Allegations of racism aqui, Hakeem Jeffries, Val Demings, You know, coming out and saying Wow, I wonder why they're targeting black black folk where they're talking in black folk. Recently, they were targeting somebody named Joyce Beatty in an Ohio primary with Cannon a. Morgan Harper, who is She's a woman, and she is some kind of mulatto combination, not quite clear what's going on there. But Morgan Harper was the Justice Democrats candidate. This is one of many CBC seats they've gone after, and Harper was able to raise quite a money nearly a $1,000,000 according to the FTC before the race, and she lost two to Joyce Beatty. But this is not as much money as was raised by Beattie, Bt in the CBC was able to raise quite a bit of cash and ah, you know, So you have the justice Demas that present themselves. Is this progressive? A group they nominally are are trying to push the Democratic Party to the left. Nominally, they reject neo liberalism. They are They are, you know, more hardcore in economics. And so you wonder. Well, why are they targeting so Maney? CBC races? What's what's unique about the CBC? But look at where the CBC candidates get their money from. And you know, jazz. Once you've pointed out that once you once you know about Black Rock and Vanguard and you start looking at financial backers of things, whether it's nonprofits or candidates or companies yeah, you're gonna find these people coming up everywhere. So just like micro finance analysis on immigration sort of made some sense. It's like we knew what we were fighting for, and we knew what we were talking about. But without understanding the full scope of how this is funded, how these people are leveraged in, you know, because if you imagine, imagine that you're a CBC candidate who saw this and thought it was genuine and got sucked up into it. And maybe some of them don't give a shit. And in the reality is is like the people that get suck up sucked up into this are going to get some of what they want. Unlike the GOP, where it's like if you're in Immigration hawk or you're a God, a debt hawk in 2020 and you get sucked up into the GOP and those air your pet issues, you're not gonna get a balanced budget amendment like get the fuck out like you're not gonna get anything strong and immigration. You're just gonna be doing the bid for Israel. CBC, while not CBC justice stems thes Guys will come in and they will get the opportunity to get some of what they want. If gay issues air their issues, they'll get some of that. They'll get a little bit of this, and they'll be given the thin veneer of being able to deliver for the constituents some of what they want. They'll probably have a long time in office, but if they start touching that and here ago, Specter cause there's a nice drop free if they start touching that third rail of politics and get into an area where it's it's not something that they really should be doing or talking about. They're gonna get their hands slapped. We've seen that happen with AOC and some of the others receded toe labor. I've almost forgotten their names. But when you start to look at who's funding these campaigns, whether it's Vanguard or Capital One or I don't see Black Rock in here is black Rock that they have to be well, actually, R B yeah, they are, actually. When you start to look at this, it invalidates the entire premise of like, whatever the op that's going on, it's like, Okay, if this is if this is for real, then show me where the money is coming from. Oh, there's big super PACs involved yet who funds them? Oh, BlackRock, Vanguard Capital one ally finish. It's just like, Okay, there we are, then. None of this Israel. It's not gonna go anywhere. And the good thing about that is this. If you figure out how to solve that puzzle, which is that Rubik's Cube, which is really just a couple twists when you know who was funding it, then the whole thing becomes invalidated. You don't have to sit around and wait. You don't have to be like Well, what else are we supposed to do, James? We got to take a chance here, man. Like, Well, what else do we have to lose? And you end up with the same old shit every four years. It's like, No, you don't need to do that. I have one neat trick how you can figure out the whole game in one second, and you know that you're never going to get what you want unless you're a fag and you want fag stuff out of this. And even then you're not gonna get what you want because you know we know how that goes. Yeah. Speaking of the gay stuff, that is often why, Ah, justice stems. Candidates will say they are running against CBC candidates because they need to doom or on LGBT justice or because they need to doom or for reproductive rights as etcetera. As we know, black politicians tend to be ah, less less vocally supportive of the gay stuff. They'll still vote the right way when it comes down to it, but they're not fully bought in. And so if you're somebody who's on the left and your injustice Demings, you can look at the CBC candidates and who funds the CBC candidates. And you will get viscerally angry if you're someone who is very concerned about corporate control over politics because he looked at a CBC candidate, somebody who is Ah Joyce Beatty, for example, and you look who gives to their campaign and you see Vanguard Group, Pro Israel, America Pac, Home Depot, L Brands Less and Abigail Wexner, 2500 from Black Rock Pack 2500 from Goldman Sachs, etcetera. You see that? And you think, OK, this is someone who is a corporate controlled Democrat, is not a real Democrat and will primary them. And that's why Justice Demas have found themselves targeting so many CBC members. And it's not just CBC, right, it's Ah, Henry Cueller of Texas was a Hispanic guy. Lacy Clay and Missouri. They've even gone after Elliott Angle, who's Jewish, but ah, but yes. Oh, you think OK, this is This is real hard core stuff. These people are really serious about fighting for neo liberal or fighting against neoliberalism. But ah, has your is not the case, is it? As we come to find out, it's totally work. It's totally a work, and it's just going. I mean, this is the way that they remake the Democratic Party and the right a bunch of article deep think pieces. But you go out and look at some of the jacket and bag and some others, they figured this out. They know that this is all this is all fake and gay, and it's not something that you want to get involved in and the fact that they're doing this in the aftermath of Bernie Sanders, and in twice, twice around the track with Bernie Sanders. You gotta think to yourself, If you're if you're on the left, it's like, Look at Biden. I mean, you know, we're Of course, we're not disheartened because we've moved. We've moved past it. I think the rest of the right wing is gonna be very disheartened coming up very soon. But these people, I mean, I just can't imagine how black build they are. Can you imagine? Like Bernie's out, you find out that justice stems is an up. You're not getting what you want out of that because remember, while we a lot of us became disheartened with politics when we saw you know, the 2010 record election, when you find out that nothing worked out your way, I mean, remember, 2018 was the election that they opposed Trump and the the the Nazi in the Oval Office. And we're gonna take back Congress and do X, y and Z. And what have I gotten for that? I mean, Trans, actually, they didn't get impeachment. They didn't get The Mueller report was a dud, and we all know why. That is from our perspective. But from their perspective, What if they gotten What a getting out of this? Yeah, it seems like the party's just willing to go along with whatever, and Biden is their nominee. I mean, it's like, Yeah, it's these people have nowhere to go either. And that's you know why The 3rd 3rd position is really the way to go here, but right? Yeah, And if you're if you especially if you're a white leftist who was a member of justice dams and got caught up in it and and supported it in 2018 and and that brings us to how we know it's a work, right? So it's, you know, it's one thing to look at the donations of a couple candidates, but it's really more systematic than that. And it runs throughout the entirety of the justice Dims organization and network. You look back to 2018 at the candidates they endorsed, and it's always been justice stems. Maybe because it was headed by that that Indian guy. But they've always been very disproportionately Indian and Asian. A lot, A lot of projects involved. Back in 2018 the candidates they endorse for House races were about 1\/4 Indian, 1\/4 black and brown. 1\/4 Jewish and 1\/4 actual whites roll the clock forward. Two years come 2020 and every candidate they have endorsed is either brown or Jewish. There are no white endorse ease in any of these House races, not a so one. Now you say I'm not. I'm not surprised to hear this, though, but this is this is this is the left side of the kosher sandwich, looking at the changing demographics. Looking at these districts in California, looking at places in New York was specifically and remaking the Democratic party. I mean, it's it's good news in the sense that whites are being pushed out of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, I hope that they don't get pushed into the Republican Party. But, um, we'll see. Hopefully these guys just get pushed out to the sidelines, and that's that. I mean, I would be concerned, actually, if they were starting to field white candidates because that seems like a position, a hedge where they could keep keep the game going a little bit longer. But yeah, I mean, if you're a white guy in the Democratic Party and you're looking at who these candidates are, I mean, it has to get a little disheartening after a while. Unless the Jews were supposed to be white placeholders. So I don't know what 1\/4 of them are Jewish. Is that how that goes? And that's how it was. Yeah, that's about the same in 2020. Yeah, about 1\/4 Jewish, and they're not running any explicitly Jewish candidates this time around. But ah, the ones they are that are running is white. People like Carrot Eastman in Nebraska doesn't identify as Jewish, but says her Jewish father shaped her outlook is a liberal Democrat, Marine Newman Illinois says, Just to be clear, my husband is Jewish and this is this one's great. Alex Morse says his hair color is inherited from his father, Tracy, who retains of splash of it in his full beard. No one knows how he came by his eyes shared neither by his Jewish mother nor his Scots Irish father, of course. Everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it totally, totally based. Yeah, these people are really gonna take it to Israel, aren't they? Right? And that was, of course, one of the concerns put forward by the by the right side of the kosher sandwich was Oh, Justice Demas. Look at this anti Semitic new movement popping up on the left and again if you are a white leftist. This was something that a lot of white leftists were clinging. Thio was the ascendancy of justice Demings and the hope that this could be used to ah as a foothold for for whites toe have power in the Democratic Party, especially when it's like what you gonna do CBC? Yeah, not happening. Any of these other factions in the Democratic Party not really happening, but ah yeah, when you see you being pushed entirely out of justice stems not a single white person endorsed. What do you do? What? What political home is there for you? None here. None of the Republicans. What's your option? Maybe 1\/3 position? Yeah, I'm just tired of all these chuck ish tricks. I mean, it's just one. It's just one trick after another, and I think it's getting old. The good news is that it's the same old game over and over again that fewer and fewer people are following for each time. I know that's hard for people to believe, because you look out there and it seems kind of desolate. But the fact that there, I mean, these air ops that were supposed to work for a generation and now they work for about a new election cycle, and the half the half life of this is is diminishing, and they're I think they're making. They're not. These strategies aren't perfect. We say this all the time. They're not perfect in their execution, and they make a lot of tactical errors. One of the biggest ones that I've called out on the right is you know, if they if they want to stave off radicalism, then give people little bit of what they want. Make Trump Khalfan up instead of a full up. You know, like make justice stems half oven op instead of full lap. But the barefaced, chuck ish chutzpah of running of running not a single white candidate in 2020 that is incredible, cause that also shows maybe they're they're just done with white ally Bit. Or they're just like Jews could be the crypto Jews and Cripps in Half Crips is can be the stand in for white people we don't need. We don't Whites are always a liability. So, like, let's get let's get these people out of here like that white congresswoman Didn't she have a ah a ah, friendly windmill tattoo or something? I forget. No, I don't think she had that, but she had an iron cross. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Like independent skateboards like wow. Based. Um so yeah, I think they're just There's Donald flights, right? Just had enough. This is the plan. This is This is the plan. The minority future of the country where it's a 20% white country on paper, is basically 20% Jews in power, and that's gonna be the planning. This is the model that they've pulled off in Latin America anyway, right? The people of the people in power Jewish and the proletariat or Brown and the white boy People are kind of stuck in the middle. So yeah, the hubris is something that gets him in trouble of frequently to. And as you mentioned, these ops is supposed to last for lifetimes, and they can only get a campaign cycle or two out of them. Part of that is because of how heavily they tipped their hand as they're doing this time around. And, you know, in 2018 maybe this stuff would have been harder to find. But in 2020 it's not even being hidden anymore. You have this Justice Democrats candidate for Congress in San Diego being endorsed by AOC and two passed a pack Presidents Georgia Gomez, running for City Council to replace outgoing Rep. Susan Davis is being endorsed by not only by Justice Democrats but also by like a laundry list of Jewish consultancy firms in San Diego and across the country. It's it's incredible you have Mark Mellman, president of the Democratic majority for Israel, saying the pro Israel community is very high on Gomez Georgia. Gomez, he added, will be a stronger and more effective advocate of the U. S Israel relationship than her opponent. Her opponent, by the way, is Jewish and as family in Israel. Wow. Yeah. Wow. So you got a Jew running against a Jew and amazing. Oh, no, Gomez Gomez is and Jewish. But ah, no, no. I mean like the people sponsoring the race, though, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then And then, you know that's not the only fans. She's a big. She's a lot of fans among the chuck community. This guy Mendelson, who is a a philanthropist, says we should not be surprised that someone who is progressive is pro Israel. Mendel's and told Jewish insider, I think we should be surprised when someone is progressive and is not pro Israel. So, yeah, if you wanted an indication on how converged the progressive justice movement has become, it is effectively controlled by these people and by former A pack presidents Amy Friedkin and Mort Friedman. So yeah, Mort, is that this is more the guy from Family Guy, the pharmacist, right isn't Morte? Is that the show? I have no idea, Mort. Yeah, there's a Jew on family guy, Mort. It's the fucking guy with the glasses. Somebody in the comments will know what I'm talking about more and he's even. He's got the Yeah, you'll have to look it up, but yeah, that Xueju. It's like, wherever you go, it's like I can't even family guy can't even escape. It's like, you know, so neither can justice damaged. I mean, these are these are these are your allies just a stems. Former a pack Presidents and Mark Mellman, the pro Israel community. Yeah, that's who you throwing your hat in with. They needed a kosher dialectic on the left for a long time. They didn't. They didn't really. I mean, they had division within the party, but they didn't have a bona fide ah, rubber stamped party like this. Like the GOP had the tea party which turned out to be, which is now morphed into the American. What is it? The Freedom Caucus of the American Freedom. What is it? Doesn't matter. The liberty, Jack off fucking stick. Whatever. It doesn't matter. They have some club within the club that is like meant to seem like the cool based club like these are the guys that actually care about getting stuff done right in the face of the establishment Rhino Republicans that don't want to get any that when the rally it's like, Well, the head guy from that is now in the White House, working with Trump, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, who, uh, it seems to have a good track record. He's been kind of in the mix, sucking the dick, too. So they needed something like this on the left because if they didn't create something to catch all of the demographic uprising, that they needed something to sort of catch that brown wave and keep it from cresting and become in falling on top of them. Because if they didn't they would just end up with more Bernie's and they'd end up with more AO sees. That's why I'm sort of inclined to believe that it was somewhat genuine in the beginning because of their reaction to it. But again, you know, in the words of Spain, Houston, the reaction to be part of the up to make it seem more real. We've seen that happen on the right as well. But now they needed something like that in place to to act as a, um, pressure release valve or even a ah strainer basket or something, like in a pool to catch all of the bad brown eggs that it could bubble up to the surface that have a problem with Jews. And now they get funneled into this. Now, the thing is, is, Is this enough in the Jewish calculation is justice stems enough to keep those people at bay or they're gonna figure this out over time. I mean, the biggest problem that they have right now. And the other reason that people should feel white killed is that, um I think at no point in at no point in history where people as awoke to Chuck is tricks as they are right now. Um, everybody knows what Chuck is doing. Everyone sees what Chuck is doing, and they're wise to what truck has been doing to them. And I think you know, you could say, You know, a long time ago there might have been a point in history where more people are comfortable talking about Jewish power. It was probably like before World War Two. You know, beyond the the memory of anyone alive today, Um, so, yeah, it's getting back to that point. It's one of the reasons why they want to do censorship and shut everything down. And they have to expend a lot of money in capital and effort in time, setting up these dialectics to sort of keep to keep things. Keep the turn going right, because if they don't do this, then you end up with the possibility of an insurgency that causes a problem. GOP has resolved that issue. It's not gonna happen because they have barred all the doors and there, barring all the doors on the left. The only question is, how long can a hermetically sealed system like that work If they push too many people out of the orbit? What happens right? You keep dashing people's hopes, not giving them anything of what they want. That's why I think it's a mistake. You're not pulling people in your keeping people out. And so how long can that go on? Do they survive by doing D and C on the fringes so that those two fringes never connect? Our goal is to get the fringes to connect, right? But their their goal is to keep them apart, spin people out of the orbit and keep them spinning farther away from each other through DNC. But the whole goal is to get people toe kind of congeal and stand together and say no. This system sucks. This system is fake. This system will is never gonna give you what you want. No matter what side you're on, You want universal healthcare, never gonna get it. You want a wall and zero Immigration, you're never going to get it. I mean, this is the the fundamental premise of the kosher sandwich. But, um, this is why when people say, you know, when they when they listen to what we've said about Trump And, um, we had a commenter today, uh, who listened to the segment that we did over the weekend in this guy. He's like, You're telling me that Trump and Bannon or bad guys like the only hope the world seems tohave comes from these two. He's like, What are we supposed to do now? Like what's even Riel. And he kept going. He's like, Wait, what do we do this all seems so hopeless. He's like I life sucks, man. Like I'm not even sure what to say about this. And a couple of commenters were like Chuck. His name's you, Farley Chuck, too. By the way, he's like you. Farley. Chuck, you okay there? But it's Mr White's like it doesn't have to be this way, bro. Like that's I feel so bad. But at the same time, I'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing with this guy because in a certain way, I know I know that feel when you when you realize it's like this is all an illusion, this is all a mirage. It's not riel, you gotta You gotta stop coping with things like, you know, we've talked a lot about, um, about Russia being a cope, that people dio we're gonna talk about Tulsi, Gabbert, Tulsi, Gabbard being a Coke that people dio, um and we have to smash thes Shiva lists. I mean, some of the early Shiva lists that you smash or, you know, people like Ronald Reagan, you know, we did the deep dive, but that's a thing that a lot of conservatives cling to really early on in the process I mean, you really have to be pretty blue pills still, but that's a thing that you have to give up like That's I don't know what step in your journey. Issuing Reagan is maybe fully understanding. The scope of what Reagan did is something that you have to really understand. One sure J woke. But it's a thing that you have to set down because otherwise it's a thing that people think that they can go back to like the golden eighties. It's like, Yeah, the music was pretty good. I mean, flash wave is great, mean whatever, but it's They tie that all together and they think they're coming back. It's like, No, once you really understand about Reagan, a murdered Thatcher, it's all a shit show. And then people from there, it's like a Well, then I'm gonna cling to our white nationalists founding fathers like well, but let me, ah, let me to have a little chat with you about that, too. And so talking a lot about this with with James, of course, in Steve are friends. Steve, who me is that you have to get to a point where there isn't anything that year It's like OK, well, that failed. Now I'm gonna like, Bear, hug this and hold on the thing that you have to bear, hug and cling to and put trust in and faith in is the community of your friends. And the thing that we have all built together, that's something that you can rely on. There's not much else out there. So when people are like Bro's, they're like anything that's like, not totally fucked. And Gates not really. There's a few things, Um, you know, our uncle, of course, is totally Ah, great, fantastic guy. And, um, no qualms there. But yet just about everything else is just a distraction. It's the thing that people get caught up and and ah, it's it's freeing when you let these things go, isn't it, James? I mean, yeah, and And if you're on the on the left to this is, ah, similar realization, maybe through breaking different shovel us that need to be broken down about figures and ideologies or what have your ah, golden period with which you could go back? Teoh, which doesn't exist either, and functionally right, Justice Democrats is serving a similar a similar function to a phenomenon. We've talked about plenty here on this show, which is the distraction, the energy suck, that is involvement with the GOP. Justice Demas is doing the same thing for disaffected leftists that are seeking an alternative, a genuine alternative to neo liberalism to the CBC to this type of politics by tricking them into thinking. Well, if we just show up at the Democratic convention and raise hell and run these primary candidates and get our challengers in, they'll be totally based right that they'll be doing. They'll be pushing for nationalized health care. They'll be pushing for ending corporate control over our politics. When in reality, what is AOC done? What is ion oppressively done? One of these people that you fought to get in done, especially in a time of great opportunity, like Corona virus and the stimulus bills were Where were they to stand up and demand mawr for people like you? They made a little noise. I mean, this is also familiar for people who have been around GOP politics for a long time that ah, these these great white hopes great. Brown hopes in their case that you get elected to really make a change to do the Mr Smith goes to Washington. They say a couple things. They fire a couple tweets and then ultimately they vote the way the party wants them, too. So while we have people stuck on the right, um, window looking, trying to get into the GOP, you have people on the left trapped in the justice demos to thinking this is a viable means to exert your will. But it's never going to be if it's controlled by Chuck. If Chuck is the one doing the financing and Chuck is pulling the strings, and Truck has decided that people who look like you and believe like you will never be run as candidates will never get support of this group. This is just a zone friendly to you as as neoliberalism as the new liberal, mainstream Democratic Party. In fact, probably Maura unfriendly to you because the Justice Dams is at least putting up the pretense that there is a place for people like you when in reality there isn't. And just like people on the right are tricked into, Oh, I don't know, hanging around with with Internet predators and defending Harvey Weinstein and and all sorts of other unsavory behavior. Justice dem size The package presented to you there is if you want to oppose the economic system, we currently live under the yoke of power we live under, then, yeah, you also need to be a fervent supporter of abolishing ice. You also need to go out there and demand abortion up to 40 weeks. You also need to do, like, adopt all of these poison pill policies that make you totally unpalatable and and, ah, frankly rejected by people who otherwise you would find common cause with. And that's why these poison pills were are injected, as you mentioned, just to keep the fringes from ever meeting one another by by tainting each side of I hate to say, even fringe. But to keep the populace on either side view it they view as the fringe. And that's that's the terminology that they use. And it proves another point to is that, let's say, for the sake of argument that Justice stems was a really genuine phenomenon, and it starts. They were pursuing a strategy that has been tried and failed many times on the right to sneak up on the GOP they snuck up on on the Democratic Party and thought that they were gonna have a seated A table in the party was like, Asher, you can sit down and you're now locked in here with us and you're not gonna do or say shit. And if you disrupt this and cause a problem because you always have to ask the question Well, if AOC and some of these others really believed in in their fight, then how come you don't see one person, sort of, you know, gonna flip out and be like, This is what these people said I had to do to stay in Congress and I'm quitting where she probably has nowhere else to go? Um, no. Where else did nothing else to do? She's kind of made a name for herself, and that's it. But they've proven the point that you can't sneak up on them. It's not gonna happen. You're gonna change your not gonna make any sort of tangible changes. And they have their own sets of shibboleth is that they have to smash and they're getting their I mean, the whole plan, the whole the whole way. This thing works so well is tricking people slowly over a long enough period of time that by the time they figure it out, either they have too much to lose at that point in their life. And they don't want to rock the boat or in the way it used to be. It's like you go on for a very long time, and by the time you figure it out, it's too late. They've already moved on to the next phase of the game. The thing is that they've they've moved too quickly now this is the point that I was making before, which is that it's no longer These tricks don't work for a lifetime. Our generation, they work for an election cycle and they don't have that many. Truck doesn't have that many tricks in the bag. You know, they're kind of running out running out of options, and it becomes very obvious what's going on. And the demographic changes in happening fast enough for them. That's why they have calendars hanging in their offices when, when when the clock is gonna keep ticking and it's not working out well for them. So yeah, and in another shibboleth that we have to smash. Um, and this is one that, you know, they're different camps around the Tulsi Gabbard phenomenon. Um, and some of them, you know, were to point out the things that she said that were correct her rhetoric and use her candidacy for the rhetorical talking points. And I think I think that's valid. I don't think that's a problem, But when you start to boil it down and you start to realize that maybe that wasn't all that it was cracked up to be So one of our many missions at FTN has been lionized the people in institutions we've been told we must hate and to call out and smashed the sacred cows that we've been baited into, believing in and putting trust in to right. And so she's she's got to go down because this is this is something that I think people got caught up in. Now I don't think there were that many people. I think it would be a pretty big strawman. Although I don't know James. I mean, were there people who were actually like fuck Trump, like I'm putting all my eggs in the Tulsi basket now? I mean, I would hope that people weren't doing that. And then it was just, you know, kind of a thing to get involved in. But I think once we unpack and put forward what what we know here, people will realize it's like, Wow. So even if you get excited about the rhetoric and and get, you know, go up onto the stage and, you know, play the marionette where you're just like as she said something based and these Jews are mad and blah, blah, blah, you have to realize that maybe that was an act to like Maybe that was just something that they did. A little Schrade that they put on to animate the base and get one aspect or or, as some people have said, maybe to draw the people out on the Democratic Party who, ah, maybe espouse some of the views that they don't want to keep around in what they found out. Waas. The people that, like Tulsi, were overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly men in overwhelmingly independent. They weren't necessarily part of the Democratic Party. And these this is maybe one of the reasons why justice stems like we're just not gonna run any whites, cause these are the kind of people that really like Tulsi Gabbard rhetoric, and that's kind of how that's turned out. But I mean, look, I mean, she's It's not just now before people think like, Oh, you're just gonna point out that she's open borders and pro choice and pro LGBT Q P And she said, You know, maybe a few quasi noninterventionist things. This is simple analysis. Oh, yeah, she's not what? And she's a lamb and right Jazz hands like That's the problem. No, we're gonna get to the problem. There's a big, glaring problem. Um, that kind of gives the game away. But, I mean, what was your take on her, James? I mean, I don't really even remember. I feel like this. This sort of this election cycle, she was more of a dud, except for one moment when she owned, or at least in a charade, Moment owned. Um, what's her name? Kabbalah. Ha'aretz. On this stage like that. But that could have just been Kabuki theater to right? I mean, we don't really know. Yeah, it's it's hard to say what the motivation were. What a a you can't like didn't do a person's head and say with exact certainty what that was, But I don't think anybody ever expected told c two way. I think. Well, I shouldn't say that. I think it would would have been a mistake to expect any victory or expect anything genuinely based to happen as a result of the Tosi candidacy. The way I looked at Chelsea was always that you know, this is someone who will say some of the right things on foreign policy, and that's interesting. And leave it at that because then you start looking into our other policy positions. You start researching what we've found here and you come to conclude the Theo nly conclusion you can come. Teoh is that this is not a person who was going to deliver on any of these things if they were given power. This is someone who do whatever the motivation is, is likely exploiting what they know to be popular for attention, for donations for maybe a boost in candidacy, for maybe, for for drawing people out of the out of the political hinterland in order to identify them as an act of market research? Perhaps, But this is not someone you congenitally expect to get things done for you. You have to understand that the things that she said probably aren't even things that she really believes. I mean, she used to be, um, pro life, actually, before she became pro choice and she actually voted for Ah, I think of an abortion bill. That was that She voted, I think she voted against about how did this go? Yeah, um blah, blah blah. Who wants federal funding for abortion and even voted against a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. So she voted against the ban on abortion after 20 weeks. The point is, is that she's flipped on these things. She used to be in favour of traditional marriage to, um and she became very out spoken. She was actually a critic of same sex. It's not just that she sort of blithely said, Yeah, I I support a marriage between one man and one woman Republicans of 10 years ago to the point where she was a critic of same sex marriage and civil unions. And now she's in LGBTQ advocates, so we don't really even know what she thinks. But the point I was gonna make is that she is somebody who I think it's just saying the right things at the right time to be a pressure release valve. She's just in. The brand scope of presidential politics is just a pressure release valve. For that end, she was somebody who was intended to deflect, um, some of the interest from Bernie Thes white men, independents who were on the left. And of course, some of her popularity was fueled by people in our thing to, um, maybe digitally in Drudge polls. But people who actually were on, ironically behind her campaign, you know, it's, ah, it's it's probable that those people might have. Where would they have accrued to absent Tulsi, Berna or Warren? Probably not Warren, probably Bernie, or doing something outside of the two party system. Doing so, Yeah, putting their energy elsewhere into building something outside of the Democrat Republican dichotomy. And that's the other thing is, if you're going to tell us that, well, she had to change her mind on on LGBT P issues. She had to change her mind on abortion. Well, then, if those pressures exist on those issues, where are those pressures on the foreign policy? Why would she have not changed her mind on this. This totally anti war stance that she is purported, tohave and those air hugely fundamental issues moral, really, deeply moral, deeply held moral convictions on marriage and abortion. And she just know, Flipped, done, gone. And and so I'm not saying, you know, people. Four people are like, Well, just because she flipped on, that doesn't mean she'd flip on its does. We see it happen all the time. We see we see promises made all the time. So let's get into this because I mean, you had you had some conservative interest you had. So I think I think the best way to play the game is not to play it all because of you play into this. Then Tulsi Gabbard, as the up succeeded, it got interested, got excitement. It got people worked up over things that were not really and yet maybe the rhetoric, I guess maybe has some impact. But if you realize that a lot of this stuff is kind of a charade, then it's isn't actually going to go anywhere, and we're gonna bear that out here in the proof is always in the pudding. But, um, you know she did the right things, right? She did things that maybe people thought would would make her seem like in an alternative. And they can do this right? They can have somebody who is for every aspect of gay rights, somebody who is for full on abortion, somebody who's just open up the borders and let them all come in because that's what her policies are and who is actually four Ah, ongoing terror operations around the world. Her the line that she always returns to his regime change. I don't want regime change, but I'm happy to have soldiers all over the world. I have no problem with all these military bases being open. I have no problem with counterterrorism ops going on all the time because she knows that that's the future. She knows that regime change is not something that they really want to do anyway, unless they absolutely have to. As we proven with China and Iran and some others and Russia, they don't want to accomplish these goals with a fucking hot war. So, Sheikh, it's easy for Gabbard to come out there and say, I'm against the hot war when they the rest of the rest of Ah, the neo liberal establishment has already moved on from that as as a possibility. That's why it was easy for Trump to come out and say We need to bring the troops home. We need to do this. We need to re pivot. We need toe and not actually do a war because they've already moved on from that. They're going to use financial leverage. They're going to use Facon gay missile strikes. They're gonna use gay ops like, um, like minds on the side of the ship and blame it on Iran. I mean, they've already moved on from this, and so they can pretend play this game of pretend like Gabbert has done with the diminishing number of people on the in the Democratic Party who are anti war. I mean, they've largely stamped that out. Now, 10 years ago, they probably would have had to run somebody with slightly richer rhetoric on some of this stuff. But at this point, this is what they think they can get away with, make her gay as fuck on literally everything else and have a cool few talking points. And it really says a lot about a system that has gone so far in the trash, where this is what gets people excited. I know people have made this point before about her. It's like people are getting excited. You have. You have Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter and all these Breitbart's is all animated about somebody like Tulsi Gabbard. But could you imagine a Tulsi Gabbard coming out and saying this kind of thing, like 30 years ago? Could you imagine what the reaction would be like? James, I mean, but this is what this is, how awful the system is. This is what you get when you put somebody like that out there. This is all designed to collapse it down and smash these sentiments and give them give them something to get excited about, giving a little bit of spark him a little tender. Let it but it. But it's smolder for a while, right? It's smoldered for four years, and that's it. Yeah. Could you imagine Tulsi Gabbard ever retweeting that praise from Ann Coulter? Could you imagine her ever celebrating the endorsement of Pat Buchanan? Right, These air, these are This is praise that is going to go totally unrecorded. and yeah, it's again. This is when they recognize as they have when Chuck recognizes that the people that were in the Trump base that were into Trump for a variety of reasons opposition to immigration, opposition to foreign wars, the nominal opposition to foreign war when they realized these people are becoming dispirited and disinterested in this system. In participating in politics, Tulsi served as as a good lifeline to bring a lot of these people back in and plug them back in as they were about to become unplugged. Yeah, because if you if you go out and we've we've had to learn the lesson. So we're definitely not slamming the door shut on somebody who who felt the way that we did five minutes ago because we certainly I was fully like. I thought it was okay to go out there and in sort of take her talking points and, you know, still used to stoke the fire and stoke the flames. But I'm realizing is the best. The best play is is not to play that game at all and say whenever, whenever Chuck brings another trick out of his bag, call it fucking trick. Be like, fuck you truck in your trick, we're not falling for this shit. Don't go out there and be like, you know, whatever. But people are going to what they want doesn't really matter. I'm not. I'm going to see the next the next ah, fake and gay thing that they put out there and call it for what it is. And I think that's I think that actually gets cuts right down to the bone rather than engaging with it. Because if you engage with it and they see that because they're sitting there and they're like thinking they think to themselves how well is this gonna play a look? She keeps she She keeps getting conservatives really excited. Keeps getting people worked up. Look at all these people getting really worked up about something that's never gonna pan out. Never gonna be a really thing. And they wear themselves out over something like this. And then they're like, All right, mission accomplished. Because she she announced he's not running for Congress again. She's done like Chiapas. Finished. She ran for president. She was here. Trumpism is done. It's over now it's finished like she's finished. It's not. It's not gonna happen like the game has been played. And so her policy positions in actuality, have not been great. I think everybody knows her positions on on DACA where she thinks they all should be allowed to stay. She thinks that we should have a comprehensive immigration reform that would basically give 35 million undocumented residents living in the United States according to her A pathway to citizenship. So full amnesty for everybody. And she thinks that we should not ban refugees from the country. That was her reaction to Trump. When he first got into office. Six days after he got into office, she tweeted We should not ban refugees from our country. We must address the root cause that is making people flee their homes. Regime change wars. There it is again. Something that they're not going to do and something that s oh, So what about economic sanctions? Tulsi that also causes migration. What about micro? Fine. It's your problem with that note. Never says anything about what? About the people of micro finance that is that is bringing in people. And, you know, look that the regime change war in Mexico. The regime change war in Honduras and El Salvador. Knicker. I mean on Boom wants. Yeah, it's it's dumb and here's the thing. It's like OK, so if you stop Okay, then do you support the eradication of all policy that causes migration? Yes or no? Because she never talks about anything other than the pat answer that just so. Answer. Virgie venturers. She was a fierce critic of NAFTA, like Trump, which she says costs hundreds of thousands of American jobs and lowered wages. But then she turned right around and voted for Trump's revamped NAFTA, the US Mexico Canada agreement after Democrats cooked on stronger labor and environmental provisions. Remember, they didn't go that hard. They were told to get this done. Pass it through. Remember, Right in the middle of impeachment, the Congress basically have voted overwhelmingly to, ah, finally support Trump's NAFTA new NAFTA, which is the same as the old NAFTA. Even even everybody's saying that like nobody is is thinking about. This is a very good thing, but what's that going to do to people fleeing their homes from Mexico? Telsey. It means that gonna What do you think the new NAFTA's gonna do? How was that designed. And she must be okay with all the Israeli spy tech stuff that was in there too, right, James? I mean, yeah, any opposition to the, like, moving language around in order to to pretend as if American manufacturing is going to benefit? No. No meaningful provisions. And we talked about this. We did, Ah, snorkel dive on this on this bill. But no meaningful provision included in that bill to bring jobs back to the U. S. And if anything, it was very beneficial to Mexico. So yeah, she voted for it as a Democrat where she could have if she really wanted to get up on her high horse and opposed this because it's bad for the optics. Shouldn't even do that. Especially if he's not running for Congress again. Especially if she's serious about running for president and isn't running for Congress again. What is the cost of getting up on the high horse and doing this? There is, There's none, and the same goes for the Corona virus stimulus. There would've been no cost to her to to stand up and and say we need to give $6000 every American or whatever the value is because it's not like she has to defend her seat. She already committed not to run again. So where was she? So yes, so let's go through some of the other positions because, I mean, I think these air pretty obviously she's a she's. She was totally four and totally planned trusting on Russia interfering in the election, she says, you us voting systems, air vulnerable from attack. She she introduced legislation, um, to mandate the use of paper ballots. It's like, OK, it's another throwaway bill. She does this a lot. She considers Israel to be the United States is strongest ally. And I'm sure the cope there from people is gonna be or was. Would it see? The other reason we're doing this now, too, is not just because somebody tipped me off to the to the smoking gun, which we haven't put out there yet, But we will hear shortly is because there would have been a lot a lot of chapped assholes if we had done this, you know, a couple months ago. But you know that the dust has settled its over. She's not coming back. She's not running. She's gonna be in any political office again, and maybe she'll run in 2024 may be the dust off the old up James and wheel it back out there, but she's she's got a lot of, uh, she's got a lot of, ah, of these, very similar to the GOP, right? You know, Ted Cruz is soon as the GOP lose the house, Ted Cruz introduces a whole bunch of based immigration bills that he knows they're never gonna pass the house. They maybe they wouldn't even they don't even come out of committee in the Senate, let alone the house. But he at least gets to look cool, right? What? She's done the same thing. She sponsored the 2017 Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which would have prohibited any federal funds from being directed to these groups, which is a total joke and broke piece of legislation. Of course, it got three or four sponsors and conveniently died, But just like Republicans who author Whoa, bro, totally based bills when they're in the minority and ever go anywhere. Tulsi is no different to introduce a bill which you know won't pass but makes a good headline to get your name out there. She's also featured on CNN and often talks about how the CIA funds and arms Isis and radical Sunni groups, which is kind of odd, given that nobody else is allowed to talk about this. But, um, she's not even really anti war in 2012 Gabbert said. The best way to defeat the terrorists is through strategically placed small quick strike Special Forces and drones. The strategy that took out Osama bin Laden. So she's all right with just, you know, raids on sovereign nations in the middle of the night by the U. S. Military to take out people you know, iro for whatever that somebody says the bad guy, you know, it's like, you know, where's the body, too? By the way, she told Fox in 2014 that she would quote, direct the great military that we have to quote, conduct unconventional, strategic, precise operations to take out these terrorists wherever they are, whether they sleep right, James? Wow. Yeah, she really wants to bring those troops home, huh? Because that's why they're there, right? To carry out these operations we just saw fake, very fake in very gay one happened in Venezuela, actually. Um funded by the craft family. It's like, Wow! So billionaire Jews can crowd fund gay ups on foreign governments that they don't like now. Nah, bro, they were. They were just there to bring back some or prostitutes for Rob. He was, uh uh, she's in need. Sure, sure. So, yeah, I think everybody kind of gets that. Her positions are awful. She's She's the green New Deal warrior. In fact, that's how she pitches herself as somebody who has use an environmentalist. And she's not an environmentalist in the way that we are where we want tohave, you know, clean, clean environment. You know, we don't really give a shit, so we don't really give a shit how you produce the energy. Global warming is fake and gay. Um, anthropogenic global warming is faking gay anyway, but she she believes in all of the bad aspects of the green New deal. Um, you know, the wealth transfer from white first world countries to brown third world ones. She believes in ending all the fossil fuel subsidies fracking. So any everybody gets this like on all the issues that matter and that she is going to cast a vote on behalf of she sucks. And on the issues that, um, that will matter for them on the issues that matter. Maybe to you hearing the rhetoric, That's like, Oh, wow, based you're not gonna get any of that stuff And you know, then then where there's smoke, there's fire, right? And this is what somebody pointed out to me, too, which is that she was the vice chair of the DNC before she bailed to endorse Bernie in 2016. So the question then is why didn't she ever address all of the evidence suggesting election fraud that occurred in the primary that fucked Bernie and helped Hillary, Right? Why didn't she? She came out and sort of had a few throwaway lines about the rules, and we shouldn't have superdelegates and yada yada yada. But a week after Clinton became the Democratic nominee, Gabbert endorsed her instead. In 2020 she answer campaign and immediately endorses Biden, Um, and then has some rhetoric about, you know, Bowe served in the bub. It's like, you know, if this person is serious, if she believes in all these things, you know why why doesn't she she run as 1\/3 party candidate. No, not doing that, either. Bernie didn't do that either, right? So it's like, Where's the Where's the standing up against this stuff, Right? I don't see it. Yeah, Where is the zeal? Where's the passion for these issues? If they really do matter as much as you as much as you claim they do. If these issues matter to you that much, why are you risking anything to To stand up for them and resigning your seat in the house and then not running as 1\/3 party presidential candidate? It makes zero sense for someone who is genuine. I know that if I were in that position or anyone else were in that position and you were on the precipice of of doing something that you thought really mattered like that, then you would do it. You would. You would give up your house seat and do it run for the presidency as 1\/3 party candidate if you really believe in these issues, but instead, just like with Bernie, it's total surrender, total surrender, and you know that you could make the argument. I guess you could make the argument that oh, if she stayed in the race and ran as 1\/3 party would hand trump, uh, it would hand trump the presidency, I mean, and you have to just totally do context denial in the kosher sandwich toe. Buy into that narrative. I mean, she has no problem with nobody has any problem with Trump winning. It's just who is going to be better for them in the long run. But even the Hillary Clinton lawsuit, who remember in mid January when gathered, sued Clinton for $50,000,050 million for calling her a Russian asset and then you know, Hillary, it's like out of the blue Hillary attacks Tulsi, and then Telsey attacks Hillary. I think this was still when they weren't sure what the longer I mean, Corona virus hadn't become a thing yet. I don't remember who was still in the race in mid January. I seem to recall we were still having debates. Um, we were before the primary started, and I feel like they had to breathe life back into this campaign a little bit. And Hillary, just out of the blue, just goes ham on Tulsi and then tell C threatens to sue, and we're supposed to believe that this is an actual battle between these two. It's the same. It's like, Oh, wow, Covered, called Clinton a warmonger, the embodiment of corruption. It's like, Yeah, everybody knows that Hillary Clinton's corrupt news at 11 right's Never. It never ends. But the funny thing is, when you look into the details and this is not even the smoking gun. But it's interesting. The same law firm that Rudy Giuliani and George Papadopoulos used frequently in D. C. Just Pierce brain bridge back Hecht and Price is the one that Tulsi used for her lawsuit against Hillary. It's like, you know, and I get it. It's D C. It's a small pond, but it is at the same time. It's very big bond, a lot of law firms, and they just happen to be using the same one the same one that Giuliani has used to help with his Ukraine issues all of his Jewish, inherently Jewish problems. Um, well, yes, it's funny. It is a small pond, and that's exactly why it's unusual for a powerful firm like this. If this really were them, you know, taking a shot of the King as it were, why would they do that? Why would they risk their reputation in their connections by going after Hillary Clinton, of all people on behalf of Tulsi Gabbard? Yeah, it Ah, it doesn't seem like that would be a wise market move for them. No, no. And this is what She also sued Google because I guess her ad sense was suspended in. Just show everybody. Look, you know, she's really not part of the establishment. Guys, look, she's being deep platform by ghoul. Now she's suing. Let that loss who got thrown out and she got her. She got her rights back or whatever she lost on Google for a day or two. Um, she got that right back in. This lawsuit will die to accustom $50,000 but who cares? It's coming out of her campaign or campaign. Port pays for it. She's not gonna pay for this. And this is that this is the price of doing business and should probably be reimbursed. Her campaign will probably be reimbursed for this anyway. And who cares if they aren't? Because this is something that her small circle of fans probably thinks is great. You know, it's like when when Trump attacked Hillary or whatever. It's like it. This is Wow, It's big. Donald is going ham on Hillary Now. It's like gold or a liar that he's gonna put her in jail. It's like it just laughing. It's $50,000 to it's it's It's a negligible amount of money for these people anyways. Yeah. What are you, some kind of elitist? Strange. $50,000. Negligible. But but but But here's the smoking surfboard. Okay, so this is this is something that I was just like What? I have found this out. Just like wow. Because the guy that Steve whom he told me about this well, he told me about her being potentially an op and he said You should look into this and told me about a lot of the a lot of the other stuff. And so I went to Stephen. I was like, Guy, you'll never believe this. But as far as I know, she is still a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Yeah, that's right. Based Tulsi Gabbard who wants to end regime change well. Council on Foreign Relations doesn't want to do regime change either. These are the people who were fine with the Obama. Um, way of prosecuting these things. They did the green revolutions. They have people go out in the streets during that with China. Right now, they're not not, you know, putting boots on the ground in Beijing. That's not in the cards at all. And so this is This is Tulsi Gabbard, um, CFR of course Council on Foreign Relations, founded by Walter Lippmann, who is Jewish and a number of others, including the Rockefeller family. Um, it's basically the Jew Jet I Council on foreign policy. It's an incestuous club of billionaires, foundations, corporations, politicians and propagandists. And membership is by invitation. Those who do not conform are really not included in this sort of thing. It has five year memberships for those between the ages of 30 and 36. It also has lifetime memberships. Tulsi is a five year member, but what's interesting about this is she said that she became a member when she joined Congress, which would have been 2013. And so she didn't say that she is not a member anymore, which would have been the case of her membership hitting headaches had expired. So either she got another five year, and I'm not really sure how this works or she was just converted into a lifetime member. In any case, the reason I'm pointing this out is up until the middle of last July 2019. Her name was on the Council on Foreign Relations website. As a member, it was on Wikipedia in her bio. Is a member smashed that late life and it said, Member Council on Foreign Relations. And she is Ah, you know, Bow that's been scrubbed, James scrubbed from the Internet. But the Internet never forgets. Right? That's right. Never forgets and weaken. See Screenshots everywhere of this make. You don't have to be a mathematician. 2013 plus five. That's 2018. So, yeah, and you would think to This would be especially in the midst, if not in the midst of the drama between her and the DNC in 2016 then at least in in the early stages of her campaign. Because she did announce her candidacy very early on this time around, this would be something she would bring up as resigning her membership. She would resign in protest, or she would. She would make a big deal about how she was part of this inner circle and has seen what goes on there. And that is why she is committed to ending the power of the foreign policy lobby over Washington. But there was nothing, in fact, you no mention of it. You don't you don't quit the CIA far. I mean, unless you're some token, that's probably with the five year membership it will. The five year membership thing is really just a trial. It's your probation, right? It's a probationary period, and then you get converted into a lifetime member. And, you know, if you say like, well, they just bring these people in and they're, you know, this is really your definitely heading. Speeding down the highway to Coke Ville. If you're you're starting to make these sorts of excuses, because a lot of interesting people who are members of this James Madeleine Albright, Roger Ailes, Elliott Abrams, Max Boot, Dianne Feinstein, Robert Gates, David Gergen, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michael Hayden, Paul Krugman, The late Charles Krauthammer, Les Moonves says Rupert Murdoch, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, Paula Zahn, Divorcee of Richard Cohen, who is now fucking Vicky Ward, as we found out from the very fantastic Whitney Web, that is. Jeffrey Epstein was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations. William F. Buckley, Caspar Weinberger. And if you look at the current president, Richard Haass, the center of this sort of name always bothered me. H a s s alright guy like, let's do you fall asleep on the keyboard guy with that, It's like, Come on, Richard has take a look at this J mug looking smiling from ear to ear. But it doesn't end there you have George H. W. Bush. Bill Clinton. You have every chairman of the Federal Reserve has been a CFR member along with most secretaries of state Treasury defense in C A and their key deputies and their assistance and their advisers Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone, Larry Fink of BlackRock, Jamie Diamond of J. P. Morgan Daniel, your can of I H s market Blackstone, BlackRock, JP Morgan are all CFR corporate sponsors thinking Jurgen are CFR directors along with hedge fund manager John Paulson. Funny James thes air. All the guys that Trump pull appointed to his economic advisory council at the tranches transition just crazy how this all happens. I don't know why it just happens this way. Yeah, they advised Trump to nominate Rex Tillerson, chairman of Exxon Mobil. Ah, of course, on the direction of the CFR, they functions somewhat like, uh, like a a. What is it? The Federalist Society for for judicial recommendations will be a much more powerful. They recommended Robert Gates, Condoleeza Rice. Yeah, Dick Cheney. General people James James Baker, Henry Kissinger, John Bolton. I mean, let's do the list. Just goes on. Jeb Bush. Joe Lieberman. James Woolsey. Um who O H R McMaster. Wow. Michael Morrell, who was a c I. A director former endorsed Clinton in 2016. Charlie Rose Soros and his son Ah, Hillary Clinton's Hillary's Oh, with Bill Clinton. Yeah, we already said that Sidney Blumenthal, Robert Kegan, Robert Rubin, David Rubinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Lloyd Blankfein and media organizations like Time Warner, CNN, Thompson, Reuters, Bloomberg, Google, Facebook are all CFR sponsors Well, and if you look down the list, every major media pundit that you recognize on television right now is there. Now. The interesting thing about this is when you look at the membership list, it's not people that don't belong there, right, Like, you know, Tucker's had some kind of garbage rhetoric on China and some other things lately. I don't really know what to do with Tucker at this point, but Tucker is not a member of CFR, and neither is Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. And I'm not saying that that's because those guys Air based I'm saying that this is because it's This is a very elite club of very specific types of people with very specific types of connections with a very specific purpose. Like Rush Limbaugh just gets a tip sheet on this fax machine in the Dido. Whatever his studio is, um, and that's it, like that's the relationship. The people that get invited to these dinners in these conferences and whatever people that are in this club are the people who are who are like the names that I've mentioned and the fact that Tulsi Gabbard is keeping company with this people with these people and going out there in in saying all the right things on everything and then having just one little smidgen of based rhetoric on what we want to do and whatever it really makes you think that like visiting with with Assad and hang out with Putin and, you know, going to meet with Trump in the White House. It's all just part of the charade. James are part of the Kabuki Gabbert that's been going on for Ah, well, it's probably done now. I would, I would say, unless they try to back out in 20. Yeah, and in her rhetoric, always leaving an escape hatch, always leaving that conditional statement that, well, you know, we we should end the regime, change wars and end these foreign wars. But maybe keeping some involvement in the region is not a bad idea. Or maybe it's it's ah, you know, what we really need to be doing is is tactical and surgical operations to ensure the stability of the region. It's all conditional rhetoric, and that is yet It's for a reason. It's to trick you into believing that she's she's really tricking them, right? She's she's gonna trick them and say this. And when she gets in power, man, it's gonna be great cause she's gonna bring all the troops home. No, she's tricking you. You're the subject of the trick. Yeah, and ultimately, the way that you need to understand this is especially in a post World War Two environment because the CFR, the group of people that went on to form CFR as a bona fide actual tangible organization they were the people that got us in World War. Then CFR played a significant role in getting us into World. War Two is well against us. We've covered on this program many times against virtually all popular sentiment. Nobody wanted to go to war and even it was so unpopular. Actually that, um, you had FDR and Woodrow Wilson specifically ran campaigns about keeping us out of war. Woodrow Wilson used the campaign slogan He kept us out of war to get reelected. Um, 1940 FDR when he was running in the presidential election. He said, I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again. Your boys, they're not going to be sent in any foreign wars. October of 1940 right? It's like you know, Republicans. They're white nationalists right before the election. And FDR was a anti interventionists ah, month before the election in 1940 and on November 30 said, The purpose of our foreign policy is to keep our country out of war. But you already knew. He already knew that what was coming. I mean, they they had discussed it, um, many times with Winston Churchill and so on and so forth. So the history is all there, but this is like people who you know, I get it right. Maybe you got into politics five years ago. Maybe you have been around for 15 or 20 years and you've seen cycle happen a couple times. You have to understand that the cycle has been going and going and going for thousands of years. Trucks have been here. Trucks have been here for a very long time. Chucks have been playing this game for a very long time. And they the way that you have to understand the system is the reason why FDR couldn't come out and say, We're on the World War two because Hitler's evil fascist and we have to take down the even lost it wouldn't have worked. It would have played well. That rhetoric would not have played well in America. And so the CFR was formed primarily of extremely wealthy WASP and their Jew friends because they knew that the American people would never accept those particular people as bona fide leaders in Congress, In the House, the Senate, the White House, they had to essentially be the shadow. I hate to use the phrase, but it is that way. These are the people pulling the strings, thes the people running the show because for them, the system of government that America has had, um, is unfortunate that you have to have thes election cycles every two years and every six years and the presidency, and it's very inconvenient for them to have to do that. And they know that they can't just transplant, that what they think is their leadership. Like on a corporate board. They can pick whoever the fuck they want, see if our they can let in whoever they want. They kick out whoever they want with with Congress and Democratic government, they can't do that. So they have to play this game with elections and putting people in and pulling strains. And it would be far easier if they just said, Yeah, all these people that are lifetime members are thing like they're on the show now, Like these people up on Capitol Hill are bullshit like they don't do anything but that's essentially what it is. That's the way that you have to like you have to pick up the glasses, put them on and look at the American system of political power and construction and our government. And that's how it works. It's not. It's not the people of people on Congress. The Punch and Judy Show is just a joke. This is where it's at, and so occasionally they send their membership out toe lead the way. And Tulsa Gabbert I would make the cases is no different. She's just like, you know. That's why he machine killer clinician Hillary Clinton are on the CFR together. So in of course, they did the Punch and Judy show in the lawsuit, and they found a great law firm to do it, too. It's Rudy's. It's Rudy's law firm. It's It's George Papadopoulos that got, you know, our Indian 81 of our Indian agents, for the Israelis to work with the Trump administration on, you know, fucking over white people. So there you have it. James mean, did I leave anything out? Is there anything else let a meat left on that bone? I don't think so. No, I I don't think so, either. And yeah, we saw that we see the see if are being constructed in a time when people were hesitant to go to war, did not want to go to war, in fact, where the memory of world or wants fresh in their mind, they don't want to go through that again. And we see CFR members such a still see being deployed to manage and steer public sentiment at a time at A at a similar time when people are war fatigued and do not want to be involved in these conflicts anymore, because they know the cost and they know they do not benefit from the in very simplistic terms. Tulsi. His job was to go out there and say, Here's the thing that you don't like, which is regime change. It's a very poll tested term. That's why she repeats it a lot. Here's the thing that you don't like. Okay, we don't like it either, because it's unpopular. We've moved on, but here's the thing that it's it's like I'm in. They put her because she's in a uniform to, so that even adds to This is I love our country. I think we should serve. You know, I think other people should serve our country. I served our country in uniform, and I dont Therefore, she speaks with the voice of authority from the military to say no regime change. But we're going to keep doing gay ops like That's basically what she said, right, Just like I support the gay ups were not doing regime change, but they'll do regime change if they have to, and then she can come out and say, This is bad. I don't like this, but she's not actually do anything. Yeah, or say that this regime posed a different a new and unique threat or some other. Some other poll tested piece of rhetoric and Bernie couldn't couldn't be. The guy couldn't be the guy to do the anti war stuff because of how how Jewish he is and how much of a committed Zionist he is. And his track record on Israel, which which was, of course, met with, uh, the one area where Republicans would praise Bernie was his commitment to Israel. So Yep, yes, well, so we'll see what they do with Chelsea now. It'll be interesting now that she's not in Congress. It's like I suspect unless they have bigger plans for her, you probably won't see her very much anymore. That's it. Show's over, folks. So the Kabuki theater curtains have closed on the Tulsi Gabbard show, and that's that. So take a break. Gonna come back, talk about some some interesting things with fentanyl, fentanyl in bankruptcy and we'll be right back on again. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation heard Onley in the er radio network Welcome back. And this promise we're gonna talk about fentanyl doing offend you want some strip doing some straight bent? You're an hour to get a real wife Some was going to say stamp bags But that's not what fentanyl comes in. I think it's a hatch. Well, I don't know about the recreational variety. I know that the hospitals they will do, it'll be like an I V bag, right? And they give it to women when they're giving birth. And, ah, a slow drip, though not the kind of stuff that yeah, people are finding themselves accidentally doing in cocaine and elsewhere. Yeah, well, it depends. I mean, some people can have access to Ah, like the pharmaceutical grade fentanyl, of course, because they had access to pharmaceutical grade oxycodone to and and then it became a thing where we're going to get into it. This is this is another vector. The reason why we're bringing up fentanyl is because this is another vector for US aggression with China. Now. In this case, it isn't a situation where China didn't do nothing, Um, but it is like it's it's minced, but we'll explain, so people understand. But it's another vector that people that people use, and it's an obfuscation as well, because they make it seem like one of the things you here's Wuhan is the fentanyl capital of the world, and you know we must. The Chinese air flooding our streets with fentanyl via US mail In leet hack sores are on the dark web, making it all possible. You know, disaffected white radicalized white dudes living in their parents basement and posting swastika. Mihm's you know, those are the people selling drugs to your kids and, ah, you know, the the cartoon movie Neo Nazi kind of stuff. And but that's not what it is that all this has been a recurring theme throughout the Trump administration, but it it goes back much further than that. What's interesting, though, is that the opioid crisis kicked up significantly. If you go look at a graph of the deaths of people who died due to opioids, they really took off right around the time that Trump took office. Now we'll talk about this, but a bill That particular bill was passed about a year before Trump came into office. The skids were greased for this this take off of the opioid crisis, but we'll get into all of that. But, I mean, let's start with these leet hack sores on my right. Um, yeah, the hood up in the shot is from in front of the laptop computer and there there, and the Matrix code is flowing across the screen. Be afraid. Yeah, it's Oh, it's always been that way. But, um, they've always done this in movies and whatever, but get a load of Project Jay code James, this is out of Pittsburgh. This is a ah sting operation undertaken by the Department of Justice. Almost can't believe this. They even did this because of what happened, but at the same time, then you realize what they're not doing. And this is the thing that they sort of set up to knock down and in whatever. So United States Attorney This is from May of 2019 so fairly recent UM, U s attorney Scott Brady announced today. The alleged owners and operators of a website known as deep dot Web have been arrested on charges of money laundering, conspiracy relating to millions of dollars in kickbacks they receive for purchases, a fentanyl, heroin and other illegal contraband by individuals referred, too. Dark Net marketplaces by D d w website has now been seized by a court order in an indictment unsealed today. Towel Preh are 37 an Israeli citizen residing in Brazil, and Michael Fan, 34 an Israeli citizen residing in Israel, were charged on April 24th 2019 in a one count indictment by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh. PR was arrested in May by the French law enforcement authorities in Paris pursuant to a provisional reverse yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Basically, what these guys were doing was they set up deep dot web. It's It's a place where you put in a referral code and set up a marketplace account. And then anonymously. You can purchase drugs and, like whatever they basically they're the middleman, right? It's the classic ju middle trick where they receive kickback payments in the form of commission for the purchase of illegal goods. And they made somewhere between 15 and $20 million in Bitcoin payments, and all of that was seized and shut down. And it's like, you know, uh, you almost have to wonder if this is just and up that they were doing themselves. Maybe it was rial. I like to believe that it was really, but it's kind of funny how all this pans out. And this is this is the the operation that they want you to believe is going on. It's China is sending drugs in, and there is an up happening in the United States for these deep dark webs. And that's the full length and breadth of the supply chain. Right, James? That's all there is. We nail these guys to the fucking wall. We threw the book at him. It's over now. Problem solved, right? Right. And and they're gonna go away forever, right? Yeah. It's interesting that, you know, the charges or not are not made clear here. And we don't know how long these guys are going away for, if at all. If the U S. Will even have the authority, like this guy Michael fan arrested in Israel. And as I'm sure you're aware, Israel does not have an extradition treaty with the US so whether or not this guy will see justice is yet to be determined. Ever. Yeah, there's actually not an extradition treaty. And another interesting thing is that if they get arrested and charged for a crime in the United States, there is a treaty that allows them to be sent to Israel to do the time. So there's that, too. Um, yeah. So, yeah, I don't You're not gonna be an American jail. You're gonna literally go to juvie jail. So be just so media narrative continues. Were powerless to stop this drug trade in any way. It's because of the insatiable American demand. Also, China is killing people in the streets. It's definitely not all rural whites, though. Here, look at all these people. Pictures of black people dying in Chicago like they're the real problem. Never you mind that 85% of the 50,000 people who die ever year of these deaths of despair in this country are white. The vast majority of the drugs are actually coming in from Mexico. Produced in Mexico, traffic by truck, US patrol, U. S Border Patrol agents themselves, immigrants who are flown all of the United States in an endless system of catch and release, supported by a Jewish system of micro finance loans and cartels working in concert with while also being armed by Israeli organized crime and Mossad. I repeat myself so sure, much of this precursor chemical known as four Dash a NPP, also known as four Angelino n pen Ethel for Piper iodine, which is the precursor chemical for making fentanyl. Yeah, it's sourced in China, but a lot of it's made right here in the U. S. And Europe. I mean, there are chemical companies that produce this. It's a controlled substance. Anybody can get it in the idea that these chemical companies in the United States are keeping this really tightly under wraps while the Sackler families doling out Oxy cottons like No, because they can take one kilogram of this for a NPP and make millions of fentanyl pills out of this and they make it seem like, yeah, you got You got to go to China to get $5000 worth of, you know, kilogram of for a NPP in China's $5000 between three and $5000 you can turn that into a cache of pills were $300,000 according to the D A. Why the fuck would the sack Lear's and the Mexican cartels and everybody else just sit there with their dick and their fucking hand on the sideline while the Chinese air manufacturing this thing from start to finish and mailing it to people in the U. S. On the dark Web? You think the cartels are just going to sit there and be like, well, gets right of business guys? I mean, that's all we got to see here. You know, it's like No, and this is so stupid. So again, it's nuanced because, yes, a lot of these chemicals air coming from China. Yes, there is a whole network up until recently anyway, Very aggressive sales people on what's app in a lot of these other. It is a phenomenon. I'm not saying it's fake and gay. I'm saying it's really I'm saying that one of the contributing factors to the opioid crisis is in fact the ability for people to go in order these things online, get them mailed to them many times from China. Yes, that's true. But most of the time what's happening is the precursor Chemical is being sent directly to Mexico. It's actually sent to the US because we have a reliable mail system, and then it is re mailed to Mexico or trucked into Mexico. Actually, a lot of a lot of people don't know this. The great pill lot of the fentanyl and a lot of the precursor chemical that is interdicted at the US border is leaving the United States to go into Mexico to be produced into actual sellable fentanyl and then traffic back into the United States. A lot of it's even made in the U. S to It's not a very difficult process according to what they say, but a lot of bullshit here, James. A lot of things that they're telling us that just aren't really huh? Yeah, and a lot of this idea that it gets very distilled down for people who read these headlines or see this in the news. And they think, you know, the equation is made subliminally that well, in order to stop getting people addicted to drugs, we need more aggression against China. And that's what people just read. The headlines take away from this, and the implication they have is that if something is done about the darn Chinese and CCP, then maybe my brother wouldn't have died of a drug overdose. And this is, you know, people are searching for someone to blame. We talk about this all the time, whether it's Corona virus, whether it's bad economic conditions, whether it's desire to support candidate people fill the role of either the villain or the hero that they have a psychological need, for. They'll fill that with with what's presented to them. And so China, especially given everything going on now, is a very convenient enemy, but more more, more likely, the reason that people you know the reason that people so many people in the US are dying of opioid overdoses. It's not because of of the Chinese per se. It's due to an intermediary and Israeli intermediary. Oftentimes, due to doctors overprescribing due to these car companies that will do everything in their power to get as many people hooked on these pills and addicted to them as possible. Do you think their interest is in the preventing addiction or or encouraging responsible use? No. It's in getting people addicted, so they will keep coming back over and over again. We know this from their leaked emails. So again, again, you're right to be mad. But the people that you should be mad at more often than not are either here in the U. S or in Israel. And they know that this substance fentanyl, is 100 times and often even more than that more potent than heroin, something that they knew from the eighties had already succeeded to killing a lot of white people. Just imagine. I mean, when you're looking at this from the immigration perspective, just look it in that put put that lands on for a second, and they look at the half a 1,000,001 million people that they come that come legally through the system, and then all the other people that come in and their goal is to displace whites. Well, if they can shave 50,000 white people, wipe them off the map every single year with a substance like this and profit from it make billions of dollars the idea that they would just allow the Chinese to come in and wreck this drug trade that the U. S. Has played a significant role in perpetuating for decades. Um, and making lots of money off of it. And you know, the participating with the Israelis and organized crime and arming right wing rebels to overthrow the Communists and in Latin America. I mean, all this has gone on for a very long time, and and they have no problem with this and one of the they don't. I think, earlier on, maybe 30 or 40 years ago, there may have been there are too many whites and government at that point, um, who cared too much. That's why when they saw a lot of these FARC and some of these others that they were arming, really getting into the cocaine trade, they're like, Yeah, no, no, we're not. We're not gonna be doing that. And they steered away from that. But they're not steering away from this shit now. They have no problem. They have actual U S. Border patrol sneaking this stuff across, you know? And all they need to bring in is £130 or so of four A npp, and you can make, but I don't know how many hundreds of millions of pills that is. I mean, one kilogram makes a 1,000,001 milligram fentanyl pills. So imagine what 100 and £30. So it is that, like 70 75? No, it's Ah, 65 pounds of 65 kilograms. So you do the math on that 120 million pills? That's insane with one guy. It's like one Border Patrol guy snuck in enough material to make millions hunter the millions of pills. Dude, it's like it's incredible. And so you have this sort of, I don't know, charade, Kabuki theater, whatever. We're Donald Trump makes G deem for a npp an NPP which is actually a It's a ah, it's a substance that you can make into four a and four a npp. They've made both of them controlled substances under Chinese law. And then the Chinese went out and interested nine drug dealers in a country of what one billion people they cracked down on nine drug dealers and the idea that this was even a huge impact. You know how much the the opioid crisis diminished since 2018 4% James. So if China if this really had a big role to play with China wire, we you know, why didn't we see a huge impact? Oh, that's because it's really coming from elsewhere, and they have no interest in setting and shutting all this down. And so, assuming you still believe that Israelis, crime syndicates and drug cartels haven't figured out a way to get the basic ingredients for fentanyl 8000 miles closer to demand channels, why would anyone believe that all phases of the process happened in China and that the Chinese let the Jews and *** play middle men? Right. But why would they do that? Right, So they're not. And so you have this U S Border Patrol agents Caesar Dalio pled guilty in federal court to distributing for a NPP. He was arrested in 2017 while trying to drive into Mexico. Like I said, so gets popped driving into Mexico with all of these packages of this substance that he had picked up from China. He says it's from China. We don't know, Um, his judge U S District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, remember, this is the mattress. Think this is the Mexican judge, right? That Trump called a Mexican. Um and, ah, you know what this guy got for bringing in enough? Ah, you know, precursor Chemical to make hundreds of millions of fentanyl pills, 30 months in prison. And he also got busted for I guess he was trying to smuggle Cem Cem protected species of sea cucumber. So he got 30 months in prison for conspiring to distribute a controlled substance to make hundreds of millions of fentanyl pills and 24 months for smuggling in a fucking sea cucumber. And the judge is letting him serve the sentences concurrently. For those of you out rerun lender, That means at the same time, so yeah, like six more months. Yeah, Gun attack. On another six months, you almost put all these drugs on the street. That probably would have killed 50,000 people this year. But you know that sea cucumber we gotta We gotta protect those sea cucumbers, right, James? Yeah. And this wasn't his first attempt to doing this either. He had picked up 13 other packages that this p o box, it seems that he had a ah, well, doesn't seem it's clear he had an agreement or an arrangement where he would pick up parcels from this box that were then to be smuggled into Mexico. And this was just the first time he had been busted doing it. Yeah. Yes. The sea cucumber was was ancillary to the to the main Gago there. Hey, streamline shipping, right? This is an innovation. Yeah. I mean, it's sea cucumbers and some other bullshit. I don't know what. Maybe there's some something that these people want that for, but it's just it's just goes to show that this is this is how seriously they take these things. This guy got a slap on the wrist because somebody caught this guy who probably wasn't supposed to catch this guy. This probably this guy was probably supposed to sail through, and, I don't know, some enterprising rookie. Ah, Border Patrol member was probably like a Caesar. I mean, you see what's in the back of that truck. Its, like own bray are not supposed to do that. We're trying to get the right. I open up the truck, pull over into the other lane. It's like, uh, like I was supposed to sail right on through. Guy. So Curiel is gonna be like, uh, 30 months in prison, and I mean, this guy. What is your probably already out by now? This is in 2017. So he could be Yeah, well with Corona virus, man. We gotta let this guy out. Thanks. Dangerous dark times there in the prison that he's ended the low security prison he's in. What? What's funny is they They now need fentanyl, of course, to intubate people for Corona virus. So now, Federals in demand, eso they gotta crank up that production again. Pharmaceutical grade production, just to make sure that they have what they need, right? I'm sure they'll have. Right? I'm sure they have plenty of pharmaceutical grade fentanyl for anyone who needs to be intubated, but tests, masks. Anybody tests anybody? Nope. Brian are gonna have that plenty of drugs, though, to keep you comfy, But you're right. And and, uh, I'm sure plenty of drugs that are making their way to these illicit markets where they can be sold for for more money than making their way to these hospitals, Right? That's how the block market typically functions where there's Ah, there's a premium price there. And fentanyl, you know, is actually actually pretty courage, pretty great drug when used in the right contacts and strictly managed and its eyes further example of this system totally failing its people by allowing something like this that should be used in a very controlled manner to become widespread to the point where it's killing thousands upon thousands of people per year. Well, let's say for the sake of argument that all of the four a NPP and NPP in the world are on Lee made in China, and it's all coming to somewhere in North America for distribution. Let's just say that that's what's really going on here. It's not, but let's just say that it is. The China is the sole loan source for these precursor chemicals, and they come in and they're coming into North America. And, like wave Magic Juan fentanyl pills, right where the labs Why aren't we talking about trafficking from Mexico? Why Aren't we talking about the drug cartels? Well, let's talk about the drug cartels for second James, shall we? July July 2019 Mexico says assassination of Israelis linked to money laundering and drug cartels took place at a high end mal in Mexico City. Mexican officials said that the shooting death of an Israeli crime boss in his associate, an upscale shopping mall in Mexico City, is likely linked to drug cartels and money laundering. Old likely you think so? Mexico's top police official wouldn't say which cartel may be involved in the brazen assault that included a diversionary attack with an assault rifle against police outside of the mall. Local media reported the shooters may have worked for the notorious Jalisco cartel, but officials refused to confirm that. You because they don't end up fucking dead and want to fuck with Jalisco, and they don't want to fuck with the Israelis either. Um, these are so Alfonzo Durazo is the secretary of security and civilian protection. He says these guys were settling scores between organized criminal gangs and various interests. He said the criminal gangs involved were in disputes for a variety of reasons, but it was quote mainly about money laundering and no shit right Israelis, Mexicans, cash laundering the money. He added that both Israeli and Mexican criminal organizations were involved in the affair. Security camera footage published Friday by Mexican media showed the shooting of the two Israelis at close range as footages. Spicy, too by the way Israelis were identified Thursday is Ben Southie, a Tel Aviv native in well known crime boss in Alan as Ole of Bat Yam. Israeli Israeli police sources told you Net news site on Thursday that there was quote no doubt the murder was commissioned by those with interests in Israel. The Israel police reportedly suspect that an Israeli, the criminal organization, paid a local group in Mexico City to carry out the hit. Shooting came a day after another Israeli underworld figure, Erez, a rish Noveski, was extradited from Mexico to Israel, or risk of escape was close to soothe the and he had fled Israel with him in 2001 living for the past 18 years in Mexico under the assumed name of Ricardo Lopez. Yeah, nobody's gonna fuckin no guy nobody's going to notice. Before he was caught by Mexican police this month in return to Israel. Although, I don't know some of these some of these Jews. Er, some of these trucks are very Ah, sip Arctic looking. Could probably fit right in is a Ricardo. Hey, man, the whole staff are deem thing took generations to accomplish. You can't just do it with a legal name change. Yeah, not that easy. Okay, Ricardo. Fatal shooting came less than a month after an Israeli d. J. Was shot during a rave in Central Mexico. 45 year old Ronan Don, known as deejay perplex. T J T J. Ah, Why don't we call him deejay? Elaborate schemes? How about that? He was one of the two people gunned down in the shooting in San Luis Potosi. I don't know if I don't give a fuck if that's pronounced wrong. Which Mexican media linked to the ongoing drug cartel violence in the country. So, guy, less than a month, one day after the day of bro that like they're they're actually really doing a full on show up down there in Mexico City with these people. Fucking based. Yeah. This is why the whole trump thing about going to war with Mexican with the drug cartels was, like, come and gone right? This would be a violation of BDs, right? If we were to go go Ah, start hiring hit men to Ah yeah, Take these people out. Yes, would be be, ah, aggression against the state of Israel. Who Who? Remember when Trump said he was gonna go to Total War with the cartels after they killed that Mormon family? Right, right straight down the fucking memory hole for gotten about Never gonna happen, that there's no war with the cartels that are even talk about it. They don't even talk about it. This that this My point in case it gets lost in some of the shot and Freud here is that we're talking about China and Chinese fentanyl in shine, Eze killing people on the streets. It's like, OK, let's talk about China's the source for the precursor chemicals. If you want. It's like getting caught up in, like the sanitary conditions of a wet market in Wuhan. Let's talk about what their actual goals here are with China. And let's talk about what they're not talking about, which is funding the cartels, arming them and having is written doing like when was last time? You've heard about Israeli crime syndicates anywhere. All the movies you see are about Italy, about Russian mafia. Most of the Russian mafia is just Jews. So I mean, this is well, and and go by going after China that exports the raw fentanyl. Right. Okay, let's talk about where this is refined into into the version that are used for illicit consumption. Right, the pills and the patches. Because some of that Chinese fentanyl is coming to the U. S. And is being being turned into a controlled medical grade fentanyl. Sure, but ah, what about the stuff that is coming over the border? As we're finding here? There's coming back over the border from Mexico, most of it into the U. S. That's yes. There, most of it. Yeah, all right. And so we can we can address like this, this other issue in China. But that's not going to stop the direct importation of these illicit drugs at the border. I'm not even get I'm not going to get hung up on that, just like people want to get hung up on like sanitary commission conditions in a wet market. Wuhan, like I don't give a fuck about that. I want to know what the United States is saying to me about in Bannon and everybody else telling me why we have to get aggressive with China. I'm not going to give them a shoe in the door about this at all. It's like deal with the cartels, deal with the Israeli Mafia, deal with all this. These problems do with the fact that these people are being armed by them. I mean, you have to pull the CIA and everybody out of there, too. It's like a certain point. It's like, How much of this can you cut away before it, just like Oh, yeah, it's it's, it's it's us that's doing this and it's got a purpose. I mean, at a certain point, like, what do you even talking about here? But they're not gonna talk about that. They're not gonna talk about any of those things. And the fact that they're not the fact that the cartels or not even something that comes up at all, it's it's really interesting. It really would really defies all logic and imagination. But yeah, let's talk about Israelis providing them with weapons and financing. So the approach of Israel's intelligence agencies, as with a lot of countries, spy agencies but really a lot with Israel, seems to be that the ends justify the means, right? So the goal of the Israeli state Zionist Israeli state is very self righteous, and they want to get as much funding, um, from drug money as they can. They're it's a criminal syndicate. And so in the 19 eighties and early nineties, I did not know this. Of course, when you watch blow and you see Johnny Depp snorting that cocaine and all, everything with the With a good old Pablo s King of cocaine. Bob Lou Escobar, leader of Colombia's notorious Mehdi in cartel, the height of his career, Escobar's cartel was responsible for some 80% of the cocaine smuggling in the United States. One estimate put his net worth of $30 billion was perhaps less well known. The cartel's military forces were trained and armed by Israel, whose Colonel Yar Klein trained and armed the militias founded in controlled by the median cartel's military leader. Who is that guy always named Gonzalo Rodriguez? Gotcha! Gotcha! Who set up self defense squadrons to protect his ranchers from left wing guerrillas like FARC, which have been taxing their cocaine exports. Rodriguez gotcha. In his affiliated right wing. Death squads were responsible for some of the country's most worst campaigns of political terror. Targeting judges politic politicians, civilians alike for assassination. Yeah, Jews were doing that row row. That's the libertarian paradise. It's adapted for South America. But if only they were gay. If only this were gay cocaine farmers using assault rifles to defend their did not pay taxes on their cocaine exports. It's amazing what they were doing. It's It's, It's It's almost Aziz, though Jews were eliminating any sort of problem that they might have in Latin America, could you? This is the street. See, this is the thing that people need to understand. This is why people get hung up on the things that we've said about Russia is they have to understand that Jews air deploying strategies around the world in more than one format at more than one time. They're not doing the same thing in every place, over and over and over again. They have different strategies. People are at different points of the timeline to where we are can't just compare everything to your experience. You can't just project onto everything and assume that that's the truth. That's not riel. And so, Well, what was the matter? What was going on in the US at this time in the 19 forties and fifties and sixties? They were getting rid of the judges, politicians and civilians that they didn't like through other means. Sure, you have things like Ruby Ridge. You had, Ah, abject violence by the government committed against citizens and people in the States. You even had assassinations. Look what happened to Kennedy right now to get Kennedy out of the way in South America. This is just kind of like the Wild West. And they, you know, imagine if Jewish power and control had come to the United States in the 18 seventies. What do you think they would have done out west were just fucking shot people. They would have buried people in unmarked graves, but a United States was kind of a center of the world at that time. Little it took a little bit more finesse, right? So they have different strategies for different, um, sort of operations. And this is just one of them. And so, according to Colombian secret police Colonel Kline, it not only taught gotchas men to make bombs, including one that exploded on board a commuter flight. Klein also imported Israeli arms for the median cartel. They used Khalil's and a number of other types of weapons. These weapons were Israeli army surplus. So probably things that we bought right, including more of the original original fast and furious. Yes, that's Yeah, it is. It is, it really is. And it just flash and furious just continued, right? It was just like we gotta put guns in the hands. It's just direct right more direct instead of, you know, give aid to Israel than they use weapons. And they send them that yet not so. Mortars, mines, explosives, infrared equipment, machine guns, medical supplies. The shipments also included 500 assault rifles in 200,000 rounds of ammunition. Decades later, Klein was arrested in Russia after a Colombian court had convicted him in absentia of training these death squads. An Interpol warrant had put who had been put out for his arrest. Russia had it first agreed to deport him to Columbia, but ended up making a deal with Israel to exchange him for a Russian prisoner. As far as far as is known, Yar Klein now still walks free in Israel today, as far as we know, and ER isn't the only one. There's Ludwig Fainberg, Zeev Rosenstein, Simeon Mogilevich, the Abigail crime family. Ever heard of Inbal Gover? Ellie? Well, she's an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Ness it for the Likud Party from 2003 until 2006. Yes, she's married into Israeli crime family. So yeah, I mean, and that's the kind of funny thing. We haven't even gone down this rabbit hole yet. But remember the rumor? James in 2015 2016. And even before people have said sort of on the periphery of Donald Trump's ties to organized crime, we don't know. I mean, we can only speculate, and I don't like to speculate. I'd like to talk about what we know, But do you think those you think that's like the banana crime family? If true, do you think that's the Colombo crime family? And he has Caminos Luca brats? No, dude, It Z idiot gets you think it's Ah, the Mennonite cartel of Southwestern Indiana. That's right. It's the like Amish butter smuggling ring. Now I don't think so. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know. I mean, we don't know what his connections are toe organized crime, but we're but it's more likely like you're taught your thought to boot. You're led to believe that it's like, Oh, organ it trump organized crime like Italian guys smoking cigarettes, building casinos, spooky like the movies. But if I had to make a guess, I would guess this is a much more likely vector, especially when you see the overnight de escalation. Ah, from with his rhetoric towards towards the cartels, where one. On one day when people are incensed about this murder of this American family in Mexico, he does the bitten fires off the tweet and does the based rhetoric, and the next day it's totally forgotten about. It's amazing, just amazing. You know what else is amazing? Also down the memory hole, how these black market fentanyl operations ramped up as another operation was wound down right? We just talked about how they're arming the cartels in the 19 eighties and 19 nineties, and then we're talking about shootings at malls in Mexico City of Israeli crime bosses in broad daylight. So I've given you one point on the timeline from 30 to 40 years ago, and I've given you another point on the timeline from last summer. And so do you think What? What do you think happened in between? You think you think it just died in between? You think this They just gave up on this cash flow. It's ignored. They've pivoted from cocaine toe heroin, Ecstasy, That Zeev Rosenstein guy that I was talking about, that guy got busted in New York, I think, in 2000 for he was like the Ecstasy King. Do you like Pop and Molly's? And, you know, sending Pete. I mean, these people are fucking insane. So they ramp all this stuff up and then they ramp it down. So for a while, the sack Lear's and these pharma companies to still is, to a certain extent, have been the legal drug trade in the United States. Sure, they sell people pills for hospitals, but that's not where they make their money. That's not where the cash comes from. And so before Donald Trump became president and before the black market fentanyl operation really started ramping up in April 2016. And this is something we've talked about briefly on this program before. But we didn't have all the information. Now we have all the details, and now we also have the context of what we know about Donald Trump from this weekend. So listen to this. Hold on to your Jimmies because they're about to be shot into orbit in April 2016 at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U. S. History. And that was back then. It's It's gotten even worse today. This article is three years old. Congress effectively stripped the D A of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nation's streets. By then, the opioid Roy War had claimed 200,000 lives more than three times the number of U. S. Military deaths in the Vietnam War. Over North debts continue to rise. There is no end in sight and the right to because April 2016 if you look at the graph of the people who died, I think there were like 20 or 30,000 people dying a year of opioid deaths back then. Now it's like 50,000 year interest insane. So you had a handful of members of Congress in the midst of this allied with the nation's major drug distributors, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to a more industry Fendt friendly law undermining efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills. According to an investigation by The Washington Post in 60 Minutes, the D. A. Opposed the effort for years. So they wanted to strip the D A of their ability to seize narcotics on the streets if they were suspected of being for sale on the black market. And you had an enormous amount of money, millions and millions of dollars spent lobbying for this bill that the D A opposed to strip them of that, right? Right. So this law was the crowning achievement of a multifaceted campaign by the drug industry to weaken aggressive DEA enforcement at the aggression of the D. A. Right James just getting too big for their britches, and we just we have to stop them from seizing our shipments of drugs that were using to kill white people in America. That's the thought process behind this. And so they, uh, the industry work behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress pouring more than a $1,000,000 into the into their election campaigns. That's not even the lobbying money that would spend the chief advocate of the law. Oh, go ahead. Oh, I was going to say, And that's and that's just what you weaken directly trace, right? This isn't counting the millions upon millions that airport through the different packs and individual donations. And and the impact was more than just a few $1,000,000 like they're leading you to believe here. Yeah, it's It's a lot of money, I think. In one in one instance, I saw I was like $13 million in one month spent on lobbying for this because we've been pushing for this hard. I mean, think of think of these drug companies in the way that you should. They're not American businesses that are just selling medical supplies to people because they want to help people feel better. These are legalized drug dealers, thes air people who prey on death and despair, and they don't like having their shipments seized by a d. A. Who is still may be full of some people who actually give a shit about or think they're under the other under the mistaken impression James that the that their obligation is to keeping drugs off the streets. Right? So they have to be. They haven't gotten the memo that their their job is to facilitate that trade, right? Yeah, they they have not gotten the message, and they're getting the message now. And so chief advocate of the law was representative Tom Marino, a Pennsylvania Republican who was for a brief moment in time, President Trump's nominee to become the nation's next drugs are now. This is the part of the story that we talked about on FTN when it happened. Um, so think about this for a second. The guy that is chosen to advocate for the law, that is, that the D. A doesn't want that it's going to strip them of their ability to seize drug shipments in the United States. Is the guy that Trump nominated to be his next drugs are Think about what we know about Trump now, from the weekend, right? Put all this together. We didn't have all this information at the time for viral. We noticed on the train. At that point, I don't know. Marino spent years trying to move this law through Congress. It was finally passed by Senator Orrin Hatch, was no longer in Congress and negotiated a final version with the DS. Orrin Hatch, like his act, is done. It's like Tulsi is done. Orrin Hatch is done. He did his bit. Now we can retire from Congress. He doesn't have to stick around. Solicited this. D A's top official at the time, acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg. I swear to God his name is Chuck. Declined repeated requests for interviews. A senior DEA officials said that the agency fought the bill for years in the face of growing pressure. But the D A. Lost the battle and eventually was forced to accept a deal it did not want. Did not want James. They didn't want they. They didn't want it so much that Chuck Rosenberg was vociferously fighting against it. Right standing up. No, no, you just went along with it. No, because Chuck Rosenberg was the guy that they installed to make sure that it went through. Chuck Rosenberg was the acting administrator of DEA at the time he was replaced. I'm sorry. He had replaced another guy who had opposed it, so neither the D A nor the Justice Department raised objections to the bill. This is the part we didn't know. We didn't know about Truck Rosenberg, which makes a lot more sense now. And we also didn't know that the DEA and the Justice Department had raised objections before but didn't at this time. Listen to this. March 17th the Senate passed the measure by unanimous consent. Right? This is the thing that Thomas Massey was so pissed about because this is how this is done and you don't know. You know, there's no record. It's just like yep, good were good. The house followed a few weeks later, not a single lawmaker posted. Quote. The bill is one we have been working on with HTM a blah, blah, blah for years. Burt Rosen, Purdue Pharma's vice president for government affairs, wrote that an evening in an email to his colleagues that was sealed in the Cleveland case produces very active in influencing the ultimate definition of an imminent danger to the public health or safety. Rosen declined an interview request. Josephine Martin, spokeswoman for Purdue, declined to discuss Road Rosen's email and said that no one from the company would comment because of the pending litigation in Cleveland, the change in position at Justice India came after the change in leadership at both agencies. Holder successor Loretta Lynch has never publicly explained why the Justice Department switched its position. Leonhart successor Chuck Rosenberg has never explained why he didn't oppose the bill. Obama signed the bill into law April 19th 2016 and he has never spoken publicly about the bill at all. Well, yeah, that's Ah Cem find bipartisanship there. And it is interesting that this wasn't being talked about. And nobody nobody even mentioned this, Um, have the Freedom Caucus. Where were they? This and this is obviously before Justice Democrats in that but Freedom Caucus. Where were they? These Republicans that represent the states that would be hammered by this? He states that were seen as as sources of market opportunity? No, both China, China. They're the ones flooding the streets with the fentanyl bro. It's China. It's not Jui Jew Berg up on Capitol Hill or at the DEA headquarters. Some Yeah, it's just it never ends thes air the peat like he's the but But would you ever I have thought that. I mean, look, how do I How do I phrase this when you're when you get upset about the opioid crisis? Do you know where to look? I mean, we know where to look now. But do most people know where to look? Where do they look? They look a like the the Boomer, the boomer racism photos of like M s 13 gang members with tattoos like the Inca Aztec guys with the tattoos all over their face. Like that's the bad guy. Get mad at that guy. I mean, the guy's a problem. We need Teoh way. We need to sweep the streets of them as well. But that's not That's not the, uh, that's not the center of it. And if you believe that the government is super serious about addressing the problem and that we've identified this now and Wuhan is the problem in China is the problem. All right, Where were they addressing any of these other problems we found along the way, right? Where was the hard action against the drug cartels? Where was the action against Mexico? Where is the action on border protection. They haven't taken any of this action so far. And nothing has has. Nothing has been made better. We've not seen a reversal in trajectory of trafficking of deaths. What makes you think that they'll be serious about China about doing something in China? Or why would you trust this explanation for it? Uh, is being offered you? There's absolutely no reason to fall for you know how they're gonna own China by making sure the d A can't see shipments of their drugs. And, ah, that the market is flooded with deadly addictive drugs that will kill people and maybe people will. Enough people will die. They won't even want the Chinese fentanyl. Right, I guess. Is that how that's supposed to go? Yeah, Yeah, I suppose Jesus eso, 2016 Morino was announced as a member of Before he was announced, as the drugs are. He was also a member of Trump's political transition team. When Trump became president, the transition team was a group of 100 AIDS policy experts, government affairs officials and former governor officials who are tasked with vetting, interviewing and recommending individuals, individuals for top cabinet and staff roles in Trump's administration. Wow, trusted, trusted guy guy that you want around guy that you know it's gonna make things move in Congress when you're Barba. Donors want it to right When? Right when. Drill Inner circle guy When Jews say we need toe, get those numbers up and buy those numbers. I mean opioid deaths. Donald Trump and Tom Marino make it happen while pretending like their hands are tied and blaming it on China. It's always convenient. It's sort of like, sort of like with Corona virus. It's like you're supposed to, you know, want to have aggression with the Chinese Communist Party when it's really just globalism in the United States and their response that's been awful. Not China. Yeah, so yeah, And this is not that this is not a problem that has just sprung up out of nowhere as a result of China right China drug overdoses, opioid overdoses of the proliferation and over prescription of these drugs in the black market for these drugs has existed long before China, uh, was on your mind now, right? This has been going on since the seventies and the eighties, if not even before, it really rose to prominence in the in the eighties and nineties. But what has What have we been doing since then? And again, if you're going to think that this is a good faith effort being undertaken to stop this problem, Where have any of the previous good faith efforts Ben? There haven't been any because this is not a problem these people are interested in solving. This is a problem for you. It is a problem for people like you. It is a problem for your communities that is convenient for them. They hang this out there and they do this to you and use your desire to solve this problem, to channel you into supporting what they want politically and internationally. That's all this is. Well, there is. There is a happy ending to this story, James. Ready for the happy ending? It ends. Well, it's gonna have a good ending. So February would end in a mall in Mexico City. No, no, no. Unfortunately, um, for Marino, that's not the case. He's gonna suffer, though. February 2019 Marino said health issues led to his January resignation from Congress. So the heat got too hot for you, Tom multiple battles with kidney cancer have left Marino with only one part of one kidney after another kidney problem required surgery, making his decision to resign more easy. So yeah. Piss blood, you fucking faggot. That's that's how I feel. I wouldn't I don't like being ghoulish like that, but I think there are exceptions. I mean, how many deaths? How much blood is on Tom Marino's hands? Fucking guy. Not fuck. This year, when you made the hallmark of your career fighting for legislation that would endanger millions of people pretty difficult to, ah, to engender much sympathy there. Yeah. Yep. So anyway, so we'll just close with this because, uh, Fennel has got some interesting uses. Massad has had some really interesting applications for this drug speak of Israel for was being used to kill 50,000 Americans a year. Israelis were using it as a chemical weapon. Hamas leader, hunted by Netanyahu, haunts Israel in a gay up gone wrong. Ca leave Khalid Meshaal. Um, is a Hamas guy who Massad tried to kill with fentanyl to Massad. Agents in 1997 lay in wait outside of Michelle's office one morning as he approached one sprayed the painkiller fentanyl into Michelle's ear, with the device disguised under a bandaged arm. Israelis had hoped that their lethal dose of modified fentanyl upto 100 times more potent than morphine, would send Michelle into a nap. From what she would never awake in, The agents would slip away, leaving no evidence of foul play. The plan went, arrived from the start. Michelle's bodyguards were suspicious of the Massad agents even before their assault. Yeah, what gave the game away there, I wonder, were able to chase and capture them. Three other agents would later be found elsewhere in the city. All had entered Jordan using Canadian passports. So Massad showing up in Jordan with Canadian passports to assassinate a guy outside of his apartment. Very cool, Very cool Jews. Very cool. Chuck Michelle knew the assailants had tried something strange, but thought they had failed to harm him. I felt a loud noise in my ear, Michelle later said. It was like a boom boom Charlie Kirk like an electric shock. It's like it's like Boom, that's a Charlie Charlie Kirk, probably, uh, probably is very proud of this assassination attempt. Very happy about. Then I had shivering sensation in my body like an electric shock. But otherwise everything was fine. And then he ended up in the hospital. Um and, ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Only afterward did he understand that this was actually an assassination attempt. We needed up in a hospital. Briefed on the situation. A furious King Hussein threatened to cut off relations with Israel by midnight in Washington. Dennis Ross. I vaguely remember this wash. Dennis Ross, then Bill Clinton's chief Middle East negotiator, received an early morning call from Netanyahu, who explained the crisis and urgently wanted to speak with Clinton. It's like, Oh, God, one of, ah, gay opposite It went bad. We with everybody. We've been found out, right? Chuck? Chuck is very upset. Oh, and then Dennis, he was stunned by what do you mean? What do you mean this happened? How could you be so reckless? Like he's stunned by Israel's recklessness? You have to break that down. He's not stunned that Ah, they would do this. He's just stunned how badly they bungled it. Mr. Dennis Ross. Oh, yeah. He says, Ah! What were you thinking? The American asked the Israel Prime Minister according to his 2004 memoir, Ross asked why Netanyahu hadn't tried to get the Jordanians to quietly apprehend Michelle for him. Didn't it occur to you that something could go wrong? I was dumbfounded when BB replied. No, there he was thunderstruck. Yeah. Where were you? Dennis Ross. When you found out about Jews, it didn't occur to you to do something. You're talking to a jig knack guy. Bad optics is all this guy knows. Clinton mediated the ensuring diplomatic crisis in a furious effort to salvage a major peace agreement between Jordan and Israel. It's like Think about this 20 years ago. If you're Jordan, it's like, Wow, we're getting a peace agreement Fast forward. 20 years later, and Israel is gonna annexed the entire Jordan Valley. This is like, Would you get Jordan Valley Gone Gone? Gaza Strip gone goodbye. Just like all going down going down the tubes. Um, that would that's why you can't negotiate with these people in good faith for and in any way. They're not going to help you going out there and pretending like you know, you're you're like getting down on your knees and in front of the Jews and prostrating yourself. You don't fucking care. They just laugh. Just laugh. People who people know who I'm talking about to. Netanyahu ultimately provided the antidote Formula two Jordanian doctors who would not trust any chemical supply directly by the Israelis. Of course, why should they? Yeah, he also apologized in person to the brother of the king who refused to see him love it, just love it. To ensure the return of the captured Israelis, he even released from prison Hamas's blind and paraplegic spiritual leader, Shaykh Ahmad Yasin. What what started as an operation to demonstrate the costs to the Hamas leadership outside the territories ended with Israel permitting. The spiritual leader of Hamas to return to Gaza is a hero, Ross writes. Michelle also emerged as a hero. His enhanced stature helped position him to assume Hamas's top political post seven years later, in 2004 after Israel, this time dispensing with cloak and dagger techniques, killed his predecessor, Abdel Aziz Rantissi, by firing missiles at his car from a helicopter gunship. Yeah, they're like, yeah, this thistle fentanyl like cloak and dagger. We're just gonna blow this guy out of the fucking water and it's, you know This is what these people do, it's Ah, this is how they dio No, they got tired of doing the James Bond bit and, ah, like yeah, like pen guns and cane guns and set cloaked assassinations. Yeah, nowadays that this is happy. If this had happened now, they would have just drone struck the hospital that the guy was in and call it a day. It's like, Whoa, what's another 1000 dead Arabs? It don't matter. Yeah, I mean, that's That's how they look at it. Netanyahu may attempt to complete his unfinished business. Killing Michelle and Cutter would create another dangerous diplomatic crisis. But Israel's foreign minister have, Avigdor Lieberman believes it should be done anyway. Avigdor Lieberman, of course, is tied in with Israeli organized crime like that when I mentioned before in bald, reveal Leah or whatever name is. According to in July 21st report by Israel's Channel Jew Channel two and Mossad agents drugged and suffocated, leader of Hamas's military wing in a Dubai hotel in March 2010 bubble. A few years ago, an Al Jazeera reporter asked former Mossad chief Danny Yatom, who oversaw the bungled Meshaal attack, whether Israel might try again to kill the mosque leader. The terrorist, Tom answered, must understand that anyone who executes terror will not enjoy immunity. But who's the terrorists here? Danny, Danny, right? It's like it's like bringing chemical weapons into foreign territories and doing attacks with gunships like, Yeah, you know, I'm seeing a lot of I'm seeing a lot of terrorism here, but it's not coming from the guy getting hit with missile or having fentanyl sprayed in his ear. You wanna hear some chutzpah, Though? Israeli officials have indicated that Massad has used fentanyl and other operations, which they declined to describe, noting it that it had quote won a 100% success rate, according to Jane's Intelligence Review report from January 1998 1998. So I can describe the other operation that it's had 100% success rate, and that is the operation in the U. S. Yeah, that's ah, that's the Israeli fentanyl operation with 100% fatality rate. They are always telling you just a sliver of the truth, even when they're lying. And yeah, that's where we are. Nothing but Chuck's nothing but filthy lying. Chuck's these people, Um, but I never. It never ends, right? I mean, you put this all together and, you know, from fentanyl to Tulsa Gabbert, It's like, Yeah, it's like enough that they could put put down the Shiva lists, put down the copes. It's over. Look, I'm you know, I'm not I'm not being contradictory by saying that. Look, way were there, we were there and we knew what that was like. So, you know, you can't You can't. So you have to live through the experience. That's why I'm glad in a way that Trump got elected because here we are. We had to come through it out on the other side. I've said this many times. What if Trump it lost in 2016? Maybe he would have gone away, But imagine if he didn't go. And what would we be doing in May of 2020 with all of our hopes dashed from 2016? Glad Because here we are much We're much further along. We've evolved and our thanks thinking and we hope that you do too. Until then, uh, got a nice weekend show cooked up for you guys. So hope everybody enjoys their theorist e and trading. We'll see on the weekend"}],"