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Welcomed FTN 309 Jazz Hands Make Feels fascination brought to you by the words most persistently vindicated right wing podcast. Heard it somewhere. Chances are that similar is here. James. What's happened? 100 am going guy doing pretty well, but had to wait out into the retail retail hellscape a few times today. And, uh, yeah, it's funny once It's like the tide has changed right, and it shows you how impressionable many people are. Where a month ago, I went to target respirator up, gloved up and there was some liberal woman's signaling and and looking at me and telling her kids, 00 kids, we don't need to do that cause we're not afraid. We're we don't live in fear and then ah, fast for a month. And it's like 80% of everybody is like masked up, gloved up. Well, not gloved. But yeah, it's it's quite the shift over the last month. Yeah, I've ditched the rubber dipped gardening gloves just like whatever. I mean, if I have cuts on my hand. Maybe I would go back to that, but yeah, I'm doing the in 95 but yeah, I was at burning. I was a Bernie Marcus's boomer Big box of Jewish emporium today, and, ah, it was It was boomed up, very boomed up. I needed a few things. Um, because I wasn't joking about planting. Ah, planting some corn. I'm actually gonna be doing that tomorrow. The soil temp has hit the that just right. 60 degrees. No worries about additional frost of the Alex's, right? There's been a very fucked up spring. Ah, very odd cold, weird weather inside to wait a little bit longer than usual. But I got ah, I got all the drip lines and all the things that I need to do this. And, ah, I'm gonna just gonna space, um, two weeks apart so that, you know, you get a nice yield, do like 15 plants, and then wait two weeks and do 15 more. And by like, you know, August or something, start having the stuff role in Silver Queen. I send non gmo Ah, radio Wayne. But I'm not doing it to be trad. I just like corn and Ah, you know, people give them to my neighbors. And ah, I don't like corn that has been shipped up here from Mexico that, you know, these guys are out in the fields plucking and wiping their ass with cilantro and then pick in the courts like I'll just do this myself. All right, All right. And it'll be pretty good. So I'm gonna be doing that tomorrow. Um, hopefully people are getting outside and doing doing some outdoor stuff. Would you have to dio at the big box? What were you doing in retail? I was making in exchange for a for a car battery? I took a gamble on the one from Costco, which ended up not fitting the application that I'm sort of retrofitting a 12 volt batter into a car that originally had 26 volt batteries, which were very small. So, yeah, I had to go get that old group 26 50 bucks from from the wall marks. But yeah, that was that was that was interesting. That was my first time actually being held in a line to get into a store. I had seen that around online and seen that driving by places. I never had to queue to get into a Walmart, but yeah, that changed. It depends on your state, but this has happened a couple times now. Where you they count. I guess there's some in some states they have, ah, account like, you know, whatever you're allowed to be in. So if one person comes out, then you can go in and try to avoid that. But the problem is, is that they have all cut their hours because, you know, like Bernie, Marcus doesn't want to pay his hourly employees. They you know, they say they're doing it for the associates. But the reality is they've diminished their staff and they've lowered the hours and they're squeezing these people. And so these stores are open, only open, I think from like, 9 to 6. It's not the 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. deal anymore. So yeah, the Wal Marts that used to be 24 hours and now close eight oclock. And the thing is, it would actually be safer if you were to disperse people over a greater period of time, Right? Instead of forcing everyone to shop in this six hour window like the Costco closing at 6 p.m. It would be safer if you let people trickle in. Trickle out all day would be my thinking instead of packing them in. I kind of like the limited hours like, you know, while the sun's up have these places open and then you don't get as many game or words. And there was nothing, really. I mean, let's be honest, like nothing really is going on. Nothing good is going on in the world of retail after about 5 p.m. So it's just, you know, like they say nothing is good after nothing. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. It's like nothing, nothing productive ever happens in the world of retail after like 5 p.m. Unless you're talking about a grocery store. But it's just like let's just five PM Just shut it down like you should be at home spending time with your family anyway, thing that everybody, let's go back, return to tradition as a war and start closing these places down on Sundays. Oh, and forcing people to yeah, not take a day off of the the I V drip of consumerism. I'm old enough to remember what that was like being in like a little downtown area on a Sunday and seeing 80% of the stores closed like that was normal, that these places were closed and it was quiet. And it was almost like, you know, these these post apocalyptic photos of New York and L A. Right now with that, nobody in the streets, it's like, Yeah, it's like small town on a Sunday. It's like how it's supposed to be, you know, from like 18 8 to noon. There's a lot of traffic. Is people going to church? But then there's nobody People are out with their families. But now you not. Not today. Well, maybe today it's like that every day, but I don't know. Anyway, that was actually the law in the United Kingdom, up until the eighties, when good old Ah, good old reformer Margaret Thatcher, ally of Reagan course, went in and made sure to put an end of that put into that fascistic control over free enterprise and small business. Yeah, we're gonna have to Do you know, we did the Reaganomics demographic death spiral, deep dive, which we did Ah, last Labor Day. So if people want to go back and look on. Listen to that. That's a fantastic a deep dive we did on just how awful Ronald Reagan is. Just destroying these conservative ship lifts Ronald Ronaldo's Magnus is one of them. We're gonna have to do one on her as well at some point. Did we sort of touched on her tangentially in that? Ah, in that deep dive. But let me go back to the well on that. Oh, definitely, Definitely. And speaking of Shiva, let's many you're gonna fight yet Go to Home Depot, grab that sledgehammer fan because we're gonna fall today. Some big ones. Yeah, we're going to settle some questions for good. You know, we've said it will be great, you know, in 2020 especially if Trump loses, like this whole am net. Like pretend nationalism stuff just goes away. I know doesn't totally go away, but it's it's gonna be gone like this whole idea that, like with Trump as the be guiding light as this is this thing that is the god Emperor. It's gone. It's done, it's finished. We don't have to wait. We have to wait for that. We're gonna settle that question today. It's gonna be a very cathartic day for a lot of people. It's cathartic for me putting this together very pleased that the U. S. District Court of Washington, D C. District of Columbia, has given us this this confirmation bias that we're gonna enroll today. But, um, spam Houston out there. Spam. Houston, I'm looking at you fem gonna reach levels of ah, bang clout That shouldn't even be possible. After today, this guy is going to be, ah, proven correct 100% of the time and it's gonna be good, but we have some set up stories. Have some steris to get to First there's something we didn't get to on the midweek. This memo, um, we have talked a lot about China. Last weekend, we picked apart the Ron un's piece on Ah, the notion that maybe the Corona virus was a gay up by the U. S. On China. That went bad. Interesting theory may be true. Very possible. We also did a deep dive on China two weeks ago was two weeks ago, James, where we looked into mouse inner circle and the fact that you know, he had all these to the only Jews that were allowed in the country after 1949 were Mao's inner circle, and they actually were allowed to become citizens of the PRC. And their whole goal there was to make sure that Chinese communism didn't trend in a direction that became anti Semitic. They wanted to make sure that it was compatible with capitalism. And as you've seen the Chinese transition into a sort of quasi capitalist economy, um, you see how Larry Fink and thes Banks have been able to go over there? And it's It's funny, James, how these financial services industry has been able to make it so that they are allowed to be majority stakeholders in these partnerships that have been set up with the Chinese Construction Bank and everything else. And so all of that background gives you the context. Understand why they're trying to set up this new Cold War dichotomy, doesn't it? I mean, this just it all because if you just look at this China blitz memo and you're like, yeah, GOP is trying toe aggress towards China, and I don't like Chinese, and I don't like slanty eye people, so this is kind of fun this is the cool bandwagon to get on. I'm allowed to be racist against the Chinese. Oh, yeah, let's lets you know do this bit. And it's like, No, you have to understand what's really going on here in in the deeper context, it actually makes a lot more sense when you look at it from that perspective, right in The broader effort here is to hasten the liberalization of China. Things are opening up, and, uh, foreigners are being able to take larger equity stakes and buy property and buying into these in equity markets in China that, Ah, this is unusual. Actually, Historically, China has historically had a aim or stringent policy keeping foreigners out. But this is the effort that's being undertaken now being led, of course, by by those in Shanghai traders, international traders in Shanghai, Shanghai, of course, one of the most affluent, prosperous and biggest Jewish cities in the world there in China. And yeah, and so what they're doing here is this effectively getting people bye bye. By fanning these flames, these anti China flames, they're enlisting people in America to, like start pulling on on the wrecking ball and unleash this wrecking ball against China to further to exacerbate this market liberalisation because things are happening there. Absolutely. But in their eyes, they're never happening fast enough. They always want things to be happening faster and for for the U. S. This Gollum that they largely control to, you know, they're aware that it's losing influence. They're aware that the U. S. Is becoming less capable, less influential, less impactful by the day and wow while the strikers trying to strike while the sun is shining, so to speak with the U. S. And squeeze this for every last ounce of geopolitical intimidation that it's worth. What is this strike first and something I forget with the with the with the the the saying is for that. But yeah, this is it's gone on for a while with with China and some of it is they're not getting their way. A lot of the diminishing US influence is a result of their own designs, right? We've seen this pattern happen with countries before. Just ask Great Britain. Just ask Spain. Just ask Poland. Just ask a lot of these blazes. Germany, um, where this has happened in the past and so they're also trying. I mean, and there's a bait and switch going on to with the Corona virus. As as the cause the China must pay when you dig down into the details and we're gonna put all that out on the table for people to understand. It's really Corona Virus is just the excuse for for a lot of other things that they've wanted. And this is something that they've had their eye set on for a while. I mean, we've talked about this for well over a year now. The shift, the military shift, um, the focus on Africa and the D. D focusing on the Middle East? Not as much. It doesn't mean, you know, don't light switch brain This it doesn't mean like nothing in Middle East, everything in other place. It's like, No, they're just pivoting. They're shifting the weight of their stance. And so there's this China blitz memo, the Chuck Singer controlled National Republicans and Senatorial Committee and RSC. For those of you out rare, Rhinelander has sent campaigns a detailed 57 page memo. It's nice of singer and friends, right? James? They've they've given the GOP a tip sheet on what to do they just need tips on? Ah, you know how to do things. They didn't just need the tip. Just the tip from Chuck Singer and, uh, they It's this authored by a top Republican strategise who has been advising GOP candidates how to address the Corona virus. This is talking points memo for the 2020 campaign, and so the memo includes advice on how to tie Democratic candidates to the Chinese government. We've seen this before with tying Democratic candidates to Russia. What they did this to Ted Kennedy, and this goes back a very long way. And so and how to deal with accusations of racism, right, Because they want to foster the, ah sort of the anti Chinese slant. I sort of like boomer racism. But then how to deal with this? Because they themselves don't want to get caught in this. It's it's the proletariat that they want tohave these racist opinions and day sort of act as though, oh, no, it's, you know we don't have a problem with the Chinese people are the Chinese culture. It's the evil communist dictatorship of writing Ping. So right, and this is why those very close in close proximity to the GOP. They are doing the bid on CCP virus or Chinese Communist viruses. What they're saying. They also don't want to concede the point. Ah, publicly that racism is OK, right? They don't want to say, Yeah, like, we just don't care about racism. It's fine. These these Chinese did this to us. So it's okay. No, because if they start doing that, if they open that door, they know where that may lead. So what they're doing here? Yeah, there is. They're trying to incite what, what are obviously racial sentiments. But then mask them in. It's just the ideology, bro. Or it's not really the race, bro. It's the Chinese. Racism is like starter fluid in trying to get an engine going. You don't keep spraying the starter fluid in the intake over and over. You just do it once and then the engines running and then you turn it. I mean, you turn, you get rid of that a strategy, and they have to turn it off exactly what you said. It's an excellent point, James, that Yeah, we know where that goes because you keep spare spraying the starter fluid, you end up with a lot of smoke. A lot of smoke coming out of that smokestack. Yeah, Yeah. Starts getting very hot. Very high temperatures and and, Ah, lots of, ah, lots of fire. Actually, that happens. Lots of burning. A lot of burning. So and so the China, Yes, the China. This narrative, it's It's three main lines of assault, right that China caused the virus by covering it up, which is what the U. S government did. This is all projection. So just as you hear what this memo says the GOP should do, it's it's it's important to remember this is actually what the United States did in reality so that China caused the virus. And then they covered it up. That Democrats are soft on China and that Republicans will push for sanctions on China for its role in spreading the pandemic. Now, of course, the sanctions would hurt the Chinese people that they say that they don't have a problem with it won't actually, when the government just gonna pass those on, it's not actually gonna cripple the government, depending on what the sanctions are. And you see some people making that argument. But according to the memo. It says Corona virus was a Chinese hit and run, followed by a cover up that cost thousands of lives. The document urges candidates to stay relentlessly on message against the country when responding to any questions about the virus. When asked whether the spread of the virus is Trump's fault, candidates are advised to respond by pivoting to China. Don't defend trumpet all other than the China traveled Man just attacked China, the memo states. Interesting. So don't defend Trump is what truck singers telling Senate candidates to do, and we're gonna find out why in the second half of the show. But Republicans have indicated they plan to make China a centerpiece of the 2020 campaign. Trump's reelection campaign recent released this Web video pending. Joe Biden is cozy with the authoritarian country. Yeah, this is kind of just whatever. I mean that the ad is sort of part. Of course, yeah, what's remarkable to me about this is that this confirms and not even remarkable. This is something that we predicted weeks ago is that the anti China racism, the pivot to China wasn't off, and it wasn't out for the start from the start and so many people fell for it. Now, as time was worn on fewer and people, fewer people have fallen for it. But it's very telling that as you have people in sort of wine, that Twitter and and elsewhere and some of these ah all light conservatives coming out and attacking China and really getting deeply invested in attacking China, not attacking the U. S. Government not criticizing Trump's response is abysmal. Response. No ive criticizing the U. S. Government. This system, as it in totality, ease response to this. But focusing on China. This is word for word. What the GOP elites with the neo cons in the GOP are advising GOP operatives to dio advising GOP candidates to dio. So this just confirms. If there was any doubt in your mind that, well, maybe some of this anti China stuff is organic. Or maybe we can use this to, to to adopt to our end. No, that's not what this says. This is an office is a distraction, and it's meant to distract you. Well, one, it's meant to distract you from what is really going on and who is victimizing you. But to it's meant to grease the skids for you to be excited for next for next Cold War for next international intervention. Yeah, and this I've seen people do this to, and it's unfortunate. But if you find yourself in a position where you're getting really worked up in hysterical about the hygienic conditions of wet markets, you this is the shoe in the door for this kind of rhetoric because and I've seen people do this and it's sort of a cope where it's like, Well, we need to hold China accountable because it's disgusting and appalling that, you know, this stuff is allowed to be sold and these wet markets exists and that it's causing the sickness and causing this disease. And it's like nothing about this neoconservative push for aggression on China is going to change one lick about the hygienic conditions and standards in a wet market so you can beat that drug. You can beat that gong if you want, but it is not going to change a goddamn thing. And so this is why you have people like Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton were some of the authors of this memo. It also the also includes guidance on what GOP candidates can say when asked whether blaming China for the pandemic incites racism, Candidates are urged to respond by saying that no one is blaming Chinese Americans. This is the fault of the Chinese Communist Party for covering up the virus and lying about its danger. This caused the pandemic, and they should be held accountable. China must pay. No one has suffered more than the murderous Chinese Communist dictatorship than the people in China, the memo adds. We stand with them against their corrupt government, and that has caused pandemic. I saw on the five while when Dana Pary no took a break from, like just fully doing, fulfill a she eo on Trump's handling of the Corona virus. Just the most awful disgusting thing that I've ever seen. Who's the guy? Oh yeah, Greg Gutfeld, he goes. Greg Gutfeld says that. I mean, listen to this Jew. He says the task of a bipartisan task should be separating the Chinese people from their government. That is the task we must separate. I mean, and these are the same people who think it's appalling and awful that they're you know, that there's collusion. I mean, this is the US colluding and everybody They talk about it as though that this is our and we're gonna hear from Nikki Haley on this where it's our It's our manifest destiny to be meddling in Chinese affairs. And they're just open openly, unlike prime time. You know, boomer conservative news. It's like, yeah, we have to get in there and start fucking around with their government and separating the people from it's like Wow, Okay, yeah, And this reminds me of what the GOP has a tendency to do all the time, which is whether it's we're talking about Mexicans or any foreign group is to do something that those people are not going toe like and then profess how much you love that group of people while actually not doing anything to keep those people. It's the same thing that Trump has done with with Mexico and Mexicans where he goes out there and it pisses them all off and insights them to be political, radicalizes them and then does nothing to to counter that the new political force that he himself has energized and that we're seeing this now with China, and this is especially dangerous in the context of e B five visas, which we talked about on the midweek show. Because if you're going to sanction the Chinese state, which again is not going to have an impact on the government, what you were then laying is the groundwork for the argument to say that well, you know, the Chinese government is is taking out the sanctions on their people. And there are so many great smart, beautiful, brilliant people in China that just need an opportunity. They can thrive if given the right capitalist conditions here in the USA. So we need to lower the e p five minimum investment. We need to expand these visas to get more of these people in. And you have a very similar situation to what you have with Mexicans, with Indians so on and so forth, where you're bringing in mawr of these people and and inciting them against you politically and we're not invested in the future of the GOP. But this just goes to show how how poor the strategy is and how yeah, they never learned there. And they're definitely not invested in you and anybody pushing this narrative that that you can be changed or it can be done. Look awfully. Say it's like I'm not. I'm not being contradictory. It's like, Look, we tried. We thought this was a path, you know, getting involved in the GOP and pushing this when when Trump was doing white nationalist rhetoric. But that was all that was all fake and gay. We're gonna We're going to dispel any notion that there was anything real to that at all. And the purpose of us putting that out there and the purpose of us saying this. Look, look, we got fooled. Look, we got fooled by this is to make sure that it never happens again. It's happening to people right now. People who are either food being fooled for the first time, being fooled for the fifth time or are just part of some sort of fake and gay astro turf ing of trumpism and 2020 need to put all that to bed. It's over. The party's over. It's not. There's no one coming to save you, and it's not gonna be anybody with an elephant pin on the lapel of their suit. So for Jewish husband, you're right. Yeah, exactly. And so yeah, and you raised a very good point, which is that, as you see the e b five being pushed to be expanded. We talked about this on the midweek show. If you're not a paywall subscriber, you're missing out the right Stuffed up is slash paywall we actually talked about. It's not the usual stuff we've talked about. He be five before we talk about the fraud before. But we also talked about the fact that there is a Jewish lawyer named Ira Kurzban who is what been involved in 50 alien tort cases. And he's the guy. He's the Jewish lawyer who is the king of coming into the court in getting these judges to expand the premise of the eye and a continuing to push and push. And essentially, what he did is he allowed you to get a loan to raise Thebe five funds, which was before 2018 never allowed. That was something that was not intended purpose for that program. But now you know these these, uh, what they call them regional centres can essentially make loans to people. And so, as you have this program expanding and as you have financial services getting more deeply involved with ease. And it's all commercial real estate. It's the Kushner's this who this benefits trump himself. You have this pushing on China, This push for gay ups, you have. You have the, um, the protests starting up again in Hong Kong, which they were shut off right before Corona virus. And then now they're being turned back on, and so you raise a very good point, which is that it isn't just TV five, that they're expanding because they want people to come in. They know that there are a lot of rich Chinese that maybe want to get out of China if things go bad for them. And so it's like you come to America just gonna cost you $900,000 0 but don't worry. We'll make alone for 5% or 24.99% a p are you Come on in. You love Jews. You love Chinese like come on in. There's plenty of room mirror, you know So But it's not just TV five. They will do the same thing full spectrum with all of the immigration that these Chinese people are just waiting to get out of Communist China. They're just They're just waiting to get into Ah, are beautiful capitalist country and fuck you out of a job. They've done this with Vietnam, right? This this was done directly. I mean, hit almost exactly same situation. I was in Vietnam where we were bringing people from their nominally because they're escaping their communist oppressors. And this is something the US government loves to do. It's something that that they love to trick people into supporting because this is a great a bastard. We are that shining city on a hill, right? Ronaldo's Magnus with our big statue of liberty. Shining right is a lighthouse for free peoples across the world. Blotter blood. So, yeah, I mean, this is the template is there And this is absolutely what with the next evolution of this will be Republican or Democrat, by the way, because democrats canoeing under the guise of of anti racism and ending trump xenophobia so on so forth. And Trump can do it under this pseudo nationalist, a desire to bring in the best and brightest people from across the world. So, yeah, it's it's set up for for ah, the board is set up to be played by whoever wins in 2020. You and that in the democrats conclude cop, bad cop China however they want. But if you're thinking that Oh, you know this GOP blitz on China. This is only you know, if your Copus that all this is Mike Pompeo, these air the globalists. James, this is this is Tom Cotton. These are all the globalist. It's Lindsey Gram and Chuck Singer and the owner. See, these aren't the nationalists. They start the Trump Nationalists, right? Well, you thought wrong, dude. Good old Steve O Bannon got the memo to hear. Steve Benen. China must be held accountable for Corona virus. They're the enemy of the United States. Go back to what Andrew said a minute ago. Look, we've got 30 million people unemployed. You have what hundreds of thousands of people around the world debt. You have economic carnage everywhere. And remember, it's not just the cash we put in. It's the opportunity cost of what we've had to forego. No, the Chinese Communist Party is direct their knowingly responsible for this. As the president said, Let's leave aside the fact of what they've been doing in these labs. Let's leave aside the fact that do they have a biological weapons program or not, investigations at the intelligence level, with all these nations combined at the at the health level at public health services, that will be full investigations of that. We know for a fact they knew they had human transmission and community spread in mid to late December. They knew this and they live. They came toe came to the especially since Sunday you signed a trade deal, the trade you you're talking about and President Trump reiterated last night they never said a word about this. Had the will settle organization come out on the 14th of January, put out tweets and we, after consultation with senior members of the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party. They've told us there's no human to human transmission. These are bald faced lies. At the same time, they're going around the world vacuuming up into Europe, Brazil, Australian, United States. You're all the personal protective equipment, which is the key part for actually doing testing and also protecting the doctor and nurses teams that were so it's just like endless black, a little Steve guy who was usurping this peopie who was sending their government agencies in and Intel agencies toe go and surreptitiously obtained all this PPE I don't think that was China, my man. And also the thing is this is so fake, right? This this idea that all China China Bannon slurring his words drunk managed to China lied about this. Look, if China had come out and said like a month ahead of time that hey, there's something to be concerned about here, then the these fake These fake nationalists would be able to devise a rhetorical strategy where China and if the virus turned out to be nothing, these people could devise a strategy where they say, Look, China did this to alarm the world into spook the markets and to crash the economy and China must pay for destroying our economy. So this is all fake, and either way it goes, it shows you that this is not about this is not a genuine response to the facts on the ground. This is something that has been planned for a long time and is now being deployed as a strategy with Corona virus as the background. And it's one thing for you know, somebody like Tom Cotton, who has a history of neoconservative rhetoric and somebody like Mike Pompeo who does this all the time. Nothing, nothing has changed about the the sort of constructs of the arguments that they've been making. Let's see, Pannone. This is a guy who said, We gotta bring the troops home and we got to get out all these wars and, you know, yada, yada, yada And it's it's like so that we can pivot toward China is what the rest of that sentence was that you were just saying. I mean, so you know, it's kind of funny how this has all turned and, you know, you gotta be skeptical going forward of anybody in the mainstream who all of a sudden starts spouting these totally based talking points because chances are it's gonna be to lead you in a direction where they've led them today, and I'm glad that a lot of people aren't falling for it. That's the upside we talked about that on the midweek shows that people are even starting to correctly turn their fire. Even on Stephen Miller. It's like, Well, finally we're getting we're getting somewhere here, but a lot of people are still falling for this and that sort of unfortunate. But let me explain where they're going to take this, because the Corona virus rhetoric and you know, Bannon. It's so funny when Bannon says the Chinese government, I mean the Chinese Communist Party. It's like he just just sets the pick up the talking points wherever he goes that they're making this about the Corona virus now because that's a shoe in the door for everything else. And Nikki Haley wrote this op ed in The Washington Post were she basically explains everything she's got. She explains everything about what they want to do. She's got this Winston Churchill quote at the beginning, which is like, I tell you, it is Gore's. Yeah, of course, I tell you, it is no use arguing with a Communist. It is no good trying to convert a Communist to persuade him. You just have to use the persuasion of power is ultimately what you have. Teoh. You just have to ally with him and kill hundreds of thousands of German civilians, right? Exactly. Kill kill millions of white people over that period of time and destroy governments and beautiful architecture and works of art that can never be replaced. That's just just great, right. Wonderful World War two Rah rah. So, yeah, she talks about Ah, lot of the things that China has done, she says. With its lives and cover ups, China will continue to try to hide its responsibility for failing to contain a virus that began in Wuhan and is killing hundreds of thousands worldwide in doing untold economic destruction. It's like, No, that's globalism that's doing that. That's global finance, open borders, capitalism that's doing that. That's not China. China didn't do that. That was you. Is your fake and gay post world Post World War two ah construct. But, she says. But deceit about the virus is not the worst danger Chinese communism poses. This is where it gets interesting. It's just it's most glaring symptom. A virus can start in any country. The threats coming from China do not come from any other country. In the past, the lone China has brazenly expanded its reach. In Hong Kong, it is arrested. Leading pro democracy activists, in other words, are CIA operatives and and it's attempting to criminalize criticism of the Chinese government. Well, isn't that what they do here in the United States. This you know, they she goes on to say, domestically, it is vastly enlarged its military capabilities, creating an Orwellian surveillance state forced forcing more than one million of its minority citizens into re education camps. Isn't that like the entirety of the U. S. Education system is basically in education camp? It's just done with a smiley face. I mean, that's that's it's It's amazing, You know, the people getting up on their high horse about the egregious things that trainer's doing. It's a but you guys air arresting pro democracy activists in Charlottesville. You are throwing people in jail and in solitary confinement, your criminalising criticism of the American government, which is essentially Israel. You have codified that in a law that says it's a felony to boycott the state of Israel. I mean, you know, like I don't even think China into the extent that China's even doing what they're saying that China is doing. That's the other aspect of this. It's probably not even anything close to the extent of what the United States has done to its own citizens, so just it's just amazing. But this is what this is really about. It's not about the virus. It's about hostile actions in the South China. She see it's about shipping. It's about nuclear weapons testing. They make Corona virus the excuse, but this is about total conquest of China's financial system through leverage and hostile takeover. They want to do that instead of fight. They know they can't fight a war with China. Everybody knows the United States would probably lose an out and out war with China. They want to do it through financial leverage, and it's because China has a system that they do not control. They want anybody who thinks that a war with China, when in whatever form that takes active hot war or just a Cold War, is gonna result with American factory jobs coming back or, let's say, hygienic conditions changing in wet markets. Whatever you're like, a little bit of dis info that you want to cling to is all about. None of that's going to change. In fact, if Jewish financial control, if they managed to get their tentacles into China, all of the things that are happening today are just gonna get accelerated even faster. So if you're on the boar on on board, going down the street, banging that old shiny is gone and getting excited for more attacks and aggression on China, you're just accelerating your own demise. Opposing This is the only thing that is just in this situation, right? And this has been building for years. This, ah, this conflict in the south trying to see specifically between the US and China and the, you know, a notable thing that happened a few years ago was the Philippines telling the US to vacate the military bases because they were going to be given over to China. The Philippines were allowing the Chinese to build artificial islands in the northwestern tip of the Philippines before Chinese naval bases. And so, yeah, the U. S. Has been rapidly losing influence in the region, let alone the world. And we're seeing we've been covering this for long as I've been doing the show and before that, with us losing its influence and ability to to manipulate world players to coerce world players into going along with, with the global Israeli project boycotting Iran, Europeans aren't listening. Boycotting China. Europeans aren't listening. So yeah, this is this is Ah, I think an act of frustration. It's coming from a place of frustration. Some desperation Ah, in the U. S. Neoconservative intelligence community that they have not been able to rein China in. And yeah, this is this is current virus again is just being used as the excuse. Yeah, and fast forward. Let's say that they succeed at getting leverage over China. Mean fast forward. Two decades and the situation for American workers is gonna be precipitously. Worse, China would have a puppet government that essentially is controlled by the US threat neutralized, right? I mean, that's essentially what you have today in the dynamic with Russia. I mean, they opened up Russia. We did the deep dive on Putin in Roman Abramovich and the oligarchs. We've We've gone back to the well on this many, many times. They still they still roll out the corpse of Russia as the is the big global threat. And they'll keep doing that with China to, But they will. The difference is, is that they will control China and they'll still wheel out the boogie Man. I mean, we're still gonna be talking about unfortunately, Chinese Communist government, probably for decades no matter what the outcome is here and in Haley uses that the typical you know, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush sort of rhetoric. The free world ignores this pattern at our peril. And, uh, just like, what is this? You know? And she goes back down. This this well of, you know, America's security depends on preventing distant powers from amassing enough strength to threaten us. In the past 100 years, we've stopped Germany twice in the Soviet Union. For that reason now we face an expansionist communist China whose economic power vastly exceeds the Soviets. Anything that they had during the Cold War, it's manifestly in our security interests to counter this threat. This is not America's challenge. Alone in the Pacific region. Japan, India and Australia already recognized the Chinese danger. Our European friends have been slower to the cause. The Chinese duplicity on the novel Corona viruses finally waking them up. Developing nations that once brought into China's false generosity are now seeing through clear low. That's the other thing that she does, too, by the way, she says, Here we go so internationally, it has stolen intellectual property, unprecedented levels taken over United Nations agencies And here's the kicker. This is the biggest projection you will ever see on this. Exerted its leverage over poor countries with terrible debt deals, then called in the debts. And it is also harassing its Asian. No, that's that's singer Singer is the guy doing the loans to these countries and then calling in the debts and doing hostile takeovers. It's again the projection. I heard Dana Perino do this yesterday. You know, it's not like I'm a regular consumer of the five, but it's worthwhile to tap in to hear the egregious stuff that they're pushing on people. Because if you're wondering where it's coming from, you know, with boomers and whatever, thinking that you know we should have a D Day. But unlike the Chinese coast, it's like that's where it's coming from. It's coming from these people who are matter of fact Lee saying that we need to, like, go and go invade China. It's, I mean, just totally insane. But the debt leverage, it's like, No, that's Jewish. That's Juno Financial power. Exactly and again not to be in a put like a fan of China or anything here. But when you look at the deals they're actually making with the African governments. They're going in and they're building them eight lane, 16 lane highways. They're building them power grids. They're building them power generation stations, running on everything from biomass to hydro to you know, you name it, they're they're building them these power plants and infrastructure, and in return, you know, they're sure they're taking the natural resource. Is there signing over deeds for like, Oh, yeah, all of your zinc, all of your palladium, whatever it is. But the Africans, it's like they don't care in exchange, they're getting these roads and they get to drive there gold plated Mercedes. You know, Mogg six by six, down them. And this is a good deal for them. Whereas the US and the global the deal is presented to them by global jury involve just money that has to be paid back a 24.9%. They don't want that European colonialism was an even better deal than Chinese colonialism. They just make it seem like Oh, China did all this great stuff for Africans like no Europe did farm or I mean for for all of Africa. And you know, it's it's the same thing. It's it's always been this case. These people were far better off under the yoke than they ever were free. And you see what it looks like now and it's a shit show. It's a shit show for everybody in every instance. So, yeah, and the idea that American security or or national interest will be boosted by by agitation towards China, American security and interest in our way of life and our well being would be boosted by bringing our jobs back would be boosted by divestment from from Chinese trade. These are things that would be actually beneficial for Americans in the long run, bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back, for example. None of these things are being talked about. None of these things are on the table. The context in which Haley Tom Cotton, that of the Olt light, talked about going after China. Is this vague militarism throwing our weight around? None of it has to do with actually benefiting people in America that have been screwed by by the relationship that has been forged with China by American American industrialists and others, and this idea that Democrats are soft on China, that we see the GOP putting forward. This was this Ouch outs, outsourcing and offshoring. This was occurring under Reagan under Bush under Clinton under Bush, like this has been going on for decades. And so the idea that it's it's a Democrat Demon rats scheme. Get out of here. Get out of here. Nobody believes. Don't you mean Wall Street corporatists like crystal by cooks? Crystal ball is saying so, Yeah, and so the idea that this is going to mean if they get far enough along with this it's going to end up. You know, Corona virus is going to be something that they pivot off of and focus on this this myrie out of other, like, total Jewish projection. But it makes it actually gives the thesis of Of Ron owns and the I keep returning to this because it just more and more about this makes so much sense. It's it's if you couldn't go to the United States into a war for I don't know, intellectual property theft and all the things that they say it would like to the death to America gay up chance that they make it seem like this is what the Iranian people really think about America? If none of that worked, well, then maybe you have to gay up a Ah, a corona virus that starts in China. Blame it all on China. Have some actual tangible damage. Have some people die in the United States. Look it, it's America. This is like this. Like another 9 11 if you want to look at it that way because that got us into war with Iraq again, Um and this is something that is intended to get us into a war with China and they're gonna use Corona virus, and Americans died and China lied. And and so then you see why? Maybe it's one of the reasons why the United States had toe have such a ham fisted response to this. Because if the U. S. Had done what it needed to do to lock this down and make sure everybody has PPE and get get treatment as quickly as possible and get everybody, you know, diminish, mitigate the number of deaths, Then it cheapens their argument that China must pay right? Doesn't it means you're sort of all makes yes, the and the buildup has been remarkably similar to with fake protests for democracy and China. You have these stories coming into the American media about them putting wingers in in like wigger death camps. And yes, Saddam, you know, had the rape rooms and and gassing babies and incubators. And China is is Ah yeah, throwing Nepalese off cliffs and putting wicker's in the death camps. So yes, remarkably similar how they keep returning to that same old playbook. It's like M and M Marshall Mathers to see, like the King of the Wigger death camps to see, like the guy that rules over the whole thing. So funny leaving that's leaving that sticker on the snap back, the gold chain and a wife beater. Did you hear that? His his house got robbed, his house I got broken into. I guess he lives in a gated community in Detroit, of course. And yeah, I guess it's like I guess he had a home invasion while he was sheltering in place. So it's kind of funny. A long way from eight mile, huh? But she everybody started screaming like a bitch. I'm sure that's actually what happened. So, uh, yeah, in here's what they We've gotten a taste of what they're trying to do. Um is well, in terms of what's their plan with China, if it's not war, right? And some of the things that were aware of that are being discussed. Of course we're not aware of. I'm sure a lot of the conversations that have been had, but there are a couple key things that they're trying to talk about. One of them is is trying and this is just appalling. Appalling levels of of United States just interventionism and in all kinds of aggression that should never This is not what we should be doing. But they want to strip China of its sovereign immunity. Um, basically making it enable or enabling the U. S. Government or anyone to sue China for damages. Um, this is what we've talked about on a couple episodes, legal experts say, in an attempt to limit China's sovereign immunity. Ah, this would be extremely difficult to accomplish and may require congressional legislation. Why is it extremely difficult? Why isn't it just impossible? Why is it possible for a country to just say yeah, like this thing that you think you have that prevents people from our country from suing you like you don't have that because our Congress said so. How is that possible? I mean, if that's the case, why don't you know? Why don't other governments to the United States for things that they've done because they can't? Because we're the big asshole in the room, I suppose, Right. And this this is just another example of the US sort of flailing and and acting in a in a way that costs us influence. And not that we're lamenting this fact, but you know, Europeans look at this and the rest of the world looks at this like it just rolls their eyes because this is so stupid and China. Okay, let's say you do this. Let's say you roll back the sovereign immunity and people Americans are allowed to sue the Chinese government. It's all right, Cool. You filed a lawsuit, and now what I tried is not going to pay out. I think this idea that that I think many of these Jews in the legal community have the idea that China is just as easy to intimidate legally is some some white, small business owner that doesn't want to bake a gay cake Yeah. All right, Go for it. See how far that gets you. So it would be very beneficial for the legal system. Obviously, lawyers, if they if they succeeded in getting this done, Of course, you know, it's lawyers that would profit. But they are baiting boomers and other Americans into thinking that they're going to have some sort of a lotto ticket in the form of a lawsuit with China. And then when that turns out, not toe happen out yet. Sorry, guys. Guess we're not gonna be ableto have make trying to pay that way. I guess we're going to make him pay with military force because they don't want I mean, yeah, lawyers would benefit from this, but they don't want you to benefit. They don't want you to get a payout on the idea that China would even cough up cash anyway. It's like, no, you know, they they want China to pay in the form of Larry Fink, sticking $7 trillion worth tentacles into their financial system. That's the payment. That's the tender that they want. But the other thing that they're doing and they're saying they're going to do, which is just dumb is debt cancellation. We touched on this a couple weeks ago. And what that actually means is if China has purchased US bonds and we pay them interest for the bonds that they've purchased, what is being suggested by members of the GOP is that we just simply don't make the interest payments on those bonds. And it's kind of I mean, even Trump is kind of like, Yeah, I know you start playing games like that. That's kind of dumb, because if you do that, then nobody is gonna want to buy our bonds. And he's kind of not wrong. He's not kind of not wrong. And apparently there was some Ah, senior administration official who said, Now is not the right time. There will be a time to do that, though, Right? This is This is Trump going ham in the second term? Guys, remember we said, you know, Trump is gonna go hand in the second term, and it's either going to be war with Iran or war with China. Well, you are now here, right? This is part of the Miller plan, right? This is another page. This is on in the footnotes of that Stephen Miller plan that you should trust. You should definitely be trusting everything involved their share. Yeah, well, and it's actually China is the one going ham, their spokesman from the Foreign Ministry told reporters. The U. S is the U. S. Should know that the that their enemy is the virus, not China. They should focus on containment at home, an international cooperation instead of smearing China and shifting the blame onto China, he added. As for punishment or accountability, as I've repeatedly stated, such rhetoric has no legal basis, and there's there's no international precedent at this time undermining others. Efforts will end up undermining oneself. It's like, Yes, I'm sorry. It's like and you're gonna get accused of being a China shill if you're not on the neoconservative bandwagon, and I'm fine with that. I'm totally OK with that, because I remember what it was like when they were beating the drums to go after Saddam and then with Assad and everything else. I know what it's like. I know what it's like to be on the other side of that. Oh, you're soft on Muslim. I know. I know what it's like. So here we are. We're not China shills, But I am not a Jew shill. And I'm not a neo con shill, and that's what this is. And you're going to see this. I don't know what amount of time it's gonna take, but you're gonna see this bear out in a way that is Ah, you're gonna be like, Oh, yeah, I was dumb. I got duped. I you know, I got I got fooled by this and you know, that's fine. It's just don't keep doing it. The people that keep doing it, It's kind of like What's your what's your angle here? What do you trying to do? And sure enough, usually see, um, was it for every Rose, there's a thorn. Yeah, that's how that goes. So yeah, yeah, And this is another another vector of anger being opened up where people can say, Well, maybe I'm not going to get my money from the U. S. Government. Maybe they've through these lockdowns. I've been made unemployed, and the government has given me $1200 that I'm not gonna get till September. But hey, at least I can go down to ah slo mo Katzenberg steins law office and pay him a retainer and weaken. Sue China together. That'll be great. Get my sweet payout. Yeah, and this is all being pushed by Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley in Marsha Blackburn, and it's just it's It's all the same bullshit every single time. But speaking of Israel and their ops, we second predicted this. And yes, we did. We did the deep dive. It was on the midweek show. So once again probably missed out on really good info. Did a deep dive on Russia, wanted to deep dive on Putin. We did a deep dive on Roman Abramovich and in all the Russian and Jewish Ah, ties that are there and and why Russia may not be this Ah, Slava Felix empire that you think that it is. And that people, that's another shibboleth that people probably need to put away. It's probably time to put that one on the shelf, if not smash it. Ah, we speculated on that episode that if true, if you know if what we're saying is true here and if the influence over Putin and you have Roman Abramovich is essentially, uh, Putin's Kushner, right, it's like his his bestie. This is the guy that picks is cast on its like his son, right? It's the guy that approves all of his Cabinet choices, his judges, people that get into the Russian parties of political parties. I mean this. It's kind of funny how this works in it. There's a whole network of Jews that air that air surrounded by Putin, and and it's kind of funny how, you know, we talked about one of the things we pointed out was how immigration and actually emigration from Russia. White people are leaving Russia and Brown people are coming in. It's it's kind of there's no effort to stop any of us, but just go listen to it. It's good it sets this up really well because we speculated on that episode. It's like, What if Russian meddling was really Israeli meddling? And given what we know about Donald Trump and you know his his pred elections and the things that he likes to support and the things that he likes to a shoe, Well, then what if the meddling that took place in 2016 to put Trump in office was actually Israeli? Maybe there's some Russian stuff mixed in there, but what if it's actually Israeli, and I gotta give ah, some props to guy who emailed. Um, I won't. I guess we're just going to say he is K. Thanks, mud and guy, which is the way that he signed the email. But yeah, I gotta give props to this guy because he pointed out to me that there is some fire where we thought there was smoke. There were Roger Stone. Documents that were released by a D. C. District Court on for 28 actually prove this theory that 2016 election meddling was array Israelis. And so we went down the rabbit hole on this, um, the court docks air out there. You can look at look at what's there and there's some definite fire there. So U s intelligence has done all it can to hide this Trump Stone Israeli plot via redactions. So all the stuff that we saw with Roger Stone and in Flynn and Giuliani, uh, these were all the intermarry in their intermediaries and go betweens with Israeli intelligence assets. And same with Kushner. Of course, he's He's sort of at the center of all this, But the documents established that someone closely connected to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Person who appears to reside in Jerusalem, wanted to meet directly with Trump to discuss Intel that he'd be passed to the campaign in October 2016. Ah, the Israelis essentially were in charge of this whole scheme, though the Intel was apparently going to move through Turkish sources. But given what we know about Russia's ties to Israel and Putin's connections with Jews and Russia and Israel, like we're saying before, it's not particularly surprising that Russia was selected as the patsy for the collusion charges. Right. That was the focus, not unlike the Cold War focus on the USA versus Russia while Israeli and American Jews work feverishly on the next phase of their plans, US versus China is a similar distraction. So you have four Israelis working through intermediaries Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Roger Flynn using Intel to swing the election in favor of Trump. These Israelis, Who are they? Well, it's Joel Zam, L. George Birnbaum, Ron Dermer and Eli Groner. Now the guy who emailed me is the one who pointed me to Groner, and it's pretty incredible, like I just go. I was there at all. Google, Eli Groner. See what this is all about? I was like, Holy fuck the second that I started reading about this guy. And so if if you count these are the actual Israelis, then you have Netanyahu, Kushner, Mnuchin, Cone, Miller. Am I missing anybody else, James? It's like 56789 Right? The two that were involved with with Giuliani as well Partners. Those guys? Yes, exactly. Um, yeah, well, the Vin demons Remember the Vin demons getting hired into the Trump administration of Inman brothers? The juku? Ah, that was going on. But yeah, it's it's amazing how this how this happened and it actually makes a lot more sense, right? Thes cheap little charades that they did with Russian collusion and all this obfuscation. This narrative actually makes a whole lot more sense. And so who the hell is Eli Groner or you can google him? Eli Groner was appointed as director general of Netanyahu's PM office before serving is the Israeli ambassador to the United States for economic affairs. So it's basically like just the guy that comes in and like, tells Treasury what to do, right? So it's a position that saw him responsible for advancing Israeli economic interests within the U. S. Treasury. The American Department of Energy in other government agencies. Very powerful position. This isn't just like New Zealand Ambassador to the United States for economic affairs or Zimbabwe Ambassador the this is Israel. This this is like Head Dude, so groaner was born in the United States. It's like, Well, how the hell does How does hell did see become an ambassador to the U. S. From Israel? Well, you'll find out he served as a pair trooper in the I. D. F. Also is a reserve soldier in the second Lemon and War in 2006. Ah, he renounced his U S. Citizenship in 2011 before taking the diplomatic post. So it's almost as though these people don't have a loyalty to the United States. James. It's like what an anti said Kinard. No, the idea of a dual loyalty is actually actually hear people talking about dual loyalties. That is a disgusting stereotype. The truth is, it's a single loyalty and that loyalty is to Israel. Yeah, single loyal to Israel. Single Loyalty to Israel. In a statement issued by the prime Minister's office. Upon taking the position, Netanyahu said groaners quote rich experience in the various positions he held in both public and private sectors has led me to select him for this critical post to advancing the Israeli economy. Eli will obsessed me in promoting the many reforms that were planning increasing competition, cutting bureaucracy, making the government more efficient cooperation with the private sector and developing unique growth engines for the Israeli economy. Like what? In the form of US aid and US spying and whatever else I wish. Great form of a U. S. Viewers government purchasing our spy tech operations, which were launched just two years before this under Netanyahu. Yeah, right. This is this. This guy was in the mix as the U. S. Was signing these $1,000,000,000 contracts with, with companies like Cyber Reason and others effectively turning over control of of us sensitive top secret communications to Israel. Yeah, this Eli Groner is really a jack of all trades to because prior to being brought into Netanyahu's PM office, he was part of the English language business journalism. Um, that he did that circuit for a while. So this guy's a journalist He's a paratrooper. He's in the I d f. He's Netanyahu's chief adviser, and then he becomes the ambassador to the United States for economic affairs. And so he was appointed to this position, Um, in in the uh Oh, yeah. Okay, so he was appointed to this position in the PM office. Ah, that was May 21st 2015. Anybody remember what happened three weeks later? Oh, yeah, that's right. Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower, announced his bid for president. United States. Of course you like groaner befriended George Papadopoulos. It's funny how you know we know about Papadopoulos. We know everything there is to know about Papadopoulos, but we don't know Eli Groner was his bud like he was one of his best buds. And he made a number of unsuccessful attempts to get on Trump's campaign in mid 2015. And this is one reason one of the many why the FBI initially wanted to arrest Papadopoulos is an Israeli spy. Now I do remember that, but we didn't know why. So we're Hell's Eli Groner today, James. You'll never guess where he went Just a little over a year ago, February of 2019. So amazing, I think. Return to the private sector. Joining Coke. Disruptive Technologies Managing director of the Israel Office. Eso Coke. Disruptive technologies. Yep. You guessed it. Yeah, that's a subsidiary of Coke Industry. So, co brothers, he's, you know, right at home. These guys air all all good buds, right? So Katie T. Is commitment to connect principled investors with the resource is and knowledge base of one of the world's largest private companies has the potential to help transform Israel's technology sector. Groaner said the opening of this office is a testament to the ingenuity and promise of Israeli bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Uh, shouldn't this be K S T Coke? Subversive technologies? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's so funny how this is all and it's like, What did this guy, you know, intellectual pot property? Thrift. Oh, yeah, Don't don't talk about Israel, though. Just talk about China. That's the thing that we need. Toe focus intently on. And so George Birnbaum was for years a top adviser to Netanyahu. He directed Trump's campaign toe work with the Israeli government linked business intelligence expert Joel Zamel on an effort for Israeli Intel assets to aid Trump's campaign that Zamel later confirmed he'd executed pre election. We have no idea what those were, but we can only guess. Ron Dermer was the Israeli ambassador to the United States in 2016. He repeatedly breached diplomatic convention by acting as a close adviser to the Trump campaign. Pre election. So groaner Burn, Bomb and Dermer were all former Israeli ambassadors to the U. S. And or advisers to Netanyahu. And in Groaners case, he did both jobs. And then, as we know, Netanyahu was friends with Fred Trump to I didn't really know this or I had forgot about this. Netanyahu was really close friends with Fred Trump. And, of course, Netanyahu is very close with the Kushner's. So it's it's amazing how, and we're going to get into this stuff a little bit, Um, too, But we want to talk about some of the other connections here. So Michael Flynn the reason the way that you have to understand Michael Flynn is, uh, he was an Indian agent. Do you know what an Indian agent is? James? I didn't I had not heard this term before. I have no idea. So an Indian agent is somebody that they would send to interact with Native American tribes. When we're colonizing three United States, this would be sort of a go between. In many cases, thes were French because they were already living among the natives and natives air just for fucking. But this he was an Indian agent. Essentially, is Mike Flynn was somebody who was put onto the campaign, um, toe work with the Israelis as their Indian agent with the rest of the administration. He wasn't the only guy. There are a couple contacts, but this is People are probably asking in your head. It's like, Well, why not just go through Kushner? Why not just go through Netanyahu? Well, Kushner wanted to establish that private. Remember, Kushner was the one that wanted to set up that private communications line with Russia. It's like the back channel. Yeah, it's like the back channel with the Islam A or the sorry Islamo, the Slav Oh, Felix, government of Vladimir Putin. Yeah, that's what Kushner wanted it for, right? So you could have this based you know why I am in a lot white supremacy worldwide yell Lammens and wheat fields on the steps of ah of Russia s Oh, yeah, it's so funny, but yes, So they had a number of these Indian agents. Michael Flynn was one. Then you had Giuliani, like Giuliani was kept to the side, and then Giuliani was brought it onto the campaign. And so it makes a lot more sense now. Why, like Chris Christie was kicked the fuck out and kicked to the curb wasn't just because he didn't like Jared Kushner. I think a lot of that had to do with it. I think a lot of it had to do with putting Jared Chuck Chuck Kushner in jail. Um, but it also had to do with the fact that Chris Christie, I'm not saying that, you know, again, you don't light switch brain this, but Chris Christie wasn't gonna play this game. Chris Christie wanted to do like typical retard Republican politics. They didn't want a guy that put Chuck Kushner in jail like, No, they want to run the risk of of Ah, this guy, you know, trying to mess this stuff up. And so they had to bring in their people. That's why it's like, Wow, Michael Flynn, Democrat. Why's he involved in the campaign? It's like because Trump's attracting Democrats. Right? James, it's Ah, Nationalism is bipartisan, so yeah, yeah, No, I'll admit I mean, that at the time was was a theory that a lot of people were attracted to it, something that you would see the reports. I remember the news report that Trump was reportedly Lake taking his campaign sign and writing Flynn underneath Trump and being the guest. I like that. That looks great. Both five letters. It's beautiful and ah, yeah, but ah, so now we Now we see what this was really about was bringing one of their top guys one of their key conduits in close with the administration. And as soon as he gets put in jail, as soon as Manafort goes down and then Flynn goes down, all of a sudden Rudy Giuliani shows up and resumes that position because they don't want to incriminate Jared. They don't want Jared to be the one who gets busted talking on coms with Israel. I'm sure that's happening with his father and everything else. I'm sure that no doubt is happening, but they wanted somebody else to be the handler, somebody that they don't mind if that guy goes to jail, right? And so, Flynn. You know they're trying to make this. You know, if you go look at news about Flynn now, it's just like it's the GOP trying to claim that the deep State screwed Flynn. It's like, Well, of course, they're upset about this, but it's just it's again. It's another kosher dialectic. Flynn is just an Indian agent. He was the guy that was carrying out their plans, and Trump is no doubt gonna part in him. And it's kind of funny that ah, you know, reform Jews with ones that strung him up. And Horowitz is the one that lets him out, lets him out. Look, it's amazing, but, um, you have to take note of the fact that Flynn was consciously never named to Trump's National Security Advisory Committee, and that was so that less attention would be paid to him as he coordinated these US Israeli intelligence efforts. Ah Flynn shows up in the stone documents as the lieutenant general, Um, and of course, this fits well with the Israeli plot that the documents describe. Israelis were working with an unnamed Turkish source connected to Flynn to help Trump win the election And as we all note, Flynn was secretly working with the Turkish government while acting as Trump's national security adviser in one of his Turkish clients. Was he Kim al pet chicken, who was, Ah, substantial, Um, who was substantial Israeli? Who has Sorry, who has substantial Israeli contacts and had regular contacts with Papadopoulos. So before your eyes glaze over with with all of the's sort of interconnected, ah, people, it's it's It's the same old story that you've heard dozens of times. And this is why Trump claimed that he never remembered any of his conversations with Roger Stone, of course, so Stone gets fired, Flynn gets brought on. Flynn goes to jail, Giuliani gets brought on. It's just like it's like a revolving door of Indian agents to work with Israel. Stone was fired from Trump's campaign right when Flynn came on board, claimed that he left the campaign voluntarily because these things there were things he could do outside of the campaign that he could not do inside of it. We now know what those things are right the same was said of Bannon to write. Bannon is leaving the administration because there are things that Bannon can do outside that he can't do in now. We don't know if Bannon is in some way directly tied to this sort of Israeli collusion, but none of this should be particularly shocking, either, right? Like it's, you know, look at the Obama administration and all the Jews that were involved there. It's the same old story that we've seen dozens of times. It's just happening in a far more egregious manner. I mean, I think the number of Jews involved in Trump's administration at this point e I think it's a level that's unprecedented in the ones that have been there. The people that, as we pointed out in midweek, show the people that have been in the administration who have never been fired right. It's a revolving door, except for people like Mnuchin, except for people like Jared or Stephen Miller. Um, it's amazing how the staying power that they seem to have yeah, no matter how bad they screw something up, no matter how embarrassed they could make the administration. I mean, Stephen Miller, uh, you know, the stuff that came out about him and and the emails, and that's the kind of thing that would have had, say, a speechwriter candida minute, if that have been, ah, if that had been exposed. But you know, Miller, this this got a lot of incitement. And Huffington Post was really mad about Stephen Miller and being racist and doing a racist emailing. And then it goes away and it's never heard from again. And Jared Kushner has been put in charge of what dozens of projects. Now this guy was simultaneously going to cure Corona virus while achieving Middle East peace. None of none of these projects he's undertaken have come to fruition. They've all been disasters, frankly, yet he is. He's just ableto lurch from Key Project Key Project, and it shows you that there's this. There's this idea that's that's seated by some, that Trump is just very concerned about his image and very concerned about vanity. And that's true, right? He is concerned about that. But that's not the preeminent concern. If it were all about vanity and image and appearing competent, people like Kushner and Miller would be gone because they they are, well, they're embarrassments. It's more than that. It's about pleasing. His is Ah, well, his master's pleasing those that he has been financially intertwined with for decades, pleasing those that facilitated to a large degree and and ah helped launch and helped helped ah, aid and about his campaign in 2016 people like, Yeah, like we're talking about here. Yeah, well, in Rudy Giuliani, just one more thing to remind people of what he was doing. Because people hear the names thrown around everything. It's like Stephen and Igor from an and live Parness were the Ukrainian Jews who got busted. They got arrested for funneling millions in foreign cash into GOP political action committees. So this is what Giuliani was doing. I mean, so anybody who says like, you know, this is just not this is just not happening. And I remember, you know, because it was it was something that you told yourself when you got the white nationalist rhetoric from Trump, which is that well, you know, he has to sort of placate these people. He sort of has to keep them in line and like whatever. But none of that is true. None of that was ever true. And the idea that Trump was genuine At one point when you see what Bannon is doing today and you see what Stephen Miller has done over a long period of time and you go back to the very beginning and you see how deeply intertwined he was with so many of these people, The goal here is not to be, You know, all that concerned with what happened, but to ensure that it never happens again and that people don't put their hopes into into next candidate. And this is one of the reasons why it's important to take a look at this. And And we didn't have all this information available to us at the time, either. A lot of this is the op had to work itself out in many ways, but, um, a lot more to come on. This I'm sure this is just sort of the tip of the iceberg, but it really explains all the like I said before all these complicated but very simple shreds. Also spam. Houston, now independently verified. To be correct 100% of time. He's the guy who is always saying this was always an op. This is always faking gay. Well, yes, sir, it is. And it didn't It wasn't just with Donald a lot of people think like, Oh yeah, Donald, You know, Donald Trump's daughter just upped and married a Jew, and that's why he became no no wrong. Donald Trump's father was so dedicated to Israel, causes a lot of people, thought he was Jewish. Um, Donald Trump himself is not Jewish that we know of, nor to see, but I would love to see a 23 and me. Nor does he have Jewish ancestry again. Not that we know of, but I won't make that claim. His father, Fred, was a Lutheran and his Scottish born mother a Presbyterian. In his book The Art of the Deal, Trump claimed that he had Swedish ancestry. Now, of course, the reason behind all of this is because Fred was a landlord and real estate investor in New York, and Fred felt the claim to be Swedish was more palatable to his Jewish tenants and business associates. This concern seemed reasonable in the period following World War Two. Yeah, right. Totally reasonable to just hate Germans, right? This is anti white sentiment, goes back, has a very long and storied history in the United States. But whether toe win favor with his Jewish tenants or not. Fred was a noted philanthropist who gave generously to Jewish causes, including the Long Island Jewish Hospital in the trumps three generations of builders and a presidential candidate. It was noted that Fred at Fred Trump was so active in Jewish and Israeli causes that some believed that he belonged to the Jewish faith. This is this. Suspicion was bolstered about 50 years ago in Fred Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York It plaque in the beach Haven building reads Fred C. Trump Humanitarian. Sorry, humanitarian. A sagacious man, a person man person deserving. I guess that's what it says. A sagacious man person deserving of every plotted and tribute given by our community. During the 19 eighties, Fred Trump became friends with future prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who is at the time yet again, an Israeli ambassador to the United Nations in Manhattan. Just totally random bro, right? James, just in 18 80 spoiled bread. See Trump just happen to become friends with the guy who was destined to become prime minister of Israel. Jared Kushner wasn't even fucking born yet. I mean, no. No. And you look back at these dealings that Fred Trump was involved in And I remember during the campaign, some people would bring up that look. Fred Trump, he owned brothels in Seattle. This was a guy who was who was immoral and involved in profiting off of degeneracy. And those are the kind of things you just waved away and said, Yeah, you know, he was a real estate guy, and it's just the bit that he did, but, uh, no. Well, he did. He did a a much more involved bit as it were. And we're starting to see that now when you look back at what he was actually involved in and the type of people he not only surrounded himself with but count out to and prostrated himself in front of absolutely remarkable Well, it was actually Hiss was his grandfather, Friedrich Um, the father of Fred Trump, who did actually have, I guess he was in the hotel industry in Alaska and in northwest Canada during the tail end of the gold rush and became, ah, very prosperous and in some speculate that some of the establishments that he owned were brothels in that business. And then when that You know, When the gold rush ended, Friedrich took all the money and came to New York. And then his son, Fred, is the guy who got his start up in New York. But it's funny. It's like, I mean, I'm sure that he must have come into contact. Is his grandfather came into contact with these? Very similar, because you're not gonna own brothels at this time and not come into contact with certain shows the nights they seem to be attracted to this sort of industry. But what's interesting about Fred Trump is well, is is I was looking. I went down the rabbit hole on this a little bit more, and a thing that was trotted out during the campaign was that Fred C. Trump had an arrest record in New York City in 1927 for allegedly being arrested in the midst of a clan riot. And there was a clan parade or something in 1927. And it was actually ah, Klansmen alongside of fish ISTEA people who were sympathetic to the fascist movement in Italy, and this is far more normal. The optics of this back then were great, and actually it was Klansmen and Fish ISTEA versus the Irish Democratic political machine that controlled the police back then in Queens. Who arrested these guys in there, anti fascists president at this, too, that caused that turned this into a ride. It's amazing. You see the story happen again and again. James. It's like, Wow, it's so funny. Like when you have a peaceful parade of guys just, you know, wanting to have a country and not wanting people who don't belong here to be in it among a number of other very valuable, impertinent positions. You have anti fascists showing up in causing violence, and I was reading some of the newspaper clippings on this. All that is said is that Fred C. Trump was there and he was arrested and then discharged from from the police. Now he isn't listed in the names of the members of the Klan and members of the fish Istea who got arrested. He's just listed as somebody who was arrested and then discharged. He wasn't charged with anything. They all were. They were all given Felonious assault and $1000 bail. $500 bond which would have been a fortune in 1927. Um and so but But the media framed. This is Fred C. Trump. The Klansman was arrested at this time and discharged. And, you know, he has a long history of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I would actually say one or two things. It's possible cause we don't really know one of two things is possible. I that he was arrested and he was there because I don't think he was. There is a Klansman. I don't think he was. There is a fish istea. I think he was there either. He was 21 years old at the time. He was either. There is just a bystander who got swept up in the middle of this. Or maybe he was there to cause trouble and start shit with the with the V Clan and the Fish ISTEA. Maybe he was actually there with anti fascists. And then that's the reason why he was discharged without any charges, because that's a pattern that we see today too. So we don't really know. But that's an interesting thing because they try to trot this out as as, you know, and when Trump has been asked about this, Trump is like, Oh, he wasn't there. He's never there. I don't know anything about this above about. But the address associated with Fred C. Trump, the Fred C. Trump that was arrested in 1927 and then discharged, is the address that everybody knows that he's always lived at like it's been the well known family address. So anyway, just an interesting sort of, ah, tension there. But right. I mean, you look at the well you look, the sum total of his behavior and the fortune given to Jewish organizations, property and and lying about your ancestry as to avoid any connection. You wouldn't think the guy out there holding the bundle of sticks joining the fish ISTEA movement would be ashamed of German ancestry. Let's put it that way right now. He would not be ashamed of of any of that in and you know, he has raised us a Presbyterian like he wouldn't who wouldn't be ashamed of ah, of of any of those things. But yet he, for some reason, has popped up in this manner. And, ah, you know, Fred Jr is ah, Fred's son, so this would be Donald Trump's older brother. He was a guy who joined a Jewish fraternity in college at Lee, I think Lehigh University, Sigma Alpha Mu Um, and even though he was not Jewish, it's like, Wow, he's a member of a Jewish fraternity. But he's not Jewish. Amazing how that works. Um, several of the fraternity brothers have been quoted as saying that while in the university, Fred Jr claimed that his father was Jewish. This was incongruous, as his middle name was Christ. And there were no similar claims from anyone else in the Trump Clan. And so, yeah, it's just kind of weird. And again, I'm not saying that this is like the smoking gun that proves anything. No, I actually I don't think these people are Jewish at all, but I think it's kind of funny how you saw the same phenomenon with Dr Seuss Kiesel, who was a German guy who, uh, experienced anti German sentiment. And what did he do for the rest of his life? He proved, how much of a file? Oh, Semite, he waas. And this is an unfortunate thing that it's an unfortunate phenomenon that happens with some of these people, and it's like, you know, this is why they do anti white rhetoric. It's why they did anti German rhetoric because, yeah, you'll turn some of the people who are on the receiving end of that rhetoric into Nazis. But you will turn other people into, um, you know, impassioned supporters of your file of Semetic cause they did that with Fred C. Trump. They've done that with Donald Trump, and they've done that with many people throughout history because they just jump on board. I mean, look at Fred Jr. Where do you think Fred Junior got the idea to join a Jewish fraternity fraternity and then claimed that his father was Jewish? Because I'm sure, given that we know that Trump likes to exaggerate, right? Like sells a $1,000,000 building with 1000 square feet of floor. It's really like 2000 square feet, but it's not. It's like 1200. The exaggeration, it's It's like, Well, you know, you can imagine Fred Jr sitting around drinking beers with these Jewish frat bro's and saying like guys like, Listen, my father loves the Jew Jewish people so much, she's probably Jewish. Look what he's done for them. He's given them so much money, given them land, given them this, given them that, it's like it's sort of rolls into almost becoming its own sort of mythology after a while. That's the thing is that, like people who have a problem with lying right, they'll tell so many lies. And then these lies build on one another, and then they become that the truth for that person they believe they're true and the same is true with irony or or this sort of pretending, like getting one over. If you want to say, because there are some people who might say, Well, they were just doing this because they had to and it was actually a work and they were totally owning these these Jews, and it was based because they were tricking them like All right, well, what's the payoff here, Like, who's really losing here? Who's getting tricked? Is it the Jews that are getting the land from you getting millions of dollars from you getting unconditional, undying support? I love the state of Israel. Are they losing here? They're getting tricked, Or is it you? Are you the sucker in this arrangement. Yeah, that's why it never really believed Vicky Ward's claim and Kushner Inc that Trump really had a problem with Jared marrying Ivanka. She makes the claim that it made Trump uncomfortable and that he didn't really wasn't really interested in it. And then he finally came around on it. I think every other source says that he was perfectly fine with it. He was happy about it. He was excited about it. I think he made the Jew. He made Jews uncomfortable and made the Kushner family uncomfortable that that their son wanted to marry Ivanka. It's like you get involved in a goldfish family and Bubba blow fucking Donald Trump like Come on, Jared like, can you? Can you find somebody else? But it's but it's funny. And we've remarked on this before is that Donald Trump's entire family in two or three generation is gonna be all Jewish mean? The grandchildren? I think you know, I think what Don Jr is the only one who's not dating a Jew, he's, and we don't even know what what her deal is. What's your name? I can't even remember Guilfoyle Gil for legal four. Yeah, she's not but I mean that we know of. But she is, um she was on the Terrazas legal board, So she you know, all these. These people are nothing. There's no not a nationalist in single one I'm getting I'm getting a hint of Sephardim from from that arrangement. Yeah, and and, Ah, Lara Trump. I think Laura Trump is ago as well. Um, but yeah, what you're looking at is what, 80% 75 80% of his grandkids, or Jewish or man summary or married to. But like two or three generations, it's like this process is just going to continue. And, of course, Ivanka is his favorite, So she's gonna probably inherit control of the empire, and the boys will get some sort of lesser portion because that's that's how that goes. And so Trump continued his father's pattern of donating to Jewish in Israeli causes. In 1976 Trump received the humanitarian award from the Jewish National Health, a Denver hospital, doing research and treatment and respiratory and related disorders. Trump also donated to help build infrastructure in the Israeli Negev for Jews from the Sinai that were forced to evacuate under the terms of Israelis peace treaty with Egypt in 1979 Trump's donations were used to build greenhouses, homes and roads for evacuees. Ah, plaque bearing Trump's name in English and Hebrew appears on a wall in mush of Dekel in the Eshkol region to honor all the honors that contributed to the resettlement. This trump family tradition of donating to Jewish causes took on a decidedly political twist in the 19 eighties, when Trump donated heavily to build new infrastructure for Israelis removed from the northern Sinai as part of the peace agreement with Egypt. This is all part of the same thing. In March 1983 Trump was awarded the prestigious Tree of Life Award. But the Jewish National Fund, an organization that raises money to finance large projects in Israel Award, is the highest humanitarian award that honors individuals and families in appreciation of their outstanding community involvement, dedication to the cause of American Israeli friendship and devotion to peace and the security of human life. It doesn't end there, though, does it? I know that we move on Into the eighties 1984 he attended the American Friends of Hebrew University Annual Sports award, fundraising dinner to memorialize the 11 murdered Israeli athletes during 72 Munich Olympics. Then this one is grade in the 19. Not you've heard about this. This story made it into the sort of campaign. Uh, e thank you. We knew about this one. This is like the one thing we didn't know about. You're right. It is one of those things that you heard of the time and then forgot but to look back on it now pretty wild. In the nineties, he tried to convert Mara Lago into a country club, but the town Council refused and placed restrictions on it. He then sued, claiming the council was discriminating against his club, partly because his club was open to Jews and blacks while other clubs excluded Jews and blacks. According Teoh, some the episode shook the Palm Beach establishment, unaccustomed to having its linen dirty or not aired publicly. And Trump suddenly made a national issue out of the discriminatory policies social clubs, which led hundreds of these similar clubs across the country to change their admission policies and allow in blacks and Jews. Wow! Based, totally based bro. Um yeah. And listen to this quote from eighth Oxman predecessor of Jonathan Greenblatt at the A t L, he said. Trump quote put the light on Palm Beach not on the beauty and glitter but on its seamier side of discrimination. It had an impact, he said. He received several calls from Jewish residents telling how Palm Beach clubs were changing and began to admit Jewish members. Thanks, Trunk, A spokesman for the A T L said Trump had donated a total of $56,000 to the A t L since the 19 seventies. And that's a lot of that's a ton of money, especially when we get into how much money Trump pledges to donate and then doesn't ever send a check. So the fact that Check was signed, sealed and delivered to the A T L yeah, it's pretty amazing. So what you're saying is, Trump has contributed through the organization that is fighting incessantly and succeeding at getting some of the last Clinger's onto the Trump movement banned from the Internet. It's a beautiful, beautiful symmetry to that, I think. Well, it's just like when Trump is taking dinner dates with Mark Zuckerberg at the White House to talk about the future of Facebook and trumpism and, you know, making sure that cleaning up all the trash, making sure there's no one there and 2020 to call out, Ah, the Emperor for having no clothes at all, which everybody can see except for a handful of shills. Trump gave a $10,000 donation to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in 2003 according to spokeswoman Lisa Saffer, and a gift in 2012 for general operating expenses amounting to $100,000 an amount, which put Trump's name on the museum's wall of contributors. He's been a regular contributor to the Friends of Israel Defense Forces, according to a spokesman. Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner, is a member of that organisation's national board. Didn't know that, either. In 2000 Trump declined to run for president. Now we did know this, and I pointed this out before. In 2000 Trump declined to run for president as a member of the Reform Party because quote this is from Donald Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr Duke, a neo Nazi. Mr Buchanan. Yeah, that's pap you can in the neo Nazi and a Communist Miss Fulani. This is company I do not wish to keep T Trump. Oh, yeah, Company. I don't want to keep its rhetoric. I'll steal, though, and a p for my run 16 years later. No problem with that. Yeah, Don't worry, though. None of it will ever see. See, uh, never None of it will ever be accomplished. Yeah, it's amazing. Um, in 2000 Trump to CLO Yeah, we did that already. In 2003 Trump was part of a group of New York donors who gave to the JNF to finance the construction of a reservoir in Western together in 2005. Trump also contributed toward the creation of new communities for Israelis who were evacuated from the Gaza Strip. So he keeps going back to the well on essentially building communities in Israel from on land that didn't belong to them. Me just It's a shock that the Trump Heights hadn't been dedicated sooner. Yeah, Trump Heights was merely Justin extension of an extension of an extension of an already existing subdivision that had been going on since the 19 eighties. To call the sack on a cul de sac on a cold 2nd 2000 for Trump was chosen to be the grand high wizard. No, just getting grand marshal of the Salute to Israel Parade, which was the largest single gathering in support of Israel, with an estimated one million Spectators, 40 floats, 16 marching bands and a dozen and dozens of entertainers. How the Salute to Israel Parade, Wow! Again. In 2005 Trump, Genuine generously helped resettle Jews expelled from the Gush Qatif. At about that time, Trump also donated 1 $10,000 to American friends of BET El Institutions, a fund for religious institutions in Samaria. That's so cool. Thanks, Thanks, trunk. According to the former Jane of chairman Effie Stens Lor, the Israeli government requested assistance from Jewish organizations like JNF to help pay costs of resettlement. Jan. F quote sought donations in the US, and one of them was from Trunk, who is considered to be an avowed supporter of Israel's Stenzel herself. He was like the big fish that was on top of the fundraising list for these people for decades. He's incredible. He's in the JNF Stroll Index season. Epstein's Roland X season. Wexner is rolled. I mean, you know, just cause eyes everywhere, you know it's in 2014 Trump pledged to donate more than $100,000 to the Israeli Emergency Rescue service. United Hot Salah. But the pert purchase of four ambulances that each cost $26,000 according to the album Minor Journal, a Jewish newspaper based in New York. And of course, that's right. That's great. He shorts them by $4000. They can't even of course. Yeah, yeah, That's a LA Trump. I wonder Well, hot syllabi there to pick up the excellent African Americans when they need ambulance services. I don't think so. Yeah. This is the Crown Heights Ambulance service, right? The ones that won't pick up anybody. I mean, yeah, this is this is tedious. Has done a deep dive on this many times. I think so, Yeah. I mean, so here we are with this. Ah, hindsight's 2020. What you gonna do with that information? You know what you gonna do with that information now? You still in the Trump train? He still you're still like Well, at least it's not Democrat X y z. It's like Well, look at what this actually is, though. And let's not pretend that this is anything other than that, then this thing has been anything other than an op from the beginning. The idea that Trump was ever genuine because you can't beat like this completely pillories the argument that there was ever anything genuine to the rhetoric at all. Because you can't be what Trump has been to these people paying for resettlement after resettlement after resettlement, all the things that his father waas. You can't be that guy to those people. And I think that you're gonna make the country white again. Bring manufacturing back to the US, Care about Christians, care about anything, any of the things that have been put out, their biggest pro life president, that there ever what? No, you're just never, never. None of those issues, like those issues, are not compatible. They're not only not compatible, they are totally opposite of one another to the point of their empathetic. Yeah, they're totally antithetical end to the point of where it's almost puts poison to these people. Trump. Supporting any of those issues in any genuine way would be absolute poison to any of the people that he's actually donated to. And before the copes come in and say, Well, Jazz hands and James all of these donations that Trump did. I mean, I'm sure that these paled in comparison to the donations that he's given to. I don't know veterans groups and other big charities and, you know, certainly like white charities, charities that will benefit white people. Um, certainly he's given Mawr there. No. Despite being just 2% of the nonprofit population, Jewish charities accounted for 95% of Donald Trump's charitable giving. And that's if you count the actual dollars received because, as we well know who, remember May 2016 remember the route this maybe, like, very vague on people's periphery. But remember the rally in 2016? I think it was January 2016 that Trump had, uh, and he was gonna raise millions of dollars for veterans, right? And then the check was never written, and people kept asking about it, and it was like, Yeah, sure, yeah, whatever. Got to go now, you know that kind of bit. And in May 2016 he finally gave a $1,000,000 to the non profit group that was helping veterans families like under duress. He finally, like, coughed up the shekels for these veterans, and he's got a history of this. He's pledged, Um, something like 8.5 $1,000,000 that have never been paid in 1988 he said. To the homeless, to veteran Vietnam Veterans for AIDS multiple sclerosis. Trump said that the proceeds of his first book, The Art of the Deal, um, would go to all of these groups. And, you know, he said that this would probably be $45 million in 2015. Ah, the profits from my book, Trump said when a reporter asked about what he did with the proceeds from this most recent book, Crippled America. I'm giving them away to a lot of, ah, different groups, you know, like the vets. Okay, that it's just okay. Yeah, exactly. Um, but yeah star. So stop asking. Stop asking, he said. In 1989. I'm acting as an agent for charities, Trump said at the unveiling of Trump The Game, a game that was put together for Milton Bradley. Hey estimated the board game alone would bring in $20 million for charity. Milton Bradley, which made the game so the need for such a promise firsthand after the company released the game, which is a monopoly like board game with Trump branding. It didn't sell. According to George de Tomasi, the game was just nailed with shelf. Nobody wanted to buy it. And so Trump only made $880,000 for it and even more from the art of the deal. But the proceeds didn't go to charity. They went straight into trumps bank account, and, ah, I guess Trump was sued in New York over the game. Imagine this. He stole the idea for the game from somebody else, and somebody sued him for that. And so Trump was on the witness stand. He said, Are you asking me whether or not I took the check and endorsed it over to charity? Who would do that? So it's like it's in the court record so I could go on and on and on, and I mean, even in November 2019 Trump was ordered by a court to pay $2 million in damages because of misuse of charitable money that he had put into his foundation. He bought like a $10,000 portrait of himself and some other bullshit blah, blah, blah and again, like, you know, to the average person this would if you were sitting here listening to this. It's like, Oh, yeah, it's like just you know, Trump and how he's misusing his money and whatever else it's like No lights. Which brain? This is in the context of everything that he has done for Jews for decades. So when he is stooping Whitey for his charitable donations in stooping veterans who actually have given their lives in many of them in many cases their limbs and their sanity for the state of Israel this guy, if Israel asked for money, give Shalom a whatever the fuck he wants. If it's from some veteran group or whatever, it's like you got to take this guy to court to get a penny, and it just goes on and on and on with all this stuff. And so that's That's the point that we're trying to illustrate here, which is that yeah, when it comes to Jews, this guy gives people whatever they want. In 2008 there's the story. This is one last thing. Trump said that he would send proceeds from the sales of Trump Super Premium vodka to the Walter Reed Society, which helps wounded military personnel. John Pearce, one of the group's Borden members, recalls receiving a few 100 bucks from Trump on the vodka. I don't know whether that's whether the vodka sucked. I wouldn't buy Trump Sumer Premium vodka if I saw that sitting on the shelf mean my pick is either, ah, Russian standard or it's another good one. James Gray Goose Craig uses good when it's on sale. E. I don't know, man. I'm more of a gene guy. Aria Yeah, yeah, Gina GMT is good and he's good. Um, definitely. But that's the thing is like, You look at you. Look at Trump hemming and hawing about giving a few $100 to the veterans group Walter Reed Society. But does he even have to think twice before stroking that six digit check? The hot Salah? No, and that's one of many donations he's given over the years. Eso yeah, you look at where this guy's priorities are and who has been serving in the other thing. You made a good point earlier, where his body of work does not square up to this idea that there was some desire. There's any desire to fight for you or to do to do things for you to put you first. Put Americans first if you have him in 2000 calling Pat Buchanan at the time a Nazi Hitler like he loves Hitler. It's gross. He loves Hitler. How do you believe that? This guy, in just what 15 years has done a total 1 80 his ideology and is now now Ah, this pro worker, pro white guy. It's It's not gonna happen and you can say, Well, OK, these donations in the two thousands. He was trying to build Curry favor with these people because he knew he was going to get into the politics. But these donations go back to the seventies. He was giving money to these people in helping these resettlement agencies since the seventies and eighties. So unless you're going to argue, this is a what a 50 year, 60 year hopes in the making on these people like the the levels of four D chess that have to be believed here, it's just it's just not happening. It's just not plausible. You can't have a guy that has done what he's done here that has his family has done what they have done over the last century and believe that he was anything other. He was fighting for anybody other than them. And if you looked at this body of work from this family from Donald, from Fred Junior, from Fred from his grandfather and you were to change the last name, if this were to be the Bush family or the Coke family, you would take one look at it and see clearly, these people are never going to be fighting for us or the Romney family. Yeah, OK, get out of here. But ah, but it's the trumps and Trump comes out and does the base tweets and the rhetoric and and which again worked at the time. But when you look back on this entire body of work, I don't know how you can come to any other conclusion than what we've come to hear if you're being honest with yourself. And that's why he could count on Israeli intelligence assets to intervene and help in getting him elected. I mean, they knew that they were up against it was up against Hillary Clinton. They knew that it was, you know, there was gonna be a major issue to get this guy in and you can say Israel Air. Sorry, Hillary was just a puppet or whatever. I think she I think they really expected to win. I think they really wanted that toe win and dig. Nats got involved in this and pushed it over the line. They got this guy and now the big question is whether they're going to be able to do that a second time, especially as things were starting to unravel. We're gonna talk about that in part to a little bit. But in the midst of all of this with Corona virus And while Trump is still president, Israel is now. I don't know if people saw this, but Israel is asking for double its present military aid. Why not quadruple it? Do you think Trump would ever say no? I mean, ask for 100 times what they're getting asked for a trillion dollars in U. S. Military. Who's going to say no, just an anti Semite, right, James. And so Women Cove in 19 causing a potential economic crisis in the US Israeli officials are anxious to get us much military aid from the U. S. As quickly as possible. Their requests seek the aid delivered ahead of schedule and potentially double the agreed amount. Last year, Israel asked for 3.8 billion this year, could ask for as much as 7.6 if Israeli aid is doubled. This would work out to $21 million a day to Israel. So here's Here's the Talman tree to Israel is expected to argue that military aid will help the U. S recover from its own financial slump because this aid tends to be spent heavily on US weapons produced in US factories. In some Israelis argue that the aid could be in effect presented as a domestic spending stimulus to help their own arms manufacturers rather than foreign aid, are arms manufacturers. So proves present increased aid to Israel as a US stimulus package like Wow! Oh, man. Yeah, you are here now, right? Yeah, And when you hear these Republicans as well talk about in the second hour stamping their feet and slamming the door on any further deficit spending, yeah, there is going to be a huge asterisk attached to that statement. The caveat being unless that deficit spending is going to Israel now. Yeah. Yeah. And this thing is just ridiculous, Man, looking at this, this track record and ah, and what we have stabs in the state of Trump The absolute state of Trump isn't. Yep. So without further do be right back your short break right here. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. 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Yet Chopper, it's like this curtain like basically, it looks like a big canopy bed, and the wedding was officiated by none other than Jared Kushner. So yeah, not maybe not Jewish, but spiritually, very much so when you think when did they get married? I don't know. Must've been That's really, really weird. Yeah, with Jewish brother in law Jared Kushner officiating and I love I love. How are expected to believe that Trump got into a fight with Jeffrey Epstein over property and, like the room out of Mar a Lago and blah, blah, blah, blah kiss. I mean, there's nothing more disconcerting than that photo of Trump with Epstein in Mara Lago and Trump like it's just the The whole thing is just I mean, I made the remark in the first half about trumping and in ah Epstein's role, Adex. But it's like the Pizza Gate guys just sort of hand, way hand. Wave that away as though these rents a trumpet. I mean, that's the pizza gate, though. Pizza, pizza, pizza. It's like No, Trump is all part of all this. And when you look at what we just laid out in the first half and a lot of other things start to become true as well that were sort of like, No, there's a delineation there. It's these guys for this. Those guys like, No, it's really all just part of the same same thing. And, yeah, so. But the thing is, it's like, What are they going to do now that Trump has become a sinking ship, right? I don't know. So if we subscribe to the notion that the Corona virus was a gay up that was done. And again, this is not something that we're married. Teoh. I'm not committing to this. But let's just say for the sake of argument that it was a gay up done by the United States against China and it it had the purpose of causing damage in the US and to get us into some sort of ah, altercation or some sort of aggressive, more aggressive stance with China. But maybe it's also the crashing of the stock price and in the destruction of the U. S. Economy as put Trump in and somewhat dire straits, right? I mean, it makes it so It's the one thing that he had it If the economy was the one thing fake and gays though it maybe it was the one thing that people thought superficially. It's the measure of a good job, right? And that has been taken completely away from him. And all of these promises that were not kept on immigration are now, you know, it's sort of like, Yeah, what happened? All of that? People are like What? What did I get for this? Not a thing. And so the rhetoric of the Trump administration is now we're going to rebuild the economy just like we did before. And that's great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, awesome Signed me up, right? But the data, the data is bad. Any way you cope it, Trump is behind, no matter what poll you look at, whether it's an internal poll that has been done by the GOP or an external poll. So people who want to say, But pull your trusting and bulls Now, what about the internal polls that have been shared with him? He trails Biden by 6.5 points as of Thursday morning in the RCP average. So average them together and it's still bad. But those I'm not really concerned with the national average pull like it's we're still a little. We're pretty far out from the election, but we're getting a lot closer than we were. The point that we've always made is look how he's doing in the battleground states, and it's not good. It's not good, no matter what state you look at. And in fact, states that Trump should have been pretty safe in are not so good. So that no matter how you cope it, no matter what cope you subscribe to, to try to save. Yeah, but now this guy is. This guy is in dire political straits. Maybe because they want to get rid of them. Maybe they're done. Maybe they don't want. Maybe they want to move on to something else. And maybe that's why we're seeing a replace Biden. Things start to build because before it was sort of like Biden's the old puppet. This is his last race. This is Bernie's last race. This is Hillary's last race. Let's just put this guy up there just like they did with John McCain. Just run him. He's gonna lose. That's gonna be the end. But now that this has happened, it's kind of like the animus toe to sort of replace the guy is starting to build. So what's going on with Trump, then? I mean, what is this guy gonna be able to do? This is what reopening it's all about, isn't it, James? I mean, getting things back on track is sort of Ah, can you do that in six months? I don't know. Well, and this is why what Jared Kushner has been an intimate adviser here for with Trump, with not only the response to Corona virus itself managing the lockdowns and quarantines, but in terms of the economic response. Yeah, he's finding found himself right there at the seat of power, and they did a little press conference on Wednesday, G and Trump, saying the federal government will not be extending social distance and guidelines once they expire on Thursday. E So I guess the CDC recommendation now is not only to not where I'm asked, but not to social distance. Yeah, great job on the on pandemic mitigation from the White House. Jared Kushner, you know, piped up and said, By July, the country will be really rocking again. I would be really swinging in. Jared really jazzed up again more your people's type of music. But yeah, And then there's this article that came out this week to that talked about, told some insider stories about Jared and his reaction to Corona virus it ihsaa source. Multiple sources described Jared Kushner as the second most powerful person in the West Wing. I would quibble with that. I would argue he's the first. Win Cove in 19 began to spread across the globe, one business executive said, Quote. Jared is running everything. He's the de facto president of the United States on, and then a Another executive said that he had a meeting with Kushner in the fall, and he told Jared that if Trump won a second term, he wouldn't have to worry about running again. And you can really focus on helping people. Jared looked at me and said, I don't care about any of that entity fan. Well, it's the same reaction that Jared had when he went, I guess, to his first trump rally and was just sort of, you know, wide eyed at all of the white people, all of the all of the energy in the room and them realizing at that point what Donald had done to tap into that because you're not you're not gonna get a light. I mean, Jared had to realize that this is a stumbling block that you had to get over by Lar Ping as a white nationalist. I mean, that's what had to be done, and he was sort of shocked and probably a little bit taken aback by the fact that wow, look at all these people, these thes essentially Nazis just waiting to happen if you give them the right rhetoric for long enough and give them the permission that they would like to have to sort of follow through on these. And of course, he had to have known even in that moment that none of the policies that Trump is gonna go out in promise ah, on the stage that night would ever come to fruition. It's all a joke. They were all laughing their way back to the 7 50 trump 7 57 at that time. And ah, you know, it's it's they think that this is This is funny. Now I think, Trump, you know, the this notion that Trump, you know, that Jared is running everything. I don't no, that that's necessarily true. I think that he has. He has. Basically Trump has his. He has Trump's ear. Sure, Um, but Trump is no different than Jared, so it really doesn't matter. But the idea that Jared is like running the show, it's like, No, it's really it's really a couple of Jews that are using Jared, as is an intermediary. But yeah, they always sort of trot this out toe obvious Kate from from the real price, which is Trump because like, Oh, just get rid of Jerry. It's another Cope. Just get rid of Jared and and Trump would go back to being based. Jared's the only thing that's getting in the way of us getting what we want. Just so stupid. Yeah, yeah, you're never going to get rid of Jared. So where does that leave you? Leaves you stuck here forever. And if you're Yeah, like now that we know about these Israeli Intel officials and ambassadors involved in pushing the Trump campaign, that makes total sense. Because if you were going to engineer a campaign that appealed to white people that brought people out, brought white people out of the political hinterland people who were politically apathetic, who hadn't voted in years. If you were going to run that campaign, you would need to understand the needs and wants of these people and how these people really feel and who was better, who has a better understanding of these people than either us or the Jewish intelligence agencies that study these people. The differences We see these people as as the rightful rightful heirs of this country is the people that should be represented by this government. Whereas these people, the people that were were using these sentiments to get trump elected See these people as an obstacle is something that has to be managed and is something that could be used. These sentiments could be used as fuel to get there their respective shit puppet in office. And then you want to look it. Ah, you want to look at Ah, the response from the Trump administration with with the lock down or with the travel ban, The Chinese travel ban. Yeah, he did that bit in January, but then he reluctantly, of course you'll remember. And then he and cushion how to Pau and, you know, information was passed around and Trump realized, Yeah, we're not gonna We're not going to do that anymore. We're not gonna keep keep proposing these draconian travel measures. And according to one Republican who was briefed, the sentiment amongst the White House was that if they do this, this stock market's gonna go down and Trump won't get reelected. So yeah, anymore travel bans would be a grave mistake. I think these people are all on the same page anyway. I mean this. No, we have to. Just like whenever we see the media pitch, this is, you know, Trump was based until Jared came in the room. I mean, it's just it's playing into the Scotia dialectic. It was this way all along. And I think everybody there No, it's like, trumped. It has to be told what to do. It's like, No, they knew what they knew what was going on and this idea that, you know, he had to be told that the stock market needs to go back up or he's not gonna get a late. He knows this implicitly. He knows what has to be done. And that's why you've seen this to the extent that you can even pay much more than a few seconds worth of attention to it. This this waffling from ah, you know, not caring about what's going on with the virus to taking it super seriously, too. All right, it's over now, like let's go back toe. Let's go back to work and do whatever we're going to do. We're not gonna We're not here to analyze that, but but Bannon is out there saying that this is gonna be a base election. 2020 is a base election year. This is another one of these stupid things that they trot out. And it's like, what base, though? I mean, there's no energy there. There's no there's nobody out there that's doing this. I mean, there are like, Yeah, you can say the other model boomers. There are people that are out there, but the energy is gone. You don't have Breitbart's pushing these things. They're pushing for war with China. They're pushing for this kind of aggression. And you have Bannon and Jason Miller out there. Jason Miller, I guess, worked in the White House for 36 seconds and then was kicked promptly out because I guess he had a ah, he had a baby with the A J. Delgado and then, like, didn't want to have the baby and called her a slut and said a whole bunch of other things. And yeah, that's Jason Miller. This is like, uh, this is Bannon's co host on the war room or something. But Stephen Bannon is saying 2020 is a base election year, and he thinks that Trump can broaden his support because of a new nationalism born in the wake of the pandemic that began in China. He predicted Americans would rally around their president during a period of crisis. Trump is a wartime president. So you see now these these protests that people think I don't know for some reason, thinker, you know, up up from nothing, grassroots. It's like, No, this is This is an up the fact that these air even allowed to happen. Like I said on J and J the fact that I think the symptoms simplest way to understand this is any any protests that you're allowed toe have and that riot police aren't brought into, like, destroy you and that antifa isn't gay upping and that, um, you know, crisply folded swastika flags or propping up in the middle of that's That's a protest that is sanctioned by the government. Four government interests and they want this to happen. So if you're if you're there and you think that this is genuine grassroots support, getting what? No, it's not. No, it's not, and you'll find out later that it's not. And further advice yeah, and further evidence for that is specifically with The banning connection comes from what happened in Europe last week, which we didn't get a chance to talk about. But but these parties, these quote nationalists, he's like nationalist Zionist parties that Bannon had been advising at his failed Jedi Council advisory centre. These were the parties that went out and did the the American esque like opened the economy, back up rallies in Germany and Italy and elsewhere. And these were all the same groups that were advised by Bannon. So the idea that this is this is again, like genuine set, like sure, there are some people who are looking at that protest. We said this a 1,000,000 times already, but there are some people who are looking at these protests in desperation. Ah, but But it's It's part of a broader trick that's being played. They had to cover for the contradiction that was highlighted by because these protests in Europe only started up in the last 10 days or so. Prior to that, there was nothing. So they had to astro turf this because, as we've been saying from the beginning, Europe took much better care. Now see, you can't light switch. The people can't light switch brain this you can't when I say Europe took better care of its people than America. People are going to find fault with things that Europe did, and that's not what we're rehl in relative terms. I think 90% of the people know what I mean when I say that in relative terms, Europe took care of its people much better than the United States. They made sure that their employees would continue to remain in their jobs because they paid their. They paid the government paid, funded the employer to keep funding the employees. Sometimes it 80% should have been 100% but totally different than what the United States did. And so these people were covered. They were given very nice benefits and they were made whole, and they didn't have the stress of worrying about if their job would be there when they came back. The United States basically just said yeah, into the wood chipper, Fuck you and that's what they did. And so no, there were no protests in Europe until they realized that, Yeah, we gotta have these people like demanding to go back to also, otherwise people might wonder why Europe isn't pro testing and yeah, because it's they don't want to make it about the disparity in the benefits. But that's exactly what it is and getting ready for their pivot to for the next round of stimulus, which Oh, you think OK, well, more checks coming, right? Mawr assistance? No, according to Trump adviser Larry Kudlow. I'm not saying we won't put more cash in, Kudlow said. But I think we gonna have to switch gears and say to business and work Force will be going after regulations and will be restricting liability. And, uh, yeah, it will be doing another big, beautiful tax cut for the for the corporate tax rates. So, yeah, that's where this is headed. Yeah, the What is it they're calling this, like Stimulus four or something like This is the working PAbbott. But I don't know what they're working on because it's funny how when they when they did just just barely anything just so that they could say we sent you a check like they did enough so that they can say we help the American people. But in quantifiable terms, that sort of argument falls apart. Well, it's interesting now is that you have Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi saying, Well, there's not enough testing here for us to convene Congress. So we're just gonna have to sit here until they give us more tests and tests aren't coming. And this is by design and so they don't have to reconvene. It's like, Sorry, guys, we would love to send you $6 trillion a month, you know, put the hands in the workers. But we can't do that because, you know, we can't We can't get here. It's all just fake and the stimulus that they want to work on, if they're gonna work on one at all, it's gonna be We need to pivot to business interests, right? Like we need toe. We've taken care of the workers. Now it's like know what you've actually done is you. You took care of nonprofit Jewish nonprofits. You took care of big, publicly traded companies. They all got access to this business bailout. You gave American people a pittance of $1200. Most of those people haven't even gotten their checks. And you say that it's now time to pivot to businesses. I mean, this is just if this is not rage inducing to send people out into the streets to protest for the right thing, but instead they in before that with Astro turf. That's the other purpose of that as well. Yeah, and the pivot to business they're doing is not, say, restocking the e i. D l program. They're restocking the a t l. But they're not restocking the e i D L. Which is the emergency disaster relief, not restocking the P p p or or instituting provisions that require small businesses to be able to get loans. You look at the specific provisions they're talking about. Here is part of this tax reform. It's things like a 100% tax deduction for businesses on meals, entertainment and sports. Like who is that going to help that, like name a small business that is very concerned with deductions on meals, entertainment in sports? These are things that that are events put on by these massive corporations that have already rated the P P p funds. But if you're a small business, you're like your guys are likely bringing that their lunch to work in that kind of thing. So, yeah, this is not. This is not going to help people that actually need it. This is just further, further relief for those that have already been been relieved and in the meantime, a zai Understand it here. Jazz. They're talking about axing these unemployment provisions that have been a godsend for many people who have lost their jobs. That right, that's what Ben Sasse is is really getting after. Yeah, they've been pushing for this, and they've been pushing even heart. And there were. The rhetoric has been increasing, too. I mean, you have been SAS pushing for this. Of course. Ben Sasse is a old joke. Asi He is a in fact, a soy farmer by trade, which is kind of funny. Small businesses will struggle as long as unemployment pays more than work. Ben Sasse The real world doesn't look anything like their progressive talking points, but that's not going to stop Bernie and Nancy from doubling down on sloppy policy. It's and you are talking about the real world, Ben about the real world. How about how about if unemployment is paying more than work? Maybe work isn't paying enough. How about that? Because they want to make this big deal about. If a person making $23 an hour on unemployment is going to be hard to get you back for your $17 an hour job, it's like, Well, how about we make it a $23 an hour job? And then we say that that person's been made whole. How about that, Lindsay? You ferry like I mean, how hard is it to do? It should be pretty simple, but they're making you know, the rhetoric that they're using now. Lindsey Graham, over our dead bodies Will we extend the $600 unemployment benefits? Ah, and this is as the death toll across the 60,000 were getting what, what to 2,502,000 people dead today? And Lindsey Graham is out there using the rhetoric. I promise you, over our dead bodies that we will get this reauthorized or promise you over the dead bodies of the people dying and the people who've lost their jobs, the 30 million people who have lost your jobs. He's like, we've got to stop this. You cannot turn on the economy until this aberration of the law is fixed. This is the priority of Lindsey Graham, who's Senate race has been flipped from a What is it? A solid Republican, two likely Republican by the Cook political report we talked about, I think on the mid week of the weekend it all blends together. How ah, is it Lindsey Graham's black opponent has out raised him substantially and on YouTube. Now I am now seeing Lindsey Graham ads where he's sitting in a campaign office asking for every dollar outs that you could give Tabaka paid. It's just it never if never ends, but I love seeing Lindsey Graham and Dire Straits. You want a white pill? Lindsey Graham may not be a United States senator anymore because he is going to go down with the ship, and that's fine. He knows that. I think he is more than willing to go down with the ship on this, but his interest is in the business is I mean, he even says this in one of the quotes. I forget which one it is, but I'm just gonna paraphrase. He basically says, we need to start listening to businesses. Oh, yeah, he says. This is a problem. This unemployment being more valuable than the dollar per hour job. This is This is something that we've heard repeatedly had conversations with the business community when if you talk to American workers Lindsey Graham, R E only talking to the business community, of course, he just goes on and on. And, of course, it's Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, Tim Scott, the black senator. And there may even be to black senators from South Carolina. When all is said and done, the transformation is complete. Reconstruction has reached its highest level since 1965. I mean, it's just it's it never ends, but, yeah, that's where they are right now. This is the GOP, right? This is the GOP. Oh, this is also the GOP. I forgot. David Santa Carla. Great fucking clip. By the way. African American, African American, African American, African American, African American, African American, African American, African American, the African American, African American, African American, African American, African, African American, African American, African American, African American. He's actually talking about the Senate delegation from South Carolina after the election. Yeah, look at my African American friends over there, but yeah, it's it's it. It just never ends, and this is what they want to focus on its like ignore immigration, cut subsidies for the unemployed, cut taxes for wealthy Jews and billionaires. I mean, that really is the GOP. And, you know, if you're on the right wing and you're somebody who's still teetering on the edge of this sort of kosher sandwich dialectic and you're still hugging that bun for all it's worth and you hear, say, Yeah, they're doing tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. That's what they're doing. Jewish donors. Jewish donors are the GOP base. So yeah, I don't know what to tell you. Yeah, and it's not like they're talking about normally. Or when they were getting the the what the 2018 tax cuts through. They were talking about all of the great things this would do for for families. That was the calling card they were putting out there for people to latch on and support. But no, this this round, they're not talking about, say, increasing the child tax credit. We're not talking about credits for for ah, childcare, etcetera that ah you know, could bring people on board office there explicitly making this about cutting taxes for big business and big business. First and foremost, and only that's who they have in mind here. And yeah, giving, giving them a hand up, cutting, taking weight. Like because this is unprecedented $600 on top of your regular employment cause in South Carolina. I just want to point out regular unemployment. In South Carolina, the average weekly benefit amount is 2 36 The maximum benefit is 3 26 so try living on $326 a week. Even in South Carolina, even in like rural South Carolina tried living on $326 a week, $900 a week is even difficult, especially if you have a family to support. So if you got 3 26 plus 600 that's 9 26 a week. No. 1800 a month or No. 1800 every 2 36 100 every four. I mean, that's that's not bad. That will cover a decent apartment and maybe a car payment. But if you have kids, you have other expenses. Good luck. And Lindsey Graham wants to take all that away. Basically, when we get to July, when this whole thing is totally not being done yet, it's It's Yeah. We're just gonna be not over our dead bodies. Are we gonna be renewing any sort of benefit? You're just gonna starve. But, hey, go back to your job, right? If it exists. Yeah, that's what $40,000 a year. I mean, that's not a lot of money. That's that's actually very I mean, yeah, like, you know how much money that is. Especially if you have kids. It's it's not doable. And many of these people who have had the ability or have been fortunate enough to remain a single income households, you know, to parents 11 of them works. One stays at home. That is going to be Yeah, not tenable anymore. If this if this goes through and also on the other side of this Dude, dude, the maximum benefit. Prior to this ad on that they did. The maximum benefit in South Carolina is $16,000 a year. Yeah, Yeah. 3 20 I think it's just the average in Florida was something like 2 20 Right? I think that was that was the start. Yeah. You look at the Southern States and their unemployment benefits are pretty sparse, but yes, Oh, so and on the other side of this, when things do open, back up, let's say you work. Let's say you're one of the people that works in one of these meat plants or you work in some other factory where you have to be in close proximity to other workers. And your company doesn't want to invest in PPE because it would cut into the bottom line and they haven't invested in in se maybe, ah, automation or new plants. They haven't invested in new plants where workers could be more spread out. You are shoulder shoulder, And what the Republicans air fighting for right now is to make sure that as you are forced back into this job, what it's, it's still unsafe to be there that you can't sue your employer for not adequately protecting you. You can't sue for lack of PPE. So then, when you get sick, if you do get sick, you'll have what no health care. You'll have no ability to sue for damages. You'll be told all you would be left with is is the promise that you can suit China because China has done this for you and that's it economically ruined your sick. Yeah, it's I mean, this is what the GOP's are. Never, never forget that it's the abject hygienic standards of wet markets in Wuhan. That's what you really need to be worried about. Don't pay attention, toe Lindsey Graham. But if you think that Democrat now Democrats are probably in all honesty, they are the ones responsible for the 600 extra dollars you're getting per week. That's not that were left up to Republicans. That's the funny thing is, if the GOP had kept the house in 2018 that $600 would never exist, that this extra benefit that everybody's getting would never have existed if the GOP head had kept the house because this was probably the result of a compromise. In fact, I know it is, But how far will they go? Well, about as far as their Jewish donors will let them, because they're doing cold, you know, they're doing cheap talk on cold, hard cash and you be I. But I don't necessarily know that you would see that it's gonna be marginally better than the GOP. But you're not going to see much in how long that that is gonna be drawn out. In fact, Biden is has been putting out talking points about a new stimulus that will be a hell of a lot bigger. It's like This is all good, But is it gonna be there in practice? Is it gonna be? Is it going to be a really thing? I don't know, James. What? Well, you know, he comes out and he throws around some swear words. He said, Hell, he said, We've bailed. Their ass is out. Well, he must be serious, right? Okay, well, let's look at who he has on his economic council is chief economic advisors. Larry Summers, former Treasury secretary, is ah, Ben. And he is, of course, known for pushing through many of these extremely favourable positions for provisions for big banks. In the 0809 bailouts efforts. He's come out and said, Oh, I'm just one of many people that buying is consulting with, but yeah, I mean, you think the guy who's keeping Larry some and this is the funny thing to jazz is you'll get people who are are reported on in the media as being discredited or disgraced, but it's very rare. You'll see people. People like Larry Summers, who are their positions, are reviled by most Americans. They are indisputably disasters at what they dio. Yet they keep cropping up again and again and again. And it's like Jared Kushner and Truck Miller. You know, they never seem to be thrown out. Yeah, they never seem to be thrown out. And the idea that this is gonna change anything. I mean, you have Larry Summers, who is a former Obama administration official heavily involved in the Biden campaign. You also have a needed done heavily involved with the biting, biting campaign. Anita Dunn has also worked hand in hand with Roberta Kaplan in defending Chuck Weinstein. Ah, from from all of his indiscretions and shifting the blame onto, ah, White Men instead, this within Time's up, was all about, But it's funny. I need it done. By the way, her name's not fucking done. Her last name is Babbitt. She's a Jew. Her husband is Robert Bauer. He's a fucking Jew. These air disgusting, filthy Jews. And they've been involved in this unneeded done. Yeah, it's so innocuous, right? Just another. Just another. Just another wham it up on Capitol Hill. Big power player in Washington, D. C. It's no, it's a Jew, just, you know, crypto. She wants people, not the notice. But you can even easily verify this stuff. But anyway, yeah, it's it's it's all gonna be so the idea that this is this is the thing to cling to. Two run to it's It's No. This is why this is why neither party works for anybody. And it's a point we've made many, many times before. Yeah, And so when Pelosi and Ron Wyden come out and say, Oh, yeah, we're definitely I am giving out more cash in the next round of stimulus were considering this were planning. This may be worthy of our attention, right? Where have you heard all of this before? Strikingly, No. They know that there's not gonna be another stimulus. This is why they can come out and say this, like everybody is on board with. Got to go back to work. Which again, you know, we have to add the caveat of you know, people who have been suffering under this and everything else. It's it's really the the abject response of the government that has caused the most amount of damage to the most amount of people in their lack of willingness to help people out. But, of course, like the negotiations have already happened. Where where was Ron wide and where was Nancy Pelosi? Where were all these people when they did Stimulus 12 and three? It all happened so quickly. Rubber stamp out the door, get it done. And when they know that Congress is not gonna come back. So while Nancy Pelosi is going out there in a joint statement with Mitch McConnell about, we can't possibly open up Congress again because we don't have enough tests, she's saying, Well, we must have cold, hard cash in the next stimulus. But we totally can't open up Congress from the next stimulants like OK, come on, come on, come on. Yeah, and and even the people you could say, Well, Pelosi is part of the DNC establishment and, ah, maybe the justice Democrats and Bernie said, Born E Sanders, we're going to stand up. No, they all caved. They made a much noise about how they were going to stand up and stop this and and fight for for direct cash payments of that was like 6000. What was Yes, some of them were saying, like $6000 for every American. It was like in and out in a day, never gonna done yeah, and they would have been heroes to their constituents. Everybody done that. Tell what everybody but their constituents like these This this would have been. They would have been heroes for these people. You would have had excitement for this. And so you see how this is done on the right and you see how it's done on the left to make sure that everything is neat n tidy. Now, how long can they do that? How long they perpetuate that? I would argue that it's starting to come apart at the seams, and it gets harder and harder for them to maintain. But But yeah, it's it's it's amazing. It never ceases to amaze. And Ron Wyden's a Jew, by the way, just Google and look at his face. Look at that fucking face anyway. Go ahead. Yeah, we did a snorkel dive on. Ah, good old Ron Wyden oregonian out there. But, uh yeah, and we're gonna talk more about justice dams on the mid week. But speaking of Biden. We want to move into the replace biting movement that's coinciding perfectly with with Trump's decline and and, ah, collapse of Trump's 2020 chances. It looks like being a shit puppet just ain't all it's cracked up to be these days. See, you know they want a puppet. Don't get me wrong, but they want a puppet that that if that puppet is going to win, they want that guy to actually be, ah, viable as a puppet. This guy is just like strings laying on the ground. One arm flailed over the other like I don't even know what this guy's doing And somebody made the point. I don't remember where this was, but they said if he can't even keep it together with gaffes in his basement, which is a low what is it a low stress, high reparation environment? Then this is kind of a problem. I mean, it's like, yeah, making fun of bite. And it's kind of elder abuse like this guy is just the whole thing is, like, very bad. But the fact that this guy can't even keep it together, I mean, just imagine being a needed done in Larry Summers and being the handlers of Biden. I mean, they if anything, they're probably the ones that are closest to him in saying to their fellow tribesmen, We gotta get this isn't gonna work. Guys like what we're trying our best here. But ah, you know, I think this may even be an inside job. I think you're on to something there, and that's that's what the evidence would seem to seem to indicate. And Corona Virus And the inability to do campaign events was actually a godsend for the Biden campaign. Because finally, you can just imagine the advisers the true by it in believers like, Well, finally, we couldn't get this guy off the stage and you can stop talking about liberty and justice, indivisible. You know, the rest and all of these, these embarrassing moments he's had ah, that indicate it's not just embarrassing. They indicate severe cognitive decline, and this guy's obviously unwell. And the theory that we outlined earlier where biting was the ship puppet put in place to to block Bernie Ah, and to just as essentially a concession for 2020 where they knew they weren't gonna win the presidency. The stock market, the economy was superficially strong, which would probably be enough to buoy Trump to win again. But they would focus on taking on expanding their gains in the House and maybe picking up a few Senate seats with the the object collapse of Trump's popularity and approval that is suddenly is opened a window for them. And this 2020 race has become just like the Senate has become winnable once again. And this is why you see serious attention now being given to this replace bite and movement because instead of a ship puppet, they could get somebody who was a ship puppet. But But ah is is much more competent and could maybe run again and be under their control for another four years after the fact. So people are asking themselves like, Are they really going to run this guy? And you talk about some of these some of these Biden moments We'll have to go through all of them. There are so many just from the last month. But ah, particularly good. One was when he was doing of these basement live from the ah, the biting bunker. Interviews with CNN with Jake Tapper Biden was caught on camera, coughing into his hand just moments after telling the host he had not been tested for Corona virus because he felt okay. And then Tapper moved on to a question about Born E, during which Biden coughed directly into his hand, twice tougher than called out buying for doing so When he said, And this is pathetic, he says, You know, you're really supposed to cough into your elbow, Joe. I learned that covering your White House, Jake Tapper said by and said, No, actually, actually, that's true. But fortunately, I'm alone in my home, so it's OK. I agree. You're right. Excuse me. Inviting responded, Yeah, well, and if there wasn't a move to get this guy out of there, Tapper probably wouldn't be doing that. But you're starting to see the pressure on the terror read Stuff is starting to build you're seeing. But what's funny is that I saw that Lindsey Graham, speaking speak of the devil, came out today and said, I've never seen by didn't do anything up toward a woman in my life. So s so you have sort of interesting people coming out in doing the bit on Biden's behalf while others air putting pressure and doing, giving him a little bit of the Cavanagh run Because it's a white guy like that. There's a lot of there's a lot of ah lot at stake here, James. I mean, this is a white guy that they could pinch potentially string up for a Me, too. They need one of those on the board, um, given, given the state of things, and nothing could be faker and gayer than than what they're doing to this guy. But it just seems like it's to perfect it. Get this done while they can and what we'll talk about the possible. Like, how would they do it? Like practically speaking, how could they get rid of him? And there is a way for them to you. But we'll get there. Yeah, and it's It's very revealing because these terror read accusations, which are obviously I mean, look, they're probably fake there, almost definitely fake. She's changing her story. If we're gonna be consistent here, she's changing her story, she says. Yeah, I filed a complaint, but it didn't actually have what happened in it. It's a disaster, but But James Weir, you, why aren't you you're setting a dangerous precedent here. I think. Why aren't you taking? Why are you taking the side of the Lammens as well? Actually, we are being consistent. If if a Jew is accused of rape, I believe all women. If a Biden or a white guy is accused of rape, I believe all white guys. That's my consistency. That's my That's my paradigm. If you don't like it, go fuck yourself. That's what we dio. But if you're out there defending a Jew, you're a shell. And if you keep defending a Jew after being called a show, your problem. And yet when it is through that before very, very revealing to that, some would defend Harvey Weinstein and then you and then get really animated about the Biden accusation, Joe Bidet. It's amazing, very revealing. You're serious guy. That's kind of what you have to dio eso. These accusations are not new, though they're being presented, as is if he's just cropped up in April. But these have been out there for months. He's been out there since 2019 and they were treated for the longest time as basically Cuban on tier as basically the like like pizza gate here, and they were acknowledged. But again, within the last week we've gotten stories like what Joe Biden didn't say in his terror read denial. We need to talk about terror, Read CNN. Terror read Biden allegation demands investigation from the L. A Times. So now they're super serious and worthy of think pieces. And And, yeah, this is being introduced. If not and again, there's a temptation to say well, but look, the New York Times is defending him, and Donna Brazile is defending him again. This is not a monolith. This is being put out there to to be picked up by a certain type of Democrat and a certain type of liberal to give them, give them justification for wanting to remove bite. And they're working on this from multiple angles because they do want to sow the seeds. Now we're removing this guy come September or August, and here's another thing to think about two is that if these claims which have been out there forever, if this is so egregious, if this was such a thing, that was was really and we have toe believe all women and you know, Joe, must you know justice must be done for women and rapists. Bothered level. But why wasn't this unearth during the primary campaign? Ryan, When when it was Biden versus 22 full stages brimming to the top with women running for president as a Democrat? Where was all of this then? It didn't exit well. It didn't manifest itself until now. And there's a reason why it happened now, while everybody's sitting at home as as the reality of Look, we've tried all these things to get rid of Trump. Yes, some of that was kosher dialectic, but some of it was real. They really wanted to get rid of this guy and the fact that it has become within the realm of possibility now that he could be gone. That's why you see these things popping up out of out of seemingly nowhere and certain people supporting them, some people issuing them. Everybody has a different motivation for doing so. Um, you know, Roberta Kaplan could very easily jump in and defend Biden, but the idea that it's kind of funny that they when, when it would make sense for them to defend him. Given what we know, they say, yeah, time's up is it's gonna be endangering its nonprofit status. If we defend somebody who's running for public office, it's like that's when people are going to be most likely to be accused of these things. And I guarantee you, if Joe Biden was a Jew, that they would have no problem jumping in. But all of a sudden it's like, Yeah, we sort of have toe stand, stand clear of all this All of a sudden I just got to do it. But right, well, and it's funny because you look at the mission statement and directive of times up, which was incorporated and, I believe 2017 2018 in the midst of these, these Jewish hedge. Iman's falling. Les Moonves says Weinstein. Ah, the guy was the L brands Guy Wexner like, Yeah, all these people, they wrapped up their shops. Chuck, Chuck and Chuck Epstein. You had a gang of trucks just being mowed down, and all of a sudden, Roberta Kaplan props up times up and you look at their pending litigation and they're doing things like investigating paramedic squads for sexism. And, like they're targeting some guy who owns a convenience store in New York for for yeah, like hitting on an employee like this is where it's been redirected. This world of money and energy has been redirected into going after and maybe the convenience store guy in New York as a Jew, I don't know, but it's being redirected towards towards actual, uh, white guys and not the rial, perverts and predators, which are course he's Jewish oligarchs. But eso you look it. Ah, you look at the stars. Aligning here for why Biden would be would be yanked offstage in the big theatrical canes around the guy's neck, pulling him off the stage. Biden's response to Corona virus being pretty have pretty disastrous. Only 32% of those polled approve of his response. 35% disapprove, 34% unsure. You see this guy out there condemning Trump Xenophobic Travel Ban and then supporting it days later and being totally out of the loop in everything grown a virus related e. It's clear he's not running his Twitter campaign. It just looks very bad. It's very bad he's not. He's not presenting the image of a leader like a shadow leader. He's just kind of tottering about if you're a guy like Biden who depends almost. I would argue that there has not been a presidential candidate in history. Except maybe Eagleton, who has had to have so much handling in so much help that if you have that many people around you, especially people who probably don't have the best your best interest in mind Anita Dunn, Larry Summers list goes on and on. Then they can let things slip and make you look worse than you already are. Because don't you think that they could do more to prep him? Sure, if the idea is to get rid of him and it's an inside job than they can just say, Yeah, like Joe Joe, why don't you? In fact, you could encourage Ju Ju ju. You can insurance Joe to do mawr press conferences from his basement. It's like, Joe, why don't you do another one? I know you've done six today, but here Yeah, it's like, uh I don't know what a huh? Help me prepare. No, you're fine. You're gonna do great. You're gonna do great, buddy. Just get on out there. Your killer. You're a kid. Listen, Jack, your killer like it. It's just he goes out there and he wrecks it. So, yeah, I would think that they because remember now, unfortunately, the problem is with Corona viruses that remember what we said the game plan for bided in a world where Dow was 30,000 and Trump was going to be difficult to beat. The game plan for Biden was to do what they did with Hillary in 2016. Keep him out of the spotlight, keep him away from a microphone. In Hillary's case, it was the voice nobody wanted to listen to in Biden's case, yes, but it's nothing wrong. His voice. It's that nobody knows what he's gonna say or how he's going to say it or if it's gonna even make sense when he does say it. And the plan was to keep this guy and just do B roll of him, waving its supporters and smiling with people and whatever. You can't do that when the guys in his basement the only thing he can do is live streams, and so it's made it very difficult, and the other thing is, it's like this guy's old. The calculus for putting this guy back out into public without a mask on is increasingly higher, increasingly more difficult, higher risk than, say, a bait. Oh, not that they're going to stick bait. Oh, into the race here. But Biden has got some consideration that maybe some other candidates would not in terms of going back to normal and trying to interact with people, cause what if they put this guy back on the trail too soon and they have to do it without a mask? Has imagine how goofy it's gonna look if he's got the mask on and this guy like, you know, tips over and croaks of Corona, um, you know, one week going back on the trail, maybe that's a wish come true for them. I don't know. Maybe Maybe that's what they want Me. That's the easiest path. Rather than going through the charade of a convention and ah, you know, then picking somebody else. I don't know what they're gonna dio. We'll have to see. Maybe they're They're gonna pull a Harry Reid on this guy. Just stick him on a treadmill and corrective to 11. Good luck, Joe. You'll do great. Yeah. Head injuries and coughing. Yeah, it's a mess. And so you see Biden's favor collapsing amongst Democrats to. And this is again, this is the funny thing that, yes, Trump's approval is falling. Yes, Trump is losing in every poll, but Biden is not enthusing anyone. In fact, he is is the the regretful choice for many of these Democrats. His his actual, his head to heads against Trump have been slipping for the last few months, and among Democrats he's still in the lead. But on Democrats, his his lead, his favorability rating has fallen from 89% to 83%. So I just think, Think about that for a second, though. Started, started interject. But think about that for a second in places where we pointed out for I don't know James, what, 18 months now? Really, since the aftermath of the 2018 midterms that Trump has been having a very difficult time in swing states when Biden didn't even exist is the candidate. And so the fact that Trump is still losing in these swing states by such a large degree. To Biden, that's incredible. And in spite and as you're pointing out, is losing losing support as well from within his own party. Yeah, it's another contributing factor, but just I mean, you would think that Trump would be leading in this situation. But maybe that's where they see this going three or four months down the road. Um, if things don't improve, is he could be leading when, by all accounts, he shouldn't. Right. And when you think of about having a candidate that doesn't infuse anybody, um, what you're seeing on both. So this is the phenomenon you're seeing is on both sides. People just aren't invested in this presidential race. And so the people that are invested a remain invested are skewing for biting. But what's happening with a lot of these, these people that Trump infused in 2016 is, as we've pointed out there, just retreating back into the political hinterlands and there is becoming a political again. And they voted once they thought something different would happen and it didn't and, you know, see later they're gone. Eso This is why you're seeing this collapse and enthusiasm were lack of enthusiasm for biting. It's part of why you're seeing the idea seeded that he would be replaced with somebody such as Cuomo from New York, and we had this poll come out last week showing that 56% of Democrats would support Cuomo, with 44% 0 opting to stick with Biden. That's a 12 point margin. Cuomo over Biden and you have Hispanics, young people, women, self identified liberals most likely to favor dumping Biden for Cuomo. And the other dynamic here is that you have Trump and Cuomo already going at it in in the public eye. These what are, effectively many debates between Trump and Cuomo and Cuomo. You know this. If we're being honest, getting the upper hand over Trump. He's been right about the threat of the virus. More so than Trump. He's been he's been calling Trump in the CDC, taking them to account for for their ah, their response. And yes. Oh, so you have this guy who is already getting getting in landing some punches against Trump on the national stage. This is, ah, opportunity. This is guy who might be a fitting replacement for Biden now that same dynamic and this has not been reported as much. But that same dynamic exists also between Trump and the dark horse that we've entertained being a possibility for a long time. That is, of course, Gavin Newsom. So, yeah, I mean, these air, these air two guys, both of them younger. I believe Cuomo's in his sixties. Most likely, Newsome is, in his fifties, much younger guy, much more energetic guy. You should be too perfect candidates if they did want to pull the plug and Biden and and swap in someone who they can contrast. Specifically, contrast the response to Corona virus with that of Trump's response. So how would they do this? Um, this is something that they could do people hear us talking about. Well, this is what they want to do, you know, But But it's impossible, right? I mean, he's already got 1400 of the 1900 delegates, mean it's it's It's a foregone conclusion. Isn't this like a Here's how somebody who's not Biden can still win sort of deal that they're doing? No, actually, because here's the thing Bernie was never there was never gonna be. Here's how Bernie could still win because they didn't want Bernie to when they didn't want that guy to be the champion of anything. They screwed him and they screwed him and they screw him again. And then he bent over and said, Yeah, Biden is gonna be a great president. So yeah, the Bernie movement faking gay, dumb. And it was never gonna be anything but they wanted to screw that guy anyway. But with Biden, if if the establishment wants somebody different, we all know if they want. If the kosher dialectic determines that, yeah, Biden is not gonna be The guy will make that happen. How do they do that? Well, if there even is a physical convention which seems unlikely at this point, it was gonna be in Milwaukee and I don't think And I actually would go out on a limb and say that if they don't have physical conventions this year, that will probably be the last time in history that you'll see physical conventions. I think that will be the done. That will be the end of those. They were always fake and gay. We already knew who the nominee was gonna be before. Even if you cared about electoral politics, you already know who the nominee is gonna be. It's really not gonna be any different. Ah, they spend millions and millions of dollars on these things and for what it really doesn't. It really doesn't do anything because the fix is already in. And so I think if there is, even if there's a virtual convention, yeah, Biden will be the nominee, and then they will replace him sometime. If you see something like what their seemingly heading in that direction to prosecute in this way, if it happens at all, it'll be in September and it will be something where Biden gets to a point where it's so obvious that this guy cannot possibly carry out the duties of the presidency. And you'll see a pressure campaign building in the media, um, from Democrats and from certain people on the sandwich saying that we need to have somebody else. This is sad. In fact, we love Joe Biden, but this is sad. What we're seeing in. We need somebody who can beat Trump, and it's got to be this person or whatever and you'll see that done, and they will. They will have Joe step aside, is what they'll do, or they'll force him aside one way or the other. They're going to get rid of this guy and replace him with someone else. If they follow through on this. If they follow this through two, it's a foregone conclusion. If they decide at some point because a lot can change between now and then, if they decide that it's better to prop up Trump than try to switch somebody in, then they'll do that. The sandwich is gonna win no matter what. But I think if they can get somebody who is less of a shit puppet than Donald Trump, they'll do that, especially if they can get somebody who's gonna proceed. And what they really want is a continuation of the Obama administration, something that is fully under their control. There's nothing erratic about it. There's no there's no soaring rhetoric. Ah, to white nationalism. There's no close the borders. There's no positing it in people's heads that any of this stuff is even possible. It's just back to foregone conclusion. This is a brown country. It's getting Browner and fuck you Whitey like that's what they want. And they want everybody in the government in lockstep doing that. They don't want Jared Kushner. They're just do it cause Jared Kushner's carrying out sort of more or less what Israel wants but also just profiting personally, profiting from this himself and they want. They want people in there who are making sure that the plan is actually going to get executed and they don't give a shit about somebody's commercial real estate. So that's really that's really how the cards are gonna be double. We'll see. We don't really know. And Cuomo is just gonna be another group up. I mean, any anybody that they switch in. I mean, that's the thing Is, is people on the left who were excited about Bernie and excited about this and excited about that? People who thought that the that the Justice, Democrats, Democrats were gonna bring change to the party. You have to realize that this is all this is just like the Bannon of your side of sandwich. It's it's not really it's never going to be Really. This is not the way to substantial change in the country. And the reason why people are checking out of the presidential race is because they're at home. Don't you think they would want to spend more time on this? Don't you think that they would be more focused on paying attention to these things? No these people aren't giving them what they want. They know the U. S. Politics is a charade, and people are becoming a politicized instead of politicized, which is ultimately what the sandwich wants. And they don't want you politicize. They don't want you invested in a particular issues because they know that those issues aren't ever gonna be delivered. And if you keep not delivering the goods for long enough, people get pits so they'd rather have people checked out. So yeah, they run the risk of turning people into ideologues that not not in Not in a bad way, idealist. I should say people that that are not content with just merely their side of the sandwich winning, but they actually want things. And they actually want make substantive changes in a way that threatens the power of to the power idealists. If they're left to their own devices long enough and they have their hopes dashed and squashed and smashed enough times, they become the radicals. If they're very committed and they don't want to create more radicals, they want to create mawr a political boobs on done. The next best thing is people that getting invested in kosher dialect and fighting with each other instead of fighting with that. So that's the plan. That's what they want. Trust that plan. Yeah, exactly. Trust that plan. So very full show. I hope a lot of questions Air settled. Hope we don't have to weigh don't have to go back to Well, was the genuine at one time will be genuine to get it done. It's over. It's not coming back. Never was coming, but it can't come back because it never once. So, um And then, yeah, that's where we are. That's where we've landed. A lot of this stuff got left on the cutting room before, though. And I'm excited about the midweek show because there's another thing that people got invested in that we're gonna be smashing another chivalrous several. A bunch of things, actually. So stay tuned for the mid week. That's it, James. And anything else I don't I don't make sure you wear your pee pee when you goto Goto Bernie Marcus is big box. Big Orange box. Teoh Finance Loomer Campaign. The big box Boomer Emporium, right? Yeah. Oh, that's right. Yet Bernie Marcus is funding bloomer. That's amazing. Just another reason not to go to the home. That both? Well, man, I'm Lows gang. You know, it lows does is if you buy the extended warranty on a chainsaw or something and you don't use it, they'll actually refund part of the world. What? That's pretty cool. It's not bad, so All right, well, we'll catch you guys later if you guys have a good start. Your week.