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Hello and welcome Deficit 30 wait It at TN probably brought to you by the world's most persistently vindicated right wing podcasts. If you heard it somewhere chancer that somewheres here I'm just his feels German James outside. Why should we go in? But pretty good man just sitting here behind my golden microphone puffing on Big Cigar? Hopefully, my takes on it's cold is the other. The other guy famous for famous for doing that? Yeah, takes have not been that good. I have not listened toe Rush Limbaugh in all of 2020. I just haven't had time, and I used to do it. T keep a finger on the pulse of things. And now I realized not listening to him, at least from time to time to see what's going on was kind of a mistake, because I checked in on Friday and I've checked in as he's had fill in co hosts throughout Monday and Tuesday. Don't listen to a full episode, but I just, you know, gotta gotta see what's going on stick your head in the door, right? Like poke your head in and see what's going on smoke filled room and, ah, you know, just remind him that the takes coming from the black ah entertainment in broadcasting microphone is, ah, is are far hotter than than his own because on Friday, open line Friday on the Rush Limbaugh program, which is where they call in its you know where he listens to, what you have to say. It was really hilarious and his his takes on Friday, and this is just I I almost stopped what? I was painting a room and I stopped what I was doing because he says that. Look, folks, I I haven't been shy at all about the fact that the Corona virus was planted by George Soros to destroy the nationalism of Donald Trade Trump. And he said, You see, folks, globalism was being held back for the past four years, and we had no a. New nationalism was ascendant in America, and they had to put the brakes on it in any way they can, And that's the way that you need to look at this fight. This is globalism versus nationalism, and we have to shut this down in any way that we can. And I was just like, Holy shit, this is Ah. And that he had a service member calling on the phone who said Ah, he was just a little bit concerned that, um you know, ah, people weren't wearing PPE and like Trump, Trump Ah, Limbaugh just went to break. He was just like, a lot of time. I see the red light break and we got to go. So it certainly is dragging me off the air, folks. Yeah, eso And he was also saying about the executive order. I mean, he was trying toe hand wave on this and he said they seem to be getting the same tip sheet about everything because you could just see the talking points. It's like they line up wherever you go. One of them is that Trump has 30 days. We have 30 days, folks for immigration, patriots to help from fixes blown moratorium on the EO. And it's this premise that that you need to go help Trump fix the EOE, right? Like he couldn't quite get it right. So we all we all have to join in together and in unison helped Trump get it right. He needs your help. The we can't hear you in the audience. Please speak up louder so that Trump can here and then get it right? It's like, didn't Didn't we all elect Ah, President, whoever it is to just do the bit right like you shouldn't have toe, you know, walk, walk the guy through what he's supposed to do. But, you know, you have conservatives clinging to this original draft of the EOE. Yet a couple copes. Actually, it's a whole throught frothy sea of copes. James, you have the original draft of the eo was something that they said Oh, well, you know, this is this is what it was like before it hit the public view. So at least we know, like, you know, he was really interested in promoting this angle of it, but ultimately, this didn't come out in the public, right? It was interesting that was finalized. And so they pivoted to other copes where Trump was tricked or whatever. And now you have this latest What? What seems to be the most coordinated aspect of this is that 30 days to expand the ban. Michelle Malkin is pushing this talk radio is pushing this. Mark Krikorian is pushing this, and I don't I don't understand this. I guess this is in 30 days. We can get what we want out of this. We didn't get it. The first time I look at this is just here. Let's reset the clock. Like we know that you're very disappointment. Disappointed that I don't think they were. I mean, we saw we talked about this last week where we saw how excited people were, and then they're dashes. Scott hoped. And, you know, our reaction to that was, Well, we've been there. We know what that's like. We've been there dozens of times, and we're not there anymore. But I feel like it's they've come up with this new strategy because I don't think they they've tried this strategy before, have they, James? I mean, they didn't do this bit where it's like, Wait, we have 30 days to fix it. Guys, just hold on and be really excited. And then that 30 days is gonna come and go, and that's gonna be the end of that. It's where it's like this, letting the balloon letting the air out of the balloon as slowly as possible. Rather than having people's hopes dashed. I think they know it's a recipe for disaster. Yeah, it's about time for one of these, right? We've we've had. So these annual events where we all get really plugged in and we need to help Trump and it's the audience participation presidency right where you like. He just forgot. You just forgot what what people wanted on immigration. So have to make sure you go. He needs to be warned, right? Like the they need to warn him about demographic displacement. The GOP needs toe be, have this thing, have these things explained to them, and then you don't understand. Then the light bulb will go on above their head and it will just magically happen, right? Except that it's never happened that way, not in decades upon decades upon decades. Now in the ah, yeah, the hero here of of the new all light Michelle Malkin saying we need to do everything between now and 30 days to help him save face toe. Help him see the light, help him remember the promises that he made to get into office. in the first place. Well, I there's the tacit admission right there is that he's for gotten the promises. So there, at least admitting At least I'm glad to see some honesty here. Ah, that that they at least recognized that the promises have been for gotten. This isn't just he doesn't he doesn't know exactly what to put in the EO. It's like, yeah, and they're different varieties of this, right? This is This is the sort of all light take we have. Breitbart's just very painfully working themselves into a pretzel here, saying it's unclear how closely Trump reviewed this draft before signing the final executive order. Look, this idea that this was this Ah, this blanket moratorium on on immigration was really ever anything that was within within miles of ever becoming law. It's fake, right? This is not really the first initial draft. This was not any real document. This is something that is put out there after the fact, with the intent, knowing intent of bringing people back on board, right? It's This is how the work works. They put out what they really want to do, which is this this fake ban on immigration and then follow up with the leak secret leak of this original draft. That's not rial to ah to hold out hope to you to, you know, for people who were considering this being the breaking point, this being the moment where they get off the trump train, this is the olive branch out to these people. Toe begged them to please stay on board. Look, if only we just push really hard this time and it open our emails and answer all the trump urgent campaign polls and donate money, Then then we can show that this is what we want and all will come. But ah, sometimes a lot of emails. Actually, over the last 10 15 days, I mean, demanding money, asking for money. And and I mean, this is something we pointed out. I think it was on the midweek show, and we're talking about the Senate last week about how how much the polarity has shifted on fundraising and how much, you know, in 2018 and 2016 we saw Democrats hardly raising any money at all. And now they're their coffers, air flush with cash. And it's from small dollar donations, predominantly, which is indicative of Ah, some electrification, Cem momentum on their side. And you know, Trump is demanding money from you again. And, you know, he spent very little of his own money to get elected in 2016 and he'll be damned if he's going to attempt to re election by having to dip into his own pot. He wants you to foot put up the bill for that to go a second time. And, I mean, if you're gonna get something for something, right, like you would think they would actually follow through on something small. But it shows you with the significant overwhelming support for a moratorium 85% last week, 65% in a Washington Post poll. So if you want to take that, Aziz the is another is the maybe the low ball in that scenario, overwhelmingly, this is what people want, and they still will not even do it. And they'll sort of I think they're gonna have to learn the lesson the hard way, potentially as we sort of unpack the direction that this is going that ultimately it's not. This is not This strategy is not going to work anymore. This strategy of playing. And I'm just doing this is an analysis of of of Let's just say that if you're if you're a Republican, an elected Republican president that Donald Trump is and you have Jewish donors that you're trying to please. But you also have to appeal to, ah, base that you made promises to this jig is up like you can't keep doing this like this worked for a while and it actually worked really well. But the op has sort of gotten less sophisticated as time has gone on, so increasing, so diminishing who he sophisticated, in fact, that it the whole thing blew up in, what, six hours? And now it's like you have 30 days, but if they can get 30 days out of this, I mean, that gets them until what, like Memorial Day weekend, Right? And then you're in summer, and then people have for gotten and they plan on the 30 days being what people can't remember the news two weeks ago. So 30 days is a lifetime, right? And it also has the effect that we've talked about many times of leaving people who just read the headline under the impression that immigration was stopped and is, especially if people aren't going outside and aren't competing in the labor force right now. Because there's nothing open. Then people may think people may not see and viscerally, you know, encounter realities that lead them to believe that immigration has not been ended. People think that this is done and and ah, yes, Oh, but the strategy. It works on fewer and fewer people every time. Right? The amount of people fooled is diminishing with every go around because people are learning, people are learning this is fake and the tacit admission that the plant thrusters are making when they the re. If I this narrative that Trump has been tricked or we need to get out there and if only we push hard enough, then things will change. You have the tacit admission there is that Trump has to be the dumbest guy in the world because the polling is overwhelming, right? Anywhere. Lowball. 50% realistically, upwards of 80% of people supporting immigration moratorium and if he if he is unable to see this, if he wasn't able to see what a that what a slam dunk this would be not only politically in terms of giving people directly what they want on immigration, but also long term economically in contributing to rising wages when things open, back up, etcetera. If he can't see that, then this guy is either totally controlled, which is, you know, ah, definitely the case. Or he is just painfully stupid. And you're working with your working with a A, uh, an apparatus that you can never count on getting anything out of, because it's that he's the guy who listens to the last person who was in his ear. If that's your if that's your assumption. So yeah, it's Ah, it's really tiresome, Um, and fewer people are being tricked every time and, well, people are increasingly that's the reality is I mean, I guess the small window of hope not to look at this from if you look at this from in more Nunes perspective, and you, actually, because if you read one or two of the reactions to this, you feel like you've gotten all of the reactions to this, and that's not actually true. What I'm at, what I'm seeing, which is just a maybe a ray of hope in all of this James is that some of these people are going through the process that we all had to go through at a much slower pace. That's all right. I'll be patient. But I'm seeing the same sorts of copes that that maybe we did at one time. Um and others have done throughout this whole process, and that tells me that these people will eventually get there. They can't stay on this forever, and in many cases they're already starting to go down this route in the question is, is, will they get there quick enough for it to matter in 2020? Will enough people become sort of disenchanted by what they're seeing? Um, you know, I don't know when you see fair now this guy's Jewish, But when you see Dan Stein, it's always so funny how they're so It's like even in these, like immigration restriction organizations, it's like the spokesman is a Jew based on the based up. But, he says, based on the reactions from our members, the president made a serious miscalculation, promising on Twitter such a big immigration move on Lee to produce a small gesture of minimal significance. Don't over promise don't cave, you must do better than you have. Mark Krikorian, who's not Jewish. She's some sort of Eastern European guy, um, of Eastern European persuasion, he says. Trump tweeted last week that he was going to temporarily halt immigration, but the actual order was something of a dud. It put it did. Now this thesis where it kind of gets funny, he says. It did put down an official, black and white that too much immigration is bad for American workers. It's again, Mark. You know, we've we've done that. How many times like it's It's been an official black and white for a very long time for decades. In fact, this is the feeling of the American people. Given that we're reenacting the Great Depression, it's not like this should be controversial. Well, you're right, Mark. It's not. But it is at least among the swamp lobbyists to mobilized after the president's tweet and made sure the final product didn't cramp the style of corporate users of cheap foreign labor. As a result, the supposedly worker focused order from the White House didn't do much of anything about the visa programs that important new foreign workers all is not lost, though this is where the root of the 30 days is coming in. The president's proclamation said he was instructing the relevant departments to present recommendations to him in 30 days regarding those foreign worker programs for a possible follow a border, which he hinted at in his press briefing. Didn't you see that guy's? Didn't you see the hint? So, yeah, that's some. This is where they're doing this sort of thing. It's like if the situation is so dire and there are 26 million people who have lost their jobs in the The premise of this CEO is to give jobs to American workers first, which I would argue, and we've said this so many times. But I'll say it again, I would argue, is the most important priority pandemic or no pandemic war or no war, crisis or no crisis? American workers should be put first. It shouldn't just be something that you conjure up in the midst of arguably so the worst economic fallout that we've had in terms of job losses. If we I would prefer rather than Dow Jones industrial average or anything else, I would just prefer to measure the depth of the economic crisis by the number of people who have lost their jobs that we know of, which is a low ball. It's probably a lot higher at that moment. We haven't seen something like this in 100 years, and the best that you can get with a president that is supposed to best represent these things is this half ass sort of e O that should tell like that should accelerate and fast forward people through these copes very quickly, and I hope it does. I hope it does, because this wait for 30 days to present recommendations. It's tell a guy who hasn't had a pay check for six weeks that he's gotta wait 30 more days for recommendation about this. And even if you halted immigrate, let's say that you did in EEO that actually did. But it was advertised to do. It would not have an immediate effect. It would take time. You're asking these people just to wait for more deliberations, that air never coming and people who participate in the cope wagon, the 30 day Cope leg and everybody on the 30 day Cope wagon. Everybody wait 30 days. It's not gonna happen and they had to pivot to something away from blaming Jared Kushner. They had to pivot to something that was away from Donald Trump, ing tricked. They had to pivot to something where Donald Trump's motives are pure and he just wants 30 days to think about it. And it's our time to act and convince him. It's like, Well, who in these administrations is gonna come up with some sort of based, uh, you know what? Why not make the proclamation and then have the organizations and in, ah, institutions come up with follow up or critiques? Why not? Why not and ask, Why not? Yeah, exactly. Why not act first and institute the most comprehensive band first, and then decide how to relax that ban, how to open up the immigration markets? That would be the thing, and people voted this this like trial and consult, period. This was the 2016 election. People voted for Donald because they wanted, in case of a pandemic or no pandemic or regular labour conditions or extraordinary labor conditions like we have now, people wanted a tighter labor market with fewer immigrants to increase their wages and increase their ability to get a job were they to lose their job right? That's what people wanted, what people voted for and the numbers we had as of last month. Earlier this month, 18% of workers across the country either losing their job or is having their hours cut that number, as we learned today, is now 50% 50 fit. One in two American workers have either lost their job or had their hours cut as a result of this pandemic. And so and the shutdown. So what you then have his this this ah immigration moratorium that doesn't actually cut immigration doesn't actually prohibit people from coming in on visas is going to allow people to continue to come in and compete for these jobs as as they become available again. And yeah, and this 30 day period jazz. It's very, very convenient that this 30 day period aligns perfectly with the June 1st target date, where Jared Kushner says the economy should be back up and rolling at full capacity again. So yeah, it Z yeah, it's nicely put together, and it's gonna be forgotten about two. And this is this is you know that you are now here, right? Like, remember the ah, you know, Trump and Cruz delegates hand over the delegates. Donald, like you are now here. Well, you were. Now here you have n Jedi Sager, who I guess is like pals with Buck Sexton, who's a fill in Khost for Ah, he's a conservative combo. I said his name backwards. Cigar and Jedi. I thought, who notes? Like with these with these fucking pigeon names? It's like it could just reverse thumb, and it would still make sense. And Jedi cigar, Cigar and Jetty. I don't know which one comes first to you, James. Like with Buck Sexton, It's not gonna be Sexton Buck. Like we know that I thought was gonna be sucked Braxton. Such Paxton? Yeah. Yeah. And then with crystal ball. Um who? Yeah, If you screw up that name like, I don't know, to tell you, she's a Democrat. She ran as a Democrat in Virginia and she's now been a commentator on the Hill TV and whatever. He's a conservative. Obviously they're both saying, I mean, they're both repeating talking points of 2016. So you have people she achieve and says, like, I don't agree with, you know, your positions and Jedi cigar, cigar and ready. But I think we should still have a moratorium. Let's hear, Let's hear it. They have to say, Yeah, I think that would be news to a lot of people who are struggling to file for unemployment. But the Tim Cook thing is particularly enraging. And this highlights something that I say here a lot on the show, which is that so many people who work for the Trump administration do not agree with the central premise on why it was selected in the first place. That is typical Jeb Bush thinking that is exactly type of thinking that got the GOP toe where it was and then lose easily winnable election against somebody like Barack Obama. And you can see. I mean, that's corporatism, right? What with him Cook, crafting your immigration policy so that Tim Cook is happy is corporatism. There is no other way to describe. It is disgusting that this elements to continue so much of the Trump administration like I did in Egypt and saying it again. It has been internal contradictions based upon exactly things like this, which is staffing and with personnel which is when you take Wall Street corporatist and put them in government, they're going to behave like Wall Street corporatist. They can continue to be Wall Street corporate whenever they leave Wall Street, Oval Office or the White House. This what happens to nobody? Look, no matter what you think, Tim Cook should not be crafting United States immigration or like policy here. Especially now, right? I mean, that's the thing it all comes down to who you are listening to and again, wherever you are in the immigration debate. This is such a window into the way that this administration and previous administrations, by the way, actually operate you in mind when they're making policy. When they're writing these executive orders, they were literally asking themselves, What do court? What are corporate CEO is going to say about this? Why? Because that's who funds their campaigns because that's who's going to give these staffers jobs after they leave the White House, because that is, who can pick up the phone and call them, and there will actually answer their calls and listen to them. This is their social set. This is who they cater to, and that is the bottom line. And I also think, Look on the immigration thing. Obviously, we have different views on that overall. But I think most people would say that it's appropriate during a pandemic when you have also massive millions and millions of Americans filing for unemployment every day that a different immigration approaches appropriate during such a time. Yeah. I mean, you even have, um, Democratic point of view on Hill TV saying, Yeah, I mean, she's in so many words saying the immigration moratorium is appropriate and you're never going to get anything that you want from elected officials because the donors come first and you come last. It's like, Whoa, bro, like the hook and get this girl off the stage. It's like, yeah, sounded like crystals patients was reaching its limits a little bit there in that clip. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, Crystal ball, Kristallnacht? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, she's She's Ah, I mean, but this is This is where this isn't. So you have Ah, Pejic. Buck Sexton acolyte these air like Jack Kemp. Republicans like backbencher talk radio, curry stained bowtie. Yeah, Yeah, Lar Ping Large thing is a republic. He's just there for the money um Anderson, next to Crystal Ball and then Crystal Ball coming out and saying, Yeah, like this is appropriate and I can see why this is happening because she's not. What's funny is she's actually telling She's criticizing the Trump administration in telling you the truth about it. She's not doing an MSNBC like ad hominem attack on Trump. She's saying, like, Look, donors come first, you come last and this is what happens in all administrations. Why is this surprising you? Oh, by the way, I think of moratoriums appropriate. I mean, and you're still you're still not going to get it Now there is hope, though, And this is this is sort of what I was talking about. So, Ryan Gorski, um who is, I believe, a Catholic, Um, not Jewish. It's an escape. Why? But he's not just, um he is even now this is the hope that I'm talking about with this ray of light that I'm seeing with some of these people is that they are actually starting to see that even Miller doesn't have their back, right. And, you know, it's like we've we've come to this conclusion for a while now that Kushner and Miller are their own miniature White House West Wing kosher dialectic, right? Like Kushner's, The bad guy that's whispering in trumps seal here and screws everything up in Stephen Miller's The Good Guy Who Has Your Back. He's our guy, huh? And he's coming. He's going to come and ride to the rescue and help is on the way. It's been It's been on the way for four years and, you know, But somehow you know his. His former employer, Jeff Sessions, is running for the Senate. And while Stephen Miller must be losing all those battles where Donald Trump just trash, is his former boss who actually did a thing or two on immigration, Funny how that works. But Wrangler ski, he says, compounding the problem with Stephen Miller's choice to pick Sylvia May Davis as his top deputy to work on the EOE tweeted since February 2019 that Davis is never trump, and then she has pushed around ideas like increasing legal legal immigration for years. This is Stephen Miller's choice for top deputy to work on the EOE right? So Davis did little or nothing to keep us much of the original executive order in place is possible to the extent that that's riel. Miller held an off the record meeting with several pro Trump media personalities, none of them immigration hardliners, on how he planned to evolve the executive order before his staff meeting leaked Sorry. Before his staff leaked the meeting to The Washington Post, Miller did what Miller always does. He took credit for everyone else's work and made promises he has no intention of carrying out. And Gorsky has this. I'm not on Twitter, but Gorsky has a lot of followers. He's in the Ann Coulter milieu. Ah, pretty hardcore anti immigration guy, and people are starting to sour on Miller now. I wish I wish James and we all wish we all hope and wonder if people will come to the conclusions that we have as quickly as we dio. But I'm not going to slam the door behind me on people because, lo and behold, they eventually get there and it takes time. Sometimes it takes some learning. It takes some experience. Um, not always some deep. Some people drug themselves into it, and they end up being right. That's fine, too. However you get here doesn't really matter we're on the same side, so yeah. I mean, I look at this is a positive thing, don't you? Definitely, Definitely. Yeah. And the people that are behind you, they're not the enemy, right? The enemy of the people like Miller and and ah, Kushner and an interesting thought that was just coming to me is we're looking at this is who are two of the only guys that have been with the Trump administration since the beginning. Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner. And while others have been fired for for ah, you know, tweets or emails or or embarrassing trumpet press conferences, the list of people that have been fired over its seemingly inconsequential things goes on and on. But the two guys that are run out there and are attacked Miller attacked by the liberal media. Kushner attacked by many. Well, Kushner is actually a punching bag for everybody. Kushner's like like he and Laura Loomer like everybody. Everybody attacks them. But seemingly it doesn't doesn't dampen their favor with those that really matter. That Kushner is is regarded for his corruption. Condemned for his nepotism, he's been the villain of of the sort of immigration hawk, right for years now, but nothing seems to happen to him. And these are the two guys that seem to be finding themselves crafting all of these different immigration policies. It's weird. It's weird. Jazz. You would think a guy that embarrasses Trump like this to the media on such a regular basis would have would have been run out of the admin by now, but doesn't seem to be the case. I would actually take it one step further that the three Jews who have been in the administration since the beginning and have not left lets you could call it four. But I won't count Ivanka because she's the president's daughter. I mean, I would love for her to be sent away, but it's unlikely that that would be the case. But the others who are in positions that you could fire now people might want to argue and say, Oh, you can't fire Kushner Jared. But he could. He could get rid of these people. Yeah, before the three main, the main, because Ivanka just comes in and in sort of, you know, is that her father's knees begging for things. But like the three subversive, um, you know very dangerous Jews that are in the administration are Jared Kushner, ah, Stephen Miller and Steve Mnuchin. And look at what they control. They control the money supply, United States Treasury. They control every like if you're secretary of the treasure, you control the whole fucking thing. And then the PT only other important thing to Jews. I mean, there's a lot of important aspects to this, but the main things that there cannot be failure. There cannot be fuck ups you cannot delegate this to. Anybody else is immigration and finance. And they have that on complete lock down. And when they controlled when when the GOP controlled Congress, they had apparatchiks in between two as liaisons on Capitol Hill. Like that alopecia guy who I think is now Pence's chief of staff, I can't remember his name. But that guy's short. Yeah, Mark short yet like the permanently bald dude. But anyway, National Review um, it's the thought that counts. Right? Who remember National Review is like the never trump cover, and Trump's a racist and Trump's this and that. They're doing this bit now where it's the thought that counts, right? It says they so they go on. And they say the idea that immigration should not result in a reduction in wages or job opportunities for Americans is something that a vast majority of Americans agree with. But almost no American leaders ever even mention by framing the issue around jobs, the president has done the country an important service. Those who are disappointed in the limited nature of this action need to acknowledge how important it is to have a president who takes the view that immigration should not harm American workers. It is certainly true that the actual proclamation is modest and limited in scope. However, as opposed to the president's initial tweet about it, it deals only with people being issued green cards, not guest workers and other related programs. Moreover, many of the green card categories remain in place under the new proclamation. Nonetheless, it is profoundly important as a nation to approach the immigration issue by considering its impact on American workers. This is even more important now, given the unemployment rate may soon reach depression levels. It's like the it's a it right. It's a just account. It's like having the body that tells you, Yeah, man, you know, I really ideologically believe that people, when they go out to get lunch together, they should pay equal shares and then leaves you paying the bill every single time, like I have this view about this thing, but I'm never going to act on that view. But believe me, I have the view. It's in there. It's in there just waiting to come out. I just need your help over the next 30 days to let me, ah, let me really actualize this view. Yeah, it's and it's part of this package this this basket of rhetoric that the GOP is starting to pick up on, which is, you know, that that they need to be pro worker, something that they have attempted to do. It's It's something that, uh, Marco Rubio did a trial run of Catholic University last year, and you've seen it pop up here and there, and it's this attempt to seem like you care deeply about workers and, um, you know, But we've seen the opposite bear out in policy time and time again. And National Review is is doing nothing more than merely mouthing the popular sentiments of the hour, and they'll go back to doing whatever the hell that they're going to do. Um, but you have. You have eso as all this is happening, right? And as people are disappointed, and as you have more people starting to turn, um, vie themselves in maybe our position, they're starting to realize that no help is on the way. This guy doesn't have your best interest in mind. Maybe he never did a lot of questions running through your mind. Is it? Is it Is he stooped like you said? Is he stupid? Isn't an op. Is he ever going to do anything for me? I haven't seen anything transactional, Ian, four years. All I hear is African American, African American, African American, of his great clip from David Santa Clark Carlin. I don't have a tete up. Oh, yeah, yeah, it's It's like 25 seconds of African American, and that's what people have been hearing forever. And so they had to, they realized, I think they realized in the aftermath of this one thing that I noticed is not just people realizing how bad this was and ultimately, how how cheap and water down it became and how quickly it became. Uh, they had to inject something into this, but they can't inject the rhetoric into this. What they've learned is you can't do this sort of appeals toe white nationalism, because that's what it issa kicking, kicking immigrants out, even if you don't adopt all the tenants of white nationalism. Kicking immigrants out in deporting build a wall and deport them all is a white, not nationalist, um, talking point right. It is like they make that claim, and it is if you kick these people out of the goal, is to have a way country. But they can't. The GOP can't go back to that rhetoric. They have to do it in a way that benefits something that they already have the ball that they already have in the air. And so here's Here's Tom Coughlin, um, talking about what he would do, um, on immigration in this time of crisis. It's a scandal may that we have trained so many of the Chinese Communist Party's brightest minds to go back to try enough to compete for our jobs, to take our business and ultimately to steal our property and design weapons and other devices that can be used against the American people. So I think we need a very hard look at the visas that we give the Chinese nationals to come to the United States to study, especially at the postgraduate level in advanced scientific and technological fields. If Chinese students want to come here and study, shake Shakespeare in the Federalist Papers, that's what they need to learn from America. They don't need to learn one of feeding artificial intelligence from America. Well, they're certainly making sure that anybody oh, do they need toe read the Emma Lazarus poem. Is that something that they need to learn from America to Tom? But But huge citation needed James on Chinese college students coming to America and learning how to make weapons that they use against Americans. That's Ah, that's Ah, that's a pretty big stretch there, wouldn't you say, Right? Yeah, I'm almost like that's being seated in your mind now so that when something happens in the future, yeah, this is it. It's just we're witnessing reality being constructed, fake reality being constructed in real time. And this he's effective to some people because it it sort of tickles this this ah nationalist impulse that people have that. You know, I would say 70% or so of white people in this country have this this idea 70% plus, Ah, this idea that this country should be for us. This is not a country for foreigners that we should be putting ourselves first ourselves and our people first. Now in 2016 this was diverted in a way that was very chaotic for those in power, because Trump was coming out and saying, Yeah, let's build a wall, deport the mall, Make America great Again, which was interpreted correctly, is make America white again. And and now they realize that it's still a powerful source of political energy and social energy, and they need a way to harness it, but harness it safely. So this is This is the yeah that the neutered like like, emissions controlled version of that nationalism being put out there for you again, which, which some people are unfortunately falling for because it because it's amongst mainstream quote unquote mainstream political options. It's the thing that resonates with you the best. But it's fake, and it's not being done in service of you. Like we believe the 2016 era nationalism was It's being done in service of, of inciting you against China with the goal of liberalizing their markets as we discussed in great length in our in our China deep dive. And here's the thing, too, is that it's I don't think that he says, removed 35 band 30,000 Chinese students from American universities so that those, I mean, the other part of the clip is so that they can since those so those positions of the two Americans first of all, unpacking this even further. There is gonna be no ban on the Chinese students not gonna happen. The rhetoric itself is intended. The only purpose of his rhetoric is to make you angry at China and get you national gets you get your nationalist Ah, um mock up a little bit, um, over over China doing things to your country and but they're never gonna ban those people. And even if they did, even if they did, which I think would be a good thing, just swimming go on record in case people ah, seem to think that I'm against that. I want to keep Chinese students hit America. Teoh said this on the neo guns? No, I think they should be banned. But Ben, any foreign student from coming into the United States, except someone who is from Europe, who is of European descent and that's it, Period. End of story. Very simple thing to do. But he's not gonna ban these people. And even if they did, let's say that they that they went ahead because they wanna do aggression toward China. They're gonna ban these Chinese students. Do you think that those 350,000 vacant seats at thes American universities is going to go toe white? People know they're just gonna direct it in some other way. So Tom Cotton's rhetoric is empty and vapid, and it's not going anywhere. It's actually highly destructive and corrosive, because how many people are going to hear this feel like, Yeah, this is great nationalist rhetoric and then also like China, These students, the students, they're not coming to the United States to learn how to make weapons of war to use against America. They're coming to the United States to make use of that university degree and then go back to China. And in many cases they do steal technology is not wrong about the I P theft. But the fact that this is why we care about this and that we should care more about the fact that we have lots of people in our schools taking up positions who shouldn't be there like, Why is this important now, Tom? Why this is again with the EOE and again with anybody who brings this up. National Review's rhetoric. Why do you have to wait until 85% of the country thinks that this is a good idea? And then you're still not getting on board with what a majority of people think. Now, if a majority if you if you want to claim that, you know it's a tiny minority of American sarandi, Semitic and the whole world is united with Jews. It's like they're gonna make that rhetoric play out. But no, they'll just say, Yeah, it's good enough that a President Mao this these words from time to time and whatever. Yeah, they're not. They're not interested in actually fighting on these issues, and ah, they should be. They should be passionate about it, and they're not and their constituents, just like Trump's constituents, that he's begging for money from are the very people that he is allowing their their lifeblood, their industries to be destroyed as well cover an hour to. But the people that e I mean, what you're seeing here with Tom Kat, Tom Cotton, Josh, Holly, Marco Rubio, these 40 50 something Republicans that they're cultivating that gets as well that there cultivating to be the errors to trumpism the heirs to two national conservatism. Uh, I mean, these people, their constituencies should be the late 18 2030. Some things that are competing for these university spots and what's going on with the universities and these these engineering programs, for example, and Chinese students is so destructive because these spots there are a finite amount of spots in these departments and they're being taken up by Chinese students. And the Chinese students are coming in, and they're able to pay 60 $70,000 out of state out of country tuition. No problem. So the universities are making quite a lot of money off of this. But the thing is, these universities, they don't need the money, right? So if you if this source of funds were to be cut off in some imaginary world where Tom Cotton is getting what he what he says he wants on Chinese student visas. They would have no problem. It would be no financial loss to them to flip the light switch in admissions from yellow to brown and just fill those engineering spots with blacks and Mexicans, etcetera. Because funds air no issue for them, right? So So while it would, you know, be not not looking as good on the balance sheet for them. These spots are not going to go toe white students now the politically popular thing, the good thing for the country. The right thing to do here would be to Teoh ensure that these students, these spots are going to the most deserving Americans, and we know who that will be. But as the as the courts have ruled, anti white discrimination is allowed in university admissions. So unless you're going to tackle that issue at the same time, Tom Cotton, what you're talking about here will be a net loss or at least a net neutral or a net loss. Two American students bitches nibbling around the edges, and it's just to promote Chinese aggression. I mean, I'm glad that we're addressing a lot of this stuff. I mean, you know, the EO is almost a week ago and people are like, Why are you still talking about this? Well, because it's important we're seeing the fallout. And I also wanted to point out, like I said that that some people are starting to see the light on this. They're starting to make mention of this fact, but also to do a little bit of we predicted this because what I called this E O waas a bailout for micro finance because you do have as a result of what's going on right now with the Corona virus. You do have not a lot of people coming into the country. And this has got to be a significant problem for micro finance industry, especially because according to the World Bank, Remittances have actually plummeted to record lows around the world. So in Remittances are obviously what the's banks are counting on in the form of payments. But another thing that happened that we're finding out in this eo as well is that this action not only does nothing to curtail immigration, what was in the O. E. O. Is that it actually appears to restart entries for select categories that were paused indefinitely by the State Department on March 20th. So when they shut down the visa adjudications on March 20th that was something done by state, and it was done in reaction to the Corona virus. The EO that Trump is claiming is gonna, you know, stop immigration. It's gonna put a moratorium on immigration. It actually starts all that stuff back up again. It also prioritizes the entry of E B five visas, which we've talked about many times in the past. The E B five. For those of you out in Rio, Ryan Lander is an employment based fifth preference category, or e B five Immigrant investor Visa Program, created in 1990 in the Immigration Act of 1990 which provides a method for eligible immigrant investors to become lawful. Permanent residents informally noticed green card holders by investing at least 500,000 or $900,000 after November 21st to finance a business in the United States that will employ at least 10 workers. Now the E O is It's not just that they were exempted, it's that it was carved out in the EO that this shall not be touched. Now we've talked about the E B five a couple times before, and it isn't just some guy shows up at the door and has half a 1,000,000 or almost a $1,000,000. And he's just Ah, he's just a shrewd foreign investor. James, looking for looking for a place to lay down his cash and help the good old American workers know what actually happens is you have 826 of what they call regional centres, which taken 10,000 applicants a year, a piece for a 5 to $10 billion a year industry. And these these regional centres oftentimes, as we pointed out in our research over and over again there run largely by Jews there, in essence, miniature investment banks funded by illegal in ill gotten cash. Usually it's illegal and ill gotten cash from fraudulent resource is for the purpose of profiting as a middleman while at the same time importing Third World criminals in their money and mass in a fast track manner with an expedited pathway to citizenship and chain migration. Because all it takes is one guy with money to get in the door and then that one guy. We don't understand how the chain migration works, it gets a shoe in, and then that guy brings in whoever he wants. And so guess who's making all the profit from this? And then, on top of that, most of these regional centres are just operations for commercial real estate construction. Guess who's involved in commercial real estate construction? It's like, Come on, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump and the people that are promoting the Eby fives. There was actually something that people didn't know. Something I didn't know is that in the stimulus, Lindsey Graham actually tried to force a B five visas into the Must Pass Senate Corona virus stimulus package. Um, he was apparently using this to expand the E B five program, which would mainly include wealthy Chinese tea, Winnie's and South Korean nationals. And the proposal, which could be included in one of the rescue bills, would significantly boost the number of visas offered annually from 10,000 to 75,000 so increasing it by 700% yes 150% while having the investment required to earn legal residents from 900,000 to 450,000. So wow, just amazing it that got defeated. By the way on, I think they're on integration for now. I'm sure that Lindsey Graham tries to jam this fucker in every time, but yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely thrusting this piece of legislation in, in and over and over into the any. Any bill that comes to the floor and I just do the math on that, though, like even at $900,000 a year, if you're assuming this is what these people are bringing in $90,000 a year for 10 jobs, right? E. I mean, this is not the The math doesn't make sense. And these jobs that are being created, there's no requirement of these be American hires. There's very little requirement. These jobs even be documented, that these be proven creations. No, right, So essentially what you're doing Essentially what this amounts to is $10 billion plus in money laundering, international money laundering with with the usual suspects, as crystal ball would say, What the the Wall Street profiteers who knows in Wall Street corporatists Oh, yeah, yeah, the corporatists on Wall Street hooking their nose in time. Time again, layer by layer, the Tim Curtis, the Tim Cook's and the Jeb Bushes of the world. All the volume of the world sitting on top of the bile. Yeah, the people that you must hate just don't hate anybody else. Yeah, and it's kind of funny, too, because they asked Lindsey Graham about this. Well, let me before I do the Lindsey Graham impression. Um, e noticed the timing of this to this got defeated in the Senate stimulus package, and then the EOE came out. So the EO is far more sinister then Donald Trump just wanting to electrify the base before an election. No doubt that that was probably baked in with some of the motivation. But what it looks like even Mawr, especially as this unfolds with the E V five stuff, is that the EO was done because Graham, as Trump and Kushner's proxy in the Senate, didn't get what they wanted The administration. The idea that this is Lindsey Graham who wants this Lindsey Graham is a poofter he doesn't want. I mean, he's just gonna do whatever anybody tells them to do, and that's just gonna be that I'm sure he Maybe he genuinely wants us. But Trump in Kushner genuinely want this and everybody else. Everybody wants the e B five program expanded. They attempted to slip it into the stimulus package. I didn't look into how this got defeated, but that probably would be of interest to see who and how this this was defeated. But when Lindsey Graham got called out for this, Hey said, I haven't hugged Addy body on the planet, much less to Trump administration about putting E B five into the Corona virus bill. And Sean Hannity says, Let me be clear. So the Politico magazine report is an outright, outright falsehood, and you are indeed a great American. Lindsay E. S. That is absolute garbage. Sean Hannity. I like it when? When? When Lindsay is talking to Tucker because of my favorite Lindsey Graham is amiss to do Tugger. Yes, it is absolute garbage Tugger. I haven't talked to anybody. I would object to putting anything on these bills that are not related to solving the Kuroda virus a problem So he goes back to this thing where it's like, Yeah, I would object to putting the total total abject denial when we all know when we all know that this is what was done. So this is This is like the new evolution that you have to get to. It's like, you know today it's like, Yes, Stephen Miller's bad. He's probably a problem. Kushner's definitely bad. He's tricking trumpets like, No, you have to get to the point where these things that are intended to get you excited and got you all worked up with Let's go we're actually something to solve one of their problems. It wasn't to make it wasn't to fake you out. I mean, that was part of it, but it was really to get this done, which it did. It succeeded, and nobody's gonna challenge this aspect of it, right? These air elaborate schemes and they're working multiple angles at once, and you have to you have to be Carl Edwards. Thes are elaborate schemes where you can just look at something like Lindsey Graham saying this or or Tom and just just accept that they're lying to you, just accept you are being lied to and don't you know, get in the weeds about Well, if he says this, then this has to happen and this has to happen than this other thing will happen. No, they're just lying to you. Lindsey Graham is lying to you about about him being a great American and not proposing this this line item in the bill. And it's not not the coincidence that Lindsey Graham is, of course, facing his toughest reelection bid ever had and that he could lose. Hey, why you mad at Graham, right? Graham is just a gay clown, right? That's holy is he's somebody to laugh it. He's He's somebody who's funny. He's a front man for the Jewish operation that is working in the Yeah, I mean, he's just a front man, bought a man top man, but they want they want him to be the face off of this right? They want him to be the patsy who gets the blame for trying to do the underhanded thing with the five pieces when in reality it's again. He was doing an underhanded thing on behalf of somebody else who most people aren't going to recognize or get upset about right. Who was he hoping would stroke him a check for thousands upon thousands of millions of dollars after he did this right? Get mad at the Yeah, Stroke him in a nice, long check. Uh, the Bernie Marcus is of the world. The Larry thinks of the world, right? These are the people that are that are pulling his strings. It's not that. Not Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush and Tim Cook. Evil masterminds. Yeah, well, and then so there's another layer of this, too. And this is where this starts to get even more interesting, because this is new ground we haven't talked about yet with the Eby fives. But back in 2018 a judge ruled that aliens Congar Oh, the funds toe by e B five visas. So for years, the Department of Homeland Security has said that if an alien wants to buy a bunch of vb five visas for the alien, the alien spousal, their kids, the half a 1,000,000 that had to belong to the alien and the person had to prove it, and it had to be obtained legitimately, right? Borrowing the sum was a big fat no, no. Buying visas with your own money is controversial enough, but buying a bunch of them with someone else's money, actually out of the question right, But it's not a skilled immigration lawyer whose name has popped up again and again and whose nose has been protruding from every photograph that he is in. Ah, in such proceedings has persuaded a federal judge that cash obtained from alone is not an indebtedness. Listen to the Jewishness of this cash tail. Do this again. He has persuaded a federal judge that cash obtained from alone is not an indebtedness, and an alien can use borrowed cash to invest in an E B five project. Who is this guy you ask? Well, his name is Ira Kurzban, and he's the Jew immigration lawyer behind everything. Seriously, Google this guy and tell me that this is not a caricature of these people like this guy's face. This guy's FINA type is an anti Semitic Conard, like he is theano. He submitted Conard. Um, but in any case, this is a case that he filed. He filed hundreds of these cases, but this is only the most recent one E B five class action lawsuit, Zang versus U. S. C. I s Cash is cash the heart of the case, according to D. C. Federal Circuit Court Judge Emmet Sullivan was this U S C. I s denied plaintiffs petitions on the sole basis that because plaintiffs obtained the cash they invested in the new commercial Antrel I end every enterprise through alone that cash was not cash but indebtedness. So, uh, yeah, this is This is U S C I s is like, get not you're not going to do loans. But this was this is a trial balloon that they did. And, ah, Ira Kurzban picked up that trial balloon, and he has inflated it and inflated it and made it into a ruling. Now where? Yeah, now what? What happens? James thes 826 regional centres which are investment banks. They are essentially banks. They they don't have to wait for somebody to come to them. They don't actually have to go out. And you can look out online at all the advertising that these places due to like there at a hard core, advertised for people to come in and give the money and sign up for the for the for the five, and they make sure that it all gets taken care of with the immigration attorney and everything they cover it all like if that if we left that part of service, it's full service. It's not just like this Regional center is someplace that you go when you have the cash ready. Like they they make sure that you have everything you need to get your green card like they're a green card servicer industry, and now they will be able to loan the money to anyone who wants to come in and they won't care. Do you think these people will care if the money gets paid back? Do you think they'll care if an alien defaults? If they change my great 500 people, why would they care? They don't care about any of this. It's It's amazing how this has unfolded in an IRA. Kurzban has been at the center of this for a long time. Oh, yeah, now he definitely is. Ah is a linchpin here, and it is. It is remarkable to look at the different standards for for indebtedness, right? There are several jobs in the US that you can't get if you if your debts aren't right, right? If you owe too much money and it's it's ah suspect, right? If you want to become a police officer, for example, they investigate your finances. If you If you want to get a second mortgage and you're overextended Ah, you'll get denied if you have too many too many outstanding loans. But to become a U. S. Citizen and to to get that foot in the door to get your family's foot in the door for dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of of potential anchor babies and chain immigrants. Yeah, no big deal. We don't care where you got the money from, as long as you give it to ah to our friends in the investment banking industry over there. Come right on in. Had a green card. No problem. Help! Help us build our commercial real estate will charge you interest. And you're gonna come pollute this country full of filthy white goyim that we want to get rid of, right? That's the That's right. A whole game just claimed his fellow an Excel spreadsheet, claiming you're gonna hire 10 Mexican landscapers or something in your good Although higher 10 Mexican landscaper still do that to like. This is a This is This is like a pedal powered brain bashing machine except they're bashing. They're bashing your brain. Um and so the idea the concept of this whole thing, the key concept of VB five, is that the money invested must be quote unquote at risk. So the idea was that if an alien put up $500,000 in an enterprise, maybe that new investment would help expand the economy. Maybe that money would go to a new factory of mine blah, blah. I can't be alone. But now the vast majority of e body be funds go into a single purpose nominally for profit entities that simply lend aliens money to urban real estate developers. The alien nominally owns a share of a firm controlled by others that is virtually guaranteed, not toe have a profit other than the receipt of some interest, the firm does only one thing. It makes low interest mezzanine project construction loans. But DHS now regards this is an at risk investment. So meanwhile, projects would have moved ahead easily without the e B five money, but at a lower level of profit for the developers. So the E B five money in reality is often lead at one or 1.5%. when the going rate for this kind of transaction in the free market is often 10% e B five Investors, in fact, are operating in a totally non free market, and the program is beloved by city developers using it so you can see what's going on here, right? Like every aspect, every facet of this filthy number two diamond is set up in constructed in a way where you're getting screwed, they benefit. This is like a win win, win, win, win on every side. Trump wins. Jared wins investors. When immigrants, when white people lose right white people lose on every front of this Yeah, they sell you the idea that these people are coming here, like with a wheelbarrow full of $900,000 they're going to open like a taco truck or something. They're going toe like stakeout. It's of saving for the American dream, right? They've been, Yeah, the horror, uh, holding the cash in the walls of their tenement house and they fled under cover of darkness from their oppressive regime. No, these people are essentially opening up a mutual fund account that is extremely low risk, and as a result, they're entitled to infinite immigration for them, for their family, for whoever they want. The claim is a relative they're allowed to bring in and across the board. Yeah, the, uh the IRA occurs. Bonds and associates are profiting from it. Well, in the whole purpose of this, obviously is at this stage of the game when they've attained this much power in a particular country is in this much wealth and they've amassed this much. Control is you have the Ira Kurtzman's who have been working on this. He's been American civil rights and immigration where for a very long time, Um, from 87 through 88 he was the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He was also their general counsel. He has litigated over 50 federal cases concerning the rights of aliens. He's also litigated cases under the Alien Tort Claims Act, the Torture Victim Protection Act, including obtaining a $500 million judgment against Jean Claude Duvalier, the former direct dictator of Haiti. He recently prevailed against heart homeland security after a 23 battle to gain U. S citizenship for English born rapper Slick Rick. So this guy, this is what they do when they get to this phase of looting in societal control and power is they're now going to use the beating these people are gonna build. I mean, sure, they're going by themselves, like $5 million yachts and aircraft and everything else but above and beyond that, beyond the Jewish philanthropy and beyond the personal in Richmond and hookers and rape and everything else that they dio, they are going to subsidize. One of the biggest priorities is subsidizing anyone coming into this country that they want to. And it's like, Why? Why even why even talk about a wall at all? But this is This is what people have to see when you hear Trump talking about a wall, this is what you have to see. You have to put on the they live glasses in the sea, Ira Kurzban face smiling like behind, like the trump of facade. I mean, because that's what it is like. If you are serious about these things, why wouldn't you call Ira Kurzban out? I have never heard his name before in my life. This is the first time I've ever heard of this guy. He's got major E. B. five victory of Chang versus U. S. C. I s That was in 2018. Um, he has also if there was another case that he did, um, where he had been trying to narrow the definition of legitimate e beef. Sorry. You U S. C. I s was trying to narrow the definition off a legitimate E B five investment like us, USCs was doing the right thing. Kurzban gets in there and he gets the judge to accept a broader definition of a legitimate TV five investment and to benefit DB five investors and maybe five middle men. I mean, this is a major. This is what he did in February of 2018. Then in the fall of 2018 he won the case on loans, so it's like it never ends. Yeah, I know this is and this is the guy, right? He's been involved in all of these pivotal lawsuits specifically regarding to be five migration, and we talk a lot about H one B vibration, but but maybe 51 could argue is I mean, they're all dangerous, right? Whether it's illegals coming across the border ah, to do menial jobs or E b fives or h one B's. They're all dangerous in different ways. 85 is particularly dangerous, though, because they allow for this this really unprecedented level of looting to to go on and because of who they're profiting, right? So these these foreign visa seekers can come in and invest their $500,000 or so on. And they'll invest with these regional centres and and we know will be profiting up the chain there. But those that are not investing with regional centres they'll be investing. It will be buying American companies. They'll be they'll be buying Ah, you know, commercial or residential real estate and turning them into her into commercial ventures. So these people in the E B five market are some of the most destructive and and uh, engaged in some of the most looting of all Visa recipients. So now you see why now you see why? Because originally people thought that Trump's move in November of 2019 to increase the minimum investment of 500,000 to $900,000 they thought, Oh, he's he's raising the bar. He's raising standard and thereby making it more difficult for people to come in, right. But then you have Lindsey Graham demanding that it gets expanded. He, Lindsey Graham is demanding a temporary cut on this temporary cut on the ah, the entry fee from 900,000 actually a new low, 450,000. But now you see why Trump was doing this? Because if you have the guarantee that someone can make a loan, why would you want a small loan? You'd want a bigger loan, and to someone who wants to come in, what difference does it make? Whether the loan is 500,000 or 900,000 why not loan more money and get paid mawr interest? That's the real reason why the amount was increased. It wasn't to prevent people from coming in. It was actually to make more money from this system of graft and fraud and abuse for those people like Jared Kushner and for all the Jews that own these regional centres. And on top of that, then expand the number of people coming in because they were planning. That's why Lindsey Graham proposed the expansion of the cap from 10,000 to 75,000 because they knew they were preparing the whole system was preparing for a flood of people coming into this program. A flood of cash, a flood of nonwhites, a flood of hostile people who were going to come in and fund projects that ultimately weren't gonna benefit white people in any way at all. Nothing, nothing's come, right, Right. And at the time, in 2019 you know, capital was extremely easy to access and so increasing that cap from 500,000 to 900,000 this was effectively a bailout for this industry in the U. S. An industry that didn't need a bailout, these regional centres basically guaranteeing everybody up that chain more money, the effect of what Graham was proposing. Increasing the cap 7500% and reducing the reducing the minimum investment. This is in response to a tightening of credit markets. But the end result of that would be more people coming in. It would be more money coming and more money for these it for this industry. And it's a question of ah, of time in place and what they can get through any given time and at any given place. And Graham Graham's proposal serves those same ends, which is to increase the profitability of this industry and bring in as many people as possible. But it's ah, it's adapted for a different time when credit may not be as easy to access. No. And so the connection with Jared and we've you know, we've talked about this on our deep dive on the Kushner Inc books and everything, but it's it's worth revisiting again because I think we're talking about Jared as a whole, and we weren't really talking about this specifically. But this is how this works, and this is how this is all interconnected. It isn't just like throwing Jared Kushner into the mix on this. It's like, No, he's front and center in the whole thing and in fact, his younger sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer. She is a Kushner Companies principle, basically the person who has been tasked with running the company. Ah, with to give the appearance that Jared is totally like focused on government government work and has nothing to do with Kushner companies. And Chuck is a felon, so we can't. Yeah, Chuck is a felon, so okay, it Chuck. That's right, Chuck Kushner. So many juts like all these jugs. But so the Kushner companies capitalized in a major way on all the tax breaks. We all we all know this thes tax breaks that took place. And, um, Jared had pushed these through the administration while this was going on. You had Nicole Kushner Meyer was in a Beijing ballroom full of wealthy Chinese investors, and the brochure at the event said, Invest $500,000 immigrate to the United States, The event aimed at encouraging Chinese investors to apply for a B five visas. We are explain what that is, um and so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah of the month of Mayors meeting Myers meeting in Beijing, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services identified and confirmed 19 national security concerns with E B five program. It's all it's all you found. Against the backdrop of Kushner scientist, Chinese investors were encouraged to provide funding for Kushner one as a means of acquiring a B five visas. Kushner One is a New Jersey luxury apartment project, also known as one Journal Square. Earlier in January, 2017 representative for the U. S immigration Fund had asked a New Jersey official to issue a letter certifying one journal Square as within an area with low employment. Doing so would transform it into a targeted employment area, otherwise known as T t e a. For E B five investors and qualify it for a lower investment threshold. You just never know. And yes, So e mails that were obtained from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development show that after quote, an official responded that the project did not qualify due to its location with a census tract with an unemployment rate below the national average. A consultant for another company asked that the state combines six census tracts together. Official documents show that the state approved the project not long after, So they got their way. Give slo mo whatever the fuck he wants, anyway that he wants, right? Yeah, that's you know, you're actually in an area that has high employment. Well, just ah, it's like Jerry Mandir ing the district to make it look like it's ah, like it's something that it's not. Yeah, that's pretty remarkable. Well, they're gonna crash this country so hard anyway, that the whole country is now going to become a targeted employment area. And so all the ZB five investors will be able to throw down roots wherever they want to go. And so, yeah, it's it's funny. And so, of course, no overt reference to President Trump was made in any of the materials at the Beijing event. Ah, but they did play on the Kushner family's quote celebrity status, and Meyer was clearly called out in literature Is Jared Sister May Mire reportedly told the crowd that her brother Jared joined the family company a CEO, and recently moved to Washington to join the administration, making a point that he's a power player and that you should care about this deeply. He's gonna be the one. I mean, you don't have to, like, tell these Chinese people are not stupid, like they can look at this and just be like, Oh, yeah, okay, we give money here and like this all gets worked out because, as we pointed out in our deep dive about Mao's inner circle and so the Chinese air fascinated with Jews, they're not scared of their fascinated by them. They love them. They want to make money like them. They want to be just like them, and I know that's you know, I'm not trying to say that in a in a sweeping sort of way. I don't even know why. I have to caveat that. It's like it's born out by things that we weave pointed out before. But But, yeah, it's it's kind of funny. So journalists claim that the event organizers were no Eavis about media presence and at one point grabbed a reporter's phone and backpack to try to force that person to leave, then later physically surrounded attendees to prevent them from giving interviews. Wow, I wonder what Mike Pompeo would have to say about this? I mean, big, bloviating Mike is all up in arms about the Chinese being harsh to journalists and kicking out American journalists. I wonder what kind of response this would get. And yet it's important to remember to that $500,000 when you look at at the rapid expansion in Chinese GDP in Chinese average wealth in China, especially among these these executives, $500,000 is nothing for these people, right? This is this is the equivalent of yeah, like going to chipotle and getting lunch. For many of these people, it's nothing. Yeah, It's amazing. Yes. Oh, everybody has participated in this. And so the driving force behind E B five, of course, is, um this is this Nicholas Mastroianni? Um some ah mamma mia type of guy. I think CEO of the U. S. Immigration fund, um, became the subject of a civil fraud case against him by two Chinese investors. This is somebody who is very closely tied in with Jared Kushner. The business master Yanni had promoted to investors was a Kushner Companies developed development known as Trump based Street in New Jersey. Then, amid the Corona virus pandemic, a push within the GOP for Maury be fives bubbled up to the surface. The address bubbled up to the service with Lindsey Graham, according to Politico. And despite the problematic history of the program, the Republican Party pushed to increase. Yeah, we talked about this already. Blah, blah, blah. Lindsey Graham, Lindsey Graham. While it is unclear whether Kushner in fact leveraged his position within the administration to Oh, yeah, it's totally unclear. Brow like we have no ideas. Who knows? Who really knows? We'll have. We may never know. We may never know. Yeah, um, three Senate staffers and one administration, um, source. Ah, are saying that Jared Kushner is the driving force behind the push for e B five. I mean yet like a this point like you'd have to explain to me who really is if it's not Kushner per politico, President Trump has been preaching immigration restriction is, um, from the populist pulpit. While Kushner has been holding a series of meetings with dozens of advocacy groups, including Business and Agriculture Organisation's about possibly expanding all Visa programs, not just TV five. Imagine my shock right? And that is what was born out in this, this totally based executive order, where all of these these Visa programs, many of which had been halted the switch was turned back on and they were started right back up to know that looks like, uh, looks like Jared got his way on this one. Yeah, so Ah, yes. So this guy, um, Nicholas Mastroianni, though he's the subject of the civil fraud case by these two Chinese investors, Ah and Michael Cohen, apparently the longtime fixer for Trump himself not asked to join the White House staff turned to big businesses that wanted trump connections and advice, according to This morning's New York Times, he paid a $500,000 fee by Squire Patton Boggs to find clients for it. One of the clients he recruited was the U. S immigration fund that Mastroianni sits on top of that goes out and finds money for all these Kushner projects. So Squire Patton Bugs, which is a major lobbying firm, cut ties with Cohen and Jared Kushner is not named in the current suit. Of course not, Right. Like Jared Kushner is like the the Kapo Day to t of the Jewish Mafia. Like they're not gonna name him. They're not gonna He's not gonna be named in anything. Um and so, yeah, I like this guy is going to get away with everything, all of it. And yeah, this It's so funny. They try toe string, trump up on trying to enrich himself in his hotels and everything else. You ever hear the media talk about 85 only and very scattered publications. It's never a CNN Chiron. It's never mainstream public news. It's very, you know, um, very limited in nature. And they don't They try to avoid it as much as possible because this blows the cover off of this in in a way that I think a lot of people would probably be pretty pissed off about. It's too much. It's too on the nose, as it were. Oh yeah, yeah. This is another example where people think people have seen the headline from Trump that we are doing merit based immigration. And so there are plenty of people who would be shocked to find that this program that essentially allows anyone with with access to a $900,000 loan to buy their way into the US and become Justus American, is you. The existence of this program would be shocking, let alone all of the corruption and profiteering and graft that's occurring in close proximity to it. And you're right, maybe five. These are These are, ah, Visa that they're not mentioned alongside the others. In most, reporting on immigration usually will get the H two b h two h one B, and that's the end of it. You have Teoh look toe to find that this even exists, and when you do, it's it's, you know, answer Larry to two reporting about how Trump want want, make himself rich. Trump like money trump evil white men who want money. It's never it's never addressing the systemic profiteering. And yeah, what's actually going on with that? That's why Trump is such a great front man for a lot of this stuff. This is why a Michael Bloomberg presidency would have been just a little bit too far, a little bit too on the nose. I'll say that again because it iss it allows him to be the target while the the real work going on behind the scenes. I'm just labs laughing while you're talking because the to Chinese investor, I know we're not, you know, I know I don't want to get I don't get accused of carrying water for neo cons, but these the names of these Chinese investors are pretty funny. Ting Ping and Lin Fu are the people that are gonna be suing but good for them Good for Ting Ping and Lin Fu. I'm sure they're going to be paid off and this is gonna quietly go away as's fast, it's possible. But yeah, it's it's funny, as as Jews get in bed deeper with the Chinese right like that, this is gonna things gonna Chinese air Ah, you know, maybe not. They're not gonna lay down so easy in many of these cases, and it's gonna be kind of funny. They don't like being ripped off, so right, they will. They have the mindset. And when you look at the these like investment books, they're reading in China the best sellers things like how to be like the Jews have to make the money. You like thes air bestseller books. Over there, they'll get to the U. S. Many of them fresh off the boat and and think you know what's going on here? Why am I not getting the same treatment as Ah, I did everything right. I did what? Kushner. I did what? What Mr Miller told me to do. Where's my benefits? And yeah, they might be getting a little bit a little bit more uppity than then. Their handlers are wanting them to be absolutely well, we're gonna go to break here more on the way. Ready for this? Right here in a thief. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation. Uh, and now back to fashion nation. Heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Welcome back opening with an update to a story we covered. Way have been covering since the beginning. And we to go there. We have to go thousands of thousands of miles away. The Guam, where news from the military this week is that the Navy has had decided to restore Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Of course, stories continuing to develop and ah, yeah, it's not quite that simple, is it? Jazz they, you know, layers and layers of military bureaucracy. One layer decides. Yeah, bring this guy back and board. Crozier did nothing wrong. And then ah, you know, the secretary of the Navy and Mark Esper. They get involved and not so fast. You have toe makes him, uh, it further review needs to happen before closures. Reinstated course. Crozier, is that? Yeah, it's a It's a political question. Right right there. Getting involved in this, this Brett Crozier. Ah, situation is something that we've covered before. We actually went very, very far in depth on the parallel with Theodore Roosevelt, who did something very similar. Um, where he sent to the summary of what we talked about is that he sent a letter directly to the media that he knew would get intercepted by the media because he was not getting action from command in Washington, D. C ah, to save the lives of four or 5000 of his men that were being subjected to a pandemic at that time. And, you know, obviously he was just He was just an officer. At that point. He was the lowest ranking officer, and he was picked of his officer group to do this because he had leased to lose. Um, the president at the time wanted to destroy his reputation for doing this, but he saved the lives of his men and went on to become president. And we went through the machinations of Brett Crozier, Captain Crozier and all the I mean, it was just comical. If you go back and listen to that particular episode that we did of, you know, they send the way they blew a Navy secretary on this. You get rid of one acting secretary, get a new one, they send that a fly, that guy 8000 miles to Guam, um, to give a speech after Crozier was unceremoniously removed from the shift and while he was removed from the ship. You had his sailors chanting Crozier, Krauze eras. He's walking down the gangplank and then they send this guy out there Ah, 8000 miles to give a speech to the to the remaining guys on the ship as Thekla manned is handed off to some ***. And that guy on a hot mic is calling Captain Cross your trader somebody who betrayed his country to this crew of 5000 on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. And then that guy had to apologize the next day and we cover this, it was like a 72 hour whirlwind of just ah cacophony of fuck ups, one after the other. An embarrassment like this is embarrassment. And we gave the story of Theodore Roosevelt himself not just because of the parallel speak, because that's the name of the ship that Crozier is. The captain was the captain of. And on top of that, you have this whole You have all this bungling going on, but they're going to destroy this guy's reputation, replace him with a *** and ah, kick him, kick him to the curb. All because he was like, Yeah, we have a problem here on the ship with the Corona virus infections. And now what? There's 840 sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt who have tested positive at this point out of 5000. Um, and how many died? Couple died, right? Well, I think one died so far, so yeah, a couple of deaths so far, the other 4200 have been moved into a temporary housing on Guam. And, yeah, when you have, ah, carriers named after named after American heroes like Theodore Roosevelt lends you too much better and more interesting historical parallels and more heroic historical parallels. Then you will be lent with ships named after people like Harvey Milk. Right. So, uh, Roh, did you did you just call Theodore Roosevelt an American hero? Are you gonna be prepared for the lights? Which brain, like one bad thing that Theodore Roosevelt did while he was president takes where that is going to sully the entire reputation? Yeah. Yeah. The fact he, at one time, like had lunch with a Jew is evidence that the world part of some kind of grand conspiracy. Yeah, absolutely. You bust you, the jig is up, right? But buckle up, guy. Better get ready for those. Oh, well, actually, yeah, yeah. Oh, my God. And so this this is this is a major embarrassment. I mean, and so the reaction so we talked about this to at the time as well is that Crozier did what he did. Just like the namesake of his ship. Theodore Roosevelt did what he did because they had already tried and failed multiple times through the proper chain of command to get somebody to do something about this. And so, if you if you don't like criticism of Trump in the Trump administration because you're still dialed in tow, one side of the kosher dialectic and that feels bad, that's fine. Let's isolate all of that away and just focus on this one event where this guy this this captain of this massive aircraft carrier. 5000 seamen who are getting sick at a precipitous rate. And he has tried the chain of command. But because the government, the federal government's position on this has been and continues to be to ignore the problem. Um, with line Trust the line. My God. Line must go up. Doesn't matter. What What sort of thing happens with the sailors and don't give me it jeopardizes operational security. You know what jeopardizes operational security? Ignoring a fucking problem? That's what jeopardizes operational secure. I had a whole bunch of reply guys saying like, Well, actually, the crauscher is temporizing Will. No, he tried everything that he could, just like Teddy Roosevelt did. Ah, 100 years before him. And it didn't work because the government wanted to ignore the problem and hope that it went away. And the guy cared more about a sailor's he killed, cared more about the enlisted guys on a ship, and he felt like this was the way that it had to be done. And also, isn't it funny that after he penned this letter that made it into the hands of the media, he didn't hand the letter to the media like Teddy Roosevelt did. He wrote an email within the Navy U S Navy system that got leaked to someone. He didn't leak it. Now they made the claim that he knew that it was going to get leaked. But what we're finding out now is that that's not even true. It was actually not sent to that many people remember, the excuse was from the government. Oh, the Pentagon. They're like, Yeah, he pc seed way too many people. So therefore, he knew it was going to get leaked, and I said, Well, even if that's true, he didn't do anything worse than what Teddy Roosevelt did. But now we're finding out that it wasn't even really that many people, and so he actually followed all of the protocols. He was just escalating it one level up, and it got leaked to the media. And the rest is history. And now, as we've seen with these, what 840 sailors who've gotten sick from this, it's like, Tell me what is jeopardizing operational security on board this aircraft court care. Go ahead. I'll wait. Right Business? Is this the solution? Because this isn't this isn't working out row. Well, Captain Crozier most vindicated naval captain, perhaps, and the idea that he was jeopardizing operational security or national security? The question then becomes what is the operation? What is the point? Right? What are we what are re securing against by having these these ships run up and down the coast of China? China exactly. Exactly was was American national security. Was your family endangered by crows? Were sending this email? Not at all, but what we what we're seeing emerge in this pattern of behavior, not only with the treatment of closure before the letter was Sager, before the letter became public. Not only the treatment of closure, and it's hemming and hawing and back and forth between Esper and Model Lee and this new guy, this new naval secretary they have who replaced Model E, and this will hold up. Just wait a minute. We have toe. We have to do a deeper investigation. What? The theme we're seeing here and this doesn't only apply to Crozier doesn't only apply to the administration's handling of the military. This is a theme that has been, it been, an undercurrent since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic, since the the first calls for lockdowns for quarantines for social distancing, which the Trump administration flat out denied, rejected, gave misinformation about at the start and has had to be pulled, kicking and screaming to do anything meaningful or substantive that could threaten threaten the status of big line. The general theme here has been indecision and the administration's inability to stake out a position and to hold to that position and to to make a commitment in the proper direction, an inability to do what is right, and that only nobody likes. Rhetorical whiplash. Nobody likes hearing one narrative one day and then a different narrative the next day. And then, you know, it just goes back and forth and back and forth and indecision and indecisiveness. It's like you're worried about the quote unquote enemy finding out that there's an aircraft carrier full of, ah sick six sailors. Um, and that's that is somehow, ah, violation of operational security, somehow jeopardizing operational security. But your chain of command that just is a fucking clown show. That's not jeopardizing up racial security, implying that we care that much about Lukasik, you said operational security. It's again what to keep to keep aggression on, trying to keep the war drum beating on China. But it's like watching this unfold. The only thing anybody could conclude from this is like the American military is not a well oiled machine. Trump is commander in chief, and then even the guys on down like the fourth or fifth what is it at this point acting Navy secretary. Think we're on the 5th 1 now? Yeah, we've had four cents richer since Richard Spencer. It's just one after the other after the other, and they're all arguing with each other. And then, you know, you would never see something like this in a military in a legitimate world. Well, let's put it this way. If you had a legitimate government and you had a legitimate case of insubordination by a Navy captain, you probably still wouldn't even see someone flown 8000 miles to go trash talk that guy to 5000 sailors. That's not how they would handle this, But this just looks cheap and superficial. And actually, it looks like they're a little bit but her, doesn't it? I mean, this just reeks of being but heard at the very least, at the very least, a legitimate, well oiled. This system would have the have the wherewithal to shut the mic off because I can't. That speech was was not supposed to be broadcast. Ah, that section of it was a hot mic moment. And this indecisiveness and indecision it's not only applying to the military, and as we're going to lay out and make the case here. This indecisiveness is is going to lead to has the potential to lead to mass implosion. Ah, very critical American infrastructure, very critical American industry and the destruction of the way of life and livelihood for millions, literally millions of hard working Americans of these air, good paying American jobs that that are right now just sort of teetering in the balance. And with this culture of indecision guiding the administration response, things could look pretty bleak for a couple different industries, which is what we're going to lay out for you here in the second hour. I would even argue that it at this point. And I'm not saying this to, like, go to the lowest common denominator of of of takes. But, um, I would even say at this point that it's probably not even in decision, right, because if we use the same template that we used to analyse the executive order, you could interpret that as in decision or indecisiveness or just befuddlement of the administration. But as we have borne out in our analysis of the E B five program and everybody involved in this, it's actually very purposeful It's actually very meticulous in the way that it was done, and it gives the appearance of chaos and so that conservatives are like Trump needs help and the left. The funny thing. I forgot to mention this in the first half. I actually went out looking for the usual parade of articles condemning the executive order. Remember, we used to get those in 2016. You'd get tons of a whole slew of articles, pages of news on Google, of how racist and evil this order is and how it's beyond the pale. And you get it from construction conservatives, too. I found one article from USA Today opposing the EOE, and it was the typical, like usual. This is racist and it has to be stopped. How can we put up with this? But there's no opposition to it at all, and it and it shows you a lot about what they actually plan here. And I think it is. We'll find out with with oil and possibly even the meat. The meat industry is that this is not by accident. This is not This is done. This is being done on purpose. I think it's actually very purposeful in the way that they're doing it. There's no other. There's no other. I was I was actually like the explanation that it was. Now I'm not saying it's one of the other, but it's probably purposeful. But I would I would be okay with the explanation that it was, Ah, confusion or befuddlement because then at least that would be like, All right, get this out of the way. Get somebody in there that can do, can can actually manage this correctly. But I think the purpose of managing this in this way is to crush it, because the energy independence in the United States remember we were sold energy independence. If we, ah, you know, get our own oil out of the ground. If we take our own, you know, do shale. And like everything else, it would trans actually give us something. It would give us some benefit, some tangible benefit in the Middle East, some bit of leverage to do deal with the problems in the Middle East in a very simplistic way, and that hasn't nothing has really changed. Nothing has worked out and it came at a cost to which was going to be in enriching American workers, enriching American industry and in reality, like it hasn't turned out that way. It hasn't worked out in the way that they want. And so they I think my theory is that they're divesting, um from America is a net energy exporter. Ah, because it's too good for American workers. It's too good for American people and it doesn't benefit them in any meaningful way in the Middle East. Yeah, that's absolutely right. And people start asking questions when, when they have accepted the trade off of All right, we will have more more wells digging in the US We will accept the fracking. We will know Israel, Anwar, what have you are or do more offshore drilling, which has its concerns, has some some legitimate environment environmental concerns again, if not a light switch type of situation. But then they see Wait, we still need to be involved in Afghanistan. We still need to be involved in Iraq, like, what's the point of this right and the other considerations you? Because because it was never totally about the oil. I mean, the idea that it was that it's like no, but they thought that they were going to get leverage over the, um, with the Saudis as a proxy. They thought that they were going to get a lot of benefits out of this, and they it hasn't born out. It hasn't born fruit. The juice was not worth the squeeze. And especially when you're employing, I don't know, 304 100,000 American workers in good, good paying jobs. Remember? Remember they the people that I forget these stories But like Walmart and different retail operations up in the Bach in in the Dakotas how they were paying people to work at those stores just egregious amounts of money because nobody wanted to work at those stores. They all wanted to be in the oil field, right? Right. Like so that's all come to an end now, I think. Yeah, and and there are some analysts now projecting that this could be And maybe this is This is a hyperbolic way to phrase this, but ah, the core The fundamentals here are are very troubling. Some analysts are now looking at this as possibly being the death of American oil. And, ah, you know, that's that's something that that five years ago during the explosion in the shale industry would have been would have been unfortunate. You could not have predicted this. But what we're seeing now are these massive disruptions and this inability, inability or unwillingness, or what have you at the federal level, to take the actions necessary to protect American industry here to protect American workers that, ah yeah could very well lead to two massive disruptions and massive job loss in the oil industry. And, ah, as we know, prices have collapsed. Storage is nearly full. The strategic petroleum reserves that Trump had talked about opening enough to buying more oil three weeks ago. Those are full and the only option producers air being left with now many producers is to just turn the wells off to stop extracting oil, which means nothing to sell to the refineries, which means no income. And an underappreciated fact about the oil industry is that many of these producers, many of these companies being small companies, being up against the Halliburtons and the, um, you know, the industry giants have a lot of debt, and so, just like any other small business, when you have no income and you have debts that air knocking your door bankruptcy is is becoming an inevitable option for many of them and U S oil consumption now at its lowest level since 1971. And that's at a time when production was only 78% of what it was in 2019. So, yeah, I mean, there's there's, like oil that needs to be dug out of the ground, but but nowhere for it to be sold to, Right. And and, uh and I would actually quibble, maybe with the notion that their their claim that the that the oil industry is going to die. Um, I think the oil industry we're certainly going to see a lot of oil companies go out of business and never come back. That's true, for sure, And until the demand returns you, you will likely not see much activity going on. But I I agree more with the statement that it's more likely going to be a significant disruption, right? The only question is, how long will that go on? And, of course, whether or not it is able to be resuscitated is entirely dependent on the price of the oil itself. And so I think because I saw the zero hedge and the panic and all this stuff. It's we actually have until June until we have totally run out of places to stash the oil. That's the reality. But, you know, with oil contracts and things bit out into the future, this is going to become problematic and addressing it. Now we're almost what we're like one month away from June, hard to believe, a little over thin 30 days. But it's it's gonna be It's gonna be difficult for a long time and then to resuscitate it. Why would they want to resuscitate a nick on a me that they're very happy with it, going straight to bed, right? So, yeah, that's the thing is is that this is a very expensive venture, and and the cost to extract oil in the U. S. In terms of wages is higher than it is, um, nearly anywhere else in the world, right? In terms of major oil producers, because Americans America, this is a theme we see in any industry, whether it's manufacturing or farming. Americans demand a decent wage. They demand a living wage and which is absolutely their right and what you should be doing. But this makes it very expensive for some that that own these oil companies to keep production in the U. S. And I agree. There's this editorial on oil price dot com that is titled The Death of American Oil. Absolutely hyperbolic, right? We're not going to see every well, dry up tomorrow as a result of this this ah, this shutdown. But I think the more accurate a phrase that would be the death of American oil as we know it. The death of American oil as a field that people can look to, especially people. White people in rural places can look to getting a job on a rig or getting a job in that industry in a supporting industry, as as a way to escape poverty as a way to to escape. You know, this this sort of transient, ah, existence where there's nothing else for you, right? The oil fields in the Dakotas that was a lifeline for thousands and thousands of people to leave. Maybe these people lived in areas where they used to be. Factories where they used to be farms or their family farm is one of the thousands that have been lost in the last ah, last few decades, and this was, ah in opportunity, a ticket to economic opportunity for them. That's going to be changing as a result of this. And the problem is only being exacerbated by the disastrous administration response actually seeing the level of debt. And this is something that I think we had in the prep at one point and never actually got to flesh out in great detail. But the amount of debt in this industry is is similar to what you would see in a lot of other industries and there around the country, whether it's commercial, real estate or housing or just generally speaking, corporate debt is enormous. But what you see with the debts, income and a lot of the the amount of money, the over leverage ah, the amount of over leveraging that has gone on with the oil industry. It shows you that their purpose was not to build something that was intended to last. This was clearly an experiment. As I pointed out in the beginning, this was something where this was a strategy that they were trying and it was entirely about foreign policy was entirely about doing the bidding and of the interest of people who are not you who are not me, not James. They're not any of us. They're not benefiting the workers. This is all about, um, Israeli military adventurism. And it didn't work out, and it was gonna crash at some point. And it wasn't like I said, it wasn't benefiting them as well. But the amount of debt that was leveraged on this also shows you that they weren't interested in building anything long term. This was merely a an experiment. And what I I would go back, what, 10 years ago? 15 years ago. And we'd be back. Maybe even not that far. Maybe not even that far. Maybe even into the Obama administration when we were still, uh, just dreaming. People were drew. The GOP was dreaming about being a net oil exporter and where we were sold a bill of goods about what that would get us, and it got a lot of jobs, but not much else. And look how quickly that all gets wiped away. And as we're about to find out, no real interest in trying to save it or the workers making them whole any sort of thing whatsoever, right? That's that's exactly right. There. They're leaving this industry, leaving these workers totally high and dry. And the dream of energy independence, as this, this oil analyst points out, was actually going to be very difficult to attain. And you could argue impossible with regard to oil because there are very few grades of U. S oil produced by fracking, which tends to be a thinner product that can produce diesel fuel without blending them with imported oil. So we would we would always have a need for some OPEC or OPEC plus oil, which tends to be a a richer mixture, right? And so So this was going to be a problem no matter what we did here and and what we're looking at ahead of, Ah, you're looking out into the future as demand for gasoline stays low and actually continues to fall in many places, you're looking at the inability of these refineries to produce diesel. Ah, and this is going to lead to A to an increase in the price of diesel, which is then going to increase the price of shipping goods. And, you know, we know how that plays out downstream, right? Especially. And it's especially relevant as we talk about the AG industry and ah, and the demand for shipping, you know, animals being impacted. So, yeah, this is this is not good in this again. There's so many things, whether it's shipping from China, whether it's oil and gas industry, where the effects seem bad at the moment and effects are bad right now on wages and jobs. But to really see the full picture of how how bad things can be and the downstream effects, you have to look several months or years into the future. And, you know, one of the possible outcomes of this is these don't want Mom and Pop, but small businesses that have had a hand in extracting oil and shipping businesses. These can all be erased very quickly, and there's nothing that this government is interested in doing to help them, right? So this is another thing like you mentioned. Whether this is this is an intentional bit of, ah, of of incompetence or whether it's whether it's accidental. Either way, a certain group is gonna win out pretty after Lee here, right? The big businesses and executives that can come in and purchase up the small companies they stand is just that. It's not just that I actually have even more reason why. I think this is intentional because they have not been able to successfully prosecute a war against Iran or a dust up of any sort, right, like it's not popular with anybody because they realize that energy independence led to people being more comfortable, right? A stable gas price. People weren't that focused on what's going on in the Middle East and became disconnected from it. And so these attempts to start wars over there were actually met with someone of the Malays. People weren't interested. And what actually causes instability over there, aside from gay ops, is another gay up that they can do is not keep the price per barrel where it needs to be right. So $80 per barrel is what the Saudis really need to be taking in Russia is what, $50 a barrel or something. I forget what Putin has said in the past, but there's, you know, there's a baseline dollar per barrel amount that they have to take in, or they, unlike the United States where money printer Gober They have to balance their budgets like that. They have to keep the balance. The budget budgets balance in some way. And so if you start toe, have prolonged periods of nobody's purchasing fuel. And you have this battle between the United States and the Saudis and the Russians where they nobody wants. It's like a Mexican standoff over oil where nobody wants to decrease their production. What ends up happening in the long run is you lead to instability in the Middle East because people aren't what is their other source of income, Right? You looking to buy? Look at these different Now Divide is trying to stand up its own financial industry like whatever, um, you know, Jews are behind that Aziz Well, but when you have the instability going on in the Middle East, and things start to get a little bit dicey over there, you have a health crisis in Egypt, um, Jordan and Bahrain, which the Saudis would usually kick cash due to sort of deal with, but they don't have the money to kick cash in this place. And so what happens, James, when you have instability in the Middle East things. And you have a lot of people dying in Iran as a result of Corona virus. And actually, what you have is evidence that, you know, what Neo cons are saying is that despite Corona virus, you're not seeing a reduction in operations in Iraq, Syria or Yemen. And so what is instability Dio? Well, if you can't start a war with gay ups and minds on the sides of ships and missile strikes and everything else if that doesn't provoke it, well, just do massive economic sanctions in the form of artificial suppression of the price of oil. And you start having these people go a little bit ape shit, and then all of a sudden, the United States has to get involved and start fucking around. And it's a win win for them because they can crush American business, too. And it's like a look and how we have to deal with all these problems in Middle East. We can't possibly deal with these oil workers like who gives a shit about them. So yeah, I'm I'm you know, it's we can say that this may be happen by accident, but the circumstances that are benefiting the right people. He asked the chewy Bono. You look what the outcome is. I'm leaning more and more is everything that happens from this moment on, is is all very much intentional. Exactly. And what we're looking at two is on the other side of this. When you do have these American companies that have been driven out of business or or are have been idled for so long that it takes them a long time to increase, get back up to production what you then have, sort of, ironically, because oil is a finite good is you have the potential for a supply crunch, not enough oil, and then prices skyrocket. And if you remember Jazz back in 2016 what was? What did Trump talk about? As far as Middle East, the Middle Eastern oil? What was this big critique of of Bush and Iraq? It said, We don't Moore's that, but we didn't take the oil. We should have taken the oil. This idea of Americans standing Tibet like being able to fill up your your big old truck, Uh, being contingent on US involvement in the Middle East. This has been sold to Americans for at least 30 years, right? This idea that we can we can lower our oil price if we go over there and take the oil. Which, funny enough, never seems to happen. Um, it's so yeah, this is It's a scenario where it's ah, it's a kosher sliding price scale where oil oil is low. They could benefit oils high. They can, they can stand to benefit. And but, of course, Americans aren't benefiting. Well, Americans are hurt by high oil. But Americans are hurt by low oil prices to and you have a lot of American workers being hurt by this right now. So, yeah, you look in the future. How many people, how many workers will be hurt by this? I mean, the energy sector is 6.4 million Americans directly employed of those oil, natural gas and coal account for 1.1 million direct jobs. And that's not even counting the communities. That's not even counting. Yeah, the jobs that are created at the at the Wal Mart at the gas station, in the supporting industries, engineering transport, the list goes on and on. All of the people who are dependent on this energy sector for their way of life. This is not the CEO's is not the wealthy executives. I mean, yeah, they're benefiting too. But these are a lot of middle class and working class jobs that stand to just be essentially shredded by this price collapse. And the answer. Yes. I mean, the answer is pretty clear, right? Is some form of nationalization needs to take place here because you're right. There is a Mexican standoff that exists between the Saudis and the Russians and the U. S. But the Saudis and the Russians were playing a fundamentally different game than the US, and as we saw earlier this month, they've agreed to cut production. And they have largely kept to that agreement us because of, you know, the rip roar and free market principles not at the table for that. And the U. S. And the Trump administration hasn't even considered ah, becoming, you know, issuing a directive where companies have to cut production to a percentage of their total production and yeah, without cutting production, nothing can change right without cutting production. It's a prisoner's dilemma. I gotta tell you, nationalization of the oil industry that just ah makes me feel a little bit uneasy. Little bit queasy, James. It's feeling like this is a lot like socialism. And I've been told my entire life that socialism is bad, especially when it's in the national interest. And it would benefit people in the country. We can't socialize things we way be just like Norway. We don't want to do that. Do we know there would be horrible? Horrible. This is why Steven Mnuchin, you know the again the free market to your capitalist and Randy and Libertarian making the founding fathers proud comes in and say, Well, making Alexander Hamilton proud that I'm sure. Absolutely yeah. Uh, filling Alexander Hamilton's footsteps offering the oil companies a generous loan. It's only 24.99%. A p R. Mnuchin is saying that the one of the components were looking at is providing a lending facility for the industry. He told Bloomberg News. We're looking at a lot of different options, and I have not made any conclusions. But yeah, loans like again, that's not going to do anything. You need a production cut. Well, what I would say, though, and this is the insidious piece of this is that these lending facilities that they're standing up for these various industries are in effect nationalizing the U. S. Oil industry or whatever industry. The lending. Because if the Fed, if the money printer is going burr and they set up a lending facility to prop up an industry, it'll be just like remember under tarp. Ah, what percentage of GM did the government own? It's like, Well, it didn't really turn out to be all that insidious or all that bad. I mean, GM still here. We spent a lot of money, and in GM, I think I don't remember Ford paid the money back. I don't remember how much GM paid the money back, but this is a different time. This is a different This is These aren't, you know, these air jig nats. These aren't Obama era Jews. And so I get very no Eavis when I see lending facilities being discussed to stand up in prop up in industry, not because of conservative or libertarian prior's, but because I support nationalisation of industries, but not by Jews not by Steve Mnuchin not by Jared Kushner not by Donald Trump on dso the idea that, yes, this is a good thing. This is This will be fantastic. I think it's a great move. It's just like the idea of having a national bank, but not one that is Steve Mnuchin National Bank or Alexander Hamilton's National Bank. I want one that is for us and this isn't for us. This won't benefit us and the nationalization of the oil industry. This isn't gonna bring the jobs back. This just puts it in a holding pattern where they can say rhetorically that we saved it. We stood up and we saved the industry from utter collapse. But the jobs will never come back to the extent that they did. No, no, they won't and the jobs will be eviscerated and these companies will be rewarded for again. You look at the provisions of the bailouts that have been issued so far of these p p p loans of the direct bailouts of the ideal grants, etcetera. These are not going to be pro worker provision. These are not going to be pro worker bailouts or or equity stakes being taken in these companies. And the other thing, as we've seen these massive companies take take advantage of these programs that were designed for small businesses. Similar phenomenon will take place here as well. Where these smaller companies, these companies that, you know, maybe don't have his high profit margins. But they take better care of their workers, right? They're not, You know, not the Baker Hughes's and Halliburtons of the world. These are companies that Ah Oh, no, We're sorry, Steven, and miniature is really sorry. But your application was lost in the mail and Halliburton got all your money, right? So the picking winners and losers thing here, this will absolutely take place to reward the larger companies that drive down wages in the industry. Now, Trump had Trump sort of stumbled his way into tweeted his way into a solution. Or he told Steve Mnuchin that we need to buy oil at a great price into the future. And he told Steven that something he would like him to think about now. The problem. I mean, like, surface level. Okay, this sounds good, right? We're gonna buy futures contracts and and give the company's this money now and then and then like they'll deliver the oil in three months. So again, the problem you run into is with the various types and grades of oil, various sizes of businesses. This will again go to reward those companies that pay their employees very little. The industry giants, small businesses screwed. And again, this is all contingent on recovery to write contingent on June reopened. Speaking of, ah, big companies benefiting from this, though it isn't just thes thes, thes little penny ante oil companies really aren't. As always, you have to look a little bit higher, and most people don't know toe look a little bit higher because they assume they see Procter and Gamble. They see General Electric. They see whoever and they think, those air strong and independent American businesses who bootstrapped themselves up in Paride millions of American jobs and economic development. And it's like no guy. Ah, BlackRock owns a controlling stake in almost all of the major oil company Cos Noble energy. Kanako Phillips Marathon Oil e o G. Resource is Cabot Oil and Gas Williams Cos Contra Resource is they own those air and I could go down the whole list, but do I really need to? They Oh, they own 10% of each of those companies they own the controlling stake in all of these companies. And so the lending facility that Mnuchin wants to stand up. This is just a bailout for Larry Fink. BlackRock. BlackRock. Yes, it's black, right? Yes, it's BlackRock cloning to Black rockets. Yeah. Um, yeah, yeah, Well, that's but that's how people have to look at this stuff when they hear, you know, they get news notification on smart, smart foam about oil industry and trump doing this on oil industry and bank. Doing that. Mnuchin doing this. You just have to look at the chewy Bono and see who's benefiting from this. And they are divesting from the American oil industry. And what they're really doing is they're making sure the American oil industry can become more fully automated, require fewer workers. Maybe they don't need to be energy independent. Maybe they want to be energy dependent so they have more leverage in the Middle East, and you know they don't care about the American workers. But Larry Fink BlackRock have to be made whole, and that's what all of this is about. Exactly. Yeah, and that's the other thing, is is with the energy dependence. There is then an argument that can be that can be made that well, you know, jazz in order to defend these American oil. And he's very American red blooded oil interests we have in the Middle East. We need to have troops on the ground in order to defend these places. And we need 37,000 troops on the ground in Saudi Arabia and everywhere else. And, you know, these wells are running dry. So the Syrian oil, This is something that you know we might need to take under our wing. So yeah, further further opening further doors prefer their operations in the Middle East and not you that they're concerned with. We want to talk about farms. The other industry. That's ah, that's teetering on the precipice here of being. I want hope I won't open fear her doors. I don't open further. So, um, just the future if you're her doors, the door that I want to see open as quickly as possible. But anyway, well ah, yeah. The meat industry. Yeah. Remember when I remember when I asked for fresh meat and I was worried that fresh meat was gonna disappear? And here we go. I don't think it's See, I actually don't think that it's gonna, um, disappear, but it's It's potentially are. I mean, aren't you glad that you have the What is it? A chest freezer? I just have a garage fridge full of full of full of products, but ah, yeah, I mean, potentially. You could you could run out of you, Could run out of some things in the stores. I know that they're trying to I haven't been in the store in a while, but I know they're trying to I don't know, ration this stuff a little bit where you can't get more than two packages of your package of chicken breasts or a package of ground beef. So they're trying to keep this a little bit limited. But all that does this make you go to the storm or often, Which is kind of counterproductive, So yeah, yeah, No, the ah, bodybuilding lift. Bro's hardest hit by the chicken breast rationing. Yeah, I feel I feel your pain, guys, but yeah, if it doesn't become unavailable just more expensive, and that's already what we're seeing. Of course, this is all predicated on this. This meatpacking worker strike these plant shutdowns that are going on. You have the John Taison, the chairman of Tyson Foods, coming out and running this full page ad in The New York Times, saying The food supply chain is breaking and we have millions of this is. I mean, this is staggering to read what's going on on farms right now. Millions, millions of animals. Mass graves being dug for these farms. Tyson CEO says millions of pounds of meat will disappear Is plants close in addition to meet shortages? It's a serious food waste issue. Yeah, hundreds of thousands, millions of animals, chickens, pigs, cattle will be depopulated. We're hearing the same from ah, from the CEO of Smithfield Foods, the number one pork producer. These other global meat companies and, yeah, man, this is This is pretty brutal. What's going on here? And, you know, people have made the observation that well, like we don't have, we don't have fewer people. Really. So what's going on? Why is this? You know what's why is this happening? Combination of factors, obviously right where you have the workers in the plants getting sick and having to social distance and not going into work, but also Many of these plants were not set up to serve consumer, to serve meat to consumers, nor where they set up to serve consumer grade meat. That's the thing, right? Like a lot of these plants are the places that that grind up the chicken non trails or and scraps or whatever the making the chicken nuggets, etcetera. So, uh, yeah, supply chain issues and this is going to get very, very bleak for, ah, for farmers and for people involved in this industry to is it not? Well, I think maybe it's just that these animals all got woke and they have to call the herd, right? They read the comfy book, the Uncle Comfy book, and started Teoh started. Teoh started to notice, too much noticing was going on and farm farmland around the world. No, it's Yeah, this is always been bad. And, um, I don't know what they're gonna do. And the problem is in. Alex and I have talked extensively about this twos that there are really I mean, they make it seem once again, right. We talk about all these different oil producers and all these different diverse companies in the industry. Right, But There are really only three major meat manufacturers in the United States, like conglomerations of meat production. And the quality of meat has been going down for quite some time. Of course, it Xas you flood the market. Why would you? Why would you invest a lot of money and time and attention into making quality meat products? If you're going to staff your plants of Mexicans who aren't gonna manage thumbs And they're not all Mexicans, their you know, their their white, white, working class, Um, guys in these plants as well. But why would you Why would you put out a good meat product? Everybody know. I mean, I'm sure people are nodding their heads. They noticed that the quality of meat has gone down in the last 10 years. When you go to the store like it's, it's harder and harder to find. Um, stuff that looks good in the case. It just doesn't. It's it's gotten precipitously worse as they start folding in, uh, you know, beyond whatever. And the funny thing is like, that rack is always full now at the store, like even in a pandemic. Nobody wants to buy this stuff. They can't even they can't even slash the prices. And I and I have a feeling a lot of this stuff is going to to totally toe waste, but But this has been a problem for a while. Ah, and and now they're They're basing some issues in Taison just for the record, when they're saying that the food supply chain is breaking, I don't think now maybe I'm lying. But I don't think they're doing this because, um, they're just sounding the alarm. They're not actually asking for a bailout here, are they? They're saying we have guys sick in our plants. We don't there they have no interest in. And by that where they don't have access to the PPE. Um, for these guys, a lot of the guys, they're not showing up to work at all. And they're just pointing out that Look. What what is 25 plants have closed down the United States in the last two months. So far, major major plants. Um, they're just pointing out that Look, all of this stuff is is in a couple of months. You're just not gonna you're not gonna have what you need, cause I think a lot of people see the see the New York Strip or rib eye that they buy in the store. And they think a cow died three days ago. Know that cow died, Blake 60 days, 90 days ago. And that goes through an entire process before it gets to you in the socially. Especially if you're finding yourself consuming some of this new Namibian beef which has come to us markets. That does sit on a boat for about 90 days. Yeah, a few things. Yeah, you're right about about the conglomeration of food processors of meat processors? Absolutely. What what I'm concerned with here. And I think what we're all concerned with is the impact on the American farmers, the farmers that supply these companies. Many of these people, family farms, small farms that have barely managed to scrape by. They have They have avoided bankruptcy, which is becoming increasingly common. We'll get to that here in a moment, especially in in your traditional Heartland. American farms states like Nebraska, Wisconsin, some of the hardest hit by farm bankruptcies and and the Yeah, and so, yes, you're right. Tyson was not asking for a bailout in that statement. What they were saying is that Look, if people are showing up to work, like, what can we do about this? And the Trump administration responded with this With this. Ah, executive orders DP a usage which again doesn't really solve the problem. It's it's, Ah, symbolic gesture. But it doesn't actually address the primary concerns and the factors that are keeping employees from going to work a sauce that today that about 66% of all meatpacking plant employees are black or brown. And so yeah, 30 30% white air well, and the other problem is, and I take them at their word. But this is also maybe not. Maybe not the employer prop. Maybe they couldn't solve this issue themselves is the lack of PPE like these guys air standing on refrigerated assembly lines, shoulder to shoulder, doing work typically and you know it's white working class guys or 60% brown like whatever that's The guys were standing there side by side doing this work, and it's shit work and they don't have equipment, right? And so now the Agriculture Department of Eggs says that Corona virus probably isn't going to be spread through meat or meat packaging. That's just what they say. I don't really know. I don't really know. We're not going to spec the current virus shit. It's just beaten to death. But but in the context of these guys standing next to one another where guys are getting sick, it does get spread from human human. And the federal stockpile of PPE has been sequestered by Jared Kushner and friends. And they're in bidding wars with states. And people can't get what they want. And we've seen stories of hospitals paying top dollar for black market PPE. Also, if hospitals are doing black market PPE, what do you think that means for, like daybreak foods or Land O Lakes or any of these companies? Um, whether they manufacture milk or meat or whatever. Um, and they can't get this equipment and maybe some of their workers. The unions are demanding, Ah, that they have pp, and maybe to some extent there's some fakeness and gayness in there. But if I just look at the facts and you can't get because the whole the whole mantra from the Trump administration in the GOP was pushing toe open back up, they are all saying yes. but we have to do so in a safe manner and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. So even the GOP is saying that. So that means that you gotta have these guys working around food and working around each other in close quarters. Probably gotta wear masks and gloves. And if they don't have that in, these guys were getting sick in these factories, and I don't really necessarily blame them for not maybe not wanting to show up to work. And if they have to shut the plant down, you know what we're gonna do, right? Right? Yeah. And so there needs to be a federal response here to in the interim to, um, to alleviate these concerns. And that's ah, you know, that's part of what was not done in this d p a, um this defense production act usage. But the part of the blame here rests definitely on Tyson shoulders on on the shoulders of these other processing companies because in recent years they've chosen instead of investing in new facilities, they've invested in ways to condense the production lines to have more employees t essentially double the amount of employees on the same line, putting people closer and closer together, not investing in automation, not investing in new facilities and just investing in mawr. Low wage labor pact closer together. So when you when you do that, you can't then turn around and be surprised You're having viral outbreaks in your factories and they're gonna scab these guys who don't want to show up to work anyway, right there is gonna bring it. They're gonna import more Brown's. That means guys, then people most likely to want to follow PPE protocol. It's like people most likely to want to have good hygienic standards. Those people are gonna be white. And so yeah, and this is also gonna be a push. Well, we can't do business. Look when a portion of our workers stay home, the workers, they want to make the workers the problem here, right? Oh, the workers don't want to show up because they don't have PP. They're just petty and bitching about this. Oh, that's right. I remember. Uh, Marc Stein, filling in for Rush on Monday, actually went out and made the argument that pp is uncomfortable anyway. And these workers would benefit from not even needing to wear it. So where it that level. We're at that level with Conservatism Inc making these, it's just, you know, PP it. It's just not even comfortable. You know what it's like. I've seen the argument he made. That PP is deadly, that ppb can actually spread contagion. Well, you don't if you just, you know, it's like changing your socks every day, change the mask or wash the mask or clean the mask. Yeah, it's it could be disgusting, but right. But But in general, the theory of personal protective equipment. Yeah, it works. It makes sense. There's a reason why it Ah, it is Warren in hospitals and medical settings. But let's talk about the impact this is having on the farmers themselves because the meatpacking plants are one thing. But the impact this is having on farmers again, this is going to be a black swan, a vet one could say. For For many of these family farmers, there was a piece and Reuters, which I was like, Oh, you're horrified reading what's happening to many of these farmers People like carrion Barham Ergen in Minnesota, who say they felt their hearts pound when it grew from daybreak. Foods arrived with carts and tanks of carbon dioxide to euthanize their 61,000 egg laying hens earlier this month. This is the company Daybreak Foods, right? They Their business is supplying liquid eggs to restaurants and food service companies. Obviously not a lot of business doing that Right now. Daybreak Foods has a total of 14.5 1,000,000 hens with contractor, run or company owned farms in the Midwest, and they're trying to to adapt and begin shipping eggs to grocery stores. But part of the problem they have is that the eggs you buy in a grocery store, they're graded right. They'll have will be a grade on the label Great double, a great a etcetera. And most of these eggs that are purchased for restaurant applications. They're not great. And they just get cracked and mixed and whisked into a big, big mixture sort of like the liquid mixture of Arby's roast beef, which which we've heard conflicting reports about that. It's consensus seems to be that it is a liquid mixture, but yes, so they're trying to adapt over. But, um, yeah, it's It's not just like flicking the light switch and doing so and So as a result, you're seeing the average retail price of eggs up 40% for the week ending April 18th across the country. And these egg, these ah, these chicken farmers chickens have a relatively short life span and laying, laying hens only lay at peak production for for a few weeks or a few months, depending on the breed and GMO mixture. But I am. And this is gonna be a massive loss for these farmers who are going to have to cool their herds. And and and they're not going to be compensated for these losses. Because the federal government has so far refused to extend bailouts. Teoh refuse to extend loans to companies to small farms to mere start the cost. Of course not. They have to extend loans to the A. T l. They have to fully extend those and extend them again and again and again. But your small business No, you're not getting nothing gotten. Yeah, if you're a guy like Iowa farmer Alvin Beak, who has nowhere to ship his full grown pigs to make room for the 7500 piglets he expected to ah, to be born. And he had to basically give give abortions to all of his allies for the pregnant south and these. I mean, you're talking about this happening on farm after farm across the country and thousands and thousands of animals. I saw an image today of of, ah, stack of a stack of pigs, like, you know, 100 yards long and 30 yards high. And that's just what they're having to do, because there is nowhere to send these animals out to market. And this is having not only a financial impact, which it obviously is, but the psychological impact. I mean, if you know people who are involved in agriculture who involved in farming and ranching and livestock. Specifically, they take a lot of pride in these animals, and they feel like even though these animals are being raised for food, they they're proud of these, and they they don't want to be doing this. They view raising these animals for consumption as part of their life site at life cycle and the consumption important part. And it's for a good purpose. It's to feed someone to provide sustenance in nurture new family, not not to just kill it for no reason. to raise it and then kill it for no reason. It it is, Um it is travesty in that way, and I can understand their point of view. Yeah, Yeah. These farmers air are, you know, obviously very upset about this. And so not only are they being screwed by the by the government, which is which is offering them zero assistance, they're being screwed by these. Ah, is, you know, supplier companies by everybody, basically, by the companies that are that are supposed to deliver the pigs to facilities which are claiming force majeure. As I mean, you can understand why they're doing this. Smithfield is the company that this guy Van Beek is having this experience with, where they're simply saying, Yeah, we're we're not going to We're not going to pay the extra transportation costs, because we you know, it's an act of God. So, yeah, these, these Ah, um livestock farmers, chickens. This is applying to the beef industry to the pork industry, the dairy industry. I mean, three months ago, four months ago, we were talking about two farms to dairy farms in Wisconsin, closing per week, and that number has only increased since then. So we look at all of this happening at once. Right? Less demand. You know, companies having to really fend for themselves, these small family farms having defend for themselves against the massive shipping conglomerates against the massive processing conglomerates. And what is the administration doing about it? Well, this d p a. This Defense Production act usage it is. They're saying they will be giving these companies Tyson the meat processing companies PPE to give to their employees. And they will protect these companies from liability if employees get sick and sue them. But that's it, right? That's it. So this doesn't address this dp a usage that is supposed to designate these is essential business. This does not address these the cost of these restaurant industry factories to retooled package consumer goods, which easily could have been done with a D. P. A. It doesn't give hazard pay to the employees. Importantly, you make a good point about the guy who says, Well, if I'm going to go to work, then you know I want my protection right? I want to be given hazard pay if I have to stand two feet away from somebody, PPE or not, Yeah, that's not included in here. And there's also no preference for American labor and any of this. So you look at what the administration is done. This is supposed to be the piece of legislative, the act. It's all of this. Yeah, man, it doesn't doesn't do anything. And, you know, if people are living well, why do you keep railing about this? Or people who say it all strawman here cause I see these strawman all over the place. People who say, Well, what do you expect? The worst Rahman is What do you expect the administration to do? What we just told you. We've given you solutions to every problem, easy solutions. And we've demonstrated with the fax easily verifiable facts that more could have been done. And in fact, not enough was done in. On top of that, things were done in such a way that caused more pain, more damage and more difficulty for American workers. And it isn't just like, well, what do you want him to do? It's like, Well, look at look at what's going on. I mean, you could just change one aspect of this all cherry pick one cut off foreign meat imports prioritize American workers. How hard is it to do that end? How popular would that be if you did it? Imagine how popular that would be. I mean, people, if you did that, if you did something like that, people would forget about the EOE. But that's not the purpose here is that we've seen the pattern unfold time after time after time. That's not the purpose. Eso they're not going to to do that. But it would be overwhelmingly popular if you came out and constructed policy. Of course, that would involve removing a lot of people that are preventing that policy from moving forward. If you came forward and put all these proposals into action and unleashed a flurry of Eos the next day not saying Trump, I'm saying like Candidate X, anybody who's in charge where the buck is supposed to stop this, This all of this would be overwhelmingly popular. You might not be so popular with donors. You might not be so popular. The media you might not be so popular with, you know, foreign importers who want to take advantage of this. But I think people are afraid if this goes on long enough that these industries not only are gonna come back, it's gonna be an opportunity. This is why I was harping on the fact that they want the workers to be the ones to blame. Right? They want open things, backup force things open without PPE and remove the ability indemnify businesses so that they can't get sued so that it's the onus on the entire economy and on the job itself is on that worker, putting them in the most difficult position by not giving them the financial help that they could can and should from the government putting them into the decision where they have no choice but to choose between this and that. And and like Alex has said, and I've talked to Alex a lot about this is they will force people to work under these conditions. Um, and they don't give a fuck what happens to them or their family or anything. And let's just say that let's just like wave magic wand and virus doesn't exist. The virus is not part of this conversation. Let's say because we are rhetoric we've said this before, is this economic crash was bound to happen now. I would caveat that by saying it made like only a pandemic or something extreme would have caused it to happen and unfold in the way that it has now. But let's just say that an economic collapse had happened in this way in a slower fashion. Do you think the reaction to this would be any different? And on top of that, because of its severity, why isn't the reaction different? Why aren't you getting really things to benefit? The American workers wasn't at National review in the first half. Who said, Thank God we have a president who goes out there and says thes things on behalf of American workers. When you look at the fine print of all of the things that have been proposed, I don't see anything. D I mean and looking at this from an honest perspective, James are there. You know there are things. It's the right direction, right? You can say with the with the D. P. A and the implementation of it. But the outcome is not good for the little guy. Um, it's almost as though everything is being done toe. Hold that guy back and put a boot on his throat feels like. Yeah, it does. And it's It's very interesting because it's being done in such a way that Trump gets to say that he has. He's issued the DP A. What else do you want him to do? But this doesn't. This doesn't solve the actual problems, right? The actual problem is that you can say, OK, we're going to send We're going to send PP to these plants. All right? What What happens to the worker when he shows it for a shift and the mask box is empty or they don't have the gowns. Like what's he gonna do, turn around and go home? Know this guy? This guy has been out of work for weeks now. He needs to work. And so this is why I you know, one of the proposals here that that I think would be extremely helpful would be federal hazard pay would be The federal government comes in and says, OK, we'll pay prevailing wage, right? These meat plant jobs or 13 an hour. Great. They're $39 an hour because people are not going to risk and, you know, whatever you could say. Oh, how much is a life worth to you, man, But let's be honest. Like if people are looking at a difference between $13 an hour and $39 an hour and they're going to have PPE. Yeah, I think a lot more of these workers would be willing to come back to work for $49 an hour. I don't know about you, but I know that if I were in that position, I definitely would. Now we can weaken outline proposals That would be good for the government to dio, and these are all absolutely options they could take. At the very least, in a situation like this, we would expect them not to make the situation worse performers Yet, uh, I say we would expect that that's wrong way. We would expect that, in fact, and that's exactly what they're doing. As this crisis is playing out, this administration is actively making things worse. Now you ask, How are they doing that? Well, this $19 billion Corona virus aid package for farmers. Yeah, there's a caveat in there that it doesn't doesn't it's not eligible for livestock that air cold rights of here. Like this guy Van Beek in in Iowa. If the coal 7500 sows. Yeah, man, you can't. Ah, you know, your these funds don't apply for that. So, yeah, I think this bailout that we appropriated for you, Yeah, it's only applicable if you don't do the one thing that you need to do to save yourself in this crisis. And it's it's going back to my, ah, metaphor that I used, Um, I think when we're talking about the economy several weeks ago in the Titanic and only a few of the watertight compartments can be filled and they're starting to fill up in, the ship is starting to list. Well, to continue on with that, it's how many lifeboats are available. And if it comes down between, you know, you have 5000 people in the ship and 1000 people or Jews, and there is enough room for 1000 people in the lifeboats. Guess who's getting a lifeboat. Guess who's getting a lending facility lending facility for you, a lending facility for you and a bailout for yet? Nah, just hop overboard into that minus 20 degree water. I don't remember what the temperature water was with the Titanic doesn't really matter. You're dead in like, 30 minutes, and so that's what they do. So when there's an economic crisis, and as we said from the beginning, they're going to use this as an opportunity to advance the agenda that they were doing when it was slow. I think I don't remember. I lose track of this stuff. But when people were saying, um that you know, if if you will, as though we control this in some way, If you allow all of this toe happen, then they are going to screw over these small businesses in these towns, and it's like implying that that wasn't already going on. They're using this like Chuck Singer, um, to go out like he did with Cabela's to go after these businesses and mass. It's it's accelerating toward automation. It's accelerating toward divestment from American workers, and that's exactly what they're doing while at the same time propping themselves up as well. And the whole economy is contracting, so it's they're losing in some ways as well, but they're making sure that you lose 100% of the Yeah, Oh yeah, they've been they've been trying to undermine the American farmer and the American rancher for years. This is a long standing project because, you know, Americans have these these bestie, pesky things they want, like living wages like safe food, like meat that doesn't come from Africa, which is the new the new effort that the Trump Administration slapped a big, big, beautiful stamp of approval on on April 17th we received our first ever shipment of imported beef from Namibia. Jeez, that's right, Africa. This is happening, of course, as as, ah, euthanasia expands beyond pigs and beyond chickens and moves into cattle as well. And yes, so this is This has been approved. And by the way, there's no requirement for food sold at grocery stores for meat sold at the grocery store toe have a country of origin label. So I guess you don't know where this where this beef is coming from. Could be you. The U. S. Could be Mexico. Could be Brazil could be Africa. And it might have been sitting on a boat since the 20th of February, which this beef was. I went through and I found some surprisingly found some English language Namibian news where they celebrated the, uh that have extend off festival for this pallet of beef. And yeah, that signed off was on the 20th of February. So yeah, you're absolutely right. That's to spend something they've been working on for a long time. And the numbers bear this out to, of course, in 2019 before the outbreak happened, U S farm bankrupt rough sea rates jumped 20% to an eight year high. Ah, family. Far easier. Family farmers, small farmers, 595 Chapter 12 bankruptcy in 2019 just up from 498 filings a year earlier. And the amount of family farmer bankruptcies have been steadily increasing every year for the past five years. And many of these bankruptcies, it's important to note, were in sectors of agriculture that were exempt from the from the big, beautiful Trump trade aid bailout. Right? Remember the China Trade War AG bailout? Yeah, people were left behind by that, and as a result, hundreds of families lost their farms in us. So yeah, it's it's not a not a pretty picture. And actually, the other thing is that the US could dio and is, uh, put an end to beat imports right is to be very easy and again very popular. You mentioned these air things. It would be very popular if Americans found out tomorrow that all the beef you buy in the grocery store is going to be grown. They're going to be raised and processed in America. That would be extremely popular, but no. Every year we have 5.5 $1,000,000,000 worth of beef being imported into U. S were barely hanging on to being a net beef exporter. Yeah, we're one of the few or one of the few countries that does that to because you go into Europe or some other places. They'll tell you where the beef is coming from. Like it's all. It's all very clearly written, and it depends from place to place. But it's all very, very clear where comes from and you know what you're buying. But you know, not here. But that's another reason yet another reason because you can go out and buy stuff like you could go to storage and go to butchers. A lot of these places are open. Support your local butcher, support your local farm. You want to know another thing that you can dio, in spite of theme out fees since of the federal government. Go support your local rancher. If you have somebody nearby, you can purchase things from And hopefully when farmers farm marks And I don't mean farmer, I don't mean like hipster farmers markets. I mean side of the road farm stand Support those people too, if you can. So anyway, I think that's all We got a lot of lot left on the cutting room floor, but we got a lot to talk about this weekend as well. So hope everybody has a good rest of the week. Jazz and Jesse Tonight Jazz and Jesse Tonight I did the music, excited about that. Picked out this really group good music. So, um, see guys later and talk to you."}],"