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Welcome to CNN, this jazz hands reveals at 10 3 or six, probably brought to you by the world's most persistently vindicated, an important, rage inducing right wing political network. If you've heard it somewhere before, chances are that somewhere is here on jazz. Hence midfields German James outside. Seven Guy Jazz a little bit wet. I was out the practicing shark jumping as that is our new profession here on the show that got out of the meeting with our producers over at MSNBC, getting our fresh set of talking points. Well, I mean, yeah, like last night, Make a well, actually, this morning Mika Brzezinski was reading the international Jew on Morning Joe, and I just don't know how I'm gonna overcome that. I mean, it's just that's just repeating are talking point. We're repeating their talking points at this point. Just we've gone so far mainstream now, naming the Jew. It's just like, wow, you are now here. Wow. Who would have seen that coming in? 2020. Man hair is on fire through the tedious Trump derangement syndrome. Ramped up to 11. Yeah. Oh, man, Ray. So upset. Eso the Democrats actually speak of 2020. Democrats could actually take it. All of the Senate is up for grabs. Um, and they only need to flip three seats If Biden wins four seats. If trump winds to take control of the Senate, they're likely to hold the House like there's nobody even doing that. I haven't seen any GOP fundraiser emails saying, like if they won't even say like, we have to retake the house in orderto deliver on Trump's agenda, I'm sure that a ramp up in some point soon, But it's such a long shot because they did not stand up to any of the challenges on redistricting. They just sort of let that flop. And it's It's sort of worked out that way, and divided government serves them well. I mean, it's something we've always talked about. It's they love, that they love being in divided government so they can say what they will do if they take it back, because we're gonna win Congress and take it all back. It's like, No, you're not. And so it's possible, given the absolute state of Trump's president presidency at this moment that they could take all three. They are unlike the Democrats are unlikely to, ah, lose the House and there are only three or four seats away from the Senate. And if Trump doesn't win election, which is we're pretty far out to really know where that's gonna go. But one thing we know for sure we're also going to talk about this today with the reasons why he's pivoted to immigration, um is is that he is in dire political straits. And the one thing that he planned on coasting to victory with even mayor was debatable with the demographics and how many people were gonna win, like the one thing that was giving him the most possibility toe win was big line Dow 30,000 big fat, happy economy that you know fat and happy for him and in his cronies and everybody else. But ah, not really good for many other people. Like we always say, it's always a depression for working class Americans, white working class Americans living paycheck to paycheck is a depression that's not good economic circumstances. But all of that's taken away now and So he's got a pivot back to these immigration things. We'll talk about that today. We gotta But we have a very full show. Um, talk about a number of different subjects, but we don't, you know, used to say when we would talk about the Democrats and the Republicans and the kosher sandwich that we don't have a dog in this fight. Like we're not on the Trump train anymore. Thing that's pretty clear now, Um, And if you are, if you're still planned trusting and seeing what's going on, I think your your whole ship got wrecked in, like, a matter of, what, 12 hours? James, you take 72 now. It's like 12 maybe even six. And like E, I even saw some people saying like, Wow, look at this. Like what's going on here like people that are not on the train and very skeptical of Trump, But they're like, Oh, wow, look at this. And I was just like, yeah, wait. 24 hours didn't even take 24. It's like 12. No, it's incredible. I think it was. It was within the night. In fact, I think, uh, turnaround time between between the base tweet and the yard via report. Colon Kushner working hard on immigration proposal It was all over. So we don't have a dog in this fight and be we hope by now maybe maybe that was the thing that made you not have a dog in this fight, but but actually do have a dog in this fight, and I'm okay with the outcome. Um, this whole fake and gay like stroke job of trumpism that has become like the GOP and Trump is gonna like Here it comes, like owned. And it's like, Let's go. It's like that all has to come to an end because it's not riel. It's not going anywhere. It's a fruitless venture. I'm sorry to say it. I'm not calling you stupid. If you if you believe that I'm not belittling you don't take it personally like don't get upset and get mad and cry like, But we've been there like I'm saying that because I know what it feels like. I've been fooled more than once, and that sucks. But I'm never going back, and you shouldn't either. And every time you do, you're just wasting your time, and so and look. If you want to look at it this way? If you're still invested in electoral politics, look at it this way. I don't look at it this way, but you can look at it this way. How did we get Donald Trump? How did we get a candidate who had to appeal to those interests in order to win? What got us there? Think backwards in time. Eight years of Barack Obama, four years of eight years of Bush. And then that got you, Obama. And then that got you, Trump. So if you subscribe to this notion, then then you would want maybe total Democratic hegemony, right? You don't want I don't think prolonging the kosher sandwich is a good thing. But maybe maybe the Republican Party has to lose. Maybe Donald Trump has salutes Mabel down. Trump's gotta go if you believe in this sort of thing. I'm just trying to bridge the gap here trying to, like, build a compromise. And so people sort of see where this is going. So maybe that's what you need. Maybe maybe if you believe that this will create a candidate who is who has to appeal to this rhetoric even more and may be your only thing is like we're going to get spicy rhetoric. Okay, Well, that's not my thing. But maybe that's something where things need to go. Maybe they have to lose. Maybe they have to be out in the political wilderness for a while. But I will say this out in that political wilderness of obscurity we were going to. Our job will be to smother any attempts by Charlottenburg, like has ony and other grifters to try to resuscitate trumpism in this idea of Republicanism that is not riel. It's just look what it's turned into. It's turned into trannies and blacks and John James running. That's like Dude, John James as we get into the Senate here. John James, a black guy that is the Republicans Biggest pickup opportunity in 2020 is John James, the black guy in Michigan. So that is GOP politics, and that is a funeral pyre like that has to just, like be burned out to nothing until the last ounce of hope has been snuffed out so that we can build something new. And I'm not saying a political party. I'm not saying, you know, rebuild the GOP. I'm saying the thing that is occupying the space of right wing politics for white people, that has to go away because it's not riel. You, What's your which are supporting what you believe in, is not riel. We've seen what it manifests into Now. If you want four more years of just like stroke job, well, then Trump's your guy. I'm not saying go out and vote for the Democrat. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying, I wish we had somebody more legitimate in this place, but I don't think we're going to get that anytime soon. But what will speed that thing along is not more trumpism, not Mawr stroke job. Not more things. But, you know, maybe maybe you could make the argument that more disappointment will, I don't know, somehow wave a magic wand and make people want something better. I don't know. It's not me to make that prescription, but yeah, do not resuscitate the GOP. That's been our message for a while, right? And definitely don't give it an injection of new energy and youth and passion. And look, we have been Everyone has had a different relationship with electoral politics. It's been very out there very public. My what my experience with electoral politics was, and this is not coming for me. It's not coming from a place of personal bitterness or disappointment in spite. It's coming from objectively approaching the situation and seeing what what is there to be gained by involving yourself in this system? And one could say, Well, you get experience in dealing with the party apparatus and so on and so forth. But that apparatus James, as a mainstream Republican Ah, do you want to talk about the wild success that you've had as a mainstream Republican, running for office and in climbing, ascending the ranks of the GOP? I mean, you're so mainstream in your rhetoric is so mainstream at this point. I mean, why didn't they accept you with open arms? Why is that? I don't know, right? Yeah. I mean, it could have could have been me and Glenn back and stupors year over there just hanging out of place. But no. Oh, man. I think that was not so much so hard. And you just, like, unearthed his grave, brought him back up, and he's here. It's like, Wow, I think I think this might be the only time stew has been mentioned on a show other than Glenn backs. Actually, you're gonna look on that Google mentions of people's names. There's going to be a huge spike in 2020 for stupor gear, but it's gonna be like, you know, big Gap since, like, what? 2012 2011? Yeah, but anyway, the point being that, like, this is an institution, the experience you gain with it all of it becomes irrelevant as soon as they discover what your goals are and that your goals are not propping up the shambling corpse of Trump ist GOP ism, which is, you know, open borders, new liberal capitalism, etcetera. We know what they're We know what they're shot is and so injecting the GOP with hope and youth and energy and belief that ah, you know, maybe, maybe if we just pressure them enough and maybe if we just, you know, Linguine knows enough, warn them about the demographic displacement that's coming. They have to be warned. Lindsey Graham doesn't know. He has to be told. He has to see enough retweets from from, you know, just get get him enough up. Coombs, get enough up comes on those tweets so that Lindsey Graham finally realizes that there's demographic displacement underway and he'll realize all along that Oh, wait, God, I've had my priorities backwards all this time. It's not that Israel, it's not replacing jobs in Middle America. It's not flooding the country with half a 1,000,000 h one B's every five minutes. It's saving white people. Oh, man, I'm so I'm so glad that you Ah, he brought this to my attention. I just don't know what I would do. I mean, if we could just go and masto Larry Hogan's office and show him the demographic graphs he's gonna be like furiously rubbing his fat bald head and send his wife back to Thailand or whatever and he's gonna become our guy, right? That's all we have to do. No, but you have to realize that this system and I it to use the cliche. But but the GOP specifically is set up as a bulwark. Not the Bill Kristol publication, but similar and purpose as a bulwark to prevent white people from collective izing and expressing their political interests. So, attempting to like change it or fudge it or or tinker with it to make it into your thing is not going to work. It is fundamentally antithetical to your interest, and that is its purpose. And the trump, The Reformation under Trump was predicated on the on the idea that Trump would be getting in office and then holding the door open for others to get in behind him. Others who get yet well, he's holding the door open for people yet to get in behind it. But other people to get into the system that would also want to to say, end immigration or to put white rural Americans which white people to put people first. If that is not what's going on here. If you care about optics, If optics is your thing and you care so deeply about what norm ease will think and how Norman's will perceive you, then why would you want people to believe in a stroke job like, Why would you want to convict? Why would you spend all your time bending over backwards to convince people to believe in and commit money to, perhaps and follow something that is never gonna bear any fruit for them? That those air bad optics those are like the worst optics in the world. You're you're like, you're, like, selling people snake oil, and look, I realize because I believed in it wants to. And I understand that there are people that believe in it that people think this is the way because this is the thing that you've been conditioned. These are the two choices thes air, the two ice cream flavors. You have chocolate and vanilla. There aren't any others. You know, Mike talks about this all the time. It's like people aren't offered choices. And so if you're only offered two bad choices and nothing against vanilla ice cream with chocolate ice cream, which is a good example, you're only gonna make those two choices you're not gonna be like Well, what about, you know? Ah, I don't know. National Socialism. What if we just take a little bit of nationalism and a little bit of socialism and we mix them together? People are gonna think of those things. The third. The third position has never offered to you because it's a kosher sandwich. It's not a kosher club sandwich. There is no triple decker to this at all. They only want to have two sides and both both options or bad. And so if you care about optics, then why would you lead people in a direction for something shitty And look, you know, people people will say, Oh, you're atoning for your support of Trump in 2016. It's like not atoning for it. It's like I've got religion now and I feel like I need to let people know You wanna warn Pete you and warn people who don't give a fuck about demographics. I'm gonna warn people who might give a fuck that this is a ruse, that this is bullshit, that this isn't Riel, that this isn't going to result in anything that is good. It's not gonna have a good outcome. It's always gonna end up taking gay because I've been around a while. I've seen these political cycles enough times. For some people, Donald Trump was the very first thing that was like the big golden moment. And yeah, 2016 was great. Like we reminisce about this. We joke about this, but it's not 2016 anymore. It's not coming back. It's not ever coming back. You let me know in this election cycle, or the next one When that moment has come back isn't back. It's not coming back. It's over. That was used to get the shoe in the door, right, because they had to do that. So, yeah, and the shoe, the shoe isn't in the door. Wasn't Trump's shoe in the door to allow the party to become this national populist? You know, economically, yes, it's become this third position is entity that many people at the time envisioned. It would be and again, for good reason, right? We're not. We're not saying that we never believed in Trump or that we we knew it was a trick from the start. We're being honest with you, and we're being honest and saying that there was a reason for promise at the time. Now there is no longer reason for promise. Yes, and that's this is the first time in American history that anyone ever said anything close to that. Now you could say well, but the the immigrant actually just Huey Long said this in 1932. It's like No, no, this is the This is when somebody opened up the door on this stuff and, yeah, you like when when you see an opportunity like this coming now, Now we know, though now we know. And now we can see this coming from my way. And so the next thing that people get fixated on there will be a next thing right. There always is a next thing. There will be something potentially in 2024 2028 like the people get fixated on. And, you know, look, when you when you're looking at when you're staring down the barrel of 2020 and you have Donald Trump and Melania and their kids, their Children who are all for the most part, I think married to Jews when you have Joe Biden, whose Children have all married Jews, it's like, what a great set of options here, what a great buffet, a buffet of options that we have to choose from in American electoral politics. It's like, No, this is bad. It's always bad news. The people that that are surrounding themselves with these people, it's like, No, not Stephen Miller, not any of these people No, just say no. So anyway, we talk about the Senate. You won't talk about how ah the dire straits one of the reasons why I like when you because you have to look at the whole picture. You know Donald Trump doing other bit with his e o like you have to. You have to be. You almost have to seat yourself at the Resolute desk in the West Wing or not. It's not in the West Wing in the Oval Office, um, and sit there and think about like because he has people coming in and out and telling him, This is bad. This is good. This is bad. Here's the report on this and so on and so forth. And the report on the Senate is not good. The only to pick up seats that they have Republicans in 2020 R Alabama Because Doug Jones is doing so bad. That was an anomaly that never should have happened. TNT remember TNT? They did TNT in Alabama to get to get Doug Jones elected 110 105 107% turnout in some of those districts and album around Mobile. And the only other possible pickup, which is not gonna end up being a pickup because it's Michigan is John James. This black who lost the state's 2018 Senate race. He has out raised Peters 3\/4 in a row. His his opponent is Gary Peters, Um, and that I won his race despite a terrible environment in 2014 Remember? Is terrible, because people were getting pretty tired of Obama at that point. Democrats have already spent $6 million in that race, boosting Peters to attack James. But the thing is, though, with this is that Biden is going to do better in Michigan than Trump. Trump hasn't delivered in Michigan for four people at white, working class Americans in Michigan the way that Trump Trump hasn't done it, and Biden is a guy who they can turn out blacks for and they can turn out union guys for and Trump, you know he hasn't done when he needs to do. And so it, like the Republicans, are going to spend a bunch of money so much fucking money, like propping up black John James and making him like the face of the Republican Party. They're gonna want to win that race so bad because they can, you know, push that forward. Is the new future right? Like this is Tim Scott. Now you have John James, all these black senators. This is like a poll singer special, right? Paul Singer Peter Singer Charlie. I don't know what Chuck Singer. Yeah, Chuck James Running. Instruct Peters. He's going to lose, though, And And he didn't he? I mean, if we look at what happened when he ran for governor, which was in, uh, no, its percentage. Excuse me in 2018 which was a failure, you could say, OK, he's doing the bit they often do with a run for the one Senate seat to build up Name I D. And to build up a war chest to run for the second Senate seat. But as bad as things were for Trump in 2018 amongst the key constituencies in state of Michigan, namely, yeah, White Union employees and their families, things are much worse now and things these people have. Many of them have been out of work now for six weeks, many of them, And this is even if things go back to work, right? Demand is still going to be crushed or automobiles for everything else that's still manufactured in Michigan. These people are suffering economically and all their got. All they've gotten from Trump has been a measly $1200. Maybe if they've even received that, which odds are they haven't is only a small percentage of people have been received those those checks so far. So they will have the most recent experience with Trump will be of total abandonment in their time of need. And John James is not a guy who can appeal to them, obviously, for racial reasons for his background. He's not one of them. He's not going to be someone they can envision themselves working with or or or you're being. Ah, having camaraderie with he is I don't believe he was even born in Michigan. I believe he's a transplant. And so this is a guy who's going to do worse than he did in 2018 and, ah, and Biden again has he's built up his credibility with these people decades ago, but even that is going to get him further in Michigan in 2020 then what Trump has done for these people. Yeah, these air, all these air, all chuck singers, Tar babies, right? He wants to have a whole collection of tar babies in the Senate that he I mean the entire babies are much easier to manage The look of the Congressional Black Caucus. Democrats have had a great model of black sewer controlled opposition like those blacks in the CBC or never doing anything for their black constituents. I mean, the handouts and stuff, but nothing meaningful. Nothing what actual black people want, like they want. You know, a lot of woke blacks expected. Ah, who's that guy? I always see right at the moment where I need to remember somebody's name. No, no, no. Like the black that called the called the Juice Termites. Oh, yeah, maybe Chuck Perricone. Yeah, that's wot. Plaques expected. Farrakhan. They get Clyburn right Like that, right? And like, they even have to deal with the same shit in this system because left to their own devices. If you let Farrakhan run wild, you're gonna end up with a lot of anti Semitic blacks. And it's just a natural. It's just the natural phenomenon of things. I'm sorry, Jews. That's the way it goes. But that's why they want to erect these tar babies in in on the Republican side as well, because they're they're much easier to manage like John James, like once you get him in there like you don't have toe feed this, it's like a mushroom. You just feed him, feed him shit and keep him in the dark. You don't have to do much with him at all, and like in there, they're perfect to because they will come out and they will. They will repeat the most most bagel talking points about the free markets and and cutting taxes and letting people in the inner cities pull themselves up by their bootstraps. And this is just catnip for the anti racist conservative that wants to feel like like they also have a black friend. Exactly. You can use them as bludgeons against whites, and they're gonna need to do that. Mawr as white people are given the shaft more and more on electoral politics and given even less imagine, Imagine 2016 and then imagine 2020 and 2024 were your given even smaller in minutes more minuscule table scraps of like based rhetoric. And if if white step out of line and whites, you know, get too big for their britches and start demanding, Ah, I don't know, just like very racist policies. Then what you're gonna have You're gonna have black Republican going out there and in talking about, like, discrimination. And you know how this isn't great rhetoric. And what you gonna say? Like you're gonna get mad at John James like no, Boomer, you're gonna shut the fuck up. You're going to say I'm not racist. I like I like his bladder, These air more excuses for people to like. They won't criticize the black like they saw the phenomenon with Obama. And they're just repeating it now with Republicans, not even yet, not even racist policies. I mean, they will do that, too, but But as faras things like economic policy, right when you have white people coming out and saying, Look, we're being hosed here, we need support during these shutdowns. Or generally speaking, we needed an economy that that looks after people like us. You will get at the, you know, flip of the switch. You will get the teepee, USA GOP and RSC video. Amazing black Republican skewers demand for u B. I like that will just be like the new thing and eso you'll have these white people the white Republicans that are like, you know, thinking in there not processing this. Ah, consciously. But subconsciously they will be wrestling with one their own economic and security and their knowledge that something needs to change. But to they're seeing the black Republican who must be must be genuflect id Teoh coming out and saying, We can't do socialism. So So it's just Ah, it's just a mental trap. It's a It's a wrap right wheel. Yeah, these air bootstrapping tar babies that they want to have out there. It's like a little is black guy. See, this black isn't like this. It's just like you. Just like you goy. Just like you're saying you could shoe polish your boots before you pull yourself up. Other straps probably pull it, pull your boots up by their red bootstraps and it'll be good, but yeah, great optics. Right? Um, excellent optics, I must add. Yes. So Big Four. So Democrats are gonna be focused on. Well, let's talk about the structure so people understand. So the party is defending. The Republican Party is defending incumbents in 23 seats. Now, these air 23 seats where, uh, Trump has not delivered on his promises. Thes air 23 seats where farm suicides at record highs thes air 23 seats in states that have dealt with a heroin epidemic. These air 23 seats in states where factories have closed and jobs have not come back. And now we're in the middle of a crisis where the economy is shitting the bed and Republicans have to defend incumbents in those 23 seats, compared to only 12 incumbents that Democrats have to defend. And so Democrats air targeting four seats, four major seats because they know they know they're gonna lose Doug Jones. I mean, unless something crazy happens like they know that Doug Jones is gonna go down in Tuberville's is probably gonna win their, um, without some miraculous intervention to be great if you could stage something for sessions, but I just, you know, it's not like it's like whatever. I mean, you know, it's like we will get to the immigration more time. We'll talk about sessions later, but But they are focusing on Arizona, Colorado, um, main in North Carolina and then potentially bonus grabs of Georgia and Iowa. We're going talk about those because it's the Knin's here is quite interesting. So Arizona, you have Mark Kelly, who has raised more money. I think he's like one of the most. He's raised more money than fucking anybody in the Senate race. Who is running against Make Sally and see again? I have a dispassionate point of view on the GOP. Mick Sally was a mistake. She's probably lesbian. No Children, no husband. She did her victory acceptance speech, like on a hair covered couch with her golden retriever. I mean, she is just just awful. And she's gonna get blown the fuck out, probably by Mark Kelly. I mean, we don't know. I mean, this is one of the races that they're targeting anyway. It's it's This is what happens when you put somebody like that in office and the GOP is gonna lose so absolute state of the GOP. It's like they expect, you know, like am nets. Expect sessions. They're going to get Tuberville. They expect somebody some working class white in Michigan. They're going to get maybe Black John James instead. A a bootstrap star, baby. They expected somebody based in Arizona, they got mixed Sally instead, and they're gonna end up with Mark Kelly like Mark Kelly is gonna be the opponent. And good luck getting like Astronaut dude whose wife got shot in the face out of there like that's just he's gonna be in there for life. And then you have main with Susan Collins, who has tried to vote Mawr with Trump than than not. She typically had been opposing him, but she's going to get blown the fuck out, too, and she's going to get blown the fuck out by this half Indian half. God knows what named Sara Gideon, who is married to a Jew and who has three Jewish like Pajitnov like oddball Children, has raised more than $7 million in the first quarter of this year, compared to 2.4 million for Collins and cause she's got tons of outside money coming in from pro Democratic outside groups. Dark money, nonprofit groups. Lazio. Who are we talking about? Come on like who we talk about here, James, Like, right. That and those tracks were coming straight from the Treasury into the nonprofit checking account and all right, back out to the Gideon campaign. Yeah, the peat. That paycheck the Paycheck Protection Act is is going directly into Gideon's campaign war chest and the pudgy Pitcher Protection Act bad. It's Pridget Protection Act and the neither like the these. These budgets that are like married of the Jews like this is not a new phenomenon. This is getting very, very weird. But, yeah, this is what they're doing in Maine like Susan Collins. Goodbye, like your Europe, like citizens and Collins, who has been very careful to do what I guess, what her constituents have wanted or God knows what. She's been very careful with their votes. She's been like the totally not racist at all Republican swing vote for decades. And if she has any inkling at all about how the system around her works, she's got to see this. This dark skinned married to a Jew, Sara Gideon coming along, blowing her the fuck out with fundraising and has just got to be like, I mean, why don't you just resign Susan, like, why don't you just tap out? Because you're this is it's over for you, like, just done. Yeah, I mean or switch parties ahead of this like, yeah, there's really there's really nothing to be done here. And she is also she made a big deal about tying up the Cavanaugh nomination. Right? That was her big upcoming magnets for the women's for being a woman's activist. Yeah, wow. And what would a big move tying up the nomination? Another another, You know, thing that that I regret. It's like tying up a nomination for a guy who has just voted. He became the swing vote, right? Like this guy that was supposed to be, you know, But no, we did. We did the whole we did the whole deep dive on Ah, the Federalist Society in how gay and Jude Up it is and how they make sure that these ah, select these conservative Supreme Court justices. I want what episode was that on? I don't even remember. It's up on our YouTube channel. Go check it out. But we didn't hold you Drive on the Federalist Society and how they basically or gate gatekeepers for this. And and so, yeah, like Susan Collins, like, you know, makes a grandstand against the guy who's just gonna like further the kosher narrative. But But yeah, like Sir Gideon's been tied up with this for a while. National Council of Jewish women. Um, I think you had Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Gideon thanked the National Council for Jewish Women in the JC A for inviting her to speak about local and regional issues affecting the main citizens. She started off the night by discussing her family background as the daughter of to immigrant parents who came from India in Armenia. Jesus. And then she married ah into a Jewish family and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, she's just deeply, deeply into these into these things. Oh, yeah. Here we go. The State of Israel is grateful to the speaker of the House Sara Gideon Freeport and Senate President Troy Jackson and their coat and other co sponsors for taking this important step in the global fight against anti Semitism. Yet I guess they Oh, yeah, they did a international Holocaust remembrance alliance. Some kind of some kind of a bill that they did for, like, Auschwitz Birkenau. Yet the cool Very cool. Yeah, Hot on Hot on the out of the top of the priority list for Mainers is Auschwitz Birkenau. Yeah, right. So and then Colorado is another one. Um, that they see Democrats made a strong move here. They pulled John Hickenlooper out of the presidential race. He's a guy who's won statewide twice. He's outraced Cory Gardner, who's a Republican in the first quarter of the year. Ah Gardner sells a pretty big cash advantage, but one thing I remember when we're still in the Trump train and we were talking about and lead up to the midterms in 2018 about how Democrats weren't raising any money at all like it was just hardly winning, hardly bringing anything in. And then they ended up winning. Ah, with a little bit of voter fraud and things happening, Um, I still stand behind the narrative that if they hadn't done what, That the vote harvesting in California probably would've been a much closer bit. But who cares? It doesn't matter at this point. The point is that ah was going to say, with with I can't even remember. Oh, that, Yeah, they weren't even raising that much money back then. And now in all of these races, there blowing these people the fuck out like they have, Hickenlooper has out raised his out raise Cory Gardner by $1.6 million. Gardner has a war chest. Now Jews will prop up Republicans, but they're defending 23 incumbents against Ah, very well funded Democratic Party who is, you know, finding its barracks. They're coming. They're they're trying to come back around and they want to take out Thom Tillis. North Carolina's another big target. So yeah, it's, uh, they're going hard on these guys. Yeah, and you combine. I mean, a recent phenomenon in Republican politics has been the amount of small dollar donors they've been receiving ever since. Trump a really reading to say ever since Ron Paul. But really, ever since Trump, there has been a lot of small dollar donations coming into the GOP and coming into candidates. And when you combine the abject demoralization that is taking place since 2017 of that formerly engaged Trump voting in donating base combined with the economic conditions as they are worsening, they were already bad in 2017. But they're worse now, and these people that may have given 25 bucks here and there 50 bucks here and there to a candidate. They don't have any money to give any more these regular working class people. And so, yeah, you're seeing the the small dollar donors dry up, and ah, and yet when you have 23 seats to defend as the organized Jewish donation community such that it is, you're going to be a spread much more much thinner than you will. If you're only defending defending, what, 13 seats. And if you're only targeting four seats like the Democrats are, Yeah, and Thom Tillis is another one of these, like Jeff Flake type guys, and it shows like there's a couple lessons here. Number one. But cooking never pays, like he's going to get blown the fuck out by Cal Cunningham. Um, Cal. Cutting him has a huge advantage over Thom Tillis. They want to get rid of Tillis. Tillis has started to come around on a lot of Trump's ah rhetoric, but those guys have sort of met in the middle. It's like as Trump has become gay, like Tillis. It's not like tell us suddenly became based. He's just like moving toward Trump, and Trump is moving toward him. Um, and and that's kind of where it is. I mean, they've spent ungodly amount of money $30 million on television in North Carolina for Republicans, 25 million for Democrats. So this is big, like kosher battle, and the people benefiting the most from these ad buys are choose, like 30 million on television. What is a $60 million in television tohave like a kosher dialectic between Cal Cunningham and Thom Tillis in a swing state? And who benefits the most people taking money for advertising off course? Every time It's like, Wow! But, um, Georgia, Georgia is another one. That's gonna be a bonus. And the reason why bring it up is because, ah, well, it's interesting for two reasons. Georgia, if they don't like, Democrats, have to take all four of those other seats in order to take the Senate like the ones that I mentioned. Um, especially if they lose if they lose, um, Alabama, which they're probably going to, um, But if they win Michigan, that's that's not a pickup for the Republicans. And then they have to win Arizona, Maine, Colorado or North Carolina or Georgia or Iowa. If Biden wins, then tiebreak goes to the vice president and they only need three of those seats. So you see very quickly how easy this is for them to take the Senate as well. And so depending on how there's number shake up, you could also end up with a 50 50 Senate to. And this is why Georgia is on everybody's mind. It's also interesting because both Senate seats are up for re election in Georgia. What's interesting, though, is Kelly lawful? Remember Kelly La Flor? She's married to the Jew who is the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, who's tied in with Goldman Sachs and BlackRock and everything else. And she's the one who got caught doing insider trading so she may actually lose her Senate seat. Um, and it could be it could be pretty bad. Who knows how this will shake out, right? I mean, there's a good chance, especially with with what's going on with her being caught up in this recent scandal, a good chance she does lose this primary. I know that Doug Collins has been has been pulling well in the primary, but ah, you know, if this is a seat that Republicans in the NRSC determined that is not worth spending on, she may win. She may very well win that primary based on name recognition and and being an incumbent and then lose the general if she's not, if she's not funded to the tune to ah, you know, funded enough to defend it. But, uh, that's Ah, that's where we are. Yeah, and you could end up with speaking of Jews in these races and there were many of them. Um, you have Kelly La Flor, basically a Jew, like she's married to a Jew. So it's like, Doesn't that make you doesn't make you one by marriage. I don't have that works. I know that there's like from from the mother. Like if the mother's a Jew like your your Jew for life, like, you don't even have to be like nothing like there's no conversion process or anything. It all gets passed through the mother, but I don't know how the marriage works. I don't know how they don't know if the ceremony waas, but you could look that up the stuff up pretty easy. There she's a Jew Should married to the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. She's not in any way going to be benefiting anybody, so she might as well just be one. But you also have Joe Lieberman's son is running in this race as a Democrat as well. But what's interesting is the very anti Semitic Senate Democratic Political Action Committee is backing a black pastor instead of Joe Lieberman, son, which is kind of like, Wow, um, you know, no, no party for Jews. It's like guy like, why don't you just join the Republican Party? I mean, I'm sure they throw the door wide open for you to hop in there. Um, but yeah, yeah, yeah. What's your sons name? Chuck Lieberman. Yeah. I think his dad was my as well, that will be. Yeah. His dad. I mean, is that flirted with being an independent for a while, though, right? Or he was. He was bright him and yeah, that's right. He and he and McCain were like the two twin Mavericks in this in the Senate. So maybe they don't want to get back into bed with that behind behind every roses. A Chuck. I think it's what we're going to just go with from now on. Um, but you have in Iowa, and this is interesting. And this is particularly shot and Freud filled. I love this. This is what I would like to call the John Mud effect in Iowa. Um, Joni Ernst's And one of the one of the thing that I believe got me kicked off of Twitter was a quote tweet on a Joni Ernst Tweet where I went ham on her for, ah, the John Bud scandal because she she was not doing anything she was. Actually, she had, like, very bad rhetoric in the immediate aftermath of that, especially on immigration. And I was I kept calling her out. It's like it's in your state like, What are you doing about Republicans in your state that are hiring these illegals? And I forget exactly what the tweet was, but it got four or 500 retweets. I mean, it was not insignificant. And boom like just you're gone like Charlie Kirk Boom is like, suspended from Twitter forever. Yeah, this the Twitter Paci banning you from Twitter is like, Let's go. Yeah. So this is particularly, um, feel good because, according to Des Moines Register Mediacom Iowa poll last month, Joni Ernst approval rating at 47% down 10 points from a year ago. I call this the John Bud Effect. When you let illegals come into your state And you look the other way as GOP party chairman from Yeah, Rabi, was it Ye RB farms allows these people to live on a trailer and you're fucking property in murder. A white girl whose parents don't give a shit. So if the parents don't give a shit, at least somebody should give a shit, right? Least the nominally white political party. Right? But Joni Ernst in dude shit, she just championed more immigrant cause she's one of these. She's one of singers, like Senate people. Like, this is this is just one of the people that they have fielded for this seat, these air one of these. She is one of these senators from a red state where people would otherwise like people who would rather have a steam. Maybe a more under No, an artful, graceful Steve King, Somebody who's got some better, better rhetoric. But that's what they support. They like that. And instead they get Joni Ernst. And so she is floundering out there. Ah, she is running against um Who is this boosting Theresa Greenfield in Edie Morrow? No, in Mike Franken. Jesus Christ! Wow. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. It's just like you, Trinity. The Holy Trinity. Yeah. So yeah, that's that's pretty much it. And then you have Jeff Kaufman. Oh, no, it's to end. So he Geoff. Sorry, Jeff. Not Jewish. Two ends Coffman. He's a He's a German guy. The GOP chairman in Iowa attributed some of the party's losses toe everything but the John. But effect, he says. Republicans won the governor's race, but Democrats flipped two congressional seats to a massive disparity. And outside money, we'd be absolutely ridiculous not to recognize what's coming our way. It's like, Don't you do some of that illegal immigrants, John, Jeff, whatever the fuck your name is, Chuck Chuck s. So now this is this is him. Like shooting the flare up to Paul Singer? Yeah. And others, right? Like please will do whatever the fuck you want. Just give us that bag. Yeah, Yeah. Please help. But Jews may have an interest in getting some some of these other people in their democratic business people, local business people that are Jews. I mean, that's better than Joni Ernst. Ah, the wham! In some of these women's, it's just haven't panned out the way that they want. But So speaking of immigration and speaking of the John Bud Effect and it was said in the beginning, we talked a lot about Trump and Trump's chances and sort of the meta about what that could portend. But, you know, people have been betting there have been people with some big money bets on which way this could go, and and it's really tough, because I mean, prior to Corona virus, it was big economy, economy up, Donald shirt, all of his other promises. I mean, just from a practical strategic standpoint, something he believes in any of these things is not like he made some court of a barter or compromise, that he was going to do these things anyway. But he got out of having to even do them nominally by having a quote unquote good economy. And he's lost that. And so even before, people were kind of like it's way too early. First of all, people that can't really make predictions this far out. But we can say we can say, you know that the situation has gotten worse. It's gotten more difficult, and so you could say, Well, demographics have gotten worse. There have been however many 1,000,000 people who have come of voting age, however, many illegals have flooded into the country. Who are going to be able to vote all these, you know, factors that are not so good for Donald and you know he's going to try to link Biden to China. He's gonna try a lot of this arm flailing. Um, you know, he's in dire straits because of the way that he's lashed out at Matt Drudge. He's lashed out of Chris Wallace. He's last 100. Bret Bear. He says that Fox News this week is on a bad path. Other times, dark times. Yeah, well, but in this case, it probably it may be. Well, no, actually, if Trump loses, Fox News is gonna have, like, just a windfall. It's gonna be so good. The same phenomenon applies to Fox, by the way that applies to a minority party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate, like that's a heyday for them. Usually when they raised all their money like we're going to stop those Democrats And Fox News was had great ratings under under Obama because they're the opposite there. The fake opposition. But Trump is lashing out at them because they're not saying exactly what he wants. And, um, you know, lashing out at Mitt Romney lashing at the FBI. But the fight with Drudge is particularly interesting because he goes after Drudge and he says that drudges Web traffic is way down. But according to Drudge, and according to people who look at these things like it's, It's up wasn't like 700 million is the typical like views. And in the last month, the last 30 days, it's up to like 1.3 billion. So I mean, the Web track. Yeah, why would you expect that in the middle of, ah, time where people have more time to browse the Internet than ever before that Web traffic anywhere would be down? Yeah, in the people I never understood this. Even like, you know, when I look at Drudge, I look it'll I consume a lot of different sites, but drudges one place that I have always looked at, uh, but you can't look at only Drudge like That's a key, like if you only look at judge only looking through one lens, and that's ultimately bad. But the thing that I never got even as a Normie would. People would criticize the Drudge Report as as this place that, like they're the ones forming the news like they're the ones who make the headlines like they're lying to you. It's like, No, they're just collecting headlines from other places who may or may not be lying to you, But Drudge isn't himself. He's just arranging these things on a screen with pithy headlines, and you click on them and it takes you to some other place like he's not a journalist like he calls himself a journalist, but he's not writing anything. There are no articles by Matt Drudge on the site is You've written any feel like he has from time to time, not at his own site, but from time to time. There are Matt Drudge articles like maybe once a year something, but he's not a journalist, and so he, Trump is attacking him for essentially arranging the news in a way that isn't flattering for Trump. If Drudge, you know, arranged it in a way that was flattering for Trump, he'd have no problem. But you know he's lashing out because drudges arranging things and you could argue Maybe they're arranging them in a way that hurts Trump, because he's a Jew. Doesn't want Trump in, I don't know, but it's just like he's just arranging the news. Donald. I mean, I don't know, I don't know, but he's lashing out. It's not good. He's got the economy underwater and hemorrhaging jobs every Thursday. Um, and it's it's bad. And so what does Trump do when it's bad? What did Trump do in the run up to 2018 when they had access to internal polling and they saw that things were a lot closer than they felt like they should be? Is he goes out there and, you know, plays that game with the EO on birthright citizenship, and now he comes out here and does the EO to suspend all immigration. And, you know, I knew immediately as soon as I saw this and I said this on the weekend show. It's so nice to not have toe like, hang on these things anymore. Remember what it was like The hang on these things and no. Yeah, And then I remember just getting that. The announcement about the birthright citizenship e o and, you know, jumping on TV. We did tedious together that like the next day, and we're breaking down how this could happen and where, Where Trump derives the authority to do this. And, yeah, it's it's It's nice not to be, like, caught up in that frenzy anymore, that's for sure. Yeah, it's nice not because you just and it's not because it's not because I'm like, Oh, yeah, I know this is gonna fail It's not, you know, because it used to say, like predicting failure is like the easiest thing to do That's true, like you can. You can do that about anything and it's easy thing do. But we can show you and demonstrate to you in a matter of 12 hours, six hours that this is not going to come to pass Now. Trump could do this if you wanted. Teoh Trump has complete powers to do this in section 2 12 The in A can do this. Um, he The Supreme Court has upheld his ability due to this 2018 the Supreme Court upheld all of this presidential authorities, stating that it exudes the deference to the president in every clause it in trust the president to the decisions, whether and when to suspend entry, whose entry to suspend for how long and on what conditions in the debates about this at the time with the I N. A. Were about pandemics and mass unemployment. So it in it and it really doesn't it doesn't say that explicitly in the eye and a either. In either section 2 12 to 15 it says, for any reason, it's not subject to any limitations. He could do it whenever he wants, and the Supreme Court said, yes, you can do that. And so there's literally nothing stopping him from do that doing that and the whole Jared Kushner sort of behind the scenes pulling the puppet strings. It's really not puppet strings. It's really like Jared Kushner knows what the shot is. Just like Donald Trump knows what the shot is. Just like Stephen Miller knows what the shot is. Just like everybody knows what the shot is. Everybody knows this, but I guess the people that fall for this and it's like, Let's go. No, it's no, you're not going anywhere. You're stuck, right, right, and the people who are saying and look, there's reason to you can look at the news and read. Yes, Jared Kushner is helping craft this CEO, and your immediate anger is directed towards Kushner. And that's fine. And that's understandable. And there are plenty of reasons why Kushner should not be in the White House. We're not disputing that, but when you keep getting this experience, when you keep seeing Trump, say the base thing and then by the time Trump does whatever the thing is, if he ever does it, which is, of course, rare, it's been meddled with it. Not even meddled with what you get is a bad product. This is the equivalent of the like, the wife or the spouse that keeps keep being beaten and then keep searching for reasons why. Well, they didn't actually want to beat me, right? They it is. Their hand was forced. It is a battered wife syndrome it. Really? Yeah, Their son in law battered me cause, like, you know, you know that you feel bad, like, you know, like, right there. Unless your brand new, unless you've never like you're born at night. And it was last night and you woke up in You saw Elvis and you just joined Twitter and you got excited for this and you think it's coming. Everybody else, Everybody else who we know was around in 2016. Everybody who was with us in the me more veterans of the me more of 2016. We know, you know that you feel bad. You have to feel bad unless you're a sociopath. Unless you're just totally disingenuous in. But I think when you saw this happen like you, when you're like rallying your troops to support this and get excited, it's like you have to know that Trump is just like, tossed hand grenade in your lap and it's gonna blow up in, like, six hours, four hours. It's like, So what? Why would you even do that? Wouldn't you want to have the integrity of being like Not not not just a simple hand wave like yet. Not guy. This is gay, this gaze Fuck, It's like no, Here. Here's what's gonna happen with this and what they've given what they've given you instead is all too predictable. They've given you what was gonna happen anyway. They're getting on you. What was gonna happen anyway that was gonna happen is the result of Corona virus. And I would actually say if there are people desperate enough to come into the United States what this really does because there is no wall Bullard fencing is not a wall replacement. Fencing is not new Wall. You don't have people on the border. You don't have any sort of deployment, any sort of meaningful way to stop these people from coming in. What this really is, I think, is a bailout for the micro finance loan industry. Because to the extent that it may be even puts these people temporarily on hold, maybe some of them will try to come in illegally and people that were going to try to come in legally I mean, those are people who usually have their ducks in a row. But if they're going to stop people from coming in, I mean, what's the pathway for coming into July estate now? Illegal, right. You gotta pay a coyote. You got to get in somehow. And as we said before these micro finance loan places down in Central America, and like wherever they're having a tough time, like and they're not just down there, they're up here. There we were. They're having a tough time like they got to make loans. You've seen those apprehension numbers. They've gone way down because we're in the middle of a pandemic. We're in the middle of job hemorrhaging. This is when it's popular to do stuff on immigration like this. I mean, the looks on boomers faces, um, who think that Trump has deported more people than Obama. And you tell them, like go ahead guy, pick a year, pick any year and find a year that Trump has deported more people than Barack Obama. Like in every single year, Obama has deported not just a little bit more hundreds of thousands more. Yeah, yeah, I know. And it's not just it's not just deportations, either. I mean, when you look at, I actually looked into the numbers from DHS last night, so I was curious about what, What would be the substantive effect? What could be the substantive effect of this order? And we know that it's really not very much because H one B's age to bees all exempted. They are not being banned. They're still being allowed to come in as they would. But you look at Obama's second year for example, versus Trump's second year and the reason you look at the second years. These are the last years we have complete yearly stats for Obama, 2010 Trump 2018 The number of immediate relatives This is chain migration that were allowed in the country. 215,000. It ballooned up to 236,000 under Trump Special Immigrants, which cut who knows what that is? 3000 up to 9.4000 total immigrant visas, up from from 482,000 all the way up to 533,000. So, yeah, about a 10% increase from Obama to Trump in the deportation numbers for Trump for like 450,000 quarter 1,000,000. Obama's were like half a 1,000,004 136,000 in one year. I mean, just like blowing trump out. And I'm not saying that, so you know, Look, I understand that people may not be exactly where we are, and I don't want to shut the door behind people because they're out where we are, But I'm not saying that Obama. Good trump bad about vote Democrat because get more the important Asian. I'm not saying that, but what I'm saying is now you could make the argument that Obama did that because it was a bad economic situation and he had to. Well, by every metric this, this economy that were in now has fallen further. We've already talked about this. More jobs have been lost in a matter of 30 days, then the entirety of the 18 month recession 2008 to 2009. You've lost Mawr, more money out of people's for own case and everything else and by every measure does it matter. And Obama was able to do this and he had, ah, you know he had. I can't remember the guy's name, who's who Democrats blame for all this and like whatever. But it doesn't matter. It's like if Trump was supposed to be the got like, oh, ago. Like, why isn't he even coming close to Obama's numbers, right? Like, wouldn't you think that if if he was supposed to be over ago, that he would have gotten to just even in parody with with With the With Obama? No. Doesn't even come close with ease like, you know, sort of, um, magic show like ice raids. And I remember falling for these. I think they were great. Like, there's some fun. It one of the funniest ones I can still remember. It's like some of these memories air still like, vibrantly stuck in your mind about that ice raid in in New York City where the ice agents went into the ah, the hipster restaurant for breakfast, the restaurant and sat down and ordered some history, you know, some avocado toast and some some hard soft boiled eggs or whatever the fuck hipsters eat. And ah, they let these illegals serve. Um, you cook their breakfast and, you know, pay their bill. And then they went back into the kitchen and raided the fucking place and, uh, you know, took him out, took him out. The front door is great. Lots of schadenfreude. But that was that was a fucking jerk off like puppet show. That was a shit puppet show. Like that's that was just there was nothing real about that. I mean, it was really it really happened, but when you actually look at the data, it didn't bear anything out. And so this won't either and So what this will do? It doesn't change. It doesn't change anything. It doesn't change the number of people coming in. And in fact, it may encourage more people to come in illegally because do you think the Corona virus and lack of PPE and you know, whatever is gonna prevent illegals from coming in like No. And the idea that that these the a lot of these people that were applying for visas or doing visa overstays or like whatever it's not gonna stop is going to stop them. But this is, you know, sort of tongue in cheek. This is a bailout for the micro finance loan industry. This is forcing more people to come in any way that they can and get in June. I este as quickly as possible. And, ah, you know, they're gonna pay a coyote to do that. Now they're not gonna go through an immigration lawyer, Which is why, which is why the people that air convention most about this this quote unquote immigration moratorium are Jewish immigration attorneys like, if you read these kvetch Corvette quotes from them, it's amazing. They're very upset because they're not. They deal, they try to get these people in quote unquote legally buy, just like rubber stamping paperwork and whatever way the government creates enough loopholes for them to get in basically creating a Jewish cottage industry for bringing in people who would otherwise be considered illegal. They should all just be illegal, like it's like you're not a native born American like you don't belong here illegal goodbye. And that's that's the rhetoric that Democrats and shit Libs hate the most. Is that so? Well, and that's the Reddit role. But also that's the rhetoric that was popular, right? That's the rhetoric that that 70%. I mean, we've looked We've talked ad nauseam about the numbers that we get from the Harvard Harris Poll and other places. This is something that has been popular. Actually, this executive order is not popular because this executive order allows for some of the most destructive forms of immigration to continue unabated. H one b J. One l one h, two b all of these visas that allow people to come in and take what used to be good upper middle class jobs that should be going to Americans. That spigot is still on, and it is not being turned off and Trump, and this administration is allowing that process to continue unabated. But, ah, but what's popular is ending immigration. We have pulls so showing 80% of Americans wanting to end immigration, at least temporarily during this time. And you know what? If you were to end immigration for riel and people started to live in a in a country where immigration had been ended, that position would become even more popular because people would like the experience they're getting. They would like the changes that are taking place. So what Trump is doing here this this stroke job is not popular. It's not going to be part. But the idea of it is right. And that is what makes this especially especially bad and annoying and counterproductive is that there are now people who think, and this cuts across the age bracket young, old, low information, what at people who want to believe who desperately want to believe people will now think alright, immigration is over done deal. That's the end, and they might not know about 60 days. They probably don't know about the special visa exemptions, but they think something has been done and you get the placebo effect of thinking. Trump is your guy in office and things are being done for you when in reality they won't. And that won't change whether or not you get Trump in office again. Or Josh Holly and 2024. Nothing is going to change this. No amount of electoral politik GOP stimulus is going to do that for you. Yeah, I think this is so badly done. That's the problem, though with with Trump and just his mannerisms. And the way that he behaves is that is that I think that a more formidable administration, somebody who would be, who would be better at playing the game? They're not very good at playing the game that they would. They would actually fool more people. I actually don't think that this is gonna fool that many people for a very long time. I mean, sure, you can go out there and find somebody who thinks the wall is being built. Sure you think that I like to find somebody out there who thinks that Trump is into Dacca. Now you're going to find people that then cope and say, Oh, it was the Democrats fault, and the numbers are The numbers aren't gonna bear this out like just like the deportation numbers. Don't bear it out just like New Wall going up doesn't bear it out over topic. TV's people inherently know that the promises haven't been kept, and then they fall back on the hope that the Democrats stopped them. But I will say this. I will say this. And it's one of the reasons why Jews want this guy gone in One of the reasons why a faction of Jews don't have wanted Trump gone for a while. Why Juku was attempted and everything else you can say That's a dog and pony show find. Maybe there's an argument for that, but I will just say that one of the things and I think everybody widely agrees on this is one of the things they do not like about Trump, and they wanted him out immediately. Was this sort of rhetoric over a more prolonged period of time? Because I will say, actually, yeah, this is popular. Eight in 10 Americans support a in immigration freeze. People support these kind of ideas, but it ebbs and flows. It's not 80% of Americans always support something like this that doesn't born out by the data. It happens in circumstances like this, and it's better if they think from their perspective, it would be better. The reason why they don't like Trump for this is to ignore this, to make it go away, figure out some distraction, don't do this at all. And so I actually think in Trump isn't doing this on purpose. He's doing it unwittingly. So this is not part of some design. It's just it's just a flub. It's a big it's a It's a gap in his strategy, which is that if you give people just the tip on this stuff, they're going to think that it's possible in this in that all it would take is just the stroke of a pen. And that's true. It is true. The better thing for Jews and Long Room is never to even get close to this like, this is not a thing that's on the table. What in fact, it wasn't on the table until immigration moratorium hash tag was started out. That was actually, ironically, something that Jeff Sessions was doing. Trump saw that it was popular and saw that he saw. I'm sure that he saw that on Twitter and then went out and did this tweet. And then they came up with some policy to make it gay. Now it's not because Trump had something he has. He has had some based motivation. No, he was just reacting to what he saw as popular is in dire straits, and he's going back to the well on immigration moratoria. And it's just it's just faking gay. And they came up with the thing that he can sell, just like the wall to people. And this will be short lived because it's better for them just not to even approach this at all because they can't actually deliver on it. They can't actually make this happen, and it's not gonna work out. And meanwhile, you have every other Republican in the country wanting to talk about bringing in more immigrants. More H one B's more, H two B's Mawr Farm Labor, like they like this is going against the grain. They don't even want the rhetoric. They want this to go away. They want to act like and and some of them did. Some not Republicans, but liberals, Um, from quote unquote nonpartisan think tanks talk about a moratorium on immigration even in dire circumstances, like a pandemic as the most like acid. Nine backwards, upside down, thinking it's like, Oh, we can talk about a lot of things. We can talk about putting people in their homes and locking them up and in doing quarantine around the country, but just pausing immigration for just one minute. It's just it's like another Holocaust. It's so like they go down this road with this and it's like, Yeah, they don't They don't even want this card in the deck. And ah, again, I'm not saying that Trump is doing this on purpose to, like, you know, make people based or whatever. But I hope people learn their lesson that this is not something that is going to happen for you. It should in a real country. This is what they would do if America cared about you the way that the Israeli government Carol cares about its Jewish citizens. This would be like this would be like a news byte that you probably wouldn't even pay attention to it to get their shutting down immigration. Yet because their government cares about us, and that's that. Next, What are we doing now? But no, like we have to, like, get all of our hopes up for something just within our reach. A table scrap that is a tumble tumbling off of the table and just out of reach. And it's like no guy, it's never happening. It's an illusion. It's a mirage. It's over. Yeah, and there are still people that are keeping people in this, and it's understandable, right? You want to feel the urge is obviously understandable. You want to feel like you live in a country and you have a president that is looking out for you. And this is why I think a lot of people are drawn to figures like we mentioned earlier people that have been around for a little while, who know better. These are people who who were commentators, and they experienced Trump ending DACA and deporting Recipient. Someday one a program that stayed open for years, ending that ever city visa lottery lead it terrier is coming in. Still, open ending chain migration didn't happen. Ending birthright citizens citizenship didn't happen. All of these promises coming either on the heels of a crisis or just a few months before an election. This time it's both. And these air not these air, not strawman. We're setting up here, right? These air people like Nick Fuentes. People like Scott Greer. People like Michelle Malkin saying the groper War got us to this moment. Total grouper victory credit for the Trump Immigration moratorium goes to immigration patriots. God bless. It's like all of this is keeping you plugged in to this dopamine cycle where you think that because of action X, you got result. Why from Trump. Therefore, more action X will result in better result. Why, when in reality result, why is fake? You didn't get result why you got the rhetoric of result. Why, without actually getting result why and to that chain there is no link there. You know, Trump is in the middle of that chain, seeing what is popular and then repeating it on the other side rhetorically and not actually putting it into action. And the idea that Trump it was was, you know, he's getting stymied at every turn. You can't that just doesn't bear out right? Trump ran on immigration moratorium in 2016. He needed. New has known this would be popular since then, and yet throughout the entirety of his presidency, we haven't received it. Why is that? Because of Jared Kushner? No, it's because he never wanted to do it and he has no intention of doing it. He has the ability with the stroke of a pen, single line of text in an executive order. This could be done. So why isn't it happening? Because he doesn't want to do it. He doesn't want to do it. And remember, remember the name from 2016 with, like the the timeline and you know you are now here. Like Trump wins, Trump wins primary like you are now here. It's like for AM nets. It's like falling for trumps goi gimmicks for the six million times like you are now here. Like stuck in this spot on the timeline. And it's not even gate keeping it just road blocking. It's like tire spikes laid across the road. And, you know, if you go down that road any fair there, it's just gonna be create total cringe brow. It's like, you know, it's cringe owned American First Rising. I mean, look, you know I I want people to understand and get because it's it's very cathartic to move past these things. Like it just like it was cathartic to move past like based Putin like Slav ethno state like it was very cathartic to move past all that and and understand these things and get beyond it because that ideas keep you stuck. I think actually, the worst pandemic James is not some virus that gets spread, you know, from coughing. It's Jewish tricks and people who fall for them. That's the biggest pandemic and the people being infected by this. This is the biggest like airborne disease known to man, and it's been on the planet for thousands of years. Is Jewish tricks. People keep following for it over and over again, like people are like rallying around Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk is right. It's like a fucking kidding me. Let me tell you more about how Jewish how Jewish. This is Trump's bid to slash farm wages, right? You'd think it. Is that all you want to say about this before I pivot? Because I'm pivoting? Oh yeah. Let's go. Farm wages. Eso Trump's bid to slash farm wages like you might think like wow, based he's gonna cut the minimum wage for these h two b workers is not cool. He's cutting the if he cuts the wages of these people coming over from Mexico, who are making, like four and $5 a day cuts it down to $2. Day isn't gonna be great. Yeah, it's like guy, they're making a note in two or $4 an hour. Well, in Mexico, they're making, Like, what, One or $2 a day? It's like a like how hard you're gonna cut that wage. First of all, first of all, but these guys let me explain what's going on here. So as the truck this is this is from I don't even know this from I'd have to go. Look, Where is this from, James, do you remember? Oh, yeah. New York Post. Okay, New York Post. Right. See, as the country comes to grips with the current virus pandemic, the Trump administration asked the Working people of America to comply with containment measures for some 20 million Americans. That cut came at the cost of their jobs. But in counting and counting. Oh, yeah, Yeah. Tomorrow. Today, whenever you listen to this is gonna be tomorrow for FBI five gang today for slow boats, then, Yeah, it's like, but not everybody can be in a five game, but anyway, So for some workers, team Trump could add to post crisis misery to their current pains over the weekend. Agriculture, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. But last faggot, How long? Sometimes you put mispronounce shit. No, my accountant Important. It's important. Important. That's what it is. Yeah, you know it is now. It is now. That's right. It's the law Now. Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue is pushing the White House for big changes to the adverse effect wage rate, or a e w r to quote, reduce wage rates for foreign guest workers on American farms based right. But that's not the full story. These changes will affect. The wages of many American citizens is, well, the A e w ars, the minimum wage determined by the U. S. Department of Labor. That quote must be offered and paid to US and guest workers by agricultural employers of nonimmigrant H two, a visa agricultural workers. It is adjusted yearly in differ state by state, but the primary function of the E. W R is to prevent farmers using the H two, a program from paying US and guest workers wages below the established rates in the surrounding area. So here, something that was set up for good reason is now being a you used a za means of abuse. So while he's putting these people on pause now, he's not putting the farm workers on pause. But as American workers were forced into jobs that aren't so great and again, it's not like everybody working on these farms is is A is a Mexican. Some of the most of them are. Most of them are out in the fields, wiping their ass with your cilantro. But a lot of them are white workers. A lot of them are just people who have found themselves on the bottom end of the spectrum because of Slow Mo, and they're going to see their wages impacted even further. When more people are buying groceries, more people are buying fresh produce because they're not going out to eat in restaurants. So this big like based thing that they're going to do slash ng farm wages for these aged another not, and it's just gonna send people into being paid under the table in the white Guys gonna get the shaft of the official wage. So yet it's like awesome, very based right I. But that farmer was cringed, though. Row the farmer posted cringe cto? Probably. Yeah, probably. Um, but do you just another thing that they've done is this is this is something else that people should beware. Beware of 2 April 15th DHS in the Department of Agriculture, Sim Guy Sonny Perdue announced a new temporary rule change to the H two way agricultural guest worker program. Um, you know in before let's go. The temporary rule allows employers to begin hiring H two A's who are already in the U. S. Bypassing the need to hire new incoming H two a visa holders, the rules sites. This is necessary because of concerns that workers will be unable to enter the country due to travel restrictions. But this is unnecessary because H two visa holders are exempt from visa processing restrictions because of guidance issued by the State Department on March 26th. So H two a H two applications are in some cases, the only visas the State Department continues to process during the crisis. The majority of those workers come from Mexico. Um, U s and Mexico partially closed their borders, but H two a workers are still able to enter the United States. So the biggest changes that the rule allows the h two A workers to stay beyond the three year residency period without touching back to their home countries now in before they're going to stay anyway. Well, now they've been given a rubber stamp of the government to just stay. This sets a dangerous precedent. Yes, an actual, dangerous precedent. Um, c i s is picking up on the dangerous precedent. A mean, I think the touchback rules exist for a reason. And they're necessary to maintain the visa programs. Integrity as a guest worker, not an immigrant visa program, Right. Like this is the You got to go back to your country and touch home base and then come back like they never do. Like, how did they prove that? Like, what do they do? Like they go back and yeah, but this is what they've done. So this this rule that you think is doing something good is actually removing any sort of expiration date and basically means that all these agricultural guest workers he's quote unquote temporary people that we know really aren't temporary have now just it's been codified in the rules that you can stay here forever. Right? Right. Yeah. Bag piping, bag by bag piping Bill bar picking up Jeff sections legacy and run with it, right. It's like, Yeah, no, this is this is terrible. And the thing is, to these guest workers, you could say, Oh, well, they just overstay Well, if they just overstay and just don't do anything In theory, one could argue, Well, they're still subject to deportation if they're cut. But what happens in many cases, in fact in most cases is these people will have either a child in the US We'll get married in the U. S. Will find some other way to then become eligible for one exempt from deportation and to eligible for citizenship. And you can be chained migrated as a former visa recipient easier than as just some random in a random person off the streets of name your third World country. And so this is the just like the green card is a precursor to citizenship. The visa program is a precursor to the green card, which then is a precursor to citizenship. So, yeah, this is this is just, you know, smoothing out the pavement, getting things ready for these people, to to eventually be here legally, amnestied forever, which is basically what this does. Yeah, and it just never ends. I mean, the whole thing. I mean, you go from when I'm not just cherry picking stories. If you think I'm cherry picking stories, go cherry pick The good stories go. And these air, like these are important for context. Where the good stories about the base rule changes, James, like, where are they? Cause we'd be hearing about them, right? We'd be seeing it everywhere. Sure, it would be hashed and everyone's face and then disappointment 12 hours later. But we know you're not seeing any of this. What you're seeing is things going in the opposite direction that nobody's talking about. Right row. And these these two changes specifically are very important to understand the context. Because when you understand what's been happening this month over the last few weeks, you would then I mean for the immigration total immigration ban. Let's go to be rial. That would be a complete 180 about face from the administration when in reality it's not. It's just a a continuance of this. These changes even making to the Visa program for a few weeks, which essentially are I mean, the only thing shutting down immigration about this eo is the title that it shuts down immigration. Everything else about it. When you look at the whole package with these recent visa rule changes is to streamline immigration and to give amnesty to farm workers and to allow in more farm workers and more tech workers at ah, at pace is completely unchanged from before, if not increased. Yeah, well. And meanwhile, um, you have these two Brazilian brothers who head up this meatpacking giant called JBs Ah, that took $62 million in bailout money. That was meant for struggling U S. Farmer. So on top of record high U. S. Farm suicides on top of $12 billion in bailout dollars during the China trade war, Um, that was going on. That really went to Big AG and didn't go to these small farmers. You're seeing the same phenomenon going on with the small business loans, which we'll talk about in the second half. Mawr, even Mawr bullshit going on with that. But you have Brazilian billionaires taking $62 million in bailout money and then embezzling a bunch of money and then getting like, what is in Worthington, Minnesota? We're going back there. I guess you have. Well, I guess I wish we could. Worthington, I'm sure, was a great town 2030 years ago. Now it's It's kind of having a rough time, but they have a plant. These Brazilian guys, the Batista's. I don't know if they're Murano Zehr not I tried looking, but not me. Not much is coming up, but they're very They're very intertwined with that whole milieu. Um, they have a pork plant in Worthington, Minnesota, that's been flooded with cove. It 19 cases these air, some of these meat plants that you're seeing. So these guys took a bailout. Billionaires that took a bailout that was meant for struggling U. S. Farmers. And they supply a lot of meat products in America and ah yeah, they, like their plants have gotten infected with Corona virus. And yeah, these guys air Yeah, this is just like a shit show. And these these people are. You know, these people are tight, these air all like tight, with both so narrow and trump and everybody. It's just like all part of the the same crowd and because of their there disregard for I don't know whatever was going on in this meat plant. It's like, Yeah, like the employees of this meat plant are out of out of a job in Minnesota. Yes, some of them are there for the yob, and some of them are Minnesotans. Some of them are like you and me, the meat plant, and they don't have a job. They've been shut down. Now they're getting pay, probably because the optics of them not being paid during this would just be so bad. So they're getting paid to stay at home. So that's that's not so bad. That's good. More companies, more companies how to do that. But the optics shouldn't be so bad that that's like the only choice that you have. But yeah, these guys, these guys really did a number in a lot of different ways and, you know, Trump administration and stop him. This is all part of the These are all part of the favors. The political favors that are paid out, making sure gotta keep those skids grease. Right, James? Yeah. I think that connection with Bolson Roo and with this guy who owned together collectively, they own a Manhattan penthouse. I'm seeing a lot of potential vectors for infection. You know, jazz into their their little operation. Wilson R o, Manhattan, New York. Uh, being a global jetsetter. Probably really high risk activity for these. Get these air J packs super spreaders. Like all these guys. They're all shaken hands with each other, hobnobbing with Jews and then, you know, walking around factories, that air producing meats, delectable meat products that were intended for various locations around the country. And, yeah, you know where they got. They got, like, a pandemic outbreak at this place in Worthing to Minnesota. Has a worthington Minnesota been hit hard enough? There is somebody that you know, Jesus. Like these guys, it's like their whole town gets taken over by first by Mexicans, then by Jews trying to force them into signing off on all these bond initiatives to to expand the school because of the Mexicans being called racist if they didn't. And now maybe one of the last remaining industries in that town is shut down because it's full of cove in 19 cases because of all the fucking shitty as Mexicans with their bad habits like they're wiping, wiping their ass with the cilantro and their bathing and like the baby back rib that I mean, it's just like, Oh, man, that's disgusting. Adam and forget, Forget I want to grill. Yeah, I don't want to go to ribs. I don't want to go. Not after that mental image. No, no, no, I don't. But ah, yeah, that's about it. For the first staff, we have a bunch of Well, actually, we have a bunch of things going on in the second half, especially on the Karen question. We're also talking about the SP A funds and more shenanigans with that Ah, more kosher kosher lending packets and ah, cotton and Holly teaming up to go up against China. And then we have some very, very special bottom the stack stories. You haven't done bond stack in a while, but we have some good ones this week, so we'll be right back. But here in ftn you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation Heard on Lee on the car radio network Hello, Welcome back. How would you hear it up here? Jump into sort of a break from the teams we've been talking about in the first hour, but not really actually that much of a break. It is in the vein of bad takes and people saying things that they know better than to say And ah, yeah, people falling for narratives that are actually in this case anti white. The jazz were talking about a piece from V dare that announces, you know, with that it's odd, right? This is a publication named after the first white Child. They say, First English child, first white child born North America And here we have here we are pivoted all the way to you. Ah, taking joy and attacking young white women. They're crazy and I just want to say like I mean, video has done a lot of good work. I like I like a lot of the work that they've done, and certainly they a lot of the articles that I've read from them throughout my red Pilling journey have been great. And they've been calling things out on immigration for a long time. In fact, you know, the Brimelow video. I don't even remember what that was on C SPAN. I watched that, like, 2014 or something And that. Well, this is not This is not something that I hear normally. This is this is this is something new and interesting. And so, yeah, and if you dare normally does very good work. And so I don't want toe I don't want, you know, gets kind of, like, weird if people think Oh, you know, just rigorous attacking V there for no reason. It's like, No, When I see a headline like this and I think to myself Why why would you pick this? To quibble about, like, what is the issue? Because the way that you look at this, I mean that What's the headline? I mean, I think the headline has changed a couple times, but it's it's young, white, less leftist Females are nuts. It's official. Yeah, yeah, young white leftist females are nuts. And I was talking about somebody I was talking to. Somebody about this, and they tried to rationalize it and say, Well, maybe maybe this is just something that, you know, they're sort of poet. And this is a person that was not aware of this decided strategy of attacking white women, very Jewish, that strategy of attacking white women. And so you could say, Give him the bit of the doubt. It's just in honest mistake and that maybe that they're trying to appeal to younger guys who don't like white liberals and the liberal women that they see in Mihm's or White. You know, the one with the dreadlocks, the one that's been around forever and askew. Get into this thing for a while and you sort of understand what's going on. You start to realize that, Yeah, like maybe maybe it's not so much about the white liberals. Maybe Maybe that's just a Jewish thing. Maybe that's something going on here. And you look at this article in the study is based on a guy names that Goldberg Hobart does. A study was that Kohlberg is one of one of many of a cast of characters. Yeah, that are all interlinked in an ethno religious manner. Yeah, they're all interlinked in ethno religious manner. And and it's in the midst of this, this sort of, Ah, this wine at ISM, this propensity to attack women in, you know, carve out safe space for, Ah, Fat Jew has to inject his dick to rape women. It's like, Yeah, what's really going on here? You like young White left? And so I said to this person that I was arguing with this about not really arguing just debating the merits of this article. He he took the position that it was just, you know, honest and they're just trying to appeal to certain people. It's like, No, because there's there's a decided portion. There's a certain group of people who like to appeal to guys who, maybe because of the system, haven't been able to find a girlfriend or find a way for whatever. And I don't want to get caught up in, like the trad versus this or that. But they appeal to that group, and then they, instead of making the issue about Jews or about things that Jews have done to the system, things that Jews have done to these white women, this propagandizing this, filling them up with psychotropic medication. This you know you need a pet, not a boyfriend. All this stuff that's going on instead of attacking that it's attacking the white leftist women are retarded and crazy and stupid, and they're the problem. And so you're pushing this narrative and you have a study by Zach Goldberg. What do you think? His rethink? His ah, motivations are right. And the fact is that a lot of these young white leftists women are Jewish. Some of them are. It's it's the funny thing about this is the thing that Zack Goldberg is trying to point out a lot of these women who identify as white, perhaps fellow whites or Jews. But that still doesn't take away from the fact that it's an attack on white women who are victims of the system. I'm not saying that I'm gonna be like White Knight were not white knighting for them. We're just saying like you're this is like attacking China, right? Like, why don't you talk to the people who want a bomb? China. We're trying to goad you into a fight with China and Iran like it's a stupid This isn't a an epic in base rejection of feminism. This is the completion of the male half of this other kosher sandwich of the gender war kosher sandwich, the doing the the anti women and anti. It's not even anti women because these people talk about people who get married and have families. It's Simpson rate. So what these people are with wine nets. There's a lot of cross over there with AM gnats and and these Ah, guess now Hbg crowd getting in on this. This is an anti family movement, and it is as anti family, and it is as destructive as the blue hair feminist anta as s trade w bit that that they're holding up is responded enemy. They're only they're not disrupting that dialectic. They're not breaking out of that. They're not. They're not calling attention to who turned the genders against each other who turned men and women against each other. They are simply taking up arms as the male side of that struggle and the end result of this at the end result of you learning from the Julie Justin who conducted this original study and the Jews at Goldberg who was analyzing to study for you, the end result is and the end result of defending Harvey Weinstein the end result of complaining about dangerous precedence the end result of Ah, this this sort of fantasizing about about raping white women that goes on with some of these some of these bloggers on these sites that are being amplified across the Internet. The end result here is an anti family movement, and it it it serves. It does not serve your interests. It served the interests of those that have set this up for you that has set up this rat cage for you to play around in. And, you know, some of these people are more than happy to play around in it. And so, yeah, I do. We want to dive into this. Ah, wanna dive into this article. I want to make another comparison here to it. So it's like blaming soldier. It's like blaming guys who signed up for the United States military because they thought there was glory in going off to war and then going to Iraq and, you know, killing Saddam and the end of the soldiers didn't kill Saddam, but like going there and having this bloodthirsty like patriotic jingoism to, like take down America's enemies on behalf of our freedoms. It's like blaming them for that violence when it's really the neo cons. It's really the Jews in the system who have put them up to it, who have encouraged this, who have propagandized this in such a way where they would want to go do this where they would want to go, um, fight this enemy and destroy them and destroy their society, destroy their culture, destroy their in Trump's own words. There are level all of their archaeological cultural heritage sites. I mean, it's like blaming the soldier who has been put in to the situation and then, you know, like, L l fucking stupid Jarhead fucking wanted to go over. It's like you're you're focusing on the wrong thing and you're being focused on the wrong thing on purpose. It's not by accident. It's not a mistake. There's There's a very decisive reason why this is being done, and this is why I can't just sit there and say, Yeah, there was an article on this site that said, This thing that sucks, it's like notes. It's this specific article with this specific headline with studies by these specific Jews saying these things in a chorus of other people. We're seeing this. It's problematic and I'm not going to stop saying something about it because it's leading people down a path that's incorrect. It's misdirection. It's classic misdirection. So, yeah, let's dive into the article. Yeah, get all that out? Definitely, definitely. And one more thing before we do is this is break. This is happening as part of an effort, and whether you want to say it's concerted or not, there's in a reason to believe either either side of that, but it's happening is part of this effort that is with the wine gnats and with with what Vida is doing here and with what others are doing is turning you against the family separating you from the family from the prospect of having a family teaching you that that women are all women, you know, light switch, turning you into a light switch brain on women at the same time as its tethering you to the GOP, tethering you to trips and silly part of it's part of the kosher dialectic. This is the absolutism to attract you to one bun or the other or a shoe the other bun For the sake of the bun that you're on, right? It's like, Why would you have a dog in the fight for Democrats to beat Trump? It's like, Well, because I don't have a dog in the fight for Trump. Like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna like. I'm not going to just vote against Biden because Elise Trump's not that guy. It's like that gets you into this stupid line of thinking where you just look it. Leftist white women is is It's like whatever. It's not about its Not like its again lights. Which rain? It's not about either being a white knight or simp or going in the other direction as this article. It seems to suggest it's about just having a a very sober minded take on this stuff. And it's not hard to dio to my heart of the next for moderates. Very moderate moderation. Exactly All things. Yeah, So this article reads quote and this is this is from yeah, from Vita body of research by psychologists Lee Justin who, you know, you smashed that don't even have to smash the early life, just smash the photo. And yeah, has found most stereotypes are empirically accurate and new research so far only tweeted by the researcher in question has shown this stereotype to be more accurate than most. If you meet a liberal white female under the age of 30 there is a more than 50% chance she will have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Zach Goldberg, whose Twitter profile explains he is a PhD student and woke nous studies scholar researching the great awoken ing as analyzed, this latest data set released by the reputable Pew Research Center in analyzing the data set. What really caught Goldberg's attention? Was there a conservative? It's a conservative leaning institution, too. By the way, let me just point out all right. Yeah. Rock rib. What caught his attention? Goldberg's attention was differences in whether interviewees had been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Among the white sample at Goldberg. Just ah, innocent observer. Looking at the looking at the state of white people overall, Goldberg writes, and with one exception, white moderates those in the 18 to 29 age group are more likely to report being diagnosed with a mental health condition. This difference The difference is among white liberals, though, are striking almost half of white liberals. In this cohort report, a diagnosis, he goes on among those aged 18 to 29. Some 20.9% of them who describe themselves as conservative answered yes to the question. Has a doctor or health care provider ever told you you have a mental health condition? For those in this age group who were political moderates? 26.3% answered Yes. But among those who self classified as liberal, yes, Answer jumped up to 45.9%. So, to be clear, almost half of young white American leftists have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Now there's no and we'll get through the rest of this article. But there's no analysis, meaningful analysis of why this is of what led to this being the case of a potential correlation between I don't know, a society that is being, ah, you know, cradle to grave experience in the society. It teaches you, from the very earliest years in the public school system that you, because of your race, are inherently bad or inherently less are inherently imbued with guilt for who you are. You know, no analysis of potentially why this may lead to effectively psychosis among people as they come of age and are left without economic opportunity and the ability to start families. No analysis of that whatsoever as well. Striking may not even not even just that. It's what if that this diagnosis this incorrect, inaccurate wrong diagnosis that is coming out of a D S m for idiots and five GSM six where what is in the DS, Um six. Now, like white nationalism is Ah, if you have propensities toward, um, you're in group preference Africa. How they how they were xenophobia is even it. So that's like a mental mental issue. Now, what if this is just one stage in the process? Like because the diagnosis itself, like this quote unquote diagnosis of mental illness that is just confirmation bias for someone who is already ah, a victim in in a disgusting society that is telling them not to have kids not to have a family, you know, make make the black child in the ghetto your family and, oh, you know, hopefully you'll end up getting raped by one or married by one or whatever, it doesn't matter. This is just one stage in the process because then that diagnosis comes and then the pills come. And then all of that, especially the psychology that they suggest that you go lay on a couch and talk to slo mo about that is just all reinforced because it's like, Oh, you want to talk about your problems? Let me get inside your head and start of asking you questions and poking and prodding and pushing you in different directions. It's it's getting them in the door there and making these psychotropic medications and everything else so freely available that that puts them permanently on this road where it's impossible. It's almost like that's the death sentence when I mean it happens before that. But once you get to that point, it is the point of no return. It would be very difficult to free yourself from that cycle cause you're just gonna be surrounded by a sea of doctors. We're telling you that this is good for you. This is the only thing you're gonna end up on the streets. You're gonna end up with problems again, end up with all these issues. If you don't stop doing this. You're not going to get a single doctor very few and far between. That would go along and say, You know what? Slo mo? Show me over there in that Ah, Dr Katz office or whatever key he just doesn't have. You know, it's not. These drugs aren't good for you and the doctor saying we're gonna maybe name the Jew. But what doctor is gonna be like A You know what? Maybe this psychotropic medicines are for you. Maybe. Maybe you should just go outside and start jogging. You should start. Ah, you know, go get a boyfriend. Maybe, Ah, get rid of that dog. Or maybe keep the dog and have a baby. Right? But what doctor is gonna give that advice? I mean, that diner would very would have a protest done against him and outside of his office. And be very he's killing these women, these poor women, with all these problems. Like we know how this goes does go. So yeah, maybe you're depressed because you're 35 childless and working 50 hour weeks intently making spreadsheets and have no hope for a future where you are not doing that and you are staring down the barrel of dying alone and you're a dude. I did. I did the whole Well, at least she had her power points bit with with the Normie person who I know pretty well. Um, in the last couple months and that person got so mad at first they didn't know what I meant because they talked about some someone who lost something. Um and the person was in their fifties. No kids, no marriage, like office worker. And I was like, Well, at least they had their power points and ah, there was like, a pause. I had to say it again, and then that person got so pissed because it's they know it's true, right? But And I don't know, like my purpose isn't to change the mind of that person sometimes, like I'm not gonna tangentially derail this, But sometimes, like the art of the red pill is not even about like getting them. In fact, the key to the red pill is not getting that person toe where you are in that conversation in that moment, and sometimes it might not even be the goal to do anything at all. it might even just to say, like, say something like I just did and maybe unwittingly that person, I don't know. Maybe we'll come back and be like, Yeah, maybe maybe that person did have a shitty life because this is the the choices that they made instead of it's just, you know, this America people could be free and, you know, free to do whatever your want. You're free to become a fag, your freedom. Cut your dick off your Frito, you know, pursue power points for the rest of your life. And now it's just like, No, that's an empty in vapid existence. And it led to this person's downfall because life is more than just power point creation and deck shuffling and fucking whatever. And these women were not meant to do this. It's not, you know, when they and they found, you know, with, like getting women to help, like the inner city youths and social work and all this kind of stuff. You know, this is like the tedious Saleh, 2015 2016. You know, they found that these if they can squeeze out all of the motherly instincts from these women at an early age and wear it out of them. And they basically become somebody else's mother, whether it's a gay or black or like whatever. And then they just get tired and you know, then then their bodies change and they move on and they become bitter spinsters. And that's just the cycle. They figured this out, right? Right. So, yeah, this is why every single one of them has it. They're not every single one. But this is why so many of them have dogs, right? You've seen this, this explosion. And you know, we've witnessed this over the last five years or so. This Ah, and I've noticed this this explosion and dog culture and referring to dogs your fur babies, which grind my gears whenever I hear that you are one of the most one of most successful Web websites during this during the Corona virus. Um, and it's coupled with the story about how like pounds look ran out of pets when, when the when the stand home orders first started because people were like getting pets. It's like, this is, you know, people say, like, you can't remember what happened two weeks ago like people don't think like, wow, getting a pet means like a 15 year commitment. People are just getting dogs because they're bored. Get aboard, get a dog. One of the best companies that one of the companies that has done so well during all this is is a company called Chewy. I'm sure you've seen the ads for Chewy Chewy. It's just Jui. It's like Jui gives you, like all of your dog stuff fiscal, and I have a thing against stocks. I love dogs. But if dogs are your crutch, if dogs air the thing that is preventing you from from having a family moving because it's like what is the saying? Go like if you know you're you're out on your own for the first time and you know you want to see if you can take care of something that's a great we'll get a plant. And if the plant lives, then okay, get a dog. If the dog lives, you don't lose the dog. You don't sit on the dog. The dog doesn't whatever. OK, then you know you're probably good to raise kids, but like if you can't even raise a plant if you get the plant in the plant dies because you don't fucking water it like maybe maybe you should learn, like, practice, tying your shoes and like, doing some other things first and and then, like, No, I'm not being anti family here, but they're saying like it's like baby steps, like, move in this direction. Right? So sure, Yeah, the permanent infant. But it used to be that the dog would be something that you would get for your kids to teach your kids. Responsibility, teaches lessons, your single people thing. Yeah. Yeah, it's very odd for it to be a single people thinking for to be a companion. I saw this article a few days ago written in I don't know, Jezebel or Huffpo. Or you got a problem. You got a problem, Jack London. You calling Jack London a a a dog. Eternity Dogs, you know. Now call the wild. Great, Great story. Um, no, But I saw this article by this woman who said that seeing Baby Yoda on the man DeLorean caused her to get her eye You d removed because she suddenly had her maternal instincts reactivated by this cute, animatronic thing with with big eyes. And you're like you see that? And, you know, maybe you look at these, these women in the symptoms that they're feeling right, this loneliness, this lack of connection anything, this strong, motherly instinct that they're feeling at the strongest from the mid twenties to mid thirties because that's when people are early thirties. Because that's when they would normally in a healthy society, be raising Children that motherly, instant going totally unsupported. Unutilized. Yeah, this is going to lead to depression, right? This is going to lead to a whole host of mental issues. And the answer again, If we had a society that cared about the well being of these people, the answer is not to go to Dr Katzenberg, Steen Blatt Steiner wits and get your prescription for Zoloft. But that's the answer that's being given to them, and it's become incredibly easy. Every college campus now has has on ah, on Sutton on sweet on site. You know, psychologists that will prescribe these things for women that may be in their early mid twenties and kind of ah, reconsidering whether or not going hoeing the road of of Power point creation was a good idea, but just suppress that urge and does really. This really is when the cure is worth worse than the disease, when the disease in this case is really just like going out for a jog in finding a boyfriend and not like wet railing against the white patriarchy like That's the disease like That's the rial disease. And of course, it's, as always, with every every sort of, like Judy eyes fast set of society. It's Let's create 200 more proud. Let's solve this problem and create 200 more problems, right? Let's put you on drugs and then, you know, like, decide to like, Go look, it looks like you're you're a little bit off balance. Let's add another you know, Ah, another pill pack to straighten things out and just juke this over here and it's like, Oh, you're starting to have suicidal thoughts and an eating disorder. Here, have another pill pack. Let's talk about this. It's just like it never ends and who profits from this right? They profit from a number of different ways. It's it's big pharma. They profit from it in in in that they have these women sitting at home like buying products like the Wayfair commercials that are out there on television now of like it's like always single women in, like surrounding themselves, with all the stuff that they bought from Wayfair. It's like clearly targeted, that lonely women who could just go online in, like, fulfill the the whole, like the product shaped hole in their heart with all kinds of Wayfair shit. And it's just it's just disgusting. And so they profit on in a number of different ways. The most important way is it stymies reproduction. It ends reproduction. And so carrying these narratives forward and attacking the victims of Jewish ideology and Jewish propaganda is it's like you're you're just part of the problem like you're you're somebody who's like piling on what they're already trying to do. You're helping them accomplish this. There's no other way to cut it. Then be a Shabbos goy. And if you don't know that you're doing it now, you know, if you if you didn't know that you were doing it, cause look, I mean, look, I remember it was like to be a normal conservative. At one point I know what it was like to hear Rush Limbaugh and Rush Limbaugh has been doing this lately. I haven't listened to Rush, but I've heard him do this. Russia is also going after the white Socialist. Democrats are the biggest problem, the most dangerous people in America, folks Aer, the white liberal Democrats like it's the same thing. So whether if you want to, if you want to, like, get hung up on the women question, it's that, like, just transfer it to rush attacking white liberal Democrats. It's the same thing. It's getting you fighting this person so that your they're not focused on the real problem in its again and again. Whether you're talking about China with your tongue, Russia with you're talking about this and that it doesn't matter. It's always a kosher dialect, right? And look, this is not to say obviously this and this shouldn't even need to be said right, because it's very clear what we're saying here. There are legitimate grievances people can have with, like the dating scene, right or the tinder seen or or how difficult it may be to find, in your opinion, to find, ah, a woman that's a good life partner, like these air all like valid things that are problems, but they're not these air, not like evil plots that have been concocted by women, just despite you and to prevent you from getting a girlfriend. This is part of the system that has been set up by Jews to do this to you, to stop you from having a family to stop you from having healthy relationships with the opposite sex. Right? When you go and you issue women, you make this vow of celibacy on Twitter a za part of your Twitter persona and you let you love truck folks. We love Trump. We hate women. Folks were serious guys, you are basically just doing everything like checking down the down the check boxes everything's used wants you to do right here. Like that's your fitting perfectly into their mold, because you're not going to Yeah, you'll just be caught in their hamster wheel forever and you'll be listening to people like I don't know, like Jonathan Height, who injects his grubby little hands into this discussion. Who asked, asked Goldberg if he'd broken the data down by sex. Ah, Mr Zach. Mr. Goldberg, Uh, you know, going after the whites is good enough, but can we can we focus on white women? Sure enough, they can. Um, well, Trump's in, says the age analysis is super interesting. Super interesting. I want to read this with beach friends. It fits in what we know about Gen Z and the sharp rise of depression and anxiety. The began on 2012. Have you broken this down by gender as well? Sure enough, Goldberg does and breaks it down by gender. Then Emily Ekins of the Cato Institute presented evidence that the poor mental health is correlated with perceiving the world as beyond one's control. And here we see the kosher GOP spin being put on this by the Cato Institute and by V there because V there is focusing this on to well, you'll see what they're focusing, focusing and what One thing I'll say, though, too, is that people who consume this sort of thing and think this is funny. Probably also think that the demon rats like Boomer, saying demon rats is funny. Well, you're just doing the same thing. You're just all those stupid shit Libs, those stupid retard leftist. It's like you're just you're just surfing the dialectic, My dude, you're just you just hanging on there and not really. And if you're really trying to speak to the power and you're really going after this sort of thing, do you think Do you think when, when you're sitting there attacking like white leftist females who aren't Jews and they know that you don't know that they're Jews? Do you really think that they're worried about you? Do you think they're just sitting there had vigorous hand rubbing commences when they see you engaging in this sort of thing because they're just like this is just like a dog speak of dogs. This should dog chasing its tail, what could chasing? It's down. And what could be better for them than taking this group of young men, young white men that are justifiably angry at the system and convincing them that is part of a political expression as part of their self development as part of some self manifestation that what they need to do is to not get a girlfriend because that's really gonna own this system, right? You're really gonna show this system that wants to essentially drive you extinct by not relating to the opposite sex at all? Your vow of celibacy is only helping. It's only helping one very small group. That is, that is pushing That is presenting this entire dialectic to you. And you just willingly jumping in two feet first. So, yes, small, small hat group loves getting small brain group like, whipped up over stupid shit. And that's what this is. Yep. Yeah, yeah. And so, you know, don't take it personally. Don't get mad. Don't get upset. I'm just trying to help you. Look, I mean, I want there came in. A lot of people came into this thing through. Like, uh, what's his name? Brush V do that was 24 man. Yeah, we're a man. A man, Dude. Well, not really into that. But I was I would like, see that stuff on Facebook and be like, Oh, this is interesting And read it and and, ah, back in 2014 or so And yet, but it's one of those things. It's like libertarianism right where it is useful maybe as a sledgehammer for, like, breaking the mold of liberalism. You could say, but but the funny thing is like now it's pivoted back to liberalism where the people have the belief that men and women have the exact same amount of agency, and they're exactly the same. That's what the wine that's were saying to blame the women for being raped by Harvey Weinstein. But you know, these air these air, like interesting ideas like this is interesting, but it can't be where you end up, right. It can't be where you end up, just like you can end up as an an cap. We can't end up as a libertarian, right? Ah, yeah. So So, yeah, there are plenty of people that came into this where we are now through these vectors. And but you have to understand, just like with with being a wine that just like with being an AM net, just like with being a saber rattler towards China, this is a work. This is a work just like being on the Trump train and plan trusting. This is a work you're also being given a license to be to hate women, right? The this like it, make towel, whatever that whole sphere has seen. No censorship, right? They have been allowed to continue to do their bit forever. And it's for a reason. It's because it's convenient to them. So, yes is the pivot that the pivot that Emily Econs of the Cato Institute. By the way, it was Julie Borovsky from the Cato Institute. She's really weird. She's really weird teeth. She's got like Charlie Kirk teeth where they're just like it's like corn on the cob that you harvest too soon and they're just really tiny. They're really little bit if interested. It's just a bad genetics. You know what happened with her, but I bring that up because she's selling her breast milk now, which is, you know, another escalation in libertarianism. But it's like it's like bathwater and breast milk. Only fans Now, I guess, Yeah, yeah, But what Emily Econs does here is she says, that this is how American liberals see the world as controlled by conservative forces, whereas conservatives feel they have agency and can impact the world and their place in it if they work hard enough. In other words, liberals air fatalistic and this makes them depressed jazz. It's the demon rats that are making these women depressed. And so you know this writer for me there, this writer for Nancy, Nancy Pelosi did it right, right Yeah, Chuck Schumer did it to you. Well, people like you never did it to you, but yeah, yeah, No racist white KKK liberals. Ah, the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. He and the racist KKK did this to you because they are racist or something. But the writer for V, their picks. This picks this ah, time bomb up and runs with it. He says a simpler explanation. Extreme left wing ideas reflect the maladaptive way of seeing the world. Liberalism is associated with ideas such a socialism putting the interests of other families above your own multiculturalism, placing the interests of other ethnic groups above your own environmentalism, putting the interests of other species above your own. An antenatal ism believing that it is morally wrong to breed in terms of passing on your genes, these air maladaptive ways of seeing the world. So we would expect them to correlate with other maladaptive ways of seeing the world such as depression and the con competent belief that life is futile. And you may as well kill yourself. Come in a minute. Didn't I literally have never seen that world word before? Concomitant? That's right. I do agrigold role and you knew comment to commitment. That's fine. Go ahead. Yeah, well, but ah, so that's the take. Indeed. That would be, unless way, you know, we've seen the coincidence Tech detector, right? You know, I have Graham early. You just chef strike early, which takes normal words and then pronounces them the way that striker would. And then you you've done it that way, right? The proper pronunciation for these things we don't leak, don't know how to speak. Well, just download the school app. It's called strike early. What? We really need to see the way that you want yeah, is the rate of depression and suicide in tucks in Arizona that is going vastly under reported. She he continues, Um, indeed, this would be in line with evidence. The left wing is a left wing and atheistic. Being left wing in atheistic is associated with mutant genes that would have been washed out under high levels of child mortality and in previous generations, due to the strong relationship on. And, you know, this is where it goes from there. But essentially, the pivot here is not to attacking the system that has over diagnoses, mental illnesses and and not even overdiagnosed but has caused these mental illnesses has caused these young leftist white women to have nothing in their lives other than power point and file folders and has made them depressed, has made them mentally ill, has made them bipolar, has turned them against men and has turned men against them as well Has turned some men who were after two to that belief system against them has filed ful file folders. You got a problem with lists? Pro had an issue with lists. I like lists like long lists of things. All right, I got to buy, like I like file folders of lists. Yeah. No, I actually kind of like doing paperwork by hand. I don't know what the deal is. They're great. You never forget things, right? Never forget things that are enlists. Go ahead. No, you never dio eso, but this is This is the pivot they're doing right is instead of talking about this is you know, this is it could be a factor for talking about so many societal issues. So many ways that this system has destroyed the family has turned people, has turned young people, uh, into Janis areas of this anti family system and made them feel good and passionate and proud about it, Right? You look at some of what you see from from you have these young leftist women on Twitter, virulent anti family sentiments, virulent hatred of men. And then you look at what you see from some of the grippers and some of the AM nets on Twitter and and it's the other side of the coin to use that retired metaphor virulent anti family is in very visceral hatred of women in a way that is as weird to me as hatred of a child would be like. Perfect example. I was on. I got linked to a reddit thread a while ago about, you know, some video of like a girl knocking a little girl like three years old, knocking over a cat or something. And the reacts in that thread. It was like blood coming out of your wherever. Hatred of this child like I hope this kid dies. This kid should I like just very disturbing stuff. Marty Singer. This is God's like, Wait, where is this going? And then, of course, Rice, right? And so that's the react people are conditioned to having on, and these were people who would be politically leftist. But you see that same type of sentiment coming from people who claim to be on the right. Some who even claimed to be national socialists on the right have that same react towards women and the same belief that women should be, you know, killed on but engages in wherever. So this is all being done not to serve your interests and and but bootstrapping your way out of it is not a possibility, as we there would have you believe here, being not being a liberal socialist will make you not mentally ill know The way to set his trap of mental illness is to not have a society that is controlled by Jews. Well, they have the same plan for conservative women to it's it's one of the reasons why they're they're approaching it from both angles, right it, and that's what they do on the left to is frame conservative with conservative white women as the problem right? They've done that before. They they have done that with with even Trump. When Trump was when when Trump had much better rhetoric they would say It's the suburban white women in America who gave you Donald Trump. It's the suburban white women in America who are doing what their husbands want. And and there the women who are her gave you this fascist orange Cheeto president. And they do the same thing. It's part of the same kosher dialectic is always that. And so you just need to learn to recognize it and, more importantly, the people who put out this sort of thing. It's like I'm just going down the list and checking the box. It's like study by a Jew that was done on based on another study by a Jew. If you're calling out white people specifically, why are you doing this? What is the reason? What do you what interests are you serving here? I just go down the list and I'm not finding there is no well, actually to be had. We're well, actually, this and there is no well, actually toe are well, actually, it's not like, Yeah, well, here's the angle that you're really not seeing. James, like the only thing that fits into that is like a gay cope and and in some of the gate like the only thing that even sort of like you get, like a one get out of jail free card on this. It's like, Yeah, maybe they're doing this because they want to attract. This is just a way because you're you're stuck in your conditioning. Well, if the un fuck that conditioning and then you move forward. But you develop a pattern of this and then you start have to ask questions. It's like anybody can clearly see the dynamic going on with the wine at stuff. And God knows if that's going to spend up again, because I just saw, like, a week ago, that he's been indicted again. Didn't he have Corona virus? There wasn't you like I don't know what happened. Drinks. Remember Chuck Weinstein got Corona virus like early on in this thing? I don't know. It happened. That guy never heard from him since. No tennis balls on walkers walk around Rikers. Nothing like that. But yeah, but here's the thing. Onley awful. Only those white women will not think that's excessive. Only those stupid white women who we Haren's Yeah, the awful Karen's right, Scott. It's only it's only awful that Karen. All the parents I've ever known have been like hot, nice family within units. That's the problem with things about like, That's yeah, yeah, about the Karen thing in and ah, the Karen mean right? This is another mean right? If you're at there's like Ramsey, Paul is who talking about the Karen problems Karen's that are doing immune. Karen's the Karen instant with one. It's a shitty mean. It's a shitty Read it me, and you should feel badges for propagating it to its propagated by the same people who hate whites. It's an anti white mean. It would be like falling for trumps like Jewish tricks is like one thing. It's like bad enough. Leading people down that path over and over again when you know it's wrong is entirely different thing. And so, like, yeah, like, out of the gate, it's like you get that get out of jail free card. It's a guy. Get it like you don't like liberals. You don't like shit Libs. You fall for this stupid trap, but you do this over and over again and you know better and you keep leading people destruction. This isn't This isn't by accident. This isn't a mistake. This is intentional and you know better. And so don't fall for this. Just know, like when you see this you're getting screwed like right, Like you don't like when you get a letter in the mail that says we'll give you a $20,000 line of credit at 49.999% a p r. That that that's a bad idea. So when you see somebody doing this, know that you're being Jude, know that you're being Jude into a bad narrative and issue it, Call it out, call it garbage help other people unfussy themselves from this because this is designed two dead end you into a place that doesn't really benefit anybody. In fact, it hurts people. It causes or problems. This is stuff that stay stuck, right, And it hurts you in the long run because you waste your time. You waste your energy in this milieu of thinking that Trump is great and thinking weaken, weaken, just weaken will win by by what? I don't know, licking the windows at CPAC and, you know, going giving money to speakers who have ju husbands and doing this whole bit and hating women. And this is how we win. There's some payoff, right? All of this is worth it in the end. But, no, you end up disappointed. You end up getting nothing from this experience, and you end up 30 in your thirties, forties fifties. Whatever, you end up at the same station in life as these, these women that you are making fun of, right? No wife, no girlfriend, no kids, nothing. You have nothing. And so that's the work here. And the work is being done on you on. You have to recognize that. And one more thing on that Karen mean the Karen like I have I have a hard well, actually, on this the Karen Mim. The Karen archetype, I should say, is actually a very good archetype. Those are the kind of people you want in your society, the kind of people who who are, you know, maybe like trying to enforce social order. And they're doing it in a way where they'll call the police, right. They'll call the police on a gathering of Ah yeah, 30 black people in a park that air like blasting loud music and beating each other up and, you know, running around doing God knows what. These with kind of moms that don't want apes from PG county coming into your pool in the summertime, right? You know, they call the cops on the apes. They're part of the neighborhood. Watch. Like it's like with one thing to attack. You know, for all the maybe faults that you want to try to find with this thing, it's like, Why is this year focus? Why is this the target? It's like, Wow. Okay. But anyway, yeah, yeah, it's Ah, it's a pro social instinct. And 00 but which has? Now, let's have a silly haircut or they're wearing silly sunglasses. So, uh, yeah, I guess I guess I'm gonna side with the with the 50 blacks in the community swimming pool that don't even live in the area now because was I hit Karen? You're just siding with Choose your just siding with Jews. That's what you're doing. Nothing. Nothing different than that. So seems use that are stealing your SPF funds, right? Yeah, the same ones. And this is caused a lot of rage. But look how quickly Congress acted to make sure that that fund that's going to Jewish NGOs and Jared Kushner and Donald Trump and everybody Look how quickly they reacted to that and they made sure that that fund was topped. I frankly top it off for Shake shack. Top it off for Ruths, Chris. Top it off for Harvard University, right? Make sure that they have been replenished. And, ah, everybody else that's been waiting for that bag. A your back of the line. Right back of the line, chump. Yeah, The broke take here is that they saw the numbers on small businesses. 70% of all small businesses in America have applied for P P P loans. Only 72% of those were successful Onley. 20% of those have been approved. They see the numbers on four million E. I. D. L applications for a $17 billion program. Only 10% of funds dispersed so far. That's the broke take is they responded in action to this, the ascended take in the true take is they got a call and some of these non profits are running into problems getting the funds that they were trying to suck out of this small business pool. So Yeah, look at the wrist. 350 billion or whatever. It was dumped, more dumped into this program. And you look at the businesses that are getting the money right. The Seattle Times that the Tampa Bay Register at the newspapers in these in these cities, these massive companies 17 companies with more than 500 employees, which you know that's above the legal threshold for P P P eligibility. Whatever. It don't matter. They got ahead 43 funds hedge funds that were calling themselves small businesses and and so on and so forth. Yeah, but they have to keep this all up and running because if you take, if they take their foot off the gas even for a minute, you end up with, you know, people don't have their local paper to sort of agree and amplify all the Jewish it that they're being told in the national level. Let's say like it's just some, you know, guy who reads this local news because he thinks so. That's where I'm going to get the real story from. It's like, No, it's just syndicated from the A P and routers. So you got to keep all that afloat. Got to make sure that's running, because if that guy doesn't get pumped full of narratives for even, maybe 72 hours Oh, better look out. That guy could be out there in the streets. Goose stepping in a Hugo Boss. I'm not kidding, because thes you know, 80% of the country wants to keep immigrants out. This is these air sentiments. This is what this is One of the reasons where you talk a lot about it this weekend. Buckle up that they want to open open back up again because people you start to get you start to get sentiments like 80% want to keep the country closed. Immigrants, that's that's not good. That's Ah, that's That's a very why marien thing, You know that we don't like. We don't like having that as you know, things go on. So anyway, yeah, the S p A. They've replenished this. So we've we've told you how to get the bag. And we told you very early on. In fact, we told you exactly how to do it. If you're a small business from the very beginning, and just to give people a fighting chance when you're impacted by this to get that bag, it's your money. And because there was gonna be a lot of competition now they filled it back up again. I'm sure I'm like, hopefully, if you're a small business and you've consulted with an attorney, were not attorneys were not financial experts were not financial advisors. But if you've talked to someone and you've gotten in the pipeline for one of these things, it's being replenished. It may work out for you. I hope that it does, because that's really what the government should be doing. And we've been saying this for months now is that they should be making people hold the way that they are in Europe while this is going on and taking care of people and they're not doing it. But there they have replenished this, and it is largely for the benefit of of the biggest groups. That's why you dont like you're not gonna see the a t l going out in protest ing firm or bag money like they're gonna very quietly make a couple very terse phone calls to folks on Capitol Hill. And it gets done. Look it. Look it. Ah, you know Mitch McConnell. He gets right at their and signs it and gets it done and no questions asked. And no hemming and hawing. And and there is pressure. There's pressure on this from small businesses who have not gotten what they need from this. But you know, there's there's an opportunity, at least for as long as this goes on and there's no protests that's gonna change it. Astro, turfed or otherwise, it's gonna go on for us. How long, however long it's gonna go on. People are going to stay home for however long they're going to stay home, and that's just gonna be the way that it is. You make the demand like focus on the target, which is the government the government needs to make people hold. The government called the government, caused this in one way, shape or form. They need to make people whole, you know, So don't don't make the target. You know somebody else on the opposite side of the kosher dialectic. Don't don't do that shit. Make make it about that right? You know, expense said, You know if if if this if these if these protests were really if they were serious if these people were genuine and some of them, some of them may have genuine beliefs like it's like the tea party or it's like climate change, or it's like, um uh, occupy Wall Street. Yes, there were their original, genuine sentiments that start these things off, but then they get co opted. So where the signs we saw that one sign at the Ohio Ah, the Ohio, that state capital. But where the signs for calling out the real problem here, Um, So yeah, it's Ah, yeah, I don't want to delve too far into the way to farm the weekend, but yeah, this is the problem. These are the issues, these air riel things. This is This is a tangible, verifiable way that equity firms are screwing the little guy out of their money like thieves, small businesses. And the other phenomenon here is, as the's big companies are able to dip into funds that were intended for small businesses. This just allows the's big companies, you know, these big box stores and others that are doing really good business right now. While other businesses are being told to shut down, it allows them to gain even greater leverage in the markets, which is by design, right? It's not the design of the shutdown. It's the design of the way this loan package. The's bailouts were constructed, and that's what we said. It's all like every time this happens, 2008 that happens now. It's always about initiating reset. They're not gonna let the crisis go in such a way like otherwise, they would give people $6000 a month. They would give businesses $10,000 a month. They would do what they did in Europe, which is basically just fun. The paychecks for all these workers at 80% and promise people they're not gonna lose their jobs. What good is that when you're actually helping white people in the country? They can't do that. So, yeah, and by the way, that program they did a poll on this and the program ah, like has been done in Europe would be popular with 80% of Americans have something that's immensely popular. Can we just Can we just take the 20% of people who think the border should be open in a crisis, and the 20% who think a loan program like that isn't is not a good thing. Could just take those people and, like, shoot them into space and make them like space junk like they're just space junk. Now, like people who think these things just goodbye like see you later, like, shoot him into space. We'll send him over to send him over to India to, like, work in a mask factory, like, I don't know what you're gonna do. But you're not gonna be here in our country. Like if you think these air bad ideas, like, you know, it's like, do you think? Do you think people should have the right to breathe or not? Yes or no. 80% say yes. 20% say no. Fuck you, 20% Get the fuck out of here like you can't. It's just like I don't know what to say. Yeah, It's unfortunate, though, because, you know, there are people who will say, Well, look, you know, my small business. I had a small niche business that sold, I don't know, seeds or I sold, like, some type of product, right? So it's here like a black guy selling weed in the ghetto. You just so yeah, see and stems and grinders. You know, uh, kitchen appliances? Um, no. You you know, you're and rolling paper to It's an office supply and garden store. The rolling operates out of the back of my Buicks. You dog. Let me get a blunt Your dog. Yeah, exactly. Know, But but let's say you have a business, like doing some any kind of business, right? Any kind of business. And you have to close because the specific very specie think niche urine is not regarded as essential. But say the Walmart can stay open. The Home Depot can stay open to load Home Depot. Great example. Founder Bernie Marcus donating $2800. Laura Loomer. How about that For a for a donation, But yeah. So you know, there are people who see this, and they say, Yeah, this whole system is is unfair. This is screwing me over. And these people like they look at the system and they see OK, this is unfair. Something has to be done. The problem comes in when they're something that needs to be done. Is just doing away with a lock down, letting everybody get back to work. Because we are at that point. Yet in containing this, the answer is, something should be done. You're right, but that something is The government should give you money. The government should pay your payroll. The government should should make it so that you don't have to furlough your employees or fire them or lay them off or or do anything. You simply can close your doors and reopen with your same employees when things are safe to do so. But this bailout, this p p p this entire program. This this government response is being structured in a way to allow these massive companies in these massive sores to stay open to corner the market share to to undercut the prices, even in places where small businesses are still open, undercut the prices and drive small businesses out of business. And that is, what we're going to see is, ah result of this jazz. Thankfully, the GOP has an answer for you. Right of that answer is you can sue China, make China pay for the losses you have incurred, right? It's it's ridiculous. And, uh, you know, this is being being celebrated by people across the Internet and the populist hero that some have adopted Vitre actually has adopted is a populist hero. Brimelow. Uh, it is a little podcast with Michelle Malkin adopted. Josh Holly is a populist prospects hero for 2024. Yeah, that's the guy leading the charge on this Josh Holly, this is This is the next thing, right? This is there's always the next thing striking might have talked a lot about this with Josh Holly and and this is like the next thing. They have to have a next thing right then. This is like the cope with with with Trump, because everybody understands that, you know, even though it's like be the EOE, and that's like another thing to like, get people juiced up for It's like Yeah, but they're gonna need They're going to need a new fresh thing right toe have people pivot to And it's just the greatest thing about this is it's It's just such a They do such a bad job at this because they have Teoh Holy has to give juice so much of what they want. It becomes so easy to point this out, right? Like he can't. This is what I've always said is that they would have been smart if you because nobody everybody. So these people are smart, they're infallible and they know everything. And they didn't They never fuck up. No, they fuck up a lot of other ways that they fuck up is they never give whites anything of what they want, right, And and part of that may be because they want to always have people like an enemy to point out, like those people that don't like what they're getting. Those of the Nazis like focus on the Nazi that always not the Nazi like issue is always, ever present. It will never go away. And maybe they were there. Maybe one of the reasons why they don't give people a little bit of what they want is because it would, you know, it would just maybe calm people down a little bit. You wouldn't have as much radicalism to fight against if if you were giving people 50 because it just imagine if Trump and I've said this before. It's easy to oppose Trump because none of the promises have been kept. Everything that you try to come up with is a cope, and I said it was said. It's like, Well, if he did 50% of his promises, I would even have a hard time. I would be like Well, but look, he's done this and this is you know, it gives the old He's just a stepping stone. Cope is sort of like gives it a little bit of credence, but there's no credence. It's like, totally done. And because these guys give Jews everything that they want and nothing of what you want, it makes it very easy to just point this stuff out. It's like, Yeah, this is faking gay like I'm glad that these people don't at least 50 person the time try to at least give people something tangible, but that would that would actually ah, cause a lot of problems for them. And they can't. They can't like it is with what universal healthcare. They can't even do that because it'll it'll help too many white people. And I do believe that I do believe that's true. Yeah, if they wanted this holly up to work in the long term toe to set him up as the guy in 2024 or whatever, they would not be tipping their hand this early. They would keep letting him do his bit as, ah, nominally antiwar, nominally anti big tech guy and build up credibility as that and and then spring all of this on you after he's been elected or whatever, that would be smarter from their perspective. Well, they didn't spring. They did spring all of this on us after he was elected. In that sense, I know what you're talking about, the long run with like with, like, presidential material. But Holly, like Holly, didn't he ran a very tight ship running his campaign and had a lot of very like boost stuff to say. And, ah, you know. But now, like this stuff is letting loose now than he's actually in power, right eso. And now we get him this working class hero. Here are the people not proposing a bill guaranteeing yes $6000 a month per household. Nothing like that. He's introducing the Justice for Victims of Cove in 19 Act, which will create a State Department task force to investigate the Chinese Communist Party's handling of the outbreak and help secure money from the Chinese government for the victims. In other words, the stroke job for victims of Kobe 19 act. He says the CCP unleashed this pandemic. Holly said they must be held accountable to their victims. They must pay, right? Yeah. It's like Yeah, yeah, this idea. You're gonna get the money from the Chinese government. It's stupid. Everybody knows. No, no. You know who's gonna get money out of this Jewish lawyers? That's it. You're gonna get paid in the Chinese like, Well, fuck out of here. They already are jazz. Actually you Ah, it's like you're having predictions for the 72 hour turnaround on a trump policy. Yeah, it's that instantaneous turnaround on Jews profiting from this situation. This wasn't Holly's idea. He and the White Nets are actually following in the footsteps of Jewish lawyers of the Berman Law Group, Lord based firm. The original suit was filed in March on behalf of Corona virus victims, and another case was brought in April by health care professionals suing China for hoarding personal protective equipment. Ah, yeah, and ah, this this guy, Jeremy Alters, chief strategist of Berman Law Group, says. I think it's fantastic, he said of Holly's bill. I think it shows that I think it shows he's looking for a remedy for this terrible situation that has happened. It will make the hurdles we have in our lawsuit much easier to clear, and it will allow the people of the United States to recover at least some compensation for what the CCP has done. That's the Berman Law Group Israeli NGO Shayrat Hedin filing a class action lawsuit against China because you want to know how much they're suing for jazz. What's the sum total of this proposed settlement? Yeah, there is an What's that? Go ahead. Well, you'll be surprised to find there asking for none other than $6 trillion. I was gonna say it's got to be a nice round number six or six million. But But by the time all this comes to pass, I mean, maybe maybe the Holocaust mean will be up to six trillion. Also, Australian means getting there. Yeah, 6 trillion $6 trillion. But the caveat is that all of the money printed has to be printed on machines powered by diesel generator diesel Russian tank engines. Yeah, that's the record. Well, yeah, Oh yeah. $6 trillion 99% commission goes to the Berman Law Group. And no, no, no. That will take, actually, a 50% commission. The other 50% goes to 80 l. And to make sure that this never Cove in 19 never happens again. Yeah, J pack Super spreader virus. What's the deal with 66.6% common fund guys? I don't know what's going on here. Yeah. No. And you know, my my thing is reading about these lawsuits. If you actually caught Cove in 19 or knew someone, or maybe you know, someone who died from it again, we're not lawyers. But my very basic, uh, legal interpretation here is that, you know, look at the Mike Pence recommending that people don't wear masks. Look at the surgeon General saying there's no reason Stop buying masks. We did the black surgeon general. I don't know, man. Seems like that would be That would be a better grounds for, ah, for looking after in exploring illegal possibilities. If you're going to sue anyone who have a better chance anyways, more standing for diverting PPE away from hospitals like all the things that have been done, you know, that's just who did who did that Oh, Jared Kushner did. That's right. Yeah. Who diverted a generation of American Children into morbid obesity? Yeah, Yeah. 00 we're pivoting to that already. Sure you want to? Okay. Yeah. Speaking of over six, Gore Ilyin served. Yeah, apparently sign Alex about this. Um, imagine my shock. Apparently, you'll never guess who is behind the happy meal. You know, the meal that you loved as a kid? Ah, that would have a toy inside and a B order and some some fries and a hamburglar. And God knows what else in there actually is usually a toy hamburglar back at this point. But, you know, to make this connection, right, James, before the era of the glowing screen and every child's hand, they had to have the colorful box with the enticement of a free toy and characters with McDonald's Grim It's and Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald And could everything out grimaces, grimaced Teoh Probably have to rename him Cringe for the 21st Prince. Yeah, and you know, and then pumped her to wait. Wait, isn't grimaced. The purple one? Yeah. Grimaces the purple. Yeah. I have to turn him into a purple cat like a gangly Purple Cat. It's five foot two crayfish. Yeah, yes, it's to complete this whole picture. You had this Josh illustrator and Children's book author Simms Tabak. He's also a Yiddish story aficionado. Um, he was chosen to draw the artwork on the very first Happy Meal box because he won the Counter Kat medal in 2000. He's better known for his rich and whimsical picture books. Then, for changing the ways American Children consumed chicken nuggets. And Joseph had a little overcoat, not to mention the 40 plus other books that bear his name to backs. Inimitable style, head beaten can be seen in full effect, cut and paste characters brought to life with dark suede like colors and bizarre settings. Yeah, of course, it's always bizarre, right? It's always weird. It's always like something that makes you feel that, but not the happy meal box that makes you feel good. There's a toy inside and abuse order and fries and a sugary drink to go with it, You know, back then this was like a burger fries, and that was it. Like today, they've sort of like, you know, pretended it's like a oh, would you like some carrots and said, No, I want fries Give it could give the kid fries like this is this is, you know, nightly dinner for many Children, American. And some of that is due to poverty all through the noone's here, like some, this is due to poverty because there is no people have been. They don't know how to make their own food at home. There are they live. Maybe in places where business this stuff's not available. It's far easier just to go through the drive thru Now again, the light switch brains. I'm not saying that all McDonalds is bad. Don't ever give your trial the happy moving but thes things that have been concocted as almost like the food version of heroin to create. You know, Alex talks about this all the time. These Children who basically, you know, they're born in there by the time they're 10 15 20 years old. 30. I forget the stat Alex and I were talking about. It's something about, um, like, where where the child is, like, at a certain point, like and have diabetes while their in the womb with the mother, because you you end up being bred this way you end up and end up in a place where, yeah, now it's like early onset diabetes, A diabetes. Oh, whatever. The Mexican scholar it. And then it gets to a point where it's just like, yeah, that's just like, ah, thing that you're born with, like child allergies and all the shit. And I won't pretend to be like somebody who knows about all that stuff. But what I can say is connecting toys, free toys with shitty food in a place that is like liberal democracy, where people can do whatever the hell they please. Then this is what a lot of people are going to make this choice all the time and it becomes a habit. And then it just becomes a thing. And then you have major societal problems. Well, it's kind of funny. You have Tayback doing this, of course, in Oh, I forgot to say this. They take a guy who makes popular Children's books, too. So it's the combination of the toy and the food and everything. And then, on top of that, an easy, easily recognizable illustrator that Children already love it. I mean, if Dr it was Dr Seuss Jewish. I don't think Dr Seuss was Jewish. I don't think he was. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not gonna look it up right now. But it would be is if you took Dr Seuss and put him on the Happy meal, right? It's like a thing that it's It's like another thing that attracts them to this. And I didn't know this either. But Arby's, um, you know, Arby's the like, roast beef sandwich place they don't have. You know, I haven't I don't remember the last time of RVs, but apparently 1964 to Josh Brothers Forest in Leroy, FL. That's what our B stands for is our bees marm ease for the re foul brothers. And ah, so, yeah, I didn't know that either. It's kind of funny how those that this whole thing goes goes right along, right? Yeah, I make sense. It was ah, roast beef all along. Was the calling card not roasted apple pork? E think they served pork now? I don't know. I don't think they I don't think they dio. I think it's I think it's well know that they have bacon like I've seen the commercial. Now for like the maple, the maple. But I think they make basically a sandwich. That's like all bacon. It's like all maple bacon. It's like, Oh, my God, now I'm fucking starving. But I won't do the fast food either During this during this time of ah of don't go out and do stuff. Yeah, remember a couple years ago they did the Meat mountain. It was like like 10 inches of different, like various meat Patties stacked on top of each other. Well, Alex, Alex actually called me out for for lying. Um, I told Alex, a friend of mine growing up, worked at an Arby's and told me that that the Arby's meat comes in a plastic bag. It's liquefied form, and they it's like a big icing thing that you like squeeze and they put a little tippy screw little tip under the end of the tube, and you squeeze that liquefied beef onto a tray just thin enough the way that you're supposed to do, and then you bake it and it becomes roast beef, and then they cut it with like a pizza cutter and serve you up a sandwich. And I think what I've realized because Alex told me This is a total lie like Alex worked at Arby's. And so Alex told me that No, I don't do that, Dude, that's like they actually sliced the beef like that's how they do it. So I realized, was that my friend he was lying because he didn't want us to come and get free food at Arby's anymore. He was like telling us some gross and disgusting ship about Harvey's does does their food, and it's like brow like You don't want to eat here, man, like the food is like liquid form and you've got to squeeze it out on a tray and, like bro like, Don't come through the drive through this summer and asked me for, like, free shit because like, I ain't doing that. It's pretty smart. My friend was just smart. What guy? You know, just, ah, it's got a funny, But I find out after all these years I believed him, though, and I think so did everybody else to the point where I was like, Oh, Alex, Alex, men. She worked at Arby's, and I told the story about your fellow brothers, and he's like I was going to ask you a question, bro. But Thea whole Arby's format He's like now, now it's It's real. It's real meat. They actually like, Cut it, you know, it's like it's not on a tray like my whole like I was like, Wow, this this, ah, narrative that I've been with its been with my whole life. That's why I don't go to Arby's because it's like, you know, I don't know what that is. It's like liquid meat in a bag that they bake in an oven. Yeah, he was probably just sick of getting his balls busted by the manager about why the inventory was off. But the hay like what? All the ah, where we short like £3 of meat. I mean, I mean, in the summer you had friends strategically located thes places. And then as you got into, like, high school and you know, you have, you know, Yeo late at night. Yeah, but it's bro working a Wendy's tonight. Yeah, let's go to Wendy's gonna junior junior bacon cheese burger on the house. Oh, man. The curse. The curse in high school of being the shift manager of the Papa John's and your body's finding out about that guy. You know, when you get off work 11. 30. I nice. Come through and bring a pizza, Dammit! Yeah, Bring to you know, um, that's that's how is I'd always heard that, you know, like like a paper slicer, the use for, like, arts and crafts and stuff. I'd always heard that the Arby's meat came in a essentially like a loaf, like a meat loaf, and they just sliced it off like that, but that it wasn't like a really like chunk of beef, right? That it was like the liquefied thing that was in some kind of mold, like an injection molded roast beef. So maybe it waas Maybe it is true. Me and my friend wasn't lying. I mean, maybe he exaggerated with, like, the tube and the liquid and you, like, squeeze it out onto a tray. But that would also make sense that, you know, it's like liverwurst or baloney, but like you'd think you'd think at at a place like Arby's that they But you know, it's to Jews who ran it. So you think they're actually gonna, like, send you, like, good beef? Now it's gonna be like great F loaf. That's been like reformed. It's like part head cheese part Braun, Schweig. It's like just a mix of, like, all this shit in our man in plucking. Not really starving, dude. No, I'm not really starving, either. But one more note of McDonald's is the ah, that wasn't the end of it. Just that illustrator, right? The guy let up the program was, uh, yeah, it was, you know, one in the same. It was a guy. So there was a franchise, Ian Guatemala, Guatemala that came up with the idea of the Happy Meal. And, ah, he called it the Menu Ronald Menu Ronald as, Ah, Aziz, A menu for parents looking to feed kids easily and corporate got the idea and the CEO, Dick Brams. Or here's the ad manager Dick Brams commissioned the Kansas City advertising firm Bernstein and Rhine to further develop it. Company's founder and CEO, Bob Budd. Bernstein took the idea to another level. Bernstein observe. His nine year old son would sit around the breakfast table each morning and stare at the cereal box. The food in the child's bull was less absorbing to him than the copy on the box, which included mazes and jokes. Bernstein recognized, as he would later tell a Kansas City outlet. Kids want something to do while they're eating. He then put this idea in the production, and initially they were doing kind of gimmicky toys like crackerjack stuff like tops and stencils. But you want to know the first product Italian. They had just go ahead. Christmas 1979 they introduced a happy meal with toys and box art promoting Star Trek. The motion picture a man. Nice. Nice. Yeah, Yeah. Wow. Yeah. And of course, kids want something to do while they eat. Yeah, I mean, God forbid they talk to their parents, right? Make conversation. So, you know, Bob Bernstein just wants the kid to stare at the box, start this excited golden arches and do a little maize or quiz later. Yeah. Take a little quiz about who were the greatest Americans in history. Martin Luther King. Emma Lazarus, Abraham Lincoln. Alright, educational lesson for the day. Done. Yes. See, I mean, in all of this stuff could be easily turned around. I mean, you could easily take the stuff and instead of, you know, free grimaced toys you give kids you know, free windmills in their in their toy. But no, seriously, no like imagine making like the back of a Wheaties box instead of it's like some like basketball American, you know, some white white baseball player, or even better, take it all the way back to 19 twenties, like American Boy Scout propaganda rubber that deep dive remember we talked about, They're just Imagine if you know kids sits down for breakfast and pulls out the non sugary cereal and cause that you're not gonna get ah type of serial that is beyond a certain sugar content in ah, in the, uh, in the future, Times and all over that box are emblazoned like outdoor activities and, like how to tie a knot, how to be a man, how to do like, various things. I mean, if you just see these things, this is why they shut down the Boy Scouts, right? We talked about the center deep dive, like if you just tip this the other way or even they just let off the gas on this stuff just a little bit. It changes the whole thing, and you end up with in this is what they're worried about. This is the Jared Kushner withy thout six million miles stare, looking out at whites at a trump rally and just seeing cockroaches that have to be exterminated or controlled, or at least turned into profit making. You know, these people have to be restrained in some way. They have to be filled up with awful products and they have to be, ah, you know, sent sent to their deaths as soon as they have exceeded a, you know, workable age. And, you know, that's why you see life, lifestyles, our life What is it The, uh, average life age expectancy? Whatever. Yeah, it did. Yeah, yeah, they get the foot in the door with these people and we know that what you eat can affect your brain chemistry to being being obese affects your brain chemistry. You have less every dopamine associated with getting toy and feeling good about Borger, right? Burgers, air good, like we get it like burgers are good with fries, but then you associate it getting something faux free, a free toy like a free. It's like, Yeah, this is That's not how like eating is supposed to work the Keating is to like provide your body with nourishment and energy and then you like, need it for that and you move on. It's not intended toe like be a gorp fest and like, get a toy and like, you know, it's like might as well just stick a hypothermic needle in there. That's what you're doing. Basically, yeah, this is the kind of thing that that I mean, should this should absolutely be illegal, right? This kind of marketing directed towards Children because you're building an addiction and there are so many assets of this of the happy meal that they're describing that are addictive, right? The bright colors, the free toy, the box covered in activities. The food is just marketing. Goy, you got a problem with the marketing, your problem with a little child having a having a good time and getting a treat? Some of these Children don't have parents that give them toys, So this may be this may be the only toy that they get at all. I mean, might as well come with a burger that they're gonna want more of an even more of an over and over. And it's a good low price of I mean, I don't remember how much these were, How much one of this bit have been in, like 1979 like dollar 95. If you think when I was a kid, they were like 34 bucks. I think so, Yeah, it's in the seventies, cheap. And of course, it's the of course. It's the burger that is like like 90% bread. And then, like, thin, like eight. What is it like? Uh, I don't know, like 1\/8 of a pound if that 16th of a pound burger, Little strip of, ah, strip of meat there. And so you're not Full rights was not fulfilling. And so the kid wants like, Oh, can I have, like, two happy meal I can get so I can collect all the toys faster. If I get too happy Meals, please get too happy meals. Yeah, For a limited time, only collect all six toys only available for one week. Like make sure you collect all 60 and by the way, each each region on Lee gets for the toys. But, you know, just keep coming back and buying a happy meal every day. so it maybe you'll get lucky. Well, the man up the monopoly game is like that for grown ups, right? It's like it's like lotto like, you know, it's like, you know this this whenever you're going to like a gas station. For some reason, lottery is considered an essential business for some reason. And it's like I would avoid gas stations that have lotto on purpose because your euro especially like if they only have one register for lotto And like whatever else you're just gonna be like, especially during rush hour, you're just gonna be standing in line behind a bunch of blacks and now Mexicans and blacks, like all buying motto. And that's the thing. It's like it's like a have these two little pull tabs you pull off in like, Yeah, you'll probably get a large fry like everybody's one, a large fry or large drink, or like a burger like one Big Mac or something. But like you think that you're gonna get five grand or 10 grand or like whatever, and it's like you got it got it cures the board, coy like stick off a little paste, paste it on the board, play the monopoly you're gonna win. I come here every day for something to eat. It's like, Yeah, it's like again moderation. That's when they don't want being a moderate is big horseshoe moderate. It's just that they do not want. So, yeah, I know. We Ah, I think moderation is the key here. And that's the thing is like, No, we're not. We're not being Puritans right there talking on tedious but being pure and striking like actually about being puritanical. And you don't wanna be Puritan because, like, go ahead, say, sometimes you'll be on the road and you have to do the happy meal. Bit like I'm not exactly Yeah, like my mom. I remember. Well, my parents would say whenever you got a happy meal, they would actually make the point of saying this is a special thing. This is not a thing that you that you're going to get all the time. This is not like this. You're not. This is only something that you should be having maybe once a month. And I'm not even making this up is a cope like this is actually what was said because I actually don't have that many memories of like eating happy meals because it was something that you on Lee did like if you had no other choice because you're on the road or it was like a special occasion or was something. But it was not like in place of dinner, like it was always sort of a thing. It's like, Well, if you can cook food at home and eat food with your family, that's always 1000 times better than going to McDonald's. You only go to McDonald's because there's no food in the house or because nobody can. Nobody has time to prep it or you don't have time to go. But it shouldn't be a stand in for sitting down for a family dinner, and that's not a cope. That's not like this idealistic thing. This is something. But that's why I said I prefaced this from the beginning. I'm not saying like, Oh, happy meal bad don't eat happy millets like No, it's just like when it's when it's foisted on a society who believes they have a right to consume this to the heavens as much as they want. Then that and then there's nobody that is going to come in and say, Yeah, that's not a good idea. There's no governance in place to say, Yeah, we're not gonna combine free food with colorful illustrations. And then what now, like you know what? In 10 10 years, they're just gonna be giving out a free phone with your happy meal, Get going, screen with your burger And like everything else, it's like, Jesus fucking Christ they are. That's the problem. Yeah, I mean, they already do, right? Some of these toys, they're they're doing tie ins with technology because that's that's what kids want. But I think that that's what they're being foisted upon them. I think the brought the unintentional admission that Mr Bob Bernstein made there is that this was introduced as a means to two separate again. It's another case of these people coming in and separating families separating men and women separating Children from their parents, in this case of preventing Children from having meaningful conversations with their parents over dinner. Because that is, that used to be like the one of the hallmarks of family life in America. Was the conversation with your kids over dinner and but, ah yes, so that's That's Bob Bernstein sticking his grubby hands in the middle of that and breaking that up because who knows what these people are gonna talk to with their kids over dinner? Who knows what kind of lessons they're going to impart to them? Uh, it's not. It's also not just like innocent advertising. Like Philo, Semites will just say like, Well, what? Do you have a problem going like? He's just gonna You have a problem with marketing? You have a problem with them just putting this stuff on a box like, What's it to you like, What's What's your issue? You know, like Jews, you don't like this so you don't like that. And it's like the reality is is that they're not doing this because they're just trying to sell more McDonald's. They're not doing this because because there's nobody coming in to say, Yeah, this is a bad idea. There's nobody and anybody that does is treating is being is treated like a pariah. So this is being done with a nefarious intent, and it's It's not up for debate like it's not up for debate. This is not by accident, like it's not by at the heroin crisis is not by accident. This is not just a whoops. Whoops. We we, we we over. We miscalculated. How many people we should prescribe OxyContin to UPS Didn't mean to do that to money. Quickly connected toys with food products and colorful boxes like Whoops. We're just trying to sell more burgers. What's your problem like? But we you know, No, they know it's ridiculous. They know it's addictive, and that's why they did it. And they've been. They've locked down the medical society in such a way that nobody nobody would. It's like, Well, if it's bad, doctors will speak up right? I mean, we have to trust the medical. It's a but they're. But they're not because anybody who does is a pariah. Anybody who goes against the system is is going to be, ah, trotted promptly right out of it. Yes, so and they've they've set up for the different sides of the kosher dialectic. Politically, they have set up a built in copes for built in ah, arguments against any regulation of this industry. On the latter view, if you set up a boycott against Happy Meals, is that a violation of BDS? And like we in my pick you If if you protest in front of Arby's and say, Oh, this meat comes from a fucking tube, this is This is shit. It's like, Yeah, but the Rehfeld brothers, though, operated in Israel like you have to eat Arby's like you're forced fed Arby's otherwise be charged. Find Melanie for violation. Son. NVIDIA's Oh, man, that she's us. I used to hate it, but, uh, I don't know. I don't know nothing about it. Obviously, haven't been there in a decade. Oh, you Yeah, no. But, uh, yeah, So, like, on the political side of things, right? If you start talking about this and you're on the left, you will get the chorus of people saying this is how black and brown bodies need to nourish themselves. And the only way people can get food and food deserts and and on the right, you'll get the built in narrative of Well, this is private enterprise. What you want control private enterprise for Look at Geoffrey Tucker telling you that this is in fact, a religious institution, and the consumption of the Happy Meal is basically like taking communion in the religion of American capitalism. so, Yeah, I Either side of the partisan I'll you find yourself in your finding yourself in the middle of that kosher one ounce cheeseburger. Yeah. It's like the bread of life is a burger. And the wine is a sugary Coca Cola drink fandom. Yeah. Oh, God, Yeah. All right. All right. Well, we have a very, very big show. Planets again. We have, ah, snorkel depth dive on a particular subject. That's ah, very complimentary to a tedious is doing. It's gonna be good. Be very good. Very good stuff. We're also gonna be talking about a number of kosher dialectics. Coche dialectics are, uh I'll be swimming talking about them and how to avoid them. Like I said, did you write this down? Biggest pandemic in this country, not Corona virus. Jewish tricks. So and teach you how to figure that stuff out. You gotta get your Jewish trick PPE in order to get that in 95. Just gotta get your, uh, the old noggin drug. Yeah, and that people be okay. Well, this being a paywall show, you're to get it. But if you use pay walls up, so got to do that, you'll be swimming in the Jewish dialectics this weekend. And, uh, you know, maybe find ourselves skiing behind a boat, jumping sharks as you dio like evil and evil with, like, fireworks going off. It wasn't that the Fonz from happy. Okay for Florence. He asked Jewish, you know. Yes. Yeah, it's amazing. What Isn't that? But anyway, see, you got what you got? Uh, no Jazz and Jesse tonight we got Mike in the madouas. Um, so get get cued up for that. Teed up for that, uh, ftn? No ftn, no TV. All right. Tedious a credit union in this shit. All right, guys, have a great rest your week."}],"