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welcomed FTN 304 Jazz and feels FTN brought to you by the world's most persistently vindicated right wing political network. So vindicated. James F. Five has been pressed more times on our site in the last 30 seconds. Then Lifetime listens on Scott careers. Highly disrespected podcast. Is it dead yet? Have you seen it? Did die. I'm waiting for the half life just and because most nothing's ever destroyed, right? Like, but you go from 5002 and 1\/2 1 So, like get Michelle Big Guest Malkin on and then back to, and it's like, This is just awful. I know some people that try to listen to it like in good faith, and they just couldn't do it like they couldn't even do it. And it's like, Yeah, it's like, Is this gonna make it Episode 10? I don't know, but, you know, sitting up sitting up here on the perch at 304 it's kind of like, you know, it's not for everybody, Scott, you know, you tried right gave it to give it the old college try. Yeah, I got a long road to hoe. Heady there. It's Ah, not not an easy thing, but yeah, when you're getting the third by mid tier bit shoot channels and you have access to blue checks a network of blue checks promoting your show, you know, legions of donors. Ah, and still can't break that old 4000 high water mark. Yeah, probably time to pull the plug. Maybe it's maybe it's, you know, the attacks on, like, white women every day. Maybe that's it. Like call it like you know, it's not just women. It's like white. Yeah, that is a weird thing, right? This guy it with specialized specificity, targets. And again, we're not like this is not a white knighting thing, but it's just weird when you see a guy coming out and attacking white women specifically. And ah, you know what are we supposed to believe here? What are we being led to believe? What are the in celebrate the diminishing in cell grouper army where they led to believe here, It's ah, weird. Yeah, that's right. Goi white women of the big problem here. It's so I mean, as you can see, though, out in the ether there that these takes air starting to wear pretty thin. I mean, who could have predicted that this would start turning in on itself? Right. And I mean, it sucks because there are far more important things about to talk about then, like how shitty white women are. I mean, that's that's the other aspect of this. It's like, you know, why are you Why do you guys even focused on this like, Well, why are you talking about white women? Are you talking about defending Charlie Weinstein? Like you don't want to talk about Apollo Global management bilking the bilking, designing and building the small business bill. You don't talk about Black Rock, you don't talk about it. And this other stuff, I mean these air pertinent topics you don't wanna on Easter Sunday. You don't wanna call Alexander Hamilton a fucking Jew. I mean, come on. Like, you know, that's that's that's that's where the magic is, Scott. I mean, you know, but you gotta worry about these extreme white women to shut the fuck up. But anyway, I'm chance Hansen feels This is James. Hi. How are you, sir? What? We what? We Week six a lot down now. Something like that. I'm getting pretty punch you? Uh, yeah, that's, you know, a few of us were making the same observation. Ah, while ago that you had a lock down. People are like caged animals starting to go at each other, but yeah, you know, there's there's ah, not much to do. I mean, there is a lot to dio depending on where you live and what the climate is and doing stuff around the house doing stuff in the yard, you know, hadn't over the lows, not Home Depot. Don't never go to Home Depot. Got Home Depot. That's bad about people have. It's pretty horrible experiences at Home Depot. Don't go to Home Depot. Course owned by what? Bernie. Marcus. Good. Alos get a chainsaw or something. Ah, make yourself useful here on the house because the order stuff too quickly on Home Depot and they fuck up your You can't cancel it like Bernie, Marcus is like I got your bag. Now you can take my products, have a good time going. It's like, you know, I mean lows. Yeah, I don't know, like clothes could be owned by a Jew to I've just always like I've always just, like, close better. Like I walk into Home Depot and I feel like I feel like that They just have so much shit. And this is typical, like Jew run operation, like so much extra ancillary shit stacked up in the aisles and like you can't get the cart down the aisle. They have those. I think Home Depot has those, like big plastic like race car carts. That is like a shopping cart with a race car attached to it for your kid to ride in, and it's like nine feet long. It's like a Cadillac. What's the Cadillac bro? Ham? The long the Royal room? Yeah, yeah, the 24 foot Cadillac. You got some guy going on the island. One of those in Home Depot with like Bernie Marcus is like, you know, Ju Ju. Add on buys teetering over on the island. Give me the fuck out who you walk in the lows. The lights are brighter, the aisles air wider. It's crisp and clear. It's like really nice like and the other thing is, lows won't charge you to cut would like. I don't like cutting long strip is long sheets of plywood. It's a pain in the ass with a table saw But blows will cut that for free Up to a point. Home Depot charges you per cut per cut. Bernie. Marcus, you fucking Jew! And so yeah, it's not fuck Home Depot. Humpty Post sucks, But anyway, I digress. I called Hamilton a Jew. We call while we we made the case that Hamilton is at least raised in a Jewish home. We don't know his genetic background, but you gotta listen to the Hamilton deep dive. Encourage people to check it out. Now it is free. All of you. Ah, pay Chad's, though. Got toe, lap that up on the very first day it was Actually, the great thing about this is the Hamilton Deep dive. Her first episode was the first show of the first day of the year. 2020. We dropped that on 11 2020 and it was quite the bombshell. Now it's now the free fags get to imbibe, and it's out there on lips and it's out on YouTube. Um and ah, good friend Charles Bosman and now has it up on his brand new site called Truth to Power news dot com. Truth to power news dot com Don't GO to TRUTH The power dot com is the wrong thing. Truth to power news dot com and, ah, he's got ah, he's got the Hamilton deep dive. He's got a lot Articles from Unsee Scott articles from Eric Striker or National Justice. It's essentially like a drudge of of our milk. Our milieu. Excuse me. And so yeah, check it out to power news. We're gonna be referencing. Actually, few articles that been posted up there. Ah, Tadeusz. Well, I mean, you know, I I spent a lot of time doing prep, but now Charles Bosman does part of my prep. For me, it's great. Like he goes out, finds the good articles, and they're right there on truth to power news dot com. So thanks, Charles. Appreciate it as always. But we have some other deep dives coming up with Apache coming up soon ish and another deep dive with Borzoi coming up that will be somewhat adjacent to Alexander Hamilton. Very chasing, in fact. So we'll be doing that. That's gonna be exciting work on that now, poring over old books, ancient books, new books and, ah, a lot of a lot of digging our way. We've been, ah, breaking up, breaking open the old dusty tomes. I think both of us have been digging into some text from the previous century and finding some very interesting things that you certainly didn't learn in your U. S. History class. So hoping even Oh, good. Even just read even just reading books that are Well, I guess it is the previous century. I'm thinking, like, you know, I'm I'm 1\/20 century guy. So, like I'm thinking, like 19 hundreds already. Book settled, maybe a few that are that old. But no, you say previous century, it's like, yeah, you know, like last last century. Yeah, I get it. Yet. Some of these books, though written before World War Two uh, you're gonna find a lot of a lot of ah unvarnished narratives in there about the way things were and what people thought. And so, yeah, it's Ah, it's good. I like doing this sort of. Even even as recently as the seventies, right before the Holocaust narrative became all pervasive and and weaved into every telling of history specifically with regard to in the 19 forties and fifties, the the candor with which many artists are artists, authors many. Well, you know, they are working some artistic fiction, oftentimes thes Jewish authors. But, uh, you know, the candle that these people will have and honesty with the with which these people will talk about their plans, how they view their role and, ah, how they have been found themselves intertwined in great societies throughout history. So, yeah, definitely recommend reading like, I don't know about you, but I have probably, uh, probably 100 or so contemporary political books. You know, like when what? Ann Coulter comes out with a new book. You like? Oh, I got to get this guy to get this fresh, hot Coulter book and some of those have been good, but then you just have these things taking up space in your shelves like Wow. Yeah. Michelle Malkin's book from 2007 is, like, really great. Like this Bay Buchanan book. Yeah, excellent push. That's all that stuff to the side is what I found and dig into the old stuff. Some of the stuff is good bonfire material. But you know, I mean, I'm not kidding like some of these books there. Some of the books that I have are just like their embarrassing at this point. You know, things that I read like 20 years ago. And it's like guys, there's a nice book that's a good book to have on the shelf in. It's like in Out of the Air, Bro. All 800 pages of Deneche dis uses of the end of racism. I don't know about anything like that. It's like theory of money and credit. It's like 1000 money and credit. It's like 1000 pages like what I need. This is a nice book door stuff here that we have, but ah, but no, I want, like, you know, First Edition, comfy book and things like that occupying myself Now, Um, not all this other bullshit, but ah, but you know, Anyway, how is FTN ever going to recover? James Born E. Ju has dropped out of the argument Democratic. Our guy has stopped, dropped out of the presidential race and his gone ahead and endorsed Joe Biden like, how are we ever going to recover from any of this were crushed. No, the, uh you know, you got me. All of you out there on. Ah, you know, bit Shoot with the theories about how I was taking taking big bucks. Take it in big bags from your being paid off by board way. Both were just rumor that we're both paid. Born a Jew, operatives know, were crushed. Mornings You dropped out endorsing Joe Biden. Ah, yeah. So So our op are are psyop that we were engaged. Failed? No, I mean, this is this is something that we, uh you know, I guess if you if you think about 23 months ago, four months ago, we would not have thought this and this was not what we would, how this is not This did not happen the way we would have predicted it. Maybe four months ago. But as soon as the results From what the contests. Right before South Carolina, right before Super Tuesday. As soon as that came in and you had these other candidates clearing the field, making the way for Joe Biden, you pretty much knew that this is how this was going to end. Didn't we just Yeah. I mean, this is this is the end result of what happens when the D s A gets really heavily invested in your campaign and starts changing your messaging. I mean, this is not the Bernie Sanders campaign of 2016 and not even to say, like before the light switch brains kick in. That's not even to say that his campaign in 2016 was this like this. Like proto white nationalist rates. It's like, No, it's like, if you're if you're not retarded and you understand the portion of the left that Bernie appealed to in 2016 which is Thea portion of the left that is being screwed. I mean, Bernie, Bernie Sanders. One of the things that was played a big role in his undoing this time around was his attacks on his own base, calling the Bernie Bro's racist. And this this sort of organization that he doesn't support like Bro. You're disavowing like your hardest core element, and ah, Trump didn't even do that until after the election. Bernie hasn't even gotten elected yet, and he's already been pushed into doing that. He was also paying lip service to Russia Gate, which was pretty shocking in and of itself. It's like guy like this is the thing that they used to screw Trump. And now they're doing it to you and again, like, just so people understand for any brand new listeners. Welcome. First of all, thank you for signing up for a sub. You're gonna be very pleased with your six grill yin dollars that you're spending for every minute of audio. But the thing with Bernie is that we want these guys that he abandoned the Bernie Bro's people who have eventually made it in our front door, our collective front door. In our milieu, these people have to feel, ah, pain from the decision that they made to continue supporting this guy. And there are some people that are hopeless, right? There are people right now who saw everything that Donald Trump did. And they're back out there saying, What are they saying, James, that Donald Trump is who my loyalty is to not the Constitution troubling you, King Trump. You have people doubling down on Trump given everything that they know, and they already have credibility of no credibility, and they're gonna be soon running a credibility deficit. That's why nobody takes these people seriously, but there is hope that some people in Bernie's camp that I can't believe people would sign onto this a second time. But there were some people who did, because Bernie never one right, like this is something that we've talked about at length. If Trump hadn't won in 2016 in many ways, I'm glad that Trump won in 2016 and became a failure because if Trump's campaign was everybody remembers election night 2016. If that had been cut right there, cut the cord and there and he lost, what would the last four years have been spent doing pretending? Well, we wouldn't have known, I guess, unless it came out that that this was gonna all be ashamed. I'm glad he won and became a sham, and everybody understands what what it is now. The bird, the unfortunate side for the Bernie people, the people who don't get it they had. That's why I wanted Bernie to go. Is faras possible so that people would see Yes, this is too a shrimp. But now he's He's endorsed Joe Biden. So if you're still on board the Bernie Flotilla or whatever the fuck it is at this point. You know what it what? What else do you? What else you waiting for for this guide? If I mean, it should be painfully obvious to you by now. Some people are still committed to this kind of stuff they're committed to. They think the D S A is, like, you know, hardcore and edgy. And like whatever. For the people who think you know, the people who are trying to warn the GOP about demographic displacement. Right, James, Like it's like I'm just trying to warn them. I just want to let them know so that they change course before it's too late. Guys, it's an op. Let us figure it out. Let us in. Let us. Yes, please allow us to be part of your failed political party. Sure. Ah, and this would be the equivalent. What Bernie's done here. This would be the equivalent saying this is a rough equivalents. But if Trump had campaigned in 2016 as he did and then came back in 2020 and, you know, threw his weight behind Jeb Bush or threw his weight behind John Kasich, right? I mean, you know, this is this is a total abandonment of the principles that made Bernie popular in 2016. And I said earlier that we knew this was what was going to happen as as soon as we saw the results from South Carolina, that's not really true. You can look even before that to see the writing really on the wall for Bernie's campaign. And it came in the form of his changed positions and this Ah, this new Allegiant new guidance he sought from groups like Justice Democrats, the D S. A. These are the Antifa groups who were really given the reins to to run his campaign to a large degree this time around. So in other words, so in other words, he sought Consul from the establishment like he got now, justice stems for all I know Right now, they started off as a genuine ah non astro turf grassroots movement that got put into the controlled opposition bucket like they got screwed. They got threatened with legal action. The head guy quit, and then it got gate up essentially And that's why you like AOC. But But like TSA and Anne Foods like gets, it establishes its just the establishment at that point, but you repeat, your people have done. But people, people have to understand that. I think a lot of people don't understand cause they're, you know, they're so people who came from the right are They've gotten so far as to understand that yes, GOP bad Donald Trump bad, all bad. And there is nobody in right wing mainstream while a form of real right wing politics that is really in it for you. That's standing up for you. And it's also true for these groups as well, because people think, like, Oh, yeah, the D S A. Is in opposition to Nancy Pelosi. It's like, No, it's not. No, it's not right. It's it's you And the opposition that they'll bring up to Nancy Pelosi is that she is not working hard enough to secure sex worker rights or to guarantee universal access to to, you know, mid birth abortion like these kind of things, right? And so this this is the direction the Bernie campaign was taken in, deflected away from being a pro worker campaign, which it was in 2016. And and I think I've told this story before, but you find yourself thinking back to where you were in 2016. Many of us dio and like, remembering conversations who may have had with Bernie supporters. And I've been in this position myself where I think back to, you know, issues at that I was debating at the time, I think, Yeah, you know, actually, a lot of these Bernie supporters thes white working class Bernie supporters I was talking to Yeah, they were actually right about a lot of this stuff that I disagreed with them at the time about. And that was who largely comprised that movement in 2016. Sure, there were the Hispanics for Bernie Blacks, for Bernie, whatever, but not to the degree there was in 2020 which is the direction that that campaign was taken in. And they, you know, they double down on the gay stuff. They double down on the abortion stuff. They ah, Bernie. Totally. What? 100% reversed his position on immigration, which was, as of 2015 that open borders made Americans poorer. That open borders were a Coke Brothers scheme. As of 2020 he's calling for decriminalising illegal border crossings and and, ah, you know, promising to never under any circumstances reduce immigration levels Total flip. And you know, how does this manifest itself? Well, you see this precipitous drop in support among not only among total support in the primaries but among white supporters. Specifically, he lost that white, nonvoting independent base. That was the key to Trump's election. That that is the key to any national election is getting these whites that feel disenfranchised by this system to turn out and participate. Maybe for the first time in their lives, they believe Burton. Many of these people believe in either Burning or Trump in 2016. This time around, they don't believe in anybody. Yeah, and I mean people, I think, have this tendency to project what they see on Twitter as the representation of Bernie's base. A lot of these air just factory guys. A lot of these air just blue dog Democrats that are tired of the typical politics of tighter Pelosi. They don't want bite and they don't want Obama. They don't want this bullshit. They may have pulled the lever for them in in a national election out of having no other choice. But they're tired of this stuff, too. They're as tired as we all were of Jeb Bush and of Mitt Romney in 2016 which led Trump to become such a ah, formidable figure. But Bernie Sanders, I mean, a lot of the bait like not all of them are what people sort of think of when they think of that. And these people have nowhere else to go. I mean, Bernie, Bernie Feld them, he abandoned them. And, yeah, like, just so that people don't think that like because the lights which reigns air like it will probably be like, Oh, Jazz. And James said that, uh, that Bernie was like, uh, you know, he he was closed, Borders. He was a nationalist. It's like, No, that's not what we said. So let's read the quote So the light switch brains, don't don't get up, up, up, in, up in the air about this or 2015 this interview as recline, he says. You said being a Democratic socialist means a more international view. I think if you take global poverty, that seriously leaves you to conclusions that the U. S. Air considered out of political bounds, things like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit even up to a level of open borders. Bernie Sanders, Open borders. No, that's a Coke Brothers proposal. As as Reclining says. Really, Bernie says, Of course, that's a right wing proposal, which says, essentially, there is no United States. So Klein's as it would make a lot of global poor richer, wouldn't it? It would make everybody in America poorer. You're doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or U. K. Or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation, in my view, to do everything we can to help poor people. What right wing people in this country would love is an open border policy bringing in all kinds of people working for two or $3 an hour. That would be great for them. I don't believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country now we don't burn. For all I know, Bernie believes in the same goddamn thing that the Koch brothers believes in believing, and he might as well. But this was his rhetoric that brought people out in droves to support him in 2015. It's not the man, it's not the electoral candidate. It's the ideas that are popular. That's what we're trying to point out here. So this is the rhetoric that won him over. But in 2020 Bernie's talking about given people free healthcare and, like all kinds of illegals, healthcare, right, illegal feel like free health care is cool. Everybody wants that. But for the guy that just showed up yesterday on a boat, no. Well, then And that's the thing is, you know, two of the examples stick out the most to me people that I knew these were again regular Dwight dudes who were really into Bernie, and one of them was a guy who's who had a family member who became seriously sick and got bankrupted as a result of medical bills. And the other guy, Ah, his had a family member who was involved in manufacturing and lost that job. And now the work minimum wage. And you know, Bernie, for whatever, whatever we may know about him, and you know, his duplicitous nous and really being a sellout for the establishment all of that Sure that things absolutely. But because he was talking in a way that resonated with these people and was speaking to the issues that were that were causing these people to stay up, stressing at night. And he said to them that point is under present, Clear. If Bernie really wanted to be a hero, like for the people looking for the litmus test that they hadn't gotten like six million times before breath. Bernie wanted to go out and say, You know what? Fuck Joe Biden. I'm gonna run as an independent. This is my last shot. I believe in this movement. I believe in our revolution. And he didn't like gum up his entire campaign with all this gay rhetoric, but last for years he would at least go down with a legacy of being somewhat heroic regardless of what his true motives would have been. But I'm actually glad that it turned out this way because it's very easy to make the case to people who believed in Bernie and believe that he was gonna do something. It's like, Well, why did he endorse Joe Biden? Joe Biden is just gonna be a plutocrat puppet enabler unlike we've ever seen, because he's literally Onley capable of being a puppet. Most puppets are capable of being like something else, like you can beat something else. But Joe Biden is not capable at this point in his life, in his very long life, of being anything other than just a ship puppet like he can't be anything else. Like he's literally incapable, physically, mentally or whatever of being anything else that he can only be a puppet. And so he is going to enable all of the worst aspects off. What the what the left with the Fringe left doesn't like about Democratic establishment politics. He's gonna enable Wall Street he's gonna enable war in the Middle East. Like all this stuff that these Bernie broke like people who are authentically like, interested in Bernie style socialism. They're not gonna get anything like that from Biden. It's gonna get worse. It's gonna be under the pretense of things getting better. But like Michael Bloomberg might as well been president, I mean, they might as well he's gonna be president anyway, because Biden is a puppet. Like all of the plutocrats that are gonna be supporting biting those people ultimately will be the arbiters of of executing the federal government. Their wishes. That's exactly right. And Biden, I mean, this is becoming transparently clear. Biden coming out. I don't know if it was today or yesterday and in Sangin in an interview that they would be doing or that he would be doing what is done in the UK and some other European countries where he will be proposing his shadow government before before the pain relieving begins. Ensure? Yeah. I mean, these are just gonna be the people that are really, you know, some of the people that are really pulling the strings. And yeah, it was so pathetic to see Bernie. And, you know, this is I'm hesitant to do this, right, because you see, the conservatives thinking of Bernie Sanders is just a board loser. See, we told you a trump market 2020. Bert Trump would kick his butt. No, like that's missing the point. Yes, Bernie is is I don't know, a coward and sell out. However you want to describe his motivations. But he was too. Yes. I mean, that does someone up. Probably the best, but ah, but he was speaking at some point to something riel, and we need toe. Really? Look at what that was. He was speaking Teoh and and why those people turned out for him in 2016 and didn't turn out for him in 2020. And that is of course, because he abandoned and swung the guns around on his white base. This is why you see Bernie losing 40% of his share of the white vote in most of these primary states. Why? He lost 40% of the nonvoters, the disenfranchised independence that came out for him in 2016. You look at the ah, the polling data and the exit polling data and the states that have held primaries so far. And these people abandoned Bernie in droves because he turned on them. He did? Yeah. Large working state were working class populations. Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota. All lost support from those people. And then the non voters like you mentioned and speaking of nonvoters, cause I know Eric, strikers talked about this a lot. Another article up on national justice. Also on truth, the power news, Eric, that a nice postmortem on burning, and this is the correct take on this, he says. Bernie Sanders decision to finally pull the plug on his campaign should serve as a lesson for the dissident left Bernie Second round gave him massively impressive fundraising numbers name recognition in a much weaker opponent. Yet the Democratic establishment thoroughly routed him by tapping into black racism, Jewish anti fascism and upper middle class suburban fears of armed white populism and higher taxes. I like reading what strikers written here cause I hear it in his voice. Rather than doubling down on his white and male working class based Bernie insulted his voters and let them know that they were taken for granted. He fought in directly for Elizabeth Warren. Small but vocal vase of quote woke college professors in urban gentry, the type of people overrepresented in digital media and on Twitter, who believe green austerity, climate change, policy, queer and transgender liberation, policing all the made up ism's and phobias along with Microaggressions and stripping borders in national identity, take precedent over the 10 tens of millions struggling to get healthcare or a decent job end. You know, this is all part of the kosher narrative, right? This is Bernie and in everybody who thinks is like, outraged over AOC and everything else she got turned the moment Justice Dem Scott turned upside down when the threats were made about the campaign finance violations and the threats of legal action. That moment you can go look up all those news articles Now that was and we called it. We talked about it on the show. It said they're in the process of fucking the squad over right now, turning them from something that was genuine, something that was really into something that is controlled in on a very tight leash. And that's why you don't see concert quote unquote conservative outrage over AOC anymore. She has been brought to heel and she you know she has. She got to go out and say a couple things about you know, her misgivings on the $2.3 trillion bailout, But was there was there protest ing Was there a movement there and reaction to this gigantic Jubail out that was given? No, it was just boilerplate, you know, sort of Ah, ham fisted reaction. I don't like what's happening right now, right, Love? Ailes did her like you did her resistance go beyond just a few tweets. Like, what did she do to change this? Nothing. Nothing came of nothing. No, nothing Totally, totally a joke. And Ah, yes. So I mean, the article from strikers. Good. So go. Go read it. He talks a lot about how the D s a is essentially the new GOP talks about a lot of the founding elements of that, Um, very cool stuff. Very interesting stuff. And actually, the idiot I'll share one of them. The ideological father of the D s. A. Was a Trotskyist turned Zionist neo con Max Shachtman, who supported the US in the Korean War, in even back to the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba. And he is one of the biggest influences of the Democratic Socialist Moon is in Neo Co. So it sounds like a really dirty read to me. Yeah, What a filthy shapeshifter, right? I mean, I never under like when I was sort of green greener in this thing, and I was just, like, shapeshifter. It seems so. It seems like such a like a basic name to call someone like you're a shapeshifter. But that's literally what they are. I mean, it's literally what they are. It's literally what they dio. I mean, just look at Bill Kristol. Look at Bill Kristol's father. Like all the Yeah, look at the father of the guy who founded What was it, the Federalist Society? Being an ardent communist expelled from the UK for his Communist agitation and lo and behold, his son becomes the gatekeeper over conservative judicial nominees. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, so that's That's Bernie in a nutshell, right? And you know, it would be one thing if these lessons would get learned. But they're not going to get learned easily. And that's a double edged short. There's there's good to that. And there's bad to that. The bad part about them not learning this lesson easily is that they will be able. The political establishment will be able to field Mawr Bernie type candidates in the environment that we're heading into. Ah, full flank, full speed ahead, full flank with the fucking my head flange. That's what I meant to say. We're speeding into this thing very quickly. And so this mounting financial calamity is going to prove Bernie Sanders right on a lot of things. But I don't know that the lesson we learned about Bernie Sanders, the guy himself. The good news is those ideas, some of which we support, are going to become increasingly more popular and conservatism, the bootstraps, the go back to work, chump is. People have been saying this, and I think it's 100% correct. Like Conservative is the conservatism is the biggest loser of the pandemic so far. Just time after time after time, Right? James like to keep putting forward, like back to work, Jump. You know, they see like a slight dip in the number of cases. The same phenomenon we saw over in Italy, where you'll get a, ah, high number and then two or three days of successively lower numbers and then another even higher new record. And Donald Trump, unlike Day two of the downturn on that graph, he's like, Oh, yeah, we're gonna have, ah, back to work, gang convened and get everybody back to work. And then the next day it's like record number of new deaths in the United States. And these these people are just so anxious to force everybody back into they're gonna they're gonna cause a second spike with the steps and cause they're not willing to do. They haven't Have you seen any instance so far of any sort of willingness toe, like do the right thing. It's other than like going through the motions like we're still not We're still not testing. Were start doing any of the things that we need to do, and they're just anxious to get the whole thing back on the road. And it's gonna don't blow been right. And what they're doing now is they're actually closing many of these testing centers. This news came out on ah on Friday that these testing centers across the country, including in many of these rural areas, are closing down and with no plans to reopen them. Right. And the solution has been, Ah, well, well, let CVS and Walmart and Walgreens come up with the testing solution which they've rolled out, you know, a few across the country, but but nowhere near as many need to be no need to be ruled out. And the other thing that ah narrative that's being seated now and this is being being fed to people in conservative media is that because fewer people are dying than that 200 that relatively arbitrary 200,000 deaths number that because the quarantines, because it's staying home, orders are working. Fewer people are dying. But what? Ah, what conservatives are being told to learn from this is that the fear was misplaced, that this was an irrational What is it? Just an irrational pandemic? Ah ah, forget, you know, deaths involved here, just irrational fear. And so that is that is the lesson that these people who you know, this I'm like, I'm a critical thinker, right? I can analyze, analyze things and come to my own conclusions and that what they're getting from conservative media is that, well, this is really not so bad. But the reason it's not as bad as it could be, of course, is because we did the measures necessary. I mean, we didn't do everything necessary, but in many states we did. We've had we've had the worst outcome we have. Ah, we have a smaller population, relatively highest per capita, like we've had the worst outcome. And people think like the numbers haven't even slowed down. You look at the graph that go up, they keep going up. It's it's an upward were not at the peak. We're not even close to being at the peak. And even when you hit the peak, then it's just flat, like like who's okay? With 2 3000 deaths a day for the throughout the summer? I mean, that's that's insanity. And if you take the foot off the gas just for a minute off the measures that they put in place right, that just goes right back up. They've seen that happen right away, that phenomenon, but their teeth, their teaching. People who don't know how toe understand data and sort of look at how look at trends and understand they just take them at their word and they want to repeat things. We know the whole thing right, and they want to repeat things because they feel smart. Yeah, exactly. And the reason we're at 2000 or 3000 day, instead of 15,000 or 20,000 day or higher is because of the quarantines and stay at home orders. It's not in spite of them, it's not. It's not proof positive that this is really just the flu, bro. As I've been hearing again, that's not at all what's going on here right now? No. So this is what I sort of wanted to pivot to offer the Bernie stuff and into what I'm calling a stay at home pressure cooker. And I'm calling it that not because I think people should not say at home quite the opposite. I have not been We're certainly not doing that narrative. And we never would, because this is this is something serious. You're an idiot. If you're arguing that it's not in here carrying water for Jews at this point, that shouldn't be like I could understand 23 weeks ago if you want. If you didn't quite get what was going on. But that takes air so bad and people that are doing them or so few and far in between now it's like, Yeah, it is doing this on behalf. It's really revealing you for somebody like Ramsey Paul, who is coming out and doing these takes these just the flu broke, go outside and own the lives by not wearing a mask. And then you're having a Jewish doc, sir, on your show next week. You know, that's very, very revealing. The type of circles these people run in. Yeah, that's very revealing. But yes, So stay at home pressure cooker. And what? What does this mean? So you have endless bad economic data and people think like, yeah, A couple weeks ago, the market was dropping 14. 1500 Line was losing 14 1500 point today, and they sort of stabilized it. But it's not really stabilized. We're not gonna. I'm not going to dive into all the minutia of why it's not stabilized, but you're just gonna take me at my word. It's not stabilized like they've fired a lot of bazookas. They keep now their timing, the bazookas with the announcement of new jobless claims like Steve Mnuchin. There's this whole long story in roll call about Steve Mnuchin in planning a Fed action. And I think the Fed action was basically taking over the entire bond market, and he timed like there was this. They woke up at 5 a.m. Him and Powell toe plan the announcement so that the news hit when the unemployment numbers were released at 8:30 a.m. So that they could make big line go up. And so then you have this graphic that's been shared all over the place of Of Jim Cramer, the Jar Jar Binks of CNBC. His bald head. Ah, here and it's got this this big. It's gets got this big graph of Green Line skyrocketing to the heavens. And it says the Dow's best week since 1938 on the screen behind Cramer's head and then in the Chiron. It says more than 16 million Americans have lost jobs in three weeks. So that's the juxtaposition. Last week, Big Line has its best week since 1938 and 6.6 million Americans filed new jobless claims with a total of 17 million in three weeks. So and I've said this before, too, and those numbers don't represent the people who tried to file for unemployment and couldn't because the system for their particular state was down. This doesn't count people who were not eligible. This doesn't count people who are already pushed out of the economy already. And as I've said this before, for white working class Americans, it's always a depression. You hero are headed into a bear market and a recessionary contraction. Pierre. It's like, No, it's always that way. If you're living paycheck to paycheck and there could be another three points. 3 to 6 million jobless claims filed today on Thursday, and we won't know until after we record the show. But the size and the scale of the devastation is unprecedented. So just so people can put this into relative terms to 17 million jobs in the last three weeks. This is a scale of devastation beyond what the U. S. Saw in the entire 18 month recession in 2008. In 2009 we are already there in three weeks. And so you have what I call a microeconomic shit blizzard and a macroeconomic shit tsunami. The microeconomic ship lizard is comprised of things like two million struggling homeowners applying for assistance on for Barents. Um, there's an explosion in four Barron's claims. Ah, what was the spike? I think right when this started on March 2nd that week, there was an increase of 1496%. Ah, in four bands. Oh, sorry. In just six weeks for the make, a week of March 2nd, 1496% spike in people requesting for Barron's and the banks have also changed. They're lending requirements now you must have a 700 credit score and 20% down to get a mortgage. So where buying a home for most millennials was already completely out of reach and people renting or living with their parents because they can't like it just totally out of reach, because boomers have driven up the price of this stuff to outrageous levels helped along by slo mo Um, Now, if you don't have a 700 credit score and 20% cash to buy that house, you're not gonna get it. So it's already like you can't even get it if you want to get it. You have a second wave of Corona virus layoffs that is going to start claiming workers who thought they were safe, the 1st 17 million who have lost their jobs and the people that you're seeing in these mile long bread lines around the company. These were restaurant workers, retail employees, people with lower paying jobs and industries that were immediately impacted. But now you're starting to see a second wave of layoffs that are starting to hit white collar jobs. People working from home that thought they were safe that are being laid off by companies suffering from dismal sales. Law firms cutting hours. Oh, good. Eliminating positions in the court systems, legal actions. Oh, good. Well, you know, and then the media, you know the media. What is that, James? 20,000 jobs lost in the media. I'm not gonna cry about that. Could cry about that. But this is having some dill. It eerie ISS impacts that we pointed out two months ago. We said, as this goes on as this grind son, because nothing like we've ever seen. Usually it's one sector of the economy that may spill into others like we saw in 8 4009 But the mid range projection by midsummer's 28 million jobs. And there are some project that's like the mid range. There's some outliers, that air project projecting even more. And so then the question becomes because I think a lot of people, including the president, under this mistaken impression that you can just, like, turn the key on this thing, and it's right back to the races. And as we've been pointing out for two or three months now, when you have an economy that is so superficial and so fake and so gay and so built on consumerism and you start slowing it down and pieces start falling into the transmission and, like bits of metal and things air. You know, things that were wrench falls in there and like whatever it starts, toe break down and you start to have problems and you can't. That's what they're so afraid of, That's why they're freaking out. You can't just turn it back on. And a lot of these estimates that they're putting out there is that even if you could turn it back on wave a magic wand, everything. We were back to normal. Like just kidding, guys. It really was just the flu. We found a cure hod, you know, whatever. It's over. They're saying that minimum 27 months to get back to where we were in February 2020 and some some economists, some different economic groups air saying 5.5 years to fully bounce back and you have this phenomenon of going from a crisis to a Stasis where we don't really end up with resolution to the pandemic because it's still going on. People are still dying. We still don't have a vaccine. People still aren't being tested and you have the conservatives Republicans demanding back to work, jump people that more people are getting sick. More people are dying in the economy, just sits there in Stasis. And on top of that, 80% of Americans will have said that they will wait to resume normal activities even after wave magic wand back to work. Trump and 80% of people are going to stay home right? This goes back to the whole thing about like at what low interest rate will people want to go back to a baseball game like Just ask yourself, when would you like? If you like baseball or you like I don't know NASCAR. I like NASCAR like virtual NASCAR, especially when they're saying interesting things on that. Said, um, what's gonna take for you to go back to a stadium with 50,000 people in right? Most most Americans, 80% say they don't want to do that. Now let's say that those people are sort of acting under quote unquote duress, right? Not even quote unquote dress. It is dressed to pandemic. Let's say that 50% don't go back or 20% stay home permanently. Um, you know, what does that do to the economy? Where's that due to people who are not traveling the airline like all of this stuff. And that's why they're freaking out in the running out of options. And it's it's becoming a major problem. People are gonna be hurting. And so it's a problem that could be solved, right? James? Um, they could solve this, and we'll get to that a little bit later. I was still wanna paint a bigger picture, but yeah, and the problem, too, for them is that, you know, this is this economy is heavily retail based, heavily debt finance, economy. It's like when you park in Italian car over the winter and try to start it back up again. It's like good luck with that, probably rusted apart by now. But could you pick a metaphor that slightly less Bujji James than parking an Italian car over the winter time could do like like a ah power washer left with gasoline left in it? And you're not? Nash said. Yeah, well, yeah, Oh, yeah, I have a right now. That wasn't a dig unsent. I have a rotten Nash said we're talking about this. Before we started recording, I have a shed full of black mold in with a hole in the roof. So that was a that was a dig on. That was a flex on me that was in a flex on Sven, Sportsmen in a shed. But yeah, yeah, we're having to replace. And that's the reason I was close with the chainsaws because the gas lines and the other one had rotted out. But no, The point being that people in this period as Stasis is a very good way to describe this because people are relearning how to engage with the economy and you would have people. I mean, this is sort of ah, maybe a nineties thing or something that isn't as common now, or people shop differently. Now, people do engage with brick and mortar retail less than they did. But there are still people who would go to, you know, you go to the home goods, for example, and then you end up in the best by next door, and then you end up in. Maybe you're not going there to buy things, but just looking at things and, you know, a Saturday afternoon, you could go to Ross and a couple other places. But during this time, where people are unable to do that, they're relearning how to go about buying goods, how to go about engaging in commerce. And so even when things are open again, you know, if you haven't gone out on just a leisurely shopping trip in 345 months, you're probably not going to go back to doing that. So you will have you have the 10 20% that just say, like L A. Well, no, I'm staying in my home, you know, for another year after this. But how many of that remaining 80% that say, Yeah, I'll go back to two, engaging with the economy even if they aren't consciously making the decision to not go out and shop like they used to. But they'll just find themselves doing less because they've learned to live with less. They they've learned to do less, learn to go out and spend less and that Ah, yeah, I mean, you're not just going to be able to flip the switch back on Yeah, BP, because people are learning how to ah relearning how to sacrifice like this was a phenomenon in the U Do it entire deep dive on on the psychological phenomenons and what people did. I mean, you know, from from grandma, like saving, scooping all the bacon grease into a ball jar, saving it for large from, you know, to having the same, like using reusing the same bottles over and over again for other things like you. You use up a bottle of Windex and you use that spray bottle for something else that you don't throw anything like everything's saved. And and the thing that people are relearning as well here, too, and in some of the scarcity, I think, is good because I think people generally Americans especially or extremely wasteful. It's one of the reasons why I'm, ah, an abject environmentalists, and I mean that in a good way. I believe in sustainability in living in a green way. I don't believe in taking wealth accumulated and white nations and giving it to a shitty third war. Brown ones, Um, you know, especially when the Jews or the arbiters of how that cash is dispersed. But I do believe in in in some of that and so I think people are learning to live with less and, you know, eating leftovers more in, you know, being spending time with their family. I think people have talked about all the all the good sociological upside to a lot of this. But some of the downside, though, is and I look back at, you know, Tucker when he talked about driving across America and in seeing as as an East Coast guy, seeing, you know, for the first time, like how how awful, Um, it is for Middle America and how the center of the country is being hollowed out. This is a phenomenon that a lot of people have noticed. The thing I worry about the most is even though that part of the country seems to be the least affected by this is that this is going to especially with Jews sitting atop this system in getting evermore power under Donald Trump, they're going to tweak this as much as they can in the direction. Now there's an argument to be made, their yet to be seen, how much of this? They're losing control of riches, how much they're allowed. They're able to get back into control in the macroeconomic shit tsunami that's coming if earning season right like this is when companies start putting out their earnings reports and the projections and what it's gonna look like this year is the season of no earnings. You're gonna have companies out there with no earnings, negative earnings. Um, they're talking about up to negative 7%. 8% 9%. Loon people are like, Why does this matter? Well, it's like why we talked about when big line goes down, paycheck goes by. That's why you're seeing 25 million jobs potentially lost and with earnings. This is why the second wave of layoffs is gonna be particularly bad as this thing continues because with no earnings and perhaps bloated organization and they are bloated, a lot of these companies have hired, you know, 25 diversity hires to do the job of one white guy, and then they fire the white guy. I mean, is very bloated infrastructure. They've been paying these people far more than they're worth, and they're gonna have to start laying them off. It could be bad if they start laying off the nonwhites. Sorry. Like playing off the lights and and ah, keeping the non whites and and I don't know what that's gonna look like. But you have record high bankruptcies coming in the next year as Thea Unemployment source. Um, then you go back to the micro. You have those without health insurance or less likely to get tested or seek treatment, thus increasing the mortality rate. Those with weak governors or mayors slow to reactor, stubborn to face reality will suffer and die from the, uh, lack of or belated social distancing. You'll have those with strong health and immune systems who are gonna be more likely to survive. And in Italy, it's likely that you could develop this strong antibody that allows you to go back to a normal life. But on the macro side of things, this is why this could be end up getting bad, especially if they're men. If they managed to regain control of this situation and its there's a lot of unknowns here, but it's this Darwinian effect of finance capitalism, and so companies with strong connections to lobbyists will get bailouts and survive. Small businesses with good connections to banks will be the first in line for government money stay afloat we're gonna talk about that a little bit more to, but not if they What? What about small businesses, James, With good connections to banks who were who were first in line. But, you know, first in line means like after 1000 Jewish NGOs get their first, you know what happens when you get shafted on that? Is that really good? I don't know. Strong balance sheets. People who have not know this may be a good thing. People who have not inflated their paper value or hype. Maybe some solid companies will survive small mom and pop shops that have done well, Mom and pop shops with good local businesses. But thin margins will struggle and they may go under and they're not gonna be able to be saved. In the hourly workers who make those mom and pop shops possible, we're going to suffer to those jobs are gonna come back. So these little towns in the Midwest 15,000 people, 20,000 people and you know they had may have somewhat of a vibrant downtown with little mom and pop local businesses. When those doors close, I don't know that those air gonna open up again And so this crisis is going to further the interests of people like Paul Singer Paul Singer loves when mom and pop businesses in America close. He loves to buy them out. He loves to elbow them out, loves to push them out, loves to, you know, support agricultural workers coming into those towns like Worthing to Minnesota. And, ah, this is gonna end up being kind of a shit show. Now, again, we don't know where this is going to go, because it's way too early to tell. But if they manage to get control of this in a more substantial way right now, I would argue that they don't know. They don't know where the bottom is. They don't know where, how this ends, but they're working overtime to tweak things in their direction as much as possible. And Syria, that's that's kind of where that is. Yeah, And as this starts toe happen as thes businesses do, you start to fold and close up shop for good. You're going to get a lot more anger at people will be angry and will be looking for someone to blame for this and often times, they will be blaming you know, people who are of a conservative inclination will blame their Democrat governor or blame the Democrats for for this lock down. But that's not the reason you're suffering. You're not suffering because, you know, ultimately, because of the stay at home order to stay at home order was necessary to protect everyone's safety, including yours. You're suffering because of the way this system is structured and because the system, when given the opportunity to act and step in and help people like you, it shows not Teoh. It chose to spit in your face and help the NGOs and help Black Rock and help the people that didn't need the help that were ableto whether this just fine and ignored you. And it's the one that left you played rope a dope with you trying to get your your loan or whatever from the S P A. That you know, many of these small business owners are finding nearly impossible to actually secure even after their application. You're the one that's going to be suffering, and that's not the fault of of Red Team Blue team. You have to look beyond that, and these people in these positions need to see that For what It iss? Yeah, it's gonna cause a lot of resentment and see, that's the thing. Is is you have a pandemic like this, and if you are, you are a very tribal group of people who have been doing this shit for thousands of years and going through the cycle of of boom and bust and getting kicked out of countries and whatever and you have something like this come up that's unplanned. And it reeks this much havoc. And you're having to, you know, the that's the other thing is like the trump economy in January 2020 Dow almost 30,000. That was not an economy built toe last, like Barack Obama like to say in Donald Trump, Donald Trump like to borrow? It was an economy built to crash like it was an economy that was already lots of froth of the top of the market. It was not riel. Most of the value was on paper. It wasn't anything of substantial value, and so it was only a matter of time Now they didn't anticipate a pandemic like this. They didn't anticipate a virus so insidious that could be spread in the way that it does. That could bring so many countries to its knees and the way that it has. And so if these people were smart and they seem to be miscalculating, I don't see an upside to the way that they're treating people. And we're gonna do a comparison to the United States if you're a worker, working class or otherwise in the United States versus somebody who's in Europe, vastly different response. And in the United States, it really is. When you say spit in your face it This is not an overreaction. This is not like, you know, a a ah, an angry like spurned to Trump Lake over reaction. No, it's like the $1200 After four weeks. Some people got their last check, their last paycheck four weeks ago. It's nothing, and there's not any any other plans to get another one on the way. Even if they passed another stimulus bill on this Friday, it would be what, another four weeks for you to get another 1200 bucks like it's not happening. And so the way that they've done this has been totally upside down, and that's on the personal side that's like on the that the tax return credit, whatever the 1200 bucks, the stimulus payment. But for businesses this $349 billion that was supposed to be the hallmark of this. The stimulus bill has gotten totally fucked up. This is something that we've talked about on three episodes. Now this will be the third on FTM three or two. We told you how to get that bag, because that's when it just got past. And we wanted Assman e people. It's your money. Take advantage of it if you're hurting. And we also told you how Congress gave Jewish NGOs and other favorite groups access to this $349 billion program. Um, after the a t. L demanded a separate bailout for themselves, we talked about Black Rock. So you want to talk? You wouldn't definitely check that out. The Black Rock deep dive. And then on ftm three or three. We told you how the rollout was bungled on purpose, to allow Jewish NGOs and other favorite groups to obtain advanced access to that program. And then we dove into how Kushner, in conjunction with the Jew run Blackstone and Apollo Global Management configure the entire stimulus to benefit them. And 304 today, $10,000 in emergency direct loan assistance. James. What he need $5000 for sure. Surely you can make do with 1 to 2 grand if we even process your application? Or how about the $2 million in guaranteed loans for operating costs and payroll Now that has been shifted down to 15 grand. So if you're a business, let's say you're a cabinet making business. You got a team of 10. Guys were woodworking guys and maybe people don't want to spend money and cabinets right now. Most people aren't gonna want you in their home because of the virus. Right? And your business four weeks ago stopped taking on new work. And you don't have this like like most Jew run operations, you don't have this big mass bubble of capital sitting in a bank somewhere. You're living job to job net 32 net 30 and you get your pay. And you know, your guys air all fucked basically, and the government says, Yeah, but, you know, we're going to give you some loans to cover your operating expenses and payroll, and you can take up to $2 million. Now, maybe a cabinet making business isn't gonna take $2 million. Maybe they take 100,000 to cover, You know, 10 guys for a month or two, right? You know, you're you're gonna get $15,000 because there has been such an overwhelming demand for this program, most of which is NGOs and nonprofits and people who have, well, no, no real role in economic activity whatsoever other than tweaking it. Well, that's wrong. That's actually a lie. They have a lot of. They have a lot of interaction with economic activity, tweaking it in their favor, but they don't actually produce anything of value, but those of the people that wet their beaks. And meanwhile, you know, your cabinet making guy team of 10 guys working? Ah, working on cabinets and people's homes in a nice little woodworking job. You're fucked. $10,000 an emergency, direct loan assistance, if you can even get that. Let's say you have five employees. Yeah, you're only getting a five grand. How much is that going to do for five people, right, Right. So yeah, especially when you when you figure we're going to be taking, what, two months off at the bare minimum here. And then as soon as things are open again, people are not going to be, you know, even these white collar workers as we know they're going to be dealing with reduced hours and maybe getting furloughed or laid off. And so where's your demand for cabinetry going to come from? How many people are going to be engaging in big, massive remodeling projects and hiring out of contractors as soon as a soon as they're able to do so again? Not gonna happen. And this is, you know, people say, Well, why does it take 27 months to get the economy back to where it was? Well, this is why this is part of why, because all of these industries that have been built up Azaz supporting industries or contracting industries, you know when people don't have money to to invest in projects anymore, none of the people who are counted on to be the contractors or whatever for those projects none of them have any business. Until until this country bound and it was, it was built on this, like, mountain of, like, trillions of dollars of credit card debt before putting a lot of this shit on their cards. And they were doing it because they thought, you know, the rainy days Never gonna come. Donald Trump is brother, you no doubt. 30 that American Express mention another. Yeah, take out another $10,000 line, occur at it to get 1\/3 mortgage or whatever, but yeah, I mean, the the S P a. Could have warned people that the program was tapped out way out of time, but know what they did instead, was they sent notices to everybody that Yes, Suri, um, we're not gonna be able to give you anything close to $2 million maximum loans of $15,000 according to Tom Sullivan from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, whose you know on the sidelines complaining about this at the last minute and that this fund is gonna run out of money by Friday. And so Sullivan says, I do not understand SPS decision to have a quiet rollout instead of admitting publicly that their disaster loan program is tapped out and Congress needs to grant them. Or so there's Yeah, it's like, No, they're not saying anything. And on top of that, on top of that, this is where this is where shit gets really fucked. You have Mitch McConnell. All I want to do is put more money into a popular job saving policy which both parties work, designed together. It's like a they're now begging for more money to be put into this thing so that they can fill back up the coffers and they're still not. I mean, which is good. It's like, OK, yeah, they're going to do that. But it's to replenish it. So there people can get paid because there's a lot of people that that's that. That's the animus behind making a move like this is that there people aren't getting paid. And so yeah, it's Yeah, dude, it's yet to shit show. And how Maney, You know how active not only the SP a website, but how active do you think that I R s website is with with, you know, various. Yeah, yeah, organizations. Uh, you know, I can first see a lot of non profits. A lot of 5 23 is being founded in Brooklyn, New York, right, now and, you know, wetting their beaks in the next round. Oh, yeah, we've been active for years. Just give us this alone and we'll get you the documentation later. Yeah, and it's. And yet, like we're focusing on this, the lack of loans available for these small businesses. But why is this even a problem like it? Is the Fed complaining about anything? No. Are they complaining about running out of ink for their money Printer going burn? No, there's like nothing. No, there's no need from anybody else. You notice who is fine in this. There's nobody complaining because, you know, if these NGOs were not getting what they needed, you know, if they had problems getting access to these funds, you know, if they were still waiting on their loans, they would be the most oft quoted people in the press right now. But there is nothing not a word. It is just the small business owner who's getting fucked. And you know what? Donald Trump's biggest priority right now is making sure that his name gets printed on the stimulus checks so that you know, and it's like I don't give a fuck about this criticism people want to say like, Oh, jazz hands is getting angry at Donald Trump. It's like I'm developing a hatred for this person, And it's not because of past positions that I took. Like, if you can't look at this in the way that I am, I don't know what the fuck to tell you. There are people who are starving right now. People standing in mile long bread lines and this orange faggot is going is on the phone trying to get his name printed on the stimulus checks so that people who end up with a paper check sometime in September will think that the money came from him. He wants his name on it as though it came from him and he tried. And this is an allegation. We don't know if it's true, but he says that apparently he wanted to sign his name on the checks, and that's you're not allowed to do that. Apparently, like it has to come from some signatory at Treasury. It can't be Donald J. Trump on the check. So he settled for having his name printed on the memo. Now the White House denies that This delayed the checks going out. Do you think it delayed the checks going out? James, if you have a big order at a big company for a lot of stuff and you call them up and say, Oh yeah, I don't want blue shirts, I want red shirts. Do you think they say, Oh, no problem. No change in the delivery? Or do you think there's a change in the delivery? Yeah, when they have. When it's an unprecedented move, it's not like, Yeah, we got to get rid of Obama's name or George Bush's name for the stimulus checks and we just put in Donald J Chump, No, stop The presses stopped the presses. It's gonna be great, believe me. Yeah, but But it's like, you know, And I think I don't think hatred is ah two too strong of a term When when you see when you see what the S p A is saying about Sorry. Two million, yet more like 15,000. 10,000 in emergency assistance. Yeah, no 5000. It's like, Do you feel for these small business owners who were in this position where in you see the people standing in the lines and you see like I mean, maybe what's adding to this is I see Kushner. I see what Apollo management's doing. I see what black rock is doing. I see all of that stuff, but I don't know how, like, let alone saying that like you're going to support this guy in 2020. But I don't know how you can see what's going on right now and the bag and everything else and see what Europe is doing for its people compared to what the United States could be doing because it would be very simple. It's not that we don't have the money, right, James? Like it would be one thing if they were treating like the national debt is like the serious thing and why we can't possibly, you know, uh, give overnight liquidity cash injections to the Fed. We can't can't afford that, but they can do all this stuff and they could easily write a check to people. The easiest thing I think they could dio would be to forgive all these deaths. We've had to do it before in history. Jews are gonna like that very much. But why not just forgive all the debts? Why not just say you know didn't work out. We're going to start over. Yeah. I mean, we are treating the prospect of giving money directly to people in the same way that African countries are right. We went through some of the news out of Africa on the weekend show, and African leaders were saying like Like what? Are you kidding? Just give money to people like we're Africa. We can't do that like, well, you know, the U. S. Response as ah has not been. You know, if you're a regular person in the US, I don't know if you could say that the response has been that different from your government. You're not getting anything. Your business is a you're not being any supported by this government. Yeah, they're sort of. They try to keep up the pretense that we have to go through this pomp and circumstance of having the checks printed and like whatever. But was it really that difficult? It's like an electronic key stroke. Teoh deposit that money in somebody's account, and it's It's easy. It's easy. Is that like That's just simple. It's an electronic transfer, just like they do in overnight transactions with the Fed every night. You can't do that. It can't reverse that. Can't even reverse the payroll tax. Like give people a payroll credit. Like, what's so hard about that? No question test. I mean, these air, the simple things that they can do. I mean, Europe is just making sure that no one is fired. Like the reason why Europe doesn't have the high unemployment that the United States does is because they are funding the businesses that employ these people at 80%. Now they're giving, you know, employees 80% of their paycheck. But if you got 80% of that, your paycheck and we're told that you're not gonna be fired, how much easier would something like this be the weather compared to? Yeah, you're fucking fired. That was your last paycheck and ah, yeah, like, go out and buy like, a month worth of food right now and supplies and make sure your family is safe and, Oh, yeah, I figure out what you're going to with your kids and like, what not, But that's what that's That's the level to which the United States government gives a fuck about you. And so to put it in those terms. And then you have Donald Trump putting having his fucking name printed on these checks. It's like, if you're sitting back and you're like, Yeah, bro, I don't know what you're so mad about, guy. Like what's Ah, secure your fucking faggot. Yeah, like this shit makes me viscerally angry. And then you see Larry Kudlow his wife applies for and is approved for an S B A loan. Like while people are getting emails saying from Wells Fargo saying, Suri Ah, we haven't begun processing your application yet because we have been busy processing Jonathan Greenblatt's application. We'll get back to processing your application in several weeks. Just sit tight and eat sawdust if you have to and drink water out of a sewer. Love Jews in America. Yeah. Yeah, I know there are. Am I exact my exact No, no. It's gonna say there's millions of business owners, small business owners across America, everyone from sole proprietorships. The company's with with, you know, 100 or so employees. The first thing they're doing every morning is refreshing their email to see if they have an email from their bank or from the S P a and then there checking their business bank balance to see if they've received their bag yet because they know that unless they get that bag, unless they get that that emergency disaster relief they were promised a month ago, they can't make payroll this month, and they're going to have to either. Well, I mean, at that point, what do you do? What do you do with take out a loan with the other eloped? Take out another loan vessel, Omi. That's the other element. Then you and I were talking about this separately, but if you like, let's say that just to put a very fine point on this, if you are a business who made going back to the example of the Cabinet maker, let's say that you decided to keep those 10 employees and not fire them or fire part of them or whatever any business, whether it's a bar, a restaurant, like whatever the fuck it is. Let's say you made a conscious decision to retain all of those employees and continue paying them out of pocket because you thought you were going to get X amount of money from the government, even if it was alone, even if it was alone. And you made that decision. But now you're being told Oh, you're not getting anywhere close to that. Well, would you have made a different decision four weeks ago? Sure, which you have maybe fired five people. Now I'm not saying that's an easy decision to make, But if it's life or death of your business, I mean, what are you going to do? And now you made this thing, this decision to hold out of these people and then in order to not have to pay that money back, you have to keep holding on to them, which again, like it's You want to help your like, If you're a small business owner, you obviously in love those situations, like a family. You want to help those people as much as possible. But at a certain point, it's like you come. It comes down to like feeding your kids or feeding. You're paying your employees like I think it's a tough but it doesn't. None of this stuff has to be this way, especially when you see what they've done in Europe. It doesn't have to be this way, and, of course, at the very last minute. Actually, it's not even the very last minute. It's like, what, three weeks too late? Now you have Josh Holly coming out and saying he wants to do sit something similar to what they're doing in Europe. It's like Ted Cruz with his like we're gonna build the wall Bill in, like 2019. It's like it's like Josh Holly comes out with this great proposal about, like, to show what a populist E is. And the holy proposal, all it really is, is it sounds good. It sounds like it's almost the same thing, like they're giving people in Europe. He wants the government to pay 80% of workers wages, which is essentially just paying the businesses to pay their employees. But this is the fine print up to the national median wage, which is about $33,000 in 2018 which is, I think, below the poverty line. It might be right at the poverty line. They will pay 80% of your wages up to $33,000 so it would actually be better for you to go on unemployment for four months like I mean, but this is Josh Ali's a great populist proposal. It's on the right track. But I can't even give the guy credit because you know it's being done in bad faith because this is this is not something that he stood up and shouted about. Ah, like Thomas Massey did, like, where was Josh Holly to stand up and say, No, there's a better way to do this and I'm gonna stand my ground and no, didn't do it didn't do it all. But meanwhile, you have Britain, Germany, Spain, France. Did I say Italy already Italy, like you're not gonna see unemployment spike in those countries because they've taken care of the problem at the source. And I say Go even further, give people like in. This is going back to what I was saying before this, why? I think they they're miscalculating and they're losing control of this thing. And they're acting very stupidly. Nobody says that these people are the smartest people in the world, they're not. They make a lot of mistakes, and I think one of the biggest ones like if they were trying to keep this under control as tightly as possible, they would have given everybody five or $6000 a month, no questions asked every man, woman and child in America, and they could have afforded to do it based on what they've spent in liquidity in just the last week. And one even better would have been to do the everybody gets to keep their job, because beyond five or $6000 a month, the job security matters a lot as well. Knowing that you'll have a job when all of this over is over makes a huge difference in people's mental state and everything else. They could have done all that and they wouldn't even have to worry about people like, I don't think people would be that upset it all at banks or like whatever. They probably wouldn't even give a shit if banks were getting about or Jews were skimming off the top. If they were getting $6000 a month, most people would be like, Yeah, but I'm okay, like So why do I have to care about this guy, you know, in in New York City, up in a high office building. But now it's like they're almost creating the conditions where people are gonna have a lot of resentment for a lot of years, James. I mean, if you're a business owner and you're deciding to close your doors this week because of this shit, it's like, Are you gonna be like, Yeah, it was the demon rats. Maybe you will. Some people will, but it's a very hard case. I mean, it becomes a harder case to make. Ah, when we Yeah, when we see what's going on. And that's the thing. Is that oftentimes for these employees, you know, these small business owners, E I think there is a tendency for some people to think person in business, even evil greedy capitalists like now, the small business owners they often do. In fact, I would say in most cases they probably are looking out for their employees best interest. And if you are under the assumption that the government is going to step in and the S P A is going to extend to you one the emergency grant and to the pee pee pee, then you think, Well, the best interest of my employees is for me to keep them on, and I will pay them. You know, I'm a dip into my savings now and then, You know, all will be paid for when we get this money from the federal government. When? Now, six weeks later. A month later, you're realizing that money is not going to be forthcoming. Maybe the best thing to do would have been to lay them off and tell them. Look, this is just what we have to do now. The federal unemployment gig is pretty good, and we'll hire you back when things return to normal. And that might have actually been the better option. And some of these employees would probably be be making more on unemployment than they are. You know, just milling around doing nothing. They're still working. But this is the fragmented response that we have to have in America because of the inability to, ah to address the problem head on. And we all know why that inability exists exactly. I mean, in forgiving all debts, the debt jubilee would be the best way to go. They've done it before. They've done this in the past. It's certainly not what you want to do now, because then it sets people up into this idea of like, oh, well, if it's just gonna be forgiven, like I why would I ever have to take this stuff seriously, like they've got people in a place where they will spend was talking about like they'll still pay their mortgage like they still feel like they have a duty to do this sort of thing and nobody's saying like, Don't pay your mortgage But if you can get a four Barrett skin for Barents like if you can't afford to pay it and it's choosing between in your feeding your family and paying your mortgage, I think a lot of the banks are willing to work with people because they're afraid they're afraid of what has happened back in 8 4009 But the reason why I call this a stay at home pressure cookers because people are singing home, they're online. This is one of the things that people that the Jews are very concerned with. That's one of the reasons why they got agreements, verily on to make sure the people's cable bills didn't get cut because they don't want people to be disconnected from the propaganda machine. Of course, they're watching a lot of television. Whatever But people are feeling left out in the cold, The miscalculation that's going on like we're talking about. And actually, I don't know that opening the government back up well, opening the government, opening the world back up, risking a second spike and having lots of people in the streets and out of work and in line for bread and becoming sick and having many problems. I don't know if that's such a good idea. Open things up there almost in a Catch 22 where they have to open things up because they want to put people back to work. But what if there are 25 or 30 million people who don't have anywhere to go, who don't have anywhere to go to? They don't have a job and they don't have any way to feed themselves. And the government isn't helping them. Um, it's That's not so good. Donald, have you thought this stuff through? That's what I'm saying. Give people check 5 $6000. If you're trying to avoid this now, a lot of people will say nothing is gonna happen. I'm not saying that people are gonna go out and riot or people are going to go out and get upset, but you're talking about widespread poverty. You're talking about widespread economic chaos, and you're talking about a government who has not been taking the right steps. Donald Trump is going to be working with Apple, Bank of America, Google, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin and McDonald's. These are the people we're gonna be advising him on reopening the economy like I wonder what their interest is going to be. Yeah, yeah, And And you have even Republicans joining. Ah, these Democratic governors who are going to challenge the president's authority to reopen the states and other might have been a time or out of and didn't done this big, deep dive on the constitutionality of or Donald Trump is doing. But there's just stupid. Like Donald Trump can do it. Of the fucky wants, like the he can say open closed, like he abdicated on this at the beginning and he didn't have the authority. Then it's It's up to the governors and again, like the the catch all to this entire argument is, even if all of the governors and the president said yet backdoor jump, 80% of Americans don't want to go back. They're going to stay home. And maybe there'll be some people that feel like they have to. But what if those businesses aren't there to open back up? Yeah. I mean that the whole thing, the whole thing. These people have created such a mess. But conservative spectrum. James, right? And my allegiances to Donald Trump, not the Constitution. Bill Mitchell. I'm just glad America will be getting back to work soon. Solid, solid. Dropped for the USA Today. Let's open up America, like we only had 1500 new deaths today. Solid drop guys, right? Yeah, I know this is great. And Trump coming out and ah, you know, these governors, they're terrible people. It's a mutiny. Is a mutiny being done to me, This is horrible. It's like, yeah, Yeah, like this is just getting painstaking to even keep watching his reaction. And you know this and this is again speaks to the very kosher saying, kosher, rapid narrative, kosher rap existence of American politics, where these Democratic governors they're terrible, right at most things and just about everything. But in the case of the response to Corona virus, who has been doing the best job you could say. Probably. It's been Cuomo and Newsome taking this the most seriously. And so you're forced into this position where there are no good leaders here. Donald Trump has been a horrible leader on this. The You know, the response to Corona virus from these few governors has been decent. Otherwise there, you know, probably terrible. And then in the Senate, you know, your conservative America first icon, Josh Holly is sponsoring bills that are tackling China and trying to strip, trying to have diplomatic immunity and allow them to suit and make them make the CCP pay for the CCP virus. Mr. So stupid. Yeah, they're just looking for a scapegoat. And the other thing that they're doing And I saw that there is a big protest on the doorsteps of ah, what's her name? Gretchen Region with whatever. Yeah, I saw Hail Whitmer, some some drug conservative with a hail Witmer sign with, like a poorly drunk, poorly drawn windmill on it. And, ah, you know, they're on the steps of the Capitol in Michigan. Protest ing toe open Back up for big line like this is what boomers and Magas in Michigan are doing is the protests that they're trying to get going. And I think they started office like pro testing in your cars, like 15,000 people just drive and converge on the Michigan State capital and, ah, demand that the government opened back up for big line. The Gretchen Whitmer is a fascist for keeping you locked inside. I mean, these are some of the bad takes that are out there, and this is again this is conservatism looking stupid. And I think they think I think they think that it's gonna play well because their calculation, their rough back of the napkin calculation is like people hurting economically. We will demand the government opened back up, and people will see that we care about them working class interests or something. And because they're doing it so prematurely, it's just they're just gonna get wrecked. If the GOP really gave a shit about how it was perceived by working class interests, they would give people the money that they need to survive. They would do what Europe is doing because you don't have people pissed off in Europe. Internet people upset. Nobody's people are people are paid. They're not losing their jobs. Everything's fine there. Like get these Ah, get the immigrants out of here. But that's that's basically it. I mean, yeah, yeah, they're not. They're not stressed. They're not facing this, like existential dread about, ah, you know, concerned about how they will feed their families, how they'll keep the lights on. And they know that there is a support system in place that can take care of them in times of crisis like this, not because they're lazy, not because they're stupid, not because they don't want to work. Because this is a time of genuine need and a system like that, unless it is like a church organization or some kind of other voluntary association in the United States. These bonds, these societal bonds no longer exist in this country. No, they don't. And one of the bigger reasons that they don't want to give five or $6000 to people every month. One of the biggest reasons they don't want to guarantee somebody's job is because they don't want to show people that what they have been fearmongering about socialism, a safety net for working people. They don't want to wet people's appetite for that. This has been the up from bootstraps America. Even Democrats pitch this in this way, and they don't want there to be Gibbs. For white people, this wouldn't benefit you. It's like what Mike says. This is why there is no universal health care in America because it would help too many white people. And that's why there's no blanket. Here's a check, no questions asked, because it would help to any white people. That's why they did the S B A loan program in the way that they did because they wanted. They knew they were over a barrel and they wanted to help. They had to help people. They had to at least appear that they were helping people. But what they did, instead of giving Jews their own, carve out, welcome up to this loan program and have them raid, raid the funding and screw over as many people as possible. Look who's getting screwed. Look at the outcome of it all. I mean, there's nobody nobody getting any upside here. Some people are getting a bag, but is that enough? Is that really if you've lost your job? Is that enough to sustain you for another unknown period of time. Um, no, it's not. We haven't heard anything about another personal bag for people. Nothing like I said. Even if they did this Friday, it would be what, Another three? Four weeks? You get your check in 2021 if you didn't pay Project. Right. Mean? Well, especially. I mean, that's the other thing here. Is that Ah, you know, we were kind of amused earlier today about the react from black Twitter about these bags, like video, negative typing, typing Trump *** on Twitter. And it would be replete with Yo Trump, my *** Trumpers Balmy some rims dough. This is still my president, or is Theo the best one? I think Was that one over? The guy said, Yo, Trump just gave me more money than my dad did in 23 years. I told my mom to stop going after them broke *** get herself a Donald itself a Donald. Oh, my God. Well, but the thing is, the thing is, you know they're getting the bag because the i r. S has their banking information because they're getting returns every year, right? If you are somebody who owns your own business or you You know, you are in a higher tax bracket. There is a very strong possibility the IRS doesn't have your tax information. It doesn't have your bank information, right, Because if you're not getting the deposit from the I. R. S and you send them a check or you don't pay them via the direct bank deposit, they don't have your bank information. And so you will be the one waiting until until September is when you'll be getting your paper check. Exactly. Well, the GOP in the Trump administration have been occupied with very important priorities. The ah Kansas State Court has struck down a GOP measure that was forcing Easter church services. This is more. This is what the GOP is standing up for now, the religious rights of people who, uh, who feel like the Fascist Democratic governments in these various places like Kansas, has a Democratic governor and is putting in these stay at home measures to protect them. And you see this about preachers all over Florida and Virginia, And I guess one of the preachers who defied these court orders in Virginia has died. The black guy just decided to have the have the services anyway. And that guy has now died of Corona virus. But this is where the GOP is doing. They're going out there in staging protests on the capital of of the Gretchen Whitmer in in Michigan. You're having ah GOP fighting for your right to get sick on Easter by forcing these church services. And a Kansas court has struck down the GOP measure that was trying to force that to happen. And now the DOJ Ah, big old Bill Barr. Who wants to get that backdoor encryption as quickly as possible? Uh, the DOJ is saying that it may take action next week against local governments that have cracked down on religious services as widespread parts of the country or shut down due to crony virus, according to D. A J DOJ spokes person. While social distancing policies air appropriate during this image emergency, they must be applied even handedly and not single out religious organizations. Bill Bar is monitoring the regulations. Ah, apparently, um, they're having problems with the way people are congregating for church, which is like it it's it's stayed home. Do it online. Watch a stream Stop trying to be like, This is your This is your Ah, what Battle of Bunker Hill moment with with these religious religious, you know, it's like you're going to stand up for this, But not when fags come into your local library, right? You're going to stand up to have church on Easter. But, you know, some tranny comes in and comes into your local library and is reading your kids. Yeah. You sleep right? That's how it goes. Illegal immigrants are coming into your town and opening up, opening up little bodegas in your little town in Worthington, Minnesota, and you sleep right. They come in like Jews coming from New York and shift the vote on bond measures in your local jurisdiction. You sleep, but somebody comes in and says, Yeah, a lot of old people are dying. A lot of people are dying across the board. There's a nice senses. There's a non zero chance that the next person you encounter could put you on a ventilator and put you in a fucking mass grave in New York. If you just stay home for a little bit, you're gonna be fine, though this is what they stand up for. right. And Bill bars there, toe. Help him out. Right. And then you have the kosher left is like Bill Bar is doing a theocracy. This is the theocratic government of the United States. It's like, Kill me now. Yeah, Yeah. This is the, uh, the Braveheart moment, right? Be charged in charge. You're kicking down the church doors, all painted up, wearing guilt. Yeah, a man he'll never take away our foe. Freedom, right? That's what This is it Isett zits. Really? What it is Bill bars, monitoring the regulations. Right? And I would be remiss if I didn't make the point that this is just a proxy for the Jews who want to gather in large groups. So yeah. Yeah, we're gonna pretend because Because who? You know, you're not seeing a lot of, ah lot of Christian weddings being held in supermarkets. Right? You know, you're not seeing a lot of people. Ah, you know, doing everything they can to defy these social distancing orders. Yeah, it's Yeah. That's exactly who stands to benefit here? Yep. All right, well, we did talk about Bill Bar. We did talk about backdoor encryption, and in the second half, we're gonna be talking a lot about just how the United States Jewish power and, ah, everything about the post World War Two society that's been created has been spying on basically fucking everybody. And they just got caught. And nobody is talking about this cause it came out. Nobody said word, and it sort of just passed on by her good friend. Ah, old Steve, whom he hadn't said anything I wouldn't have known. I wouldn't have known anything about it. So thanks, Steve. We're going to be right back on FTM to talk about the CIA and this little op that they've been running really well since what at the end of World War Two. So we'll be right back. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Welcome back again. And as jazz mentioned before the break, we're going to be diving into some more text stuff here. A couple different couple cheese, a couple of different tech topics. Ah, and a story that almost went through Ah, you know, went through a notice, but ah, was was saved, I guess, and brought to our attention by a good friend of the show. You know who you are. And that's a story about this. Ah, see, a program that has existed for in some form or another for about 70 years now, since the end of World War Two, where jazz. I mean, this is, you know, this is another one of those things, sort of like the NSA. Like the Israeli spy tech stuff we've covered where you have a feeling that this exists, but you don't know if it really does exist. So then when you find out that that it does actually exist, it's not that shocking. At the same time, you know the hubris and the ability to, ah, to do what they've done here. It still does it still a surprise you to a degree. And of course, this is the story about the C I. A. And this shell company that they controlled for about 70 years, crypto a G, using encrypted devices not only to spy on Americans as they have been using Israeli spy tech not only to spy on on foreign governments and their communications, but to spy on the encrypted communications of just about every single foreign government and foreign intelligence agency in the world. And they were able to do this by controlling the singular company that produced all of this encryption technology. And this goes back to even when encryption was done on analog devices. It's pretty incredible jazz. I did not. Ah, I don't know. Did you Would you have expected something like this to have existed before hearing about this? I mean, the assumption is that, you know, most of these countries that were being spied on I should have known that they didn't weren't talking in complete privacy, but they assumed, since they were sold this technology and in sold what they thought was the very best encryption technology available at that time, Um, they would be protected that in fact, that was. The selling point is that if you buy this, you can have conversations, diplomatic cables, whatever with other countries or other. You know, your own diplomats or whomever. And if you encrypt it, using this technology, sometimes analog, later digital, then you will be safe. No one can see what you're saying. You can rest assured that the conversations that you're having are in private and, you know, fed post to your heart's content Little third World banana dictatorship or whatever. I mean, whoever it is And, yeah, we're gonna unpack this whole thing. But this is an article that was in The Washington Post in February, just as the Corona virus pandemic was starting to spin up people. Most people were still in just the flu. Bro mode. I am a never just the flu, bro. Mode Guy was never in that position. It's always a good place to be, um, and and so this is something that was not talked about very much. Um, you would think that a lot of time would be spent on this, but this is embarrassing for a lot of people. It's embarrassing for the United States government. And, uh, basically, it's People have found out that the the big elephant in the room, the Empire, the American Empire has been lying to everyone since the end of World War Two, and not even just like Nigeria and Iran. And not even to put Iran in the same bucket is Nigeria, but not even like America's traditional enemies. That should not be enemies but Iran in China, in Russia and some others. And they spied on Iran. They didn't spy in Russia, but because Russia was smart enough never to buy this fucking product. But they they did this in such a way that, Ah, there was nobody left unscathed except for the smarter people. But they were even spying on our some of our closest allies. And I'm not even talking about our greatest ally. I'm talking about our closest allies. I mean, Germany, France. Um, Nate, you know, white European nations were subjected to this, and ah, it's it's amazing what they pulled off. And, ah, it also completes part of the puzzle to because this company was disbanded in 2018. Um, And now we see why Bill Bar all of a sudden has this this this animus for demanding a back door from the tech companies into encryption, because is this whole thing has been made obsolete, and that's how we're finding out about it now. The thing I am shocked about James is that we found out about this at all. This is something that you thought would be made up, Celestine. Um and then it would just go away and it it didn't go away. And it's it's come back. And a lot of people that they wanted to talk to about this whole thing are either dead, which is convenient, right? They died of old age. One guy was killed on the D C. Beltway, um, without doing unknown circumstances or they just don't want to talk to anybody. A lot of the people that were reached out to for this article did not want to comment. And I'm not surprised. Yeah, and they had, you know, they've been blundering their way through this since the eighties. I mean, there were a few close calls with Reagan, you know, sort of blowing the lid on this accidentally and revealing some intelligence that, ah, that they would have had no other way of having with regard to Libyan internal communications. And so they they're Reagan himself, ragged himself, like, let everybody know that Yeah, like, kind of tipped his hand. I mean, it was 1986 so he was sort of already starting to head into that, uh, that great darkness speaking, drifting into senility, drifting into senility and gives away the game. And I'm sure there were, like six million neo cons, all crying out in anguish like ripping their hair out, Um, there black rimmed glasses in some in some office in D. C like Oh, God, he's going to give away the game cause this is really when you talk about Jewish tricks, this is this right here. What we're about to talk about is one of the greatest Jewish tricks that they've managed to pull off. And it is inherently Jewish. It is. And Israel, as you mentioned, is tied up in two million. This? Yes. So this is the piece from The Washington Post, and we'll go beyond The Washington Post reporting, of course, because they leave out some must very key details about cool how this company came about. Who else was benefiting from this little intelligence sharing arrangement, which will get into. But the company name is crypto a G, and they were based in name in Switzerland, right, good old neutral Switzerland. So people thought, Oh, it's you know, it's Swiss, their neutral. It's, you know, just a tech company, not knowing it was a CIA front. And over the years, over the last 70 or so years, they made millions of dollars selling this decryption and encryption technology to more than 100 20 different countries. They did sell this tech to Iran. Teoh Iran. Two countries in Latin America, India, Pakistan, the Vatican. You name it with the exception as you mentioned of Russia and China and a few others. But what none of these countries new was The crypto A G was secretly owned by the C I. A. And it arose out of a classified partnership with former West German intelligence. And you know, this operation was known in the US by CIA operatives as operations the Saurus, or Operation Rubicon, And it was born out of you mentioned World War Two alliances. But our World War two allies, you know, UK France, they had no idea what was going on here, and they had no idea that they were actually some of the victims of this little op. So hold on, Want one thing before we go any further? Because I'm sitting here, you know, and I know this whole story, but I'm listening to it with an objective ear. Like you're somebody listening to this program, perhaps for the first time or You know, you've heard stories similar stories like this before. And the thing because they're talking about Q narratives on on Tedious. And we're gonna talk about the five G stuff a little bit later day if we have time. Um, and these these fake and gay conspiracies that have similar complex narratives to explain how things are being done, how certain groups are being fucked and usually, um, in the case of lo que and none low i Q. And on narratives it's like a white guy is the perpetrator and Jews or the victim, right? Like the New York Times anti Semitic, for example, or like whatever. And just so people, you know, because I know if Europe a Chad like you get it like you've been here, you worked hard and you got here. You understand that the story that we're telling you and anybody who's new, perhaps you can go out and verify every single aspect of this. This is not a narrative about, like, here's what Bill Bar is going to do next election. You know, here's how Donald Trump is going to arrest all these Vatican pedophiles and bobela, and by the way, I love Jews in Israel. It is. This is something that had been gone. We usually talk about things that have already happened because we know for certain what went on. And this is something that happened immediately in the aftermath of World War Two. Just like every bad thing that we're living with today. Every bad thing that we're living with today is an outgrowth of the end of World War Two and all of the outcome of that in a lot of in 1965. This began back then, and all of this is verifiable. You could go back and look at all of this, and you can see what they did. And there's nothing in dispute about any of this. There's no conjecture here. There's no projection. There's no nothing. This is all like, valid fact. And when you put it all together and see what has been done and look at this is one major lever of control that they had Jews specifically via the American Empire. Over literally every other country on the planet. It's really a sight to behold, and the fact that they've lost it is another whole thing like that. They're basically operating in the dark right now. Um, so yeah, it's it's pretty incredible. Just wantedto assed people are like listening to this and you hear all the interconnections in the complex city of this story. It's it's it's 100% true. Like these air, the conspiracies that we would want everybody to care about, the people that have all this pent up energy that are focused on, like burning five G masts and like God knows what else. I wouldn't be great. Like if you had 300 million people in the country. Let's say 20 million people in the country who were midwin enough to understand the fucker here who are getting upset about this can't have that right? Can't have that. No. Um, so yeah. Anyway, sorry. Continue especially especially all of the energy that has been tapped into at various points even in the last 20 years. Ah, anti imperial, I guess, or anti war instincts that so many people have. The majority of Americans have these instincts. This is a fantastic example of the U. S. Acting not only as the World Police, as the saying goes, but as the world's surveillance agency and this is something that if you put in front of the Americans that are instinctively anti intervention. This is something that people are going to be disgusted by and are going to be started wondering. Well, why were we doing this in the first place? Why was this any of our business? And who was this really designed to secure? Who is benefiting from this intelligence? Well, people should look beyond, even like you might. People might be thinking of the metaphor on their head. Well, just the U. S. Is like this scorned ex girlfriend who's like reading all your text messages or something. It's like, No, they were very concerned about what literally every other country in the world was saying about them, especially in the aftermath of World War Two, because I think they were sort of surprised that they won World War Two like they don't realize how lucky they were. Like Hitler very easily could have won World War Two. And when they got that victory and somehow made it happen and everything a we we talk about this all the time, tedious talks about all the time, every construct that has been set up in this aftermath. Post World War Two. It has been to stop another Hitler. It's been to stop. Another resistance has been to stop anti Israeli sentiment. And they were so freaked out that they had to set this up in a way where they knew what everybody else was saying doing, thinking, acting, bragging about planning. Because they they were about to make some very big booths over the coming decades, and they had to know it was a operational insecurity. I was a risk, a huge risk if they didn't know so end with the foundation of Israel in 1948 you have a quite a few incensed Arab countries that want to ah, you know, reverse the outcome of that decision, and they need to be. You know, tabs need to be kept on these on these countries, right? And that's that's what they were doing with a lot of this Ah, lot of this programming. And so, yeah, I mean, around that time, 1952 is when this company cryptology is founded by a guy jazz. We were we were both intently, just like smashing the early life buttons and came out with some some interesting conclusions. Some new inst conclusions here about Mr Boris Hagelin, who is described as a Russian born Swede and his family. They did like the grand tour of stands and by Johnny's and, like these weird middle European countries, the border Azerbaijan to a family of globe traveling cosmopolitans. His father worked in Turkey, whose board in Azerbaijan but his family. As soon as the Russian Revolution then and the Bolsheviks won the day in Russia, they darted on back. Teoh, Russia! Amazing! Wow, What's what's that all about? It's almost like the Jude are started pinging them and come on home, right? That's Russian borders. Weed, Yeah, Ears and noses perked up and in the pack, the bags and a troll Little north. So then he goes, and he attend school in Sweden. And at the beginning of World War two, Haglund move from Sweden to Switzer, Switzerland were after what? Six countries. Now that he moves to Germany, then he moves to Berlin. Then he moves to Genoa. Then he moves to Scandinavia, and then he flees Scandinavia. This is all in the course of uh what, three years in 1940 he flees Sweden to come to the US right as excuse me. Fleas. Norway, right as, ah, narcissistic, quiet ninth country fleeing to the United States in the end of the world. Very interesting, because you think, or were there a lot of Swedes like actual Swedes fleeing Europe? No, there weren't the people playing year. I mean, yes. So there's this guy, This guy stinks to high heaven. But this is a founder. This is the guy at the center of it all right now he's the founder and e mean fleeing Europe is one thing, right? You could say All right, there is coming destruction and disruption and people want to get out. But you couple that with his father's decision to move the family back to Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. It's, ah, pretty interesting set of circumstances. So we can't say definitively, but, you know, those are the facts, and you can verify those all you want. After the war, um, Magallon moved back to Switzerland. You d fled the US back to Switzerland and he continued working on encryption machines and, um, at somebody but not as good as the Nazis. Enigma like that was the one thing about this whole story is they never even came close to anything. Is cool is enigma like it was all like, cheap knock off, like so they tried really, really hard. To do it once again is Hillary's way. United States ever got to the moon because of Nazi scientists, and they've tried really hard to duplicate the encryption machines, and they just couldn't do it. So it's kind of funny to see them try. Yeah, I know that's the story for so many technologies, whether it's rockets or automobiles or encryption is the Germans were head and shoulders above the West. And the reason the West was able to have these massive advances in technology in the fifties was not because of, you know, suddenly unlocked American ingenuity. Largely it was due to the importation of and and theft of. You mean it wasn't an outgrowth of the civil rights movement, James. It wasn't the the hidden figures in the U. S. Space agencies that were that were helping out with this stuff. I mean, surely diversity is our greatest strength. Oh, actually, you know what? It might have been all the Jews coming into our country. That is what really improved the status of Americans. We were just rugged. Ah, you know, traveled ites before any of them showed up and they brought us. That's why the fifties were so gold. Is this just a golden era, right, James? Yeah. We were just a society of backwoods cowpokes before. We're enlightened by people like William Friedman, who was the premier US cryptologist and the head of the National Security Agency, who got in contact with haggling. And, ah, uh, twisted some elbows to get him to agree to sell the most advanced machines he was making only to the U. S. And two countries on a list approved by the U. S. While selling the older machines that we're penetrable to everybody else. So they got this exclusive contract basically free. Sorry to interrupt you again, but Friedman is 100% confirmed Jewish. If you go to the n essays own pdf like, story on this guy, um, the U. S. Cryptologists from the NSA Freeman is like 100% Jew and very involved in, like, Jewish causes and everything else. And so Baghlan, you know, he was a guy who was interested, encryption and don't know what the outcome of Haglund would have been on his own. Um, you know, obviously he's a globe trotting cosmopolitan. Ended up back in Switzerland after the war building these encryption machines, Uh, you know, but it was Friedman. So regardless of what Hagelin's background is, it was the actual identifiable, verifiable Jew from the N s, a top cryptologist who gets involved and starts persuading Haglund. At least if we read this at face value to start juking the sales of these machines to countries approved by Washington, like you said versus the ones that they knew the rigged machines that were sold to others. And so the whole I mean, from the genesis of this thing, this was never an innocent operation. You can feel that you could make. I guess some cold warriors could make the case would try to make this haphazard case that this is necessary in the face of the evil empire. Our role. And it's like, No, it started a juice despite everybody else. Case closed, like that's That's what it was, right. And yeah, and again, the Russians never bought this technology. Right? So this this was not used to spy on the Soviet Union. Maybe you could say it was used to spy on some Soviet ah client states or something, but that again, that wasn't the point here. And so when Haglund retired and he had moved back to the U. S. By this point, the French government actually made an effort to buy the company. But us us stepped in and said, Yeah, that deal is not gonna happen here. Going to sell your company to us and the U. S. And Germany. West Germany stepped in and said, Yeah, here's $6 million and we're buying this thing up. And by the way, the French cannot be a part of this. Don't. Whatever you do, do not involve the French, and you're gonna find out why the French were not involved in this deal because they were one of the targets of it. It actually makes a lot of sense that the Russians never bought this. Now they use the excuse that they use is that Russia was had dibs gabbed ism of like a Western company in Switzerland called crypto being sure, if you want to say that, but what's interesting about this is if if it really was an A B test, and this really was the genesis was Judaism and Judaism set this up to spy on everyone. It would. Why would they spy on themselves? Right. Like if the Soviet Union was a B test, why would they spy on themselves? Of course they want to spy on this. The client states. It's important to have all these client states like Romania and Turkey and like all these different, you know, all these different orbits of Russia. But why would you want to spy on Russia itself? It's like, I don't know. It would be like D. C. Spying on D. C doesn't make any sense. I mean, I don't know. I'm just saying, like, it's funny when you look at the map of the places that did not have this software or had not purchased this suffer, it's like, Okay, so the cover story is Russia was skeptical of the West. Sure. Yeah, well, and so, as it turns out again, yeah, The client states were caught up in this, but the main targets were Western European countries, including France. So France was pushed out of this deal in 1970. And from that point on the C i. A and the NSA and the partners in the West German intelligence agencies. They became intimately involved. They essentially took control of his company. They designed the tech. They instituted back doors and the algorithms they directed the sales they were in charge of who got what technology and who was listening to, Ah, the information being passed back and forth on that technology. And the other aspect here, too, is that these company of these countries were paying top dollar for this technology. And in the sixties, by the sixties, this was all digital, right? And so, you know, these countries were paying millions and millions of dollars for this brand new, very hi tech digital encrypted communications software. And there was an office in Washington at an office in West Germany and in office, presumably in Tel Aviv, dedicated to processing and listening and cataloguing every single communication that came through this software. And this report came out and ah, I mean, event event that happened in the 20th century. You name it. There were spies listening to it. They monitored the 79 hostage crisis with Iran. They passed intelligence about the Falklands War to the UK They were monitoring the activities of South American dictators and, you know, Libyan officials. And they were keeping a keen eye towards all of these around the world, regardless, continent, they were watching, and they were using the information that they had in their diplomat relations as well. Eso information like, if you're a country and this is this is what's happening now good friend of ours gave us some some stuff that we translated to read What what other governments are saying about this is well, and they're very angry. They're very upset. I mean, implying that they can do anything about it. And I'm not saying that with, like, an American like bravado, Um, but like the idea that they were going to do anything about it or that there's gonna be some action, I think that's always sort of, ah, thing that people fall into a trap that people fall into that. It's like OK, like something happened. It's like now, now where is C G I explosion? That I'm expecting to happen, And that's not that's not how this works. But what it does do is that it causes all of these governments and they're already looking at this is is looking back and saying, Wait, The United States government told me x, y and Z, and then they did this instead, and they would have known that. I mean, they're connecting all the dots. They would have known that we were talking about these things. Now you could make the argument that some of these countries should have known that the US was listening to what they're saying, right? They should have known that everything that they said would have been picked up or whatever. They shouldn't have put much trust. But the fact of the matter is, that doesn't seem to be true because the things that they did and they said the United States took complete advantage of made a lot of money off of took the money from these governments over and over because they'd come out with the new machine, right, they'd have the HC 7 50 then the next year they'd come out with the H C 9 50 and they'd sell you the new one. In a lot of these, um, you know shit to your tinpot governments didn't buy new sh mission because they couldn't afford a new one. And that's just a swell for for cryptology, because they can just It's like All right, well, they're using this level of algorithm from this year, and we'll just keep listening to what they're saying. But yeah, they had, like, a batch of machines that were known good according to this this release and a batch of machines that were rigged. Now what I don't necessarily believe is that the batch of machines that were considered encrypted like that they didn't have be they weren't cooking the algorithms. I don't necessarily believe that that's true now. I'm not trying to throw skepticism to the entire thing. But when you find out that some of these countries Germany was in particular was kind of upset about this toward the end because Germany found out that they were listening well, we found out in the Edward Snowden papers that they were listening in on Angela Merkel's phone calls, and the Germans were like, kind of just like no, what the fuck I thought I thought we were, and that actually made what's interesting about this story is the Gois that were involved in this got very uncomfortable when they found out that they were cooking the algorithms or that there were vulnerabilities because they thought operating in good faith, cryptology just dead vulnerabilities and their software. James, right? Like we gotta fix these vulnerable. But no, it was actually intentional problems in the Gois. Gois had problems with this, But people would justify this in this sort of boomer rationale. It's like, well, the United States has toe sort of understand what the's third world shit bird countries air up to, right? Like they have to understand what's happening in in, ah, whatever. In East Asia, we've always been at war with East Asia. But you know, the thing is, is that they were spying on everybody. And that's why I don't believe necessarily that there was a good batch of machines and a bad batch of machines. I think that they had the keys to the castle, and all of the people who they really didn't want them to know that they were spying on were also being spied on. Germany, France, The five eyes. What is it? Canada, Australia, Great Britain. I forget the other ones, like five eyes and in the circle of trust allegedly But what we found out, like, two years ago that the US was spying on the U. K. Even though they're one of the five I countries and the U. S. So what are they gonna dio get mad, like bombing, but bomb America? No. And again, I don't say that with bravado. I'm just saying that, you know, it's like you get kicked off a Twitter. It's like, Okay. And what next? What? What are you doing now? I mean, you know, it's It's like France finds out that the United States has been spying on them. It's like, Okay, well, what's France gonna do about that? Nothing. But maybe they should have come to D C and, like, started licking the windows and demanding to be, uh, traded better. Yeah, but see, that's the thing is, in 1955 if these countries had found out that the United States was doing this, it might have been a different outcome. But they, you know, in in the 19 fifties, right with these Third World countries, you know, if that out about this, you would have like, like, a 1,000,000 man like like I don't know come Cambodians or something would have been like rioting in the streets and like expelling US occupation forces. Right this Because this is before the government rules of their governments would have whipped them up, right? Like or there would have been actual military action, um, taking place. I mean, we had a lot of hostile conflicts, riel or imagined since world War two. And, um, yeah, it was only because we had all this information. But see, that's the key to this thing is is this went from analog? As you mentioned to this, it was this machine with, like, a crank, similar to an enigma, but like a Jewish version of Enigma, Just a shitty like thing with a crank. Um, And then it became more digitized. And then eventually, the advent of integrated circuits made it. And they knew this At the time, they knew that this was coming, that eventually this would become something that they wouldn't have the corner of the market on. Because part of what Friedman did with haggling to was they the N S. A. And the CIA together paid these guys to make sure that they had the corner of the market. They eliminated all their competition. They made sure that there was no other encryption company that could stand up anything. As a competitors, they made sure that anybody in this business would be on the payroll of crypto A G. And there was a lot of money put into people's pockets during this time to make sure. But eventually they couldn't control the evolution of technology. And I think that has been one of the things that the Jews have been the most upset about is uncontrolled mass media in the advent of the Internet and then things like this because they would have liked this to have gone on forever, forever and ever, and nobody would ever find out about it. They make millions of dollars off of it. Nobody finds out they control the software. It's a monopoly forever. But no. Now you have encryption on your phone, and this is what Bill Bars have said about. This is why he's screaming because this whole operation got made obsolete. That's how we know about it. Otherwise we would probably wouldn't even know about this right, And that's what that's why they're willing to burn this now and the U. S. Government was also, I mean, outside of the C I A. The U. S. Government was you know, they would issue grants to countries so they could buy specifically so they could buy this crypt away. G software. There's a story in this Washington Post report about one of these African countries that was given a grant so they could buy the cryptology computers, and then they let me subsidize. I want to hear what you all are talking about. Let me subsidize your conversation. Just speak very loudly into my hat, right? Like, make sure your clicks are discernible when we try to pick them up on our computers. And then they listen in for a year and they don't get any information. And so they send a sales right back around to this African country. They discover them literally still in the shrink wrap, like in an airport hangar. Uh, yeah, but, uh but yes. So this is the problem they have now. Is that is that you know your name? Your your like, secure, encrypted messaging app. It's more secure than ah than these proprietary systems that thes thes states may have set up or may have been using, or even this some cryptology software. So it's become obsolete now, even though it's obsolete, there are still companies. Excuse me. Still countries using this across the world dozens of countries across the world still use crypto eiji software. But as you mentioned, the company was liquidated in 2018. And because this was done in Liechtenstein, which is ah, country with the Cayman Islands esque privacy laws, you know, it was not supposed to come out who these who these new companies are, right? This was split off into two totally new companies. Sy one Security, Not not just that. What we do not know and what we probably will never know is the original shareholders because it wasn't just see a sets up shell company that is owned by C. I. A. There were private investors that made this possible. CIA and NSA just ran the show, and Boris Hagelin and ah, Boris Haglund supplied the technology. William Friedman ran the show. C. A. N s A basically controlled the operation. But there were private shareholders that had to sell their shares out to these new companies that you're about to talk about we will never know who those people are. At least knock on wood. We're not going to know. Well, knock on wood. I hope we find out who they are, but we don't know who they are. We don't know who they were sold to. We don't know how this was spun off and probably never will. I mean, I could make some guesses and actually, I'm sure we're probably not surprised if we were told the names of the people who own these companies. But anyway, if it's anything similar to the names of the people that purchased these shares through these new shell companies that were set up in 2018 you know, it would not come as a surprise to anybody involved. Right? So crypto a G, which is the haggling company, splits up and, ah into the international division, which is crypto International, A G and the National business in Switzerland. Crypto schweiz a G on 2018. Ok, new companies, fresh start. And you know, these new companies claim we knew nothing about what was going on before. We had no idea that this company was essentially a CIA front. Not even no idea. There was one guy who, like, issued a straight up denial. He was just like, I swear if this were happening under under my nose, I would be a shame on my family and I would be so embarrassed and so upset. There's no way that anything like this could have ever been happening on my watch. It's like OK, yeah, sure, right Incident. Crypto schweiz age. He changed his name to Sigh one. Security. So now we have these two separate companies that are still servicing these encryption encryption programs in use by companies across the country again in countries across the world. And, you know, let's take a look at the board of Sai One, which is again one of these two companies, led by a guy named Giuliano off who was the former CEO of Crypto A G Meet the new Boss, same as the old boss, Robert Schlupp and Thomas Maier, who is the CEO of a company called Info Guard. And this new company will be focusing on cyber defense solutions for the Swiss market on and on and on. So, yeah, I mean essentially no change in what they'll be doing. It's just a rebrand they get to claim they washed their hands of it. But yeah, of course, that's well, but But it's obsolete, though, like they will still, I mean, these organizations essentially air there to pick up the communications for boobs out in the world who are still using these devices. Essentially people who I don't know. I don't want to read the liberal Washington boasts out there in the world whatever or who can't read, um, or who don't read or who if, you know, in some African government, you know, had some guy who could read it for them is like, uh, you don't get about this. I want Give me, uh, I don't know, whatever the phone give me, like a bunch of like white women or something, who knows what that feels like. A gold plated Mercedes six by six. Like fuck this computer bullshit. Yeah, Like, sir, we have Ah, we have an intel briefing for you. Based on what the Americans have been doing for the last five or six decades, it's really important. Not know my nut now it's like okay, guy, but yeah, I mean, that's that's what this is. And they got caught their their their operation, they're gay. Up is obsolete, but the it's still reaping benefits for the from the people who are still using this. But see, that's the thing is like, if if you were some African with a smartphone, you would be better off using the smart foam to do diplomatic cables, Then you would. They're the shitty teletype machine or whatever it is you're using. Just get I don't know, get a nap with interruption, you know? Come on. You might as well in in, you know, social distancing in Africa, they might as well just do their African Parliament meetings over WhatsApp. Right? That is going to be more secure than this. Software can't throat. You can't. Her chair said each other. Yeah, true that. Yeah, that does present some different way. Yeah, that sucks. But, you know, you look at the list of clients who they had Ah, under the yoke here, Saudi Arabia, which was Kryptos biggest customer, followed by Iran, Italy, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, South Korea, um, and and this was all going back to the 19 eighties, right? And at the time you know this data, they tell the story in this piece in the 1978 summit between the leaders of Egypt, Israel in the U. S. Camp David, um, where they were sitting down with Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian president, and the entire time the they would have the meetings during the day and then the delegations would would disperse. And, you know, the N S A would just pick up the headset and listen in to what the Egyptians were were talking about. And so they knew exactly what they could leverage in these discussions. And who was this for the benefit of you Ask. Well, Israel was obviously a direct participant in this discussion in the seventies. But beyond that, Israel was one of the four countries. There were four countries that were part of an intelligence sharing operation, and Washington Post actually doesn't report this. But there were four countries that received at least some, if not all of the intel that the US was able to gather as a result of this operation. It was Britain, Sweden, Switzerland and, of course, Israel. And these were the senior partners that that intelligence would be would be shared amongst them. And yeah, I'm guessing there was probably a tiered system here where Britain and Sweden and Switzerland. They got some of it. But do you think that Israel, you know, maybe got a little bit mawr than these other countries? Maybe had some higher level access privilege than these others? Yeah. Yeah. And it's again. This is all diplomatic cables. All encrypted diplomatic cables going back to the sixties go actually going back to the fifties. But all digital cable since the sixties, we're able to be intercepted by Israel with the assistance of the U. S s A. And if you go all the way back, actually to the 19 thirties and look at William Friedman, the guy who was picked to lead this who he was the leader of the U. S. Army Signals Intelligence service in the mid 19 thirties, this would have been in in massive Jewish building of power structure under FDR. And look at the members of his team from the 19 thirties. You have Solomon Colback. You have Harold Miller. You have Abraham sink off. These are all, like, very small team on the U. S. Army signal intelligence service. Essentially, just spying on Hitler is what this should have been called like listening in on, uh, uncle laid off. And, ah, you know, this is the guy that was picked and it's kind of funny that, you know, they're all these. Of course, In an operation like this, there are all these, um, you know, executives that have to run the company because in partnership with the Germans, uh, the BND, which is the German equivalent of ah, of the CIA FBI spy, more like the CIA. They would make a lot of money off of this, selling these products to countries 121 countries all over the world. And they would split the money and then take that money a lot of profit. It was a very profitable operation, of course, and then put that into whatever the hell they want. So see, a is profiting off this, I don't know, giving money. The a t l who knows what they fucking did but was obviously a Jewish operation. They called it operation from the Source that it was called Operation Rubicon, which is kind of funny that they call it Operation Rubicon. Rubicon obviously a river in in Italy. It's when it's cross to everybody knows the saying. Crossing the Rubicon Operation Rubicon was intended to make sure that nobody ever crossed their Rubicon and nobody ever came in infringed on their new empire that they were building up, which is greater Israel plan with us, as is the big bully. They want to make sure that none of that ever happened. What's interesting about this? You have all these executives that were managing this, making the money and running the operations, the guys that claim they didn't know nothing about it after all of it was found out about what's what I found Interesting is only one of those executives, this guy by the name of Wagner. Um, he had the hat. He would always ask for increases in pay these agoi, right? Like he and there's something wrong with that, like he wanted. He wasn't ideologically invested in this. In the article, they say they didn't actually have to pay the other executives to to keep their mouth shut or keep things under wraps or to go along with the plan because they were quote all ideologically invested in what they were doing on Lee. One guy Wagner wanted, they had to keep paying him more and more and more money because he really wasn't ideologically invested. And then he asked for like a medal from the CIA. And what's funny about this article? Kind of spooky right is in The Washington Post that says that they tried to get in touch with Wagner, and they can't even confirm if Wagner is still alive. Like that's just all it says in the article. We don't even know if Wagner is still alive, but we couldn't get in contact with them, couldn't confirm that he's still living. It's like this is a guy that ran a major company, at least ostensibly. That was a major company that was successful, it selling cryptology and what not, Um, but they can't even confirm that he's alive. And then they wanted, As Haglund got into his eighties Samore history here, as Haglund got into his eighties, the N s A. And the FBI were sort of wondering, like, What are we gonna do with this guy, right? Like this is the guy. This is the brainchild of this operation. He's got all these papers in his office that we don't know what to do with. They sent. They sent a guy over. It is office. And they told everyone who wasn't in the know about this operation that they were sending over Hiss historian to write this guy's biography. But what he was really doing was going through all of headwinds papers to make sure that there was nothing incriminating about anything that they were doing. And they wanted to get haggling out right. They wanted to buy him out. But Helgeland Helgeland planned on handing the company off to his. What is it, brother Bo Haglund? Is it a brother or son or something? Um, I can't remember. It's It's somebody. It's an error to the company Hagman wanted toe. Hand it off, right? Like Oh, God, nepotism. We should make nepotism great again, by the way, had this is a passing thought today, but there's nothing wrong with that. Nepotism is a good thing. That's what we should be doing. But Hedlund wanted naturally hand this off to a family heir, and the CIA had identified this bow Haglund as a as a wild card. Somebody that they couldn't trust couldn't control whatever. And then it just says in The Washington Post, Bo Haglund mysteriously died in an auto accident on the Washington Capital Beltway and know that no foul play was suspected to have been involved. Period. Next paragraph. So it's like amazing, just amazing. And again, Hagland, interesting background. Don't really know what his background really is. But the bottom line is they wanted somebody that they could trust to hand this off when this was still a viable operation. I just found it. Found it hilarious. It's like all these engineers they had to pay. There was a guy who found out about these vulnerabilities who wasn't too happy about it. Was this the guy that traveled to Iran to try to fix things? Yeah, this was the well meeting well meaning Irishman who would like a company who it was like, Oh, my God, I've stumbled upon these vulnerabilities and he flies out on his own dime over two, over to the the countries that this one country Teoh fix these vulnerabilities and then he gets the gets the call. It's like, What are you doing? Yeah, you need to come back. That's ah not to mess with. I'm just in good faith solving the mathematical airs that I found in this long algorithm, and I want to make good for our customers. And I'm serving the customer for its like, shut the fuck out, Get on a plane, get back home. But yeah, this guy, um, they I guess he became a problem. Um, he was like, Why do you guys have all these vulnerabilities? I mean, we're oversimplifying it, but he basically was like, What the hell is going on here? What? You got all these vulnerabilities. And one of the executives tasked with managing the company fired the guy. And, you know, the Jews running the operation really go. Oh, why'd you fire this guy? That's not what you do. You don't fire the guy. If he has a problem, you pay him, you give him money, you give him more money, make him shut the fuck up, keep on the payroll. And this guy apparently participated in a documentary. Is one of those like blurred Foose's with the folk dope voice in the background confirmed later, but he would not respond to the investigation for this article. But what's funny? And we didn't have a chance to do this because there's kind of spur of the moment, But I would like to actually go back and look at the things now that we know what we know, the things that Edward Snowden confirmed or said that the United States tried to play off Facebook Shit. Is it now confirmed? Based on this information, I don't know that anybody is corroborated. That that would be interesting to find out. Um, but yeah, this this, this whole thing is just incredible. And what What it means, though, is that the United States is now operating in the dark. Of course, this isn't their only method of getting intelligence on what people are saying. But when you go from essentially being able to read everybody's text messages to not, that's a problem. If you're running a thing called Operation Rubicon and trying to run this massive global empire, Um, where everybody lives in fear, right? Right. So exactly. And this became untenable. Starting in the 20 tens and knowing what we know now about Israeli spy tech and the national Initiative launched in Israel in 2012 the timing makes perfect sense because they knew the efficacy of this program was on the decline. They knew that they were not getting his Which intelligence as they used to be able to out of the crypto HD programs they were planning on winding this down. And it just so happens straps Just a miracle. Ah, miracle of history that at the same time, within just a few years that Israel begins launching massive billions of dollars of investment into encryption breaking technology into remote Ah, remote takeover technology of not only cell phones but Internet of things and then go back and listen to our Israeli spy Tech deep dives will recover this in great depth. And this was all this Became an initiative out of Israel in 2012. Just what? The same year that the Snowden revelations came out or within the year of the Snowden revelations breaking within a year of Julian Osanai releasing his documents? Um, yeah, this is this is ah, timing that is all relate. These things are related. Yeah, well, and you know, to the extent that crypto a G and its new sort of ah antecedents, I suppose have come up with, um just basically sit there, parked and listen to any other communications Come in. Do you think that I mean Maybe there were, as we're joking before, Maybe there are some countries that aren't going to read this and not realize and keep on typing away. But this is a watershed moment for the rest of that operation that they thought. Okay, well, you know, most of this has been made obsolete by, you know, new software and new technology. But that's fine. Not everybody realizes that. We're just gonna keep gathering intel. Well, now everybody knows that this was all a sham, and people are going to start comparing notes and what it does encircling back on something I was saying before. It's like, This is not going to result in a worldwide revolt against the United States, but it is going to erode the United States is ability to muscle people and screw people over. Look, I'm an American. I love my country, such that it waas not what it is today, not what it has become. But I don't think that we should be doing what we're doing on on foreign policy. I disagree with virtually everything that we do in the means by which we go about it, and I don't think there is any level headed American except some sort of like pro Israel, like zio shill Boomer, who would be okay with this? The people working on this stuff, we're not even okay with it. They had to be paid off in order to shut the fuck up and yeah, I mean, it's it's not It's not pleasant business. And for what? Like our freedoms and liberties that we don't actually really even have. If you try to exercise them, you don't really even have them. So Well, yeah. And in Saudi Arabia, being the biggest client of cryptology technology, who was involved in the planning of the 9 11 attacks, Where did that come from? Were those communications a subject to this surveillance would have to assume so right. These were these were you know, if this attack did come out of Saudi Arabia, was the CIA given advance notice of the 9 11 attacks or the first World Trade Center bombing or name your attack that killed Americans? The CIA had advanced notice of the 9 12 attacks. I can assure you that Well, I know, but the point being that these are questions that Americans need to be asking about their governing this, you know, not only undermines the legitimacy of the system overseas as we're seeing, you know, these these papers coming out of South American countries that were targeted by these programs. But this should undermine the legitimacy and the rationale for this all encompassing surveillance police state not to sound like a libertarian, but this this surveillance state that has been set up to look not at the people that we need to be looking at the rial, You know, those that are really doing harm to this country and its people, but set up to spy on you set up a spy and to gather intelligence on you. If this apparatus which we know now for a fact as confirmed by the CIA a was intercepting foreign encrypted communication from Saudi Arabia Okay, where were they to stop 9 11? You know, it's a very simple question that they can't answer. Well, I mean, if you if you if you have the blue pill, take though that like Saudi Arabia planned 9 11 I mean, that's that's the That's the That's the what they're trying to hang it on. But I mean people asking questions about any of these things are right to ask. And as time goes on, the United States not going to get away with as much of the goodwill that they've had in the past in it's doubly true when it's places like Ah, Germany that was being spied on. Germany eventually got out of this. By the way, that's one part of the story. Wouldn't say. Germany eventually in the 19 nineties said, You know what? Fuck it, I'm done. I'm done. I've had enough of this in the Americans. They sort of make it seem like Oh, yeah, Germany was just too interested in making money off of this. They weren't really investing because maybe because Germany got bucked in so many different ways and wasn't really interested in your Jewish paranoid tricks, which is what this was. This is the height, like when you read this story and its long. But I highly suggest people do. It's very eye opening. Definitely wanna go check it out? What is the name of the article yet? Washington Post. How the CIA you a pretty, pretty straightforward title here. How the CIA used crypto Eiji encryption devices to spy on countries for decades Yeah, yeah, that za straightforward article headline. They just tell it all like it is, and that's exactly what it is. And it just reeks. The thing that I kept coming back to is reading the article and I read it again was like, This is just absolute mind boggling levels of paranoia that but this is what they would do. And then when you look up William Friedman, you're like, of course, look, of all the people involved, It's like of course it's this crate. And if they're doing this, what else do you think they're doing? And I don't even have to, like, you know, I don't have to paint to with too broad of a brush. I mean, it's it's this is kind of just like, Are you surprised? You know, and we should only talk about what we know. I I do agree with that, but this is This is definitely what we know. And ah, yeah, it's it's it's a shit show, but, um yeah, but did you have anything else you want to talk about here? Do you want to pivot to the thing that they really want you to focus on? Um, if you're white. Well, what NASCAR No, No, five D you NASCAR? Yeah, NASCAR? Yeah, NASCAR they're trying to kill, you know, they don't want you focusing on NASCAR, especially life screams. But no, people are, you know, there is this. I think I don't know who said this first, but I think this is a very good way of framing it. That there is this hunger for truth that there is so little faith in what any institution or system or or official purveyor of information gives you. Nobody trusts the media. Nobody trusts the government. Nobody trusts the schools. People are are hungry for truth and to find out, you know, really what's going on. And this instinct is a very healthy one that we are, you know, we're involved in guiding in the right direction and giving people information to seek out. You know, the, you know, find identify the real levers of power. But this instinct is often diverted into brain dead conspiracy theories such as, you know, five g, right? This this idea that five G is causing corona virus and you know, you can you can look at people doing this right, and look at You may have heard somebody say this and you can understand, and this is also, I think, the same instinct that underpins why people want so desperately to blame China. People desperate to blame China for Corona virus. And it's this belief that, like something is being done to them, they don't know who was doing it to them. But they're mad that something's being done to them. It's just it's it's being, you know, that instant is being directed in the wrong the right direction and five G's is, Ah, an example of that. And you know, there's these celebrities coming out and saying that Ah, oh, you know, these people are putting out these. He's like five slide Instagram posts, right Celebrities Woody Harrelson, John Cusack, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Who is the leader of some like Children's Health Fund. And, ah, he said that global lock down was stopping people from protesting against quote five g robber barons from microwaving our country and destroying nature. But the phenomenon here in the thread you can connect through all of these, and you pointed this out. Jazz is this is all white celebrities doing this haven't seen Sarah Silverman firing up the Instagram post about the five G conspiracy theory it seems to be. And it seems to be, celebrities that would resonate with a certain like Gen. Gen X demographic people that would be questioning what's going on. Very targeted on this. Feels like an op, doesn't it? Yeah, People who are doing slightly better than millennials may have some level of savings. May own a home, maybe doing slightly better than everybody else in the economy of it. Not quite as good as boomers. Nobody's ever doing as good as boomers. But you have. Yeah, this this group of people who, in my point of saying all that is a preamble, is that these are people who have a lot to lose and people who have a lot at stake and who are seeing the world set on fire right now when they have a lot of ah lot of working years left before they get to Boomer Adam and you have people like Woody Harrelson, John Cusack, Um, and RFK Jr Ah, and in a myriad of people all over the UK all over Europe, it's only seems to be focused in European countries, white countries, targeted at white people. Now you and I talked about the possibility of like blacks glomming onto this mean, But I think it's just a little bit. Maybe there are blacks. Maybe there are some blacks who think they're woke to talk about five Dogo five G like they think that that's an important thing cause they see white people doing it, so they want to sound smart. But this isn't necessarily a black phenomenon. This is a thing that is being targeted. And in fact, you don't see it targeted in black communities like you do the moon landing where they where they do that Because it's calling into question white achievement. Whereas five g is something that they want white people to be focused on. Um, focused on setting towers on fire in the UK, setting towers on fire in the Netherlands. Ah, setting towers on fire and talking about this and you know, like spends said the idea that this is going to lead to some nationwide movement that is going to stop five g dead in its tracks or some little Indian tribe and whatever bumble fuck place, uh, you know, some reservation, that is wherever that that's going to stand in the way and have a protest and stop five g. No, it's not gonna It's not going to do any of that. They're not going to stop it. And this is something that when people get all wrapped up in this and they see the fireworks show like cause the the mass set on fire. I almost don't even believe that that that was done by honest, earnest people who are believing in these low i Q. And on Mihm's, it's people who you know. It's like What you doing, Rabbi? This is the firework show. Look, this is serious. People are taking action and setting these things on fire. And it's gonna you know, you know, that kind of should and people get wrapped up in these conspiracies and all these all this pent up energy right thrown directly down the drain, just flush down the drain. And people get really worked up for this kind of conspiracy, bad narrative, and then they find out that it's bullshit, and then they're like they're gonna be less inclined to go down the rabbit hole with you on things that do matter, and you do enough of this stuff and you keep people on this. It's like one part hamster wheel, too much to parts, mind fuck and just keep people going. And they have to do this to such an increasing degree because everybody's at home. Everybody is stuck for the most part of if you're not an essential job and people have a lot of idle time and more and more idle time is is more job losses and sue. And so they have to step up the intensity of getting people to care about dead end, uh, notions like five G. And, you know, if you're stuck on this track, I mean, I'm sorry. Like, you just got to realize that this ain't it. This is not it. This is something meant to occupy your time and keep you away from things that are really right. Because once you go down, once you get into these things right, you might get really into, I don't know, some fad diet that you find out isn't isn't what you thought it would be. You get in really into like a central oil, and this is more of a women thing, but essential oils or with these other like like a little translate that there is this guy going? Yeah, well, yeah, I know. But, you know, you know how it is. Like people think, Oh, I need to do this, this detox or whatever. And that's the kind of people often times that are caught up in these, like five G. Like the people who were like, Yeah, there's, like, poison in all the food. I mean, wrong People who care deeply about what celebrities think and say are people who care about this. Yeah, like that. Yeah, well, there's that, too. It. But there's also there's also another angle. People who like have, ah, enough scientific understanding to know like what a wavelength is and they hear like Oh, more frequency. This is bad. This this means we're all getting microwaved by cell towers. So I am going to get cancer from this. So I burn cell tower now, and yeah, I mean, you're seeing a ever seen a transformer pole, get hit by lightning Pretty crazy. And that might be what's going on here. Who knows? But we know that this is being used absolutely to advance several narratives that are beneficial to the elites. On the one hand, it is shifting the attention from the total systemic failure. Shifting the blame, just like the China Up, is to shift the blame from the U. S is inadequate response from Europe's You know, less than perfect. But but you know better than the US from their response. That's what this does to it gets you, like deeply investigating in the weeds looking into five G. It also insights some of these people to do the violence, as you mentioned, which is then used as further evidence of right wing white terrorism, which we're already seeing that narrative be seated. It revised the dangers of foreign meddling narrative to We're seeing this BB pinned on Russia. This is a Russian disinformation campaign, and it ah, it also creates yet another fake need for combating quote disinformation. We've already seen the UK Culture secretary come out and demand meetings with tech platforms so he could hold them to account for not doing enough to tackle disinformation. YouTube has announced they will be cracking down and banning people for posting videos about five G and and you know, it just it just furthers all of these narratives that are beneficial to them, and ah yeah, it. Meanwhile, you're like wasting your time about something that, by the way, isn't even dangerous, Right? The maximum radiation from this is less than 1\/3 would be necessary to even register a Z generating extra excess heat. Yeah, but but But like even that, it's just like it's like OK, like you're getting really upset about standing 10 feet away from a microwave versus five feet away from microwave. I mean, let's talk about how Jews have been subverting your country for the past seven decades and screwing over everybody else in the fucking planet and polluting the shit out of it. And, you know, watching people die in the streets and rubbing their hands together, you know, while Mitt Romney invests in a methadone clinic. I mean, like, the let's let's talk about something important. And this this this five g stuff is not it. And so if you're finding yourself and I know I don't think, pay Chad's if you're here, you wouldn't be getting invested in this stuff. But, you know, I'm surprised will probably be an effort post on five g about why we really why we should care deeply about this and it's like, No, you shouldn't. You should stop it Sub d is less. There's less radiation in a five to signal that in sunlight. So, like, what are you gonna dio? I don't even want to be in the position of like defending five G. I just want to be in the position of being like this is gay like this is stupid. And yet, if you can say, Yeah, there's not really that much energy there, but people will get lost in that argument. These kind of people will get lost, and that kind of are, you know, it's not. I said, it's this says here, look at my spooky link dot us tv dot l o l like No, it's like, though just stop. So I don't even engage on the well, actually level with, like, retard narratives like this. It's like Well, actually, your fucking moron. Just stop. Stop falling for this stopping stupid step in and getting caught up in these shitty narratives that are meant to distract you from the real thing and the right, especially especially when it's being used to distract you from this systemic instability and and widespread failure. What is his Jewish light economic system? Which is why it's being put in front of you right now, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you're not supposed to question the the collapse of of their globalist scheme. Right? And people can say over roots nautical up, but it's Are they having a good time right now? Are things going well for them right now? Are they not running around panicking, standing up fucking credit facilities to make lead in lending to people? It's like, No, Maybe the reason Well, yeah, they can print unlimited amounts of money. Sure, MMT, But maybe one of the reasons why they're having so many problems. One of the reasons why they can't wave a magic wand and give every $6000 give everybody this and give everybody that because maybe that will be the last card and the whole thing that falls down right. Like maybe they can't do that because it just belies how fragile and weak the system is. But now it's is the whole thing is fucking stupid, and and that's that's the bottom line. And so you don't get caught up in these narratives. but I just I wouldn't I'm not gonna support. I want to spend time, like, you know, disembowel like people have wanted us to like. Well, there have been people in the past to have wanted us to like, dude, deconstruct this low I q and on narrative and tell us how dumb it is. It's like I e have better things to talk about than deconstructing the stuff and telling people how dumb it is. Ah, but when I see something like this, that is, you know, when you start in, Tedious was talking about this stuff today. Like some of these narratives air so inherently directed at keeping white people specifically focused on this stuff. And I just noticed, like this this ah, rope A dope of of celebrities talking about it. I was just like, yeah, this one is coming together to well, to ignore, And it's and it's something that they're pushing really hard. You're going to see a lot of this stuff while this is going on. Um, but yeah, Kyle Larson out there. Ah ah. He's out there in his living room with that little plastic. How does the virtual NASCAR stuff even work? I mean, you do. Have you seen some of the simulators people set up for racing games? And for relic flight simulators like that, Like 88 monitor set ups with the like, the seats that I've seen some flight simulator setups that have, like the accelerometer built into it. It will do the tilt and everything. And when you pitched the plane, it'll like, move your seat, the wild. I think that's how these I raising things work. So I racing event. So this is what they're doing instead of NASCAR. Kyle Larson goes out there. Apparently he apologized. He's been suspended indefinitely without pay. This is fire. Yeah, he's been fired. Okay, so Kyle Larson got fired yet and see, this is the thing. Like it goes back. It's always the text because I saw the 42 2nd apology, which has been sort of an inside joke, Um, something that, like Normie Zehr doing now, and I might as well just say this now like we've been talking about it like privately, but like, it's sort of a thing where if you're interacting with Norm ease during this crisis like it's this uncomfortable, sort of like thing that they fill the time with. It's like a man. How you doing? How's your day going at crazy times, bro? Just like totally crazy times. Men like everybody is saying crazy times all these uncertain times crazy times And it crazy times has become like a ah, a filler for this in Larson in his 42 2nd mia culpa. Ah, for for ah saying the n word on a ah, the livestream. Um, he said, I just hope everybody's status staying safe in these totally crazy times, man. And I was just, like, fuck even this guy to, um but yeah, apparently he was on this e Sports I racing event, which I guess I couldn't. NASCAR's cool in person. It's okay on a television. It must be awful. Virtually And so I don't know how people are doing this, but, um, apparently he went to go check his microphone and ah, he said, You can't hear me, ***. With the hard Har and other drivers in the chat. Apparently, I don't know who was Chip Ganassi was like, Hey, Kyle, you're talking to everybody out there, but it's like, Oh, no, Chip Ganassi is the racing team I don't know. Kyle, you're out there. You're talking to everybody out there. Mud hole. Anthony, Anthony, Alfredo chime in in the Anthony Alfredo. So you have this whole chorus of anti white sick offense out there saying, you know, this guy and and I don't know what, Kyle, you know, get on a gamer headset and ah, it just seems to be the thing that you do. It's just the thing that you do, but, I mean, I'm not even gonna take the position. I mean, it's anti white, the treatment that they're giving him. But I won't even take the position that this guy, you know, the people who are saying yet rolled so easily off his tongue. It's like, This is how we feel. This is what we think. You got a fucking problem with that? That's what you talk about us. That's how you say. Do you think you think cracker is a foreign word for you know, these people talk about you. This is how we talk about them. This is what we dio. And so the people that are like trying to, you know, it's kind of like, Yeah, it is anti white. The way they're they're treating this guy, but it's anti white to the extent that they don't hold anyone else to this standard, and it's a gay standard to begin with. And Onley this guy is gonna lose his job. And so the next time somebody finds themselves in an argument with, Ah, I don't know, a skeptic or I don't know somebody from some shitty gay community who's trying to string you up on like All right, well defined white, Though I have a good definition for White, the only person who would be held accountable for doing something like this is a white person. The only person who would be charged with a hate crime is a white person. We wanted to find white. Anybody who in this system would be subjected to something like this. That's a white person you want to define white. Whoever would be subjected to this an enemy, whoever you're going to make an enemy. For this reason, because of a black guys at this, or even of somebody any questionable ethnicity a Jew had set this that you might have been might have been fired, but he'd be employed in the next week Kyle Larson probably isn't going to be racing a car again anytime in the future. And he is probably unfortunately, he's gonna double down on his 42 2nd Twitter apology and he's gonna go out there, and I hope he doesn't do this. But he's gonna go out there and he's gonna like I was just, like was watching him on the 42 2nd video like, Oh my God, it's in like, three months. This guy is gonna be, like, participating in, like, paint the black ghetto school community stuff. He's gonna be like reading the blacks and the library and like showing everybody how much his Jew PR reps. They're gonna have him on this like I care about black people tour, and it's just gonna be so cringe, and it's not gonna earn him a fucking thing. He's not gonna get his car back. He's not gonna get his number back. He's not gonna get anything back. I mean, I hope I'm wrong, but that's just not gonna happen. They will go to him into playing this, like what? Guilt role, And then they'll fuck him anyway. And so, Kyle, your only choice is to say fuck you to these people. And you should have said I am apologizing. I'm not. I don't apologize, but, you know, he thinks he he doesn't know. He doesn't know any better. He has people around him giving him bad advice, and he's gonna walk right into this and, ah, because he thinks that this is the pathway to getting back what he lost. And it's like, No, no, Kyle, you are going to be put into the Jewish wood chipper of the system that you thought was America. But it's not. Yeah, His next time behind the wheel is gonna be like spray paint in Mazda Miata in a figure eight track of the county fair things guys probably done in professional racing. And it is interesting to see how how e me and this guy, you know, he's a white wife. He's ah, little baby, you know, Looks like I don't know, decent normal guy. And, um, you know, he for this one word on a livestream loses everything. And there was this Ah, this image going around Twitter earlier this week of this family, this this white family, the woman and her four like blonde white kids and their exercise bike and that the kids were all in exercise gear and a matching exercise year. And do you can already imagine the seething rage this was met with from POC black Twitter and you Twitter. But you know, people saying that that you know these This is disgusting. This is vile. This is sick for this family to be two to exist. It's ah, you know, if this is the this is what Hitler would have wanted. Well, you know, actually, uh, you're not wrong, but, uh, the people just just the genocidal rage that people were expressing towards his family for no other crime than for being white. And you had Mike ther ther novich and stuff on Molony. What they're saying, Oh, it's This is about them being middle classes like, No, this is about them being white because a black family, you know, if if you had the father and in the first place, taking the picture would not have been met with this level of vitriol. This is how white people are treated and nobody is going to lose their job. Nobody's going to lose anything. They're going to gain social status in this This system, perverse as it is for going out there and saying these white people should be, should not be allowed to have kids. There should be, you know, have horrible things done to them. But yeah, Kyle says, The n word, once not even directed at anybody on a livestream loses everything. Do you think there's a single NASCAR fan out there that is deeply offended by him saying this? Me? No. Well, Samata racing events e. I can't imagine anybody would be too perturbed, but so I'm saying, like the guy the guy said guy like you're talking to everybody but like the reaction wasn't like, Oh my God, you, you, you evil racist, You big it. What? You gonna turn the Firoz on them? Next, man? Uh, like tears and crying. It's like no guy like your your live Kyle. Like your live everybody can hear your guy like this is, uh, oops. But see it? And this is another problem, too, is that they've been itching for a shoe in with NASCAR to start fucking with them. And they're going to start making the case that everybody feels this way and in look, it probably Dio. And here's the reality. So does everybody else. It's just one group of people that are held accountable for it. Nobody else is held accountable for this. All this kind of vile shit goes on all the time. Like America is an openly racist country against white people. That's the reality. There's no there's no atrocities being committed against anybody else except for whites and blacks committing those atrocities against each other and other groups committing atrocities against each other, but that there are no atrocities being committed by whites against other groups. It's just not happening. Don't reality. I mean, it's just not so you know, they're going to screw this guy. They're going to use it to screw everybody else in NASCAR. And you're gonna watch NASCAR, Uh, and again like light switch brains. NASCAR was not like some bastion of of white nationalism that that that was like goose stepping in the streets up until this happened. But they're going to gay it up because people will hold up like, ah, look at his dumb boomer and the stands. Ah, it's like no guy. They're gonna They're gonna take what is a largely white profession that grew out of, ah, running booze, which is just a fantastic heritage, and, ah, during during the prohibition And you know, they're gonna take this and they're going to run it in the ground and they're going to gay it up and they're gonna they're gonna make it. They're going to basically do what they've done to country music to NASCAR, and they've been itching to do it for a while. And it has been so far, a formidable wall of white dudes who have prevented them from doing it because it's a tough thing to break into. You don't want to be. Ah, you know, you don't want to be. I don't know. You don't even want to be Danica Patrick. I don't even think she races anymore. But like they tried, Yeah, she bombed May, she bombed. They tried to insert women into this, and it's just, you know can't do it. It's let people make light of it, but it's not in a NASCAR's is not an easy thing, as evidenced by the lack of diversity in it, because they have not been able to get people into it. They've been trying to shoehorn people into this for years, and they haven't succeeded. And now they have a shoo in for accusing everybody participating in this of of, Ah, wanting to put on a hood and and ah, burn across in black people's front yards and e. It must really suck if you're the people that are trying to diversify NASCAR because there's only one Lewis Hamilton in the world and he's got his hands full with F one readies the half black F one driver. So it's like, you know, you don't have ah big stock to draw from to do this. And they've had this NASCAR like drive for diversity initiative they have had for a while. And, uh, Larson, actually the funny enough was able to qualify for it because he has some Japanese heritage and so is like, yes, you know, sign me up and ah, sure enough, this guy like rockets to the top. And but he was he didn't need it to be, ah, to be to qualify for NASCAR anyways, but Bubble. But I didn't know about this. So bubble a bubble. Wallace Rage quit. I don't know. I guess he didn't say anything bad, but he, like, had a rate he raged. Quit in official one of these stupid I racing events and his sponsor apparently fired him immediately. Um, but I don't know what bubble Wallace actually did other than, like, get mad at being in a fucking chair with the headset when he'd rather be racing could goddamn car around a track. But, um, yeah, you know, there's a reason there's a reason they don't do the whole hot mic thing with with all the NASCAR drivers, right? Like they're trying to do this with football players now. And ah, you know, when you when you do the hot mike of the football players Yeah, baby, come on, let's go. Let's go. Come on. Maybe go. You're gonna get that. But like, I don't know, dude, I would guess you get quite a few game hurts from, uh, you weren't alive, Mikey. Uh, whoever you can listen, you can listen to them. You just have to have the radio tuned to their frequency. Like when you're at the track like that's the only way that so they're pretty clean on the air. But you just have to be physically there. I don't know if you can listen like on online. Two different drivers. Maybe you can I presume that you can. But I know what the track you can You can listen, but ah, but yeah, it sucks. Go to NASCAR, I guess. Go to erase why you can Not anytime soon. Maybe by the time you can go to race, it's gonna be gay as fuck. But I've had the pleasure of being to a few. Um and, uh, pretty fantastic. Dude, when you when those engines start and you like, you can literally especially you go like on a cooler night and you're up in the stands and you can feel you can hear it. It's so loud that you can't speak to the person next to you, and then you start to feel the heat from the engines, like, you know, you're 100 200 yards away from these things, and then you go stand down on the track. When, when they're making the past dude, Oh, my God, it's It's an adrenaline rush. It's It's a fantastic thing. So if you never had a chance to go, you gotta go. But if you can't, I mean, there are plenty, especially for in an area that sort of border line between urban and rural there plenty of, you know, county fairs plenty of like little local racetracks and have these events. Dude, it's Ah, it's a pretty fun sport to get involved in and pretty fun to go as a spectator and go and, you know, 10 12 bucks get in. If that for a lot of these little local things and a lot of fun, good people, decent people, you know, just stay online and argue about five G. You know you could do that to, you know, it's just a dumb thumb pursuit that people like to get involved in any. I just tweet about how Trump is your president and, you know, loyal to him and listen toe, hour and 40 minute podcast about Michelle Malkin. Yeah, right. Parting one of one of the things that I remember about why don't like Home Depot? This is just like parting non sequitur is that in my experience, Home Depot and let's see if the commentariat will say that this is true or not. But Home Depot will habitually allow illegal Mexicans to sit out in front of it to pick up yobs, and I have never seen that at a Loews. Maybe it's happened at lows, but at very lows that I've been to like, literally in some places where Lowe's is across the street from Home Depot and you go to Home Depot cause lows doesn't have something that you need and it's full of fucking Mexicans. And they come up to your car and ask you for yob. Um, but lows. I've never experienced that at all. So it makes sense that Bernie Marcus would be totally fine with that. And it would probably be an unspoken policy not to kick them the fuck out because they want you to pick up that cheap labor while you're there. All that probably financed cheap labor. Yeah, probably let him come on in and pick up a free hot dog out of the lobby to three only advantage home people had was kids classes and no lows. Does those taken take your kid in the lows and, you know, I think it's what, like, five bucks? Or maybe it's even free and, you know, build a birdhouse or something. And yeah, good times. Yeah. What about building oven, sir? Train cars Well, they teach you that in the Boy Scouts Pine car derby. I guess you could build a train car. Cattle car would be cool, huh? Yeah. I don't see why not. They should teach you how to build wooden ovens at Home Depot. I would think what Bernie Marcus probably be. Maybe that's what they do. It blows not part of the part of the masonry badge at the Boy Scouts to build a building. Outdoor brick oven. No. Would it would be a wood oven. Right, Because inconceivable wouldn't work or would cast. Yeah, I don't know. Who knows what is making you ever go right? Wouldn't door. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, what you could do is just, like, do nothing and then go to your scoutmaster and say, Look at this project. I did. And, uh, no evidence for it, and you'll get the merit badges you want. Yeah, The key to this is just making it up as you go. That's the key to any successful history that you even do a legend to do. An entire, uh, set of nations around the planet. You just make it up. We should go. You know, Still bite you in the ass anyway. I gotta go. Jazz and Jesse later on tonight. Help! Everybody has a good rest of the week and we'll talk to you this weekend."}],"