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Welcome to FTN 303 I'm jazz hands make feels This is FTN proudly brought to you for the world's most persistent, vindicated right wing political network. You've heard it somewhere. Chances are that simmers here, James. For you, sir. Doing well. And odds are you have heard it here unless what you heard is a defensive Harvey Weinstein or the assertion that Corona viruses a race specific bioweapons and need not you worry, you will have not heard those things here or feckless attacks on China for no reason other than to start World War three. I don't know, though, dude, like I had all these principles and all this anti war stuff, and that was fun. But, like, did you know that China boiled dogs? Eso yeah, I don't know. Man might have to reconsider the whole non intervention thing that was really into. Wouldn't it be cool to see the US throw its weight around and we could be a real serious guys in the movement with our good optics going after China? Great Let's do that while we open up the government and kill 500,000 more people. Yeah, it's gonna It's gonna be good, you know, that's that's the thing. Well, we don't have We have some sort of ah Corona virus adjacent stories today we're talking about basically everything else. We're not talking about the disease, although I did see Ah, well, I mean, I did see there was some escalations and I forget what the hell they were at this point. And it probably doesn't probably doesn't. Oh, yeah. New York now has more cases than any other country on the planet. So yeah, America first. Still going strong as of today, So yeah, I mean, but the trend seems to be going down, which is a good thing. Like we always said, this thing sucks. I just want to keep people safe. I want it to be over Ah, as quickly as possible. And if there's financial pain, um, and we can have a lot of opportunities. And we've had plenty of opportunities so far and will have many, many more to call out the fragility of this system. And why isn't why it isn't working for you we're gonna have very target rich environment, very fertile ground for quite a while to point that out, cause it is going to drag on. I mean, the, you know, the with the way this thing goes, um, you know, it's tough to predict we don't. There's so many unknowns and variables in this thing, But one thing we can say for sure is they just They have a niche for China, so we don't know where that's gonna go. But they also have a niche to open this thing back up. And if they open it up too soon, you're gonna end up with people getting reinfected. There's also a possibility that this researchers again next year. And, ah, you know, the government just spent, what, 1\/10 of the national GDP bail bailing people out. And ah, that money is just already being pissed away, Which we're gonna be talking about today with the ah, the problems with the Paycheck protection program loans. And on the weekend we talked about you getting that business bag we talked about in addition to the personal bag going out and getting that $1200 going out and getting that $500 going out and getting another 1200 if you're married. Um, getting as much of that is possible. But also, if you're a small businessman or a sole proprietor or an independent contractor, you are entitled to, Ah, two different types of business bags. And we talked about that this weekend, so hopefully you caught the show. But what was happening at that time, which is now coming more sharply into focus now, are all of the problems and the concerns that have come up with the rollout of these programs. And we didn't have enough information at the time to fully understand cause they went live on Friday. And you know, by the time we do the show and so on and so forth now we have a very crystal clear view in the rear view mirror. Actually, in the midst of it happening, it's really pinpoint why they're so many problems and what to look out for and why this was done. And we have quite a deep dive actually into ah lot of parties that have been involved in lobbying for this to be done in just the right way so that they benefit and you get fucked. Now, that doesn't mean don't apply for this. If you can again go back to the weekend, we're not gonna rehash all that. But we're just pointing out like you're encountering problems. And you're having issues with this. This is why. And it's not by accident. James, did you see a lot of the stuff that was happening Friday and then carrying over into the weekend? Yeah, and I have some experience. Ah, just, you know, being speaking to people who are in business and and who have tried to seek these loans and programs out. And universally, everybody that I've talked to about this has faced issues. I mean, whether it's the banks themselves seizing on these programs to charge exorbitant fees, whether it's a lack of places to apply to, because banks are reaching what they're setting as their capacities and not accepting new applications were coming up in three weeks here. Since this bailout has been passed and not a single American, to my knowledge, not a single working person or small business owner has received a single cent from the government. No, they've gone to just about everybody else. So they paid out quite a bit just to rehash a little bit of this in case you didn't catch the weekend show. Shame on you. But we're glad you're here if you're listening to this. Ah, and the paycheck protection plan $350 billion would allow businesses to cover their monthly payroll costs from 2 2.5 months. And if you apply for this, you can essentially get loans that can be forgiven as long as you apply them to your payroll and you don't fire anybody. Emergency grants of $10 billion meaning that you'd get a $10,000 instant cast in cash infusion emergency funds. They call it alone. But if you apply it to the right thing than it can be forgiven so fully take advantage of it. People should. You know, this is something that you should have done. You can still do it. I mean, I think they're I think, actually, based on the news I'm hearing today is this. This program has been dipped into so hard by the usual suspects that Mnuchin is asking for an additional $250 billion toe add to the program Now, whether that will happen or not, we don't know. But again, this is your money. There are all kinds of people after this program, and if you qualify, you should go after it. That's our take. That's what you should do. We're not financial experts were not tax lawyers. As always, contact a professional. If you have specific questions, because that's not that's not the purpose here. Our purpose is to explain to you what is available to you, just like any other ethnic group is doing around the country right now. You can go do this. You should go do this. Go do that. That's were saying you should if you can, and they have opened this this program up in a way that ah, lot of people who would normally qualify can. But that's not the point here today, like, we've already talked about this on the weekend and the government set up. Now the reason why I'm mentioning these sort of baseline guidelines that the government set up because this is law. This is what's in the law business. With 500 fewer employees, this is the key any 50 N. C. Three nonprofit. Why the fuck did they put them in there? We'll talk about that as well. We talked about on the weekend. We'll bring it up again cause we're gonna expand on this tribal businesses, independently owned franchises, self employed workers, independent crown contractors, gig workers and sole proprietors. It's a hell of a lot of people. So why the hell do I bring this up again? You like jazz sense? Why you doing this? Why you rehashing your own show, then you already tell us how to get the bag. Yeah, we did. But we also talked about the demands that the A, t. L and other Jewish groups have had for their own specific carve out of $60 billion and they didn't get it largely because of optics. Jews were freaking out. You know, they're freaking out about anti Semitism. They're freaking about it, about their freaking out, about an anti Semitism almost as hard as they're freaking about about the economy. And they didn't get it because, as we said on the weekend, it was better to. They don't want to give them a big carve out of their own money at this time where people are losing their jobs at 656 million a week. So what they did was they hooked them up to the small business fund instead. Right? We're not gonna give you a $60 billion carve out, but you guys will give you a head start and we'll give you a smudge of ah ah! Oh, Leg up, Aziz, you need, um And you can go after this much bigger pool of money, and then nobody is really going to know like how much was allocated specifically for you. You can just go and get it right, Because we're not. We're not going to see numbers. Most likely this won't become public information. Which businesses received this? Which five? A one C three is received this and which didn't. And again, it's important to know you make a good point earlier that we are doing what other ethnic networks are doing because, you know that as soon as this language was, it was put into the draft. The first draft of this bill. As soon as this hit the legislation, there were calls and emails, and people were being made aware people in the Jewish community were being made aware to Ah, you know, Dig out that paperwork, find your E i n and, uh, and apply for these things because they were going to Their plan is to bleed this pool of money dry, right? This is inexhaustible, in theory, inexhaustible amount of money. And they are going to attempt to dip their dip, their beaks dip, the beaks too big to fit under the mask. Like Chuck Schumer. If they're beats into this first and leave you with nothing, Yeah, and they can't. You know, these are people who don't need the money. These were people who had a row. No real need for the money. They can afford to keep paying their employees. They have huge endowments. They're not in any pain, but they're elbowing and shunting people who do need it out of the way. And because of a lot of factors, we're gonna point out here they are stepping on people who need it in there screwing them. And so then, on top of that, you have Donald Trump signing statement in which he said that he would be the oversight for the allocation of the funds and would not allow Congress to audit the transaction. So Donald trump eliminating any sort of I G oversight of the bailout money was about shielding the Trump organization, of course, run by his sons. A swell a share. Kushner is family business, of course, this empire debt, that Jared has empire of real estate that he has, um, so that they could raid these bags for themselves. But we're also learning now that the roll out of this program was fraught with issues that were done so intentionally, and this was to give people a head start. This was done to fuck over hardworking Americans even harder. You know, we had the flash back to the weekend. You had Eric Fingerhut, who set up apply soon. He's the CEO of the Jewish Federation of North America. Apply soon the total pool of funds for organizations of 500 employees and under 350 billion. It's almost ridiculous to say that it isn't a large amount of money, but they're 30 million small businesses in the country in 100 1.5 million known profits. And so he's sending out a gigantic flair. Ah, flare gun in the air to tell people you better get in in an imply for this quickly of Rubio saying how committed he was to ensuring that nonprofits and religious institutions got critical funding. During this, you had Ben Cardin, who's Jewish, also saying that he prioritized nonprofits. And you had Steven Klein. Stefan Klein, apparently, who is the interim director of the same federation, that Eric Finger Hunt is the CEO of. And ah, he called it pretty significant, this achievement of getting all this money allocated in a way that it has been allocated it's never had before. He's right, like there's never been just like a bread line for actual bread, like getting the natural bread and opening it up in the way that it hasn, he said. The breath that the Jewish community would be able to take advantage of this program is immense and is really needed That Stefan Klein, he says layoffs by Jewish organizations could spark a vicious cycle that to provide the deprives other Jewish groups of fees from those people. Once when somebody has no money, they can't pay for synagogue membership. O. J C C. Membership of days school tuition. How about fucking food, Stefan? How about people who can't pay for food not like your day school tuition like that. That's incredible. I you know, churches. I've never heard of a church charging membership, but I and it doesn't surprise me at all that synagogues in charge, a membership fee to go. That's great. Well, they have to enforce like tithing. It's like enforced tithing. I don't know much about it, but yeah, it's like, you know, in a white world they like suggests that you donate 10% of your income to the church and they mandated, But this is how they maintain ah, lot of their political power. I mean, this is how this is done. Um, but yet, you know, the A T l has $90 million in assets on paper, and really, the money is endless, like they're not going to go broke. Like if the a t l had, like, $1 on paper, there's just gonna be endless endless amounts of money. Schild out shelled out for them by donors like they're never going to go dry. But they were the ones demanding a separate bailout for Jewish groups. Um, and the list of nonprofits that was included Ah Agudath Israel of America had Aasa the Women Zionist Organization of America. This is the one that Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg's mother, was heavily involved in. Um, in the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. A TL has added voice to a letter signed by a coalition of 200 of these Jewish nonprofits. Ah, to get the 60 billion an emergency stimulus. But of course, they got the 359 instead, and you have these rollout issues that happened. Um, the first big problem here is that they delegated all of the lending authority directly to the banks who were not ready to handle the influx of customers. What they should've done instead was set up a portal fucking run it and give the loans directly to people from the Treasury. And that's it simple. That's what they should have done. But instead they ran it through the banks and the Treasury Department, courtesy of Steve Mnuchin, did not send guidance to the banks until very late Thursday night. April 2nd, the program went live Friday morning at 9 a.m. And it was a complete shit show. So without the guidelines that we had for the weekend show that we put out there, it was left up to the banks to decide whatever guidelines they wanted to do. And so Bank of America, which is the second largest bank in America, Wells Fargo and others, added guidelines that were above and beyond the government's guidance. And some of them were about as Jewish as you can possibly imagine, including that you have to have an existing loan or credit line with the bank. That's not a guideline that was established by the government in the law on the stimulus, but they're saying that you had to have a loan or a credit card in order to apply for another loan if you're in trouble. So if you are a business, that was a very shrewd operation. Well maintained, never took out any loans. You're fucked. You can't get a loan because remember, this was first come, first serve. There was a flood of people when the gates open to get thes loans, and then they're gonna line them up in the way that they want behind the scenes. But you know, publicly they'll say it was first come first serve. But if you didn't meet the onerous qualification set forward by bank of America, Wells Fargo and many, many others. There's like 2000 banks that were unable to lend under this program. You were pushed out. Your application was denied because you didn't meet these criteria. And so when they weren't adding additional guidelines to favor people who are already in debt with their institution, they funneled small business loan applicants through the regular fucking call trees so they would make app. I don't have anybody has called the bank in the last couple weeks, but you're going to be on hold for a long fucking time, especially if you're going through, like the general number, to talk to somebody about a mortgage or about like DeLaet deferring payment or something, Um, or getting your overdraft fees removed because you're getting fucked by this, so you have to wait in line for hours. There's no special small business hotline unless your platinum level right. Then you get premium access. White Glove service in Yadi Yadi at all pause there because there's like so much shit with this and the next it's like very enraging with Wells Fargo. Yeah, and this this alone on its face is enraging and you look at many of these banks, right? 2000 plus banks that were qualified to lend through this program. And many of these air, small or regional banks, right? Or local banks And these these banks, they don't have the staff. First of all, nearly the staff that a Wells Fargo where a Bank of America dio And when you have this scattershot approach being taken, you'll have businesses right that are aware of this that are aware this is first come, first serve, and they're going to put in their application at multiple different places and and, you know, maybe they're not supposed to technically, But this is what they what they think they have to do because they know there is a finite amount of, ah, of applicator applications that could be approved at any bank. And what you had is is within a few hours, actually, of this this program going live in many for many of these smaller regional local banks. They were done, they turned it off and they said, All right, well, we you know, our bank staff, her total staff is like 1000 people, and we've received 5000 applicants already, so we're gonna have to take a lot of time to process this. And it's just so much unnecessary work being created right now not only for the banks but for the business owners that are having to go through this onerous process over and over and over again just so they can get this very basic, federally guaranteed paycheck protection loan. It's ridiculous, and it is not what they need to be doing right now. And it's not just that it's it's that like, let's say that you're like most businesses aren't gonna have bank business banking at multiple banks unless you're Unless you're like a larger company, you're gonna have a few, maybe one that you deal with and for payroll and everything like, Why would you have multiple banks accounts? It's just doesn't it's It doesn't make sense. I mean, I'm sure there are some reasons people will come up with for that, but like, let's just assume that your guy with 50 employees or less in your managing a lot of this stuff, either in an automated way or whatever and one of the guidelines is this that you now the federal guideline is that you have to have been in business as of February 15th 2020. And I think people can understand why that makes sense. I think people gonna understand why you have to have an e i n and in existing bank account and be in existence is a business entities to get this like, I think I think it's obvious, like you can't just be like, Alright, show up and on your honor will just give you what It's always gonna be fraudulent. So I understand having basic guidelines. But what the banks did was said Okay, well, in order to be in existence, you have to have a bank account with us to be so if you if you have a bank account with that bank and that's the only bank you have a bank account with and you are at the back of their line or you don't meet some prioritization set aside by that bank arbitrarily, you can't go to another bank to get the loan right. Whereas if this rolled up directly to the federal government to the Fed, the Treasury to print to just give you a check alone at night, no interest or at the interest rate that they lend to banks, which is almost zero, then what we wouldn't It wouldn't cause any issue at all. Like the IRS can process everybody's tax return. There's no reason that they can't process what would amount to a tax credit, even though they shouldn't call it that because we don't want a tax credit. We want the bag that could have easily done that. But what they did was they handed off to the bank. So there's more to this, though. So not only are you fucked like you're railroaded into going through your bank, and if your bank sucks, then you are screwed. And if your bank sucks and it's run by Jewish CEO Charles Sharf, Jesus Christ, who decided on his own he is the CEO of Wells Fargo, decided on his own that they were going to prioritize non profits and also small businesses with 50 employees or less. And what not but really nonprofits and they let's say non profits first in their fucking press release, even though I get like the autistic cycle but just ends, it starts with an N and small business starts with. That s so it's alphabetical. Okay, fine, but smoke. This is a small business bailout. It is not fucking Jonathan Green blacks fucking bailout. But they want to put nonprofits first. That's what they do. And this is what they did. Walls. Fargo, Wells Fargo, press release Wells Fargo. Listen, how Jewish the title of this press releases. But then you read what the contents are, and you got it. Like, if you're if Wells Fargo is your bank and this is your entire business in your employees and everybody is hanging on this and you thought you were gonna get, like, an emergency 10 grand to make payroll and then, you know, maybe cover rent or whatever and this is the message that you get from your bank. Wells Fargo received strong interest in paycheck protection program. Strong interest, right? Like you think the content of that press releases that. Wow, we have. We have a lot of people interested in this, and the news can only be good, right? Wrong. Wells Fargo announced today. This is Friday, the day that this opened that it is targeting to distribute a total of $10 billion to small business customers under the requirements of the P P. P. and will focus on serving two segments of its customer population nonprofits and small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. What if you have 51 employees? You're fucked. The company has received forms from customers expressing interest in the P P P that it expects will fill the company's capacity toe lend under the program record Scratch. What's that all about? As it continues to operate under existing asset cap limitations. Today, the company continues to operate in compliance with an asset cap imposed by its regulator due to actions of past leadership. While we were actively working to create balance sheet, capacity to lend were limiting in our limited in our ongoing ability to use our strong capital and liquidity position to extend additional Keret EQT. So what this says is that we aren't taking any more applications like say goodbye to your fucking business. Good night. That's it. You're gonna have to lay off your employees and why? Well, because Wells Fargo was doing the fake account bullshit scheme a while back, and, ah, you know, that's why they have an asset cap lending restriction by the federal government. What's funny about this, James, is that they didn't tell anyone this. They haven't said anything about this anywhere. Knows how the press releases to give you bad news. But they don't give you the bad news in advance so that you can say, You know what? Fuck Wells Fargo, and that's what people probably should say. And they are saying that actually, there are people who are basically banned abandoning Wells Fargo. But if you're a Wells Fargo banking customer and you've had an account prior to February, February 15th 2020 even a business three years, you have 50 or fewer employees if they hit their ability to lend. If they hit the asset cap, you're fucked. You can't go open a bank account and apply for this loan somewhere else. You're just fucked unless the Fed decides to lift the asset cap, which is what Wells Fargo is pushing for now. But otherwise it's like and then you're under Ah, Sharps guideline of prioritizing nonprofits. So what? What does that mean, Like, let's say that they got I don't know. Would you say James 1000 loans. 5000 applicants. Let's say they got 5000 applicants and 4950 of those are non profits and a handful of small business. We think sharps gonna dio You think he's gonna late leave one Jewish NGO out to dry one? You think that's gonna happen? Yeah, I doubt it. Yeah, I I have my doubts and also what they can do when they say we've reached our application limit. This does not guarantee they're going to fund every one of these loans, right? So they can now begin reviewing these and, ah, you know, do the sort the list. And, ah, you know, do the search for the Stynes in the Blatz of the Steins and the Golds and Silvers and make sure they're taking care of and and then, yeah, you know everybody else, Maybe you'll you'll be guaranteed alone. Maybe not. But the funny thing is here that even if this asset capital were to be lifted by the Fed, you can guarantee that Wells Fargo would not only then extend credit beyond that asset cap to cover PBP loans. They would be they would go back to what they were doing before, to what all of these banks were doing before, which is by I mean trading, swapping securities. Ah, bundling securities, making essentially essentially gambling, right, essentially doing the legalized gambling these banks are so want to do. Which, of course, there's no upside to any of that activity at any point. Except ah, unless you're one of the bankers. And when the whole system comes apart, the losses air socialized and you have to pay for it. So, yeah, I mean, this is egregious. What's happening here is egregious. And there are plenty of people who plenty people who owned businesses, that Wells Fargo has been there only back. And I mean, they're Wells Fargo bakes in most towns in America. Right? And so and so if that's just the bank that's in town and they've also been very aggressive in their their buyout strategies, they have bought out a number of former local and community banks. And this is what you're left with your left with being at the end of their line and not even now being able to to queue in their line. You're stuck. Yeah, just, you know, just wait for the email will send you an email, and it's just gonna be like we're sorry like this. This Ah, we can't We can't help you. And of course they didn't. Their portal didn't even open the day that it was supposed to. So you know, people are planning to apply, and then they don't open. And then you have. Ah, the small business application platform was crashing. You could Banks couldn't access the SB a platform you had, ah, businesses consistently reporting issues, accessing application forms. Ah, banks couldn't get to the sp a application like the whole thing, which is totally fucked. And of course, if you're a Jewish NGO, you don't have to be subjected to these glitches like you have the White Glove Platinum service. You have a phone call with a private wealth management broker who is going to handle you from start to finish. And you know, these banks the thing. The most confounding thing about this is that, like I understand, like never underestimate. First of all, like the level of fuck Khoury like, you can see this bailout coming down the tracks and the horns blowing, and you're just like, yeah, this is gonna be fucking Chitty, and then you pull back the curtain on it, and it's just it's just about as bad as you could imagine when you roll up like the A d l demands and what they actually did and then what they're doing with Rollout and the people that aren't getting their loans like no nobody, you know, they said they've given 225,000 loans so far, but all we see are stories of people who can't get what they need. Now. If it was the 80 0 or any of these others Jewish groups that were having glitches and problems with platforms crashing, you know goddamn well Greenblatt would be sending out like big mailers to everybody complaining, banging down doors virtually on Capitol Hill, demanding, Ah, this get corrected right away. He doesn't care like it's actually good that the platforms air crashing because that means that people who they feel shouldn't get alone at all that they want out of business, that they've tried to buy out and put out of business with private equity over the last four decades. Ah, they don't want those people getting access to what amounts to a life preserver to keep their business afloat. They want those people buried in the ground, and they're happy for that. Absolutely, and that's the that's again speaks to the fact that these groups, these nonprofits, don't actually need these loans to survive. They look at this is just extra free cash and that ah has the added advantage from their perspective of basically being stolen off the plate of some filthy going. So I mean this, from their perspective, is just ah, you know, could take it or leave it. But they would like to have it. They are not in the position that many of these business owners or independent contractors are where they are under the gun, right? And they looked at this and and were ecstatic. And I've spoken to many business owners that had the same feeling who told me when when the bailout package was passed. Like like Tony Robbins. I've spoken to many business owners about this on an extensive basis, and they all say one thing. Yeah, right. Uh, I'm doing my date, my Dave Ramsey impression here, but no, I mean people that people were coming to me and saying, Look like Look, Trump did this isn't this great? Trump is helping us out, but these are the people that are counting on this package to be able to make payroll next month to be able to keep literally keep the lights and heat on next month. And they're still waiting right there. Still waiting by the phone to get a call back from the bank to get a call back from the S B a, whoever, whatever rigmarole they're having to deal with. And, ah, you know, they're the ones that are actually going to suffer here from this Ah, this botched bailout rollout. And that is, of course, on purpose. Yeah, it is. And it's it's done on purpose, but it boggles the mind to because they're gonna make so much money off of this. I mean, the U. S government is paying banks to facilitate thes S B A loans, and the banks are going to be making billions. As a result, they needed incentivize the banks, obviously, but they didn't see this is like more money that could have just gone cut out the middleman. They could have just loaned directly to the American people and through the same qualifications, like whatever, but but people would have gotten their money faster, and they wouldn't have to pay the banks of fucking premium toe right up. Exactly. And that's the thing is they have Also, This is the p p. P. We're talking about. There is also the what The E i D l emergency disaster loan. Right? And that's the one that you apply for directly to the S p a e. Do you apply? That's all on their site, but in the numbers. And ah, you know, that's how the that application works. There's no reason why that could not have been the case for the P P P as well. The only difference being it's ah, it's a larger sum of money money for most businesses that will qualify. So why not just do it through that? And And it's not as if this is a new novel infrastructure that has to be built because you compare your taxes online, federal student loans or managed online like there's an absolutely zero legitimate reason why it had to be done this way. None at all. It's like they picked the process that was gonna work the best for them. It makes the banks a lot of money. They get all the fees from it, and they had to construct this in such a way where, like, you know, it's like you're gonna hand out free tickets or give, like, something for free. Like there's always the people who are going to get the opportunity to get those prices first. Right? But like, you know what, Black Friday After Thanksgiving, you have people camping outside of, ah, best buy and, like what? Not. I mean, do you think anybody like you know, people who have enough money, obviously, just by like, whatever they want. But nobody has like that. These groups have to wait in line for this, and they're still going to rake in the fees and they don't give a shit because it's really just they're taking in money to the same sort of engine. It's all being ingested into this like very philo Semitic, um, apurate financial apparatus, which is fusing with the federal government with each passing day. If you listen to our deep dive on BlackRock, um, couple episodes ago and and even last weekend we went went back to the well on BlackRock. But, um, you have the Bank of America's application. Volume is accounting for 10% of that $350 billion allocated for the small business relief AH B of A had already received applications from 177,000 small businesses as of Monday. And you know this is leaving customers wondering why, Like I said, why did Wells Fargo not let people know about its lending limitation sooner, especially since it had been operating with this asset captain police since 2018. Of course, Wells Fargo could not be reached for comment on that or the feds program. But, of course, just doing the flashback. Of course they had. Ah, this this, um, fake account thing just to remind everybody about what this Wells Wells Fargo. This is settled. Just last week, Wells Fargo agreed to pay a combined $3 billion to the Justice Department and to the SEC, which is the Securities and Exchange Commission, on Friday for opening millions of fake customer accounts between 2002 in 2016. Ah, the fine is among the largest corporate penalties reached during the Trump administration. The A double Donald Trump didn't have anything to do this, and besides, it's like, Is that enough? No. Close this fucking thing down 500 million will go to the SEC under this settle. I guess. The what The other 2.5 1,000,000,000 goes, what to the a t l. James's that how that works, like, just just disappears. Well, if it's deletes, go balance you. If 500 million is going to the SEC and they said three billion is going to DOJ and SEC, then guess basically 2.5 billion is going to the A T. L like that is like true. And that's not a lie lying. So you know, it would be really politically popular. I mean and look not to do the bit where it's like totaled please lately dragging on the pant leg like total. Please listen, but what would be hilarious it would be great would be. In this case, it's not the pant leg. It's like clinging to mother's apron strings at this point, just like dangling from Donald's apron strings. Godel, please, please write. That could help you. Yeah, No, um, you know this $3 billion. Okay. Just take the total amount of Wells Fargo account holders. Divide that three billion by whatever that number is, and just stroke a fucking check. Well, rule doesn't roll this into the Bela to the SP. A bailout program like E. Yeah, so much that could be done here. There is a class action lawsuit that I think took place in each account. Holder is entitled to approximately 57 cents. So it's gonna be huge payout for the for the guy who is subjected to this and head had accounts opened in their name like that's what was going on. It's like if you had a checking account at Wells Fargo, they would open up a savings and credit line in all this other shit because they were incentivizing their employees to open accounts. Ah, by like giving them a payout. So they What do you think happened when you have didn't do nothings? Your your bank representative in the bank? What do you think they're doing? Um, and get that spiff and guess who's more than willing to look the other way all of the Jewish manager class within that bank. So, yeah, um, this is from the SEC. Wells Fargo repeatedly misled investors, including through a misleading performance metric about what it claimed to be the cornerstone of its community bank business model. in its ability to grow revenue and earnings, said Stephanie Avakian, the co director of the SCC's division of enforcement. So, yeah, that's Ah, that's Wells Fargo. That's the people who are currently fucking you over right now, this is the people that are now prioritizing via Charlie Sharf non profits over small businesses. So yeah, yeah, yeah. Not surprised at all. And it's not only small businesses that are feeling the heat here and are being left bag lis. It's also hitting the AG industry, too. Yeah, the farm bailout. The farm bell out. This is a This is a whole other thing that has that has taken place, and it's been done in the same way. Remember the were you around when we did the trade bailout? James, I don't remember Iran when we did this. Like how How? Basically the trade, the Chinese trade bailout basically went to, like, huge agribusiness and like your regular everyday farmers received, like Jack shit structure. It's the same structure, of course. Yeah, no surprise. Right. And ah, and this is how they do it. They make these things extremely difficult to qualify for. And not only are they difficult to qualify for with all kinds of onerous business size restrictions and things like that. But it often times your average farmer doesn't know about these things. Your average person, running a medium to small size farm just doesn't isn't aware of what they can and can't qualify for, because these people don't have the army of lawyers and tax professionals on retainer to qualify for the them for the final, these various loopholes to to qualify for. So it's no surprise that big agribusinesses, of course, sucking up most of this. Ah, this new farm bailout. Yeah, the biggest chunk of change for Egg was $14 billion. They channeled it through the Commodity Credit Corporation, which is the financing arm of the U. S. D. A. That was responsible for distributing aid to farmers harmed by Trump's trade war with China. So they running it through the same financing arm right, And this is gonna be all flowing through the hands of Sonny Perdue, the same guy that fucked over the farmers during the trade bailout. And so this stimulus package includes no caps on payments, no requirements to demonstrate that market losses air tied to Corona virus. No guard rails to ensure that it does not further enrich the top 1% of farmers like the China trade bailout did. And there was an analysis done by the Environmental Working Group that found that the top 1% of trade aid recipients received $183,331 on average. These air, you know, like Chuck Grassley, donors and things like that, with one farm receiving $2.8 million while the bottom 80% received less than $5000 on average. What is that, like a load of feed like Give me a fucking break! And so even before the crisis, you had small in mid scale farmers that have been struggling to stay afloat. We've covered this extensively on this program where the Chinese earth Chinese, the well, the farmers have been committing suicide were just talking about the Chinese trade bill. But they've been committing suicide at levels that have not been seen in this country, not even during the Great Depression. In fact, between 1948 and 19 or sorry between 1948 and 2015 4 million farms disappeared in America, even though farm output has more than doubled. And during the height of Trump's trade war between 2017 2018 another 12,000 farms were lost. Farm bankruptcies were up 12% last year. And farm debt, of course, is all at an all time high. So yeah. Good job, Donald Brera. Larry, bring it back home to Middle America. Meanwhile, you know what they do for these people, James? Call it a crisis worker on a suicide hotline. Have a chat with somebody about how you're being genocide it out of your own fucking country. In the farm that you had in your family for four or five generations, you had to sell. And you have to go work at Wal Mart now. Thanks a lot, Donald. Good job. Really care for these people? You know, we hear so much about black unemployment, and we'll probably be hearing about that much anymore, but, ah, what? A kid would have killed him, like one time dimension. The harm like this is how you know that this is a gay up. Like the Trump administration is a fucking gay up. Because, you know, I understand. Like I'd actually don't understand, But like I can I can sort of listen to the argument from people like, Well, he just can't name white people. It's like, Well, he could name farmers. He could talk about farmers he could talk about if you wanted to. He could talk about non white farmers. Ah, he could talk about black farmers in the South. There are some. He could do that, but he doesn't. He won't even do that because they want these people to fucking go away. They want them to disappear. They're looking at them on a timeline of a couple of decades and it's done. So yeah, that's that's all I got to say about that. He could if he wanted to. He has every excuse in the world to bring it up. But the devastation is very riel. It's it's insane. And he says nothing. Not a word. So, no. Yeah, to ah, what is in the number? Like a one dairy farm in Wisconsin lost every two days, and your only recourse is call up and talk to Latisha in Washington, D. C in some call center. Oh, I'm so sorry that happened to you, you know, like okay, great. Ensuring up like some of these small farms, unfortunately, would have the side effect of Maura Legal immigration Labour poll like that's what it would do unless you also simultaneously made laws like very what? Well, what I would do is have ice and actually enforcing these things, so that would not like of you. If you short up, let's say you did a $1 trillion stimulus for America's farmers. My first act as president Jazz ends. You know why stop there. $2 trillion are printed fucking given that bag. You have to put into place a all of the restrictions on on Labour as well, so that your only hiring American only hiring people in America people who are born here, people who belong here, white people and but But they they have no interest in doing anything of the sort. In fact, they're happy to see it go like that's, you know, it's that that is a thing like, I'm sort of bolstering this point even further. Donald Trump could have used support of farmers as an excuse to bring in more non white labor, more illegal immigrant labor. He could have said, I'm supporting the farmers and then I think that you would ignore the fact that five more 1,000,000 people have come in to work on those farms that he saved. Right? But you won't even do that. Like that's how much they want these people gone. Like, even if it meant five million more illegals. Like they're like, Yeah, we're not gonna, like support the farms, though. Like we want that done right. You can bring in the migrant labour, but as long as it's framed in terms of high skill, right, in terms of in terms of ah, these these very high school you know, these people, their regular Verner von Braun, stress all these Indian code monkeys we were bringing in? Yeah, there are really gonna, you know, do some some serious innovating. You know, uh, javascript sector bursting at the seams with the high impulse control and innovation. And, you know, yahoo Wow s. Oh, yeah. And then this guy, you know, we sort of brought up the farm. Bill is just like to juxtapose what small businesses. Everybody is just getting fucked. But it was not getting fucked. Jared Kushner. We talked about this on the weekend. We found even more ways surprise surprise that Jared Kushner is going to be benefiting from the bailout. Ah, they stand to benefit from the freeze on federal mortgage payments. Well, how the hell do they do that? It's a huge company. Wrong. With more than 800 million in federally backed properties, Kushner companies could reduce its payments to zero under provisions in the recovery bill. Kushner Companies, which is a real estate firm founded in 1985 by Charles. We did fantastic three part deep dive on Charles in the Kushner family, family and everything else controls thousands of low and moderate housing units across the country, some of which are funded through an $800 million federally backed loan the firm received in 2019 must have been after the deep dive that they got this almost $1 billion federally backed loan. Just incredible. Um, the option for owners to temporarily freeze mortgage payments on low and moderate income housing developments in exchange for promising not to evict those tenants who can't pay their rent was one of the economic provision approved by Congress and signed into law is considered to keep low. It's considered as a way to keep low income apartment dwellers in their homes, but it also shifted the burden of housing them from the landlords to the federal government. Right, but Jared Kushner's companies huge like you can't do that, right? No, that's not right, because Jared Kushner's company has been structured in a way that it is basically a network of millions of six million Individual LLC's right James all six million Individual LLC's. So it may be possible for it to obtain federal help at the L L C level for its buildings because, you know, they can just do that and they may have the money to cover the mortgage payments is what we're talking about. Like with the A T l Bel. You think Kushner company doesn't have the money to cover the mortgages for people know they're gonna get from the government and they're gonna get it because they're structured with these tiny little ella sees and ah, you know, they're gonna They have an obligation to write a check, even though their you know their tenants cannot. But they're not going to do that. They're just gonna make the government pay for it. On top of the loan that already backing for Christians at some probably ungodly low interest rate. And this is what we talked about. We talked about this a few times now, in terms of the breakdown in landlord ING and rental property ownership, where about 50% of landlords in the US own either one or two properties and the other 50% owned multi family units and massive apartment complexes. And, you know the top 10% own own over, like 1000 units each. Right, so that's where the Kushner companies find themselves is in that top 10% of 1%. Most likely, we have to look at the actual numbers. But this Ah, this practice is actually very common in real estate investing, where different each individual property will be its own LSE. Now this you know, there are a variety of tax and liability reasons why this is done. But this is what allows them to take advantage yet again, like we're saying of these provisions that are supposed to be put in place to help small private landlords, right. You understand why the guy who owns let's say he owns one or two rental homes and he cannot like he cannot survive if the attendant stopped paying rent. Okay, so federal program steps in and and, ah, you know they'll take care of the mortgage as long as you don't evict people find, because there's not a lot of breathing room there for a private landlord. But these companies in that top 50% in that top 10% like the Kushner Cos they're structured legally in the same way. And so they're able to dip into the same protections, even though there's really no reason they should be able to. They have the money to cover this. Ah, this is not going to hurt their bottom line as much as it would hurt your your mom and pop style landlord. So, yeah, this is, I mean, and this is an incredible It's an incredible feat that they were able to get this thing $800 million federally backed loans, jazz. I'm sure they were considered on the merits of their application, just like everybody else. It's amazing that that line of credit it's amazing how many different aspects of the bailout bill benefit the Kushner's directly benefit Donald Trump directly benefit Jews in such perfect alignment it's almost. This is as if they asked for this in advance. You guys ready to go deeper? I've gone deeper. We're going to go deeper down this rabbit hole. So, Apollo management, this is Jared's. You know, go to lender. You know Apollo management is to Jared Kushner's Deutsche Bank is to Donald Trump. Apollo management told Jared how to craft the business bailout to benefit private equity firms like Apollo management. The rush of behind the scenes jockeying by the powerful financial sector has raised the prospect that an industry often known for slashing workforces could tap into the program designed as a life raft for small businesses and the A D l. Of course. The intense appetite among private equity firms to get a bigger piece of the stimulus one fall has put a spotlight on the numerous ties between wealthy industry figures and Trump in his family, raising questions about potential conflicts of interest as the Treasury Department writes the rules for handing out billions of dollars in loans and grants. And as Donald Trump is below no oversight, I am the oversight right. He's like, uh, I can't remember his name Now it's like, Ah, I am the liquor. I can't. Mr. Lake is like I am the oversight. So, um, as he like is walking backwards, liquor bottle tipped sky high and trips over the door to his Cadillac with the root prim dynamo in the air. And yeah, yes. So, um, so this this connection with Apollo, this is Apollo Global Management in New York. Two weeks ago, a partner from Apollo sent a personal email to Jared Kushner. Just, you know, uh, talking about the weather, friend, base baseball, you know, asking about various things, you know, suggesting steps that the administration should take to ensure that companies like them and how they would get access to stimulus loan programs. According to two people briefed on this correspondence. Um, so you have top private equity lenders who have given Trump Council Ah, as the Corona virus has hit the economy. And then, of course, you have a $2 trillion stimulus package. Ah, and then you have people like the head of Blackstone, not Black Rock Blackstone, This another thing and vist equity people who are offering advice to Trump and pence on a conference call as well. Private conference call. You have all private equity. All these pigs at the trough, um, you know, telling people what to do. People sending Jared emails about how they can craft this in a way to benefit them. So they want to be able to tap into the stimulus loan program for small businesses. So why do you think it was structured in this way? Why do you think the rollout was done in this way? Why do you think this has been set up? So they want to be able to have the appearance of setting up this large pool of cash for small businesses and pretending as though that is just for them, when in reality, it's for Jewish nonprofits. It's for Jewish four profits and not many other people. And they're letting the banks be the arbiters of handing out the cash. So what do you think the ah, the over under is James on like little guy Middle America getting alone out of this thing? I mean, well, probably not very not very high. And that's the other thing is when these banks are managing these as not as a federal program would, which is there's an advantage. Sometimes you know people. Conservatives will say, Well, the federal government just stop. It's it's so less work, right? They don't treat it like a private company. That's good, right? You want a program like this to be managed? Ah, a even level at by the federal government. Because the banks, their perspective, is going to be treating these loan applications not as people that need bailout assistance, but they will be determining the feasibility of these people being clients and customers in the future. Right? So? So they will be prioritizing clients based not on how small the business is, how much they really need this P p p program. They'll be basket on. Oh, you have, ah, year over year revenue of $10 million. All right, well, you're more likely to take out a $1,000,000 line of credit with us in the future. You're going to give us more money in the future, so we will begin this banking relationship with you and you guy over there with your three m, please. And $300,000 a year revenue, for example. Yeah, you're not You're not going to be a very productive lead for us. So your application goes to the bottom of the stack. Yeah, and that's that's been the plan kind of all along, I mean. And who shocked by this? But you have Drew Maloney, who is the director? Drool. Calm Drew Bologna drew Bolognese Not Jewish but close. Who will explain? My director of American Investment Counsel, the industry's trade group, said private equity firms simply want a level playing field. That's all we want. Private equity. We just want a level playing field were on an uneven playing field. James, that you standing at a deficit thes thes private equity firms need a leg up. They've been, you know, smashed under the white patriarchy for so long that, you know, they needed move the goi out of the way and the goy or keeping them down. You're, Maloney says. What we've highlighted is our employees, their suffering, Justus. Much as those in any sole proprietorship or public company. The virus. The virus is not discriminated against businesses based on ownership structures. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Uh, So who is Drew Moloney? Well, it was a lobbyist Between 2002 and 2012. Serving is the CEO of AG Livy government relations. He was also the head of Mitt Romney's legislative affairs team, and he advised Mitt Romney during his 2008 in 2012. Very unsuccessful presidential campaigns. Mitt, you're never gonna be president. Just remember that Mitt Romney also guy from Bain Capital, one of these big firms that likes to do this well. Germ Aloni married to ah woman by the name of Sabra Klein. Oak Wood. If you look at Sabra Klein, this is just such a ghoulish face. Um, Sabra, of course, means rest in Hebrew. And she is resting behind the scenes to allow her going husband to go out and, ah, say shit like this. James, the virus doesn't discriminate businesses based on ownership structures. Yeah, it's like, yeah, nobody. Whether you have $100 million in the banker, $0 in the bank, we're all in this together. It's like, just cries. So yeah, well, here's how private equity got their way. So you had a bipartisan group of lawmakers, right? These air. This is all the kosher sandwich. Just enjoying, um, an afternoon snack. You got Pelosi. You got Ro Khanna. Who's that? Paget from Silicon Valley. If Jerry Moran, whose a rock ribbed Republican from Kansas. Um, they they've discussed having a rule waved. Um, they were called on by, ah, the administration actually toe wave The rule that would normally disqualify equity backed companies such as ones receiving private equity or venture capital funding makes sense. Why wouldn't you want your little Main Street business who isn't getting this kind of funding? You want them to have access to the stimulus fund, not people who are being bought up or in the process of being bought out? More likely, the case, because it treats multiple businesses controlled by a single investor, is one entity that they wanted Ray, this way, this rule, and so this rule change is needed to protect thousands of workers, Maloney said in a statement. It has nothing to do with equity interests, but that's a lie. That's a fucking lie. It has everything to do with that. And so this is a huge victory for private equity firms. And, of course, Treasury decided. You know, we're not going to comment on this. We're gonna say nothing about this, but you know, we shocked by this at all. But you know, people need to understand this idea that it's Republicans versus Democrats. And if we just took Congress and we just get the your fucking not there, the game is going to be rigged in their favor in your fucked every time. And the more people realize that and I hope you know, it's on one hand, it sucks. And, you know, we we empathize with the people who are sitting there with the application, crashing and not getting calls back and waiting in line for being on hold. But those are all people who are going to realize this at this moment that the system doesn't work for them. A lot of people realize that it didn't work for them in 2008. People that mailed the keys to their house back and all that kind of shit, a lot more people going to realise that this didn't work for them. Is this pain? Is this pain pleasant? No, it's not, but and I wish it didn't have to be this way. But some people are gonna have to learn this way. People that have gone through life up until now. Ah, thinking that they live in the land of freedom and liberty and justice for all. And I'm time my little barbecue joint down here in the strip moment. I'm totally not a racist and ah, yeah, maybe they're not gonna understand things the way that we're explaining them right now, but they're gonna understand that the system was not there for them. Nothing was there for them when they need it. And they lost everything right and the realizing they're being lied to by people like Cliff Boloni who comes. This guy's a Republican. He's ah, he's a business expert. And, well, this business expert tells me that if we need, if we want to save workers, we need to guarantee that these essentially satellite subsidiary companies all owned by the same person, that they can each qualify for the emergency grant and for the p p. P. Because they're all separate businesses. Right? And this, like, just tickles that itch that conservatives and and libertarian leaning conservatives have t like follow rules in in a very particular way. It's like, Well, they're all separate loc So I mean, they have to go quote. No, they don't. And this is not what you have to do to protect workers either. If you want to protect workers, you give them a check, you give them a check that they don't get in September, Which is what the in September, which is what the plan is now from. Ah, these fake. You know, $1200 pittance is which averages out to what, $200 a month by the time you actually get it. Um, which is Ah, the current timeline we're getting from treasury. You guarantee their wages, guarantee their mortgage guarantee that they can stay home safely, and then you don't have to do this bit where you you ah treat each business entity owned by the same person as a legitimate separate business. And this would also answer what we were mentioning with the Kushner's right where they have all of their separate properties. Each different apartment complex. Ah, written off as its own entity. No, you get one. You don't get 100 different bags. You don't get 1000 different bags for the Kushner's. Ideally, you don't get any bags. You get, uh, something else entirely right. Um, but ah, yeah. So this is this is the fake dialectic that's being set up for people where they have to choose between one or the other Scenario A or B, both of which benefit Jewish global financial capital. Oh, they're benefiting. Yeah, Apollo management going back to the well on this, um, you know, it's not just Jared Kushner. They've had long standing ties to Steve Mnuchin as well, who are just essentially one of the most powerful men in the world at this moment. I mean, he is sitting on top of money printer. Um he is very connected with Larry, Think and essentially has complete cause. If you control the Treasury and the Fed, and then you're also allied with the Larry Fink who is in charge of all the treks skating, all the trades you control. This is more powerful than the United States military. This is more powerful than anything in the world, the American economy and the ability to make or break industry. And that's That's Steve Mnuchin. And in late 2017 Apollo loaned $184 million to Jared Kushner's real estate company to refinance the mortgage on one of their Chicago skyscrapers. It was one of the larger real estate loans Apollo had made at the time, and it allowed Kushner refinance a person purchase he'd made at the peak of the real estate bubble, which was 666 And we talked about that extensively in our deep dive. But you know, he's retained. He's retained stakes, um, in a lot of different subsidiaries of the Kushner companies and is still benefiting from it. And so two weeks ago, Apollo co founder Mark Roe in emailed Kushner arguing for expanded access to this new Federal Reserve loan program. Not this is again it sounds like we're repeating ourselves, but this is in addition to being hooked up to the small business loan. They will also wanted access to this overhaul of TALF, which is the term asset backed securities loan facility, Um, which was loan money that was given to companies with higher risk of defaulting on their loans on DSO. Yeah, they're asking for this. They're asking for that. Jared's giving shallow whatever he wants, and, you know, these air private equity firms or some of the wealthiest players in the financial industry. Um, they invest money for other large financial players. They have pension funds, college endowments. These people aren't in pain. These people aren't struggling, purchased it. OS Borzoi says. This is the looting phase. If you're in denial about this being the looting phase and they're just doing it right out in the open and, like nobody who's gonna fuckin stop him the right like look at this, they a Blackstone chief executive Stephen Soir Zeman, who has been a frequent guest that trump fundraisers and White House events. He's also a top adviser to China. Wonder what short what Schwarzman Resource Mints. Probably one of the guys behind all this anti China shit. You know, he's got Tucker on puppet strings. So since 2017 Schwarzman has given $250,000 to Trump's inauguration committee. It's another way of laundering money to trump $700,000 to a joint fundraising committee supporting Trump's reelection campaign. So this guy has given a $1,000,000 to trump Blackstone Scott ties to Kushner's family. They Blackstone financed a $340 million Kushner purchase in Brooklyn, and they have also provided over $400 million in financing to Jared Kushner. And so they want to wet their beak back. And this is the way this is why Jared gets these loans. This is why Donald gets these loans. Because when something like Corona virus comes along, I mean, Trump, you know, Trump has been all over the place all over the map with his response to Corona virus, but and he probably isn't too happy about the way he's been perceived in the media dealing with the response to the virus but the virus itself. He doesn't give a shit about the number of people that are going to die. But looking at the virus is an opportunity for graft like this. This was perhaps maybe not great for his presidential legacy, but in terms of like paying back in refilling the coffers, all these deep pockets that needed to be filled back up so that these people have his back. This is all taking care of in the first quarter of 2020. And it's just fucking incredible. The amount of money that has flowed in and out of the government in So you have private equity. Um, these companies air bad, right? Like there was a study that was done in 2018 found companies bought by private equity lost 4% of their workers on average within two years of the purchase, and large public companies bought by private equity lost 13% of their employees. And we've seen this time and time again with Bain Capital with Black Stone. With Apollo, they'll do this shit and that doesn't even tell the full tell the full story because of those workers retained. How many of them have their future pensions cut? How maney lose benefits? How many new workers that come into the company start off at a lower salary compared to the workers that were there before and how much of the new investment going forward after these companies become owned by private equity? How much of the new investment in the company happens in the US versus how much happens overseas? This is what Mitt Romney would was was doing right? And people remember back in 2012 and I'll admit jazz. I was one of the people back in 2012 that was saying, Well, what does it matter that you just made the more efficient? Well, what does that matter? But ah, yeah, Dude, I'm so glad that has been dropped from from the right wing nut like you just can't defend that anymore. But you have. You have to stop talking in a high pitched voice because you're offending other people who talk in high pitched voices. So, like we don't want to offend them. People who still think in talking high pitch voices. I mean, it's kind of like, you know, way don't upset people. But, you know, a rock and hard place, man, it's the retard voice offends some people the skittish squarely. Ah, skid greasing voice offense just can't please them all. People think that Sen and I doing retard voices like almost it started with jazz hands, and it's spread to spend. This is part of something underhanded that their do. Yeah, very dark times. Very underhanded. Very subversive because I talking to retard burst. So going back to this Apollo because we're gonna we gotta close this out. This is This is insane. So, Apollo management, who are they? Who are these people? We talked about Schwarzman. He's had a black stone. You got Leon Black is the co founder, chairman and CEO of private equity behemoth Apollo Global Management, which has over $300 billion in assets. Tiny, minuscule compared to black rock It's like 300 billion. BlackRock pisses that much in capital gains like now it is this. Ah, this guy's hurting Just like any small business owners. Really, I'm really feeling for this guy. What's the deal, by the way? Leon Black, Blackstone BlackRock Schwarzman Black man, right? Like, what's weird? Fixation with black? Yeah, black. It's very It's amazing. Like how you know, Black is also associated with, like, evil. But somebody was saying like There's something I don't know within Jewish eso terrorism of dealing with, like Black Rocks or Blackstone's. I don't know what that is like. That's, you know, that's an interesting people live somebody else. Yeah, that's an interesting deep dive that somebody else is going to dio. Not this guy. Uh, so Leo Black. He spent much of his career at investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert do have to even tell you that Leon Blacks Jewish well, tell you his father's actual name here in a second. But, um, after Drexel filed for bankruptcy in 1990 black founded Apollo with Josh Harrison. Mark Rohan. This is the guy who who are also building theirs is the guy who called Jared Kushner to get special treatment from the ballot. Apollo went public in 2011. Black still owns 23% of the company. He's also the chair of New York's MoMA Museum of Modern Art and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Leon Leon Black is the son of Eli Black. I didn't know anything about this story, but Eli Black was born Ally. Who? Menashe a black. Oh, it's in Poland and emigrated to the United States as a child. So as a child, so born in 1921 so left for America. Did he survived the Holocaust? James, this is considered. Yeah, I guess he left before it all happened or never happened. So he's a survivor, right? At any point? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he was probably What if he was a child, He would have left before 39. Yeah, so Ah, yeah, but I mean, he's a survivor. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Right. Kind of funny. Yeah. Prominent Jewish businessman immigrated to Poland. He's best known for owning United Brands Company, which is also known as tricky to banana 1975 that battled anti Semitic Securities and Exchange Commission uncovered a one point to fill a $5 million bribe that United Brands paid to Honduran president Oswaldo Lopez are Orlando Arango, who knows under authorisation by Eli Black in order to obtain a reduction of taxes on banana exports a few weeks after the scandal. Bro, I'm sorry. Actually, a few weeks before the scandal broke February 3rd, 1975 Black went to his office on the 44th floor of the Pan Am building in Manhattan. At 8 a.m. He broke the window of this briefcase and jumped to his death landing on the north bound ramp of Park Avenue next to motorists. I'm sure that was a wonderful morning. Wake up in the wintertime splats. This guy just splattered Heeb all over the windshield filler. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah. And just I want to just say that, you know, this is something like 1975 like, this guy didn't do this because he felt guilt about the bribe like he did this because he couldn't bear, like in a white man's world like what might happen to him or what could happen to him or the public smearing and humiliation, cause they didn't have total power and control over this yet, but this would never This would never happen today. Like you would never see a Jew about to get accused of embezzling just a measly 1,000,000 bucks. Even if you want to do the well, actually, conversion of how much That was in 1975 in today's dollars, whatever. Doesn't matter if it was 25 million or whatever it was this guy got like, this guy would never fucking go jump out of the 44th floor of a building. Like because of this because they have the entire system is short up, like did you? Jail even exists at this point. Like implying that, like you even end up there, so yeah. No, I don't think it didn't. This is the kind of thing that nowadays it's just it's unreal almost to read a story about a guy being taking something like this. That seriously, now it is. This would be a slap on the wrist if even that Yeah, you do the adjustment for inflation. OK, what? $8 million? Maybe $10 million. Yeah, you pay maybe a $10,000 fine beyond your way. If if it even got to that level. If you just get it settled out of court, you pay restitution, you you'd be set allowed Accord. You hire good PR guy. You have all this, like, sort of swept out of the way. And, like, you know, the Allahu Menashe. A block A wits would have gone on to ah to, you know, continue being the trustee of the Lincoln Center, the American Jewish Committee, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, Babson College, the Jewish Guild for the Blind and the Jewish Museum. He also was the chairman of the commentary magazine. Oh, good. It's like such a jui fucking publication. But you know what? He may have lost the united fruit and Chiquita banana, but the Jews didn't. As soon as black died, Seymour Millstein and Paul Milstein bought the entire fucking company. So you know nothing. Nothing. You know nothing was lost. Writ was retained and travel hands and it continue. Meet the new boss Same as the old bus. Now it is all he would do. It is maybe, you know, pay the fine. Do the hr or the PR bit, maybe pay off some fake dissidents by the America First movement off and support him on Twitter. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes. Platt. I'm just ah, splatter splashed. I find I find missed. You know, just look on the wipers and keep on driving. Oh, man. It's horrible, actually, not really. But, you know, guys Trump cooked on a signing statement and he's bringing. I lied to you guys earlier. He does have an inspector general to fill this role over the bailout. So while all of these companies air at the feeding trough and everything else, I lied. And I said Donald didn't have any oversight. Donald's gonna be the oversight key. He actually cooked on this. And he's bringing in somebody very serious to oversee this business bailout. Of course, we have yet another Jew. Of course I'm kidding. Nobody gives a fuck about Trump. But no, I'm not kidding about this. Trump did put a Jew in charge of overseeing the bailout fund. Brian, I am naturally suspicious. Miller, this is a quote from Miller. I am in. I am buying by nature. A suspicious person like a my kids. All right. Okay. Brian. Yeah. Eso Trump announced his nomination Friday night. You know, as always, put things that you don't want the public to really lap up too much late on a Friday night. So puts Brian Miller in charge is special Inspector general. Um, he's got a long career and Washington legal circles, and so he'll be right at home with Bill Bar and everybody else looks like Bill Bar. He looks like I thought this was a photo of Bill Bar from the nineties. That's another big, boxy Russian Jew. I mean, that's exactly what this is the You know what? They all look like this. Um, Miller said Miller also served as an independent corporate monitor. It is an expert in ethics compliance, government contracts, internal investigations in white collar crime. In other words, his whole life has been spent as an attorney making sure that another Eli Black does not have to jump out of the 44th floor of the Pan America building in New York City. They make sure that that never has to happen again. They make sure that the, you know Goi goes to prison for this. The going gets strung up on these charges. This is what Padgett Bihar o hara hara was always all about, like busting, you know, Maybe he busted D bust a few Jews. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Bihar abreast, bus juice. Maybe Jews that they didn't like. I don't know. Doesn't matter. Miller is not gonna do that. Milk. Miller is gonna make sure this whole thing is smooth sailing, isn't it, James? Um, yeah, he's a fixer. I mean, this is basically what he does, right? He he his job in ethics, compliance contracts, internal investigations, White collar crime is to keep the shenanigans and the bad doings these people are up to out of public view, right? And prevent them not only from from yes, hurling themselves out of 44th floor windows, but also from what they do. And this type of financial trickery and misdeeds from becoming public knowledge keep the operation running smoothly. And that is why he is being brought in. That's what he's being brought in to do for the White House. Yeah. I mean, this is, um they're gonna have to figure out a new plan, you know, with these big, boxy, you know, size 60 suits, um, guys doing this because thes these air, not the type of people that do well with a corona virus. I mean, you know, look at Boris Johnson. He's not even that big of a dude. Um, you know, that's not That's not good. But, you know, you got you got Miller. Um, who in an op ed published in 2018 laid out an argument that suggested that he, just like Bill Bar, subscribed to the unitary executive theory in which he says presidents have broad control over the executive branch, which really what that means is, it's like the unitary puppet theory. They want a unitary executive when it's somebody that can be controlled by Trump. They definitely don't want a unitary executive when it's somebody who's uncontrolled. But they subscribe to this when the puppet is going to execute on their commands. And that's when they that's what unitary executive theory really means. Inju speak. And, of course, while working for the Justice Department, Mr Miller prosecuted Zacharias Musawi, one of the terrorists who allegedly allegedly but not really plotted, the September 11th 2011 attacks and John Walker Lindh in American who went to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban. So this guy has a very long and storied history, James going all the way back to one of the pivotal moments of the ah, the 21st century. September 11. Have you seen that mean where it's the guy in the thin blue line shirt looking at the twin Towers and saying L O L the flu kills more people every year? Jesus. Yeah, This is Yeah. These people never stop No surprise here, though. I mean, this is if if they were going to bring in an I G. If Trump had to relinquish control over oversight, this is exactly you'd expect it to be. Well, it's not even relinquishing control. He's basically just saying like, Yeah, you're not gonna like, hit me on this Like I am the oversight bit anymore cause I put this guy in charge. See, he's in charge now, and it's the same thing. It's kind of funny, like, you know, we went. I was talking to Jesse yesterday, and it's like, you know, all this like hand wringing about like Russian interference was really just about Chabad Lubavitch. Like that was the big problem that they had was Israel and Russia Chabad Lubavitch interfering on the in the election on behalf of Donald Trump, like that's what they didn't like. And now with this, Like what? You just come out and say it like, Why don't you just come out and say what the problem is? Like their problem with Bill Bar wasn't that Bill Bar was like, You know, committing trees. And by screw, it's like, No, it's just He's a jig, Nat. And so is Miller. And that's gonna be their problem. That's gonna be there, Chief complaint. Like, you know, the Democrats are gonna go after Miller for, ah, Mary out of different things. But none of it is gonna be about him being a seditious, lying Jew who is going to make sure that Jared Kushner wets his beak and everybody else can wet their beak without fear of being caught. Nobody has to jump out of a Pan Am building. That's the purpose of Mr Miller. So, anyway, yeah, it's a jam packed for Steph. We're gonna have to fit in the navy, Captain, though this is Ah, this is a good story. And, well, it's taken a shitty turn. But it has Ah, you know, it could have a happy ending this real fast. Yeah, Let's do this. The U s s I was wrong. Jazz. I lied by what? I saw your Abraham Lincoln. Here's a liar, man. We're just a liar. That's fine. Remember broadly Shell? Yeah. Lying. Lying show? Yes. Oh, we were gonna talk about this story on the weekend, but of course we can show is a very full show. We did get to this, and I'm glad that we didn't. Because it has developed even further. And, um, people by now you probably know the story If you follow this closely, um, of Brett Crozier, Krauser, Crozier, whatever. Rinse it. Krauser For the for the sake of simplicity, he was the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is 1\/4 Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the U. S. Navy. Um, he was a guy who wrote a letter, Um, because his aircraft carrier, along with several others, including, I think the Abraham Lincoln. This is how you got Maybe got this confused. There are several aircraft carriers who have gotten Corona virus outbreaks. So you're You're actually not lying. You're just wrong about which ship this guy was the captain of, um he is the captain of this ship and he he was getting frustrated as everybody else was. What? The government's response? Um, and he you know, there were more than 100 positive cases, um, that were caused by the virus among his crew. Of course, it's very close quarters to ship of 5000. And he wrote a four page letter to his superiors pleading with them to take action to help stem the spread of the cases on a ship. And, of course, he knows that their case is spreading on other ships. He knows that the government's official stance from the commander in chief is just the flu, bro, at the time that this letter was written that this is going to be over, that we have 14 cases that are gonna very quickly go down to zero. Captain Crozier is hearing all this stuff. Do you think he's out at sea and doesn't know what the fuck's going on? No. A very competent white guy. And so the San Francisco Chronicle managed to obtain a copy of his letter and broke the story of what they say Is this this stunning request that Navy leaders fix what was going on on his ship? He said we're not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we're failing to properly take care off. Our most trusted asset are sailors. Between 100 and 50 and 200 crew members by that time had tested positive for Cove in 19. At the time the letter was sent and the ship was pier side in Guam, but much of the crew remained on the ship. There is no way to disembark them. And he decided he described in the letter that the disease was spreading. It was ongoing, it was accelerating, and it was impossible to practice social distancing because of the measures on the ship. If you've been on a ship like you would know that that's the way it is. The Navy must must offload the entire crews so that sailors can be properly quarantined. Ah, the captain acknowledges, and it is an extraordinary measure. But the ship has to be cleaned like all of this has to be done, he says. Keeping 4000 young men and women on board. The TR is unnecessary, and it's a huge risk and breaks faith with those sailors who are entrusted to our care. And he said that he thought testing was important. But it wasn't a substitute for moving all of these guys off of the carrier. If only they were. Guys got women on there, too. He noted that about 1\/5 of the 1st 130 for Sorry, 1\/5 of the 1st 33 sailors tested positive. Um, they originally tested negative, and they showed symptoms after their initial tests. Not surprising, given what we know about the virus. Testing has no direct influence on the spread of the cove in 19 virus, which is correct. It merely confirms the presence of the virus. This guy sounds like Alex McNabb mean that zuletzt truth. Well, it's funny that he has to explain this very basic information because he knows who the hell knows who his superior officer is ultimately at the top of the chain. Yeah. I mean, he knows he knows what's going on. You have Defense Secretary Mark Esper and then on top of him, Donald Trump, right? That's yeah. That's exactly what I meant. Yeah. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Mark Esper directed the military to stop publicising. How many Cove in 19 cases were on each ship or in specific units Or squadron. Um, citing operational security, right? Like I mean, you can I can argue I can hear the Well, Actually, it's like coming in, but he makes the point that we're not at war. So if we're not at war, you don't need If you don't want to publicize it because of operational security opsec other words. Then do what you need to do to make that ship going to port and take care of the guys import. They're afraid that the media is going to find out about this and blow it up into a big thing. So what is the alternative? The same alternative that has been proposed to you and me and everybody else. Go back to work, chump. The economy matters more than everything else. Ignore this disease. Pay no attention to it. Fuck the people who have to die If 5000 sailors have to get sick and we have to we have to basically ruin people's lives in order to keep this a secret. We're going to do that. And captain crossers like, No, you got to help us, and I'm not getting help, so I'm gonna write this letter because I don't see any other way of me getting help since you want to politicize the shit out of this right? And it's not like Kroger wrote this letter to the media either, right? He didn't write this and do some big signally thing and send it directly to that. He said it to his superior officers, right? He was asking for help from his superior officers, which, as far as I understand, what else was he supposed to do? What else is he supposed to do? Just accept the decision that's been made, Not raised the alarm about what's going on on his ship? No. I mean, this seems to me to be the proper course of action now. He didn't send it directly to the media, but one of the complaints and they're probably not They're not wrong and technicality on this, that he should have sent it over a classified email system. He didn't do that and they said because he didn't do that and didn't follow the protocols. Then he was, in effect, giving it to the media because he put so many people on the letter that he knew that some way it was gonna get out. Now that that's not his fault Because somebody else broke the rules, right? Like his. He didn't send it to the media. Somebody else broke the rules. But they're saying that like he did that on purpose. But let's say that if he wanted this to stay within the Navy that he would have sent it on internal coms. It wouldn't have sent this out in such a Broadway. He wanted it to get picked up because And we're gonna have We're gonna explain why? Because this there's something interesting about this story. So we're gonna go through the timeline here. So the very next day he sends the letter, It goes the media. Ah, he's relieved of his command. Um, he is relieved of his command by acting Navy Secretary Thomas Mode. Lee, Um, I thought Richard Spencer was any the active Navy sec at that time. I don't remember Waas. Yeah, I I guess ponderously presenting a dynasty and decision. Hey was removed from command. Yeah, up abalone in global management. Possibly. Yeah, but But he, uh, you see of Mobley in here is Thea of knee acting Navy Secretary and ah he said that Brett Crozier, um, demonstrated extremely poor judgment. He also called him stupid. Um, he said that Ah, he said I have no doubt in my mind that Captain Crusher did what he thought was in the best interest of the safety and well being of his crew. Unfortunately, that did the opposite. It raised the alarm of the families of our sailors and marines. Oh, yeah, like they weren't fucking in contact. Like they didn't know that this was becoming an alarming situation. When you're four fucking ships without brakes on them, come on. Yeah, like these people like these soldiers, sailors are supposed aren't firing off? What's that? Messages to their families every day, right? Yeah. This idea that no one would have known about this if award for ah, meddling Brett Grocer. But of course, this is the stance they have to take because he's challenging not just their political authority to keep this quiet. To benefit Donald. He is. He's wrecking the whole thing like he's He's causing a huge problem for them. He's challenging the official narrative of the commander in chief on this disease. Yeah, And so Motley insists that the decision was his alone. But of course, I'm sure that Donald Trump wanted this guy fired. We know everything we know about Donald Trump. We know that Donald Trump. This is something that Donald Trump would want. And, in fact, on Saturday, after Krauser was relieved of command on Thursday, Trump offered support for Mobley's decision. Now the in before Skin say, Oh yeah, Trump is just supporting his Navy secretary. It's like, No, Trump is supporting Mobley's decision because that was Trump's decision, and Trump said he shouldn't be talking that way in a letter. I thought it was terrible what he did. This isn't a class on literature. This is a captain of a massive ship that has nuclear power on it. He shouldn't be stalking that way. In the letter, he repeats himself again. Um, you know, in any criticizes him for stopping in Vietnam. It's what the fucking orders were. Perhaps you don't go in the middle of a pandemic or something like that. It doesn't know anything. Even a guy doesn't fucking nobody's talking about. But here, here he is. This is the audio from him. Could you talk about the captain Crozier of the USS Which one? What? Captain Closure That was removed. Captain was removed as the commander of the USS. I don't know. You saw the videos of sailors cheering for him as he left. Our reporting shows that some sailors have said that they are worried to re enlist because they are not convinced that commanders air taking care of their health and taking care of them. What do you say? That I don't know much about it? I can only tell you this. Here we have one of the greatest here we have one of the greatest ships in the world. Nuclear aircraft carrier. Credible ship with thousands and thousands of people. And you had about 120 that, uh, were infected. Now, I guess the captain stopped in Vietnam and people got off in Vietnam. Perhaps you don't do that in the middle of a pandemic or something that looked like he was going to be. History would say, You don't necessarily stop here. You say always get off number one. But more importantly, wrote a letter. The letter was a five page letter from the captain, and the letter was all over the place. That's not appropriate. I don't think that's appropriate. A number of defeated have people. These are tough, strong people. I thought it looked terrible to be honest with you. Now they made their decision. I didn't make the decision Secretary of Defense was involved in A lot of people are about. I thought it was terrible what he did to write a letter. I mean, this is in a class on literature. This is captain of a massive ship that's nuclear power, and he shouldn't be talking that way. Let me to call and ask and suggest. But he stopped in Vietnam. A lot of people got off the boat. They came back and they had infection. And I thought it was inappropriate for the captain of a ship. I don't comment as to whether or not, but I agree with the decision. 100%. It's like OK, guy And he's again. A lot of people were involved with that. Like Jared Kushner was shared Kushner looking for an opportunity to get rid of white captain of the Theodore Roosevelt and replace him with ah, what's his name? Carlos Rd Low is now the captain of the U. S. Theodore Roosevelt. CvN 71. So, yeah, I mean, it's it's amazing that Crozier is removed without an investigation. No investigation whatsoever. SEC def. Mark Esper says the investigation is ongoing. All the services at times relieve commanders without the benefit investigation upfront because they've lost confidence in them. It's not unique to the Navy. That's not true. Usually they go through an investigation first and then pending the conclusion that because this guy never would have lost his job if they did a fucking investigation, that's why they want they want to shoot first, ask questions later. And they drag Crozier off the ship on Friday. And there was a video of sailors cheering for him, enchanting Krauser over and over and over again as he disembarked from the ship. And, uh, yeah, I mean, this is this is there's a petition to reinstate Krauser afterward. Ah, 120,000 signatures demanding that he be reinstated. So you have this public. So you have Donald Trump. Basically, Kushner and Trump demand that this guy get fired. Let's be honest, this guy made Trump look bad. Get the guy fucking off the ship. That was the conversation that was had make mildly do it. Mobley did. It says it was only his decision. Of course we know that's not true. You have 93 more positive test results coming from the ship. The David Crogers fired and more than 1000 of those sailors taken off the carry and placed in isolation. And you have these guys cheering for crossers. He goes off the ship chanting his name. You have a petition for 100 20,000 people saying that he should be put back into his command. You have sailors on the ship. We're looking at Carlos Sadeer low and thinking. This guy is a fucking belong here. And not because of, like, I'm not projecting racism onto the unto them. But this isn't their captain Crosser is their captain. Crossers stood up for them. This guy is not This guy doesn't belong there. This guy was probably hand selected for this position to not just cause he's brown because he's a corporate general, even though is just a command. He's just the commanding officers. Captain. The ship is not a general, but same thing, corporate general. So you have all this, James And then what happens on Sunday? This is a perfect shit storm swirling around orange faggot. Then on Sunday, Crosser tests positive for Corona virus. This is why I'm glad that we didn't do this on the weekend show because we wouldn't have gotten all of this stuff. Kresser test positive for Krone bars That captain begins exhibiting symptoms before he's removed from the ship, according to two of the guys on the ship. And then you have they fly acting Navy Secretary Mobley out to Guam to give a ship wide in person addressed to the crew to try to clean up this mess because they have dissension in the ranks and he goes out there and he says, If he didn't think in my opinion, that this information wasn't going to get out in the public in this day and information age that we live in, then he's either too naive or too stupid to be the commanding officer of a ship like this. This is what Mobley said over the ship's public address system to the fucking sailors. And then he says the alternative is that he did this on purpose. So imagine some fucking schlub who's only been in this job. When did Richard Spencer get fired? Or should candor quit or whatever the fuck you did? Went down to the crew mess made hot stuff. Whatever. Fucking did he's gone. Model. He's only been in this job for two months. This guy has no respect, no admiration from anybody on this ship. And this guy flies out to Guam while their shipmates are sick. Maybe even some of them in intensive care. They're better than most to be able to handle this, although, you know they've lowered lowered the PT standards so much in military. Now it's like, you know, maybe maybe there are people that are at risk to get this. And so he's down there while there, while they have hundreds of people on the ship testing positive, the captain has been removed. You have petition, you have people cheering, and then the sky goes down there and gets on a mic and says your captain he's fucking stupid was sending that letter. It's like you got to be fucking getting me. You got to be fucking kidding me. So, dude, he accused Krauser of committing a betrayal and creating a quote. Big controversy in Washington like this, the ultimate like echo chamber like Washington, like I'm totally disconnected from everybody else sort of mentality like going down there and accusing the captain of a betrayal in front of 5000 of the sailors who is almost it's almost as tone deaf is going and pretending to be a dissident in defending Harvey Weinstein. It's ah, pretty incredible. Yeah, and this is a guy. People do a saw. They're both doing it for money. They're both doing it for money and clout. I mean, I see. I see no difference in this. Yeah. Can we get an optics check on the going and calling the guy these? The captain? These soldiers looked up to the sailors, look up, looked up to saw him as defending them, being the only person in the entire chain of command that was sticking up for them and looking out for them and their health as as Ah, the Navy secretary wasn't listening as Esper wasn't listening. As Trump was saying, Look, it's a beautiful food, just the little flu. People don't know this just a small food. And this guy Crozier is the only one in this entire chain of command sticking up for them and, yeah, model. It comes down and and says, Basically, basically, he's either a trader or a retard. Take your pick. Yeah, And he any stirred up the big controversy for a suits in the Pentagon. This caused a lot of other. There's nothing more then people in rank and file hate Ben Ben, this class of people, it's It's like it's difference between officers and enlisted. But then there's like the guys in the Pentagon. The guys like, at the top, the corporate generals. You know, the John Allen's in the room. The David Petraeus is like all these fucking shills that they do not like. Um, well, who's the other guy? Who's the big gay? Who's the big gay general? The big homosexual general that Donald Trump had in charge? Rod A Iran on Jim Mattis? Yeah, and these are all just big neo con like program there. They're homosexuals to a lot of them Married to the job. Yeah. Married. Yeah, exactly. Very. To the court. Exactly. Yeah. Marine Jim, Raw dog. Mattis. That's right. Yeah. So he calls it a betrayal, and he's like and I can tell you one other thing because he did it he put it in the public forum. It's now a big controversy blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, that I was gonna be different. Quote their but whatever. It's fine. So Bumble Trump bumbling Trump reacts. I may just have to get involved. This is on Monday. I haven't heard it. Exactly. I heard that they heard the the crew. I heard that they made a statement. If that were the statement, it was a strong statement. The letter shouldn't have been sent, and certainly it shouldn't have been leaked. This is a military operation. I must tell you, you've heard good things about the gentleman. Both gentlemen. By the way, I will say this about the gentleman. It's like this guy wants to accuse Captain Crosser, whose letter was not all over the place. Very succinct. Very dialed in what you'd expect from a Navy captain, a white Navy Captain Donald Trump accusing somebody being all over the place. Get the fuck out of here guy like he just repeats both gentlemen, like, six times in the same sentence. Um, so then acting Navy secretary goes on, apologizes for this. Um, you apologizes Monday night. This is all in the fall in the course of a day Monday morning, he's out there calling the captain a trader, a betray er, causing big controversy. Donald says he's not very happy by evening. He's apologized for this, and he says that you know, the words were spoken from the heart and meant for the ship's crew, not meant for public consumption. Right? Like you went down there to call this guy fucking stupid and it got leaked, just like the letter did. It's like, Why don't you could use Mobley of intentionally leaking this? It's like, Come on, guy. In this day and age, you didn't expect there to be a hot mic. Go down there and call. This guy's stupid. So yeah, and then I'll I love the backpedal. He's not. I don't think he's naive or stupid. I think is a really smart guy. Geniuses like Well, it lets to check the tape. Their model Lee. I think you given indication to feeling the exact opposite way. Yeah, he says Captain Crosser is smart and passionate, I believe precisely because he is not nigh even stupid, Which is what he said, that he sent his alarming email with intention of getting it into the public domain to draw public attention to the situation on the ship. Yeah. Okay, that's what Greater? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Is a trader for doing that? But yeah, that's what he That's what he did. Mobley. And he shouldn't be fucking relieved of command for it. And he should have an investigation. But that's not how things work in Donald J. Trump's very, very Jewish government. Um, you had SEC def s Spurs office. Had to tell Mobley to apologize. He didn't want to apologize. And then because this has become such a shit show. Mobley resigned on Tuesday. So there's another acting Navy secretary Donald Trump's 4th 1 that is gone, like just gone because of this and in their in his resignation. He didn't mention the controversy t all. He talked about how much he loves the Navy yada yada stroke job. Imagine me doing the jerk off hand motion and ah, you know, that's it. That's the end. See, now you're gonna have Army James McPherson. Ah, who served on the undersecretary of the Army who served on the Roosevelt in the 19 eighties? He's gonna be six. Is Donald Trump's fifth fifth Navy secretary, So Yeah, and I think we should bring back bring back Spencer. Yeah, I think they should do, I mean that. Why not, like, bring him? Bring him back. It was funny seeing that in the headlines. Old time, um more comical than anything else is. It usually is. Donald Trump goes out Tuesday night and says Mobley didn't have to resign. It's like then then what do you take? What I You know Donald Trump says I had no role in it. Yes, you did. You just admitted that you had no where you say I have no role in it. That means yes, you did. If you have to tell us you had no role in it, then we all know that you had a role in it. And if he says that Motley didn't have to resign, it means that he approves of Krauser being called ah guy who betrayed his troops. A guy who betrayed the country, a guy who's stupid and naive. That tells me that Donald Trump had much stronger words to say in private about that. And then he goes on to say that crauscher didn't have to be Ernest Hemingway by writing the letter. It's like, what the what? The mayor is that like a man in the sea joke? He wrote the man in the sea, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he's like it was a very selfish thing for him to do, you know? Ah, you know. But he shouldn't have been writing letters. You know, the guy made a mistake. I hate to see bad things happen. It's like, OK, you fucking faggot, put him back in charge of the ship after he recovers from Corona buyers. But here's the thing, and this is the big This is the big thesis of this is that this would never happen in a country where we were in charge. There's only happens in a place where a guy like Donald Trump who said a lot of great things in 2016 but who has turned out to be probably the worst one of the worst, like I mean, you know, we've done the deep dive on Ronald Rang, and we've done the deep dive on on a lot of presidents and many, many more to come. But like when, when all the dust settles on the Trump administration and we see in hindsight all of the things that have been done to fuck this country even further. And people you know when you say you're reacting jazz since, well, how many things do we call out in just this one show Jared Kushner, The bailout, the farm bill, everything that they've done and now they're going to do it doesn't even stop there. It goes even so far as to remove this captain for no reason. And in fact, this guy should be getting a commendation. This guy should be getting a medal from the president for this. Ah, And in fact, what's funny about this is that the ship is named after Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt actually did this very same thing before he was president. It was probably one of the things part of the legend theater, Rosamund, Mass respect for Theodore Roosevelt. Um, it's fried one of the things that led to him becoming president. In fact, he wrote a similar letter and saved 4000 lives. As a result, most people probably don't know the story. I definitely did. But during the Spanish American War, Ah, the Santiago de Cuba based men of the U. S Army Fifth Corps. Theodore Roosevelt was the colonel, and his famed Rough riders among them encountered one of their toughest challenges yet. Malaria and yellow fever. There were 4000 of the 4200 men in the fifth Corps who would ultimately contract the illness. Many were on the verge of death. So you had eight division commanders, including Roosevelt, were convinced that if they remained in Cuba, the entire fifth Corps would be wiped out. This is a pretty dire situation. It prompted senior officers to meet with a bunch of the generals and so on and so forth, Uh, that they they tried to convince them to be withdrawn from Cuba, and it didn't work. And so Roosevelt decided to write a letter. So I'm sure that in the same scenario with Captain Cruiser, he tried his best to get some help from command to get something done about the man and ship didn't get any success. He has no choice but to do what he did. Roosevelt did the exact same thing. He was the only non general among the senior officer group, and he had the least to lose career wise. And so he drafted what has become known as the Round robin letter, and I'm not going to read the whole thing. In fact, I'm going to read a couple sentences because he says to keep us here, in the opinion of every officer commanding a division or a brigade will simply involve in the destruction of thousands. Hardly a man has yet died from it, but the whole command is so weakened and shattered as to be ripe for dying like rotten sheep. When a really yellow fever epidemic, instead of a fake epidemic like the present one strikes us as it is bound to. If we stay here at the height of the sickness season, August in the beginning of September, quarantine against malarial fever is like quarantining against the toothache, all of us air certain that as soon as the authorities at Washington fully appreciate the condition of the army, we shall be sent home were kept here. It will in all human possibility, meaning appalling disaster for surgeons here, estimate that over half the army, if it were kept here during the sickly season, will die. Signed by all the officers. The letter was delivered to Shafter, the general who didn't want to help meant for delivery to the Army headquarters in Washington. But he also sent Roosevelt also sent a copy of the letter directly to The Associated Press. Like what? They're accusing crows. Er of doing right. Sends it directly to the media because they wanted it to be out in the papers. The news broke stateside. President William McKinley. I was pissed off. You know, this is a very terrible thing. McKinley said at his Yeah, requesting that every possible effort be made to ascertain the name of the person responsible for the publication. To counter out, at least least McKinley had the courage to involve himself. McKinley. He didn't say. I don't know anything about it. Nothing. I know nothing. Who is this? What are you talking about? A very fine gentlemen. Yeah, No. McKinley. At least has the ah, and look, we don't agree with what he's doing here, but at least he has the courage to insert himself in this situation and admit that he was pissed off by it would be the president. This guy was the president of worship. The buck stop there doesn't end with Donald. It stops that Jared to counteracted the effect of the round robin letter, the men of the fifth Corps were hastily re called a Long Island secretary of war Russell Russell, a Alger insisted letter had nothing to do with the return of the core. However he was on the record is previously stating that no ships were available to transport the men back to Cuba. Yet somehow that magically happened, Um, and so similarly to Mobley's press conference Thursday, Shafter decried the leak, saying it would be impossible to exaggerate the mischievous, the mischievous in wicked effects of the round robin if it in it afflicted the country with a plague of anguish and apprehension. Right? Just like, you know, doing anything other than just the flu, bro. In his memoir, The Rough Riders, Roosevelt offers a contrasting perspective, stating that keeping the Army in Santiago meant it's entirely purposeless destruction. In going over the heads of his immediate chain of command, Roosevelt's leak letter to the AP was eventually credited with cutting through the red tape of bureaucracy and saving the lives of 4000 men. Yeah, Captain Cruiser, in a different world, probably would be maybe on the runway for president in maybe a couple decades. No, not in this fucking clown show. He's removed of command, stripped of everything. And they were going to kick him out of the Navy if it wants. Weren't for these petitions in the up cry and like everything else. But, I mean, that guy's probably just gonna want to retire at this point, like fuck that. Like, I mean, just imagine being him, at least at least he had the pleasure of disembarking from the tr one last time and having, you know, 5000 sailors chanting his name that those those air some up comes that like we will never, ever have. But yeah, I And why would you want to be a part of this system? That it you know, Roosevelt made a good point there, right? In his letter. What, 100 50 years ago, where he made the point that if we stay here like we're useless, right, cause we're sick. We can't fight. What's the purpose of being here? Ah, we serve no purpose other than to be slaughtered. And that's ah you know, the same was true in the case of Crauscher and the the U. S. S r. Whatever the ship is, the theater Roosevelt What's the purpose of having the ship out there floating around with 1\/4 or half of its sailors so ill? They can't even leave their bunks because they're in so much pain and they can't breathe and they can't they can't perform. It's entirely useless as a military vehicle. The only reason you would want to keep it out there and to sweeten either sweep this under the rug is because you don't want the bad PR. It's because Donald doesn't want the bad PR. He doesn't want to look bad. And, ah, you know, the funny thing is and totally justified is he ends up getting it anyways as a result of how all this has played out. But, ah, yeah, if you're Crozier, I can't imagine you would be eager to get back on board a boat, knowing that this administration, you know, views you as basically expendable and and doesn't care about you or your sailors lives enough to to take a small PR loss in order to keep you safe. Yeah, and this is what, like the propaganda machine cranked out. I mean, you even have Fox News trashing this, captain. I mean, this is unbelievable. I mean, this is like the Corona virus has just exposed conservatism for such a fucking lie. Like these people. This is like the one thing that they champion. Of course, it's always Ah, it's always done in a way that is not really like they champion the military because the military is fighting on behalf of Israel. But when it comes down to someone with honor, someone with respect and integrity standing up for his troops as long as as long as that is against Trump, like this guy is just a fucking coward and bubble bubble blinding. I'm not. I'm surprised that Donald Trump hasn't given this guy a commission to be the captain of the USS Harvey Milk. I mean, is that coming next? Is that what's happening? I mean, it's just like, yes, I was saying crushers just better off, like I like just this isn't your country anymore, guy. It's time to is just time to close the chapter. I mean, it was cool being the captain of ah of ah, nuclear class aircraft carrier, but, you know, time to say goodbye, but this is this is This is how they thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Right, Love. Donald Trump. Fucking faggot. So, yeah, being loaded alone into the back of ah, back of Uber 100. If you saw the photos there, he just human is back. Back unceremoniously. Yeah. In civilian clothes being tossed out. Yep. Yes. So, anyway, we're gonna go to break going to come back. Talk about Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein. We got dangerous Presidents James coming in hot brand new Harvey Weinstein stuff. And also Africa really cold takes on Africa. It is gonna be fun when we get back way. Theo, you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation mash the nation And now back to Fashion Nation. Heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Welcome back our to CNN. Buckle up. Get ready. We're going Africa. Don't worry. You can You don't have to put on the has bat suit or or take any precautions were taken a 30,000 foot view of Africa. But you know we are gonna get into some Ah, some machinations going on. They're not quite like undercover of Corona style. We did on the weekend with with neo con foreign policy adventurism. But there are a lot of interesting things happening in Africa right now, and they've been happening there for for a few decades. And they play in, ah, integrally with US policy towards China and India and the broader a picture there in the Pacific. So we'll be getting into that. But first jazz, we mentioned quite a few. Charles is quite a few Chuck's in the first hour we had. Who do you have like Chuck Schwarzman, the Chuck that does the Wells Fargo thing? We're in a circle back and do another chuck back about good old Charlie Weinstein. And don't worry, no defense. No, Uh, no. Reasoned explanations were wise. Behavior was okay. No, we're talking about why, What? What really happened? What led up to the exposure of this open secret that was in Hollywood, Which is, of course what? Charlie Weinstein. God. Now I'm doing what Harvey Weinstein was doing to women into aspiring actresses, and this has gone nowhere. College story calling. Harvey Weinstein. Charlie Weinstein is the rial pandemic that we all have to be worried about the most. Yeah, yeah, This is setting even more dangerous. Precedence. James. I mean, this just lays bare what you're about to hear, like the whole the whole cabal of AM Nets who are coming out in defensive Harvey Weinstein, now known as Why, Nets. That's pretty much that's That's their Ramin t to still defend this. Uh, even if even if you're looking at it from the meat to angle, I mean, that's already been covered, very covered very well. But when you understand how Harvey Weinstein actually got caught, you know, if you want to be like this dumb drug, like blaming it on the women to, like, defend the Jew, it's you're just a fucking retard. But when you realize that it had nothing to do like the women were, what got him caught like that? He was perfectly fine doing that like that. That's that's the funny thing it, like, totally disembowel. Is this argument that that this sets this dangerous precedent because let's talk about the precedent that really got set here, James. I mean, tha This is a story from the Hollywood Reporter where they interviewed this attorney that was investigating some, you know, surprise, surprise. Harvey Weinstein involved in financial misdeeds and suspicious dealings and corruption. We'll get to that. So in January 2017 Tom Ajami, who I smashed the early life and as you have to do with attorneys, I smashed that professional association and the and prevent, like you know what, what he's a bull on the board of and and that, um, the guys Jewish. Okay, Tom Ajami is, you know, I will eat my hat if he is not. Ah, he sat in a luxury hotel suite at Main and Sky in Park City when Harvey Weinstein came bounding in for an awkward face to face meeting. No longer at this time the Houston based financial fraud attorney have been hired by the amfAR aboard might as well be the Amnat board to investigate a suspect transaction involving Weinstein. Ajami had recently submitted his eight page confidential report, the details of which Weinstein appeared to know. Well, imagine that this confidential report gets in Harvey's grubby little hands. But as the two hour meeting kicked off, the Oscar winning producer was focused on a different subject entirely. Harvey didn't want to talk about the financial fraud. He began screaming at me, you're telling everyone. I rape women. You're causing problems for me. I have a very good reputation, and you're the source of all these rumors, Ajami recalls. Harvey was manic. One minute he'd be yelling, and then he would calm down. He was all over the place yelling, screaming, cajoling, begging, trying to explain, often talking in circles, confused, confused, yes, rinsing, rubbing ends justifying his actions, crying out as he strikes you. I slept with dozens and dozens of women, and you know, they've all won Academy Awards and you know, jazz. I believe this account from Tommy John me. And this is not the first time we've heard this about Harvey Weinstein. We heard this on the audiotape. You want to say this was the day interest, President? Any man in the world could now be thrown in jail on a woman's accusation. Now we had audio of Harvey Weinstein oscillating between threatening and begging and intimidating and pleading. This is what he does. This is what these people do. And if you're defending this guy, you are just as bad as he is. And he had justifies it too. He says, Yeah. So what? I raped dozens and dozens of women. I got them all Academy Awards. It was a fair deal. Tit for tat in transactional, purely transactional. Well, that's the funny thing is the transaction. That's the thing that really got him hung up. If you if you caught this, our listeners, why is Harvey Weinstein in a luxury hotel talking to a Jewish financial fraud attorney hired by AH Charity Board to investigate a suspicious transaction? It's a dangerous precedent. James FINANCIAL Fraud White collar crime attorneys starting to look into ah, how people are being paid You know, for example, if you're being paid by the Jews to shill for Harlan Harvey Weinstein, let's see. I even stumbled over Harvey. Now it's such a habit. If you're being paid by the Jews to show for Charlie Weinstein to make sure your financial affairs air in order, better. Better make sure you know is a dangerous precedent, right? But ah, you know, that's that's the thing. It's kind of funny. It's like it's not the fact that because he never would have gotten caught, but anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Sorry. All right, so doing the mic bit here. Are you done? All right. Tell me when you're done. You know, the funny thing here is that he opens with, uh, with this Ajami guy by direct directly into the You're telling everyone I rave women bit, right? You think he would have done this if this were a goy attorney? If this were someone who was not of his tribe, that he would have been this open and candid about this. No, of course not. So this and this is a guy, by the way, he had never met before. He had never met. This was the first meeting between Ajami and Weinstein. And this just goes to show you how much of an open secret this waas in Hollywood, how everyone knew and not even in Hollywood. I mean, this wasn't ah, this this deal was not or this meeting was not directly related to Ah, you know, entertainment law. Everyone in this community and this elite milieu knew what Harvey was doing. And he felt so comfortable with that being common knowledge, we would just talk to you about it if you were of course, a member of his tribe. Because Weinstein didn't fear consequences. He believed that everyone who knew about what was going on. Would either one not believe the women or or to not believe the accusations or to just, ah, sort of say, Yeah, that's Harvey crazy, Harvey. It's just what he does, you know? We love him for it, you know, we love in despite of it. So the reason they were having this meeting, I, like I mentioned not directly entertainment law in Ajami. You should go read this full article. You can find it in the Hollywood Reporter where he talks about meeting. It's sort of funny. He talks about meeting Lisa Bloom, Um, and being shocked Chance Ajami is shocked that Lisa bloom it from being an art and feminist to defending Harvey Weinstein. This, ah, you know, was a shocking development to Ajami, but they were doing He was doing this because he was investigating the $600,000 suspected fraudulent transaction. Hey says as he dug into Weinsteins activities, he discovered that at the 2015 amfAR benefit, not to be confused with aimed, although, I mean, actually it is to be confused with them benefit. In Cannes, France, Weinstein stuck a deal with then chairman Kenneth Cole in which Weinstein would auction off two items on the condition that the money be split. This name said this *** said, Can What is a con con Ken s? Yeah. Gone. I don't even speak French. Yeah, these are hanging out in the can is a candidate guys just on the can Over there in the batch room You might be in the bathroom soon. Anyways, this deal is that the money from these two auction items be split with 600,000 going to the American Repertory Theater. I almost read that his respiratory theater. Separately, a R T promised to reimburse Weinstein for staging the producers for profit play Finding Neverland so long as third parties donated 600,000 to the theater by June 1st of that year. Basically, in very layman terms, Weinstein was negotiating that the proceeds of this auction item eventually be funneled back to him for this charity auction. How charitable Harvey is. The auction items fetched far less than 1.2 million, but Weinstein still pushed amfAR the wire 600,000 to a R T. By June 1st. Even though amfar had not yet received the donations, Kulak, we asked to the horror of board members, some of whom stepped down. And this is why this Ajami guy was was meeting with Weinstein to clear up some of these some of these misconceptions, I'm sure that people had about how this deal went down. Um, I've for gotten about this that that Malia Obama was going to be interning for Harvey Weinstein. I mean, given that this was such an open secret and everybody knew about Weinstein, is it really reasonable to believe that that Barack Obama had no idea, or at least Michelle Obama had no idea? As I recall correctly, Malia's the one with all the problems like Is this Barack Obama sacrificed to Matlock like, you know, for becoming president. It may well be right because he was perfectly fine with this and the like, the Obama like I mean in before all the like black dad and ha parenting and like, whatever funds you know, they sent thes kids to like very expensive schooling. And like, you know, they were there was some like hi, hi, effort, parenting or whatever that's called, whatever the appropriate phrases. But you think that they didn't know what was going on with Harvey. He didn't think that. You know what? They think this is gonna be like Malia's ticket to the big. I mean, it's just like hand this over to, like, some some fucking disgusting Jew. Like like Weinstein. I mean, I have to believe, Like, what else? What else? You I'm gonna believe when you see shit like this. Anyway, it's not related to the transaction. I just forgot about the fact that Malia was, like, all teed up to be like his next summer intern. And then then, like, he got busted, like all this Scott blown up. So just so people understand, cause you're you sort of have to read this twice. Understand? What happened with Weinstein Weinstein was going to get, was going to get paid, reimbursed for something it wasn't really even reimbursed. It was like being paid for his time In order to make sure that he got paid for his time. He made his charitable organization af amfar Amnat far, um, donate money for something that they weren't going to get any money for these. These things that were auctioned off. And then that person would then pay Harvey for something that was not worth 600,000 basically money laundering, $600,000. And this is what amfar his board flip the fuck out on This is where the end that relationship ends. They actually turned on Charlie Weinstein and they went after him. And, ah, you know, that that started off down this road of ah, uncovering Well, not really uncovering, but it just blew open the whole the fact that he is a disgusting Jew rapist. And so you know so many dangerous precedents here, right, James, like we have to allow Jews to do shady financial fraud and rape women. Otherwise, like, you know, it'll only be a matter of time before the Jewish establishment starts. Coming after white people for financial fraud and raping women is a dangerous precedent. James. Dead multi tracks. All of you. Regular Joes won't be ableto law under $600,000 through your elite New York AIDS charity and rest Repertory theater. Yeah, The sad thing is that when Scott Career and in all these other guys have been doing this like and they've been called out for it and it's such a bad, like there's, there's no worse of a position to take on this. The response from them has been ad hominem. Attacks like this is such a bad look like I have. No, you have no other. You have nothing else to conclude from this other than bad faith and nefarious nous, cause it's like it's so bad. It's like, How can you? But look, I mean, when you see one bad take after another bad take after another bad take, I mean, as Jesse said, You can't even you can't. You can pay people to say these things, but you can't force them to listen. When we look at Scott, careers listens on his podcast. I mean, you know, it's like the Scott Career half life out here. It's like 4000 in 2000 and 1000 third episode by like Episode eight of highly respected, it's gonna be down to, like, two listeners. I mean, for fuck's sake. Nobody wants, like, these are the worst takes, and it's only gonna be a matter of time. It's like, How do you come back from that? It's like the same people who like double down on Trump, who have gone back to the Trump train and are now supporting Trump in coming up with reasons to support Trump in whatever it's like. Look what I supported Trump. We were on the Trump train, and we're hoping that Trump was going to be some sort of change agent. And then it wasn't. We washed our hands. We turned the guns on the debt, the debt, guns of the battleship back around Like we said, we're going to do back in 2016 and we never looked back. We never looked back from it. So it doesn't compute for me for someone to know what we know about Jews. To know what we know about Trump and defend Weinstein end hot back on the Trump train. It's like doubling down on something that you know is going to fail. That, you know, is going to lead people who are white like you. Ostensibly, um, to more misery to more pain. Like it just doesn't It just doesn't make any sense. And then to carry water for juice. It's It's like I don't It doesn't compute like I can understand. Like people picking up bad takes because they hear other people say bad takes. You know, not everybody is acting in bad faith. But, I mean, when you see this repeatedly over and over again, and you know somebody knows everything that we know and then they go back to this, it's just like that lack of integrity doesn't compute. But then you see those guys defending Weinstein over and over and over again, and we're here pointing out. It's like it wasn't even the rape. It was the financial fraud. It's like that. That's what you're running cover for. Yeah, so and it's even worse than that. Because it's not like this. Amfar charity was some legitimate charity, right? Amfar amfAR is an organization is an anti AIDS charity. Okay, first of all, that the that. This is what Harvey always did. He hid behind, like shit like this. Feminist causes faggot causes to like, obvious scape what he was actually doing. It's amazing. You would think that with with how game any of these people are many of these AM nets. They would be livid that Harvey Weinstein was depriving them. Maybe of prep that ah, funds that would go to pay for their prep. Right? This is this is ah, virulent anti anti homophobia here? Yes. So you Should we talk a little bit about Amfar? And who founded this? This ah, gem of an organization? Yeah. Go ahead, guy. Yeah, I found Get all right. Hey. Founded 1985 by Mathilde Krim, Joseph Sonnabend and Michael Callen. Big old three. Michael Callen was a gay guy with aides who I believe was Jewish. He wrote, ah, novel piece of literature called How to Have Sex in an Epidemic. You know, great, great literary work, Crim, which was a woman. She was a woman. Um, but that wasn't why she was evil. She was born Matilda Gallon in Qom. Oh, Italy to a swift Swiss father. Is there is this *** says Matilda. Matilda. That's right yet Yeah. Yeah. Matilda is just like Peter feel. Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly that's exactly what it is. Um, she received. She's a She's a woman and college. She received her PhD from University of Switzerland. And in 1953 the lifetime service to Judaism begins when she marries a guy named David Dannon. Uh was in Israeli. She met in college and she divorced him 10 years later, married some Jewish millionaire, Arthur Krim. And they, of course, she moved to America and they became very active in the American civil rights movement. The Ah yeah A C R M, the Movement for independence in Rhodesia and South Africa. Wow! The gay rights movement and numerous other civil liberties and human rights movements, regular philanthropists. But before she came to the U and that is insidious enough. But before she came to the U. S, when she was still in Switzerland, she helped smuggle arms from former French resistance soldiers. True Group called the e Organ a Zionist terrorist organization in Israel. But the organ you probably didn't learn about this in American history. I briefly remember learning about this in college, but not the full extent of it. Obviously, the Ergen was a Zionist terrorist organization active in Israel. What was then British Palestine? You may know them by their greatest hits, the King David hotel bombing, where 91 were killed, 46 injured, including 41 Arabs, 28 British citizens, but lesser known than the King David Hotel. Bombing is the dare you seen massacre in 1948 which was basically one of the worst war crimes I've ever heard off. And this is you know, this is a case where there is documented evidence of people being killed. Um, plenty of at the time, evidence. 200 of the Arab men, women and Children were killed, disembowel and decapitated diversity of tactics being used by the Zionist Jew paramilitaries. The survivors, mostly women and Children, were loaded onto trucks and paraded through west Jerusalem with their hands tied above them as Jews stoned them. They were then killed, and their bodies were dumped in a quarry. Now, lest you think this is all you know, Arab propaganda, this is we're setting a dangerous precedent by believing Arabs. Now, This was according to Inspector General Richard Cat Ling, Richard Cat, boy of the British Palestine Police Force. Listen to this. And Ah, I hope you didn't just eat before you listen to this because this is I mean, But it has to be said We have to tell this story because no one else will. There is quote, however no doubt that many sexual atrocities were committed by the attacking Jews. Many young schoolgirls were raped in later slaughtered old women were molested. One story is a current case concerning a case in which a young girl was literally tourney into by Jews. Many infants were butchered and killed. I saw one old woman who gave her age is 104 who was severely beaten about the head with rifle butts. Women had their bracelets torn from their arms and rings from their fingers, and parts of some of the women's ears were severed in order to remove earrings. But hey, Pat Casey, that's Ah, that's cool, right? Because they were women they deserve because they were Arab women, Right? Patrick Casey. They probably deserved to be docks in your discord server too. Just people dying, you know, Just design just the rape and torture of Children. But this and this is you know, I think this how many people died in a car accident yesterday in America, Right? Like you. Just just for perspective, How many people you know fell off a chair and hit their head yesterday? I mean, there's just people dying. People die. It's a natural thing, right? Yeah. And the reason we tell this story, um, is is not for the shock factor. It's to explain to you, if this, like this, even needs more explaining who Harvey Weinstein is and who he was involved with and who you are defending the actions you're defending when you defend Harvey Weinstein, who was one of the largest benefactors of this charity founded by this woman, the facilitated, the murder, rape, torture of Children in Palestine. This is what you're defending. This is what you're sticking up for. You wouldn't want to set a dangerous precedent by going after the guy that was an ardent supporter of this. Would you will be dangerous as us regular Joes that facilitate the murder and rape of Children. But it's cool because they're women. Yeah, named Tom Appeal. You named McFeely. Yeah. So it's I mean, it just makes the argument. It just kicks the like the It was like a three legged stool that became a two legged stool that became a one legged stool. And we just kicked the last leg out from under it, like if you are still doing this and no, but nobody is. But we're just illustrating. I mean, I hope nobody is. Nobody that we care about is, but the people who get caught up in this, it's like, yeah, guy like you're just fucking garbage and you're not doing any of this isn't by accident. You didn't just stumble into this opinion. So if you're carrying water for Jews, stop it. You said that before. Stop doing it. It's a bad look. Everybody can see you do it. So Africa, Shall we? Yeah. Should we move southwest from Ah, Palestine. British, Palestine. Down. Africa. Yeah. Africa. Um thes headlines on the verge of complete collapse. Yeah, the prosperous and stable empire of Africa is on the precipice of collapse, but it iss it is, actually. And Africa has been like the for gotten like the black hole in the coverage of Corona virus and discussions about Corona virus. No cases out of Africa right there. Immune jazz. It's a race specific by a weapon. Africans are immune, but ah, no, This is of course, not the cases. We'll explain. But things could get very bad in Africa, and they're actually beginning. You get very bad in Africa for the nascent African economy, which is being rapidly developed as well as we'll explain. There was a piece that explained that Corona virus could wipe out jobs for millions of Africans across the continent. Many of whom live hand to mouth with zero savings. More than half of Africa's 54 countries have imposed lockdowns, curfews, travel bans or other measures to prevent local transmission of the virus. This includes South Africa, Uganda and in many of these African countries, Uganda included. What they call the informal sector accounts for more than 50% of the country's GDP, and you think of the informal sector. Okay, what is that right? You think of the guy selling, you know, like, uh, what the losing Super Bowl teams T shirts like selling those on the street or or selling bananas on the street? Whatever. Like yeah, there's that, obviously the street vendors. But in these African countries, it's much more than that. Jobs that would be considered regular employment in the West are all cash informal positions in Africa, including mechanics, taxi operators, vendors for pretty much everything from clothes to hardware and with lockdowns in place. All of these jobs are gone, which is why you have the U. N. Director for African Development saying this week quote. We will see a complete collapse of economies and lively hoods. Livelihoods will be wiped away in a way we have never seen before. She warned. Um, yeah, Things are gonna get bad in Africa. And, um, you know, their economy nascent as it is and informal as it is going to be hard hit by this. And you can imagine African economies don't have the ability to fire up the money printer. Make it. Gober. We have many African presidents, people from the African Union warning that Ah, with with these lockdowns in place, people are about to pop off and they're not going to take this lying down. They're going to go in the street. They're going to riot. We have people from from Uganda, people across Africa saying, Yeah, like if they try to do this like you're just gonna see, you're just going to see civil unrest. And they already had some in Uganda where people who were violating quarantine orders were rolled up on by armed men in a truck. They were beaten, had the goods confiscated. And that was into that. It's ah, like learning from Latin America, right? You go to jail for everything you sell banana, you go to jail. Yeah, they're they're ruling with an iron fist down there cause they have. They have really no other choice. That I mean, one of the phenomenon here is is that Africa's is entirely subsidized by the rest of the world and as the rest of the world is, is dealing with this issue in there turning inward. And they're not gonna help Africa with immigration they're not gonna help Africa with. I mean, the I m f is gonna maybe bail the mountain some ways, but they can't. They can't sustain and they don't have any interest. Insists trying to prop up Africa. They prop up Africa when everybody's GDP is 34%. When people are going negative, 30% GDP. Africa's not anybody's concern and the whole thing is gonna turn into ah shit show. But a lot of people have interests in Africa for raw materials and other things we're gonna get into which make it look kind of a difficult balancing act that they have to maintain and ah, lot of letter geopolitical interests there as well. From the Greater Israel standpoint, um so from the greater in Israel standpoint and from the China standpoint, because you would only invest in Africa at this point if you're getting something from it and you can argue well, the elites are getting the mass migration. They're getting the spigot of people coming from Africa into Europe. And if these people, ah, you know, die or something, they can't come into Europe, and you know there's some truth to that. But aid to Africa is going to become extremely politically unpopular. We already see Trump threatening to cut funding to the W H O. Of course, this is in the considering bloviating whatever status, but ah, but yeah, China. And on the other hand, is getting something from Africa. They're getting return on investment, which we'll get to in a minute and the other. The other source of funding drying up for Africa is Remittances. We've talked a lot about Remittances going into South America and India, but Remittances to Africa. This is the leading one of their leading sources of GDP, right? Africa receives more money and Remittances per year than foreign aid and direct investment, including micro finance, $82 billion a year in 2018 alone, and that's only counting formal Remittances. That's not counting people, you know, just bringing money back when they visit Africa or sending money informally. And these Remittances, as the West has imposed lockdowns these were written, says air, starting to dry up, right? One money company transfer money complete Money transfer company in Europe has reported a decline of business of 80% in a single week. More than 1\/3 of all African Remittances come from the EU, and the rest of them come from North America and elsewhere. Yeah, 97% of the people that would be sending Remittances to Africa are on lock down. So yeah, good luck getting that cash back to Africa. And if your country like Nigeria, where your country is built on Remittances and oil if you if you listen to the ah bonus our on the weekend show, you know how perilous and fraught that is right about now. So the African leaders are in a tough spot right where they have to decide between, like neither. Neither of these are good options to keep people home and face civil unrest or just do nothing, in which case people get sick. But the Africans getting sick tries, you know, I have been doing some reading on Paleo Kansai Tveit air and Ah, I've been informed that Africans were immune from Corona virus. This race specific virus totally race specific virus that Onley effects Chinese and Italians and Jews, but race specific and Africans air immune. As we learned from Lance Wilton on V, they're V dork. Who says race may explain why Africa is a wolf loopholes, but, yeah, wolf flu, flu and the Chinese virus or such big giveaways to that? You're just you're just a shill at this point, like Z Man, just like repeating the same trope of like Chinese of our Chinese virus and woo flu. And like all this other stuff, it's like it's like we've gotten past this now. In its it's now being used is a neo conservative talking point. It's like the calling card for neo conservative talking points. It's I call it wou flu or the Chinese virus. It's like, yeah, yeah, it's It's so obvious what they're doing, But they don't even get better. Get that's right, like you know, the argument about it not affecting black people at all. It's like literally the opposite is true. What is it, 70% in the state of Louisiana who have died? Oh, Yeah, have been black people, and it's like But at least if they had said, if it was a race, it was a racial virus that just singled out certain races. And black people are hurting the most by this. Then at least they could just, like point out that Oh, yeah, look, we're right. They'd still be wrong because it's it's targeting behavior in lifestyle and blacks and non whites are more predisposed to some of this. White whites in the in the middle in Middle America are too unfortunately. But But yeah, it's like there's like a blacks aren't affected at all by this. It's just affecting Jews and what Arabs and what we're seeing on Chinese or something, or what, right? I don't even follow it like I can't even follow the Take it so bad. Well, that's the thing. It's it's important to build to really get a feel for it out of context, you could say, Well, you know, they're making an argument that this has certain racial characteristics that apply differently to different people. That's not what they're saying here. And we're calling out v there because they have been perpetuating this. What I consider what we consider to be a very dangerous myth that whites are somehow less biologically less prone to catching Corona virus. Therefore, no reason to worry. Therefore, we publish Jew by conversion Michelle Malkin saying that this is an overhyped pandemic. No one could be forgiven for having a novelty take early on in something cause it is a phenomenon of like people wanting to have the hottest takes in novelty sort of finds its way in there. But, like once your novelty like is not scalable by fax and time like overtime, your your take out for the people who are like it just the flu, bro. And then it's like they have to pivot to like, Oh, here's some other deaths for perspective. It's like now killed more than a Chuan n one and well, on its way to be, like way more than that in the course of a month, not a full year. And people are like, you know, and we said, like people you get five million and five million people could die, and I don't think five million people are gonna die. I think it's gonna be 100 to 1000 will see I hope it's not. It doesn't even have to be that much of it should be zero very few, maybe 3000 like the Chinese managed to do. But, you know, to the extent that their numbers can you believe but like it's still the U. S is blowing them the fuck out there, blowing everybody the fuck out. And at least at a certain point, if you have the intellectual integrity, be like, you know what? I got that wrong. I got that wrong and you go back and you say, You know, this is wrong It's not. It's not racial virus, but you're still doing the bad take. And it's like people repeated The just the flu, bro take because it felt good. It's like what Donald Trump was doing. People are copying Donald and being just some light switch brains, but I don't see anybody copying the racial virus thing like no, nobody is like copying this Take. Nobody's repeating this table are some because they are there, people that do it, Or is it just because it's so bad? Because it's wrong? Yeah, right. And that's the thing because it is wrong and you could be forgiven for being wrong. And look no. One. We are not perfect. We don't get everything right, but we will tell you when we get things wrong, we will be honest and adapt to new information. But when you are in a position such as V dare with collapsing traffic, declining interest, no one's reading your stuff anymore. You're essentially again like the puppy, nipping at the heels of conservatism, desperately latching on like the infant, learning to walk, holding onto the mom's leg. It's You have to chase novelty like this and you don't have to. You could be honest, and it'll be more popular, but you see why they're doing this right there, seeking out what they think is a niche that will bring them popularity. But they're lying and they're endangering their readers. When they do this, they're lying to white people, telling them they have less to fear. So don't buy into the hype guys. It's overhyped pandemic. Let's listen to this evolution, OK? Because it's not just a one off February 1st headline. Do you know all Corona virus victims appear to be Chinese? Thought not fucking like I'm so smart. February 20th after Corona virus had already hit Iran. Headline Corona virus Still all caps hasn't killed any whites New York Times ignores but concedes gender difference Why February 27th Corona virus, still discriminating reaches Italy but Italians also vulnerable in 1918 Bend Emmick just see it unraveling in real time. March 28th. Jews fear they're prone to Corona virus, but the race denying ruling class suppresses the fax. It's just the Chinese bro associations, bro, just the Italians and the choose. And so you know this is their latest claim in this. In this piece, where John Entine goes there suggests race may explain why Africa is a woo flu cold spot. And he says, Ah, we're getting perilously close to being allowed to discuss race and ethnic differences. A lot of love. Oh, no, we're getting a pat on the head of acceptability. It's common guys were becoming acceptable. If we just twist the Rubik's Cube in this direction, this is going to unlock the whole thing. It's like you have no interest in unlocking the whole thing anyway. And then he goes on and says, As of March 30th according to the World Health Organization, Africa has among the fewest per capita deaths from Cove in 19 the lowest of any region in the world. Sub Saharan Africa has almost been entirely spared, with the exception of South Africa. Ah, hot spot currently ranked 39th International League of Per Capita Cove. In cases, South Africa is, of course, multiracial eso. It's only those fucking white people dying. Aren't that we smart over at Vida And he goes on, there are caveats. Of course, lack of infrastructure may have made the spread of virus difficult. So might sparse populations. The Lagos in Nigeria is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. And get this dress. This is, ah, very scientific language here. There may be under testing due to poverty and poor medical facilities. So whether there might be poverty and I don't know, there might be there might be poor medical facilities. Ah, we I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. So you know this heart and then they go into the hard science, right? Thes Ah, very scientific citation of studies. They claim that susceptibility of Kobe, 19 has been associated with high expression of the A C e two receptor gene in the lungs. Ah, they say recent study has found Africans are considerably lower than East Asians in the expression of these receptors, though slightly higher than Europeans. Well, actually, according to this very science, this would mean that blacks are more susceptible to current virus than whites. So it's contradicting your thesis. Then they claim, and this is this one was great because I actually went through. Unlike most people, that it will read this. I actually went through and I read through their publications. They cited. They claim that blacks were resistant to the Spanish flu pandemic, which, by the way, was an influenza, not a Corona virus, different viral strains. The only source they cite for this is a journal publication that then Onley sites, contemporary black newspapers. They're basically citing the 1918 equivalent of like the Atlanta Blackstar, about how black people had catching this. Um, however, a 2019 Swedish study published in the International Journal of Environmental Public Health found quote the black population had lower morbidity but higher case fatality than the white population. Black people had a lower risk of developing the disease given exposure, but when they did get sick, they had a higher risk of dying. So all of this is to say that this hard science they're hiding behind two to ah, perpetuate this myth, this pernicious myth that Corona virus is racially discriminatory and is not going to effect whites. It's all bullshit. It's all garbage, and there's no basis to it. And whites are getting catching this and dying by the thousands, as they have since been since Italy. And if you were being honest, you would admit this and and stop trying to conduct yourself in in this logical pretzel, where, whereby your racially discriminatory bio virus is still a valid hypothesis. It's not. Just give it up. Just admit you're wrong. But they can't. And they're going to continue doing that. You know, you look at the numbers. Yeah, like under there may be under testing due to poverty and four medical facilities. You think the Africa, of course this is You know, one could assume, and one would. One would be right to assume that Africa has the fewest hospital beds per any region in the world. Um, you look at the stories out of the Ivory Coast. This Ah, very you know, fitting picture of his African man pulling his shirt up, doing the mud dick as they torched the Corona virus testing Center, the only one in the country tearing it apart with their bare hands. And like you mentioned, if you want to look at how the Africans are actually faring, look at the next best thing, which is African Americans. 30 to 50 blacks, or 30% of Chicago's population. 70% of deaths, 32 to 70 in Louisiana, 27 to 81 in Milwaukee County. And, you know, this is and we're not doing We're not going through this to say that blacks are actually like we're really concerned about high black morbidity, no like, But to say that this is a racially discriminatory is a lie out of all the people that have died worldwide jazz, what would you say? Like 60,000 guaranteed are at least white. We look at the fatality out of Europe out of the United States. Yeah, I mean, well in the other. So terrorism. The other thing is in the Jesse said, this is well, is that this is going to be used for an entire generation of black poor performance and schools like all the fact that the schools are shut down everything else. So if you're making the argument that this is that this is desperately impacting blacks think you're just carrying water for all of these shitty arguments, it's like it's happening because these people are unhealthy because they have bad lifestyle habits and it's it's not for any other reason. If that happens to end up affecting certain, it's like there. Why? Why do black people acquire? They pour? I mean, it's the same kind of thing. It's not like this is not equal opportunity discrimination. I mean the viruses, but it it's factoring on your health in your living habits and everything else. And those people just happen to be black. Ah, that's you know that's the way it goes. And so you know, it's this this notion, making these arguments you're not. It's the reason why we're bringing this up in the reason why we're mentioning V Dare specifically is because it's one thing if you have an article early on in this crisis, about like with this novelty take and whatever and then is it moves on in the time wears on and the it's just not scalable, like over time you end up doing cope after cope after cope, and at a certain point you just have to just just shut the fuck up. Just stop publishing it or, like, come out and say, You know what? We were wrong about this. Otherwise you have no credibility and look, you know, Jesse said, and then you can't You can't uh, you can pay people to say this stuff in the case of the Scott career and so on. But you can't force them to listen. You can't force them and reading. I won't be surprised if, Ah, if you know, you start seeing that people are not paying attention anymore. When you get this stuff wrong and it's obvious you're pushing an agenda, that's why would you want to do that? In an environment where you know you're already you already have the chips stacked against you, right? I mean, I don't know. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would you endanger your own audience to? Because this is an audience that tends to skew a little bit older. And why would you be telling people that there's no reason to panic. Why would you be publishing, uh, Malkin coming out? Well, I mean, we know why, but why would you be doing this in furthering this narrative that this is over hyped in the country needs to get back to work and that this is race specific and that, Ah, that you know, it's really Jews and Italians and and and the Chinese and Iranians versions that air uniquely effect. Like what is being served here like, what is the end goal of this? To say that no white people are dying of this? Like what? What? What is the end result of this narrative? A novelty being unique, being special. It just doesn't make sense. And ah, yeah, And it certainly doesn't doesn't answer these very important questions about Africa either. Read it doesn't. It doesn't speak to what's actually going on in Africa. It's a head fake, right? You're supposed to think, Oh, this is you know Africa will be spared. Nothing is gonna go on there. So then when you see what is actually happening in Africa, you don't have the ability to make heads or tails of it. And when you see these Ah, these increasingly authoritarian crackdowns taking place in Africa, you won't know why that's taking place. You think? Well, V there told me that their immune know these crackdowns air getting more authoritarian in Africa because you have the Chinese military, many of these places aiding them and because the Chinese are interested in protecting their own investment in the region. When you see increasing draconian measures being taken in Africa, you have to understand the scale of Chinese investment in the region. And you have to understand how China views Africa as an integral part of their future because the Chinese middle class is developing its its ah, growing by leaps and bounds every year, and the Chinese are getting fed up with being with being this sort of slave labor class, right? The Chinese want to be middle class, and this is why you see China searching for a new base of operations for manufacturing. In many ways, Africa is viewed by the Chinese as the new China. This is why you see these massive infrastructure investments on the east coast of Africa. You see them building $1,000,000,000 ports in Djibouti and Kenya and other places and it belted road which running from China to Europe to India. And this is why you see this taking place Because they are looking. They're forward thinking for their pivot towards Africa and the reason this is important. And I know people are saying well, you know, we we know about China investment in Africa. We know this stuff. This is important because this is setting up and you see this from the language we're getting from U. S. Military personnel from, you know, the foreign relations community. This is setting up with next Middle East, the next by a theatre of conflict, if you will for the U. S and China, it's going to be Eastern Africa. And when you look at the map of the belted road the maritime routes specifically this massive port they've built in Djibouti, Africa, um has the capacity to one ship northward through the Suez Canal up to Turkey and Italy, but also the ship east and the goods that the Chinese plan to manufacture in Africa and the resource is they plan importantly, to extract from Africa, they have to be shift eastward past India, past Pakistan to China. And so when you see, we again look at the map and you see where these airports are going to be situated. You see, right there, jutting down like a big middle finger to China is the Indian peninsula. And so when you look at what the U. S and India are doing right now, you know, planning a naval operations together and an increasing you know, proximity in relations that have any MODY event and Trump coming out and demanding even in the midst of this pandemic that we keep importing foreign workers from India, You look at what you ask, Why is that happening? Well, India is a very important again theater of ah, of influence the U. S. Is going to be involved with, as the United States under command of Zaugg looks to intercept Chinese shipping looks to essentially block China from for moving in Africa. And that makes sense, right? Because look at who controls the resource extraction in Africa. Now, you know, we're gonna see a lot of, ah, black Rocks and Schwartzes and sports in that list. And, um, yeah, so this is this is why it's important to look at Africa as a part of this broader future picture and India, and this is all topic for that could be explored in a variety of deep dives. But, yeah, they, the Europe in the United States abdicated their interests in this place and mainly Europe, but also the United States as well. And they're more than happy to allow the Chinese to do their dirty work for them in Africa. And they're also happy to allow, I mean, invest in it and make lots of money as rootless cosmopolitans. And while while not allowing the not only not allowing the United States of Europe to benefit from it in any meaningful way for the people of Europe in the United States, but actually to its its setting up a Africa to be another place where they can ship even more jobs even more cheaply, right? So if the divestment comes with China after all this, if if neo conservatives and others, they just simply divest from China, that's how China finally pays the price. It's just going to go to India, and I would also argue that the cheapest labor market in the world is Africa. They just have to allow let the Chinese build the infrastructure. Let the Chinese do the hard work of getting these Africans in line and dealing with them and then get them to a point where you can at least get them up to because they're bringing them out of, like, the Neolithic era. And you could even argue that Africans never made it. They're either equivalent, but they have to get them to a place where they are useful enough where they could be worthwhile labor. They don't need 54% in an informal economy selling trinkets and jugs on their head and all kinds of shit. Now we get we get the China defenders in the in the comments and you guys don't know how nice it isn't trying. Okay? Okay, guy like, are we gonna get somebody from like you guys don't know how it is how nice it is in Lagos, bro. Like a Lagos is just such a great just stop! Just stop it! Let us let us make let us have the renter closeness. Make the comparison and describe what this is like and what its purposes. And in ultimately, um you know, we're gonna at some point I have I've been sitting on some prep. I've been sitting on some very good content about what Jews themselves have been saying about what their long term plans are for Africa, and this all fits in very nicely with it. But one of the things is they want everybody in Africa within 30 or 40 years. They envision everyone in Africa. Ah, having a a fast food restaurant on every corner, Internet in every home computer in every home, screens in every face, and that's their plan. I mean, they just want to make the entire world in this way. And this is the way that they deal. They bend the African population, bomb curve down, they flatten that curve. And Alex has talked about this quite a bit. Where this is something this is a phenomenon going on because his modernity starts to touch these countries in in so many ways, it becomes very critical to them that they continue forward this plan because then people like this can't revolt. People that are in that state of digital dopamine hits, they don't they don't fight back, they don't push back on, and by the time they realize what's been done to them, It's too late. Yeah, yeah, and and the Chinese also are willing to use force in a way and manage these people in the way that they let's be honest, have to be managed in a situation like this. I mean, the Europeans used to be able to do this. They lost their nerve and the in the 18th century. And colonialism is a topic worthy of its own of its own. Several deep dives. But you know, this is Ah, yeah, like the Chinese, they're not hamstrung by liberalism. They're willing to be a liberal, and they have built their first ever foreign military base off Chinese soil. Not in North Korea. It's not in Mongolia, it's not in Nepal, it's in Africa. It is in Djibouti, actually their first overseas military base. And yes, so if you start seeing these, these you know draconian style lockdowns, you'll know why that ISS and it's funny to watch America. Speaking of losing their nerve, it's funny to watch America twist in the wind here and try to reason with these Africans, because the Africans we know they can get loans from the O, A CD in these other developmental agencies, but they come with interest and Africans don't really, you know, don't. It's like they don't want that. The Chinese will offer them lower interest rates by, but what they'll ask of them is collateral in the form of natural resource is and so sure enough, the Chinese end up with all of these. Natural resource is billions of dollars worth. And America, it's the it's the same processes micro finance in in Latin America where it's like, Yeah, we'll give you AZM any loans as you want, as long as you have collateral in terms of real property to put up And that's what they've done in Africa. They know that these people can't pay it back, and so it's like it. It's, but it's basically just land conquest, which I have no problem with. It just should be us, not them. And I wouldn't even say I won't even admit I won't even say that that we lost our nerve or the British lost their nerve. It's You have to examine what was going on in those countries at the same time, in in the tentacles that were that were creeping in, and those people are being told what to do. Like we talked about on the weekend with with Kissinger and what happened with Rhodesia. I mean, do you think he and Smith wanted to do that? No. He was under political pressure and they had him over a barrel and they fucked him. They fucked those people. And they did it one by one by one, until everything was every all the divestment had taken place. And there were you had to have whites that participated in that obviously that that stood out of the way to allow that to happen. But many cases that was thunder threatened dress. No, I would not. I wasn't saying at all that the people in the 20th century lost their nerve. It's It's more so. The 19th century and the liberalism that began to take hold which, you know, laid the ideological foundations for anti racism. For this belief that this land must be handed over back to the native populations, that sort of thing. And yeah, I mean, you could look at Disraeli. That guy was a very interesting character himself over in the UK, but yes, so So the United States, I mean, what are they doing to counter this. What is there like? Retorts? What is their clap back Trying? Well, magnanimous nous magnanimity. Basically all we have left. The general Stephen Townsend said Under visit Africa, we look to build enduring relationships, not short from transactional ones. We lead with our values, hard work and a desire to strengthen partnerships on the African. Gotten it? We're going to bring bootstraps to every straw mud hut on the continent, right? Yeah. Cloth sandal straps. Pull yourself up by him. Players have up off the dirt floor. Yeah, this So the Chinese, you know, they host this annual forum on China Africa cooperation, which is attended by almost every single African head of state. The U. S. Launched the Prosper Africa Initiative in Mozambique, and, uh, they failed to even send the Cabinet secretary. So you're an African. If you're a bullhead president, you could be like Palin around jumping, feeling like a really important guy or a dealing with, like some fourth level undersecretary from the U. S. Pretty funny. And, uh, you know, the Americans like, Well, it's so it's terrible. It's a dangerous precedent that these African countries air so in debt to China Mahmoud Ali Yousef fires back. He's Djibouti's foreign affairs minister. He says. Yeah, our debt to China is 71% of GDP. But we needed that infrastructure, though, and Europe in America they weren't ready to build what we needed. We've gone. We've gone to China and you know, he says, even the U. S has trillions of dollars in debt to China. You know you have no right. You have no right election rest about this point. Well taken, Mahmoud. Pretty sad. State of affairs were getting wrecked. Viable head. Yeah, it is getting pretty sad. So that about sums it up as faras latest relevance in Africa. Definitely important to watch and definitely another one of those things that is being lost in the songs. Speak a cigarette, A virus. Headlines gripped the West and as some on the nominally fake dissident right insurance that it's not going to affect Africa at all. It is, and it's going to be very important, and we will stay on top of that story, as we always do with every story you're on. FBN. So that's sad. Thanks for listening. Long show this week, almost verging on three hours here very good. Very fun. Gas. Thank you. So you guys, all very soon, I I Yeah, we'll see you guys later. Have a good rest your week