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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous is hello and welcome TN 302 I'm coupons feels now entering week, Bob. Self imposed, Locked down from by James. Are you, sir? Going well, Still locked down. The lock down in my region has been extended for another month. So yeah, I have another month of, uh, finding things to do around the house Have been diving, doing a deep dive into the H G V magazines have been piling up with last year doing the old like i r l Pinterest board like, Oh, wow. Suddenly I'm overcome with the urge to paint every room in my house. Funny how Corden could do that. Yeah, I was talking to somebody was like, I did a puzzle last weekend. It's like Nick, I chopped down three trees and made some firewood. It's good to be outside, though. I don't. This would be this would be awful if, like, the rules were stay inside cause, you know, you're already teetering on six months worth of cabin fever fever building up, and you just got to get outside so you can be outside safely. It's a good thing to do. But ftn proudly brought to you by the world's most pandemic averse right wing political network. You've heard it somewhere. Chances are that summer's here. We have a very full show today. We have a lot of things to discuss. Very interesting week. A lot of developments. Cem going to get back into Black Rock a little bit. We got some shock headlines here. We got Henry Kissinger in his op ed in the Wall Street Journal. Larry Frank stuff. We got a whole snorkel depth dive on oil, Orel In the second half, it's gonna be very good. So you're enjoying it. Whatever you're doing on this very fine weekend of the beginning, the week whenever you listen to us welcome all the new people to the show. We've had a lot of ah, uptick in interest across the board in the last several weeks. Could it be people just sitting at home? James? Um but ah may just be very, very spicy content. This BlackRock thing has been a big hit in the places that it has. I ended up in various parts of the Internet but we have nearly four billion people. If you're feeling like you're stuck at home and it sucks and you know, just you got to do it because this is a dangerous thing and you want to keep other people safe. Well, four billion other people on the planet, roughly half of the people on the planet, our ah, currently under some sort of stay at home order, which is pretty incredible. Maybe this is why my internet sucks at 11. 30 11. 30 on a Friday night. You had any problems with the Internet, like all these people should be out of bars and clubs and doing like whatever. I'm just sitting here like trying to do prepped some anti Semitic prep in my Internets, crashing like a motherfucker at, like, 11. 30 at night in the God damn it. Yeah, well, hey, join the club, man. I mean, it's been a rough couple of weeks for my Internet connection. Uh, Aziz, you well know, but yeah, I guess. Ah, the streaming services are streaming still in HD, or they've gone back to streaming an HD. I was watching some some content on the old Amazon prime and wow, fired up and uh, into what looked like four K. I don't know. It was sitting kind of far away from the TV, but yeah, everyone streaming, Everyone's watching that. What's that tiger thing? Everybody's watching it feel like a boomer jazz because I haven't seen the tiger thing. What do these periods? Talking about the Tiger King? Jesse Jesse told me not to watch it. He said, Don't don't waste your time on that Family said, All right, I'm gonna go back into my foray into Star Trek, which has worked out really well because Star Trek on Amazon is. I don't think that's in HD. Maybe it's up converted. I don't really know, Don't really care. But what is kind of shitty is that it's the square format it won't like. Convert to the letter box of the 16 by nine Yeah, for three. And then that's your problem is like, Do you turn it on zoom mode on the TV? So it stretches out and fits the 69 but you can't get it cuts off the top of the bottom, so you just have to suffer through. The gleam from Charlie Picard's head would be just like to shocking and obtrusive. So I don't do that. I want to see Charlie Picard from a far distance, and he does a very good job at what he starts. But, yeah, he finally got that. Yes. So he Charlie for cards. Great, but no Star Trek. Uh, don't worry. We're not going to start track post here, but I do enjoy Star Trek posting. I enjoyed Star Trek posting before I started watching it. I've only seen three or four episodes, so, you know, not really trying to mean that I'm, like, really into Star Trek. But it is school, and I've what I've done, you know, watch the ones the tedious has talked about. But I've also gone out and looked at what quote unquote woke websites have said are the bad ones. Because the bad ones or the bad ones, because they're racist. And so then I go watch the ones that they say. Definitely. Don't watch this. And those have turned out to be really great. Um, so it's a neat little trick. You can try. You know what woke site said this is bad. This is awful. This is like KKK to your content. and go check it out. You're probably really gonna enjoy it. And I have. Yeah. So yeah, I've seen I've seen too. I watched one. I watched the man trap, which is the first ever episode from the original series. And then Reicher and that fucking gay gay boy toy. Uh, suit, is that No, no, no, that's a no. That's a different one. Um, now, this is the one where there's some, like, shape shifting creature that assumes this man's wife's form. And then it gets on board the enterprise and is like killing the crew and have to figure out who is the shapeshifter was not yet. It's sort of interesting from the original series. And then tng I watched the one that TV has talked about. Where Wesley Crusher, who is insufferable Ah, violates that rule in that one like super Aryan planet, where everybody runs everywhere and, ah, that he's going to be put to death. And then they violate the prime directive to save him. Yeah, it's good stuff. I mean, I know I know why people don't like it because they feel like it's ah, you know, it would be like if for me it would be like somebody doing deep dive on like MASH episodes for whatever works, Cheers or like something that was like death. Or like Mama's family or whatever. Like something you know. And that's not like even in the same league as Star Trek. The end before people like Ri Ng in the comments me comparing like Star Trek to Mama's family or mashed. But it's like these were things that were before my time, like I was not on this planet when those were airing on television, whereas Star Trek I remember seeing on the television but wasn't old enough, necessarily toe like sitting down and, like one of those big velour lazy boy recliners cranked all the way back, enjoying a Star Trek when it was airing on television. But but anyway, we won't belabor the Star Trek. But that's, you know, this is that This is the outcome of me. Sitting at home all the time is that I'm like, Well, you know, you know, happen to be in front of the TV, which I never ever watch. But, um, and sounds like I may end up getting to watch a lot more Star Trek because according to Dr Fauci. And this is what we've been saying from the beginning is that we're not even toe halftime yet. But more importantly, you know, when we're talking about the economic consequences of of this, you know there's a guy on CNBC who said, You know, at what interest rate at what low interest rate are people gonna want to go back to baseball games? And, you know, you sort of gotten into this new normal, But then you have to think about look well, what are the conditions that they would open this thing back up again? And according to Fauci, if he gets his way, he says the they will not be considering easing lockdowns until there are no new cases. So let that sink in for second. No new cases, but does that mean that the government comes up with some method of calculating no new cases? Right? This is like jobs created or saved, but the opposite, it's like we're just not gonna you know, that's a It's a new case. But oh, you know, uh, we're just not gonna tabulate that, so yeah, No, it's amazing how many have few cases you confined when people aren't being tested for them and when. When you're simply doing what? Ah, it's interesting and we'll get into this later. But ah, we're starting to see in the U. S. And emergence of what we've seen already in places like Iran, where people are dying from other things, like heart attacks and then just not being tested. And then if they are tested, that will find Well, yeah, this person did, in fact, have Corona virus put. This is a death from a heart attack. So don't don't don't put that one in the tally. And it's not, you know, it's not, um, an insult on Iran, like in before the people that are like you guys are doing neoconservative merit. No, no, everybody has. Everybody has an incentive to not want to raise their death rate because it's a direct reflection on whatever government is in charge of that particular country. And, you know, could they have Dunmore? Should they have done more that sort of thing, But it's clear cut. The United States has been lying about this in it should have done a better job from the beginning, and inarguably they've done the worst job out of all of the countries of the world and mainly because we've been the hub of globalism. We've been the the place where all of the world's third World transits to get there, you know, goodies and take it back to their country or remitted back over your wire wire transfers and everything else. But, you know, this is ah, this is leading to Fauci starting to have growing threats to his personal safety. Right? You have that Mexican who tried to drive the train into a ship in, Ah, Los Angeles, the port of Los Angeles. I guess. You know, I guess we'll have to add that It's like a new grand theft auto level where you just, like, in, steal a train and drive it into a ship in the port, Um, in Los Santos or whatever it is. But, um, you know, they've had to step up security for factually, too, because people are like, you know, people have bought into this lo que and on ah kosher sandwich narrative that, you know, Fauci is part of this deep state apparatus who is trying to undermine the Trump presidency and the trump economy. It's Fauci who stole Dow 30,000 from Donald Trump. And of course, you know, drugs, knock rugs, casino drugs, drugs are in our corner and drugs. I like drugs. And, like Mike, I like drugs. I don't like light switch, brains, light switch, brains we can work with. But like, low, low I Q and down like it's just in a whole nother league, like the kind of person that would steal a train and drive it into a ship. Or, you know, think that Dr Fauci is like this threat to the United States like, No, I want to hear more what that guy has to say, cause the stuff he was saying six weeks ago is the stuff that the White House is now taking seriously. So, uh, yeah, more that, please. Yeah, he's been proven right at at almost every. I don't want to say at every step because he may have been wrong about a few things here or there. But by and large, his predictions and his recommendations have been born out in reality. And you see him, he him being one of the first officials at the White House, talking about maybe recommending everyone where I'm asking. Sure enough. I mean, this, of course, happened six weeks too late after Mike Pence came out and said, Nobody needs to wear a mask, there's no risk, but, ah, fl. She has been, by and large a force for for seriousness, a force for taking this seriously in the White House. And that, of course, is going to make him an enemy of those that are militantly, ah, military. They just really want to get back to work, get everybody back to work and pump back up the big line people and the threats to his safety are coming out of this. And this is something that has been aided and abetted by Trump World and by the Trump media figures. And you could argue by Trump himself, right by coming out and continuing to describe the virus as a political op, that it's being used as as a political weapon against him, that this is being used and taken advantage of to hurt him. This gives credence to what people like Bill Mitchell and others are saying about ouchy being an enemy of the United States and and an enemy combatant. It's, you know, the blood is really on. Bill Mitchell Sands, The blood, the died today. The diarrhea. Yeah, like everything that he has pushed for. But yeah. I mean, factual has gotten something's wrong. Or at least he's been muzzled in such a way where you know, he he knew. I think that everybody should have been wearing a mask all along, but they didn't want to put that directive out there when they didn't have all the masks short up, which we're going to get Teoh later here in ah, the first part of the show. Um, they did not want to go out and say make the direction or even the suggestion that people need to wear a mask and cause a run on masks, which sort of happened anyway, but it would have been just farm or cat ical cataclysmic if it had happened in that way. Another thing here These are more of these sort of escalating headlines, but 3.4 million travelers poured into the U. S. As Corona virus pandemic erupted. And then you had this tweet from the State Department on Thursday that said, the Department of State urges Americans not to delay travel, home transportation options may soon be unavailable in these tweets, and I've seen a lot of them. There's a number of different, uh, State Department Twitter handles official ones very from various parts of that organization. Ah, one of them I saw said, You know if if you can spend if you have $3500 you're trying to get out of Iraq, we can arrange a flight for you. Let us know as soon as possible this this a possibility may not be around for long, so it's getting pretty bad. I mean, in Iraq as well. Um, you know that you're starting to see the spread of this and people want to get the fuck out of there and ah, it's not. It's not a good situation. I saw that Google released ah, lot of the location data basically 221 124 different countries. And based on that data, they were able to tell that I think 1.4 or 1.2 1,000,000 Parisians fled Paris. Ah, when the lock down started to take place, just like, you know, spilled out. And you've seen some of these maps that show into the movement. There's one of the after spring break was over How the young, the young people young pf sound like an old guy. Ah, well, the although millennials and zoo MERS who were down while sumers who were down at the beach I guess if you're a millennial and you're hanging out of spring break, maybe that's kind of creepy at this point, but yeah, if you're ah, you're Zoomer down there. They had this map showing these people sort of spreading throughout the United States like a virus. Um oh, sure, Yeah. Disgusting. Yeah, I know. Florida is the destination for people as far West is as the West Co. It's all throughout the country, right? This is where people from from Iowa State University save up and go on the trip down to Florida and horse. The by product of that is when you pick up a disease in Florida from the open beaches which run to Santa's refused to close. Then you bring the bring whatever that disease is in this case, growing virus back to your small community that otherwise might not have encountered this. You mean Ron Ron convened my first cabinet meeting as governor of Florida in Israel. The Santis. That guy? Yeah, that happened to you can look that up fucking amazing. Yeah, And the other thing is, and I think we're gonna talk about this later. But one of the reasons why Do Santis waited so long? I mean, it's sort of obvious he's doing what Trump wants, but it's because it's gonna hurt trump businesses. It's gonna hurt, You know, people who escaped New York, right? People escape New York and went to Florida. They didn't want to escape New York, locked down in New York and then go to Florida and being locked down. So it's kind of just like that's why the delay toe forever. But who could that be? Jazz people who have residences in New York and Florida And, uh, yeah, I wonder if there's, ah, a salient in a Democrat piece of demographic information about a lot of those people. These air, these air Mennonites. There's actually video footage of the horses and buggies crowding up by 95 know their do their fucking Jews like everybody knows. So, uh, New York, two ambulance drivers, if you can't revive a heart attack victim in the field. Don't bring them back. The people who said this was never coming to America, The people who said Oh, you know, Italy's healthcare system will the idiot conservatives. It's because I, ah, Italy as a socialist health care system and that's why they're having a hard I was like, No, America has a arguably a shittier healthcare system because it's one driven by profit motive, and it is now having to make the decision where if you suffer cardiac arrest and they're unable to revive, you don't bring that person to the hospital essentially, and they have a whole set of very grim rules. Like if the body is in public, you know, cover the body until somebody can come there, you know, have Officer State. I mean, it's really, like pretty horrible, pretty horrible. Um, so I don't know what they're going to do, but yeah, this is where they're starting to draw the line and I expect the stepping more. I saw Ah, our very own striker had an article up on national hyphen justice about, um, Jews in Brooklyn being able to get any kind of treatment for any kind of ailment, even though these rules in New Yorker applying to literally everybody else. So it's if you're due in New York, then you don't have to worry about this. But if you're anybody else, you Ah, you have a heart attack. Yeah, guy, that's the end. Siga night. How do you like this free 30 day trial of socialism? America Like a rationing and the bread lines Now? Not for Jews, though, but ah, yeah. American Airlines. No overseas flights throughout the summer, and Delta Airlines is burning through $60 million in cash every day running up its credit lines forecast 90% fall in revenue in the second quarter. We've spent a lot of time on this show talking about the downstream impact stall these, You know, the employees that work a delta, you know, people travelling, people are gonna be out of work with this and ah, yeah, there pictures all over the place of these planes parked in the bone yard most of the plains for these companies, most of the transcontinental type aircraft are sitting out in the desert right now. Um, have been for what, 60 days? So, yeah, fire up those regional jets. That's ah, pretty much all she wrote at this point. Yeah. Ah, and we saw the news last week that United Airlines had essentially committed toe layoffs as soon as the provisions of the Thea payroll coverage part of the bailout expired. Which is going to be a belief in September, is when those will come dio. But with Delta burning cash like this in American Airlines as well, these airlines air announcing like 90% decreases in their forecasts over the next 2\/4 You CA NBI virtually assure that United will not be alone in layoffs once once the payroll portion of the bailout runs out. It's going to all of them. I mean, Trump said during one of his briefings this week that he was considering suspending domestic air travel in certain hot spots in the country. Well, soon they're gonna be hot spots in more than, I mean, where the hot spots now Detroit, Louisiana, New York, You're starting to see it in Florida, California. So I mean, you know, his country is a hot spot. This country. It's too late for any of this now. Especially when you had the news about Ah. Between December and February, 500,000 Chinese nationals coming into the U. S. With her very close, very tight lock down burners. It's too late. It's too late. You can like passing. The contagion around this place is just doesn't even matter. I mean, it would be good. It would prevent the spread to a degree. But all of these are measures that are being entertained far too late. It's way too late. And one of the other reasons the little known reasons is because they have had to close down certain airports. They've close them down in New York. They've closed them down. In Chicago, Midway Airport was closed for half a day or full day because the air traffic controllers who there aren't that many of them? Um, they've been testing positive for the virus. So people have been sick, just like you've seen what, like 18% or 20% of the NYPD is out on some sort of sick leave in their 12 or 1600 infections. That number keeps changing the time saying this or that, but it's bad, it's bad, and you're starting to see chimp outs in New York City. Ah, Al Alex sent me a video tip outs avenue in New York City, some blacks getting pepper sprayed and so on and so forth. Always, always hilarious, always enjoyable to watch looting in California and South Carolina, People wearing masks. Uh, the NYPD has seen a 75% increase in burglaries of commercial establishments by now, people have probably already seen the photos of these Ah, you know, different shops boarded up with, like, 3\/4 inch really thick, super thick superstrong plywood because they're prepping. I mean, the cops are occupied, half of well corner of the cops are sick, the other the rest of them are occupied. A lot of them don't want to be out on the streets. And so you know, these shops are just essentially sitting ducks, and it's only a matter of time as things were on and people aren't getting their bag or they don't know how to get their bag. And ah, it's gonna be not so pretty. Very soon. Yeah, Foot Locker is gonna be the most dangerous place in New York. I got to get those Jordan's eso. Yeah, this is in the reaction to this. The reaction to all of this has, I think, been very healthy. I have some spicy pulling pulling here from Rasmussen, um, showing that 67% of voters want to bar entry into their own state, not just the federal border, but their state border. Except in cases of emergency, only 21% oppose the border control measures. So yeah, just a little little flu, bro is causing a lot of fascism, apparently. Should you? Ah, should your state bar all out of state travelers except for emergencies until the Corona virus threat has ended, 67% said yes, 21% said no and 12% said Not sure. There's always this category of people who just don't know. I don't know what we should do. While support for border crossing bands was higher among females, these women's wanted borders closed. It was 64% for male, 70% for females. It was consistent across all demographics. Um, 66% of whites, 68% of blacks, 70% of other races. So whites were actually more cocked on closing their state borders Do the current virus. Maybe this is because people have been sold this shitty kosher just the flu, bro narrative on we open up the economy s Oh, yeah. Where these might be whites that say, Look, if this happens, I can't drive my truck for for worker. I cant goto work anymore. So, like this would fuck me over? Yeah, case Uh, yeah. I mean, some of some of the area we talked about this before, and I know others have as well where you know, it's Some people do have people. There are people hurting from this finance financially and economically, and it does suck. And there are reasons why people would not want to close the border. But, um, yeah, when it starts getting pretty serious, Yeah, a lot of people, a lot of people feel that way. 69% of Republicans, 67% of Democrats. So this is definitely a bipartisan support of border closure. And we talked about that poll on the heels of the just the flu, bro. 2.0, attempt by the White House when they were doing the whole like, we need to open up the government to bring our economy back. America depends on its stuff. And those polls showed 80% of people were opposed to doing that And that is why that quickly just disappeared from Thea Headlines, although, and that's go ahead. Go ahead, I was gonna say, and that's the thing is, if you ask this question, But you included in there the provision that if your wages were guaranteed and you were not going to lose your job, would you support closing these things down? You would have. I would virtually guarantee you the white category here would be the highest, because then you would have people not concerned about their economic well being. The blacks, in this case, many of them are motivated by going back out and going back to the shopping mall or the movie theater or the foot locker, the with a fried crab restaurant or whatever. But the whites, those that don't want to close the borders down. They are often looking at this from a perspective of how do I get to work if the borders are closed Well, this also shows that when the government takes on issue seriously, whether it's a virus or anything, that you can very easily sway people's opinion. Now, people reacting. Many of these people are reacting to the media, but they're also reacting to things happening in their own life. Like Jesse talked about on jazz and Jesse. He knows somebody personally on who's on a ventilator right now. People, you know, it's starting to impact people personally. And of course, we joke that it's like Thea the What's that school shooting? I can't remember because I care so little about thes means that you're like one of these people. That's like part of the Put your foot like a shill op now, like you knew somebody who knew somebody who died. Well, uh, it's like, gets into this crazy thing. But no, it's like this is starting impact people personally. And what this proves is, if there isn't like foot fully depressed on the gas at all times by the media, on anti white narratives on pro immigration narratives on pro globalist narratives, people revert back to the mean. And if there were a foot on the gas talking about the impacts of of immigration, like if we were on every major cable news channel every single day, you would conduct a poll after 30 or 60 days leave, you had strike around in primetime. Um, you'd have it up seriously, you have a poll that would be conducted, and it would show unanimous bipartisan support for closing the borders if you were able to just play B roll of like, immigrant crime and like whatever, Like at night when you're off the air, just play B roll of like people like cutting through the border and like coming across It's ways public opinion. And so when the Jewish establishment, the Jewish media establishment doesn't have the ability to do that anymore, Um, it changes very quickly. And so it's It's a constant effort. It's a constant cost. Um ah, lot of money which they don't give a shit about. But it takes a lot of effort to keep things in line, and they've been doing it for ah, 75 80 years to the use of mass media. But look what a virus did it swayed these people's opinion? They feared for the life and arguably, uh, open borders is, you know, the people that want to do just the flu, bro. Well, you know, open porters and murders by immigrants and ah, job loss in suicide and drugs and all this stuff is is far more dangerous than any Corona virus, I will go. It's right saying that. Sure, and it's very revealing that they don't also ask the question about closing down international borders. Or maybe they did later in that study. But it's not the headline, because they do not want other people to see that 70 80% of the country plus agrees with them that closing down Internet closing down immigration is extremely popular. And this also goes to show that liberalism. And we had this conversation when McNabb was on the midweek show, which, by the way, if you haven't listened, Teoh very good show should go back and listen to that liberalism. And like anti fascism, these air both luxury ideologies that you people have time for when times are good and conditions are good and they're not in an existential crisis when they're not afraid for their lives and their family's lives. But when it really gets down to it and people are facing a threat like they have never seen before, a very scary threat such as a pandemic people revert to protectionism and people people return, which is the natural state of of people's being is to look after their own. They they become more nationalistic. They become were concerned with them and their families and their countrymen. To the extent that bond is is ah, meaningful anymore. But this is what people do when, when they don't have the luxury of, ah, of engaging in liberalism or or these other posh ideologies anymore. That's why conservatism has been pushing so hard. It isn't just because Trump owns hotels in Florida and he's losing lots of money, and he's having to re negotiated loans with Deutsche Bank will talk about that later, but it's it's nationally. There's a unanimous push to open things back up, and they dropped it because they realized how ghoulish and, uh, just awful it was, and how roundly rejected it was by voters. But you have a super majority here of Americans wanting Mawr authoritarianism to the extent that they want to go back to a state where that the state has the power to keep other people in other states out. So that's Ah, that's ah, never thought I'd see that coming, but in Latin America and this is, I don't know whether this is real or not, but this is kind of like this is hilarious. And it's just funny to listen to and ah, yeah, I mean, I wish I wish we would get to the point where we were like this. You're feeling right to jail. You're playing music too loud, right to jail right away. You're driving too fast. Slow jail. You're charging through high prices for sweaters, glasses you write today, you undercooked fish. Believe it or not, Jen, you overcook chicken. Also jail under to make an appointment with the dentist. And you don't show up. Believe it or not, jail right away. I'm sure I can see the video. The guys smiling when he's doing the chicken undercook jail. He's like, smile easily laughing side of this. I'm sure that I don't know where this is from, but I mean, hey, I don't know, dude. Things grind my gears like people like you do with the dentist. Now they call you a week before and say Mr so and so are you going to be coming to your appointment or they'll send you a text, Yes or no? And I and they call, too. And I, like, actually was kind of annoyed because they were calling in the middle of when I was doing something else. It was like, Yeah, can I help you with something? And they said because they've done this before and they're like, we just want to make sure that you're gonna be coming to your appointment it at 9:30 a.m. On Tuesday, July 27th. And I'm just like, Yeah, I made the appointment. We agreed to this in your office, like, four months ago. Okay, sir. Well, we just want to make sure that you're gonna come. We just want to confirm it's like but we already confirmed. So the only reason that you're calling me and sending me text is because you have people who don't show up for their appointments. That's not my problem. So tell me something, lady, if I don't respond to your phone calls or text messages, do you cancel the appointment? And she says yes. Sometimes we will move it to somewhere. I was like, You gotta be fucking kidding me and actually switched to a different dentist because of this cause it's like if you can't treat me like a fucking white person that agreed to this time and date and I'll be here for this time and date to get my fucking teeth cleaned. Then I don't need you to like Mother me and micromanage me to make sure that I'm gonna show up just because you wanna have nonwhite clients and people who don't speak English in fucking everything else. So no. Yeah, You know, I I'll take the new ones position here in that I like the tax reminder because I will, like, I will forget appointments if I'm not reminded of them because it is four months in advance. But I don't like this way. Calendars for guy like you don't you don't set up account like the moment that you're standing there in the dentist office you don't like. Open up your phone and, like, put a put a notification on your phone. It's like it's like three taps of a button setting education. Remind me the day before give me, like, 30 minutes. Heads up for travel time. Like I mean, a guy like No, I do that. I I do that now, but ah, like in years past like, yeah, I would be in the position where I like the text reminder, but I don't like that automatic cancellation because that has gotten me before where they'll send you a text and you think it's like, Oh, yeah, like like some 8 to 3. Like like number. That's whatever. It's spam. Not gonna open that message. Then you get to the dentist and like, Oh, sir, we didn't get your response. So we've rescheduled you for next week, and you're like, What? I was gonna show up. Why did Why did you do this? Annoying? This is what people have to be micromanaged because we don't live in an authoritarian society like there's no pain, there is no And it doesn't have to be physical pain because you forgot to show Put the dentist. But there should be anguish like you should like, you didn't show up like, you know, you're canceled. But like their shame, like I was rude, feel really bad. I would be so apologetic when I would miss an appointment for anything. Because yeah, you interpret. That is that is like a failing like you've messed up. You've inconvenient someone else. But you will get the people who go in, like on the state, you know, not to disparage everyone who's state assistance or whatever, but you'll get people who just, like, have no conception of respect for others. They don't care. They will just Oh, yeah, I make appointment for for next week and just not show up and then make another and not show up. And yeah, those are the people that need to be just hovered over and basically put on the bus brought to the brought to the dentist taking care of is at home Well, in a couple with the right rules in place in a society like in a couple of generations, you don't have to have those things in place. We didn't have to have these things in place. Like I'm old enough to remember where they didn't do that. They handed you a little business card with your appointment, and it was on you to fucking show up for the appointment. And what we should go back to is they charge you if you don't show up because, you know, and people could say, Oh, that's Jewish. It's like, Well, then fucking show up. Like you, you have you have a commitment show up. I mean, this thing is when you have like a high, higher trust sort of situation. But you know, and they want it to be low trust they want. They don't like seeing polling showing 2\/3 a super majority wanting authoritarianism. And there was quite a reaction, actually from, ah, they're old Henry Kissinger in The Wall Street Journal. Uh, who is now calling for now Drudge Report, of course, because drugs Jew twist the headline to mean something different. But the rial meat See, we tell you what to think. Drudge gives you conservative talking points in headlines. Henry Kissinger is calling for a parallel institution for transition to a post virus order. I'm gonna read some excerpts of this, this piece that he wrote because it draws you in and then it's the same stuff that, like Larry Fink is she fit, Sing about in Henry Kissinger ride. Guys took 96 years old. I did not know that like that he's still alive. What? I think I knew that he was so lied and realize how old he was. But so nations, he says, nations coherent flourish on the belief that their institutions can foresee calamity, arrest its impact and restore stability. This is something that the United States is totally fucking failed with. That's my sort of editorializing. But it's true. And when they cove in 19 pandemic is over, many countries institutions will be perceived as having failed. Yes, they have failed because globalism is a failure. Whether this judgment is objectively fair is irrelevant. Of course, Ju. It's irrelevant. The reality is the world will never be the same after the Corona virus. To argue about how about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done. Yet let's let's not pay attention like all the all of the things that got us here, right? Like let's not learn anything from the mistakes we made and actually analyze how things worked and what didn't work and improve on them. Let's just throw all of that in the trash and move on with whatever Jewish agenda I have. Thank you. Yeah, let's not focus on all the people in the positions of power that caused all of this because that would be that would be really bad. We need to be hyper focused, like a laser on literally everything else. But that s so he goes on the Corona viruses struck with unprecedented scale and ferocity. It's spread his exponential US states air doubling US cases, air doubling every fifth day. At this writing, there is no cure. Medical supplies are blood available. He runs through the shit that everybody knows things we've been talking about for. For almost two months now, the U. S administration has done a solid job in avoiding immediate catastrophe. I'll explain why he says this. It's the thing that people people in the comments we're like, All right, you lost me at this. You're praising Donald Trump all the all the retarded. You know, kosher narrative people were upset, but I'll explain why he does this. So the ultimate test will be. Whether the virus is spread could be arrested and then reversed in a manner of the scale that maintains public confidence in Americans ability to govern themselves. The crisis effort, however vast and necessary, must not crowd out the urgent task of launching a parallel enterprise for the transition TV post Corona virus order these air his words. Leaders are dealing with the crisis on a national basis, but the viruses society dissolving effects do not recognise borders, while the assault on the human health will hopefully be temporary. The political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. See, this is now read between the lines and what this Jews saying. We never anticipated that this something like this would happen. We didn't plan for something like this. We weren't ready for something like this. And the system that we've designed the post World War Two financial system has been sent into a tailspin because of this. And we have to work across Borders to sew this up. And he goes on, no country, not even the US convey be a purely can in a purely national effort, overcome the virus like nationalism doesn't work here, right? Can't close your borders, can't shut down and well door shut. You have to work with the world addressing than his necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and programme. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each. So he gives three things that must be done. And the 1st 1 is some boilerplate, blah, blah, blah about preventing the disease. Gotta protect everybody's health with stuff like you know, diversity, inclusion, collaboration. And then he, like, throws around like artificial intelligence, does medical stuff in ha ha, whatever. But the 2nd 2 and three are really the things that matter the most, he says. Second, global leaders have learned important lessons from the 2008 financial crisis. Jews have learned important lessons from the 2008 financial crisis. The current economic crisis is more complex. The the contraction unleashed by the Corona virus is in its speed and global scale. Unlike anything ever known in history and necessary. Public health measures, such a social distancing and closing schools and businesses are contributing to the economic pain. Programs should also seek to ameliorate the effects of impending chaos on the world's most vulnerable populations. In other words, not you. Third, safeguard the principles of the liberal world Order, the founding legend of modern government as a walled city protected by powerful rulers, sometimes despotic, other times benevolent, yet always strong enough to protect the people from an external enemy. Enlightenment thinkers reframed this concept, arguing that the purpose of the legitimate status to provide for the fundamental needs of the people, security order, economic well being end Jewish form of justice, which we have all seen rear its ugly head. The pandemic has prompted in anachronism a revival of the walled city. In an age when prosperity depends on global trade and movement of people. I'm just gonna pause there cause holy fuck is this guy, like, just spelling it out like what we've said, What they're worried about most, right, and this is he's putting it in very clear terms. That this is the choice we have across the West is between a state that can work to to the benefit of us for the people, for our security, for our well being. Um, and for our, for our identities, uh, across Europe. Or we can have prosperity as he defines, which is global trade movement of people, enlightenment, liberalism. No protection, not even not protection from external enemies. There are no external enemies. Everyone, externally is just just the same as you and are all interchangeable. Cog is that can be maneuvered around, and you can buy from them and sell to them. And and you can, you know, specialize in different things economically and be part of this global trade network. And that's That's the vision that Kissinger and his ilk have for our societies. Yeah, and he is saying, Here is Well, I mean, he's very upset about the prospect of this revival of the walled city, which is what we just read out in the polling, and that's what people believe in. That's what people want and what the realizing is. This is a place that this is highly problematic. They don't want to go back to this. Ah, he goes on to say the world's democracies need to defend and sustain their enlightenment values. A global retreat from balancing power with legitimacy will cause the social contract to disintegrate both domestically and internationally. Yet this millennial issue of legitimacy and power cannot be settled simultaneously with the effort to overcome the cove in 19 plague. Restraint is necessary on all sides. In both domestic politics and in international diplomacy. Prowar priorities must be established, closes by saying we went from the Battle of the Bulge into a world of growing prosperity, an enhanced human dignity. Now we live in an ethical period. The historical challenge for leaders is to manage the crisis while building the future failure could set the world on fire. And so the greatest hooked nose of the 20th century hath spoken. And every paragraph of this essay drips with this, these sort of blithe Jewish cliches that have been overused. People are tired of hearing shit like this for the past 75 years, and they've used it to justify the total domination and subjugation of Europeans in the pursuit of Jewish interests. That's what I read when I read this. I don't see anything in this for me. I see everything in this for them. Nothing in this for me. They're terrified of this. This is why they're, you know, he doesn't make a push for opening things up quickly as possible because he knows that's bad optics. But what he's saying is, if you don't get this straightened out very, very quickly, the economic pain, which is the lifeblood of our system, is going to cause all of this to come crashing down. He's not the only one saying this. They're all saying this. They're all veteran about this and, ah, you know, I mean and and failure could set their world on fire, right failure and a mass Ah, you know, people realizing what is being done to them. People rejecting the fake prosperity and immigration and people demanding a return to a strong state that looks after them that would set their world on fire. The resurgence of borders is what they're one of the things they're most afraid of. And when he mentions that global leaders have learned important lessons from away, he's not saying, If you I'm obviously if you're listening this, you wouldn't be thinking this, but one might think he's saying they've They've learned their lesson to not do it again. No, they've learned that when things like this happen, when their schemes and their tricks blow up in their face and people become wise to them, they become very unpopular and people run to political extremes. The people began embracing as you mentioned the Sanders or the Trump, and they become radicalized and they continue to radicalize. And that is something that they're looking back at 2008 and how the landscape has changed since then. They're looking at the pandemic we're experiencing now as potentially astronomically worse for them, leading to much further radicalization and further loss of credibility in their system. And that's what they what they are afraid of burning to the ground? Yeah, that's what he means when he's talking about, you know, the assault on human health is just temporary. The political and economic upheaval could last for generations and they've ever concerned. I mean, you have to think back 150 years ago, these people like Henry Kissinger, who was someone who it quote unquote escaped Nazi Germany. And was the refugees not a refugee? What didn't belong there in the first place? You can be a refugee of German if he didn't belong there in the first place. Like let's just be honest, but that's so He is somebody who came out of. He's old enough 96 years old, to have seen the whole span of Jewish wrangling of power in not just the United States but all over the world. But the United States is their main project, and he is going Oh, just like, you know, John McCain thought things were going off. The rails they stay. Could still are going off the rails like just because they brought Donald Trump to hell doesn't mean that things are starting to unravel for them. This is merely a continuation of a timeline that was going to happen anyway. Donald Trump could have been somebody that helped things in our direction, but they seem to be happening on their own now. You could say, Yeah, the virus is gonna be over and it's gonna go back to all this up. But these people are very concerned about this. Um and so, you know, there's a lot to talk about with with Kissinger, we probably don't have time for today. I mean, he's done a lot of really awful, awful things, see, and, ah, one of the biggest ones was, Well, he's done. I mean, this We would have to do a deep dive on this at some point. I mean, the Yom Kippur War is like one of the things that he's done. You know, the stuff on the Nixon tapes you could talk about, you know, him sort of playing this this role. You know, Jews were very upset about him saying that Ah, you know, Well, I'll go into it a little bit here, but, um, in one of these Nixon tapes, Kissinger's her telling Nixon in 73 that Soviet Jews emigrating from the Soviet Union, Um was not really a big deal. It's not an objective of American foreign policy. And of course he wanted them to stay there. He didn't want thumb, you know, fleeing into the United States. Because if they if Jews flee the Soviet Union to quickly, then the Soviet Union could become something that is unpleasant for somebody like Henry Kissinger. But, he says, And if they put the Jews and gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it's not an American concern, maybe a humanitarian concern. But of course he's saying this because he knows that this is 1973. He knew that as as the Holocaust narrative was being put forward, it wasn't something that was riel. And so he knew there was no danger of Soviets putting Jews and gas Jane purse. It just wasn't ever going to happen. Um, and so you know, this is why he could take this attitude. And Jews were trying to make up all kind of excuses, saying like, Well, he knew that Nixon was an anti Semite, So he was trying to just, you know, Plato to ah Nixon and what not, But it's It's kind of like now. He just knew that this was not going to be something that happened and he did not want Ah, flood of them coming in. But they came in nonetheless. So but there's there's a whole bunch of different things we could talk about with. With Kissinger, we'll have to probably save it for some other time. But 1 2016 election oddity was that one of the rare agreement shared by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is that they should both consult with Kissinger on foreign policy. So, yeah, I remember this and this was another one of those things that happened at the time that we were able to look past and say, Well, this is just what just what has to be done, right? I mean, he has to play the game and get one over iron, but I don't even remember. I don't even remember this happening. Honestly, um, this just popped up when I was looking. Looking into this stuff. I don't remember this happening at all. Maybe this was something on a debate stage. I'm assuming where they would get some sort of agreement where this took place. But what one of the other things. The mention herbal that the Kissinger did. I can't we can't We have time to do drive into the on paper stuff. But, um, during the Rhodesian Bush war, Ah Kissinger, along with South Africa's prime minister John Forster, pressured Rhodesian prime minister in Smith to hasten the transition to black majority rule in Rhodesia. According to Smith's autobiography, Kissinger told Smith of Mrs Kissinger's admiration for him. Well, she's she's a goalie. So, um, but Smith stated that he thought Kissinger was asking him to sign Rudy's death certificate. He's not wrong. Kissinger, bringing the way to the United States in corralling other relevant parties to put pressure on Rhodesia, hastened the end of the minority rule. Yet Kissinger is just buck and shitty. I mean, not even mentioning all the civilian deaths in in Vietnam and all the things that he's done. I mean, but he's he's hoisted up is a is a world hero. Um, you know, he's been elder statesman, elder statesman, you know, given given the Theodore Hertzel Award to honor his forward thinking and shaping the globe. And, of course, theatre rehearsals. Zionist visionary. Ah, you know, Zionist militant. I'm not going to use there were visionary. Get the fuck out of here. Zionist militant is what he was. So Yeah, I mean, Kissinger. But this is Kissinger. You know, 96 years old. Probably had some help with this, but maybe not. Maybe he's lucid enough toe still crank out stuff like this in the Wall Street Journal. But yeah, these air, these a little little flares going up on a sinking ship, you know? Yeah. They say when you're old, you should just do what you love. And I think furtherance of the Jewish power structure is right in line with the Kissinger's favorite hobbies and activities. Yeah, yeah. Eso pivoting here? Um, you know the trumpet ministry? Oh, I forgot to explain why he I totally forgot to explain why he says the US administration has done is solid job and avoiding the media contrast theta history. I know why he's doing this. He is greasing the skids. He is, you know. Ah, in a way, sort of showering Donald with praise, which is what Donald loves. He's also sort of implicitly share showering Jared Kushner with praise here, and he doesn't want to write an article that is a flare going up over a sinking ship and alienate the president in power. Who's got a lot of Jews around him by saying he's done a bad job. You know, he could have said nothing, but what he did instead was try to ingratiate himself with Trump and say in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Trump is going to see and read now because it's like, Yeah, somebody said something nice about me. He's appealing to Donald's because it's like Donald Trump doesn't read. Or maybe somebody will read this to him because it said something nice. And maybe Donald will be like I just read me the paragraph where he gave me the upcoming is right, but we'll get the printed copy circled in the big like thick wedge. Sharpie. Yeah, but that's why he's doing it for you know, the people in the comments like you lost me at the administrator. No star knows Allah drop. No, it's because you're retarded in probably mid with, But no, this Weiss doing it because he wants. He wants his attention and he wants him to see the message, and, more importantly, he wants. I would assume that the Jews around Trumper reading, consuming all this content A swell. But, you know, just in case they haven't, he wants them to see. So it's, you know, the the MIM, the MIM. The day this was published was did you guys see the Kissinger piece? We need toe, you know? But they're on the same page thinking it so. But the Trump administration is actually doing literally the opposite of what Kissinger's requesting. Which is why Kissinger wrote the op. Ed Kissinger doesn't actually think that Trump is doing a good job. It's It's all over the place. It's erratic. It's gone from just the flu, bro. To this is going to go away so fast, you won't even believe it, too. The deep State Department stole my hair brush to hope. Open up the economy again, and then just the flu, bro. And then back to okay, this is serious, but like we're gonna be opened up by Easter, which is next weekend, which is not happening. And then to now, which is like, okay, 100 and 280,000 deaths. But it was gonna be 2.2 million, though, you know, But because we did such a good job. And also Jared Kushner is such a great leader. But you know who's still doing the White House narratives of, ah, two weeks ago. Any any guesses is the somebody probably face down in a big bowl of Cheetos. Yeah. Yeah. And this is the like, just how far Glenn Beck has fallen. Listen to him. Listen to how much of a fag he is and listen to the background music in this clip. This is just like it's surreal. Is anything else in the past week? Well, hello, America, and welcome to the program. I sincerely hope that we are not at a place as Americans to where we are going to let the Democrats jam down the green new Deal because we're at home panicked. I want to have a frank conversation with you and ask you where you stand. I mean, I'm in the danger zone. Uh, I'm right at the edge. I'm 56. In Italy. They're saying, if you're sick and you're 60 don't even come in. So I'm in the danger zone. I would rather have my Children stay home. And all of us who are over 50 go in and keep this economy going and working. Even if we all get sick, I'd rather die than kill the country because it's not the economy that's dying. It's the country. That's like guy, We're already off this track like we're not doing this anymore, Glenn. But I know that you know you, Ah, would love some kosher funding for the blaze. And I don't even know if he's. I think the blazes finished like he just has, like a website now. So well, that's the That's the thing, right? Glenn? Going into work, keeping the economy running. E I don't think those two go together, Glenn. Like the five people still giving you 10 bucks a month, you know you're not exactly an engine of prosperity over there. Secondly, what is up with that background music? It's like Glenn. This guy's gone from owning private jets and studios, and now he's like recording his podcast in a hotel lobby bathroom. Yeah, it's horrible. It was a really crappy private jet that he had. It was that that old one, it was like that Douglas D. C three or D C. Nine that belong to some. I think a televangelist that he had redone and was really expensive to operate. So it wasn't even, You know, I'm not like tryingto you know, things like the fact, you know, seven away. This guy was the next rush, and he has totally fallen off. He was being beamed into that, but he just sort of went off off the rails. Arguably, Russia's far more talented than Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck has always been very weird, but, um but yeah, like this is, you know, he sees begging for shackles with this sort of stuff. You know, it's like he listened to Ah, whatever that governor was that was on Tucker and basically just paraphrased what he said. And you know, it's like, See, I'm I'm doing what you guys want. We gotta get the big lineup. Glenn, please help throw throw life preserver. You know, it's is so bad. But the good news, just a crumb, just a crumb of better capital just tossed me a crumb. But it's not good. Big lines not going up. Big line was down three days in row this week, and that was, after all of the good news. Quote unquote good news coming from the Fed. And by good news, I mean rate cuts. By good news. I mean, Capital B. My good news. I mean, big stimulus coming down the pike. Um, they've thrown cold water on another stimulus, but, um, these things air in the rear view, not review mere now. And you had a global sell off of American T bills. They're $100 billion worth of Treasuries that were owned by foreign governments that were sold off this week. Because people are divesting in America. Would that be a violation of BDS James? I think it's so I think it would be I think they may need They may need to go and prosecute these people, right? Like, you know, if if Black Rock is sitting on top of this thing, then wouldn't selling BlackRock stock be a form of BDs? I know. Sure. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. I didn't think about that, man. They're really gonna shore this up like you have. You have to like, we're gonna mmt this thing to death. And like you, you have to invest in this. Otherwise you're in violation of, you know, four or six million federal statutes and international laws and conventions. So by the T. Bill, Bigot the depo bigot or go to jail. Yeah, for your anti Semitism. Um, but yet 10 million new jobless claims in the past two weeks, the numbers are were much higher than anticipated. Ah, we were We were sort of saying that on Thursday it was probably gonna be somewhere between two and three. It was 6.6 on top of the 3.8 the week before and they're projecting by June, we're gonna be it close to 13% unemployment if this picks up. A lot of our guys have been hit pretty hard by this, and we're gonna talk of a little bit later in this segment about, um, getting that bag and what you could do, what you can do to get it, because it's everybody is a feeding frenzy on the federal government, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be a part of it. Especially now when things air happening. You have food, food, banks stretched thin. There've been a lot of photos this week about them stretching around for a mile in California and Florida. In Pennsylvania, you have. You know, while this is happening you have in Wisconsin dairy farmers or dumping 25,000 gallons of fresh milk every day because they don't have anywhere to sell it. So you know what would be really great is if you had a very authoritarian ah fascistic government in place that could ensure that these Wisconsin dairy farmers had a market for their 25,000 gallons of fresh milk that is being dumped every day. While there are mile long lines around the block in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, for people just trying to get food, you think you think those places are overloaded with with milk and they don't need it? No, they need the milk. It's that these these farmers just this This is the free market capitalism when it gets upended. I mean, you had ah, in where is this? In Massachusetts? 849% increase in the demand in their food, um, food banks. So you can't get America's farmers organized in a way to produce the food. I mean, people are like it will be fine because we produce our own food. It's like, Yeah, but we're we're so disorganized because we've been sort of I don't know set up in this Rube Goldberg machine to run on a global capitalist platform, which is not what we want. We don't want that, and it's and it's all fucked. So you have well, yeah, and the milk market is actually similar in some ways to the oil market, which we'll talk about in the second half. But the problem is, and this is one of the great ironies. Sick ironies, really of American politics and law is that these dairy companies are legally prohibited from calling each other up and agreeing to a production cut right. That would be a violation of antitrust law that could be seriously illegal with the federal government. Could Dio is come in and say, Look, you're going to reduce ah, reduce production by 10%. 15%. We will buy up a surplus. We will help you distribute this, uh, you know, to to places that need it, the people that need it to supermarkets. They need it. That would be legal for the government to dio. But these companies are prohibited from coordinating that with one another, and it sets up than a prisoner's dilemma where nobody wants to scale down production because they risk losing their market share and being, ah, suffering in the short term. Much worse. So, yeah, the only option for them is to, ah, you know, continue doing this. They're left without recourse. Yeah, well, with with the backs up against the wall internationally, like Henry Kissinger and that whole class, that whole crowd you're starting to see governments in Mega Corpse lash out. Um, and they're trying to silence dissent. You had Amazon? Ah, the Amazon PR Jew. David's Apple ski apparently smeared this guy according to leaks, because he demanded better PPE and pay, according to leaked notes from an internal meeting of Amazon leadership. Ah, you had executives discussing a plan to smear the fired warehouse employees worker Christian Smalls, calling him Quote not smart or articulate as part of the PR strategy to make him quote the face of the entire union organizing movement. He's he's not smart. He's not articulate into the extent the press wants to focus on us versus him. We will be in a much stronger PR position than simply explaining for the umpteenth time that we're trying to protect our workers, wrote Amazon general counsel David Zippel ski, um, and notes that were from the ah, the meeting, he said. We should spend the first part of our response strongly laying out the case for why the organizer's contact was immoral, unacceptable, illegal and in detail on Lee. Then follow with our usual talking points about worker safety. Make him the most interesting part of the story and, if possible, make him the face of the entire movement. According to Ah, some of these leaked memos. Jeff Bezos, who I was you know, people don't know what this guy's background is. There have been people in various places saying that he's definitely not Jewish, but there's nobody saying definitely what he is. And ah, you know, he has that look but don't really know. We know that David Sapolsky is Jewish and for the people who are gonna be like cope, but just hands the Christian small says up black guy, it's like, yeah, if it comes down between Jews and blacks, I'm gonna be signing with the black. Sorry, You can fuck. Get me on that. And this is how they they obviously have a distinct and visceral hatred for whites. But they don't regard any gentile. Their health and safety is being important at all. They would gladly. What is that old axiom that that ah, 1,000,000 Gentiles could die and wouldn't equal one Jewish life? That's what One of the proverbs and the other little book that you're not allowed to read and tell me a scenario where if Christian Smalls were white, that Sapolsky would not be doing this right, Like, I mean, you could make this sort of the drug argument that they like. Sapolsky did this because he's a black guy. And maybe, maybe, but I would actually say that. No, this is gonna be supple skis. Nothing would change about his strategy in dealing with this, no matter who it waas. And in fact, if it was a white guy he would call, they probably would have said he was a racist. He was. He was. They would probably trot out that because they can't do this with a black guy. They have to say that he's stupid, but with a white guy, they would have said, Yeah, this guy was known on the workplace for making racist and bigoted and sexist comments, and he's been accused of sexual assault in Bubble, but it's the same playbook over and over and over again. And so Sapolsky had to come out and say, My my comments were personal and emotional. I was frustrated and upset that the employees would endanger the health and safety. See, it's like even when this fucking Jew is apologizing and he's not even apologizing. He's saying that he was angry because this person was. It's like again the Jew cries out as he strikes you. It's again and again and again. It is a matter whether it's a black or white. Of course, Sapolsky is gonna have more animus for White because he perceives us is a bigger threat. But it's just like I let my emotions draft my woods and get the better of me. It's like, No, you didn't you just a Jew just say I'm Jewish? Was his Lisbon's, Gay says. I I was worried he would endanger the health and safety of other Amazonian xprize, repeatedly returning the work. Oh my yeah, yeah, just the little sprinkling of corporate speaking There just makes it all the more the better. That's like, notes Belski. Everybody knows that Amazon has, like horrific work conditions. It's been reported on for years. People are begging you for 1 to $3 an hour Raises you guys have done so reluctantly. Let these people where they're fucking PPE Give them the shit that they need. Pay them a wage that is decent. And I don't give a shit. If this guy's black already made my case for why it doesn't matter. So can fucking stick that in your pipe and smoke it. So Amazon is not the only one having bad PR. This is this is hilarious. And so these ventilators that were donated by Elon Musk the others can't be used on Corona virus patients, According to health officials. Ah, people probably sell the news of Tesla's making this donation of ah, 40 ventilators to the New York City Health and Hospitals and elmerson queens. And there's this picture on Twitter of them, like standing next to these like by pap CPAP machines which were used for sleep apnea without gloves on. They have their hands over the boxes and really people were pointing this out. They have masks, but like their hands are just like bare hands, like laying on the boxes with the machine. One machine stacked like haphazardly on top of it. And ah, it's like, Yeah, actually, according to health officials, you know, these 1000 FDA approved ventilators that Elon Musk tweeted about And this is after weeks of pushing, He was doing just the flu. Bro, too. He said the pandemic was dumb. Um, Elon Musk said, and ah yet no. These machines, actually, Iraq's allies and spread the virus all over the place. So yeah, it's not a ventilator guy like this is not gonna work. Yeah. Yeah, I want to see Pap. Anyone who's used a CPAP machine will know obviously why it's not going to work because of while it provides the suction. Ah, you know, it doesn't provide the suction, right? It doesn't help with exhaling it. It forces air in as you breathe, but it doesn't, and it doesn't. Ah, event doesn't filter. Right? So any particulates or viruses that you're blowing out are being just blown out into the atmosphere and jazz. I mean, look, these these guys not wearing gloves, they're just gonna be loading these boxes back in whatever Jews SUV toe, take them all. And he's gonna list amanita anyways based on what we've been seeing out of these hospitals in the Northeast. So yeah, in any no, like Elon Musk replies to the tweets. And he's like, Oh, we have mawr. Just let us know if you need any more of our ventilators. It's like saying you didn't do just, like, blocked up a bunch of rest meds like You didn't you didn't. Yeah, these are the residents, right? We talked about these last week. These air, the residents that are made in Singapore. And so it's not like Kessel is making these test Will just bought about, literally, to spot a palette of resumes made in Singapore, and it sent him to New York and stuck these like, you know, stickers like Crooked Lee on the box. It's from Tesla with love guys crooked, and it's just like it's like somebody took the image of Google images and, like, stretched it in a word. Document did it out. No cropped. I'm helping. It's like so fucking bad. But three m three m says, give slo mo whatever the fuck he wants. This is this is big news. This is something that's been going on. Three m said it would work with the U. S. To implement the DP A. We talked a lot about the dp a last week, which last the president immobilized the private sector to support national defense and push back against criticisms. The company was offering higher paying countries its distribution of Maskell. Of course, they were three Emma's company based out of ST Paul, Minnesota. And, ah, the idea that three M is not doing all it can to fight price gouging and unauthorized selling. His absurd, said three M executive Mike Roman. I don't know anything about Mike Roman, but the idea that we're not doing everything we can to maximize deliveries of respirators to our home country is nothing is further from the trip. But it is a lie. The things that Roman is saying it's total lie and the DP A actually requires three m to prioritize manufacturer. It's and 95 orders from FEMA, and they're not. Florida official told Fox News that the state couldn't get masks because three M was selling them to other countries that were paying a higher price. Of course they were. So we're working with the U. S. Attorney general and attorneys general in every state, making it clear that three him has not and will not raise prices for respirators and offering our assistance in the fight, the companies said. But that's not what they're doing. They're sending them all over the place. Yeah, they're offering their assistance in the fight for the highest price. I mean, they'll they'll gladly assist you with your respirators if you'll pay them an arm and a leg. And what they've done to is they have They have used some some legal Talma DRI to say, Well, we don't Actually, this was one of their arguments that we don't actually sell to anybody. We sell to distributors. And then if those distributors want to sell to you, then we just don't have the sales infrastructure to sell directly to any clients. I don't get our distributor, and we all know who the distributors are. These air, just middle men, these air Jewish middle men who mark up the price to whatever the fuck it is. And this is what I mean when I say three and give Shalom a whatever the fuck he wants. The distributors are slow. Mo. Those are the people all over the place. that air sitting on these hoarding them. And but see, there's double speak even in their statements. They say on one hand that they're working with the attorney general and attorneys general of every state to make sure that, you know prices aren't being raised in blah, blah, blah. It's like, yeah, like, because they're not selling to anybody. But are the distributors? Are you? Do you have oversight over to distributors in that way? No. And here's the double speak. They said that they cannot stop sending to Latin American Canada in other countries around the world because there are certain significant humanitarian implications. So on one hand, they're saying like we're doing everything for the American people. But on the other hand, you know when we're not selling them to other countries. But, oh, yeah, if we stop doing that, it's gonna be like, this is just just shut the fuck up. So we'll just the The point you're missing is that these people are are all Americans. We are all Americans across the world, specifically in Latin America. And maybe when you go to ah, what is it like Banco from terrorists or whatever and picked up the microphone check. You'll get a free three m respirator with it. Yeah, prepare you for your journey up north. Yeah, this is, he says, we will continue to maximize the amount of respirators we can produce on behalf of US healthcare workers, as we have every single day since the crisis began. And see this is this is one of these statements. It's like we can maximize the amount of respirators. It's like, Yeah, we sold 75% of our production elsewhere because they were willing to pay a higher price. But the 25% that we produced for you surely that was maximized, right? So three m also said in its statement that China approved the company exporting 10 million of its N 95 respirators that were made in China Mawr, Talma DRI. So if it's manufactured in another country, well, you know, that doesn't mean that it's going to the US Go away like I mean, you can't expect us toe, you know, it's China that's standing in the way, like blame it on China again. It's like of course you know So but But the United States intercepted, I guess, a huge shipment of these that were bound for Germany. Inner intercepted them in Thailand and diverted them back to the to the U. S. And Germany, of course, is saying this is modern piracy. But, you know, I can't blame. I mean, I wish we were taking masks from other countries, you know? But of course, Donald takes them from Germany. Where, you know, I actually kind of would like Germany also have access to masks. Like, why don't you intercept the ones going to I don't know, Colombia, or like, Israel or something. You know, why don't you get into the get in the way? Like, why don't we find out why Mossad stole all those mess? But yeah, I mean, this is this is going on, and it never ends. I mean, this kind of stuff, but at least yeah, at least when you have, it's What this crisis is doing is it's exposing a lot of the shenanigans and the bullshit that these companies have been doing to us for decades. And when they're finally caught in a crisis and they, you know, they don't want the president. This is one of the reasons why the president was hesitant I think to initiate the D. P. A. Is because he knows it. Or at least the people around him know that this activating the D. P. A. Would expose how these so called American companies are actually serving the interests of literally everybody else, not just in terms of labor but in terms of production and in terms of sourcing these things and how ill prepared we were and how many commitments were made in the supply chain to sell these things to other people for higher prices. And if you he activated the d. P. A at that time, it was gonna catch all these people with their pants down. And even now, as the crisis has gotten serious and he had to do it, it's catching three m with its pants down. And it's like most of these places air, you know, barely paying any federal income tax. Either I should mention as well, that's that's exactly right. And that is why part of why we look back at what they did with GM and telling Ford to build respirators. And as we explained on last week's show, these are not the best candidates to build these respirators. Obviously, the best candidates to build them are the companies that already build respiratory health care equipment. But the problem is, most of those companies don't produce in the U. S. The only one that produces in the U. S. Is Phillips. Everyone else from Rez Med to to Dyson to three amas. We're finding out all of their factories or overseas. And this is on a micro level, an example of why these companies will prefer to offshore production to other countries. Not that they're afraid of the dp a being activated tomorrow. This is something that usually only is activated what, once a decade, maybe twice a decade. But I mean this this type of regulation and this interference from U. S authorities, which, when done in the national interest, I don't have a problem with I like they want to escape this and they want to be able to sell to the highest bidder Ah, and have no loyalty or concern for the plight of Americans, for the people that are really through taxes, subsidizing their ability to manufacture products, to deliver products, to sell products. They want to get all of that for free and in times of crisis. Oh, people nothing. And that's exactly what they're trying to get away with here. Well, speaking of federal role in all of this, in speaking of stockpiles of various things, this is this Jared Kushner audio from Thursday where he was that this is this is now, um, this quote has been all over the place now, but it's it's just watching Jared Kushner speak in looking at just his FINA type like his mannerisms. The way that he behaves and watching him talk makes me really uncomfortable. And it should make you uncomfortable to. But this is, you know, I just don't This is just not an intelligent person. This is somebody who Ah, you know, I say what you want about him. I mean, he he's a grub. When it comes for is when it comes to Israel. And we talked about this on the midweek show. He doesn't really have to be that intelligent. He just has to have his father on speaker phone in his pocket to give him directions every night. But just listen to this. This is Jared Kushner talking about the federal stockpile. Uh, I might have to edit this cause the Twitter video isn't gonna work the way I wanted to. But yeah, of course it didn't work. Says we're in cities. There were and and you have instances where in cities they're running out. But the state still has a stockpile. And the notion of the federal stockpile Was it supposed to be our stockpile? It's not supposed be state stockpiles that they then use. So we're encouraging states to make sure that they're assessing the needs. They're getting the data from their local local situations and then trying to fill it with supplies that we've given them the same thing with the mask. So the 90 s So it's like he goes into this whole thing. It's like the federal stockpile is not your stockpile. It's our stockpile. This is not for the States to take our stockpile and then use, which was actually the opposite was true, according to HHS. And then Friday morning, the day after Kushner went out and just basically said, Federal stockpile is our stockpile. Don't touch it. States they changed the language on the website. Um, the national stockpile is actually Hato. Well, actually you Jared, but it's actually for the states use, which was clearly explained on the HHS website as of Thursday. And then on Friday, it was changed without explanation hours after Jared Kushner provided his description and ah, it it said until Friday morning, it said, When state, local, tribal and territorial responders request federal assistance to support their response efforts, the federal stockpile insurers that the right medicines and supplies get to those who need it most during an emergency. But midday Friday after Jared spoke, Ah, it basically just said it now exists to supplement, supplement them if needed. Um, and of course, this was after Donald Trump was, you know, the federal government was bidding against the state's on the open market and causing prices to skyrocket. And of course, you know, we sort of speculate where ah lot of these supplies air coming from, you know? Why would why would this be taking place like this? Why is Jared Kushner like putting his ah, soft, buttery little hands around the neck of the markets to make sure that the prices go? Oppa's high as possible? I wonder. You see, the federal stockpile is actually Israel stockpile, and when Messiah needs to steal ventilators and test kits and supplies and masks. We just open our open our doors to them. Yeah, Yeah, I would wonder. Actually, Jazz. And we should probably look into this. How much of a controlling stake in three m and Phillips and and these other companies this BlackRock hold? I would venture to guess it's pretty high. I'm sure it's a lot. Yeah, well ah, pivoting here to the looting phase, ramping up asses. Borzoi likes to say, um, you have this huge bailout and we've touched on it here and there. We're gonna talk about it a little bit here, both in the way that what Trump is using it to bend in his benefit. What Jews in the a t l are using to benefit for themselves and then how you can use it to benefit U because you should. But we'll start with Trump because he's refused I g oversight into this $500 billion business bailout. Um, he said on Friday that he will not adhere to the portion of he made a signing statement, saying that there he will not adhere to this portion of the $2 trillion bill that would authorize an inspector general to oversee how this $500 billion in loans would be spent. Ah, this special inspector general for pandemic recovery was supposed to be set up within the Treasury Department to audit and investigate this tranche of money that was supposed to go toe large businesses, Trump said. You know, it's like Trump doesn't have any constitutional concerns when it comes to immigration or anything else. But when it comes to protecting him, him and his family's interests in terms of taking a big cut of this money and all of the favors that are going to be done for the slush fund ah, he has immediate constitutional concerns, adding that his administration would not comply with oversight. He says, I do not understand in my administration will not treat this provision is permitting the inspector general to issue reports to Congress without presidential supervision required by the take care clause, uh, saying that this again, this is from the Constitution. Chang saying that the president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, which somehow, according to Trump, means that everything must cross his desk for final approval. Now that that's what like faithfully executed means like we can't do that for immigration. Like when it's all the things go wrong. You know, for everything else, it's like I don't know what's going on. I have no idea. I read it in the paper like you and me, but, uh, but when it's like this, it's like, you know, we gotta You're not gonna be reporting back on the people of the audit of this program because, you know, I want to make sure that, you know, my family gets taken care of, right? That's what Donald Trump wants to do. And it says the purpose of this I g pra vision was to ensure the president his family did not directly benefit from the emergency funds through their businesses. We talked on the last week and show how there are many, many loopholes within this bill so that they can, anyway. And they're going Teoh because they're now asking for help. They are already requesting they're not only requesting as a pre empt preemptive move to all this. They've discussed with Deutsche Bank in the state of Florida to delay payments on Trump's ah myrie ad of properties in Florida. Ah, they are setting this up. You know we can't make these payments, so therefore we're going to have to take a bailout and ah, that's exactly what they're doing. Um, they're going to be doing this and they've done this before. In fact, back in 2008 Trump owed hundreds of millions of dollars to Deutsche Bank that financed the construction of Trump Tower and Hotel in Chicago. Trump told Deutsche Bank in 2008 that he considered the financial crisis to be a contract voiding act of God. And he sued the bank, blaming it for the crisis and for engaging in predatory lending by trying to collect on the loan and sought $3 billion in damages. This is Donald Trump. Lawyers for Deutsche Bank pointed out in court filings that at the time that Trump was claiming that the financial crisis left him unable to keep the loan payments, he had simultaneously been boasting in the media about how his business was swimming in cash. The litigation was settled two years later, with Donald Trump getting extra time to repay all of what he owed. So yeah, he's doing this bit again. I can't possibly repay these loans. You know, I'm you know, it's like one month goes by and I can't, you know, all these places I can't I can't do it. I can't do it. And he's laid off all these people, and now he's going to try to qualify for a bailout. So yeah, Chuck Schumer's out there saying, Oh, yeah, we put in all these these, you know, stipulations in the law to prevent Donald and Jared from taking advantage of it. Is this a huge victory? And then, of course, all the loopholes air baked in there so that they can and they will. And they're doing it right now. Right? And this is one of several reinterpretations creative and novel reinterpretations of the bailout bill that the Treasury Department is engaging in. They've also decided to reinterpret some of the provisions for small businesses, which I think we're gonna talk about here, Teoh double the interest rates that you have to pay back on these. What? We're supposed to be interest free loans now their 0.5%. Now they're 1% loans and ah, shortened the payback period. So yeah, Treasury is getting very creative with ensuring ensuring profits are made on the backs of small businesses out of this out of this bill because they need to bail out. Look, the airlines and the trumps and the Kushner is an Oscar health. They need their bags, right? Well, because they didn't want to rush into this and be like, Oh, what? We have to get help to the American people as quick as possible and now like, but the high has worn off for at least the adrenaline has worn off and needing to get this done. They're like, Well, who? In hindsight, we should have ah, tried toe trend. A wet a beak a little bit on some of this stuff, and that's exactly what they're doing. But one thing I want to do, want to talk about those. So I mentioned this act of God provisioned that Trump utilized or attempted to utilize, saying that the financial crisis was this act of God. No. Is an active slo mo Donald, actually the 2008 financial crisis, but that is called in contract life force majeure or an act of God. It's a provision that's in a lot of contracts, and before we get into the bag I want to sort of talk about this because it's something that you can potentially take advantage of, you know, banks and, ah, you know, companies Now where you may have a loan or are asking for, you know, they're saying you can forego your mortgage payment. Sometimes you have to be careful, cause that could turn to for Barents, which means you just have to make all the payments later. But we're all at once or you're just extending the life of your loan. But you know, that may help some people. Now, you know if you can skip some payments or whatever, but it's not really a skip. It's it's just a delay. It's a deferment. But, um, in most contracts, they, uh, you know, Well, actually, before I get to that they're asking, these banks are asking you to provide proof of CUF, right? Like they want you to have, like, documents showing that you, ah, have proof of CUF. You know, proof of CUF is that you have been impacted in this in some sort of way. Other banks are are not doing that. They're just working with you because, you know, they're like they don't want you to lose your home. They want you to forbear that the payments and pay them at some later date. But a lot of these contracts have what they call a force majeure clause that could help you on. And so force majeure. What is that Active God? It's when businesses are unable to perform their contractual obligations as a result of Cove in 19. This is when these clauses could become more important because these air commonplace in contracts not only if you're a business owner, but as a homeowner you have supply contracts, loan agreements, leases, construction contracts. Um, they're not always included in contracts. There was a study that was done in of 130 different commercial contracts involving Chinese entities, finding that only 72% contained these force majeure clauses. And it's an excuse to defer performance under certain state laws. New York Delaware's an example. Each state has its own law, but it basically says that if there's some set of circumstances beyond the party's control, such as fire, flood, war pandemic, such as an act of God, because the scope of ah force majeure takes place in this way. Um it means that you can't perform on the contract, and in some cases it can be used to either nullify or re negotiate the contract. I don't want to go into all the the eyes glaze over business law, but this is something that people should look into because it is in mortgage contracts as well. If there's an act of God, I mean, if it's impossible for you to perform meaning to pay your mortgage payment, then it makes the contract unenforceable. And so there are ways that this can be used. You have to make sure it's in your contract. We're not lawyers. We're not offering legal advice. But this is something that people should look into. And Donald Trump tried to use it for the financial crisis and failed. But you know, that's obviously not an act of God but a pandemic. You know, it's hard to make the case that that's not in some way not like a flood or a fire or anything else, right? Some of these may go ahead well, oftentimes, the criteria will be depending on the state. Depending on the locality will be an emergency level event that necessitates FEMA response will be there. Their criteria for determining whether or not it qualifies as a as a qualifying national natural Excuse me, qualifying natural disaster in this case that would that would apply right because FEMA has been activated and has been has been used to, to respond and to, ah to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic. So that may maybe a qualifier. There are also, in some localities and in some contracts provision that constitute acts of government as force majeure events. And so if you are in a state, which is just about every state in the country now that has imposed some kind of quarantines, stay at home social distancing ban on gatherings If this is an in impact to you and your ability to fulfill whatever contract it is or your business, this is another way. You may qualify for this as well. Yeah, and so there there's catch all language that can be in this. It's something that you can use potentially where it's for any reason similar causes beyond the control of such a party for any reason. So it's something to look into. 82% of contracts included either catch all language or specifically enumerated public health related language. So it's something to look into. You know, I know, I know a lot of people's eyes glaze over at the terms and conditions, and but you should look into that, especially if it's something that you're signing in things such as a mortgage. But we're gonna take a quick break and, ah, when we come back, we're gonna talk about how you can get that bag, not just personal bag, but business bag. There's a lot of options afforded, and it's not. You don't have to just be a business owner. You can be a A ah, contract independent contractor or somebody who is self employed. We're also gonna talk about the A T L bailout their feeding from the same trough. Unfortunately on, we're also gonna talk about Larry, think in Black Rock a little bit, and then we're gonna come back on talk about oil as well. So we'll be right back right here. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The nation, the nation You've done the housework, you've done the yard work and Amazon isn't delivering the product you want until May all of those things you ordered to pass the time have been deemed non essential. So you're spending more time online a lot more video games, reading, watching content. 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Coaster question dot com And now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Welcome back to CNN to into three parts show today They're parks final paywall Um, there will be a regular thing that we do, but we didn't set out, didn't set out to do it either. There's just so much, so much content here. We we sort of decided to take impromptu break there. But we're back and we're talking about the force majeure clause, which you can take advantage of the 1st 1st half the show, at least see if it's something that is written into any contract that you've signed. It might be worthwhile. Um, you know, this is something that may, as a result of this pandemic, might be something that is faced out of business contracts. But ah, if it was something that was in there because people weren't anticipating a pandemic, not a lot of people were then Ah, something that you should try to dio the personal bag. Definitely. At this point, everybody should avail yourselves of that. This is an income tax credit for couples for up to $2400 for couples filing jointly, 1200 for individuals, $500 for Children under the age of 17 year. A G I threshold amounts. This is adjusted gross income. Those view out Maria Ron lender or a married joint 150,000 head of household 125 in singles, $75,000. Reebok rebates Air reduced $5 for every $100 over the threshold. So when you get up to what 99,000 or whatever it is, you just don't you know, you know qualify. But if you're a married couple making 150,000 it should've been definitely getting that bag. And if you have Children, get as much of that bag as you possibly can. If you've lost your job because of the, um, financial crash. It is a crash at this point by every measure, Um, and it's continuing to crash slowly. Stay, try, toe it, put put. But you know, saying D N r. But they keep trying to rush to resuscitate the patient long after it died. Ah, extra unemployment benefits, which is $600 per week on top of your state benefits. We've been talking about this for a while. May last for up to four months. They may extend it. We've we've pointed out that the president could have released the disaster. Unemployment assistance still hasn't. Even though states have declared national armor declared statewide emergencies in the White House at the federal level has approved, they've only given them crisis counseling. Ah, they haven't released the disaster. Unemployment assistance, which would apply for ah, self employed an independent contractors for up to 26 weeks. They haven't done that yet. They should. But for now, you do qualify for unemployment benefits. People, I think, think Well, I'm a freelance photographer or I may Ah, you know, I have my own business or whatever, and I don't qualify for unemployment if if something bad happens Well, yes, you dio actually, with this, um, and not the disaster Unemployment assistance. You qualify for it right now, so you should go take advantage of it, you know, and it's funny like this, you know, Mike has talked about this before. You know, the system has all these social workers that are there to tell, like blacks and Hispanics that they qualify for things going out and signing them up for things and whatever white people don't have that white people have this shame. Unfortunately, we have this shame where we think it's not something that we should do. Um, Teoh get that bag. And and I think it's another one of these shibboleth that has to be just set aside and forgotten about forever. Um, you are entitled to this. Everybody is jumping on this pile of cash and you know, the government put us in this situation, so take advantage of it and, you know, it's it's something that I highly recommend people dio definitely. I had this conversation with someone this past week who was telling me that they had applied for some of these various programs and business assistance programmes and what have you and they were telling me this with with shame and with the caveat that while I really don't like that, the government is throwing money around like this and I said, Look, I understand that I understand the spirit you have of wanting to do this yourself. If wanting to run your own business of not wanting to feel like you're dependent on the government, I totally get that and that's that's a I think that's a healthy impulse tow have. But you have to understand that for our entire lifetimes, we've been paying into this system and getting nothing in return. This system is designed specifically to take advantage of people like us people who want to be productive, people who don't want to take assistance. People who are white are the targets of this system. We are milked dry and our wealth and our productivity is redistributed to to wealthy, you know, wealthy Jewish elites at the top, and and immigrants and black and brown people at the bottom. And look, this is the time for you to take advantage of these things. Dip into this. You've been paying into it your whole life and don't feel bad about it. Is that what you're entitled to? Yes, Since the civil rights era, the relative income for white working class Americans has gone down by 60% while you're paying the costs of blacks and browns and enriching Jews at the top, which gives them political power to enslave you even further. And you know, if you think enslave is too strong of a term, I mean, just read the terms and conditions on any loan agreement that ah, you have to sign to get a new car that is indentured servitude. Meanwhile, Japan has offered a cash stimulus of 27 50 per person. Ah, one upping trump. The more than a one up. That's ah, double what? What they're offering in the United states. But get the personal bag but also get the business bag. This one live on Friday, some of it went live before that. There are two components of the business bag that you can qualify for. The paycheck protection plan and emergency grants the paper. But the paycheck protection plan, otherwise known as the P p p. The Triple P, allows businesses to borrow enough to cover cover monthly payroll costs for up to 2.5 months. Portions used to maintain payroll rent an existing debt could be forgiven as long as employees stayed and employed through June. So this is a loan that does not have to be paid back as long as you use it for things like payroll rent in existing debt and you don't fire anybody. The emergency grants provide grants of up to $10,000 in immediate emergency assistance to cover operating needs that does not have to be paid back. And these air huge complaint compared to the $1200 prole grants that they're offering but take advantage of them and in you can. I mean, they're the Small Business Administration website is a great wealth of information for people to go check this out. There's a lot of rules and things, but ultimately these air loans that the T L D l is that these air loans that don't have to be paid back if you follow the rules. And if you're a small businessman or you're an independent contractor or you are self employed, these are things that you can qualify for in you should you should not feel embarrassed about doing so. People are hurting right now in this economy we're seeing it happened to people on our side. We're seeing it happen to people, and it's through no fault of their own. And not only is it through no fault of their own, but this has been done to you, and so you deserve what the government is giving. In fact, you deserve a lot more. We all deserve way, way more. Think this is just a drop in the bucket of the reparations that should have been repaid long ago? This is our country has been stolen from us. Um, it's been taken away from us. Our birthright has been taken away from us. And if we're gonna have to be hurting under this system that we have no voice in. Might as well get that bag. Go get the bag. Go sign up for it. And if you follow the rules, the loans 100% forgivable. And it's your money. Go get it. Yeah, it's your money. You have absolutely paid more than this into the system throughout the course of your lifetime. And we know that people that are people are most likely to be hurt by downturns like this, right? Our people are more likely to own small businesses or to be independent contractors or two to have taken the rest have been entrepreneurial in a true sense. And to have taken the risk to go start their own business, which is a you know, that something that that I think we support that we, ah, are you know, that's an admirable thing to go out on your own and take that risk and start your own business. But the system is not designed for people like you, right? Because if you if you have your own LLC, for example, and you're taking draws well, you're not paying, you're not paying unemployment, right? You're not paying into these programs and So in normal conditions, people like you who have done the noble and brave thing to start your own business, people like you get totally screwed. People like you are left with nothing. And in this opportunity, you know. Not only is it good for you to keep your business going if you do have a business and and that's an important distinction to you don't need to be incorporated to qualify for these small business protection plans. Independent contractors and sole proprietorships also qualify. You have to read the rules on the on the side and make sure you fill the form in properly. But small businesses that are a small is one person qualified here, too, and this is great. You just can't have more than 500 employees. But this also includes unfortunately, and you'll see why this is important here soon. Five a one C three nonprofits that have 500 or fewer employees also qualify for the same pool of cash. It's 349 $1,000,000,000 then there's a $10 billion pool of cash for the emergency grants, which were the $10,000 ones. But this includes independently owned franchises, self employed workers, independent contractors, gig workers and sole proprietors. But again, it includes also five a one C three nonprofits. So they're gonna be gobbling up this cash just like you and, um, as a Friday at 9 a.m. 58,000 small businesses applied for $6 billion of this bag already. So six billion of the 349 billion has already been spoken for at 9 a.m. On Friday when this portal opened up. So you have to get on it and get on it as quickly as possible. Because the A, T l and juice groups were demanding a $60 billion bailout, they were lobbying Congress for this. Ah, you had, Ah, Eric Fingerhut. That's his fucking names. Eric Fingerhut, the head of the Jewish Federation of North America, which is an alliance of more than 100 Jewish nonprofits, were lobbying for a separate $60 billion bailout. They were loving GOP senators as well as Democrats. Um, and you know, they're saying apply soon, said Eric Fingerhut. The total pool of funds for organizations of 500 employees and under is $350 billion. Yeah, you got that right. Congress didn't give the a t l and Jewish groups their own bailout fucking base, right? No, bro. They just hook them up to the same pool of cash that we all get. And they're already big concerns about that not being enough money to cover everyone's basis. And when you think about these big organizations that want to take all this money for non profits which are not essential for fucking anything, it's ridiculous. Yeah, And this guy, he is very revealing in the way he phrases this. He says It's almost ridiculous to say this isn't a large amount of money, but there are 30 million small businesses in the country and 1.5 1,000,000 nonprofits. So we better hurry up in snap up this cash before the filthy going. Um, all those contractors and people who build things and make things and fix things and the mechanics and the masons and everything. Yeah, all those filthy Gois get their hands on our cash. This is what we're entitled to, right? Yeah, exactly. So Jewish groups credited give some credit to an array of senators for the inclusion of nonprofits. Chief among them Marco Bubble Bath Rubio, who chairs the Small Business and entrepreneurship community, and Ben Card in of Maryland, who is Jewish. From the start, I have been committed to ensuring nonprofits and religious institutions have access to the critical funding they need to support our local communities during a Corona virus pandemic, Rubio said. An email garden we're doing the same for nonprofits is for small businesses were saying, Keep your payroll be there because we're going to need you. The services you provide are so essential, like the A t. L and all these other fucking Jew groups to leading Orthodox organizations. The Orthodox Union in the Agudath Israel of America praise senators for ensuring that private schools will be eligible to apply for the same stimulus money as all of the other businesses. Of course, Cardin, who is Jewish, said That's a no brainer, right? Uhm Mark Bane, president of the Orthodox Union, said the provisions will enable the nonprofit sector to help stay afloat. More attention can and must be focused by Washington on America's Jewish charities, which are already being strained by reduced donations at a time when demand is so great, we will continue to grow As this pandemic worsens, the charitable sector can and will continue to help those who depend on us whether our social welfare services, education, health or spiritual sustenance. And if you were interested, like look, bailing out, some like you have to be very specific here. If you wanted to give funds to some organizations, for example, organizations that our food banks, right people that are are helping people get through this crisis or those that provide services to seniors so they don't have to leave their homes. These are non profit organizations, which there are a few of them. But these provide valuable services. I would be okay with as long as its very well managed, with some of these organizations receiving funds so they can continue operations, right? Not not not not Jewish organizations and Jewish organizations take advantage. They would take advantage of this, too. They would just say, Oh, what? We're taking this bailout to, ah provide of the community with the food. We're providing a public service, and then it's just like laundering it through. So they just took these Jewish groups up to this fund $349 billion fund and I rather would have had them carved it out for them. And you see why they didn't write, like in a time. Where, when what's his name? Cuomo has asked What the next bill that's gonna be coming out of the New York Senate is is an anti Semitism bill, and you have Henry Kissinger like, ah, getting upset in writing op EDS about how the world order is crumbling and we have to save it, or the whole thing's gonna catch on fire. You have Jews basically in every corner. She fits ing about this and is so very eerily reminiscent of 2008. But it's gonna be a lot worse because it's happening much more quickly. They don't like when things happen quickly. That's why they try to slow things down over time. One of the reasons one of the theories people have about, you know, trump in the whiplash. I think it's just chaos and whiplash and stupidity and listening to one person one day and one other person the next day. But somebody theorized that they didn't want to come right out and say, Yeah, quarter 1,000,000 people are gonna die. Don't come right out and say that because it would be too much of a shock. But they can't control big line crashing in that way. And it really scared a lot of people. And I think by putting something explicit in the bailout bill that said, the A, T L and Jewish groups are going to get $60 billion which is what they lobbied for. They sent a joint letter the A T L in the Orthodox Union, the Jewish federations of North America. The JCC had a solid. These groups sent this letter to Congress demanding $60 billion they asked for a whole bunch of other stuff, too. Um, but they didn't get it. They just Instead they hooked it up to the main fund that were all plugged into. And, ah, you know, we're all eligible for and what night And they're saying, you know, feed yourselves out of that, too, and and here you have Eric Fingerhut again, um, prior to the passage, this is before the stimulus Scott passed, he said. That seems to be no controversy about set asides for the airline industry or hotels, A tourist industries who have been so impacted by this But people don't appreciate the extent of the role that the nonprofit sector plays in America. Civil society, providing basic services to citizens and being in the first line of support. If the country were to allow the nonprofit sector to fail, oh, to significantly diminish, we would feel the impact of that across every aspect, off society, in every religious and ethnic community in every community of any kind. It's like it. Just keep any your community at any time. We all know you're talking about Jews. Fingerhut. We all know who you're talking about. When you say ethnic community and religious, it's you. That's what you want. A carve out airlines. Why not for Jews? That's what they're upset about you had. Orthodox Union executive director Nathan de Ament, who is apparently a Jew, said he was thankful to congressional leadership for the stimulus bill but was disappointed that these provisions were not kept in the final bill. It's like yeah, because you're not getting one, cause you guys like this is this is getting to be one of those times where people start to point fingers. It's funny how these people totally switched tactics on the flip of a switch. Right light switch tactics. It's what, full speed in one direction, full speed in the other direction. I mean, they've gone from you. Remember that Mikey Weinstein, like Schmidt, sing about how Air Force bases were selling candy with Jesus on it, and over the separation of church and state is very important now to Ah yeah, the bag. $60 billion for us to our synagogue. The inseparable ity of church and synagogue must be maintained, right? Well, it's The thing is like I mean, people have to realize that Jews were not a monolith. It's like the question that I always get asked. Like what? Isn't Donald Trump just going to stay president? Five. Because Donald Trump is part of a minority interest in Judaism. Chabad Lubavitch Lubavitch is a ergic Gnats and the jig Nats are minority in terms of what the broader Jewish diaspora that is in power once. And so that's one of the reasons why they want Trump gone. It's one of the reasons why you had juku going on, Um, and it's also why you have a lot of these Orthodox organizations demanding special carve outs for themselves and the more sober minded components of the Jewish power structure like No, but we have a great solution. We're just gonna hook you up to the trough where all the goi are, and you can take money from them. That was right. Solution. Exactly. And the thing is, they almost don't need the carve out. They don't need the carve out to get to get all of this money because they have a strong ethnic network, right? They get more their businesses can give, you can get more, and they also have such a strong ethnic network that all of them are getting the tax through the email or the alert the minute this is put into the bill. So they could be the first in line to apply for these things. And they have absolutely no shame signing for up for these and getting the bag. And they have the one guy who owns who owns quote unquote for businesses and three nonprofits, and he's signing up for bag after bag after bag. So these people are getting it right. These people are going to do whatever they can to maximize their return and suck as much out of this system that is designed for businesses, like businesses you may own. If you listen to the owns a business, they're going to be sucking this thing dry. All of their people are. And this is the reason that there's no reason why you shouldn't as well why you shouldn't get on this. This is for you. I'm getting some deja vu. Ah, with the Jesse and I talking about, there will be blood in Daniel Plainview, Plainview. Or he's like, I take my straw and I put it in your milkshake and I suck it up and it's gone. This is how it works. I was doing a much better Dad Daniel Plainview impression on jazz and Jesse, but that's going to be getting deja vu of talking about the those that killed Lincoln. Oh, yeah, right. Um, yeah, that guy. No, I just remember. Spends like, laugh laughing that guy off the air And ah, you know, people in the comments like, Why do you hang up on people? Because that's what we dio. In case you've missed it. J and J, it's like where you were. We take your calls and hang up on you. J and J f the end of the weekend. Sometimes we hang up on each other. That's right. Yeah, that's right. Um, but they're also demanding a bailout in other ways, too, because one of the things that we've seen media layoffs have exacerbated. You know, a show that we did in December of 2019. I forget which one who's in the high two hundreds. We talked about all the media layoffs that were happening, and that was when a big line was going up and up and up. Media is just laying people off because people don't give a shit what Jews have to say in print or in digital or whatever. And these layoffs have gone exponential, of course, in this new crisis. And so they're demanding a bailout, too. So that's another Jewish group of the media is a Jewish group demanding a bailout. Um, but then there's also the insider trading. There was a study that was done by the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, which is the business school, that Donald Trump says that he went Teoh Uh, yeah, he kind of went to the school, but like he didn't get an N b a which is what he wants everybody to think like a Wharton MBA is like, you know, it's pretty. It's an Ivy League school to pretty good, pretty good piece of credential ism in the business world, if you can get it. They found that insider trading profitability jumped dramatically during the 7 6009 global financial crisis and subsequent government bailout. Everybody remembers three. What what seems now is a minuscule amount of money. The $700 billion tarp program, the troubled asset relief program Um, they found this study found that, AH, evidence of abnormal trading by politically connected insiders 30 days ahead of TARP infusions, which either boosted or hit company share prices. Depending on the situation. The researchers examined open market purchases and sales by officers and directors at 497 publicly traded institutions between 2005 and 2011. And then they compared the trades placed by insiders who appeared to have identifiable connections at regulators, the Treasury in Congress, specifically with the trades placed by insiders who appeared to have no such connection during the period over which TARP funds were dispersed with 1.5. Sorry. The one month ahead future returns between purchase and sit in sales by insiders with political connections was 8.89% versus 2.8% for those without political connections. So a what is that? A 400% increase in, uh, in your ability to profit. So yet, like, I mean, the beak wedding is happening all over the place. And, you know, insider trading is illegal, so don't recommend it, But getting that bag is totally legal. Going to get that personal bag and business bag is definitely something you should be doing and doing it quickly. Don't fucking weight and, you know, get it done. Like make sure you get it done. You deserve it. Can't say it enough. Um, pivoting here quickly to Larry. Think we talked about Black Rock? If you missed last weekend, show you gotta go listen to what we had to say about Black Rock. Deep dive into BlackRock. BlackRock is now essentially the Fed and the Treasury merged, implying that they weren't like one organization to begin with. But now Black Rock a ah, ostensibly private organization in control of $7 trillion worth of assets is now in charge of doing all those traits. And of course, after we did the show, we got news cut where Jews came out in before they're like, but they're only taking $7.75 million. That's not a you know, the their the hands a clean here, going like it's totally no, no interest at all in this sort of arrangement that we have. But of course, they have a very big interest in virtually every arrangement we talked about. How there the the largest shareholder in virtually every major corporation, if not the first largest shareholder 2nd 3rd so on and so forth. Definitely check that out. We talked about how, because they own so much of these major corporations that then donate to the various members of the House and Senate and White House. They have the ability through one company to exercise a large amount of control. The other companies vanguard, they do it that way. It's the second biggest one that owns everything, but but Larry Think, wrote a letter in January 2020 entitled A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance. Now this is before shit hit the fan with the economy So this is like the book for Jew and after Jew letters because he also wrote one, um, as a letter to the shareholders, which was published a couple days ago. Just the different, the different, um, sort of ah attitude and tone, and the letter is amazing. But in the one from January where it was before the crisis hit, he says, Larry says, Over the 40 years of my career in finance, I have witnessed a number of financial crises and challenges. Thean Flay Shin spikes of the seventies and eighties, the Asian currency crisis in 97 the dot com bubble and the global financial crisis gets hired tiresome reading in a Jewish accent all the time. Even when these episodes lasted for many years, they were all in the broad scheme of things. Short term in nature, right? Cause everything to a Jew's long term. It's always long term, 500 years, milk, millennium at a time. Climate change is different, you know, this is he's talking a lot about climate change in this letter because Black Rock was accused by, um, you know, Climate Activists is not caring enough about the environment. So Black Rock in the past year has been in the pot process of like re pasta rising, re changing their posture on this and trying to make people think about how much they care about the environment. But in reality, what they care about is the, ah, the transfer of wealth from First world, um, white countries to Third World countries. This is the purpose of a lot of this. I care about the environment. I'm a radical environmentalist in terms of caring about the actual state of the planet in the environment around. Everybody can agree with that. But climate change is used as a as a wealth transfer, further wealth transfer into these other countries and emerging markets. And it's how Jews get very wealthy. We talked about this already finance stuff. So yeah, and into domestic Jews as well. These many of these carbon transfer carbon offset companies, right? These are all controlled by Jews. And so companies are essentially have a gun put to their head, and they're forced to pay for these carbon offsets, which you know, Sure, there's a promise that we're planting a 1,000,000 trees in the Amazon. But yeah, whether or not that actually happens doesn't matter. It is a wealth transfer back. He's wealthy Jews. They don't actually produce anything right. It's a tax on the companies that produce and unemployed people to people who are essentially grifting off the top. Yeah, so he says, Uh, what did you say here? Um, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it even if only a fraction of the projected impacts are realized, this is a much more structural long term crisis companies, investors in governments. Now he's talking about the crisis of climate change. Companies, investors and governments must prepare for a significant reallocation of capital. So if it wasn't the virus, it was gonna be something else that was going to trigger this. Where we have to go, go it. We have todo everything has to be a really Lloyd on. This is what was in the cards on. As we approach a period of significant capital reallocation companies have a responsibility and an economic imperative to give shareholders a clear picture of their preparedness into the future. Greater transparency on questions of sustainability, bubble, bubble, bubble, blah. This is the plan. This is what they were doing before things blew up. So then you have Larry Finks, chairman, chairman, letter to ah shareholders. The chairman, um, published End of March 2020. When I originally sat down to write this letter, I was in my office thinking about how to describe the events of 2019 and the most Jui way possible need and say that. But I'm adding that there and what BlackRock achieved in the last year. Today that seems like a distant reality. Black rocks offices globally are nearly empty, and instead I write you in isolation from my home. Like millions of other people since January, the Corona virus has overtaken our lives and transform the world, presenting an unprecedented medical economic inhuman challenge. The implications of the Corona virus outbreak for every nation and for our clients are profound, and they will reverberate for years to come. The virus has taken a severe toll, and then he talks about lives for a second and then says it has dramatically altered daily life and threatened financial security for governments. It has presented the astounding challenges of implementing quarantines on a scale never before seen end of responding to the economic and financial fallout from them for the private sector it is upended how companies operate in demand for the products and services, with small businesses and their employees invariably shouldering the greatest burden. Well, that's how you designed it, right? Think. I mean, it's always the small businesses and their employees that shoulder the greatest burden. All right, very revealing. This guy couldn't even go one full sentence talking about the humanitarian impact with medical impact at that, literally. At the end of his first sentence, he pivots to financial security and profits. Yeah, it doesn't even like this is not, you know, at least in Kissinger's a case in The Wall Street Journal. He devoted like two sentences and then threw in a whole bunch of like, buzz words in there about yeah, artificial intelligence and medical research and Collaborator. And it's like, you know something about all of these articles. Just refuse to mention deaths. Very weird. It's odd how articles do that. Are people writing about this just being a big panic and ah, never mentioning deaths like semen did. It's amazing how that happens. It's funny. What? Why? Why would you not want to mention people dying in order to make a point about the economy and mistress to panic, and we got to get back to work. Very interesting. In my 44 years in finance, I have never experienced anything like this. Well, this is what Kissinger said to We've never seen anything like this before in history here, Larry think is saying the same thing. The outbreak has impacted financial markets with a swiftness and ferocity normally seen on Lee in a classic financial crisis. In a matter of weeks, global equity benchmarks fell blow record highs into a bear market. A market wide circuit breaker on the N Y S E, which was built to give traders a pause in damp in extreme volatility, was triggered for the first time since 1997. These conditions were exacerbated by record low liquidity liquidity levels in U. S. Treasuries blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The outbreak has not simply pressured financial markets in near term growth. It has sparked a re evaluation of many of the assumptions about the global economy. That's something that Larry Fink and Henry Kissinger do not want. We don't want people reevaluating assumptions about their global economy. No, um in such as infatuation with just in time supply chains or reliance on international air travel. Even more profoundly, people worldwide are fundamentally rethinking the way we work, shop, travel and gather. When we exit this crisis, the world will be different. Oh, investors, psychology will change, business will change, consumption will change. And we will be more deeply reliant on our families to stay safe. Jews are like sitting around right now saying Fuck, because this is not what they want. Like they want you face to face with people who are not light, who are not like you and face to face with the propaganda. No. But when you're sitting at home doing a puzzle with your family and getting to know people around you and realizing how important having all these things are and how not important the global financial structure is, it really brings a very sharp contrast to what they have put in front of people. It's sort of just get used to it right after decades and decades, and people sort of get accustom to this, this world that they live in, and then when all of that is shut like, you know, just like a circuit breaker is, he says, like on the market. That's not the only circuit breaker that got tripped. And people find themselves sitting at home and going outside and doing meaningful things with their lives instead of meaningless things with their lives. In the in the sake of consumption, uh, people start to realign what they're important objectives are. And that's just not something that's very good for Larry think or for Henry Kissinger or anyone else suits said something similar. No, they don't want people rethinking just in time supply chains or international air travel or being reliant on their families. They don't want you because when you're reliant on your family and can see value in just spending time with people getting to know one another better playing with your kids, that's not a profitable activity for them. They're not making money from you while you're doing that, and you are not contributing to their fake global economy when you're doing that. I mean, you might if you would go somewhere and do something, but just around the house, spending time with it with one another. When you people start to see the value in that and they realize how much they've missed that and have not had the ability to do that because of our culture, which mandates 50 60 hour workweeks, very little time home with family and maximising your income so you can pay off all your loans and pay for your dead and take out new loans on top of your old loans. That crashing to a halt is disastrous for them and their position at the top of the pile. Yeah, and it's it's it's hilarious. I mean, the reaction is the same, and and I take this is sort of a litmus test for you know, how these people actually feel about where we are. There are also CEOs on, he says. There are also significant challenges ahead for heavily indebted businesses which are all indebted to. I don't know BlackRock, right? I mean, this is where the credit line is is coming from. You know, these places we've talked about for weeks are maximizing their line, maxing out their lines of credit. And if governments are not careful in the design of their stimulus programs, the economic pain from the outbreak will fall disproportionately on the shoulders of the most economically vulnerable individuals. Now he praises that as this good faith. I cares so deeply about these people at the bottom of the economic stack. Who I, you know. It's like whenever Times Air Good and Dow is 30,000 people who are most economically vulnerable, like white working class Americans. It's always an economic crisis. Living paycheck to paycheck is an economic crisis. So Americans have been living in an economic crisis for decades because of globalism, because of Jewish financial interests and because of debt finance capitalism. And they've been doing this no matter what, whether good time times were good. That's why big line go up, big line, go down. People are always living in a state of crisis, and so what he really cares about here is, if you don't what he's saying is if the government doesn't give enough stimulus, and if they don't deal enough with these heavily indebted businesses, you're gonna have these economically vulnerable individuals suddenly turn into a nightmare for people like Larry think, because those people are gonna start point fingers and they're going to start realize the people have been sitting on top of this pile for a very long time. It's easy to ignore them when times were good. When times are bad, it, you know, it starts to bring things out in. The problem is, is that they've structured this stuff in a way where they're not really behind the scenes anymore. Um, Larry goes on to say eight founders. Six men and women are sorry. Six men and two women started BlackRock 32 years ago. It's a care. They were all Jewish. You guys made no attempts to conceal this to anyone. And now it's this free and available information that is all over the Internet that they're trying desperately to shut down. This isn't 1997 anymore. He's talking about these other financial crises where it's like, you know, all the information is very controlled through a few, uh, newspapers and a few television programs and everything else. It's like, No, now everybody can be like Oh, yeah, BlackRock, Yeah, let's let's look into BlackRock. What? Saddle about and, ah, very quick, very quickly. The low I Q and non and all this other garbage about how it's like not really the Jews, though it's like no, all those narratives that they seated us kosher narratives. Those air better just getting bully sided into oblivion. It's important to note, too, that this is how they're writing for the elites, right? This is not an op ed he put out on CNN or, you know, some low level publication for for everybody to read and to take this message to heart. This was by elite for Ely. This was to their shareholders. Much like Kissinger's peace was written for elites to read their issuing these dire warnings in elite for elite papers and publications because they are taking this very seriously. You can go to the drivel, the Greul that is put out for consumption by the by the barely literate prole where it's were on this together and America, can you overcome any challenge? But you know what? I'm not actually seen very much of that. I expect that I would be seeing Mawr to to placate people and to just tell people that everything is going to be OK. Sit at home watching Tiger King until we can all go back to work. You're not really getting much of that either. So if this is how the elites are talking publicly elite to elite, you know that there is cause for that they have cause for concern. They're worried about what's going to happen and how the people that they have been flocking for years are going to react when they realize what has been done to them. Yeah, are economically most subject gated individuals is what he's really concerned about, not the vulnerable. This subject hated what we are vulnerable because what they've done to us, and we it despite our best efforts to wriggle out of this, we can't seem to do it because they have everything so locked down. So he goes on to say, uh something very similar to what Kissinger said, he said, because of the nature of the crisis and its ability to reach us all. Oh, God, we're reminded of our shared humanity while not for you, Larry Fink. As we tackle this outbreak together, you're not tackling anything to defeat this crisis. We need a response that cuts across partisan lines and national boundaries. There it is again calling for this service national response, your power structure that cuts across national lines and boundaries. And I said this. I said this two months ago, just for the record, when when the nation states bungle this, and it will be Mim do that. They bungled this. This is one of my theories for why the Trump administration response has been so upended because they can't show a strong national American response. If they do, it undercuts the Larry thinks and the Henry Kissinger's of the world who are saying this when the national boundaries air no longer working into the people who say we already have the international system, they always want Mauritz never enough. It doesn't. There's never a situation where nothing ever changes and it always stays the same. It always is evolving. They want to shore this up, even Mawr. And so you have strong state responses. But the the responses have been different in the United States, and I would say that that's not by accident. I think they're doing that because they want to show that, Yeah, this whole national system isn't really working. We can't have this discombobulated response from the whole world. And Ogi, you're going to see in six months. One of the lessons learned is that it would have been better if there was an international apparatus that was much stronger. The U n isn't cutting it. We need something else to sort of dictate how this thing goes, and that's what they're pushing for. So Larry goes on to say he, of course, he pitches the ET EFS, which is, uh, what primarily Black Rock is gonna be responsible for in their new role. It's a totally non governmental organization. The $100 trillion bond market needs to be modernized, says Larry. Think, of course they have the solution. The BlackRock Aladdin Data Center. And we talked about that last weekend, so I'm not gonna go into that there. But he also says, You have to read between the lines on this, the strength of our culture. His culture is what makes our platform the Jewish globalist platform, more capable, in better position for the future than it has been at any time in our history, our Jewish history. That's what he's talking about. But then, as a segue you, he says, to support our long term charitable mission. We announced earlier this year our commitment of $589 million in the establishment of the Black Rock Foundation. More pressing today, however, is supporting the response to the Corona virus outbreak. That's why, like BlackRock has committed $50 million charitable funds to the immediate relief of those who are most affected right now to help address the financial hardship and social dislocation that this pandemic brings in its wake as families grapple with job disruption, school closures, unexpected childcare, the medical costs. So where is that $50 million in charitable donations going? Oh, you know, the Jewish Communal Fund in the Hebrew Free Loan Society, which we've talked about before. Off course, right, James a man. It never ends. Yeah. Wow, How generous of them. Ah, see, for free loan society and lest you think you can just waltz up there and sign up for a interest free loan now this is Jews lending to other Jews at no interest rate. You advance Jewish interests and events, the well being of the Jewish. It's funny how, and we were. I remember we read it some of the reviews and statements from you. Yeah, and who said, Yeah, it's Ah, it's so great that the Jewish Free Loan Society exists because it would be immoral to charge interest to another Jew and to practice usury against another Jew. So this is why the Jewish freeload societies such an essential service that allows us to get money we need and not have to pay it back or not have to pay back interest. It's so great. And, uh, yeah, BlackRock 50 million to this. Very worthwhile. This is this is gonna lift a lot of people out of poverty. You know, this is gonna gonna help a lot of people deal with school closures and and grapple with job disruptions. These people are hurting right now jazz, and they really need this $50 million. Oh, yes. So much money. And so, yeah, it's not all going to Hebrew for free loan society, but a lot of it is in HF HF l s, which is the Hebrew Free Loan Society hopes to raise six. I kid you not $6 million to finance their new emergency loan program to help people who have been laid off for need health care. Child care costs have already received grants from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and financial planning firm BlackRock, plus another $1,000,000 from the U. G. A Federation of New York. They've launched this multimillion dollar interest Free Corona virus Financial impact loan program. Provide a financial bridge toe lower income New Yorkers in the months at right. Sure. Lauren, come on paper. Right. But then there's also the Jewish Community Fund, or Jewish Communal fund. I'm sorry. Um, just gonna read some stats here. 300,000. Since to the year 2000 the Jewish Communal Fund, which is entirely underwritten by black black rock. Uh, generous fund holders have made 300,000 grants to Jewish organizations totaling two billion dollars. 43,971. Fund holder grants to Jewish organizations in f Y. 19 alone totaling $191 million which is an 11% increase from last year in the number of grants to Jewish charity, 65.7 million granted in F Y. 19 to Israel international. 100,000 grants to Israel and other international charities in the past 20 years totalling 722 million dollars. And it is all under written by BlackRock and Vanguard and a few others as well. So awesome, huh? James and BlackRock actually in out of the goodness of their hearts, their very charitable hearts. They helped Jewish communal fund manage this fund as well. They maintain an international money market and a short term bond fund that are managed pro bono by BlackRock. How nice I'll consider it. Don't forget about the cool bond portfolio that they have as well. Yeah, it's just amazing. And now this is the company that has been put in charge of the Fed and the Treasury and allocating E T efs. And while selling at E T EFs and managing all the transactions and picking winners and losers, yeah, selling their own toxic assets to the U. S. Treasury. It's great. Oh, just amazing 2008. That that that was just like that was like a bug bite compared Teoh, what's coming with this? This is incredible. But anyway, um, I know that there are certain listeners out there who are gonna love hearing me say this, but it's time to say goodbye to the free fags and which everybody Good weekend. If you wanna join us for the third bonus, our of fdn, we're gonna be talking about oil wars and all the things that the U. S Russia and the Saudis have been doing in the past couple of weeks to shore up the oil markets. Something we haven't talked about a lot, but we're gonna do a snorkel dive into that in the bonus our So, uh, you don't have to be a free bag not to take that person free. Fag is just subtle bands, right? Just just busting your balls a little bit. But come on over. Hang out with us in the bonus. Our, uh But if not, that's fine. We have more important things to do than then gain some knowledge expenses. You gotta eat your vegetables. So we're, uh we'll see you guys a little bit later. Catch you guys on the other side of break