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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous e welcome TN 301 of jazz hands Feels here with James. Also know so Alex McNabb putting in some overtime two shows in one day. Uh, we're gonna cut you a bag check from this. You might have to out. Well, you answer up to my do maternal play sessions on deserve some extra for that. I was getting really sucked into the man. Nice. Is it as good as advertised? Um, I mean, basically, like trying to one up the previous doomed 26 16 is gonna be tough, but yeah, it's good. It's good you and I were talking about this the other day and I was a new original doom player, and you were a swell James may have been. Did you play Doom, James? Like the original original? Well, loaded up in DOS. No, I never, never had a chance to you that the oldest game. I think my earliest one of my earliest PC gaming memories is one Starcraft and to unreal tournament. I don't if you guys have replayed that, but That was a lot of fun. Oh, and Quake. You did play original quick. Okay. Yeah, I know me. A jazz hands talked about this like we had the same story, like parents are fathers were into computers and played doom on M s. Dos had to load it up through the dos prompt, Like, played the shareware version. Go back on that. Yeah. One of my earliest memories was I think my dad had a couple land parties where his gold has starcraft way back in today. Nice. Yeah, we did. Ah, Wolfenstein. And then then doom was the bigger one. And also, like Grand Theft Auto, the original one where it was not a three d view, was you just, like, top down looking at the vehicle? Um, you still still cars and stuff, but yeah, we used to put that on on a CD, Rahm And then, like, booted up in the school computer lab because she can install anything. But you could ah, you know, find the disk and run it from the CD, and it's got a fun. I mean, those games were great. And I'm, like, really tempted. When when Alex is tell me about do maternal and then I go look up the screenshots of it. And you know, this is something I haven't seen it probably like 15 20 years. And we just like Holy Fuck like I want to get into this lake now in, like, waste a bunch of time. But it will not. It's not a waste of time, though, is out. I mean, it's a video game. So what do you really do with that? I would kind of recommend starting in 2016 known attorney. His eternal is. It's a lot like Doom to compare to Doom one like It's harder and it's got more powerful monsters. So it's like, probably want to start with the 2016. Also, I think 2016 is less frustrating in some ways, like do Maternal. They were mixing stuff up just to mix it up like we're gonna have platform ing platform into a doom game. And I'm like, Why? Why do we need do this? And there's this God awful swimming section. There's just a couple monsters that just really break the flow, but it definitely does one up the 2016 version a lot of ways like objectively is computer gave me That's great set for PC. You for anything you know. You get for anything. It's it's for all platforms. I mean, obviously you want to play on PC because you wanna play with mouse and keyboard? Yes, exactly. That's the only way. The only way to go, Um, but speak of doom in doom posting. We have some escalations with regard to, Ah, the old virus. It's now the the third leading cause of death in the United States. So for people who were doing the cope where oh, jazz hands look at all these other causes of death the United States that are far greater than the virus. I mean, this is just just putting this out there for some perspective, you know, like like we put out there for perspective. You know, it's it's not so bad that ah, immigrants killed this many people or this many people died of a heroin overdose or whatever, but now the third leading cause of death behind, I think cancer and heart disease. So you get the fuck out of the way. Car accidents. Can someone explain to me a sudden urge to downplay this stuff? I just don't understand. Like why this is like an instinct like there's a crisis. I'd better downplay it. Yeah. I mean, this is these are the same. Many of these people would be the same people being like, I can't believe you're saying that you know us aid Israel because he's, you know, or the USS Liberty. It's It was only a couple 100 people that died. Why would you downplay this? And yet these are the same people saying that Oh, it's just a few 100,000 people dying of Corona virus. It's no big deal. Yeah, nobody said nobody said that about Americans getting murdered by immigrants. Nobody said that about, like, right suicide. Yeah, somebody said that about any of that stuff, but like all of a sudden, it's okay to be like, just for some perspective, guys, in case you're wondering, it's like, OK, so what you're saying with this sort of like awkward, ghoulish cope is that you're okay with whatever extra amount of deaths, as long as it doesn't surpass the greatest number of other deaths in the United States, that that kind of what you're doing, because I just want to make sure we're all in the same day. And when it does surpass it, what's your next thing going to? Because it was, like, just the flu, bro. Now it's, like, just at least it's not cancer, bro. And it's like, Where does it like, Where does it end? I think these goalposts turn wheels, and those wheels agrees extremely well. And they have, like, a high load bearing capacity. And it's just not gonna matter. Like just keep wheeling that thing down the frickin court. Yeah, well, the new one is just the Jews, bro. Right where this is a race specific bioweapons. And, uh, please listen to me, please. Those in power, Please. Please. We care of so much about you. Yeah, we unpack. Can we unpack? You mean just curious. I'm curious in this thing. Like it attaches to bats and penguins, but it's also incredibly race specific. Is that how it's supposed to work? I don't know. I'm confused. Well, Alex, what we need to do is just I really want to emphasize that our ruling class are ruling class, which, by the way, has no ethno religious designation. Just just arbitrary ruling class. They really need to listen to us in our race science because if they did, we could save a lot of Jews because our ruling class again non specific is just really dropping the ball and letting a lot of juice diet this. We need racism values. We need racism saved. Okay, I need to make sure that my donors aren't harmed. So please, please, sprawling class. Listen to me. It's very important that the government accepts this racialized narrative about this virus because Jews are dying of it. And it's very important that that gets recognized so that people start taking it very seriously, right? Like this is gonna be the the Jazz, Jesse said on tedious today, like when you twist that Rubik's Cube in the just the right way, they're going to start accepting our narratives and the doors were gonna fling open. I feel like better. Great. Just one more. I feel like that announced here in Dodge Ball like That's a bold strategy. Cotton. Let's see if it works out. Oh my God, Yeah, it's It's bad, it's bad. And it's like, you know, at first I could have been like, OK, you know, maybe, you know, I don't know, a month and 1\/2 ago, I it could have been like, All right, maybe there's something to this virus may be affecting certain groups of people over others I wasn't willing to buy into the It will only infect this group and not that group. But, like you know you have. You know, I'm not a medical expert. Be of stuff like Taste sex, and you have stuff like, um, what's the thing with black sickle cell and whatever you like? It's conceivable those air more diseases, I suppose. But, um, you know, it's it's possible, but like we're so far beyond that now, it's like to still cling to that cope and then and then add to the cope. It's like it, but it's like, really, it's really affecting Jews, and that's why you should care about Okay. And that race specifically would have made sense when you were only seeing deaths of a certain race. Like in early January, when we only had deaths out of China, or even even into later January, when we only had deaths in China. You could you could conceivably say, because of where the sample size was located. Okay, this is only killing Chinese, but again, that only works until you. You exposed the disease to the wider world and you start to see how it affects other populations and the idea and look multiple things could be true, and we need to look at this with some nuance. Yes, this disease may have been the reason it hit Italy first and the hardest outside of China may have been because of this concentration of Chinese workers that we've seen talked about in the north of Italy. That's probably true, but that doesn't mean that it's only affecting Chinese people in Italy. You will get people out there saying that all of these deaths in Italy are only Chinese migrant workers, which is just obviously clearly untrue. And you'll get people saying the same in the U. S. Like pro look. It's only hitting the coasts really hard, man, which you know there's a lot of Asians in New York and a lot of Asians in Seattle, so, like it's only the A. It's no like that right here. But but here's the nuance, though, is that in areas where cleanliness is not prioritized, where hygiene is not an important aspect of these people's daily lives. That is sometimes in many cases attributed attributable to race. And so where people live dirty, then maybe yet you're going to get it is more likely for people to get sick, but it's not only going to affect them, Alex, I think you're going to say something in the midst there. But I mean, I was like staring at the signal meter on our desk because I never use on task is like, mesmerized like, Oh, man, is it picking up? What are you thinking? Is that Mike? What is going on? Yeah, such as, I mean, you mentioned cleanliness and living standards. And this is why you will see spikes in the Hasidic community, right? And this is what some people who are pushing this this juice specific bioweapon will cling to. And they say, Look at how many infections there are in the Hasidic Jewish Committee committee. Well, I'm sure there are committees but communities, and this is because largely of one, their defiance of ah, of shelter at home in quarantine orders. Because are you saying are you saying that Jews are lying and filthy at the same time? That's a filthy lying and yeah. Wow. Wow. That's Ah, hit it right on the nose. Yeah, but ah, it also everybody can be lying, right? That's the other thing is is the Chinese can be lying. Ah, the American government could be lying. And I mean, these things are not mutually uh incompatible, Right? Like one does not have to be. If one is true, the other is not automatically untrue. And I think this is a theme that we have been. We've been exploring quite a bit in recent weeks. Yeah, well, that yeah, there's there. Spent some quibbling about this about anything. Keith Woods had a whole digression on that. Like, Well, if you're a pissed apology is so shaky that you just become a global skeptic about all information. Then how exactly are you going to know if there's a pandemic? And how would you react to it? Like if you're just gonna disregard literally every piece of external information? If it Diskant firms your personal biases and isn't giving for political narrative And what What are you going to do? How do you determine what's actually going on around you? Yeah. These are people that see the male getting delivered in their mailbox and then are they are thinking about it for five or 10 minutes. Like, did he actually deliver my mom? It is impossible that maybe it didn't actually get put in the mailbox. I'm actually suspect. I suspect that mailman for a lot of different reasons and a lot of environmental variables. But yeah, it's it's it's kind of highly problematic, and people sort of have walked blind into this. You have people all over the country. Unfortunately, these air people, the people that are most likely to be skeptical of this are people on the right people who are conservatives. You see these massive megachurches across the South who are continuing to hold services, some of their pastors being arrested for for doing so because they are, um, there they bought into this narrative of just the flu, bro. Keep the economy open. Grandma's got to die for the line. And ah, yeah, I mean, it's it's unfortunate, but people are very susceptible to this, and it's the whole the whole culture of these that I know. It's like signal jamming of bad conspiracies so that you don't figure out the rial conspiracy. Um, and that's a major part of the problem. Yeah, I don't think it's the black Plague. I don't think it's gonna be an apocalyptic event, but at the same time watching people react to it. All right, Well, what would you do if it actually Waas something like the Black? I guess you would just keep sticking your head in the sand and coping with it. Yeah, well, that's the thing. It's like, Well, what if it's somewhere in between? Which is what we seem to be seeing is it's a lot worse than what we know for sure is. It's not going to be as bad as the worst predictions, but it's definitely proven now. At this point. The one thing that has been proven is that it's not going to be the most lowball hand wave dismissal conclusions like it's It's definitely not just the flu, and it's definitely bad enough where lots of people are going to die. And as you guys have said on Tedious, this is something that is going to suck. It's already sucking like I want to get my fucking hair cut like I want fresh meat like I want you know there are things that I would like to have, you know, But I can live this way for however long I need to. But as we stared down the barrel of the gun on this, it it seems like this is going to be a much longer haul than anticipated. I saw news from Canada that they're talking about potential in Toronto 12 weeks of of the same shit. Like where it's, it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that we may be sitting here doing this in July, Um, in vain and maybe very little will change. I don't know, Alex, what's your opinion on the warm weather for not the warm weather? What I think is maybe true, maybe a cope like what? What about warm weather? Stops the spread of this in the same way that maybe some other diseases might stop spreading? I don't I don't know. I just don't know, because I know this stuff is spreading in tropical countries, so it's it's hard to say like, honestly, I'm not like some sort of ah expert on epidemics and pandemics, things like that. I really don't know it's gonna be like play it by year. And I think when you find yourself in a situation, it makes sense to be cautious, like might as well air on the side of caution, right? And it spread in Iran already to a large degree, which we know is near the equator. It's spread in the south of Italy, at a similar rate to the spread of the north of Italy. So even within countries that have some employed similar responses, the climate hasn't seemed to have made that much of a difference. And we've been experiencing warming in the Northern Hemisphere. Now for three months as we've been coming out of January, spread in Florida, it's in Florida all over the place in Florida's warm Yeah, in Florida it's in, it's in. It's all over Australia and it's Ah, winding down the end of summer in Australia right now. So that's kind of throws that out of the out of the mix as well. But, you know, you have cases exploding in Germany, exploding in France. Um, and you have Trump saying that it was I never said it was just the flu, which is hilarious, like he's he's walking this completely back like after we we've played the montage. I'm not gonna play it again, But just the whole month of Ah, you know, we got 14 cases very soon it's going to be down to zero and ah, this thing's gonna be gone like a miracle. Now he's having to say like, I never said it wasn't and I never said that it was That's what he's saying. You're like 200,000. Yeah, yeah, that's what that's what he was saying 30 days ago like we have that. I mean, you know, people have been saying all of these stupid things that he said, and I have no dog in this fight But all of these things that he was saying a weekend or two weeks ago, four weeks ago, six weeks ago, those air perfect 32nd sound bites that are just gonna be instant campaign commercials in October, when there are X number of deaths and there are God do there's gonna be a 1,000,000 cases by the time we're done recording the show and Trump is like we're going to go from 14 down to zero, and it's only because of the very good job that I did It's like while bro like say goodbye to your fucking second term again, I don't give a shit, but like this guy has to be one of the stupidest. People just can't control its market, I guess. And this is why would you hand them those sound bytes? Yeah, this is funny, because for the people that are beating on the door, looking the window, trying to have influence over the Trump administration, Bill Mitchell actually has more influence over Trump's rhetoric. Then you dio because Trump comes out and says that 200,000 Americans could die from Corona virus because he's done a very good job, which is, you'll recall, directly taken from Bill Mitchell's Twitter. Mitchell had the take that if only 200,000 people die from Corona virus, Trump will be the best president ever. So let's go like everybody sees Bill Mitchell. Everybody's goalposts seemingly on wheels these days and gold most they move the whole fucking to another town. Yeah, it's like wow, yeah, and in the midst of this, I mean, we have the CDC. We got the news. When did this come out dressed Sunday night? I think the CDC announced they were considering entertaining mulling over deliberating a reversal on the mask policy that's gonna make it. Maybe whether or not mad right now, because I was talking about this earlier with my wife and I'm like the CDC has been talking out of both sides their mouth the entire time. I think I did a thing on TDs like two weeks ago, talking about airborne precautions and how to implement that kind of stuff. And now Now the CDC is finally, like reluctantly admitting that, yeah, that would probably work. It would probably work that we can't be honest with the public until in the reason we don't want him doing that is, we're trying to preserve our inventory of $1 disposable respirators, which, for whatever weird reason, are in short supply. So why are we in that crisis? That's like my large respirators did. If it's if it's a $1 item and you knew this was gonna be a problem, has there been research papers about this for like, five years? Why you didn't somebody get ahead of that? DHS said today that their supply of PPE is already depleted, like how is that possible? Like remember, this is the same DHS that was buying like billions bullets off of the market like stocking up on ammunition. I'm sure they have plenty of rounds of 556 How many? How many masks So that they have, in case, you know, to keep people from being sick. And this is a This is a phenomenon, though. The lack of PPE that is spread all across the country like people be not just health care. I mean, healthcare workers in New York City are being handed like New York Yankees Raincoats in a plastic bag is PPE, and it's just like you gotta be fucking kidding me and then, like beyond that you need, you need this equipment for people working in these essential jobs where they're interacting with the public. It's like what? You're like the guys delivering groceries to the old people, too. It's like what, you just doing that like raw dog? And you know, it's just like what you supposed to do. But our country doesn't have any of this stuff planned out. You could just tell that the whole thing was obviously just very fragile, very superficial, and it was intended for one purpose on purpose only, which is just milking people for profits. Milk. It's it's yet that's all that's all it ever was. And they were not planning for any sort of rainy day, Because why plan for a rainy day for something you don't actually care about or have a vested interest in Georgia? Um, well, it's It's like, Yeah, it's Zimmer conservative. Take sorry to run you over there, but the conservative take on, like what? Communism results in all these bread lines and shortages and well, wait a minute. You guys have this this capitalist country where you can't make fucking gloves in $1 respirators. What happened? Well, capitalism results in what we have now, which is the CDC. And all of this is the giant nationwide Catch 22 right, where the CDC, the reason they can't recommend people wear masks or the reason that we're being given is because this would lead to a massive influx of demand. And they're already having a difficult enough time getting supplies for hospital workers and for people that are in E. M s and these other essential services, let alone you introduce 350 million Americans each of them demanding their own personal stash of 10 21 100 masks. And you're in for a big problem. The answer to this is, of course, having a strategic reserve, which is what was recommended by the CDC and DHS simulation they conducted back in 2015. This is the same simulation that found the U. S. Should have something like 700,000 respirators ready to go. And instead we have what would like 260,000. And now we're playing catch up on that man and same thing. Get re playing catch up with the mass spitballing here. But couldn't you just nationalise production of these incredibly simple items? If you absolutely have to, you just say Okay, look, we're gonna take this over, and we're gonna crank up production for a while. No, look, hold on. Hold on. Though we have Mike Lendell, owner and proprietor of my pillow, who is going to be making 50,000 masks a day in his factory in shock. Api, Minnesota. Certainly that is going to make a huge difference, right? I'm not knocking Mike Lindell. I'm sure that's that's great, but that's literally the best thing that weaken Dio We have pillow guy, my pillow eyes making 50,000 masks a day when we need like we needed 50 million masks five months ago. Well, a stockpile and these masks to It's important to note these air, not respirators. Right. These are just the These are just the temporary cotton masks which Alex is making surgical masks. Is that what he's putting out? Essentially? Yeah, OK, change multiple times a day. You know what? Because they get contaminated. Purpose of a surgical mask is so that if you're doing a procedure, you don't contaminate the patient. Like if you've got, then it's not to protect you, it's to protect the patient. So this this is just beyond stupid. Yeah, I think the thinking is, though, that even wearing that is going to be better than wearing nothing and his facility. I mean, they're not going to have the ability to make say, like, you know, the shells for real respirators, which are what people need. But again, the answer to all of this was having a national stockpile, which which we haven't done. And so this is this is why we end up with this totally dis coordinated, massive a response because each each company each, uh, and even each governmental department is left to basically fend for themselves and their in competition not only against state governments trying to supply their hospitals and their officials with supplies but against other federal departments. I never thought I would see the day in 95 would be treated. It was like something made of gold, like I was at my dad's house. I see, like three and 95 swing around like Oh my God, Oh wow, you've got in 95. You have no idea how how precious these things aren't. Of course, one of them is like a broken band around it, cause it's a disposable mask. It's a cheap, visible mass. If you've ever worked around Salt Story needed, like basically white working class production jobs, you've probably used in 95 beaten sawdust and all kinds of stuff out of it and try to reuse it for, like, an extra hour and eventually thrown it away like it's not what with the air hose. Yeah, it's not like this is an expensive, hard to develop a product that is ah, highly technological. It's just a very simple piece of personal protective equipment. And we have a shortage in the biggest, most baddest capitalist country on the planet. How does that happen? Like but Alex? Alex, I was watching Fox News and Doctor Dewey Siegel. Steen told me I didn't need to wear a mask. Way have. But they also they also go seeking they don't go hiking. Be careful going outside. Also, you don't need a mask. Like what? So we've gone from Don't get a mask because you're gonna hoard them and keep medical professionals from needing from having them. Then it was You don't actually need a mask to considering telling everybody to get masks back to Fox News saying, Yeah, like you don't actually need a mask. It's It's no, you know, they get Really They're really nasty and dirty. And oh, also, if you wear gloves to the grocery store, don't do that either, cause, you know, Grace, you know that. Yeah. This is like, don't wear anything. I was shot sick. I was shocked when I saw this. And this is as of yesterday, right? We're not digging out this article from early January. This is as of yesterday on Fox News, Dr Marc Siegel, uh, comes out and says that wearing gloves at the grocery store is not necessarily a good idea. Gloves accumulate germs. Gloves accumulate viruses, Siegel told Fox and friends, responding to a viewer question probably written by Trump like Kranz into a foam. I I literally put a video out talking about this. It's not hard to understand, right, But what he says is that, uh, he goes on and says, You're not going to realize when you touch something, then you have it on your gloves. Then you transferred to your face than you could get infected. But the point of wearing the gloves is that you're going to change. Just don't be a fucking retard. It is basically like don't wear gloves because most people are retarded and will do gloves wrong, like I know how to into gloves. Like most people, I guess don't And so they have to put out Siegel's explainer, and the result of this is going to be like gloves bad, because it can cause more problems like that. Place the elites viewers they're going to fundamentally just have no trust to respect for their constituents. Just none whatsoever that it just gets knocked down the lowest common denominator. I put a video out where I show that yes, if you touch a contaminated surfaces, catch up his gampel. I catch up on a cup. Touch it. Now it's on the glove. Such a clean cup. Wow, I got catch up on it now. OK, so my contaminated glove then contaminate this other surface. It's not rocket science. A 32nd video will show you how this works, and you can think, Oh, maybe I should take off my gloves before I touch something. It's not clean. Take out my gloves. Watch my hands first. It's not hard, but the elites just have this utter contempt for their citizenry. And it just treat you like garbage, like you're too stupid to figure out what to do. It's that in the case of Dr Siegel, though, I think it's actually more insidious, more nefarious. Yeah, because he comes out and says, You shouldn't wear gloves at the grocery store. That's not a good idea. He did another bit on Fox and friends, where he says wearing a mask doesn't actually help because it's not going to prevent the spread of this. Even if the virus is hanging in the air. The most likely way you're going to catch it if is from somebody coughing and sneezing on you. Somebody like your cousin importing masks in the New York City there, Dr Siegel. But you're not going to get it just from having been in the same air as somebody who could possibly have it. That won't give it to you, he added. What reason And these air just blatant lies, right? We know that this virus can stay airborne for I think the latest study showed up to 27 hours. We know that you don't have to be within a foot of someone coughing to to have this transmitted to you. You can catch it through the air. So what reason does he have to tell people not to wear a mask? Is very basic precaution if it's not nefarious? Yeah, you have to analyze this from how this sound bite will be consumed. Downstream and downstream is phone notifications, soundbites, word of mouth. Oh, you know boomer, boomer parents is are you know what they said? Doctor said on Fox News that you shouldn't wear gloves at the grocery store, So let's just not do that. And it's the results of this in a reason why I think it's nefarious is the outcome is going to be. People are going to say. Some medical professionals said this is a useless practice, so I'm therefore going to stop doing it. Not. Here's the right way to do it and here's the best way to use this to your advantage. It's like, No, just don't do it at all because you're too retarded to handle it and you might so just gets. Yeah, yeah, that's And that's why I think Mark Siegel, in this case, this guy. I mean, they want to talk about white nationalists plotting to COO fund people. Mark Siegel has more deaths on his hands. I would guess, as a result of this advice being consumed by millions of people across the country, millions of boomers that are going to take this advice and utilize it and and defiantly refused to wear any PPE, even if they have it available to them, because, I mean, look who doesn't have natural gloves in their house or in their garage on their shop most people have this. This is dangerous thing. This is actually endangering people. I've been wearing those gardening gloves that have been dipped in rubber, but I washed them. I don't know. Is that bad, Alex? That I stopped doing that? I mean, you're gonna look like an asshole, but Yeah, it's fine. Sure you can do that. I have a big city. I don't have Nitra. It's fine. It's not a fashion statement. You could do it. Knock yourself out. All right. I've been doing the P 100 you know, double Honeywell, purple respirator bit with the gloves in public whenever I have to. I did it. I mean, I brother is. I mean, I did this professional capacity, and I actually I have a respirator from three years ago because I didn't want to get the flu. I mean, just the flu, bro. No, no, no. I don't want to flip one the flu either. If I'm gonna be back for the ambulance to patients got the flu. I don't want to contract that. So I want to have my own custom restaurant respirator. It's more comfortable and follow the precautions like it's just it's not that out of the ordinary for me to do that. It's not I mean, but come on. Now we're over some pain X and write a road bike. So it's not like putting on stuff again in public is not really problem anyway. Yeah, I saw those those tiger pants that Yeah, I didn't think about doing the tedious today Talking about the tiger show. All right. Wow. Wow. What was Can you give us a deep in depth analysis of that? That black woman that spend pulled up with the eyeball cut is that Is that good or bad practice there? I mean, it should just be sealed up all the way right to totally constrict airflow. And that and the surgery. Breathe in and out until you cannot worry that it out anymore. And then it's a total success at the surgical mask, and it's not even covering your nose. Like what? It's like a noster like one big gaping nostril in a like blood shot, uh, bloodshot yellow. Ah, John, Dis looking eyeball peering out at you and we all going to die. It's like, Yeah, it's not cause the virus, though. It's because you're fucking retarded. But Ah, just eyes, no teeth. All right. The nostrils. Oh, my God. Eyes and nostrils. I and nostril is what we got there, but yeah, I mean, so you got most of the country and locked down now, which I suppose is a good thing, but that has led to, um, some potential for and the narrative we're gonna We've here with all of these things. Air sort of related. You'll see how and we when this all culminates together, um, audience members of our audience. Um, the Fed itself is actually this is not just some Well, it is a hedge fund. It's black rock and the Fed now. But they say that 47 million headed for unemployment U six rate to top 32%. And according to recent polling, 28% Americans say they've already lost wages. We've seen this happen even within with an hour thing like our guys have reported that they've lost their job. And, um, you know, the guys on you guys were talking about this today like, there's a lot of ah, there's a lot of opportunities to get what you deserve from the government, and you should definitely don't feel bad about that at all. Like you are entitled to it. You deserve it for for this situation, the lack of preparedness, the fact that we have to go on lock down even longer due to that lack of preparedness. And you know, no masks, no pp for anybody. So it's gonna prolong this crisis the government owes. And the government deserves to to cover that. But they're not doing enough right? You get, you get the extra unemployment, you get the $1200 pre bait check and it's not. It's not enough, and mass layoffs have started. Ah, there were 300,000 worker retail workers alone for load on Monday, furloughed or laid off? Um, that's Macy's l brands. Cole's Old Navy Gap and Taylor Lane Bryant Guitar Center. Ah, you have traveling hospitality of the airlines hotels, all announcing major major layoffs. Um, there are some white pills, actually, in manufacturing and healthcare, um, possibly and a white pill for entertainment because the media companies are Gannett buzzfeed, all these major newspapers air all laying people off. We talked about that in December 2019 when I guess 2019 was a bloodbath year for media and journalism where they lost more jobs than I think any other sector of the economy, I believe. And now they're going down the tubes. Even more headline from CNN Hundreds of journalists are being laid off right when the public needs them the most. Buzzfeed news. The Corona Viruses, a media extinction event, um, and way need journalists. What's the point? So Well, they gave me conflicting information for various quote unquote experts. Yeah, and it's sort of funny how, at the start of this outbreak, many of these media companies to be signaling, I suppose they all announced they were going to suspend their paywall coverage of ah Corona virus. All of that free. But as it turns out that all anybody's interested in and so now nobody signing up for their pay walls as their traffic is going Nobody's buying anything either, Right? So it's like it's like the worst possible, uh, events all at once, where nobody signing up for their pay was nobody's buying from their advertisers and their servers, air overloaded. So yeah, that cuts gonna have to come out of your paycheck. Journo. Yeah, it's it's pretty bad. And you know, the the layoffs, the white pill on manufacturing. I'll just put this out there. Ah, is because And this is according to that industry, they've They've laid off some salaried employees. General Motors did this last Thursday when it suspended production. G E also laid off about 2.5 1000 employees. But generally speaking, the these layoffs haven't been its precipitous because thes these are the people that are needed to continue producing whatever products are made here in the United States, as the supply chains for coming from China have started to dry up and also the people that they would, ah, fire essentially our special skills jobs. And so they're likely Thio going to continue to be employed at least as long as people continue to need product. And, of course, healthcare. Alex. I mean, this is there's already a shortage of over a 1,000,000 health care jobs. Um, and so they've put out the call for What is it? I think in New York State this could be wrong. Maybe I'm lying, but ah, I want to say that they re called 73,000 retired health care workers in New York state, and I expect That's probably pretty similar across the country, right? I mean, um, they put that call out there quite a bit of its that way across the country, cause the one thing about the response to this is that it's just completely, ah, unequal from state to state like it's the disparities between each state reacting this or just so wide. I mean, for example, Virginia has a former doctor. That's actually the governor. Governor kun, man, he was like, what? A pediatric neurosurgeon or something? And he was one of the last people to actually lock down state. Well, meanwhile, like California, these other places have been a lock down forever. So it's like each state is doing their own thing. Counties doing their own thing Hospital system seems to be having its own separate response, which you mean you could do like a whole academic structural critique of healthcare why no one is on the same page. But now you get to see how this works in real time, like Oh, yeah, that that academic critique. Actually, you have crisis and you can see, like where these fault lines actually seem to have an impact on outcomes. I would guess, though, that as demand for these health care services increases across the country and it becomes more than just New York under under siege essentially more than just the West Coast. And as you start to say, this actually fits in with what we're gonna talk about in the second hour. As you start to see a more widespread demand and stress on the health care system, you'll probably start to see more of these systems. Try to do to whatever extent they can to recall former workers. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, And this is This is something that may be a good thing for people who well, maybe some people are retired, But maybe they were looking for a reason to come back. And as as people are watching big line go down and potentially, maybe the retirement that you thought you were going to get it 65 is is unfortunately because it's tied to big line when it should be tied to a pension, perhaps would be a better system. Ah, they're looking at that and saying, Well, you know, maybe I want to get off and, you know, try to help some people out. But it may be necessitated by the fact that ah, the fragility of the economy is driving people back to work and actually maybe putting them potentially in a dangerous situation if they're high risk. But I think that's the risk that you take right, Alex. I mean, some of these people are probably happy to go back to work. I saw some numbers on volunteers that wanted to join up again before even needing to be called. Yeah, you might get some that 9 11 effect because that was the thing around 9 11 to is there was a big, like uptick, and people want to do stuff like volunteer, firefighting, voluntary mess, and maybe you'll get some of the public involved again. But there's a bottleneck as far as like, certifications like, Yeah, sure, you could bring back some of the older providers that basically, in the demographic most likely to die from Corona virus. But are you gonna be able to bring in a young, healthy, working class populations to do this kind of work and have them trained up in time? I don't know. Yeah. Yeah, well, I mean, so far, though we have I mean, we have lack of government preparedness leading to a much more exacerbated crisis. Right. We have the number one. Ah, way. Have number one deaths? No, we don't have number one deaths yet. We haven't surpassed. It'll leave. Only surpassed China this week. But we're gonna pass Italy. I mean, we're gonna pass Italy, probably in 10 days, I would say, based on the to direct. Go ahead. Yeah. I just don't see how we couldn't like with 200,000 cases like a domain. Sure. There's gonna be, like, 2 to 4 week lag time before you start seeing the casualties really pile up to those numbers. But how could you not have enormous casualties with just any confirmed cases? Well, in New York I saw today, there are 83,000 cases in 12,000. 500 of those are hospitalizations already. So yeah, of course they need a ship. Ah, hospital ship in. Apparently that hospital ship. I I just realized this today. That's actually for the non corona virus patients. Um, that's like help everybody for now, I guess until they run out of capacity, but well, or until we get a situation on that ship like they have on these thes two separate navy ships that are out currently seeking looking for a place to dock and I believe they're being directed towards Guam Now is Thea is a plan with those where in a ship. I mean, you talk about density leading Teoh higher rate of infection. All it takes is a few passengers, just like on the number two Diamond Princess. All it takes is a few passengers or staff or doctors or nurses to be infected on this. Ah, this What is it? Not H m s. Whatever it is, the mercy is the name of the ship. All it takes is a few people to to introduce the contagion. And for that to really start taking off and this Navy ship, I don't know the name. I believe it's Abraham Lincoln. How fitting Right for that to be the paused vessel floating out there, um is ah, they have 1000 sailors on board , over 100 of which now are infected with this. So yeah, I mean, ships are a great place for ah disease to take off and really wreak a lot of havoc. Especially if you got those PPE shortages. And then you've got a ship. You're assuming you're paid patient. Population doesn't have it. Like, how are you confirming there? You testing them before you put them in that ship? Like, I forgive me for not having faith and their ability to keep a contagious virus offer their well, especially you guys on Navy ships to Well, you're doing hot bunking, which for those of you out in Rio, Ron Lander is like you're sharing bunks like you're actually, you know, that's like hitting a shift. It's like one guy checks in, goes on, watch another guy jumps into your bed. This is why I mean, sometimes you don't even get up and leave your bunk in the think lots of the Fae. That's where the faggot stuff was Always A is a major problem, like, and they're like, Ah, yeah, that's not gonna be ah, such a good idea because, you know, um, but yeah, I mean, these started office a handful of people that were infected and then, you know, there's 4000 people on the Abraham Lincoln. I mean, 4000 sailors, 4000 seamen on the Abraham Lincoln and, uh, yeah, that's ah. Certainly not hot bunking a number of different. Yes, yeah, caramelized semen. It's really disgusting. Um, yeah, Let's let's move on. Strikes abound. Um, that's another thing. So So here's where I was going to this. So you have lack of preparedness from a federal government like the greatest nation in the country, right, home of capitalism, lack of preparedness. It's just like just totally, totally derelict country. You have a fragile economy that is resulting in just three million new unemployment claims. Last week I had they're expecting as many maybe 2.5 1,000,002 30.6 million new jobless claims released tomorrow. That's what they're projecting That's going to be. But three million was, I don't know what was that like eight times higher than the worst day in the 2008 crisis. The 2008 crisis looks like a rookie dry run compared to what we're seeing in a very short period of time here, because the economy and everything about it is fake and gay and not structured in a way that is going to benefit you. So you're the first thing to go whenever things get rough, not them, not their problem it's you. And so they have these May at mass layoffs. And one of the more heartening things that I'm seeing now is is the strikes you're seeing strikes with insta cart. Worker strikes with Amazon strikes with, ah whole foods. But whole foods is now owned by Amazon. But you're still seeing Whole Foods workers and the Amazon factory workers striking. You have G workers going on strike at their aviation headquarters and then potentially, ah, nurses going on strike because as there's an increase, this is mind boggling to me. And so fucking enraging as you are having a mass increase in the need for nurses, doctors and everything else, these medical companies and unemployment medical staffing companies are cutting benefits of doctors and nurses. They are basically converting a lot of the salaried employees into hourly employees. And so they're fucking these people hard and they're about to go on strike. So yes is starting to get to be, Ah, quite the recipe gentleman. I mean, you know, and I and I fully support anybody who's going on straight cause, Look, if you lost your job and you are in one of these gig economy jobs, you do qualify for the the unemployment. That's something you should be aware of its first time it's ever happened. If you're in a gig economy job, you actually can get the four months of bags. So go get the bag. But if you're still schlepping for one of these people for 15 16 $17 an hour and there's talk of going on strike, go on the strike because you could get paid more. Getting the bag, um, from from the from the government. So strike. I support the strike effort. I mean, all this stuff is great and they're not covering it, either. You have to dig for these stories. These stories air, not they like they hit on drugs just a little bit. But the media is not covering this. I'm consuming like cable news, and they're not talking about strikes at all because they're afraid. Like these companies like Amazon. Ah, I think insta cart. They had to. They had to go from 15 to $17 an hour. Amazon's now gone to $19 an hour. These people you got these people on the ropes strike while the iron is hot. Yeah, I just less Article where the New York state attorney is basically talking about going after Amazon because one of their warehouse managers staged a walkout over lack protective equipment. It's like, you know, more power to you. That was one of the objections with these hospital workers, nurses and doctors. Uh, there is a story out of California where a doctor actually excuse me out of Washington State, where a doctor was fired because he insisted on wearing a mask in the hallways, like in between. Between seeing patients, he insisted on wearing a mask for his protection and for the protection of his patients, and the hospital administration said that was unacceptable and he was terminated. Now he was rehired, and that hospital changed their their practices. But these are some of the the standard practices in hospitals. I was unaware of that. Apparently, you're not supposed to wear masks between no, even if you change them. The guy was said the was the policy, this hospital, and this is one of the objections these nurses have to. Not only do they have a shortage of proper equipment, and they're having to resort to, you know, scarves, you're seeing the pictures of the New York Yankees rain poncho that is essentially what that woman on Tedious was wearing with the bag like. That's basically what the nurses are being told to wear in many hospitals. And if they're not even getting that, I mean, what? Who would go? And I mean, you can understand why someone would not want to risk their life and risk getting this disease and bringing it home to their family if they are not going to be given very basic means. Teoh, my experienced hospital ministry Tres is that there generally business majors. These were not people. Medical backgrounds either, like these air. Sure, these people with financial backgrounds like they treat hospitals as any other business, right? It's a separate MBA program, actually, in many schools to learn about hospital administration. And and you're seeing this? Ah, this nationwide frakking of health care workers. There is a story about a woman who wanted to. She's a nurse, and she was deployed to the covert response team, and she was requesting to like, have an RV, her own RV. She parked in her driveway and wanted to stay in there and ah so she wouldn't contaminate her kids potentially and her local h away was getting all upon her saying, Well, actually, the rules of our neighborhood do not permit. You'd have a camper parked in your driveway, and she was saying like, Come on. Really? I can't do this to protect my kids from getting sick, but yeah, if you were a health care worker in this situation, I would have you would be a very tempting decision. Justo, throw your hands up and walk out because you're not being given the treatment and the protections you deserve. Yeah. Yeah. Why work for a system that hates you? Good question. You know, I work. Why work for a system that hates you? And at a moment where the system has never been more fragile than it is right now. And it is in a place where they need these. They need you to make sure that the people stuck at home who are getting inadequate. Ah, numbers of bag from the government are going to continue to sort of sit tight throughout. This is the timeline to stay at home, gets extended and extended again, and it gets worse and worse because they always underestimate their underestimating. You know, we go back to what we're saying before about every government is lying. Yeah, everybody, every government is lying because every government is in some way, for the most part, hooked up to this very fake and gay system. And so any sort of it's like a Faberge egg. Any sort of like jostling of this thing, and the whole thing just starts to crumble, and they're all looking at it. They're all lying about their numbers in some way or another because they know if they have to come out and say, Look, this is really bad and we're gonna have to do really difficult things to get this under control. It's like they know that that means that, you know, big line is gonna go down and it's gonna have a lot of downstream effects. It's gonna be very expensive to keep a population of people who are used to product at a button click and usedto having all these things all of a sudden are stuck at home. Many of them have no income, and many of them are in a situation where the landlord isn't going to give them a reprieve on rent and those rent checks were due today. April 1st. So this is not good. This is not good for the people sitting on top of this pile. And, ah, if you're in one of these jobs where you've been slaving away for, ah, Amazon or insta card or G E or whatever cheese. Probably a better job, depending on what area of the company you're working in. Um, it's time to to make some demands and ensure that these never go away that, you know, the kosher sandwich has spent the last 30 40 years in this country destroying unionized labor. And they've been doing it because unionized labor had an advantage in this company in this country at one point, and they've lost that advantage. They've given it away because they've handed it over to incompetent people in charge of these unions who were skimming and taking ah bits and pieces of it for themselves and not actually doing things to protect the workers. And it's time for a change. So if you can, and if you're if you have something like this happening under job site, you can be a part of it. I say Go for it There's never been a better time than right now. Yeah. Yeah. And, ah, you know, the corporate rent strike is something they mentioned on Tedious. But we're seeing this push for a residential rent strike getting same as well and that. I mean, we've talked about the other, the rental markets and how that breaks down, but yeah, I mean, this is this is a very unique situation. Ah, something that unlike we've ever experienced before, where you really do have to start looking out for yourself because no one else is going to come save you. Not your landlord. Your company's Yeah, that's one of the problems with this is like you have no social capital. You have a situation where the elites don't trust their constituents. Nobody trusts anybody. It's low trust civilization. So what do you do when you have an actual crisis? Well, it's every man for himself, like line horn, police, PPE and make my own decisions here. And scare body owns. It would be nice if it weren't that way. Right? Like we heard from from Well, we we have each other like we you know, we in this thing uniquely have have each other. And if you're not part of it and you haven't like joined bang or whatever, I gotta get a plug for this cause I'm unplugging for but at the same time, like if you want to go and have other people that are stuck in this thing to talk to, that's we have. I don't know anybody else that has that and Norma's air just stuck at home talking to their families on on facetime or whatever, which is fine. I mean, that's good if you do that, but what sort of community do they have? They can't even go out inside and talk to their neighbors because you're, you know, not supposed to do that. But anyway, yeah, I mean, I have constant links of at least providing you with, like pointing in every direction on Sam Precautions ever on precautions. Deacon terms. Things like that, like it at least like aimed you where you should go. If you're trying to go as far as you can protect yourself like the information's out there, well, I think the part of the reason we're in this every man for himself, situation that we're in now is because of what has been done to our society and how every relationship, whether it's employer, employee, whether it's landlord, tenant, whether it's, you know, homeowner mortgage company, every relationship has become adversarial to an extent that it it need not be. And this isn't just a like a baseless romanticization of times gone by. But you know, you could conceive of a society and you could conceive of a world in not too distant memory where if you knew your landlord, for example Ah, and your landlord, we're not trying to, you know, we're not on the margins and and you had a good relationship where you could come to an understanding right where people could come to our understandings with one another. And it's great if you're in a situation like that. Still, where you know people and you know people as people and you're able to communicate and work things out and have some solidarity there. But so much of of, Ah, our interaction now with with others has just become commercialized and adversarial, and you're in the position where you you feel like unless you are getting one over on someone else, then someone else is getting one over on you, and it's sort of a shame that our existence now is like that. But for most people, most relationships are like that. Yeah, well, this is this is, you know, just hearsay information. I'll just pass it along. But somebody of a little bird told me that somebody who works in the medical profession in the East Coast, I won't even say what city eyes saying that they cannot get the tests that they are asking for. Ah, and they're being highly encouraged to miss attribute deaths, um, in whatever way they can. Um, you know, sign it off is whatever you can. But just try not to make Corona virus be the primary cause of that. So, yeah, you know, the people that want to say China's lying and I and I got up on that high horse on on the Saturday show because, you know, if we had known what was going on earlier, and we can't rely on intelligence agencies to do that, they just came out today and said, China's lying, of course, when it's convenient, but they don't say it. You know, two months ago, when people might have been like, Oh, wow, well, Do they really have 80,000 cases? Do they really have 4000 dead? Or is it more? It's like OK, But when your own government, when you have in the system in our own government, is saying like, yeah, you know, those people that are dying and on respirators and like those olds in the nursing home? Yeah, just ah, you know, just make sure those numbers don't end up in the tally. It's like, Get off your fucking high horse and ah, you know, that's that's kind of where we are. Isn't that awesome? But we're a great country that we live in. We need to stop this bubble with. This is American exceptionalism, right? Conservatives thing with like that, the Chinese stuff like OK, well, you're the same people who said that the Chinese relying at all times are you just jumps. You just trump stand. If you knew they were lying, why did you believe them? I am I supposed to feel sorry for you for believing stuff that you have been saying that time is likely to be misinformation. Here's the thing, though, and this goes back to what I was saying is they had the incentive to believe. Remember, believe China was a narrative in the beginning that was used to justify the just the flu, Bro. Bit like the intelligence agencies aren't going to come out and say, Yeah, China's lying about its numbers as the Dow Jones industrial averages crashing 1500 points a day, they're going to be like, Yeah, we're gonna hold back on putting out that information And they all really like now that everybody's on the same page, that this is a very serious thing. And Trump is even saying, Yeah, I never said it was just the flu even though he totally did. Yeah, like there can come out and say, Like Trying is lying. It's like, Wow, what? What a novel piece of breaking news there. Thank you very much for pointing that out to us. We should have just assumed the whole time that everybody was lying and acted accordingly. Just know. Yeah, like, you know, I was following the numbers from Italy the whole time, and I'm like, Well, it's obvious China was lying about this. Like, this is obviously far worse than what they were saying. I'm not that smart. Like if I could look at Italian numbers, which Italy has a fairly good health care system. I mean, it's one of the better ones on the planet, and that sends the best. That's a good one, and you will destroyed. Sorry. And the reason they're doing China is lying now is not again from the perspective of wanting to understand this pandemic and ideology, right so they can contain it they're doing. It's a neo con con support apparatus. Yes, exactly. This is the new neo con line that's being repeated by neo cons from Tom Cotton. Two. Unfortunately to Ann Coulter coming out and saying the same and and two other sort of Neil Neon all light types that are coming out and saying, Ah, China must pay right some I saw some neo con rag that crashing viewership coming out and repeating a Coulter's line that, yes, China must pay. And it's it's so pathetic, right? Because this is not I mean, we understand right? That this is not this is not being done with the goal of saving you protecting your family. The concern is not their focus is not okay. What do we do to protect you? to protect Americans. The focus is utilizing this as people are dying as Americans are still dying pretending that that's not an issue, but looking to use this as a new bludgeon with which to hit China and ah, overthrows you, Xinping. Yeah, like I'm not. I'm not even mad at China. And I'm gonna do that to own the neo cons. Like, I don't give a fuck about your narratives in your rhetoric. Like I was annoyed that nobody else could see that China was lying when it mattered two months ago. Now it's kind of like all right, It's like whatever. Who cares like thank you for thank you for pointing this out. Now you know, intelligence apparatus, This is really good news. What do we even have you for? What do we even have you for? Like, what's the point of this? It's like if you're you're gonna have this intel and then sit on it and then put it out. It's like when it's too late. It's like, what the fuck is the point? Like it, you know, But you can connect the dots now very easily. It's like, of course, they're going to sit on the information and hold out on this. And, ah, you know, this is like I said. I mean, you have massive strikes, massive unemployment, and claiming you have the government isn't prepared for this. It's becoming this perfect storm. And then on top of that, I know you guys saw this, but you have law enforcement officers. Ah, New York Police Department. 5199 uniform. Members of the department were on Sick Report, which is 14% of the department's uniform workforce, currently 824 of the NYPD uniform members and 106 civilian members. I guess that those were the detectives, the boomer crime, the labour process, crime shows. Ah, they all have the virus. So you have 939 130 cops in New York have the virus already. I saw that 1\/4 of Detroit's police force is out sick and in quarantine. I don't know the total number that have the virus, but you have this happening in Italy as well. And, um, yeah, I mean, so when Leo's are out sick and the military, you know, these aircraft carriers air, you know, speeding off to Guam to quarantine. I mean, this is kind of kind of highly problematic. Maybe this is why Donald Trump something that happened very late on Friday. Last week, Donald Trump activated one million active duty troops. He called up one million military reservists to quote unquote help with the virus. Ah, for two years, not six months. Not 90 days, Not 12 months, but for two years. Put them back in active duty status. So Ah, yeah. I mean, I again. And I'm not putting this narrative out there that, like, guys like it's about to be like mad Max, C G I, you know, Ah, destruct. Oh, doom thriller. It's like But, you know, this is not this is not good. And when you have social unrest, one of the predictors of social unrest is high unemployment and people stuck in their homes and no income and no access to food and fuck. I mean, you can't You go to the store and the shelves are empty. And if the supply chain breaks down, they have a very big problem on their hands and $1200 as a prepaid check. It's not gonna cut it. It's not gonna cut it. It's not gonna make thes people whole, so yeah, I'll get off my soapbox now. No, you're exactly right. And the Yeah, this. Ah, unemployment, Obviously. And consumer confidence. These are both very important indicators, right? And we have the news this week that the consumer confidence is crashing to to levels that it has not been at in years. Um, consumer confidence fall in. Why? I'm forgetting that an exact number now, But you know, this indicates that people are not going to be spending this money that they're getting in unemployment. People are going to be holding on to it. People are going to be thinking about paying for the bare necessities first and not out consuming product. And this, you know, speaks to this economic uncertainty. And it speaks to the feeling that most Americans have that even when this is over, when they're they don't have the risk of getting infected, they're concerned that they'll be able to find a job again, that they'll be able to go back to work, let alone your concerns about health. Right? So the long term impact again looking, you know, even if the this does wrap up in, say, July, which is what we're getting. We're hearing by the CDC and others saying, as a target, even if that's the case, the implications for social unrest don't end there. They extend far beyond What's your take on the, you know, this sort of recipe like all this stuff. I mean, because if the government was stepping in and covering all these bases, I'd say like, yeah, you know, this is all true and could lead to social unrest. But, you know, they're doing enough to sort of cut paper this over, and it may not. It may not turn into anything bad, but I mean, how did they wrangle 30% unemployment way? Have this conversation like, actually, I think it's only paying former this came up. This is not is not a new thing like that. It seems kind of conversations for years, but essentially like the structural changes every time have been that you take your population first. You've got nuclear family where the man works and that's good enough. And then you got to put the woman's work and then you got a mortgage or house so you've over leveraged like your basic like human unit, like your family is completely over leveraged. There's no slack in this system, so you have a shock to the system and sorry, there's there's no no room to absorb it. It's all suck. Does break any things break like uh, yeah, um, it's like when you're towing, you know, Ah, £6500 with the system rated for ah, 5000. Like what's gonna fail first? The hitch, the drive train the pin like something's gonna break here. You've optimized it as much as you can. You've squeezed these people for all they're worth. So what did you think was gonna happen? It's not sustainable. It's just not sustainable. Is gonna break one way or another. If not, re pandemic could be something else. And this is this is actually unprecedented. I keep saying that we've never seen something like this in our lifetimes. But I don't think we've seen something like this since really, since the early 20th century. A mass unemployment event, maybe. Well, maybe not even on our maybe not even in our grandparent's lifetimes are grand. Parents would have been like just babies potentially. Ah, when this happened before something else I didn't realize. And this is kind of, you know, Donald Trump's father died in the 1918 Spanish flu. I didn't realize that. But apparently he died at the Queen's Hospital that Trump Elmhurst Hospital. Trump was bringing up its, um, press conference. But it's like, Imagine, imagine having your it was his grandfather, not his father. I don't remember what I said. It's kind of like Charlie Weinstein. I don't remember. I say it over and over. Don't remember, but it's like, you know, your when your grandparents died in the Spanish flu and it's like it's just the flu, bro. Like I don't I don't get it anyway, I know I thought of that. I was gonna be like service will have a huge parade to commemorate his memory. Yeah, I'm surprised he doesn't want to name the flu after him, but yeah, we'll take a break. We'll be right back here on FTN when we come back, we're gonna be talking about the viral threat to rural America and what could be done about it? We've got some solutions to propose. So here it back. Right here in Afghan. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The nation nation Uh, and now back to machination heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Hello and welcome Back one. And as jazz alluded to before the break the second hour, we're going to focus mainly on how Corona virus and ensuing changing social and economic conditions are going to impact rural America, specifically rural light America. There's a lot being made about the impact on California and New York and on Seattle in these major urban center, San Francisco, etcetera. But as usual in American politics and dialogue, falling through the cracks are those out in white, rural, working class America who not being reported on not really being talked about very much, but also, as we found this week in a report from Johns Hopkins, as as of yet are not about don't seem to be that heavily affected by the virus itself. All right, we got the news that 85% of counties without positive tests and this was as a few days ago, 85% of Corona virus free counties were rural areas, predominantly white communities in Appalachia, Great plains. Ah, and also some, you know, Native American sections of the American Southwest. But as of now, it's looking like rural white America is not being that heavily affected, but this is something that is in flux and this is going to change. And I think we might have some different perspectives on this and how the virus will impact rural white America. Alex Ah, you're your opinion, as I understand it is, that role of white America is actually probably better prepared in most places to handle a situation like this. I don't know if I characterize it is better prepared. I just I think they're less vulnerable due to the fact that it's a lower socioeconomic status. People from the communities tend to not travel or not like Jet setting Teoh, Italy, and picking up stuff and bring it home to their synagogues like that's not really happening. Eso in that respect, plus, with lockdowns, it should. In theory, I'm cautiously optimistic about the rulers. I'll put it that way. I think there the least likely tohave huge disease transmission. Sure, the so and that makes sense, and that makes total sense right. You have fewer people that are going to be, you know, the risk of someone coming home to a small farming town from on a flight from move on or flight from Italy Lower than, you know, in a major city. Um, I guess the concern that I would have and this is something that I actually I got word from a friend of mine who is in a more rural area of my state than I am, who told me that Ah, in this is, of course, anecdotal. But there are three cases in this little farming town population of just about 1000 I think. Total population. There were three confirmed cases as of last week, and this was a woman and her husband and someone else in the community. And the vector for contagion was this woman I just returned on a trip to go in sight. See, in the Holy Land she just come back from Is Aziz evangelical Christian going to see the Wailing Wall? And sure enough, this brings it back to her community And the risk the different risk is before we start looking into some of the prep in studies and research we have is that in a smaller community and this is This is just my, you know, thinking is that in a smaller community, yes, you have fewer people. Yes, you have less density, which is oftentimes an important indicator of disease spread. But you also have fewer social gathering places. And so it takes a lot less for an entire small community to become infected than a large community. Right where, you know, in a bigger city or suburban area, you have the P t A meetings, and you have church choir and you have all these different things people dio. But in a smaller town, you might have, like the church and the Town Council and the Grange meeting, and that's about it. And everybody goes to these things, right? And so Ah, so I don't know. I think that as we see this play out, you know, yes, people, as people flee to from cities like New York and San Francisco, I think we might be looking at ah at a situation that rapidly deteriorate. They're calling this the great migration of 2020 and you're you're seeing this take place, you know, Georgia and South Carolina and people are fleeing down on 95 down into Florida from New York and and they're giving people a lot of notice. I mean, not not to bring up China again, but this happened in China to they gave people that gave Ah, I don't know how much noticed for for the total lockdowns in Wuhan, but like, I think five million Chinese like left when you ever. Whenever you have plenty of notice, this is what this is. The phenomenon that's happening is happening in New York, and it's happening in a lot of other places. And so these people are fleeing to now. Ah, dis Santis weight. Rhonda Santis waited until today, I think, to close down the state of Florida. And the thing that he did, in addition to closing down the state of Florida, is he also shut down Airbnb. Ah, he also shut down Vacation Reynolds, and so that ought to stop some of the urbanite flight to these rural areas. But that, I think, is one of the biggest dangers is maybe some of them flee to medium size cities, but from medium size cities. It's down to small cities, down to counties to towns to townships, and all of a sudden you have these people showing up in these because we've heard these stories for a decade or more now, right? Like people in New York City buying cabins and property in the Poconos, right? And you know, a lot of Jews ending up in in the Poconos and ending up in places around eastern Pennsylvania. And it's like, Why are they there? It's like, Well, they're fleeing the city. Well, where do you think these people are going whenever they are fleeing from this this epidemic and pandemic now And it's James pointed out. It took one like, uh, you know, Shabbos family who came back from the Holy Land to come in, and that's it. And they don't know. That's the other thing. It's like for 14 days. How long did that person walk around the town that small? There's one grocery store. If it's even a full fledged kosher grocery store, there's one WalMart If there's even a Walmart, and it all takes us for that lady to go shopping and how many people in her in her viral wake are picking up the disease and ah, yeah, Look, there's nothing really stopping people or whatever, and that's part of the problem with the on your honor shelter in place. It's like, Go look at I 95 going down into Florida. And is there an honor system in place with all the New York plates flooding into Florida and Georgia and South Carolina? No. Fuck, no, right? Yeah. And and you know these places, they are also less likely in these rural areas. As you mentioned one store, one church, one restaurant, the restaurant, the town. I'm thinking of you. I think there are maybe two or three restaurants. If that. And in cases like that in cities like that and these air people who often times are going to be your Fox news listener, they're going to be distrustful of the government. And when your state governor issues the order for restaurants to close, you will get people because of these towns. They have one police officer, right? They don't have county health departments, or to the extent they do, they're woefully underfunded. They don't really know what they're doing. They don't have authority to go and enforce these orders to to close down. And many of these businesses are And, of course, because of their distrust in the government rightfully so. They're going to say, Look, either I keep my business open. I keep my store, my mini mart, my restaurant open or my family starves. And it's not like a live in a major urban center where I can go down to, you know, the food stamp line or whatever. I can go down to some county office and get aid and, you know, just a few minutes drive from me, right? This is I'm out in the middle of nowhere and it's me providing for my family or nobody else does. And so these places will stay open. These people well think is have this false sense of security that because we're so far out, surely this can't happen to us. And then when it does, I mean, let's talk about what happens when it does. Let's talk about the state of health care in the rural areas. I mean, I look at it basically is like the earlier is have less exposure, but they're more vulnerable due to population demographics related to age like its earlier is a generally older and utter lack of health care. Hospital closures, black for emergency services just in general, they don't really have healthcare. And these regions? Yeah, and to the extent they do, it's, if not preventive care, right? It's not the kind of care that will help you, perhaps a live a lifestyle where you can be able to avoid this. And it's also not access to critical care, which is often times in the case of Corona virus, like your small county hospital. Yeah, the ventilator shelves. They're going to deplete much faster than they are the at a bigger hospital, perhaps, or they have less ability to order these types of things if they have them at all. And Alex, you were telling a story about, ah, good allegory for how this happens and how how, for many years in this country, rural Americans, rural white Americans, healthcare has been held politically hostage and used as a bargaining chip that oftentimes just goes, goes underfunded and disregarded. Yeah, yeah, that that concerns pioneer Careening Hospital, which was the hospital used to work out as an emergency room check and just put that in context real fast, like we had a small, like six biddy or and I was a technician. We had a nurse on staff and a doctor, and that was like your skeleton Kerr. And over time they tried to bulk it up just a little bit. Interestingly enough to the flu seasons, they would try to maybe get another nurse on, maybe run to text of things got really wild, but it was very bare bones, very minimal run by a private company. And eventually that hospital went under and it has changed names going under several times over the years. This time it looked like it was gonna come back, and so far it has not come back to my knowledge. And when that hospital went under last time, the local Republican was basically trying to pass a bill to just extend the license on the facility itself. So be easier to sell to someone like, really in our Lewis Gale or whoever were taken interest in it. And the Democrats in Northern Virginia just sort of held that hostage like now we're not gonna do that unless you unless you approve of all these Medicaid expansions for our constituents, which are basically like Somalians and Central Africans up here, like that's what we want out of you. People like that's the balance here. Like you have to agree to supporting people who are gonna vote against you. Basically, yeah, they were going to vote against you and take up these resource is that should be going to the white working class people who actually need them. Right? And so that's the other thing. Mentioning hospital closures. There was this study, conducted in 2015 by a company called BMC Health Services Research, and one of the findings was that one of the men, This may seem obvious to some that one of the largest limiting factors in people rural people seeking care, even people who have insurance, whether they get it through a in Obamacare state exchange or through their job One of the biggest limiting factors is is simply reach and proximity right. They find that quote. Clinical care research indicates there is a shortage in resource is available to rural residents. Rural citizens are less likely to have health insurance as compared to suburban residents. The CDC reports that rule citizens have fewer medical specialists per 100,000 people, including fewer pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists and internists Onley. The number of general and family physicians increase along the world radiant dental problems such as tooth loss increase along the urban rural radiant oh, in part to a lack of dentists and dental visits regarding quality of care. Studies have shown that rural residents have higher proportion of preventable hospital stays for acute and chronic conditions. Now that speaks. And of course, you're not being a medical professional myself. That seems t me to a lack of comments on that the dental care thing results and your visits because people get abscesses and then they go to the murders here because they have freakin Joel splitting pain from a dental abscess. And then we have to say, Well, we can't do anything for you. You got to see a dentist like we literally do not have any way to treat that. You're going to go to a dentist. You're on antibiotics and get that tooth pulled out like there's just nothing we could do for you. Yeah, and people will put off visiting because it's a huge time commitment, right? People who may just have gingivitis will put off going to the dentist until it becomes periodontist and barrier period on Titus or whatever it is, and then it becomes a much bigger issue than it needed to be. Because aether of right of reasons for this right one is just is the time commitment to is fear of of a medical bill, right? I mean, how how common, uh, in your experience, was that as a limiting factor or people gave that as an excuse for not seeking care earlier? They have insurance, but they're just afraid of the bill. Yeah, that seems to actually affect people. They're going to productive. Like the working class is more concerned about. Obviously, lower classes in people to Medicaid Didn't care, but having three? Yeah, and then the rest of them. It's like, Well, I've got, like, kidney stones and I wait until it's like an 11 of 10 pain. And I'm crippled by and I'm throwing up in the frickin waste basket before I finally come in and try to get that dealt with. I don't want to miss work. Yeah, exactly. And in the context of Corona virus, then you have the person who gets the fever and thinks, Well, you know, I've had fevers before. This is not a big deal, and then they get the body aches and they think, Well, this is just the flu and just the flu. Uh, fella, just the flu, pal. And then it gets worse and they start getting more and more symptoms. And and by that point, ah, I I'm not sure you know exactly how the medical jargon works, But at this point, these people might be beyond saving, right? They might be beyond, and they might be beyond the capacity of their local hospital to address. So I saw a ZEY anecdote here. I saw a patient was in her mid fifties that she got the flu. She didn't want to come in and get treated for it, got worse. And where she got pneumonia, didn't want to come in. Our family is looking to go the doctor or something. And then by the time she got emergency room shoes and cardiac arrest didn't make it because people talk about, like, just the flu. Like I've seen just the flu killed people. And these are not old people like these. They're people mid fifties late forties, things like that, like so it's actually really hate that take away. It's just a flute, not the flu is actually bad. I don't want the flu. That's why I had personal protective equipment that I personally owned was to prevent getting because I don't want the flu and another lay another layer of complexity that's added on top of this is that when you have this pandemic that is hitting major metropolitan areas first and you have the layer of complexity, which is that the government, as we mentioned the first hours not prepared for this, they're already running out of PP. They're already running out of supplies. The big inner city hospitals and medical centers air consuming. Not just all the resource is but all the supplies and the labor right there having to call people back. So when this finally does potentially hit, some of these rural communities, which are already underfunded, already understaffed, already have hospitals closed, and in some cases you have one for an entire town, maybe even entire county. They're not going to get the help that they would have maybe gotten in the case of an isolated disaster like ah, wild fire or a flood or something, where New York or some other place in the country can be the lifeline of the supply line for these rural hospitals. But if they're consumed with everything else going on in the country is everything else is peaking. It's like it's gonna be like the Tennessee wildfires all over again, where the government doesn't really want to help. There's that incentive tour. It's like, Yeah, we're ah well, maybe help these people if we can. But these air like rural white, so like we don't really have a huge incentive to step in and get their back. Yeah, well, like if you've got a hospital in your county, your lucky, extremely lucky even earlier. And have your own hospital Wow! In the hospital, I was as kind interesting. When I first started there, I worked in the E. M s side of things and it is ah, medical transport. Initially that worked in emergency room was doing 911 before solar with. But, um, we weren't in old labour. Deliver department was our bunker because back in the day, this hospital you could deliver babies there. But over time these institutions they shifted and they lost capability to the point where they became what's known as a critical access facility, which is essentially an emergency room with, like maybe a acute care flora tacked on to it so their actual capabilities have declined over the years to like a rural community. Hospital can't really do much more than annuals can. For the support, it can stabilize you and then make arrangements to transport you to a larger facility, which at this point in time is going to move around by covet patients. So we are we really, what do you do? We really are in, like a post peak America. I mean, it's It's true, isn't it, Alex, like the 19 fifties, a rural hospital that would be in a county hospital, whatever would be far more advanced, far more well equipped to handle people and people were a lot healthier back then. Aziz. Well, I mean, it's It's kind of in both directions. It's it's just totally skewed from what it needs to be. That hospital I used to work at man. They delivered all the babies for that county years and years ago. But when I was working there, if you're pregnant patients who had to ship them like 50 miles up the road, I mean, that's where we're right. It's all it's also realized, and it's compounded and made worse by the living conditions for people in rural America. Because these are people that have been abandoned by the system, they their jobs have moved elsewhere. These are people who have had their lively hoods taken taken from them. In many cases, I mean, example that people on the West Coast may may resonate with is ah, loggers in Oregon. Who after the what was it Clinton and the spotted owl in the nineties? Ah, made this this one change the endangered species list. And, ah, and thousands of people lost their jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people have their their way of life significantly altered by this because this was this was the destruction of many of these small local economies. And that's the other thing is these industries that are either, Ah, I mean, we could look at the oil industry now, Azan Example of this that is suffering as a result of current economic conditions. Logging, manufacturing there are downstream effects, and it's not just that industry. It's all of those supporting industries and the industries that build up those those communities and contribute into the coffers for these counties that then you can use that money to to invest in things like hospitals, Right? So when you when you've gutted American industry and just ripped ripped this away from these people across the country, you've also ripped away much of the tax base for these counties to sustain themselves, and they just simply don't have the funding to afford. You know, these these amenities in clinical care and things. This was nobody paying into the system, and the state States may be getting wealthier in the federal government, certainly has the ability to direct funding, but there's no interest. Or, and I know municipal hospitals used to be a thing. But apparently that model went out of style because we gotta privatize all industries. Must be private. Gosh, why would we have a municipal hospital that seems highly inefficient? Let's just, ah, used a nursing home model for everything. The private prison model for everything. Yeah, and so I was doing some more digging into this research here and more reason to believe and Maurin Decatur's that this might hit rural people harder, and then maybe, maybe worse affected, when it does come to their community, is the health, the overall health of these people. And again, this is from this. Ah, the study. Health behavior research indicates that both adolescents and adults in rural areas are more likely to smoke. Moreover, rural Children over the age of five are more likely to be obese or overweight. As our rural adults, rural residents consume fewer fruits and vegetables and have greater rates of alcohol addiction and consumption than in urban locations. Levels of physical activity are also higher in urban areas, with physical in activity being higher in rural location. That's the wildest, the Americans out. That's the wildest thing to me. And I have always liked bang my head on this like the rural areas, which were you generally beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. There's a list scenery. People don't want to go outside. They would rather stay in their trailers. The beastie rates are higher, people are not exercising as much, and then they look at you like you have two heads. If you're out there like I don't know, riding a bicycle or something and I'm like, Why are you not running bicycle? Is it beautiful like this areas gorgeous, like go outside. What are you doing? What? Why are you avoiding the outdoors? Like just go out on your front porch of the very least and the diet is another thing, right? Because you would think. And this actually surprised me. I expected to find the opposite when doing the research here. I sort of expected the results about activity levels because people in urban environ environments they might have to or they're more likely to maybe walk to work or walk to a subway and then walk from there to work and back home or whatever. But the diet was actually surprising. I would expect people who live in areas where they have more room, right? Even if you live in a trailer park in a rural area, you have room for a planter bed or two. This is the thing, man. This is ah, even other commentators. They're not part of our political echelon. Have talked about this like you have food deserts in rural areas, right? What like, and that, to me, that's a That's a condemnation of this particular civilization itself. Like why in the hell is there a food desert in the middle of a rural area that used to be mostly farmland. Why, How did this happen? Because Because all there is is the dollar General. Yes, Dollar General's and what's the other? Did the dollar store like these little, awful like little. They put these things up overnight because you'll see like they'll dig out the whole for the thing. And then a week later you got like, a dollar general next door. And that's so funny because you see these efforts to do community gardening in areas where there's a lot of blacks right where they will demolish some old houses in Detroit and be like, Look, we built a community garden and these people have absolutely no interest in it. No interest, e. I mean, they could not be less interested in what is being done by these NGOs, but, ah, there's no efforts being undertaken. And I live in a suburban bordering on rural area, and I travel through rural America quite a bit, and you see nothing like this. There are no efforts to get people reinvested in the land. That's why I always saying them is socially. Decades ago, if you were eating homegrown food that met your poor, your If you're eating Kinnick food that was grown outside like fresh produce. Your report, person and rich people could afford process foods announced exact opposite. Yeah, and I think some of this we have to look at, I mean, economic conditions. Explain this to a large degree, but also the just the feeling of abandonment that I'm sure these people have and the feeling of hopelessness that it seems like this is a country in a society that has passed them by. And they just feel you can't help but travel through one of these communities. And I've mentioned this before on this show. But But there's, Ah, certain town in rural Idaho that I found myself driving through a few times. And you look at the billboards in this town and on one side it's the billboard, you know, with a 311 number for opiate addiction with the picture of a farmer on it and the other side, it's the Please don't abort your child advertisement and you just like Jesus Christ, you know, this is this is just the state of living that many of these people find themselves in and do. There's a billboard near me, and it's for a strip club on the top and then below. It's a church on the same billboard facing same duration. But it is just his total lack of hope, Right? And you know, you can have free time, right? This is this is the thing because people will say and you know, some well meaning people might say, Well, if these people have lost their jobs, why don't they just spend that time out gardening or spend that time doing things? And, you know, you can say that to a degree. But when people have been absolutely left behind, an abandoned by the entirety of this system, they have never had an experience with this system that has worked for them. There are only experience with system has been, you know, bureaucrats coming from the capital to to ah, you know, put their father out of work or to tell them what they can and can't do with their land or to collect their taxes when they're not making enough to barely feed their families. These people are going to feel just abject despair. I think that's that's the end. When you talk about deaths of despair, these are lives of despair. Many of these people are living. That's like the other elements this thing about, you know, the economic damage is gonna cause on these deaths. Imbaba blonde, right? Well, look at these rural areas like they've been living this this thing you're talking about, they've been living that for for a couple decades now. Like that's their life. Like they're they're used to this like it's it seems to me, to a certain extent, that people that aren't accustomed to that are suddenly realizing what it's like economic. And so you see, gnomic damaged, causing deaths is just It's another big line. Must go up. Excuse they. This has been happening. Like the point you just made. Alex has been going on in these communities for years and they're happy about it. They're celebrating it. I was forget the name of the journalist to has that, you know. Ah, white percentage of the kevin, right? Well, no, There's another one that has Thea Mark. Exactly. I'm sure a lot of them actually have it in one shape or another. He actually is the paper on the wall where it's the countdown of percentage of of whites in the United States and, ah, they're celebrating it. They're happy about it. They would love this to go on even further. In fact, they looked at opening up the economy as another vector. Ah, for crushing this even more. They use it as so. If we don't do this, a lot of people are going to die. But they're they're perfectly fine with with this going on and crushing people on whatever they just mouth the words to do just enough to to try to hand give these people something. But it's it's never enough. And, um, this is just gonna hit, hit thes people potentially harder, and it's it's It's extremely unfortunate, but there's things that people can do about it. I mean, um, we can, you know, I don't know, James, you wanna keep going with the studies or you wanna talk about Yeah, Yeah, I just had one more point to make that that I mean and the studying of these people in these conditions is wholly insufficient. Right? Because this this study finds, yes, there's a lack of access to carry. Yes, these people are not getting treatment, but then there's no analysis really into into the why this is, and you will get, uh, the only You just have to read this. They say quote access to mental health care could be limited in rural areas due to transportation problems, lack of reporting, mental health issues and a self reliance that often includes self care and jazz. This reminds me of what you mentioned a few weeks back about the solution they're proposing for depressed farmers to prevent farm suicides is basically L o l. Here's a 411 number you can call, and there's no there's no structural analysis of why this is happening. No, no insight into this. This life of desperation. People are living. It's just like that, like the disaster unemployment insurance. Like we talked about this, I don't know in the weekend show where last week where you have three states so far that have declared states of emergency. And when a state declares a state of emergency, then if it's approved by the president, which it's New York, California in Washington, all of which have rural white areas in them, um, they could. The federal government could release disaster unemployment insurance, which is 26 weeks of unemployment for people who are gig, economy workers or whatever is needed. And all Trump released was funds for crisis counseling. That's the lifeline that people are handed. It's like here's a telephone call. Have some crisis counseling. This will just paper this over now people could argue like a Well, they're going to get four months worth of unemployment, like given 26 weeks. How about that? How about give them something that they can feel comfortable about instead of just like, Yeah, here's we're gonna give you free crisis counseling. You know, it's like when these farmers are committing suicide were not going to solve the problem. The way to solve the problem for The New York Times is just to give them more phones. You know, more phone call centers for people to talk to. The just it's it's inevitable that we're going to snuff these people out, but at least give them somebody to talk to talk them through their problem. And it's like it's like a it's It's like G guy like you've been on this land for four generations. Have you considered taking a job at the dollar? General, I hear they're hiring. It's like that's the extent of the crisis counseling that they're offering its gathers plenty of jobs in the city. Why don't you take your Children and your wife and move on in there? That'll be great. And then, you know, when you take him to the local library, you'll see trannies. They're doing story time it so it's gonna be fantastic. It's like, you know, there's no reason to commit suicide. Don't do that. It's like, just sell your land. Goi Fucking raices should sell. Sell your land. So, uh, so sell your 40 acres that your family from homesteaded many years ago so I could be sub divided up into 10 4 acre parcels. And, ah, you know, McMansions could be built on it. Uh, just do that. And by the way, we'll give you a very generous deal on your land. Sell your birthright. So weaken. Yeah, build these. Build these subdivisions. Yeah. Excellent. Yeah. Kind of sometimes wanted to like not to go off to entertain. Did you ever wonder about ah lot of Israel? Areas, for example, have s shortages and what tends to happen is you have, like a big hospital in the area like Krylya in for example, based out of Roanoke feel they will supply E m. T s to local jurisdictions. And I'm like, Well, what if things get really bad in Rhode ACC? Or do you just pull those E. M s professionals off of those locations and pulling back into the city and say, Well, you're on your own now, Like I'm not saying that somebody like William to actually do that. I'm just wondering, like what happens if you get overwhelmed? Because I know for a fact career, Lien oftentimes has used E. M s and the E or so not to mention a patient transport. So what's to stop them from doing that? Just saying, Well, you guys gotta figure out your own solution now, right? And there's so many of these places to that have, like you mentioned, the one urban center that has the big hospital and the rest of the state or surrounding counties are all their only hope. Is the life flight helicopter right or whatever the regional, I'll turn it. Oh, yeah, that's that. That was the ticket where I was working like you had any severe situation. There's little Mona on a helicopter and fly him out. Yeah. And so these people again, this and this speaks to access, and And that deliberation when people are deciding, do I coul PMS, right? Like, you know, somebody wakes up in the running of 104 fever, and they have a cough. It's like, Well, yeah, I could call 911 but do I really want the 20 $30,000 bill from because it is that much? Oh, yeah, for sure. Yes. So do I really want to be on the hook for that? Do I know if my insurance will cover this? Uh, maybe, maybe not. And eso you will get people who and this is again speaks to lying about numbers. And do you think the U. S. Is going to have accurate numbers for people who live in the counties? I mean, for God's sakes. Like the rural areas for years have had huge delays just on general 9 11 responses, like up to an hour, two hours calls ringing off hook like not being able to get a crew out there because they've been historically volunteer based volunteers. Good old can't do it anymore. 00 it's windy. Sorry, you're just gonna have to go. Yeah, that's there is all thing. I don't want to get into that digression about why you have military helicopter pilots that aren't allowed to fly in bad weather, but whatever. Yeah, well, those, I mean, but, like, seriously, those life flight shoppers, they do go down from time to time. I they do. They do. But these are also the most trained pilots on the face. The plant, like you're not gonna find somebody. Flying helicopters doesn't have extensive military experience because that's a way to get hours and generally can fly in bad weather. But there's been a corporate thing where it's like what? We don't want them doing that because there is some risk involved. And we know that threshold of risk for those pilots is extremely high. So I'll go as ground might get sued. If yeah, yeah, exactly. That's exactly right. And so the question then is especially in the context of Corona virus testing. How many people are just living with this not getting tested? How many people are living with this and are boomers as we know? The age demographic does skew older and are turning on Fox News on their satellite TV and hearing jui juice teen Dr Siegel telling them, Oh, don't wear a mask, Just keep going out. Uh, he on February 8th came out and said, There's no reason to be concerned about this. Keep living your life, right? So how many of these people are going to be living? This is like the perfect storm. The more I think about it, people are going to be living high risk lifestyles. They're not going to have access to the care. And if they do become infected, they're going to to not believe that it's as serious as it is or they're going to just simply not be able to get the testing. Because jazz, I think you you had mentioned like even, and this is what we see across the country. These testing facilities that were supposed to be rolled out, target and CVS and Walmart all committed to, uh, setting aside room and their and their parking lots for testing facilities. Yeah, they've only built like 10 of them so far. Across thing this is this is getting bungled their stories tonight that they are having trouble with the roll out of the $1200 bag that they're confusing rules. And the the administration has having to change all this shit on the fly about who can qualify and who can't qualify. And it's turning in to a fucking mess. And so, yeah, I mean, it's like all of the things. It's like a perfect storm. And on top of that, like we said before, the people in these rural communities, some of them, unfortunately, are on still on the Trump train. And they are most susceptible to the narrative that, like it's totally fine, like you don't have to worry about it, everything, school. And even if you want to test, you can't get one. It's like it's It's It's a fucking mess. I see that where I live. It's like normalcy, bias on steroids, like everything's fine. It would be harder for me to adjust to a world where things they're not 100% fine. So I'm just gonna pretend it doesn't actually constitute a threat to me. Well, yeah. And as we see these big city police departments going on strike, right, losing 25% or not on strike, medical leave, whatever. Losing 25% of their officers. For now, what happens in the local communities? Whether is 11 guy right where there is? Yeah, It's like, you know Andy Griffith out there. And Barney Fife, maybe the bullet inspired. I know me and jazz has it up that this to like the cops. Next communities tend to be older. That's in a skew older like that's where you get to retire. Yeah, right. Like they oftentimes you'll get like, yeah, if you've been unlike the big the big city force and you head out to a small town and that's where you go toe to run up your pension and then you know it's not about it's not a bad job. But, you know, you end up in that position and it's like you're gonna be on the front line to this, and you're gonna be the guy. And in potentially the medical, the first line of medical offense as well. If there's not anybody nearby. Yeah, and Alex, correct me if I'm wrong here, but my understanding, because I'll admit one of my hobbies is listening to police scanners. Those people, perhaps. But what I've noticed is that usually on when you get any M. S. Cole, Um, and people are probably reading in the comments. But oftentimes on the M s calls, it's standard procedure for a police officer to be dispatched as well. Is that common practice in rule It's you for there's about three calls. It would be for, like, an overdose. A domestic or car crash would be the Big three. But there are many cases, many medical cases than where the the officer or the local state Patrol guy, whoever will end up tagging along one of those calls, right? Car accidents and domestic scene? Yeah, it's it's common, the one that sticks up my memories to the situation we had, where someone who said to go off of their psychiatric medication and it went out is like a random medical call. Sometime partner shows off, and this woman is in a car, sitting there with the window down and he walks up is a Hey, are you feeling all right? What's going on? What you call us? She points a gun at him. He, uh, backs away and calls for police. And I guess white privilege or something kicked in because she wasn't actually shot by the cops. Like even though she fired off the gun when they arrived, Somehow they took her into custody header in handcuffs and shooting up the back of my ambulance. And I remember starting Ivy on her and transferring the hospital. No, she wasn't a dog. So she was saying Yeah, exactly. Not. If not if you were on the call, though. Yeah. Where's the dog? Yeah, yeah, No. So it's it's bad. And these guys, they're on the front line of this, and I mean, just the impact on law and Order. And look, we have to be realistic many of these people. And again, this is This is just the conditions as they are. You have. The poverty rate is actually higher for rural white Americans than it is for urban white Americans. That's actually a hidden statistic. People will say, Oh, the poverty rate is higher for urban people than rural people. Well, who were the urban people they're talking about in that statistic? Usually when you parse it out by race, rural whites are tend to be poorer than ah than then urban whites. And I mean you can weather a crime spree in a bigger city much more with with multiple officers than you can in a small town where people ah, you know, based may decide to start turning to crime and theft. And and lawlessness happens a lot quicker in a in a small community than it does in ah, in a suburban area, I would guess. I mean, you got one cop, and if the guy's sick, it's like, What you gonna do? Another? Speaking of speaking of what, You get another point that I wanted to make before I forget about it. And this is going back to these megachurches. They're still packing in crowds and, uh, you know, praying away the gay and praying away the virus. Apparently nothing wrong with praying with the gay, I suppose. But praying away the virus. And And you had one mega church pastor who is part of Trump's economic advisory Council who was arrested and charged with I think, um, I forget what the charges are, but he was arrested by the cops down there. And, you know, we've pointed this out time and time again in the thought came to me. Ah is listening to this story last night is, you know, Trump Trump didn't come for any of his most hard core fans in 2016. He left those people out to die and end up in prison and everything else And all of us have moved on from Trump, obviously. But even these evangelicals who are, you know, basically going along with the just the flu, bro narrative and stupidly leading people into these churches packing them. But it's like the you know, we're talking about the one Wal Mart in town and the one you know, Piggly Wiggly in town in the one like whatever it is. And you know, the only thing that you can think of that would be more of a Petri dish than one of those stores would be a mega church on a Sunday. Ah, with people sitting very close together and then potentially, you know, in an environment that's not even air conditioned. Um, and so you know, you have all that going on. You have these pastors and they're telling their their flock that that it's ah, just reiterating Trump talking points. And ah, you know, when the cops decided to start arresting these people because Thea administration has pivoted to yeah, We're actually gonna take this seriously now because it's turning into, Ah, you know, something that is actually worthy of taking serious and we have really no other choice. Do you think they're there for the evangelicals that were out there doing the bit to show that it's just the flu, bro? Fuck no, these guy that this this pastors going to jail is being arrested and going to jail, and the White House is absolutely silent. So while we have all moved on beyond the Trump administration, even down to the evangelicals who were out there willing to show loyalty to the president Still, whether it's Jerry Falwell at New York Liver at Liberty University, where a dozen Liberty University students have gotten sick because he decided to reopen campus as a show of solidarity with just the flu, bro, it's like nobody you know who's on the hook for that Jerry Falwell. That's Jerry Falwell on the hook for that. That's not Trump. You're gonna pay the you're gonna pay the political price for getting those students sick. And the megachurch pastor, you know, they had two people die at one of these megachurches already, after holding one of these, like resistant, you know, congregations whose gonna pay the price for that? Is that gonna be Donald Trump? No. And is he going to come bail you out of jail? So you going to do the bit for you? Because you were politically loyal to him? Fuck, no. And so all these people are paying that same price in the lesson that was learned, you know, by us back in 2016 2017. So I just want to point that out before that moment passes. But but but But it's a locked in, and it's you tramping on my freedoms like I have the right to go and gather in a church and get a lethal virus, like just a stupid I. Go ahead, Alex. I guess I was gonna pivot Teoh. Possible suggestions, but yeah, people might want to think about your first of all, the usual medical disclaimers apply. I'm not a medical doctor. I am a certified advance team. Teoh, My search Europe today they could be on a meals right now if I was in a country. That was not a joke. So just this is information or talking purely hypothetically. It's just for discussion. Don't construe. This is medical advice. Get a medical issue. See a doctor? Don't ask me. But so the thing I've been kind of hitting on is if you're concerned about contracting just the flu, you don't want to contract just the flu. You probably should look into standard precautions and airborne precautions. That's like that. The two buzzwords just pop into a search engine watch TDs were talked about it. Whatever. It's not super complicated. It's essentially amounts to gloves and a respirator of some sort and then further elaborate on like maybe having a D Conn room where you take items or possibly contaminated. Put that stuff in there, take off your clothes and then take off your shoes. And don't walk around your house with shoes that may be contaminated. And definitely don't be touching stuff. The contaminated gloves. I think we talked about it earlier on this particular show, so that, I think is the first step right is just practice the same stuff that medical practitioners would practice. If you think that's necessary, that's up to you. You got to evaluate that risk for yourself, right? You could make your own decision so I think that's sort of obvious, and you can even see. The CDC is sort of leaning this way now like, well, maybe they should wear masks. Yeah, I don't think there's any risk or or downside in telling people that if you do have to find yourself outside or shopping for whatever reason, that you should wear gloves and you should wear a mask, I don't and I'm talking about public public areas. Yes, this is airborne, but it's like T B is also airborne. That doesn't mean you walk outside your door and it hits you in the face, and then you know you're sick. It means you're in a confined space where other people are coughing and sneezing and breathing, and then you pick it up in that confined area like your chances of picking it up like we're in a hiking trail or riding your bicycle or skateboarding or something. It's virtually non existent. It's like you're If you're in an area where there's not good air circulation and you've got sick people, then yes, you probably want to think about a mask of some sort preferably. And in 95 that fits her face all right rate, my rate. My prep, Alex. Just hypothetical situation. Tell me what I'm doing, right. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. So I, Dr Teoh, this store, grocery store, whatever. And while still in the car. But on the gloves, Put on the respirator. Make sure it's tight. New seal loves, right. Brand new gloves. Yes. Fresh natural gloves fresh out of the box. Now, I only use gardening clubs like jazz hands. Yes. Rubber dipped gardening gloves. Okay. Um well, let's say let's air using the blue night's rules and Ah, five mil. And you go to the store, you buy, you get your items off the shelf, put him in your cart and you bring it back to the car bringing. But you go to check out whatever. Do this self check out. And then, as you get it back to the car, you hit him with Lysol wipes before you put him in your trunk. And then before you get back in your car, take the gloves off, throw them in a trash can, and then once you get back into the car, you take the mask off. How would that? How does that work is that good. Is that bad? What could be improved? Just the mask. You put the mask, I guess in a bag or something. You got in there. Oh, should you put it if it's a respirator, should go in a bag. I mean, I would consider that to be a phone might. It's contaminated this point potentially, if you're if you're being, like super serious, like that's not contaminated. So that would go into a bag and you take it off from the back and not touch the front thing at any point. I mean, that's probably good what I've been doing, essentially as I go out, kind of similar, except I don't really clean off anything. I just pack up the car, come home, going to Model D Conn. Room. But all the stuff in there do you, like, take everything off in there playing my hands. And then that stuff sits in a Nikon room for about 72 hours. Like basically, I'm just letting letting potentially contaminated items because the virus has 1\/2 life. It's not eternal. It's not do maternal. It has 1\/2 life, so if you let it sit there long enough, the viral load decreases over time, and eventually it's not enough to infect anyone. So that's sort of one of them. I don't go to a few places where the viral load is decreasing in that right? Yeah, yeah, but I mean, otherwise their procedure sounds fine to like, Yeah, life. So should I think, does the job. Ah, and then with cold stuff, what I've been doing, just put it in a known clean plastic bag and then throw that in their freezer like, and I'm going to like the 10th degree here like I'm being super careful. But generally speaking, just I think isolating or cleaning items for any length of time is going to better than nothing. Just like with respirators and gloves like that, in theory should offer you some level of protection. It could be 80%. It could be 99% but it's better than a lot. And Alexie wrote, Ah, explainer for all this on fash the nation dot com called addressing the It's entitled addressing the SARS coverted to pandemic crisis. It's got a lot of the practical information here and potential strategies so that that's that's enough to protect yourself. Um in your family and, you know, avoiding contact. But, like, what? What can some of these communities do? I mean, what can what can they do? Well, where I think it gets kind of more interesting is if this turns into a really nasty crisis. Well, what happens when local health care resource is overwhelmed? What happens? Things really get bad. I think that it might make sense to have designated provider's. They're gonna, like, deliver food and items like that to the elderly, and they're gonna have to practice like extreme levels of lake standard respiratory precautions particularly. You don't want to be spreading this cause you're your mask has an exhaust valve, and now you're breathing all over food stuff like you don't want that to happen. So, like, you need to be thinking about this, maybe set it up so grocery stores can get these orders for the elderly put together. You show up a couple of stuff, drop it off that these residences have kind of d conn area set up something like that, like there's a whole lot of, like just using your head thinking about how the orchestrate that I don't I don't think that's impossible. It's on Unser multiple toe. Come up with such a system being done. Yeah, What has been done, like meals on wheels is an example of this, right? And this that's what springs to mind for me because this is something that they have a built in network of clients, right? They know generally, who needs food provided to them and in situations like this, And they have people, they have the, you know, the address is and the schedules like, it's a system that's already set up. So is that something or not to endorse that organization specifically, But is something like that Something that that you see is being valuable in a time like this. And if people want to get involved something they could dio I personally think so. I talked to a church about this and advise them that this is something they should be thinking about prioritizing, cause it's gonna become necessary if for no other reason. And you start having these lockdowns Well, why do you have at risk individuals out shopping like you should start thinking about? How can we shop for them and then make sure that we're not bringing stuff into the residence. Yeah, so Yeah, so that covers, like a lot of like prevention, I think is to get more hypothetical here. If things get really bad, if you're looking to sort of stay ahead of it, you might want to think about what happens if somebody gets sick. And what happens if we get sick? We don't really have a lot of health care. Resource is like it would make sense to think. Now, if you're concerned about it, I'm not saying you gotta be. This is just hypothetical stuff. If you want to cover your bases, might want to think about how do I check basic vital signs and monitor someone's condition? Because if you can learn how to do that and it's not hard, then you'll be light years ahead of the situation. Because then you can say this person is basically maintaining, okay, versus they need to get a higher level care media. You. You and I were you and I were talking about this a little bit. Alex. I mean, some of the key things to have at home are like a stethoscope. Ah, thermometer. Um, some of these, you know, basic first aid kid things that, you know, maybe you most people assume. Okay. Yeah, I have a thermometer. I have some way of doing this, but maybe maybe you don't have a stethoscope. I didn't have one. Um, but it's it's not a bad thing. Toe have, Um, especially if things end up in in kind of a rough situation. And that's another question that that, you know, not nobody has been addressing is like, What do you do if, like, someone in your family, uh, is test positive with the virus? Does that mean that you for 14 days or for the duration of that person sickness like you cannot leave the house anymore to go get food? I mean, what is that? What? Because it's life is already kind of shitty at the moment. But if somebody in your family got sick, like, what does that change about the protocols? That means you like the gloves and the mask and all the shit that you're doing. Like you can't go to the store anymore, and it is isolating in a separate room. Hell, you can. You can. It's just now here essentially protecting other people from getting what you've got You got to make sure I have an exhaustive element in 95. But yeah, um, I think that it potentially it's important to think about what to do if because what I concerned about personally is what happens whenever facility you takes my, the emergency room, hospital or whatever doctors office and did their sick with this particular virus and they're reasonably stable. But you have them discharge back to residents, and this is happening. You get them discharged, they send them home and then they deteriorate and then they die overnight. Like that does happen. So if you're in that kind of scenario, I think it makes sense to possibly think about well, how could I monitor them in, basically evaluate their condition myself, and it's not. I don't personally think it's that difficult, like pulse ox. Ometer would be the first thing on my list, and I've noticed those things. They're still hanging around. Nobody's buying thermometers for whatever reason, and I think that's the oxygen measure, right, That's Ah, yeah, measures the oxygen concentration in your blood, and it also gives you the patient's polls. These are things I mean, these are things that are good toe have around. Anyway, That's good skills to learn. It means just in for for anybody. If you're prepping, why not? If you're gonna be a prepper? I'm not saying I'm a prepper that you should be one. But if you're gonna be doing that stuff, you might as well be able to take a poll socks and put it on some ice finger. Know what the concentration should be and know how to take a blood pressure like it's not. You're just going to be a functioning man in society, I think. Yeah, this is this a disconnect. I see two with a lot of people is like They buy up dumb stuff like thermometers And just speaking, my own personal experience, like clinically temperature, is not something people are generally super worried about. It's usually basic. Vitals would be like Holt's blood pressure, oxygen concentration, respiratory rate, stuff like that. Not fever. Yes. Fever can potentially be an issue. Something you should have no thermometer, right? I mean, like, it's ideal. You've gotta throw ideally. Yeah, yeah. And if your mom it could be a good heuristic. If you are a fever, I should say it could be a good heuristic that there's more going on, right that you you have some. Yeah. Um, you'll also see that with your poll socks, because the poultry, it's gonna go up the fever generally, but yeah, the me personally, I would rank it, pull its likes, ometer stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and then barometer if we're just making a hierarchy. Yeah, and I don't think there's anything wrong with being a prepper because being a prepper means you're not helpless. And being not helpless is kind of a key place that you want to be. And these are things that your grandparent's probably knew how to dio and probably a rare situation if they didn't cause, you know, it's not that Maybe they didn't have access to a doctor back then. But it would be like, Well, who the fuck wants to pay a doctor Cash for these services when I can take care of this problem, potentially myself is when babies were born at home. It's on it so forth yada, yada, yada. But people were not helpless. People could take care of, ah, issues, and if things got so serious, you kind of took care of it. until you could maybe get to a doctor, which could be for a while. So I think it's good you could You could potentially buy everything you need for about 100 bucks. Yeah, to do complete vitals and then to learn what those ranges should be. That's not hard day or two to figure head to that, and you could start tracking that stuff. That's my sick. Basically, what you're looking for is like trending like. Well, they started within a normal range. The blood pressure is like 1 23\/81 The respirations were, uh I don't know, 16 times a minute, and their pulse was like 72. But then pulls kept going up. Respirations kept going up. Oxygen concentration going down. Fever kept going higher. So you see them trending in the wrong direction. They're like, Wait a minute. They they passed beyond a certain threshold. Like, Oh, respirations are like 38 times a minute. Oxygen concentration is like 86. You know, obvious stuff like that doesn't look good. Need to do something about this. But there are also things you can you can have to. I mean, even if you don't get the Corona virus, if if whether it's you, whether it's your your spouse, whether it's your kid neighbor, if you want to avoid yeah, neighbor someone you know, a parent, whoever. Whether, if you want to avoid entering a potentially contagious situation by taking them to hospital. But we're taking him to a doctor or you want you want to be sure that, you know, be sure if they need the care. Maybe they don't need to go in just so you can monitor these things. Write it because you know, like, let's say your kid has a fever. Well, again, we're not medical matter where I'm not a doctor. This is not medical advice, but from what I have read and what I understand in most cases, a kid with a fever doesn't need to go to the hospital. But there are some cases when they dio and to have more information, the more information you can have. The Maurin formed a decision you can make because if we enter a situation and again, some hospitals already are in a situation where if you go into the to the waiting room and you hang around in the ER with six hour, eight hour Wait. There's a very good chance you were going to get infected. You want to be darn sure that you you need to be going there if you're going to be taking that risk for you trying to do. I'm trying to do shit outside now, because the weather is kind of getting nice and, like, I want to not be inside anymore. And I have things to do outside that air involved physical labour and moving things around and like a potentially getting hurt. Not I'm thinking twice about, you know, ah, cutting down this tree or like whatever that is I'm doing. It's kind of like if this shit false on me, this is more than just like me with a broken arm. It's like me with a broken arm, going into a Petri dish of oven environment. It's kind of like, you know, you got a sort of think twice about what you're doing. Another thing to consider. Yeah, Yeah. I changed out of the Birkenstocks, were working on the train. Saw a couple days ago with that very reason. Well, another thing too, about if you're the guy in your neighborhood that people know, you know, has thes supplies that that Alex is talking about. And you know, you're in a crisis like this. This is actually a time to build potentially bonds within your community with people that you didn't even know that people that would have been previously in the world of four months ago totally isolated by consumerism, whatever else but in a necessity in a situation where people have to help each other. This is exactly the opposite of what Jews have requested. So being prepared and interacting with other white people in your community and working together, it's not something that they're going to be too pleased with. So if you're doing it for any reason other than for yourself, which should be enough, just remember that this is this a good opportunity, potentially to connect with other people around you and and potentially, you know, you could be a guy that is, ah, there. When somebody needs the help, their help, your help the most, which is a positive thing as well. And it's one of the reasons why rural areas may actually fare better in the long run than the city's, because as we illustrated in the first half of the show. Ah, manufacturing and health care and a lot of these industries that are not going to be impacted by the recession are gonna be weathering this storm. Okay, The small mom and pop businesses that are vital to the supply the town they're going to be doing all right, The people in the city not so good. And if the if the rural areas can band together and you got a good few good people around to kind of keep things through and see this thing through, they're gonna come out on top of this thing a little bit better than everybody else. And I think that's a good thing. Overall, Yeah, yeah. And you also you do have been a fit of like we do live in an age where you can learn how to do a lot of this stuff like you could certainly learn to take final signs and start figuring out like, what's normal. What's abnormal have do training vitals, things like that. You can certainly increase your personal capacity to do stuff like your competencies could go way up. Well, uh, where we have a little bit more. Ah, time to put in here. You guys want to some bottom of the stack pieces? Sure. Alex. Journalist it? Sure. Well, there's the very top of the bottom of the stack. Is Ah there. This is hilarious. Um, horrific propaganda campaign claims Corona viruses spread by talking to transgender people. The l g p t plus. What is it? P Right, James the LG LGBT Happy pedophile in high Dara Bad Italy Hyderabad, Italy. Jesus Christ! Well, I mean some places. Maybe that's true. But in India have expressed shock over posters erected across the city claiming Corona viruses was spread by speaking to trans people while based budgets. The highly offensive posters which read If you talk to transgenders, you will get Corona were spotted in a mere Pete Metro station by Raj Bob on Road and bond. Hajar whatever the fuck it is. But ah, this is shocking, says local trans activist Chandra Muecke. Ah, we first saw the posters just before lock down and informed the police. We urged the police to use footage to nab those spreading the hate. This is fucking hilarious. This is This is this is a truly viral mean I would love for this to go eyes wide as possible. At least we know. Oh, yeah. You know, they canceled all these elective surgeries for these disgusting people. So you know, it's a start. Dr. Rumor had a business. And this is why you could tell that they have pivoted to Indian migration instead of African Miley. I mean, they're still doing African migration into the U. S. But in Africa, yeah, the reaction would be Well, first of all, they wouldn't have posters because they can't read. But secondly, like the reaction would be I don't Have you guys heard about this stuff? They do the bald people and albinos in Africa where they like, like, crack their hands open toe like, because I think there's golden cheese thes air. People who never called superstitious is bloody and mildly. But in India, no, though they will be the perfect little compliance bots for the system for system ideology. So, yeah, I mean, this is makes perfect sense. How is this going to shake out in terms of global immigration type stuff like, I just I don't see this working out well for, like, the new liberal global Homo gay plex project. We said this. We said this like six weeks ago when this was first kicking off, where it's like this is and this is something Michael said as well recently is, is that it is. This is proving to people that these governments have the will to shut it down. I mean, look at Canada with Justin Trudeau, who is completely shut down the borders now. It took his wife being positive with Corona virus for this to happen. But you're seeing liberal governments all over the world doing this out of necessity, so they have the ability to do it. And now people are going to see and it's and it's a great rhetorical ah, device that could be deployed now, which is that you can shut down the borders. You we will shut down the borders. And when they're when they try to go back to this new normal, it's gonna be very difficult. But that's why, at the very beginning of this, you had all these deep think pieces being put out by the Washington Post, The New York Times and so on and so forth NPR about how you know we must not you know exhibit, you know, unconscious xenophobia in this time of crisis, because this is going to make people feel bad. And it's not the direction we want to be going. And it's like, No, it's it's not xenophobia. This is healthy behavior. This is what must be continued. This is what you need to say to people when things start going back to normal, and they will eventually maybe a new normal. But I'm hoping that this has, at least for a period of time, has slowed. Ah, this sort of Ah, you know, I hope people are more careful going forward. I don't know. I don't know what's gonna I just don't see it going back to the way that it was before. But I could be wrong, I hope. I hope I'm not wrong, though. I mean, didn't like shit live journos. Think they could just go right back to screeching about Nazis And people are gonna care. No, I dont They can And my my thinking on this and, uh, certainly want you guys opinion to Is that something was this was building right in this This hype in this Ah, this indoctrination for lack of a better term that they were putting forward about the scary. What supreme ist evil threat was something that they were like very delicately building piece by piece. And it's like somebody building a Lego Eiffel Tower. And then Corona virus was taking a sledgehammer to it and just knocking all the pieces like back, scattering them from once they came because people their attention on Eiffel Tower. Or how about more like Tower of Babel? The Tower of Babel is the thing that got smashed. New 1,000,000 pieces. Yeah, yeah, I know. That's exactly exactly I mean, yeah, I imagine just trying to dock somebody right now and then, like, try to get any sort of like social awareness about a particular person having bad thoughts like it's drowned immediately behind all of this Corona virus coverage. Like it's right. It's a tsunami in your turn api in the tsunami people. And it just reveals that that that whole, if it's not using, coined a new phase. Alex is like pissing into a tsunami instead of pissing into it really is. Yeah, well, what do you know? Like the page? It's air. Not wrong. Going back to this transgender spreading the Corona virus. They're actually not wrong about this because one thing that has been of deep concern to a lot of people in the mainstream media is that scientifically, you know, while Corona virus may not be a racial virus, um, it is a virus that apparently homosexuals are more susceptible to getting. And this is something that Dr Fauci and some other people that I've seen in town halls medical professionals get kind of uncomfortable. But they have to say the true answer, which is you do see an increase in people who are gay, being more susceptible to getting this. And so what? The page It's a really calling out is that transgenders are viral. Super spreaders like trannies are super spreaders, essentially of the virus, and they're not wrong to call this out. This isn't just stigmatizing. This is science. As much as I hate to admit that these Ah, these people are right. I was aggravated fallacy today because somebody I my wife, I guess it's like this. It's like a radio interview with him and somebody brought up. Take the question about face masks and, like Foulke does, isn't this elaborate ballerina display of tippy toeing around the issue like, well, studies research. Well, uh, try and preserve medical supplies, like just refusing to actually like comment on, like, acts actually act. Ah, answering the question and saying yes or no, I know. I'm gonna try to point that, because the supply situation is is a total shit show. I mean, ah, the U. S. Emergency medical stockpile is nearly out of PPE. DHS is out of BP. Um, you know, their doctors don't even have this stuff. So, you know, and it's also it sucks because, you know, I'm not like Fauci trusting here, but you can tell that he's on this, like, White House leash. That's very short. And Jared Kushner and Donald Trump are on the other end of it and and, you know, every time he does something like when Trump was blaming this on the Deep State Department, like 10 days ago and found she did the face palm on national television, then he was not there on Monday. He like they got the hook. They got him off the stage and down Donald's. That goes very, very busy. But it's like I'd love to hear what this guy actually has to say because like you're pointing out Alex, It's like, you know, it's like Why doesn't he just be like, You know what? Everybody should have a mask and it's There's no excuse for us, not the have masks. And it's like I think the guys calculation I was talking to somebody about this today is that he knows that he would be fired in a heartbeat. Now Trump would deal with an enormous amount of political fallout from that. But if pfoutch you in his own way on this, he would either be fired or sent to some. You know, I don't know the equivalent of Siberia in America to like work on whatever he'd be pulled from the front lines of this. And I think is a medical professional. I think he views. It's it's better to be there and at least try to influence it in some way, then be sent in off into some other place and replaced with a dupe. Somebody who's even more of a do potentially Ah, who is going to lead people in the wrong direction? I don't know. That's that's my I don't know, just from afar, thinking on it. But no, I think you're right because he is not done. He's not. Ah, he's been clearly trying to thread a needle here and trying to please Trump on the one hand and not not just directly well, actually contradict Trump. But also, you know, not trying to go too far into repeating Trump's stupid PLO aviation's about this being just the flu. He's been trying to take approaches delicately, and, I mean, for a guy who clearly is, he's aware what the consequences are for, ah, getting on Trump's bad side on this. Well, he's doing the low, the low i Q. A non narrative on this is still the doctor. Fauci is a an apparatus of the deep state, akin to James Comey, and he is there out there. Ah, whenever he's telling people that this is in any way serious, he's out there undermining blowups presidency, and he must be stopped. And, uh, yeah, it's fucking ridiculous. I mean, I don't know enough about felt she and has been through several administrations, and he seems to generally talk talk sense like he seems to have relatively straight ahead skirt on the shoulders. But the idea that we got 200,000 plus confirmed cases in the United States that doesn't transform into huge casualties. I don't see that's not gonna happen, like just based on us on Italy, and they're confirmed cases versus their death statistics. I don't see how we have lead this becoming, shall we say, a significant event. Not saying apocalypse, black plague, anything like that or that everybody should have HAZ mat suits stay in the basement for two years, but already very bad. Like even if this ended tomorrow, which it's not going to, this is already very bad mean, you know, it's like 46,000 deaths worldwide, many of those in European countries, which means many of those people are white. And so at this point, if you're still one of these people, that's out there saying like, this is just a panic. And, you know, you're not even mentioning the number of deaths. It's like, OK, so you're alright with 38,000 white people who are dead and ah, you know you're OK with that. That's cool. Yeah, I mean, I I know we're doing like light switch brains here, and I don't feel that it's alarmist to think about a scenario where, like, three years ago, if you told me I was going on on E. M s Cole, this money had this disease. That's it's an airborne disease. It produces these kinds of outcomes, even if it's not a big deal of time. It's like kind of confined to one area I would be putting on the respirator that I bought in my glove. I'm not going to take a chance with that. That's idiotic. Why? The opportunity cost of me putting on some gloves and respirator is zilch. So why would I not do that? Yeah, well, I mean, a lots going to change. And there's no way to tell either how long this is gonna go on, How many people are going to die, what the impact is gonna be. I can't even think about You know, the idea that it could research There could be a resurgence of this next year that we could still be talking about this in the winter of 2021. And, you know, at some point I hope there's a vaccine and we we can move on. And, you know, I don't I again I hope it dies out. Man, I hope this goes away. I really dio If vaccine makes you hurt, people are right. Eyes out, man. Yeah, if the nothing burger people are right, Thank God. Thank Okay, Wonderful. I'm happy to be wrong. I am really happy to be wrong. And this was like blood. Fantastic. I'll go back to the nothing brighter people Be right at this point. Like have we crossed the Rubicon where the nothingness in the nothing burger wrists like I would love for them to be right. I would love this for this to go away tomorrow but like, you know, 13,000 dead people in Italy and ah, you know, it's kind of like are we can't even say it's like, No, this is a thing that I hope it goes away and it's put to bed and never comes back. But how that happens, I don't know. I don't You know, I don't know how that happens in the vaccine. Scares me almost as much, and I'm not an anti vax person, but I don't like the origins of where a lot of this is coming from, and it's kind of like, you know, does this ever get solved? Um, I don't know, but yeah, Yeah. I mean, what do you really say? Like, I think for the nothing where people three million could die. And that wouldn't be enough like, Well, unless civilization grinds to a halt and the power goes off and everybody starts death, it's no we're talking about, right? Unless I see the day after tomorrow taking place outside my apartment window, nothing's at. It's like, Well, five million. I said this, and it's unfortunate that people will be willing to do this cope. But this is the This is the Why am I not being c G. I entertained every five minutes is that five million people could die. And six months after that, the reaction will be like that. That wasn't anything. There's nothing to see there. That was a nothing. Burger. Yeah. Fuck it. Like, there's always gonna be some number of people. I didn't die. Yeah, well, I only lost half my family and still got the other half. Yeah, the man. Well, in any case, well, what it was tomorrow we got jazz and Jesse. Well, tomorrow tonight, most people won't hear this until Thursday. So tonight we have jazz and Jesse and, uh, tedious on Friday and so on and so forth. Alex. It's very good, I think. I don't think I've ever been on FTN before, but it's I don't think I have. It's weird. It's glad to have you glad to have you on here. You have to make a regular appearance. You and I talk a ton, though, Um, and but it's good heavy on the show. And James getting parting words. You busy reading Corona virus could be spread by rimming, which was The article is like, Oh, God, it's very pertinent to me again. No, I mean, you sent me down the pink news. Uh oh, God, that's really LGBT shit. That's where the budget. Oh, God, the digits. Yeah, I click on that and see that? See that old headline? The sidebar. How could I not? Could could could, uh, gay mafia actually be the thing that leads to a decrease in h one b visas because of shit like this? I don't know. This'll not an ideal scenario. I don't want faction two factions that neither of whom belong here fighting each other. I want them just gone. But anyway, yeah. Please, please know. Yeah. Thanks again, Alex. Coming on. I assume I can speak for you when I say Don't do rimming. I think that could be part of our standard recommendation. Unless you're unless you're I don't think it's controversial. New tire on your road bike and then rimming, I suppose is acceptable if that's a thing. Well, I think we call that rim. It just goes on a tire. Um, all right, that's that's a good place to be. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy your betters deep, and we'll catch you guys later.