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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation. Your guiding light in a sea of generous is blood welcomed FTN 300. Janssens feels probably brought to you by the world's most pandemic averse right wing political network. You heard it somewhere. Chances are that somewhere was here, and I'm joined by James Alsip James also. What's happening, guy? Four weeks of locked down now I think we're counting so far. Yeah, four weeks of locked down and haven't yet cracked into the emergency supply of canned corn and chili. So everything's going well here. And ah, yeah, I'm enjoying this time home this time at the computer, this time able to catch up on projects and things. And yeah, it's it's actually pretty nice. And I think a lot of people are feeling this way too right. If you go to an office job and you've been at home now for four weeks like wow, why do I even need to go into the office anymore? I like it at home with my family and my convenience and things, and I don't want to go back when this all comes to an end. Yeah, people are feeling pretty good for the most part. I mean, there's obviously the fear of everything going on. And if you've lost your job, we've seen people in our thing who that has happened to and and, Ah, hopefully this this all goes aways quickly as possible. I mean, that's that's my position on it. We've talked about this a number of different times, and just so it's, it's 100% clear, this sucks. And it's gonna suck financially for a lot of people and, you know, potentially even, you know, Ah, healthwise medically, it's gonna be a difficult time for everybody. And so I my personal feelings like, I'd like this to be over a squid Klay as possible. I hope some of the changes that people have adopted in their lives from ah, you know better hygienic sis, that's, you know, not something we have to worry about. But in the general public, you know better hygienic sand and hopefully for people who have gotten a work from home for the first time that you broke the seal on company policy, and it's going to be difficult for them to roll that back. Hopefully ah, that turns out to be a windfall for people. If that when things become normalized, they will go back to it will be a new normal. Let's put it that way, but you're while while it's happening. And while people's lives there in danger and they are like it's just a silly position at this point, if you're if you're still in this category of like, none of none of this is real, though, like this, Israel people are dying in the numbers air skyrocketing. In fact, we may even hit 700,000 While we're recording this show. The Johns Hopkins site used to, you know, f five gang on that. It used to not update that often, and it's it's gone up by 50,000. Ah, just today, um, and it's it's moving up very quickly. And so while this is a threat, I think that we need to take whatever steps are necessary at the at the federal level at the state level, Um, you know, country by country to keep people a safe assed possible Ah and ah, slo mo's economy to be damned. I mean, that's that's my position. I favor human life over big line going up, and we've made that point pretty clear. We're not gonna re hash all of that again. In fact, we have so much, so many other things to talk about, things that have been buried in the bailout. No, it's not shrimp on a treadmill. This is actually some pretty insidious stuff. And so we're also gonna open with some of the more breaking stories, things that are confirming narratives that we've had for a while. One of the big ones right now and I saw this on Friday is that you know, there's the the the phenomenon of a second spike, right? So you have, you know, people think that they're getting better and this is a phenomenon, even though it's it's not. It's not necessarily the best thing to try to compare this to other diseases that have spread throughout the world. Other pandemics, because it's not the same in terms of its transmissibility. But when people think that, you know Oh yeah, we did enough. We've stayed at home, we've stayed inside, we've worn gloves and masks, and we followed all the precautions. The CDC, though by the way, now that I'm saying that the CDC remember, They said, Yeah. You know, doctors and nurses are the only people that met. Need mass, like you don't. Well, they're gonna be updating their guidance, I think in the next five or 10 days to say that, Yeah, everybody should probably wear masks in their daily life. So, yeah, there's that. But, um, where was I going with this? Oh, well, so this is going with with this second spike and you know, everybody has been sort of celebrating. Oh, look at China. Zero new cases, your new deaths. I mean, they've they've really put this whole thing to bed, and it's again, it's nuance. China has done a very good job. China did take good steps and in the very beginning, to try to lock this down. Um, but as a Friday, there were some 600 movie theaters across China Ah, that were given the green light toe, open their doors over the past week. And then on Friday, they were ordered to be all shut back down again. Because what is going on over there is you have rioting. You have Wuhan residents who previously tested positive for Corona virus. Who then recovered are now testing positive for a second time. And you know, these air all like, this is all. None of stuff we're talking about is unlike some spooky link website, like, all of this stuff is totally confirmed on pretty much every mainstream piece of news in before. Like, Oh, you trust the mainstream knows, though it's like I trust them a lot more than, like, spooky link dot x y z slash You know, whatever some bullshit that information truth in liberty dot net Yes, that's not what this is, right. We're seeing this from from I mean, this is coming from the Chinese government itself, putting out these directives to re close many of these movie theaters in Hong Kong. We have the same same phenomenon taking place where these art museums, all museums actually that were cleared to open in Hong Kong are being closed again in the midst of the second wave. And the second wave is something we alluded to on the midweek show Azaz, part of one of the carriers. I guess of this apathy that people are feeling some people are feeling as people are inside. People are not going toe work. People are not out shopping. They honestly just get bored. And when you're inside and you're bored and you have nothing, you know no one around, nothing to do, start thinking. Well, maybe it's worth it. Just opening things back up. How bad could things really be? And when that response becomes the national policy, as Trump is attempting to make it, and as they did so in China and Hong Kong, then that's when you get reinfection. That's when you get people re entering the public sphere, getting other people sick. And China's experiencing that right now, as his Hong Kong eyes of Singapore, as are many of these other countries that had thought they had these Asian countries that had thought they had done a pretty good job of fighting that South Korea as well. There were something that, yeah, not quite. It's like, well, guys yet packet in China and South Korea and Taiwan. They just solved all these problems. And, uh, everything's fine now. Now the thing is, the reading between the lines is they did address this in a far more serious way than anybody in the West, and they're still having a problem with a resurgence of the disease, right? That does not bode well for a place like no United States of America. You know, Donald Trump finally did actually keep one of his promises. Though James, like America, is now in first. Trump has done full America first, and we're now in first with the most number of cases and probably soon to be most number of deaths. So, yeah. I mean, we're going to hit a 1,000,000 cases worldwide, probably sometime this week. And the United States is already at, what, 1 1,515,000 cases. So yeah, America first, guys. And you know, Donald was out there. I saw walking past the television. Donna was out there on the ah, on the deck of a hospital ship at the Norfolk. Oh, no, the Norfolk Shipyard Naval Shipyard, as that was getting ready to head up to, Ah, New York City. And it's it's this totally planned, you know, a 1,000,000 fluttering American flags on the deck of the ship and Donald talking about how deeply he cares about each and every one of you in the audience. And it's just like the whole reason that they're doing this is because they know the optics have been so fucking bad out of the administration, and it's been taken so un seriously about just from every angle. We're going to get into that a little bit later, but I just, you know, as we're doing the juxtaposition between countries who took it very seriously and quote unquote solved the problem, you think that the fire has gone out and then the flames start, you know, popping back up again. And it's just totally a joke. And so it's It's, you know, not not very good feel Ah, when your country didn't take it seriously at all and is now overreacting or under reacting. But, you know, in post haste to try toe, bring things back in line and you were not able to do it. No, they're not. And did they learn nothing from Bush about premature declarations of victory from the decks of aircraft carriers? I mean, good job, Brownie mission. A mission accomplished. Yeah, but in China, like, this isn't just This isn't just like oh, yeah, handful of ah handful of residents testing positive and, you know, just just all of the movie theaters in China closing down. They also had riding breaking out on the border bridge between who bay in Gene G in China on Friday. This has caused a lot of problems. There's videos of that everywhere. People are rioting because they II whether they want to get out or get in. I'm not really sure. But, you know, it's things were not under control there. Something else that started popping up late on Friday night. And, you know, at first it seemed pretty spooky, right? Smooth me. Um, but then you know, it's actually all over the place and its confirmation of what we've been saying all along. And it's not that it's not that China is is you know, we're not. We're not doing the neo con bit that that everybody else has been doing. What we've been saying is very surgical, and that is China. One of the ways that China quote unquote solved its problem was by telling people that the total number of deaths in total number of cases were far lower than what they actually were. So that's not actually like, if I if I puke on the floor and sweep it under the rug, I didn't clean up the puke right, like the pork is still there, like soaking into the rug. And that's what they've done. And it's It's a guess They took you. Can you can have, you know, a a bifurcated opinion on this. They took solid measures in the beginning, but some of the measures they also took were to sweep the puke under the rug. And what we're seeing now is photos of thousands of earns turning up on social media now being before from people who like, Yeah, bro, but, like people are dying all the time. So it's not a big surprise that there are 2500 earns to one funeral home on Wednesday, and then another 2500 earns to that same food in her home on Thursday. Really, bro like that many that many people are dying, right? Like when China is selling this, that only 2500 people died in Wuhan, total at all, and there are 10,000 dead people in Italy and soon to be 10,000 dead people in Spain. I mean no, like we saw in Italy, in Spain and the trajectory of the United States, we're headed in a farm or ah, far more upward tick on the graph that China was probably not telling the truth. And when you see burns being delivered, there's another, Ah, funeral home that apparently is getting 500 earns a day between now and April 4. So 6000 earns, right. Even 6000 people in that little town. I mean, what funeral home in America do you know that that cranks 6000 funerals through in a week, guy, I don't know, but apparently there some in Germany that can handle that capacity. Yeah, Apparently allegedly allegedly according Teoh, some conspiracy theorists. Yes, right. Um and then the other thing that has popped up and again this is in this is in a variety of mainstream sources. This is not, you know, some some shit bag link. 21 million fewer cell phone accounts in China. I mean, maybe you could argue that, you know, the honest assessment here is like, Yeah, sure. Maybe the Chinese government just canceled these accounts or they shut them off for whatever. But these accounts seem to have been disconnected. Disappeared? Why are these dissidents that the Chinese government is trying to silence 840,000 landlines disconnected to like what? They just bulldozing entire cities. Now, did they have these things, you know, connected to nothing? I mean, were these dummy accounts? I don't know, but it's kind of funny, right, James? I mean, I'm not saying that 21 million people died. That would be pretty insane. What I am saying, what I actually believe is that based on what we've seen in Italy in Spain and are going to see in the United States that the death count and the infection count that China reported is probably underestimated by a magnitude or fought by of 5 to 10. That's right. Guess Yeah, sure, in this. So this would fit perfectly with the other news we've had out of China in recent days. Including them kicking out all non Chinese media, right? Al Jazeera had been on the ground in China, covering the in Wuhan, actually covering developments there. They have been kicked out. All of these other media outlets are out of the country. And yeah, you can say reflexively like, Yeah, this is awesome. I wish our country would do this, but you know why? What reason would China have to kick out the media. If there were actually evidence of this miraculous recovery, wouldn't they want them there to be sharing their their triumph over this virus to the world? One would think, But also, you know, the quarantine going on into on for as long as it did. What was it? Six weeks, six weeks? Eight weeks of quarantine. People kept in their homes. Often doors welded shut right there. No cars on the street. People were not out moving around. Yeah. I mean, if you want to want to essentially disconnect a city of that size from the outside world, cutting off their cell phone access, cutting off Internet access, which we don't have numbers on. But no one could only speculate what's been done, they're cutting off the landline phones. This is all what you would do and removing the media. It's all what you would do to isolate a sector of the population, be it a city or province from talking to the outside world at all. That impossible. That's possible, but they can. They can turn off your cellphone without killing your account, and this is killed accounts like counts that were canceled and 840,000 landlines, 21 million cellphones accounts that were canceled, right? Like if they wanted to just silence them, they could just, you know, turn off, turn off the connectivity. And, you know, presumably that those people would still have accounts, but your accounts cancelled. It's like you need new number now and it's, I mean, but why would you need a new number? But it's again. I'm not saying that 21 million people have died. It's just some, you know, between the urns, and you have to like in order to not think like a light switch brain. You have to take all of this information and cumulatively in question. Some of it. It's like, you know, maybe the accounts are what James just said. Maybe the urns are, I don't know. Maybe they're they're just ordering ahead of time. For for the death season that's coming this summer. I don't know rioting and China don't really know, but you have Wuhan residents testing positive again for the virus. You have reports of the Chinese government refusing to treat people who have tested positive because they don't want their case count to go up at all, which makes sense. It's like we keep it zero. So, you know, and then you have from on Friday them shutting down all the movie theaters again. So what is the point? What is the point of all this? Is this to support some neo con agenda and in, you know, rustling with the with Hong Kong and, you know, taking down President G. No. What this is is that if China had reported its numbers accurately and today on that board, you saw 50,000 deaths in China and 500,000 cases, which is probably closer to the truth. Maybe that's even higher than that, I don't know, but that's my sort of conservative estimate on it. Um, maybe the rest of the world would have taken this a bit more seriously. They should have taken it more seriously anyway. But maybe seeing how bad it actually got in China maybe would have snuffed out all the just the flu bro takes from the very beginning. Maybe it would have caused Italy to close things down even tighter earlier. Maybe might have even saved some lives. So that's my problem with it. And that's my take on China China could be China. China can do what trying to do, whatever the fuck it wants. A song is it isn't impacting me or impacting my people. And if it is that I'm going to start asking questions. But that doesn't mean that Oh, well, we have to, like, you know, take down President G because of the no, that's retarded. But yeah, like that's That's I mean, I think that's a pretty fair assessment with which most people would agree. Oh, yeah, definitely. And it's revealing, too, because this is not the tact that many of the neo cons people like like Tom Cotton, for example are taking. They are speaking of China, then they're not talking about this. What they're saying is that China must pay for bringing us the city's China needs to be brought to its knees and atone for what it's not. How about we focus on containing this in the U. S. First and preventing Americans from dying of this first everything else you know, water under the bridge, whether or not water into the bridge. But it's not the most pressing concern, right, if you're if you're an American legislator, but it just shows that they are using this crisis and using, Ah, what? What is a real concern and what are real questions people should have about China's honestly, real doubts and tried his honesty there, misdirecting that not into an opportunity to improve American or European public health, but into an opportunity to beat the drums of war absolutely well. In Italy, they saw, you know, people were starting to look a Italian deaths going down early in the week, as as an indication that that the problem was solved, we flatten the curve. Well, no Friday they went up to 919 which is a new record. Spain's grew by 850 both of those places for getting just totally decimated and literally decimated because in some in some areas, the mortality rate is climbing to almost 10%. And as all of you know, except those of you out Maria run Lander. You know, decimation means every 10th man, so people are literally getting decimated by this. And, um, in Italy, 51 Italian doctors who tested positive for Corona virus have died. So uh right, like James, I'm sure that those were octogenarian doctors who had been called back in and, ah, you know, needed to be brought back into service to help people out, right? Just like old. You know, that Just so ridiculous. The claims that people keep making that are endangering people's lives. And there is also the fact that New York City M s received more than 6400 medical 911 calls on Wednesday, which surpassed the record set on 9 11 So, yeah, like this is Ah, this is not a joke. This is not, like just some small thing anymore. This is anything quite serious. Yeah, I know. And it's it's rebounding to, and this is what we The other piece of news we got out of Hong Kong this week is they are reporting as we noted, the second spike, which again, if you want further evidence that China is lying about their numbers, where is the second spike in China being reported officially? Right. The only evidence of a second spike we have in China is is coming from non state media. So why wouldn't China be? Might be telling you the truth about even a small second spike Hong Kong against shutting back down they had a fewer fewer than 100 10 cases of growing a virus. And now, because of people coming back into Hong Kong and and the borders remaining open, they have 450 cases, and they re closed down all of their food service and bars, and things are now shut. So, yeah, I mean, if you want evidence of China lying, there you go. Why would there not be a second spike in China as well? Yeah, it just doesn't make sense. But, ah. Um, I guess there's some upside All of this, James. Some you had a TL board member and Biden spokesman. Political gay up. Larry Rasky apparently died of Cove in 19. I saw this on Friday. Apparently he Ah, he was ah, not feeling well on Friday, dead by Sunday. And they tested the guy post humorously. Um, and he tested positive for Cove in 19. So that's another element of this, too, is how often are people just dying and they're not They're not actually administering a test, right? I guess you have to be in a TL board member and, you know, big tear political gay up to get something like that, but we don't really know. Um, so right, do you think your average grand parent that just dies of a heart attack as we're seeing now people who they think are dying of heart attacks. Actually, they test them posthumously and find they were infected. You think your average person is going to have access to that test? Probably not. And this also speaks to something that we mentioned when that we found out about very early on when this was coming out of that life care center in Kirkland, Washington, where the director said they would have people who began showing symptoms one hour and we're dead by the next. This guy, Larry Rasky. According to David Axelrod. Ah, he was vibrant and active and felt fine. Felt normal on ah, call early Friday. And then by Sunday, he was dead. So 48 hour turnaround for mortality here. Very, very spooky. Yeah, And he he wasn't even that old either. Um, older, but not that old. And, you know, the you already have stories about the 17 and 18 year olds dying. So it's you know, the idea that this is I mean, we keep we've bt fon all these arguments and I don't even have to do it anymore. Like it's just a pre or i fact now, like you're just wrong. Um, so if you're going out there, you're doing this. I did. I did a little bit of amount of log on the beginning of the mid week's show we had Apache on. And yeah, if you're if what you're saying is in the service of Jewish interests, then shut the fuck up like, don't go out there and just get caught up in this stuff, actually, pause actually be the intelligent person that you're supposed to be and think critically and think about like the things that you're saying in who's Who are you carrying water for? Either unwittingly or maybe on purpose? If you're doing it on purpose, you don't belong here. But in any case, um, you know those closed borders, James, how about that? You had ah, farmers and orchard workers nationwide are breathing a little easier this week as more than eight. Or as sorry as more h two a workers will be able to cross the Mexican border. How is this possible? I thought fizzle shut down, right What would Donald We close them immediately? They're closed. Well, the reopened now, thanks to you. Ah, DHS Chad Wolf State Department announcing Thursday that an expanded number of foreign ag workers whose visa applications will be processed without an in person interview. So you just, you know, fax over the i d saying that you're John Bud on your visa application and we let back into the country. I suppose they suspended what they called non essential visa processing in Mexico because of the outbreak. Of course, that turned out to be a head fake, right? Because the next week they announced they will prioritise and expedited processing for these h two a workers, even if your visa is expired within the last year by waving the interview process. So, yeah, I mean, basically claim to be a Visa recipient or obtained the visa documentation. There's no interview, there's no oversight, and you'll be given the green light into the U. S. Implying that there was any interviewing an oversight taking place. Anyway, I should, right, let's be honest. But it is so see, Tak airport also not, um scanning. People know, you know, screening going on If you are flying either. No. And this is This is the astounding thing, right? We have heard about the the screening or lack thereof of inbound flights from China after the, you know, when the borders were first, apparently quote unquote close to China, which really meant it was down to just a few flight today. And, yeah, not very much impact there. But after the decision to ban flights from Europe or severely restrict them, they announced on, Trump said as much that there would be intense screening for every passenger. Every American coming on a flight from Europe would be subject to the health questionnaire and the screening. But as we're hearing from people returning from Europe, that's actually not the case. Seattle Times interviewed 15 people, 15 respondents to this story, and only one of them even had their temperature checked. Most of them encountered a situation like this guy, Joseph Watson, who got off the plane in Seattle and expected to undergo a rigorous health screening. But he says, quote, I didn't even get asked where I was coming from. No medical check screening of my temperature questions about symptoms, nothing, said Watson, who was in France and Germany. When Watson asked for U. S Customs and Border Patrol agent about screening procedures, he says the agent just shrugged. There were definitely people sneezing, coughing and showing symptoms of flu or cove in whatever it was, Watson says. It's in the concern that I wasn't even screened at all. I'm not showing any signs, but I could still be transmitting it to other people. Yeah, Joseph, you and the thousands and thousands of others Americans, others of, ah, Americans being allowed in the country. But we're not screening any of them, so great. Yeah, nobody's getting screened, and they're not taking precautions. I mean, out about, like, you know, around where I am, I actually see people taking far more precautions than then they were even taking two weeks ago. So this this story is kind of like, Wow, I can't believe that this is still happening cause people seem to be taking it pretty seriously. But you and you would think that in sort of travel environments that that's where they would be taking these, uh, things the most seriously, and they're just they're just not, um, but anyway, we're gonna pivot here into some some or, uh, some of the more breaking items that are more Jermaine, too. The bigger discussion that we're gonna have around the bailout. And so you had 3.38 million new unemployment claims. Um, this week that is five times as many unemployment claims. Last week is any week in history. And don't worry, though. Steve Mnuchin, who has a net worth of $300 million in who is Jewish. In case you were wondering, um, he said that unemployment numbers air not relevant because three weeks from now, all those people beginning $1200 chest from our government literally said that not even fucking kidding. I mean, that's what that's what you average peons live on, right? Your $1200 a month and your you know, you eat leaves and chew gravel and roll around in the mud. That's what the average people do, right? Steve Mnuchin, Jesus, $1200 for Steve Mnuchin is like a rounding error, and he has the balls to come out and say that to people. But, you know, it's also to try toe calm the markets, make sure that big line doesn't go too crazy with big line was already headed through the floor on on Friday. Ah, so they got, you know, a couple of good days of green, um, for the stimulus and everything else. But no, this is this is gonna be Ah, not good you have. The unemployment rate has risen to 5.5% already. This is a level not since seen since 2015. So not only have all of Donald Trump's stock gains been wiped completely out, all of his unemployment, all of his unemployment has been wiped completely out. And so all he has been robbed of the lowest black unemployment lowered Bubba Bubba about. We never have to hear that again out of this guy's mouth. I mean, maybe he'll go so far as to say we had, but no, it's just it's just totally over. And they're predicting that and again, people are getting all caught up in models. All models are wrong. Models air only useful out liars do not buck trends. That's not how that works. So they're saying that between 20 and 40 million people will lose their jobs in April, right? And so you have 3.8 million in one week If you have four more weeks of that, you're gonna be at pretty close to 20 and it's not. It's not gonna be good, and that's just saying that they would remain steady. And we know that $1200 is not going to be covering people in the way that Steve Mnuchin would like to believe. But the scale and speed of these are totally unprecedented. During the great recession, for example, the worst week for jobless claims was 665,000 so we had 3.38 million in one week. Yeah, it's not. It's not good. And as they start to lock down more states, I think you have 21 states at this point that Aaron some some variable state of locked down, though not as not as stringently as New York is starting to become. But they're all headed there because because of the incubation period on this thing, Uh, you don't like if you, by the time that your county or your town, where if you're out in the Midwest or in the West, um, starts having cases, it's already too late, like those places need to go on lock down. Now, all these red states that are trying to do just the flu, bro, This is a deep state. Opt to screw Donald Trump out of his second term. Like you need to be locking your state down now. Like while your state only has, like, five or 10 cases, you need to be locking it down now. But they're not doing that doing that. In fact, Ron De Santis is refuted. Florida is just gonna be just awful it in a very short period Time Has he locked it down yet? James, I don't think we've seen that happen it? No, I don't believe so. Um no. And that's that's the thing is lockdowns are not designed to be. Your quarantines are not designed to be something you do once you already have an infectious problem. Because once you have a large rate of people be infected, then the assumption is these people have already come into contact with with enough others that those others have been infected and they will start showing signs soon enough. You do the quarantine. A quarantine is designed to protect healthy people from encountering sick people. You do that when you have a number of people that are healthy, who you want to keep away from the sick people. So if you're Idaho or Wyoming or or Utah or the or the Dakotas, that's what you do now. But no the these states are some of these states. North Dakota, for example, is is taking an active role, which is good. But many of them are just like L O L. We have lots of prairies, so we'll be fine and that is going to be holding insufficient. In fact, we're seeing infection rates in some small towns in Wyoming as high as the rate of infection in New York in terms of cases per capita, because these people there are fewer people. But they are start socializing much more frequently with each other than people in New York say so, yeah. I mean, this is ah ah, disaster waiting to happen, and they're gonna pay the price for it eventually. And the unemployment is gonna continue to tick up. But, you know, just just to show like how unserious Trump is on this, I mean, we would be we would be derelict earned duty if we didn't point this out for the You know, for those of you who are like you, please stop ragging on Donald Trump to shut the fuck up stopping pussy. Donald Trump could have released disaster unemployment funds. And what do we mean by disaster? Unemployment funds? Well, those air things made available whenever a state of emergency is declared in a particular state that would give up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits if their job losses attributable to a disaster, which this is, that eliminates their job or keeps them from reaching their job site. Which is, this is, and to receive this disaster employment assistance estate must be declared a disaster area by the president. Well, he did that New York, California and Washington State all requested access to aid programs that would be provided, including this disaster unemployment assistance. Um, and so you had FEMA saying that they ah, they have released this aid as of March 20th for New York and March 22nd for California, Washington State, but not the unemployment benefits. And these were arguably the most crucial funds that could be freed up by such a disaster declaration. But they've been made not available. In fact, the only aid that the Trump administration has released at all to those three states is crisis counseling. So, yeah, and oh, the other point about this is that disaster unemployment assistance also allows workers who aren't eligible for traditional unemployment benefits. This is not just a extension for people who would otherwise be eligible. This is to give people who would not get anything at all some cushion during this time for half a year. So people like uber drivers, gig economy workers, people who have had to work in these jobs through no fault of their own because they've been pushed out about by this Jewish economy. They would not get a thing, but they would get 26 weeks of unemployment. And they would qualify, actually, for the additional $600 per week that they would get out of this bailout bill if you're gonna talk about later, so average state gets between 3 to $500 a week on unemployment. If you're single, if you have a family, it's a little bit mawr. And so you know, let's say let's call it 500 you get 600 from the bailout bill. That's $1100 a week and then a $1200 check. But not if you're a gig economy worker or you're in a place that, you know you're just not going to get an extension of these benefits. So yeah, Donald could, but he didn't. And that's the story of this guy's entire administration. Yeah, Or if you live in Florida, for example, where the maximum unemployment, regardless of your income, is $275 a week? Um, so you know, as Florida maintains, a very laws, a fair attitude towards this. There are plenty of people there that are going to be needing unemployment and are going to be captain two under $75 a week, plus the federal aid. But yeah, this is a good point about these gig economy workers and uber drivers and others, even people who are who drive for uber or drive for lift. I I was told by someone who drives for these companies that they are wait listing drivers now, right? And so because the demand is so low and so even if you are willing to go and drive, the demand is so low that you're not going to be making even like 1\/3 of what used to make. If that and e mean absent. Absent this aid, there's nothing for you because if you're a 10 99 employees, as people who are independent contractors or in the room business is no, you don't qualify in most states for any unemployment benefits. No, and it's there. They could potentially pay the price for this, um, apparently insta carts. 175,000 gig workers are going to be launching a massive nationwide strike on Monday because they have demanded basic protections like hazard pay, hand sanitizer paid leave for those with preexisting health conditions. And insta cart has basically said, Fuck the fuck right off. They're not going to be giving those people any of that and insta cart For those of you out, Maria Rhinelander is a grocery delivery service that it's an app you downloaded and you consorcio from various different grocery providers in your area. They go do the shopping and they deliver it to your door. And ah, the people who are delivering this, who are gig workers, right? They're not making nearly enough money. And while Amazon increase the pay of its factory workers. I saw they just bump them up another $2 an hour. Today, Um, it's not enough. And so workers will refuse to accept orders until insta cart provides hazard pay of an additional $5 per order free safety gayer, which includes hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and soap and expands its paid sick leave to include workers with pre existing conditions who have been advised by their doctors, not toe work. Workers say the strike will last until Instacart agrees to those terms. The March 30th walkout will build a wave built on a wave of wildcat strikes sweeping across the country. In recent days, Amazon warehouse workers in Queens, sanitation workers in Pittsburgh and poultry plant workers at Purdue Farms in Georgia have all walked off the job, demanding greater protections from the from Corona virus and leading calls for a general strike or mass strike action across the country. Meanwhile, the upcoming Insta card strike will mark the first time gig workers in the United States will have walked off the job in response to the virus. In a block post Friday morning, Instacart announced new features and offerings to address Cove in 19 but none of those address any of the demands of the good gig workers. So ah, there, staring down the barrel of a of a nationwide strike on Monday. Um, and, of course, insta cart. Like many of its Silicon Valley partners such as uber lift Postmates doordash, They've offered up to two weeks of paid sick leave to gig workers, but only if they test positive for Covad. Right? If you can get a test and that offer only last until April 8th before the worst of the pandemic is set to hit. So yeah, they're like this is gonna be an I fully support a toe off a full general strike, by the way. Like absolutely please go out and do this like I mean, all of us preppers can can ah stand in solidarity with you and not you know, not not ah not have to go to the store scab. You at the grocery store like I don't order from insta cart. But I fully support these people wrecking Shalom. Oh, by just not delivering anything. Let's make this more chaotic and these people deserve better and ah yeah, I mean, if his companies can't cough up that bag in a crisis. They're not gonna cough up a bag when everything is all well and good. No, no, they're not. And these companies, this is the problem with this very disparate. And, uh, you know, this different responses from companies and the gig economy and, like, you get in America treated so differently in times of crisis like this and in good times too. But your situation and what you have to do to survive and to provide for your family in terms of a crisis in times of okay, I think this is the worst crisis nationwide crisis that is going that has happened in most of our lifetimes. How you were treated in a situation like this depends so much on where you find yourself working. And that shouldn't be the case, right? It should be the case that the government this is the point of having an organizing state will step in and address these issues, right? So I I support the nationwide strike as well, because it shouldn't be. You shouldn't be at the mercy of whether, like Travis Kalanick at Uber wants to write you $1000 check or not. You should just be getting that bag from the government anyways and remove the onus from these companies. Teoh, do this right. Just do the bag at the national level if they're not going to step up and provide for their workers, which they're not, But yeah, this is And this is the situation is people find themselves in, and I do. I can't imagine anybody even ordering grocery delivery right now. Just imagine all of the hands touching those products before they get to your house. No, thanks. Well, some people don't. That may not have a choice if they can't go out on the transit and what not? I mean, this This is a lifeline for some people, but yeah, why not do both? Why not get that bag and demand that these companies, if they're going to exist at all, ah, provide basic protections for their workers? So just like Amazon is increasing the pay for warehouse workers from 15 to 17 to $19 an hour. Why not just make it 25 keep that make a contract with them? Where that stays permanently like that will never go down. And But are you going to get that, you know? I don't know. I don't know. I mean, Amazon Amazon sort of is forced to Ah, but they should be doing a lot more for their employees. Yeah, and you would be would be attracting a higher caliber employees to write. This is obviously one of the very basic rules of of wages and employment is people are going to work for the highest wage they can. And if you want people that are going to be these sort of Ah, now shall we say lower to your people that will be doing things like spitting on the packages as we saw this week or coughing on products. And, you know, I mean, just raise the wages that attract higher caliber people that are not gonna be doing that. And are are conservatives out there doing the why don't you just go build your own insta carpet? Are they doing that? I haven't been, but I haven't looked at what they're saying. I've only seen a few bad takes on a thankful for the service that allows you to shop for others for a living. Yeah, it's just just disgusting. Yeah, the death of concern the death knell, the death rattle of conservatism. And this is just so apparent. All the all the awful, awful takes and they're forced. I've seen some reverse tacking by some of them on some of these issues, and they're just they're just Charlotte ins. Um poll. Almost one in four Americans lost a job or were furloughed because of the virus. Nearly one in four U. S adults have said they've been laid off or furloughed during Corona virus. Yet a bipartisan majority of Americans wants businesses to remain closed to slow the spread of the deadly virus despite its impact on the economy. Very interesting poll here because if you just dive past the headline, you actually get some pretty interesting data. Ah, this was in an opinion poll conducted Ah, by whom? Reuters Ipsos, released on Friday, covered March 26th through the 27th Show that the public is much more likely to heed the advice of doctors and local government officials and the advice of orange bloviating retard Donald Trump. Trump, who predicted in February that the virus would quickly disappear like a miracle, has communicated an uneven level of concern for the disease which is infected. More than 110,000 people in the United States actually 115,000 and killed more than 1700. Ah, the president took a hard line approach this month when he urged people to gather only in small groups. Later, he appeared to change course, telling reporters that he would like businesses to reopen by April 12th which is Easter. The Post The this polling showed that most Americans do not want that 80 81 81% said the country should continue social distancing initiatives, including shelter at home orders. We all shelter at home cult now, despite the impact of the economy. That's what they say in the poll. This includes 89% of Democrats in 70% of Republicans. Only 19% said that they would like to end social distancing as soon as possible to get the economy going again, including 11% of Democrats in 30% of Republicans. So these are all Jews and Shabbos size right? That's what I was going to say that that 11% of Democrats, I think, you know, they were pulling the the Key West demographic there and the 30% of Republicans. That's actually a remarkably low number. Or when you consider how ubiquitous the media coverage has been about this right. Most conservative media, corporate conservative media for the longest time, either taking the tack that this is no big deal or doing the pivot that Tucker and Steve Hilton and others took starting this week, which is that this is a big deal and we're going to die. But it's worth it to die for the line. So 70% of Republicans saying we should keep sheltering at home, That's Ah, that's actually pretty good. It is good. And it proves that nobody wants what conservatism is selling. Nobody wants what Fox News has been peddling. Nobody wants what right wing pundits have been peddling. They have just taken up awful, awful takes we, you know, we we actually went after talker quite a bit on the midweek chauffeur for a lot of the awful takes that he has had on a anti. He's been anti u B i. He's been pro China. He's been anti China, but anti China, not in the way that we're being anti China in the way that Tom Cotton would be very proud of that. Donald Trump would be very proud of. Tucker has also been, You know, he's been having a lot of bad takes on the flu. Generally speaking, um, and and this is not selling well of people like Tucker was doing big line. Must go up like he that this is one of the big priorities on I think on his Ah, I want to say his Wednesday show. I forget which one he opened with. But then he played that Ah, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who is basically likely Alex. I'm an old person nobody ever asked me, and I would sacrifice my life for the line and you should. Everybody I've talked to is said the same thing, but yeah, I don't want to rehash the midweek, but it's just this has turned out to be such an awful, awful take. And even with people sitting at home even with people tuned into their televisions probably far more than they have been at any point in the last, I don't know how many decades he only get 30% of Republicans to buy into the gift. The economy going again, Guys Big line grant program on the altar of the 90 day moving average, the S and P 500 fuckin. Let's go. No, they don't want to do it. And it's been incredible to We played this montage of mid week. I got to play this again because I played it again this morning and I fucking can't stop laughing at just how insane. Donald R. President iss like I we deserve. We do. We deserve so much better than what we're getting. And not that the expectations were set unreasonably high. But, I mean, even at the basic level, like we're not even talking about campaign promises, Just be a fucking leader. Listen to this guy. We have a totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. We think we have a very well under control. We pretty much shut it down, coming in from China, you know, in April supposedly, it dies with a hotter weather. People are getting better. They're all getting better on the 15. Within a couple of days is gonna be down to close to zero. It's going to disappear one day. It's like a miracle. It will disappear and you'll be fine. They could have vaccines. I think relatively soon. We're talking about very small numbers in the United States. Numbers are lower than just about anybody. It's really working out on A lot of good things are gonna happen. It's gonna go away. Yeah, No, I don't take responsibility and all gonna be great. We're gonna be so good. Things came up, but it came up so suddenly this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called the pandemic. All you had to do is look at other countries. Were 15 people in this massive country. Because of the fact that we went early, we went early. We could have had a lot more than that. We're doing great. Our country is doing so great, like Jesus. I never play sound drops from show to show twice, but it's just I don't even know where, where the beginning. And it's just especially when you see the polling that people don't want it. That's a heartening thing, actually. Sure I was. I was actually expecting pulls to come out on this and show that 49% of the country wanted to get back to work 55% of the country, whatever, but no people are. People are correctly scared. I guess that's one heartening thing is that and it's something that we've always said right? Like the American government is just an absolute shit show. But the American people are really what we care about. And you know what must be what must persevere throughout this and ultimately the only thing worth saving the whole thing. Yeah, I know. And when you have 81% of people saying they are willing to sacrifice the economy writ large in order to protect people's health. And if you had a government that was that was designed to respond to the inputs they're getting from the people. I mean, this is this is the kind of thing this proves that a U B I stay at home, keep the businesses closed. Type of legislation would be massively popular. In fact, we know it would be 81% popular, if not higher, because that's what people are asking for. People are not asking to be thrown back into the fire to risk getting their family sick to risk getting sick themselves. That's not what anybody wants. Very few people want that. And if you removed, I would be willing Teoh Tibet that if you removed the Fox News influence the right wing punditry influence Fox News radio influence on people. The Rush Limbaugh influence that that number of Republicans would drop to about where the number of Democrats are because e mean absent. You have to really be conditioned into believing that it's worth dying for the economy on day. Take that away. And I think people are gonna go would get a lot more sensible. Yeah, well, Apache had this. Ah, this from a couple. I think it's from recently there was this Cruise Lines International Association meeting with Pence, um, to talk about Cove in 19 and, ah, you know, despite the fact that the role that was played in these cruise ships spreading the virus C l a. Sarah Sorry cli a President Adam Goldstein says it's critical that Americans keep traveling right. You just gotta keep on moving. Keep on getting on ship. Keep on making line, go up, keep on purchasing product. I mean, it's just absolutely disgusting. Um, she played the Fox news montage to I mean, I have that one. Sure. Yeah, this one's good to this. It's good one second. You want to know how I really feel about the Corona virus? One. If I get it, I'll beat it. I want to tell you the truth. Corroded by this is their next the next attempt to get trapped. This is yet another attempt to impeach the president. The fatality rates just 1%. So who cares if it's 10 times more lethal than the flu in the national left wing media playing up fears of the Corona virus we're shutting down our country because of the cold virus Corona virus. Fear mongering by the deep state with flu is showing much more of an impact on Americans that Corona virus. At worst, worst scenario could be the flu. All the talk about Corona virus being so much more deadly reality the Corona viruses is the common cold feeling. The more I learn about this, the less there is to worry. I was about to say the same thing. A lot of people will have this, and it's very mild. Children are not really affected. They'll get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor. I am far more concerned with stepping on a use heroin needle that I am getting the Corona virus. We can't air on the side of caution anymore. That's the strategy of losers called the power of Positive Thinking. It's a great time to just go out, go to a local restaurant. What's actually the safest time flies country in the world to get Corona virus. But maybe that's just me. You think we're bad for America. You think I'm bad for me? Okay? Yeah, just incredible. And then you have Bill Mitchell out there. Ah, doing He's moved from just the flu, bro. To just the diarrhea, bro. Did you see the I did tweet. Where's my diarrhea check? Yeah, 1.8 million people die of diarrhea every year. And ah, is that What is that all in India, where people are just that that's the public's. The Olympic pool is the designated shitting street. Um, Jesus Christ. Yeah, it's bad. It's bad. Well, let's let's take a quick break here because we've got we had some really big topics that I wanted to tackle on. Def. We start that now than it's gonna It's gonna run too long. So we're actually take two breaks in this show and we'll come right back and talk about Well, we're talking about Black Rock. We're going to talk about what just happened this week because it is not small potatoes will be back on fdn credit for this. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The Nation the nation. If you have ever purchased a car from a dealership, you know how this scam goes. You and the salesman agree on a price. Then you get inside to do the paperwork, and all of a sudden he's asking you to fork over 20% more than what you agreed on taxes, documentation, fees, transport fees and dozens of line items later, and you leave the lot with a few $1000 less than you expected to spend. That same markup scam is being worked on you at the grocery store to accept it doesn't happen at the register. Tens of thousands of food and home goods manufacturers pay to have their products certified the religious intermediaries. If buying, eating and keeping kosher is important to you, then that's great. But if it's not, why pay extra for what you don't need and why subsidise these religious intermediaries with revenue that ultimately flows to programs and institutions that probably oppose your values. Over one million products are caught up in the kosher racket, and the cost of certification is passed on to you. Unless, of course, you're consuming product that is NK see that is not kosher certified. How do you tell what isn't kosher certified? Easy answer. Go to the kosher question dot com the kosher question dot com To find easy to use convenient tools to help inform your normal shopping routine, plus information and education on the kosher industry, you be the judge of whether your next sandwich is kosher or not. Coaster question dot com And now back to Fashion Nation. Heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Welcome back to 300. It's been a while since I've from the show back can actually remember last time we did that, but one thing I forgot to say at the beginning was that 300 episodes of FTN we almost let it pass without even making note of it. Ah, but yeah, going to celebrate five years of ftn coming this August. Assuming we don't all die of Kufstein, that's not gonna It's not gonna happen. At least I hope not. That would, um, but yeah. FTN 300 here we are. I did not know that this would be occurring. I was sort of wondered like when when we would hit 300. I didn't do the math and figure out what it was, but, um, who knew that it was gonna be in the middle of Ah, you know, a crisis, Um, in the middle of a lock down. So hopefully by episode 400 were, you know, somewhere onward and upward. But you know, we'll see. Yeah, that'll be What about a year from now, wouldn't it? 400 Assuming to a week? A roughly, yet? Pretty much well. So we're gonna talk about this, Is getting into the bailout. Now we're going to do two things on the bailout. Number one. We're going to talk about this. Ah, nationalization of the financial markets. A lot of people have read headlines about the nationalisation of the Fed, but that's kind of like l o. L like implying that that's not already not already the case, but I have to end before the people who are like, Why would they do anything? They have it already tear arguments because there's always more that they can have their just formalising that now s we'll talk about that. But the more important story there is Black Rocks, involvement who black rock is. We're gonna pull the curtain back on how a lot of the political control and social control works in the country and how that's, ah, you know, formulated through BlackRock and how they're essentially going to be part of the federal government now. But before we get to that, I want to talk about Thomas Massey. Um because I think people I think there was some misunderstanding about this. Ah, and well, at least at least I saw misunderstanding from people and out on the Internet and seeing what people are saying about it. So I it's it's sort of tough when you're talking about one of these things because it's again the light switch. Brains are like, Oh, you support Thomas Massey. I thought you were gonna do Polat. They know, But when somebody does something that's worthy of praise, we're going to do it just like when we criticize Tucker, it doesn't mean that like Tucker bad guy. Now don't talk about Tucker anymore. It's like, Let's just stop it like just please, I have higher expectations of you, you know, try to have higher expectations of yourself. But Massey, I think some people thought that he was holed. Now Massey isn't perfect again. I shouldn't even have to explain this, but Massey isn't perfect. But what he was actually trying to do was not what I think made many, many people thought. I think a lot of people thought that he was trying to hold up the vote because of some, like Libertarian bit, that he typically does, because that's that's his whole thing is like he came out of the tea party movement. Um, he is somebody who has for maybe the wrong reasons opposed. John Boehner opposed Paul Ryan. You know, it's like you get people may have a tendency to get excited when they see that, you know, he voted against BDS, you know, and that's that's a good move. But when you actually read the reasons why he did those things, it's like, Oh, yeah, and it's so so this guy, I mean, Massey was one of the big three. Write him at a MASH and Rand Paul that were the darlings of of the ah, you know, Post Ron Paul, Libertarian movement, Liberty movement To get people to get these representatives elected. Yeah, he'll do some things. And and, you know, I sympathize with the people who saw this and thought like, Oh, great. Here we go again. Thomas Massey's like going to propose an addendum that abolishes the federal government. Here we go. Yeah. Or like, this is spending and adding too much to our national that we have, though, about their pap at that. It's like no guy just for like, like, you know, But that's actually not what he was doing, right? Go ahead. I was gonna say, or the audit the Fed amendment, like all this, all this, like, really bad drug brain stuff. Now Massey did I will. To his credit, um, he was one of the when, you know, back when it was Donald Trump is the president. And now the GOP is gonna be remade in the image of the rhetoric that Donald Trump deployed in. 2016 spent talks about this Quite a bit is that the thought was is that you get all of the bad people either to quit beaten, be beaten or retire. And then you start to reshape the image of Congress in the form of the rhetoric that we thought Donald Trump was going to follow through on. Then Donald Trump didn't follow through on any of it in Congress, and everything was remade in the image of fake and gay trumpism, and it's been a joke. But Massey was initially, to his credit, was supportive of the, um, the white nationalist type rhetoric that Donald Trump had deployed in 2016 and whether he was parroting and or not to be popular, I don't really know, but he was somebody who had good takes, and I'll give him credit for the good takes and leave it there. But what he was not doing with this bailout bill, people thought that yeah, he's doing this to because he doesn't want to add to the deficit or whatever. Actually, if we take him at his word, the thing that he was doing was somewhat honorable and and I'll point this out in a couple of ways. So when the bill was passed by the Senate. This big 2 trillion $6 trillion bailout bill is passed by the Senate. It had to go back to the House for a vote in what the House originally wanted to do. Was using Corona viruses an excuse for social distancing. They were like, Well, the only way that we can pass this bill is to, ah, just have a unanimous consent vote, which means that every single person has to vote. Yes, it's not a recorded vote its past, no questions asked. Done and done. Massey raised the issue because he wanted these people to be on record voting for this thing or not. Now you could make the argument that it doesn't matter if people are on record. It doesn't matter. Ah, whatever. I don't have Ah dog in the fight for electoral politics. But I will say what he did was actually an honorable thing, even though it failed, which was that he wanted to delay it, to make it so that it was more than a voice vote. He wanted the votes to be on record, and I guess you could say, Oh yeah, maybe it doesn't matter, because you don't have a vested interest in electoral politics. But I will say that this is what he was trying to do so that the people who voted yea for this and there were no votes heard in the chamber. So we know that there are people who voted against it. Now people can sort of figure out, like, who actually voted yes or no for the shit show. Because as time goes on, you're going to see ah, people figuring out that there's a lot of really bad stuff in it. We're going to talk about a little bit about that today, Um, and you can say it may be that doesn't matter. But it actually speeds people along toward the conclusion that we have reached, which is that the electoral political scene is a waste of time. It's fake and gay, both pot parties or a pile of shit, because what it allows them to do is commit to subterfuge. They can say, Oh, well, I I didn't support the bailout, and no one will ever know whether that was true or not, and actually like, there may be some people who buy into Well, my congressman didn't support this. So I'm gonna vote for him again. It's like, No, maybe you should know where they actually stood on this. Get it all out on public record so that everybody can see where it landed so that if you're ought teetering on the edge of the yes, this is all fake and gay. Let it be on the record that your congressman, who you thought I would never do something like this, went ahead and did that when it mattered the most, Right? Like my my point about criticizing Tucker is in good times. Tucker has great takes on immigration, and he's got good rhetoric on a lot of other issues. But when times got tough when it was in a time of crisis because times of crisis have a nasty habit of revealing somebody's true character, Tucker started parroting all of the usual neo conservative talking points. All of the talking points that everybody else on Fox News was parroting. And it's like G guy like it wasn't that hard for you to actually have a good take on this. But no. And so, yeah, it's like it allows people to sort of pretend that yeah, yeah, there's no problem here like I didn't vote for this. It's like, Yeah, maybe we should Maybe we should have a record of it now we'll never know. Now we'll never know. And as the weeks and months go along and people realize what was done, they're going to assume that there, because people you know Congress has the lowest approval rating. I think out of any body in the country is like 13% approval. But people love their own member of Congress. People always give their own member of Congress very high ratings, and I think we should disabuse them of that notion. Massey tried. Try to get the vote on the record. He failed. Um, but you're not a problem with what he did. Um, but of course, because he did this now, the Republican Jewish Coalition has now endorsed Thomas Massey's primary opponent, Todd McMurdo E. Who represented covet Covington Catholic high school students in their litigation against the media. And, ah, the RJ sees endorsement largely focused on Massey's record on Israel, including his opposition to BDS. But it's like yeah, but into the thing that he opposed that was the most anti Israel was this bailout bill. So yeah, and the rhetoric used when talking about it was actually very good and, ah, you know, sounded eerily similar to things we've been saying for a few weeks now, which is, he said. Quote. This is $2 trillion Massey said. Divide two trillion by 350 million people. It's $6000 for every man, woman and child I'm talking about spending. This won't go to the men, women and Children. And on that point, masses is not wrong. And even if he is coming at this from a libertarian perspective, perhaps if that colors his thinking or decision making, it's like if you are Thomas Massey and you're looking at this knowing that the $2 million air going to be spent, the best way to spend them would be a two trillion. Excuse me. The best way to spend that two trillion is giving back to the people. So yeah, I don't Ah, I don't have any objection to what he's what he's done here. And obviously he has angered the right people. As we see in the Republican Jewish Coalition, The funny thing is, I mean, you look at what he said about BDS. And he did the bit on BDs right where he says, I don't support any ah like federal institution or Ban on a boycott on free speech grounds, which is good. And then he followed it up by saying, Even if it is an evil movement, so it's like a, you know, did the bit But ah had the right of the right vote both. It's important people understand on both sides because you first you see oh buddy have voted against BDS. Therefore, he's our guy. No, no, that's not right. But you know, he libertarian therefore he retarded. No, that's not right either. Ah, he is kind of caught in the middle and hopefully this will. This will be a lesson to him. It's like but look how Look how quickly Donald Trump turned on him, right? Like Trump, Trump won't say a word about Mitt Romney won't say a word about Chuck Grassley entities other people who have been in there forever, who have been working ah, side by side in, ah, you know, undermining in bringing in illegals into your community and doing all kinds of different things. He says. Nothing about them. But Trump gets up on his little soap box and, you know, calls. Ah Massey, 1\/3 rate grandstander who wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress isn't really called Save our Workers but Jesus Christ. It's like he needs to be thrown out of the Republican Party. I mean, for a grandstander named Thomas Math third rate grandstander named Thomas Massey. He only cares about the publicity. I feel like Donald Trump. It's a little bit of projection guy, like near the guy that only cares about publicity. You're the guy. That's the third rate grandstander. You're the guy that well, I don't really give a fuck if you got thrown out of the Republican Party. But, uh, yeah, it's just Yeah, the Republican Party tried, tried to throw you out of the primary. And now look, look what you've become. The defender of the sanctity of the GOP is, And of course, John Kerry had his back. So the full kosher rap was on display here, and then Trump is like never knew. John Kerry had such a good sense of humor, very impressed. It's just like, wow, that mean at what point if you're still McGeough, how can you? I mean, how can you seriously look at all of this and actually believe the president has your back or believes in any of the things that he talked about in 2016? I just right. And now, if you put yeah, Yeah, I was gonna put myself in the in the shoes of Tucker for a minute. This is the kind of thing that Tucker, in good times, would agree and amplify on. Ah, Congressman making this point about the $6000 for every man, woman and child in ah, Better times, Tucker would take that and amplify that and run with it and say, This is a good point. Thomas Massey. Why don't we just give this money to people? But I haven't heard Tucker make any. In fact, it all Tucker has said with regard to u B I has been critical. It's socialism. Yeah, it's it's it's unbelievable. And, well, you know what It Well, in Tucker's case, I mean, I had somewhat higher expectations, but I'm not a light switch brains, so I don't say like this is I don't look at things and say this is our guy and then expect that to be like the next incarnation of Hitler or something. Um, it's just Yeah. I mean, you gotta You gotta look at this stuff in a certain way. But what Massey did again, I think was was admirable if for the wrong reasons. But but yeah, like, I wouldn't be sitting here saying that if he was trying to shut this down because it was adding to the deficits and it's like, No, he was actually saying, Why aren't we giving more people more money to people? I mean, he did the math that I did take. He did different math, and I did about different numbers. I took the two trillion and liquidity that had been handed out over the past week and divided that by 350 million. He took the value of the bill and divided it by 350 million people. But yeah, you know, But that's just that's just the way it goes. So that's done. And of course, as soon as they signed the bill and put put us on the hook for this, I mean, we're really not on the hook forward at all um, United Airlines in exchange for keeping their workforce intact until least September 30th. Yeah, After that was signed, they announced layoffs starting on September 30th. So, you know, awesome, Great job, guys, Very good work. And the assumption there why September 30th is relevant is because that's when these payroll grants that they're getting is part of the bailout package end. And at that point, what are you going to do for those people, Right? Well, there's really no good answer. And this is assuming right that this crisis is still going on and that there is still a pandemic, that people still aren't traveling there still no demand for air travel. And if that is the case, well, odds are the pandemic will still be going on. So it's just such a convoluted and wrong way to approach this the easy way to do it again and will say this until we need. Until we don't need to say anymore. The right way to approach this is to just pay everybody's salary with the government. I mean, the government is already paying airline workerssalaries through these payroll grants. Just do that for everybody. That's what you're ever that's what Europe is done. Just put a general pause in place, suspend all payments. Just if everybody pauses, then it works out. I mean, it can't go on like that forever, but it can go on for a period of time. And the government should be providing a subsidy to people in the form of ubi I because of if they're going to be doing what they're doing, um, in the way that they're doing it. But I think that's the least people deserve. But let's talk about in nobody. By the way, One other thing. Nobody is in favor of the stimulus. And not even the Ault light is biting on. Ah, people supporting this stimulus, which is pretty pretty funny. I mean, it's so bad that you don't even have, like, they can't even come up with an effective gay up argument for this, right? Like no dangerous precedence with this one but bailout. Ah, one big thing that has been done here, and I think the purpose of the entire bill effectively was to do this. Is this nationalizing a large swath of the financial markets? Now we've talked about the financial ization of the country that started really in the 19 seventies with things occurring before the 19 seventies. But the actual financial ization of the economy in 19 seventies really took off under Ronald Reagan. We did the Reaganomics demographic. Deep dive. Um, sorry, Reaganomics demographic death spiral, deep dive that we did over Labor Day in 2019. Very good podcast that we did on that detail ing that it was Ah, took off under Reagan took off, um, in two fold under Clinton and has continued, and they have used these various recessions. Last one was the 2008 financial crisis, and this is the latest one. Actually, they had the longest run, longest bull market run in a long time, and it was only a matter of time the economy had to be reset, and that's what they're doing with this right now. We've talked a lot about this being a restructuring, but this is formalizing this in a way that has never been done before. Now the big headline that people are getting hung hung up on is the merger of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury into one organisation, implying that they were separate independent organizations at any point ever. That's not actually the real story. We'll talk about what they're actually doing, because what they are doing is they're sort of just admitting that it's not. It's not that anymore. Like before, they would at least put up the pretense that they're separate organizations and their independent in yada yada yada. Nah, they're sort of dispensing with all of that, But the bigger news is that black Rocks involvement. So let me walk through this here. Um, so the you this this fits in with our narrative. Lots of confirmation bias. In the fat past few weeks, you've seen the Federal Reserve cutting rates by 150 basis points to near zero, and they have run through virtually the entire handbook for the 2008 crisis. They've done one rate cut after another, followed by an emergency rate cut. They added a 1,000,000. Sorry. They added a trillion dollars a day in repo injections. They used emergency powers to create this commercial paper facility. Ah, for pumping overnight liquidity into the market, literally making the money printer Gober. Yeah, it is. That's exactly what it is. It's literally a facility for Bir. Um restart quantitative easing. Then they changed it to unlimited quantitative easing, which is just fancy speak for Burr agreed to purchase unlimited bonds for the first time ever, agreed to loan directly to corporations, which is something they've never done before then, originally the stimulus was supposed to be a trillion. Then it became two trillion, then it became six trillion. And so they've also added $625 billion worth of bond buying a week going forward. So if this continues implying that the Fed in the Treasury or two separate entities, the Fed is going to own 2\/3 of all of the T bills in the market in less than a year. So it's, I mean, this merger of the two is becoming formalized. They've brought back a lot of these acronyms that they had in the 2008 crisis, which were on a much smaller scale. And ah, at that time you had Ah, Bush, 43 Obama had handed over a lot of the control of these programs to Ben Bernanke. But this is all being run by Steve Mnuchin now, Um, who is the Treasury secretary? And so you have the commercial paper funding facility CPF F, which is gonna be buying commercial paper from the issuer. You have the PM CCF, which is the primary market corporate credit facility, which is buying corporate bonds from the issuer. You haven't talf, which is the term asset backed securities loan facility, which is a funding backstop for asset back securities. You have s M CCF, the secondary market. Corporate Creek is you gotta have a backup, right? You have the primary market corporate credit facility and then you have a secondary market corporate credit facility. Ah, so they're going to be buying corporate bonds in Bondi TFC in a secondary market. And then you have the MSB LP miserable up Main Street business lending program details to come. We don't have a lot of details about how main street is gonna be helped out on this, But, ah, these air all organizations that were stood up back then and so they learned a lot from then and they have realized that they need all of these sort of formalised and in a way that can be controlled directly by the treasury, right? They don't have to pretend that the Fed is operating independently and loaning money to the training. It just doesn't. It's the whole thing is just like all right, let's just drop this whole charade that we've been doing right? I mean, this is And as we pointed out, they attempted all of these things when I read through the list of all the rate cuts and repo injections and quantitative easing line kept going down line loved the $6 trillion stimulus until Friday. And then the line headed for the hills again. 900 point drop. So I don't know what it's gonna be in doing next week. It's gonna be very volatile, but they're trying to stand all this up to keep things moving along. Arthur James. Yeah, that's I mean, that's the plan and actually things you could make an argument. They're going to be even worse. I would make an argument. We would make the argument. Things are going to be worse and more complex than they were 10 years ago. Back in a weight because of these new financial innovations and novel investment vehicles that have come online right when you have the the talf. Uh, if be that as this backstop for the asset backed securities and the PM CCF buying these corporate bonds. Well, there have been new innovations in these markets since 08 where not only now we have the Fed back in backing away. At No. Nine, they were buying up the mortgage backed securities right and taking control of those. But that premise has been exported to other sectors, other security sectors. So you have now student loan backed securities, like we've talked about car alone, bundled securities like we've talked about all of them organized a subprime prime one star three star. All of these ratings and the Fed is committed now to buying these. Buying these up with treasury at this point as committed to buying these up. So you're going to have ah, much more activity in these facilities much more, much more. Ah, repurchasing going on than you had in 08 And that is just going to have cyclical downstream effects. It will, and it just the whole sits. This is buying time for the system. This is obviously they had to do this in order to sustain it for what they hope is going to be another decade or two. They're trying to put this in place where they think it can go on forever. But what they're finding out is that it creates imbalance, right? Like the 2008 crisis led to a lot of issues in the economy, but not in not just in the economy, in the political world as well. It actually pushed people on both ends of the spectrum, away from the kosher center right. You get people that are more interested in a Donald Trump than a Jeb Bush. You get people more interested in the Bernie Sanders than in a Joe Biden. And if they can steal the election, they will. But they didn't count on Donald Trump. And so you know now that he's been fully brought to heel. Ah, he's gonna give Shalom a whatever the fuck line he wants. And that is in. Trump wants that, too, right? I mean, he's been he's been demanding that the central bankers use their power to force line at least 10,000 points higher. I mean, he's so angry about no doubt 30,000 and ah, it's unlikely, especially if he doesn't win reelection, that he'll ever see Dow 30,000. And you know, just imagine if he had been able to convince them to do that. How much further this whole thing would have fallen because it's all froth. None of it's real. So the Fed essentially a k a Treasury, one big organization money printer Gober. They're going to finance thes special purpose vehicles for each acronym that I mentioned above to conduct these operations. And so the Treasury is going to use thes and become a ah each A. Each SPV will be in a first loss position. So this means that the Treasury, formally not implying formally, is going to be buying all the securities and back stopping loans. And the Fed is going to be acting as the banker providing the financing. But really, it's just one entity that they're doing both. But the new the new kid on the block is BlackRock in Black Rock. We're gonna talk a lot about BlackRock here in a minute, but they have agreed to purchase these securities, um, and handle the administration of the SPV s on behalf of the treasury. So this these this, like, totally not a government agency, right? Fed and treasury are being consolidated and then run by BlackRock essentially is what they're going to be doing. And that's to ensure that this continues beyond any presidential administration beyond what anyone says or does, and totally outside. I mean, what's what's the purpose of a Fed chairman? At this point? It doesn't make sense. And so they've asked them to steer tens of billions of dollars of bond purchases. Um, and they are. BlackRock is the world's largest money manager. They will purchase commercial mortgage backed securities on behalf of the New York Fed. They will determine which securities are guaranteed by Fannie, Freddie and Jeannie Mai. I didn't even know Jeannie Mai existed. Ah, in Black Rock will execute all the trades. It's like, man must be nice to be Black Rock. How did you get such a sweetheart deal? Have that happen? I mean, today Did they open this up for RFP and people submitted their different proposals to the government for managing this James. I mean it was this a fair competition or days? Yeah. Black rocks going to do it. Yeah. Open bidding process, right? Everybody's Yeah. The contracting companies submitting their bids. No, I didn't quite happen that way. And the Black Rock as it, as it turns out, is much more connected than than anybody really new and has their hands in Well, I mean, they have their hands in just about every corporation which will get into, but yeah, now they're holding the reins of power for what U s monetary policy. They can, Yes. And so the purpose of this just so people understand what was done both in the bailout bill and also outside of the bailout bill. This is a combination of all of these things. Um, this essentially means that that the presidential Administration Donald Trump, we'll have more control over what happens with the Fed. Ah, and it's not this in this implied control that everybody believes isn't going on. But Donald Trump doesn't have to kick and scream to get drum power to do anything anymore. I mean, they can affect that control through the special purpose vehicles through these organizations, organizations that have been stood up and essentially the old apparatus like it doesn't matter anymore. It's like just eroding that blurring the line. There is no line like the only line that matters is the one that goes up or down, and it better be going up, according to them. And ah, that essentially puts the levers of power from Steve Mnuchin directly in the hands of Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. So, yeah, I mean, why even have a Fed chairman? But what does that make Donald Jared at this point? Yeah, the Fed chairman becomes, ah, ceremonial role at this point? Largely, yes. So let's talk about black Rock here, because this is something that we touched on a little bit last week. Um, last weekend. So remember last week we talked about Kelly lawful ER on the Senate Health Committee. She sold up to $3.1 million in stock, starting on the day that her committee was briefed by the CDC. And, of course, her husband is Ju Jeffrey Sprecher, who is the founder chairman of CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, otherwise known as Ice. He's also the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Of course, Isis, we pointed out last weekend, was backed as a startup by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in the year 2000. Shortly thereafter, Sprecher was installed as CEO, Then Ice took over the New York Stock Exchange in 2012 and so that made Sprecher the CEO of the N Y S E Ah. Then, in 2014 Sprecher purchase this Israeli company called super derivatives. Um, for $350 million in all cash, it's based in Tel Aviv. It does a lot of business with, you know, companies like Deutsche Bank and Citigroup and Credit Sweets and Barclays and Esso. They are basically one of the many digital components that have allowed stock trades to be digitalized and fully automated. Isn't it funny how, as of Monday, March 23rd all U. S stock markets officially closed their trading floor and went to purely electronic trading? Is that funny? Amazing. So you know it's better to have human traders on the floor. Most people agree with this. The problem with computers as they cause prices to fluctuate. They're also not, you know, it's It's also like who knows what's actually going on, like who's in control of how the trading is taking place and they've had problems before as well. There was this financial firm called Knight Capital, where there was a glitch in the computer. People probably remember when this happened, um, back in 2012 but um, it essentially, what did they do? It sold all of the stocks that it had bought the day before because of him because of a glitch. So it bought all these stunk so and made a bunch of money for Knight Capital. And then the next morning, when it woke up, it sold them all. And, yeah, they lost $440 million over the course of of of a little under an hour. It was $10 million a minute. Um, in terms of what happened, I mean, my God, but and that's that's like, That's like the bad thing that happened to them. Think about all the the ways that this could be used, ah, to benefit them and not benefit you, which is really how the system is supposed to work. Because the average investor is someone who either invest directly or has a fund, right? They're not going to be looking at, ah, daily price fluctuations, probably on. They're not going to be set to two. Ah, you know, cut their losses like these computers are. And that's the other thing that computerized trading does is it will like once it's called a stop loss. When a stock price dips below a certain threshold, it will sell a percentage of its holdings. And so this is how you get part of how you get these wild price fluctuations hour by hour. You know, over the last three weeks, the market has been as volatile, reaching as many peaks and valleys as it does over a typical year long period. And this is due in large part because of this expansion in ah, in Internet online trading. Right? And essentially the entire stock exchange is managed by a guy installed by Goldman Sachs, and a large portion of the electronic trading that is done is actually being done out of Israel by a super derivatives. And that's not the only company that does the Elektronik trades. But, I mean, you know, this this idea, that this is a big free, open marketplace where any anybody can participate in, you know, it's like, No, it's actually very ah, Orwellian and controlled by a handful of people. In fact, just a couple companies really sit at the top, and I think people need to understand that you have to sort of I think a lot of our our guys understand how this works and have known for a while. Or at least maybe you had the feeling that that's how this has been constructed. Well, let me prove it to you. So going back to Black ROC and Goldman Sachs right there, not actually separate entities. BlackRock is the top investor in Goldman, along with Vanguard and ST ST ST right after them. So together, Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street owned 20% of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sex, in turn, is who did the startup for ice and then installed. Sprecher is thean y I see CEO. So, in effect, BlackRock controls Goldman and Goldman controls three Hertz Stock Exchange. And it's pretty, pretty hilarious. And we look at Black Rock itself, founded in 1988 by Larry Think who was still the CEO. Larry Fink is Jewish. In fact, I'm just gonna read the names and I will tell you, if they're not Jewish, how about that? We'll just do it that way. It's easier to do it that way. So Larry Fink, Robert S. Capito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub Que freighter back guys a gentile Ralph Schluss Stein. You think that guy's a gentile James. I don't know. This is a tough one. Jesus and Keith Anderson, also a gentle So out of the founders of BlackRock, six out of eight or Jewish. So who's calling the shots now? Again? Same rules apply. I'm just gonna read the names and I'll tell you if they're not Jewish. So Larry Fink, Robert Capito still around Rob L. Goldstein Ben Golub Still around? Gary Shed Lynn Derek Stein, Marc Weidmann, Mark Wiseman Those are basically the guys that sit on board jazz. I didn't hear you. Ah, call it any exceptions to the rule? There s So it seems like all these guys were Jewish. Yeah, the entire ah corporate board of BlackRock Joe. And so, yeah, if course and Larry think it's just like, Oh my God, when you look at the look of this guy and Fink Fink told the firm's 14,000 employees that he is instituting potentially the most aggressive diversity program in corporate America. Ensuring that quote, a bunch of white men will no longer be running the world's largest money management firm. Um, yes, so ah, like you guys where it's basically Stein Goalabama Goldstein Capito Fink Rodman Wiseman. It's like, Oh, yeah, but not that. Like that's going to remain intact. Yeah, yeah. Do you think they're only applying that rule internally, or are they applying that to the many corporations they have controlling stakes in as well Get to? I wonder if that theory trickles down? Yeah, and it's, I mean, they were going to be trying to mean the fact that they're handing it off. Um, you know, Jamie Diamond had some heart issues, I think in the last couple weeks, and there were some articles talking about who he had groomed, as his predecessors are sorry. As his successors, I meant to say, and one of them is Joseph Pinto, who's Ah supported you. And another one is a wham in So Pinto looks like, you know, your typical like *** replacement. But now that's a supported two. And then a Lamin, who he's trying to bring up who's like unmarried cat lady is. She's also Jewish, and I think her name is Catherine Lake. I can't remember, but if you look her up, she's Jewish. And those those are the successors for Jamie Diamond, JP Morgan's Jamie Diamond. If he decides to retire. So, yeah, I like this idea that, you know, we gotta we gotta diversify. No, there's nothing getting diversified. Thes air, all still juice in charge of all of it. So, um, you know, Fink has also said profits are in no way consistent with purpose. In fact, profits and purpose are inextricably linked. What does he mean by that? What do you think? Thing means, What do you think their purpose is? Well, let's talk about their purpose. So you had think along with Tom Barack Blackstone, which is different from Black Rock. Blackstone, uh, that CEO Stephen Schwarzman and Goldman Sachs, Dina Powell were all invited to closed door sessions to discuss Jared Kushner's Middle East peace plan. L O L at peace plan. Um, and we remember how what the rollout of that was. But think guy in charge of Ah, BlackRock. Um, you know, he was in that room. Tom Baratta, Blackstone Goldman said It's funny that they were all there. And of course, Schwarzman was also selected to lead Trump's economic advisory team during the transition. But it's not just black rock. Of the 52 senior executives of the largest American asset Management firms, private equity funds and hedge funds such as Vanguard, Blackstone Group, Elliott Management, Charles Schwab, Renaissance Technologies, Being White Melon, Millennium Management, Warburg Pincus, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, A Cure Capital, Bain Capital, Apollo Global Management, 36 or Jews or have Jewish spouses. So it's that roughly 70%. So to do 70 I think, is ah, how that works out. Um, just fucking disgusting. And those are the ones that you know we could look up and figure out, and a lot of that has changed. I think it's time has gone on, but these guys are all also members of Ah, a a secret society before you cringe. Um, this is a real thing. Kappa Beta Phi. You go look it up. It's publicly available, but it's a secret society for finance capital. It's been around actually, since 1929 prior to the stock market crash in 29 Um, in the Wall Street chapter, apparently, is the only chapter left, and the membership is his publicly available. You have people like Michael Bloomberg. John Core is Ein Larry Think Richard Grasso, David Komansky, Sallie Krawcheck, who I mentioned her before. Mark Lazarus, Martin Lipton, Martin Lipton sounds since I could go it right. Wrong. Um, Wilbur Ross, Alan Schwartz, Robert Rubin, Mary Schapiro, Diana Taylor. Who is the wife of Michael Bloomberg and the Superintendent of New York State Banks? Warren Stevens, John C. Whitehead, Richard Fold, who is the former chair and CEO of Lehman Brothers. You're gonna look all these people up, but yeah, this is a Ah, this is a basically one of their little clubs. And I'm sure because this is publicly available and you can see some of the members they induct 2015 to 20 new members every year at a black tie dinner. I'm sure that Do you really think that this is the only forum in which these people meet? And this is a fun forum like this is where these people like get together and drink and socialize and connect with one another and and network, actually. But ah, the things that are said in the plants that are made are certainly not done in this manner. But I didn't even know about Kappa Beta Phi. Um, I certainly didn't know about it, but it was formed in 1929 prior to the stock market. crash and their motto is keeping alive the spirit of the good old days of 1928 in 1929. Well, that that kicked off a lot of the restructuring of the world economy. That's what spent us into Ah, World War Two. You know, the good old days where, ah, you know, profits were coming hot and heavy and very little oversight. So, yeah, Larry Fink is in the mix on this. You got Bloomberg in there, Got John Corazon. You got all these these people. And the only reason I mentioned um, Kappa Beta Phi is because of Larry. Think And a lot of these, these people that are all intermingled in so many ways. Um, sure, but think I wonder how many of those people show up showed up in Jeffrey Epstein's black book, the Abbey. Interesting research projects. Good question, I think is probably the most powerful man in the world. His company actually has $6.5 trillion in assets. Uhm, they're the single largest shale shareholder in virtually Um, any major corporation that you can think of will go through the list here in a second, and it controls the nine Dax companies in Germany as well. So it's not just the United States very deeply rooted in Germany and Austria. Um, they're all over the world. Uh, it's they can influence the fate of entire cities and countries. BlackRock, um, is they have 70 offices in 30 countries, clients and over 100 countries around the world. They are essentially the world's largest shadow bank due to its size and scope. I mean, just the just to put this into perspective. So people understand black rock is larger than Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan combined, and and they own those companies to like they own large controlling Not quite well, not controlling in the sense that you would think not 51% but large enough where they can make things happen if they need to. They're the largest single shareholder also of B A S f damn lor, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank and aliens. And that's just in Germany. Um, they ah, they also have this massive data center in Washington state. There's a cluster of 6000 computers there that monitor the assets of over 170 pension funds, banks, foundations, insurance companies and others Ah, these these computers watch interest rate changes, bank failures. Look at natural disasters. Ah, and you know, look it every change in consequences, positive or negative. And of course, the system is called Aladdin and their 17,000 traders around the world that decide win to buy or sell assets based on what this data center spits out. It's the heart of BlackRock, Um, and they single handedly managed most of the money that is in private equity and hedge funds combined worldwide, the only other big company out there that owns just almost as much as them. They're dwarfed by half, but three trillion is Ah is Vanguard. And so although almost all of their holdings or stocks, they're the largest shareholder in 50% of the world's 30 largest corporations. So they not only hold stocks, but they hold bonds, commodities, hedge funds in real estate And ah, yeah, I mean, according to an anonymous European insurer who wishes to remain anonymous and possibly alive as well, he said, If you're looking to buy or sell something or invest, it's very difficult to get around BlackRock. They I mean, they basically like, run the show and yeah, Yeah, it's huge. Yeah, And when you take a look at the type of companies they're involved in, its very diversified one of diverse assets. Here they have 5% of Apple, 5% of Exxon Mobil, 6% of Google. 7% of Berkshire Hathaway list goes on and on 7% of Petro China. So they're involved in just about every field you can imagine. Johnson, Johnson, G, Chevron, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Procter and Gamble rolled out. Shell Nestle, WalMart of artists Rochet Toyota, China Mobile Like, I mean, they don't like who needs sovereign nations. And government government is just like for these people, just something that's getting in the way and this consolidation of power in the center of power in the United States and basically installing BlackRock Aziz, the new operating system on top of the Fed and the Treasury is exactly, I mean, it just put it all together, and you can figure out what's going on they own. They own $58 billion worth of Microsoft $54 billion worth of Apple, $45 billion worth of Amazon, $26 billion worth of Johnson and Johnson, 24 billion worth of Facebook. 22 billion worth of alphabet. 22 billion worth of Exxon. 22 billion worth of J. P. Morgan. Um, I mean itchy jumper, Berkshire Hatheway It just goes on down the line. Pfizer Visa, Intel, Netflix, Wal Mart, Starbucks. They own their The third largest shareholder of Lockheed Martin, second largest shareholder of Boeing, fifth largest shareholder of General Dynamics. You have Raytheon Northrup Makasi in Huntington Ingalls L. Three. Technologies like this is all part of the the ah, the military industrial complex Media. They are the second largest shareholder of A T and T, which now includes Turner Broadcasting, HBO, CNN and Warner Brothers. It's like this one company now might as well make it all simple. Walt Disney Company, which includes ABC, Fox News A and E, ESPN, Lucasfilm and Marvel BlackRock, is the second largest shareholder. Comcast Charter Communications, 21st Century Fox, which is now owned by Disney, Thompson, Reuters, CBS. Dish Network, Viacom, Right. Remember, we're talking about the Black Rock with with Pike. I mean, and we've talked about the CEO of Viacom in how this is all blending together. And if you're wondering why Black Rock is the second largest shareholder for a lot of these positions. It's because, as I said, the first is often Vanguard. Vanguard has 41 holdings with a total value of three trillion, with top holdings in this order. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, Facebook, Johnson and it's all the same companies they own between the two of these companies. They own, ah, huge amount. Now people will say, Oh yeah, it's only 6%. It's only a very small portion of the total value of the company. It's like it. But if they pulled out of one of these companies or decided to do essentially BDS against an American corporation, that's the end of that. So all of these companies have to be walking in lockstep with whatever. Give Larry Fink whatever the fuck you want. So if you're wondering why you can have very quickly overnight a nationwide de platform in campaign where it's almost a Ziff, every single company is on the same conference call to decide what action to take. And it's not like they're confused about what they need to do like the In many cases, they just know what they're supposed to do But if you this caught a lot of people by surprise in 2016 that it's like, Wow, all these companies are operating in such a coordinated fashion. Well, now you get why, like now you understand why that happens now. You understand why nobody has to communicate with one another about putting more black people in commercials for each one of the pro ducts that is manufactured by many of these companies. Like they all are working in lockstep on this. It's all if it's all like when you're looking at this and you think, because I think a lot of people think that America is this big collection of free market capitalism where all these companies are competing with with one another. And it's just like, let the person who's best at doing product when it's like that's not how that works at all. No, no, no. And they've they've informed you what their ideology is, right. BlackRock has that. They want fewer white people in positions of power and positions of influence. And of course, as we know this is not going to to be ah, applied towards the white people that are in charge of BlackRock you. You, you know, run the clock out. 10 20 years. And it's going to look very much the same at the top of BlackRock. Maybe a few tokens here and there. But what they will do is they will ensure that the positions of power in these companies they own and control are not filled by white men, that white middle level executives don't have the opportunity to advanced beyond that position. And that is where you will stay in people, you know, blacks and rounds and Jews will be promoted all around you. And you will not have that position or the ability to, ah, rise to the level of of a CEO, one of their companies, and they're going to make sure of that. But even if you climb that high, I mean, it sort of speaks to what sort of, ah moral turpitude you have and the people that do get into these positions. We did name a couple gentiles. I mean, it's like those guys air totally down with whatever they're going. Definitely. Yeah. So their position so looking back at this a little bit. So just because you're an asset manager, that doesn't mean that you have direct control over any given company. That's the point that I was making before. But if they have that much financial influence over a company's balance sheet and the personal wealth of the company executives, if you're in charge of running a company and you get a call from Larry Fink, we're gonna take that call. You're not gonna ignore that phone call something Larry Larry Fink owns like most your company. And so their position as this dominant shareholder allows them to funnel money by way of camp campaign contributions to PACs into politicians of note. So this is the system. When we talk about the system, this is the system. So you have President Donald Trump. A lot of his donors are black Rock is the largest or third largest or second largest shareholder. Mike Pence. A lot of his donors. It's the same thing. When you look at Mitch McConnell's top donors, it's the same thing. Whether it's Atria Group, United Parcel Service Eli Lilly met Life. BlackRock is either the 1st 2nd or third largest shareholder in those companies. Same with Mike Pence. Same with Donald Trump. Same with Kevin McCarthy. Same with Chuck Grassley. It goes on and on and on. And, you know, like Chuck Grassley's Number one donor, Blue Cross Blue Shield, which includes Anthem. BlackRock is the first largest shareholder. Fries and Communications BlackRock second largest shareholder. Comcast, BlackRock second largest shareholder. What you're talking about. Oracle or Citigroup or Federated Investors? I mean, these are all the donors to these political candidates, either in the form of super PACs or indirect political contributions. So do you think Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence and Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy and truck Grassley or giving Larry Fink whatever the fuck he wants? Of course they are. Do you think they give a fuck about, you know? Do you think if Larry Fink says, Yeah, you got to, Ah, you got to start promoting like black people like we're doing on the TV? It's like, What do you think these guys are gonna do? And you don't even have to tell them? But there are probably some cases where it's like, Yeah, we got to get all of these people in line saying the same thing at the same time in a coordinated way, and so make the call, make it happen, but otherwise I mean, these guys were just meaning off of each other. Um, you know, and pushing it in the same direction. This is why this is why you will not succeed at trying to climb the political ladder. We we still the tedious guys were talking about this on Friday that apparently there's still people out there who, you know, they're not quite at the drug level like still going Maga for the president. But they're like, How do we like Mount political opposition and run candidate to get in and, you know, wave magic wand defeat this political machine? It's like, yeah, guy like that's not happening And I can say that for certain because we know we've tried that already. It did not succeed. It cannot succeed in a system that's constructed in this way. And so if you still think that you can just go out there and you don't have the right rhetoric, and that's going to get you to the top, and that's how you defeat the whole list at no. The whole system has been constructed to keep you from even getting past the first post. Yeah, I mean, just think about it as we see like Kevin McCarthy, for example, is in the house, and this is something that people have been been talking about is let's get, find a very rural white districts and run people for office there. And surely the people will be receptive to that message. And, yeah, the people probably will be receptive to that message. But when your opposition, as we're seeing in the case with Thomas Massey, for example, when you're opposition can come in with big endorsements and big money and basically drown you out, then like what good could be done right? Because if you were to run for some office, let's say, in some rural white area and have have good appeal with people find great. But you also need money to run that race. And when BlackRock is able to muster up, you know $100,000 in donations from each of Goldman Sachs, Oracle, Citigroup, Blue Cross, Comcast, etcetera. For your opponent, you're just going to be smothered and money. It plays such an integral role in American politics that that the trying to run up against that system, as we say, BlackRock being the system, it's going to be near impossible in any kind of meaningful way. But what, James? Well, what if you have the perfect takes and you have the hottest takes and you can go out and you can just convince them that you're right and they're wrong? I mean, you know, I may know something about this Ah, whole running for office thing and and getting in and then having the hammer swooped down and v told that No, you actually didn't. And you're disqualified and barred from the barred from the party especially Especially now when they've seen Trump run on this rhetoric. And then he closed the door behind him and said, Oh, yeah, we're gonna get We're gonna gay up the Republican Party now. This is not happening. It's just not happening, right? Like it's what that was. And that was the premise, right? Was that and just quickly that Trump was going to get in and and then he was going to usher and hold the door open and usher in this new GOP, his new nationalist ah group of young people that would take over the GOP. But instead, I think closing the door behind him is really the perfect metaphor. And yeah, I mean, beating on that door, looking the window of that door, trying to get in that door, crying for attention from those that have made it through the door. Not going to get you anywhere. No, it's not. And, you know Ah, Segue. Ewing here. You know which bank BlackRock is? Thesiger largest shareholder. And James. We didn't mention them before, but I said say, Well, we've mentioned them before, but yeah, you won't be surprised to hear that name pop up in this context. Deutsche of Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank. So this is the hometown family Bank of the Trumps Jared Kushner, Jeffrey Epstein, all of whom are gonna be benefiting bigly from the bailout bill. Ah, also Apollo management as well. So, Kushner companies Ah, this is part of the bailout. This is inside the governments. Federal massive economic rescue package is a $170 billion windfall for real estate investors. Isn't that funny? But, you know, don't worry, Chuck Shoma. He wrote a three page dear colleagues letter in which he outlined the steps the Senate took to secure an agreement in which they have a provision to stop Trump's private business. The Trump organization is run by his sons or son in law, daughter in law. Anybody related to the Trump administration, they've all been prohibited, declared Shoma. We secured a big win here. The Children, spouses and in laws of the after mention principles are also prohibited from this benefiting from this in any way whatsoever. Well, not so fast, Schmuck. And of course, schmuck is ah, on the same side as thes people as they only pretend that he is in a different political party wearing different flag wearing different uniforms. Still the same same guy, even in the fine print. In the final 880 page version of the bill, there's fine print to the fine print. And though Schmuck proudly announced that they had won agreement on language to block Trump and other government officials from receiving assistance from this $500 billion fund, it turns out that the provisioned might not preclude funds from going to companies owned by the family of Jared Kushner. And Trump's companies would not be barred from benefiting from other elements of the bill intended to help broad swaths of American business. Now this that you just can't even make this shit up. So the t L D R on all this is They have bailouts for hotels, right? And they have special interest provisions, which would be impossible for a casual reader of the legislation to identify. For example, on Page 15 of the bill, there's a section with the title business consigns with more than one physical location. It says the change in federal law would allow companies to fit a North American industry classification system code, beginning with 72. So they basically means anybody in the hotel restaurant industry like they do. They use cryptic language like this to cover it up. And what they say is that even if a company owns multiple hotels such as Donald Trump, or even if an overall hotel or restaurant chain has more than 500 employees such as Donald Trump the limit to qualify for treatment as a small business, they will still be able to take advantage of all of the small business benefits offered in the rescue package. So Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, which owns six hotels in the United States, including New York, D. C. And Chicago Yeah, they would all qualify. And Trump was asked about this and he was like, I don't know. I just don't know what the government assistance for would be for what I have. I mean, I have hotels. Next question, it's like, Yeah, so they're gonna be getting benefits from that. So small business loans that will provide for, what, 2.5 times of the monthly payroll required by these companies. Ah, which will be forgiven if it's used in that manner. Um, yeah, that Reich of Donald Trump. Hotels qualify for all that right, which essentially means that part of this bailout is the government paying the salaries and the hourly wages of the Trump Hotel employees. Which again, Fine. Not a problem with that, but ah, let's let's do that for everybody. Not just your employees. So you don't have to be laying people off trump. Or I mean, if we're gonna be making magnanimous gestures, why not just guarantee to pay their wages out of your $12 billion that you have, right, Donald? Because that's your net worth 1,000,000. 15 billion? Yeah, on definitely not 700 million on paper, right? Yeah. On paper anyway. But ah, but yeah, I mean in this really got to get the old noggin jargon. Because six out of seven of Trump's top revenue producing hotels have shuddered as a result of the orders that are in place, um, Trump's private businesses shut down six of its top seven revenue producing clubs and hotels, potentially depriving Trump's company of millions of dollars in revenue. Those closures came as Trump was insisting on easing restrictions on movement sooner than federal public health officials wanted to recommend in the name of reducing the viruses economic damage. On Sunday, Trump was asked if his business would abstain from any federal bailout. He said, Everything's changing, just so you understand. It's all changing. But I have no idea, like look this guy. Three of Trump's hotels in Doral, Chicago, in Washington have outstanding loans from Deutsche Bank that originally totalled more than $300 million. Even before the Corona virus outbreak, all three reported lagging behind their peers, and occupancy and revenue staff have been laid off at all of them. So Donald Trump isn't taking care of any of these people out of pocket, not even out of the government's pocket. Um, he's not taking care of them at all. They're just straight up laid off, and, uh, you know, But he's got to make those gotta keep paying those loans to Deutsche Bank, though, you know, um, otherwise, you know that says it's gonna become a problem. And, of course, why pay for the loans out of pocket when you can have the federal government do the bailout for you, huh? Right. Isn't that what is gonna happen here? Yeah. Funny how this bailout seems to be set up to allow them to get Deutsche Bank and other creditors off their back while guaranteeing very little for the staff that have been laid off staff. Most of them. If it's hotel staff, most of them. If not all of them were all hourly employees. They don't get benefits They they're not taking care of. Ah, like perhaps one would think they should be. So yeah. I mean, those people are literally, in this case, out in the cold, while trump companies stands to benefit and stands to, ah to benefit to the tune of millions, if not billions of dollars from this. Well, and it's not just his hotels that you get bailed out. It's also there's tack their tax provisions in this bailout as well that are being called a fix of his 2017 tax bill. So the things that they had to compromise on in 2017 there now ramming through and one of those is $15 billion a year worth of tax savings, which for eligible hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other retailers might not be so bad. Essentially, for those of you out real right, lander and understand what you're allowed to do here is that they can, ah, right off depreciation and do so retroactively so they could go back to 2018 and get a refund from prior year taxes. To pay employees and not lay them off like that is not the worst thing in the world, necessarily if they use that money for that reason. But the reality is, is that it's going to benefit people like Jared Kushner. Um, you know, they they this provision expressly bar such funds going to companies controlled by the spouse, child son in law, daughter in law of the president and other officials. In order for the prohibition to kick in. Though the person in question would have to directly or indirectly owner control 20% or more of a company. It's amazing that they landed on a number where Jared Kushner benefits 100%. Because Kushner rarely owns that much in his family firms or real estate projects. Ownership is usually divided between Kushner, his three siblings, his two parents in various outside investors. But they also Josh and Jared also have that deal where they basically split everything like everything is half and half between the two of them. They're like silent partners in their own business, and most people don't realize that that's the deal that they have. Um, but Kushner did not sell off his multibillion dollar investment portfolio. He instead retained passive ownership stakes in these interests, which would allow him to sidestep this ethics ban depending on which one or all of those interests ah, he might pursue to seek federal aid. Um, so, yeah, he's gonna get, um, basically access to all of this. Including the biggest one is writing off the depreciation that they had on all of their properties over accumulated over the last two or three years because Jared Kushner hasn't paid income taxes since 2014 because of the ability to write a lot of this depreciated value off. Now he's going to get to back, get to go back and do even more of it going back to 2018. So, yeah, Isn't this great? This is wonderful how this is already so effectively, Jared Kushner is going to be getting a bigger Corona virus relief check than any American worker. Pretty much, uh, great how that works now, and yeah, you remember they were stockholding holding the bag on 666 was at 666 What street was that on? Um, Fifth Avenue, Fifth Avenue? Yeah, and, ah, they couldn't sell it. And it was depreciating. And wow, look at this. Good. This ah, gift that's being given. And so yeah, I mean, in theory, right? A corporate entity or business owner, 19.9% by Jared Kushner. And, oh, I don't know what Ah, 71.9% set of 71% by BlackRock, 81% by BlackRock would qualify for aid. Fantastic. Yeah, it's it's always gonna work out to these people's advance. And of course, Shoma has the chutzpah to go out there and tell you that they have a great victory. We've stop the president from benefitting from this. But of course, no did literally the opposite in Trump and Kushner are gonna be very well taken care of. You know, we talked about Deutsche Bank before. Of course, you know, this is just connecting the dots on this because I don't want to just throw out names and be like Deutsche Bank and Kushner and fraud and all. It's like, No, they're actually all tied together. I've, I think we've tied together Black Rock and in all of this very nicely. But this also ties in with Jeffrey Epstein as well. Um, Epstein entered a joint venture agreement for ownership of a small marina on ST Thomas in the U. S. Virgin Islands with a guy by the name of Andrew Farkas. He was the island Capital Group founder and CEO. Farkas renovated this marina to accommodate all these luxury yachts. Yadi yada, yada. Farkas sits on the board of at least six companies and was one of the earliest investors into commercial real estate listing platform Kadre, which was co founded by chaired Kushner Farkas Connection to Kushner and the willingness to do business with Epstein even after the allegations of sex with underage victims had surfaced. Were were a big concern for Deutsche Bank, but they kept loading money. They kept loaning tons of money. In fact, Jared Kushner finalized a $285 million loan from Deutsche Bank one month before Election Day. Ah, he is secured financing from Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and a number of other banks shortly after meeting with those people in an official capacity is the president's adviser. Uh, and you know, it's just kind of funny how all this worked out, Of course, as of March 5th, 2020 Kushner's now selling his stake in Kadre. Um, and this is only after they took advantage of this special federal program that would allow him to defer paying income taxes on any gain on his investment in Kadre since 2014. So, yeah, this is fun, right? All these guys air. Ah, just you know, because it's it's easy to say, like Oh, yeah, they're all connected. It's all like one big global conspiracy, but it's like no, actually like. Let's draw. Let's connect the dots here. One after the other and point it all out, and you can sort of figure out what's going on. I mean, even back in 2008 during the financial crisis, the Fed had this $16.1 trillion. Ah, basically these emergency loans that they were giving out during the financial crisis and Deutsche Bank was number nine on the list. They took a $354 billion bailout from the U. S. Federal government. It's a German bank. I mean, I love Germany. I love Germany in 1933 but Germany in 2020 Germany and 2011 were just bailing out banks 354. But because I mean the whole the whole curtain and the shroud just has to fall on this. Like the global financial economy. It's like there are no borders like there is no, you're over here and I'm over there. These people are all working together. Ah, in their ultimate goal is ah, the destruction of white people. I mean, that's its its evidence by the outcome that we see and maintaining strict financial control over the entire global economy. What else can you call this, right? Yeah. And we touched on BlackRock briefly and these other financial institutions Deutsche Bank, Softbank and some others when we discussed Israeli spy tech. And of course, these companies, financial institutions, they many of them operate these incubators, as they call them, where they direct funds to start up companies, many of which are based in Israel and many of which are now being ah utilized or are exploring a surveillance and tracking methods which are being used by the U. S. Federal government by the way, to track and log and surveil and spy on Americans. Yeah, and these companies are intimately linked in the in the generation and, uh, and development of these companies. And you could listen to our Israeli spy tech deep dive. Siri's all three of them where we track Deutsche Bank. I remember being explicitly involved. BlackRock as well. And Softbank Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. And the other thing here, too, is that Deutsche Bank was the only mainstream financial institution willing to lend trump money after he went bankrupt in the nineties. Ah, they let him over $2 billion over the last 20 years, including 350 million that Trump still owes. So I mean you're almost looking at, like a $1,000,000,000 in outstanding loans. That the Trump Trump's and Kushner's loan Oro, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank is the place that you go when you've been kicked out of everywhere else. If you're a jig net like, Ah, I mean, yeah, Eddie Epstein used to have a relationship with J. P. Morgan Chase, who sever ties with him. And where did he go? Well, he went to Deutsche Bank, which began in 2013. And so, yeah, I mean, it is the in the in. Deutsche Bank has taken a huge hit in terms of its public relations because of their involvement. But somebody has to keep somebody has to keep these guys afloat, right? Like de platform ing Trump and Jared Kushner is not an option for them. And it's not something that they want either. But these banks that tried at least put forward a semblance of maintaining a good reputation. Want to push this all somewhere. And so Deutsche Bank has become the exclusive lender for all of them. And of course, Deutsche Bank has $49 trillion worth of derivatives on its book, and so the too big to fail Mim like they have to keep it afloat. Um, and you know, you have Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase. They have 48 trillion, 47 trillion and 42 trillion, respectively. In terms of derivatives on their books as well. And so yeah, the whole system is just of course, they had to take over treasury and fed formally take them over and merger them with black rock. I mean, it was necessary, Like the whole The whole thing is Ah, crap. In the process of crashing in flames, big line must be saved. Big line must be sustained in big line. Must be perpetuated at all costs. Otherwise, no, it's 1 10 time. Yeah, it's a disaster. It's ah, I mean, and this is something unlike again. It bears repeating. You remember the furor? Er f u r o r over the 2008 bailouts and as egregious as those were. But tarp that was $700 billion is not nearly nothing. It just like that. Yeah, yeah. Nothing. Barely. Anything less than 1\/3 actually. No. It's less than less than a knight of what we're doing now. Between the $2.2 trillion in direct relief, plus the 4 4.5 in Q E and and AH, securities purchasing. And yeah, I mean this. This does not produce this kind of behavior does not produce good political outcomes for them, right? That's the other thing is is it shores up their power in the short term, but it makes people angry, makes people very angry to see literally. Now the wool has been pulled back for many people's eyes, like there literally is just a small Kabul of bankers that control E like, instinctively feel sort of use crazier, spooky for saying it. But there literally is an international COBOL of bankers that control US finance U. S. Foreign policy and these private companies as well. Here's the system right before your eyes. Yeah, and you can see how the pressure is applied to get people to do things to that they may not otherwise, dio I mean, you can see how this was done with with Epstein and how all this was tied together. And so, yeah, I mean this this continues to go on and I mean 11 more thing before we close out this segment of the show is you have Bill Ackman. Um, we talked about him last weekend. You have Bill Ackman on CNBC had his meltdown. And, you know, we we speculated at the time that that was two fold number one because this guy is set to make a lot of money. He shorted herbal life and got in that big bidding war with Carl Icahn or trade war with Carl Icahn. Um, this guy has a pattern here, and he made over 10,000% r a y on the market being shorted last week. Now he he made $2.6 billion essentially over the course of two weeks. As that shock is, the stock got shorted and we won't go into all the details and you can go read on and how he did this. This is involving buying credit default swaps and purchasing insurance on them, knowing that the market is going to go down. And so he had every incentive to go out on CNBC and do that panicky, emotionally laced speech that he did 28 minutes. Um and they say the market fell by 4% that day, so I mean, he's trying to deny that. Of course, he's trying Teoh highly dubious decision that he's the one who crashed the stocks. Um, but sure, he's making money off of this. But Ackman actually makes more money the longer this crisis goes on and Ackman was advocating for a 30 day shutdown, and then we beat the virus. Now that's where he would make the most amount of money, the quickest. So you could argue that all of his positions that he had put were going to benefit the most from things being shut down. Totally. Um, and then he would. What he would want is complete and total shutdown. He makes all of his money on the shorts and then stand it back up. And he's got everything strategically invested. So when the market comes back online, he makes is much money as possible. I do think his concern that it dragging out long, which is another component of our take from last weekend, was something that he part of that emotional appeal was. If you let this go on forever, we do risk run the risk of losing everything and that he's not wrong about that because there is a certain point where you can't like, process it like somebody drowns and dies. And 20 minutes later you're trying to do a ah defict defibrillator on them. That's not work like And so I think that's his point that he was trying to make, of course, in the short term, making a lot of money. But in the long run, I think this guy genuinely was panicking about, like, book. We need to shut this down now. Shut it down now started back up. I'm going to get rich and we all move forward. If we don't do it that way, then all of his positions don't work out. Um, he makes some money in the short run and then ultimately on the upside, there's not anything. So yeah, I mean, that's our That's our take on it. It seems a lot of that came to fruition, kind of as we said it would. Yeah, In fact, I remember us making this, making this prediction at the time that you can question his motives and it sure enough are cool. We were right to question his motives, as he has now made 2.6 billion since we last spoke about, but that his prescriptions weren't actually the wrong thing to Dio. It was not wrong headed to close things down for 30 days. Sure he was. He would make money. He would stand to profit from that as what His his investors. But, ah, people would also stand not to get infected and die from that as well. And he had already made at $1.3 billion when he went on that show that day. The halftime report, Um so but now, by now, because of the market and the way it's gon has made another 1.3 for a total of 2.6. But that's the thing is that the government the right thing to do would be to shut it down for 30 days. But they're still unwilling to do that. And we can question the motivations on why. I mean, they seem to it seems like when they take the slow track, they're doing the slow strategy, just reaction based strategy. It keeps getting worse and worse for them, like this isn't like this is, you know, playing the sound bite like we did in the first half of the show, where Donald Trump is like, Yeah, the 15 cases they're going to go down to zero just seems totally Asa nine and comical now with 115,000 cases at present in the United States. And so you would think, in hindsight, somebody said Trump, at least two saying to himself, Would she? Maybe I should have done X y and see back then you would think that they would have those thoughts crossing their mind at some point. And at some point, they're going to realize, as they're considering quarantine orders for New York and Connecticut, New Jersey, which I don't even know how possible that is going to be for them to do. Maybe they should have just gone ahead and done the 30 day shutdown in mid March. By the time we get to mid April and things have gotten precipitously worse, right, spend our take from the beginning that you have to do it right. It's like pulling off the duct tape yet, right? You could pull it off bit by bit, feeling the hair rip out of every single poor or just who would once and be done with it. And, ah, but of course, they're unwilling to do that seemingly because they just they have this confidence. From where I don't know that things will magically turn around. Things will magically get better. Maybe this is, you know, partially due to personal hubris. Misplaced faith in the American spirit in America beat any adversary. It's like, Well, you have to do that. You have to use the right strategy, and that involves shutting things down and not letting people get each other sick. But here we are Here, uh, jews there now calling this world war. See? E have not. Yes, that is something that they, uh, least in some corners of the well of the June ever. I did. I did see a video. Yeah. No. Sorry. I did see a video of a group of proceeds getting gassed in Israel. Actually, they were being sprayed with aerosolized aerosolized, uh, hand sanitizer because they refused to go inside and break up the gathering of the Israeli police that you're saying they're going to get sprayed with aerosolized mozza balls or something. I saw a video from India where ah, the cops air going around, riding around on motorcycles and anybody that's out in the streets because budgets just don't listen like very low impulse control. They're beating them with what appear to be like plastic sticks. Um, I wish they were really blackjacks, but it's great, like the cops just go up and say You're supposed to be inside and then, like, crack the guy over the head or across the back or across the chest with one of these, like plastic, like a PVC pipe. And ah, it's just like I mean, that's you have to rule these people with an iron fist like you that you cannot like, especially as you let go down the ah, down the color spectrum. I mean, they just be the only thing that people have toe will respond to. In this way. It's like, what, what part of complete and total lock down of the entire government? Did you not understand? Um you know, uh, Judge GTs was trying to think how how funny is it that this type of like strict, strict leadership and imperialism, right? This is Ah, This is something that they objected to when the British were doing it in an imperial manner. It looks like the UK could actually use some of that some of that very authoritarian governing style again, as they've just allowed their entire country to go to shit and India doing a better job taking more seriously than even the previous colonial power. Well, they just need ah, you know, every everybody needs a little bit from time to time of some physical punishment. And physical punishment is a necessary medicine because if you don't listen well, you know, this is what you should expect and people can, you know, the people that are crying out about like the government is advancing on my part. It's like the were trying to fucking keep you safe. And even we have We have enough weeks now of where places have been put into lock down and under shelter in place. It's like guy like nobody is coming to van you in the middle of the night. So, like, just knock your shit off and it's it's sort of funny to watch the people like demanding freedoms and liberties. Now it's like, No, you can't say like look. China took draconian measure and solved crisis and then at the same time be saying like but muff freedoms and liberties. It's like, Do you want to stop the spread of this or not? Or is it just rhetoric in a game? I don't know, Ask yourself that question. Well, that's that's the thing is the neo con position on this is actually the most incoherent, because on the one hand they're saying that China use draconian measures and this was terrible, but also we have to trust China's numbers. But also we don't because they're lying and Jean Ping is evil. But also, we can't do draconian ism in the U. S. So it's like, what? Just like dispense with the bullshit for a minute and tell me what you want to do? Yeah, and then we can move from there. It is very convoluted. Police say, At least I'm being honest. We're being honest. Like I, uh you know, I'm not pushing any pushing any bullshit. I believe in everything that I'm saying so and and most importantly, we admit when we're wrong or when we're lying right? We admit when we're lying, were admit, when we're accused of lying, we admit when we're lying. But now, um when when we get it wrong, we tell people and right now again, I want people to be safe. I want my loved ones to live. Um, I just absolutely hate the comparisons to other diseases, like whatever it iss, whether it's flu or diarrhoea or like, whatever it's, the fact of the matter is, is that this did not exist prior to January of 2020. Maybe in December it existed in Wuhan in limited basis. But this did not exist. And so you're comparison to other diseases and death rates of other diseases and death counts of other diseases is not valid because this is a new one. And so if you're okay with this because it compares to a level of another disease, it's like, OK, well, how much are you willing to tolerate? How much additional death and destruction are you willing to tolerate? Are Are you willing to prevent any of it? Like if this many people get killed in car accidents like, is that a reason not to enforce seep out loves? I mean, just shut the fuck up anyway. Gotta go. We'll be back in our three. It's not bythe you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation Americans spent around $4 trillion on consumer goods in 2019 and about 1\/5 of that was online. With all of that financial information flying around much of it unsecured, you better believe bad actors are getting their hands on it. Online shopping, using public WiFi or really doing anything without a VPN puts your personal data and browsing information what you search for download and the sites you visit at risk of being exploited by entities public and private. You want the guy? You're I s p to know what you're reading, the shows you're listening to or the videos you're watching. Yeah, if it were me, that would be a hard no. This is why I recommend a virtual shield. It's an all in one VPN with easy to use software for your desktop PC Android device and even iPhone have a strict no log policy meaning or browsing history. 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Heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Hello, Welcome back to third hour. Not a pay wall in open for all the all the freeloaders out there, you know, enjoy the ride. Welcome. And if you if you like this well, you get behind the pay wall because you'll be getting whole extra show every week, which you're currently not getting. So make sure you do that. The rights of W slash paywall breaking this up jazz into three separate segments like we have today gives us more, you know, more opportunities, cause we always tend to do this, right to come across a story during the break and then, like, Oh, man, this is great. Like, I'm glad that we caught this before going to air. And this time we got the story that Roy Moore is apparently deeply incensed about. What about churches being closed down saying this is tyranny? This is, Ah, the act of a government gone crazy. I'm surprised he's not more pissed off about the closure of shopping malls, even Roy Moore's history using those places to Cruz. Yeah, well, of course. And this is part of this. This fits in with the whole. You know, if you're one of these people who wants to promote, you know, the government opening back up in the economy opening back up and, um, us, you know, you feeling like your rights are infringed and freedom and liberty Just remember, like, you know, this is this is the side of the argument that you're taking, um, and in some of the like, it's like a collection of bad takes, right, because Roy Moore is probably doing this, and I've seen other conservatives doing this about, Like, what about my church, though? And it's there, not at least unwittingly. I don't think that they're doing it because they want line to go up. It's just the stupid, uh, mentality that has been programmed into American thinking and people just air having these bad takes. Some of them are doing it. Some of them are like, What about my church? Cause they know that just the flu, bro shit doesn't resonate with people. So they're trying to do the what about God and my religious freedoms. We can't allow those to be trampled bone, and it's like, Yeah, like all of this shit needs to be taken away. Like, What? Don't you understand about how this works? But that's what you have. And if you're lining up with that side of the argument, shame on you. Shame on you. I know that's gonna piss a lot of people off, but just saying she minute people shut the fuck up pussy and they'll trot out different appeals based on who they think they're targeting, right? Like like on Fox business. They'll do the bit about this being a terrible infringement of your economic rice and then on Fox News, right? Depending on the commentator. Each one of them knows they're different demographic for their audience, and so they'll. But this is, Ah, trampling of your religious fruit on in Rush will do this to and yeah, it. And that's the reason It's the reason why Falwell brought back all the students from Liberty University. I mean, it's part of this whole. It's this. They know that the just the flu, bro stuff gonna work. So they're trying different things, and it's already failed, like in a matter of a couple days, like it's already again. And this is what I said is that this is going to get over taken by events. Um, forget the models. Stop getting like, hung up on like 11 piece of data. You know, defying an entire trend. This was going to get overtaken by events. And it's gotten so bad that, you know, Donald Trump is out there actively trying to get the video of him calling the virus a hoax taken down now, and it's like No guy, it's not gonna work like none of this is gonna work. You have for the past several weeks been putting out like campaign commercials that they're going to use to run against you while like Biden is like locked in a room somewhere, not allowed to speak to the camera. They're gonna be running these commercials and Biden isn't even like you can just run Nobody just run anybody run a befuddled old man Run Nobody run a robot Doesn't matter like Donald Trump. You have, like, unelected yourself just by talking end dare I say bloviating. So what are you seeing? A bloviating why we talk about the defense Production act, Um, and talk about what Trump could have done, should have done, didn't do and is now demanding Get done because of his own failings. Write his own failings. And these air these air failings that have been building for years and that have been supervised by Reagan been supervised by Republican Congresses, Republican presidents. Everybody has been watching this. Go on and buy this. I'm of course, referring to the offshoring of American industry and the offshoring of specifically not only me, not only pharmaceuticals which we've talked about, but but the manufacturing of medical devices. And, as you know, the U. S. Is experiencing a vast shortage of ventilators. These air the machines that take over breathing for someone when when they've lost the ability to breathe for themselves. Um, used to be. I guess this is the This is like what an iron long used to be. Right. The big machine that would like the furnace billows of blow in and blow out while they can do it in something the size of like a CPAP or a small personal computer. Now it's pretty cool technology, but we don't have enough of them. We only have about 160,000 of them in all U. S hospitals and 16,000 or so in the strategic reserves. And you think, Wow, guys, that sounds like a lot of ventilators like, Why do we like Surely that's fine. There can't be 100 60,000 people needing these at all times, and there's not usually right because these air usually the kind of things that people come in and they get treatment and they leave, and then you swap the filter out, clean it, and it's ready for use by the next person. We do not have the reserve built up necessary to accommodate a sudden surge in demand for these, like we're experiencing now, where ah, 40% or so of these Corona virus patients are going to need inpatient care, many of them using ventilators. Yeah, that's a lot of demand that we're not ready for. And Trump has, ah, late late to the game responded to the shortage by activating the Defense Production Act. The DP A was passed in 1950. This was in response to the Korean War. It allows the federal government to basically jumped the supply lines, cut in line for needed goods in the midst of emergencies, and they get contracting priority over states over private companies and other countries as well. So essentially, companies could be compelled to accept federal contracts and fulfill them before fulfilling any other orders. This is a good piece of legislation, and it's good a very qualified good that Trump is using this to tap GM Teoh to require them to make ventilators will explain why this is a very qualified good as we as we go on and the provision like why? Why would we want the federal government stepping in and telling private industries what they could do with their time in their capital and their labor force. Why is that the federal government's job to come in and do this sort of thing to see tyranny? This is this is teetering on the brink of fascism. Yeah, you know, that's a conservative take that, I'm sure is out there circulating. I have been lucky enough to not see that so far, but I'm sure you could find that out there. And the answer to that is, of course, because these companies will play entities off one another and then sell to the highest bidder, that highest bidder, oftentimes being Israel, which will get into Israel, of course, buying up with world supply ventilators right now. Great as Italy, you know, has a setting turning people away 65 older for lack of ventilators. Israel buying up the global stock. So it's good that we're going to be producing more of them. But of course, we're not going to produce be producing enough, and there are plenty of problems with how this is being gone about now. The specific specific provisions of the Defense Production Act being utilized is the first, which is the priorities and allocations prevision. This gives the president the power to require corporations to accept these federal contracts. And General Motors actually had been in talks with this company. Ventak, based in Seattle, to begin producing ventilators at cost in their Kokomo, Indiana, factory. And the federal government was actually negotiating with them to buy these ventilators, right? This was an agreement that predated Trump, even finding out about the Defense Production Act and what happened. The timeline on this past Friday was the negotiations fell apart. Trump wanted 40,000 ventilators by next month, he's saying, and so they Inventec was saying, Well, we can actually build 6000 and Trump flips the switch and it activates the D. P. A. Uh, his thinking is this is going to get them 40,000 ventilators by next month. And he's coming out and saying that over the next 100 days, Trump is we will have 100,000 new ventilators either purchased or manufactured by the US And you know, if you are the light switch brain that things. Oh, we we have factory in U. S factory. Make our ventilator smaller than car factory can make ventilator. It's much more complex than that. And you actually brought this up last week. Jazz Trump Activating the DP A. Funny enough, though. He activates this and then doesn't use it right. March 18th it activated. He activated. It, didn't use it. He was under a lot of pressure to start using it because when they should have started taking this seriously a long time ago, they could have started this up. I mean, it's still a very long ramp up time to be able to produce these things. This is why Trump has such this boomer unrealistically high expectation about what they should be able to do, as do other boomers. You know, people thinking the way that this works, it really doesn't work that way. They could have used it. They should have used it right away. In fact, this would have been the moment that emergency was declared. This should have been the thing that was activated. But now it just wait. It just sat there, sat there for even longer until, uh, he needed. He realized that he was in the midst of a crisis, and then he had to activate it and then thinks that Oh, you know, he's like reaching, flailing around for the life preserver in the open ocean now, and it's like, Yeah, guy. That's not how it works like this required foresight, which you pair I don't have. And yeah, well. And he was facing a lot of pushback from from various economic councils and chamber of horrors were in his ear, telling him not to do this and even by March 18th when he comes out and says, hopefully there will be new need to use a Deepa. Even by that point, it's too late. It's three months too late, in fact, which will get into in March 20th in just timeline. He activates it, but then doesn't designate any affected industries or products. It's like, Yes, we're getting started. It's brilliant, but nobody's commanded to do anything. Finally, March 23rd he issues the executive order. Classifying Health and medical resource is necessary to respond to the spread of Cove in 19 and gives the federal government the authority granted by the DP A to prevent price gouging and hoarding. But again like no actual concrete action being taken place. So now, Friday, two days ago. By the time you're listening to this, they do something about this and, you know, let's start with the good this ventilator that they are going to be commanding GM in partnership with ven Tech to build and sell to the federal government. It is a very good ventilator. Many of these you think of like the Iron lung, right? Or these big stationary units on rolling carts that have to be kept in hospitals. This Ventak unit is the size of a CPAP machine. It is portable. It could be taken home. And this is going to be essential because the one of the shortage is not only ventilators is in hospital beds, and this will allow people to to ah, um get the respiratory care they need in an outpatient setting. You'll be able to take the machine home. That's good. It has a suction system, a nebulizer portable touch button, CUF assist, oxygen concentrator. Pretty pretty cool unit. And you look here at the at the unit itself, the cross section of it. It's a very complex little unit, cool technology. And of course, you know, you might start thinking well, how does a car plant how to people who are trying to build cars how are they going to adapt to build this? And that's part of the problem. So Trump says, we need 40,000 of these by next month. 100,000 we're going to get this is important. He's not just saying we need 40,000. In fact, he's speaking out two sides of his mouth because he says to Sean Hannity that he doesn't believe Girl Cuomo when Cuomo says they need 70,000 ventilators in New York. But then he turns around and says, We need 40,000 By next month, if we need 100,000 we're going to get 100,000. This is going to be like miles of wall built right. We're going to get 100,000. But we're not because according to Ven Tech Life Systems CEO Chris Capel, he says they could build 1000 by the end of April with GM ramp up to 3000 in May 5000 in June, 10,000 in July. Do the math on that. That's what 37,000 units by July. Yeah, Trump, I don't know about that whole 100,000 unit target. It's not going to work like that it's not as simple as turning the dial from car to ventilator and making machine Gober its force boomer mentality where you know they remember the photos of GM and Ford plants. Ah, in right Curtis and all these these plants in the 19 forties. Ah, converting in making B seventeens and B 50 twos and rolling all these things off the assembly line. But but cars and aircraft from that era aircraft, we're going to be a little bit more complicated. Yes, the engines air different. Yes, there's a lot different about how you manufacturer shit. They even use different kinds of metal. But that is not really. I mean, it's not a good comparison because you're not talking about you're asking somebody who has been making coffee pots to start manufacturing microprocessors, and it doesn't really translate that way you can get there, but the ramp up time for that is extremely wrong, Long and on Lee with the partnership of a business who has done that exceedingly well. And so you have. Trump has that boomer mentality, and he's doing it because he's in this, um, he's sinking right. He's sinking in. Nobody wants to go back. Nobody proven by polls. People don't want to go back to work, and so he has no choice but to do the things. He's being dragged kicking and screaming to do these things. And now he's looking to things that he issued two weeks ago as something that is going to somehow make him look good. And so it's the story of Donald Trump. He never does things for doing it for the right reason, contrary to all of the the ah, propaganda that people have been told. And I know I'm repeating myself. But all of those stories that were told in 2015 2016 about how Donald Trump secretly helps all these people and doesn't want any credit for it now I don't buy any of that. I think that's all bullshit. I think this guy does all of this stuff for his own benefit. He only cares about himself, and the only reason that he's even considering activating Ah, the D. P. A. And in in getting GM to do this and then attacking GM is is so that he could do it for his own benefit. He's not doing it because he's considering about lives that will be saved in jobs that will be, at least for the short term created putting people to work doing this because it's not a for profit model, it's not benefiting anybody. It's certainly not benefiting. Benefiting human life is of no benefit to them, so right. And when you look at the amount of ventilators they're going to be capable of producing again, this is according to the CEO of the ventilator company, you're looking at about 38,000 ventilators by July. This is not the most effective use of the DP, and that's the thing is the DP A can be used more effectively to to target industries. Target companies that arm or that are more similar. Their production methods are more similar to ven tech to get them to make ventilators, But they're not doing that. And so in technical terms, and I know people will think people who don't work in manufacturing don't have any experience. Manufacturing might think, and it's This is not a stupid assumption to make right. You think, Oh, a car is more complex than a little breathing machine? Why can't they just do this or you'll think you know, afford made the Army Jeep to fight, not see why GM could know Mick breathe the tube because in the most obvious, or the most of in a striking reason is the production line for a military vehicle at the time in the forties and ah, consumer vehicle, they were basically identical, right? You would have your production line. He would roll the chassis onto the line. He would drop the engine and transmission in. You would build the body panels around it, and you would slap it together and and install it. And it would be good. It would be one solid assembly line. You could look at the pictures of Ford and GM doing this for it, of course, making B 50 year excuse, maybe 24 planes as well. The willow run factory, where four built those B 24 planes, was specifically built by afford to produce the B 24. It was not this temporarily retooled car factory. So you get people out there like that, read the Wikipedia page about industrial lions and are like, Well, we can just retool factories and repurpose them, really not that simple. And the technology was mostly analogous at the time to between military and civilian vehicles. So it's very easy and asking GM to just dedicate all of their factories to produce ventilators. Yeah, it's like asking a computer programmer to go out and just take a hammer and some nails and build me a house like you couldn't do that right? You build things, you design things. No, they're complex and they're very different now. Where GM does have an advantage is their ability to quickly activate a large workforce. And that is a good thing. And these air workers that are sitting around not doing anything they were furloughed before this. Ah, this announcement was made. These are production facilities that have been empty for a few weeks now because they're not making any more vehicles. Specifically, this Ah, this plant in Kokomo, Indiana, is one where they make electron ICS for for vehicles. And so, you know, there are some areas where you can say this is this is you can see how this works, right? It's not completely alien, but the problem GM is going toe have if they tried to expand this beyond just the cocoa plant and beyond, just these these select few workers is that many of their workers now involved in manufacturing don't actually turn wrenches. These are not people that are out there putting the body panels, you know, working shoulder to shoulder with their other employees like they were in the forties and fifties. These are guys that programs CNC machines there, guys that operate, you know, computerized mills. They operate robots, and they're not interacting with the parts touching them. Oh, are building these things at all. And then you look at the manufacturing process for a ventilator, and it looks like building a computer that's like building your desktop computer. So this plant that they're using if we're being completely fair, this plant in Kokomo, Indiana, it's actually the last of its kind, and this is a testament to the sucking dry of American industry that has occurred in the last 50 years. Ah, these jobs have been outsourced thes electronica, electric components that are used in cars. They're not made in the US anymore. The cocoa plant is the one the remaining vehicle electron ICS factory for GM in the United States. The only one it used to be a plant belonging to Delco Electronics and Safety, which you may recognize as a C. Delco. They manufacture some of the parts an electron ICS used in GM and other cars. It's the only facility GM owns that's equipped to manufacture precision. All that person, that precision electron ICS. And it's why there's such a low ceiling on how many they could be produced, right? It's not as if they can go to every car plant. Like Trump says, Take the Lord's Down plan. It's a great place to be beautiful to manufacturing ventilators like No, it wouldn't have you seen the massive cranes and and robotic Tyg welders they have in that plant? It would not be remotely useful for manufacturing these ventilators, and people there wouldn't know, like with the first. I mean, not to say they're stupid, but this is just not what they're trained for. Okay, so to say, GM have lots of factory Jim Conduce factory to build plants like No, they have one, one single factory that could be used to manufacture a very small amount of ventilators and demanding stomping your feet, demanding more not gonna change anything. Yeah, and you could make the argument that over a long enough timeline. You could get any plant to be able to produce anything. But time is not something that is a luxury right now in the idea is to get this out the door as quickly as possible. Another thing that the DP a does I didn't realize is that But for people who are concerned about you know your force for the idiotic conservative and libertarian arguments about your forcing a private industry to manufacture something that people may not need in three months or could be fulfilled somewhere else, Uh, the government can actually commit to buy everything that is produced under the D. P. A. So they can fund the quote unquote retooling the getting things ready to produce it, no matter how long it takes. And then they can also promise to buy all of those pieces of equipment. It's not like the government is coming in and saying you're gonna manufacture this stuff, go free just cause you love America and stuff. And that's gonna be how this works. No, they can actually, um, you know, bid packages review. Um, you know the items that are there in and pay full price for them and actually make it make it so that the company itself is not incurring a loss. And in fact, for companies that what do you doing rolling off, you know, 1000 Chevy Cruzes every day for people to run into their dealership to buy. I mean, come on. A lot of these companies would should, you would think would be begging to be put under this because it's zits, essentially a bailout in a subsidy to keep them going, they can call back their workforce and keep it going. But no. And in Donald Trump used this. Excuse that we don't need to do that, E p a. Because these companies already voluntarily doing this on their another Not No, they're not. They're all wondering what the fuck you you're going to do. Which is what everybody in this country has been wondering. What What are you gonna do, Donald? Are you going to take this seriously? Didn't no, no, no. And it's always It's always too little too late, right? Way too little way too late. And the companies that are doing this because you are seeing companies announced they are increasing their ventilator production and we'll talk about this in a minute. But they're also saying that they will be selling these countries selling these ventilators to countries as they determine the need, which really means as they determine who will pay them the most. And the point of the D. P. A. Is that you can force these companies to accept federal contracts first. That is the point. And so you get out ahead and you don't have to deal with the bidding war that goes on between states and hospitals and foreign countries and Israel coming in dry offering den gorilla in dollars for every ventilator, which means Americans don't actually get any. That's the point of the d. P. A. And it seems like this is lost on Trump. Of course, part of the reason he's targeting GM for this and they're not using using the DP a to ah obligate Ford or Tesla or even Honda or Toyota, both BMW, these other companies that manufacture in America is because it's it's a politically popular point. He thinks it will be amongst his base right, beating up Government Motors and telling them what to do. It's like, yeah, we're getting back at you taking our money in? Oh, wait. It's just so stupid and too little too late. Sure. Let's be totally honest for those out there. The very smooth, very few recent, very few, very dumb. That will say to you, it is MSNBC. You guys Trump, no matter what. Yes, 1000 families will be getting paychecks. This is good. Some lives might be saved by these ventilators. This is good, but this is still way too little too late. And the the federal government, the Department of Health and Human Services has been warning about America's ventilator shortage since 2005. They've warned at the time that we would need in times of pandemic 750,000 ventilators. It's not like this was a mystery. It's not like nobody knew we only had 100 60,000 in the U. S. And 16,000 in the emergency reserves. Now, if you want to be totally fair to Trump, he could have and should have in January initiated the E. P. A and begun commandeering companies to produce these for the US because then we would be reaching maximum capacity production capacity now or in April and we would be getting 20,000 off the line per month. The thing is that they use the D. P. A all the time. This is not something that has been sitting on a shelf untouched since the 19 fifties and that, you know, this is like this deep undertaking that nobody has ever really understood how it's used before. Every time there is a major disaster, whether it's a flood or hurricane, the D. P. A. Is used all the time to source products or whatever they need for various to deal with the various fallout that that that things have have occurred under these various disasters and whatnot. I lost what I was going to say, but But they this is not a new thing. This is not something that is alien or whatever. It's just that Trump resisted to to put it into place. And now now they're paying the price for that. Yeah, And these ventilators, they're not B 24 bombers, right? You don't need like like acres and acres of fields and hangers. The store, these things in their compact there is big again as a CPAP machine, which is like, I don't know, like like nine by nine or so. They're not huge machines. And there's zero downside to over producing and holding extra in reserve in case of emergency. There's only upside. So when Trump comes out and says, I don't believe that New York will need 40 or 30,000 ventilators, it's a lot. It's Cuomo, the deep state conspiring to hurt Trump like, yeah, guy, 10,000 new US cases per day or going to need a lot more than 30,000 or 40,000 or the 18,000 you're going to get from vent IQ. So the question then becomes, Who do we go to 22? Tapped with the D P. A. Who do we ask to produce these? You might. My initial thought when I hear this is okay, let's go to the companies that manufacture things like CPAP machines, right? They know how suction works there, building things that that do respiratory medicine. Let's go to the companies that build blood pressure monitors, home monitoring systems, other portable medical equipment because these companies that are used to producing precision electron ICS would be more natural fits than GM to make these respirators part of the problem. is, though much of this production has been allowed to shift to China. China is also the major producer of and 95 masks and the ventilators that the U. S is competing for against everybody else. It's the US on equal footing or lesser footing, in many cases bidding for these ventilators from Chinese companies September 2019. So you can't say they didn't know about this. In September 2019 there was a report by an NBC News alarmed national security officials about how dependent the US was on Chinese pharmaceuticals. Even Council of Foreign Relations I mean shit bird organizations of shit bird organizations December 2019 was lamenting the rapid growth of the Chinese medical device manufacturing sector. So they've known about this for a long time. So when you think about like just flipping open the role index like all right, let's go talk to our American producers. There really aren't very many anymore, and that's a shame. So you look at these major companies companies like Rez Med right, the manufacturer see Paps and ventilators resumes. CEO Mick Ferrell says resume is taking every measure possible worldwide to maximize the production of ventilators and other respiratory devices were looking to double or triple the output of ventilators and scale up mass production more than tenfold. Okay, great. Wow. These are going to go to help Americans know they have products in 140 countries with factories in Singapore and Sydney making the ventilators. And their focus is quote according to him, on those who need them most. They're working with governments and health authorities worldwide to assess their needs and how deep their pack pockets are to deliver ventilation therapy on and on and on. So, basically like, yeah, if you need them in the US, how much are you going to pay us? This is the case with Dyson as well, right? So this is a problem facing the West, including the UK Dyson has received an order from UK government for 10,000 ventilators like how great built in the UK No. Built in Mom's Berry Wiltshire until 2002 when the company transferred manufacturing to Malaysia. So yeah, great. All of this stuff is made overseas with one big exception, a company that you may have heard of. If you're from the East Coast, they're very big company in the East Coast. Respironics there a respiratory medical supply company founded in the U. S. In 1976 they admit, invented the CPAP machine in fact, in 1985 and were purchased by Dutch conglomerate Phillips in 2007. You've heard of Philips. You may think of them as the company that makes your stereo or your cassette tapes or your light bulbs. Phillips is actually one of the largest medical supply companies in the world, both directly and through their subsidiaries. I mean, Phillips manufacturers everything from imaging systems, cat scans, defibrillators, dental dental equipment, CPAP machines, just about every type of machine hospital might need. Phillips makes one yes, including ventilators and to make them in the United States. So, like that alone should be enough. Donald, right to, ah to convince Donald like, Oh, yeah, let's let's go do Let's tap Phillips with D P. A. They actually make this stuff already natural fit input now, implying that you want to actually solve the problem where it seems like they're doing everything they can not toe have to address this issue, and it's so painfully obvious. I mean, ah, the people that buy into this argument that, ah, that oh, you know, we're making the same criticisms. Is the liberal media's like, Well, maybe maybe you are still guzzling pro trump pro conservative pop propaganda, and it's switched on a dime to write. Like, one minute you're listening to Tucker talking about issuing the, ah, the open border liberals and having some good rhetoric on that, then, ah pivots very quickly to anti u B I. And ah, I got to get back to work and all of this stuff, and it's like what happened? He get caught off guard. And if you're still sort of in the rut, listening the Limbaugh and everything else, um, I don't I mean, it's not my fault that you're picking this up. These air valid criticisms. My, I think that, you know, things. We we deserve much better. I've said that a couple times now. I mean, looking at the way that this has gone, I mean, I can think of, ah, presidents in recent memory who I have a very dismal opinion of who would be far away doing a much better job managing this crisis. But no, When you have a sociopath in office who is managing in this way and, like there's not even any room for anyone to stand on the ground. Left hernia, one to stand on that says like, Well, at least you know Trump has done X, y and Z. Or how can you blame Trump? He he's trying his best, and it's just all these other like things that are getting is I know it's not from the very I mean anybody when you get to the point where critical mass of the country is 80% in disagreement with the president on this stuff, and it's in its 70% of Republicans, or like Ian Avo and they're giving him marks on what he could've done and should have done better. I mean everybody. Yes, everybody becomes an armchair quarterback, but it becomes so painfully obvious. Like the main, the media, like NBC and MSNBC, doesn't even have to make these points. It's just observable fact that it could have been done better, and we have been observing the pattern for what is it four years now and you know it. At first it was difficult to detect, and now it's very simple, like you hear the guy get up and talk in a press conference, and it's just like I feel like Fauci face palm and it's bad. And an MSNBC isn't detecting what we're detecting here either. They're not keen to this, right? You're not going to hear Rachel Maddow talk about using the DP A to enlist Phillips because they're also not interested in solving the problem, right? We're not attacking Trump just because, like, l O l orange bad hair like fat bloviating idiot, we personally don't like No, it's because he's totally botching the response to this crisis and people are dying because of it. People will die because this is being handled so poorly. And you look at the case of Phillips and this is research that I had to do that we had to do on our own right? This is not something that that ah you know, others are investigating and and is being parroted. This is research that we're doing on our own because we actually care about solving this problem, criticizing the president for the right reasons. No, absolutely right reason. Right? He goes out there and you can tell his response or his decision to enlist GM is almost entirely politically motivated, right? He talked about the Lordstown planet. It's a shame they need to reopen Lord, So it's like if you fat idiot, they sold the Lordstown plant already. And people are working at the Lordstown plant Building, the Lord Sound electric truck for Lord Stone Motors. So don't tell me. And don't lie to people that the Lordstown play. It would be perfect. It wouldn't it was a final assembly plant. Anyways, it's a sugar. It just shows that these things are nothing more than talking points in Mihm's for him, like right, you know, and nobody's there doing a well, Actually, it's just all Yeah, it's yeah. Philips Healthcare 11 factories in the U. S. Building healthcare equipment, right factories in both Washington and over Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, California, Florida, another in California and Pennsylvania. And the Respironics plant in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. If you want to keep Americans employed it right much more so than the 1000 GM employees that are getting to come off furloughed to build respirators, and you want to distribute this across the country to not only to give people jobs across the country, but also to expedite the delivery to hospitals across the time in Florida. They're gonna need respirators pretty soon. Washington. They already need them. California, like Ohio. These are all states that are being very hardly hit by the very hard hit. By this, they have the ability to scale up production much faster to build more respirators. Where is Trump enlisting them now because there's no political points to be scored by attacking GM. It hasn't this. This fact hasn't entered his leg are there are political points to be scored by attacking GM, but there aren't by attacking Phillips, and the team hasn't been seated in his boom or information bubble brain that this is something he could even do. Well, if Israel were in desperate need of ventilators, you know that this would be going in a totally different direction. But they're in the middle of buying as much of the much as they can. Ah, from the world market. And that's one of the reasons why we have to do This is well, because we didn't supply ourselves. Gotta give Israel whatever the fuck it wants, and they're paying ah, top dollar to hoard this equipment while Italy has nothing and it's disgusting. It's disgusting what they're doing, and nobody's stepping in and saying a word because you know, the death. The death toll in Italy keeps climbing at record numbers every day, and they need this equipment. They're having to make decisions, unfortunate decisions about who should it live and who should die because of a lack of equipment. Meanwhile, Israel is buying it up on the world market and just sitting on it. So yeah, cos yeah, it's great. And these companies look, they're going to sell to the deferred for top dollar. Like this idea of a patriotic duty, this spirit of Rosie the Riveter and all these men just walking into the factory line to help their country by building the the military. It's like this is all fake and gay like. The question now for these companies is like L. A. Well, how much are you going to pay me? And they're going to sell the Israel if Israel is offering top dollar, Which is why you need the president to use the Defense Production Act to tell Phillips, which, by the way, is scaling up the production. The tell Phillips No, you're going to sell to the United States, and we're going to distribute these respirators to er these ventilators to hospitals in the US that need them. But anybody telling Trump this People like South Dakota Governor Christy Nome, who on a conference call expressed her frustration with Trump and said, I need to understand how your triaging supplies. I don't want to be less of a priority because we're a smaller state or less populated, she said. Trump says this in Christie. That will never happen. And then her telephone was disconnected. She was fun. I mean, that's about the state of it, Right? Um, the idea that the G m. Is going to be our saving grace like, No, this is going Teoh my my hot prediction here, which is not even that hot of a prediction. This will shape up like any other trump promise of any anything that can be quantified in numerical terms, right? He'll say. You'll get 100,000 of them. Months will roll by, he'll tell you, get a 1,000,000 of them, and then you actually get a few 1000 of them. And that's how it goes. And that's actually how it's going. With the bailouts to write its promising. You're gonna get a lot from the government, and you get just about nothing from the government. Yes, so what's the rial story here with the With the pre bait, it's not actually a pre bait. It's a ah, it's a well, it's a rebate because it's, ah, retroactively applied to your 2018 taxes. So according to the language of this bill, you don't actually have to pay it back as long as you were working in 2018 and then in or in 2019 How's it work with 2019? I don't know exactly how this works, but right so you can use either of your tax returns to qualify for the for the rebate. If you do, it's a it's a retroactive tax. Credit is Ah, I guess, would be the most descriptive way to put it where they're looking at your 2018 taxes, and they're crediting you based on those. And as per the Senate bill as it's written, it does not appear that you have to pay this back Now if you end up having to If you get your 2120 21 tax bill and safety lied to me. Look, we're not Tax advisers don't come to us for tax advice or anything like that. But the way that it's written, our understanding is you do not have to pay it back, but you can use either return to qualify 2018 or 2019 now. The thing about that is, um, if you the requirements are such that let's say you were working in 2018 and you were working in 2019 but then you lost your job in early 2019. All right, so you lose your job in February or March 2019 and you haven't been able to find a new job through no fault of your own industry as we know it was going overseas. You would then not qualify for the for the check if you have already filed your 2019 taxes because they will use whichever tax credit, whichever tax filing is made later. If you filed your 2019 taxes, those are the ones they will analyze to determine your rebate. So if you filed early, which is usually good right or usually told to file early as early as you can, you might actually find yourself getting screwed out of a reap, which really sucks. I mean, you will qualify for the unemployment boost, but ah, your $1200 check is ah, looks to be no more. Yeah, well, and if you in this again, again repeating everything that we've said on several episodes now, $1200 is not enough to tide people over. Especially people who have been pushed out of the economy for whatever reason, in the reasons air, not their fault. They aren't going to get the unemployment insurance. Only if you've been working full time and happened to get laid off as a result of this would you get the unemployment and this this check and the check is gonna take forever to get out there and ah, yeah, it's I mean, it would be so much easier. One piece of paper that says we're giving every person in the country $11,000 no questions asked. Stop the means testing. It's just a euphemism for fuck white people, Period. End of story. Everybody gets it. Um, what else in this bill there people not getting so the student loan relief. Remember, that was supposed to be in the bill. Everybody gets $10,000 worth of student loan forgiveness, not not been cut. Open. Gone in exchange. And this is just is good. According to Betsy Davis, the payments are deferred for six months, so you don't have to pay your student loan bills until September 30th. But but to qualify for that, you have to go and wait on hold with your loan servicer. And, as they put it, check in with your lender to ensure that your payment schedule has been adjusted. Like have fun waiting on hold for three hours with everybody else in America delaying your student loan payments. Because if you don't, that auto draft is going to continue as prescribed. Right? So uh, yeah, it's like and that's the theme here is to qualify for the maximum amount of rebate you have to jump through so many hoops that's going to take hours and hours and hours to ensure. If you're in one of these cases where your status changed between 2018 and 2019 will take you hours to make sure that you qualify for the most rebates. So, yeah, I mean that gone. Ah, small business assistance. Nope, that's gone unless you want the ah, the loan interest free loan to small businesses. And this is, I mean, Pete's peaks of chutzpah. 3 70 billion for the Small Business Administration to give loans to small businesses. But private banks will be the conduit for these loans, and they will take a commission for every interest free loan they get to hand out. Right. So it's another way to bail out the banks, and you is a small business owner not actually getting the bailout because these are loans that need to be paid back. Yeah, a lot of a lot of help that's going to give you and going back to the student loan thing just so people understand. Most people understand this, I would hope. But who knows? Ah, deferment is not the same Miss Skip. Skipping payments would mean that, you know, you don't ever have to make up those payments at any point in the future. Deferment means you're just on the hook there, just giving you a reprieve until some other day. And he is not. Nothing really changes. You owe the same amount of money, but originally they were going to give you $10,000 forgiveness. What happened? Well, I can't allow that. Can't be doing any of that. That's Ah, that's Ah, that's a little bit. Yeah. And Bernie Sanders, you know, making these grand overtures about give every American $6000 saying he was going to fight for student loan forgiveness. Not a whimper, right? AOC not a whimper, right? All of these people just went along with this. This Ah, talking of the American worker like it was no big deal, including Medicare. Medicaid? If you lose your job. No, you don't get that. Because in America, if you lose your job, odds are you lose your healthcare. If you're one of the 3.5 1,000,000 people that lost the job last week or millions more, they'll be losing their jobs in coming weeks. And you're losing your health. Care to know you don't get to go on Medicare, Medicaid or to replace You know? You know you're on your own, bucko. So enjoy that. You do get the $600 a week extra unemployment benefits, though, if you meet the criteria. But if you're in somewhere like Florida, where the max for benefits is $275 a week in state benefits. Yeah, you're living on 8 75 a week, Which comes out to what would that be? 3230? 400 a month? Which again? Not enough to feed a family. Just about anywhere, anywhere. Really? Um, notice a family of one, Ah, billions for companies that inflated their own value. Rest assured, Jess, that made it in the final draft that didn't get cut. Ah, 500 billion in loans administered by the treasury slash Fed slash BlackRock companies. 58 billion for airlines which have already announced, Like United Airlines, they're going to be laying people off as soon as the payroll grants run out. So yeah, I mean, and, you know, the other thing here is you talk about bailouts for industry, and look, I can see cases, you know, if if these air administered in the right way, where you bail out an industry if that industry is going to serve your national interest, if it's going to serve Americans, right, if a company is going to be required by law to only hire American citizens to invest in American manufacturing required by law to bring jobs back from across the world and keep them here. But these are all conditions that I would be amenable to, but ah no, none of that. And even though nine bailouts, if I recall, were better about this than than these were and in this bailout was also zero funding for ice, that is interior, Air, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Not the ice on Wall Street to increase interior enforcement to maintain a tight American only labor pool. No, that's not going on. So yeah, overall, I mean, it's good. I guess the one white pill here is that you get to keep the $1200 pitons. Other than that, I've seen a lot of bad here in this bailout. Well, the expansion of the because the the unemployment that is offered in various states is always shitty. It's never enough for anybody and adding 600 of that. It does make it survivable for a period of time. But you have to do this whole Rube Goldberg machine to get there, and it only applies to some people. And ultimately, ah, you could lose out on a lot of it, and it could be much easier, right? Just if they applied the same amount of effort. Ah, as is applied for standing up the commercial paper lending facility or whatever. They could just stand up a, ah, a consumer bag creation facility and will be very simple. Just make direct payments from the money printer Gober directly to Americans, and another thing that they could do is just Azaz. Under the Obama administration, they carved out American veterans as a protected class no different than race or religion or wheelchair. Eric Striker wheelchair Um, as as protected class, Um, they could make native born Americans a protected class. This is what I would do is President. I would get rid of all the protected classes anyone just make basically urine excluded class and then it just It's just essentially white white people wait. Native born Americans are the class of of people who you get. You get the bag, you get the benefits, and there are no questions about about that at all. But what they could do here is make it so that these companies must hire American. If, I mean, if Donald Trump is really gonna keep bloviating about America first, beyond being the number one country with Corona virus cases and soon to be deaths. Then maybe what they should do is codify some of that into law, make native born Americans a protected class and give these businesses the biggest tax cuts. Biggest tax credits for hiring those people or force them to. For every person that they lay off, they have to hire to native born Americans. Whatever you can get, very creative. Write this. But none of that's being done. Not a single thing is being done and said they come up with a Rube Goldberg machine. That is just a euphemism for fucking as many white people as possible out of what is due to them and concealing everything else and obvious skating. Everything else that is going to be benefiting slo mo black rock and everybody at the top of the power structure in an even bigger way as they try to keep this thing going for just a little bit longer right? They just need a little bit more time to get things dialed in, because this notion that everything is the same always and forever and nothing ever changes and that there are no phases to any of this. It's just retarded. I've seen. I've seen some takes out there like that, and it's just it's just absolutely stupid. I mean, they're always going to be pushing for incrementally more power and they're going to get it. They've gotten it. Now this is a new This is a new face. We're not going back to where we were and things 40 years from now. 40 days from now, 40 months from now are always going to look radically different from where we are today, and it's gonna continue. It's gonna continue moving forward as it always does. And so you know what they could have done. Which is what Europe did was instead of doing this Rube Goldberg machine with the payouts for people and qualifications and bailing out companies and doing everything else is they could have just made their priority preserving people in the jobs that currently have, and the only way that you could do that is where you freeze everything and focus on the crisis so that there is no given take in the market place that anybody is going to be accruing wealth or accruing debt as a result of standing still, just make it universal. Trump has the power to do that. And any court that would get in the way. I mean, then you can use whatever argument you want. Uh, make that your Andy Jackson moment. I mean, Trump is never going to do this, but this is what is required to get through this and that. We're not gonna do that. We're going to do the opposite and thus experience a lot of pain and suffering and anguish. Is was the result. So, uh, heck of a job, Donald. Keep it up. Just waiting for him. Teoh. Find a way for what's that company that the Kushner's air involved with Fisher Sand and gravel. Funny waiters, Fisher sand and gravel To get their grubby hands on some of this ventilator market. Yeah, maybe we could do it like a pool filter where it's like a little rocks. The water flows through. You have to breathe through. Yeah, it'll be great. Yeah, man, I like this is that's the thing. And this is the shocking thing here about the buy American. Hire American provisions. They were not even part of the conversation. You'll remember back in. Oh, wait, No. Nine. A lot of people were talking about this. This was a key sticking point for many of these negotiations. For bailing out the auto company is whether or not, but it was all window dressing mean Obama even had to mouth this stuff. But it never materialised, Sure, but I mean, it just shows you how far we have exact come, though, that Trump didn't even have to mouth that this was not even talked about by anybody. Even the America First president? No. Nope. It wasn't so anyway, very full show. Hope everybody enjoyed it. We're gonna be back on the mid week has always in, uh, stay state. Um, don't Don't go out if you don't have to. And washing hands, whatever you do, just wash your hands anyway. Got you guys. Later. If you have a good weekend