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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous e Hello and welcome to 99 Jazz Hands feels very full show tonight I'm joined by James also has always been very special guests. Apache otherwise known its CEO. Is it Eric? Aided. Barricaded, right. I'm not on Twitter. That is correct. It's great to be on. Um, obviously been a huge fan of Afghan for a long time. So honored to be on the show. Appreciate it, man. Well, it's good to have known you for a while and top level guy. And James, I'm assuming you're still remaining coup free this week, I hope. Yes. Yeah, I know. Still coup free. And I didn't know that Apache was CEO Eric Aid. Very good. Twitter. Yes. It's one of the one of the three ethnic I follow on Twitter Regis crash your Twitter account when those survivors, it'll be right. This is this is this is not a show for free fax. This is only for pitch at. So you know, free fags aren't coming in here and gumming up the works. It's only only patriots allowed on this program. Um, so I think your Twitter account will be safe with them, but follow ah, CEO Eric Aidan on Twitter. I'm gonna get back on that. I was so close to pulling the trigger on Sunday. Um, but I couldn't think of a good, innocuous avatar in a name that because I can't just come back, is me. It's only gonna that should isn't gonna work, but, ah, I have Ah, little oven opening monologue here. Um, in the typical ah conservative media fashion, I'm gonna rip them off a little bit and do a little bit of an opening model before we get started. But I just because, you know, this is amazingly James and I did this What, four hours worth of content and on the weekend show three hours of the regular show in an hour of bonus content for pay, Chad's only and ah, yeah. I mean, it seemed like things turned on a dime on starting on Sunday, and we're going to dig into the detail on that today, and we're even hold on to your hats here because we're even gonna name the Jew, something that has never been done on any TRS program at any point at any time, we're actually gonna name the juju zero the the very first Jew, Uh, who started this whole narrative? Um, rolling the just the flu, bro to spike the big spike. And ah, you know And Mike alluded to this on the midweek tedious today that, you know, he's seeing a lot of even our guys getting caught up in this And it's really unfortunate The last thing that you want to dio the last thing that you want to do is be accused of being a line trustor. If you're out there trusting the line and you are promoting these narratives and you're doing so in the service of Jews or Jew shills your problem, so don't be a line Trustor. You don't want to trust the line. And you also don't want to be an apocalyptic, mad Max collapsed trusting guy either. You just gonna be somewhere in the middle, which is where we've been since we started talking about this in January. So the key is to just be a nice guy, and being a nice guy means not being a light switch brain. It means not carrying water for Jews. So a simple question that you have to ask yourself if you consider yourself an upstanding and very supreme white gentlemen, is that you should ask yourself is the take that I'm mindlessly repeating? Also being repeated by Jews and Jews shills in the service of a higher Jewish narrative. And if the answer to that question is yes, then you need to shut the fuck up, right? It's sort of like America First America first has been very susceptible to a lot of these narratives. They're like, one notch above low I Q and on. And they get held up in these narratives of supporting this kind of thing like so when you're demanding that the economy be opened back up because Corona viruses just heard. Or one big, deep state conspiracy, Direct trump and, uh, whatever. Like whatever follows. And we have to open up the economy and get back to work. You're a line trustor. You're a dupe, you're trusting the plan and you're just being caught up in conservatism. And all the people that are promoting that narrative are those folks. So if you're doing that, stop it, just stop it. And another thing I'll mention to when you're looking at models because people, I think people that don't know how to read data get caught up in this, too. All models are wrong. Emblazon that on your forehead all models are wrong. But all models, as Mike was saying today, are useful models are useful. But if you're gonna trust the line and then go trust a model and then use a model to disprove and then support the narrative that Jews are pushing, don't do that. Don't do that. And that's the thing. So the other thing you got to remember is out. Liars don't disprove trends. So if you find one model out there that says Ex first of all, look at who's pushing it And second of all, try to figure out whether that is even. What does that even make sense? Because you may find a model out there that says X, and it's like, yeah, maybe we didn't get there because we locked stuff down. I mean, you've got to really think through this stuff, and I don't think a lot of people are, um so don't get caught up in that. Just be a nice guy just relax and ah, diving. Because we actually have quite a bit of content today, Um, tedious. It's always It's always a marathon to try to fit in tedious by the time it comes out. And by the time we do this show, cause most people listen to this show on Thursday and tedious comes out Wednesday afternoon and then to consume that content, Yeah, I want to make sure that we're not overlapping. We're not serving up things that you just heard. You know, if you listen to their show yesterday, but there's a lot of things that we're gonna compliment. Ah is well, because there are a lot of narratives that they put out there that very similar what we're gonna talk about, we're going to dive into those some of the confirmation bias that we've been seeing. And so one of the big pieces of confirmation bias that we have seen take shape is the line. Actually, in all of the attempts by the Fed to resuscitate the line, they cut the rate. Then they did an emergency rate cut. Then they added one trillion and repo injections. Then they added 1.5 trillion in repo injections Then they used emergency powers to create a commercial paper facility for overnight emergency liquidity pumps. Then they restarted quantitative easing, or what is a quant Avia seizing? I think Ah changed it to unlimited quantity. V is easing. Then they agreed to purchase unlimited bonds for the first time ever. Then they agreed to loan directly to corporations, which is something the Fed has never done. Then they did a one. Then they started talking about a $1 trillion stimulus than it was two trillion than it was 2.5 trillion. And then I think this morning, Donald or yesterday, Donald said, Let's do we're going to do a $6 trillion stimulus. I mean, it's just like money printer Gober And what happened? Big line went down. Big line kept going down to the point where it shaved 10,000 points off the Dow in the last six weeks, I think. And so what we've been saying all along on this show is that our focus has not been so much fun, like talking about models and disease vector another ship. We're talking about stuff that we know, and what we're talking about is what the economic reaction to this, which has been a total cratering. So the idea that any of this is one big gay up it's a no, that's not what is happening. These people are losing their shirt out there. And this this is a problem that they they have fired all of the rounds they have in the bazooka. All interest rates, like three gear T bills are now negative. Interest in Europe had this going on six months ago, so they don't have a good solution for this. And all of the biases that we pointed out have been confirmed. You have? Ah, Who is this? Um, Barack Tom Baraka. That is his name saying that commercial mortgages are on the brink of collapse. You have people Ah, you know, can't can't afford to pay their bills. And the economy is starting to tank. And Jews started the look at this picture and say, you know, like I said on the weekend show the conversations that they're having behind the scenes are about tradeoffs. The things that they're saying in public are different than the things they're talking about in private, In private, they're saying things like, Well, how many deaths can we absorb in this crisis and save the economy? And then they have to come up with a good narrative to spend to the public. And, you know, when we close the books on the Sunday show, I didn't You know, I sort of maybe was oversight on our part. But, you know, who would have thought that Sunday night they would have brewed up this narrative and it kicked off. Then it guys, I mean, that was ah, total pivot from what they had been doing prior to this. Because prior to this, it was just the flu, bro. And then it was all right, we're gonna take this serious because people are dying and we can't. You know, it's bad optics or whatever, and then the economy outweighs thes deaths. It does every time. And then the question is, how many people, how many people is the federal government willing to accept as deaths on the record in order to save the economy? It's a scary question to ask, and this is what we have a phenomenon we've seen with Trump before, right where he will say things well, he's so brash, we'll just go out there and tell it like it is and, you know, heavy air quotes, obviously. But what you get with him is this sort of unvarnished honesty in a sense that when he comes out and says, Yeah, with this in all caps on Sunday night, the solution can't be worse than the problem like that. You know, that's actually a fairly honest ah retelling of what the conversation is behind the scenes, because behind the scenes, as you say, they are asking that very question. And this guy just puts that out there, right? And this guy will just come out and openly say, like, Yes, we're making a calculation, Which is then, Ah, what you saw backed up in almost all of conservative media throughout the week. Up to this point. Yeah, and it's pretty incredible to see Trump's pivot here because, as we know, he waited way too long to respond to this, saying We got it under control. Everything is gonna be great. We have one case is going to be zero cases in a week and then waiting until March to make any call. And then once you finally did. I mean, obviously we know it's thes state governors who are ultimately making the calls. But there are federal level recommendations that are being handed down. But we know because of the the incubation period off this virus that it takes anywhere from two days to up potentially up to 12 or 14 days for symptoms to appear. So we've only been doing the, you know, shelter in place, They at home thing for one week, and they're already talking about pivoting on it. And it wouldn't have been this bad to begin with if he had just closed the borders back in early February or even earlier than that. But at worst, you know, mid February, something like that. But now we have this situation where the economy just keep going down the tubes and they want to reopen it. I'm just thinking about how embarrassing and just what an epic fail it would be if he were to open things back up on April 1st. And then things kept getting worse, and then he had to shut it down again. Well, and that's exactly what would happen. And that's ah, you know, we're gonna get into this a little later on talking about how epidemiologists and everybody else. I mean, this is common sense, right? That when you when you reopen the economy and you allow people back in places where they will be co mingling and touching each other and being around each other, that people are going to get sick again if you haven't contained the virus and the point we've been making from the beginning since six weeks ago at least is the only thing that can put an end to the economic collapse is certainty, right? What the the line doesn't like and what people don't like. What what's not good for anybody. Here is uncertainty. So we need certainty. We need to know what is being done at the federal level. We need to know this pandemic is being properly responded, Teoh. And this is sort of the irony of Trump, right? Is that in his pursuit, in his slavish devotion to the great line, he actually makes the line more volatile and makes the long term effects worse for the economy does. And you guys actually touched on a phenomenon that I was gonna bring up. They mentioned on tedious today, and it's this. It's this effect of where the just the flu bro takes were part of a strategy that Trump was initially doing. And then they realized that that could be a very positive thing, that they could restart, reinvigorate as they saw that there were not many options left in the economy. Now, one thing that they could do. And we're also going to talk about the the bailout in the relief bill that we have said that they, if they really want to make the economy turn around and make everybody whole. It's given a video check for six grand, right? No questions asked. $6000. And I put where I pull $6000 out of the air is because they pumped to $2 trillion of liquidity into the into the government in one week since they started talking about this and they could afford to give every man, woman and child in the country $6300 with that money that they just pumped into the economy via liquidity. And so yeah, like this this phenomenon that we're talking about is well, as they realize that if people start to feel like, yeah, nobody's dying around me and like I'm not actually getting sick, and I see very bright, shiny red numbers on a big board, but it's not affecting me personally. Shit, I've never even been in New York City, so I don't even care what those people are doing. The odd er iata like you start to feel this load sense of complacency, especially when you're sitting at home, especially when you're bored, especially if you have your income cut off and you're waiting for the government to do something. And they're actually playing games with people a little bit here to make them feel more pain. So they're more susceptible to line trusting narratives, and they've restarted those on a pinpoint where that started here in a second. But it's It's this phenomenon where people feel comfortable and then they want to stop taking their medicine, and it leads to a second spike You second and third Spike. You actually seen this happen in other epidemics, other pandemics, and it's analogous to this actually happens to people who take psychotropic medication. I've never taken any psychotropic medication. I don't know anybody personally who does or who has talked about it, but some people do have to take those drugs. And if you have a have a mental issue where you have to take one of those drugs which you know no fault, you know it's not your fault, not your problem. And we can debate this some other time if people want. But a phenomenon were very well documented. Phenomenon is that if somebody with an issue has to take one of those drugs, what happens after they start taking the drug and feeling better and it suppresses their bad symptoms or whatever, they assume that their better. And then they stop taking the drug and they actually head into a relapse and and have been a much worse situation. And that is a perfect metaphor for what they're trying to do with the economy. Like pretend everything's fine, we have to go back to work. And part of the problem is is that they have already caused I would argue so much systemic damage that you can't just restart this and then now they're cut caught in a Catch 22 if they do manage to ease restrictions which Trump is trying to push, then you know what's the outcome of that you know it's Do people to these to these infections start blowing up in places that they we're never before. Do you end up with you because it can get a hell of a lot worse than Italy? Um, but let's listen to what Trump has been saying over the past. I don't know, 30 days. I have a montage here. This is Ah, a ah progression of Trump. Um, I think these air like, half sentence or one sentence snippets of things that he said over the last 30 days. And it just sound like you're listening to a schizophrenic. This is a more severe disease. We have a totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. We think we have a very well under control. We pretty much shut it down, coming in from China, you know, in April supposedly, it dies with a hotter weather. People are getting better. They're all getting better on the 15. Within a couple of days is gonna be down to close to zero. It's going. It's like a miracle. It will disappear and you'll be fine. They could have vaccines, I think relatively soon. We're talking about very small numbers in the United States. Numbers are lower than just about anybody. It's really working out. A lot of good things are gonna happen. It's gonna go away. Yeah, No, I don't take responsibility and all gonna all be great. We're gonna be so good. This came up, but we came up so suddenly this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic country. Were 15 people in this massive country. And because of the fact that we went early, we went early. We could have had a lot more than that. We're doing great. Our country is doing so great. Jesus. Oh my God. Saying, look, it's a pandemic. Have always noted with one person it's like, Oh my God, it's going to be almost zero. Yes. Speaking of psychotropic drugs, you can sort of tell when you get you have Adderall Trump and, uh, you know, Benzo Trump, Like at the end. There he was going a lot slower, but what you're talking about right before that, jazz actually made me think of a great metaphor for this, which is I just have a good friend of mine that actually worked at a state mental hospital, and frequently there would be homeless people that would come in there and they they'd be there for three weeks or something after getting arrested or after having some incident. And they're on their schizophrenia, anti psychotic drugs. But they're not committed. Technically, they haven't been forcibly committed or like incarcerated there for lack of better term. So what ends up happening is in this state lets them back out on the street because it costs a lot of money to put these people up. And then they go back out on the street. They lose their medication or they forget to take it, and then they stab somebody and kill them, and then they get put back in there. So this is kind of like what Trump is doing with the economy. And it's very schizophrenic, which is, you know, we have to save money, so we're gonna let people back out, and then more people are going to die. And then inevitably, we're just gonna have toe, you know, shut people back it. Yeah, it's it's it's horrible and, you know, you're seeing a lot. Unfortunately, I don't like, you know, all confirmation bias is not a good thing. I mean, I saw just some headlines from the Hill. Corona virus reveals financial Irresponsibility of Americans Some of that, I mean that that headline is disingenuous because a lot of the times it's it's things that people have been propagandized and have had shoved in their face and in condition to believe that what they're doing is a good action, taking out more credit and build it. You're just building a credit. Coy. Don't you want to get the Experian boost? So you get 750 points on your FICO score in qualify for even bigger Cods with big AP. Ah, it's like Oh my God yet? No. And it's like But But the article itself is talking about how people have been left in large by this, and you know that the macro the macro meta on this is like if we having an economy that can't like, let's say that the let's just take the just the flu, bro. People at their word for just a moment. For the sake of argument. If just the flu brought down the world's biggest economy in a matter of six weeks, we have bigger problems than a pandemic, Let me tell you so that is the thing that has to be hit home. And if this whole thing goes away tomorrow, the immutable fact is that this economy is fragile. It doesn't give a fuck about you. You will be grinded into little bits at the moment that the whole thing comes crashing down and the government isn't going to step in and save you. They're going to ah, you know, deliberate And, you know, go on and on and on for days and days and days and nobody is going to stand up for you. Not Bernie Sanders, not AOC. We're gonna get into all that a little bit later. But yet nobody nobody is writing. You attract no questions asked that it's gonna be enough to get you through this thing. And so it's unfortunate that because people are in experiencing financial pain there especially acceptable, susceptible two. Shalom owes blood libel. Trust the line narratives, Which is? Yeah, like we got to get back to work. Can't we do two things at once? Which I'm gonna get to hear before I get to that, though, Um, and this is something cause people. I think people are looking at blind today and looking at line yesterday and seeing big green numbers and points on the board. In the media selling, this is the biggest rebound since October 2008 and all this stuff. You know why stocks went up in the last two days. You know why Big Line went up and why Big Line is not going to stay up for a very long time. Big line went up because they were talking on tedious about, you know, why did Why did big line go up for the cruise lines? So why did big line go up for the airline industry's? It's not because anybody is flying on airplanes, not because anybody is going on a cruise. It's because they're getting billions of dollars in bailouts. That is why the line went up. Because these people are all getting unprecedented historical bailouts like never, never in history has something like this been done. And so big line is going up because thes people are, you know, getting just the tip on a huge, huge windfall. Americans aren't, but they are and what's coming toe what's coming tomorrow, potentially our new jobless claims from the past week, and we don't know what they are. We have estimates you have outlet. You know, again, all models are wrong, but they're useful. So the high is Citibank is estimating four million below is 860,000 which is you, B s. And even if even if you get low 863 860,000 jobless claims, that is still 10 Tidwell numb or like six or seven times higher than they've ever been before. But what we do know is that according to Gavin or new Gavin Newsom today, he said that one million in California filed jobless claims this month. I don't know if that was in the last week. Have to assume it's in recent history. So that's just California. And so this news is going to come out Thursday. Unless the Trump administration intervenes, I really would find it implausible for them to come out. We're just in a total clown show environment. If they come out and say they do that rating scale that we talked about on the weekend, which is like a don't give him the numbers. Give him the very bad, slightly bad, Moderately bad, bad, good and better Number. Like the general generic description of the numbers. I don't know what it's gonna be, but yeah, like that's that's what they're staring down the barrel of and it's not gonna be good. And that's just for one week. Potentially. Yeah, yeah, You made a good point earlier. People are under the gun. People are under the yoke of debt slavery. And when people are in this position and they see that any relief they may be getting from from Washington is at the at the very best weeks away. And then you start adding in conditions that this relief is actually attacks pre bait. This relief is not enough for anyone to survive on for a month, let alone six weeks, which it would be until the next that have released from the federal government. People are hard up as we've made the point here multiple times. And you Congar people, then I mean, look, when you have, when you have the gun to somebody's head, essentially say either you go back to work or you starve. Government is not going to help you like these are people who will be susceptible to that kind of manipulation, even though they know better. And they know for their health, for the health of their family and for the health of the country and for everyone else in it. It's best if they and everyone else stays home. So, yeah, I mean, they really have people in a great position and that position, their hand gets stronger the longer they deliberated and kick this can down the road on the bailouts, which we'll talk about later. Yeah, this sum. This article from the Hill the current virus reveals financial irresponsibility. Americans was super rustling not just because of the facts in it, which air that only 40% of Americans can afford an unexpected $1000 expense with their savings, and that nearly 80% of workers are living paycheck to paycheck. But this article, by ah, by this woman, Kristin Tate, who's a former young Americans for Liberty alumni. It gives this whole, like very libertarian, asked like Oh, we need Americans need tohave mawr, fiscal responsibility and you know you know you want that TV and that knew that new Carly's. But, you know, you should really live within your means. Meanwhile, we know that the airlines and all these other companies that are getting bailouts essentially are totally overextended with that. And the government is just like, All right, well, we're gonna give you a bailout, and I find it particularly glaring for the cruise lines, which is not. You can't make any argument that cruise lines are critical infrastructure critical to the economy, like you could maybe make that argument with airlines. But I was just thinking back Teoh the first week of March, there was a round table discussion with Mike Pence and the Cruise Lines International Association Cove in 19 Task Force, where he met with they met with Pencils Cove in 19 Task Force, and the president of the CLI, Adam Goldstein, said it's critical that Americans keep traveling. This is the same mentality that Trump is. He's giving now and just just totally egregious of this guy to say that, as at this time, like when he said this, people were stuck, people were quarantined on cruises and we know we know what happened there and sure enough, like that Monday, the day I think it was March 6, that he? Ah, that he said that. And then by March 8th or ninth, he had already resigned from Royal Caribbean, You know, with a bunch of other suspicious CEO resignations that have happened. Did you imagine? Could you imagine if there was an equivalent for like, we talk about bailouts right in these companies that are getting bailouts? Well, they should have lived within their means if if you're telling me to live within my means, But can you imagine if there were the equivalent in personal finance of a stock buyback? We could let go down to your local bank and give that. Yeah, I'm gonna give you 500 bucks, and my net worth is gonna go up by 25% So it sounds good. And then he just like, Oh, there you go by bank balances up 25%. Excellent. And that's the I mean, that's the fundamental unfairness of all of this. And when you start looking at all of these different like financial instruments and innovations that have been made in the market, it just astounds you. Ah, how have different the treatment is A different standards of responsibility are for you as an individual who are essentially told to go pound sand when you run into hard times that are not your fault versus these ah financial institutions and large corporations and their back is up against the wall. I mean, we pointed this out. We've been pointing it out for a while that the economy is in a very fragile state. They don't have a lot of options left all of the action that they took during the 2008 crisis. Well, it may have quote unquote saved the economy and brought things slowly back onto course. It only made their problems in the macro sense much worse. And they're if they ever had any problem in the future. Which a betting a person who is a serial better is never betting on losing everything. But that usually is. What comes to pass in the stock market is just a, you know, for drugs. It's a very it's just a legalised form of gambling, and they're gambling with everybody's money, and it is, it is. The whole thing is, is configured in such a way where they win, you lose, and even when they lose, you lose. So, um and then they ultimately win. But they're running out of options here in the metaphor that I use is that, you know the Titanic is that you know you can MMT and keep the ship afloat and from looking like it's listing if you you know you Philip a few watertight compartments. But you start filling up all of them, and there's only so much that they can do. And that's what was happening whenever you saw new announcement, emergency action, I read through them at theater the opening monologue, all of those items that they tried one after the other and big line kept going down. Um, it was I mean, the stocks dropped, like 1500 points the day after they did the emergency rate cut to zero. So I mean, these people were shvits ing to death in their in their back offices and whatever, and they all got on the phone. And they did not like this tack that the president took of finally taking this seriously. Because Donald Trump is a sociopath, and, you know, I'm not, you know, I'm not doing this psycho MSNBC, but no, Donald Trump is a sociopath. Raise your fucking hand if you think that Donald Trump actually cares about you personally and cares about your welfare personally, which is the president supposed to do? By the way, that's what they're supposed to do and he doesn't. And he is more than happy to consider these trade offs. But he realized that it was bad optics continued doing this bit of just the flu when people's loved ones were dying in the situation was getting worse. But again, it comes down to this tradeoff where it's like but are massive Gollum, though, that we created in the form of Thea in form of the debt debt, slavery, um, financial, capital, whatever. Like this whole system that's been constructed, they can't let that die. And the question is, how many lives will they feed into the wood chipper in order to keep that thing running? I mean, they're feeding liquidity. What happens? They're gonna have to start feeding you at a certain point, which is what this is. It's like I think Sven was saying this on on tedious. It's like big line go up because of human sat incoming human sacrifice. I mean, it's kinda like Jesus, but I mean you know, So let's pivot into this. So where did this start now, guys and Tedious talked about this medium article. I didn't have time to actually look, look into that. What we do know is that where this started was on Sunday night started with the Jew. Um, his name is Steve Hilton. He hosts this program that is the just the ultimate cringe. It's called Steve Hilton's Revolution on Fox News, and it's a nighttime show. And Steve Hilton is this alopecia head guy who, ah, you know, he's really excited about things. Be talks in a very hip and cool way. It's definitely like a It's definitely he's got a British accent. He's he suddenly focused on trying to, you know, the younger crowd. Fox is trying to pull in, and he is the guy who floated this in his opening monologue that he said, working Americans will be crushed by the prolonged closure of businesses in the loss of paychecks. You know that famous phrase the cure is worse than the disease? Asked Hilton. And so, Hilton, just so you guys know. I mean, maybe you guys will have already smashed early life, and you're like jazz hints. It doesn't say that he's Jewish. Well, Steve Hilton changed his name. He's a Hungarian son of Hungarian immigrants whose original name was Herc Sack, and they fled. They fled their home during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Wish, which was a revolution against Jews, Soviet Jews. So why do you think Steve Hilton came to America and any questions? And I've looked into this guy before and he's highly problematic and all the things that he pushes air just such a kosher narrative. He was also very close political adviser to David Cameron, who has been on record saying that he himself has Jewish ancestry going back to one of his great grandparents. So I mean, this started with Jews. This whole notion of the cure, what is that? The cure is the worse than the disease. A few hours later, Trump tweeted in all caps. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. At the end of the 15 day period, we will make a decision about which way to go and like clockwork, everybody else that Fox started saying the same thing Monday morning. Laura Ingraham tweeted doctors provide medical treatment a cures. They should not be the determinative voices in policy making now or at the end of 15 days in one week, we need to be heading back to work school stores, restaurants and churches with new protocols in place. The risk if we don't do this, is that we lose far more in terms of death and pain and suffering than this pandemic will ever bring. Sean Hannity a day later. That night. Actually, he said, Ah, what do you say? He's Oh, yeah. He said he had a letter in his hand from a New York state doctor right here. He didn't name the guy, of course, but he claimed that that guy was treating Cove in 19 plate patients with a regimen of commonplace drugs. In there, there were zero deaths. Just like magic. It's amazing, right? Guys? Like who? Yeah, he was treating with the fish Food. Fish food. Oh, yeah, Yeah, it was a chloral Laura Queen. Ida. You mean how to say it? But ah, yeah, it's Ah, we have the cure. Guys. Cut low is out there. He did this bit to is it in? This isn't in this audio that you gave me Apache this Larry Kudlow. Did he say the cure won't can't be worse than the disease? Or is that something else? I think that he did. I know he's pretty much like, I think, the reason Trump likes this guy's cause. He just sort of bolsters Trump's ego and just repeats what he says. And it's like, Oh, trumps trumps amazing, such a great guy. So I wouldn't be surprised if you just basically repeated Trump's tweet for baby. Yeah, he may have. Um I won't. Well, we'll save the audio here for a little bit further, further along. But this is the pivot that they were doing. And you saw this happen on Monday morning as well. There are all these, you know, Palace intrigue. Pieces on the Trump team fiercely debates how long Corona virus restrictions should stay in place. Tensions brewing inside the White House over economic consequences of Corona virus response. You also had this op ed from Thomas Friedman and, you know, on the weekend show we had the freak out from Bill Ackman with Shut it down. Shut it down now! Um, guy going create me because these people are terrified and Tom Friedman in his op ed, he says, We need to be asking ourselves Just is urgently can we more surgically minimize the threat of this virus to the most vulnerable while we maximize? This is like the big brain like lib hard article doing this, but he we minimize the threat of this virus to those most vulnerable, while we maximize the chances for many Americans as possible to go back to work as soon as possible. One expert I talked to below believes that could happen in early, as in as early as a few weeks. If we pause for a moment and think of fresh about the Corona virus challenge like this is for this is not written for drug brains. This is for, like the deep think liberals Teoh to take this out to. So they have this injection of just the flu, bro, and we got into it like there's different flavors of this. There's just the flu, bro. Two point. Oh, there's can't we do both right? There's We have to starve the virus and fight for the economy is another narrative that they're doing. But all of them are promoting this. This situation where it's just like we can't keep doing the right thing, which is we have to hunker down and wait and see what happens because New York State did not hunker down and things are blowing the fuck up there. Italy didn't hunker down and it blew the fuck up. Spain didn't either, and now it's blowing the fuck up. So we have to. We have to take a pause and figure out what the right thing to do is, and people get caught up line Trust er's pick up this narrative that it's like, Oh, God, you're overreacting. It's like, No, I actually care about loved ones that I have and I don't want them to die. And I don't want stupid people who could be carriers of this virus to carry them and infect people that I love. And I don't want those people that I love to die. It's fucking simple. We have the evidence. Fuck all the models. Look what's going on in other parts of the world. I don't think that we should sacrifice our loved ones on the altar of the 90 day moving average of the S and P 500 like it's not that hard. Yeah, I would like to it someday be able to, you know, go to a dentist appointment again and not kick that down the road for six months or to take the take. E You know, people would like to be able to take their kids to get a checkup, right? And not have to be not have to have these things unavailable to them, because our national decision has been to essentially, just like we're America. We don't back down from anything. Certainly not a little virus. We fought the Nazis, and we're gonna fight this like, Oh, my God. The world works the World War Two hyperbole is just so rampant. Pen is actually really God, It's like it's like, let's talk about World War Two for a second, You fucking piece of shit. You know what virus? That you didn't stop in World War Two. You killed the carer. You didn't stop the virus. The virus is here now, and the virus is causing the financial pain that we're having now, see? Didn't solve that problem in World War Two. Pick another metaphor. Fuckin slack draw motherfuckers. Dude. Anyway, Yeah, I'm getting getting a fucking angry. Go ahead. Yeah, It's like the the decision here is basically the economy or the medical industry and health care workers. I know it's not that simple, but basically what's gonna happen if we open things back up or open America back up like it's just so obvious? How Trump refer And all these people refer to America as a business and not a not a nation, which we know it's not anymore, but it couldn't. It could never be more clear. But we've seen what's happening in Italy was. We have a much better health system than we dio, and their health system is pretty much on the verge of collapse. Deaths are skyrocketing. They're having to turn people down Older people. They're basically just having Billy. Sorry, we don't have enough ventilators. Guess you go die now and for the people working in medicine. People work in the hospitals who don't have the luxury of being at home. I know this is like a Normie talking point, but you know, there, there, really out there, putting themselves in harm's way for everyone's for everyone's greater health. And if everybody just goes back out and the so called curve doesn't flatten. It's gonna essentially collapse the medical system. We're gonna have tons of people getting sick. We're going, Teoh have hospitals completely overcrowded or not gonna be able to treat this. And, like James said, who knows with long term effects, this will have in terms of Dr Availability or people even wanting to get into the medical system after witnessing something like this. I mean, the economy is obviously important, but they're basically making that trade off and the trade office like, All right, well, we can. We can let all these people die and we can let the medical system crumble. But we can't have the Dow go down another 2000 points in today. Right now, it's a question of time preference to because if they do that and they preemptively open things back up and everybody gets back out there and goes back to work, you will ski as you continue to Seymour infections and more deaths and more strain on the system. Big line is going to go down again, right? So big line is going to go down. It's just a matter of when you want it to go down and how quickly you would like the recovery to take place. The ironic thing is that, of course, protracted the crisis longer than it needs to be. And the other thing is that in terms of charts and lines and rates of increases in logarithmic scales and things, Italy and Spain both are what, 2 to 3 weeks ahead of us, generally speaking in terms of quarantining in terms of keeping people inside by force. Ah, and I can tell you, being in a state that is under one of these, like level three, do not travel. Do not leave your house unless it's absolutely necessary. Yeah, highway was busy, is normal this morning, right? Highway was busy, is normally like the streets are packed, people are out, people are shopping. So even as we employ these quarantine measures in the U. S, they're not is sufficient, and they're nowhere near as stringent as they have been in many European countries. So when you look at that lining and you look at the precipitous increase that Italy and Spain and others went through, that's still to come. That is yet to come. And as Italy and Spain experience that increase, they were locked down. If we do what Trump and his Ah and these media Jews want us to dio, then we're going to be just like not only experiencing that rate of infection in death amongst the quarantine population. But in a population where everybody's back out, back toe work, it's going to be exponentially worse in the US it will be. And it's not just, you know, it's not just editorial boards and in perfect medical professionals who are saying this you have, you know, you have ah, sediment medical professionals who wrote a letter to politicians. Save Life's not Wall Street. I'm glad there are people actually saying this. If Corona viruses advancing, all Americans need to shelter in place. That was written by in editorial board. But then you had Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley, who has everything to gain from big line going up, warning that if you lift US Corona virus restrictions now, it could backfire in the manner that James just just described. So it this is not something that the but it's trump, right? And this was a lot of this, you notice who was not at the Monday briefing is Dr Fauci, because Dr Fauci went out there after they gave him a very tough interview and said, You know, guy, uh, Donald Trump is saying X y and z about this and you're just sitting there being quiet, like, Why don't you do X, Y and Z? And he's like, Look, guy, I'm doing what I can hear. Like there's only so much I can do what you want me to do like, knock him down and take the microphone and said, Yeah, that might be a good start, but But, you know, Secret Service might react in a way that is not so pleasant, but but yeah, like and then found she wasn't there on Monday because Thaci is the voice of reason in the room, and all of the voices of reason that have been in the room throughout the Trump administration have been let go have been pushed aside, some of them for better, some of them for worse. A lot of neo cons have been pushed out of the way as well, but you have people like Fauci who were removed because you knew what they were going to do by what they were saying on Sunday in saying on Monday during the day, and then you had Trump come out there on Monday night and saying the U. S not built to be shut down. It's like, Yeah, well, then how about we build a different us? If the U. S. Is not built to be shut down, if we can't with Stain a again taking them, taking their argument at face value, if it's just the flu and this kills the economy, we have bigger fucking problems. But he comes out, he comes out there and is pushing this. He says there will be more death if if the economy has kept shut. Um, and he says, if we're up to the doctors, they say keep it shut down. But we can't do that with the number one economy in the world. I mean, the ghoulish stuff, that this is guy and this is a guy who we said, Well, actually, the montage said Trump said himself in the montage. We're at 15 and soon that number is going to be down to zero. These are just numbers on a board. These aren't human lives, you know. He tries to compare it to automobile accidents and vouches like, Yeah, that's a That's a huge false equivalency. You don't want to do that. That's wrong. Um, definitely Don't do that. But But Trump says, we're going to have more deaths. Were gonna have suicides, depression, civil unrest. He's using this to scare people. Americans can socially distance themselves and go back to work. He said it a Fox town hall. He says he believes more people will die if Corona virus restrictions, air not lifted. And you know how she was not there at the town hall and he was asked about that and he said, Oh, yeah, I felt she's got other things to do It's like, No, he doesn't thought she should be the one answering these questions. Not you, but Trump totally. He totally. I mean, I thought he put Pence in charge of this s O that, you know, Pence would take the blame for everything. But Donald Trump is just, you know, knocking people down to get to a microphone to do that, just all by himself. And, ah, you know, all these sound bites that he's been putting out there when this is all over. Yeah, sure. They're gonna be in look, they're going to be people. Even if five million people in the country died after this is all over. You have drug brains out there Who would say, Oh soo, this was a nothing burger like just absolute. Just mind numbingly stupid people. But you will have Trump after this is all over. Say that he is the one who solved it but us living in the bizarro clown world that we live in right now. That's clearly not the case that Trump has done, but right. Well, that's an interesting thing that he said that more people will die if we don't. If we don't open things back up, I guess he's alluding to what? The social isolation and suicide, And you know, that's interesting. But what never seems to happen is people never look at that and ask why that is, because in a different time, that wouldn't be the case. In a different time, you could put you could do what we've done now and and ah, you know, shut things down and limit these public gatherings and and going to work etcetera and people would be home with family. People would be home with extended family, perhaps, and people you would have people to talk to. You have people around, but it's very interesting and you know he's not. I don't want to say he's right or wrong, because there is a degree of social isolation people are probably feeling when it's them trapped at home alone with, like, streaming services or whatever. But why is that? Why do we have a society and a culture in which that is the norm, which this isolation comes crippling make? Because he knows goddamn well that he is not going to be giving those people the amount of money that they need to survive? He knows more people are going to die because they're unwilling to give people what they need to survive this and ultimately that money. That money would keep them whole. And it would also keep the economy hole. This is what are our narratives. They keep firing the bazooka at the Fed to try to make line go up. You really want to make line, go up in a meaningful way, give everybody $6000 no questions asked every single month. Keep doing that. You can pump that much liquidity in a week. You can't pump that much help to Americans that you say that you support and that are your countrymen in your citizens. You can't do that for them every month. I mean, that's like 1\/4 of the cost of liquidity you just did in the last seven days, right? And when you look at this total $6 trillion package Sorry, Teoh, Quick. I mean, that comes out $6 trillion in liquidity and quantitative easing. And these securities buybacks buying back, by the way, not only mortgage backed securities, but car loan backed securities, Everything you know, open season bring what you gotten for the federal by it. Uh, that $6 trillion bailout comes to about 22,000 per person, so yeah, I mean, if there stroking checks like I want my 22 grand, don't Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's liquid. Yeah, and ah, in case anybody is fooled into thinking that Trump in his Jewish economic advisers care about the well being of average Americans, I know the listeners to this show. Don't think that, but just to clarify, socialist isolation and suicide have been going on in America. for years. I mean, the suicide rate keeps climbing with opiate addiction and loss of jobs in the Rust Belt and a 1,000,000 other reasons for so social isolation and loss of community. It's only a problem now because it's affecting the bottom line. It's affecting the Dow. But the ah, speaking of Dr Fauci, though a minute ago, and people and the people who were voices of reason in the Trump administration sticking around one person not sticking around, One person that has stuck around somewhat incredulously, is Ah, Larry Kudlow, who is Trump's top economic adviser. I think it might be a good time to play that clip now if you got it. Yeah, sure, I can do that. I just wanted to check something really quickly. Of course he's Jewish. Yeah, I thought he was. But, you know, just just want to be sure I don't I don't like, uh, naming, naming somebody who's not have done that before and have had to apologize and nobody likes to apologize. So this is a short clip of Ah, Larry Kudlow. I just I don't see it that way. I think that public health includes economic, and that's why we're taking a fresh look at it. Yeah, I a public public health is Ah, is economic healthy. That's what That's how I would look at it. Yeah, yeah, and that is how he would look at it. He's not. He's not like, entirely wrong, though, in the sense that people to be mentally and and, you know, psychologically healthy, they need to have some type of income they need to be able to pay their bills. And having economic stress piled upon you is not a good for anybody's health. But of course, like what he's saying, there really is that the stat status of big line, the height of big line is a matter of public health. No, it's not. If you want people to not be stressed out about money, give us $6000. It's a matter of his public health. It's a matter of his fellow tribesmen is public health because big line go down? I mean, you know, that's what he's thinking about in those terms, and Trump has to think in those terms as well. Yeah, if one wanted to have a new ones take, you know, you could make an argument that people losing their jobs, not being able to feed their family, not be able to pay for medical treatment that they need or potentially even becoming homeless. That is, uh, could be a public health crisis. But as you guys said, that's not what he's thinking about. He's thinking about his dividends and and, uh, all of his, you know, investments or things he's got lined up for when he inevitably leaves government service. Yeah, should I play the long one just to see what the So yeah, all right, One second way E. I want to be careful here because the president put this out there. Talked a bunch of us waken target zones where the virus is less prevalent. Things were safe. We're not abandoning the health professionals advice, but there is a clamor to try to reopen the economy. And perhaps I've called less of a shut Gogol and a clam. A. So that's one piece that's yet to be determined, but it's one piece is being looked at way still going. Need the assistance because in the next week or two or three, you're still gonna have a lot of hot zones. You're still going a lot of shut ins. No miracle here. We're not just, you know, flipping a switch. So assistance is so vile. Let me tell you, T train dollars program $4 trillion of lending power from that's a $6 trillion package. By the way, the Fed can't act fully unless we passed phase two. Because Phase two contains the increase in the exchange Stabilization Fund, which is the equity piece for the Fed lending so that the U. S. Government is a guarantor, not fit. So those two packages go together six trillion, by the ways about almost 30 calm. It's a very big number and covers, as you know, small business payrolls, unemployment so forth. Yeah, but you didn't answer the question, though. Slow mo. Which is why do we need this big, big package? If, ah, if we're just gonna open things up, it Easter, right? I mean, and that's that's the big question. It's like what? Well, why do you need this big package then? Oh, it's because you know, all these people are fit. Sing for cash and you gotta bail amount, but mainly you have to prop this economy back up, which could not even withstand what? Seven days of social distancing? I mean, it's insane. Yeah, And he said, You know, there's a clamour to open things back up. I don't I don't think there's a clamour as much as maybe there's a chorus of clammy hands rubbing together in Wall Street, but just Teoh Lammy. Yeah, and also just the thing that really stuck out to me about this clip was he talked about places that aren't hot spots. You know, opening those back out for business and doing it's safe. And it's so stupid because it's like, OK, those places aren't hot spots. I mean, we've seen how this thing is spreading like crazy. What happens when you just open back up a place that's not a hot spot with no plan? Well, it becomes a hot spot, and I mean to add some new ones there. Sure, if you're talking about rural places and he both him and Trump mentioned places like Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, rural farming's days where things were spread out. You know, chances are things aren't gonna spread there as much. But also for the most part, those days were full of white people who are not going Teoh sort of violate the stay at home orders. They're gonna try to make a sacrifice for the, you know, the betterment of the community. And it's just such a stupid plan. But for for the listeners who don't know who Larry Kudlow is or who don't know much about him, I figured it might be useful to do a little background on this guy. Little refresher Teoh really illustrate just what a scumbag he is. So in, ah, colors financial career in the private sector. He started working at Bear Stearns as its chief economist and senior managing director. In 1987. He was also Economic council, Teoh A. B. Laffer and Associates of San Diego, the a company owned by Arthur Laffer, who is another supply side economist like Cut Low and promoter of the famous Laffer Curve that we all came to know during the Reagan administration. And, um, in terms of his government and political career. Now this is interesting. It might not be surprising, but as a as a member of the tribe, Kudlow has sort of skated between political parties based on what's been advantageous to him. His main thing over the course of his political career seems to be tax cuts. He's a big tax cut, guys. I was talking about how great tax cuts are and trickle down economics and things like that. But so when he was in 1970 when he, it says, when he was still a Democrat, Kudlow joined Joseph Duffy's New Politics, Senatorial Campaign and Can Ticket, which also attracted an A list crowd of young Democrats, including Yale University student Bill Clinton, John Podesta and Oh God, Michael Medved, another future conservative. Imagine my shock and, uh so and then also, here's another good one. Kudlow began his career as a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, taking a position as a junior economist in a job where a master's degree wasn't required. I'm sure any anybody who you know doesn't worship moolah Could could get that job easily, Teoh Um And then he was, ah, part of the Reagan administration. He was associate director for economics and planning in the Office of Management and Budget, and ah, also, while he worked at the Ownby, he was on the advisory committee board for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. More commonly known as Freddie Mac so really great guy. But here's the Here's a Here's the funny thing. So he was actually, when he worked for Bear Stearns, he was fired because of his cocaine and alcohol addiction. So I guess he's also a line trustor, but sort of in a former former a different way. Um, Carlos Carlos. Definitely trusting line, Um, in a very in many different aspects. And he's got his sounds like he's got. He's had his clam Arriaga. What clammy, clamoring hands all over everything over the life of his career. Yeah, then just two more things that I think are worth mentioning here. So, um, in April 2018 he said the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office was untrustworthy, and he dismissed their estimate that the that Trump's 2017 tax cuts and job backs would increase the deficit by 1.3 trillion, saying never believe the CBO very important, never believe them. They're always wrong, especially with regard to tax cuts, which they never score properly. And then, it says all credible studies of the tax plan, whether by nonpartisan organizations, Wall Street analysts or right leaning research organizations show that the tax plan would increase the deficit in AH July 2018 cut low falsely asserted that even the CBO numbers show now that the entire 1.5 trillion tax cut is virtually paid for by higher revenues and better nominal GDP. The CBO actually found the tax cut reduces revenues and that deficits would increase by 1.9 trillion after accounting for macroeconomic feedback. Yeah, but I mean, like, f after after all of what we've seen transpire in the last 14 days. Is there a single person on this planet that gives a flying fuck about deficits at this point? Literally like, I mean, either just mad because, like Deficit is bandied about is again as bad optics for things that the GOP or whatever, it's like part of this kosher narrative like this, part of the false. That kind of nobody gives a shit about this. Nobody looks at the numbers and sees what's going on and actually gives a shit about the ballooning deficit in the country. Like at some point like this is, especially if this heads into a global depression, there's just going to be a moment where everybody is just gonna have to cancel each others debts, like we've gotten to the point where it's like none of these things are ever going to be paid back. They don't matter because of how much the how much money the government can actually print. And so it's part of this whole thing to, like, whip up or we have to live within our means, right? It's like a boomer took a boom or is, um, and like when the boomers die, it's just the whole thing is gonna go down the toilet. Did you have anything else? I'm cut lower. Yeah, I don't give a shit back. I don't give a shit about deficits, either. It just illustrates what a liar this guy is, But he's lying. On February 25th 2020 as a Corona virus outbreak was emerging as a global pandemic, Cutler stated, We have contained this. I won't say airtight, pretty close to airtight and the best part. I mean, I really mentioned how he left Bear Stearns because of his addictions to cocaine and alcohol. But here's here's one for you guys. In the mid nineties, after he left Bear Stearns, he subsequently converted to Catholicism's under the guidance of Robert J. Robert C. John McCluskey. So, um, how huge Beat CFO to anybody who says we can, You know, the Jews just need to convert to Catholicism's, You know that, what does what Larry Kudlow did. And now he's ruining your economy. So good job. Yeah, totally random in. You really flexed on Judaism by getting them Teoh. Start praying the rosary. Right? That set a good precedent. It's a dangerous precedent. It's it's It's a good precedent, I suppose. It's a very good precedent that we must uphold is continuing to wallow in this in this fake and gay dichotomy. But I want it. I want to get back on Ah, back on track here with the with the talking about what? Conservatives have been pushing this huge narrative and Cutler has been part of it. I have this montage of Fox News, which is going to tee up some stuff that we're gonna talk about with Tucker. This is Fox News and the minimization of the disease that they have been doing over the past few days. Here we go. You want to know how I really feel about the Corona virus? One. If I get it. I'll beat it. I want to tell you the truth about the liberal justices. Next, the next attempt to get trapped. This is yet another attempt to impeach the president. The fatality rates just 1%. So who cares if it's 10 times more lethal than the flu? In the national left wing media playing up fears of the Corona virus were shutting down our country because of the cold virus Corona virus. Fear mongering by the deep state with flu is showing much more of an impact on Americans that Corona virus at worst. Worst case scenario, it could be the flu. All the talk about Corona virus being so much more deadly doesn't reflect reality. The Corona viruses is the common cold feeling. The more I learn about this, the less there is to worry. I was about a lot of people will have this, and it's very mild. Children are not really affected. They'll get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor. I am far more concerned with stepping on a use heroin needle that I am getting the Corona virus. We can't air on the side of caution anymore. That's the strategy of losers called the Power President. Think it's a great time to just go out, go to a local restaurant. It's actually the safest time fly country in the world to get Corona virus. But maybe that's just me. You think we're bad for America? You think I'm bad for me? Oh, yeah. Dude, I love how much of a fucking boat Jesse Waters is. Yeah, you know what? One I want to get Corona virus. I can't wait. And I think it later in that modern day, he even says, like, this is the best country in the world to get Corona virus. We've got the best viruses, folks. And I'm sorry to laugh. I'm sorry to laugh, because, I mean, you know, it's just so I'm laughing at just the hilarity of these people, but it actually is pretty serious because it just watching Tucker and watching the things that have been said cause two nights in a row, Tucker's had a lot of bad takes. Suckers come out against you, be I. Tucker has been fully on board of the neo con like China beating the drum war drums with China. Ah, bandwagon, and then Tucker is. Tucker is fully on board with this narrative that, Ah, the cure is worse than the disease and we have to restart the economy. And, ah, you know, it's It starts to get to the point where you know it's the great. Actually, I don't like this crisis, but one very positive thing about deep crises like this and we haven't seen one maybe since 9 11 in our lifetime, and it's it's really difficult to even compare it to that. But when you have a crisis like this, you immediately see who's really on your side and the people that are coming out. When when the economy is up against the ropes. When the Jewish column is up against the ropes and the whole thing is about to sputter apart and spray shit all over everyone, it's it's really apparent when the people that you thought were out there doing a bit that was advancing your interest, that the max the mask actually slips and you actually see who they really are. And you know Tucker Tucker is one of the best. Tucker went out there and and had some really fantastic narratives on things, but I have to believe in hindsight. Um, you know, I'll cheer on anybody who saying the right things at the right moments. But when it becomes obvious that you are not really in this thing and you're just nothing more than a pressure release valve, I mean, look, I know that Tucker has bosses to answer to, and he has things that he has to say and whatever. But you get to the point where you're being asked to put people's lives in danger for your narrative, and it's Ah, that's kind of Ah, what's that? What has the saying go? This is one of these moments where you everything becomes crystallised about Tucker. What do you guys think? I mean, before I start playing some stuff that he did on Monday. I mean, what do you do? You agree with me on it or No, I I do. And I was very disappointed when I saw that. I think we have the Dan Patrick clip wouldn't and will be playing that here in a minute. When I saw the Dan Patrick clip, which is a minute and 1\/2 or so of Dan Patrick essentially do like doing a less care characterized version were saying earlier that like, Yeah, I I is an old man and willing to go out and die for the line because it's what my grandkids would want. And, you know, Tucker was what he had the face on. So I was hopeful that, like after this 90 seconds, like he came back and like, demolished the guy. But then you watch the full interview and no, And then you watch his opening monologue from the next night and, ah, he's repeating and agreeing with many of the same points that Dan Patrick made. Very disappoint, which which are the same talking points that we've heard since Sunday when they came out of Jews. Steve Hilton's mouth. It's the same talking points that we've heard from every single conservative pundit on Fox News. This is an all hands on deck. Save the sinking Jewish economic ship moment, and that's exactly what they're doing. Listen to this. This is Tucker from Monday night with then Lieutenant Dan Patrick. But this quote, I don't pretend to be speaking for everyone 70 plus, but I think there are lots of grand parents out there who would agree with me that I want my grandchildren to live in the America. I did. I want them to have a shot at the American Dream. But right now, this virus, which all the experts say that 98% of all people will survive is killing our country in another way, it could bring about a total economic collapse and potentially a collapse of our society. So I say, let's give this a few more days or weeks. But after that, let's go back to work and go back to living. Those who want to shelter in place can still do so, but we can't live with this uncertainty. Governor Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Patrick agreed to join us tonight. We're happy that he did. Luton cover. Thanks so much for coming on. So you made clear. And I didn't. I wanted you to say this and not me. But you made clear in this letter that you sent that you're in the category of people who face a real risk from this disease. And I thought that kind of put it into perspective. Little Would you explain that? Yeah. I turned 70 next week. Tucker and I, you know, I said should note about a week ago that something has been really heavy on my heart since this started. And, you know, so I'm automatically in the high risk pool. You know, I'm lieutenant governor work 12 or 15 hours a day, mostly from home now, but I travel when I need to. I'm living smart listening to the president. The CDC guidelines, but I'm not living in fear of covert 19. When I'm living in fear of is what's happening to this country and you know, Tucker. No one reached out to me and said, a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your Children and grandchildren? And if that's the exchange, I'm all in. Um, that doesn't make me noble or brave or anything like that. I just think there are lots of grand parents out there in this country like me. I have six grandchildren that what we all care about and what we love more than anything of those Children, and I want to, you know, live smart and see through this, but I don't want the whole country to be sacrificed. Ah, and that's what I see. I talked to hundreds of people, Tucker, and just in the last week and making calls all the time. And everyone says pretty much the same thing. No, they fucking didn't. You fucking Charlotte and piece of shit. I'm 70 you nom in the I'm in the high risk category and nobody came and asked me if I wanted to sacrifice myself on this on this slow mo economy, I mean, but I surely would. And I tell you that all the people that I've talked to in the last five seconds agree with exactly everything. I'm shut the fuck up. Yeah, You talk about loving your grandkids. I think what your grandkids would love more than a temporary three day boost to the Dow Jones trailing average would be to see their grandfather alive. Do not have the grandfather died of a respiratory infection. And by the way, you hold up your grandkids as as this political pawn. You love them so much, and I even I am willing to sacrifice for them. Well, you know, you want to go out there and be a part of the economy and that you want to go see your grandkids. Eso you want to go and potentially be a disease vector to spread this infection to your six grand kids? As we now have stories of seven month old babies getting infected with this, we have our first person under 18 in the U. S. Dying of Corona virus. No, you want to be a danger to them. You are endangering them with this advice. You would be endangering them if your advice were followed and you are not only willing to sacrifice yourself for the line, you're willing to sacrifice your entire family. You're willing to sacrifice Dan Patrick your entire progeny, your future on the funeral pyre of the Dow Jones industrial average. Yeah, What's that? Ah, what's up? Famous Libertarian, saying It's like I may not be a millionaire, but I'll lay down and die to make sure their stock prices go up. Well, it's not even any on top of that, it's It's the implication that there is some future for his grandchildren that is worth lying down and dying for and lying down and dying for the line on top of that. But let's say that the line didn't exist. You're gonna lie down and die for the two million illegal immigrants who flooded in the border in the last six months, you're gonna lie down and die so that trannies can read stories to your to their Children, to your grandchildren's Children. It's story time. You're gonna lie down on the line so that your taxpayer dollars go to elective surgeries for these fucking disgusting people. I mean, the list goes on and on the idea that Oh, yes, now that there there is a destiny in a future for America talk that I haven't heard in a long time because if they talked about it in any other context would be getting way too close to the line of white supremacy. But no, when it's about with a big line, go down Oh, yeah, We contract this back out again because we need all these boomers parroting this shit. I actually talked to some people that I know they're in this age category, and I just to see just to do a litmus test and see, like, have you seen this rhetoric? And they're like, Oh, yeah, and they were disgusted by it. So this is. You know, we talked about it earlier in the show The notion that this is going to fail because it's gonna get over taken by events in the next couple of days with economic news in the in crew rapid increase, exponential growth and in deaths and in in cases Ah, the idea that this was going to be something that was gonna work for them. I mean, they didn't think about this, but it shows how desperate they are. It shows how desperate in craven and ghoulish they are to even trop this out that well, this 70 year old lieutenant governor out to tell these stupid boomers what to think. And no doubt some of them will. Some of them will. But it's section egregiously irresponsible narrative that you're already seeing this thing starting to get rejected, but you're seeing it evolve in some ways. Tucker came out on his show on Tuesday and ah, he well, first thing he did was tak Andrew Cuomo, and we're gonna talk about that here in more detail. But the other thing that he did was he listed out three tip top priorities. Tucker's three big top priorities are big line must go up China. Very, very bad and Twitter won't remove mean things China is saying about USA Those Those were like the 1st 8 minutes of Tucker's show on Tuesday night, and he also attacked Andrew Cuomo. And I'm not a big fan of Andrew Cuomo. I'm not. You know, I don't I'm not like, you know, supporting Andrew Cuomo. I don't want Andrew Cuomo to be the next president, Although he may give bite in a run for his money. Kuo, The reason why Tucker was attacking Cuomo in the beginning of the opening monologue is because Cuomo was actually I'm gonna give him a little credit here was smartly responding to all of the bacon gay conservative rhetoric of the past 48 hours. Cuomo came out and said his mother is more important than the stock market. And what is Tucker do? The very first thing is, he says, that Andrew Cuomo is engaging in needless moralizing. That's ridiculous that someone would say their mother is more important, the stock market. Nobody thinks that it's like took her. That's what everybody on your fucking network has been saying for 48 hours. That's what everybody is pushing, and you are, too, and you know it. Kind of just going back to Tucker for a second. You know, you wonder why Tucker is still there. You know why he didn't get taken down. You wonder why the protests have stopped at his house. You wonder why he doesn't see much opposition from the left, no matter what he says. Maybe we know why now, because he's willing to toe the line when it matters. Yeah, and the theory that Ben Shapiro was going to be his teed up replacement. Why would they replace him with? Because he's saying he's saying exactly what Ben Shapiro would say. I haven't checked in with Ben Shapiro's takes on this, but I'm sure that well, that meant you hair on. I'm Josh and nobody thinks their grandmother is less important than the light. It's like this is exactly what he's probably saying. Daily wire Jeremy Boring Jew town doofus Julie podcasts. So like, Why replace it? Tucker? Yeah, Tucker's doing the bet just fine. Yeah, criticizing both. Boring is both a proper name and that sentence and a an adjective. It's boring, and it's Boer. It's produced by a guy Judy Boring anyway. Sorry. Go ahead. Yeah. He's criticizing Cuomo pretty much the one time he's done something right and is actually really looking like a leader. Also, I thought it was interesting. You know, about 10 days ago, there were there were stories that Tucker had gone down to mar a Lago to talk to Trump about the corner virus to get him to take it more seriously. And we saw a shift in Trump's tone and suggested policy pretty much right after that. Um, I'm wondering if if now this was something like after Trump, listen to him. Trump was like, All right, Tucker, you know, I did something for you. You got to go out there and tell people to get back to work now. Well, all the right. I don't even even know that Trump had to give Tucker explicit direction. I mean, I just think that he told Tucker like, here's what you're going to do. And you know, if you don't do this, I mean everything, you know, he doesn't even need to tell him in very explicit terms, Tucker's not a stupid guy. I do think, though, that Tucker I mean, look at all the bad takes the Tucker has. I mean, if people are like But you guys always said It's like, Yeah, Tucker was great when Tucker had good takes, but now Tucker is coming out against U P I. Tucker is coming out and being a cheerleader for Fucking China Schilling, Anti China Schilling. He's also coming out now and doing the fucking bit that it's so transparently obvious when the economy is going down in flames that we must all go back to work. The pandemic be damned. So yeah, no, it's It's fucking stupid. It's gay. There is no upside like we've looked at this from every single angle. We don't even have to defend this position. It's so transparently bad. And you know, I mean, you know, there's nothing. There's not a lot to like about Andrew Cuomo. I don't like Andrew Cuomo. I don't like the things that those guys have done. Their policies air bad, so light switch brains have to like take a seat and figure out what's going on here. But Cuomo is saying he's responding in the way that I would, which is that young guy like the My loved ones are not less important than the stock market. Like we're going to do everything that we can for everybody in this city. If I were the governor of New York, which I'm not, I never would be. But New York is kind of a shit show right now. And New York City specifically, I think Apache, you wanted to talk about these. These NYPD 211 NYPD officers, um, are testing have tested positive for Corona Virus s so far, we don't know how many of them have been hospitalized, but one big thing is that of the what, 30 30,000 cases that are in New York City. So far, 3800 people are in the hospital. So 3800 people have been hospitalized in New York City already, which is blood bt fon. Any fucking model, this outlier model that anybody wants to throw it. This is just not it's just not realistic. So it's a shit show, but it's also becoming a shit show for a very special, very important, very elite group of people is not Apache. This is just incredible. It is. Yeah. Things were getting really bad in New York all around As you said, You know, there have been 2 211 positive cases of Corona virus among NYPD officers, and on top of that, there are almost 3000. There's ah to 2774 NYPD employees who were out sick on Tuesday, March 24th. That's about seven that 7.6% of the department's uniform uniformed work for So you guys were talking last week about the spike in crime that that could and probably will happen? I think this is definitely an indication of that. But more importantly, like you said, there's a There's a certain community in a certain borough, Brooklyn, specifically, that is, ah, having a bit of a different reaction to the Corona virus than everybody else, both in how they are listening to the recommendations to stay at home and the the rapid nous with which is spreading through their community. So there is an article from I'm just going to go in order of ah, few articles. Here it is kind of, Ah, four part story. So we start with an article from the Jewish Daily forward. White House calls Hasidic leaders asking them to take the virus more seriously and assistant to the president, I think Abby Berkowitz called on rabble, rabble eyes and leaders of the Orthodox community to help reduce gatherings of more than 10 people to prevent the spread of Corona virus. There is a video I'm not gonna play it, but it's a ah, it's a bunch of rabbis huddling over a landline phone that's on speaker talking Teoh, assistant to the president, Abbey Berkowitz, who ah, just happened to, ah, become friends with Jared Kushner after they met playing a game of pickup basketball. You know, that just happens. You you meet somebody, and then next thing you know, you're working in the White House with them because their their father in law is is the president. So Abby Berkowitz says, I know we all consider Dav Inning with a minion to be extremely important, so I'm not saying this from a soft point. Minion is is a Jewish ceremony that you know there's basically a Jewish holiday every two weeks, so this is one of them, and it's funny because these people can't just follow the rules. They have to get basically a call from the president to the leaders of their communities to be told what to Dio and ah, despite that, they still don't listen. So we have Ah, the next article, which is, um, Hasidic community ignores social distancing orders amid Corona virus. And, uh, we have ah, it starts out with a tweet from Jacob Corn Bluh Ah, it says this is not cool. An outdoor wedding with that many participants in a cramped backyard is just is dangerous. And it, you know, shows all these all these people ah, you know, wearing black jackets and has and side locks dancing in a circle as they dio members of New York City's acidic and Orthodox Jewish community openly defined social distancing orders Tuesday by hosting rockets weddings with hundreds of gas amid the growing spread of Corona virus. A wedding at at Erez average home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, would shut down around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday after community members complained to City Hall, which sent the Fire Department of New York to clear it out. Um, and then next article, Ah Corona virus huge spike in Franklin Hasidic community, more than 100 test positive in two communities, all at to urgent care centers crammed with worried families outside the system. URGENT CARE CLINIC in Borough Park, Brooklyn, where a crew arrives to clean the facility before it opens. Um, acidic residents are huddled in lines waiting to be treated, so it says. At a news conference on Tuesday, Mayor de Blasio said there were no known clusters of coronavirus in city, and a cluster is an interconnected group of cases that can be traced to the same source. Such a group emerged in New Rochelle this month. We know we know what cluster that is, and it's pretty clear that the first cluster in New York, although they're not saying it, is Ah, in Brooklyn, in Williamsburg and Borough Park, where this is happening. Um, we have ah Joel Burnett and executive at the cleaning company. Just in fact, New York that has been cleaning these medical facilities said his company had been called Teoh a Sisa Urgent care twice in the last two weeks after patients tested positive for the Corona virus. He said the city should have issued stronger warnings about the Corona virus two weeks ago and that the neighborhood was at risk because its residents live very close together. Doesn't matter that this has been in the news for I mean, I guess if people are watching Fox News, maybe they look at the wrong advice. But, um, doesn't matter. That doesn't matter that this has been in the news for months, basically, and, uh, and the sooner community got a call directly from the president's office to do this, and they didn't listen. Also, it also mentions a ah, another just ah, choice thing. The consider community in New York has grappled with epidemic illness in the past. A measles outbreak that began in New York in 2018 lead Mr de Blasio to declare a public health emergency last April. The Hasidic community was disproportionately affected by that outbreak. But now, guys, in case you're thinking his were thinking that this has anything to do with selfishness or not playing by the rules, we have a good explainer here from a journalist name. Meyer Lab in in the Jewish Journal, with an article titled Wide Corona Virus is spreading rapidly in the Hasidic community, says a vicious room has been making the rounds Hasidim a neglecting to take the Corona virus pandemic seriously because we have selfish. This is not true. The first major obstacle is access to information there. Virtually no televisions and Hasidic households as well is very limited access to the Internet. Many people weren't aware of the developments leading up to the crisis, the severity of the situation and official announcements as quickly as those who live in constantly online communities. And then, ah, the second major reason this pandemic to spread rapidly in the communities has to do with physical space and social interaction. You know, as we know, these people basically live on top of each other and in little termite nests. But the best part is at the end here. The explainer, for the reason why Hasidim might not be following the rules, might think a different set of rules applies to them that everybody else, she says. Generational trauma also has a huge effect on my community's ability to accept extreme measures imposed from the outside. Shutting down synagogues and schools inevitably brings up doc memories. In a community that consists primarily of descendants of Holocaust and persecution, Survivors is natural that lead is extremely reluctant to accept such measures. Well, that's why they've been so hands off with this. That's why all of the governors have been very careful. We talked about this in the weekend show where they're saying, Yeah, we ah, we're recommending that people remain at home and, you know, shelter in place. But, you know, we can't go much further than that, you know, because blah, blah, blah, but they can. And we explained all the reasons why. And in some of the governors, like Newsome said, Yeah, we're gonna do martial law if we have to, because Newsom has, you know, a very sizable population of people who could become problematic. And so he sort of has to remind people that, yeah, like we have to do. If we have to do this, we have to do it. And I mean, this has been pointed out before. It's been pointed out by others, including including us. On our own podcasts as well is that all of the measures that have been done in Bordeaux said this on the last midweek show. It's the the solution to the problems of liberalism are a liberal right? And so the things that they're talking about meeting to Dio ah, perceived by Jews are fascistic and they don't like that. And not only do they not like it, but they just go ahead and do whatever the fuck they want. That's why we play that audio on the weekend show of Ah, the cops telling the the Chabad Lubavitch world headquarters that it had to break up in disperse because they were gathering in large numbers. And yeah, it's like they don't want to disperse. They don't want to disband, They don't want to go into their into their schedules and stay away from all of this in the problem that the government has is if they start having to tell these people to do that, then it becomes even, like annoy. It becomes like a no Godoy of a problem. And ah, yeah, it's kind of funny, like you said, like the White House had to make a very special call to New York to make sure that Ah, these people were following the rules, and it's like, How dare you tell us to follow the rules? It's just amazing. But there was this headline from Ah Tablet magazine. America's largest population of whole Ako survivors is endangered by the Corona viruses, Crown Heights and Borough Park shutdown. It's like I got all these millions of survivors spread out across New York. It's just like Jesus, man, just never ending. It would really suck to survive the flying eagle and bear and pedal powered brain bashing machine. Only get it to get taken down by a virus that would really suck. You know, the other thing here is that Is that the mawr the virus spreads in these acidic communities, the more money they can ask the federal government for two. Yes, right. There's this this new push and they've done this before with the fake threat of ah, shootings and and ah, you know Oh, man, we need I need a $1,000,000 for my synagogue because somebody spray painted it. Somebody that definitely wasn't me, right? And so they're doing the same thing Now They're asking for National Guard protection, asking for DHS grants to protect against against, you know, a neo Nazi Corona virus threats. Which, of course, as that one whistleblower pointed out, um, that money just becomes fungible and is often time spent for things other than security. Yeah, things other than security and it's gotten pretty rough in New York. I mean, for the for the caved in. Whoa, Jack heads, Um, 48% of New York City cases are under 45. Um, and you know, it's it's the problem is exploding there. Um and you know, for the people that you know, don't think this is being taken seriously. That is all faking gave me. Was this announced this afternoon that the Pentagon has issued a stop movement order to all U. S. Troops, civilian personnel, family members. Everybody has told them to stop movement, basically shelter in place, halt all travel, traveling movement abroad for 60 days in Minnesota, which has very few cases, has now issued an executive order directing Minnesotans to stay at home for two weeks. And so, yeah, I mean, this continues and that I mean, that's the upside. So if you're worried about the virus in the way that we are, which is that look any any death is unacceptable. And the potential on what we know about you know, the comparisons to the flu or just retarded in pneumonia and everything else. They're just retarded for the simple fact that of how this thing is spread and how deadly it can be and how much of a roll of the dice it could be. Um, you know, that's that's the problem. And so we've you know, we've sort of beating our head against the wall with this and telling people. But, you know, you still have people out there like Jesse Kelly saying if given the chance between dying and plunging the country into a great Depression, I would happily die. Um S O and even Ann Coulter was getting into the act on Tuesday where she said she posted a graph for people to look at. That said, For people under 60 Corona virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu. But she got blown the fuck out. And I normally like Ann Coulter. But, you know, maybe she's headed in the direction of Tucker. I don't know. Uh, she got, well, actually pretty hard on this, because the graph that she posted actually shows that Corona viruses more dangerous than the seasonal flu for everyone over the age of 30. She got blown the fuck out on this, and ah, you know, So she's She even tried to get in on the act of doing the just the flu, bro. Bit And, ah, you know, it didn't work out for not not so not such a good move. And maybe you should just stick to attacking the president for, you know, his bad, bad immigration policies. That was a good It was a good corner of the market that you had. And maybe maybe you should stick to it, But yeah, it's Yeah, go ahead. Dreams. Oh, yeah, I was going to say that the this is, you know, it's just the flu, bro, but it's it's and it's, ah, almost a capitulation that just the flubber wasn't right, because a week ago, two weeks ago, they were saying it was just the flu, bro, There's no reason to worry now. It is. Ah, it's It's hard to put it in the words like exactly how depraved this is, right, because they're admitting that this is this is fatal. They're admitting it's highly contagious, and they're admitting it could kill you. But all of that is taken into consideration. And still the sustenance of the perpetual motion machine that is the American economy comes first, right? So I think Jesse Kelly actually put it very succinctly when he says that yeah, he would do would rather die to, ah, to feed this fire. Yeah, and and on top of that I mean, they mentioned this on tedious. And I think it's true, um, for the for the people who were doing hype and that was mainly the government and in others for a little while, especially medical experts is they know, given the obesity in the country and all the problems that Americans have, they know that people don't follow health guidelines. And so there is a strategy. And Alex was talking about this, that hyping this harder than it actually is. And it's bad as it is. There are some models that showed it being a lot worse, and when one of them I forget what it is, the Imperial College of London. It's like you have them saying it's gonna be, you know, un mitigated two million deaths or whatever, and then on the other side, it's like just the flu, bro and whatever. But you know this this game that they're playing, it's it's if you're going to get people to stay inside and look. The hype that they did wasn't enough, like you just said, You go outside and you see a lot of people still walking around. I've seen videos of ah, of Bobby's in London kicking people off of the green because they're not, uh, adhering to Beau Jo's order. And now Britain was not taking this seriously a week ago. But now they are. They've shut down Britain as well. And you're seeing shutdowns go on all over the world. In fact, India, where hasn't even happened yet? I mean, I didn't know this until I read into the details, but ah, I thought when Modi went out and put Indians these projects on a ah lock down. I thought it was just gonna be a shelter in place like the rest of the United States. But no, it it is actually confined to homes for 21 days now. I mean, unless all these people are looking at the same shitty model, I think these take. These people are taking an abundance of precaution because they've seen what has happened in other places. And if you let off the gas, it's gonna tend to get pretty bad. I mean, you know that you have places like Mexico who has basically, Obrador is doing the ah, the yarbles scenario bit, which is, and the trumpet. Actually, these guys were saying that this is an effort by the media to destroy my presidency, which is kind of funny that they're using this narrative. But in Brazil, where Bolson Arrow has been going out and doing yet just the flu, bro, the media is hyping this yada, yada yada. You actually have drug gangs going into the favelas and imposing curfews like gangs and militias are the ones who are going into the ghettos into the favelas in Brazil and saying yet we're imposing a curfew because nobody is taking this seriously. Whoever is in the streets screwing around or going for a walk were received a corrective. This is a translation and serve as an example. Better stay home and do nothing. The message has been given. So I mean, leave it to the gangs right in the center of the city of God, to tell ah to tell these Brazilians that they have to stay home for their own good. I mean, you know, the gangs air acting in their own self interest. If people start dying from disease like Who are they going to sell the drugs to write? Like so you know, it's ah, they're trying to save their economy in a different sort of way. Yeah, well, in India and Mexico and many of these other countries, anywhere from from what 5 to 20% of their national economies are dependent on Remittances. And India is in a much better position to whether this, because much of those Remittances in India's case are coming from white collar workers that are probably still working, right. So the impact the direct impact on on India's economy is actually going to be less than the impact on relatively speaking than the impact on the Mexican economy, for example, or even you could argue the U. S economy. Yeah, well, hey, Pat, did you have won a We're gonna give your take and then I'm gonna wrap it the first half here and we'll go to the break. Always go Say, if President Modi were smart, he would just tell the Indian men that if they stayed in their homes for 21 days, get girlfriends, I think that would probably work like a charm. In 21 days we will show you all Bob's invasion, and you just have to commit to this. But yeah, What's going to say? Oh, yes, Oh, way, sort. We've sort of covered this, like from top to bottom. And given our very thorough takes on this and ah, you know, I'll stand behind him. I'll stand by everything that we have said on this so far. So don't trust the line. Don't fall into this sort of retard shit that you're doing. Um, this is this is a very serious thing. And do it for this. If you're not doing it for your own sake, do it for the sake of somebody else's loved one. Because people are dying from this people who are young or dying from this, and you don't want to roll the dice things toe look ahead for So I believe I could be lying to you right now, but I believe that Sunday marks the day that Trump could decide to change the guidance on the quarantine. Now, we're gonna be obviously doing another show before then, so we'll see what happens with that. But the good news is, if you're in our camp and ah, it's only smart camp to be in. Let's be honest, um, that if you're worried that Trump is gonna open this back up and expose everybody, Trump didn't make the rules. Remember, Trump delegated to the States from the beginning on this, And so Trump can go ahead in lift restrictions and do whatever he wants and walk around. I don't know, whatever it wants to fucking do. But it's the governors who have set the rules here and Trump delegated to them. And so if you live in a good state that has a governor who has done a good job with regard to this scenario, then you're probably gonna be in good shape because Donald Trump can ease restrictions all day long, and it's ultimately up to the governors to protect their people. And so far they have been resistant to this narrative. Ah, that that Trump has been pushing. So I mean, I guess if you live in a in a state with a ah big, you know, plan, trust in line trust in GOP, vote on governor, then you might maybe be in some trouble. And you just want to continue your own quarantine for as long as possible. But, um that's what we're looking at on Sunday is potentially Donald Trump is looking at this. I know he said Easter, but Sunday is the end of the 15 days of social distancing. Insistent Jesus distancing. So he'll either extend O r. Relax. We don't really know. Ah, but we have a long first hour here on FTN Hope you enjoyed it. We're gonna be right back after this little break to talk about the quote unquote bill. Well, it is a bailout and the quote unquote bailout of you. We're also gonna talk about a few other things as well. So be right back fun. Ftn, you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever Fash the nation and now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network Welcome back, Hour two here in FTN and as you've probably seen nor Mies outside periodically checking their mailboxes insistently hoping there, getting there, trump bucks there big, big, beautiful $2000 a week family bailout. Well, that bill has actually been kicked around Congress for another week and as of press time, still no approval. Right? Guys were still waiting for the Senate to ah set into the White House have struck a deal. But now we're waiting on that deal, actually be approved by the Senate, and we're waiting on the house to ah, come back and vote on this. So yeah, what have we been doing now? Almost two weeks of, ah, social distancing and still no bailout in sight. No bailout for you as a regular American and not even not even a bailout for these for these corporations, which has been, of course, their priority throughout this entire process. How much longer you guys, I think this will take before we get some Some semblance of, ah, of a legislative framework, I don't know think sounds like they want to cause as much pain as possible. Um, and still not give people what they want at this point. I mean, they keep saying they were gonna mail checks and probably early April, um, em in April, sometime mid April. And how long before? That's like end of April. And meanwhile, a lot of people were let go in the week starting Ah, ninth of March. And you know, it's like, what? What's their last paycheck? The 20th. I mean, it's going to start to get a pretty dicey out there. Which we've talked about quite a bit in this. This this bailout bill, Um, keep in mind. I mean, it's only something that the Senate has signed off on. They voted on. It still needs to be passed by the house, but you're even getting 11th hour as of Wednesday night, Um, you're even getting 11th hour objections from people like Bony Jew and, ah, even some Republicans, and we're going to get into the details on that. But yeah, this this amounts to a massive, massive and in massive is an understatement. It's the largest bailout in history. It makes tarp, which was $700 billion. It makes tarp look like nothing like the defense budget Makes the tarp look like nothing. I think they're about equivalent. But yeah, it's just this is this is where we are right now, and Trump is saying that it's not gonna be the only one. It's just phase X, Y Z 123 I mean, we're gonna do is many of these as we can and ah, yeah, I mean, it's just like people on the other end or probably starting to get pretty nervous because it's like Donald Donald. There's only so much of this that we can do and maintain credibility. But now, who were going to do whatever we can to save it? Um, it's not gonna be a very pretty thing. And it's not very pretty for you and I and I like the argument that people have made. Which is that Why don't you just go? And do you know this is like, Imagine a government that works well for you? It's like, Why can't you just have one piece of paper that says, This is what we're going to? This is the bill that is going to make the people hurting the most hole you do a bailout bill, whatever. I mean, we could argue about that all night if you want, but just why not just do a bill? That's one page that says we're gonna give each man, woman and child in America $6000 no question acts and asked. The checks will mail on April 3rd, and that's it like period, end of story and will renew the end. Like I said on the weekend show, this will renew every month until Congress comes, comes back and votes to end it like it just continues until they vote to end it like they have to vote to end it and make that a big show. And they can only vote to end it when the whole thing's over. One piece of paper, not 1401 piece. That's all you have to do and they're not gonna do it. They're not going to do it for a number of reasons. They're not gonna do it because they don't want They don't want people to actually see that they're capable of doing it. First of all, they don't people to get used to this and they don't want to see that. Actually, you know what the outcome of this is actually be very positive. And, you know, people are going to start to ah, wonder why this hasn't been done along Whenever we've had problems, all the suffering, all the death. I mean, Donald Trump himself is out there saying people are gonna die. We'll write him a check. Donald, you know, when people to die, write him a check. It's not that hard. Good, James? Yeah, you know, that's exactly right. And they're bringing up this Ah, this tactical deficit concern, which we alluded to in the first hour, which is losing credibility by the day as they try to use this. But it is so funny how they will mention Well, how are we going to pay for Ah, for $1200 per person? How can we possibly ever conceive of paying for that? Meanwhile, it's unlimited fed debt buybacks, unlimited unlimited security purchases, etcetera. And you're right, one would think. And again, if you're listening to this, you understand the system does not work for you and has no interest in working for you. But someone that had a shred of hope the system could, in times of pandemic work for them. The logical solution here is all right, we all agree on. Let's say we do the $1200 per person and $500 per troy. Okay, if we all agree on that, let's pass that. And then we can hammer out all of this garbage about about extra, which is not garbage. But all of these other particulars about extra unemployment and funding the Kennedy Center and everything else that we want to do with this bailout thing like will hammer that out in the following days. Right now, let's get the Let's get the presses rolling on these checks. But as you mentioned, one of the hangups they're facing now is Ah Demas Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham. Tim Scott, Ben Sasse in this ah, reaching an impasse over unemployment benefits. As I understand jazz and their ah objecting to the Republicans are objecting to this Democratic addition to the bill that would guarantee $600 per week on top of what people get in their state unemployment benefits. Right, because unemployment is administered by states. This would add an additional $600 from the federal government to people who are qualifying for unemployment. And you know, when you do the math on that and this last up to four months, do the math on that. That could be a pretty decent amount of ah, amount of income, for someone couldn't on unemployment so much money that, according to Lindsay Grant, Lindsey Graham, the way that you do Lindsey Graham, by the way, and I probably repeated myself on this is that you close your nasal passage way and then you just talk. So Tucker's Tugger you just say you you want, you want Tucker Tucker? Totality, Tiger. You would destroy what's left of the economy past it the way that it's rigid. Okay, if you want to help people, pay them their wages, but don't pay them more, not to work. And that's what the hang up is with these guys. There's a Fox News headline, GOP senators flag, massive error and Corona virus bill. That they say could encourage widespread layoffs in total, uh, catastrophe in the in the marketplace. And we can't have all these layoffs because that might hurt the workers. But when you read, actually what they want is they're very deeply concerned about the current version of the bill, which would pay workers Maurin unemployment benefits than they're currently making, which, according to calculations of Lindsey Graham in Tim Scott and Ben Sasse, all the usual suspects, and Rick Scott, you know, this could lead to disruption in the labor market that they warn about not layoffs, just disruption in the labour market, because employers might decide to just fire people or somebody might quit. But you don't get unemployment if you quit, so you'd have to be fired. So none of this makes sense. And all of this is is a bunch of Jew shills going in there and trying to take away what actually would have been on ironically, and I'll just say would actually have been not so bad of a thing, because theatrics, unemployment in the country that people qualify for if you make more than $24,000 a year, which most people, if they're working, they do. Andi, look, if somebody comes into the comments and says I only make $18,000 a year Well, Jesus fucking Christ, I don't know what to tell you. You got to make towards $24,000 a year. It's like like you can put you can put yellow smiley Walmart stickers on people coming in the door and hand them a shopping cart for more than $24,000 a year. But anyway, what I'm getting at is that basic unemployment. If you make that minimum, that minimum amount. If you're working and you work for, I think what, 20 weeks or something. Each state has its own rules anyway. The averages between three and $500 per week and unemployment. And what this bill would do is give people four months of $600 extra per week, not per month per week. And so, if let's say that you get $400 a week from your unemployment plus 600 that's $1000 a week, which is $4000 a month. That's even before this faking gape rebate check that we don't have the version. You know, of course, we don't have the language of the bill. Nobody has language of the bill to read and understand, but they are trying to come in and say, Oh, God, we can't possibly Let's say that you take the prepaid check. On top of that, we can't possibly have someone getting their grubby little shitty hands on $5200 a month. My God, they might even be able to feed themselves. And we can't have that right. Like that's what the Republican Party is standing up in holding up this bill. Four and it's this is This is what everybody needs to understand what they're actually doing because boomers air going to read this headline and think like all these Republicans, they're standing up because they don't want workers getting laid off. It's like No, they actually want to take is much money away from the workers as they possibly can. And, you know, it sounds like a liberal tar talking point. But no, it's actually true. I and I'm and I'm saying that based on reading the Fox News article, I don't even have to read anything else to understand what they're doing. And you know, the clammy, clamoring hand rubbing is going on behind the seeds in a vigorous format. Yeah, and of course, we would prefer for this not to be for this money the $600 a week not to be tied to unemployment because while we're seeing what is the number now about 20% of the country And there's of course, ah, trailing period on these polls. But as of a few days ago, 20% of workers have either lost their jobs or lost hours because of ah, of these various economic shutdowns and loss of demand. But a lot of these people aren't actually losing their jobs, right, because to collect unemployment, you need to be let go. But if you just have your hours cut to 1\/4 of what they were or you are temporarily placed on leave. And again, this depends in this state and the exact contractual language that you're in with your employer. But in many cases, you can have your hours significantly reduced or the amount of money your income significantly reduced and not qualify for unemployment. Or if you're a small business owner and you're unable to conduct business, odds are you also don't qualify for unemployment, so there are plenty of ways in which you can not qualify for you can you can be a worker. Working a good job and not qualify for unemployed very hard is why it's very hard to actually get unemployment because of all the things that you have to say and do. If you're put in a situation where you know you've been fired for cause like you're not gonna get unemployment if you quit your job, you're not gonna get on unemployment. But what they're saying here and this is Tim Scott, Sassy and Graham in a joint statement, a massive drafting error in the current version of the Corona virus relief legislation could have devastating consequences. Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off. Let's unpack that there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going toe work. Well, what is that? If there's a strong incentive for you to be laid off, what does that mean? That you're gonna quit? Well, you're not gonna get unemployment, so that's a dead end. You're going to go to your bus and say, I'd like you to lay me off first. That's not gonna happen. That's that's retarded. It's not gonna happen. But they say this is an obstruction at. This isn't an abstract philosophical point. It's an immediate real world problem. Tim Scott and Sassy and Graham said, Yeah, it's a real world problem for Jews and you're right. It's not philosophical. It's Talmudic, and this is disgusting. And this strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work, get the fuck out of here next four months, I'm set, but after that I don't have a job and I've spent four months out of out of the labor pool, especially in times of great uncertainty like this where you want to have it. If you If you're not being laid off, you are lucky, right? With 20% of people losing work, so you're going to want to hang on to your job as best you can. So yeah, of course. And this is but probably Lindsey Graham is just looking out for your best interest, right? I mean, Lindsey Graham, you know, if your you have to trust the line here, this is This is pure line trusting, if you will. Yeah. Two things. I I assume that Lindsey Graham says the word Tugger in more contacts than one. And also with the with the lack of nasal breathing, this guy's not gonna catch Corona virus. Yeah. You know, decades of abusing poppers will probably do that. Oh, my God. And poppers is probably used in more of the way than one as well. I would say a man. Yeah, but this is, you know, the This is typical GOP bullshit. Like, you know, this is what I was saying in the early. The first part of the show is crises like this. When everything is on the line, it shows you I mean these These people have been transparently fake and gay before. I mean, but a lot of people haven't picked up on that. But in case you're wondering, in case you want to see this on full display, the bill is being held. The shitty bill, as it is anyway, is being held up by Republicans, also Democrats. But it's being held up by Republicans for one reason and one reason alone. The money that you would be given if you were fired from your job because of the economy because of the fragility of the Jewish system of finance in this country, if you are going to get a windfall from that of $600 they don't want, they don't want that to happen. They don't want you to be taken care if they want you to be in pain. So when Trump says people are gonna die and there's gonna be pain and suffering and suicides, you know, um, uh, Lindsey Graham is tying the noose with this kind of shit. I mean, it sounds like hyperbole, but it's not. He's out there actively. You know, I hate to use this tugboat, but he's basically taking the food off of people's tables, right, cause $5000 a month is a lot of money. Um, and it's It's actually a very good amount of money. But e what if you have a family of four or five than that? $5000 send the very isn't very much money, especially if you have to rent a two or three bedroom apartment from Slow Mo and renting or lease or ah or have a loan for a car. I mean, you know, then what's what's left over, especially if you have medical bills in your job has been lost. And because of the way this, you know, in a recession in a normal recessionary circumstance, you know, a husband and wife that both have to work, which is another unfortunate scenario is maybe the husband gets laid off, but not the wife or vice versa, right, because the economy isn't impacted in such a total way. Um uh, that this that this is. But the likelihood is that maybe both people lose their jobs, and this is what you're going to give him? I mean, this is this is a joke. Anyway, I could go on, but especially especially when many people are dependent on their on their employers for medical benefits. Right? So the $600 a month, I mean 600 hours a week. Well, I mean, it doesn't like this, Does not Ah, you don't need to have stage four cancer or some severe debilitating disease to run up a good amount of medical bills, especially if you're uninsured, right? Heck, I mean, even having having a child in the U. S. If you with good insurance will cost you 7000 $5000 that's just in the birth alone. I mean, there's all kinds of bills on either side of that. So, yeah, I mean, this idea that $600 week is this untenable commitment. It's really not, Especially when you start looking at the amount of money being thrown around in bailouts for these companies that are going to use the money to buy back their own stock anyways and have been doing billions of dollars worth of buyback and buybacks in the last decade. You, you real And this is I think David From is right David from tweeted earlier this week that this moment is going to be the death of conservatism. And he says, this is the end of American conservatism. Those under 45 who survived through this crisis will neither forget nor forgive. This is a guy who was what, like George Bush's speechwriter. This is a Jew is neo con of all Jewish neo cons. And I don't think he's, uh, he's not far out. Or are there No. Yeah, they're looking at giving. Ah, the airline is industries. Ah, looking. They're trying to get $50 billion in federal bailouts during this time. You know, companies like American Airlines spent 1.1 billion to repurchase their stock to do stock buybacks at an average of $32 a share. Boeing again. Also, they spent actually 11.7 billion in the past two years doing stock buybacks before suspending them in April. So these companies are probably going to get a great bailout, you know, planes air grounded and they're just gonna they're gonna be just fine. But, you know, if you're if you're an average American, you want to put food on the table or you want to pay for your daughter's dentist. Bill, you're you're s o L And that's the thing is, um, in the other problem with us not having access to read this bill again, it's a will have to pass it before we know what's in it. Situation. We've heard Democrats come out and make some Democrats have come out and made the right noises about stock buybacks. We have Trump coming out earlier this week saying, Look, I don't like the buybacks, Really. They're terrible. They're not gonna happen anymore. Well, really. Are we sure about that? Oh, are is there going to be another really financial innovation that allows these companies to use their federal bailout money to do more of these? These stock buybacks and stock buybacks for those in Rio Rylander R when a company repurchases shares of their own company in order to inflate the price. And this is just another example, by the way, of just how fake this great trump economy was. The line was going up throughout the first years of the Trump presidency, largely because companies were buying their own stock and inflating their own value right and and after the trump tax cuts, which I mean, if we're being completely honest there, there were some good things in there for some working class people. But this actually kicked off this massive push for companies to to engage in more of these buybacks. Right? And, um, the largest single investors in this 10 year, 11 year bull market that we had the largest buyers of stocks were not institutional investors. And it was not individual investors. The largest purchasers of stocks over the last 10 years or so, where companies themselves and do it. If that doesn't, if that doesn't just reek of this being a perpetual motion machine, that depends on debt and securities and loans and interest. Yeah. I mean, this was not built to last. It wasn't real in the first place. It wasn't. You wanna hear something else? They did. They talked about this on tedious today. Ah, with Airbnb. Airbnb, of course, has been a sector of the economy that seemingly grew out of nowhere. It's real estate for plebs. Essentially. Ah, where You know, it started off. Mike outlined the progression, but I'll just sort of rehash it a little bit here. But it started off as you know, I'll Oh, cool. I'll run out my apartment. When? When I'm not home and make a couple extra bucks. And that turned into, Well, I'll just rent out another apartment and then rent my old apartment full time for people. And then it was, you know, I'll start investing in properties that that I can rent out to different people and, you know, make some money off this than it was like, I'm gonna buy a bunch of properties and, ah, you know, build houses that are specifically for your Airbnb. And ah, now then, the thing that people were doing, the hipsters were essentially renting out large blocks of apartments. Um, you know, at normal rental prices and then re renting them on Airbnb, which is usually forbade in most rental contracts. And they were doing this. And so what's happening now is, as as all of this is starting to collapse. Is that these ah, sort of pretend faux landlords that thes hipsters were sort of being, ah, groomed to become. They are essentially on the hook for all the rent that they owed to the original. Uh, you know, the people that they rented these apartments from to make a buck and they're not getting any other money back cause Airbnb is allowed people to cancel whatever they want. But according to NBC News, as of ah, a couple minutes ago, Airbnb hosts will be eligible to receive small business loans and unemployment insurance through the Corona virus relief bill. So, yeah, they're gonna be keeping that whole thing alive and well, too. I mean, this thing I mean again, this is potentially going to change. You know, that's one of the reasons why we're not doing it in depth like, uh, you know, get into the bath E Skaff deep dives and try Teoh. Try to get to the bottom of this because it's probably going to change its getting delayed. But I mean, just to give you a sneak peek at some of the things that they're that they're putting in, their, uh it's like, this is this is in own conservatism, Inc is gonna focus on, like, how dare they have testing for shrimps on treadmills. It's like, let's talk about the illegal immigrants. You won't talk about that. No, you want to talk about the Airbnb industry and why it's while this is so fucked. And I will say it is kind of nice to be able to not have to do a hotel in certain places where if you want to do this there every and B, it's OK. But the this is the problem with the economy, and it's the problem with the economy from stem to Stern is that every one of these industries is ripe for Jewish tricks and this and then in the end, in the end, when it's all said and done after whoever has made tons of money off of this, guess who is on the hook for the fallout. Airbnb be king being the microcosm example like if people don't want understand Goldman Sachs and everything that happened with TARP and they don't want to understand Boeing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Just look at Airbnb. It's an industry that didn't exist 10 years ago, and now it does. And now it needs a bailout. Why? Because they never put in place responsible rules to make sure that this kind of thing doesn't happen. But no, it got over extended and blown the fuck out. It's like no Airbnb should actually have to pay for the bailout. Let Airbnb bail out the people on its app. Nope. That's what you're gonna do. Is the taxpayer Yeah, And like, I don't mind. I don't really see a problem with people renting out rooms of their house or buying homes and using them as rentals. I think that's again. We've talked about this before, but this is a way that a lot of middle working class white people build, um, passive incomes, rooms for themselves. The problem is, when you have these people again, perpetual motion machine, constant debt, you have these hipsters and people in these big cities. There's actually a documentary about this. I believe on Netflix where people will go and they will sign Lisa's personal leases. It's a go. Yeah, I'm gonna live here. Yeah, and by the way, I'm gonna live in 10 other units and Department of Conflicts. And then they turn all of these out to Airbnb into Airbnb units. And so they accrue this massive debt burden where we heard this before and, um, overleveraged themselves and then any disruption in the industry such as this leads to leads to ruin. For them leads to ruin for the building owner, like again, it's irresponsibility, its mismanagement, and it the losses in this case. And this is, you know, just another example of the losses becoming nationalized right where it is you, the U. S. Taxpayer, To the extent that that, you know the taxpayer is even irrelevant, you know, concept anymore. Private MMT. Private time for privatized the profits, socialize the losses. That's what the name of the game has always been. And as another example of the paper foundation that the economy is built on, we had Tom Barac talking about the fragility of mortgage real estate investment trust, which are, as you guessed it, basically another Jewish cam. It's where money is lent to real estate owners and operators, and it's either done directly through mortgages and loans or indirectly through the acquisition acquisition of mortgage backed securities. Remember these eso After the 2008 collapse, we're back doing the same thing. And Brock, it's talking about how these things are so fragile. And if people can't pay their mortgages that these were going to go tits up basically and this whole industry is gonna flip and there's millions of dollars lost, and I'm just wondering, why is this stuff still happening? Is it did people learn anything? Or do we just live in a country with an economy that doesn't work for anybody except for these people Know there? I mean, they they were. And there are a lot of factors that led to the way housing market collapse. Right? Uh, the bubble collapse with, with the diversity requirements from the federal government, etcetera. But no, these people And these again, these novel financial instruments and novel financial innovations All they learn from 2008 was that they could do this with mortgages. So let's do it with car loans to and let's do it with with student debt as well. Now we have, which we didn't have 15 years ago. We have these student loan backed securities and we have car loan back securities. And again, you can imagine these things are being bundled. They're being bundled and categorized subprime prime. And now the fact this is the big announcement that came out on Ah, but Tuesday morning that the Fed is going to be doing unlimited buyback of all of these securities, right? So if these financial institutions have any of these, I mean these air, the most toxic of the most. I mean, you look at the default rate on homes versus car loans and car loans tend to have a higher default rate than homes. Ah, and so but you have the federal The Fed is gonna be buying these things up like it's nothing ridiculous. In other news, spring breakers have started to test positive for Corona virus and NBC News. Ah has as Florida Corona virus cases surge, spring breakers start to express regret. And ah, yeah, I mean, I don't know whether they chose the photo because they didn't want to fat shame anybody else or this is just the pedigree of your typical you know, early twenties women at this point. But the women in this, you know that the photo at the top of the NBC News article These women are fucking tanks, like, the dudes look like they're in good shape. They're ah, they're thrown up those lifts. But ah, that these women just look like fucking tanks. And it's like I mean that maybe they chose that photo, You know, maybe they chose that photo because they didn't want to fat shame women. But ah, it didn't know. I have seen a lot of these spring break photos, and it just looks like it's like it's like, Ah, a bunch of cat ladies and training, um, mixed with a migrant boat off the coast of Greece. And that's kind of like what the modern American College looks like a this point because they're letting in so many black, so many black serving on free, right? But anyway, we digress. I just wanted to break the ice there with the the fact that that thes thes people we're talking about a week ago and Rhonda Santis didn't want to close the beaches are now testing positive for the virus. And that's what the backdrop of what I think that 17 year old who died and they tested the person postmortem and found out that Oh, yeah, that the person that 17 year old that Ah, but yeah, they had a respiratory issue. And yeah, that was the Corona virus. Yeah, we're sorry. We found out later. Sorry about that, but yeah, and, uh, on that topic, I think Ah, health official in Virginia was saying how almost all the cases that are popping up there are people with diabetes, so, you know, you you factor in that photo and what people look like. And you can see why in China, maybe young people that there weren't that many young people dying. But in America, we have all these obese people and, you know, women who that the only doing lifting that they're doing is like lifting a spike Seltzer up into their mouth every time. But there it's a madman, like the line over their heads. Yeah, and no law when you're drinking Clause. Christ, Well, we claws are actually I think, uh, I think those are actually, like low, very low sugar. Yeah, you know, just vodka and seltzer, I think. Yeah, Yeah. I got the stack of clause and stack of bang next to my fridge and I'm ready to be quick thes when these women are all guzzling like vodka. Red bulls like the sugar sugar filled Red Bull in just like anyway. But yeah, we don't know. I mean, the bailout is gonna be massive. Um, what we do know is that it doesn't work for you. And the little bits of it, the tiny little bits of it that would potentially work for you are being scrubbed from it as we speak by all of the usual suspects. But Justin Trudeau has offered his his people $2000 in Canadian dollars, which is 13 $1400 a month, and I'm sure that that's not gonna be a pre bait end. It's for four months. He's giving them $1400 a month in Canada. Already has a great, pretty good social ah, social welfare system up there. So that's in addition to what they're already giving people. And that's Trudeau. Um, but no, not America. Now you're fucked if you live here. So if you're ah, if you're a to spirit person in Canada, do you get to checks? Yeah, it's a Jessica Jessica. You need qualify for two. Ah, I don't know, but this is funny. It's another example, like we talked about on the weekend jazz of ah, Trump getting one up by Trudeau. Trudeau not only closes the border before he does, but he gives out that bag maple syrupy bag before Trump does. Yes. Ah, great. What a position to be in. And he'll be very popular for doing this. I don't actually believe the approval numbers. Ah, that are coming out about the job that Trump is doing. I honestly don't. Um And I think that as this crisis gets worse, all of the things that he's been saying are gonna be coming back to haunt him. I mean, they already are in real time. And just listen to that. We'll have any objective person who is not a fucking retard. Listen to that, um, progression montage that that I played at the beginning of the show. I mean, how can you How can you? Especially if you know somebody who's been sick? It's like, How can you even think that this is This is a good responses to this. It's just not just not it just goes to show, obviously, who Republicans are loyal to who they're working for because to any just objective observer, this would be a death sentence, too. In electoral politics. Just those clips we played earlier. Everything that Trump has said, the things that all the you know, Republican senators and Republican governors in Texas and Florida the way that they're handling this, I mean these clips of the things that they're saying and the way that they're dealing with this is going to be just run over and over and over and campaign ads, and they're just giving it away. But they don't really care because they're not. They don't answer to the voters. They answer to Wall Street and, ah, Sheldon Adelson and these people the same, the same people who were ah preventing or who were pushing Trump not to do any. Actually, I don't want I don't even want to say that I'm totally fine with giving Trump credit for messing this up in his own. But we know that he wanted the Dow to get t get to 30,000 and that's what he was holding off for. It didn't hit, and then the result. The resulting drop after that was massive. So these people don't work for us, and it's becoming abundantly clear, and they're just basically handing a win over to the other side. Well, that's the funny thing is, you know this opportunity exists for either party that wants to come pick it up. The first party to come and introduce the $1000 a month, $2000 a month bill, one page bill, no questions asked. Let's get this done. This would be I mean talk about political capital that you would get and talk about. You know, people would love this right. This would be incredibly popular. It's just so funny that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats and say they're handing it over to the other side. It's like I would like them to be. I I would like the Democrats to come and and we had these Democrat Reps and senators come out when this discussion about you be. I first began and born a Jew saying, You give it give every American $6000 a month and we had Joe Kennedy saying, Yeah, $4000 a month, every American, Where did all of that go? Right? Where did all of that energy go? It's It's gone. And so the Democrats would have a like a political golden goose here if they wanted it. But yeah, it's funny. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are able to capitalize on this. Which leads you to ask why? Whose interests are they really serving? And it's Ah, this is I just returned to it, David from said, This is going to be the death knell of conservatism, but it's also being taken by the Bernie Bro's and by the by the remaining leftists. And this is very unpopular with them as well. And we're seeing on on Twitter and elsewhere people that Crystal Ball and Michael Tracey etcetera, all of them just the visceral anger people on the left are feeling towards the Democratic establishment for their handling of this. It Ah, it mirrors ours and for good reason. Yeah, and the you guys think that the longer this goes on, the more of a demand, like even though this is pissing off people on both sides of the aisle, the longer this goes on, the more of a demand there will be for this stimulus package and some form of fake you be I that you have to pay back that as demands increase for this, the one side essentially will get what they want. Push through just unsure panic and desperation from from the public. Do you guys think that it works to their advantage to just keep pushing this off so that one of them conversely get what they want? It does, Yeah. I mean, it rams it down the throat of people so that it's like, Well, what choice. Do we have but to capitulate to Party X or why? I mean, they can just do whichever side works out. And it's gonna be a shit sandwich, no matter how you cut it. And in nobody, I mean, like, look, cluck. If there was somebody in this whole shit sandwich who was a serious person, they would actually buck both parties and come out and say, Here's my bill on what I propose. Everything else that's being worked through right now is garbage. But it's being framed as Theo Onley choice that you have either What? This shit bag section of Democrats once or shit bag section of Republicans one. And then they fight and argue over that thing. But nobody is going to go out like if Bernie Bernie, like the guy that you know, he may be behind in delegates, but he still has more primaries run. I mean, honestly, Bernie's done, but if Bernie Sanders, the one guy who come, could come out and say, you know what? This whole thing is garbage. And here's my proposal. Why aren't they putting four different proposals? That seems like the most presidential thing that you could do right, even Donald Trump. If he didn't like what they were doing, he's handed it all off. But nobody's coming out there and saying, You know what? Here's my proposal on how we fix this problem. Nobody. They're just all capitulating to whatever lobbying groups or whatever collection of Jewish backed lobbying groups are putting forward. The none of these b A lot of these people don't even read what's in the bill, and I know that's like a Normie talking point. But the reason why is because it's written by somebody else. They're the ones that have to stand up and deal with the animus from the American public. So, yeah, anyway, that's it's that the whole thing is fake and gay. And how do you know it's fake and gay? Well, why doesn't a serious person if you believe if you're a plan Trustor? If you're a line trustor on either side of the kosher sandwich? If you believe that somebody out there has your back is secretly your guy, well, why aren't they coming out and proposing their own bill in declaring everything else that is currently being proposed? A zey farce? They're not because they're in on it. The end case closed. Nah, bro. Justin Amash is our guy. He's serious. He's a He's the real the maverick we need. He came out, he tweeted. Congressional leaders are wasting time on slow, convoluted proposals. Americans need fast direct relief. Start getting monthly checks to people now provide $1250 per of 12. 50 brutal 12. 50. Well, bro, you really, uh, really just raising the stakes. You just really sweetened the pot there, guy. Yeah, Justin upping the ante and $500 per child for each of the next three months. Not just to take that trump until unless the lockdowns and sooner after the third month, Congress can renew modified. Just continue. But it's like, Yeah, okay. Where's your legislation, Justin? Oh, there isn't any. Just a Twitter thread. All right, so there's only 279 retweets. Wow. Very cool. Good job, Justicia. You should like bro. You should run for Congress. And, like, introduced that bill would be really cool while bro, you're you're really renegade. Um, in any case, speak Speak of renegades. Let's Ah, let's do Ah, a little bit of tell me lies. Tell me sweet 80 l Jewish lies What they've been doing. Apache, you brought this to my attention once you Ah, in true this? Yeah, we ah, Are we talking about their their demands for relief or the pollen trying to? OK, so all that the whole fucking shit show the whole kit and caboodle. All right, so we'll start with this on March 22nd. The a t l put out a tweet saying in times of crisis, nonprofits are on the front lines ready to respond and serve communities across the nation. But funds are needed to continue doing so. Join us and calling on Congress to include relief for charities in any cove in 19 relief legislation. So this might be the most ratio post I've ever seen. It had Ah, 147. Late last Last time I checked 147 lakes, 78 retweets and over 1000 replies, which were all basically like bra sdf You You're the a t l. The top one here was ah, guy with the black avatars says, ah, making it a bit hard to view Jewish stereotypes its definition when you're literally using a pandemic to beg for money, Ala Mayo, But incredible. Yeah. Then this is the in times of crisis. The A T l is there with spray can in hand hail horror on a fresh brick wall way. Also, we also had ah, Jerry Nadler coming out yesterday demanding that that thea relief package include millions of dollars for museums in New York. So basically, they want your relief money to go to fund like Piss Christ in the Guggenheim or through the MoMA. So and also so that thes thes horrible, disgusting pieces of modern art maintain their their exaggerated values so that they could be used for money laundering by these people. But, um, there's also this narrative going around. I think it originally popped up in a Yahoo article, but I've seen it on almost earn out. Sorry, it originally started on vice, but I've seen it on multiple other news sources since then. Which is that white supremacists are urging their followers to infect the cops and Jews with Corona virus. And this is basically based off a telegraph couple telegram posts of people meaning about this, and sure, it could be spurs, but it could just as easily be federal agents on telegram. I mean, you never know. It's definitely fat. Dude, I something like this. This reeks to me of federal agents, like tweeting it, screen shotting it. It's like it's like, unfortunate when there's the U in the screen shot. Remember that? That FBI report years back where they had the screenshots of terroristic threats and it was think that responses were used like, yeah. What you doing on the older company? Phone their agent? Yeah, and this is this is what they do. I mean, I'm surprised that, you know, maybe maybe the bailout money that the A T l is requesting as we said is maybe that's for cans of spray paint. I mean it really like their markets are collapsing. The the thing that they thought could never happen is happening. And they are making up lies about saying that we want to get people sick when there are people getting sick right now. And they're telling people. Yeah, you should. We just all need to go back to work, to make big line go up, which is going to get even more people sick. The rial act of terrorism is to send people back to their jobs in an environment where they could get sick and die from this disease and take it home and kill their parents and kill their grandparent's and whatever else. It's just it's disgusting. And the fact that Drudge Matt Drudge, who is Jewish, had this link up with the You know, the links cycle very quickly in a time like this, when there's a lot of news and a lot of through putting a lot of volume of stories, but that white supremacists urged members to infect cops and Jews. That thing sat on Drudge for four fucking days because they want everybody to see that it's that's that's designed so that people in the GOP see it and they they like and the other. The other aspect of this is like, yes, all of the illiberal solutions that have to be applied to solve these problems of neoliberalism. The last thing that they want to do the thing that they're scared of the most is that all of this is going to lead credence to things that we have been saying all along about open borders, about the financial system, about literally every piece of bias that's being confirmed in the media right now. What do they don't go out and do the people, the people who are saying Please keep a shutdown so that people don't die. They literally go out and say that no, where white supremacists are saying, Yeah, they should infect cops and Jews. It's like No, actually, we're pointing out that Jews are the epicenter of this in New York and that they were careless enough to attend a pack in CPAC, knowing that they were infected in infecting a lot of other people infecting people, politicians and pundits and everybody else. It's like, No, we're the ones saying that we want We think human life is sacred. We think human life should be cherished and we think that the government should do everything can to save every life that it can. And everybody else on the other side of that equation is saying no back toe work chumps, because this whole system that we set up is gonna come tumbling down, and if it does, we're going to have a major problem. That's the crisis that the A. D. L was talking about. They're not talking about the crisis where somebody you love could die. Yeah, exactly. You know, the crisis is the fact that they have been a big part of keeping America's borders open and opening them in the first place, making us all vulnerable to a foreign disease to spread rapidly throughout the nation. Not to mention, like you said, where the virus has originated and where the clusters have have popped up in the East Coast. Yep, New Rochelle, New York City. Brooklyn in Jewish community is at a pack and CPAC. And there was there was the Times of Israel article last week talking about how the Corona virus epidemic is dredging up all these hurtful anti Semitic can odds about Jews spreading the black plague in 13 48. And they did. I mean, they did. It's It's all true. And so now, like when we have a virus that originated in China that was spread on the East Coast by large groups of highly interconnected Jews. And not to mention, we have videos of I've seen videos and Twitter this week of Asian people spitting on things in public and blacks doing like something called the Corona Challenge and going to supermarkets and licking, you know, doing the licking, the ice cream and stuff. They are actually doing this. People are getting infected. Use a bit of a major source of spreading this in big parts of the country. And they still need to find a way to blame late people and the a t l needs Teoh. Ask Congress for money. Teoh, help them out. So then they can use that money to buy, congressman, and then go ahead and ah, advocate and lobby for banning free speech on the internet so that they can prevent people from noticing that this next time hopefully look, you know, organizing. Ah, large Internet defensive Harvey Weinstein is really expensive coming slack. And, you know, if you don't do that, it sets a dangerous precedent. So, yeah, I mean, bailout money for why nats is got to be in the Corona virus bill and, you know, get back to work Chumps. I mean, all the people that air shilling for this message is just, like, unbelievable. I saw platform shoes are not cheap. Yeah. Jesus. Yeah. The men's warehouse off the rack. You know, oversized suits. Really a really rocking of the bills. Yeah, I even saw that Stepan Bala New, um went out and said, Ah, what do you say, dude? Manufacturing fled the West because of socialism and impressive regulations. Not because of the free market, like Jesus, Look. Oh, my God! Yes, I stakes China. Isis this the Cy on the shining city on the hill of ah, open free libertarian market. The ice cold takes Gober. Uh oh, my God. If you haven't had a chance to check out, I don't even know if it's still there. But you got to go check out B r r r dot money. You got to check out that site. It's fucking hilarious. Um, it's that's the funniest thing and ah, yeah, Go check out. Just type in your browser br r r dot money. It's hilarious. I'm not going to do it right now because it plays. It actually plays music. Don't worry. I'm not setting you up to, like, go to a site, uh, you know, to fucking grocer out or something? No, this is this is pretty funny, but anyway, yeah, what else? I mean, is there any bottom of the stack stuff here we want toe? You want anything else? about the a t l the or you want to get out of here, You guys one dio Oh, well, Ah, past you mentioned earlier the typical American being morbidly obese and this idea that you need. But if you're doing have any pre existing conditions, you'll be OK. How many pre existing conditions of the does the average American have, like double digits? Speaking of headline from Kentucky, couple throws a fit over not being able to buy 552 cans of Mountain Dew It Kroger. Yeah, it's like take one item or two items per person and they wanted 552 cans of Mountain Dew. What is that? Is that like That's got to be a certain number of cases, right? So I don't even know what that is. Oh, it's 46 12. It's 46 12 packs. Um, I suppose I I think they, uh I think they had 30 racks in the video, which I didn't know you could get a Mountain dew, but apparently you can. And also the two people that movie were apparently a couple where so fat they were basically indistinguishable. It was too, to fat people with long blond hair wearing wife beaters and, man, it's like the things you actually need of the America Burger. This is incredible synchronization for these two. Not only are they approximately the same height, they're both approximately the same width, and they're wearing the exact same white T shirt and the exact same sweat pants in the shopping market. Wow, this is, uh this is great, but hey, rest assured, guys, I think these are cases of Diet Mountain Dew. So, uh, which which also apparently, like, increases your blood sugar too. So, uh, yeah, the the insulin receptors. These people are probably recent adoptees of the Diet Mountain Dew. And they probably are doing this is ah is a ah, why all the regular Mountain Dew was taken? I'm sure that's a very popular One thing I forgot to say when we were doing the A d l stuff is that they're already starting to in before the the narratives that, um are coming out about, you know, this financial system sucks. Who sucks in this financial system? Oh, look at all the people sitting at the top. Oh, yeah. I'm starting to notice. People are sitting at home slo mo. People are sitting around there looking things up, you know, because the last financial crisis you didn't have so many people sitting at home. I mean the effect that you have right now, even though people that are sitting at home are still employed, Some of them, most of them hopefully is that people are all in a situation right now where they are as though they are unemployed. Everybody is sitting at home. Yeah, maybe you're doing your work from home job but a lot of people are, you know, all their eyes there on the television. All their eyes are on the evening news, all their eyes on everything. And remember, Striker has talked about this on strike and Mike before the non voting populace in America. The people who don't vote who don't participate, who are now being subjected to the shelter and place orders for good reason. Those people are now saying at home and seeing what's going on. People that have a shoot paying attention to this shit show of a political process are now starting to see this. It's another reason why the a t l and a lot of people are fit. Sing about this right now. But they're also coming out and trying to in before the natural conclusion that a lot of these common sense thinking non voting Americans were going to come to, which is that, you know, migrants bring disease. And the fact that this crisis has been concentrated so far in areas with large numbers of immigrants. Why do you think they're explosions of this so far in places like New York, police is like Chicago places like San Francisco. A lot of these places are where, you know, people don't practice good hygiene. Good hygiene is white supremacy. Bad hygiene is basically the turd world. And of course, uh, who wrote this article? I even forget who wrote this? NBC News. Migrants don't bring disease. In fact, they help fight it. So thistle is like, better American than you tear that they're trying to end before I'm not gonna go into the article cause like, who cares? But these are the headlines that people are putting out there. Another one from The New York Times is density is normally good for us. That will be true after Corona virus to it's like whatever you do? Urbanites, Please don't go into the hinterlands. Don't return from once you came because we don't wanna have that. So they're trying to in before all the natural reactions to this crisis, which is, like, get me the fuck out of the city. Get me the fuck away from these illegals. Get me the fuck away from all this stuff. Oh, yeah, The financial system sucks. It's like, Wow. I mean, you know, you could have had a 1,000,000 of us all online trying to read pill people. And, ah, you know, this virus has done it like, I don't know in six weeks. Pretty incredible. Oh, yeah. And I was talking on third rail last weekend about how all the countries around the world are tightening their borders and people are demanding more socialism from their government. So we're gonna pretty neat combination of ideologies there. But also just like what I was talking about before you look at the States that are not hot spots for this, which are like I said Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, these air states that do not have many migrants, I mean, places like Iowa, they're increasing. But for the most part, those pretty white states. They're also very sparsely populated states or not densely populated. Also, I just wonder the cognitive dissonance that people have reading these propagandistic articles and seeing, you know, are you gonna believe the Jewett? The New York Times? You're gonna believe your own lying eyes. I mean, it's pretty, uh, it's a pretty poor attempt here to it's pretty pretty over the top. It is, it's it's so transparent. But I expect this stuff to start up very soon, more more of this and mass where they try to in before all of the natural tendencies that people have. And it will come on strong, win things when the restrictions get eased and people go back into the world because that's when people are going to be sort of ripe to go back to the old way of doing things. And it's important that people are not able to forget what this actually, what actually caused this and the actual downstream impacts of you know the market and not being able to sustain it like you can't even you can't even take away cough. You know, America, you're not allowed to get sick. That's the reality is You just have to keep slaving away no matter what to make that big line go up. So anyway, any parting words, gentlemen, shall we shut it down? Like like the great billionaire Bill Ackman said, Shut it down! Shut down Now just shut it down Now he's upset. Thanks for joining us, Apache. We'll have to do this. You sure? And it's great. Absolutely. Well, weekend show coming in hot will be having that. And ah, like look forward, Teoh. Thursday, tomorrow I think you have Mike and the mad wop, um, And then Friday, tedious and, uh, third rail on the weekend and, uh, us and it's gonna be a a good time, So stay safe. Don't go outside. Don't trust the line and hope you guys have a good rest of your week.