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often imitated, never duplicated This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous e Hello and welcome to 97 Jazz hands make feels like a borzoi 1,000,000,000 for James CUF alsa while he is out taking care of some business on the midweek showed Or James is not sick. We have borzoi here and we have a lot to talk about. Boards. Oh, hell, are you? I'm doing great. I'm so excited to get into all those. We have a news packed just so much to talk about, just so happy to get into it. So happy to be here. Yeah, there's Ah, there's just a wild stream of news I was talking to somebody else sort of in private today. Actually, it's like, How do you How do you wrangle this news? Like, where do you start? And there's been a few narratives that we've been focusing on specifically with the economy and its impact on, you know, big lineup, big line down and its impact on working class Americans. And it is substantial. Andan also talking about possibly the origins of this thing and trying to look ahead and take a look at what comes next is one of the advantages of us, sort of being quote unquote woke on. This is I had all my groceries that I needed two or three weeks ago. I self isolated two or three weeks ago. And, you know, I was telling people two or three weeks ago, like, listen, you should really consider not going outside. Or if you're gonna go outside, just stay at your house, like, don't you know, stop doing your normal life is gonna come tune in and everybody's like l A. Well, what? And now here we are. And I'm not trying to say that, you know, we're like Nostradamus or something, but it's important for us to look ahead. It's like, I guess, if you know, we're gonna have one advantage. Being able to see at least what's coming a little bit ahead of the time is ah, somewhat of an advantage. Well, there's a lot of physical and mental health benefits toe, always having your biases confirmed because you're not constantly running around trying to figure out what's going on and what went wrong. You know, we already know what's gonna happen so that frees you up to take care of yourself. Take care of all the things you need to get done and allow you to go look into other things. Perhaps find new information. Find new narratives, develop new hot takes. Whatever it is that you need to do is just having your biases constantly confirmed. It's just it's a little It's a liberating feeling, you know, make you healthier. It is. And it's actually now that you bring that up, you're like bringing me back to what it was like coming into this thing because part of the catharsis part of the feeling that you get when you are initially red pill it and come into this is like, you know, I always had a gut feeling that this is how things were, but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. And you have to think back to what it was like to be the person you were before you got here. And most of us were like the people running around with their hair on fire, not really sure what's going on. They feel a little bit angry. They feel a lot of anxiety. They don't know what's happening they don't know what's coming next, and they don't know why the things are going on around them in the way that they are. And I think, you know, you sort of take it for granted here that once you sort of know what's going on. Of course, we don't have all the answers either like that. Otherwise, what are we doing for not learning mawr and understanding more? But in contrast relative to the normal person, these people have no idea what's going on. These people are scared. They're upset and they should be. But you know, they shouldn't have to be, I guess is the best way to put it. But, um, we have a lot of big news items and looking like some increasing aggression between China and the United States, China has decided to China is arsehole and has decided to ban us. Journalists from Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Washington Post Actually, I take that back. China is not Ash hole. This is what we wished Donald Trump would have done, right? Borzoi Banning journalists. Yeah, Yeah, it's our er eternal friend of me is doing well. Anything, anything that any responsible person or government would do is get rid of these people that are only going to cause problems for you. I mean, whether whatever you think of China, I mean, this is exactly what we would want to dio in charge of our own countries. Yeah, in my how the tables have turned. Because now Fox News headline is that the United States strikes back against China, attacking US journalists when it's like, Wow, so the ah, uh, the states and the Donald J. Trump administration are now journalists respect er's and they're actually defending the rights of New York Times and Washington Post in Wall Street Journal writers to be able to report on what's going on in China and just the way that they right, this is so eso awful. Um, you know, they say, Ah, The Chinese Communist Party's decision to expel journalists from China and Hong Kong is yet another misstep toward depriving the Chinese people and the world of access to true information about China. The National Security Council tweeted the United States calls on China's leaders to refocus their efforts from expelling journalists and spreading disinformation to joining all nations in stopping the Wuhan virus so kind of like all nations joined together. Just help China when it was ground zero for this whole thing and say I don't trust anything that's coming out of any information that's coming out of China. But I also don't trust anything. The journalists are going to report on it. You send journalists over there, all they're going to do is agitate on behalf of Hong Kong or the Uighurs or take us down some irrelevant road that will help them further their interest instead of, well, any sensible person's interests. Yeah, I always thought it was kind of weird. I'm not saying that there's anything odd going on, but it is kind of funny that we spent the entire last summer watching these protests in Hong Kong, which were being promoted by our government in every minute that Donald Trump got or Mike Pompeo got. They were constantly promoting the protests and they even passed a law in Congress in support of the protesters in Hong Kong. It's like this is like the gayest gay up that I've ever seen, and of course, that went all the way up through Christmas and then it stopped and then it's kind of funny. You have a virus. I'm not saying anything is connected there, but what's kind of what I did notice is that every time you have one of these disasters in the world, whether it's a tsunami in in Japan or do you remember, I think it may have been a tsunami, earthquakes or interruption. I don't know what it was in the Philippines, and you immediately have this sort of, you know, global solidarity with whatever countries fallen prey to whatever disaster that has struck. And it's, you know, you have hash tag saying Stand with Japan and stand with the Philippines and outpouring of Red Cross support and helping the victims and all this stuff. And when the whole Luan thing was blowing, blowing up and it was purely a Chinese phenomenon, you don't have any of that. You don't have the United States government calling for that. You didn't have any pundits calling for that. You didn't have any of the usual places on social media calling for that. It was like everybody was standing around watching a car on fire with people like burning inside. And I know that, you know, we couldn't just rush over into the midst of a pandemic and help them. But, you know, for the United States to demand that China help everybody at this point After that, we kind of just stood there and, like, let them, you know, do whatever they were going to do. We didn't even and I'm not saying that the US should have intervened on China, but, like, I didn't see any stories about, you know, our medical people going over and helping them. So yeah, I don't I don't really know. I don't There was just a nod thing in retrospect that I noticed, Yeah, it's in these countries, governments. These countries, like Iran and China, are right to be very suspicious of having any Western journalists over there because they're going through much like many countries right now, they're going through a crisis, a moment of weakness. And that's the kind of thing that any bad actor could exploit. And there's no way to verify that journals aren't bad actors effect just because of the history off things like project mocking Berg and Mockingbird. And like where you have the C I A involved in in journalism, you just cannot trust what these people's intentions are there, not there just to report the news if they are ever going to report the news correctly at all. Yeah, these air Intel assets, essentially, just like what you said. And I mean, we don't know. We don't know what's going on over there. I definitely do not believe the numbers. I mean, I saw something flash up on the news today where, I think three weeks ago the total number of cases in China was 77,000 and today the total number of cases in China is 81,000. And that was after it went from 4000 cases a day down to like a trickle. And so we don't really know what's going on over there, and I say hedging on both sides of this. It's it's if the numbers are false, then it's a really bad thing that the rest of the world has to consider, and we're starting to see things sort of explode in other countries. But if those numbers air true, then China should be sharing. Then they should be sharing their ah miraculous recovery with the rest of the world, and it has to be more than welding door shut with the way that this thing has been exploding Chinese making miraculous recoveries. Israel suddenly having a vaccine just in time. There's a lot of very coincidental, very auspicious things happening these days. Yeah, well, sometimes Iran, warning that they could have million's killed in the Islamic republic now, just so that people understand what has been said. Is there concern that people aren't following the rules that need to be followed within that country? Had a bunch of people some Shiites, I guess, break down some doors to some shrines that had been closed, and they released the statement that said, Basically, there are three scenarios that people cooperate fully. There could be only 120,000 infections, maybe 12,000 deaths, which is a lot that's 10 per. That's a 10% mortality rate. If they offer medium cooperation, there could be 300 cases in 110,000 deaths. And of course, that the sensational headline is that if the medical facilities in Iran collapsed and people don't follow the rules, there could be up to four million cases and there could be 3.5 1,000,000 people who died because they just, you know, they end up in an Italy situation where anyone 80 year over, they basically just say yes, Sorry, we're gonna have to just do your last rites, um, and move on. But it's it's looking pretty bad. And for China to say that allow China has totally recovered. When you look at the state of Italy in the state of Iran, Um, it's it's pretty bad on and it makes me kind of it makes it. It gives me a little bit of anxiety, actually, quite a lot of anxiety about what might happen in the United States, given how far behind we are with all of this. And there's also some because there's a lot of things the average person is just not going to know about Iran because there's such a closed off country. Do the geopolitical situation, but also just very little as that any normal person would note, Iran's a very diverse country. It's only there. Their demographics, in some sense, are kind of mirror the United States, and that we have like about 56 to 62% white population. It's in Iran. The Persian population is just little over 50% as well. There are a very diverse country. So while the official language is Persian, you have all these other different ethnic groups and with different languages and different cultures that all reside in that country. So they're not some kind of ethno state that's just going to rally around in this time of crisis quite easily. They have to corral so many different people across this giant landmass that have very different levels off. How much they're going to trust their own government or other people or cooperate is part of a multi ethnic, multicultural country. So it's if we can take a look at what's going on them and sees probably some eerie parallels that might happen here if they do not get a handle on that situation in Iran. Now, of course, are situations about different. We're not the ones being sanctioned constantly, but there's something there are some lessons to take from keeping an eye on Iran when you're just having this country is being constantly day opt and having to deal with a full on pandemic within your multicultural country, there are a lot of parents, yeah, and there are a lot of parallels to I mean, people in Iran are continuing to travel on DPA, potentially ignore health guidance. At least that's what they're saying about themselves. But that's what we're having. Those same problems here. I mean, you've probably seen people have seen the pictures from ST Patrick's Day and the people at bars and the people at festivals and everywhere else just sort of ignoring the guidance. And, um, it could potentially be a shit show because of the 14 day incubation period and the fact that majority of people are spreading the disease as they're asymptomatic. So you know, people think they're fine, and then things spread, and it's sort of like a slow creep until you to the point where cases start to double every day, which is, uh, we're sorry Double every five days, and we're kind of the United States, I think, is at that point right now, Um, Iran in Italy were there, I think, a week or so, and there's a deep selfishness as well in the in this contemporary American culture, where you have a lot of people with with mindsets of well, I already planned for this thing ahead of time and I feel fine. I'm out. I know the precautions I need to take. I could brisket. I'm just gonna go ahead and do it. You have thousands millions of people who think that way, and we're in this constant position now. Anyone who wants to prevent that having Teoh basically catch these people and prevent them from causing more problems in the system Handle that. That remains to be seen. Yeah, and so far they're not really put deciding to actually enforce any sort of Ah, you know, any enforcement at all these air? All suggestions, as far as I know, Even in the in the Bay Area, where seven counties have been put under shelter in place, they call it an order. But when you read the fine print, it's it's essentially we hope that we don't have to enforce on anyone, but we suggest that you stay at home. They've all sort of decided not to go that far yet, although they could, I mean, the health. The CDC and HHS actually has pretty broad authority to make that order if they want, and they don't have tohave. I don't have to wait around for a judge. Um, so, yeah, I mean in, you know, the just the flu, bro. People are kind of like, you know, have been on suicide watch for a long time now. But I said this during that when the just the flu, bro, and the nothing burger people were going, you know, felt like they had a leg or at least some sort of foothold in the battle was to look at Israel as the canary in the coal mine, right? Like, look at if you think that this is a nothing burger, if you think that this is just the flu is my take for three weeks ago, I think Look at what Israel is doing, because it is If this is just a gay up, that's like meant to, like, bring you inside and, like, I don't know, they're gonna van everybody. Um, which is not not reality. What is Israel doing in Israel? I think may take the cake for enacting the most draconian measures. Maybe not. Welding doors shut draconian, but pretty close. And one of the things they did this week was they approved harsher tracking methods than the government originally stated. They um, in the middle of the night, they actually put in new emergency regulations for tracking the cell phones of people who had tested positive or those who are suspected of being infected. And they they were supposed to pass. So even in Israel, like this is supposed to go through the ness, It it was supposed to get passed through the normal process and debated. And they said, Yeah, we don't have time debate this anymore. We're just gonna, like, put this into place and we're gonna do it. And there's not even in need a court order required to tap your phone. We're just gonna tap your phone if you want to tap your phone. And part of me wonders if if this is much about the disease, as it is about overreach for potential spies within the country, what do you think? Forcefully? Well, it certainly I mean, Israel. Israel has a history of proven that this ah, these copes that people think they came up with themselves, that it's just not possible for any kind of government to enact any kind. Any policies that would be able to deal with the with the way human beings are. There was I remember years ago because we are often told you can't. There's just no way you can ever ban pornography. Well, as I recall it, several years ago, Israel had a way of basically making it so that if you've been watching pornography, you you could be named and shamed. They had a way of of basically dis incentivizing certain behaviors. I I don't remember the exact, uh, with exact details on that was, But when you mentioned that, that's the first thing I want is that Israel is capable off using their technology to achieve the means that the ends that they would like to achieve. And as we know, like you don't, it's never just you don't just use it. For one thing, you always leave that door open so you can use it again in the future for other things. Such a spying. Okay, exactly. Well, this is a rift that I was gonna do later in the show, but it might as well just do it now is. And I said this the other day to somebody. But this crisis that we have right now with this flu in the United States is way behind the eight ball on this, they're so far behind. They should have done draconian measures originally. Instead, those measures have been complacent, an indulgent of the stock market, and they're paying the price for that indulgence. Now, um, is that you? It really makes you think it really gets the old noggin jargon, right? Like the United States considers anti Semitism a serious threat. They consider black schoolchildren starving a serious threat. They consider brown. Mexicans who quote came here through no fault of their own end quote. You know, they don't consider them a threat, that they consider us a threat to them, and they will move heaven and earth to deal with those problems. They'll move heaven and earth to potentially deal with this problem, putting closing bars and restaurants. They will crash the economy to prevent the spread of this disease. But when it comes to illegal immigration, when it comes to moving jobs overseas, when it comes to destroying the manufacturing industry in the country, they don't do shit. No matter how loudly people scream for this. When there are millions of people dying across the country in the streets due to a heroin epidemic. They won't do anything, Not a thing. And so this this whole situation, it almost draws into sharp contrast with other people. Ah, whether or not you know that the government is actually capable of doing something in that when they don't do something, it's because they're not interested in doing it, cause I think so many people fall into this trap of, well, Donald Trump isn't doing his immigration plan because Congress is in the way. It's like, No, they could actually do a whole hell of a lot of stuff, just like Israel does if they wanted to, if they had the will to do it. And the fact is they don't and they're not going to Even when this crisis passes is just going to go back to normal, as normal as normal can be when this is all over, Yeah, it's There's this I've begun referred to libertarianism as a as a public health hazard. Now that we're starting to see people that are complaining that police are forcing some people who refuse to be quarantined to be quarantined, you now have, of course, that the what remains of the libertarians up in arms about this, but you have. It's this. Not only is it a public health hazard to be a libertarian, it creates this bind virus that convinces people that that their goal is to stop the government at all costs because it's just the government's just not capable of doing anything. So if they're there to stop it, it's going to minimize the damage. But as we've seen, when Power really wants to get something done, it could get it done. But you have these people on a bureaucratic level that are now infected by this kind of mind virus, where they where they think that inaction is better than any action, because any actions going to lead to absolute destruction or they're aware of what they're doing, they just know that their job is to stop you. Yeah, I think there are some of them out there who are who are honestly afraid to take a step in the in with some direction because they think that that could be in such a in such a tumultuous time as as we are in right now. That could be the thing that UN does their entire political legacy, and Donald Trump is watching that happen to him in real time? Um, sort of skipping ahead here. Uh, that's well, I guess Weaken Skip all the way to that part. If you want Teoh, we could There was some good stories in here about Ah, about some sex workers facing ruin. Um, in Germany. Ah, they at first they lost their business by 50%. And then, Ah, Saturday, authorities pulled the plug entirely. Um, So I guess one good thing here is that the 100 to 200,000 sex workers in Germany are going to be totally unemployed, totally without any help. Although I would guess in Germany, they're gonna get a much better social safety net than what they're going to try to do in the United States, huh? Well, maybe, and maybe the United States Thean cells can use their trump books. They're going to get too frequent. Some sex workers employ all these sex workers from Germany. Yeah, well, meanwhile, in June I stays the California Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is releasing inmates from its jails. You told me that this isn't the only place that this is going on, right? Yeah, I got I got this right here. Ah, Due to this is from I got the son Rob O'Donnell's Twitter due to the Corona virus. Philadelphia police will no longer be making arrests for all narcotics offenses. Theft from persons, retail theft, theft from auto burglary, vandalism, bench warrants, stolen autos, economic crimes such as passing bad checks, fraud and prostitution with heat. He's got he as a source. He's got some document he has. The City of Philadelphia has updated its posture concerning the Cove in 19 Pandemic. Yeah, they're spending all public facing services. Wow. Yeah. Of what's that? What's gonna happen then? I mean, as we've called out on the weekend show. I mean, you you wait two or three weeks and you have people starting to run out of money. We're gonna get into that in the show, and then you have people on the streets who are professional criminals in the midst of this who are unemployed. Um, this is gonna be potentially a shit show. I don't think people are going to behave themselves in a couple weeks as things were on. And ah, the stimulus that's coming we'll get into that in a bit is not gonna be what they needed to be a I mean, it's it's it's just piss in a pot. But But you got to hear the quote from Sheriff Alex Villanueva of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Ah, he said, Our population within our jail is a vulnerable population just by virtue of who they are and where they're located. So we're protecting that population from potential exposure by exposing them to you, and he's sending them out into the community. And they are also changing the way that they just like you said, a swell as they have been directed to cite and release people wherever possible instead of arresting them and to seek medical clearance before booking anyone who shows symptoms. Ah, Countywide arrests have dropped from an average daily average of 300 to just 60. So not only they're letting people out there, baby. They're just not arresting anybody in the first place. So, yeah, this is gonna be awesome. Borzoi. I mean, these are just totally nonviolent pot dealing offenders, right? Just like your normal guy who's just trying to eke out in existence in Los Angeles, just totally a cold, cool like dreadlock wearing Rasta bro like these air, nobody, nobody to be concerning yourself with right in New York City's look at the same thing as well, I got TA City may free jailed suspects over Corona virus in the New York Post here. City officials are evaluating right now people who might be particularly high risk in terms of vulnerability to the virus, de Blasio said at an afternoon press conference. The inmate group would presumably include the elderly and those suffering from diabetes, asthma, heart disease, lung disease and compromised immune systems. All identified is leaving people vulnerable to the virus. Suspects deemed at low risk of committing new alleged criminal offenses could also be released, the mayor said. Isn't that diabetes? Isn't that like every Mexican that's in the L A County jail at this time? I mean, yeah, well, just they'll just keep naming pre existing conditions until they come up with one that qualifies everybody to get out of prison. I'm sure Alex Villanueva has no ethnic solidarity with any of the people that he's letting out of prison. I'm sure it's just totally impartial and you know, just about protecting the community right? That's what he cares about the most, and it's amazing that this can happen. And not a single judge intervenes here. Right? If you wonder how, like, how much of a clown world with a total shit show that we all live in? Not a single judge is stepping forward and saying, Yeah, no, these people actually were sentenced to some pretty serious crimes, and one or two of the like not even one or two of them have to stay in prison. It's like just silence at the total silence. At this point, they all know how the game is played. If you if you make a peep, that you will have so many Jewish lawyers from NGOs breathing down your neck, so many journalists trying to make your life a living hell for at this point, a lot of people are just in the, you know, just trying to work to my pension stage of their other lives. There's no point in fighting it the way a lot of people view this within the system. If they have any sympathies towards being, you know, towards the normal people. If you're in L. A county or in New York, you're gonna need more than easy Mac in a couple gallons water to handle some of these problems if they come into your general vicinity. But just a juxtapose what's going on in the United States vs In some other places, you have the Pentagon saying that the defense secretary and the deputy defense secretary have to start remaining physically separated over Corona virus. This is an indication of how serious this is getting bum, at least for the Pentagon. But for Donald Trump yeah, somebody else has got a tamped down New Rochelle, New York They should be tamped down. It's Donald Trump saying it should be tamped down. It's like lucky you that tamps it down could be HHS. But why are you saying it should be tamped down? Are you hoping Cuomo does something? Aren't you do something? But of course he doesn't, He says. US has decided not to close borders. The US says at this point the administration is not considering a nationwide curfew, but may look at certain hot spots once. Just do the whole thing. I mean, you know, two weeks ago, we weren't gonna shut down anything, and here we are, everything Shut down. Don't you just do it now? One asked, When I expect to have within an empire's when the when an empire reaches the looting stage. One aspect of is that what usually ends up getting created. You have these bureaucracies with cushy jobs and positions that everyone tries to get into because they want that easy paycheck and they want that easy life and then when crisis actually hits. These are people who never joined the stuff with the expectation of having to solve the crisis or have a responsibility in that crisis. So there's everyone's playing hot potato with the responsibilities. I don't want those and look for any way to shove the responsibility often to somebody else. And we're seeing this on a systemic, light, wide level within our country right now. Oh, you even see it at the trump level. I mean, the moment that they did the initial press conference in, Trump said, Hi, I'm Donald Trump. And here is Vice President Mike Pence, who is going to be leading this effort from now on. I mean, Pence became largely the face of this thing because they knew it was gonna be a shit show, and Pence's expendable and As the thing blows up, it's going to continue to to reflect on pence, unfortunately, while actually fortunately for for us. But unfortunately for Donald, um, even putting pence in charge of this thing isn't going to save him from the blame. I mean, mean, the whole thing is crashing right before our very eyes. I just had. Now let me just put my tin foil cap on for a second will be put my cue and on posts and all that. I just had just had a wild thought in my head here because we've had heard rumors for a while that Trump is considering replacing Pence with, like Nikki Haley or somebody else in the VP slot. What if this is this putting pence in charge is basically setting him up to fail, so they have the impetus to replacing on the ticket. That was my thought exactly, and it was really a reach at that point, but I was just like, Look, we were already in the position of I think this is going to get bad, don't know if it's going to get bad. It might not get bad in a couple weeks. It could be nothing, but it's It's just a smart move anyway, If you're gonna have somebody lead this, I mean Trump Trump's a bumbling idiot, and I don't know that he is cognizant enough to know his own limits. But if he were smart enough to realize his own limits, this is exactly what I would do if something like this happened, Uh, you got a delegate to somebody else? I mean, I don't remember. Was it Hurricane Katrina with with George W. Bush in the heck of a job, brownie and all that? Yeah, it was. You put somebody in charge of this and make the FEMA director take the blame. So it'll be Pence, and it's possible, Ah, that they could replace him at some point. Um, he, like, you know, we the analysis that we did at the time, and I think it's still true, is that Trump doesn't need Pence anymore. Pence was his ticket to the GOP establishment. That he did not have. It was that GOP establishment gravitas that calmed things down in a very ah kee did election in 2016. But Trump is the establishment now. He doesn't need Mike Pence. What Donald Trump needs is a black guy so that he can keep pushing this MIM while it's starting to become real with all the based black guys and Maga hats that I see. I mean, he needs somebody like that. He needs a wham in It could be It could be Ivanka that he makes the vice president if they're trying to move in a direction of, you know, continuing some sort of a legacy. I don't see Nikki Haley as being a probability. People say that, but, uh, she doesn't get, she isn't give Trump anything, and she's not just sucks. And I don't think Trump likes or anyway, but, God, I hope he does not like her. One thing I would ask Trump is to just not liking Nikki Haley and I will take a least that, but who knows? Like I say that with probably announce of conventional wisdom still stuck in my head from back then, Trump has moved so far off base from where he originally was. Maybe a Nikki Haley pick is really not all that surprising Given, given where we are, she's she's a petite, she's a Lamine. It doesn't gain, and much cause she's from South Carolina. But, you know, Ivanka, uh, vodka can whip the donors up and, you know, puts her in a nice position to take over and run in 2024 if she wanted to. Yeah, that things that's so scared to me that makes so much sense that I can see Trump because of his his obsession with legacy he would want to have and his love for his daughter. He'd want to see her succeed him. I just that that makes too much sense. It creeps me out and worries me. Could you imagine 16 years of Jared Kushner essentially at the helm of the White House? Because that's what you'd get if that happened. Um, and you know, there's some thought that he is basically the guy behind the scenes driving this whole thing big. If true, I find it plausible because it seems that every photo of Donald Trump that is out there, Jared Kushner's there now. He's not of the press briefings on the stage, but he's everywhere. Trump goes. He's the guy who wrote the primetime address last Wednesday. Um, he was the guy that did the whole idea to have a website that that apparently still doesn't exist. Um, and it's sort of this whiplash that you're getting back and forth about what to do and what to do. And, you know, every time Trump comes out, it's just constantly like, Oh, the market's gonna be so thrilled on on Monday after the after the Fed cuts the interest rate to zero and they crash 3000. And so it's like this guy just can't can't get it done. But maybe Trump has finally, you know, hit the end of the line. I don't know. It's possible that this is the thing that bit un does him, Um, I think we're gonna talk about potentially some of what the election might look like. What I did want to juxtapose, though, is the fact that the U. S. Has not decided to close any borders. Ah, they have decided, because if you look at this website, I think it's called Flight Aware and you just it's a live view of all the flights coming in and out of the United States actually live you of all the flights in the world at any given time. And if you look at flight aware at any moment. There are thousands of flights all over the United States going in and out of Europe, going in and out of Africa in and out of Latin America, in and out of Asia. So the borders are not closed, and they do appear to be relatively closed. When you look at a place like Europe, because other than flights going internationally like domestically in Europe, it's pretty much shut down. And things were getting more shut down as time goes on. But no nationwide curfew, no serious draconian measures. But meanwhile, you have McCrone ordering citizens to stay at home on Lee, go out for essential duties. This is what I think a lot of people were hoping that Trump would do last week, but he didn't. And you also have McCrone essentially suspending all gas, electricity, water and rent to be suspended. The U. U has also sealed the borders as well. They did that, Aziz Well, so we have. They're cracking down, even you wide to everybody, except for American citizens, though. So which is interesting. But yeah, I mean, and that's another thing. It's like people are going to notice the effect of borders being closed and kind of start to like it. Maybe a little bit, right? Well, yes, we're date because all these salute all these problems that were experiencing have been created or were exasperated by liberalism, and they're starting to see the only solution to liberal problems is a liberal solutions. They're really trying to avoid living that become mainstream in any way. But it's you're going to see effectiveness when borders close, you're going to see effectiveness if you engage in any kind of making sure that what you want to call it like MMT will just just simplify because economics could become complexes. Like when you gauge any kind of MMT scheme to make sure you know that your populist isn't starving and isn't, you know, become completely homeless because somebody, their job, their service jobs evaporated overnight. Yeah, they're going to discover that when you have these kind of problems, sometimes these are the only solutions and they're not bad solutions. They actually do help people quite a bit, and it makes their lives easier. It is kind of amazing that this virus has caused people to stay at home with their families, not go to work and that you now have some Republicans supporting you, be I while the borders are closed. I mean, my God, Borzoi that almost sounds like a little bit of a flavor of national socialism, if not by virtue of the virus putting into place. And and you're exactly right that that the only solution to these things and people were begging for it. I was talking to Norman's last week who said that they were disappointed by Trump's speech on Wednesday night, and I said, Well, what disappointed you about it? Not because I would have to defend Trump. But they said I expected him to shut down the country like I wanted him. It's like Norm Ease were basically begging like Shut me down, lock me in, close the borders. Please do it because all these people had, although it took for them was to have just a little bit of fear. And they've wanted Trump to shut down the borders for many other reasons. The excess central fear of of, ah, people coming into the country who don't belong here in committing crimes and rapes and murders and everything else. But it took a virus to make all this happen and they have to be very careful. You're right. People are going to start toe like this. I think a little bit too much. It's like prostitutes out of work. All these things happening that are Ah, that feel very good. You know, the government is taking care of you for the first time. And, ah, you know, the borders are closed. So they they know that if people get a taste of diet, fascism, diet, third position, diet what diet? Whatever you wanna call it when they get a taste for the diet version, they're gonna want the real thing. Yeah. Yeah, they are. I think I think they're gonna like it a lot. Now, before the lights, Which brains go too far and say, Wow, this virus was done on purpose. This is Thea. This is Trump's big move. I don't I don't want to cede any Q narratives here, but you could see people starting to run with this. The Q narratives end up being really kind of awful thistles, actually, good narrative. This is a narrative that, you know, you could see out there and being like not not that I would believe in it but it's kind of like, Wow, A lot of things were falling into place here, but it's all gonna be temporary, right? Like all of this is because Jews are losing their shirts in the stock market, some of them, some of them, are gaining. Some of them are getting pretty wealthy off of shorting stock. We're gonna get into that in a little bit. But before we do that, I mean just to give people an understanding of the timeline on this thing. This is kind of a shocking thing that ah Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, said. Was that the the peak, the peak of the virus, which I don't even know if Italy is at peak right now, I don't think they are, Um is not going to hit New York State for another 45 days, which, if you look at a calendar, what is that? Borzoi That is April 30th May 1st. Yeah, it's 45 days, then, yeah, you're looking at start of May, and that's you know he's saying New York State. But that includes New York City, one of the most densely, I think the most densely populated part of the country. So what does that mean for places outside? Like, when's the peak for that? And you know, Donald Trump, who has been a guy who's been minimizing this for week after week after week, came out and said that Corona virus could last until July or August. So if you're taking Donald Trump at the trend, which is to minimize things or did did he just all of a sudden tell the truth? I don't know. But July or August is Ah, it's pretty, pretty intense given what we've been told about, Oh, heard or warm weather makes it all go away And what not, Um, it's kind of a long, long burn on this thing. Yeah, nice going right into the conventions as well. And this is I mean, this is stuff that you that they have to be planning ahead of time. You know, these air about large events here, that we're going through a pretty big deal. Presidential election. It's just it feels like so much stuff is up in the air and they don't know what to do there, floating different ideas. But we're in this kind of this fog of war. This fog of virus right now trying to figure out what? Well, what What's your plan for the future here, guy. Nobody has a plan for the future. I mean, all these major Fortune 100 Fortune 500 companies are not putting out their earnings forecasts. They're basically saying, Yeah, we're not going to do that because we have no fucking clue to even tell you what a forecast looks like. A This point, it's just basically, here's our forecasts. Just big red letters bloodbath because we don't know. We don't know. Um and, you know, they canceled the well, interesting story about Ohio is that they they were gonna have the election the primary election on Tuesday, And then a judge very late at night on Monday night ruled that they could not say that the election had to go on the governor. Governor Mike DeWine said the election we're going to suspend it because I think he petitioned a court in Franklin County, Ohio, and said, you know, we're gonna We're gonna try to suspend this because of health reasons. Ah, Judge, a judge ruled against that and said, No, the election must go on. And I guess the health director Amy Act in has the last word because very late on Monday night, she said not. We're shutting down all the polls be due to health reasons. And there has not been a peep out of that judge. So you're seeing health officials actually having more power than the cry turkey at this point, which, legally, have you have the authority to do that? Um, so, yeah. I mean, what does this mean in the bigger scheme of things? I mean, some primaries went on on Tuesday. Ah, but you know, if this is going on in December and we're not even at peak until the majority of these primary elections were supposed to have been held, what does that mean? I mean, can you even have a convention at this point? I don't think so. Rallies were cancelled. Yeah, it's just as an aside, it's funny that you mention with the health official there you're having these low level bureaucrats that are having their own little Jackson moment where they realize that Oh, yeah, a court could rule this, but let's see them enforce it where she decided, just like because, like powers up for grabs and she decided to seize it. Yeah, let's leave it to Amy. Act in this single 53 year old woman from Ohio who's the health director, which is essentially the their equivalent of the surgeon general. Leave it to Amy. Act in tow. Have the Jackson moment. Not Donald Trump, who hangs the portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office admiringly, as if, like I hope, you know, I hope Jackson is just sneering. Trump may be the real thing that Trump admired about Jackson was the spoils system and nothing else. Probably, um, but yeah, I mean, it's possible that the election kicker postponed, but, I mean, you know who has a dog in that fight? Boomer conservatives, Um, maybe Bernie Bro's like, I'm kind of just like L o l who cares, like, I mean Bernie Bro's air going seed right now. There was ah, just ah, saw what? There is one of them, and I don't know what his position was, but he had a lot. He had a decently large, I guess, Twitter account so that he Yeah, I guess he's known within Bernie Bro circles or what have you He was tweeting out. Just go go out and shoot a cop in the face. The hill losing is this. You have. They are losing it. Ah, Bernie. Bro said this. Are you sure this was in? Ah, this wasn't because I would imagine. And I don't know who predicted this, but I feel like somebody who is not me predicted that, um that the the feds would probably get in the midst of the Bernie bro's at a time like this and start seeding that kind of stuff. If you're a Bernie, bro, watch out for that shit because you probably haven't experienced it up until now. But, ah, if you see somebody, like unfurling neatly folded flags and stuff in your vicinity, it's probably probably not one of your fellow bro's. Yeah. This is some guy name Yousef who goes by. Yusef needs arrest. I'm not seeing anything about him being like a gay member of the, uh a an important person within this thing. I mean, this is this is Thea Aria, longtime Bernie, bro. That's here we go. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face there. The bottom enforces of a system that profited from such poverty and decay that we're now jobless and homebound, with no income nor healthcare to help us through this crisis. Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face. Well, aside from the the advocacy for violence, I mean, the ideological sentiment there is Ah, not wrong. I mean, they kind of are the enforcers of that system, just like antifa. Um, but yeah. I mean, I've seen some posts by these guys, and they're they're very upset. Um, but you're actually right. Feds are going to be doing their own little gapping with that IQ. And I had this thought my own little shower thought recently where I could see them. They're going to with the with the feds, that they're going to be ramping these guys up. And the will deal with guys who talk about going after the wrong tired. It's but the if these guys start talking about doing the anti fun things like, we'll go shoot a fascist in the face further and says little let that one slide when their agent brings the brings like you hate Chief, you know, we got this guy here is planning on violence music for targeting a bunch of right wing. Yeah, I'll just let him pass. Always targeting police. Get him! Go, go get him. Yeah, well, I mean to what? 60 days ago? Bernie was like, riding high. Like this is this is, you know, anybody's guess. I mean, who would have thought that Biden was gonna be? I mean, everybody believed that Bernie was gonna get screwed, but I thought, there's no way in hell that it could be. Biden would be the guy who who did it. But here we are. And, ah, that election could may not even take place or take place on time. So you think we'll go with B? Ah ah, within, like an on line or mail it election insist upon them. I don't know if they'll do that. I don't know if the States are configured to do that. I mean, it's gonna be done on a case by it's gonna be have done on a state by state basis, right? I mean, that's how the whole system work. So it's gonna be up to each state to decide how they want to proceed, and yeah, I don't have enough details. Annoyances be totally unprecedented. We're setting a dangerous president here Borzoi with with this whole thing. So I don't know. I don't know what they're going to try to dio, but I know most of them. Even so, you're looking at the primaries now. They're obviously not floating that it's a suggestion. It's just like, Well, let's just delay this. I guess the thing will be is if you get to a point where you can't delay the primary anymore because you're so far into the summer and this may still be going on. What does that mean? And what does it mean for the for the whole election? And, you know, does the Supreme Court get involved in that? I mean, I don't think that requires a constitutional amendment to change what you know what the term is. They can't just extend it. I don't know that they can delay an election, but, um, we're definitely in uncharted territory on many, many levels. Yeah, it's and really you really get the sense that these people don't know what to do or what they want to dio get. I get a real deep sense that for a lot of them it's their hoping the problem just goes away. Yeah, because this was unanticipated. I mean, that's one of the strongest arguments in this not being gay upper. At least this was not done intentionally as some sort of cover for something else. I do, I don't really know. We can speculate on the origins of the virus and things like that. But I don't think this is something that either the United States or anyone else in that sort of milieu of elitist power perpetrated in order to quote unquote do something. I don't think that's what happened. I think this is a massive inconvenience for them because, as we just pointed out about 10 minutes ago, it the solution to these problems are things that we have all been advocating for a long time. Except we didn't want there to be a virus in order for them to come to fruition. And it's so crazy now, with the support, Of course, we've pointed out like, you know, it's It's when these times get tough, like financially and for everyday Americans that the bloom starts to come off the rose and, you know, people start to look a little bit more. Ah, scrutinizing Lee at at government And there's a poll out by NPR PBS News Hour Marist that one in five families have already lost work due to the pandemic. Um, as of March 13th 14th when the poll was conducted, layoffs and reduced hours had already hit 18% of U. S. Households. Lower income workers where the most affected. 1\/4 of households making less than $50,000 a year had experience cuts two hours or a total job loss. And so, yeah, I'll pause right there and they way. And they've been moving us towards a service oriented economy for quite some time when they removed our industry. So you have a lot of people who se 30 40 50 years ago they would have gone to get a factory job or something like that. There was industry, but instead, now you have people who became much. Either they just went right into a service oriented job because that's what was available or they got a degree, and then they there were no other jobs for them to get. So they went into service industry. So time out stuff like bars and restaurants and like, and this thing is just wiped out some menial of those jobs overnight, and those jobs aren't coming back until the pandemic is over, because that's going to shake confidence even for quite some time. Because even if say, like this thing, even this thing say ended within a couple of weeks here because of the psychological damage this whole thing has done in the confidence it has shaken for a lot of people and may have even changed people's lifestyles overnight. I think even when this is over, it's going to be a while before you have the amount of people who were going out or getting take out and the like is going to It's not take a long time before it gets back up to the numbers they once were. This whole thing is wiped out so many service and food jobs, and it was so superficial and spread, you know, millimeter, a millimeter deep in 3000 miles wide, essentially, is the strength in the anti fragility of the U. S. Economy and yeah, a lot of these people who were providing a service to a higher level of wage earners. Those people at the bottom were also feeding all of the corporate Giants that that we're making them dependent on various products. And so the whole system just was never gonna work unless you never had any problems unless there were no major interruptions. And then the music stopped. And you're finding that at least as of today, 18% of the country doesn't have a chair. How many people tomorrow aren't gonna have a chair? And this has deleterious downstream impacts? This is what we're talking about when people oversimplify looking at the stock market as big lineup. A big line down like this is the This is the outcome is that there is going to be significant pain for people at the bottom within the working class. And that's not their fault. The people living paycheck to paycheck, that's not their fault. This has been a system that they have chosen because of a lot. They wanted us to be comfortable. They have no other choice. The the threat of consequences is too great to just put up and shut up. In here we are, and it's turned out to be quite a mess. And to prove how much of a mess, this isn't to prove. How in plan this is You have Tom Cotton and Mitt Romney out there promoting you be I, like wins here, which is in $1000 isn't enough money, by the way. And you have Joe Kennedy. The third has put out a bill that says people making less than $100,000 to get 4000 month people making more than $100,000 should get 2000 and every child under the age of 18 to get 1000. But Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton have at least moved to the Yang buck level and ah, yeah, I mean, this just shows you how far this thing has come and they're ready to stroke checks. But only in the middle of a crisis. Only when bodies were piling up in the middle of streets do they do it out of absolute necessity because they have no other choice to right people. Check. Yang was promoting giving people income because just just the right thing to do. Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton are literally over the barrel politically, and then finally, there are all right. 1000 bucks and 1000 bucks isn't enough to get you very far That's a couple weeks of groceries for a family of four or five. And you have Steve Mnuchin reporting, saying at a press conference that the Trump wants to send Americans checks and neck in the next two weeks. So even have Trump getting in on this as well. And that what that tells me, because I actually on a completely unrelated thing I said I get it makes me very nervous. When when conservatives become deep Ecologists and environmentalists overnight about populations like when they start saying the things that I have been saying for years and the repeat again, I get very nervous, like, what do they know that I don't know? It's when when you have conservatives now saying that or in Trump saying that what we got start mailing out checks like, What do they know that we don't know? And it tells me that things are probably going to get even worse. That was occurred when we're talking about the jobs being wiped out. The most common job in the United States is a truck driver, and right now supply the supply chain is largely intact. But what's gonna happen if they if because there's less and less orders going out. You now to start scaling back on the number of drivers on the road or you end up in it. Well, I don't know if you'd end up with any kind of shortage, but you're gonna have fewer orders. Gonna have less need for that workforce. You're gonna have that for work for us. Get cut. Now you're looking at the largest, the most common job United States taking a blow as well. If we get to that point, so tells me that these guys are looking at They are looking at some forecast and they're not seeing what they like when they're not liking what they're seeing. Well, like we said on FTN on the weekend, is that because you have so many people living paycheck to paycheck in the country and who are not prepared for even a basic emergency indefinitely, not for a pandemic you have about two or three weeks until this whole thing starts to get pretty nasty, because if you live paycheck to paycheck and your last paycheck came in on March 6th or March 13th and you're not going to get another one until the 27th Or maybe that was your last paycheck on the six or the 13th. And you have the government saying like, Yeah, we're gonna get you something by early April and it's just gonna be $1000 you have no job. You're unemployed and you have a family to feed and you're saying you can't leave home like you can't just go drive for uber, which would be afforded to you if you just simply lost your job because of systemic issues within the economy, you could at least just go drive for uber or something. You can't even do that. But as we pointed out like, people are going to people desperate for money. You're going to be forced to go out and try to earn money, which just creates more spread of the virus, which is what they're trying not to do. But $1000 is not enough like you have. That's why you have some people saying like, yeah, maybe up to six grand, because thes, unless these people can sustain themselves from week to week and this thing goes on for a while, the government is gonna have a problem if they don't. If they don't start putting money in people's hands because you're gonna have people who get very desperate because they're hungry and and if they get sick on top of that, it's like, Wow, the government's giving you a free tests in free treatment, but you're still you still have no money. You get out, you get discharged from the hospital, you have nothing. And so far, I don't know. I think only in a handful of places have they suspended evictions. I think they did. They newsome, I think signed an executive order that you can't be evicted and out in California. So, um, yeah, I don't This is this is just drop in the bucket. But you're right. Pores over the fact that you have people like Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton coming out and pushing you be I It's kind of like, Wow, how far have have how far have things gone where things going, what that tells B and this is just my own prediction on this is that they have an idea that if things are not stabilized, you're going you're looking at very possibly localized collapses within the United States, and its not I feel like I should always I reiterate this. This is not like some kind of boogaloo Hollywood, Hollywood apocalypse kind of thing. We're boat like you look at your doors like they just those bodies just strong strewn out across your yard and everything, but you're gonna have places where infrastructure is effect has effectively collapsed. And people you're looking at high high rates of unemployment and people being turned out because they're out of cash, they've got no place to go. That's when I saw when I say like these localised collapse, we're looking at stuff like that were you're gonna have functions parts of the United States where, like for temporary amounts of times, that a temporary amount of time it's just that an effectively dead and lawless place in terms of economic activity and industry and people are having anything to do with being able to eat. Yeah, And that's the thing Is that people with wishful thinking or kind of saying like you know, Trump himself is saying, Oh, you know, this is gonna be over and we're gonna get past this. But as we're gonna find out here shortly, once this thing starts grinding to a whole. And you have companies starting to lose money and dipping very deeply into their credit lines and needing capital on demand. And they're letting people go in there for, like, Marriott is furloughing all these people. They're not They're not paying them. They're just totally furlough. Um, And they ah, like when you get to that point the idea that wave magic wand disease go away that all these people are going to get phone calls the next day to be like. All right, buddy, come on back to work. Chances are that is not going to be the case for a lot of people. And you could be looking I can't even begin to estimate, Like, even if it went away tomorrow, what would happen? I mean, you might have You might be in pretty good shape if the whole thing just disappeared, you know, and vanished up in smoke tomorrow. But, you know, this thing drags on for a month or two, and you end up with 50% of the country, um, unemployed because of you know that right now it's 18%. What if you hit 15%? Where is this going to go? You're not gonna be a very, very happy place, Borzoi. And especially if the government it's like still debating and deliberating over $1000 per month like that's not gonna work for people. Yeah, our country is one that's relied upon basically routine and inertia for a long time now. And we are now seeing what's gonna happen when that inertia is stopped and when that routine is disrupted because even if they managed to get a handle on this right away, they're still going to be reverberating effects for a long time. Even under the best case scenario. Right now, we're going to see some very fundamental changes on some levels within this country in terms of the way people view their country view their government view, you know what their what their own livelihood is. It's This is this has done a terrible blow, I think, to the American psyche because it's made a lot of people realize, like the fragile situation that a lot of people are in right now and how easily this could have been knocked over just by the way that the system is structured. Yet I don't wish sickness or death on anyone of course, the like. The virus is a horrible thing, and I hope it it ends as quickly as possible. But if the outcome of this is that people start to realize how fragile this thing actually is and how much the system that has been in place since World War two and really before that. But Justin, in a huge way, just been in place since World War two and taking advantage of people, if they realize that that's all bullshit and that it's not actually working for them and the government isn't going to be there this big, you know, the the conservative credo of like we've been through in Democrats to actually this is like the kosher credo is like we've been through very tough times before. We fought the Nazis in Europe and fascism and bright river, and it's like, Yeah, but you can't even fight a virus from China because your whole your whole shit is getting pushed in as we speak and you can't You can't fight this. You can't stop this And people are going to start to get very, very pissed. Um and yeah, post title. I mean, it's always important to know just how much a big national event effects the B psyche of people, the cultural national psyche. Because post 9 11 America is if you lived through it and you have memories of it, that was a very, very strange time. When you look at when you look at the when you take the long view of it that for a few years you had this extreme turbo patriotism that people were doing very un ironically in the blood lust within that we I mean, we understand why people were that way. But there was. We entered a very strange time, and people were were fine with that. And we're going along. But you hadn't even normally even normally dovish people who got blood lust from that. So if that was in America, that turned outward because of 9 11 Well, what does in America that comes out of the post pandemic that shook their confidence in their own infrastructure? What? What does that look like? That's what I find interesting and what I'm I guess, intrigued to see what develops here. Because to me, this feels like we are entering, and this is 2020. This is going to set the tone for this new decade. And we're entering a new era, so to speak. It could set the tone for the century because, you know, there's a before 2020 what it was like. I think people are going to remember, but this is a new normal, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the turbo patriotism. There's a ring. There's a reason why jingoism starts with J, and this is this is Ah, this is something that people can maybe finally put down. I mean, and to boomers, it's like, This is this is a problem that you stood watch over for decades and here we are and your whole world is crumbling, and it's not a very pleasant place. I'm sure they're boomers in the audience. And don't get offended by this. But I mean, a lot of the people that stood watch over this if this has been something that has been around for decades and 80 years, actually, in its time ah, to to put the boot on its face and push it over the edge. I mean, I am. I'm happy to be pointing these things out and Ah, this is This is the culminating moment of Neo liberalism, isn't it? I mean, this is where it got us. This is the culminating moment off ever expending sorry, ever expanding American Empire that was predicated on forcing open new markets and flooding the world with Third World immigrants who do not belong here. And this is a result of, you know, spreading out our supply lines all over the place. How many jobs, How many people have lost their jobs so that we could end up in a far more fragile position over the last 35? 40 years? Mean this is this is retarded. I mean, if we're still manufacture, If we still had a manufacturing base, this would be a lot easier of a crisis toe weather. Um, you could put people to work. You could retool those factories and have them doing different kinds of work to help out in the crisis. But you can't retool a Starbucks. You can't retool a Dunkin Donuts. You can't put those people to work in a time of emergency and have them do anything. No, they go home and you have to send them a check. And if this goes on long enough, you're gonna have to send them a lot of checks. And, um, yeah, that's Detroit. Used to be the reason why Detroit was one the most prosperous country countries one of those prosperous cities in the United States was because of that flexibility you had with the kind of industrialism it was engaging in in the kind of minds that were driving it like Henry Ford. It was not for nothing that Detroit was called the arsenal of democracy during World War Two because they converted all these automobile factories into munitions factories. And then when the war was done, they converted them right back to automobile factories. When you have a system like that that has that flexibility, you can respond to any kind of your much more easy, much more easily able to respond to the crisis at hand or the needs at hand and make that kind of pivot. But when, as you stayed, when you you can't convert a Starbucks into a facemask producing places, you know you're not gonna get artisanal handcrafted facemasks out of the converted Starbucks. Yeah, you're not You're not gonna get ventilators being produced at bed bath and beyond. I mean, that's just not going to be how things work. Instead, they had to They had to ransack the Pentagon of their 2000 ventilators, and they've managed to put those up. But, you know, President Orange bloviating retard is up there saying, like you're on your own football, you're on. I was gonna say you're on your own for bloviators. You're on your own for ventilators. You have to go figure this out on your own. It's like you fucking getting the guy like I mean, it's just like it's just like the hand of me. There's this Japanese anime where the Japanese depicted Trump in it it like there's like, a meteor. Something's happening that end of the world. The media is going to hit Earth and trump it comes on and basically tells the world. Yeah, we tried. You're on your own. Make peace of God. I'm out of here. Oh, my God. It's incredible. Captured it perfectly. S o. I mean that this is what they've offered up to the working class, right? Like Mitt Romney reaches into his back pocket and digs around in the pocket lint and pulls out a check for $1000. But meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has given the United States well. They've made available via liquidity in the last week $2.2 trillion which, if you do the math on $2.2 trillion that they have been feverishly printing over at the Fed. Um, that is $6300 for every man, woman and child in America. So that's like six months of $1000 checks. But they just did that in one week, you know, for the banks and for, ah, commercial commercial debt holders and everything else. And so, yeah, this is what I was saying before ons on Sunday. They cut the interest rate to zero, and I was like, Holy shit! So many confirmation somebody biases confirmed in that moment. And, um, another thing that they did was they also cut the reserve requirements for thousands of banks to zero. So in addition to the global coordinated move by central banks, the Fed said the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve in the Swiss National Bank took action to enhance dollar liquidity around the world through existing dollar swap arrangements. So what this means, basically, is that banks don't need to have any cash on hand to make loans. It sounds like they're popping blue pills to keep the acumen acumen me. Go on. Leah Commenee, man, If somebody I have so many good episode titles here J is for jingoism. I have Ah, the KUNA me. There's some diet National Socialism. I don't know which one we're going to go with. I guess we're going to see, um Feaster family man. Yeah, I know. Uh, Monday, the market circuit breaker tripped in six seconds on Monday morning. This is when the confirmation bias hit the hardest. Because when they cut that rate to zero after all the stuff we said on the weekend ftn where we said, these people are up shit Creek. And they're going to be taking drastic action because they have all these other little bubbles in the economy. Corporate debt, student loans, corporate debt. Um, sorry. Commercial real estate, housing bubble, credit card debt. All these ball these, um, all these potential bubbles that could pop as a result because when you have 18% of the workforce as of four days ago is out of work. People are not paying their credit cards. People are maybe not paying their mortgages. At a certain point, they're not paying their car payment. They're not making student loan payments. And what happens to these industries or these bubbles? Ah, when when that starts toe happen, especially if there's no liquidity. And so I'm not making the case that the Fed is justified in printing 2.2 trillion in putting it into the market. But it just illustrates how bad things are. And then when you get to Monday morning and the circuit breaker gets tripped in six seconds in the stocks dropped 3000 points. Could you imagine if they hadn't made the rate cut on Sunday? What this would look like, what the bloodbath would have been for these people and people are like, Yeah, big, long go up, big line, go down. But again, you have to connect it to the people at the bottom and how quickly this this trickles down. It makes me look and actually expect laugh in terms of our milieu, because for years, for years we talked about the you know, we try to. We try to make these 1 to 1 comparisons with what happened in Germany. And so everyone's always been people would say, Well, a zoo, Long as the economy is good, there's not going to be. You're not going to see these mass movements form Teoh deal with these problems and that they were gonna just in that probably won't even happen because they figured out that's a bad thing to happen. So they're gonna do everything in their power to prevent it from happening. Well, it turns out maybe not as powerful as we thought in terms of us, they kept it going for as long as they could. But I guess they don't have is total control over it, as some of us did think Well, and that's what I thought at the beginning of this crisis, is that Yeah, this is This is a reordering. This is, You know, this is after 11 years of a bull market. This is where they had to go with this because it's always predicated on some sort of a restructuring, right? Like the housing bubble pop maybe wasn't something they totally planned for, but they sort of went along with it and they got a bailout from the government and they didn't. Nobody got arrested and they lost a few banks. But they move forward with that. But nothing, nothing has really changed. In fact, in fact, a lot of those things have gotten a lot worse. And so you almost wondering, absent this virus. If there was something else that was supposed to happen, where they would have been able to hit the reset button on a lot of these problems because it couldn't have gone on forever. Like the idea that this could just go on forever has now been settled in proven, um, by by this virus and you're seeing it start to get Ah, pretty dicey out there. You have Spain killing short selling Spain is also I wish they would do this in this country. Spain is blocking foreign takeovers of Spanish companies whose value has fallen. It's like Whoa, Spain, which what's going on over there? Spain announces unlimited liquidity lines for companies because this thing is, ah is taking a giant shit as we speak. Yeah, yeah, it's going to be interesting to see the kind of fallout that comes from this because I always wonder, at what point is there ever a point where people regular people are just going to get sick of the way that these people run the economy? And that kind of I'm not expecting like you? You sometimes hear there's very bloviating rhetoric from people who talk about, well, what I would do to the bankers and the like. But there has. There has to come a point. I do believe there has. There has to be a point where people just because the the confidence is shaken like add. Maybe we don't give you everything that you want. I'm starting to see even Maura, Maura especially like it's been funny seeing the dialogue on this because you'll have people you'll see people that are trying to still make kind of conservative or libertarian economic takes, and you're the reaction they're getting from People like you have been thoroughly discredited. Why should we listen to anything you say? Yeah, I mean, the central theme of the Trump administer the Trump campaign for 2020 was gonna be America versus socialism. They wouldn't do capitalism versus socialism, But both ideas are on a funeral pyre right now. burning up in smoke as Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton come out and say, All right, give you $1000 like it's really gotten pretty desperate and it's gonna continue to be that way. I mean, one of the big things that they did on Tuesday, which probably if you watched mainstream news, you weren't seeing a lot of this unless you're watching CNBC. But the Federal Reserve has started to enact some of its emergency powers going back to the crisis and just illustrate how bad this is. They have launched a commercial paper funding facility. They did this on Tuesday. Fed Invokes Emergency Authorities to Establish Lending Facility They will launch commercial paper lending facility. So what is this? This is essentially a overnight brokerage house for very quick emergency loans to keep businesses afloat. So as businesses are hemorrhaging employees in this whole crisis, they are also digging deeply into their lines of credit. Kraft Heinz tapped as much as $4 billion of its credit line. Boeing has maxed out its $13 billion credit line like gone. It had $13 billion line of credit. Businesses have these two sort of float as they go from month to month to keep things going. But Boeing has. They have the 7 37 Max has been grounded and now basically, like who's flying? Nobody. I mean, you do see flights in the air, but it's it's gonna grind completely to a halt. And there is $74 trillion worth of corporate debt. And that's another aspect of this. People are like, Yeah, why don't give a shit about corporate debt? It's like, Well, because these are the people employing a lot of of of, ah, working class Americans in this country, middle class Americans in this country. And if they are maxing out their credit lines and they're hemorrhaging employees because those people can't go to work and the Fed has to set up essentially a overnight like payday loan place for these companies, where is this heading? Not anywhere. Good, because they haven't they have. MMT only works long as you have come, strategies that you can deploy to deal with small disasters, and I'll use this metaphor that I used on FTN over the weekend. I use it again. It's kind of like the Titanic you can sustain, you know, hemorrhaging or sorry breaching a few watertight compartments and take on some water in the form of pumping liquidity. But if you start cracking into too many of these things, no amount of money that you print is going to get you out of this situation, especially when the rest of the world is having the same problem. Like what? I'm talking about Spain saying we're gonna have unlimited liquidity, and all of a sudden everybody has unlimited liquidity. I mean, and you have companies going bankrupt. You have people out of work and you have a crisis that is not terrorism. It's a thing that nobody can predict. And nobody has idea how maney, how long it's gonna last. And nobody has any idea how many people are going to die there, even if a cure for it. So, yeah, this really is a perfect political and financial storm that nobody saw coming. And ah, it's pretty. I mean, buckle up. I hate to say that because it feels like, you know, that's something that we sort of shy away from of, like get ready for something that's not so good. I mean, look, I'll hedge again and say this could tomorrow stop. And even if it did stop tomorrow, you would still have a long time where things would recover back to the way they were before. And quite honestly, I don't think especially the longer the pain goes on, keep making this point. But I don't think it can recover in the way that it did. We have a new normal. We're not going back to where we were before. It is you don't have kids that are you little kids that are the speaks on their earliest memories that this is This is one of those things where that's going to be there, gonna hear how things used to be and this is their new normal. This is you're gonna have people talking about these this time, period and the kind of much like how boomers would talk about the gas lines like in the seventies. Now, if it's going to be worse than that, it's hard to say. But this is a This is a an important moment. This is in. We're seeing a fundamental change that's being undergone, and we're seeing the reality of economics is is that if you boil it all down, somebody has to bear the brunt of the cost, and economic theories are basically escalation. How do we How do we shift these costs around to be the most beneficial way possible and beneficial to whom the they've run out of places to offset the costs on to they can't kick the risk onto anybody else. And the working class and middle class are so over leveraged in terms of credit and not having any rainy day fund in living paycheck to paycheck, they can't shift it to them anymore. Um, essentially, what people have left is the property that they hold that, you know, it's like is the bank and a claim that at that point I mean and risk potentially something very unpleasant. I mean, they don't think they're gonna do that. Um, wait until people are in dire straits and they start taking people's houses. This could get very, very nasty, very, very quickly. But I mean, if people want to know where this is headed, you have multiple places predicting, um, negative GDP. Now Goldman Sachs, who is in business to make money from investors, they say in Q two GDP, could fall 5%. That is a conservative estimate. Pantheon Macroeconomic says minus 10% GDP in q two I mean, when I say uncharted territory and you know how do you get there? I mean, you're talking about ah. Near total cancellation of sports and entertainment. Near total cancellation of package tours, 65% cancellation of public transportation casino gambling, 50% hit two hotels, food service and car rentals in domestic services, goods and food. Nonprofits. Education services 20% somewhat limited. The Onley Group that is doing well here is health care as they get fucking slammed. Um, that's the only reason why you're not seeing this thing fall any further. But I mean, you know, not to quote Goldman Sachs before somebody is like heard. Or but Goldman Sachs, it's like again these people are in it to make money. They're in it to paint a very optimistic picture for you to keep your money in stocks. And they're telling you that in Q two it's gonna fall 5% of GDP. Then the GDP is to right now I think 2 2.5 or whatever. So my native GDP and potentially negative interest rates, which means if you keep your money in the bank. You pay the bank if you have a mortgage, I think you get paid or you make money in some way again. Uncharted territory. Europe's already been there for about a year, but yeah, this is getting, you know, the idea again, that this could go on forever. It's just kind of silly. And you're going to start seeing this divergence. I think, among Americans on the individual level, because the way that were being affected by this there's so many of us that just don't really have anything. We a lot of us just how don't don't own and we have debt and the like. And so what kind of boils down to then, is what What do you have at the end of the day? And how do you live in that new normal? I can see like, for example, three different types of Americans emerging from this Adam ization that that were in You're gonna have people who have lost it all. And they're probably going to you're going to see rising rates of suicide or drug or drugs, alcohol, whatever it is that helps them cope with having lost it all. You're gonna see that type of American. You're going to see the American who never had anything to begin with. And so he just goes further into his own Adam ization, the type that just is going to completely check out and just hold onto whatever games and toys they have to occupy their time. As you know, there's now, but now there definitely is no future prospects. They're just going to basically play games and wait to die. And then you're gonna have a type of American that that perseveres in this crisis because they had those family community ties that they didn't have all this invested into the system. And they're going to grow from that because, well, there's that's all you have when that if you manage to cultivate that and that's all you have, you're going to be in a better place and some of your fellow Americans and so you're going to see this this kind of coming apart. I think of how people relate to one another because those three different types of Americans are not going to be able to relate to one another, and that's without getting into the already into all the other diversity problems we have in this country. It's going to start to get pretty surreal because, you know, we have a network of people who hang together. We have a common interest to common blood. Um, and you know, we are in contact with each other throughout this whole thing, and, ah, lot of people are not, um, they're holed up in their house, you know, getting digital dopamine hits. You know, some people are in contact with their family, but they're in contact with other people who also don't have the answers, and things are going to get progressively worse. I mean, like we said three weeks ago, things are probably going to get progressively worse in here. Here they are. I actually didn't imagine that we'd be at the point that we're at now. Um, I had my Bennett to Yeah. I mean, I didn't think that it was going to get this crazy. I mean, and ah, you know, I hate to be in the same company as Eric Trump. Just toe highlight just how the new normal has has come so quickly. This is a tweet from February 28th. So what? 18 days ago 19 days ago. Eric Trump. In my opinion, it's a great time to buy stocks or put money into your 401 k I would be all in. Let's see if I'm right. And then that tweet has now been deleted. Eso it's guy. I had to laugh at it, but this is this is what happens. Ah, when you do neoliberalism and support this kind of a thing, you're gonna lose every time. This is where this always ends up. I mean, how many times have we been here before, right? I mean, kind of a pattern. I'm starting to see if you had listened to racist podcasters. You're probably ahead of many of your fellow Americans at this point. Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's take a break here. We forgot to do the Cuomo audio. Maybe the Cuomo audio of Andrew and Chris fighting with each other on What was that? CNN, Uh, kind of Probably. I don't know where what it was on. It was kind of this weird moment where these guys were arguing about a curfew and you could tell if they're trying to do a bit, but it sort of just turned into a really uncomfortable moment. Kind of made me feel kind of weird. I don't know. Especially if you watch it. But anyway, that's gonna be the break break Audio. We're right back on ftn, right. If this you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever Fash the nation mash the nation curfew. I don't like the word curfew. Dad tried to have a curfew for May. I never got past the resentment, but I do believe you'll see your numbers. Don't slow your problems with the curfew. At least bombs. You know, I never find you violated the curfew all the time caused much pain, but that's a different story. I don't believe in rules. Governor Andrew Cuomo. I appreciate you coming on the show. I love you. I'm proud of what you're doing. I know you're working hard for your state, but no matter how hard you're working, there's always time to call Mom. She wants to hear from you. Just so you know. Yeah, I called Mom. I called Mom. Just which, where it came on this show. By the way, she said I was her favorite. She never said Good news is she said you were her second favorite second favorite son. We both know neither of us are mobs first or second favorite in the family. I can't believe your line of my audience. You've blown the credibility of entire interview. I should have ended it second favorite son into the world. Listen to politicians. A very tricky throw. A word in there after the first time. You said it creates a lot of doubt, but you clarify what may straight across the plate, Stay straight across the plate. Stay strong, Stay for your people. And I appreciate you being here. I love you, brother. And now back to fashion a nation heard Onley in the DRS Radio network and we're back in that break, you know, while we're taking a break. Jazz hands. I was, You know, I like to go on Twitter and like to take a look at some things, and I was seeing some pretty bad takes lately. Since this whole thing has been going on, thought it might be good for us toe take a look at some of that stuff and give it the scrutiny I think it deserves. Or at least the last reacts. Only one of the things that comes with, I guess, knowing what things were gonna look like so well and having your biases confirmed all the time. It's like everybody everybody else's takes her bag, right? Basically how that works. Everyone get ready to smash that laugh react button as we go through some of these terrible, terrible takes. Uh, I guess we got a flat. You went into the flashback here. Or just the boomers, bro. I think this is. This is where we should start. Right here. So what we got here? We got James B. Stuart, a dear friend in Madrid, is in a coma with Cove in 19. He's under 40 and was an excellent condition. So much for so much for it, only killing the old and infirm. Why're NYC bars and restaurants still open? Is that what we got down here? Is that Chris Casey we're looking at right here? That notion of generational immunity is a fatal fell said there. These are steadily increasing, so there are steadily increasing substantiated instances of typically healthy adults in their thirties who became ill and are now on respirators. This has to be taken seriously by everyone or no one is safe. So so these takes are actually good. This is a little bit misleading. These takes are actually good. That takes that the that these air disproving or the people who are saying the people who are out like doing the bar crawl right in Chicago over the weekend and and on Tuesday, Like doing all the everything's fine, just the boomers pro. It's just the Olds are just going to get this like, but, ah, I couldn't find the other the other tweets to back this up. But I was reading in the Netherlands and in Spain, and I think in Italy that there were over 3 to 400 people I think in when one of those countries I'm sorry, I don't have the exact stats. Uh, who were under the age of 50? No, under the age of 40 in critical condition in some sort of I see you type environment. And so and I think Fauci has said this to where don't get all caught up on this being a generational thing. You could get this, and maybe nothing will happen. That's another insidious aspect of it is. You could get this and nothing could happen, but you could get this and then end up essentially on a ventilator. It just depends on I don't know. This is what sort of makes me think it's everybody's body, reacts to this stuff differently. But, like even people in great condition are ending up in kind of rough shape, which is kind of contrary to what what people do. When they were calling it, you had people calling it the boomerang remover for a while, which is part of that just the boomers, bro narrative. But people don't People really were either just in denial or we're underestimating how bad just even illnesses have been affecting young men. There's, Ah, there's actually on the American on the American son. There was a nurse that wrote a piece called Everyone Everyone is sick. Now she's in. She's a nurse herself, she's been told. She talked a bit about her experiences of off that and the things that she's seen. And even before this whole thing went down, she had been saying that she sing Mawr and more young men dying from just the flu, bro, as the years have gone on. So if I mean we were already having that problem to begin with. Now that we're seeing what this thing is capable of, we are seeing. It's not just old people that are dying. If the flu was already taking out young people to begin with, we're seeing more and more young people getting affected by this as well. And you're seeing this as a confluence of a number of different factors in terms of the way that we live in the Western world and the various drugs and diets and stresses and everything else that's gone to make this existence we have. That's supposedly materially better. But it seems to have worsened our lives in every other possible measurement. Yeah, and you've also seen it taking place with people who are in good condition. Because if you tell a just the broom boomers, bro Ah, sort of Cooper that Yeah, actually, Well, actually, it's happening to people who are younger. They're like, Oh, yeah, it's probably some some guy with diabetes and who is, you know, ah, gotta gotta be a my 45 or something. And this is the reason why these people are dying, but no time after time. What they're seeing is that it could happen. Anyone, That's what makes this so scary is that if you take this seriously, it could be a roll of the dice. Now it's less likely that somebody in their forties and excellent condition is going to end up in a rough situation. But why would you take that chance, right? Like, why would you go out to bars and restaurants, restaurants and have a good time and doing shots on ST Patrick's Day and me? Look, we've all been there I'd love to be part of Ah, I'd love to go out and do a ST Patty's Day Bar crawl, but you know, there's there's things that you just can't do, And, um, there there spent a lot of talk. I mean, I was sort of dismissing these at first about some of the X rays that were coming out of China of of people's Lungs. But there was a story est eerie in The New York Post about a doctor in Belgium looking at scans of people in Europe in the age between the ages of 30 and 50 who presented sear severe symptoms despite having quote blank medical records, meaning no underlying conditions that would make them high risk. They would just walk in, and we're terribly affected by the virus. Ah, he said. There C T scans indicated they were suffering from severe lung damage. The images we took yesterday or nothing short of terrifying, the doctor told the local news thes air. People who do not smoke, who have no other conditions such as diabetes or heart failure. Now Belgium has only got 1000 of these cases in five deaths. Um, I don't know how old the start. Well, this articles from the 17th but this is kind of sectary stuff. I was reading articles like this two or three weeks ago out of China, and I didn't share them. I didn't talk about them because they were kind of like I mean, is this an X ray of somebody's lungs who breathed in like black smoke from some industrial center and earned China their whole life? But now you have people in Belgium who are in this age category with no there issues, and they're starting to pick this up, and it's then pointed out into this, like strips the lining of your lungs. I mean, good, you know, even with very health. And it's a standing that this is given coming out that Belgium. Have you seen Belgium's health minister? No, I dont The live react jazz could just go ahead and do a Google search on Belgium. Health Minister for me for a moment. And I need you to give me a live react when you see that. Oh my God. You gotta be kidding. Thinks. But this this this thing is this is Maggie Selene, Louise de Block. Her name is Block. She has shaped like a block. And, uh, this is disgusting. This is absolutely disgusting. Member of the Flemish Liberal Party. Wow. Yeah. Hitler definitely did nothing wrong looking at this thing. This'd is This is just absolutely disgusting. This is the Health Minister. She decided to introduce plain packaging for tobacco products in Belgium. How about no french fries for you? What's your diet like? Who's your who's your what do they call it? Your, um, dietitian. But do you have, uh, lording over your food in this person? Thistles Crazy. I just don't even know what to say, man. I love that her last name is low block though her w black Magi the block. She just like a She's a block of lard. Um, you know, if the grocery stores run out of butter, Well, you know where to go. Uh, wow. So this is the person who is, uh yeah, funny. She has to be the most. She has to be the most unhealthy person in the entire country. She's hoarding all the all those. Ah, those Belgian French fries. Holy shit. Yeah, and that's that's saying a lot because by American standards, she would be egregiously obese and by Belgium standards by European standards. I mean, this is I mean, this is attained. But as I recall we had during the Obama years, it was I think it was a nominee for surgeon general. She was some overweight Hispanic woman, I believe, and people, people brought that up. And she was she was not even nearly as bad as those people brought. Brought that up when she was nominated for the position that I don't know. If I came over, she actually got the best position or not. But I distinctly remember that we had people complain about the fact that we had a I would call out like mom overweight in terms of like how much weight she had put on a mom, overweight, possible surgeon general or whatever the exact position was. I knew it was a It was a medical one, though. It's Regina Benjamin. Ah was Obama's pick for next surgeon general. This is ABC News critics slam overweight Surgeon general picked Regina Benjamin. Regina Benjamin is not a good role model given the obesity epidemic. Say some experts. This is like proto clown world tear back in 2009. Um, they speculated that she was £40 overweight because have you seen now the surgeon general for the United States? The guy was like, Come on, you guys in the masks and stuff, I saw the sky and TV today. I could barely string a sentence together. And this is the Surgeon general, the United States. It was obviously somebody to pick by Trump, some black guy. Just some token. These people don't even have to like people to put words together. Looking Andrew Gillum like this is just another puppet that didn't win the election. And then, you know, a couple months later, turns up in a hotel room with a ah with a homosexual prostitute in a bunch of methamphetamine. I mean, this is these are the people. When they say that they laugh at you and they think it's funny, like this is part of that whole thing. It's like, these are the people that they have been put in charge of you to Lord over You like, this is hilarious. Yeah. Uh, so a man Where where were we? Well, we have We have Mike Turner vich saying that there should be like in case you're wondering how Facon gay the political dichotomy was. Mike Zenovich. I'm calling for a culture war ceasefire, as though you know, we're just like brothers and we can just put down the weapons and hug like it's Yeah, like in the movie where you see like you have a union soldier and a Confederate soldier and they run into each other by the river, and they're not sure if this was to shoot each other or non, and they tentatively wave toe another, and then nobody's looking. So they decided, trade some tobacco and chocolate or whatever. You know, just like you know, this is like I have, like, a poignant moment here this is this is brother versus brother and having a human moment. That's what the culture wars like. Yeah, well, and it's like this idea that you're just gonna set this stuff down like the people that air genocide ing you. The people that are that would just love to see that you lose everything and die in front of them. They would find that hilarious. They would probably give it up votes. Um, they This service is calling for a ceasefire. He's saying, You know, guys, weaken, dunk on the far left later. You know, we have it's it's all hands on deck. Now it's time for solutions. This is like the guy crying for everybody to get along. I mean, that's one of the reasons Ah, you know, you have people over in Italy, um, going out on their porches and sing songs and singing patriotic songs and the national anthem of Italy and getting together. That's a community, and you have people calling for you. Let's let's stop this and, you know, work together. It's like we're totally unlike each other in every single measurable way. And I couldn't be further away from Mike Stern image. I mean, Mike Services that's so revealing, that tweet, weaken, dunk on the far left. Later, it's that he gave the game. He gave the game away. Right there. He gave the game away where he said, that does. He did. His role is just to own the Libs. That's his. His purpose is to is to is to funnel right wing or rather, just normal people. Resentment at what these people are doing into a game where you dunk on the left and you owned the Libs. That's his whole purpose. He doesn't. He's not there to advocate for anybody. He's just there to be a roadblock in to make money. And he's not even dunking on them like his version of dunking on them is is like Here's a black guy who can mouth like conservative talking points like Who can't call us racist. You got dunked on. It's like you're not actually winning. This is a world. Look at that. Look at this video of these of these far left, absolutely beating up Trump supporters. Just this demoralization propaganda, Yeah, looking look at Lady Magen getting beat up by ah by these these angry leftists and it's like something's gotta do something to save you powerless, normal people. Let me show you a video of how powerless you are. Like this I'm helping was like No, no, you're not. You're not helping. Okay? So no, totally not helping at all. But I've seen this sentiment elsewhere. That's why I handpicked this, sir Novich tweet to even talk about. I've seen this sentiment from other conservatives as as they're moving toward you, be I And in trying to, um, you know, they're pulling the rip cord, right? Like they're they're pulling all they've pulled all their lifelines and they're, ah, hitting the panic button when you have the kosher sandwich starting to go out and say guys like its all time to come together now for this because the last thing they want is for people in our thing people on our side of the street pointing out that all of this is the reason why that this has failed as they try to blame China as they try to blame. I don't know. Ah, political disunity and discord and they want to try to bring everybody together. Let's let's talk about the in the moment when our arguments are the most salient. Let's just put all that aside, right, Mike, Like certain. Eventually. Let's put all that aside. We can. We can focus on the people trying to destroy us later. Um, we can play patty cakes with them, you know, in the meantime, this is what Mike Service has been doing. And, you know, in this moment where it's it's, you know, it's more important than ever before that we point out their failings. It's like, Yeah, let's just put all that down now, Guys, stuff fighting right? It's like, Right as you're about to win, it's like, Let's let's let's stop all the fighting And that's, you know, obviously hyper bowl. I'm not saying we're winning. I don't want the light switch, brains toe. Take that and run with not winning. But we're right, and that's what matters. Because the other part of that tweet is right now, it's all hands on deck, and that's another telling statement from him, because I This is something I say a lot if I know these things, if you know these things, if we know these things, they know these things. There are enemies, are not in their toadies and just obstacles in our way. They're not all stupid. A lot of them do know how the game is played, and they either have their own selfish or own stupid reasons for why they do the things that they do. But there a lot of them are just aware of many of things that were aware of. And one of things I've talked about is that there's not going to be this coming together in America like there was in the Great Depression and World War Two, and even those had their their own bumps on a national level. But there was the sense of togetherness and cohesion that there we were, the United States of America, and we're Americans. We we bend together and we pull through. We grow victory gardens for our boys that are overseas and before my our little mutual AIDS and charity easel and the like, and we help one another out. That's not gonna happen this time. That does not exist in this country anymore. And these people have been able to do well for themselves, like giving their own little on little nature grift going on by just exploiting the divisions in this country and this Adam ization and this individualization. But now that in actual crisis has occurred, which is going to threaten all that, they know that it's you can't You can't engineer this now, All of a sudden, after going on one way, you cannot want 80 that immediately and start to engineer this togetherness, trying to give people like senators trying to head us off because we importing this out for years. We're we're the only ones that better been right consistently. They want to try and had bet. Also, people don't see how full crap they are. Yeah, they want to pretend like we're all in this together for a moment. And, you know, this is that they want to sort of synthesize this sort of solid area. It's not gonna work now. That is 11 aspect of this is that they will. You know, you saw this after 9 11 for a brief period of time. You know, everybody remembers the American flag in every front yard and just the jingoism. Well, it began a spate turbo patriotism that morph into jingoism. Um, and then that became an antiwar movement. Eventually, because they wanted to get rid of Bush because they didn't like the way that he was doing prosecuting the war. But this, this is this is kind of Ah, interesting phenomenon you're going to see. Ah, I think some bipartisan quote unquote bipartisanship, right? Like when you see them vote in favour of, ah, of what is it a resolution against anti Semitism or something you're going to see? Yeah, let's just help the people. Let's all work together and let's, like, sort of simulate this togetherness. But in try to pretend that none of the things that preceded it were happening None of the vitriol. None of the anti white like fuck white people rhetoric that had been going strong up until five minutes ago. And now they're gonna pretend like, yeah, we have to get We all have to get in the lifeboat, like for what? You've been trying to drown me for the past 30 30 years, 40 years, 50 years? I mean, why would I Why would I want to help you in this situation? I'll help my neighbor. I'll help people who I can relate to people in my family, but but, like want the want the U. S. government to succeed as succeeded. What? Displacing me? Like Get the fuck out of here. But we're gonna be calling this stuff out all day long. And plus I mean, this is This is certain of which, speaking to his audience, this is an audience that s'more, right, Jason, He's telling his audience to put the to put their weapons down because, I mean, this is one of our favorite trolls. Tell, we always tell me, Always ask these people, Can you say something nice about white people? Because we know that we know they can. We know they won't. Well, that's one of our favorite told you. So you're telling us that put down are put down our arms and try to make peace with people who can't even say a nice thing about us. And he's not saying you stop dunking on us. This has gone on far too long. Let's work together. This is him speaking directly to people ostensibly on the right, who who are looking to him for guidance for what not guidance, but just, I guess, takes or whatever, and he's speaking directly them. He's not talking to anybody else. He's saying, Guys, you need to step aside. You need to stop fighting this because they sense danger. They realized that this is a problem and that liberalism is failing. And in he is the spearhead of this along with Charlie Kirk and ah, you know, the whole the whole crowd, right? I mean, this whole the soul milieu of Conservatism, Inc. I mean, they try to pretend, um, you know that that I haven't seen an article, right? Anything claiming that Mike sandwiches, All right. Any time recently. He is. He is now a far right guy, right? Like that's what you That's what you get the badge of honor that you get. If you've succeeded at proving how totally not racist you are, you're the far, far right guy Now, um and ah, yeah. I mean, they allow they allow him to stay on that platform because he you know, he serves up stuff like this. He could be counted on in times of crisis, where they're trying to manage the message to ah, you know, dial things back and direct people in Ah, places that are not fruitful. Can you get it? At least Can you get any more caved in head filled with gasoline and set on fire brain than Charlie Kirk whining about the dreams of college basketball players being dashed. You know, you missed that. You know, he's been he's for a while, but, like that's he's been handling about how, how, just the he's been going to bat for college basketball because he's he's saying that this is the thing he cares about the most. Like this is Charlie Kirk is the is the complete regression of the conservative mind. Where he's been is holding the true tragedy of the Corona virus epidemic is that college basketball got canceled? This is your market, doctor people. The biggest tragedy of the Corona viruses that we're all infected with bad takes from other people. Like we just get toe have all these bad takes these Ah, these people who are definitely symptomatic and their symptoms bad takes. And yeah, I've seen some of the basketball stuff going on Not but not with Charlie Kirk. There must be some sort of a pattern. They're I think they're trying to, um, you know, make conservatism about sports and tie sports to patriotism in some way, and that will get people to like basketball and that also serves the interests of people who are black. And yeah, we're What a weird time, right? Like conservatism and basket basketball of all sports. This is But this is funny now because I was trying to scroll through Charlie Kurtz timeline to find his basketball takes. He seems to have moved on from that by now. But yesterday, just funny, because we were talking about this in the first hour about the why the why China doesn't want journalists in their country. This is Ah, thistles. Charlie, Kurt, from yesterday. Where is this? The Here it is. Let me get the straight China. The country that locks Uighur Muslims in concentration camps has the nerve to call the United States racist for labelling Cove in 19. The Chinese virus in the mainstream media is parroting their talking points. How how does that make any sense? Thinking emoji. But yeah, now he's bringing up the weaker Muslims as well, which is that's all. Instead of instead analyzing the situation correctly, it's always going to be about well, these countries are not being properly liberals. And how dare they call us racist even when they have a Givi. They He's designed to basically trip up any normal person who wants to have a conservative take. Yeah, well, that's always seems to be something that he's doing and he's got people joining his ranks. I mean, this is sort of, ah, phenomenon. People are sort of, you know, thinking that they're actually they're opposing Charlie Kirk, but they're really just carrying water for him. But what do you think about the whole like? That's like unconstitutional man people. I know. David David Clarke, the the black sheriff has been milling around conservatism for a while, trying to get handouts here and there. And he got big up Coombs from Trump. I remember in 2016 but you have a lot of these people like Kid Rock in his Nashville bar, refusing to close amid the Corona virus concerns I saw in other major cities that police have had to, like, board up bars. And so what is the point of this? Is this just like is just just retarded takes? I mean, I don't think this has any, like, deep, sinister purpose, Um, other than people who are still carrying on with the right wing pundit promulgated just the flu, bro. Sort of rhetoric that's been purse of pervasive in the last several weeks, I think. Well, for me, it's interesting because it goes long for them what I was saying, because the way that constitute the Constitution is now interpreted by conservatives is that's meant to be a libertarian document. Yes, because that's the full victory of libertarianism within. Well, A you know, a certain type of libertarianism within the within the conservative establishment. But it's This is what happens when it goes downstream like libertarianism, as far as I'm concerned, is a public health hazard. And so it gives people what they believe is this moral right to endanger other people's lives. Because Islam, because you know otherwise that you're infringing on their personal freedom and there ability to make a profit and make a living and achieve the American dream thing is what happens when you eviscerates the opposition party and make it truly into a controlled opposition. And this is what happens when you get down stream that you look at the history of conservative. I'm not conservative, but there used to be a intellectual vanguard. You could actually look, too, and you'd see those ideas go downstream, and whether we agree of it or not, you could At least they had some ideas. They may even even have been controlled opposition from the start. But they had some ideas. That's not even the case anymore. You can't even make the case for that anymore. You basically have for the Republican Party and conservatism if you're not one of the big donors, it's a party for for insane, Midwich, selfish people to endanger the rest of us and give boost and support to the Republicans that want to displace us. Yeah, it's for people who get get high off the greatest hits tracks like the Water Down Greatest Hits, Ronald Reagan conservatism. But like they're not even getting what you used to get 10 or 15 years ago, 20 years ago. Like these deep think pieces about conservatism and what it means and what we're fighting for and and all that like it's all dead. Like any standard, It's the Greatest Heads anymore. It's not even a greatest hits album. It's a It's a greatest hits album full of karaoke covers. Yeah, well, that's what I mean. It's like a water down, and I couldn't think of a good name for it, But it's It's like karaoke cover songs. And the songs themselves really weren't even that good when they came out, But they at least were somewhat more substantive. I get what you're trying to say, and it's also true. I mean, you don't have any deep conservative thinkers out there. Most of them are dead. A lot of them are out of business. Um, I remember. Who's the guy in the wheelchair? Charles Krauthammer That used to be one of the big conservative like, ah, bulwarks of intellectual thought. You know what he thought? George will and all these people, and they're just they're just gone. I mean, they're just They either abandoned the posts that they had, and they've just switched over to just being part of the run of the mill neoliberalism. But they Yeah, they sort of lost this. This is what we're fighting for. This is what we have to protect from the left. It's all gone. It's totally gone. Um, and in Rush Limbaugh was getting ready to retire before Donald Trump came along. And I'm not saying that he was an intellectual or he is an intellectual or anything like that. But he has basically kept himself alive by just becoming an abject cheerleader for Trump like he doesn't. He doesn't really talk. He doesn't really espouse the conservative philosophy anymore. Um, he just sort of cheer leads for the president. And, um you know, I don't know. Perry's few. He puts forward like, thes que beams and whatever. I mean, it's kind of like What if there's like, nothing left? It's just it's just gas at this point, gas and hot air. And it is the last gasp of conservatism as well. I mean, new liberalism is is really bearing the brunt of this because But the conservatives supported this. They went along with this. They didn't stop this. They were supposed to be The right wing was supposed to be the thing that would stop us from getting to where we are now, but they've done nothing. In fact, they were happily hitting the gas pedal and, ah, you know, pushing it along the whole way. This and this kid rock thing is just is so disgusting to me personally, because there are people who think like, oh based kid Rock because he's this beloved figure in Michigan because he, he he makes music that working class white people like. And he does this made in Michigan, made in America thing. That, of course, like a a formerly union state labor union state like Michigan absolutely loves and eats up. He flies the Confederate flag and his concerts and like he's tapping into like that, Leonard Skin erred energy and that kind of in that kind of fading cultural milieu, a milieu of in this country. But you can see that he's he's just a businessman at the end of it because he, when it comes to his his bottom iUniverse of the people he extensively tries to represent, he takes it, is going to take his bar over any kind of patriotic or nation duty towards the people that he culturally represents. He'd rather just put these people in danger than risk and call it and call it that an infringement on that unconstitutional then actually care about the people that he's supposed to be representing. Yeah, this is all about him and promoting his brand and everything. And yet he doesn't. You're right. He doesn't give a shit. How many people got infected from from the bar being open. I mean, some of these bars like you, you know, he's doing it for obviously the branding Some of these bars, though, that are trying to stay open. I I sort of do have, ah, a little bit of sympathy for because a lot of those bar owners air are, you know, white guys who often were working class and ended up with the establishment, or they worked to get it. If it's not a big commercial bar, I'm talking about, like just your typical like, you know, single owner pub or whatever. And those guys, they're kind of looking at this whole thing and they're like, All right, well, if I can stay open for one more night and that night, it's ST Patrick's Day like maybe I could make it for the next two or three weeks, I'm gonna have to fire some people and it's gonna be really shitty in. A lot of them are looking at the prospect of losing their business, those people who are doing it and sort of just quietly not taking a stand. But like kid rock, like making these, this is just for headlines Yeah, Garbage. If he actually cared about those people, he'd look out for those other bar owners if he actually cared about these people. I mean, he's just he's just another rich guy who pretends that he's one of us. But all that matters is that his bottom line is not affected, that his brand is not affected. If he actually cared if he actually cared about the kind of people who love his music, he'd make sure as many of those people could stay employed or at least will be ableto whether the months to come in any in any small way that he can. But no, he just wants to make sure that his bar stays open and calls it unconstitutional. That closes down what's get rock doing for his employees at that bar? I wonder how many of the ah the the bus boys in that bar? Well, how many? The bus boys in that bar are legal to work in the United States, but let's ask that question. But, ah, how many of the people white working class people in that bar that are white. I don't really know what his bars like in Nashville, but Ah, how many of those people are gonna be taken care of when he finally puts down the branding? I mean, he could afford to pay those people right. He could afford to make those people hold throughout this crisis, But he's not going to. It's just all for the up Coombs and, ah, you know, maybe his borrow go bankrupt and that I would just be the thing that he did That will just be a mean that he had for a while fuck all the people who work there and sweat into the through their blood and sweat into that place. But ah, yeah, it's kid rock and ah, yeah, I mean, this whole, like take a stand against the government's kind of I actually would have more respect for these people if they came out and said, Yeah, and do a Tucker did Tucker. I have respect for Tucker taking his show and saying The people who you trust in the people that you probably voted for or minimizing this crisis and they need to stop. They need to start taking this seriously. That's what a leader does. I'm not trying to lionize Tucker, but I mean as an example of what these people should be doing. No, they're just They're just doing names and weaken dunk on the far left later. Am I right? You know, getting sick to own the lives. Yeah, exactly. Well, some of the things that I've seen, though, about the school closures is you know, we talked about this on the weekend and the fact that they waited so long to close thes schools because, ah, you know, there's a large portion of the population who is not going to get fed who is not going to get clothed. I saw in one case or actually in many cases, like that's where they do they laundry at is the school, like the school is literally doing the laundry for these people. And this is one of the things this is actually a debate that was had amongst people who were sending their kids to school even though they didn't want to because they were gonna come home potentially infected. They're like, Yeah, but we can't close the schools down now. I mean, that just doesn't make any sense. This would, you know? Ah. Then they then they have articles written inbox there was a seven super urgent things were doing wrong list ical, and a lot of the six of the seven were accurate. It was all stuff that we've criticized the president for, about testing and everything else. But number four was clues. Closing all the schools may not make sense right now, unless there is a documented widespread community transmission and this articles only seven days old, something we're not seeing in most of the country again, it's now in all 50 states. There is no need to close the schools in interim intervention is to allow schools to remain open but require them to enable online options. We must consider the huge societal costs of closing schools against what may be a little or no health benefit, particularly if kids continue to go out and are increasingly cared for by grand parents and others, right? So keep them in school, where they're going to go to school and come home and visit Grandma and Grandpa anyway, right where they're going into the Petri dish and out of the Petri dish every single day and then coming home. But their argument is like, no, keep them in the Petri dish. Don't keep them at home. And they're saying, you know what if these parents are needed at various facilities, But the biggest thing here is this basically, like giving people the intellectual argument of this faux intellectual, pseudo intellectual argument about why the schools should be open. And I saw people doing this until they weren't like this. This life span of this bad take was about, 07 days and then all the schools have been one after the other starting to close up. I don't see some scary stuff with the something in inner city schools being closed because you don't have kids that, you know they don't have parents. They might have just grand parents to take care of only risk infecting them, who are gonna be more at risk of passing way. You're gonna have just these would have discover bodies, probably weeks or months after they already passed because part of the reason for they have these schools is to keep tabs on these people is to be able to even know that they're still around, that they exist. You're gonna probably going to see hundreds of people just disappear in terms of we don't know what happened to them because we've lost the ability to keep tabs on them. Yeah, well, and I mean, you know, people who are wondering what's gonna happen to these these black Children and secure you're paying for these black Children, right? Like black people don't feed their Children. Brown people don't feed their Children like the whole school system has become a system where they get their medical care. In many cases, from the school, nurses like, basically the the ah, what is a child doctors that the ops tradition? Or am I thinking of something else? Pediatrician, Pediatrician? I forget what an obstetrician is. Ah, no matter when you're healthy, sort of don't know doctors. It's like it's like I have a family doctor and I don't really know about any of the specialists, but yeah, I mean, they treat the school nurses like they're they're go to Ah, you know, general care practitioner. Um, you have the breakfast, lunch and dinner in some cases, and then they have to have all these programs for after school, and it isn't because their parents are working. Sometimes they are, but most of the time it's because they're fucking off and they don't give a shit in the school becomes this de facto system of education and people wonder wire where my product property taxes, you know, $30,000 a year. Like why? Why am I paying for all this? Will you really wouldn't have to pay that much if the school wasn't serving as essentially a glorified. I don't know, boarding school for everybody else, but your child and your child isn't going to benefit from these things. And nor nor would you want them to, like, I mean, the idea that you would just cast your child off on the public school system. Ah, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry and medical care. I mean, that's kind of insane. No wonder these none of these Ah, these blacks and whatever turn out to be, uh, kind of they grew up to be kind of shit stains. I mean, it's kind of like what else was gonna be the outcome, though, I suppose, But Steve Mnuchin is saying the government must keep fast food drive ins open. E can't think of anything more American than that. Yeah. Gotta have gotta have your your Wendy's and McDonalds and like, whatever else, um, I can't remember the last time I've eaten at a restaurant because I like I kind of just did not do that anymore after this. After we sort of figured that this crisis was going to start spinning up. I guess it's been since mid mid February, I suppose. Um, but, you know Oh, yeah. Where is this? Yeah, this is it. Yeah. This is the one. This is perfect. So this is Breezewood uber all ISS. Yeah, it's like, Well, this is where this It takes it to a whole new level, though, like, right? They say a We can't close the schools because all these people are gonna end up. It's gonna end up being chaos. But then you have the executive producer of Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan and the Michael Knoll shows This guy named Jeremy. Boring. What is it with these people's names being quite on the nose sometimes I don't know. I mean, this guy is quite on the nose himself, tribally and every other measure. Hey, says shutting down restaurants is criminal. How will people eat? He says shutting down private businesses is overreach. Shutting down restaurants in a city of four million people is criminal. There are hundreds of thousands of people who don't have food at home who don't know how to cook. Grocery stores aren't built to feed 100% of us 100% of the time. It's like I mean, you know, we used to live in agrarian society, where people like had to farm and grow their own food. And then grocery stores were kind of like the, you know, basically how things got soft. But like to this guy, grocery stores only is a form of fascism. It's a full of, ah, schools used to teach home economics for this reason. Yeah, exactly. And I mean this guy's like drive thru and uber eats cannot make up the difference. People will comply with this. People will not comply with this tyrannical shit once they get hungry. Insanity. It's like, Wow, this is incredible. I mean, but people make this argument all the time. This is a Michelle Obama, um, hallmark of her entire. You know, time is Thea first transvestite of the United States. Um, Michael Obama was remember she had the let's move thing, and a lot of it had to do. She did the whole, like student lunch bullshit Because of food deserts, right in all of food, Desert is is just a area of a high concentration of blacks who don't know how to cook for themselves. It has nothing to do with location of food, availability of food, access to food or anything else. It's the fact that this this stuff is right in front of these people, and they literally don't know what to do with it. And this, I guess that's what this guy is making the case for. Um, but I don't know he ah, that it's kind of funny. This is how helpless people have become, right? It's like you not only have, yeah, you don't have to pay these people right, Like we gotta pay them because they're not working. And I and I think that's fair. But you also have to feed them to like, what's this guy advocating for that? Like you gotta have ah, have a personal chef show up and show people how to cook? Or is that some failing of society that we don't have that I would be totally down for giant ah community pot looks, but they don't want something like that because, well, when you start to have an actual community of share of shared experiences and shared meaning, usually shared religion usually shared ethnic groups and then those, you know, the White Bend in charge of those things start to get ideas about. I don't know if I like these other people that are creating these conditions for us, so we can't be having that. Well, the other thing we can't be having is groups of two or more white people talking to each other about the state of things that are going on. We certainly can't have that. Yeah, they might start getting ideas that they have power constrained to thinks that's another bad take that's been running around is that we're gonna run out of food. Um, people are afraid that that food is gonna be gone. There's gonna be nothing left. Um, and that's actually not true. What they are having problems with is getting it to people. Um, and there is a lot of food being produced. There's a lot of food in warehouses. This is a country that is a what? Net food producer. Still, I mean, we still produce much of the world's food. I mean, they have funny stuff in warehouses. It's a matter of getting it to people. Ah, but the reaction, of course, has been as though this is the last can of chicken in light salt water on the planet. And ah, she you're gonna you're gonna run out of this stuff in five minutes. I mean, part of this is the Justin time, sort of, ah, inventory in management systems supply chain system that they've put into place and ah, lot of it. A lot of it is due to the size of the country. There are going to be some disruptions is that we've pointed out before, but the idea that all the food's gonna be gone tomorrow, it's like, No, but I do see the well, actually, here is I do see why people stock up because the whole point of this thing is the flatten. The curve is not to go outside. I mean, at least not to go outside and interact with other people. So it's understandable that people have bought essentially five packs of hot dogs in one sitting right. They note that they're cracking into the Memorial Day supplies already, um, of hot dogs. And it's like, Wow, you guys have a Memorial Day supply of hot dogs in March. Older, those things and the issue isn't quantity were not in danger. Onley extremely exceptional localized areas would ever be in danger of famine. And so that highly, so highly unlikely. It's not even like we're kind of exploring. The issue isn't going to be that there were gonna be running out of quantity of food any time soon. The issue I seen three issue. I see. It's very similar to these complaints that Clavin, you are boring. Whoever was were making about about the people not knowing how to cook food is that it's going to be the quality of it and what's available because we've gassed up this country so much that nothing should ever be denied to them. And all luxuries should always be within a thing. You know, within within your grasp. You could even order it on your on your phone through an app. We have become so used this thing that a scaling back of that is something that a substantial amount of the population, I think, is just probably not ready for are going to be able to psychologically deal with. I mean, I have plenty of rice and beans. For instance, if they're in a worst case scenario. I got £20 of each and I have been in poverty, poverty stricken situations where I had to subside on that for five weeks. That's but I can't imagine that that everybody is going to be able to be like that. A lot of people will be. But a lot of people also will not be able to deal the fact that your choices are going to be limited in what you have, and that's I think it's the psychological effect of that. More than anything else that people just are not going to be ready for, you're going tohave. People are just not going to be happy about that. I don't know how they're gonna react exactly. They might not have any way to react to that, But we sometimes do have a bit of a spoiled brat problem in this country, and it goes with that. There's no sense of togetherness. Abandon together that we're sharing these hard times together like it's going to be you're gonna see a lot of selfishness. Rise on the rise is people do probably nasty things to one another just because they want the more luxury items. Yeah, you know, I noticed this phenomenon whenever you know, like the iPod came out and that everything started having a prefixed with I and me in making everything about How is this product that is being created typically by apple? And I'm not knocking Apple's products. I mean, a lot of them are great, but they marketed it as something that was all about you all about fulfilling your desires, which is why the prefix was I. And it was it was just this century of self, um is comes to mind and people, you know, it's James said on a recent show. Can you imagine these people quitting cold turkey quitting the the digital up? Coombs, the owner of the i R L up Coombs like people just stroking each others ego's. And, um, you know, the biggest part about this is every time one of our this is important to remember, every time one of our biases are confirmed somebody else, thousands of other people's biases are not confirmed. thousands of other people's biases. Things get very uncomfortable because they're seeing stereotypes that they've been told to a shoe play out in very real time. They're seeing a society that they thought was invincible, collapsing right in front of their eyes. And at least you know, you can say long run where this ends up. We don't know, but at least for a lot of people, they're seeing everything fall apart all around them. They were told that this this is gonna be great. It's gonna be fine. And, ah, no, it's It's actually very fragile. And ah, yeah, like the The idea, like the epitome of fragility, is the fact that you can be surrounded by grocery stores with food and be worried about people not surviving. Like if we've gotten to that point, if we've gotten to that point, maybe it's time to cut bait. All right, like you have grocery stores filled with food in your concern is, the people won't know how a city of four million won't know how to feed themselves, and that it's criminal, right? It's like it's almost like what the whole city has become a concentration camp because restaurants aren't open because there aren't people cooking for them. Give me a fucking break. But that's where we are. Yeah, I think we think we might need a national break up. We need to go find ourselves. It's just I don't think this is working out anymore. Yeah, I mean, that can be That could be, you know, something that gets gets said. I mean, the B argument that this just isn't working resonates very well at this point. Um, but Borzoi, the thing that you have to remember is that not just the panic is worse than the virus. The racism is worse than the virus. Nothing. Uh, and, uh, yeah, with the day that we had with skunks on Monday with minus 3000 points. Yeah, CBS News was not very happy with the use of the term black Monday. I have some audio here. I'm gonna play. We react to this. It's fucking hilarious. Many headlines referred to the stock market plunge yesterday as black Monday, and that is just one of the subtle and not so subtle ways that racism has been braided into our everyday culture. So many misconceptions and truly lies throughout the history of what Children are taught about their history. I hate to put it that directly, but you know, when you go back and you look at people like a Thomas Jefferson George Washington, these founding fathers who are so revered, how do you re teach that even terms like Black Monday black sheep can can be freighted with it with the negative connotation that sometimes we don't even realize baked into the vocabulary. Yeah, I don't think we even realize when we have a skin color and a regular color and we're ca noting both in a negative fashion their relationships between two. And I think we have to break not only the relationship of those negative connotations. Now it's black. Monday, Um, way could always call. We could call it fell on Monday for prefer Yeah, let's let's just do that. I mean, it is fell in Monday. All these white collar felons that were Ah, we're shorting stock. Um and ah, yeah. I mean, is this, but ah, yeah. I mean, this is this is where we are right now. The This is what these people want to focus on. Millions of people are losing their jobs. Millions of people have no idea where their next paycheck or meal is coming from. And ah, Tony, Doku pill is Ah, the guy in that clip who was saying Doku pill to take that. No coup, Phil. Yeah, I think the Doku Bill. Yeah. I mean, this is the guy who was saying Black Monday black sheep and all that. Just, you know, total total. But goy out there? I don't know. Doku Pill. Who knows what kind of a name that is. But I wouldn't be shocked. Guys working in media, but ah, yeah, it looks like Nigerian or something. No. Well, it looks like that, but the guy's a white guy with blows. Um, everybody every Oh, that's what I'm saying. He was the one like you could hear black voices coming out of black bodies in that clip, you know, talking about this and that And that was E Bram X, Ken De and Jason Reynolds and somebody else. But no, Tony Doku Pill was like a guy in his fifties. Ah! Ah! Who's that guy? That British guy that used to be on CNN that was always on it about guns. I can't remember his name. Now he did the phone hacking bit. Uh, now he's gone back toe London. I can't remember his name, but he's white, like that guy. He's like, quintessential white guy on the on the news. And that's what they do, right? Like Jews love putting guys like this very goldfish. White guys on the news in saying things like, Yeah, we got to stop using terms like Black Monday. This is deeply affecting and harmful to blackness. Please stop using that. And then the woke, you know, corporate bug man. Come into the office the next day and correct star correcting people for saying black Monday. That's how this whole thing looks. But you'll enjoy this s o. I was like, it's a check name and Tony Doku Pill was actually he's got a whole article, I guess, about searching for his father. Something to that effect. He claims that dokka pill means I bought it all. You bought the entire dip. T Bill Mitchell? Yeah, Yeah, he's a host of CBS this morning. Ah, don't really don't really much more much more info about him. Ah, yeah, he's Ah. Oh, God. Oh, no. That's his wife. So his wife, uh is it? Is he married? No, I don't know. I think I got lost here. That's fine. I ran into Zoe Katie to her works for NBC News. I think she's married. His father was a drug dealer, apparently. Really? Yeah. He's got a couple articles about him looking into his father. His father was a drug dealer, I guess. Soon. Interesting. Well, yeah, He's only 39 this guy, but Ah, yeah. What a cook. Yeah. This is how he's atoning for it, I suppose, but, um, yeah, Well, uh, China. Yeah, about the same. Like China is trying to get trying to get in on the get in on the grift now. What are they saying here? Ah, it is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence. This is like this is like and that racism blend blended up with propaganda. You think that's rich coming from China to lecture other people about incompetence? Wow. Yeah, but it's It's kind of like this is part of this is from their official news Twitter, China. Jin wan news. Um, racism is not the tool to cover your own incompetence. So I guess this is this is a reaction. Two people calling it wou flu and Chinese bioweapon. I'm looking at you, Tom Cotton. Yeah, like, well in a row, I I even, you know, imbibed this narrative that it may have leaked out of the lab by accent. We don't know what happened. Like we can leave that aside. We're not really sure what happened, but we do know is that China is probably lying about the number of deaths, and the United States government is lying about what China is lying about Usually, um, to cover for some purpose. So this is China calling America Racists because we are blaming this on them, and meanwhile, we don't have our shit together. And so they're saying, like, were racist as a cope for not having our shit together to flight fight the flu, like that's we're calling it wou flu because we don't have our shit together. I mean, I guess my gods hardest hit here, I suppose, is the I mean, they're the ones saying it's there's nothing to worry about. Just go out and live your lives. Just the flu, bro. I mean, that's the incompetence. So, yeah, it's it's adorable to see Asians try to get in on on this grievance industry because we're still at the point where a lot of people aren't just aren't buying that. It's just that's That's not for you. That's for that's for Jews to pump up blacks and Hispanics and maybe a couple of other groups. But that's not for you. So because if you look at the replies that people aren't having it, there's just no now you know. You don't you don't get that. Yeah, now you don't. And Ah, what do you think about this herd Immunity. This is something that they were doing. The Netherlands was doing this. I think they still are doing this. Great Britain is no longer doing this. They were planning on doing this herd immunity for those of you Andrea Rhinelander is Yeah, we're not doing social isolation or separate, you know, sort of self isolation, social distancing. We're just gonna, like, live our lives like YOLO, bro. And you know, we're gonna build up an immunity to this problem and Britain reverse course, I think because they realize how serious this is. But Netherlands hasn't. And what do you think about this? Dumb? It terrifies me when just like how I said, I get I start sweating profusely when conservatives certainly start become deep Ecologist overnight and start on over. Population is a problem, like I get really nervous when they start making my ecological talking points. I want to know what they've seen. That's what made them change their minds. It also terrifies me when they start misusing scientific terms like this as part of policy, because herd immunity is because you cannot. You cannot inoculate 100% of the population against disease because there's always that margin of error. There's nothing perfect. So there's always going to be people that are going to be at risk if they come in near an infection. So what the idea of herd immunity is is that you get as many people as inoculated as possible so that people that for one reason or other cannot get the inoculation where the inoculation doesn't work on them aren't at risk of giving the disease because nobody else is getting the disease, because the argument of herd immunity is what was used against anti vaxxers who were not vaccinating themselves or their kids because now you were, you've weakened the herd immunity. And so diseases like mumps and measles that were practically eradicated for all practical purposes we're selling now, people getting infected by them again because you didn't have that group cohesive shield against it for the people who were who were always going to be at risk of getting it. And so that s what they're trying to argue against, hurt by infecting as many people as possible. That will hopefully inoculate enough people to make them immune. But it's This is the most insane thing I've ever heard there. If I'm understanding this regulator, the completely misusing a scientific concept to make the argument of infecting as much of the population is possible. And they thought that they could say that this is something that was gonna be beatable on what they're realizing now with all of the young people who are being infected with this with no pre existing conditions is that what they would do by by enforcing a herd immunity essentially like no lock down, which Netherlands has decided to do is that you would have a very large property, part of your population, who's just gonna die, and you can't like they couldn't cope and say, Well, it's people who are going to die in a year to anyway. It's people who were maybe, you know, in their thirties in their forties in their fifties, and they're realizing how serious this is in turning around. I mean, Britain initially decided to do this, but then I think some of these reports got leaked and came out and whatnot. That said, you know, however, many people in Britain were gonna be infected, and then they saw the mortality rate in Italy, and I know it's not same from country to country, but Italy has been a steady, like, what, 78% mortality rate. And, ah, you know, I think there they can't this this would be something that would upset people, you know, lose the job, lose everything else. But you start to have friends and relatives dying because the government policy is herd immunity. I mean, what a an interpretation of herd immunity that makes no sense whatsoever, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I'm just using their word, right? Not what it actually is. But I mean, just imagine the outcome of the policies that you lose part of your family or you lose a loved one or you lose your some of your friends because of this, and it could have been done differently. Like adding insult to the injury of this is the culminating moment of neoliberalism. On top of all that, they double down and they make a, uh, it's like, You know what? We're gonna beat this by committing national suicide, essentially in in places where there's already DeMott demographic problems, they're just like, yeah, let's just shave off 10 or 20% you know? So, yeah, and then you have Bo Jo talking about overpopulation. Have you ever seen the? Have you ever heard the quote from Prince Philip that he said about being in reincarnated as a virus? He's knows he's got this famous quote, which I don't I don't rember what the original source of it was. I've seen it sourced in a supposed interview. It's sourced, and if I were an Animal by Fleur Cowles. But he said, I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species have been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger. Then it then it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus. So when you have you have the prince concert, when you have elites talk like this about people about us, about about normal people are populations. I get very, very nervous when they talked this way, we are ruled by the most malicious and incompetent people in history. And that is a terrifying thing to me. Yeah, well, I mean, it was starting to sort of look like £10 of shit in a £5 bag. I mean, this whole thing, right? Like overcrowded continents. You know, people resisting this and they have it got very expensive for them to sort of manage the uprising of populism, which was born out of natural feelings of rejecting, uh, what was what was foisted on us and then they have to They have to invest in propping up these candidates with handlers and and making sure that things don't go too crazy. I mean, the whole problem, the whole thing was starting to go off the rails and so Yeah, you can. When you hear quotes like that, you realize how much they hate you and how much they wish. You know, if it weren't for the fact that you're making them disgustingly wealthy, you're just You're just a dirty, filthy piece of shit that's in the way. And they would actually have no problem with large numbers of people. Ah, actually dying. And you can easily be backfilled with large numbers of other shitty people that they can hate and who were going to be less likely to resist their rule. So I believe in population control, but it's got to start with population control. Deletes first and foremost Yes, yes. And I believe in ah, positive population control. Where your your ah, Practicing eugenics. So, um yeah, YOLO. YOLO Mexico holds big music festival despite Corona virus concerns, I also saw that there is a huge party huge big gay party in Miami that what that a bunch of people got paused at Not probably not just in the h I V sense, but in the sense of the Corona virus. They went to this big thing and got tested. We talked about the Chicagoans parting hard at ST Patrick's Day. Yeah, these people are all going to end up sick, and some of them are probably going to die. Like I I'm sorry to be so blunt, but that's like, that's the reality. Like fear out there shirtless at a music festival right now, um, you know, go in ham at a party and, you know, sharing, sharing drinks and doing drugs with people. And, like, whatever. Like your you're probably not gonna have a very good time in about 30 days. But, I mean, you got you have New York as part of their releasing people. They mention people with compromised immune systems. Makes me wonder. Compromised by what, exactly? Every we might be seeing a precipitous rise in Bill's houses in the coming months. In what houses? Bill's house? Oh, yeah, exactly. Oh, my God. Well, then you have Bill Mitchell. Yes. Being a bills, I'm here practically 24 7 fighting against the lies in the hype surrounding the cove. It 19 panic. The media overreaction is intended to break the trump economy had already broken Bill. If I helped you in 2016 and you appreciate my voice, please donate generously Bill. I thought, You're getting rich Buying the dip, though. Bud, what's going on here? Thank him. Thank him for his service. America. Yeah. Thank him for his service and send lots of donations. He's clearly not making enough buying the dip. This guy's just watching his, Ah, his stocks, The big line. Go down. Yeah, I mean, poor Bill Mitchell. I have no sympathy, though. He's doing some math lately, though. Ah, couple. But people are actually getting really deeply into math and especially cremation these days or ovens. The A lot of a lot of them have have an eye towards that these days. A lot of people have suddenly gotten interested in math. Yeah, well, I mean, you have this Italian mayor saying that we can't cremate bodies fast enough to keep up five pizza ovens do can't do 66 million burnt offerings. I suppose it is like 21st century Italy, where all the crematoriums air going at full blast and they can't handle 3000 bodies. It's like big think. Let's not talk about how many people are dying and how quickly they have to get rid of them. I mean, I mean build Mitchell's also doing the same thing. I got his tweet right here. Wait, Wait a 2nd 180,000 people die every day, but now 7000 deaths of three months from Cove in 19. And we can't cremate all the dead. It's like Boomer, watch out there, Boomer, you're getting dangerously close. He's gonna lose. His accountant thought it was because he was telling, telling the truth about this big hoax that's intended to break the trump economy. See, guys to punish Bill Mitchell. Oh, my God. Yeah, it's ah about the bodies, though. I mean seriously for a second. I remember back at the end of January, beginning of February, when people were talking about, like all the bodies that were being burned in China and everybody saying like, Come on, man, let's like you're here. That's a little bit too spooky like you're buying into stuff. And then if you see this, this stuff about the open pits in Iran, where they're allegedly bear doing mass graves and you have a lot of people dying there and then Italy can't get rid of all these bodies and it's kind of like then China has a miraculous recovery. Well, I've said this before. I'll say it again. It's like, Well, then I'd expect Iran to start reporting a miraculous recovery and Italy to start the numbers to start changing. Unless China's lying about their numbers and you see Italy continue to get worse and Iran continue to get worse and ah, it's kind of it's kind of like, yeah, where are they going to get rid of all of these things? And then, yeah, people are going to start asking questions. It's like, Wow, six million, huh? Really a man. Well, uh, what should we move on to? Do you have any other cold takes? I think we did them all. Didn't way. There's so many more. Well, there's the just the Chinese bro. One to that goes hand in hand with the just the Brumer bro. And just the Chinese bro, of course, is the is the This is a disease that is only affecting Asian. So you don't have to worry about it. It's like, yeah, that's people are still doing that. Take I almost fell for that. I mean, I think I made at one point had briefly mentioned that rumors might be a bio of ah, gay. It targets specifically some kind of genetic thing. Or what have you? I almost fell for that. But yet it's, ah that people are coping with weird ways. Teoh Not just so they don't have to engage with the reality that we are in actual pandemic. I mean absolute. I saw it takes for in February that No, no, nobody was going to remember this in three months. Well, I mean, I I bought into it originally, I didn't buy into it, but I considered it as a possibility when the only place that was getting fug was China. But when When you see that it has spread to people of dip totally different genetic backgrounds, you have to if you if you have any intellectual integrity at all, maybe you're delusional. Though I don't know, you have to drop that take like you can't now. There is no sense there. There is a little bit nuts because you could still make the argument that it it infects certain groups of people mawr than other groups of people like Jews. Get what Tay Sachs and some other, um, diseases. Blacks get sickle cell anemia like there are diseases that that seem to infect people, only certain types of people and, you know, mawr more people than others. Right? So it is possible to say that maybe it impacted it Could this disease could impact one group over another? But I think the original take that people running with was that like, this is a bio up and intended to kill Chinese people. It's like, OK, well, what happened there? See a what's going on? But this has gotten to the point. If we haven't said it already will say it now at least my belief is that this has gotten this is not something that they plan for. This has gotten very, very bad. This is crashing stocks, which is not. This is beyond like a restructuring. Like they're throwing everything that they can at this thing. And I mean, you have conservatives coming out for you be I mean, this is this is not some sort of ah polar polarity shift. This is actually a very bad pandemic. And, um, I don't think they have good solutions for this. And they were kind of caught with their pants down. Might feel like that. 11 career end times or at least very brittle, very biblically feel a very biblically reminiscent things going on cats, cats with dogs and like, perhaps even locus hitting the Middle East. Yeah, the locus thing was something that kept coming up in the prep, and then we just never got to it. And, um, Then I read a little bit about this and saw that if you get a couple of 1,000,000 of these things together, they can eat. What is it? Ah, with they console, the swarms can grow to millions of individuals with the capacity to consume the same amount of food. And one day is 35,000 people. Holy fuck locus will tear through will tear through your country like a like a drunk barber for your hair. It's bad. Jesus. Um, it's too bad, though I think this is gonna miss the Holy Land in just hit Africa in the Middle East, though. Well, that's the thing is that if we with Europe having to be no choice but to actually closed that our external borders with people now looking at it liberal, looking at a liberal solutions, you know it's with millions of Africans forced into starvation. Who's to say that they won't, uh, you know, go to a next door neighbor. That's just right next to the Sinai Peninsula and try to knock down some walls and because they have no other choice. Yeah. I mean, if we're lucky, more than likely you're gonna have a Chuy s in some of these organizations shipping these people directly into Europe. I mean, this is bad. This is bad. Just so that we can be, you know, the typical Ah Nuestra Domus prognosticators here, Borzoi. I mean, the impact of the locus in Africa hasn't quite been felt yet in the rest of the world. And we have things triggering the migrant crisis before. What if What if these Locusts in eating all the crops and sending people into starvation? What if What if international aid is not enough? And what if, as a result of this virus that they have to choose between keeping the economy afloat and continuing to pump international aid? Will they continue to do that for what happens when we pull the rug out from under some of these places that are entirely dependent not only on the international aid but on the Remittances sent back by the people that are in our country who don't belong here. And so what happens to these countries? Do you end up with chaos? Do you end up with mobbing of borders and waking up people even more? I don't know. This This is starting to get very interesting systems being stress test in a way that it it's never been stress test before. We're we're going to see if they if any points of it fracture or not, it's we're living through a bit daily as they fitting that this is this came from China. Oh, beware the Chinese proverb. May you live in interesting times the S and D and ensure I'll hedge again and say that 89 10 weeks from now we could all be out on July 4th. Enjoying the fireworks and our lives will have returned somewhat to normal. But the trajectory that we're on until we have a day where we wake up and the news starts getting better, I am just gonna continue to head John. This is getting worse. I don't enjoy it. The outcome, though, in the opportunity to point, uh point out that we were right all along is highly irresistible, though, and we're going to continue to do that. A swell. So Yeah, well, anything else or I think we really put it in Bordeaux. I thank you for filling in my pleasure. Absolutely. Well, we're gonna have ah, Jazz and Jesse on Thursday night, so definitely check that out. Looking forward to that. And, uh, what else? We have the Friday tedious in the weekend show and so on and so forth. And I think we're gonna be working on a deep dive with boards away coming soon. We won't say what it is because I don't jinx it, but they are gonna be working on a deep dive, and it will be fantastic. And I don't It's tough to say that it'll eclipse Hamilton. His Hamilton was pretty phenomenal. But we're going to really dig deep on some very important questions. And I think that's going to be a very, very hope, robust debate, a number of things that you don't get that kind of thing anymore. You don't get actually that outside of our community that you don't get that anymore. These actual robust debates on topics of points of history. Points of contention and the like. Everything's supposed be settled. Science settled history? No. We're gonna gonna crack those quest, crack open. Those books were gonna ask those questions, and we're actually going to beat them and we'll see. We'll come to that. Yep. Set the ship left down and have an actual intellectual debate about the subjects. So that further do we're gonna catch you guys later. And, uh, thanks again for listening, guys. Take care of yourself to stay safe.