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often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous is blown Welcomed FTN to 94 Jazz hands Midfield Surma, James Alsa or the world's most coup free dissident political podcasts. He heard it somewhere. Chances are that somewhere was here. James, How are you? Sir? Hope you're feeling okay. Doing well? Yeah. I have to admit there waas as listeners to strike the nation Might might have caught on Wednesday night. There was a little bit of a lingering Ellen Green cuf from an unrelated sickness. I promise a few weeks back, but I'm feeling great. Nothing. Nothing bothering me? No. No convulsions, no, like 105 degree fever leading to brain swelling and melting and uncontrollable limb movements. And, yeah, I'm feeling great. Well, what they say, though, is when you're feeling great, that's usually when you end up in relapse and then back in the hospital or, you know, just kill over Hope that doesn't happen. Hope you're OK. Hope you're doing all right. Well, yeah. I mean, being, you know, everybody knows where I'm at being in northwestern er and Ah, yeah, watching that. Watching that counter of cases, you'll stay in Washington. Tick up. Sort of disconcerting, but so far managing to Ah, hold on just fine. That's good. Yeah, well, um we got a chauffeur strike the nation. We did strike the nation. People been waiting for that for a while. We did that on in lieu of In fact, it was the mid week show. So you're not a paywall sub. The right stuffed up his slash paywall check out strike the nation Very first episode of STN. Hopefully, we will have many, many more. Um And I think actually, this is part of a very deep conspiracy on my part to shift the episode number. So that episode 300 is gonna fall on a weekend. So you might have noticed that s STN did not get an episode number. So we're ftn new to 94 now, back to even numbers. Which means in what, six weeks or something like that? No, not six weeks. Three weeks will be eight. Episode 300 which is pretty incredible. Yes, that is quite the achievement. Very few. I mean, what is the old saying? That most podcasts and after Episode one and, uh, yeah, yeah, this is Well, maybe this is why you don't use episode number. Some people don't do the episode number, but But anyway, last weekend was the entirety of the last week and show was Corona Shan coverage. We're gonna do a little bit of that today in the first step. Just a little bit. Just a tiny bit, actually. We got quite a bit. We got quite a bit here. Ah, lot of significant updates. But before we do that Ah, there are. You know, two weeks ago, this was quite a different democratic presidential nominating process. Wasn't yet a very full field. Ah, you had people out there, Um you know, ah, thinking that Michael Bloomberg was gonna be president. You looked like that until he got in front about up on a debate stage. I was actually convinced for a period of time that this guy might really come in and steal this thing. But plug was surging. Warren was on track to steal a brokered convention. Clo Bashar was the underdog, literally a looking like a basset hound out there. Um, and she was the favorite to Coombe from behind and she never did, of course. And then the last guy that you thought was gonna end up being on the top was Joe Biden. So all the contingencies Bloomberg Butt plug Warren Clo Bashar All these neoliberal contingency plans that they had out there, they all shat the bed. And now Ah, what was an underfunded, stammering gaffe a day? Shit show is now top of the ticket. It looks like 16 points ahead in the latest poll now that all these other people have gotten out. So it's quite a different world than it was two weeks ago, not just in terms of Corona virus, but in terms of the democratic process. You're down to basically three people and they won't even allow Telsey onto the debate stage. Spend was right on J and J. I wasn't aware that they had closed out the rule. I thought they had closed out the rules, but of course they changed them after the votes were cast, um, on on Super Tuesday Originally to make the debate on March 15th I think you had to have one single delegate which Tulsi got. And then they decided, you know, you actually have to get 20% of the delegates that were available on Super Tuesday. So yeah, Suri, we're not gonna be able to let you on, so it's gonna be Bernie versus Biden. Um, but out of fucking nowhere, bite. And I mean, I got to give a little credit, James. Just little bit credit. Mike Tedious on Friday, two Fridays ago. Might call this, um he said, you know, they're gonna they're gonna steal this from Bernie on Super Tuesday. That's gonna be the big day when they do it. And they did it. Didn't they know yet? It looks like. Yeah, I know. I mean, they have and we had sort of been entertaining the idea of Bloomberg being their guy there dark horse that they were going to get enter into the race and pop the Biden boil and and run him to the front and drained biting of his donors and Bloomberg would be would be their guy. But I think he did so abysmally terrible in those debates. There was just no way that he was going to be a credible candidate, and it just fell apart. And, you know, you made a good point on strike the nation that despite Biden's gaffes, despite his ah clearly and publicly visible onset of dementia, he's still a white guy with gleaming white teeth and aviators and that shit eating grin and, uh, yeah, yeah, there's a there's a lot of different reasons for I mean and it's easy to sort of analyze this stuff in hindsight and be like, Hey, bro, I I knew that Mike Bloomberg was never gonna make it. I mean, not until he got on the debate stage and sort of botched this thing. I thought that, you know, I thought the whole plan. I mean, unless somebody concert somehow prove otherwise was exactly what you just said, which is that he was supposed to come in. He was supposed to deal with the Biden problem because, believe me, Biden is not their favorite pick. Like, if you're sitting there and you're like, How the fuck in these people even be serious right now, which maybe speaks to the fact that they're just mailing it in cause they're happy with Trump. Some possibility that that's the case, but I think you're going to see some. Some change. It may appear that way because that's how the dust has settled. They had to unite around somebody. But Biden is really not the guy that they wanted tohave, but they managed to make it work. I mean, my my theory on this, of course, is that Biden is actually the perfect person for them because the presidency is supposed to be nothing more than, ah, being a puppet like you don't need to be anything other than that, Bloomberg. Of course we're storing Is that in the ring to be the the plutocratic guy where he's the center of power? But they really the whole system. It has been configured in such a way where that doesn't you don't even really need tohave. Anybody in that office, like the country, would still function if there were no president. There were no executive branch at all like the judges would rule. The way they're told to rule, Congress would pass a budget, increase the debt every single year. Not that we give a shit about the debt, but I'm saying there's really no like the presidency, like it's all pomp and circumstance at this point. And, um, you know, Trump sort of gets in the way and other people sort of get in the way unless they're trying to do. Ah, the thing that they're supposed to do. But there are a number of reasons why Bernie did not win on Super Tuesday in the way that we thought that he would. Ah, the biggest one of which. And we talked about this on STN a little bit, but we didn't really dive into the details on it. But ah, if anybody was listened STN And you heard this new mim that was born Ah, a little thing called t n t night. How's the rest? Nothing go. I'm dirty. Huh Mean mighty unclean? Yeah. TNT Turtle Turbo Nimba Turnout. This was, ah, what they have employed in the past. James, right? I mean, this is this is a massive turnout by blacks in certain states that Joe did really well and, you know, we said that this was likely the cause, and I've looked into the numbers and have concluded that it definitely was one of the causes. It's not the only cause. It's it's part of the way that they pulled this off because it's like, out of nowhere. How did Joe Biden do this? like how? How did it s'more then? Just Klobuchar and Butt plug getting out of the race and their votes accruing to Biden. It's more than just Elizabeth Warren staying in the race and draining votes from Bernie. It's 30 40% turnout rate among blacks in states that are in the South that have hot, hot, large numbers of blacks living in them. And we saw this phenomenon, of course, in the race with, uh, totally forget his name now. Doug Jones, the guy who won Doug Jones, was the beneficiary of TNT. I can't remember, uh, who is again. Oh, Roy Moore, right? And exactly Yeah, there were suppressed white suburban turnout, and we expected from the start we expected Joe Biden to do very well. We expected Mike Bloomberg to do very well in the Southern states that are very black then that have a very dense, a high percentage black electorate, especially in a Democratic primary. But when we got the numbers and we saw this at first with South Carolina Bernie, it was running 564 points behind him. In fact, he was in a nipping at Biden's heels one or two points behind in several polls. And then Biden comes out to a double digit victory in South Carolina. And then on Super Tuesday again, we have Texas, a state where Bernie had been leading by 5 to 10 points in the in the polls. We have a great overrepresentation in black turnout and the blacks imagine my shock break 85% or so for Joe Biden. So, yeah, I mean, this was Ah, Biden versus Bernie. So this is this is how it was done. This was Ah, you know, a theory that Bloomberg had entertain had believed he was going to be the beneficiary of right. And this is why he was doing making the investments he was making in these early states and community leaders and tapping his vast network of of amuse municipal leaders. But yeah, it looks like Biden was the main. In fact, the only beneficiary of this TNT turnout on Tuesday, Bloomberg Bloomberg benefited some degree from it, but there was so much to go around. I mean, anybody who remembers the Roy Moore versus Doug Jones race when it was 110 120% turnout in black districts, I mean Black County's plaque, Black Pete precincts. It was insane. And and let me just illustrate this, because I have I have the data on this. So you had turnout surging on Super Tuesday despite they're really not being a whole lot of evidence for the base being that electrified, which is kind of interesting. You had turnout skyrocketing in places like Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Utah. Those states switched from caucuses two primaries this year. Listen to listen to what happened in Virginia, Virginia in 2016 785,000 people participated in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. 1.3 million people did so. Half a 1,000,000 more people showed up to vote in the primary. Ah, then and now what? Like I remember there being more excitement, more electrification? You know there is Maura. I'm or to these half a 1,000,000 people come from. And so this actually, the amazing thing about this is and look, I understand that the populations grow. I understand that immigration has increased substantially in Virginia, and that explains part of the cause. But the turnout. The turnout on Tuesday actually broke the record that was set in 2008 when it was Clinton versus Barack Obama. So they had a 1,000,000 who voted for the primary that year and you had 1.3 million who did this year and only 785,000 before. I mean, that's that's crazy. And so 1\/4 of a Virginia primary voters are African American. Roughly six and 10 chose Biden, but seven in 10 chose Hillary Clinton. So are we saying that Hillary Clinton was more popular, or I mean or is it just the volume of the vote? I mean, this is this is kind of crazy, but the most significant aspect of this is that black turnout was 44% in Alabama, 27% in North Carolina, 27% Virginia, 26% in Tennessee. That's black turnout. That's like the black like people. You know. Everybody knows, like black people don't show up to vote like that. You literally have toe, drag them out of their houses and give them shit faux free to get them to vote. And that's what the turnout was on Super Tuesday during the primary in 2016 for everybody where we know white people turn out at 50 60% thresholds. So in 2016 you had South Carolina 30% Alabama, 35% sear saying to me that in this primary in 2020 that blacks turned out 10 points higher than the average in 2016 in the state of Alabama and in North Carolina. Ah, where is this? I was I just had this up in front of me, I guess I copy and pasted the wrong thing. Yeah, so, yeah, In North Carolina, it's Oh, it's slightly higher in North Carolina. I guess that shoots that a little bit. But in all the other states Virginia, Tennessee. But But even if it's the same or even in a couple notches above like blacks always turn out, it's significantly lower rates than whites. So, like this is, I mean, this doesn't make any sense. So we don't have the data yet in the in the precinct by precinct, um, states. But I mean, how else do you explain this? This this massive half a 1,000,000 more people turned out in the primary. What excited them about voting for Joe Biden like it's inexplicable, right? It doesn't make any sense. And four black turn out to be matching in any election for black turn out to be matching the turnout of the general public. That is an anomaly. That is something that very rarely happens. It's something these air turnout levels that they haven't seen since Obama in 2008 and to a lesser degree in 2012. And they certainly hadn't seen before that these are nearly historical levels of black turnout on the other important thing to note here is that they say they said they set records guy like this blue Obama out of the fucking water, right? Yeah, yeah, We're supposed to believe that there's a black and surge. I mean, are we supposed to believe that 300,000 more blacks came of voting age in the last 16 years? No, I mean, that's just insane. Doesn't make any sense. I mean, look at the data, and this also bucks the trend that we've seen so far this year. We remember when we were talking about Iowa, one of the reacts from the Iowa Democratic Party and from local Democratic Party officials in Iowa. They were shocked how few people had turned out. Turnout was was lower, much lower than they expected in Iowa. Turnout was also much lower than expected in Nevada. And the important distinction, though, is those air both caucus states. And it's very difficult to falsify turnout in a caucus state because you can see the gymnasium or the church full of people and no All right, here's 400 people. There should be 400 votes. It's much more difficult to falsify that. But in these primary states Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, there are no caucuses. You're not going in gathering with your community. You're not gathering in a gymnasium. The ballots air in the mail, so to speak, or at the polling place. Or however they're cast, depending on the state. So there's really no way of verifying the authenticity of these of these voter turnout numbers. Now, I mean up 17% in North Carolina, up 45% in Texas. I mean, where where is this coming from? And then when you see the the overwhelming high black turnout, it's like wonder what's going on here? The other thing that may have been going on is that you had potentially Loki operation faking GOP chaos. Why would I say that well, because there were 14 states in one U. S. Territory that participated in Super Tuesday, and 13 of those were open primaries, meaning that you could go in and vote even even if you're a Republican, you've you vote for whoever. I mean, there's nobody challenging Trump, so conceivably you could go in and vote for Biden. You could vote for Bernie. You could get in there and mess around not saying that there was some organized effort to do this. I think there's actually far more evidence to suggest that there was an organized effort to have black show up. But why not tip the scales in favor of Biden? I mean, if you have enough people who who have been gas lighted about socialism, um, you know, Republicans who go out there and they want Trump to be, you know, people who think that their, ah, I don't know, duking the system and they think, Oh, well, there may be some people who think I'd love to have it be Trump versus Bernie because that would be a blood bath, or I'd love to have it be trump versus bite, and so I'm gonna go in there and vote, however I want, like it doesn't matter if I vote for Trump or not. We don't have any data to support whether or not that happened. But we do know that they have called for Operation Chaos in the past. This is a Rush Limbaugh thing from end. And among moderate and conservative voters. Biden's median support was 47%. So it's possible that you know people if, you know there may be some Republicans who were hedging their bets where they're like, Look, if Trump doesn't win or, you know they're made something happen, at least at least Biden will be the guy that wins. Not Bernie. If they really buy into buy into that narrative, so it's possible we've seen it before. I mean, that's a lot of open primary shames, so I'm kind of just like, Well, what was going on here? Because there's nobody else. Why would you? Why would you need to go cast your vote for Trump, Right? And in many of these states, the primaries were either cancelled. No one else was on the ballot. I mean, I think Joe Walsh has pulled out many, you know, when I got Ah, when many people got their ballots, it was like one box on the Republican side. That box was Trump. And then you have, Ah, all the boxes of the Democrat side and mail in ballots are another thing, right? Many of these states have turned to mail in ballots in recent years and have made it very easy. And you get one regardless of whether if you are a registered Republican, if these are states that don't have party registration, you get a ballot in the mail and you have the opportunity to vote if it's an open primary for whoever you want. Now, of course, we didn't see this organized effort like we did in What was that? 2008 was Operation Chaos with Rush Limbaugh. People get. It's happened a couple times. They have done it in midterms. They've done it in Maine, you know, main general elections as well. But I haven't been listening to rush like I don't know. I have no idea what what if anything, that was called for or not. But it is something that that may have had some effect. We don't know, Um, it's possible, and I guess we sort of have to explain to the Rio Ryan Landers an open primary means that you can vote in it, no matter what your party affiliation is like. You don't register is a is a particular party. Each state has different rules. But if it's classified as an open primary, ah, and you would typically vote. You just show up and vote for whoever as though you were a Democrat. There's no party affiliation. You gonna show up and vote. That's one of the other possibilities. Is is these very conspicuous right before, like 11th hour dropouts that we had right before Super Tuesday, the club in the but both leaving the race so average pulling for club and but was between seven and 10 and five and 7% respectively. So you add those together. That's roughly 12 to 17% of the vote from Super Tuesday. That one can confidently say, went to Biden instead. Right? So if you're a moderate or conservative Democrat, to the extent that those still exists, I guess there there are some the blue dogs. They're still out there somewhere, and you show up in one of these Midwestern states on Super Tuesday and it is dog shit. Well, you have. You have dogshit dogshit, dogshit. And you see Bernie is dog shit in you in a vote for Biden? That's what you're gonna do. And then if if some of that dog shit is not on the menu anymore, like Klobuchar and Butt plug. Um, what do you vote for if you're not a Bernie person? Because there are just some Democrats, for whatever reason, that they're turned off by that, uh, what you gonna do? Where do you think that vote accrued to? I mean, it's kind of silly to argue that Klobuchar and Butt plugs vote would would have rolled up to Bernie Sanders. Um, but what you can argue is that Elizabeth Warren's vote would have rolled up in some ways to Bernie if she were not present. And, of course, she stayed in until the very end. And it was It was a shit show. We will. Ah, we can do that now if we want to do that now, did I Did I totally lose the audio for that too? Here is Elizabeth Warren going full. Lamine, we talked about this a little bit on J and J is Elizabeth Warren. I announced this morning that I am suspending my campaign for president. Um, I say this with a deep sense of gratitude. Every single person who got in despite every single person who tried on a new idea, every single person, we just moved a little in their notion off what a president of the United States should look like. Um, I will not be running for president in 2020 but I guarantee I will stay in the fight for the hard working folks across this country have gotten short into the stick over another. That's been the fight of my life, and it will continue to be. So you know that you spoke with both Biden and burning. Not today. Not based around this and want to take a little time to think a little more. I've been I've been spending a lot of time, right? I just need a little space right now. Uh, I'm not making any. It's like Gilovich. Like when you drop out of a race, you endorse somebody like that's how this shit goes. So you're gonna run for president? You're gonna be the person that everyone is supposed to trust, to make snap decisions under pressure and you lost. And now you're supposed to put your support behind somebody to show that you're not a fucking shill. But you're not going to do that because you are a fucking shill. You cannot possibly go out there endorse Bernie Sanders. And you cannot also go out there and endorse Biden because you want to perpetuate this game that you're somehow an outsider and that everybody should trust you. But I need a few moments, right? It's like, Shut the fuck up. No, but you're never going to be president of the United States. And she goes on this little fucking thing about like, every little girl out there is going to have to wait another four years. It's like you're gonna have to wait a long fucking time until they can get something. Like, if this is what you keep putting forward. I mean, I know I'd be all right with the Tulsi, but this this the school arm Get the fuck out, E. Yeah. You're gonna be waiting a long time lives and we're supposed to believe with all of your plans for everything. You didn't have a plan for what would happen when you got blown the fuck out Lock presidential election. She probably didn't shoes. Probably very emotionally invested in all of this. And she was probably, you know, residing in an echo chamber. Um, you know, with her campaign and her fucking, you know, husband and everything else telling her how great she is. And, you know, just wait for Super Tuesday. It's all gonna work out, Elizabeth. And she probably thought that that was true. And then she she fucking gets third place in her home state. She gets second place or third place. Doesn't matter. Win shouldn't win her home. She don't want her home state. She made me get second. She got third. So you know, it's but But she stayed in long enough to fuck Bernie. She knew what the polling was If she really believed in Bernie Sanders cause she would have dropped out and helped him out. Because there are some people probably who are supporting Warren, who whose votes would accrue to Bernie Sanders. And so, you know, she she totally fucked the guy. She fucked the guy, and she she will never be president. And I doubt I seriously doubt like she's finished. This was her big. This is her moment to try to make it big. Her breakout moment as she failed, totally fucking failed, right? And she's burned all credibility she had with progressives, and she has been burning it throughout this entire campaign. And you're right if she did believe in Santa Bernie's progressivism and if she were a believer in his ideas, but in implementing them in a different way, as she's branded herself, she would have gotten out just like but Gig. And just like Klobuchar got out the day before two days before, in order to allow by it in tow win, she would have gotten out of the way and allowed the 3\/4 7 8th 90% of her vote to go to Bernie, which, by the way, would not have only benefited Bernie on Super Tuesday in the microcosm of Super Tuesday, but that we would be looking at a fundamentally different narrative on this race now. Had Bernie 1345 more states that he lost on Tuesday. Yeah, you mentioned you know, I said this on JNJ, which is a narrative that you can take its there. This is a buffet of narratives that we're offering here is that everyone loves a white guy in aviators with a big pearly shit eating grin. And, you know, for all his issues, you have to set those aside. You know, this is this is not for the light switch, brains. This is not for the single throw double double pull. It is a single pole, double throw light switch. Brains. Um, Biden is an anti white piece of shit, but to your average voter, psychologically, he is a white guy in aviators with a big pearly shit in green. As long as he's not talking, you know, he's got a nice He's got a good aesthetic. No homo. He's got a good aesthetic. Biden is not. He's not Elizabeth Warren. He's also not Hillary Clinton. Some expired thought in a Mao dress. He's not Jewish, is not black. He's not ha Latino, and he's not a homosexual. He's fucking white. And so yet, he says plenty of anti white things. But again, that's not the point here. This proves once again when given a choice, voters subliminally like white candidates. They like white candidates who are men They don't like white candidates who are faggots. They like white men and they like they don't like. They don't really like white women. They would. They actually would like Tulsi if that that was the choice that they were shown, but so often. And this is, you know, Mike says this old time voters air not given a choice. They're given a choice. It's it's you know, your choices vanilla or chocolate ice cream and were all out of vanilla is usually the case, and you have to choose from some shitty dichotomy. But when they were given a wide range of choices, look who was left. I mean, even what? James? Six weeks ago, it was all, well, white presenting people but, um, white people, right, like white prisoners, candidates white, presenting candidates who present white people ideologies such as immigration restriction in favor of workers, limiting the scope and influence of corporations and financial institutions, strong social welfare programs and a de emphasis on Brown's and gays. That's a winning message, and that was sort of Bernie in 2016 Bernie 2020. On the other hand, this is a reason Number five, that burning sort of blew up his own campaign. He abandoned his core issues from 2016. Didn t That's right. Yeah, And with with Warren dropping out and burning, eating to court her campaign or her supporters, this is appointed striker made on STN that she has been the most, even more so than well, I mean, maybe bait. Oh was was more, but he was out fairly early, but she has been one of the most virulently anti white, pro trans, pro sex worker, pro celebrating abortion. She has been going whole hog on all of that. And as we see, we see this playing out now with her dropping out. The Sanders campaign on Saturday releases a plan on Bernie's strong support for reproductive rights for basically unlimited abortion in an attempt to court her voters. And now this may be appealing to some of the college program you know, some of the urbanites that she was attracting, but for many of your people, your crossover voters, the people that Sanders could have built a coalition out of with his 2016 platform people who are more socially conservative but ah, open to ideas, Democratic socialist ideas. This is going to be anathema to many of them, and we have Sanders continually. So it's almost like he's subverting his own campaign. Yeah, it's almost like that and that that's a that's a narrative. It's It's sort of a novelty narrative. But novelty sometimes starts office novelty until it's proven true, and then it's no longer a novelty. I mean, that's how novelty go sometimes. Um, and it is. You know, you could make the argument that Bernie Sanders, you know, he is out. There is a pressure relief valve for this sort of thing, and he is slowly, you know, walking this thing away from where it was in 2016. You know, they're attacking his supporters, but they're not attacking him. This is another. This is another thing that Mike has been saying, which is 100% accurate. I mean, all of the criticism about the Bernie Sanders milieu is about the people who support Bernie. It's not Bernie Sanders himself, because they're not going to criticize that Jew. Bernie was not Jewish. It would be about Bernie to would be about Bernie encouraging these people in about people seeing something in Bernie that makes them feel like a white supremist. And so they're they're going down this road with his supporters. And you could make the argument that, you know, Bernie knows he's not gonna be president. But if Bernie's not there, what could end up in his place? Right? There has to be a pressure release valve for this. And so, Bernie, one of the reasons in practical terms why Bernie maybe didn't do as well. And, you know, we have the data to support This is that, um you know, he's not seeing the whole lot of support from from the same people. He's losing in states that he did very well in in 2016 and looking ahead to the next set of primaries, I mean, he is probably gonna lose Michigan, which sounds unbelievable. I mean, some of the states that he lost on Super Tuesday seem unbelievable states that he won against Hillary Clinton, who, you know, I think a cope that the burning bro's do is that Hillary Clinton was a was a bigger foil then perhaps Biden. There may be an element of truth to that, that that Biden, I mean, is a better candidate in at least in terms of how he looks. Ah, that then a Hillary Clinton. But Hillary Clinton had a lot of baggage. Maybe people feel more comfortable voting for Biden, and Biden is more closely associated with Obama, which people still have positive feelings about, and so that May that may have played a role. But I would settle on the issue that Bernie has tried to focus entirely too much attention. This is 0.5 point five, um, on Latinos and ah, the juice just ain't worth the squeeze. Their guy, um, you spend a lot of money, you try toe, you know, open up the channels of communication with these people and you're not. But there's not a good return on investment. They're the best r a y in a white country such as the United States and such. That it still is is to invest in the core constituents who matter. And that is what Bernie did do at one point. And because he has steered away from that messaging, he is seeing lack of support in these Midwestern states, and that is also leading to his undoing again. Whether that is because he is a pressure release valve and he's doing this on purpose and slowly walking. These people like white people on the left, away from what would be a ah, a not very kosher part of the sandwich. Um, there he's walking them back onto the plantation of anti whiteness and browns and gays. You know, this is this is it's a possibility. Um, so you factor it all in there. TNT potential for GOP operation chaos. Strategic dropouts coupled with strategic stay ins. But whatever you do, James, do not call this a rigged primary or else you are a card carrying pew tin shill. However, Friday leads super secret documents, implicate Bornean the Soviets. And they talk about how this evil guy set up this sister city relationship with a town in Russia and Burlington, Vermont, and tried toe, you know, set up a nice relationship means pretty, pretty common there. Also the other narrative that they're running with this Ah, born e can't grow movement. Where's the lie, though based on his current strategy, right, Like I mean, there is an element of truth that they're just referring to. Bernie Crank can't grow the movement because he moved in this direction of trying to appeal to gays and blacks and Browns and other groups of people. He could grow the movement if Bernie returned to some of the rhetoric that he had in 2016. In fact, if Bernie Sanders and I've said this so many times and it's funny, uh, Pete Butt plug was the only guy who did this, and he only did it once and he got in a lot of trouble for it, where if you try to appeal to the people that Trump has failed and Bernie could do that, Bernie could start talking about the ways that Trump has failed in point these things out, he does it to a certain extent. He doesn't go hard enough. Um, he could expand his movement, um, to encompass even more white people in the Midwest. But he doesn't want to do that because reasons right, and they don't want him to they This is a concern troll. They do not genuinely want him to expand his movement. They would be kvetching. Ah, much harder if that were to happen. And Trump proved this right in 2016 by winning the Rust Belt. This has talked about very euphemistically, oftentimes in in popular media where they'll say he he won. These people in flyover country in the for guy admits the American Heartland, right? Don't don't you dare say Middle fucking butt plug did this and he was excoriated for saying people in the American Heartland he was called a white supremacist for saying this. It's totally off limits these days. Yeah, but I mean, that's what wins. And that's what has been proven to win. That's what made Bernie popular in the first place. It's what made Trump popular in 2016. The playbook is there, and it's it's waiting to be picked up. But this is exactly this is exactly the test they're putting in front of Bernie, saying he needs to doom or to expand his movement to include blacks and Mexicans. He needs to be focusing on them more. And you can guarantee that in in response to these growing calls. And we'll talk a bit in the second hour about how growing calls and and popular sentiment are often fake constructions used to generate the support for actions that the system and the Jewish elites want. You can bet Bernie's campaign is going to be doubling down on Brown and focusing on in Michigan. Not going to the for gotten rural county is not going to the county's racked by opiates not going to the counties wracked by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Loss of auto manufacturers will be focusing on. Blacks will be going to Flint. Yeah, and it's just in Detroit and in whatever else. And it's just, you know, I hope the Bernie Bro's eventually realized that this is this is not something that you want to put. There's not a basket that you want to put any sort of eggs, and it's not gonna work out for you in the long run. I can't raise everyone. Put your eggs in. I think you know you say Yeah, right Slathered mineral. Yeah, I mean, and that's the thing. It's like, Yeah, I hope this leads to disappointment, but I think sooner rather than later it's gonna end in in misery and tears because Bernie is just gonna get behind whoever the nominee is, right? I mean that that's dude, he admitted defeat already. And this what? I mean Bernie coming out this week and saying that he will support whoever goes into the convention with the plurality of delegates. Just just drop out now, Bernie. Or if that's how you're going to play, this just ended out. Why even say it? Yeah. And and I hope that this this will be a lesson learned for some people. But Bloomberg is out. Um, and amongst a smattering of tweets on bloomy Jews timeline thanking volunteers, supporters, door knockers and especially the grifters of American Samoa, he has this picture of these. Ah, these I don't know. Um, Polynesian people of whatever from American Samoa, Samoa, um, who call themselves the protectors of the earth. Uh, two people. I guess these are people who probably heard the clarion call of Michael Bloomberg where he would be paying $2500 a month to campaign supporters. Um, and they love Mike. They love Mike in his money and, ah, you know, they're out there getting votes in American Samoa. It's just it's just so hilarious, too, because that's what the only place that Bloomberg one and this is a tweet that got 162 retweets um on his twitter on March 3rd, it's like, wow, guy like you blew $620 million on the selection. I I know it's a It's the equivalent of Ah Bloomberg, I don't know. Um, you know, it's It's the equivalent of like you James staying at the Ritz Carlton for a weekend. That's how much Mike Bloomberg spent on ah spent on the election. I've heard that's like a weekly a weekly income burbling burger or there about maybe a month. But yeah, I mean, dude, for the amount of money Mike Bloomberg spent 620 million, he could have just bought the American Samoa. He could have. Yeah, he really could have. And he has now fixated his deep seated overseas Israeli rage on Trump, which we said that this is what he has promised to do now, whether he continues with this or not. And I think Bloomberg see Jews air always most effective behind the scenes like this is why there is Internet seen battle between them, about optics and how to proceed and what to do. And you know, there is a school of thought in Judaism where they don't think that you know, you don't you don't get out there and make yourself the king, which is what Bloomberg was trying to dio Ah, he is going to have this huge apparatus. According to him, that is gonna be deployed against Donald Trump. And, uh, you know, there's a whole series of tweets after he lost, you know, we're not done with you yet. You know, he didn't He doesn't say you stupid goi, but that's how it's sort of dripping. And then he does the Star Wars post with the strike me down, and I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Um, so yeah, it's like, yeah, I mean, Bloomberg, he you know, if he turns this whole apparatus over to Biden and makes it, you know, branded really well and, ah, I don't know, it's it's possible that it'll improve Biden's chances, but yeah, I mean, it's kind of like beyond that, I don't really know. I don't really know what to say about it. I mean, it's like implying that Mike Bloomberg wasn't gonna be involved in some way, shape or form in deciding this contest. Anyway, um, so the unelected plutocrat and this is again a point that was made by Striker and Mike on this past. Ah, striking Mike. This guy Bloomberg. He's only popular in American Samoa. He gets no support nationally. People reject him across the country. Yet he's allowed to use his billions upon billions of dollars to continue to exert control over American democracy over the selection and over our country. So if he is so unpopular that he can't even win anywhere besides American Samoa, why does he have the right to influence the rest of the country? Yeah, well or influence places like in China. I mean, this is This is something that, you know, we perhaps dodged a bullet with this guy. This is Bloomberg has been doing this for a while. Jews for a while have been trying to get into Chinese finance and manipulate in, subvert and do and basically gain a foothold in the way that they do around the world and eventually just take over the whole thing. This is something that Bloomberg has has done, and in actually, Bloomberg is. It's a very well established fact that Bloomberg Media heavily censors criticism of the Chinese government, which is counterintuitive, right? Like it's usually, um, you know, the media and in general, attacking China for human rights violations and all kinds of other stuff, which is, like right, like China and its human rights violations compared to, say, the United States and its suppression of free speech and throwing people in prison without really due process at all. And Gadi Gadi out, I mean the idea that there is, uh, some sort of moral high ground that the United States can stand on their It's kind of laughable. But no, Bloomberg, actually, his company, Media Company, heavily censors criticism of the Chinese government. In fact, Ah, Bloomberg was on PBS's firing line in 2019 on, he said. The Communist Party wants to stay in China and they listen to the public. The jumping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he's not going to survive. So how do you have constituents if nobody's voting right? I don't understand. I don't understand how that works. And again, this is not like some attack on the Chinese or whatever, But it's, you know, Bloomberg is saying all these things. Of course. Um, he actually makes the claim in the very same interview that the Communist Party in China is extremely responsive to what people want in China. on. But of course he's doing this because Bloomberg LP has invested billions hundreds of billions of dollars into the Chinese bond market via Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index, Um, and they continue to dump tons of money. And, in fact, in 2019 the index began a 20 month plan to support 364 Chinese firms by directing $150 billion into their bond offerings, including 159 directly controlled by the Chinese government. Bloomer, along with other Wall Street firms, is effectively supporting the Chinese government's efforts to resist the US government's economic pressure. But see, this is this is neoconservative rhetoric. No, like Bloomberg is not doing this to resist US government economic pressure. Michael Bloomberg is doing this to gain leverage in Chinese markets. And it's so funny, James, that we now have an economic crisis in China, where China, at least you know, we stopped hearing any news coming out of China, I don't know. Two weeks ago, um, but the last thing we did here was that the Chinese government was making ah millions of emergency loans to people as the economy shit the bed and it's kind of funny. It's like, you know, it's like China. I see you're having some problems over there. Ah, it looks like you're gonna need some liquidity to Ah, get out of this steep trough that you found yourselves. And it's like it's very interesting that Bloomberg and other Wall Street firms air right there when China needs them the most. How James Yeah, that is. Ah, that is very interesting. And I think that Bloomberg probably sees a little bit of himself in Jean Ping in that these guys that none of neither of them have constituents, really. I mean, they're not being elected, but they're holding immense power. And Bloomberg sees himself as part of a party or COBOL or a network that controls Ah, the the rival, essentially the international arrival force in the United States. So I think they have a lot more in common, perhaps than then Ah, he would acknowledge. Okay, well, here you go with Mary Schapiro of Bloomberg. For some time now, we have been working closely with the People's Bank of China, the whole comb exchange in other parties to advance China's bond market development and facilitate greater investors success greater after access to Yeah. Wow, Who are these investors? Is this like, you know, your average American firing up Robin Hood or something in buying up some check knees bonds and know these air very powerful players. With these new access channels, we expect the appetite to seek yield liquidity and Alfa in China's $12 trillion bond market to grow further. As China continues to deepen its financial reform. China's bond market is an opportunity many investors can no longer ignore. So it's basically as China begins to continue its financial reform or falls into a financial collapse, which may be going on as we speak. It's like either way Jews air their toe, either invest or save or leverage no matter what the outcome is. And China, at a certain point, won't be able to survive without them. And isn't this the way that they always break in the front door? James, it's, ah, forcing open the markets. You know, it's no longer do you have to send a bunch of ships into the harbor toe force open, ah, markets in the East. You just just do it with bond offerings in your name is Michael Bloomberg. Right? Right. And this is one of the areas where the Chinese government had been extremely resistant for many years to foreign interference into foreign influence because they knew the they knew that it would entangle them with players exactly like Michael Bloomberg, and it would make them beholden. And there cos they're there. Ah, either government itself, you know, get them entangled and make them beholden to people like Bloomberg Bloomberg LP, Barclays thes International Finance Banks. This is why they rejected these bonds and these investors for many years. But of course, that is changing now. Speaking of China, I was watching this town hall unfold sort of by accident ahead. Ah, the TV on in the background as I was getting everything sorted out to prepare for jazz and Jesse on Thursday night, and I happened to see a big, fat, sweaty Donald Trump with really goofy hair. Ah, and I say goofy hair. I don't say that like, you know, people. I think sometimes people think, you know, we've adopted the MSNBC talking points like No, like if you go look at Donald Trump in this town whole town, who'll ah, and he walks out onto the stage and, you know, with his hair, it has to be combed a certain way, and it just that's the way his hair looks on the side of his head. There, there, I guess there's a layer of hair that gets combed backwards, kind of like in a poly walnuts sort of way. And there was like a two inch separation on that like wave of hair where I don't know if it's buzzed underneath, but it was a huge div it and you could see, like a couple layers down. And of course, it was all wet and sweaty and he was wet and sweaty and, like, perched up on this chair, and I was just like, Jesus Christ. I mean, I try not to like it hung up to too much on the guys appearance, but he's just looking. He's just looking awful. Um, I don't recall. I don't recall him looking this way back in 2016 but this is his first town hall for the year, and or for the election, I should say he's talking about Corona virus. In fact, the first couple questions were all dealing with Corona virus, and I caught a couple of the answers before we had to start jnj um and this didn't go very well. And actually now in in what we're seeing coming out on Krone virus in how that crisis has started to get progressively worse in the last several days, they're actually now referencing his responses to these questions Azaz again like that, just indicative of the entire administration response. Like, you know, people for a time. You know, I guess ma guitars for a while were like, Oh, the left is just coming out and attacking Donald Trump for anything. And you know, the anybody would do this with the Corona virus. This is an exactly, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's like, No, actually, when you have Larry Kudlow out there telling people just to, I don't know, stay at work, keep on working. So he said, James, just keep on working, right? Yeah, he said, Yeah, many people just go to work and they just end up feeling better all by themselves. It just it just modern miracle, miraculous recovery, right? Yes. So literally. The first question Fox News rolls with in Scranton, Pennsylvania. You think it's a white working class factory worker. James. You think it's a red sweater downed coal plant manager named Ken Bone? Or perhaps Dwight Schrute of Dunder Mifflin Paper company? No. It's gonna be a tranny named Catherine Pugh, Perhaps puke or even puke, I have no idea. But here is what she he asked the president and he actually, whatever this thing was, this is Fox News. By the way, Fox News does this in Scram. Thank you again, Mr President. For me here tonight, Catherine Pugh is joining us. She is an undecided voter and she has a question for President Trump. Katherine, Mr President, at the outset of the Corona virus, Your administration's response seem to some as being confusing or minimizing what plans are being considered on a federal level for the possibility of a long term disruption from the novel Corona virus. Well, actually, we're giving, really given tremendous marks. You look at Gallup poll, you look at other polls for the way we've handled it, and one of the things I did is that close down the borders to China and the other areas that are very badly affected and really having a lot of troubles countries and areas of countries that have had a lot of problems and I close them down very early, exit the advice of almost everybody and we've been given rave reviews and that's why we have only right now it's a lot of people, but it's still 11 people versus tremendous numbers of thousands of people that have died all over the world. We have 11. We have 149 cases. As of this moment, this morning was 129 and I just see you right now. It's about 149 cases. There are 100,000 cases all over the world, so we were really given tremendous marks for having made the decision. That was a decision I made close down the borders so that people from China, where we take in thousands and thousands of people a day, they stopped coming in very early weeks ahead of where they normally would have been stuff. But what I mean, what does he mean, Like there's so much to unpack it more than they would normally would have been stopped win. When was the last time that we've had a global pandemic like this and he doesn't answer the question. It's like, Tell me lies. Tell me orange faggot lies. And then this is Well, actually, we were given tremendous remarks. If you look at the Gallup Poll, it's like, yeah, you mean the one that was conducted at the beginning of February Faggot before all this happened. And let's talk about the approval number of Donald Trump. 49% job approval from a few weeks ago. Yeah, he's back down to 41. And so he says, I close down the borders. I mean, James, there they're still flights coming in from China like there's there were still 1500 people who came in from Wuhan. Uh, I mean, this is like the idea that the borders are closed is just total break, and you haven't even gotten to the testing or any of the other things that we're gonna talk about. I mean, it's just insane. Yeah, to say that we're not allowing Chinese nationals in simply isn't true. As long as they haven't been to China in the last two weeks or say they haven't been to China in the last two weeks. They are still being allowed in is the first thing. And secondly, as you noted, there are dozens of flights coming in every day from China, from the mainland and from Hong Kong from everywhere else. They're all still coming in and the testing that is being done again. Half of this testing 1\/2 is a temperature scan, which either take your temperature and then the other half is a health disclosure, which there is no possible way to verify. And as we know, people can be asymptomatic and be carriers of Corona virus. So as long as you're not exhibiting a high temperature, you will be allowed in. Chinese nationals to this day are being allowed in as long as they don't have a temperature. And, of course, the test kits he's referring to Yeah, those are the ones that were recall because over half of them were faulty. Well, they're not even doing screening now. I mean, there are reports that the that they're not even doing any screening, like from the from the hot, the so called hot countries or whatever s O. I mean, this is just insane. The claims that are being made and and of course, you know he wants to sort of make this idiotic claim that, well, you know, comparatively, we have a very small number of cases, and it's like he doesn't have any foresight because this was on Thursday night and he says we only have 149 cases. Well, today we have 437 in today's Saturday. So 48 hours later, the number of cases has almost quadrupled and the number of dead has doubled. And so I mean, in the you know, I hate toe Well, actually, you're well, actually, you fucking bloviating retard. But only 1500 Americans have been tested so far. And that was as of today, 1500 people in the entire country have been tested. And even if you go to a hospital and get up to meet all of the idiotic qualifications to get tested, I saw that one guy This this one guy managed to get a test, and ah, he was hospitalized and got the test and yada yada yada $3200. So it's like, Yeah, $3200 for a hospital bill for a test that you could you know, you have to kick and scream and meet all these criteria to get. I mean, we shouldn't have any cases at all, or at least very minimal. But no, it's literally exploding. And Trump is out there on Thursday. Ah, minimizing the shit out of it. And of course, you know, this was in, um, I forget where this was, but apparently there's been a huge debate within within the White House about what, what to put out there. And the health officials are the ones telling Trump that the moment that he got back from India that he needed to come out and be very blunt about the dangers of the outbreak and apparently like he had a huge meltdown. And, you know, it's like, What do you mean? We have to close the schools and, ah, he didn't want to. He wanted to slow roll this thing cause the guy was so fixated on the economy. And that's why you had a lot of these health experts essentially leaking to the press or just coming off the record with, uh or off the record with statements to get it out to the public because the guy didn't want to tell anybody. What was actually going on? It's fucking insane. I mean, you know this. Ah, what's his name? Fauci. The guy that's been at the CDC for since 1985 and is dealt with these things before, Like, they muscle that guy. They kicked him off all the Sunday shows last weekend, and then they rolled him out to say, I am absolutely not being censored by the administration. It's like pan the camera with right a few degrees and there's, like, the gun to his head. Yeah. Um, so South Korea has tested 150,000 people for this, and they have 7000 cases we have tested at press time 1583 and we have 430 something confirmed cases. So do the math on that. And over 1\/4 of people being tested in the US are found to be positive. Meanwhile, South Korea is I mean, yeah, number of people that are carrying this in the U. S is way more and the number of people infected probably showing symptoms way more. Then on the 430 we've proven because we're simply not issuing tests. Amazing how we are able to return. So few people being confirmed with toe have this when nobody's being tested for it. You could argue, though that and this is just playing devil's advocate. I like being intellectually honest assed much as possible. Sometimes we have oversight, and that's OK or not oversight. But we overlook things, and that's OK. But I want to be intellectually honest to is that if you do have extremely stringent criteria four testing meaning like you literally have to beep Yuqing and shitting your brains out and having all kinds of problems symptoms of these diseases are this disease? Um, then, yeah, you're going to get a higher rate, higher positive rate on the people that you are testing. But the fact that you're only testing 1500 people, it means that you don't know. And like you just said, when you have all these kind of strange situations happening in Washington state, which is now the epicenter in the United States, they keep calling it the epicenter. It's like though China is the epicenter, it's it's just Washington is the place that they're focusing on now because we haven't gotten any fucking news out of China in 2.5 weeks. Nothing, Not a thing. And so the things that they're seeing happening in Washington state, at least that what we know of is that people are What did you say, James? There two scenarios. There's one where somebody is is symptomatic. They're showing symptoms of the disease. In 24 to 48 hours later, they're dead. And what's the other one? They show no symptoms. Yeah, right. And today there was a press conference where the director of this life care center in Kirkland, Washington, where most of these cases in the state of come from, came out and said that they have had people at the center that went from asymptomatic, meaning no temperature, no fever, nothing to dead within the span of an hour. And that circles. To be fair, though, those were the old those of the olds, right? Like sure, but that's true. But this was highlights. The the ah, the point that when you're not testing people because people can be asymptomatic or they can have very minor symptoms, right, they can have a slight fever. Having never been to China, having not had contact with someone that's infected But that person is a carrier. That person can infect other people that might be more vulnerable, right? And so when you don't know if these people are carriers, you don't know if people should then quarantine. Yeah, And you had you had some lady, I guess like you, the other phenomenon that you have is that people are dying and then because you can't get the CDC to approve a test, they're not testing the people who are dying. So you don't have, like they're doing. Essentially, you were in the minutia. But if you zoom out of the minutia for a second, they're doing everything that they possibly can to make sure that the numbers don't go up, either in terms of deaths that are caused by this virus or people who are affected by it. And that seems to be a strategy that they're playing like the Chinese strata. We talked about this last weekend, but the Chinese strategy at first was we have something going on that's really fucking bad. And we had 4000 cases a day coming out of China for about a week straight. That's one of the reasons why the number of 100,000 cases worldwide is most of those air from the 4000 day that we were getting out of China. And then one day it was 100 cases. And then it's been just a trickle and no news. You don't see videos coming out of China anymore. Of people kicking screaming You're not seeing any news at all. There was a hotel that collapsed This this What is this place? The collapse. Some hotel where they had people quarantined on its head first into a quarantine center. And before people are like, Oh, yeah, but that's China, though, is probably a grass hut. No, this is like a modern steel glass structure that it looks like the whole thing just, like caved in on itself in its own footprint. Um and you know, I don't know, but that's the only news. It's the only news that's coming out of China effect. Go look at Drudge. Just go check the Drudge Report. There are no links about anything going on in China. Doesn't that strike you is kind of weird. I mean, this is not the United States government lying about this. They may be lying about their own numbers. I don't really know. But China, it's like, What are we supposed to believe? That they were coming in at 4000 cases a day, which many people were questioning was probably not accurate. And then all of a sudden, it drops down to a couple 100 every day, and it's like no news is coming out of there. No videos, no updates economically. Nothing about China. What? What is that supposed to mean? James? A miraculous recovery is underway in China. It's like, if so, where the videos of, like life going back to normal in Wuhan, where the videos of people cleaning up the streets and moving on with their lives and everything, it's like, No, it's like radio silence. Meanwhile, we're seeing the effect, the exponential increase in the number of cases in the United States and South Korea and Italy and the rest of Europe. It's kind of crazy, right? It does. None of this makes any sense, right, and it would absolutely be news if people were returning to life as normal in China. We would absolutely be getting news and pictures of factories returning to full production. This would this would be, I mean, and this is what China wants to put out there, right? Because China wants to quell insecurity about their markets and US investors. And you mean those controlling this U. S. Stock market want to also quell fears about the stock market and get things back under control and stop this massive up and down spiking volatility that's been going on? Then again, they're profiting from that, too. But that's beside the point. But they people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean want economics, want commerce to return to normal. But we're not seeing any indication that it is. We haven't seen anything to disprove the most. I think the numbers we got, I think that's the specie Fiqh Ocean, James. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. Hey, geography. Not a strong suit, but but the point being that the last numbers we have out of China in terms of factory productivity are still 45 50 up. We're in the high estimates or 60 65 per 65 percent. And I haven't seen anything to a country that coming out of China, No, nothing. And I mean, you know, you think that they want to play into this. Just the flu, bro. Narrative, right? Like you'd think that they'd want to put out pictures and videos of things becoming normal in China. But you're not getting that at all. And you know, it's a simple thing. I mean, even if you set aside, like, let's say that there was a miraculous recovery in China. But we just don't have any news about it, right? Just the flu, bro. Let's just say that, you know, everything is not nothing to worry about here. This is just something. How about getting people fucking tests? How about that? Can we do that? Is that possible? But no. Like the idea that we're how many weeks into this And we have 1500 people have been tested, and nobody can answer any questions about why the testing restrictions were set up in the way that they were. Nobody can answer why when somebody shows up in a hospital and is symptomatic isn't getting a test just because that person didn't go to China or was like near a Chinese person. That's fucking insane. Just give people the tests. But the reason why they don't want to do that is because they know the numbers are going to go off. And Donald Trump himself has said like he's, you know, you have this Grand Wizard princess ship that's out in the bay in San Francisco that they're not allowing in. 21 people so far have tested positive on that cruise ship. Out of the 46 there are 3500 people on that cruise ship, and they were trying to Testa's many as they can. But 21 people have already tested positive for that. And they're going to do the same thing that they did with the number two diamond princesses where they keep everybody on the ship cause they don't want to let they don't want to deal with the problem. They don't have anythings set up to deal with the problem. We don't have a health care system to manage this problem, and they want to keep him on the ship in What is Donald Trump say? Yeah, we got to keep him on the ship. I don't want the Corona virus numbers to go up literally said that. Like, I don't want my numbers to go up. I mean, look, I understand that there is the you know you want to contain this thing and whatever, but there's no way like, what's the solution? Just keep the ship in the harbor like you don't have some sort of a quarantine center set up for these people. This tells me that these people have no idea what the fuck they're doing. Maybe they know what they're doing. Maybe that's wrong. They know what they're doing. But they have no idea the seriousness of the of the thing. Like, why wouldn't you have these people go somewhere else? Because they're deathly afraid that they're gonna infect every single person that they're gonna come into contact with. But ultimately, what did they do with the the number two Diamond Princess? They like charter to State Department plane, and they brought every back to the United States Great, Awesome, Right before testing them. Of course, they just lump them all in together and, uh, yeah, yeah, and, uh, let's put everybody on a window list 7 47 and bring him on home. That sounds like a great plan. And that's what was done. And that's I don't know. That's most likely unless there's some other ah ideas stewing over there at the White House. Probably what's gonna have to happen here as well. And you're right. They don't want to bring these people into the U. S. Because and it's so petty, but it's it's just like the perfect. It's the perfect way for this to to shake out in our modern society in which we live where oh, if these people come to the U. S. Technically, they're US infections, and that will be bad for the media, bad for the markets. So let's just leave it in international waters for as long as possible. Let's just test them very slowly so that the numbers come in and they can be absorbed by the markets. It's like, Listen, listen to this guy. Listen to this guy cause Jesse said this on J and J, and it is such a relief because it could you imagine if this guy was like doing great stuff on immigration and doing really well. And, you know, we were still on the Trump train because we're getting something transactional e out of this. Could you imagine having to defend this? Just listen to this Mr President. You've said you want to take politics out of dealing with this crisis. But in the White House yesterday, you said that about the testing kids in the delay, You blame President Obama. Well, I don't blame anybody. I want to get everybody to understand. They made some decisions which were not good decisions. We inherited decisions that they made, and that's fine. That's what we did. Yes, we undid some of the regulations that were made that made it very difficult. But I'm not blaming anybody. It just seems that the Democrats, some of them I must say, and you know it better than anybody, Brit. It's become much better. But some of the Democrats have said, no matter what. If we found a cure and everybody's better tomorrow morning at nine o'clock, they would say he's done a terrible job. It's just automatic. How is the president doing? Oh, terrible, Terrible. They don't mean it. And we've done a great job again. We've got the highest poll numbers of anybody for this kind of a thing, and it's Ah, on the other thing. I'm working with phenomenal people with C, D. C and all of the people involved. Mike Pence is doing a fantastic job 20 hours a day, orm or on this and really doing a fantastic I guess the critics say that. Why wait until the testing issue became a crisis before dealing with it? If you want to change the regulations, when I change me that when he took office or when you first learned of the virus in January, for example, South Korea really got their act together right away, that's what they said. Well, you know, when you say take office, we just learned about this a very short while or when you learned about the fight. Now that you're not gonna be, think I thinking about a lot of other things to trade and millions of other things, I mean, we are doing some job with the economy, and so I'm not thinking about this. But as soon as I heard that China had a problem, I said, What's going on with China? How many people are coming in? Nobody but me as that question no better than again. You know, you both know that I closed the borders very early. You were given a paint places for that day. Plus it saves a lot of live testing kids. Well, the testing we did it. As soon as we found out that it was a problem, we did it. It's not the kind of a thing you say, G. I just got elected. Let's do some testing on this, dude. What the fuck does that mean? The testing. We did the testing as soon as we found out that that was a problem. What does that even mean? Yeah, well, you didn't go like we did the testing. And Trump loves these very generalized terms with that air. Like unfolds if I a ble. Right, because e mean the testing hasn't been done. The testing. What? We're 1500 people tested, and this has been a pandemic. Four or been, but in epidemic for three months now. Three plus months. So we're testing 500 people a month. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a lot of testing being done to me, but I think what he's saying, the UN falsified herbal part about it is yes, like, actually the Maga defense here. The maga lament is that yes, well, the CDC did rule it the testing kits, but of course, half of them were were wrong. Half of them had faulty equipment and there has not been an adequate replacement. They still don't have a replacement for the faulty testing kit. So the samples, as of right now still have to be sent to the CDC airmailed to Atlanta in order to get any kind of clarity on whether or not people are sick. And look, South Korea, they didn't have a problem scaling this up, right? They've been able to scale this up to the extent where 170,000 people or so have been tested. And why haven't Why hasn't that happened here? Well, incompetence, maybe intentionally, I don't know. But for Donald to say that this is being done absolutely untrue. It's pretty hard to blame Obama for this when you're the guy you're looking guy who disbanded the pandemic response team in 2018 and defunded all this at the CDC. I mean, of course, Bret Bear isn't gonna go that hard on Trump. Of course, Brett Paris is ah, you know, trying to softball this as much as he can to trump. And then look at how Trump is responding. I mean, and that the chief complaint is that nobody's on message on this. And of course, Trump says, I've closed the borders, but of course, Ah, nobody is being screened. Customs is still not screening passengers from Corona virus hot spots. I mean, the CDC is only mandating screening for flights from Iran in China, the borders not closed. So people from Iran, Italy, South Korea are meant to be screened before they board their flights. Whether or not that is actually happening is of concern. Several people have been able to return to the U. S. From Italy recently with the virus. In fact, one journalist says that she walked through JFK on Thursday after returning from Milan, which is in northern Italy, near the epicenter there in Italy. Nobody stopped her, just walked right on by. And, uh, you know, it's like E. I mean, it's it's totally fucking insane, and it's like they don't even know like the screening is like here. Uh, here's a thermometer. Or what of these infrared things? They pointed their heads. Um, but like we fix the testing kid issue as soon as we found that it was a problem. And of course, this this week, throughout this week, they have been saying that they're gonna have a 1,000,000 test kits that are gonna be released to the public. And, of course, by the end of the week, they're like, Yeah, that's probably not going to be happening. Mike Pence said on Friday that they would not be able to follow through on their promise to deliver one million Corona virus test kits by the end of this week. We don't have enough test kits today to meet what we anticipate the demand going forward. They promised that they would have it by the end of the week. And, yeah, there's like, No, there's no um yeah, it's not gonna be this week but it'll be on Monday close of business. No, nothing. Just nothing. No idea when it's coming, right? Hey, everybody can go down. Ah, right alongside Trump's wall, it will hand him out there away. Yeah, yeah. So let's This is the third audio clip from from this town hall and this just you gotta have the trafficked on this. This is just typical bullshit. So obviously you care a lot about the economy and we are seeing some impacts. It is kind of surprising how many conferences air being shut down and meetings are being canceled and flights. A lot of flights have been canceled. Even the James Bond movie they're delaying because of Corona virus. I'm wondering what you think is the long term over the time to die. But they don't expect to other companies to have any growth in 2020 which is pretty surprising. What's the impact on the economy and also potentially on your reelection? Well, I think people are viewing us is having done a very good job. What we have to do is a professional job. Nobody is blaming us for the virus. Nobody. I mean, I haven't heard that even from some of the so called enemies or whatever you want to call them, then I'm blaming us. Just started in China how it started. There's question, but thousands and thousands of cases in China, and it infiltrated to almost 100 countries right now excuse me about, you know, in terms of things you can't control, right? The impact on the economy and that potentially, you know, that could if people feel like the economy is turning around that that could be an election issue. As you go into it. Well, look, we were set to hit 30,000 on the Dow. This is a number that even came close to, and already we have the number. And even though it's down 10 or 11% that's still the highest it's ever been by far, certainly might have an impact. At the same time, I have to say, people are now staying in the United States spending their money in the U. S. And I like that. You know that I've been saying, Let's stay in the US, spend your money here and there doing that. They're sort of enforced doing that. We met with the airline companies yesterday that Jesus fantastic job, and they're just not flying to areas that have a big problem. So it's gonna all work out. Everybody has to become its Katherine's original question. There is a long term plan. If it lasts, way could have. Sure, a very long term plan. We hope that doesn't happen, but where we have plans for every single possibility, and I think that's what we have to do. We have plans for every single possibility. We have big plans. We have small plans. We have a plus plans because, after all, we're getting a pluses on this and things were going well and look, I mean, just because you shave 11% off the Dow, it's the highest that it's ever been. James were still winning, like you could shave 30% off the Dow, and it's still higher than when I took office. The economy is in a freefall. Every single you know, convention that has a population of more than 10 people is being cancelled. Their thinking about canceling the Olympics in Japan. But you know, James, things were going so well. And look, I've been saying all along that I want people spending money here in America, and that's what people are doing. It's enforced. They have no choice. But they're moving all around and it's like, Yeah, guy. Then why is Southwest Airlines CEO saying that domestic travel is basically where it was in the midst in the aftermath of 9 11 like look, the plan for the economy to in this country into a giant prison commissary? It'll be great, okay? And I hate the laugh. It's all you can dio. It's all you can do, like just the the naked like ambition, though, of being the first year they can leave their Everybody just calm down. We have to get to Dow 30,000. It's all gonna work out. Please. It's just can you imagine? Like, this guy was counting down the days like he says, it was gonna be Dow 30,000 and a couple of days like It's almost like he's got, like, one of these little countdown calendars until it hits Dow 30,000 and then it gets to celebrate. And it's all about him and the donors to shower him with cash. And they love him. It's like this guy literally has no other concerns but himself. I mean, hem NZ 1,000,000 square feet, two million square feet. Dow $15,000. 30,000. All the same to may. Yeah, well, shave 11%. Well, Donald, the most conservative predictions by analysts are that the stock market is going to shave another 11%. So get get ready for that guy. Get ready for, like, down 19,000 not down 30,000 look Fucking moron. And so Yeah, this is what I was saying. Like when Jesse was like, you know, I'm so glad that we don't have to go out and defend this guy. It's like, Well, I mean the only scenario where you would sort of feel I don't know, Like I've always tried to be intellectually honest with him. It's like the good you take the good with the bad, but there is no good and there is nothing good going on with immigration. I'm kind of just like, Thank God, because look at that. Listen to this. Everybody stay calm. It's going to be just fine. I mean that that is the strategy. Everybody stay calm. Don't you dare ask for a fucking test and ah, you know, wash your hands and take your temperature. You know, just was it Mnuchin? That said like, just don't turn on the TV. Just turn the TV off. Larry Kudlow Just just goto work like nothing's happening. And that was actually former former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who said, Turn off the television and attention um, he has been oust erred on a Friday night, very important things going on over there. Ah, getting new, getting new chiefs of staff and, like just asked me how much I give a shit about who the next guy is And what? That that doesn't mean anything. Public sentiment. The public sentiment is very interesting thing on this. Um, and maybe you could say, uh, I don't know, kind of a glimmer of hope for the American public and what they think, um, they did polling on the Corona virus. And, ah, I don't really care what people think about whether it's real or not really or what's going on. Or but 21% of Americans do think it's just the flu, bro. Um, that sort of fits in with the bell curve. I think, uh, 35% 0 no, I'm sorry. 35% say that it's overblown. So that's the just the flu broke crowd That's like left side of bell curve. 21% say that not enough people are worried about it. 44% feel that the fears over the virus air warranted. Um, so yeah, that's ah, that's a lot of people who think that it's warranted. Or maybe not enough is going on 82%. This is good, though. 82% of voters ah said that? No, I apologize. 79%. This is the big 1 79% said that they support halting all immigration if the virus becomes a pandemic. Now we know that most Americans, actually a majority of Americans, believe that the immigration rate should be. What is it? Zero or less than half a 1,000,000 or zero? I forget what it is. It's It's It's very low. Like what people generally think. But 80% think that we should shut off immigration altogether, becomes a pandemic or is using Donald Trump is considering doing that. No, Absolutely not. Right. And for a guy as obsessed with poll numbers as he seems to be, this seems like a pretty clear winning issue. Donald and the phrasing If this becomes a pandemic, Well, look around. We're already there. Yeah, we're already there. Um, and the pollster said the public is willing to endorse fairly extreme measures to control the virus is concerned about. It grows school and work closings, whatever it takes, you know, closing the borders. But Donald Trump's already done that, James. So we don't We have nothing to worry about. Clothes? Yeah. Build the wall. Borders closed, right? Yeah, sure. Right. You know, I bet if you go to any major good. Just look, what's the What's the Web site Flight aware or flight watch or or whatever we can? We can ah, come out with the W. NTSB should know this. There are flight aware. One of our favorite resource is a WT NTSB toe track, helicopter flight paths and the amount of flights coming in from little peaking PK everyday. Dr. Fauci said that 15 to 20% of people who get Corona virus will need hospitalization. Think about the scale of that if the virus spreads. And then Dr Fauci says, this is why testing is so important to help contain the virus. Yet one million test kits in a country of 300 million and they're just like coming up with, I don't know, 1500 people tested so far. That's insane. So, yeah, Dr Fauci, that's a much higher rate than hospitalization for the flu, which, according to the CDC, is a tiny fraction of a percentage point. But we did the math on this James, and as of today, there are 19 deaths in 437 cases. What is that? Ah, mortality rate Workout to guy. Is that something like 4.5%. So it seems like the answer here is to test more people so that you get a bigger denominator and the rate goes down, but 4.5% Not good, Yes, but I don't write happening right. The death rate for resolved cases in the U. S. Is higher, significantly higher, actually than the international rate. And that is, of course, because of the amount of testing that's going on, which allows people who may need it to seek treatment and respiratory management etcetera to prevent them from dying. But we have people in the US who are carrying this, who are infected, who are suffering from it, who have no idea and are not being allowed to determine whether or not they're infected. No, they're not. And now, Ah, you have Mike Pence saying no vaccine for 1.5 year swan 1.5 years. So if this thing is gonna be is Alex's said part of the global sweet viruses, there's no vaccine for 1 to 1.5 years, you have random infections popping up everywhere. And we talked about this with how long last weekend when the we talked about how long the virus could survive on inanimate objects, mainly plastics. Ah, food. You know, just various things. It doesn't survive very long on steel and copper and pieces of metal in whatever, but it can survive for up to nine days on inanimate objects. And, uh, you're starting to see some really kind of spooky, right? Very spooky test results. You have an Amazon employee in Seattle testing positive. You have an L. A X baggage screener testing positive. You have a Heathrow, which is in London for those of you on Ryan. Later, Heathrow Airport. Baggage handler tests positive. You have the fed quarantining physical dollars coming in from China. They're quarantining dollars, right? You know, like dollars like cotton, the paper that they bring in and you think it's worth something and you spend it on product, right? I thought that was great. A prison commissary. That's kind of what the United States really is right now, right? It kind of is, but they're quarantining your dollars to make sure that you don't get sick from the money. Um, And if you're Larry Kudlow, definitely. Don't stick that money in your nose. Um, at any point, that would not be a good thing to do. Ah, Santa Clara County Total hits 20 is six new cases are confirmed. San Francisco has closed schools. You have a French lawmaker contracting the virus. Palestinian territories confirm seven cases. Seattle closes 26 schools. I saw that 300 million students around the world are not in school right now because of close schools. Italy postpones a referendum vote as the death toll hits 148. And as of Saturday afternoon, the Italian government is considering putting 1\/4 of its population on lock down. They have banned public events, closed all schools and cinemas and feeders. Um, so yeah, this is not going very well, James, you have CPAC attendee testing positive for Corona virus. So if the if the ethno virus theory continues its ah, what is this? It's Chinese. Well, it's Asians. Ah, it is. Ah, what's the whole thing? Asians in conservatives and I don't know, the P Yeah, that whole theory is kind of garbage, but well, I'm just wondering if the CPAC attendee is the same. Ah, this one in the same as the New Yorkers who attended a pack in D. C. Probably given what we know about people at CPAC in a pack, probably the same people. I would say that there is a high degree of correlation that that that that Venn diagram of a pack and CPAC is really just one big circle. Bad news, jazz as we know the virus last for nine days on glass. So if you and your boyfriend were beating down the door, it's cpac to get in. Uh, I want to go try to find a task it because probably while he probably infected with with many things, including now Corona virus, right? Yes. Well, yeah, exactly. Multiple kinds of HIV. San Jose is prepossessing prepping search tents for possible influence on the 10 prepping the dents. You have Corona virus hitting I bi za as first case confirmed in party spot popular with Brits, Vatican City has reported its first case of Corona virus days after the pope has tested negative. Ah, and then yeah, there's a San Francisco FBI employees Ah, who has contracted the virus as well. And so yeah, this is Did Yeah. Then you have HSBC evacuating London offices that everything being shut down. You have the Grand Wizard, Princess. But like, as we get into the just the flu, bro stuff as of Friday night, Israel s So the just the flu broke crowd the the I don't know, 35% of the public who are just the flu, bro. Um, if you wanna look at, like, how the country in a world jury, the epicenter of world Jewry, is handling this and, ah, you know how they're treating this. They're definitely not treating this, like just the flu, bro. The people that are saying, Oh, bra, just like SARS and Ebola and all the things that we've seen before. You know, uh, Israel is now debating on whether to ban everybody but Israelis from their country. They have been, they bait, like, basically, you have to go into a 14. Its effectively a band now, like if you go, if you try to go to Israel, not that anybody would want to go there. But if you try to go there, they will put you in a quarantine for 14 days. And that's only if you can prove that you have a place to stay for the quarantine so that basically means, like the only people getting in and out of the country or Jews. And they're debating on whether or not just to make that official instead of like the pill pull ban just making it official. And so, yeah, like, this is not this is not what you do. If there's just a flu bug going around, they are putting the whole place on lock down. You can't blame him. So what we should dio um you know, people you know, people who were not born in this country should not be allowed to come or go. And we might is so just air on the side of caution, James, and send all the people who weren't born here back right, pandemic mitigation and the other, you know, this would have windfall benefits, right? If we were to close our borders and in an Israeli fashion, not not in the Israeli fashion. Only allowing in Jews but in a what would be referred to anywhere else is a draconian, primitive measure. That's how things have been reported and write a very gentile fashion would just be like nobody but white people. That's the best way to go right. And we would we would have the windfall benefit of, you know, Mersa of ah, what various hepatitis is. You have tuberculosis. None of these things would be, I guess, hepatitis. I would be the proper plural. But all of these things that we're seeing migrants, Africans, Mexicans bringing in no more. So I think a holistic approach to this would be much, much needed. Well, hepatitis is we all knows, Theo. EPA tome of, ah, infectious diseases. So, I mean, just just to put that out there. Absolutely. Yes. Big epic tome. So, uh, yeah. Where does this go from Here. So, Ah, you know, Tedious was talking about the Nazi. The 94 year old German American gentlemen, Friedrich Karl Berger, who is now being deported by, ah, America First Donald Trump and Bill Bar, Um is being deported. Ah, back to Germany. Because, you know, he was apparently a concentration camp guard. They have no proof of anything that this wrongdoing that this guy has done. But I'd like to point out that by doing this in the middle of a global pandemic that effects old people and people with preexisting conditions, I don't know if Friedrich Karl Berger has any pre existing conditions. But it's literally a death sentence to put this guy in an airplane and send him anywhere. But that's exactly what the Trump Administration is about to do with this guy. And so, yeah, that is literally a death sentence. I don't know how you can slice that any other way, but Charlie Kirk out there on Twitter cheering over this. Yeah, Boom. Deportations under way. This is the only as Mike said, this is the only deportation that Charlie Kirk in somehow justify is, um, Friedrich Karl Berger, right, Was being sent sent back to Germany. So yeah, and ah, you know, you have to wonder the Germany Jew. It just all of those angles aside, you have to wonder about the psychology of somebody that celebrates or participates in the upending of a 94 year old man's life. As this guy is old, he's probably probably in some kind of ill health and these people who seek this satisfaction and they get off on inflicting pain and suffering on an old man that's not a human. I don't know what is. Yeah, these are people who not who should not have the privilege of participating humanity. People like Eli Rosenbaum, who spent much of his life a dose I the guys, the tedious did a deep dive on this on the Friday tedious. So check this out. We've talked about suicide as well, um, in the context of what Eli Rosenbaum did to ah, all of born of REM bronze staff. And if Warner von Braun had lived long enough, he was gonna be a target of Rosenbaum's as well. But Rosenbaum went back, went after everybody else. After all the guys who made manned space flight to the moon possible all of the scientists that were stolen by the United States. This is part of what does. I did not see hunting, and they went after those guys as well. Um, and this is, you know, it doesn't end. And, of course, Eli Rosenbaum is out there saying, What does he say? If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would find myself in February 2020 last week cross examining a former Nazi concentration camp God in an American courtroom, I would have found that difficult to believe. It's like Eli. Let's talk about other things that I find very difficult to believe. Um wow. You lie. You really You really gotta got a big fish there. This guy who was probably 17. 18 at the time doing his duty for his country serving the military. Wow, it really pegged a monster. This is the EPA tome of soullessness. Um, and, uh, Eli Rosenbaum. Fucking guys. Riel, Riel. Piece of shit. Eso going back to the Corona virus here. A sui close out our first half of the program. Um, you have banks reading disaster plans. You have just the flu, bro. Congress is planning on vacating Capitol Hill and working from home. They're standing up some infrastructure first thing on Monday morning to get that infrastructure under way so that they don't have to be there in D. C. Because, you know, they don't get the flu, bro. Like they just don't want to get the flu. And apparently, uh, the millions of dollars that have been invested in Ultra Music Festival in Miami canceled Acela, Amtrak, You know, the, uh, passenger service run by the government, the United States that loses money, the other canceling service. In fact, they're canceling service that is actually profitable. Ah, the so called green line of of the Training or the trains. Acela, which is the only high speed train that we have in the United States going in between Boston and D. C. Has been cancelled. Yeah, that's suspended due to Corona virus, so they take the most profitable aspect of their entire passenger service. But don't worry, James. You can still ride from Chicago to New York City in 19,000 hours on the regular Ah, Amtrak service and bro. Seven Days Seattle, Chicago in the Empire Builder. Sign me up. Yeah, building an empire one shared black person in your compartment at a time. Oh my God, Just awful. How long before they do that? I heard they just canceled all the hot meals on Amtrak so they could save money so you can't even, like go to the dining car. It's all like flexible meal options, which means like shit in a box served to your room is great. It's literally having had the unfortunate case to, ah to ride on an Amtrak train in the last couple months. Yeah, it's literally like a sandwich there in some plastic wrap find that it's bad. Yeah, I've I've only ever written. I've only ever written on S l A. So I don't know what the rest of the plebs right on. But no, actually, cell a cell is pretty nice, but then you go right on trains in Europe or in Asia. And it's like, Wow, like a seller's kind of a shit show. Um, s X s w canceled due to Corona virus. Um, if only they Yes, I know, I know. But I'm not a bug man, So yeah, that's been canceled. First time in 34 years. Amazon, apple, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Warner media and more all pulled out of the event citing concerns for the virus. Just the flu, bro. Right, James? Just the flu end. They're banning fans from division three basketball tournaments this weekend at Johns Hopkins University. So what does that mean? Is March Madness on the chopping block? What? Are you taking any bets, James? First of all, do we think that we're actually going to see the limp? Not that I'm gonna watch the Olympics in Japan, but do you think the Olympics are gonna take place in Japan? Yes or no? Let's just make the prediction now. Hard to say. I would have to guess that. Yes, they will, but under very different circumstances, with very few Spectators and with a very strict quarantining in place for Olympic village athletes. I mean, we know these people swap disease at every Olympics already, but ah, do so can you imagine introducing a pandemic into the mix? I'm going to say that the Olympics, which I think is in June, it's in June, right? I'm gonna say that it's probably gonna be a no. And the reason why I say it's gonna be a no. Um and by no, I mean they're going to cancel it is because not any of these other events have they decided to proceed with, like, other than CPAC and, you know, a pack. Of course, those places now have infections, which actually supports the thesis that they're going to continue canceling these events. Um, you already have sporting events being played in other countries where fans are banned. Um, and they may just cancel these things altogether because the players themselves still have to interact In order for that to happen from, I just don't see this happening in. One of the reasons for that is that yes, I understand. June's a long way away. It's actually only 90 days away from now. Um, and we're already 60 days from the onset of the disease, so and we're at the very, very beginning of it. So where does this thing go? I mean, yeah, March Madness could be on the chopping block. Um, and the other thing is like the just the flu bro thing. Ah, what about ambient? Outside temperature prevents the disease from spreading like I get, like, flu like it's flu season and whatever, but it's not like, What is it? Maybe I'm Maybe this is a grub. Take James, but like does it being 60 70 80 degrees outside all of a sudden, like make viral spread, Go away like I don't Well, you have people outside as the weather warms to. I'm not sure what the Ambien, the impact of ambient temperature on disease transmission, but you have more people out doing things right. This is the time of year when people are coming out of basically hibernation, especially in the northern part of the U. S. And going on doing things going to events, doing sporting events and being around other people. So this is the prime time, much more so than then January. If every this is the prime time when you would expect to see this Ah, starting to spread quicker. Yeah, well, in going back to the Olympics is we haven't seen yet. A an event where something they consider canceling a major event and then they just go forward with it anyway, Like that hasn't happened. They've just order canceled. Um, so yeah, we already did. The Trump Administration Police stay at work. Larry Kudlow sits contains its contain Larry Kudlow. Nothing to see here. It's contained. Don't buy a mask. Don't stock up on water. I am seeing the media reports today that people are being being greedy. Your a greedy hoarder. If you stock up on food or water or emergency supplies and ah and ah, you prepare yourself for ah possible eventuality in which you may not have access to those things. Very weird jazz. There's seemingly nearly universal media pressure on people telling them not to prepare for ah, situation where they might need to be prepared. It doesn't really make sense of course you had the feds talking about the big Nana Me for a second. The feds cut interest rates half a percent a Sui predicted they would last week. It's actually the largest cut since 2008. And, ah, what happened when they cut interest rates? Half percent? Yeah, the markets tanked. 1000 points. You have the Jar Jar Binks of International Finance Jim Cramer out there saying, I am now nervous about the Fed rate cut because what did we say last weekend? James, Who is that guy from CNBC? Who? Ah, who said, Yeah, like you can cut rates all day like like how many? How many interest rate points do you have to shave In order for me to, like, feel comfortable to go outside? I go to a ballgame, right? It's like there's no tools. Yeah, there's no tools, and that's what they're so afraid of. I think that's really the biggest driving factor. If you want to try to figure out like you know when you say they want to calm the markets, they it's not. This is not just about like, oh, you know, a big hole. Bunch of banks went tits up this is across the entire economy, not just travel, not just people going outside. Not just, you know, this is a problem. They had a brief rebound after the Biden wins. Stocks went up briefly, then down 1000 points on Thursday. And then just if you want evidence that nothing, none of this matters in terms of, ah, their attempts to try to save the economy. Yeah, Trump signed the $8.8 billion Corona Chan package, which, of course, just goes to Big Medical. It really doesn't go to helping this situation at all. It's just a big gift to an already bloated in nonfunctional at the bursting at the seams U. S. Health care system. Um, and he's also tease tax cuts for air and cruise lines and travel companies. Yeah, what the market dio when they saw that big that big old package and tax cuts, it shaved off another 700 points on and then closed at minus 300. I haven't looked at the futures, but yeah, the people that are saying like guys, now it's time to buy on the dip. Yeah, we're not offering financial advice. This is definitely not the Dave Ramsey show. But yeah, MSC I warns us stocks could fall another 11% Is current virus outbreak work? Since I have no reason just looking at the length and breadth of the news this weekend, James. And look, I don't This is to take the words of Alexander nab beyond anything else geopolitically or how this is working out or where this started or who caused it or you know who's lying about it. This is gonna fuckin suck. And I I have no interests. And, like, I want this to be over a soon as possible, I think everybody does. I don't think I don't think anybody in our thing is so ghoulish that they that they are hoping, Ah, for for death and sickness and whatever. I want this to be over as soon as possible because it is a horrifically thing. The thing that bugs me the most and what's driving um an animating me on our coverage of this is that we're being lied to by our own country about the crisis. You can't get a fucking adequate test. We don't know anything like it's the 21st century, right? Like this was supposed to be 2020 when you're supposed to have flying cars. And like all kinds of cool shit. No, no, we don't have any of that. Because 100 years ago, some shit happened. Ah, with a certain group of people and the whole timeline has been skewed. But no, we don't know anything, James. We don't know anything about it. We don't have a government that is acting in our interests. Ah, they don't. They don't want to shut this down. They don't want to contain it. And what do they tell you? The best we can get out of our government. James's. Ah, just please stay where keep working and keep buying shit, right? Yeah. And the best way to not only to resolve this, but to do a keep people from getting sick, to keep people from dying, to keep people from. It's just to just reassure people about the seriousness of the U. S. Government response. And there is not something some pandemic that is bigger than they're being told is to just treat this accurately to be up front and honest and to test people and then quarantine the sick or, I suppose, isolate the sick quarantine the possibly sick and get through this and and deal with this as a serious government would. But instead, what we have is the U. S government refusing to test people attempting to minimize the short term economic impact, which you could actually argue will have probably a greater long term economic impact as uncertainty over the virus lingers and continues to have, ah, depressing effect on the markets. Not that that's what we care about. We want people to. We want this to be resolved for our health and for our families and for a safety. But it's like even at this game they're playing, they're playing it wrong because it's going to end up hurting them for much longer than they think it's going to. Yeah, I mean, this is, you know, world juryo is telling so many lies about, you know, people coming out of our milieu, people of our political persuasion. But the reality is, it's like we we want the best for for our people, and that's that's not a crazy thing to ask for us. It's so much to ask that we get accurate information from from you know what, what's going on in the world. Like should we is it isn't enough. Is it so much to ask for someone to come out and give us a press conference every day? I mean, we we don't get press conferences from the White House at all ever since. Ah, what's her name? Huckabee. Sanders was gone. They just suspended doing that. I know that's a common thing that administrations do. They cancel these things and they don't give press conferences. They did it in the Obama administration. They've done it, um, pretty often in the past. But is it so much to ask that we just get a daily briefing on accurate information? What's going on? But it's no, we don't get anything. We don't get anybody asking questions about what is actually going on in China right now. And if China, if the numbers actually fell in China and we went from 4000 cases a day down to 100 not just the videos, why isn't someone going there? Where is the media to go there and tell the story of the recovery? James, why aren't they going and telling us This is how we see our way out of this mess. Instead, it's just a deep black hole staring into the abyss. It's a deep black hole in deep black rain only over in Japan. Deep black rain. Yeah, this is kind of this some more spooky, spooky stuff, but I only bring it up and I'll label. It is novelty and spook, but I did see photos. If you go to the Daily Mail and Daily Star and some of these others, they do have photos of what is looks like black rain. You can see the rain on the cars. You They had some photos of people, um, you know, taking pictures of their balconies in Japan, where this black rain has fallen. Now we've had colored rain fall before. It's it's a phenomenon that has happened before. You get black and green and different colors, depending on what what the atmosphere conditions were like. And what you know, for those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, weather, of course, moves from west to east, and so if you have rain falling in China that has black goop in the water, where do you think that rain is coming from? James, You think that rain is coming from Hawaii. Do you think it's coming from Russia? Do you think it's coming from Australia board evening? It's coming from China. What are you telling me about Thea? The jet stream or whatever? It's gonna just so happens there is a jet stream or ah, current, as it's described. Ah, air current, that takes air. Ah, and you know, particulate along with it, or right up from the northern tip of China or right over Japan. And yeah, I mean, maybe it's just some black particular coming from somewhere in the in the ocean, just, you know, coming out of the sky from nowhere. Or maybe this particulates being introduced into the atmosphere by, ah, you know, the burning of, ah items, perhaps in China. Yeah. I mean, I don't you know, it's like I'm gonna label this a novelty take for now. Um, because, you know, we we reported on a while ago about the B. Remember the satellite photos of all the What is it? The sodium dioxide or something that was in the atmosphere and and the explanation? I thought that this was gonna get debunked and it was basically like, Yeah, that's just Ah, just go look at something else. Don't look at that. Just, you know, happens from time to time. And then you have Ah, yeah. I mean, if you go to the Daily Mail, um, you can see the pictures of this, this black rain. Um, this looks like water that somebody dumped a bunch of black ash into and mixed it up and then poured it out onto a surface. Um, and they try to explain this. It's, you know, it came from They say it came from from a pretty wide area. Ah, but there there are no, there's nothing burning in Japan. There's no there's no, like, you know, there's nowhere volcanic eruption or something to explain this year. Yes. So, I mean, I just don't know what's going on, but they said that, um, this is what happened after Hiroshima was bombed. Something similar. You had black rain coming down after that happened. Um, and so that was actually the last time that you saw black rain in Japan after a nuclear bomb was detonated. So yeah, like I dude, I just There's a lot of fucked up things going on right now with this thing, and I'm not saying this to be sensational. Um, I saw the pictures. I saw that this was reported and I went to look for the explanation just like we did with the satellite imagery of the sodium dioxide or whatever it was at, like 1000 times the normal level. And people were like, Yeah, it's just pollution, bro. I mean, it's like I don't know what that is, but it's kind of weird. And when you couple all this together with no news coming out of China black Rain, you have whistleblowers coming out and saying that the Chinese media has basically censored all of this stuff and there's no news coming out of China. It's like I get a lot, get a little, you know, off put whenever it's like our American government saying the Chinese air lying because they want to extract some sort of, you know that the American government is trying to fuck the Chinese like we get that, But the fact that nobody is saying anything, nobody's asking any questions, and nobody's commenting on the silence. And then you see black rain falling all over Japan and nobody mentioning that kind of funny. It's really kind of funny. And it's not an either or situation where either the U. S is lying or either the Chinese or lying, and it has to be one of the two. It could be both, and this is definitely situation in which I'm certainly not too trusting the U. S. Response. It's been laughably insufficient in and just wrong as we, as we discussed with the Trump, claiming it's contained, cut locally means contained. But also I don't have any reason to trust the Chinese. And just because the US lies about the Chinese doesn't make me then trust the Chinese. It just depends on what the lives are that are being told. Like if it's this game where you know the U. S is attacking China for, I don't know how it treats its labor or its dissidents. It's like, yeah, America, Why don't you clean up your own side of the street cause you treat you treat people here in the United States that way? And, ah, you can't really get up on your high horse about human rights. But when the numbers of 4000 new cases day suddenly dropped to 100 nobody asks any questions. Black rain follows a low over Japan, and you know, science is out there to tell you that climate change is real and therefore we must distribute all white wealth to brown countries all over the planet. But nobody has any explanation for black rain falling over Japan. Yeah, everybody's vested. Everybody's very invested in. Nothing to see here. Please, let's move along and keep buying stuff mode. And, ah, I think it's gonna continue that way until it doesn't and even Tucker Carlson. Uh, maybe very salient point on his Friday broadcasts where he said, Even if this stopped tomorrow, you would have a complete reordering of the global economy and complete change of our politics from here on out. And the reality is, it's not going to stop tomorrow. And ah, this is awful. And we should expect more. I think it sort of goes without saying that we should expect more from our government, but we're not gonna get it because we live in Clown World, James Hong Kong. The idea. Just give the old Chinese manufactured rubber clown horn a double taff and, uh, and then wait 30 days for them to be restocked because Yeah, the boats. They're still not coming. Well, we should just make clown horns here, James. I mean, we have enough things to talk about. What? We should make test kids here. How about that? We should make here. There's an idea, but no. We also got the news this week not to, ah, derail the segue you to the brake, but that both India and China will no longer be exporting pharmaceuticals for the time being because they're going to focus their production for their internal markets. Yeah. Isn't it great that the U. S. Has delegated manufacturing of Oh, I don't know, penicillin to the Chinese market. We stop producing in here in 2000 for fantastic maybe. And I was the other part of Tucker segment was Saiki. Yeah, maybe. Ah, and he actually called out the president. He said, this is what Donald Trump America first and, you know, bringing manufacturing back to the United States and ah, being independent of these other nations was the messaging that Donald Trump ran on in 2016. I'm paraphrasing Tucker, of course, he said, But we don't have that. And ah, that would be great to return to that which trucker would go a little bit harder, But, um, you know, it's it's it's true. It's we've we've overextended ourselves, and we've made ourselves dependent on a world economy that is extremely fragile is we're finding out, and nobody thought Oh, yeah. This is sort of like Thea Thea Titanic. Right, James? Totally unsinkable. Nothing could possibly bring it down except for an iceberg or a virus from a lab in Wuhan. So right now, further to we're gonna go to break. And we got a bunch of stuff, a lot of digging that you did on the Federalist Society, right? We gotta talk of absolutely federal society history of neo conservatism, Supreme Court, a lot of stuff wrapped up and many mawr connections to things that we've talked about you on the program than I had previously anticipated. So yeah, very good. Uh, very interesting. Self will be digging into their snorkel depth in the second hour. Yes, indeed. We'll be right back on FTS You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The nation The nation Helou, I'm germs. Idiot! Ulan Sharp Almost fully recovered from my corona virus about last week. Here to talk to you into getting excited to consume product. Almost all of what you're hearing about election meddling and foreign hackers is totally fake or being presented to you with an ulterior motive. 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Coaster question dot com And now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Hello, Welcome back. Our shoes here in FTN and D. C has his first Corona virus confirmed. Case saw that during the break. So yeah, beyond a pack beyond Beyond what was the other 18 pack cpac where they just merge spreading. Why don't they just merged them together. Well, that's the thing. Is all of these different pack conferences pretty indistinguishable from one another? I mean, all of them, All three of them talking about using stuff. So whether you're talking about CPAC or a pack or Federalist Society, right? Oh, yeah. Speaking of juice, there's a lot of, ah, runs deep. I had no idea jazz, and I sort of, perhaps naively, since you. Ah, since your little message when I was about to embark in the research on the Federalist Society, it was going to be just an answer Larry note, because we're going to be talking about the Supreme Court. And I thought, Oh, it's interesting. It's interesting to see the milieu from which these justices come. And who's suggesting these justices to be nominated by Republican presidents? So I asked like, Hey, man or 30 Jews involved in the Federalist Society And boy, is that Is that a question that opens a can of worms? But I was like, Oh, yeah, but I did not release. Do not recall the depths to which this Ah, this goes and it's it's pretty incredible, especially in you put it all together. Yeah. So why are we talking about Supreme Court Ball politics? It's Ah, it's It's all fake and gay, right? It's all Kabuki theater. Well, um, yes, with a big with a big asterisk there. Supreme Court is relevant because this is one of the It's obviously one of the three major locus is of power in this this since this American constitutional republic, we have right executive judicial cry turkey and ah, Christ. Our key seems to be a year by year just, you know, dating more and more power, usurping more, more power for themselves. And so if you want to understand what's going on in Washington, what's going on across the country? You really have to look at the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court, we were told, was going to be one of the bright spots. Even if Trump didn't get his wall. Even if Trump didn't do this or that or the other, we would at least get justice. Is hard core originalist justices on the Supreme Court that we're going to be totally based and land ah, issue these very red billed rulings? What do we get instead? Headlines. Supreme Court declines to hear Trump's doc appeal. The Supreme Court blocked the sense citizenship question from the census Supreme Court. Let's ST Hook families sue gunmaker Remington arms as we talked about on the show and looking over the horizon here, they're expected to find it 100% legal next week to encourage illegal invasion of the country in a ruling that is expected to come down from the court next week with Doctor about that case before to the case out of I believe that was California. Is that right, Jess or Oregon, where this ah individual was advocating encouraging illegal aliens to cross the border illegally? And this is, of course, a violation of federal law. But we have Justice John Roberts. Of course. It's hard core, hard core conservative leading the charge in preliminary reports on the court. Teoh, make sure this loss found unconstitutional as a violation of free speech isn't great to have the court sticking up for free speech. Jazz. Oh, yeah, it's It's great. They do this all the time, don't they? They just they just go way out that I mean, and this is a thing that this is another aspect of the kosher sandwich that people get caught up in and the speed in the direction of the acceleration is, um ah is just slow enough where a normal person, without any sort of assistance via this podcast or tedious or any of the other few areas of of the free world that are that are speaking the truth on this, um, you it takes you a while if you ever figure any of this out. And a lot of people, um, you know, like like myself remembering the a lot of the rulings the landmark rulings that came about during the Obama administration, especially on gay marriage, on some other issues. And and you wouldn't be wrong to be upset about those things, and you should be. But the thing is, is that people then channel their energy into well, and this is sort of the macro game that the GOP plays is. It's not just well, we have to get the presidency and we have to get the Senate and we have to get the Congress, and then we'll we'll build a wall and will deport the mullahs. No, we're gonna shift the balance of the court. How many times have We heard that before, James and and the thing is, is that whenever the balance of the court shifts and you start getting these so called conservative justices, the so called traditionalist originalist justices, isn't it funny that you don't get the landmark decisions that you do when things air moving in the other direction? That's the thing, you know, because people see the gay marriage ruling. They see these things that take place in your like, will, Dammit, If we get more conservative justices on the court, we're gonna have rulings going in the other direction because our, you know, our Constitution is if it's interpreted in the right way, it really supports white people, right? Like that's, you know, sort of a take that is three or four years old and out of date now. And it is true. I mean, as a starting point. Maybe the Constitution is workable in some ways, but, um, I would argue that that it we just need to start over because Mata, from a meta standpoint, is the Constitution is what got us here, right? It's America's a corporation. The founders were very much involved with the ah, the usual suspects the revolution was funded by them. Um, and so maybe the entire founding is fickle. It's part of one of the projects that we pursue here in FTN. But you wouldn't be wrong to put a lot of hope in conservative justices and this kind of thing. And But what happens, James? It's always disappointing. Shifting the balance of the court never really seems to work out in our favor, just like putting faith in a politician and getting excited for next candidate. And then that candidate gets elected and makes all kinds of promises. And then you have Donald Trump as the poster child for this phenomenon and break outta John Roberts is poster Children for this phenomenon never seems to work out. How far does this kosher sandwich go, James? Oh, it's deep. There's more layers and slabs of meat and you know, kosher toppings on here than you, you might think, and you know you wouldn't be wrong. Teoh or one could be forgiven for being ill informed about this, because if you looked at how Brett Kavanaugh was covered in the media and how he was presented as ah during his confirmation hearings, not only as as a you know, a beer boo thing. Broad chasing epic based Chad prep school Brett Kavanaugh. But also this guy was presented and many a parole was clutched about this guy's deeply conservative track record. And people on the right did this. People on the left did this left and right. Blue team and Red team. Both made a big deal about his deeply conservative record force. Blue team was in opposition to it. Red team was champing at the bit to get this guy to get the black robe on this guy. And as it turns out, we're now what? A year and 1\/2 later, after his ah, looking back on his his 10 year so far as a Supreme Court justice beer bouffe in Broad Chase and Brett Kavanaugh has become one of the most centrist Supreme Court justices. In fact, actually, the most centrist Supreme Court justice, even more so than John Roberts, was funny. How that pivotal nomination securing the balance of the supreme like it's like that LBJ quote we'll have in voting Democrat for 100 years. We'll get the Supreme Court voting conservative for 50 years. Yeah, turns out, never really matters them, and I'll say I mean, we were on the side of supporting Brett Kavanaugh. I mean, the guy's white, he's being accused of me, too. That was patently, patently and demonstrably false. The box wine cat, the cat, lady, mom and whatever. Like on the other side, if I don't even remember her name at this point Beach friends. But I don't remember the actual woman's name. I mean, that whole charade like it's it's easy to get caught up in that stuff. But never again. Never again The lesson. The lesson has to be learned, and, you know, it's the way that these debates air framed. I mean, you know the argument that these people aren't opposed to each other, They are opposed to each other, but they are opposed to each other on issues that that aren't that actually don't take in the greater good. In the greater interest of the people in the country who have to be subjected to this. I mean, they're having a fight over penny ante bullshit. Well, all of the major issues were being ignored, so, you know, to the light switch single pole, double throw brains out there. Um the This isn't just like these two sides secretly agree on everything and they're just out here. Fucking you. I mean, yes, bigger picture macro. Yes, that is true. But on a micro level, they are a post on a lot of issues in some of the fights that take place are riel, but just getting caught up in them. Um, and in getting wrapped up in Red Team versus Blue team is all these things going on in the background? None of this is serving your best interest. And Brett Kavanaugh was the absolute like, out of all the people, like, remember all the other options. How much mawr awful. All the other options were like, This is the guy that was the best option. It's like the the shiniest, most polished piece of dog shit on the platter, right? I mean, that's basically how you can look at that. He was he was the best put forward on the platter that was being being assembled by, of course, the Federalist Society. And we'll talk about why they simple, said Blatter. Why? Why is the menu so shitty? James, like, why? Why is it the input of this equation? like, Why do we never get something different? Why is it in jail? It's almost as though it's insured that you would never get somebody who could be nominated for the Supreme Court, uh, who would actually shift the balance in any meaningful direction. I wonder why that is. Why did Why does every aspect of this have control over it? Well, there are justices that do shape the shape the court ideologically, and they do advocate for the interests of their group, their party, the people that they represent, the very limited 1 to 3% of population that they represent in their interests. There are those justices. They have all names like Ginsburg and Breyer and Kagan. But as far as Cavanaugh, what we have to look at, the outputs first really is released. Just see how bad this guy has gotten. Kavanagh and Roberts are the Roberts court. This is according to an analysis from Scotusblog. Roberts Court appears to have decided cases fairly neutrally with respect to ideological direction. You know, one of when presidential candidates and senatorial candidates come out and make a big deal about winning the Supreme Court. I haven't heard these these dyed in the wool Republicans, making the case that we need to ensure a neutral and ideologically neutral court. I always thought they were going to get us conservative justices. Well, not the case. Although the balance on the court's decisions appears to slightly favour conservative over liberal outcomes, this trend appears to have diminished in recent terms. Note. There are no major differences in these trends if we push back as far as the 1980 term, with the exception of economic activity, which has trended slightly right over time. And that is great because by right in terms of economic activity, they mean neo liberal. They relax, ation of regulations, relax, ation of labor protections. So we've gotten in the last 40 years. Oh, and by the way, he was president for most of the eighties. None other than Ronaldo's Magnus we've gotten in the last 40 years has been momentum. So is social liberalism and economic liberalism as well. Is it that grates? Amazing June mentum always market in one direction. Yeah, and John Roberts, of course, nominated by Bush ideological firebrand John Roberts is predominantly in the Supreme Court's majority. Across all cases, John Roberts, I guess then jazz. He is that that single switch, double throw pendulum brain there in the Supreme Court is oscillating often on. He does this by voting primarily in the conservative direction, when the case has a conservative outcome and in the liberal direction when the case has a liberal outcome. So the guys wow like a weathervane right there in the middle. He began his term voting in a more conservative direction, tending to and then in 2013 and 2014 he began voting the liberal direction more frequently than in the conservative direction. And this has been the case since 2014. Well, so basically, we've got gotten Roberts moving towards the left. One point I want to make to is like, If you look at this graph that they show with this Martin Quinn score of how the ideological careers of justices have gone over time, you actually have Clarence Thomas. It's like it's so funny that that that's like the Cope. The black guy on the court is the guy that's like voting most further to the right. He skyrocketed into this score of plus three, plus almost a plus four, if not a plus, four and then it's some somewhere around. I don't know what 2008 around there. It's like he dialed it back in like he started slipping. He started making decisions that were not as far to the right, and the only thing that you can deduce from that other than maybe saying, you know, parsing out the individual decisions that were made is that they didn't want Clarence Thomas to be too much of an outlier. Because if you have the one black guy in the court making these rulings that are probably the closest that you could get to a correct interpretation of the law ah, they don't want him to be too much of an outlier, right? While the others are trending further and further to the left, they can't have Thomas continuing to move to the right, because then people start to question, Why is black guy making these rulings while these other people who are supposed to be originalists continue trending the left? No, They have to have him trending a little bit in the same direction while maintaining this panache of being the more conservative justice so that he could be looked upon us as some sort of a black hero folk hero for conservatives. But the reality is, is that the whole the whole operation is moving in that direction. Thomas is just the trailing edge of that, so to speak. Yeah, absolutely. In. Scalia actually has a fairly precipitous decline over the last 10 years of his judicial career of becoming significantly mawr on the leftward side than then he was earlier in his career. And there's this mean out there in sort of like pop political analysis that all justices moderate over time, everybody becomes more of a moderate. Well, well, actually have to do the well, actually here, slap you across the face with it. Not the case for liberal justices and certainly not the case. The liberal Jewish justices. If anything, liberal Jewish justice has become more liberal and Jewish in their rulings over time. And, yes, using this Martin Quinn score, which assesses conservatives ideal air. Excuse me, Justices Ideological leanings on a conservative two liberal spectrum. We know these air in perfect descriptors. Set that aside for now. We see jazz it actually these justices Kegan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg. They're not becoming more moderate over time. They're becoming more liberal and then more liberal. And then more leftward again. And Ginsburg perhaps the best. The best illustration of this going from someone that was fairly actually fairly close to the center at the start of her judicial career, to becoming the most leftward on the court. And the conservative justices, those nominated by Republicans. They flutter, you know they'll go up on bail, become more conservative and more liberal by the year. But generally, if you, Kennedy Roberts, Scalia all trending leftward seems like what we have, with the exception of Clarence Thomas, six of the seven, and, uh, their trending towards the left. Now Sony sort of my or it. Here's an interesting, ah thing about Sonia. She is Obama's first appointee, of course, and she fits that model to liberalizing faster, actually, that any other justice, she is probably not Jewish, and I say that with a heavy, heavy side dish of caveats there. But she might be because Sodo Mayer Mayer. They're all common Sephardic names, and we do know for a fact that she is actually adored by Jews and has taken several trips to Israel to express her dedication and love or the Jewish people. So if not one herself, very spiritually connected to them. Yeah, well, they just and they just They just voted recently as well. Um, the before judges that dissented on the opinion that states can prosecute illegal aliens for identity theft. They dissented on that, by the way, like there was a case before the court. Like just imagine, a world where we have to have a case before the Supreme Court of whether it's a crime or not to steal someone's identity and whether states can prosecute illegal aliens who do so The four judges who dissented on that opinion well, three or Jewish and one is the looting X. And I think the one that's the lootings is the one that you're saying is maybe even Jewish, we don't know. But for three of them, the dissenting opinions on that case definitely Josh and ah yeah, should come as a shock to no one. So maybe that the I guess the phrase that we should coin James's instead of all justice is moderate overtime. All cry turkey's Judy eyes over time. I think it's the what we're going to say. They start off shitty, and they just get awful as time goes on. Yeah, they did. They get that big old circle k stamped right on him in this one? Definitely is. Ah. Definitely is approved. Yeah. Wow. Shocking. Right. Three or four of our Supreme Court justices in a country where Jews of 3% of the population, three or four of them being members of said tribe shocking over representation must be because of their advanced intellect and judicial start a penchant for being involved in legal theory. Certainly no other nepotism or anything involved there. Right? So Brett Kavanaugh, as we noted, has become, and this is ah, more recent analysis of his. He now has a Martin Quinn score of his very own break. Having a right wing firebrand has a conservative score of 0.3. Wow, these guys are out to get this hothead out of Wow. Well, and this is the theory that we proposed, which is that if you add Mawr like Donald Trump was a fluke, right? Like he wasn't supposed to get into office. And the fact that he did get into office means that the court would start to trend, especially because of the the nominations that he's been able to make to the court. The court has been able to trend in a direction to the right that they were not anticipating right. They expected Hillary Clinton to be in office. They expected Barack Obama to get that last nomination that he did not, and instead that was saved for Donald Trump and Donald Trump. Got to make nominations that were very conservative, well conservative, of the choices that he had. All of this has all this contains Nets, but the point is, is that the balance of the court shifted faster than they were anticipating that. So you had to take a guy like Brett Kavanaugh, who, if he were just a concert like Look, Hook. If you put Brett Kavanaugh on the court with five or six liberal justices, I have no doubt that Brett Kavanaugh would start making rulings that were very conservative because he could do that without putting the court at any risk of making landmark rulings in favor of interests that are, you know, beholden by way people. Um, instead, you have Brett Kavanaugh being a guy who should have been a guy tipping the court, even Maurin, the favor of of making landmark rulings. They're not even landmark. I keep saying Landmark, but how about we just have a ruling like the one like that was so ridiculous on whether or not states can prosecute people for stealing an illegal aliens for stealing people's identities. But that has to be like a 54 decision. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, it's insane, right? Or ruling that that the federal government can restrict answering senses to citizens or even ask people whether or not they are a Susan that gets struck down by the court. That could struck down by a court with five Republican nominated justices on How does that happen? Well, and you're exactly right that these justices, it is a mistake. And I think this this ah, Martin Quinn scores actually very interesting because it shows fluctuation over time, and it shows how these people's, uh, rulings change over time and their philosophy changes over time. It's not as if justices are are set in stone, and they have a A a theory or like a like a formula. They run issues and cases through in order to arrive at a ruling. It's all relative, and it's all on a sliding scale, and it's and this is, to be honest, it's kind of a cope. I've seen this cope out there that, you know, Cavanagh is only doing this because like they put a figurative gun to his head and allowed him to be nominated like these votes came at a cost and, you know, whatever. But no, it's it's This is just how the system that you and I and everybody else lives under is constructed. This is how it operates. Were explaining to you how it works and look, we only have come to understand how it works because we ourselves were fooled by it. Only somebody who's like I was never fooled by any this. It's like, OK, you had all the answers from the beginning. Cool. Well, so what's next, big guy Like where we headed next? It's like, right? No ST Thomas let me know. Yeah, No strict district druggists where we headed next, but no, I mean, you have to You have to sort of see how this stuff plays out. And so going out in the future and why I say never again. It's like it doesn't hate to say this because it's it is a hefty black pill, but you have to open up in swallow It whole is that it doesn't matter who becomes president and who you nominate to the court. Unless you have a political revolution that takes place and you have complete and total change of the system itself. Because what happens in a system like this? What is endemic to a system like this is you can put whoever you want on the court, and they they're either. If it's somebody who is going to pose a danger to the system, the system will lash out and prevent that person from coming on board. And, um, you know that that's just that's just the way things work. I mean, I'm sorry if there people perhaps still out there, who who think they can put faith in a new candidate one more time and put faith in next Supreme Court appointee one more time. No, it's it doesn't matter in. I'll tell you what, I have another blade. You like that black pill? Get excited for another black pill. You have any idea who the next nominee for the Supreme Court is? gonna be? Yeah, it's gonna be that blonde woman with all those black Children. Remember that girl, that's who. That was Donald Trump's favorite, Um, after Cavanagh. And then there was another guy that was awful. And I think some Jews in there, too. So yeah, it's like even even if you put somebody very legitimate on the court, um, it's what's gonna happen is Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch. They're all just gonna slide one seed over and make sure that the rulings come out in the very same way that they would have come out no matter who is on the court. Right. And this is not just a A like none of this matters. Ah, take like we're going to explain to you Yes, and very, very clear. Well, researchers undisputed Ah, you know, fact here why this happens. And if you recall from well, gosh, not even just the Trump Supreme Court nominations. But the Bush era nominations H W's nominations, even Reagan's nominations and this is This is a system that was born out of the Reagan area, and his judicial nominees that really came into came Toe have holding power in the H W era. And then, concretely, in the Bush Bush two era, you'll remember that these the Supreme Court justices or candidates to join the court they come, well vetted. And these are not people like, Do you think Donald Trump is like scouting? Uh, you know, like like pouring over case files from different district courts across the U. S. Now this is outsourced, and the selection of justices has been outsourced since Bush won since H W. To the Federalist Society and wow, these air based hard core originalists, right? That's the milieu from which the Republican presidents have chosen Supreme Court nominees since the eighties. Founded in 1982 every current Republican nominated Supreme Court justice. That's Alito, Gorsuch, Cavanaugh, Thomas and Roberts. They're all current or former members of the Federalist Society. They've been well vetted and the federal society they have the power not only to make nominees, but to break them as well. Bush's nomination of Harriet Myers was scrapped as a result of Federalist Society opposition. Now that's not a defensive Harriet Myers, obviously, but But, ah, these people are extremely powerful, and they basically are the firm in charge of all Supreme Supreme Court, definitely, and many of the appellate and other federal court nominations it has to run through the Federalist Society. If you're a Republican president, there are similar organizations on the left as well. But it's someone's like, Oh, why do you even even need them? It's just like, yeah, nominate Roberta Kaplan Nominate So and so nominate Amy Berman. Jackson put her on the Supreme Court next Democrat President. Let's do it. Yeah, but this is this. Ah, this organization confers that legitimacy. You mention these people are legitimate justices. This is, Ah, the organization that confers legitimacy to them. And it's not just a professional organization. This is a head hunting group. In many ways. They have 200 student chapters of law schools. They have 90 Lawyers Guild's in air Excuse me, Lawyer's Guild in 90 major cities. I should say they are a jobs network, professional guild, social club and really a judicial talent agency all in one, and you'll remember if you can take your mind back to 2016. There are many never Trumpers that were on the fence about Donald Trump until June 2016 when this guy announces in A in an interview that he promised to choose his Supreme Court nominees off of a list provided to him by the Federalist Society. And this was met with universal praise from Never Trump. Why could that be Jazz? Why would Why would these neoconservatives and never trump concerned about legitimacy and presentation, all climb on board as soon as Trump pledges his allegiance to the Federalist Society? It's amazing, and I guess it's amazing what? Why would that be? I have no idea. You probably know what comes that. Yeah, well, the Federalist Society dates back to 1982 and was founded. Yes, of course, by Jewish law students at Ivy League law schools, these guys bootstrapped themselves no, pounded the pavement on their campuses with the clipboards signing up members. Founders included powerful future Jewish attorneys like Lee Liberman Otis and Eugene B. Mayer. This guy has been the president of the organization for 30 years, both of them Do I really have to spell this out for you? I don't think I dio, of course, are Jewish, and that is just the tip. One of six tips of the iceberg. Eugene B. Mayer, This guy, he's a Chessmaster, by the way, you look into this guy he comes from, comes from some Ah, some pretty powerful lineage is the son of none other than Frank Strauss Meyer, a founding senior editor of National Review. Like a number of the founding senior editors of National Review magazine, Meyer Frank Strauss was first a Communist Party USA operatic before his conversion. It's like immediately baptized. Outta Nowhere is conversion to political conservatism. Yeah, so and amazing how that happens. It almost makes you wonder, really, really gets the old noggin jargon about about the origins of ah, a lot of these organizations. All right, Frank Strassmeir out there, Palin around with Irving Kristol, and I think he actually has some Ah, a little bit of, ah, designation. Uh, he was a better Communist. In fact, then Irving Kristol, because Frank Strassmeir, founder of the guy or excuse me, father of the guy who founded the Federalist Society in 1933 Frank Strassmeir was arrested, expelled and deported from England back to the U. S. Because of his egregious communist agitation. Wow, They were, like, get this guy out of here and do a spread and picture of this guy Very based. Back in the 19 thirties. Yeah, incredibly based. Um, but yeah, I do. Look at the picture of this guy. And wow, it's Ah, yeah. Cue up that that cast a Seinfeld drops extreme. Yeah, yeah, the FINA type. This guy has especially, like the very dark circles under his eyes. I mean, these were just, you know, I know it's I know it's sort of trite, but these were just like these people. Just don't look there. They're very evil looking people. I mean, I don't know how ah, how to say it any other way. And of course, this guy was a very close and personal confidante of William F. Buckley. Ah. In 1970 Buckley gave Mayer credit for synthesizing the traditionalists and libertarians. Stains strains more like stains stains within conservatism, starting at the magazine itself. Now what's interesting is that William F. Buckley, in the 19 fifties in National Review, was writing things like the South must prevail and that the white race is the more advanced race and that they should set the mores for blacks. Um, and until such a time when blacks can become equal and cultural society or whatever, and ah, it's amazing. I'm not saying that that Buckley was based at some point, but he had views that were more in line with what the American public thought and felt in the 19 fifties. 1957 is when he wrote that article. But it's so amazing that even politico when you read some of the work that they've done on Buckley and its transformation, they say literally. In Politico. After 1965 William F. Buckley had a total change of tone. It was like, totally upside down that he started talking about things in a different way and was was pushing the Racists in the bigots out of the Republican Party, especially as this major transformation was going on at that time. And it's that that that red letter year James of 1965 and it's so funny that it's all of a sudden you have all these Communist Jews coming into the United States and becoming neoconservatives in getting involved with people like William F. Buckley and how conservative it is. And then all of a sudden, it's like national view becomes something, uh, something very interesting. Um, as all these people were kicked out and kicked to the curb and set aside. Yeah, it's amazing how that happened, Right? Helping William F. Buckley, in the task of kicking out that virulently virulently anti Semitic John Birch society expelling the race, just explained the anti Semites from conservatism. And it's funny. There was a piece on lew rockwell dot com, where they look at Meyer's legacy of political philosophy. And I can you imagine, trying to understand things someone like this. Someone like Frank Strassmeir without understanding his ah, the key central tenet of his identity. They look at his record as a political libertarian, and they are. They're approving. This guy was a great civil libertarian, you know, allow any kind of contracts in the USA within the U. S. Was a great libertarian thinker. Well, I see. But I see them make conserve the cope the conservatives do when they when they ignore the Myers Judaism, is they say that well, if you question like where he came from and in the agitating and everything, it's like, well, he had a lot of people are start off his leftist, but as they grow older, they become conservative and they they learn their lessons, and they had to come through that. It's out of that change and out of that transformation that we actually have somebody that we can hold on a higher level. Ah, for having lived through those things, right? Like Sure, right, right. And you know, so many of these former Communists, they you know, they're not perfect. They're not perfect libertarians. They support things like the invasion of China. They support using nuclear weapons against China and Russia and their supporters of the Vietnam War. They denounce the John Birch Society. But you know these. These are all just little quirks right there trying toe overcome their their former Communist Prior's. Of course, these are all of these roll passion projects of people like Frank Stress Meyer they were, and Irving Kristol as well. The founders, of course, of neo conservatism. And in 1964 he co founded the American Conservative Union, which will remind the rail Ryan Landers they're the guys that run CPAC. He founded that along William F. Buckley. So Yeah, great. Ah, lineage there to that organization. The a c you deeply conservative. So, yeah, when you and your boyfriend are beating down the door to get him to CPAC t posting all the way, you're begging for acceptance from one of conservatism's most just institutions. So, yeah, notice me CPAC or and notice me? Absolutely. Yeah. And ah, so this is you know, these are the foundations they laid Teoh. It's like a holding pen, right? The federal society works like a holding pen to ensure that any Republican president nominates only from their list. Their short list of system approved of kosher approved judicial candidates. And they don't get anybody that's going to go off the reservation. Nor, perhaps, move mawr conservative over time, perhaps issue rulings that are inconvenient to this this power structure. Now you're getting people that have been thoroughly vetted, thoroughly approved, and going to do exactly the bit that they want them to dio and ah, But they're also planning, You know, that they're not only pursuing one planet once, they never only pursue one planet once. And right now they're also putting forward this this policy potential this Supreme Court, a Supreme Court packing plan effectively which would be, of course, a constitutional amendment to just pack the court with justices. If you can't If you can't get thoroughly Judy eyes thoroughly neo liberal justices on the court Why not just expand the court to 11 15 27 justices? Well, pack it full of people that are gonna give you exactly what you want. The reason why they're doing this, of course, is because the model that we've outlined here, where they can just with a little bit of nudging and adjustments they consort of control the direction of the court if it's weighs one justice in one direction or another justice in another direction. But it becomes a problem like, let me illustrate this with a ah with an extreme example for the light switch brains. If you put nine justices on the Supreme Court who were all rubber stamped by the Federalist Society and you still got gun bands and illegal immigrants can come in and dreamers or legal you, it's like the system would be, let's just say, very naked in what it was doing, right? Like so there's a little bit of wiggle room. You have some marginal shifting of left and right that you can go with, like one or two. But when you have Donald Trump in who is making ostensibly right wing picks to the Supreme Court, and you keep racking up right wing pick after right wing pick, and nothing really seems to change that's being shot out. The other end. Yeah, it starts to become pretty naked. What's going on? And so this court packing scheme is not just about moving things in the other direction more quickly left. This acceleration is, um um it is about making sure that the system doesn't get too naked. It doesn't get too nakedly transparent in the undermining of what is going on, and and you know you can go back and blame Marbury versus Madison. And that is certainly the foundational element of how we ended up with the Cry turkey today. But the problems that are we're dealing with today are inherently Jewish problems, and it is. This court packing scheme is merely just solidifying the crack Turkey. 27 justices What? I have 50. What difference? Like, what difference does it make? How many you have, um, make it even further out of reach for Republicans. As far as I'm concerned, let let's let's be done with the MIM that oh, we just need to get, you know Donald Trump is you know, he's appointed 500 justices to the various court systems around the country. It's like, Okay, what prized We win James more of the same. So right. We still get the gun bands. We still get the abortion laws being upheld. We still get married immigrants pouring over the border. Yeah, gay marriage, Not not even within, Not even within the realm of possibility of being overturned. And you mentioned that these problems are distinctly Jewish. And that is not just a hyper bowl. Not just that I didn't deploy just an empty can are James or there's no that was Ah, there was There was a lot of meat on that bone. And when we look at the players that are involved in these very theorizing A you'll find, yeah, a lot of the typical typical players. One of the anuses from Box. One of the most extensive arguments for court packing comes from David Ferris. They don't say this, but he's a Jewish political scientist at Roosevelt University. One whose book It's Time to Fight Dirty argues for court backing as part of a larger set of strategies to amplify Democrats political power, including statehood for D. C and Puerto Rico. Braiding Gallup. Breaking California into multiple states and expanding the House of Representatives. And this is happening absolutely to to ah, to increase their power over the system. But, I mean, it's happening also because, like there is no always never everything, nothing dichotomy that doesn't exist, and they're getting sure they're getting a lot of what they want. But they do. To a degree. They do want to get it faster and they want to. There is some nervousness, right? There's always neuroticism. There's always neuroticism with this people, and they view a strategy like expanding the court as like just pumping the US like yes, 65 states of the United States. And by the way, it's like every California in Congressional District is a new state. They view these things as as potentially bad optics, short term strategies, but as a way because they're very nervous, they want to shore up our very quickly, and that's how they want to go back. That's how they're proposing, how some of them are proposing to go about it. And they note here, this would only require an act of Congress. I lied. It wouldn't require a constitutional amendment, only an act of Congress, to you expand the court 27 37 justices and I don't know jazz. I kind of agree. I find myself agreeing with your analysis, that why not? Why not do this? Maybe Trump can do this as a signal of how not race is and nominate all freed inmates from the first step program to the courts. Yeah, I I I laugh because it's not outside of the realm of possibility. I mean, it's it's, you know, it's in some ways you could actually say that. There's no way a typical member of the GOP establishment would ever do something like this. But Donald Trump, he's a mould breaker, James, like he's the kind of guy that would go out wrecking ball, a wrecking ball. He's the kind of this is not a defence of GOP establishment conservatism making the point. Ah, a little bit of hyper bowl to make the point that Donald Trump is the kind of guy that would wake up one day if if he had enough of Jews in his ear, convincing him it was a good idea why we need more justices on the court. I mean, is amazing. Sure, Yeah, And we're going through this and tracing the origins of this idea because it's important to understand how topics like this even become topics of discussion. How they go from the halls of debate at liberal, you know, coastal universities to becoming something that Democratic presidential contenders are being should test it on at debates and in interviews, which actually happened in the earlier in the Democratic primary. So we go from from David Faris like waxing poetically about this idea in a book that he wrote a few years back. And then, sure enough, 2018 we get Ezra Levin not to be confused with Mark Levin or Ezra Levant very, very different people. He's the co founder of a group called Invisible, arguing that any Democratic presidential candidate serious about implementing the progressive agenda, has to seriously consider appointing new justices to unpack the courts. Listen to that tell mature jazz unpacked courts by adding 35 justices to them. And there's this advocacy group came out of nowhere, launched in October 2018 called Pack the Courts like Jesus, slow, get your narrative straight here. They're vying to make court reform a central theme of the 2020 presidential election. They've raised $500,000 aim to spend $2 million during the 2020 campaign cycle, according to executive director Aaron Belkin. And Aaron Belkin is an interesting guy, not only Jewish, he's also gay. Kind of crazy, right? But he attended the elite Hawkin school in Ohio, where he was a close friend and prom date of none other than Roberta Kaplow. Mm, quite interesting. So he went to prom with Roberta Kaplan. Even though he's gay, I guess. Oh, yeah, maybe they were doing the bit that the LG I Yeah, I don't know what their deal was, but problems suddenly shocked by that. A out of nowhere, This group that founded by guy nobody's ever heard of Aaron Belkin, Beeson political science professor. All of a sudden, they have $2 million to throw around and again, this is how these radical fringe ideas, whether we're talking about transgenderism gay marriage, packing Supreme Court, go from the minds of Jews to becoming public policy. In the blink of an eye, they decide what changes they want made the fund. Advocacy organizations and media campaigns create an artificial public demand. Then they screw with your society and tell you it happened because you asked for it. Yeah, this is how we got drag queens and schools. That's how we got gay marriage and case in point this election cycle. Kamala Harris Kabbalah Haaretz of But Gig Gang war in Baidoa They all expressed support for expanding the Supreme Court. It's amazing that they were the ones out there calling for this. People who received more money bait Oh, before, and then butt plug. And then Kamala Harris. These were people who received more Josh money than any other candidates in the race. It's amazing how that works. You know, Court packing has its ties back to 1937. Were there taking inspiration from this. Of course, FDR tried this and it failed. But some other juice jazz, they're going back in history even further. Taking some inspiration from the 18 seventies. Wow. And, ah, how's that for a uh, yeah, I mean, dude, this is it should be shot. It shouldn't be shocking, but it still is. But it's also not when you look at these people you're dealing with guys like Joshua Guilt, sir, who is the executive director and visiting professor of law lore at Georgetown's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection. This guy who is, of course Jewish, previously served as the senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council. He's written this piece in Politico about what he refers to you as the lost 110 words of our Constitution. The idea. We certainly have lost 1 10 I suggest finding 1 10 very soon if we had our way. We come across 1 10 tomorrow. But he's ah discovered this novel interpretation of reconstruction law, post Civil War reconstruction law that he wants to use as as an impetus for removing constitutional or excuse me, removing House of Representatives representation for congressional representation. Basically, for red states, for any state that dares to try to pursue voter I D. Or not allowing illegal aliens to vote. This guy, Josh Belzer, he's gonna be there to, ah, try to have their their rights to congressional representation. Take it away. This is actually the outcome of Donald Trump, 2016 something that we didn't even think was possible, but it Sure enough, it happened. Ah, before our very eyes were forced. Fdn predicted it. And ah, this despite a lot of doubt that it was going to take place, It it happened. Um, and one of one of the aspects of the fallout are one of the key pieces to fall out of that is that they are now going around. Even though, you know, from our perspective, things seem impossible and a lot of people have lost total interest in the electoral system. They still view these is potential risks and they have to go around. This is program risk mitigation that they're undertaking and this sort of reconstruction 2.0, where they have decided that they want to potentially or in actuality, make sure that if you end up in a position where there's a state that is causing too much problem, yeah, just, you know, totally de platform them. This is deep plat forming at the state level. Um and that that is what they want to do. They want to make sure these air, all these air all fail Safe's right, built into a system that they thought they had pretty much total control over And even though they have wrangled Donald Trump, they want to make sure that a guy who comes in and does that and gets white people excited for next candidate and then actually tries to follow through on the things that they promised in their run up for their first term, that that can't happen. And if it does happen, they have a bunch of insurance plans in place to make sure that nothing about what they've poured. I don't know. Hundreds, several 100 years of effort into cannot be just washed away in one election, right? And I think the reconstruction is actually a very good parallel for what they're doing here. Because reconstruction for those in Rio Rylander, one of the key ah, portions of that was the denial of Southern whites. Any political power these people were were often restricted from voting. They were not allowed to to elect representatives. They basically had. It basically was what we do when we go to like Iraq or something and establish new parliaments. Ah, these people were were very highly disenfranchised in favor of the recently freed black slaves who were given you defended at the barrel of a gun, by the way, given the right to vote, who were given the right to essentially do whatever they wanted in southern society and southern whites. This led to really the modern it aeration of the southern Democrat, right? This this post war resistance to reconstruction policy that left Southern whites and I mean not disenfranchise is putting it mildly. These people were often is stripped of their land, stripped of their property. They were, ah, heavily taxed to pay for the reconstruction and occupation of their lands by union troops. And I think it's a pretty good parallel for what they're trying to do now, which used to reign over a population that does not consent to the direction things are going to the direction they are taking. This system doesn't consent to it and are being actively replaced and special. Preferential treatment is being given to racial outsiders, and we, the people, are being forced to basically stand here powerless and and watch, and that's what they want to do with this. Ah, 14th Amendment prevision, which section two thereof states when the right to vote at any election is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state being 21 years of age and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged except for participation in rebellion or other crime. The basis of representation there in shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens. 21 years of agencies in such state. Basically, they can remove House of Representative seats to any state that is denying at time the rights of blacks to vote. But now the rights of Mexicans to vote the rights of illegal aliens to vote the rights of refugees that washed up on our shores yesterday to vote. They all deserve a right to participate in our democracy, don't they? Jazz and they don't consequences will be severe, very severe. Well, uh, what if we're being parent? Anything. We're being paranoid, James. Meaning of this being a little paranoid says the cheap seats. I don't know you. 1 may think that 1 May 1 may think that, and then you get to the point in the article where Mr Goelz er says, quote If the reduction clause were intended as a loaded gun to be wielded against those states that might infringe on voting rights. It's never been fired or even pointed in their direction in earnest. So, yeah, we have this, Ah, National Security Council, Jewish American entertaining the idea of, ah, pointing guns. And you know, he uses the metaphor for a reason. Because that's how they view white resistance to this program. White political resistance to their program as an insurrection as a rebellion as tantamount, really to to the Confederacy as a threat even greater than the Confederacy was. And they are looking at severe measures looking, deploying severe measures to quell that into a headed off, which is why they're putting political dissidents in prison, right? If they weren't concerned about people waking up and being discontent resulting in popular political action, they wouldn't be putting political dissidents in prison. They wouldn't be pursuing that the platform ing they are. They wouldn't be introducing these think pieces to plot ways to disenfranchise entire white states from participating in elections if they had everything under control. If they were getting everything they want, there'll be no need to do any of this. They were just let it ride, but they're not the parallels to the the court packing scenario. I mean, they're not lost, and they shouldn't be lost on you either. E I mean, this went from again in a span of two years. Three years. They went from media think pieces to $2 billion in ad spend to basically being a key tenet of presidential campaign platforms. And all this happened in a very short period of time. And that is how this works this fake foment ation of popular sentiment. And I think it does a little bit to invalidate some of this GOP forever theory. This is, of course, an escalation towards one party state, and again we'll say it again. We're not invested in the electoral success of the GOP, but it's always good to pay attention to these things. And, of course, these theories they may seem fringe, And they may seem like Why do I care what this Jew says about how our government should be run very important to pay attention to? Because these are what you know. It starts off in the university halls and becomes popular policy in a very short period of time. And so, yeah, I mean, it's important to understand how these things work. I mean, you can't just mail it in and say that I don't need to understand how these things work. I just I just know that all of this stuff is bad. It's like, Well, if you want to push back on it And if you want to help other people, see, because all of this is is arming you with information. So when somebody comes to you and says a man, did you see that new nominee for the Supreme Court that Donald Trump made? I mean, even the Federalist Society approves of that person. It's like, Well, guy, And then you just gauge that conversation with however you want to do it. I mean that it's it's about It's about making people aware of what was going on, because it's it's not enough just to say, like, this sucks. This sucks is not an argument. And it has to go beyond that. And it's important that people understand. And, uh, if we have any hope of throwing off this, you know, these people very conniving and they will you know, the description of a termite is not that far off. They really will get into the foundations of every aspect of your society and eat it alive. And so you have to understand. And so when people will be like, Well, bro, that's a pretty extreme rhetoric. It's like, No, it's not here. Sit down, friend. Let me tell you about the federal society because all this is verifiable because, you know, Mike, Mike has made this point the number of times, which is that nobody's going out there and disputing any of the things that were saying There's calling this evil and so, you know, dispute us on the fax. If you have arguments to refute what we're saying, please, please, by all means, put the bar for the fact that you won't is telling. It's very telling. Absolutely. Because you won't. You won't even address the argument because you know it by addressing the argument. You're granting the premise that there must be some substance to this, and you cannot do that because the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. So very are very full show. Hope everybody has a good weekend. We'll see you