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welcome to strike the nation. This is jazz, Since one feels joined by Eric Striker and James Alsip the very first time live on Wednesday night, I have a confession to make. I forgot to record 1st 5 minutes of the live broadcast. So instead you're hearing this Unless you showed up on time, then you're probably one of the few people. Well, actually quite a few people who heard the live broadcast. So without further ado, gonna jump right in very comfy three plus hour for sedition strike The nation buying would have won 52 to 41 if only white people had voted in the Texas primary. Ah, without Bloomberg and Warren, it would have been 47 to 40. So the result would have been actually worse for Bernie if Ah, Bloomberg and Warren weren't running. So yeah, basically, what I'm talking about here is that Texas was delivered by the non white and to a lesser extent, the female vote well. And the crazy thing about Texas to is if you I'm looking at the detailed polling breakdown and they're saying that 21% of voters in Texas were black and that seems to me to be fairly high high, given what we know about taxes, actually very high. And then you look at the county by county map. And sure enough, you have. Ah, you know White Austin there, Sanders winning 38% of the vote. Then you look at Houston. Dallas, look at these. These other areas that are ah, the the only black areas really of Texas. And though that's where you have biting 40% Biden, 40.3%. Right. So credible, e. I think there is something to this theory about about black, the black vote being maybe artificially inflated. The interesting thing that that, um not to pivot too hard, but, uh, just jazz and I were talking about this a little bit last night and Oklahoma and the white vote in Oklahoma. Something incredible happened there, where in 2016 in the primary, Bernie had got 170,000 votes, which was, like 54% 52% of the total total vote share. But last night in Oklahoma, he lost divided, and he had, like, seven what, 17% of the vote. He got blown out and he lost 100,000 votes. And so the the question then is where to those 100,000 people, which are almost entirely white people in in Oklahoma. Where did they go? And striker this? I think you have mentioned this on striking, like a few times now. Bernie's campaign this year versus 2016 he is. He's embraced a lot more of the open borders a lot more the tranny stuff then he had four years ago. And maybe that is part of the reason why you lost the weight. You lost the rule White vote rule Whites in the Democratic Party came out for Bernie in 2016. They did not come out for him this year. Michael Tracey mentioned a couple of counties in Northern California, for example, were Bernie one like 1000 votes in lesson counting? I think it was. And ah, this year he won two like 200 so that's a pretty big drop off. Sanders is on target to potentially lose Michigan now, which is next weekend, and I think it's next weekend. Is that next Tuesday I forget where Michigan Michigan is, the next big prize that they're looking at. When is that? It's it's March 10th. So it's It's next Tuesday and this is a state where Sanders won handily in 2016. He's trailing Biden by seven points in Michigan. Michigan? Yeah, of all places. You know, Bernie, Bernie also has spent an enormous amount of money trying to win the tanks vote, you know, which you know is it doesn't really mean what much in terms of anything, cause it zee. It's really a linguistic cat category. But in Nevada, he spent 1,000,000. He outspent all the Democrats on bilingual ads, right on Spanish language. And so you really aggressively pivoted towards this demographic and he did get some results from it. Um, however, he lost the working off Some of the working class and rural white vote in the process is going to say, Well, that's why the majority in this country at what expense did he do that? And I would actually argue that the same rules apply in a very general medicines. That they do to anyone running for public office is that if you start focusing on these trying to get the minority vote out, which results in in an enormous amount of effort expended like Hispanic voters vote less often than blacks, and it's already a pain in the ass to get blacks out. What they figured out is that it's easier just to commit fraud on the behalf of blacks than actually try to get them out to the polls. And so what they've done instead is like Bernie has spent all this time and he's been coaxed into this non white coalition and trying to build it in. What not, But it doesn't pay off. It doesn't work because those people they don't they don't. Are they genuinely invested in Bernie Sanders in the same way as some of the Bernie Bro's are? No. No, they're not ideologically invested. What? I mean, Bernie Sanders has the most extreme immigration policy of all the candidates. Okay, He wants to basically give everyone amnesty and so on. Ah, and you always have that position the right. Like, Oh, fuck, no. But this year, the way he was able to get the quote Latino vote out to the polls was he integrated? Hundreds of these kind of Mexican mobilization groups. Ah, there is one that was that's called, um that that was a nurse for Bernie. Yeah, that's a good one? Actually, no. There's one that is run by a Jew. Hold Daniel Altshuler, which is the most prominent, like Mexican mobilisation immigration think tank in the country. It's called Make the Road Action Very powerful pro immigration group. And for the first time ever, they endorsed Bernie Sanders and sent their agents to try and mobilize Mexicans in the polls. And they were somewhat successful. They did get, Ah, higher turnout in California and it did go for the so called Latino vote. Went for Bernie. But the problem is again Tau Tau. What ends like, you know, if a lot of is the goal of the election toe win the, you know, legal immigrant vote people, you know, their family members and so on. That's sort of what they were going for their or is the goal to win the election, right, because Bernie loses the Rust Belt, which he will if if his immigration policy ah, gets to the ears of white working class voters and that previously support him his immigration. If he if he actually if they see his immigration policy, they're not gonna vote for okay, and they might not even vote period. So Bernie has painted himself into a corner by aligning himself with all these really woke people and woke groups already saying, for example, Michael, Tracey and Lee Fang, you're starting to see like a Corbyn after effect in the United Kingdom. When Corbyn got spanked for the same reasons by the we lost the white working class. Ah, a lot of anti woke left this, you know, they were blaming the woke left because Bernie has pivoted towards kind of, ah, academic, leftist like, kind of urbanite leftists and also to, like, try and pivot to minority groups. And in the case of blacks, it's an absolute disaster. Ah, and in the case of actually is you get some mixed results again. Remember if if Bloomberg in Texas, for example, which is a big state if Bloomberg the Hispanic vote there, Bloomberg did not run. Biden and Bernie would have been tight in terms of the Tanks boat. So point of making here is that yes, you can get these votes with very extreme pandering, But again, it's a minority vote. So it's not enough to win you a primary, much less a general election. OK, but I'll say this. The GOP must be ecstatic. They must. They're gonna They're gonna run to the nearest black. I give him a blowjob after this. Their narrative. This is like the perfect CPAC narrow blacks, black people blocking socialism, saving America from socialism. This is like the perfect narrative, but it's a perfect paleo con narrative to because you have the the Bernie Movement, a socialist Venezuela light movement being buoyed by these Hispanics and the there's like these images of of Hispanics for Bernie, for T o Bernie. And you have to just you can envision the paleo cons loving this and and, you know, taking this photo and running to the GOP office and saying, Look, look, they're going to turn America socialist like if we don't stop them yet the core of the burning like there's a lot of truth to that mean that they show today on the paywall, tedious are not the people. TVs on regular TV is today, um, of the video of like the Bernie Bro being like but but free college and the black as like that should already free. Yeah, there's a lot of truth to that because, uh, because it And that's why the white, the core of the Bernie Bro movement is there. But because they want socialism for them too. But people like people. The people who go Go ahead. Sorry. I was just gonna say people like Tim Wise are out there trashing Bernie Bro's for saying like, Oh, yeah, a guy like you. Ah, you're concerned about college debt and being poor and not having a job, and this is something that just crept up on you. Now try being a black person at any point in America, you fucking shitty Wake like this is Tim wise bit. He's like, What do you think, Magic? Grandpa is gonna come out there and, like, help you out with all this shit. What about black people? And it's it's this constant ranking of the white support for Sanders. That's so funny. How Tim Wise the shit lib, Jew, anti white, genocidal Jew. His narrative is the same right up until the end, where he's like talking about what? About black people. He you could mistake him for a neoconservative saying that, Like what? You think governments just gonna come along and savior, right? I mean, this is kind of my point about socialism. It's the point I've always made. Minorities already gets. They get free health care, they get food stamps, they get everything the people that pay 40% in income taxes and don't get a single fucking thing in return or whites. And so that's why a lot of white support Bernie Bernie won the white vote, particularly the white working class vote. Even on Super Tuesday. He still got a majority of it in most states, maybe in parts of the Southeastern. But places like, uh, you know, other places did. But the thing is, like people like Tim Wise, they are more prone to the crap being spewed by Elizabeth Warren. Right? So what? Elizabeth Warren's there, Elizabeth Warren star. I thought she was gonna win and possibly steal it at the convention. But she's pivoted so hard towards the anti white stuff. She's the only candidate really doing that and that to that degree. And you know this old the only people that vote for that kind of stuff or like, you know, awful Z and you know, academics and Jews and people like that. It has no organic basis support, but it is enough to take votes from Bernie. They are right about that. The point. The greater point, though, is at the hatred of Bernie Sanders and his supporters is more so. His supporters has to do with white people being 40% in taxes and saying, I want something in return for this. Yeah, OK, that's what it comes down to. It's not about people want a living because you know the Republicans. Ah, you know, they might signal against affirmative action. Ronald Reagan Revolution in the eighties was largely not fueled by Randy and libertarianism. White workers didn't just wake up Blue Dog Democrats and wake up and discover that there actually libertarians Reagan Revolution was supposed to be a way of curtailing or scaling back some of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Great Society programs. Reagan did not do this, but he did make sure white people lost money. Oh, yeah, that's that. You know, that's that's how did Deregulation works with heavy heavy duty financial ization of the economy kicked off in the 19 eighties as well, and it was actually a time when manufacturing was being destroyed as well. A lot of people, people think, you know this, I, well, not even bother to straw man anybody in our thing. I hope to God anybody in our thing doesn't still think Ronald Reagan. There's like a part of Ronald Reagan that you can cope about like there's literally nothing. Ah, we did this whole deep dive on the Reagan and Reaganomics demographic death spiral, and we couldn't even like, how long was that? James. Four hours long, and we didn't even cover all of the bad shit like some of the stuff like we couldn't even get to. We just cover the highlights because it was just It's just awful. And it's like you think, just the amnesty, the Simpson Mazzoli things, one aspect of it. The financial stuff that Reagan actually did during that time. When you're told that like Reagan, Reaganomics was this golden era, it's like, of course, was go gold in the area. 20 years before they got through the 1965 Immigration Act, they got the student loan student loans backed by the government. They got all this other stuff going going in the 19 sixties, and then 20 years later they were poised to take over the economy and of course what Reagan did, then doubled under Clinton. Like this kosher sandwich, Siri's started to continuing its continued on ever since. It's actually continuing under Trump with which is that you and you and Mike have on striking Mike, which is not a percent true. It's been continued in destruction in each. They're getting ready, I think, for some sort of economic reset, I'm not gonna call it a collapse. It's always a reset, right? 2008. They have a big transformation. They're gonna get ready to do another one again, and all it is is just a consolidation of power. Like you lose, they win. And that's what happens every single time. Yeah, yeah. I mean, the Reagan era was a disaster for white people in this country. It really probably as bad as the Lyndon Baines Johnson you years. Reagan is the father of the Jewish oligarchs that control our country. Now, Without his efforts, people like Bloomberg would not have $60 billion. I mean, what did he invent? Invented a terminal in the eighties that is now totally useless from their multiplies. His money, of course. He came in tow. Tow the offices mayor of New York City with like $4 billion came out with 60 billion. Ah, and somehow I'm supposed to believe that this is through good old fashioned elbow grease and its hold two. Because think about the propagandizing that took place to get a landslide victory like that in 1984 and get people today even today, calling him Ronaldo Magnus and in all of this garbage. And it's and it's just it's just it's just awful. The one thing that I wanted to say going back to something you said about Bernie is that it's amazing that there are actually voters out there who want no immigration and social welfare. So you have these people that are not showing up to vote in Michigan. Who are they voting for? Who are they voting for it and that none of it is giving them these? Ah, the things that they want, right? Like that's what That's what I would say. Actually, we don't know much about the turnout other than people that showed up in 2016 are not showing up now. Ah, and one of the copes that they're doing is that oh, well, Hillary Clinton is a much easier foil than Joe Biden. So Bernie performed better against her than than biting. But look at Biden. I mean, Joe Biden is a retard. That's what I'm saying. He's not senile. He's just a moron. You confined him. You can find a making really stupid Gaffs get going all the way back to the eighties. Well, I remember Number one when he was talking that group of Jews when he was vice president, and he was like, I want to thank you for for making America gay. I want to thank the Jewish community. Communism. I want to thank the Juicy, like doing that kind of, You know, like you know, he's just a guy who's like he's just a moron. Hitches and malarkey. Joe, Here's my hot take on Biden, and maybe it's not that hot, but I think Biden, because look, if you go back a couple months, there was a period in the media history where they tried to circle the wagons around this guy. And now that he now that they've done TNT in the Southern States, turbo *** turnout with blacks, they've managed to get him into a position where they could go back to the well on trying to circle the wagons. And if you go out of the length of the breath, the media today you'll see analysis. Joe has what it takes to win Washington Post, like just line after line after line circling the wagons around this guy. My theory on this is that this is an admission that the presidency is really intended to be a puppet show. This shouldn't come as any surprise to anybody. The reason why they don't want Donald Trump in there is because, yeah, he's sort of a puppet. But he's like a marionette that sort of spins out of control from time to time. And they don't like the unpredictability of Donald Trump. They want somebody who is literally fucking retarded and can't speak to be in the White House, and they're going to circle their wagons around somebody like Joe Biden. Now Bloomberg his school of thought is that he should be the center of power, and he also miscalculated. He thought that he could pop the Biden boil and spend his way into the election, and it was a novel strategy, right? Don't get involved in these primaries in the beginning because fuck white people. I'm gonna blow it out on Super Tuesday and he lost. Nobody wants a Jew in power what they really want. They have this thing sewn up so well, now they just want a passive puppet like Jobar Biden. Just somebody who they could get to read the teleprompter. They do all the other work and they cover for it in the media. That's all they want. And then they do it in a very slow, methodical way. They don't want jig, not politics, which is what Donald Trump represents. They want slow, methodical fucking of the country, really eating it dry, just like they've done with every country before. Except they don't want to get caught this time and they will exit stage left before anybody can react. That's the plan. I think the only hot take I would have if if they're gonna select Biden for the nominee is that they're hoping it will depress turnout for Trump. Because if they do that, then Trump can't just say Well, look at how crazy my opponent's policies on guns and immigration is. Yes. Ah. And so then Trump has to run on his record, which is awful in abysmal. Ah, you know, that would be my only take on that. Because from the looks of it, if you're gonna run Joe Biden, I mean, this guy, it's like fucking it's It's like watching a lamb get devoured by a wolf in a debate with Trump. You know? I mean, poor Joe Biden. I mean, people. Sometimes I'll watch the debate with a woman I know, and she's like, the entire times, like, Oh, or Biden. You know, you just elicits pity and people he so you know, and it is. But it is pitiful. The poor man, you know, Why are they pushing him up? To do this is truly, uh I don't know what, what, what, what they're trying to do here. But that would be My only explanation is to depress Trump turnout and have this this, like, this guy with no self starting thought. No riel policy proposals, no note. Note Noack. No charisma, no ability to string together a sentence, you know, I mean, what I think he's the perfect American president. Actually think about his policy proposals. He can. He actually has every policy proposal because the guy's been in government for 40 something years, and he's taken just about every position, from being a blue dog Democrat to being a being. Oh, you know, awoke liberal Democrat now, like this guy can get up in in Wisconsin and talk about defending manufacturing and then go to Nevada and talk about the importance of diversity and welcoming immigrants and, like the guy could just say whatever and has no problem saying Whatever. I mean, you might have a problem literally saying it, but he won't have any reservations about saying whatever he needs to say in front of whatever audience. He's being put in front of reading whatever's on the teleprompter and that'll be that. And we haven't like there have been more than enough moments already in Bidens Early Stages Primary campaign where the media, if they were going to report on this guy fairly as being basically retarded, it would have happened already. Or if there were, there were ever going to be a moment where they would be like Yo, like this guy has some fuckin issues. It would have happened already, and it really hasn't and you're seeing it get reined in. And so what they'll do as risk mitigation is sort of what they did with Hillary in 2016 which is like, All right, there's one event a week and it's gonna be about a 15 minute speech and there's no rallies. And, you know, if it's over 72 degrees, you're staying inside and that'll be that well. And if you remember what Bloomberg has promised, which is that if I don't succeed, no. Would anyone trust a Jew? I don't know. But he seems to be committed Teoh defeating Trump. So if Bloomberg serious about that, and we take him at his word, which again, I put at very high risk if you do that. But potentially, he said, I'm going to hand over the entire organization that I've built, and I will help Whoever the nominee is win against Trump and if if he hands that over to Biden and you combine what you just said, um James, which is that the whole organization gets handed over. Plus they just do really good branding of bite And just imagine Biden commercials done is well, because the Bloomberg commercials were what got him the percentage that he did right? If he didn't have all that money and did did the ads and branded that. So I think he actually did it well enough to get 10% of the vote. Ah, it was. It was a thing that got him there. And you do that with Biden and you limit the Biden exposure and you have a lot of surrogates going out and doing things on Biden's behalf. Look, he's got butt plug out there doing stuff for him, like whatever. Uh, just the question is who the VP is in in all that, but but going to something actually, to that the tedious guys brought up today, Mike and Jesse were going back and forth about a particular thing, and there was some disagreement. But I think I saw where they were both going, and I think they end up in really the same places. It's it's something that I've been thinking about. Two is how are they gonna handle the Bernie problem and they can handle it. One of two wait. There's three ways to handle it. One of the ways to handle it is not the thing that you want to do because they want to demoralize Bernie Bro's. They don't want to radicalize them right. They only want to do one thing. So the three options are. Beat him before the convention at the convention, or if he just let him be the nominee, let him become president. Whatever, however, that works out. They don't want to fuck with him at the convention because that has the highest degree of Bernie Bro's feeling like they got fucked. If they can write, they can beat him before, which seems to be what they're doing now with TNT, right? So that on Lee, a lawn Li, like a very fringe group of people, would be like, Oh, yeah, they fuck Bernie because lots of black people voted like, not people, that people are going to say that if they fuck him in a very transparent way of the convention, it's a very difficult thing. The other thing that they could do is let him become president or let him get the nomination and then pretend to support him. Let Trump beat him, and then Trump solves the Bernie problem. And then they can say this would have been a smart thing if they couldn't get him before the convention. If you're the Democratic Party, you say, Look, guys, we tried the Bernie Socialism bit. The very ideological white people stuff. It didn't work out well because we didn't support it, actually, behind the scenes and they just let it die that way. They don't look like the ones fucking anyone. But instead they're running the risk of those people putting their support into something else. I don't know what they'll do, but the whole thing, I mean, it's it's kind of like I see why they don't want to allow Bernie to become president, but that would be or become the nominee. But that would be an effective way of dealing with it. The one thing I will say, though, is that and I want to see you think about this striker. Is they one of the reasons why they're fucking burning now before the convention of why it's the best option for them is because they don't want to actually have the debate of socialism versus capitalism. And neither does the neoconservative coach right side of the kosher sandwich, because they've even rebranded it. America versus Socialism. They don't wanna have the debate about capitalism because capitalism has a very long track record of open borders, misery, drug abuse, drug addiction, people getting fucking wealthy in most of the country, like writhing in poverty. That's not a debate that they wanna have. They would much rather have it be about Joe Biden in his Ukraine scandal. In all this other gay show. Yeah, and Donald Trump. And And I love black people. It's a gay fucking thing. First of all, first of all, one thing you know, before we pivot to this one thing that really fucked Bernie is the fact that a lot of Democratic voters still believe in the media. You know, Republican voters, because the media does not even pretend to talk to white people anymore. I don't watch the media, but in the case of ah, Bernie, you know, I I would wonder how much of an impact all those attacks on him, that he's a Russian agent, that he can't win, that he alienates moderates. You know, the biggest turnout came out came from ah, suburban faggots. Like people from the suburbs. Ah, for the Democratic primary. That was the big increase. This this election cycle. Ah, and to see MSNBC's covered you know, those are the people watching that. So I think that the mainstream media attack on Bernie while it's not as effective one young people certainly suede votes in the 45 plus demographic for sure towards Biden. Okay, now, when it comes to America versus Socialism, if Trump were to run that campaign, he would lose, Okay, because capitalism particularly what? What the GOP promotes, which is, you know, 0% interest rates for bankers who then go ahead and loan that money at exorbitant interest rates to the public. So they get money for free, and then they loan it as it used at a usurious rate to the public. Okay, now, that's how capitalism works in America. Okay, now there's another thing. Ah, 138 people get to decide elections in America. Trump was an exception, but these are the people that don't make the most money. Okay, after those 138 people, about half of them being Jewish. Ah, it's all donations of $200 less. So that's the second thing. We live in an oligarchy. And the third thing is that, you know, America versus socialism would quickly fizzle out in terms of the effect. It's not going to bring people. It's not going to bring people out to vote or anything. And so Trump would be in an awkward situation of having to pivot back to immigration, having to pivot back to economic nationalism, fighting the elites and all that. And it would just ring really hollow because he's been in charge for four years. Now there's there's, ah, article in the American conservative by a man named Robert Mary, and it talks about how ah, Richard Nixon and his ah, in his second term was able to defeat George McGovern. And a lot of conservatives attributed that to McGovern being too left wing. But in reality it was because Nixon was was actually pretty good president in his first term. Um, you know, he goes and he looks at other cases. You know, where where this dichotomy has happened or this kind of contrast has happened, and it hasn't gone so well. So the idea that that a candidate could be to left wing on economics and lose an election is simply unfounded. That's something that CPAC has invented and has again no organic base, right. However, if there's a candidate that you know if the issues of the 2020 election are going to be Joe Biden's Ukraine scandal versus Trump and his association with Russia, What the elites want with that both in the Trump camp and the Biden camp is for the public to become de politicized. Suddenly we're not debating nationalism vs Globalism. We're not debating America versus socialism, Capitalism or socialism were debating bull shit That doesn't fucking matter and no one cares about. And they see this as a kind of reboot, almost like a time machine back to 2015 when always was great. You know, you kind of see this with the Virginia vote, all the all the swamp creatures in Northern Virginia. Probably the only whites that came in large numbers for Biden s because they see and Biden in another four years of them stealing. Ah, and so this is kind of, you know, this is kind of all over the place, but, you know, you get what I'm saying. It allows them to perpetuate the game in, and it's a very difficult thing to put back, right, like it's one of the reasons that they don't they don't like Trump. It's yet another one, cause he's unpredictable and he's more predictable now than he was. But he also was somebody who changed this dynamic like it was a very comfortable system that they had in place swing, swing it this way will swing it back that way, you know we can. We can keep the game going and keep people distracted while we're really doing the fucking behind the scenes. And then it became like, Oh, wow, we have to dial this back, this guy back in And I think it's one of the reasons why they don't they they will actually want to avoid at all costs, even though it may be better to allow Donald Trump to beat Bernie and solve the Bernie problem for him. They don't want to have the debate over capitalism versus socialism. And in the event that let's say, the economy shit the bed and Bernie one, then why did they have to have four years of like dealing with Sanders and like stopping him and having the courts like block him and certain things? And it's like because there is a difference. I think between what Sanders is offering and what the establishment wants. Bernie wants to do things, you know. He's a sixties communist. He's doing the ship like it's a guy like you already took over the government. Now, like a center, you Bernie, to be a plutocrat like it's not your time to, like, come in and like, wreck this shit because you're not helping anybody but white people. And that's literally the opposite of what everybody's requesting. Yeah, and they know, too, that if there is a Bernie vs Trump Election, the populists on both sides will be engaged. And there's more potential for those populist to start recognizing, like looking at their counterpart and it being like they're seeing themselves in the mirror, right, finding more in common than they thought they had and recognizing that, you know. Yeah, if you're ah, right wing populist. Yeah. You know, maybe I do like some of these populist economics. And if you're left wing populist realizing, Wow, we're not going to be able to do any of these populist things I want to do with the economy unless we have a country of white people. So, yeah, where do we go from there? It's like that. It's like a Bernie, bro. You get you get accused of being a Russian shill. Funny. Me too. I wonder why. Like you say that the election was rigged against rigged against your guy for a second time? Yeah, you're just a fucking Putin shill. It's like, What are they saying that right? And that is Bernie played in tow. Bernie gave credence to Russia gate, and suddenly he finds himself at the receiving end of it. And, you know, the election tells you what you need to know about that, right? And But if they have burn, even if they have, ah, Biden versus Trump, the Bernie Bro's 30 to 40% of them have already said they're just going to stay home and they're not gonna They're not gonna vote for Biden now. Maybe that's that's hubris right now during the primaries, and maybe some of them will go vote for Biden. But there's a lot of them, the core, they're not going to be engaged. And on our on our side, you know, we'll be engaged, but we're not going to be like out there. You know that this less potential for us to make trouble for them and to advance that Socialism versus capitalism. Ah, conversation. So, Bernier Biden versus Trump is it really works well for them. And either side wins in that situation, and they know they'll have someone who is either mostly under control or completely under control. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think also Trump derangement syndrome has died down quite a bit. I mean, have you guys noticed this, too? Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, a lot of those older. A lot of those people will be getting rich, and they've just shut the fuck up for one. But but a lot of them, I mean, they've realized that it's like, All right, we've got this guy pretty much dialed in, but they still don't like it because they don't want to have to deal with what comes later, which is a potentially and Ivanka or Kushner. Um, it's just that I mean, that I still think there is some because my, you know, Mike talks about this, and I know you do two strikers like there's also I think people just look at it like Jew on this side white on that side. But there's also a lot of Internet seen battles going on between Jews themselves and they don't want. I don't think I think there's a whole contingent out there of people who don't want to see in Ivanka Trump or a Jared Kushner ah, sort of dynasty starting to tape take shape, which is what they're gonna lay the groundwork for. If Trump gets a second term putting that in place now, will the voters go for that? Probably not. That's the funny thing about it is like 2030 years ago. When they have this dialed in a little bit better, they could have laid the groundwork for the next dynasty and then forced it on everybody. But they have a harder time doing that because we see what happens when they put these people out there. Ah, as you know, they tried to push but plug And what happened? He got rejected. They tried to push Warren and she got rejected. I mean, what do you think? It's gonna go out with Warren now? Um, strike. Do you think? Do you think she is going to stay in? I mean, my fear, my theory 48 hours ago was that Ah, but plug Klobuchar, Warren and All of these people were going to stay in bleed delegates off of Bernie potentially and then just hand them over to whoever or your theory, which is everybody bleeds off delegates and then hands them to Warren. And then there's a brokered convention or Bloomberg. They could have gone any route with this, but I think Warren is probably cause Warren doesn't actually believe in anything. She's just ah, more yappy, less serious Hillary Clinton. She's a cynic, however. Ah, what she's probably going to do is make phone calls in the next few days and see if Biden or Burning is willing to consider for VP. Uh, I don't see how she could continue in this in this election. She doesn't have any way when, but she she will make a lot of left wing people really angry and possibly invite a primary for her own seat if she continues, Ah, to stay in this race. My, my original theory was, yeah, it was she was going to sit there and wait until the convention, and then no one's gonna have a majority, and then Bernie and ah, Biden or Bloomberg would ever get together. OK, we can compromise on Warren, because remember, a lot of these Bernie Bro's that will never vote for Biden. Well, probably vote for Warren because she's close enough. You know, she's, like, the kind of like the off brand soda. Um, so, you know, they have to be taking that into account. She's the RC Cola of White Socialism. Yeah, they got great value. White socials. Yeah, and she does have a lot of elite support. Remember the New York, The Jew York Times door stir besides Klobuchar? Ah, and a lot of these kind of Neil liberal woke Neil liberals. You know, they people in Silicon Valley, college professors, lawyers, even Wall Street people. I mean, I wonder who's funding her Her sudden Super Pac. Remember that Super Pac locked up 24 hours and had $18 billion to spend who's funding that well and then So I wanted to know. But they won't tell May. Yeah, you know, she's like, I just want what all the men have. It's like what happened? This plan where you pretend to be grassroots and get like small dollar donors. Although that didn't work out for you because you're a fucking chill because you're a Republican 10 years ago and everybody can fucking see right through it. You fucking with the schoolmarm haircut and shit. It's like, I mean, if this proves one thing, it's that people actually like, you know, here's a take Biden one because he's the fucking white male. He's the fucking white heterosexual gentile male. And he's the guy who won. So and actually like that take I mean, we can say that the election was rigged because of blacks, you know, TNT turnout in certain areas, which there may be some truth to that. But I would say Sanders abandoned his white base on on key issues such as immigration, such as homosexual stuff. I don't know if he was really into the gay stuff. The last somebody really doubled down on the brown things in the last four years. And on top of that, you have no other options. What do you have? A euro if you have but blood The fag, his his husband wanted him to keep it in the race. Right? Like I mean, it's like no man like all of the options are shitty and the white guy one. And when you put a white guy on the ticket. Even if he's out there bumbling and stumbling over himself, he's still going to come out on top. I like that narrative. I don't like what a lot of the a lot of the black vote that Bernie never got is also probably because some of his his ah people and speaking at his rallies like AOC. You know, she's out there talking about bullshit like climate change, but also like going after talked about something called Queer Liberation is like running our get clear liberation, you know, And you know, black people see that and the like Na Na Blackwell shit in there like now and then. But e mean during Iowa and this in the tail towards the talent of impeachment jazz. We talked about this on FTM at the time, and it's it's like being proven now in the Super Tuesday results. Bernie had to be in D. C for the impeachment trials. So who did he have as a surrogates at this rally? He had receded to labour. He had some other like he had, like the bold head squad, like, wheeled him out and they were doing like like monkeyshines and like Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah, We go, we go Impeach Trump. It's like, Oh, my God, it was terrible. And also, if you're a white dude in Oklahoma, you see that like, What the fuck is this? At least Joe Biden like at least he kept corn pop under control. Didn't, well, not his campaign surrogate. Yeah, right, right. And you know the thing. The thing with Bernie is not that it's not just that Bernie himself. His platform was a problem. It's also, in the case of black people like they don't understand what he's saying. Like, I read an anecdote about how the Bernie Campaign was in South Carolina and then went to a black neighborhood and they put a bunch of posters with like, it was like a wanted sign with, Like Lloyd Blankfein, all these Wall Street bankers is a black eyes, like I have a little fucking people are, you know, I don't even know that is, you know, so, like, you know, it's kind of like, you know, between the gay stuff between and also even, you know, even the immigration stuff. Black people. Black Democrats are not as fond of Mass immigration. As as you might think, OK, they don't like it that much. So you know what was Bernie pushing? You know, there was one moment that I saw during one of the debates with Bernie, and I thought, This is this is the end of his campaign. When I saw this, he was asked about trade deals, right big thing that helped him win in the Rust Belt and his response to like why he didn't vote for the US USMC a. The Trump USMC, which actually kind of sucks. It's just NAFTA two point. Oh, but instead of criticizing it like that, Bernie said he voted against it because it didn't have enough stuff in it about climate change. Now, if you're one of these Rust belt workers in Ohio, that's forced toe working with these Chinese own, you know, they had to have me like these Chinese owned factories that sew a documentary about This is like, ah, Chinese own glass factory, where workers in Dayton we're making $30 an hour for GM and have their jobs outsourced are now working in gruelling conditions for $15 an hour. Jesus. So you know Bernie, Bernie could be talking about stuff like that, and instead he's talking about a boutique issue. You know, climate change. And that's all done because Bernie tried to expand quote, expand its coalition, also make it more palatable to media elites to Jews. In other words, do you think I think there's an element of Bernie? Potentially, those people vote for Warren is useless thing. This is a novelty. Take potentially. I'll just put that out there. But like the novel not Your take, but might take him about to give. Is that like Bernie, Bernie expanded, like Bernie has to know that this would have resulted in a poorer result in performance this time, right? Like he has to understand. Like Bernie's not stupid. Bernie had to understand that when he was pushed in this direction or allowed himself to be moved in this direction, there was going to result in this. Do you think there's because we know that Bernie Sanders is not going to run third party independent like the Bernie Broz who are sitting out there doing copes? Because I saw the copes today like, you know, I don't I don't say that in a mocking tone because a lot of the things that they're saying, the live things they're doing or it's sort of the process that we all had to go through to get to where we are because they're like, What are we gonna do now, man, Like, I don't want to hear any more doom posting like we gotta figure out something constructive to do like I get it like I feel I know what that feels like, But is there an element of like Bernie Sanders where it's like Bernie like this isn't going anywhere? But we don't want you to go anywhere. We want you to keep these people engaged and let them down slowly. Let them down gently because it isn't about They don't want to radicalize thes people, right? They don't want anything abrupt. They don't want to stolen convention. They don't want Bernie like getting fucked in real hardcore Ricochet. You have ching quicker out there like having a meltdown, but they don't want that. They want those people essentially to just be like, all right, cause at the very end, no matter what happens to Bernie, Bernie's going to endorse the nominee in the way that he endorsed Hillary Clinton like it's just going to be over at a certain point and there's gonna be no revolution for these people. So at a certain point it's like, Do you sort of wonder? It's like Is Bernie just there to suck up all the emotions of these people while everybody else bind the scenes is, you know, moving things forward, right? Like you have not a Pied Piper per se in the same way that maybe Trump could have been, but in a way that where it's like, Yeah, I'm gonna occupy these people's time and energy as this phase sort of passes on. And then, you know, at a certain point, Bernie is gonna be dead. He's not gonna run for president again, and that's gonna be that. And there's not gonna be a next thing for them. Bernie Bernie, 2020 really does feel like an off ramp back to neoliberalism. Yes, that's what it feels like, You know, his changes on immigration has changes on you. Not talk about trade as much. He's not even attacking Wall Street as aggressively as he did in 2016 and he also pushed, pulls punches with people in debates you know, they're all digging into him. And part of the reason is it's what Lee Fang was saying. We fang is this kind of works with the intercept, but he's kind of like an anti woke left. This is questioning questions, immigration questions, all these things, he said. Bernie Sanders in 2020 he outfitted his campaign to break the 2016 stigma that it was too white and too male. So instead of taking the Bernie Bro label and embracing it, Bernie actually kind of distance himself from it. It is very similar to how Trump has distanced himself from the all right, right? You remember 2016. Trump's first interview was with Info Wars 2020. People of Info Wars aren't even allowed to sit down and watch his speech at CPAC. I mean, so Trump has done the same thing, you know? And so there is definitely some kind of elite Ah, you know, man imaginations or gay ops going on where they are trying t o off ramp white radicals on the right and the left back towards cut services. Um, Global Homa Liberals. Yeah, because of you, if you look at it like, let's say the ship of neoliberalism is taking on water. It's taking on water from the right. It's taking one water from the left. Its people are starting to realize that this shit isn't working out for them, and they're frantically trying to bail the water out. So it's these people that want to put their trust in Bernie. I mean, look, if they're not gonna fuck burning at the convention, I'll black pill. The Bernie bro's like, this guy isn't going to do it for you like he's just somebody to suck up your energy and make you feel like you're fighting for something. But there is no revolution. It's not coming. I wish somebody would have told me in 2016. I'm actually glad that Trump won in 2016 because you could you imagine if Trump had lost and we have do all this shit again in 2020 with same rhetoric, except we would get it over with. Except we didn't have any road tests to see, like we got to test drive the ship now and I don't like it. I don't like this car. I mean, I think the other thing, too, is, you know, now, in retrospect, it again, you know, retrospect, right? Look at Trump in 1999 2000 when he was trying to do a hostile takeover Reform party, right? What was he saying? He's like, I don't like Pat Buchanan. He's a Hitler lover. He's an anti Semite. Isn't like the blacks. He doesn't like the gays. He's a Haid. Ah, you know, he's doing that thing and he got owned. He spent an enormous amount of money. Try steal the Reform Party from Pat Buchanan and literally a bunch of Nazi activists. I know some of the activists that were there defending Buchanan from Trump's hostile takeover, and he failed. So when 12 2016 came around, Trump saw that he's like, You know, maybe I can use this, this Nazi energy for my own campaign and, you know, maybe he didn't say in those terms. We said, You know, the path Buchanan style energy, this kind of fanatical activism. Well, he doesn't seem to want that anymore, probably because he doesn't need it. You know things. There are, um, the the ah, the populist elements on the left and right are largely censored in America, you know, they're basically it's basically Ah, the First Amendment has been done away with. People are afraid to protest. People are afraid to engage in distant in politics. And I think that because the Bernie Bro's then to be a bunch of bug men ah, their pain threshold is lower point. You know, I'm not sure they're gonna go go and just be willing nilly going along with Bernie on team Biden. If that's the candidate, OK, I would hope that there's some percentage of them that are like, you know what? I'm because, look, most of them, like Spence it to Dan Tedious. Most of them are going to go back to Netflix, dildo and chill, right? Like they. But some of you know about that it will. No, no, no, I'm not saying that's a lake cast dispersions on them. I'm just saying that, like, some portion of them are in it for the gay stuff. And I'm not saying the white, like a lot of the people that got excited for him are going to go and continue doing what they've always done right, Just like just like I'm trying to make may maybe sort of a parallel to people nominally on the right who are still sucking trumps Dick in 2020 who are still going to go down that road, no matter what. They're going to get excited for next. Bernie Sanders like whatever. But they're not there for anything, Riel. But there will be a certain percentage of the people who are not kind of Netflix dildo and chill. They're going to come back and be like this is gonna be the thing after 2016 and 2020 whether, like, you know what, fuck it. Because they're not actually that much different. The parallels don't end it being called a Russian chill, right? It's also about wanting no immigration. It's about wanting something like a legitimate social welfare, and it's like you're not going to get a Denmark or Sweden or Norway from anything out of this political system, like this political system has to fizzle out. This political system has to unravel, and at some point, yes, there, and they're going control in our in our our job is to make sure that the ship of neoliberalism does not bail out the water that it needs to to get back on track. That it might be the perfect spin glare in Caesar, a senile old who just not even like they're mentally. It's pretty perfect. American Caesar. Yeah, well. And so the people who are into Bernie because it's the trendy thing to do or because, uh, like the urbanites who are upper middle class at affluent and Or you know, some of these college types that are just into Bernie because you know why not? Sure they'll move on to the next thing or next go back to just watching kitchen consuming products. And I hope that eventually, I hope they eventually figure it out. I don't say that Go on forever. I hope they have no figured out someday. Maybe, Maybe, maybe they will. But the for the people who for the white working class Bernie Broz, the people that are supporting birdie because they see him as a way to alleviate punishing economic conditions and to give them a B A shot at a better life. They are not going to be as easily little back to sleep or little back into consumerism or Hoodwinked into voting for next neo liberal. Those people are much more likely to investigate to do the failure analysis of why Bernie didn't win, why Bernie was screwed and start actually looking into these things and maybe come to the same conclusions that we've come Teoh, which are the only real conclusions about why Bernie's being is being screwed. I you know, I don't think that everyone in the Bernie Campaign or even half of them, are going to just forget that this this whole thing happened. I think that I saw some really interesting several on Twitter. I really I'm kicking myself for not saving the link. I saw someone promoting a link to a website that was like burned the convention or something. Wow is B or N? And the website is like organizing people to to start a violent riot at the convention of Bernie Doesn't win. Ah, very Fed post. It would be surprised if it was a honeypot, actually, but yeah, like you're starting to see. I think, like any, Knox said. He's like you started see Bernie Breaux's branch out in tow. Irony Bro's and ah, Fed posters. You know him and I hope I hope we have a Democratic National convention like 1968 in Chicago States right down the road to Why not? I mean, this is gonna be in Milwaukee, Have have them. You know, I'm not encouraging anybody to do anything, but I hope No, I hope that they fuck. Like I've said from the beginning, I hope they fuck these people in these people get pissed cause you know, these remember these are our enemies to the Democratic establishment is as much the enemy of young white socialists is the enemy of young white nationalists. You know, the the rial, I think I think the rial, um solution we need to go for here is to try and connect those those those wires. You know, you drop the gay stuff, you know, they can drop the gay stuff. They could drop some of the some of them. I don't even think Bernie's immigration policies all that even popular amongst Bernie Bro's. You know, really, with the exception of some clowns like, uh ah, Nathan Robinson at current affairs, he's like a dying ah publication. They're not all that excited about mass immigration and stuff like that. What they want is a decent job in health care, you know? And you're not gonna get that under Trump, and you're not gonna get that under Bernie, okay? And you're not gonna get that under any Democrat or Republican, because whites and this is something they have to understand that we need to show them whites are a race lis and stateless people. That's why when Bernie one, uh, Iowa when he won in New Hampshire. Well, he did well in both. Ah, pundits in the media were acting like it didn't matter because these were white voters. Right? But suddenly Biden wins the black vote, and it's like, Well, this is all you need to know. This is our candidate. So yeah, no whites, whether they're on the left or the right white radicals, you know, the the the the the energy on both sides. Whether it's white radicals on the left of the right, it's coming from the same place it comes from being disenfranchised, just like the the actual Mihm of the black, saying that she already free right? But black people don't care about health care because I get it already. So who are the people that want to rein in Wall Street that want to increase labour unionization? That was one of things that Bernie was running on. Ah, increase worker representation in enterprise and so on. You know, these are things that are popular white voters that most minority voters don't really care about. Okay, that's that's that's the end of it. So this this is Yeah, I I don't think that Bernie Broza just gonna vanish like that Now I don't think they're gonna vanish either. I think on Bernie Bro's specifically and I think ineffective piece of rhetoric and I know Mike does. This is going to give him credit for it, But you do as well. Which is that like, Why? Why are you know, people want people in our thing even want to do this bit where they want to debate the systems and they want a debate like all this other ancillary bullshit? And it's like, No, why don't we focus on the thing that is at the center of all of this? And the Bernie Bro's, I think, could be brought in some in some, maybe in some ways, through the pain of suffering and the pain of disappointment, of getting fucked again, where it's like, OK, look, I know we don't agree on the gay stuff. I know we don't agree on maybe even the immigration stuff and you say, You know, they don't really care about the immigration stuff. That's probably true. But even the ones that air that maybe they have their hang ups of their prior's. We all have our Prior's like whatever it's like, why don't we just focus on the thing that is preventing all of us from getting what we want? Because I don't think we're that much different, like we all we all want. We all want a life where we can, where we can have a good job and it cannot be not be discriminated against because we actively are. We don't want to be harassed. We don't want to be abused by the people in power, and that's what they're doing. And it's like, well, leave all the other stuff for later. Let's worry about that some other time because even in our thing on our side, people get caught up in these hot debates about different systems in different ways of doing things. Is that guys, that's distraction from the task of hail and like I think I think we could probably benefit from all being on the same page with these people. I think it's just going to take more pain. And it's one of the reasons why we're all called. That's He's right. They want to keep us apart from them and there's really not yes of a difference between us and them. They want to make it about us in them. But there is no us and them every step. Every white man is a potential comrade. I always say this. I know many people that voted for Bernie Sanders, the primary in 2016 there now with us, not to mention people that supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 that voted for Trump and are probably disappointed and probably will not vote in 2020 for the General. OK, his lot of a lot of a lot of the depressed white turnout, white working class turnout rule turnout in the primary this year is people that have just tuned back out because Bernie sucks this year, you know this is something again. I saw a study that was done very recently. I believe it is by the Brookings Institute and they they they surveyed non voters OK, because I know, a lot of people paleo con types, especially. Oh, no. There's always brown people everywhere. We're gonna t to get the GOP over the finish line. Oh, you know, the, uh the thing is that the biggest demographic of voters is nonvoters and those air still majority white. Furthermore, these are people that are not indoctrinated by the Jewish meat. It's like 100 something 1,000,000 people not indoctrinated. It's amazing. It's amazing how big this group of people is. Yeah, these are people that when they're pulled independently and they saw this study, they have kind off the white ones, especially they like the idea of a border wall. They are very cynical about capitalism. They have basically they're more racist than voters, you know? So, you know, these were these were people that we need to integrate these people until the into into the voting process, and we can still win elections even 20 years from now. Just got to get the nonvoters on poor okay. You think of the non voters and the non Jews. You got to get some. But the other side of that equation is getting somebody for those people to vote for I don't like. I don't feel good about trying to gain engage anybody in this system at this point, and that's that's the boat. If there's not a single candidate that represents May right, and this is why they've done such a they've been so passionate about de platform ing us specifically because they recognize that we are not going to reflexively refuse to have a conversation with a white leftist or with the Bernie Bro or with the non voter, because that's what you get amongst conservatives you get in amongst amongst payload cons. They'll say All your you thinking about socialism and Bernie, that's cringe, bro. That's cringe, and they just like they're headed. They are the pendulum brains at the Jack has that. We talked about words, so it's cringe. It's T posing outside of CPAC in the Rain and Donald Trump hat Well, Donald Trump calls Charlie Kirk is blowing that show. That that is literally what I mean by Netflix Dildo and chill like that is that in actuality, in real life, in meat space, it's awful. It's awful, like imagine, imagine Double and Donald Trump when he told you guys that are still trust the plane. Trump is just not that into you. Isn't that you care so much? Shit? If you're the first, he doesn't give a shit about Alex. Jones doesn't give a shit about own Shore or Gavin McInnis. All these all media personalities that basically put him on the map that made his unlikely candidacy into an actual victory. These people have all suffered immensely. Doesn't even fucking part. He'll pardon? Cem, do criminal. Still Pardon Begovic? A guy that the Illinois Republican parties was like Shocked by this. Is this guy so fucking corrupt? I'm confused. Why you're doing that? Trump is a fucking crook. He's a criminal. Various organize care about you. It doesn't care about you. Imagine, Like Charlie Kirk has more relevance than this. This milieu of people like believe it or not like Charlie. Yeah, because like, at least Charlie Kirk can deliver, like, I don't know, it was like a handful of McGeough tardes, But like, what you gonna deliver? Like something that he cringes that and it's like, No, I don't want I don't want to be anywhere near this. It's like, get try. Thanks for playing. Do that. That's the thing. Is It's basically Sim Ping. It's like the please, my lady. Just a crumb of acknowledgement And like like begging pleat like hands on the window like face smushed up against the glass. Please let me in. It's Ah, yeah, Why would you want to be a part of this anyways? The detach yourself from this system. Detach yourself from this This shibboleth from this, like ivory tower conservatism because it sucks, right? And those people, those are the people that will reflexively refuse to have a meaningful conversation with the Bernie Bro or or White left. Is there anybody and look, because I don't go ahead, James. Sorry and then either. So I I was going to say, because that is what the elites on both sides want. They want you to hate the other guy. They want you to hate the guy for being a socialist or hate somebody for being a Nazi, because then you're never going to reach a point where you can you can, like, hash out what you have in common, find what you have in common and find that 90% of the things maybe you have different policies, but your sentiments are the same, and you don't want these elites in power. A lot of a lot of Bernie Bro's also went through the kind of optics versus ah Wigan at debate themselves because especially after Charlottesville, when they got scared, they you know. So what happened was a conversation between a Bernie bro on a Trump supporter in 2016 was actually quite easy to have. It is happening all over the place. This became more complicated. Ah, in 2018 especially when they started purging a lot of workers left this like we're left the center for all intents and purposes pro white, you know, like a Amber Frost. He's not really pro white, but she is more class oriented and not anti white, which in their minds is poet and said a lot of the Bernie Sanders movement was infiltrated by anti fall, was infiltrated by rad Libs. It was infiltrated by New York Times types, journalists, Jared Holt types, you know. But when push comes to shove those people stab your bright in the fucking back. Okay? The New York Times ran an article scathing article attacking Chapo Trap house, and that they're, like, openly debating like, should we the liberal, you know, basically Jewish establishment. Should we crush these people or keep ignoring them? That's the debate they're having right now. And if they don't shut the fuck up very soon, the answer is going to be crushed them. And so they the Bernie Bro's on their behalf. They made they opened the doors to identity politics to AOC to anti flaw to these freaky kind of Trani shit. They opened the doors to that in an attempt to kind of, ah, meet the establishment halfway. The deal was okay. You accept these people as leaders in your organizations and in exchange, you get better media publicity, the gates unlock in Washington towards the Democratic Party, and you'll be in a better position to win for Bernie in 2020. Well, the opposite seems to be happening right now, hasn't it? Why? Because those people, if you're you know, if you're going to sound kind of like like Joe Biden, you're just going to get Joe Biden. You have to polarize and keep that polarization and check. And now the outcome is that even Bernie Bro's it. Do you want to have conversations with us? And by the way. I've actually spoken to very prominent leftists who agree with 99% of what I think. They just think I'm a little a little too extreme on some things. But they agree with 99% of what I think. And these people would never be able to publicly have a conversation with me or associate with me publicly because their lives would be ruined. The charisma ruin. They be opened up to violence from Antifa, which is now ah, groups. Antifa, of course, is a Jewish basically Jewish lead terrorist organization. Ah, and these people have have been ah, they they've birth. They burrowed themselves in the Bernie Populist movement and they're there to police any any conversations between nationalists and socialists between the left and right Now, Soon as you do that, you will get wrecked. OK, Bye bye. The Sam Cedars by the ah, Jamie Pecs by the people like that who are also in turn helping lose the election for Bernie with their woke crap. So the prominence of anti four months of Bernie Bro's, I cannot stress enough how this presence of these faggot Jewish anarchists in their milieu accepting them, which they didn't before letting them infiltrate. This is another thing that has really hamstrung them. Okay? And this is this is a lesson that all right, had to learn the hard way when you're trying to, you know, uh, working closely with the old light when push comes to shove the whole like is shut down right now and the first thing they do when someone threatens their money and their and their Jewish donors call him up like they just value people that you were having beers with him working openly, withholding rallies with disavowing you, right, Because they're close donors said, Yeah, I mean, there's that and then the Bernie Movement. It's been like this big basket of, like valuables that various groups are like it again and extracting value from. And so there's the Antifa. Absolutely. And I think that parallel with the old light is exactly right, because that's what we see. Like on the Bernie Side. We see now these people is like injection of this idea that it's all about beating Trump. And like while it would be nice to get a progressive, we need someone who can actually be trump. But there's no way that Bernie can be Trump's so you know we need We need to get on the bite and train. But then, on the right, we have the adult light, the paleo cons, conservatives coming out and arguing to us that it's all about the priority is ensuring the future electoral victory of the GOP. And so your other ideas, you know, that might be There are interesting things to think about, but really, what it's about is is beating the Democrats and making sure we can keep getting Republicans elected. But and that's something that many people are still trapped in. But it's if you were by the day, I will say I'm fewer and fewer people are falling for that stick anymore. Very dated, and also that is a misdirect that is a holding pen. People are being captain because it prevents them from looking beyond the GOP, because when when you view yourself as like an assistant as like a little and unpaid little assistant to the GOP and I I'm helping you guys would electric please listen to me You are not going to be thinking about broadening your base. You were going to be thinking about Well, I want Trump. Trump, please. Please recognize me. Please let me help. You're useless if you are. If you're rejecting that. And you think I don't know anything to the GOP, I don't know anything to Trump. I want populism. I want to do a upend this system and throw these elites out of power. Why? He's elites that are building these for us, right? Including the Jew. Promise. That's all it is. Trump has has become worse than useless. He's out there attacking Jeff Sessions. Probably the Onley congressman Worth anything ever in recent. Like in the last 20 years. He's attacking Jeff Sessions over some some faux pile over Russia gate. We recuse himself. He should have done that flying over. You fucking drive, Rosenstein. But that was the architect of fucking Russia Gate, who worked for his DOJ and get fired until there until after the so called investigation is over. Why? Where was Trump's outrages this guy exactly? Attacking Jeff Sessions while he's fighting an actual heavily contended race? Was it because he's not? He wants to cut the win. Yeah, see, that's the thing. It's like he doesn't attack anybody, and I and I look at the attacks on sessions is nothing more than a proxy, because Sessions and I don't agree. I do agree with you, Eric and I, and there's no, you know, I think Sessions is an a genuine, honest guy. He is. You know, he's not perfect by any means. But if you wonder if you want a litmus test for whether Sessions has has even a modicum of anybody's interests in heart, it's like Look at look at how Trump reacts to him. Trump wanted to prevent this guy from getting back in session one. Sounds won't see it back in Trump doesn't lend him any help and goes out there and attacks him even after sections is like, I remain loyal to trumpism in the trump agenda of 2016 yada, yada yada, and he's still now. There's gonna be some runoff election, I guess, on March 31st. But Trump isn't throwing this guy a rope it all. Meanwhile, Trump is shitting on. Yeah, nothing shitting on him when he's got a fucking election coming out. Well, I mean, this isn't say what does he want? Doug Jones one. And he probably does because you know what The thing is, the problem is that if Jeff Sessions gets back in Congress, when Trump 2022 or 2021 puts his really, really great immigration reform really, really great, it was gonna get papers. We're going to secure the border. Don't worry. We're gonna secure the board of my fence. You know what he does that he doesn't want Jeff Sessions to be there making a stink? No, that's the real agenda. That's what's actually going on there. Okay, so this I was actually astonished at Trump. You know, Jeff Sessions is the most popular Senate in Alabama, Probably modern Alabama history. Senator and Trump is out there shitting on him when he hasn't even gotten the actual primary. And I wouldn't be surprised if if Trump behind the scenes, along with Jared Kushner's running the campaign for the Trump administration, is it was helping the other candidates in the race because one of the other guys is in a stab. Both of them are establishment Republicans to reveal any other guy and Sessions could easily have won that race. But no. And how long? How long is it gonna be before the Ault light is sick on going after Jeff Sessions, right? Like, do we really think that I mean, going back to what you're saying about the dichotomy between the ah, the people on the left, people in the right with the old light? I mean, imagine being the out light and understanding everything that we do and then rejecting it in favor of short term up Comey's in Jewish finance, right? And then to get burned like you're just getting used and burned, and then you're gonna have nobody, whereas the guys on that much rather talk to a Bernie, bro, because at least that somebody who who is like in pain in desperation once once helped out of the situation at some point, like there's hope there. There's no hope with somebody want people I wanted to tell you cons and probably not pay well, but a paler guns listening in this, I want you to notice something. Donald Trump's tactical grudges. Isn't it interesting he gets into these, like, really gets these really petty tackle grudges against who? All right, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions. You're very tactical grudges because the people that are actually ah, blocking his agenda, you know why Why doesn't he have personal grudges against them? Why aren't you firing Mick Mulvaney? Yeah, about Charlie Kirk. How come he has no tactical grudge against Charlie Kirk? A man who said he's a fascist, tried to everything in his power to block him from winning in 26. Totally site wasn't an amazing right. No tackle grudges. In fact, he's promoting his good garbage book dude, Paul Singer, who did much the same. Trump comes out and says that Paul Singer's is a great American patriot, and, uh, he loves having him on board sick in a Jesus Christ, six c. I was still under the impression that that, ah, that Paul Singer was never Trump. But I didn't know that. I guess we missed this in the throes of whatever. But I guess yet, like Trump said that about singer singers been at the White House like you know, this move to buy Twitter in everything else and get Jack out of there. I mean, it's all about it's all about going back to this. Ah, you know, the the sinking ship of neoliberalism. It's all about everybody getting in there and in bailing water out of that ship they want to. They want to kill the fringes. Make sure that nobody on the edges can point at the center and they don't want, You know, the whole thing is just a fucking shit show, and they're trying to dial it back in. Now, the question is, you run the tape a little bit further ahead, and it's like, Can they really go back to a pre 2015 States striker? And like, how long can that go on with the censorship on both sides? As things get progressively worse? Because Trump I look at as a delay to in their plans, right? Like they had all this timed out like they wanted. They wanted Hillary Clinton to be in there, and then they'd have eight years of Clinton and they'd have, like, all this stuff moves on a big time scale. And Trump was a disruption to that for better for worse. Yeah, they got him dialed in, but they're behind schedule. You got people waking up Zionism and figuring this shit out and seeing what's going on. And then Bernie pops up on the radar and they're trying to get that guy dialed in. You got too many white people getting ideologically invested in the wrong kinds of things in American politics. And what you gonna do? Just shut them all up, Silence them like these people aren't going away. We have what 160 million people in this country and all the night goes that you're talking about, it goes back toe. What? That study, the the Soros funded study on media usage said on those there's a bunch of studies actually trying to figure out quote radicalization. And what they mean by that is white people exchanging ideas with other white people. Um, so what they found was that the reason why uh old media has exploded in recent years is because it's not because of some YouTube algorithm, but that people are actively seeking alternative explanations and alternatives to the present system. The reason why these people were not quote radicalized before is in 1995. There were watching football, okay, because they had, you know, in the two thousands, even they had CNN. They had flocks years at MSNBC and none of these people that are consuming all media today. We're watching any of those because none of those channels represented their interests or spoke to them. Today, people have media from whether it's Chapo Drafthouse or tiaras, or even in full wars and stuff like people have media that actually speaks to them. And, you know, it is very hard to believe that you can. Just after knowing all this stuff, just go back to businesses. Go back to watching CNN and Fox News. Some people look at the all life, they just go right back to business as usual. It's like, How could you that that's a money thing, though. Those people are motivated by money, not ideology. It is, but it's like but But, like, I, I just can't into that. Like I I can't like into being a shill, like, I guess that's made for some people. I guess that's what they like to do. I guess maybe there's like, I don't know, maybe a certain chromosome, that that is for that kind of thing. I can't do that like I don't have. I mean, that's the case for the punditry and then for the for the like sort of rank and file. I think a lot of it really has to do with simply like how easy it is to consume media and status and a tell it like it is intelligent. A component to this as well. Yeah. No, I mean, like, dude. Literally copying the RSS feed is it is a task too challenging for, like, 70% of ah, of the people. I don't necessarily agree, because if you look it or the Donald, why are they shutting that down? Right? Why are they shut it down? If everyone is just going, a business is usual. Now, some of the leaders like Sir Novich. You know that guy will you know that that guy, you could He's a prostitute. You could do it. He'll do anything for money. But but fuckin Ah, you know, some of these other ones. Ah, not only like like they've been totally blocked from even selling out like Gavin McInnis has been completely Ah, he's been voted off the conservative island. Yeah, but the point I was making more so though, is that like when de platform ing works to a degree, because there are a lot of people that that simply won't seek out whatever content they were consuming before it's like, out of sight, out of mind, right? Right. And so it's like that. Have you lost all your bookmarks in your browser one day? It's like, Are you going to go back and, like, remember where they all are? I mean, some people will. They're committed. I would try to find everything if that happened to me. I know it's happened to me, but a lot of people are just like they just find something comfortable. It's a comfortable narrative that feels good, and they stick with it. But if your I Q is below 100 maybe maybe that's what you do. I don't know. I mean, but I will. I would feel I have. I have data that shows different. The data shows that people, when when you get banned from you, when we get banned from YouTube, when we get banned from Facebook and so on, a substantial portion of the fans do migrate to your website so you can you can still exist. What changes is your ability to recruit new people, right? That's the big difference. So, you know, we were on it, you know, if we were not completely censored and and did not have to deal with the massive united front of anarchist terrorist violence and capitalists censorship, capitalist dictatorship. All this stuff. If we didn't have to deal with that, we would be three or four times the size we were in 2016 and 17 find, at least so they could take marble mentum away by doing that de platform in works to that extent. But the problem for them is that we already have millions of people, collectively, all media. There are millions of people that are not going back. And you can't just ignore millions of people, you know, and those people can. Still, we can still grown. We're still growing. All the metrics show that we're still growing. It's just slowly and through word of mouth it and through, you know, friendships and social service. We're just going to have to rediscover that there's still the capacity to influence. It just takes a little bit more work. I mean, the social media and those sorts of things, they were really like great platforms for that kind of a growth, which is why obviously it was shut down. And I think they're so concerned about it still continuing to grow and that they can't quite put the fire out. In fact, it's growing like you just said they can't. They can't. They can't bring this to hell is why you have what George Soros out there criticizing Mark Zuckerberg. You have Paul Singer out there trying to buy Twitter because they don't feel like it's enough. They're still seeing anti Semitism, and they're not gonna be satisfied until every last piece of it is washed away. And when they're done with, you know, as they said on TV is today, it's like, you know, they've stamped out the racism of 40 or 50 years ago. And so now they deal with the petty racism's. It's like they they haven't gotten rid it, like anti Semitism is probably counter. Simmons is. Whatever you wanna call it is that I'm using their term not not ours all time high in the last 40 or 50 years, and these people are freaking the fuck out and they want to stamp that out, and then they want to stamp out even the petty stuff, even even just saying like, Wow, there's too many rich people concentrated in one area like that is a bridge too far like they don't even want that. Just like you can't say. Like black people are stupid. They don't want mild racism. They don't want macro race. They want it all gone. And so I think they're going to overreach. I think they're going to go too far. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There, there, there, there, they're bound overreach. They're already overreaching. Uh, what I would say to anyone who's getting blackmailed about the censorship in the deep platform ing is that if it really was working as well as some anarchist pretend it works, Why are they having house hearings on anti Semitism every month? Like why our elites scared like they're visibly afraid of not Cecile, right, But of the people in general, you know, when a government you know, part of the reason why my theory is part of the reason why they're dialing back some of the wars in the Middle East and stuff, you know, trying to bring the troops back from Afghanistan and saw it is that they're preparing for for the people here they have officially At this point, I think it should be officially understood. The FBI says it's officially interested. The the United States Zionist occupation government as taken away its emphasis on fighting Islam and Muslims and redirected it towards fighting white Americans. Um, so they are not They're not as confident as some people might think. So the question is, now what are they scared of? And they they have metrics. And they have, um, various tools, you know, they are watching with people Google, you know, they they see something scary and some some kind of existential threat to their power, which is why they're digging in. I talked about this on Strike Mikey of the Day, Peter Turgeon's book, Ages of Discord. Your church is predicting inevitably some kind of revolution in the 20 twenties. And this is the same man who predicted Donald Trump's Cinderella victory in 2016. He predicted, Ah, that ah populace would rise in that election and he got it right. So, um, you know, Yeah, I put some stock of that. Yeah, I think I think it's a mistake, and it's something that people do pretty commonly, and it's unfortunate that they do it, and I'd like people to get out of doing this is is when you when you it's a mistake. When people interpret. We're not getting what we want, Therefore they're getting all of what they want. It's this, like always, never on off absolute one way, not the other way. There's no new. It's It's like, Yeah, we're not getting what we want But that doesn't mean that they're getting all of what they want. They're actually not getting very much of what they want it all. In fact, if you look at history as you pointed out, like people in the 19 nineties didn't didn't have, like what? People who would have been roughly equivalent to the All right, Well, what mailing videotapes to each other? That was like the equivalent of what we're doing now. We're doing a live broadcast on a Wednesday night and you know that they didn't have these tools. And sometimes you may not feel like we're winning, but like, what? What? How do you define winning like that? That you're getting everything you want tomorrow because it's not gonna happen, but not gonna happen. That will, but then won't. But they they have less than they had 20 or 30 years ago. They have far more control. They had farm or, you know look what they did to H. W. Bush when he slipped up one time in front of people on sale. Yeah. What's up with all these people upon capital? I forget the exact quote, but lobbyists lobbying on behalf of Israel on what happened like the whole leviathan got turned on this guy and he was a one term president. Now, you Well, this time around. Yeah, Yeah. It's like, happening like that. That kind of a comment made its democrats don't even go to a pack. Yeah, those kind of comments happen. Get made every single day. And these people are so afraid because they've had this happen to them. How many times before they always get to the end of this cycle where they get complete control of a particular country. And I believe that country today is the United States. They have control over others. But this is the center of power, just like Poland was at one time, just like Spain was at one time, just like Russia was one time and Brit Great Britain as well, and they are getting toured the stages of the game where people are starting to be like, Yo, what the fuck is going on because they only have one mode like they are going over what that would be, but he only the strategy. If you really want to radically change this country, the only way to do it it's hard. It's not easy. Who knows how you can do it? We gotta figure it out. But when you can unite the white populace left the white Socialists with white nationalists. Then you get white national socialism. Yes, and then you get whites voting as a block to reject this Zionist liberal system. You know, with these Bernie people, some of them the white burning Breaux's. We agree on foreign policy. We agree largely on economics. We agree on various things. Ah, I think that once these two wires, this is what they're desperately because in order for the Jews to run the system, they need tohave whites, Addy choices at each other's throats, over politics, right, You need these artificial member. That this doesn't affect blacks doesn't affect other groups. It's just effects whites, uh and and the only way they can actually rule is through divide and conquer. So I in my opinion, you know, uh, creating some kind of partisanship around the Republican Party is the last thing that will get us to where we need to go, especially since the Republican Party does nothing for us. That's why again, I repeat, the Republican Party tried to use Cruz and Rubio to try and get the white base to reject Trump. They spend all this money all this time, all this media trying to do that and they failed. They threw everything at it. They have failed because literally no one in the white base that votes with Republicans supports the GOP establishment with the Democrats. It's a similar story. The black support, the Democratic establishment the many of the other groups do. But the riches of Wall Street people certainly do. But the white voters do not support the Democratic establishment. Okay, And look at the sleeper candidate that they tried to sneak in with Elizabeth Warren. They thought, if we can put one of our own people out there in Bernie clothing, a wolf in Bernie clothing and we're gonna fool these people were going to run the campaign exactly the same way. I'm gonna take Bernie Solutions in and say that I have a better solution and more creative and whatever. And look what happened. Elizabeth Warren, Jeb Bush to the fuck out. And she didn't even make it past Super Tuesday because nobody is buying what you're selling. Slo mo. Nobody wants this stuff. People are rejecting it. They're rejecting it, not just at the ballot box, the rejecting it on television. They're rejecting it In the movie theater, people don't want what you're selling, and it's getting high. It's getting to be that time again, where people are going to be starting to reject more than just movies and politicians. Right? Exactly. Let's take Let's take a quick break here way having a really good ah good conversation here on this stuff but won't take a quick break. We'll see you guys in a second. Oh, yeah. Welcome back, guys. To strike the nation Jazz answer feels here with Eric Striker and James outside who were talking about Ah, a whole bunch of shit for about the last ever. But, uh, I have bad news, though. I forgot to record all I forgot to record the 1st 5 or 10 minutes of the show. So if you were somebody who listen to this live which there Quite a few people listening. Then you cut something that probably will never get hurt again unless some deals recorded. But yeah, it's too bad. But the rest of it I'll laid down. So Ah, the Pirates will get it. Don't encourage, you know, I do want to talk a little bit. About what do you think We talk about the Democrats and what they're doing. What's the GOP's game here? Because I saw, like the you know, cpac's theme? Obviously, America versus Socialism. Charlie Kirk. I mean, do you think Trump is going to talk about immigration like it all like close toe, how he did in 2016 or even 2018? Or is he just going to drop that completely or mostly and be like I'm doing gray A few gray. Everything's going great. Everyone look at the stock market, you know, I was going to do that. I was sitting here listening to all that Fash way for the last time. Minutes is actually writing down ideas of things to talk about topics I wanted to hit, and this is the 1st 1 I wrote down was like wild cards on the election for 2020 in one of the wild card. Well, I don't think I don't think Trump talking about immigration as much of a wild card. I don't think he's going to do it. I don't think he needs to. I don't think they want him. Teoh. I think he actually puts himself at risk of losing support from from the establishment in the kosher establishment because he is going to be going back to the well because in the grave, talking about immigration in the way that Trump did is just a euphemism for like, dabbling in white nationalism. Right? And I don't think he's going to do that. I don't think he has to do that. I think he's actually gonna be not just dabbling in but dipping, putting both feet first into the black people narrative and what Oh yes, it black people. Brown people would especially black people in one of the one of the predictions. But I have actually and it was the night that they did. The Corona Chan press conference in Trump got out in front of microphone was like all right, Mike Pence and putting mic check pence in charge of your own Chen and Bogota. And I was like, Yeah, I mean, we don't know what's gonna happen with this with this virus, and that sort of beside the point, but we do know, is that the government has already been like ill prepared for this and by putting Mike Pence like, firmly in charge of this whole thing, it sets up this scenario where, like if it goes bad, he can have an excuse to get rid of Mike Pence. And he doesn't need Mike Pence anymore. He doesn't need the establishment's approval. What he needs is a black person in that position, and I think that they're setting this up. And the only other reason I say this is because when Trump kicked off his 2020 campaign, I don't know. Nine months ago, whenever it was, he was out in front of the White House in front of a gaggle of reporters. And they said, Mr President, Mr President, are you gonna have Mike Pence's? You're running weight this time around and I'll have to pull up the audio cause it's quite telling now that you know, what I just said is they had to ask him four or five different ways to finally get an answer of Yes, Mike Pence will be my nominee for vice president in 2020 Shore. You guys later, I don't because why does he need pence, right? Like he only needed pence because he had to marry up with white nationalism. Bit that he got support from the base with with the disdain from the establishment. So put those together and you sort of make it work. He doesn't need that anymore. Trump is the establishment. Why doesn't need why does he need pence? He doesn't need pence it all. So I think he's gonna go further in the opposite direction of where he was in 2016 which is Mawr immigrants. More than more more mawr and probably, I don't know. The only tossup is whether he puts what sort of what flavor of Brown person he replaces Mike Pence with, and I think it's a possibility Now the wildcard areas wildcard, though, is is do they artificially sort of suppress immigration in 2020. And by that, I mean, does h i s and all these different NGOs and whatever sort of turn off the pipeline like Are there no caravans this year? Is there no incursion with immigration this year? I know, um, Turkey is sort of driving, you know, throwing a wild card out there a little bit. But in the United States domestically, do they try to suppress that issue so that voters don't even pay attention to this at all? Trump isn't talking about it. There's nobody knocking down the the non existent border wall. Like do they totally try to go back to business as usual on economic politics? I don't know what you guys think. Holy Jesus. Yeah, go ahead, James. Yeah, it's gonna be difficult. I mean, that's the thing is, and this is speaks to why they hate him in the first place, right? Is because he because he unleashed this torrent of nationalist sentiment in in ah, 2016 and the easy path forward for this establishment. If we're looking at it as a monolith, the easy path forward for them, actually I think would be to put Bernie up as their as their nominee because then Trump wouldn't have to touch the race stuff at all. He could hit solely on the economics and ah, and they could run with that. But, I mean, obviously, for reasons we already discussed, they're not going to put but Bernie forward. But, you know, that's sort of an interesting possibility. They would have I I don't know how he's going to attack Biden. You know, they're going to you, you know, there's going to be a moment. Ah, what was that moment Trump had with that reporter early in 2015 2016 when she was, like, bungling the question and he was like, Come on, come on, get it out. What? You could do better. Let's go. Like, you know, that's gonna happen to bite. And but, like, Yeah, I I just don't know what his strategy against Biden is going to look like. I don't know if you know what if it's not Biden? Was it a up? They do some gay up at the convention and they pick, you know, Michelle a world where Biden or Warren Yeah. Even Warren, you know, the only way I can see Biden even being competitive, you know, they were bite. He's gonna lose by a large margin. Ah, the only way I could see buying being competitive is if he gets Michelle as his VP for hell. Even if they do some gay ops and sue the government and get Obama to run is the VP. It's never been done before, but they're gonna have to think outside the box if they're going to try and get ah, of this, this zombie out there and get it. Make him electable. Well, here's a possibility, and we know that people plug is out club. The club has dropped out. Bloombergus out. Everybody is out except Warren and Warren has said this may change. We make use, you know, Forget about Chelsea. Yeah, true, this may change in coming days, but Warren has said that they she is in it until the end. Not like in it to fight, but she's in until the end. And with what we know about Biden's mental and physical state. Do you guys think there's a possibility where Biden just doesn't make it over the next? What 45 months decline gets too obvious? I mean, they're going to try to paper it over like they did with Hillary in 2016 but it got to the point, even with Hillary, where they couldn't where she was like passing out in public and shit, and I don't think they want to risk that again with Biden. So I think there is a is a non zero possibility where they continue the TNT. They keep propping Biden up through these primaries. He comes into the convention with a Lee with a plurality, not a majority, and at the convention it could be presented in the number of different ways. But the end result is that Biden's delegates are told to cast their vote elsewhere. Whether that's Warren, whether that is for is some yet to be determined dark horse entrance into the race. But I could see them see them doing that and replacing by it in at the end with a with a different, uh, repackaging todo different cabin, where Gavin Newsom is basically just a young Joe Biden. I mean, and he's keep and he's sleeping his name in the news. But then again, Then again, so is Booty judge. But But But Buddhist is gay, and he will have trouble winning these primaries when there is this very, like stark relief like, Okay, here's the Black States and he can't win these, But what he'd like. Who needs authentic black support when you have t and T, though, right? But it could be like thes blacks are are becoming so liberal Now they've just shed all this this ah, social conservative baggage. I mean, what upside to all this? And I was saying this before, but you know, people that want to feel black killed I mean, look at all of it. Look at all the candidates running and set Born E drew aside out of this equation for second, but they rejected Bloomberg. So no juice, the rejecting Klobuchar and Warren and all the others also rans so they don't want women. The only way that they got Obama in there was because you have this sort of, like miracle of this like, half black, half white guy who's presentable and high verbal I Q. But definitely no fags, even when they're white and they have a high verbal like you butt plug was rejected, and so they have to have a white guy. So that's why you know Gavin Newsom is the guy that comes to mind because he's a younger Biden. He's he's high verbal. I Q is from a huge state like California. Um, and they just put him with some nonwhite token and go off to the races because But, I mean, Biden just it's not working. And I mean, yeah, I don't I I honestly don't I honestly don't know what they're going to do. My, me, my my concern is more more about more about Trump and like, what Trump is going to try to poll and, ah, you know, things that are, you know, off limits that that he is going to dio I mean, and by that I mean, I don't mean like, he's gonna go hard on WN rhetoric like he's just going to go, He's gonna go softer and I don't know, I don't know where that goes, but anyway, yeah, you know, someone in the comments is saying that the rumor is Nikki Haley's gonna replace pence. I mean, that's like the worst case. You know, the best case scenario would have been Ah, you know how how Bug men like the big the big gotcha that bug men have about the national socialist view that capitalism and communism of both Jewish like, imagine, if like, the debate was just between Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg. I know you know, it's just a conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, it's Bloomberg versus Bernie, but, you know, a little joking aside. Ah, you know it. You know, regardless of Joementum, it's very unlikely he's going to be the nominee. It's just doesn't just doesn't add up. But you know, if if Trump goes of Nikki Haley and ah, you know they have Gavin Newsom er worse, I heard of another another, um, idea floated on the Democratic side, which is to make ah, Mitt Romney VP pick for the Democrats as a unity ticket. Yeah, that's why I can't think of a worse scenario, like of a bigger psyop against the American people. The election between Trump Trump Haley versus Joe Biden. Romney. The only problem that I have with that strategy, though, is like that would have been. That would have been a strategy that they could have employed in 2016 where you have Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney and then authentic, never Trumpers like a siding with Clinton and then screwing Trump. And maybe they should have done that. Maybe I would. I'm glad that they didn't. For all the reasons I mentioned in the first half of the show. But this time around, it's like Mitt Romney's kind of like. I mean, that guy is underwater in terms of popularity in his home state. So I don't like there is no like you said earlier, Striker. Like there's no there's the Trump Derangement syndrome is not existent both on the left and on the right. Like what? What to what extent is there never trumpism at this point? It just doesn't rob me. And another guy Trump for gave and endorsed for the Senate who wound up voting to impeach him. But where's the strategic outrage that Trump expresses toward Jeff Sessions? Why doesn't need Todo sessions? It's so amazing. He's so quiet when it comes to Mitt Romney. He's a shit. What a fucking piece of shit is. Go ahead, James. Sorry to cut you off. Oh, no, it's fine. Um, e a so far is the VP considerations go. I mean, Nikki Haley and jazz. I think we had mentioned this, uh, before Nikki Haley would make sense for several reasons. One, she's an Indian. And as we know, the trump campaign and the Trump presidency, they're making inroads. The only ethnic group. Well, aside from Jews, and aside from blacks, you only have the group more than those dio that they're making inroads towards is Indians. Trump is doing a big bit trying to get the Indians, and the H one B's HB is on his side. That was part of this whole rally in India heated with Modi, but she hasn't been keeping her name in the news. She hasn't been around. I mean, she did this very out of character. Defensive Trump will. She wrote a book, in fact, defending him. If he's going to replace him with a Brown person, that other place pence with a brown person. I think you'd be looking mawr along the lines of Ah, Tim Scott or someone like that just because they're still in government. They're still, you know, somewhat more more relevant than Nikki Haley is, at least. But as Horace Joe Biden goes, the guy is decrepit. There's no way they're going to be able to keep that scam going. Oh, and that reminds butt plug we're talking about, like even as money, right? Yeah. Even as much as they tried to present blacks is liberalizing towards him, and warming up towards him, you would get the articles, and oftentimes this was in local media. But the articles out of South Carolina were hilarious because you would have these people interviewed these leaders in the community getting interviewed and they would say, like, Yeah, you know, we respect him and all, but I don't know if that's what my people are ready for. So they like turning on that t and T switch. Repeat, it would have been unbelievable. But if it gets the convention and they need someone to to stick into that role, I think P would actually be a possible contender. Because for the general election, they don't really need blood. That's the funny thing. Black voters matter a lot in the primary for the general. Yeah, they don't need him because where are they? They're in California, which is gonna be blue anyways And the South, which is gonna be right anyways. Well, and look, butt plugs, huh? What about the Rust Belt, but butt plugs? Husband didn't want him to pull out. He wanted Peter. He wanted Peter to keep pushing forward, no matter how much I kept getting into. So I mean this sounds like your prediction probably will come true, James. I mean, I don't know what to say, but yeah, it's Yeah. I don't know if it's Ah, that's a lot of fast production, but it's a possibility, right? And And if the concern is that Joe Biden is going to be have run circles, have circles run around him in a debate in the media cycle, Well, Pete butt plug like, you know, his answers are very canned is very well, we're Hurst and very Obama or Marco Rubio, like, in that way. But he would have the zingers in the quips in the lines and the ability to fluster Trump, I think. Yeah, they're not gonna They're not gonna put by. Biden is awful in debates. He's awful in general, but he's awful in debates. Okay. Ah, they're not gonna have him up there with Trump Period. I just don't see. They're going. They're going. They're gonna find someone else to go up there. It's giving someone young has to be, you know, maybe maybe ah, maybe. Ah, young spring chicken like Al Gore? No, I'm getting They may even make the move to just say, you know what we're debating were were kind of post debates. Everybody's tired of debates. You know, we can't do this like we can't find a good venue to do this. Like we can't find a fair way of going about this. I think we just you know, we're not going to debate Donald Trump because Donald Trump's not a legitimate president. They could try about different things to try to weasel out of it, or it's what you're saying, Striker. It's that, like, because I think the other thing is, you know, saying this somebody today it's like, Yeah, like the media is going ham on Biden right now And they did do TNT, or at least some faction of the Democratic Party pulled T and T, maybe the Biden Wing to try to get him some some oomph, even if it's just to try to fuck Bernie. But that's not really the guy that they necessarily want in A lot can change, and he doesn't even like you know, their articles. Coming out an hour. It's, you know, he has a good amount of delegates, but it's not enough for him to win. Um, and so I guess you know I guess we'll see. We'll see how that pans out. But But yeah, I agree. Like I don't I don't envision a world where you have Joe Biden up there on stage with with Donald Trump. It just doesn't. Doesn't Yeah. What do you guys think of of ah, of Trump? Like making pretty significant inroads with blacks and and other minority groups and 2020 especially blacks. Do you think that's viable because they seem to you betting, betting the house on that at the at CPAC in the geopolitical? Well, you know, it's Brad Par Scale. I think you would mention this striker Brad Par Scale did that Very. It's actually shocking how little attention was paid to this in this interview, he did where he was asked by the interviewer about immigration voters and particles like I don't worry, we got them locked up already. Yeah, they're they're literally beating down the door to get into our convention because that's how stupid they are. So So he doesn't They're not worried about you anymore. They know. I mean, what you are, you're gonna pull the lever for Trump. So exactly. So So that's why I mean and Yeah. And so will you See, though the Trump campaign, you know, they're not opening offices right now in Pennsylvania. They're not opening opening offices in Scranton, not opening offices anywhere in the Midwest, where the opening their first campaign offices in highly black inner city urban areas because they think that you are a sucker and that you're going to vote for him anyways. So yeah, I mean, will it work? I don't think there's no evidence to suggest that it will at this point, tears with, uh, here's what this is about. It isn't gonna James is 100% correct because it never like if you look back in history, every time that they've tried to do this with Hispanics and blacks it like, it doesn't work. And as you mentioned the early part of the show, um, striker, they the amount of pandering that's required to get Ah, very little transactional benefit. It's like the juice just isn't worth the squeeze. But what the making of inroads with blacks is about is about getting these cupped, shitty suburban whites who are GOP back on the Trump train. The people who thought Trump went too far. You know, because you have these these Gallup polls of trump approval and disapproval within the GOP. And you do have some people in that milieu who are shooing Trump like there's still 10% of the GOP who don't like Trump. But here's the thing. Some people are using that as evidence of unanimous GOP support. And that tent, those 10% are people like us. I would actually say that's not true because these are people who answer pull questions said Yes, I'm a member of the GOP. And then they went on to answer questions about Trump. What idiot is gonna be like you said at the beginning, Striker. Nobody is interested in GOP politics in our thing. So if you're you're not going to say, Oh, I'm a member of the GOP And I don't like Trump anybody who says I'm a member of the GOP and I don't like Trump, that is a bonafide cook. That is a shit bag cook who doesn't like the mean things Donald Trump has said. And they want to hear more nice things about black people. More low black unemployment, more low Mexican unemployment, Not not to mention not to mention they don't like Trump's immigration policy, cause those are the people getting rich from? Yes. Okay, Yes, they don't like they don't like the deportations or anything like that. That's something Trump can only do when he's campaigning. James, is that you know? Who is that You coping in the background? Go. Oh, I got you. So don't throw me in the camps looking. You know, the the rial issue here for Trump and the GOP, the GOP would rather have They would rather win the entire upper class suburban vote and lose the white working class because that's what they're comfortable with. Yes, right. That's that. Those are the people with money. They value money more than votes. They would rather jerkoff effect. The GOP is relieved when they lose a presidential race because then they conjour cool off in Congress with no fuckin pressure toe. Actually make meaningful legislation. They can signal that there. I think they can do all kinds of things. And oh, the president has blocked me. Obama blocked me again. Yeah, that they have it. Were where Ted Cruz is huge black massive brass balls. Now that he has a Republican house and a Republican president were nowhere to be found, right? Yeah, he's trying. He's kind of been like, a little muted, actually. You know, you know, so that the GOP doesn't like the pressure of having to do what their voters want and they don't like their voters. That's why I know a lot of them retired under Trump because they were like, Oh, now I don't have this reason. And at first, at least, the first round in 2018 when you saw what, 60 retirements. Those are all people that were like, Yeah, I don't want to be in this thing where I feel like I'm under pressure where I have to, like, suck this guy's dick or else he's gonna come out of at me on Twitter every single day, like I want to go back to the way things were before, and a lot of them just said, You know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna go take a $2 million a year job on Wall Street or on case cut K Street or Wall Street, either fucking one. And I'm not going to stick around for this for this kind of bullshit. Like the people that thought, Yeah, those retirements are because those air like based people or something. I know those those air people that didn't want to put up with Trump's bullshit and ah, and who didn't who weren't interested in, like playing his game. They actually were like the Paul Ryan crop of, ah, Republicans. And those people might. Actually, I would I would actually not be that surprised if in a post trump world, you see a lot of those guys running for office again to get back into the game because a lot of it's about insider trading to right. I mean, that's another reason why they love hanging around. Oh, dude. But we're already seeing it. I mean, Darrell Issa was one of these guys and he ran. He ran to get back in Congress this year. This this primary two days ago, you know, I made the Republican Party has gotten worse than before. In some ways, um, especially with with the kind of, you know, they they e I mean, the fact that they're going back to Reaganism, right? I don't I don't even understand who that's four, because the tea party is not around anymore. No, you know, I think. What do you guys for? Bankers prospects after the GOP and the Democrats will split both of them because they both and, you know it's funny is if they do split Ah, it's going to be whites Leaving both of them. Yes, um, you know what do you guys think of that prospect? I know it's very difficult in America, but, you know, I think it's time to start talking about third parties here, not just for us, but I'm seeing Bernie. Bro's having this conversation as well that you know you can't beat the Democratic machine. You can't beat the Republican machine at its own game. So having third parties on both sides and gradually replacing I mean, I don't see an actual future for the GOP after Trump. You know. Go ahead, guys. No, I I see in in Mica said this. It's I can't wait for Trump to be gone because it puts it puts to bed forever. This like this, fake and gay like All right, pretend politics, pretend Capitol Hill. Very important person. It's like this. This is dead like there's no there's no future in this. You're not getting anything transactional out of it. You're only doing this for up Coombs. And to get predict sucked in in the end, you're gonna get burned. That's the funny part. Like, it's not that you're just not accomplish anything. You're just gonna get burned. And yeah, I think a starting point, um, is is is doing malicious compliance or in some ways, actually preventing cause. Look, I mean, Republicans, you know, a lot of people think Donald Trump is an easy win. And maybe maybe that will be the case with a Biden nominee, cause, you know, they're not gonna have a very difficult time getting people excited for that. Um, but with a with a Bernie nominee, you'd have you'd have very high turnout, I think. But, um, I actually think that, like, preventing the GOP from from winning, even though what you said Striker is true where they're very happy being in the opposition. But where they're completely denied power and they have no, they have no ability to do anything and then calling them out whenever there saying, Oh, yeah, like a soon as we take back power. It's like no guy like you guys. The DeMott demographics have arrived now And like, there's gonna be a certain you don't need very much, um, attrition, people leaving both parties to make them non viable. And, you know, just just in just basically boycotting the whole system, I don't know if that falls under a violation of BDs or not. Maybe it does with all the dual citizens. If you refuse to bow and other third World countries, Do you know when, when? When. Ah, Nicolas Maduro is up for election. The the opposition doesn't challenge him. They just boycott the election. And if your boy cop feel in an organized way you boycott the election, it makes the election illegitimate. And thus the government illegitimate. Yes, you know, And we have to start thinking in this way, the U. S. Government is illegitimate. The Republican Party is illegitimate and the Democrats are legitimate. Why are we gonna continue voting for people that hate us? And really? You know, when I was talking about striking Mike the other day, whites are a race lis and the state was people number the era of the Civil Rights Act, post civil rights America. There is an alternative constitution to the U. S. Constitution So the alternative constitution means that if you have a restaurant and you don't want to serve certain types of people, well, you're legally not allowed to. You're allowed to under the Founding Fathers Declaration of Independence and Constitution. You know, Ah, freedom of association, but you're not allowed under the rial. Constitutions is a civil rights act. So if you are a race lis person and in America that is governed by this Constitution, the civil rights Constitution, you are effectively a stateless person. And like Hana, Ahrens said, the state and modern era is what gives citizens their dignity and also their rights. So if you are are stateless person, you are person with no dignity, no rights and just like other people in history who have no dignity, no rights. You are fair game for any kind of crime, any violation of your rights, any kind of brutality or injustice. It's fair game to do that to whites, okay? And it's always your fault, because guess what? Who's gonna advocate for you? So we have to start thinking of this entire system is illegitimate. Until we have our own horse to bet on, we need to have our own team. Okay? And I think the way to do this is not trying to suck up to conservatives. It's to reach across the aisle to white, white Democrats that feel exactly the same way, even if their explanation is different. That has to be our focus in this. In this Arab, you know, Trump is a lost cause. The Republican Party is a completely lost cause. And you will see in 2020 that Yes, the report. I I disagree about demographics. I am convinced that the Republican Party can win elections in a minority white America. You know, I think that they can They're just gonna shift around a few things and just we look at CPAC's youth, the youth League of CPAC, wherever the fuck that was. Not a single white person in a crowd, you know? Yeah, but but does it translate? But it does it translate onto the ballot? I mean, that will be the big question. I mean, arguably, Donald Trump would be one of the litmus test. It's like, what? What is 2020 look like? If there's no measurable increase in any non white vote and this goes back, you know when we when we had the first sort of, Ah, what is a Friday night tedious with literally within an hour of strike the nation. I mean, if you have it, sure, if you're a non white and you have a choice between liberalism and like mega liberalism, to put it in very simple terms, why would you choose a Republican like if the argument of, like, you're going to get that shit for free already as a black person with like, Bernie Sanders like, why would you choose to be a Republican? Onley Onley for the reason that ah people have pointed out before, which is that some blacks have figured out that they show up in a CPAC and sound, you know, wax up, put on a Brooks Brothers tie and act a little bit intelligent, like they're going to get showered with cash and attention, and they love that shit. They love putting on the performance for that right, and that, and that works for the pundit class. But the thing is, especially with non whites that have that do actually have, this is Ah, this is shrinking too. But the non whites that do have tighter social circles and are involved in sort of ethnic go organizations. There is a social stigma attached to being a Republican because even it once America becomes minority non where, um excuse me, majority nonwhite, which we're on our way towards towards approaching that. Even once that happens, there will still be the stigma attached to oh Republicans, man. They white supremacy, they racist. And so there will literally be no upside, I would think for unless you're actually getting paid for a non way to vote Republican or to associate with Republicans, I would my my counter argument to that is, Look at Brazil, Right? Like Poulson, R O is more extreme in some ways. And Trump is more four, right, so to speak than Trump is. And he was able to win in a in a minority in a majority non white country. Ah, you know. So like, if bull scenario can do it in his banana republic, why couldn't a Republican do it in ours? It's part. I mean, it's possible, I mean, implying that there weren't Israeli gay ups going on down there just like that. There were maybe in 2016 to benefit Trump. I mean, that's it's possible. The funny thing, though. And it sort of sucks because, like I'm taking this position that a lot of people on the Olt light take for the wrong reasons. They go out there and say What? We're warning you. Lindsey Graham, about the coming demographic displacement. Why won't you wake up and see what's going on sixties? No, Graham. I hope he gets prime married. I absa two guys such a toxic influence in the government. They all know this is coming. And I mean, this is why they desperate now if they can succeed at completely shifting the argument away from nativism and immigration in in some of these issues that have been bread and butter never delivered on. But But, you know, it's part of the GOP platform, at least ostensibly, if they can completely just make those like non issues and start doing the bit where it's like, Yeah, we're all in this. Everybody agrees that we need more immigrants and, you know people are people are illegal just living in the shot. If they can get rid of those issues and just make it, make it about economics, then yet it's possible that they could do that, but I'd have to see evidence for that toe happen in what we're seeing instead is thes states that were once reliably red states disappearing and not popping up somewhere else on the map. You don't have blue states becoming red. You did for a time in 2016 like with Michigan and Wisconsin and potentially Minnesota. But I would say those days were pretty much done now because there's not anybody offering those people white people in those states. Bernie's not offering those people good solutions. So they gonna vote for Biden and said, Trump isn't offering those people good solutions. So you're not going to see Michigan for go for Trump this time. You're not gonna see Pennsylvania and Wisconsin go for Trump this time, and you're going to see closer elections in places like Georgia in places like Texas, in places like Florida, you're going to see. And so my thing is like unless they get rid of the Electoral College to solve that problem, they have a numbers game and they can't win nationwide elections in that way. This is one of the reasons why they're trying to pump is many Ah, you know, trying to get people to flee certain places and movinto others. I mean, there's this whole domestic migratory effort going on right now. That's all about shifting this stuff around, but yeah, I mean, I, uh I actually think, you know, I think it's a good thing that the Republican Party is is no death and can't win. Yeah, physicality. Because if you look at some of these states, if you look at some of these states that are you know, that have turned blue like Virginia, you'll see that, you know, Biden won a commanding victory there. So the narrative I have a problem with specifically the paler counter narrative I have a problem with is the idea that a nonwhite majority country will make America more left wing. Ah, that isn't playing out. Really? Because Warren and by Bernie are both essentially white voters of the ones carrying them, not just to make it more left wing. It makes it more kosher. It makes it more guests. Exactly. And that's something if you look at mayors across the country, big, diverse cities and mayors, always a Jew. You know, Garcetti here in Oakland, mayor is a Jew. Ah, New York. We had Bloomberg in, uh, 12 years straight. You know, this is kind of what what I'm getting at is that what you're getting with majority minority America is just like fewer workers rights and, you know, fewer like just just overall decline in the standard of living mawr wealth, inequality. And, yeah, they will take your guns. But it's not because you know of minority voters because of Jewish donors, because they'll take your guns. And just like the GOP did with gay marriage, remember, gay marriage is a thing that not a single person in the 1% opposed. Everyone was on board for that. So the GOP through the fight now this year at CPAC, From what I'm hearing, people are telling me that once again, like the NR, A's presence at CPAC was so microscopic they were not even seen there. No, no. Where in sight. So expect the GOP to start throwing more fights on gun rights. Sure, you know, and and so this is not a problem. It's not a problem, really. Of minority voters. It's a problem of of white votes not mattering to the gear any right And that's why you need a party where they do matter, right? And you can tell that white votes don't matter because we know what the data is. We know what white people want on economics on economic populism. White people want credit card interest rates limit having and they want essentially Bernie's. Bernie's economic platform. And the thing is, though, like Republicans will still come out there and defend the rights of corporations to charge whatever interest rates they want defend the rights of corporations, outsource jobs. So like clearly, there's a disconnect here and and this is being done on purpose and nobody and like, gosh, 10 years ago, I I I don't think anybody would have predicted white people to be in the position. They are now where nobody is falling for this free market economics, uh, in economics anymore. But the S O. I mean, that's Ah, that's a total collapse. And I don't think Brown people are going to going to be embracing that either. But you talk about the future of the GOP without Trump, and you can already said, This is my hot prediction. What you're going to see as soon as Trump is out of office and there's a Democrat you will see. In the 1st 3 months there will be scores of Republican House representatives coming out, and they're probably senators to coming out in proposing legislation to end immigration, end birthright citizenship, the cutback of visas, knowing that it's never going to happen. But what the effect of that will then be, is the controlled opposition all light paleo con etcetera. It will say, Wow, these guys are based and, ah, Republicans only we get another Republican president in another Republican House. Then we can make these proposals into law, you know? Another thing, too, is I've noticed the Republican Party. A lot of the pundits and writers have become more and more anti white in the last year to have you guys noticed this, I absolutely, I read. I read an article by Michael Brendan Dougherty, who's more of a kind of like a Catholic paleo con wing. He works for the American Enterprise Institute, Of course, of course, you're an article warrant. That's a post say. That's a Paul singer funded institution, isn't it? Yeah, probably a. But this night, this guy who's usually Michael Brendan Dougherty, is usually not that terrible on many issues, but you were an article about Elizabeth Warren. Bet her her plan to relieve student debt, which, you know I don't like Elizabeth Warren, but that's a good plan. And his thing is that it wasn't fair because he says, he said it's not fair because doctors might have their student debt relieved. And though these air white people so he says it's not fair to black and brown people. Teoh, give quote, reverse reparations to white doctors. Well, my point is, why shouldn't doctors get student debt relief more than anyone? You know why? Why are you bringing this up White? Why do you act? Why are you falling into the milieu that somehow expanding rights and and social services and national support for white people is somehow taking it away from Brown people? What the fuck is at all about? Yeah, you know, there's the slow shoulder. There's this slow transition to starting to adopt those talking points there. Definitely, like I won't debate that they're trying to shift this in that direction. They're trying to make it more friendly. I mean, even Jared Kushner and some op ed he wrote about Trump. Remember Trump's eo on anti Semitism on college campuses in the beginning of the year and at the end of that op ed, which I didn't read at the time. But I actually read just a couple days ago for the first time because I missed it. The end of that op, Ed Jared says. I'm a Republican now because I, me and other people like me can finally feel comfortable in today's Republican Party. And that's what it's about. Is making people like Jared Kushner feel comfortable in the party so that other people can come into their definitely trying to shift this in that direction. They want more Jews on that side. They want more of this, uh, you know, than the non whites to try to pick up that to some degree. I think they they may just be shifting around whites as well. But yeah, I mean, they're trying to form new coalitions. They're trying to shift this around in such a way. We're on Astro turf polish. I'm noticing that the Democrats this election cycle have become less anti white while the Republicans have become mawr and yeah, and they turn and they try to actually meet at some point in the middle. They've turned off with some degree of the anti white stuff from the left. Like you can't go out and make a word like you The river in 2016 and 2017. You could just go out and, like, make a word cloud from all the articles that were written on any given fucking day about white people like fuck white people's. I hate white people, and you still get like, some of that. But they turn that way down because they realize that made normal white people into us, right? Like they realized that that was a bad thing. But now they have subtle. They have subtle stuff coming up because it's less threatening, coming from the right, right? Like people on the right are reading their own people stuff and their seeding. These narratives, in a much more soft and subtle way rather than is the abrasive like fuck white people shit coming from the other side so that they start to feel that they're like, Oh, yeah, you know what? Brown people? Maybe they're right, you know, they take the lead from quote unquote conservative commentators like you're pointing out and they start going in that direction. It's the same phenomenon on why Trump wants to try to make inroads with blacks. It's not about getting black voters. It's about getting shitty. Suburban cut whites back. Donor GOP donors like it. The owners like it cause the donors or Jews? Yes. You know what? What did What did Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump have in common? Shell Nelson, Bernie, Marcus. That's what they have in common. They don't have anything else in common. It's just that that's what brings them together, you know? And I think that millions from their fathers, that's Ah. There you go. I mean, this is this is the you know, But I have noticed Very. Another thing I've noticed is that, like, in the last few debates, immigration has not been talked to Tarrant talked about by the Democrats that much. Ah, at the beginning, in the 1st 1 it was really awful. They kind of dialed it back a little bit. And on top of that, you know, I'm looking at the New York Times exit polls. They didn't even ask people what their opinion on immigration was. Ah, they were asking people about health care and climate change and ah, racism. Like believe or not? Ah, apparently a lot of these voters thought that Joe Biden was the candidate to stop racism. Ah, but ah, no question about immigration in these exit polls. What do you think that's about for the Democrats? Well, they never asked these questions, right. Like they never asked the right questions. I mean, I wish I wish at some point, like, you know, an average poll cause 30 $40,000 which is insane. But like, if you could I if I had disposable income in that way, I would do polls and I would just become a pollster and in start asking questions about shit that we care about and then publishing those results like that's actually like it's, you know, the state of electoral politics is so far down the toilet that actually going out and like the people that are like, you know, what are we gonna what are we going to do next, like which candidate are we going to get excited about next? And it's like no guys like we need to de legitimize the system and move forward in a different way, like what you were suggesting before. But actually going out and being a pollster and asking questions that get people to start thinking bad thoughts is Ah is probably one of the most subversive things you could do to this system. And I think you'd be great, unfortunately, like they should. They shut that stuff down. We've seen what the public thinks the way business is being run in the government because we had Bloomberg and Tom Styer, two of the top Democratic donors that basically paid for their win in the 2018 where they won back the house. He's to Jews, bankrolled the entire thing. We see these, you guys set the agenda in the DNC, and we see what their own voters think of them. Just don't like the total rejection. And this, actually, I think, explains why somebody like Bull scenario can win in a majority non white Brazil because it also explains why Jews, women, blacks, fags don't win in America today and we're still majority white. But I actually think that's quite telling its that even non whites don't want, like who's gonna win in Brazil? Some fucking like slope headed fucking Aztec Lake. I don't know, Lincoln. Like something I don't even know people. Well, actually, me about the various Indian brands that I just called out there. But like those people don't sell well in that kind of nobody wants tohave somebody that doesn't even speak their native language to be being charged by that. I mean, those people don't even speak Portuguese. They don't speak Spanish, they're just fucking garbage. There's a reason why they're sending them into our country. And, uh, yeah, I think that's the thing. That's kind of the thing in it. It's It's sort of in an interesting concept, because it means that they're not going to be able to successfully put in a Bloomberg Yet. Like Bloomberg, I think everybody was correct. Like people. It would be very easy to point. Look no longer men behind the curtain. There he is, Mike Bloomberg, the president ju at the top of the whole system. But I think there's probably some debate going on behind the scenes. It's like, Is that the right time for this yet? And maybe for some, it was a relief that Michael Bloomberg did not sell well to the public because people don't want to have that kind of a person in charge. It's like, Well, nobody wants my my novelty, my novelty hot take that I gave old striking Mike was that the reason Bloomberg and Sayre decided come out from behind the curtain is they wanted to get a grasp of just how unpopular the policies they have implemented over us are. And the answer is very popular. Your despised. You know, we saw Howard Schultz people, the people that that that run our government, that set the Democrats. You know, the Democrats could do much better in the South if they weren't so anti gun. Right? But why are they anti gun? It's because Michael Bloomberg is anti gun and he pays them to be anti gun. Yep. Okay, so these two characters came out from behind the curtain. They auditioned in front of their own base in front of their own subjects, and they couldn't even make a dent. So that is a white pill that the people actually running our government are actually incredibly unpopular and not ruling by consent. My hot take was that this is like a Jewish experiment to see just how unpopular they are. The answer is extremely unpopular, and they would have been rejected, I think, by both sides, actually, I mean, maybe they might have gotten more support from from the Republican side, and they may have been. It might have been more successful. It may be meaning a Mike Bloomberg is a GOP guy like, but I think I think it was just roundly rejected by everybody. And I think that speaks to not just the Bloomberg stuff, but, like on every level, like they're going to be forced just as they are with bull scenario, to run white candidates well out into the future and the as much as they want to stamp out whiteness and get rid of it. It's maybe one of the reasons why a Joe Biden wins and Joe Biden does well cause he's a fucking white guy guy rock out there with the aviators in just big, fucking grinning white teeth from ear to ear. I mean, it's not just that he's white because Obama won election. He's not white. What what it is that he see. He strikes a pose of a man of the people. Yeah, that is that That is something you need to have a kind of working class vibe to you. Yeah, you know, well, Obama was also a reaction to George W. Bush, which I mean, if you can't really blame the American public for putting hope in a in a high verbal I Q Negro after George W. Bush. I mean, that was just fucking awful. I think even I think most people were embarrassed by that. You know, I don't I don't take it. Go ahead, James. Are you talking? Oh, no, no. I was over there trying to get in. Go ahead. No, I think that, um I think I I'm very cautious about using a total race for duck. Like, I don't think voters rejected Bloomberg just because he's Jewish or anything. I think that they just rejected the policies that he represented. You know, someone actually did a study on what America would look like if it was a parliamentary democracy. And they had AOC representing a green party. Michael Bloomberg, representing the unrepentant Neil Liberal Party, which is, you know, which is what we get, by the way, Uh, you know, uh, was he call himself a fiscal conservative, a social liberal like That's what America that that's the governing philosophy of the United States America. Right now it's off. It's literally that requested, right? And they found it. If if if, if you ran on this platform in a parliamentary democracy Michael Bloomberg represented this party, you would get nothing more than 10 or 11% of the vote. And that's true. Even in his own party's primary. Neil, the neo liberal primary the neo liberal gets blown out well after $500 million of ad spending. I mean, talk about original resounding rejection. And I thought Elizabeth Warren her bit of rhetoric at the last debate was great. I mean, borderline like anti Semitic. Oh, good, because she said. And I'm just paraphrasing here. But she said she had a couple of good shots on Bloomberg. But one of the things that she said that really hit home was Michael. You were donating the Lindsey Graham Senate campaign last election cycle. You have been a Republican and do donating to Republican causes most of your life. You did X, y, Z and ABC and on down the list. And the fact of the matter is Michael Bloomberg is that the core of the Democratic Party does not trust you because you are not one of us. You do not belong here and they will never trust you. And this is why you're the least qualified person on this stage to be president. United States. And it's like, Yes, Elizabeth Warren. He is an alien. He does not belong here, but it's beyond, but it is sort of beyond that, like his policies were just totally anathema to to most of the country, and I think it has some degree to do with that. But I also think there is, like on a basic like, human animalistic level, like they see this guy up there. And what do we know about, like the physical characteristics of a guy like Michael Bloomberg? This is a face that espouses distrust. This is a face that espouses under handedness. This is a face that it espouses, that espouses somebody who you don't want to have around you at all, and you can't put in charge of anything. And so when you have him up there with this smarmy tone and talking about, it thinks it's just a fucking piece of shit, and I think you have the policies. Played a big role in that, but it's like this isn't going to sell the anybody. That's why most of his ads were like him out of focus. And then, like big Mike Bloomberg, fan Farron shit and ah, yeah, Like what did that net him 175. Smart thing. I would say, uh, I'll let James talk poor chairs. He's not getting it. What I say, What I would say is, you know, if Bloomberg is this disgusting, why is he the fuckin the kingmaker in the Democratic Party? Like, Yeah, Elizabeth Warren can say all that all day long, but, you know, damn right of shoes. The nominee, she take Bloomberg's money, you know? So that's the question. See, this is what you have tow. Yet you have to plant in people's heads is like, you know? Okay, you saw the types of person that runs is runs this country. Okay, Joe Biden does not run is pill by cave and fucking tie his Velcro shoes. Okay, so you know, But these this is the fucking the red pill about plutocracy. These were the people that make decisions over our lives in a capitalist country and a fucking Zionist plutocracy. These are the people that make all the decisions. So why are we tolerating a government that is now we know does not have our consent and doesn't even come close? The having our consent? Why do we tolerate this fucking government? You know, we saw Bloomberg. We saw Styer. We saw Schultz, you know. You know, I guess I wish the GOP would run Sheldon Edelson for president. See how he does on the campaign. Paul Singer up there. Put Mark Zuckerberg up there. I mean, just but rallies. What? Kushner up there? Yeah. Oh, man. Right. Do the just the rejection of Kushner. Go ahead, James. Oh, yeah. And that's the thing. Is that Paul Singer when most people don't even know he exists, right? Most people are totally unaware this guy's even what? Who he is, what he does, what he has done to rural communities, few people across the country. But when they they know about him, when he is presented to people, everybody hates him. And it's funny, even like the liberals on Twitter, up in arms about him buying a Sheriff Twitter. They hate him and then people who watch Tucker when he's presented to people on Tucker. They hate him for what he did to this city, Nebraska and two places across America. So no one likes these people. Yet there's there is no discussion. This is a good point. Struck. I haven't heard this, uh, any anywhere else, But there's no discussion about the validity then of these, uh, these candidates that these people fund and support. And when we have people like Trump aligning with Paul Singer, what does that tell you about Trump and the Trump movement? And what does that tell you? Then why would you then go and demand and bag and grovel to be apart, to ride the coattails of the Trump movement? If he is coming out? He said more positive things about about Paul Singer. Then he said about paleo con leader Pat Buchanan, Buchanan a disgusting Nazi, and he's there. Trump is prostrating himself for Paul Singer. So what does that tell you about Trump? And here's the funny thing. If you if you go to CPAC next year and they spring a tranny on you, you could take Paul singer for that Because Paul Singer's big thing is gay rights him and except Corman like, Why not? You know, I would love Seth Corman. Ah, Paul Singer, get these guys will run in the GOP primary. Okay, here's the one thing. If you really want to unite the United States of America across even racial lines almost put these old guards, these people who make all the decisions in our government, you know, the reason why the FBI is pretending white terrorism is a real thing is because people like Michael Bloomberg and people like Paul Singer are paying them, too. If you want to see why Congress is useless, it doesn't do anything. Why the Republican Party passed the tax cut for Wall Street billionaires. Look at Paul Singer. Look at Seth Klarman. Look at birth, Bernie Marcus. If you want to see why Trump signs an executive order to basically make it illegal to criticise Israel on a college campus, look towards Sheldon Edelson. Look towards Paul Singer. If you want to see why the Democrats are willing to throw elections in their gun grabbing campaigns in the south and beyond, look towards Michael Bloomberg, look towards Tom Styer. If you want to know why this nonsense, this whole shit about climate change there is truth to that. But why are the solutions always make white working people pay for them? Well, look at Tom Steyer. You know, if you want to see why the Democratic Party is for open Borders, Look it again. Same people now, these characters, They went up there. Mike Bloomberg was all talking about his white privilege. He's doing the whole bit. He is the one setting the tone for the discussions in our country and the policies in our country. Because if these guys aren't directly influencing decisions, they have their think tanks doing it. That these guys have whole armies of foundations and think tanks and policy making. You know, this is a lot of it is the fault of Ronald Reagan, who invited these think tank of foundations to set policy in our country. It started with Hoover. It went through toe LBJ Mm. Roosevelt actually fought against it to his cry hate Roosevelt. But he did that, uh, but you know, it goes all the way to Obama and now trump Obama, remember? He said a lot of a lot of these policy proposals, like my Brother's Keeper and all these anti white policies that white people cannot apply for, all of them done by philanthropies and think tanks and policies that Jews control. And then, of course, we go the GOP. We got even boyish people like the DeVos is right. They have their own. So really again, 138 people in this country set ALS policy. Let's put these people up on the ballot. And if they can, if they do as badly as Michael Bloomberg, let's start thinking differently about the GOP and the Democrats. And let's start thinking of a party free of these fuckin Zionists tentacles. Yeah, And if you're and if you're somebody who came out of the Barack Obama milieu and are in the Bernie Milieu were coming out of that as well. I mean, do you wonder now why they rejected public financing? Why didn't want why they wanted to get rid of the donors in money and elections and why everybody sort of would just sort of went on like they protest ID Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court of First with and everybody just went along with it, just like Elizabeth Warren. All of a sudden, you know, his anti super Pac before she was for her Super Pac $18 million.1 day. I mean, they're all for this stuff. And, you know, like Seth Klarman. This is a guy who is the co founder chairman of the Times of Israel. He's donated two tons of neo conservative Israel lobby organization Causes and Gay Stuff, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Thea's Europe, Israel Project, Birthright Israel Middle East Forum. And this is a guy that's a billionaire. He is the 15th highest earning hedge fund manager in the world. And this is a guy who doesn't make very many public appearances. He doesn't. He wants to keep a very low profile because it's not popular. They look looking. For example, I saw a primary in Texas Jeff Fox Worth, Who's the big like the Gripper candidate. He was destroyed. My Randy What? Webber Webber. Ah, he was absolutely, like routed. Okay, he was routed. That's not know Jeff Foxworthy's the awful comedian. Yeah, loses a. But this guy's you milers. A primary. It's no, it is Fox Worth because he's got like a fox logo or something? Yeah. Yeah. So that guy ran against Randy Weber and Randy Weber, Totally rectum. With his money. It's a ready Weber is one that that proposed Ah, bill in the House of Representatives to put to put ah Fox worth in prison. And what I mean by that is he is wants a pass. A white supremacist domestic terrorism bill. This is a Republican, by the way, in the house. And this man wants to make it so that if you're at a political rally and you paint like a pro white slogans on a wall, you get 25 years in prison. Okay, If you punch in Anarchists in self defense at a political rally in your white nationalists or even a paleo Connor or proper Ah, he wants to put you in prison for 30 years. That would be the punishments under Randy Weber's Republican with 14 Republican co sponsors and only one Democrat co sponsor Jesus's Go show you. This guy destroyed Fox worth. So the question is, you know, can you rely on trying to, you know, without a street activist base that's knocking on doors, kind of like, you know, some of these, like D s a candidates that when in other states, without an outside group like the Democratic Socialist of America, the nationalist version of that can you win against Weber in his Jewish money and furthermore Ah, how do you do it in a primary if the if the you know why? Why? I understand the logic of running in a GOP primary. But why pretend you're in the GOP, Do what Bernie does do what the D s a does is like. I'll use the GOP as a mechanism to, specifically to support my candidate. But if my candidate doesn't win, I'm not gonna vote for the turd that wins instead. No, that's what the D s a does. The TSA runs its own candidates and when and if they don't win the primary, they don't vote for the Democrat. That does. Yeah. Now, I I I would be surprised if some of Fox were this Fox worths, uh, supporters. You know, I I bet that they will vote for Weber come election season. That's how it always works. That's how it always works. I mean, they always they always play this game and you'll see that happen? I don't know what the status of Steve King is. Not that Not that he's any really concerned to be worried about, because he never he never followed through like he didn't stand up for himself, but the same people who think that they're in some sort of revolutionary fight for Steve and Steve King's behalf. If he loses, they're just gonna go of for the other guy who I think it's Jewish. I can't remember. Refuse or not, it really doesn't matter. But yeah, I mean, the baseball players something it's but it's time. You're right, Striker, like it's time. It's time for different tactics and in denying these people legitimacy and instead of giving it to them instead of pretending cause, like, right now the game is we're gonna mouth ease, fake. You know, these fake sort of mumblings about immigration and policies that people like and you're going to see? You know, I don't going back to this question about Is Trump going to go back to this rhetoric of 2016? Probably not in the way that he did, but there will. I think they will have to on some lower level, not at his level Put this stuff out there because they wanted. The GOP always does. They have to do these, like, sort of like, you know, I think it's men who says it. You know, the GOP is always, like, very white nationalist two weeks before an election, and then never And so they're gonna have to do some of that. And it's gonna be about calling that stuff out. It's gonna because everybody you know, the way that we got to trumpism remember is because everybody got tired of the GOP trying to pull this off like saying, Yeah, we're gonna do other stuff on immigration than like Nope, we're not gonna do anything. We didn't actually stop Obama that, like it led to this where everybody was tired in. Nobody wanted Jeb Bush. Nobody wanted Marco Rubio. They didn't want Ted Cruz. And so e. I think it's a very it's a tinderbox. I think it's a very ripe environment to point out these people are fucking liars and all the people standing around trying to support them or trying to ride the coattails of the movement are fucking liars, too, and frauds to and just call them out I mean, I know that we have largely been de platform, but we still have a platform. We stood still do have the ability to influence and undermine what they're trying to do, which is to get everybody back on board this fake and gay trump movement as though it is 2016. They're trying to recreate that magic and ah, yeah, I think Mike's lakhs worth much worth His name is Joshua Fox. Work, Mike said on Mike. Set on Tedious. And I wanted to get your take on this. Some striker is Ah, are there really fake? I mean, I do believe it if it's true, but are there really kind of fake shill ish accounts popping up on Twitter and other social media now, like talking about Trump did build the wall. And Trump is doing all the things that promises kept and shit. Like like, yeah, there around. I haven't been on Twitter recently. Ah, at least not in Ah, a big capacity I'm on. I'm on telegram now, which, by the way, is growing pretty rapidly. But ah, the ah, the sense I get is you'll get like, you'll get the a lot of actual ease with ah, shit like this. Like you'll get the guy with the 100 followers or so or less than that. Ah, going up on the your Twitter mentions and being like, Well, actually, if Bernie wins, everyone should be put in a gulag. And I'm like, bro, that's already happening under Trump. And it seems unlike like Bernie Sanders has about as much say in in the policy setting of U. S. Intelligence services. Trump does. But how does Okay, they might actually be busy gay opting him in his fans if he ever wins. They don't want a wealth tax on Wall Street. But how did they solve for the Trump record, though, Like Mike was saying that there are people out there saying like, Oh, promises kept. Donald Trump is building the wall. Donald Trump is doing all these things, and it's like they're never going to be ableto Astro turf. The mean war of 2016 like that. Magic was like, never gonna happen again. I'm starting to James about this the other day, like I wish I had just knowing what we know now and where we are now, even though we know where that ended up like that that point in time, that point in history like that's never They can't Astra train turf that they can't synthesize that no amount of money can make something like that happens. So how did they do it like, how do you? Because if we're the ones out there saying like, actually like none of the things that Trump said have gotten done and and in fact, it's gotten very gay like That's actually a pretty salient argument. So they're gonna have to have, like, bots, I guess, out there saying, Well, actually, it's like, How long? How long is that gonna work? I don't know. I just get a lie like they're just they're just going to get paid to lie about it like they're gonna pretend Trump has a wall. I mean, Trump already pretends he built the wall right, And it's pretty ridiculous because old takes is like a five minute Google search to find out it's being blown over by wind. It's offensive. It's basically temp offense that you wouldn't even fucking trust around your house. Yeah, okay. Like, you know, it's just so they're just gonna live like Trump at his state of the U last State of the Union address. Trump lied by omission because, he said, the illegal border crossings have fallen by 70% in the last three months. When you actually look into those claims and I wrote an article about this like Well, first of all, legal border crossings always drastically fall in the winter for obvious reasons. Yeah, okay, that's the first thing. And the second thing you didn't talk about is it Legal? Border crossings are actually higher than they were when Trump came in office. He's deported. Yeah, we did a bit on this, too. He's deporting fewer people than he ever has in fiscal 19 and there were actually 3.5 to 4 million people who came across the border and were dumped into the middle of the country by catch and release Onley. 1\/4 1,000,000 people were actually deported last year, so the net immigration gain was like three or four million at least. And those are the people that were apprehended and were picked up and transported somewhere else by Border patrol. What about the people that weren't even contacted that just walked across the border and went somewhere in America and nobody's gonna fucking stop them. So it's like, Yeah, the one who needs amnesty when you just, like, let him in and fly him all over the place on a fucking ice airplane like that's what they did. If if you know if border So border crossings in March 2019 hit a 13 year high. Ah, Jesus. Today they are there, the border crossings today this is an actual statistic from from ice crossing today our overall 81% higher than they were when Trump was sworn into office in 2016. Yeah, but what's so if those it's dropping it by 70 75% reduction in illegal border crossings from last month compared to May? Yeah, you know, that sounds really impressive, but you're just lying, but it's starting to warm up. It's starting to warm up down there, and they had I remember there was, like, talk of a caravan, I don't know, like a month ago, and then it got broken up or something. But like, the question is, and this goes back to something the same before, it's like Do they does H. I s and these other groups to the artificially like defund or, like, kind of sort of suppress and quell any sort of, ah, immigration cause they don't want to talk about it, right? Like they don't wanna have this conversation they don't want. Trey, don't want to have it. No, not not at this point. No, no. Another thing Trump likes a lie about is the economy. Like he's always Well, we got the trade deal. We got the trade deal with China. And, ah, China is going to get it, get it. We're gonna have equal parity and trade. Total fucking bullshit. We've lost Justus many jobs in the last three years, as we didn't a year before to China Street, like it says, China, China, you get Yeah. Ah, and and you know why is that? Well, guess why? Whose Who? Who's guarding the henhouse? It's Larry Kudlow, Wall Street banker. What fuckin incentive does he have to close the trade gap with China? None. What? Its center to Larry called Khar glowing Cone And all these other years he's got running America's economic policy. Well, it's It's closed now. Okay, Words. It's closed now. You got a virus leaked out of a lab using these pollution picks of ah, China. There's like like China has basically gone back to the level of pollution that it was emitting in, like 18 22 because, like, all of their shit is shut the fuck down. Um, but yeah, I mean, who knows? But that, like, you know, implying that, like, the United States had the balls to do that, Maybe they did. I don't know. It sounds like it's sort of gay up that they would do, but oh, isn't it? Isn't it a hell of a coincidence that the only people that seem to be getting your like that China's slowing down the Chinese economy and getting 10% of the Iranian Parliament and Iran? Yeah. And Italians have some reason. I don't know. Maybe this is like retribution for World War Two that they're doing. But ah, it Yeah, Italy to Yeah. I mean, isn't that a hell of a coincidence? I'm not going to speculate that they released it themselves, but, you know, I understand why some people would think that. But you know the whole thing. The problem with the United States is that China is winning the trade war because they have a command economy, and this actually goes against every kind of conservative thinking. Ah, you know, a priori thinking on economics. And also it's not. They want to keep getting rich. So the main problem with America's economic relations with China is that the Chinese, because they have a command economy, they can. They could change the value of their currency whenever the fuck they want in America. You can't do that because the price of a dollar is set by Wall Street. It's set by George Soros and other private speculators. So the dollar stays overvalued. The Chinese currency stays undervalued. Lo behold, you get more exports and imports in America. It's fucking common sense. It's amazing. They so instead of like, just doing what If you really want to compete with China, you have to make some drastic reforms of the American economy, and you have to stop George Soros for controlling the price of a dollar like what the value of a dollar is. But they were there. There's no political effort to do that, so instead, what they want to do is they want to go up to the Chinese and break their kneecaps like that's it's with this a solution, you know, it's just idiotic. It's just like with Russia, like Okay, Russia wants a pump oil into Europe and trade. You see this? Even in Canada, to you can, uh um Justin Trudeau was like, this woke intersectional candidate, right? Well, he's unleashing Canadian riot police against Native American protesters who are against them building a pipeline on Native American land. Justin Trudeau is one beating the shit out of them with the police and sending the Zaugg after them because he needs toe increase Canada's oil supply so that they don't have to trade with Venezuela, Iran and Russia, and they can continue to depress the economy on the world stage. So the point I'm getting at here is that, like, you know, the structural issues in liberal liberal plutocracy are starting to catch up with us. Okay? And the countries that are willing to execute their billionaires are the ones that naturally will surpass the United States on the world stage and will continue to beat America on trade. Whether Trump wins again or doesn't Okay, this city is how it is. So get mad at the Chinese. I get so fucking annoyed when Tucker Carlson is whining about China. I love Tucker calls him. That really is a blind spot. Every time I see him doing that, I just fast forward through the video because you know, it's it's just it just reeks of sour grapes. Well, there's somehow the Chinese is fault that they're racially coherent. They protect their race, that they have a government that is four Chinese and puts China first that they nationalise it and control their economy. How is that, therefore, that they're winning? It's a good it's a good model that they have. But I mean, the one part that you sort of can't ignore is that they do want to destroy you like they'd be happy to, like, wipe you off the face of the fucking planet like they're not gonna be like So In other words, they have a lot in common with the United States government. Pretty much, yeah, Zaveri, since an excellent point. Like in the business class? Exactly. Well, and the other thing that Tucker is done lately I was talking to Jesse about this the other day is I saw him actually going out and attacking Bernie Sanders. Ah, but not not on. Not on the things that you would think he was actually calling Bernie of fraud on climate change. Now, just like Tucker guy like, why don't you go out there and call the system of fraud for what is doing to Bernie Once you call Donald Trump of fraud for what he's doing to the base that we're watching you every night, like Come on, guy like I mean, he does have very hot takes, and I and I do appreciate Tucker, but sometimes, like Jesse called it boomer insurance, it's like he's got to do the bit on China. And like some of this stuff like that, I don't know just to keep to keep the Edelson and, you know, these other people sort of Happy II spokes. I spoke to someone that knows Tucker well recently, and they were telling me that that's that's exactly what it is. Ah, they Tucker is doing that, in my opinion, because of, you know, basically it's a hedge To stay on TV, you have to use dry ease. It used to be like must must watch TV, and we would be like he would always be something we would talk about or not always, but on a very regular basis. But he hasn't had, like, one spend played that played that song a few TDC's ago that had the Tucker montage in the middle. I was thinking like, Wow, like, I totally forgot about all these great Tucker moments like, you know, when he was sticking up for for white people when he was defending the daily Stormer. No, I didn't. Yeah, yeah, stuff like that. And but there hasn't been one of those one of those moments in what, like a year Tucker's like, really said something that show No, no, no, no. This is just three, okay? Still doing excellent work. It's just that he's also doing gay work at the same time, like he's like the Royal, and that still has to sing the hits that they hate to sing. But he's gotta like yeah, yeah, he's that he's over there. Fuck it. He is Mawr Mork aping for Trump a little bit. Possibly, you know, it might actually just be genuine. You might just be afraid that if the Democrats, when he's going to put in a gulag or something, maybe might actually think that. I mean, there's a lot of people claiming that they're white nationalist who think that Tucker's just get over the hump of the next election and then once Trump is president and he's not on the ballot ever again, I mean, Tucker can just basically Billy all right, this guy like, but see, he s So he has to thread the needle on this because he can't be like tea posting members of the Ault Light going out there and sucking trumps cock. And then being like that, could you imagine doubling down on Trump a second time? But you gotta be fucking kidding me like Tucker's got to avoid that to a certain to gray and then and then be able to beam or ah, hostile toward Trump after the election. But it's depending on what happens. Trump could lose. We don't know, but it's ah kind interesting. I mean, Tucker Tucker is out there like some of some of the I. I give Tucker a lot of credit because his his his attacks on, like on the on Bernie Sanders are usually debilitating against Bernie like he's like, you know, you you know Medicare for all in all that, these ideas are okay, but like, you know, you're gonna give it illegal aliens. How's that even possible? Those air devastating. It's actual Bernie Sanders. Ah, and may actually be really depressing some of his white turnout because there is crossover between people at watch Tucker and people that are four Bernie Sanders or once voted for Bernie's. There is crossover there. It's significant crossover So but the point I'm making, though, is like, you know, the tax Will Bernie like, uh oh, but Bernie believes in climate days A flies on an app, a plane, you know, it's just stupid. It's like such a lowest common denominator Fucking and you know, it's point like you know that that's such a fucking low I Q. You know, if you're in oligarchs running against Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela like that might work on some Misty's Oh, but if you're gonna fucking talkto the types of white adults that watch Tucker like this is some stupid fucking does, it's the same thing with AOC is like if he believes in climate age. But she also flies on airplanes and and he does the whole tweeting from my iPhone. You know, it's like straight out the Charlie Kirk playbook, and it's absolutely retarded to do that. And I love again. Tucker, if you have your people listening to this, I love your brother and you do a great work and you should be drafted for President White. That kind of stuff, The kind of low I Q attacks on the worst when I saw was there is an attack on Ah, you saw him a Corona virus and he was attacking. The guy runs the World Health Organization. You guys see this? I didn't see it, but I know the guy whose name I can't pronounce with, like 19,000 syllables that runs the oh, yeah, it's it's an African guy. Eso Tucker did a whole segment on him and and he's like, you know, I don't know if we could weaken trust this guy. I don't know if he's gonna be competent, and his reasoning was that this guy was like, ah, government official in some Marxist government in like 1986. And I'm like, you know what, Tucker, if you're gonna do that, don't even do it like, why don't you just be honest you know, you don't trust the black guy to stop a global pandemic. That's that's really why you're doing this. This really And then he brought some, like, think tank guys like, you know, Marxists or no, they don't think in terms of reason. You know, I'm like pro. It's because it's a ***. Well, you know, you don't have to say it like that, but, you know, come on, that's what you're saying. That's why you're doing this is just a why you pretending, Why are you trying to bring us back to these point with squabbles over ideology? What is purely a racial issue? Okay, like if you're going to do that, just don't do it all. You don't do it all and I in it like I feel like a twinge of pessimism because it's like for a second there it's like, Is that Tucker's job? Is he doing the good work as a means to an end to bring people back? Is it about shifting rhetoric back? Or is it I I'll go along with that Listen all day today. Today I'm still in a place where I say he's doing good work and he's doing in a good faith, but it starts to if the mix starts becoming more bullshit. Unless meat, then I'm going to kind of be like All right, Yeah, January or fared of the shirt. That's dude, that's what it is going so well that I mean And they I mean, he has reason to be right. Remember what happened to his house with his family home last year when it was attacked his house? That was a message to Tucker. But by the establishment, you better exactly watch yourself guy. What about the Jewish boycotts that he survived? Is he going to survive 1\/3 time when the well and that's the thing is that, ah, like in terms of his guests and like, Yeah, whenever you see Tucker like throw it to his guests and it's like the black conservative in a bow tie, and you just like, roll your eyes because you're about to hear what you've heard thousands of times before that all from from what I know about how those network shows are conducted like the guests, often they're the hosts. Excuse me, oftentimes don't have control over like who the guests are going to be right, Like the decision about certain guests that come down from that. I I disagree on that. I not in the case of Tucker. Ah, talker I Some of them gets around there, I guess, or yeah, yeah, are then Fox News editors, that's what. Yeah, but what about the show? Right Light, like, you know, like that. Like when you get like, really cold takes from a guess. That's like the one that the editors of Fox News put on, Right. You have a medical trace you And that's clearly Tucker's choice. Yeah, that's absolutely when you get a guy that's actually got something interesting to say, that's Tucker's, you know, and I understand what he's doing. Okay, I understand that he has. He has an excuse, okay? And he has to make. He has to bend quite a bit to the system to keep his job because they don't care about. They care about ratings. He's a ratings powerhouse, But the problem is that if his show becomes really lame, it just becomes a shittier Hannity. Ah, you know, it's it's it's going to lose its rating. It's not Tucker anymore, and then I think he I think at a certain point, this would be the litmus test is if it gets gay and shitty. Would Tucker at some point be like, Yeah, you know what? Fuck it. I'm done. I had. And I am convinced. I think Tucker's a guy. You know. Some people might disagree me. He in his specific case. He's a guy who does follow his conscience. He doesn't have to be doing or saying or bring attention to the issues he does. Ah, he's not a control opposition. Hannity is obviously ah, very controlled opposition. Jesus Christ. Trying example. You want to know where Trump was that you want to know who showed Trump was on the night? Oh, Sean Hannity, Who's on there with wall blowjob? A little, Little, little little little fuckin Catholic schoolboy lapdog? Yep. Uh, entity he's gonna sit, and he's gonna He's gonna get on his knees for Trump and suck his fucking is yeti Talk only call well, while Sean get him out of this deep with a toothpick while Sean Hannity does like a 17 minute monologue while Trump sits there like twiddling his thumbs and fixing his hair and shit. You know, Sean does that I haven't seen him in a while, but he just got just fuckin talks. And they have, like, cameras on the Panelists, and they're just sitting there getting uncomfortable, like while he keeps talking the totally corrupt destroy. Trump Media is at it again this week, and my remember, it's like Jesus fucking Christ handed. You know, You know what's so remarkable that conservative media is? Only Tucker has actually tried to make something out of the populist impulse that Trump brought out. The rest of them have either have have all become like Trump's personal defenders like you only tune into the five or Hannity, if you want to follow, like Trump gossip of the front of the intrigues of how Trump Personally is being affected. You know, this is what has Hannity done any segments? Or Julian Osanai, who's currently dying in solitary confinement after ah request he extradite him to the United States by Trump. So government. Like what? You know, Hannity was the one that did the wiki leaks when Trump was running. Ah, and he's one of the few, actually, to his credit. Now, Julian Assange's in prison being tortured to death by the United States design its occupation government. And where the fuck is Hannity? You know, Yeah, I think the last guy to do what Tucker's doing, which is to embrace that populism, was probably Glenn Beck back in 2007. 2008. He's back to, well, he's back significantly less parties, like selling it all of his assets, but when and runnings company into the ground. But James is right, like when the Tea Party started off as being somewhat of a racist populist movement Before was before it was taken over and directed in other directions about the debt in the economy and things like that. You had. Glenn Beck had his own TV show on Fox, and he did the chalkboard bit where he was connecting all the dots on, like the Sol Alinsky's rules for radicals in the Frankfurt school. In all this different stuff and then, like he got to the bottom of the rabbit hole and then would direct you in some other direction like he was feeding these people's appetite for this, this proto going down the rabbit hole, like with social media kind of intact at that point, but then would direct people in other directions, and he kind of got crazy. And then they kicked him off a Fox. But like they've done this bit before. I think Tucker's genuine because he's not Glenn Beck. First and foremost, nobody could get Glenn back, but But they do that. They do make a practice of this where they do try to feed that energy a bit. And and I, you know, I I wonder if Fox does, Because if you remove Tucker from Fox, what would Fox News be Laura Ingram with her like huge bee stung lips? And then you'd have Sean Hannity. I mean, it's It's like, Well, what I I I actually knew soon, very well. Who worked for Laura Ingraham and her staff. And this person was telling me that Lauren Graham would not even report on the proud boys when they're being railroaded by by the New York governor. Of course. Ah, after defending themselves on and against Antifa. And the reason Laura Ingraham gave private was that well, you know Ah, the a d l is gonna complain if we do this, so yeah, that's pretty true. But, you know, Glenn Beck, by and large, was a kook easily. In fact, you know, it's funny a lot of the people. There's a lot of people out there that call like the like. There's a site that looks like like it's run by feds. I'm not gonna name it, but it looks like a federal on site. That's every every day they run a new article about how I'm a Russian agent and a Dugan ist and that, like everyone that Richard Spencer is, too, because one of his wives is Georgian or something. That's a conspiracy theory that Glenn Beck invented, like five years ago. Yeah, and word for word. He said that, uh, Heimbach was a Russian agent. He said that was stressor was a Russian agent. His job was to sort of satisfy this hunger from conservatism about these conspiracy theories and be like, Listen, guys, I've got the low down everything that you need to know about these people that you really care about. Let me tell you what the truth is about all this, and then what comes next is just total bullshit. It's all lies. Thing is that that what makes Tucker's so dangerous to the Jews is that he has single handedly risen. But the standard of right wing discourse? Well, there's no misdirection like there's no mystery. It's basically like, you know, I'm always astonished when Tucker does his segments on Bernie Sanders being a hypocrite because he flies on a plane like, you know, that's That's the That's the unfortunate side of it. But when he does this, when he doesn't segment like he did on Paul Singer, it was cause and effect. And here's the guy who did it without without saying, it's these lying fucking Jews. Like he doesn't say apart, but But he's not telling you. Yes, something really bad happened in this small town in the Midwest, and it was It was this other big company over here. Ah, run by Steve MacDonald, Seuin or something? It's like, No, he's actually, it's He's a man, and I think Bandon ISMM or of the Beck type yes, of misdirection is easily Yeah, the Davos Capitals. I saw his Ah, his documentary basically is just an interview glorified interview with Errol Morris. Do we have more? We have more people waiting on hold to talk to us on Thursday nights on jazz and Jesse than Steve Bannon has listening to his podcasts like, Yeah, Steve Bannon doesn't have people listening to you. I mean it. When it when it launched, I think they had a couple 100 listens on. And it was the war room. I think it's still called the War Room. And it was all about impeachment. And now I don't know, like, I don't know, they had to. They had to totally change what the podcast is about because impeachment done so yet. But Bannon, do you think so? Do you think Trump reunites with banner? Do you think that's done? I think they're gonna They're gonna let they're gonna let Charlie Kirk and go. Charlie Kirk, a k a. Paul singer, and Bernie Marcus. They're gonna let them take a crack during the general. They're going to see an internal polling that it's the message of America versus Socialism is this disaster. And there Trump is gonna be like Steve. Steve, I I need you. I need you to come out from the you know, you, Steve, take a shower, take a shower and and ah, change your coming over that wife beater and get the stains out of your clothes. You gotta You gotta come the White House immediately. It's an emergency. It's being harassed. A big harassed Dave. You got decide Big. Yes. They think like in the last few months, Like Trump Trump's gonna go full animal. Ah, Steve. Steve, could you get rid of that like, very oily looking Vietnam era jacket And, uh, comer hair, please. TV. I'm going to take you out shopping. We're gonna go out. We're going to get you a new members only jacket put your just put some steroids on your face, Steve, your skin looks awful. You just fucking look like a bag of shit. Like among guy todo my bronzer concealer. Stevie, ever. Stevie ever get on a treadmill? That that shirt looks like £10 of shit in a £5 bag. Steve, you smelled like stale tobacco and booze. Come on, take a shower. Come. Come on. A block is gonna outfit you. It's a human close. Stevie Shed. Steve, you should smile more. Wait. No, don't smile more. We don't. Nobody wants to see that. Yeah, no, no, he's going. He's going to just this man off, Probably. I'll tell you what. I've talked to people in Europe And you know, Steve Bannon's project is his project in Europe has been a disaster. Ah, in many respects, that whole thing in Italy, Like where he tried to create, like the jet. I like Star chamber training camp in, like some villa in Tuscany. And then the Italian government got, you know, they implying like that if the Italian government hadn't got him out of that piece of property like that, it would have been this great success. I mean, that's the thing. It's like So wait, let me go back to someone. Try it. Start strikers. So you you're saying that that trumps, like method of trying to win the election without going back to the 2016 rhetoric by, like, doubling down on going after blacks and all that kind of shit is gonna hit it is gonna hit a wall sometime in a couple months before the election, and he's gonna be like, Fuck it. I'm going back to what I did in 2016. It's all gonna be fake, but do you think he's gonna actually be like, all right, enough? I'm going back, Steve, help me out. Do you think that's actually gonna happen? Well, another thing is that Trump might be doing a bait and switch where he's gonna make the Democrats think he's going to do that. And then when it's actually timeto campaign, he's just going to go back to being a not as hard core is 2016. But he's gonna meet you half way there because it will be important for us there. It's gonna be very important for all of us to be there to call that shit out when it happens, because oh, yeah, it's tempting like some of its something once, Yes, shame on you. And yet you fool me twice. Gonna never fool me again. You'll be pulled me twice. Uh, shame. Shame on you. Yeah, because it's like cause Trump does do funny stuff like some of the shit that he does do to people is kind of funny. And so it's gonna be tempting, I think, for people to be like, Yeah, actually, that was kind of funny. Like he did actually own own this guy a little bit, but at the same courtesy of going and you're already seeing him in his actions and also some of the recent Supreme Court decisions on immigration. Yeah, you're going to start. See, he's gonna start making moves. He's gonna do like a like, ah, fake effort to defund sanctuary cities. He's going toe drag The New York Times. A court. That's something. You know what people trump. Voters especially want to see people at The New York Times and the Washington Post in prison. So he's gonna do that. He's gonna go after some of the some of the Jew judges like, ah Ginsburg, Amy Berman, Jackson. He's gonna do stuff like that and we're going to be tempted to cheer for because those are people we need. We want to see those people in prison we want to see, you know, just like we wanted to see Hillary Clinton in prison, right? And it said, Who went to prison? Every single person that helped trump from Julian Assange to fuckin Roger Stone. Teoh Pull, man, those the people went to prison. Michael Flynn, everybody all these people. Yeah. Yeah. So So what am I getting out here? So Trump knows that his his actual legislative achievements or are failures, You know this because remember, criminal justice reform. Remember that. Yep. I mean, that's what TP USA and Charlie Kirk and the people of people like Brad Par scale that are running Trump's campaign. That's what those people thought. Oh, this is This is gonna win the black vote, letting them out of prison. It actually might increase the Black Book. But in the midterms, what did Trump say before the mysteries? Like I'm not gonna pass this before the midterms, because if I dio I'm gonna lose the GOP's and get blown out is this is unpopular? Criminal justice reform is unpopular with Republican voters. So what Trump's gonna do is he's going toe campaign like you didn't remember 20 t zero and birthright citizenship, right? Yeah, we did. You justice reform. Last ballots counted. What's he dio right? Criminal justice reform and a second round of tax cuts and then war with Iran. That's Trump going ham in 2021. Oh, no, no, no, you better. But Trump will go down in history as one of the most anti white presidents, and if he gets a second term, you take that to the fucking bank. He's going to do an amnesty and he's going. I don't know what he's gonna do in the Middle East, but it's not gonna be good. Yeah, it does do Mauritz because America is just American military's is physically incapable of doing more. Boy, I Oh, yeah. This also supports the thesis that the answer to getting what you want out of this presidency, assuming that this is even something that's possible. But the answer isn't to then to see what Trump's doing in the Middle East to see what he's doing in immigration, to see what he's doing domestically with political dissidents and then beg to be allowed to be a part of that. You don't get anything for begging to be a part of that. You just are the sucker because Trump can look at you and look at you begging to be a part of his thing. Conservatism does is generally and they know that they have your support, locked up the tactical move and, as you know, tactic, strategy, whatever. But the tactical position and the only position to extract what you want is for whites to look at this presidency and to say we are not going to vote for you unless we get what we want, and so what I think Mike has made this point on tedious, and it's it's a very good point. The question to Charlie Kirk isn't How are you going to win elections when there are fewer while white people? It's Why should whites be conservative with this is what you're giving us. Yep. I mean, this is something that's happened before, even without any organization. Look it. Ah, John McCain. Mitt Romney. Right. Obama was able to win his white state home, right? OK, whites did not vote. And you know what? In retrospect, if we have, like, the paleo consoles No, no, no, no. I remember I was Do you use this anecdote? But, you know, when I was I was in 2000 and eight. I was a bit of ah, you know, isn't some ah skinhead circles and white national circles and so on, Everyone was telling me No, no, you gotta vote for John McCain. Because if if Obama wins, he's gonna rule America like Robert Mugabi. Okay? And and you know, what's funny is the irony of all that is that if John McCain had won that election, he would have probably successfully passed amnesty, and he probably would have started a war with the rant, he would have been a worse president then. Obama well immune, wouldn't have gotten the outcome of Obama, which was right or wrong Donald Trump. But Trump is actually the animus that came out of that, and so you would have gotten more neoconservatism. It would have gone on forever, and then there would have been a kosher reaction to McCain going too far, and then you would have gotten maybe Clinton or somebody else after that. But that's really what they wanted to keep it going. But the thing their whole system has gotten pretty far out of balance. I actually dispute those that say, like everything's dialed in and they have everything the way that they want. They actually don't especially, we know, measure it by by the by the historical record. Well, you know, it's another interesting thing. I think that in retrospect, if Hillary Clinton would have won and defeated Trump by a narrow margin, ah, we would be actually in a stronger position right now. Many respects Ah, because Trump has a pacifying effect on white people. They see Trump and they see Trump going up there acting like he's in charge. Yeah, but what? But what if Trump ran again? Though that was the thing I said, I don't know, like the beginning of the show, where it's like if Trump had lost by a cut hair in 2016 then all of that can rhetoric they had all the way up into the election. Because pretty much, I mean, you could find some people maybe trying to wreck on this at this point. But, like, pretty much everybody was like, Yeah, this would be great, Like, this is the start of something and right then you never get to find out what's there. Then he shows up in 2020 with all the same bullshit. And then you go for that again. I mean, you know, I don't I don't know, like it's tough prime time. That would have going by what the ah with writer Gian Giudice, a scholar. This guy named John Judas. What he said in his study of American populism and his take after studying numerous populist movements is that the populist movements get stronger when they lose the election, and which is kind of interesting if you think about it right I mean, really know they need this needs to. This thing needs to be sealed then Right now, Like the whole thing. Here's the thing. Look at how How much stronger the democratic sociales of America have gotten with lots of water loss. Yeah, that's true. If Bernie had one, they would have been all consolidated into the DNC. Ah ah, Plantation. So what if what if you had Trump lost by a cunt hair in 2016? Then he lost again in 2020 using the same rhetoric than yeah, by your your theory and by this guy's theory, then, yeah, you would have continuously strengthened populism without actually road testing it. Because if you actually road tested, we see what you get with Trump in 2016 through now. So yeah, and then I would trump run again in 2024? I don't know, but yeah, you need essentially a succession of of ah, of candidates who have no intention of winning, but who just get people hyped on this stuff. And then, yeah, I'm a little conflicted about it because on the other hand, Trump 2016 showed that whites can win. Yes, if they stick together. So that's that's That's something that I think is on the ofhis. Are you sure it's not all one or all the other striker? I mean, I feel like some people just wanna have all one or all the other. There's no nudes there, certainly can't I have Asperger's syndrome, so I can't think in that way I can think in between binaries of 01? Yes. And if if you say maybe one is right on some issues, zero is right on other issues. Let me to get personally upset and write a 10,000 word comment about Wall tells you're gonna build a wall. Just a wall of text. A wall tax? No, But you know, Donald Trump is important because it shows that you could be openly racist and win an election and that white people don't actually give a shit about that. Because while public white people are scared to to say what they believe when they're behind, given the opportunity behind a curtain in a bowel box, uh, they'll be loud and clear on what they actually think. And that's what that is. That's why the Jews will never forgive Donald Trump fully. I was just going to say, Oh, that exact thing. James, any closing words? They're going to get a Shut it down here. If did a solid three hours this good striker, We're gonna have to do this. Ah, do this on the regular. Any parting thoughts, gentlemen? Oh, by the way, Charlie Kirk was being interviewed on Laura Ingraham tonight. Yep. Yeah, and right on cue and Cultures column comes out today. Two columns today, uh, talking about Bernie and how ah Bernie's actually Trump's worst nightmare because the socialism capitalism debate and right on cue Breitbart comments full of and you're a never Trumper. I'm not listening to you anymore. So yeah, looking out, Trump another one that he has a grudge. A tactical. We need to call this tactical trump Grudges. Yes. Okay. The woman, the very first important conservative commentator T endorsed Donald Trump for president. Thrown under the bus thrown under the fucking bless. You know, let let's see Trump win that election without Ann Coulter's bestselling book putting the issue on the debate stage. Ah, you know? Yeah. I'm going to put the issue of immigration in in focus for people and it and it allow in it introduced. You know it. Coulter. She at the time, she did introduce a level of respectability or seriousness to the topic of immigration, some people's eyes and, ah, and it. I think it took Coulter bringing it to the forefront. And that's the other thing. Anything about Trump is that it took colder writing that book for him to even, like acknowledge, that was even thinking, Yeah, I mean again, look at this shit. The first person to endorse Trump the first People sessions Coulter Bannon What is Trump done with these people? Tactical grudges. Hey, said something bad about me? Ah, a book. That's probably not even really. But he said, Oh, toe and is crazy. She's crazy, you know? Meanwhile, look at what you endorse Mitt Romney. Why, you know, you know what we need. We need to really thrill into the minds of paleo cons. Is Donald Trump going to endorse Jeff Sessions? And if he doesn't, you get an amnesty and 2021 brother. Now he's never gonna endorse Jeff Sessions. I mean, if he was like he was going to Dorset now and that's the litmus test, like he went out and endorsed Mitt Romney after Mitt Romney. Romney totally fucked him and, like, totally fucked him hard on many levels. But But all sessions fucked up again. Yeah, like all sessions did was, like, recused himself. Yeah, maybe you could say that's a tactical error. Like whatever. It was dumb of sessions to do it. We don't want we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. We don't know what dirt they have on sessions. We don't know what leverage was put on the sessions like sessions. You better not for you better fucking recused yourself or else you don't know like we don't really know. I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but, like Trump, Trump pick such like a penny ante issue to get upset about when he turns the cheek with people who fucked him even harder. When, when? When? When if Trump went out and endorsed sessions and pushed sessions hard. This is why I don't think Trump is gonna go quote unquote ham in 2020 on this rhetoric because if he wanted to really energize his base and get them pumped up and show that he was really hard core on immigration, all he has to do is go out and mouth support for Jeff Sessions. He can't even bring himself to do that, right. Why don't they look a at Trump's early pardons? Guys like Joe Arpaio, Right? That those air good pardons. He did. Yeah, look at his pardons. Now. He's got, like, what? Michael Milken do Jewish financial criminal. Imagine how much of a criminal this guy was that in the United States of America. They put a billionaire Wall Street Jew in prison. Well, that's what How much of that? I wonder what criminal I mean? Remember, that's what criminal justice reform it's all about. That's why it was driven by Jared Kushner and his father. Charles, like Jared didn't want to see his father in prison like, yeah, they let black people out of prison and it's like, Oh, yeah, black people. We let them out and it's so great. Wonderful. What that's really about is opening up the door for letting out white collar criminals, people who Trump has rubbed elbows with four decades and other Jews and people who have been put into prison for justifiable reasons somehow made it through the justice system and actually got a sentence. They're trying to undo a lot of that. And so I think you're going to see over time that a lot of those people I wouldn't be surprised. This is a novelty prediction, but I wouldn't be surprised to Bernie made off. Gets a fucking pardon before. Yeah. How about How about how about FC? Get a post mortem pardon from? Yeah. What about Weinstein? Yeah. I mean, why not? Why, If you're doing rubbish in and you're doing Michael Milken and you're doing he pardoned a war criminal to the much to the outrage of, like, a lot of military officers. If you know, is this This wasn't a sympathetic war crime. I forgot his name, but maybe one or two of them were kind of attack, but it was one he shot like a little girl in the face for no reason. Jesus fucking murdered. Do you murder women and Children and fuckin in ah, in the Afghanistan war for fun? And did Donald Trump fucking Parnham's? He could get his rank restored like workers. Who is at four. Who is that four. I mean, this is just astonishing shit. Yeah, and you know, Ah, furthermore. Ah, you know the thing with with, um what is it? Ah was you know the thing, The thing about sessions and Arpaio and people like that, Like, you know, these these these people were popular with the Republican Party's voters. Ah, you know Who are you partying? You know, forget the in a truly Trumpian move would be to pardon some of those proud boys that I'm not ask him to pardon James Field. You proud? Pardon the Trump Fan Club that was defending itself from Antifa, which, by the way, Trump said publicly, this is again. This is one last thing before we go. This is why Trump is more dangerous in office and out of it. Trump told his boomer fans that he was gonna put anti full on the terrorist watch list. Do you know who's on the terrorist watch lists? Instead? Trump's fans in the proud Boys, of course, a document released by the FBI that they have the proud boys under surveillance as a domestic terrorist group. Yeah, and even worse, he'll go out and and make the implied threat that if Antifa or if left this mess with his supporters, you're gonna get it. My supporters of the toughest. Believe me, it will be the biggest beat down of your life. Yeah, tending When that actually happens, he's like L A. Well, yeah. I get the fuck in jail. Yeah. Tempting them to go to bat for him again and again and again and then, yeah, just laughing as they get sent off the prison. Yeah, I want him to part in everybody all the way we always hear about. Oh, you know, we always hear some of these like black pills. Kind of like irony, bro. Types always said he all right, ruined my life. This that how many people have had their lives ruined just for associating with trump about people that lost family members They have Cat lady wants that will never talked him again. Or people lost a They got beaten up in the street. That was very common in 2016. Where Trump had you get beaten up yet? I have a degree of courage toe walk in a major city with your trump hat. You know, people who got stabbed, people who got who knows if people even got killed for wearing for being trump supporters is actually just a dangerous. That was just his dangers. To be a fan of trump as it was to be a member of the old right. So you just have all the bad parts about being a Nazi without any of the good When you're out there stumping for Trump cause Trump does not care outside of his little myopic milieu of himself, his Jewish crony buddies and his people financing it literally does not care about anyone beyond that, he's not even in the political sense where he's gonna stick up for Roger Stone. And you know I can't believe it. Well, he's the perfect kind of guy for the outlet to support them. They have a lot in common, don't they? So yeah, well, things like. Guess what, bro? You could say Oh, well, I'm not a Nazi. They can't. Oh, I'm gonna be. My optics are safe because I'm not. I don't associate with people that are not seizing cringe gnats. And so and we brought You're under FBI surveillance, too. And you know what? When they decide it's time to put people in gulags, you're gonna be in the orange jumpsuit in there with me. So you better fucking start thinking about politics differently. Yep. Okay. This is just how it works. This isn't you, America. We're living in post legal America. The Constitution is almost worthless. Ah, Instead of wasting time and money on Trump, let's start talking about including with the all light of hero light and listening to this if you're Gavin McInnis. If you're, uh um um Alex Jones. Let's start talking about start funding together. A legal organisation like the A C l u. But for normal people, let's start talking about things like that. Give up on Trump. It's over with Trump. It is. It is all right. Indeed. Very good show tonight. Strike the nation. We're gonna be back again at some point, James. Thanks. Ah, thanks for joining striker James and Ah, yeah, apologized 1st 5 minutes weren't recorded, but you're You know, that was for our That was for the people who showed up on time. Let's put it that Yeah, that'll go down in history with the misaligned audio into fdn to 93 as a very rare, very rare copy of exclusive copy. Like a shiny pokey month. I just want to disability us like talking over each other So I like put the tracks in sync and it was just like so. Anyway, thanks, everybody, we will Ah, we'll catch you guys later and ah, yeah, I got some I think I got bright a hold on Friday payable tedious Don't forget credibility this weekend Oh, ftn oh Jazz, International jazz, National hyphen justice too they have or national hyphen dot com Oh, yes, Yeah, Well ah, I can't I can't feel confined The Atra music Keep filibustering, Guys, I gotta Okay, I'm gonna keep I'm a minute late. I'm gonna put the mind terrorist list. There it is, You know, also listen to strike him. I was very good this week. Striking Michael. Thank you. Yes, during my very good and ah, yeah, that's it. Hears the music. So you guys later"}],"