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The FBI, or Federal Bureau Of Investigation is an intelligence and law enforcement agency of the United States Federal Government that was founded to arrest and bust up organized crime syndicates who would not accept Jewish Organized Crime bosses as their superiors. That this was the purpose that the FBI was founded to serve is not known to many of the Americans who become FBI Agents, especially at lower levels, such as FBI Field Agents. Shortly after it was established, the mission of the FBI was expanded to include harassing, investigating, and arresting Goyim suspected of opposing Jewish control of the United States federal government, Goyim whom Jews perceive as potentially hostile to Jewish interests in general, and individuals and groups suspected of sympathizing with Goyim whom Jews perceive as potentially hostile to Jewish interests in general. In order to keep up the appearance of serving the United States general public, the FBI also deploys a limited amount of resources for purposes other than the servicing of Jewish interests, such as the occasional assignment of of FBI Agents to assist local law enforcement agencies in locating persons who have been kidnapped.

In the 1920s, during Prohibition, Jewish Organized Crime bosses faced competition from other ethnic organized crime syndicates, such as elements of the US Italian Mafia and the US Irish Mob whose regional leaders had not submitted to Jewish Organized Crime bosses. In the 1930s, Meyer Lansky of the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate, then top boss of Jewish Organized Crime in the United States, was able to procure, through his and Lansky-funded ADL Agents and Assets, the creation of the FBI to bust up Goyish organized crime syndicates. By the end of the 1950s, virtually all competitors to Jewish Organized Crime who had not yet submitted to rule by the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate had been arrested or otherwise busted up. The last revolt staged by Goyish gangsters against Jewish hegemony in US organized crime came in the 1950s, in a meeting of the surviving independent heads of the US Italian Mafia gathered in upstate New York. Then, Meyer Lansky, having prior knowledge of this meeting, ordered Jewish Assets and Agents in law enforcement to raid the meeting spot an arrest participants of the meeting place.

FBI: created and staffed to serve Jewish Organized Crime

This blackmail was used to ensure that the FBI's leadership maintained Asset Compliance for Jewish Organized Crime/the lobby for Israel/and the ADL as their hijacking of business and government in the United States accelerated around the time of the John F Kennedy Assassination, and ensured the leadership of the FBI made sure that no facts showing Israels Central Role In The John F Kennedy Assassination were released.