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The Epstein Spy Ring was a Mossad Blackmail Ring led by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell. Jeffrey Epstein acted as the middle man, the intermediary, for the Mossad, with Ghislaine Maxwell being one of the top-ranking Mossad agents. Epstein was the front man for billions of dollars in financing provided by Israelis and rich Jewish billionaires outside of Israel, having cover jobs, such as owning shell companies or working at hedge funds. The Jewish-controlled US mainstream media has attempted to portray the Epstein Spy Ring as simply a child abuse ring, and they try to hide all connections to the Israeli government and the Mossad. Les Wexner was largely the funding for the Jeffrey Epstein, whereas Ghislaine Maxwell was most of the brains and responsible for most of the networking with other Mossad operatives. The Epstein Spy Ring most likely had expenditures over the time of its existence in the billions, with one billion dollars probably being the lowest reasonable estimate for the total expenditures over time. In exchange for this 1+ billion dollars, Israel, and Jewish billionaires, have been able to extract trillions of dollars from the US taxpayer over the years, in the form of aid to Israel, corporate bail outs, and contracting.

Ghislaine provided Jeffrey with social contact to the elites of Great Britain, including its Royal Family, and the United States, such as the Clintons, whom she was often photographed with. She was the chief recruiter and groomer of underage girls for Epstein, as well as the primary fixer for luring members of the elite into sexual relations with these children, in elaborate Honey Pot schemes that resulted in leverage over many members of the elite and powerful.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell became expert in Honey Pot tactics, drawing on all of the experience of Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, who was the ring leader of the sexual blackmailing of UK politicians for Israel with VHS cassette tapes going back to at least the 1980s. Robert had taught his daughter that the wealthy and elites respond better to blackmail than to bribery, and his ring raised her to become an expert child recruiter, groomer, and fixer, or person who arranges the sexual encounters with the marks.

Part of the scheme was the cover jobs furnished to Epstein, to be the ostensible source of Jeff Epstein's wealth, which was really just a slush fund that was kept flush with cash by infusions from Jewish billionaires. It appeared to the people being entrapped in the Honey Pot schemes that they were just fooling around with girls barely above the legal age, and in many case, known to be well below the legal age, along with a fellow perverted member of the elite. Jeff Epstein made no attempt to conceal from the marks that he too was engaging in behavior that would destroy him, should it become known to the public, luring the marks into a false sense of comfort.

We know that the marks (those targeted) in the Honey Pot entrapment encounters with the underage children were being taped and filmed, and this was being documented, uhh, by Epstein and his co-conspirators from admissions by of the victims, the (formerly) underage children, the abused. This testimony and deposition by the victims also provides evidence that, whether in the Penthouse in New York City, or the compound in the Virgin Islands, the property where the marks were guests were under complete, recorded surveillance. At the child rape compound in the Virgin Island, such evidence shows that constant video surveillance of the whole compound was happening when marks were on the property; there was a control room, and a secret bathroom downstairs, from which they coordinated the recorded monitoring of every area of the compound, including every hallway.

In addition to the testimony of spy ring's victims. more evidence of the covert property-wide recorded surveillance present at all of the Honey Pot locations comes from the the criminal case after which he spent thirteen months in prison, which started in 2006, and was concluded in 2008.

In addition to this, there is at least one secret camera that was furnished to him by police. The police installed the camera, hidden inside of a clock, for him. Jeffrey Epstein had complained about thieves, and so he wanted some incognito way to spy on would-be thieves. Jeff Epstein was just using it for his own sexual escapades...

The primary source of Epstein's funding was the Mega Donor Group, the largest funding being specifically Les Wexner and the Wexner Foundation, who was involved in the modeling industry with underage girls, just like Jean-Luc Brunel of MC2 Modeling Agency. Additional funding also came from many other Jewish Billionaires, like the Bronfman Family. Les Wexner gave Jeffrey Epstein the largest, most expensive apartment in New York City, what is not known as Epstein's New York City Mansion for a trivial sum, a small fraction of the apartment's value in (!!!year?). The New York Times wrote an article about the James Bond - like nature of the place (!!!find article and link), full of hidden cameras, lighting for the camera recording, to get blackmail footage of marks that came to the apartment.

Jeffrey would film himself with young girls, and recorded the encounters, often on Compact Disks. He would also film anybody he could manipulate... One of his tactics was to ply marks, people to be developed into assets, with alcohol, and once they had enough to drink, do things like introduce a 17 year old supermodel. A lot of people were susceptible to that, and it is illegal, whether the girls were lying about their age, or not.

Les Wexner, owner of Victoria's Secret, for instance, as evidenced in headlines from even mainstream sources, such as The New York Times, was one of the Jewish Billionaires who was providing resources to the spy ring. See New York Times article: "How Jeffrey Epstein Used Billionaire Behind Victoria's Secret For Wealth and Women".

According to a recording of Ari Ben-Menashe, Ehud Barak used to visit the properties of Jeffrey Epstein of the Epstein Spy Ring, where children were raped, ostensibly, to gather intelligence (blackmail videos) that Epstein had created. However, a former Prime Minister of Israel, and a former head of the Mossad, it is highly unlikely that he would have to go to these places where there were stables of children to rape in person; he could have just send a Currier, and did not have to go to Epstein's properties in the US and the Caribbean. (The pro-Netanyahu and the pro-Barak forces, in the 2019 Israeli elections, were battling it out in Israel, and it led the pro-Netanyahu forces to leak?) pictures taken of Barak entering Epstein's New York City mansion, in disguise, after the indictments of Epstein. The photos also show underage girls coming into the mansion just minutes before. This means that Ehud Barak was also partaking in the child rape.

Jeffrey Epstein also would take people on flights, on the so-called Lolita Express. Repeat passengers on this plane included Bill Clinton, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Hillary Clinton.

At the Mar-a-Lago Estate of Donald Trump, Ghislaine Maxwell recruited Virginia Roberts into the spy ring.

Jean-Luc Brunel, who ran the MC2 Modeling Agency in France, used to provide girls to the Epstein Spy Ring. As of October 1, 2019, French investigators were still looking for Jean-Luc Brunel. Les Wexner used to also provide the Israelis and the Epstein Spy Ring of age as well as underage models, like Brunel, and sometimes Jeffrey Epstein would pose as a Victoria's Secret model recruiter to lure new victims into the child molestation spy ring, Victoria's Secret being one of the brands owned by Les Wexner.

Central to the spy ring was the relationship between its coordinators and Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, and former head of the Mossad. Also involved in the Epstein Spy Ring was Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein remained so well connected, the Epstein Spy Ring still so empowered by it's J Edgar Hoover style leverage, that even after Jeffrey Epstein's conviction, both Epstein and Maxwell were present at the marriage of Chelsea Clinton.