Epstein's New York City Mansion

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Les Wexner gave Jeffrey Epstein the largest, most expensive residence in New York City, valued at around 77 million dollars, what is now known as Epstein's New York City Mansion for a trivial sum, a small fraction of the apartment's value in (!!!year?). The New York Times wrote an article about the James Bond - like nature of the place (!!!find article and link), full of hidden cameras, lighting for the camera recording, to get blackmail footage of marks that came to the apartment. One item of importance discovered in Epstein's New York City Mansion was a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress, one like was used against him, provided by Monica Lewinsky as evidence; it appears as it if was akin trophy from the victory of Epstein and the Mega Donor Group in entrapping Bill Clinton with Lewinsky. The Mega Donor Group was able to stop the White House's investigation into the Mega Spy Mole with the leverage they had over Bill Clinton as a result of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. Les Wexner gifted this mansion to Jeffrey Epstein for use in the Epstein Spy Ring. The gifting was obfuscated by some strange paperwork; first, Les Wexner gave Jeffrey Epstein power of attorney, then Epstein acts as the signature for both the buyer and seller side of the real estate transaction, as he had power of attorney from Wexner. A token sum, a small fraction of the market value of the mansion, was recorded as the price in the transaction, make the mansion a gift from Wexner to Epstein, instead opposed to an actual real estate sale. Wexner was a billionaire, and Epstein was a college drop out with no material experience in any of the areas where he was given power of Attorney. Thus it is hard to explain why Wexner would give him power of attorney, unless it was specifically to keep Les Wexner 's name officially off giftings of money and resources from Les Wexner / the Wexner Foundation to Jeffrey Epstein and the Epstein Spy Ring.