Ehud Barak

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Former price minister of Israel from July 6, 1999 - March 7, 2001. Party affiliation was One Israel, part of the Labor coalition government.

At times, he is at ends with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party.

??? Partner with Jeffrey Epstein in a Mossad operation to steal the PROMIS Software from the United States Department of Defense. to deploy software, based on software stolen from the United States with the help of Robert Maxwell to spy on people through their electronic devices. ???

Barak continued working with Jeffrey Epstein, even after his 2008 conviction Epstein channeled money to Barak, on behalf of Jewish billionaires and their foundations, like Les Wexner and his Wexner Foundation through Carbyne, formerly known as Reporty. He used to visit Epstein's Epstein Spy Ring properties where children were raped, ostensibly, according to a recording of Ari Ben-Menashe, to gather intelligence (blackmail videos) that Epstein had created. However, a former Prime Minister of Israel, and a former head of the Mossad, it is highly unlikely that he would have to go to these places where there were stables of children to rape in person; he could have just send a Currier, and did not have to go to Epstein's properties in the US and the Caribbean.

Barak also introduced Harvey Weinstein to Black Cube operatives.

Barak was financed by Jeffrey Epstein in a Mossad, not only through Carbyne and Reporty, but also by the Wexner Foundation, of which Barak was both a director and a trustee. Epstein and Les Wexner were able to funnel around 4.5 million dollars to Ehud Barak through the Wexner Foundation; this was illegal because Epstein was an American, financing an Israeli Prime Minister.

Brazil Sex Scandal: The Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil was mostly kept out of non-Portuguese language papers, but it was all over the headlines in Brazil and Portugal after the story broke. Ehud Barak, as Prime Minister of Israel, had a diplomat to Brazil, Arie Scher, who headed the Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil. After arriving in Brazil, Arie Scher set up a child pornography production ring, and, for a short time, it remained a simple child molestation ring where they made videos as trophies of sexual conquest.. However, with his homosexual lover egging him on, George Schteinberg, a Hebrew language teacher in Brazil, Arie Scher soon escalates things to a new level of depravity. Being a diplomat at the Israeli Consulate in Brazil, Arie Scher received many Israeli tourists. He began selling tapes of the child molestation to them, and then things got worse. Young children, many eight and nine years old, are in the child molestation and child gang-rape tapes. Eventually, they begin torturing the children to death on video, and then sell even copies of these videos. After the clientele of Israeli tourists had grown enough, Arie Scher and his Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil began throwing sex parties for them, and taping these as well. Law enforcement got a hold of some of these tapes, and identified the swimming pool of the Israeli consulate in Brazil in the background. After the Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil was broken up by law enforcement, Arie Scher, with the help of Prime Minister Ehud Barak, is able to flee back to Israel. George Schteinberg winds up taking the brunt of the fall from law enforcement for the rape and murder of the children in the Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil. Ehud Barak then gives employment to Arie Scher in Israel, and after some time had passed, Ehud Barak attempts to place Arie Scher in a diplomatic position for Israel in Australia. However, Australian authorities identified him as being the man who had headed the Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil, and would not let him come to Australia. The Israeli diplomat Ehud Barak had slated Arie Scher to replace in Australia had recently been caught trying to illegally acquire stolen New Zealand passports for Israelis. The Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand would cause a building to collapse in Christchurch, at which time an Israeli agent was caught in the area with a stolen New Zealand passport of a paraplegic . Israelis are known to covet New Zealand passports, because a New Zealand passport allows the holder access to more countries in the world than most other passports. The Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil would gather up children from Latin American orphanages and other places where children were vulnerable. There are pictures of Scher and Schteinberg exposing their genitals to cameras together. In the end, their Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil sold over 60,000 copies of the orgy with minors scenes, child rape, child torture, and child murder tapes.

Moshe Katsav is the Israeli President, was convicted of rape during the time that Ehud Barak was prime minister of Israel.