Edgar Bronfman Sr

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(June 20, 1929 - December 21, 2013, born Edgar Miles Bronfman, in Canada). Edgar Bronfman Sr, the older brother of Charles Bronfman is the father of Clare Bronfman and Edgar Bronfman Jr. His second wife bore him Clare Bronfman, who was high up in the NXIVM Cult Blackmail Ring, which was trafficking children and engaging in large-scale child rape. President of World Jewish Congress. Edgar Bronfman Sr was involved in a hostile takeover of Bear Sterns of St. Joe Minerals Corp, in which Jeffrey Epstein helped in the hostile takeover scheme. See St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme. Edgar Bronfman Sr 's support was vital to the success of Jeffrey Epstein 's Epstein Spy Ring. Edgar Bronfman Sr also worked with Jeffrey Epstein in the St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme.