Dalton School

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Jeffrey Epstein worked there from 1974 to 1976. He was hired by Donald Barr, then headmaster of the school, in 1974. Ryan Dawson reports that the students there called him 'the creepy professor', and he was said to be having sexual relations with students. He taught calculus and physics, according to August 12, 2019 Heavy News article. Shortly after Epstein was hired, Barr resigned as headmaster and Gardner Dunnan became the new headmaster.

Epstein was forced to leave the Dalton School in June of 1976 amid allegations that he was molesting underage students.

Dunnan was also later removed as headmaster, like Epstein, amid allegations that he was molesting children.

Lynn Greenberg, the daughter of Alan Greenberg (Ace Greenberg), Epstein's boss at Bear Sterns, attended the Dalton School. (Please show me proof if that was during the time that Epstein worked there).