Clyde Tolson

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Associate Director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) under J Edgar Hoover until the year of Hoover's death in 1972. Aside from being associate director, he was also the homosexual love interest of Hoover. He started working in the Bureau of Investigation in 1930, before the formation of FBI in 1935.
He and Hoover were blackmailed by Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello with evidence of their homosexual affair, developing them both into assets for the Israelis and for Jewish Organized Crime.

This blackmail was used to ensure that the FBI's leadership maintained Asset Compliance for Jewish Organized Crime/the lobby for Israel/and the ADL as their hijacking of business and government in the United States accelerated around the time of the John F Kennedy Assassination, and ensured the leadership of the FBI made sure that no facts showing Israels Central Role In The John F Kennedy Assassination were released.