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Charles Kushner is part of the Kushner Family, a powerful family in Jewish Organized Crime, and one time leader of Jewish Organized Crime's Port Authority. Charles Kushner is the father of Jared Kushner and Joshua Kushner.

Jim McGreevey became committed to the homosexual affair, and, when Golan Cipel needed a work visa to come to the United States, Charles Kushner sponsored him.

  • Charles Kushner started over 100 companies, some of them specifically for new projects, so that if the scandal or bribery relating to one of the companies went public, he could just shut that company down. Charles Kushner, he needed to make political contributions to get something in return for one of his projects or companies, would make political contributions in other peoples' names, without telling them he had done so, to get around limits placed on individual contributions to politicians and their campaigns.
Such illegal methods allowed Charles Kushner to push lots of money to politicians such as Bill Bradley, John Corzine, Robert Torricelli, and Jim McGreevey.
* This lawsuit revealed Charles' illegal campaign contribution schemes to the public, which led to the federal investigation into Charles Kushner, which led to his having to pay a 508,900 fine to the FEC. Once it became apparent that Murray Kushner was bringing the law suit that would expose the accounting for illegal campaign finance stuff that Charles Kushner did not want revealed, Charles Kushner moved to entrap and blackmail him with a Honey Pot trap.
* Esther Kushner and her husband, Billy Schulder had been taking Charles Kushner's side against Murray Kushner, until Billy Schulder was demoted by Chalres Kushner for incompetence, causing Esther Kushner and Billy Schulder to switch sides in the lawsuit, taking the side of Murray Kushner. This led Charles Kushner to hire a high end, slender, blonde, prostitute to seduce and film in a Honey Pot trap with Billy Schulder. Catching Billy Schulder's attention outside of a diner, she pretended she was having car trouble was having problems, and so Billy Schulder gave the woman a ride. Billy Schulder took the bait, and he took the woman to the Red Bull Inn, a two-star hotel in Bridgewater New Jersey. The prostitute then gave the tape to Charles Kushner, who mailed it to Esther Kushner, to intimidate the married couple, but this just further set Esther Kushner against Charles Kushner.
Charles Kushner then proceeded to organize a Honey Pot trap for Robert Yontef, paying her 10,000 dollars to seduce him, however, the entrapment did not work, and once it became public that Charles Kushner had laid another Honey Pot trap, new charges of witness tampering were added to the campaign finance charges.

Kushner had paid off Marci Plotkin with large sums of cash, and paid the college tuition for her son
Richard Stadtmauer was also investigated in the Chris Christie take down of overly-brazen Charles Kushner for Jewish Organized Crime.
In 1998, Richard Goettlich had been sentenced to ten years after pleading guilty to securities fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion. Richard Goettlich had pulled off an office equipment lease Ponzi Scheme that Conned thousands of investors. In 1999, the third largest penalty ever imposed in a security fraud case was imposed to repay the defrauded companies.

Charles Kushner had been a convicted felon at the time he sat on this Harvard board.
Daniel Golden wrote a book called "The Price of Admission", which exposed that the rich, with massive tax-deductible donations, buy their low-scoring childrens' way into elite universities, and this is exactly what Charles Kushner did for Jared Kushner and Joshua Kushner