Categories Of People Whose So-Called Research Helps The Coverup

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A Person Claiming To Be A Researcher Who Helps The Coverup can be sorted to one of the following Categories Of People Whose So-Called Research Helps The Coverup:

(a) Pure Disinformation Agents intentionally spreading just Disinformation, acting as part of a Coverup, often spewing Disinformation starting right at the time of the event that is to be covered up, who will, after the time of the event being covered up, spread not only Disinformation, but also propagate Misinformation Become Disinformation, Misinformation of those honest but credulous researchers whose materials have acted as Red Herrings away from the guilty parties,
(b) Disinformation Agents performing Limited Hangouts, mixing in some facts which the people being protected by the Coverup would have liked to have kept from the public (but which have become widely-circulated and accepted, despite their best efforts), but also mixing in a lot of Disinformation, Disinformation that is designed either
(1) to be Disinformation with a Red Herring trail leading to parties (that could plausibly be behind the thing being covered up) other than the people being covered by the Coverup,
(2) to perform a Limited Hangout with Tinfoil Disinformation to discredit other researchers who use the formerly-suppressed facts acknowledged in the Limited Hangout to build a case in the direction of the truly guilty parties by mixing in Tinfoil Disinformation with the formerly-suppressed facts in an attempt to undo some of the growing threat posed to the guilty parties by the growing distribution and acceptance of the formerly-suppressed facts's growing
(Ryan Dawson had to deal with this a lot.. as he exposed new facts showing Israel's role in the 9-11 Attacks, Disinformation Agents would put out a video or writings that mixed the formerly-suppressed facts that Ryan Dawson had distributed and gained acceptance for, and then mixed in crazy-sounding stuff about 'UFOs', 'They Were Holograms - Not Planes' or 'Mini Nukes At The World Trade Center', or other on-its-face-crazy-sounding Tinfoil Disinformation designed to make the researcher who is onto the trail of the guilty parties look crazy by association.)
, or
(c) People Who Have Subscribed To Things They Do Not Know To Be Disinformation Or Misinformation who, in their work, wind up repeating Disinformation which was put out there as part of a Coverup to confuse or discredit researchers who take the bait, or, who repeat Misinformation from credulous researchers who have made mistakes in their analysis, also leading to the discredit of the researcher who shares the Misinformation, or

See also Researchers Who Lacked The Courage To Report Their Findings.