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Bootlegging, or illegal smuggling of alcoholic, during Prohibition caused he real bloom of Jewish Organized Crime came with Prohibition, which Jews had anticipated and pushed for, having out-of-country alcohol producing Jews who had plans ready to implement with existing Jewish Organized Crime groups in the United States. Bootlegging almost immediately became a Jew-dominated affair, and, to lessen negative reactions from the Goyim, extensive networks of lower-ranking Front Goyim were propped up in the Jew-dominated News Media and Entertainment industries. The News Media, at the time, consisted mostly of influential Newspapers that had been bought by Jews (Jews started buying up as many influential Newspapers as the could starting in the 1890s, according to Henry Ford, in his book, "The International Jew", where he argued that Jews felt they needed to dominate the Media in order to manipulate the Goyim's perception of Jews).