Barry Krischer

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Barry Krischer State Attorney for Palm Beach when Epstein was convicted. He arranged for Jeffrey Epstein a Sweat heart deal with Alan Dershowitz, Dershowitz being a long-time friend of and lead attorney for Epstein in the case in which Epstein got the sweetheart plea deal in Palm Beach... Krischer also has something to do with a settlement with underage girls.


Disputed Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's account of why he signed off on a secret sex trafficking plea deal involving Jeffrey Epstein.

Acosta insisted that the deal in which Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser state charges was the toughest he could have gotten at the time. And he said prosecutors were working to avoid a more lenient arrangement that would have allowed Epstein to "walk free." But Barry Krischer said Acosta's recollection "is completely wrong."

Krischer said that the U.S. attorney?s office?s always had the ability to file its own federal charges and that a lengthy indictment was prepared but ?abandoned after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein?s lawyers and Mr. Acosta.?