Arnon Milchan

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'Arnon Milchan is a Jewish billionaire in Israel. According to his own admission during a public award show, he is Israel's largest arms dealer. Arnon Milchan has also admitted that he helped steal nuclear weapons materials from the United States. Arnon Milchan helped steal Krytron Triggers, one of the hardest components to come by for the production of nuclear bombs, from the United States. In 1983, the FBI revealed thatBenjamin Netanyahu and Arnon Milchan worked together to steal 810 Krytron Triggers from the United States; Netanyahu, working for Heli Trading Company saw to it that MILCO International Inc acquired the triggers from EG&G Inc, forming one side of the deal, while Arnon Milchan acted as the other side of it, working at Heli Trading Company as the broker for the deal. Like Jeffrey Epstein, Arnon Milchan is famous for his sex parties, which, like Epstein's, have turned out to be part of a massive sexual blackmail ring akin to the Epstein Spy Ring. Arnon Milchan is also a film producer, and he most notably produced the film JFK (the movie), helping to continue the White Wash started by Lyndon Johnson with the Warren Commission.


One of the Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy: Arnon Milchan