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Alan Dershowitz, born September 1, 1938, is an Israeli Agent stationed in the United States. He is a public advocate for Israel, who gives interviews and writes articles in support of Israel. He also defends Zionists who have to go to trial because of their crimes. He arranged for Jeffrey Epstein, the Mossad Agent a sweetheart deal with the State Attorney Barry Krischer, Dershowitz being a long-time friend of and lead attorney for Jeffrey Epstein in the case in which Epstein got the sweetheart plea deal in Palm Beach..

Dershowitz was accused by victims of the Epstein Spy Ring of sexual crimes. He admits to having received massage from Epstein victims, but insists that he kept his underwear on. Alan Dershowitz was going to represent the five Dancing Israelis, but the case was dropped and they were Evacuated to Israel, like Arie Scher was in Brazil, before the case could be brought

Both Dershowitz and Barry Krischer received awards from the ADL. Alan Dershowitz once wrote an article in Penthouse Magazine where he tried to downplay his history of defending pedophiles. Alan Dershowitz (Israeli Agent) also acted as (head?) legal defense for Jonathan Pollard, who, according to government officials, did more damage through espionage to the United States than any other spy in the history of espionage against the United States. One client of Alan Dershowitz was Baruch Lebovits, a serial child rapist rabbi. Dershowitz fabricated evidence against another man to get Baruch Lebovits out of prison after less than three months, however, charges were never brought against him (See Baruch Lebovits).

(!!!ask Dawson for full list of people that Alan has represented) Harry Reems Claus von Blow Roman Polanski Harvey Weinstein Jzef Glemp O. J. Simpson in 2011 he advised the Julian Assange legal team.