Actual Assassin Of John F Kennedy

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The Actual Assassin Of John F Kennedy was almost certainly not Lee Harvey Oswald, as the Warren Commission would claim after the John F Kennedy Assassination.

Knowing exactly which person, from a list of candidates below, pulled the trigger on the killing shot is not nearly important as understanding how only Israel and its proxies could have been behind the murder of John F Kennedy. Obsessing over being certain of which potential assassin made the killing shot is an example of Focusing Too Much On Physics, also known as Focusing Too Much On Logistics, a source of major distraction from productive John F Kennedy Assassination Researchers, the same as this also kept 9-11 Researchers from getting the big picture of only Israel and its proxies being potential perpetrators of the 9-11 Attacks.

The killing shot in teh John F Kennedy Assassination was most likely fired from the Dal-Tex Building. The hit team(s) was almost certainly dispatched to Dallas by Yitzhak Shamir, then head of assassinations for the Mossad. The hit team(s) most likely consisted of one or more of the following candidate riflemen: