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AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is the current name for the group that largely coordinates the umbrella of Jewish groups, including Jewish Organized Crime which, together, form the Zionist Lobby in the United States.
It was previously called the AZC (American Zionist Council). It is the umbrella group that controls all of the member groups of the Zionist Lobby, the lobby for Israel, in the United States. John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy forced the organization to be registered as a lobby for a foreign government under the FARA Act, so the name was changed to AIPAC from AZC, which, to this day, and this new iteration of the Israeli Lobby is yet to be forced to register as a lobby for a foreign government under FARA.

AIPAC and other Jewish organizations are able to work with US contractors to get domestic buy-in for the Aid To Israel, so that these defense contractors will also lobby for more Aid To Israel. AIPAC depends on its donors, and the donors rely on corporate welfare from the government and organized crime to keep that corporate welfare coming.

  • Jewish Organized Crime's control of the Port Authority allows them to overpay Jewish-owned contracting companies by billions of dollars, and these proceeds as well as the profits from giving Jews favoritist real estate deals to fund AIPAC, which in turn coordinates thousands of jewish non-profit' groups to control the campaign donations that keep Israel in charge of Aid To Israel and foreign policy, starting wars for Israel in the middle east, costing the US trillions of dollars and our troops' lives.