9-11 Attacks

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The 9-11 Attacks are the terrorist attacks that happened in the United States on September 11, 2001. The Mossad and proxies for Israel (as was the case in the John F Kennedy Assassination) such as top figures in the ADL and Jewish Organized Crime members in the Port Authority, were responsible for the planning, and the running of Coverup to get the terrorists over the finish line, and the Coverup. Ryan Dawson's three documentaries available at ANCReport.com are must watch material for anyone trying to understand what really happened on September 11, 2001: War Is Always By Deception, Trumps Zionist Ball And Chain, and The Empire Unmasked.

The Kushner Family financed settlements in Israel in disputed areas such as the West Bank.

"President Bush has suggested that we hold private hearings regarding the 911 tragedy. This is not how we conduct the Government. Our accountability is to the people of our country. Yet the administration claims that such hearings would be a distraction from the war on terrorism. That is not our history or how we conduct our government. Accountability is at the core of any representative government. This nation needs an independent board of inquiry to determine the events of September 11... An investigation must be conducted by an independent board of inquiry to determine what problems need to be addressed in US agencies responsible for intelligence. Simply leaving this inquiry to the House and Senate intelligence committees would not provide the impartial investigation needed. Those committees have had continuing oversight for the very intelligence agencies they would be investigating. Thus, they would not provide the fresh perspective an independent board would bring to the issue."

* After Senator Robert Torricelli made statements calling for an independent investigation of the 9-11 Attacks, Jared Kushner's New York Observer and the Ochs Sulzberger's New York Times began attacking Robert Torricelli, implying he was involved things such as the Alan Hevesi Pension Scandal, which Robert Torricelli was revealed to be involved in.

Note: This site will be updated with all of the details behind Israel's Role in the 911 attacks as was documented on this site the Israeli Role in the John F Kennedy Assassination. See also 9-11 Researcher